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Emmanuel Hudson Official Video Benji Brown Hip Hop

Artist and friend Phillip Q Hudson is posting a giveaway worth tagging. :D While there, check out some of his folio…
MLB umpire Marvin Hudson and myself at one of my many camps.
and the 12 disciples including Judas
Peter and Cisco wanna be Kandi and Phaedra so bad.
Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson - Down in the DMs Parody . this is gold
The fact that Tracee Ellis Ross, Issa Rae, Guns Rodriguez and were nominated for Best Female in a Comedy is a beautiful t…
Like.Issa is at the Golden Globes. This is huge! Y'all don't understand. We watched her literally elevate from YouT…
I'm so over hearing Kenya talk about Matt being crazy. She's that friend who always complaining about her man, but doe…
How great is a marriage unless your spouse comes before all others?. Pastor Phillip Hudson.
How great is a friendship if a stranger comes before the friend?. Pastor Phillip Hudson.
How long has it been since you have given God everything? Put God first?. Pastor Phillip Hudson.
The fact that antiquated 80s central mainframe is nicknamed ISIS.
I liked a video from Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson - Questions Part 3 | Love & Hip Hop
In honor of my rant. Prime example lol. Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson - Ratchet Girl Anthem - SHE RACHEEET! - YouTube
I added a video to a playlist Only Parody - Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson ,
Thank you for capturing my explanation of what
I liked a video from Still Gettin Whoopins - - Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson
Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson killin' it w/this one. The blind basketball team...😂😂😂 .
The new Questions video got me dying cr: Emmanuel N Phillip Hudson
I liked a video Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson - Ratchet Girl Anthem Lyrics
I liked a video from LUNCHTIME WARFARE (SHORT FILM) - Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson
High key this way better than Yo Gotti's garbage Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson - DMs Parody
Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson - DMs Parody lmao why is this a thing
Why they still playing Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson on Pandora 😒
I added a video to a playlist Church Folks - Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson
Kate Hudson is perfect in it!!! And Phillip Seymour Hoffman is one of my favorite actors!!
I'm listening to Ratchet Girl Anthem by Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson on
I want to invest well in the benefit of your time. Pastor Phillip Hudson.
The fact you are here tonight is the compliment you can give me. Pastor Phillip Hudson.
I liked a video America's Got Talent S09E06 Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson Evidence Howie is the WORST
Election timing remains the most challenging calculation in politics - The Australian
Update your maps at Navteq
I liked a video from Phillip Hudson - Roasting Session - Dc Young Fly
The reason Jesus came was to save me. Pastor Phillip Hudson.
The only thing Jesus came to do... was to die. . Pastor Phillip Hudson .
Almost Famous was a great movie. Phillip Seymour Hoffman was not in it v long but was brilliant. So was K Hudson.
When you show up to your new corporate job and your government name is Phillip Benjamin Hudson...but you black.
cards: Turnbull goes digital, Shorten opts for family Hudson has worked in ...
cards: Turnbull goes digital, Shorten opts for family Phillip Hudson has work...
...catchers Joe Hudson and Chad Wallach, infielders Alex Blandino and Carlton Daal and outfielders Phillip Ervin and Jesse Winker.
I liked a video from Emmanuel And Phillip Hudson - - Trick Or Treat
I don't even know. Only funny things I remember on YouTube were from back in the Tre Melvin, Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson days
Bill Shorten now Mr 15pc with voters Phillip Hudson has worked in the Canberr...
I liked a video from Babysitters From *** - Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson ft. Gary Owen
Nice job by Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson doing this parody of the “Whisper Song” by the...
Emanuel and Phillip Hudson is the best youtubers
The little girl from Missy Elliot's videos can still flip it and reverse it!
Love working with this AMAZING Music Artist and Protege' of Legendary Rapper, Actor, and Mogul Ice T…
today's outfit ✌️ coat: see by Chloe, jeans: paige (as always), boots, h by Hudson, bag: phillip lim…
Next time you think someone needs a good dose of judgement, extend mercy. Pastor Phillip Hudson.
When I think back about what the Lord has done for me, I have to show mercy. Pastor Phillip Hudson.
I pray we can be merciful to each other. The greatest form of love is mercy. Pastor Phillip Hudson.
I don't just need God's mercy, but I need your mercy. Pastor Phillip Hudson.
We are never more like God then when we show mercy. Pastor Phillip Hudson.
I liked a video from Therm aka Thirsty - Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson
“Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson - Marshawn Lynch Parody Pt. 1 You'll see and hear me ;)
If a person cannot afford you, then they are not for you!! - PR Pro Tips. -P.Hudson
Only Parody - Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson: this should be played in every school in Americ…
"Wow. Props to Taylor for not slapping her ouch, really what sort interview is this.
Celebrate "Unleashed" w/& the leaders who shape it: Awards 2/15
Why do all independent artist talk about how great their music is, but have no clear direction on the longevity of their music career?!😳😳
I liked a video from Club Instagram [Offical Video] Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson &
I liked a video from ABOUT TO FIGHT - Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson
Sam Smith is definitely the male version of Adele!! Turn your pain into Grammy Awards and Lifelong residual income
Sia & coordinate their interesting outfits at the Red carpet pics:
Kanye sitting front row just in case Iggy wins a Grammy
The music they play to get the artist off the stage is so shady but sooo hilarious!! It's gets louder each second lmao
ABOUT TO FIGHT - Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson: me and back in the day
Only Parody - Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson this was super funny
In Her Dm - Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson ft. Dc Young Fly [Official Video] This video is hella funny. Sliding in the dm.
Church Folks - Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson going riding on the freeway of love
Church Folks - Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson me and my sister Danielle Marie
I liked a video from Questions Pt 2 | The Gossip - Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson
Ratchet Girl Anthem (Official Video) HD - Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson. OMG love this video! Your welcome...
I liked a video from Today's Music [Official Video] Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson
I liked a video from TOM JOYNER FAMILY REUNION - Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson
Sooo happy for my boo thang trending worldwide !!! Hope everyone is tuned into R&B Divas ATL Reunion hosted by
Why is emmanuel and phillip hudson on americas got talent?
Comedic rappers Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson polarize the judges but inspire Howie to make a bold move.
Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson. Wearing colorful wigs and oozing with personality, they perform a comedic rap that divides the judges right down the middle, wit...
Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson on America's got talent 😂😂
In Her DM by Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson is funny af. lol
Was watching and saw Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson. Lol I remember watching them in middle school😂
I cant believe Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson really tried out on America's Got Talent and sang She Ratcet 😂😂😂
Lmao so Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson were on America's Got Talent
The fact that Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson were on Americas got talent names my life
why was Emmanuel N Phillip Hudson on America got
I'm sitting here eatin my fried chicken *because I'm black* and I look up to Phillip Hudson spinning around a light post 👀💃😂
Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson barely made it in Americas got talent😂💀
If you missed us (last night on here's a look at our performance!
Listening to "Ratchet Girl Anthem" lol. Gotta love Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson.
I liked a video from Ratchet Girl Anthem (SHE RACHEEET!) - Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson
Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson new mixtape please listen it's too funny
First Day Back - Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson [Prod By: (+p...: via . the first day of school
Why them Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson dude got a mixtape
"Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson are soo funny😂" thnx
Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson are soo funny😂
if Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson can make a mixtape, anybody can...
This Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson mixtape is hella funny lol
I favorited a video from Manti Te'o - Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson [- Ochocinco
Just another day in the life of a Publicist. .Business has no mercy...its all written in black and white!
Darkskina taking ah few steps back in society with this...Ratchet puff girls Phillip Hudson & Benji Brown
yall should come out to the official watch party for Nov.2
I really hate ignorance & ignorant people!We live in America where the President is African American and *** marriage is legal!! Uuggh
I applaud for telling tough stories, esp one about a trans WOC engaged in survival sex work AND getting an education.…
New Students, New Girls, New Drama ENTER debut on PREMIERE EPISODE "Gone with the Wind FA…
Looks like is going to be Tear Jerker, Congrats to all that's a part of the cast!
From the premiere, it seems is central to the show's heart AND drama. Looking forward to more.
Thanks to everyone who tuned into tonight on catch the Series Premiere Nov 2nd at 10/9c .
I liked a video from Teach White To Be black - - Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson
Admitting your problem is the first step, doing something to make it better is the rest of your life!!
I dont understand how folks can judge without first judging all the strippers, call girls, playboy bunnies!!!
These two cleaning this office has me dying in laughter! Work Hard, Play Harder
You are serving the rival team shady girl realness! Yas.
Watching and story brought me to tears
"If the devil calls--ask him to hold God is on the other line !!" AMEN SISSTA!
Sometimes you have to open up a can of worms to bring awareness to the ignorance that still exist in the world!!
Chile.they have lives and wives. Tell the truth and shame the devil... Honesty gets folks together every time!!!
Tune into to catch the pilot of the all-new reality docu-series
contact my manager to set everything up!! Xoxo
Can't wait to see what the students are going to come up with for the hair show
The Crew had a good time on the set with &
OOPPP...did he just call Ms Howard Mr Howard!!! Big Boy shut yo mouth!!! lol
Ratchet Girl Anthem - Single by Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson oohh my gosh so hilarious!
Tonight tune into 4 a 1st look of The Drama, The Controversy, & Overcoming Adversity all in ONE
Houston Beauty, the OWN pilot I supervised, airs tonight at 10/9c! Watch the first 5 minutes:
sure thing. me so I can send over directives. .. phillip
Why that *** Phillip Hudson up here walking around West GA?
I liked a video from Stanky Breath Fine Girls - Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson
Good morning Phillip and Neffeteria I still would love to send you a copy of my relationship book its great!
lol I'm used to it. ..Thank God I have a really good sense of humor
I am so sorry I was typing fast. I did not mean to disrespect any one. I am not that kind of person. Please forgive me!
For the record America I am a Jamaican Androgynous Male.. I happen to be a Celebrity Entertainment Publicist and I love the color black!
Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson Questions - Emmanuel Hudson aka Kosher explains the argument better then Spoken...
I'm not a MS I'm a MR.when did you ever hear of a woman named Phillip Hudson?? *blank stares*
tell me why I'm in a class with a old man named Phillip Hudson 😂😂
I liked a video from Winston Salem State University - Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson
And so it begins!!! Abbott to recruit former federal police officers to weed out law-breaking unionists Matt Johnston, Phillip Hudson, Stephen Drill Herald Sun September 11, 2013 12:01AM EX-federal police will be headhunted to help root out law-breaking unionists, bikies and thugs on building sites. The infiltration of criminals on sites has been raised with the Coalition, which is now looking at ways to give more "teeth" to its new-look construction industry watchdog. A Coalition party room committee report on options for the new Australian Building and Construction Commission was handed to Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott before the election and included proposals for ex-police to visit sites to help stamp out problems. He and incoming Workplace Relations Minister Eric Abetz are now considering the report. The Herald Sun understands Liberal MPs working on the report were told of standover tactics by bikies. "The clear message we received is there are significant problems of criminality and significant i ...
Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson - ABOUT TO FIGHT: via lol this how niggz really be
Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson - ABOUT TO FIGHT: via Too funny. I had to post this I think we all been thru that
Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson still making videos? But they made a shoutout to C-Pote in one of their videos, so we still cool
For my ratchet girls here's your anthem (Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson)
Blimey Phillip Hudson from the Herald Scum gets stuck into LOTO & whineypiney on
“Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson - ABOUT TO FIGHT and you bruh lol . Watch it
Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson - ABOUT TO FIGHT this really reminds me of & 😂😂😂😂
Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson - ABOUT TO FIGHT. Dis how me and my sister be but.MORE CURSING
Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson Questions Pt 2 | The Gossip: via I love yall
These next few days is going to be *** with a smile!!
Ratchet puff girls Phillip Hudson & Benji Brown me Lauren Kaylee and Amber. Even though there's just three lo
Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson - Club Instagram (Prod. for all the people who know they thirsty ;)
Omg I just spotted Phillip Hudson on wild n out!
"by who" Emmanuel and Phillip hudson. church folks and bust it for likes
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Oop my baby Phillip Hudson got the same birthday as me lol that's how you know its meant to be
Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson are my heroes
Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman can totally relate!
... this use to be US Hashanah Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson Questions Pt. 2 Official Video via
Aint no doubtin God when you see people like Josh, Dave, Phillip Hudson, Morris Chestnut, Tyrese Gibson, Tank, Idris Alba.
Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson - Club Instagram [Bloopers]: via lmaooo@ the strain and then the fall.. classic
I'm with team Flip phone,Team chris brown,If she don't shut it up yhen its team SHUT IT DOWN, IM WITH TEAM BAD CHICK,TEAM WIT YO MAN IF HE GOTTA LOT OF MONEY THEN ITS TEAM HE PAYIN LOL ~Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson
So yesterday Angie calls me and says mom I want to go kayaking, will you come down and pick me up and take back to the truck. She says you can fish, wade in the creek and enjoy nature. I answer sure I will. Have flashes of all the things I Love and enjoy, but don't get to do much of...So when it is time to go this little conversation starts in my head. Wish I had my fishing license...flip flops or tennis shoes, doubt if I will wade the creek...Flip Flops it is...On the way there we pick up TaMya, (13 Year old grandaughter), now I would like to say that her being there is the reason for what follows.but deep down in my soul I know that the creek and nature somehow always draws me back to a place of innocence that includes child like behavior wading the creek, turning rocks looking for crawdads. Any body who has ever waded a creek already knows what the inevitable is when you are wearing flip flops. In my back pocket was my phone, in my front pocket was Phillip Hudson 's keys, now why he ever trusted me wi ...
lol lmfao Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson - doo doo stains: via
That church folks with Phillip and Emmanuel Hudson some funny ish
N - Church Folks [Official Video] 10th Most Viewed post on for the month of April
LMAO look @ church folks Emmanuel Hudson and phillip Hudson on youtube
Yall go look up . . I can make kool aid by phillip hudson and emanuel hudson .. The best/funniest video they ever made
You know you've fully changed when your circle of friends changes
Still up just finished client PR Reports and back up in a few hours to start on the project!!
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson conming Beaufort this month!!!
Phillip hudson remind me of Quani lmao .
LOLOL, ever watch the video by Phillip Hudson called church folks
this is 4 the thirst N my TL Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson - Therm aka Thirsty [Lyrics In The Description]: via
Wow I totally just got put on blast cuz my *** mixed up Terrell Rojas and Phillip Hudson!
Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson-Fight Over Bed man this is when I gotta share a bed with my sisters at a hotel lmao
Hello Dance World & Australian Dance Community: You all know me (I'm a very positive being with usually good things to say)! However, when bad stuff happens to good people...the activist within me gets upset and I have to use my *VOICE* to make sure the truth is spoken! I have a big problem with people that work in the DANCE industry not respecting the BUSINESS aspect of dance! NOT PAYING dancers or teachers. UNORGANIZED events and workshops. POOR COMMUNICATION about expectations or registrations. ALL of these are issues that many international artists, dancers and teachers have had to deal with. What makes it worse -- is when the people ORGANIZING, PAYING and COMMUNICATING claim to be PART of your community! I've had this happen to me twice before -- and I've been silent. I believe that in life Karma will always do it's job -- and what goes around comes around. However, in this case -- I'm offended, personally upset and hurt. The individual, SHAAN VANDERMEULEN, not only had poor organization skills and d ...
I think with time and life experiences that Kid Rock has grown and expanded. I love his songs like this. God bless ya Kid, I love ya! =+)
Doug Free has $10 million in guaranteed money he would get if he is cut this year. He has salaries of $8 million for years 2014-16. He will never see those salaries, so why would he take a paycut? Wouldn't he just get say cut me, take his $10 million, and then be able to negotiate with whatever team...
NFFTY 2013 was quite a blast... Amazing to see all my film buds again :) Song used: Sprawl II & Ready to Start (Remixed By Damian Taylor & Arcade Fire) by Ar...
Sarah James & Phillip James, & Logan & Hudson: this little guy reminds me of Buster! Thinking of you guys! Missing you all! Gran needs hugs soon as ya'll get some time! I live you all!
Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson - Teach White To Be black: via It's a great day to be white!! xDD
Just subscribed to my two favorite people Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson!
my Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson voice so I know its real!
This video never gets old to me...too funny😂😢 Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson - Church Folks [Official Video]
Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson keep me laughing !
Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson are fools... dying over here
Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson!!! Probably the funniest guys I've ever seen!
Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson got some competition coming,no ***
So I was watching Church Folks by Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson :) me likey *jumps up and down*
Lmao im so weak right now watch Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson - Church Folks [Official Video] [Prod. By:
Emanuel & Phillip Hudson new song (in church) lmfao , I swear they are too funny
Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson Questions Part 2 lol "@ me so I know it's real!"
LAWD.😂😂😂😂 Why am I JUST NOW seeing Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson's church video! That was so funny to me!
Its a MUST I watch this EVERYDAY, LMAO! :) Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson (playlist): via
is definitely puttin people in their place! Carry ON! As You Were! Check Him Out!
Target Atlantic Station is def not the same!!! Why do the target team members look soo unhappy?? Web I was here it was Fast Fun & Friendly
For Ebony Magazine the talented Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson! Photography by Adam Fedderley Grooming by Hiyiya…
Take a look at how goes in on DL MEN!!! Aint nothin like the TRUTH!
You could NEVER be RID of YES the F.A.G has spoken AGAIN! Go hit that LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button!
answers part 2: the gossip by Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson was off the chain
Omigosh this video is Soo funny!go to YouTube and type in stanky breath fine girls by Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson
I'm soo glad to know that even those who hate me still are watching my every move...The devil cannot afford Prada!
Ahaaa ole girl look like Phillip Hudson.
I need a talk with the lovely Phillip Hudson
Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson seriously crack me up.
Your Beautiful because GOD says so, & that is all the confirmation you need!Your Flaws are perfect for the heart that is meant to love you!
In three words.. I can sum up everything I learned about life. "It goes on"
how do you have a website but misspell the word Calendar?? it is not spelled need to foreclose your company NOW!!
The PR Mentality Network is looking for Interns!!! Please submit your resume and cover letter to PhillipLHudsonto be considered!
Don't expect everyone to understand your journey, especially if they've never walked in your path!!
If things around you don't change.. Change the things You're around
Watch "Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson ft. Gary Owen - Babysitters From *** on YouTube -
Ain't got time for this im to grown lol thy is funny emmanuel & phillip Hudson
lmao yall go to you tube n watch Emmanuel &Phillip Hudson its called mistamista kmsl its so funnywhen you do!1
Two chains is my future baby daddy... and Phillip Kosher ( Emmanuel Hudson)
Who's your favorite missionary to talk to your boys about?
I think ppl forget that Hayden came out of me. I carried her for 7 and a half months. She is my child, her father's child and God's child, that is it. So that means no one else has a place in saying how she should be raised. That is all.
Residents have reported seeing a bright light fall from the sky and form a circle of fire in a Hobart suburb.
Fabrics Intern Job Title- Fabrics Intern Job Description Dynamic and growing fashion label 3.1 Phillip Lim is seeking textile interns to assist our fabrics department. The department is responsible for ordering and developing all woven fabrics for the Men’s and Women’s collections. Interns will play an integral role in the day-to-day functioning of our department. Tasks include reviewing incoming new fabrics, preparing fabric sheets for production and sales, and running errands for the department. This is a great opportunity to learn a broad range of aspects within the fashion industry as you will work among all departments within a company. It is an unpaid internship, but we do cover transportation costs and a daily lunch stipend. The internship is based in New York City. Salary-Unpaid Type of Job- Internship Job Location- New York, New York 10013 Posting Date-03/02/2013 Expiration Date-03/28/2013 Job Requirements-Degrees Wanted Majors Wanted-Design Studies; Fashion Design; Fashion Design and Society ...
Just rocked out to matchbox 20 at the mid hudson civic center front row with my lil brutha Matt Beck on guitar and keys! Awesome show! So awesome! Moms was at my side Brutha! You kicked ***
Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson is so funny :D
Emmanuel and Phillip start up their own babysitting service. Guess who shows up to drop off his real kids? Gary Owen! This is the only opportunity to go out ...
Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson are my new happy drugs.
Man I had fun at the Spring Dance with my friends.Most of the people that didn't come missed out on the cool though :D
Just made me a new Cd with Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson on it.these brothers crack my :poop: up! LMAO!
So I'm listening to pandora and Emanuel & Phillip Hudson Ratchet girl Anthem came on Smh!
An Ohio village police force was shut down after one of its officers allegedly shocked a 9-year-old boy twice with a taser as he lay on the floor with his hands under his body
Just watching the movie "Flight" with the wife & might I say WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!! He might have played a great alcoholic, but what a sad & useless story, can't wait for it to end. SMH
Emmanuel and Hudson Phillip are too funny
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Shooting the music video for A1 the SuperGroup tomorrow. Friday is Day 2 of Allnyte Mike's shoot. Saturday is an inHouse production day and Sunday is the Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson shoot. Cameras won't stop this weekend huh Class Clown Films?
Not sign yet but we making moves like a major artist The L.I.D BOYZ will be apart of the Celebrity Charity Bowling Gala and Tournament Saturday, March 9, 2013 from 6:30 PM to 11:30 PM Marietta, GA. With Celebrity Guess such as Mykko Montana, Trina Braxton, Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson, Rich Kidz, Mama Dee from VH1's Love and Hip Hop and MiMi Faust From VH1's Love and Hip Hop.
lmao right now cuz im watchin somtin called Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson - Church Folks on you tube its is funny has heck go watch it
I just realized it'll be 17 years that u left us at the age of 15 on 2/24. Due to hypothermia. But. I know diff. I wish u & ur brother never drank. U were to young to die. Or leave us. I know I never seen u as we grew older but u were at my wedding. U were supose to turn 16 & have have ur lience & drive the old car u & ur dad. We're fixing together. But ig u wanted to be with grama Mae. Rest in piece Phillip Hudson
Lmao they are such fools , But funny af. Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson - Church Folks
Yesterday was fantastic Brandy performed and so did Phillip Hudson this so makes me wanna go to the battle of the bands next year but this I'm I hope Fort Valley in it
So , Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson , Brandy , abd Tracey Morgan were at the 2013 Battle of the Bands !
Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson's videos stay cracking me up!
Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson - ratchett girl still be having me Ctfu cuz it's really how you *** be.. 😂😂😂
Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson - Church Folks I want someone to do one of these for CTV!!! Forreal ...
"Paid 95.00 for this weave plus tax" love Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson man!! 😏
(Please read my previous post) And to my black people how long will we indulge and encourage such ignorance. We praise people like this Emmanuel Hudson and for what. That just makes us as a people look ignorant and foolish. And once again this whole She Ratchet thing. If you are a man and you use that statement please dismiss yourself from my friends list that is beyond *** and I question your manhood. If you are going to be a man, then be a man. Black men especially! I'm not hating I'm just stating the obvious. It makes me sick to see my people enjoy such foolishness. These dudes Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson get a D for !
Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson are having a show at the Pinnacle, January 25 @ 7 pm. They are so funny. If you don't know them, look them up on youtube, and get ready to laugh your socks off, and come to the show! Tickets are 10 in advance, and 15 at the door. Let me now if you want to purchase tickets!
I'm not a fan of off set communication and getting the run around as it pertains to finances.I can only keep my calm for oh soo long!
No confirmation = it was never done!!.When you pay for something, aren't you supposed to get a confirmation??
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson should have their own TV show on BET it would be way to funny..
Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson Pandora is banging rite now!!
it's was called church folks just but Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson
Happy Wednesday to everyone!..Keep chasing your dreams until they become your everyday reality!!...
Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson x Church Folks >>> lmao they did that !!
lol Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson pranked called Beyonce baha. They said:u aint all that anyways she said; umm im Beyonce
Congratulations to this week's current top Fans on the Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson Fanzy! – Porshea Snappa...
American idol is back on again,,and it seems to me that Kelly clarkson is the only one who made it big from the show,,or is it just me
Well, the dead has ah rizzin It's Hump Day and it's smooth sailing after this. Continue to work hard for the rest of the week and get ready for this fun filled weekend. Make it a family affair Saturday at Bryant Stadium for the Dream Mega Fest; car show at 2pm, step show at 3pm and the concert at 5pm w/ Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson then bring it back w/ Travis Porter. After that, put the kids to bed and dance till your feet hurt at the MLK After Party at the Cleveland Heights ClubHouse! Sunday morning, go to church and thank God that you survived Saturday night. But wait, it don't stop there. We all need to stay up on our fashion and what better way to do it than at The Ultimate Fashion Experience at Lake Mirrior Center at 7! Now I don't know bout ya'll but I will be there! Happy Hump Day :-)!
Extra prayers for James Parsons for his job interview and Ellen Hudson, Scott Hudson and Hudson Phillip for Ronnie's dr. appt. Praying for God's perfect will!
Phillip Hudson got a pretty smile .
Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson-The Album Is Here: via Go get it. Thank you for your support!
Just up thinking of all the great and powerful things God has for me this year!!.Never give up on your dreams!!...
have you seen Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson Questions Pt2|gossip? Leme tag you! You will die!
Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson are too much :'D
we gone get famous from FB like Phillip & Emmanuel Hudson llf
Drea O is Everywhere you go...: Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson - Church Folks
I liked a video from Emmanuel & Phillip Hudson Recognize Martin Luther King Jr.
Just finished up a great interview with EmmanuelHudson! One half of the duo Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson (I know u heard the Ratchet Girl Anthem) Check out their newest video "Church Folk" Below Be on the look out for the interview next week!
Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Katharine McPhee, Elliott Yamin, Daughtry, Joshua Ledet, Phillip Phillips, Adam Lambert, Jordin Sparks, Jennifer Hudson, Clay...on and on. How's Javier Colon's career going (that would be the winner of the Voice's first season)? As long as Mariah doesn't talk too much, I'm looking forward to Idol.
Emmanuel and phillip are funny ,yes lord hallelujah feel the holy spirit let em move ya. yes lord glory childs of god,tell his story hey shadabosoko go to emmanuel and phillip Hudson-church folks
Coming up on Friday, February 1st is our second installment of "First Friday Classic Movies" - To Kill A Mockingbird. Showtime is 7pm and Admissions is $5.00 adults, $3.00 kids. Here's some trivia about the movie: It has been reported that this was Gregory Peck's favorite work. Rock Hudson and James Stewart were considered for the part of Atticus Finch. Stewart turned down the role because he feared it would be too controversial. The watch used in the film was a prop, but writer Harper Lee gave Gregory Peck her father's watch after the completion of the film because he reminded her so much of her father. Phillip Alford told his mother he didn't want to go to the auditions for Jem Finch, but when his mother told him he would miss a half day of school he immediately decided to go. Mary Badham (Scout) messed up nearly every take in which the family was eating at the table. Phillip Alford didn't like eating the same meal dozens of times so in one of the takes of the scene in which he rolls Badham in the tire, ...
Today one of my 8th graders told me my skirt was ratched, and then started cracking up. I'm assuming she meant my skirt was totally awesome and worthy of Style Network accolades. Right? Right??? :)
Ok just 4 clarification, the phrase "ratchet" is reffered 2 as a raggedy person or act and/or a weapon so..if a person is ratchet is it that person is so raggedy that it kills you when you see them? Is ratchetness aimed to kill an otherwise "live" situation?..just askin cause some of you rappers are killin me with the 2 defintions of this the same rhyme...smh... dont know if its a gun or a description anymore..i mean its like sayin "man that chick look so pistol!" or "im strapped with a raggedy nicca!"
Don't forget to get yourselves along to Hudson and Hughes's Comedy Bonanza if you're up in Hull on the 27th of January. We'll tickle your ribs and funny your bone. We'll also be Larkin around ... get it, because of Phillip Larkin. Pure Gold.
Who posted the of video of the 2 black guys in the car singing. The one guys face was freaking funny
I would talk about my *** but that shxt will be a long story ._. You know Dwhite ? Da white around these nuts ! You know Phillip Hudson ? Phillip on this *** ! Want some of these ? These what ? These NUTS You know Leroy ? Lean up in this *** ! Yea my *** BIGG ! Pooh-pooh in her dicc !!!'
A Staged Reading of Distant Survivors This Saturday in Poughkeepsie A staged reading of Mirage Theatre's newest theatre production, Distant Survivors, will be presented at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Poughkeepsie, 67 South Randolph Avenue, on Saturday, January 12 at 7:30pm. The event is open to the public, and admission is free. We hope you’ll be able to join us as we value your thoughts and impressions in the creation of this new work. Conceived and adapted for the stage by director June Prager, Distant Survivors is based on poetry by William Heyen. The inspiration for this play came from several volumes of Holocaust poetry by William Heyen – Erika; Falling from Heaven; and Shoah Train. He has created a most prolific and powerful body of work on the subject, confronting man's attempt to fathom the evil that spurred the Holocaust, the responsibility for that evil, and insight into the nature of man. June Prager dramatizes this exploration for the stage with five Hudson Valley actors - Ra ...
So is pregnant females clubbing the new thang now? Am I missing something? I don't get that.
Oh wow so I'm reading and. what do you all think about a church that has an atm in it?
You're the one who showed me guh! Emanuel and Phillip Hudson. The ones who song the Ratchet Girl Anthem!
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