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Philip Seymour Hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman (July 23, 1967 – February 2, 2014) was an American actor and director. He won the Academy Award for Best Actor for the 2005 biographical film Capote, and received three Academy Award nominations as Best Supporting Actor as well as three Tony Award nominations for his work in the theater.

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Philip Seymour Hoffman, on the other hand.
Philip Seymour Hoffman was one of the reasons why I got involved in the film industry. I miss him more than anything.
Philip Seymour Hoffman's opening scene in "Charlie Wilson's War" is probably one of all-time favs. . 📽
People aren't going to throw the kind of money at certain peop...
Seen it! Find 1st season episode with Philip Seymour Hoffman. Minor bad guy role but he blew past every thing on screen.
Film's hard when you don't have any relationship with the dire...
It's really too bad that Philip Seymour Hoffman is dead. Perfect casting for the future docudrama.
Why you do something is always kind of a mystery to me.
Philip Seymour Hoffman could've played a great Bannon.
I can. It's still tragic. If we can mourn for Philip Seymour Hoffman, we can mourn for Jose Fernandez.
Philip Seymour Hoffman tells us why Katniss Everdeen vehemently supports medical marijuana
Philip Seymour Hoffman was an incredible actor.
One person's religion is another person's cult.
Directing is a really kind of amazing thing, because you're he...
I like to come to the set with very strong ideas and strong op...
I had the most amazing dream with Philip Seymour Hoffman. so naturally I woke up in tears.
I've worked with a lot of characters that are unhinged. I've p...
Sorry I guess it must have been all the Jesse Ventura and Philip Seymour Hoffman and Tom Leykis that threw me off. Apologies
I don't have a specific thing I want anyone to get out of anyt...
Paul Giamatti may be my new Philip Seymour Hoffman.
diCaprio's no Philip Seymour Hoffman, that's for sure. Or maybe J. Edgar was no Capote?
There are a lot of things going on with my life right now that...
Methinks that Scent of a Woman would have been significantly improved if Philip Seymour Hoffman and Chris O'Donnell had switched roles
really *** that I didn't really appreciate Philip Seymour Hoffman as an actor until after he died
It's pretty great. Especially Philip Seymour Hoffman. But I like There Will Be Blood much more because of characters, setting
It's important to say that actors can't act alone, it's imposs...
I wish Philip Seymour Hoffman were still alive so he could play in the Mixed Reality Movie ty
Nobody had heard of Camilla Long until George Galloway said she looked like Philip Seymour Hoffman in a wig.
Meryl Streep , Philip Seymour Hoffman 7bb and Amy Adams in one movie. A7a.
Films are always a fiction, not documentary. Even a documentar...
one of the best entrances in a movie: Philip Seymour Hoffman as "Freddie" in The Talented Mr. Ripley.
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It kills me that the closest we'll ever get to seeing Philip Seymour Hoffman play Donald Trump is by re-watching 2012's The Master.
big man like look like Philip Seymour Hoffman of bromley 💯
Being unemployed is not good for an actor. No, it isn't, no ma...
think they casually drop Philip Seymour Hoffman's character helped install the Greek Junta in that one monologue ppl remember
Life's pretty funny when you're objectively on the outside loo...
Rebecca Hall I'm fine with, but William Moulton Marston was bit more Philip Seymour Hoffman-like than Evans-y.
Born this day:1924: Truman Capote, played in 'Capote' by Philip Seymour Hoffman.1965:Omid Djalili,1971: Jenna Elfman
Philip Seymour Hoffman was a great Lester Bangs in Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous
Philip Seymour Hoffman should've been dead before God's Pocket movie.
Philip Seymour Hoffman's will follows a trend of a number of other celebrities:
Philip Seymour Hoffman was so great in Boogie Nights.
We're doing encore screenings of Boogie Nights & ALMOST FAMOUS tonight as part of our Philip Seymour Hoffman retro: htt…
There's a Philip Seymour Hoffman retrospective at Museum of the Moving Image and tonight was Boogie Nights (which I've never seen)
Today! introduces DOUBT & talks about his experience working with Philip Seymour Hoffman:
yes but how much for Philip Seymour Hoffman's remains?
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Shout out to Philip Seymour Hoffman being reborn as a member of crew
.on Philip Seymour Hoffman: "He didn't want to be known. He didn't want me to get to the bottom of Phil." 1/2 h…
"I got to ask Philip Seymour Hoffman for advice on what to do in the scene and he told me to just make Joaquin as unco…
Anyone know why Philip Seymour Hoffman doesn't have a dedication on Mockingjay Pt2? Seems odd seeing as he died in the middle of making it!
Philip Seymour Hoffman on choosing roles, including the highly flawed characters he is drawn to playing:
Harrison Ford looks like Philip Seymour Hoffman. Hopefully he dies too
I saw True West with John C. Reilly and Philip Seymour Hoffman when I was in high school. This is a great story.
Okay. I'm going to say it. Michael C. Hall could be the new Philip Seymour Hoffman. . Forgive me.
Prince, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Heath Ledger all died from opioid overdoses. Here's how it starts:
If I was a Philip Seymour Hoffman-level actor in the body of a 1965 Francoise Hardy I'd be like *** gurl case closed you did it.
.Apart that is, from Jason Segal playing David Foster Wallace and Philip Seymour Hoffman playing Truman Capote.
Im very sad that Philip Seymour Hoffman is gone
I bet after watching every Marvel movie, Edward Norton goes out to his car and cries like Philip Seymour Hoffman in Boogie Nights.
If you're down with quoting Philip Seymour Hoffman lines in underrated Ben Stiller comedies then we can be best friends.
Philip Seymour Hoffman nails this concept at the end of Charlie Wilson's War.
I'm just Philip Seymour Hoffman in Boogie Nights crying and calling himself stupid because big *** Mark Walhberg won't kiss him
Did Steve Clifford (Hornets) play body double for Philip Seymour Hoffman in Moneyball?
Nick Nurse reminds me of a young and slim Philip Seymour Hoffman.
I always have the same pilot and he looks like the love child of Philip Seymour Hoffman and Eamon de Valera
David Foster Wallace, Amy Winehouse, and Philip Seymour Hoffman were all dark sides of this impulse.
I only remember it because of the Philip Seymour Hoffman movie
This Wall Street Journal piece on beards features Philip Seymour Hoffman as Santa.
Anyone notice that Robert Scoble looks like the late Philip Seymour Hoffman?
Philip Seymour Hoffman isn't dead after all?
why the fk is their profile pic of some dude next to Philip Seymour Hoffman??
Until he died I would have said Philip Seymour Hoffman. Just great actor. Now I choose Perfect!
Philip Seymour Hoffman as Capote meandering through the vocalization of a $50 order in the Taco Bell drive-through
"Every scene had an element of danger" Rachel McAdams on shooting A Most Wanted Man with Philip Seymour Hoffman
Philip Seymour Hoffman, found with a needle in his vein. Had less toxicity than Kurt Cobain when he was murdered by his wife.
Philip Seymour Hoffman rips off a mask to reveal Tom Cruise, who rips off another mask to reveal Crying Jordan, who self destructs.
Well that explains Philip Seymour Hoffman's more-than-expected visibility in the last Hunger Games movie.
stop dead Philip Seymour Hoffman doesn't deserve that
.Wow. Without the fake tan, Donald Trump is really Philip Seymour Hoffman!
Now watching Philip Seymour Hoffman autopsy show.Truly awful, with people speculating about someone they have never met. *turns back to Fox*
Watching The Hunger Games and seeing Philip Seymour Hoffman makes me sad knowing that He'll never be in another film again 😞
G.D. was Philip Seymour Hoffman brilliant. Shoulda had 30 more years of performances
I love Twister - Philip Seymour Hoffman was so good in it. 😢
Philip Seymour Hoffman is the king, but Daniel Day-Lewis.. is God
"Can't lives on Won't Street!" --Philip Seymour Hoffman (in "Flawless") Not sure what that means exactly but I like the way it sounds.
Watching Boogie Nights and there he is my wonderful boyfriend Philip Seymour Hoffman.
I see a bit of Philip Seymour Hoffman. (I know, he played Capote)
This Ethan Hawke interview with will make you miss River Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman
America is very adept at finding and imprisoning drug dealers. But arresting drug dealers isn't gonna bring Philip Seymour Hoffman back.
Tax rebate, postponed op on my arm - good things always happen in threes, right? So, erm, can Philip Seymour Hoffman come back, please?
Ethan Hawke shares another great Philip Seymour Hoffman story. (from the set of Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead)
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A chat with on his film "Born to be Blue," race, Philip Seymour Hoffman, etc.
This actor is the next Philip Seymour Hoffman!.! Paul Dano: a hexagonal peg in the square hole of showbusiness
The day 2th,it turned 2 years since the actor:Philip Seymour Hoffman died.
In regards to Philip Seymour Hoffman. Me: sometimes he sounds like John Goodman. Dad: sometimes he's... dead
Contrasted with actor Philip Seymour Hoffman who had been continuously using heroin for months, and then finally died from an OD.
Philip Seymour Hoffman was such a phenomenal actor
forever read in a Philip Seymour Hoffman voice: "hey Tommy, how's the pooping?"
Who is your dream Hollywood actor to collaborate with?. Me: I have 3 choices: Robert Downey, Jr.; Chris Pine; late Philip Seymour Hoffman.
Luke "Philip Seymour Hoffman in Along Came Polly" Babbitt, ladies and gentlemen.
Michael Shannon, Billy Crudup, John Hawkes. If he were still alive today, Philip Seymour Hoffman. Ben Foster's working on it.
A film can never go wrong when you cast Amy Adams, Viola Davis, Meryl Streep, and Philip Seymour Hoffman.
Flawless is a 1999 crime comedy-drama film that stars Robert De Niro and Philip Seymour Hoffman.
I knew about Eddie... I knew Philip Seymour Hoffman was up for a Penguin role too
I'm gonna be sitting in the back of the party and Philip Seymour Hoffman's gonna be like "Look at that *** couldn't even get a big cat."
my biggest competition was Philip Seymour Hoffman
Along Came Polly is sometimes necessary. Philip Seymour Hoffman is the stone cold star of this…
Philip Seymour Hoffman in 'Boogie Nights' breaks my heart.
I wish I could clip that scene of Philip Seymour Hoffman in Doubt saying "It matters a great deal," but I can't.
Philip Seymour Hoffman passed away 2 years ago today:
The ending made me sob. So much more poignant now as well with the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman.
what's Philip Seymour Hoffman got to do with the EU?
There's nothing risky in talking about your personal life. People do it all...
Philip Seymour Hoffman's voice gives me hope.
Somewhere there's a great party with Philip Seymour Hoffman,James Gandolfini,Alan Rickman & David Bowie. -my wife's optimistic view of death
Shadowy figures closing in on a spit over a bottle shaped like a philip seymour hoffman character.
Ethan Hawke on 'Before the Devil Knows You're Dead' with Philip Seymour Hoffman via
The Heroin OD death of the wrestler reminds me of the waste of real talent of this Actor: Philip Seymour Hoffman.
I keep wondering if Jeb Bush's campaign is performance art, and Philip Seymour Hoffman is still alive. https:/…
Jeb Bush kind of makes me think of a particularly forlorn late-period Philip Seymour Hoffman character
Co-worker said I should play Philip Seymour Hoffman in a biography. I said I would be honored but I'm not famous enough.
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Hard to believe that Philip Seymour Hoffman passed away two years ago...
Artie Lange you look like Philip Seymour Hoffman here!
Philip Seymour Hoffman in Along Came Polly is a good thing
'I was moody, mercurial... it was all or nothing' - Philip Seymour Hoffman
I wished Philip Seymour Hoffman could've known what an impact his death would have on the world. RIP Phil:
Philip Seymour Hoffman was way more Buck Showalter than Art Howe.
If nothing else, it gives a very young Philip Seymour Hoffman one of cinema's silliest death scenes
A Most Wanted Man was brilliant. And Philip Seymour Hoffman was even more brilliant!
It just struck me how Adrian Durham looks like Philip Seymour Hoffman
I liked a video Studios Use CGI to Replace Paul Walker, Philip Seymour Hoffman
Play the Philip Seymour Hoffman scene from Boogie Nights after he tried kissing Wahlberg. Exactly like Jeff
The are just paying homage to the late, great Philip Seymour-Hoffman.
The NFL is Philip Seymour Hoffman in Red Dragon when told to "look at me". "This is me changing".
Does Ms. Lee have any funny memories from Along Came Polly? Or of Philip Seymour Hoffman?
So my boyfriend just mixed up Jack Black and Philip Seymour Hoffman. HOW?
Obviously, when you think of Philip Seymour Hoffman, you think of Boogie Nights, BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOUR DEAD, CAPOTE, etc...
It's incredible to re-watch Philip Seymour Hoffman in films like TWISTER or Along Came Polly. . His range was some of the BEST of all time.
I'm watching "Magnolia" with Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jason Robards, Julianne Moore, William H Macy, et al. Have you seen it?
check out how high Philip Seymour Hoffman is in this scene
Abe Vigoda: lived longer than Judy Garland and Philip Seymour Hoffman combined.
"Where you go when you've got the power again like he did a few Days after that." - Philip Seymour Hoffman.
ME: He looks like a young Philip Seymour Hoffman. SARA: Except not. . ME: No. I mean, he's never winning an Oscar.
Mine used to be River Phoenix. Then it was Chrstian Slater. . Then Philip Seymour Hoffman. Now? Giamatti.
*** yo! When the first fact you have is wrong ... Winner best actor "2006" Philip Seymour Hoffman..
The 'In loving memory' more to Philip Seymour Hoffman at the end of Mockingjay Part One felt like a gut-punch...
its funny when Philip Seymour Hoffman dies of heroin usage not 1 addict joke. Why is that Josh & Tank?
My great teacher's good friend...RIP PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN
Are we just not going to talk about Jesse Plemmons turning into Philip Seymour Hoffman?
You look like Seth Rogen and looks like Philip Seymour Hoffman.
Tom Hanks, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Sean Penn have all won best actor Oscars for playing *** men. “How clever,...
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I assume you've already had all of Philip Seymour Hoffman's scenes as Lester Bangs in Almost Famous nominated?
Philip Seymour Hoffman as Truman Capote was straight up phenomenal & hit all those marks but totally deserved his win.
he has the same shot as Philip Seymour Hoffman in Along Came Polly
If I don't feel like I'm doing the job well, and I don't know how to get th...
"I always had a fantasy of doing Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf with Philip Seymour Hoffman."—
.I knew my Philip Seymour Hoffman impression would pay off one day.
Philip Seymour Hoffman, one of the biggest actors of the XX Century, is ALLEn ·
Or I just remember that Philip Seymour Hoffman has passed and I'm gone. That's unfair.
It's a director named Todd Solondz. One of my favorite movies is called Happiness with Philip Seymour Hoffman. VERY dark comedy
One time nick the chairman of my acting department told me I remind him of Philip Seymour Hoffman and I almost cried I was so happy
Re-watched Along Came Polly with Still 1 of my favorite comedies. 1 of Philip Seymour Hoffman's best roles. cc:
I'm pretty ready for Jesse Plemons to play Philip Seymour Hoffman in a biopic, but I'm willing to wait for it.
so glad i chose Philip Seymour Hoffman next for my actor challenge, he's literally the best part of every movie he's in.
Philip Seymour Hoffman is legit the best actor of his generation, perhaps even any other
There's a difference between actors & movie stars. . Philip Seymour Hoffman was an actor,Arnold Schwarzenegger is a movie star
Just went on an hour long rant on why Philip Seymour Hoffman should be regarded as the greatest actor of his generation.
I'm watching Twister for Philip Seymour Hoffman, who's more fun than the storm. I wish Jami Gertz had swapped roles with Helen Hunt.
Just stumbled on the Tom Cruise/Jason Robards/Philip Seymour Hoffman scene in Magnolia. I'm going to be torn up rest of the day.
Philip Seymour Hoffman doing Jesus Christ Superstar in Along Came Polly is one of the most underrated B storylines of all time
- Ang Lee collaborating with Philip Seymour Hoffman would have been really great at …
I think about the uncomfortable smile Philip Seymour Hoffman has in Big Lebowski when Tara Reid says "I'll suck your *** for $1000" a lot
watching in England and can't help but ask...Mark Bosnich. It it me or is he the reincarnation of Philip Seymour Hoffman?
I really love this interview. Fascinating man and had all the talent in the world: Philip Seymour Hoffman
I liked a video Philip Seymour Hoffman (Love Liza) full movie DVD
The Hunger Games is what brought Philip Seymour Hoffman over the edge
Women are STILL not aroused by my Philip Seymour Hoffman impression
"The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you're uncool." -Philip Seymour Hoffman
RIP. Great man, great actor. . Sad when we can't find the way out in time. Philip Seymour Hoffman, you'll be missed.
Also made it a goal to see as many Philip Seymour Hoffman movies as possible. Made it to 13. 2016 goal: more female directors.
Still hard to believe Philip Seymour Hoffman is gone. Rewatched A Most Wanted Man last week. Guy was brilliant.
you mean one of the few movies that showcased Philip Seymour Hoffman's innate comedic chops? Maybe I've heard of it...
Philip Seymour Hoffman was such a great actor.
I thought number 6 was more like Philip Seymour Hoffman... But that would have been stretching it too far
Last film of 2015. Tense, nuanced, complex. Philip Seymour Hoffman staggering giant of an actor.
I will never forget the day and exact moment where i was when i found out that Philip Seymour Hoffman was no longer with us
Philip Seymour Hoffman is dead and Steven Tyler is alive.
this is gonna take away jobs from real fat actors! No wonder Philip Seymour Hoffman died
Naww, Philip Seymour Hoffman's achievements and contribution to filmmaking, cinematography and movies in general is overwhelming.
We lost a great talent today. Philip Seymour Hoffman, you will always be my fantasy casting choice for the Penguin. Rest in Peace.
Really enjoyed the new Steve Jobs film even though I kept wondering how great John Sculley would’ve been, played by Philip Seymour Hoffman.
for the soundtrack version they sampled in Jon Lovitz's blowup at the beginning and Philip Seymour Hoffman got to rap a verse
Also I think the first film where I really took notice of Philip Seymour Hoffman
A magnificent performance from Philip Seymour Hoffman. Hope you like it!
It was Philip Seymour Hoffman, in case you were wondering.
Philip Seymour Hoffman in 'A most wanted man' is flawless. Just letting you know.
well Philip Seymour Hoffman as Capote but still
I've gotten Chris Kaman, Clayton Kershaw, and Philip Seymour Hoffman. None of those guys look remotely the same
a postmortem salute to Philip Seymour Hoffman in Along Came Polly? Always knew you were class, BC.
And then be sure to watch Capote. Philip Seymour Hoffman was perfect.
Mission Impossible 3 was really a waste of Philip Seymour Hoffman.
WCG is reporting actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has died in his Manhattan apartment.
Just seen the absolute spit of Philip Seymour Hoffman drinking a coffee, so I took this pic all furtively, like.
not his year. maybe he can crack top 15 in 2016 when Philip Seymour Hoffman cools off
Owning Mahowny ★★★½. A very tough watch for anyone with gambling issues. The legend that is Philip Seymour Hoffman is perfect for the role.
Is it weird that I aspire to be Philip Seymour Hoffman's character in Charlie Wilson's War?
Just focus on social sharing, but remember email is the most lovely video homage to the late, great Philip Seymour Hoffman --> Be amazed.
was one of my favorite Philip Seymour Hoffman films.
Capote was a great writer, he died of mixed intoxication. Philip Seymour Hoffman stared as Copote, in 2014 he died of mixed intoxication GSM
too many to addiction and mental issues...Philip Seymour Hoffman, Robin Williams, just off the top of my head 😞
Watching A Most Wanted Man with Philip Seymour Hoffman. Brilliant film. What a loss he is to acting
Philip Seymour Hoffman was sober for 23 years
Philip Seymour Hoffman probably gets my vote. And I'd put Pitt over Cruise in terms of protagonist A listers
I'm a big fan of both Sidney Lumet and Philip Seymour Hoffman, so I was a bit shocked to stumble over Before the Devil Knows You're Dead.
I still think Mission Impossible 3 is the best because duh Philip Seymour Hoffman but this one and Ghost Protocol were both really good too.
Ben Carson sounds like Truman Capote. Reminds me of how Philip Seymour Hoffman talked in Capote.
Jesse Plemons is just a walking reminder that Philip Seymour Hoffman bit the dust and Plemons is his fake son replacement.
Having seen him in Breaking Bad, Fargo, and Black Mass, I think Jesse Plemons is a young Philip Seymour Hoffman.
- just watched 'A most wanted man' with Philip Seymour Hoffman & William Dafoe i recommend 👍
'Philip Seymour Hoffman' by (featuring me) - one of my favourite tracks I've been involved with:
I forgot how funny Philip Seymour Hoffman is in Big Lebowski . I didn't forget how angelic Steve Buscemi is though. All the time. Every day.
"You need to shave" . "Growing a beard" . "You're too blonde" . "Philip Seymour Hoffman had a blonde beard" . "Not helping your case."
One of my bosses looks like a mix of Philip Seymour Hoffman and Peter Dinklage...
to not be told I resemble Philip Seymour Hoffman.
Watching 60 Min. Impostor Phenomenon: I deeply share Philip Seymour Hoffman's neurotic feeling of being a fraud, only he was wrong.
Watched Pirate Radio last night. Great movie. Rest in peace Philip Seymour Hoffman.
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Philip Seymour Hoffman, we don't forget you 💫
Kind of heartbroken remembering the fact Philip Seymour Hoffman won't be here💔
leaked cast. Melissa McCarthy as Zoe Q. Kathy Bates as Randi H. Wilem Dafoe as Wu. The corpse of Philip Seymour Hoffman as Kuche…
Philip Seymour Hoffman was such a brilliant actor, I miss him so incredibly much 😭
Philip Seymour Hoffman aka Plutarch. Such an incredible man ❤️
Hello! Will you ever release the Happish pilot made by Philip Seymour Hoffman & John Cameron Mitchell. Big fan of both & would buy
Hard to turn away from 25th Hour. I wonder how much of the great Barry Pepper-Philip Seymour Hoffman scene above Ground Zero was improvised.
My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Philip Seymour Hoffman. While he is gone, his work will live on. What an amazing talent.
Mockingjay part 2 wont be the same without Philip Seymour Hoffman
katniss everything is ok except they turned peeta into a bomb and Philip Seymour Hoffman is dead for the fourth movie
Rest in peace once again to the brilliant Philip Seymour Hoffman.
u ever see "25th Hour" with Edward Norton, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Barry Pepper? It may be my favorite film
"a little box, metaphorical or actual—hidden away". "Philip Seymour Hoffman" is the
To everyone: Could you please describe Philip Seymour Hoffman in three words? I LOVE YOU
On Nick Offerman is doing John Goodman, Bokeem Woodbine is doing Billy Bob and Jesse Plemons is doing Philip Seymour Hoffman.
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How did the set react to the death of iconic actor Philip Seymour Hoffman?
Watched yesterday: Philip Seymour Hoffman is just mesmerising. A tense, chilling film, understated and beautifully shot.
"What happened to Philip Seymour Hoffman happens everyday in my town...”
About My Poem➻ Poem of the Day: Philip Seymour Hoffman: Last summer I found a small box stashed away in my apa...
if you've never seen the movie Doubt w/ heavyweights Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Viola Davis, & Amy Adams then why are you alive?
My top 3 fav actors of all time: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Judi Dench, & who will also be on t…
When I'm drinking I ask myself those deep questions. Like, who sang the original Elenore? And why did Philip Seymour Hoffman have to die?
Going as Philip Seymour Hoffman this year! What's your costume?
Philip Seymour Hoffman's death still breaks my heart
Swear that Jesse Plemons is morphing into Philip Seymour Hoffman
I just finished rewatching A Most Wanted Man (2014) on Philip Seymour Hoffman
William Hurt? Stephen Baldwin? Philip Seymour Hoffman is gone. Actual movie has Cate Blanchett & Robert Redford
The guy in shades looks like an amalgam of Gary Busey & THE Philip Seymour Hoffman.
Watch as Philip Seymour Hoffman talks to Charlie Rose about his 25-year career:
How the great Philip Seymour Hoffman taught me to deal with sports news like AA's possible departure in 30 seconds.
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"Above all I am a man, a hopelessly inquisitive man just like you." -Philip Seymour Hoffman 'The Master'
My list of great American movie performances 2010-2015. Missing James Gandolfini and Philip Seymour Hoffman badly.
Jesse Plemons reminds me of a young Philip Seymour Hoffman. I didn’t know until tonight that he played his character’s son in The Master.
Philip Seymour Hoffman and Paul Thomas Anderson - On the set of "Magnolia"
Schalke Burger is what Philip Seymour Hoffman would look like if he injected EPO instead of heroin.
Philip Seymour Hoffman went too soon imo
I thought Philip Seymour Hoffman died last year??
Philip Seymour Hoffman really shouldn't have died.
So many films I watch have Philip Seymour Hoffman in them.
Liu Bei's new single is a wonderful tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman. Check it out.
In re: Johnny Manziel, I'm reminded of what said when Philip Seymour Hoffman died: when it comes to recovery, bet the drug.
Watching MI3, got me thinking how great Philip Seymour Hoffman as the Penguin could have been...
How have I never realised Philip Seymour Hoffman is in Twister?!
Matt Damon is slowly turning into Philip Seymour Hoffman.
Did remind me how much poor old Philip Seymour Hoffman is missed too.
Dead hollywood actor Philip Seymour Hoffman caught umpiring in the 1st Test Match.
Playing that game at my new work: who looks like which celebrity. I got Philip Seymour Hoffman and Penfold :(
Jack Black in Goosebumps looks like Philip Seymour Hoffman in Capote.
Philip Seymour Hoffman, man... Kojima bless his soul. What an actor. What a loss.
"I think you should be serious about what you do because this is it. This is the only life you've got." ~Philip Seymour Hoffman
Philip Seymour Hoffman was 20 years sober and there was no particular signs he had relapsed ain't that scary?
Option two was Philip Seymour Hoffman, so something about me screams drug overdose.
We had an Actor dress-a-like day at school. I present, Philip Seymour Hoffman
Paul Thomas Anderson, Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seymour Hoffman on set of The Master.
first of all you dope. Philip Seymour Hoffman is twice the actor Brad Pitt will ever hope to be
Is there an actor that you think is or will be the next Philip Seymour Hoffman? via
Philip Seymour Hoffman is my favorite actor ever but he was labeled as a "tortured soul". Bruh cops even tracked down his drug dealer
I now own every available film Philip Seymour Hoffman has a scene in or lent his voice to. Bittersweet. A hard loss. http:/…
That moment when you realise you're typing Philip Seymour Hoffman's name for probably the last time as a featured actor... :'(
I was told on set yesterday that I remind them of Philip Seymour Hoffman. I consider that a compliment.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Found myself wishing for a Philip Seymour Hoffman movie. Great career, but what could have been...
The film is worth watching just for Philip Seymour Hoffman's laugh. Easily the greatest actor ever. Don't care what anyone says.
For me, Meryl Streep and Angelina Jolie are great actress. Besides, Philip Seymour Hoffman is a great actor.
This track by about the late Philip Seymour Hoffman is making our Monday. Read more by
I am still sad about James Gandolfini and Philip Seymour Hoffman
Have you seen it? I love it sfm - Philip Seymour Hoffman, Julia Roberts, so many great cameos.
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