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Philip Philips

Philip Philips was the first Mayor of Auckland City who held the office from 1871 to 1874.

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There are only 2 people I've ever liked in American Idol ever:. Philip Philips, and this new dude Caleb Johnson.
Wow mom won't let me go see Philip Philips and Twin Forks tonight :(
Twelve27 Films has enjoyed overnight success in Northern California. But as an artist, I ALWAYS come back to how much my home inspires me and how much I absolutely love the people in it. Placerville is often described as a place that you leave, at very least from those who have spent their years there. For me Placerville is the place I will always return to. I love you so much, all of the wonderful people in this city. Thank you for always being my home. -Morgen Earle (Director) Music: "Home" by Philip Philips
go Philip Philips, and cant wait for bruno mars, watching the Super Bowl pre game show!
Delilah Burian ~ Philip Philips is singing on the pre Super Bowl Game Show!
Parents that name their child John Johnson, Philip Philips, etc should be exiled from society
This is the weirdest "star studded" anything ever...Martin Sheen, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Queen Latifah, Joe Namath, Bruno Mars, Vin Scully and Philip Philips. Fox Sports, who are you?
If you have a name like Jack Jackson, John Johnson, or that dude Philip Philips, you were just named to be famous.
If someone doesn't take me to see Philip Philips in Ottawa march 12 I'll be thoroughly disappointed.
Philip: The sexiest man on Earth. Usually really smart and quick-witted. Philips usually...
I just love Philip Philips music and his voice!
Metropolitan Philip (Saliba)'s letter to Obama on the persecution of Christians in
Gone, gone, gone by Philip Philips always puts me in a good mood. 💖
Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers stands during a free throw against the Atlanta Hawks at Philip
Philips the first person I've met that hasn't hated me at one point or another
How many of u listen to philip philips. The guy is awsome
"that *** Philip Philips song came on & it made me miss my jersey girl, moose!!! Come visit me 😭💔" aww miss youu 😥
Philip Philips's Gone Gone Gone played on the radio and all I can think about is Kim Dongwan...
Hey One Direction your song Story of My Life sounds exactly like Gone, Gone, Gone, by Philip Philips...
You're my back bone. You're my cornerstone. You're my crutch when my legs stop moving. You're my head start. You're my rugged heart. You're the pulse that I've always needed. Like a drum, baby, don't stop beating. -philip philips- gone gone gone
pls play Home by philip philips...compliments of d season 2 u Fresh!
Good morning there :). What's my chances to hear Hard to handle (Philip Philips) ^_^
Home-Philip Philips, the song just makes me 45% happy.. and 55% sad..
Ah ahh oh. Ah ah aohooh (Home. Philip Philips) why do I love this part this song so much??
Philip philips is killing moi...go download "Gone" by CoL
I prefer Philips response not yours aren that's just rude 👋 thanks Philip ;)
Home - Philip Philips (I tried to sing in a country accent but I couldn't.)
also thanks to you two I'm now in a Philip Philips jam session
Verve in Vegas - Joy to the World to the tune of "Home" by Philip Philips Join us Christmas Eve at 5:35 and 7:05pm
That new One Republic single I Live reminds me of Philip Philips' Home.
Philip's Stargazing 2014: Month-by-month guide to the northern night sky. Heather Couper (Author), Nigel Henbest...
Negotiations with St Philip’s Hospital ‘in abeyance’, says government Negotiations between the government and S...
the struggle of wanting to marry Philip Philips
On my way to the take me home tour gone gone gone by Philip Philips kept coming on the... — CALM DOWN IT'LL BE OKAY
So uh, Philip Philips when ya comin to take me so we can run away into the sunset? ☺️
My mom has played Home by Philip Philips 15 consecutive times.
Tbh Philip Philips is just my type of guy
Philip found one of my old school books. He's in the process of learning MA procedures don't disturb him.
I absolutely hate the song home by Philip philips
he did over the summer already I think with Philip Philips!(:
Is it just me or does James Blunts 'bonfire' in the beginning like 'homeward bound' by Philip Philips?! Maybe it's just the stress from last week.oh yeah. ..finally get to catch up with greys.:-)
Philip Labes's Kickstarter is at $4,744..Only needs $250. Become part of the project ..Be a backer
I love driving with my mom when philip philips comes on and she just blasts it 😍😍
philips spot is in my suitcase, so you're SOL i guess!
Im secretly in love with Philip philips ssh lol
Baby I'm not movin on, I'll love you long after you gone, gone, gone.. ~Philip Philips~
MUSIC REVIEW: Basic Vacation’s self-titled E.P. is quite good. You could leave it at that, but then it wouldn’t be much of a review, now would it? The recording has 5 songs on it. Now, that doesn't seem like a whole lot of music, but trust me it is. The groups sound is honestly hard to pinpoint. It appears that the groups sound takes the whole of mainstream contemporary rock and combines it into a unique creation. You could hear a bit of instrumental that reminds you of Neon Trees or Imagine Dragons, but then hear vocals that can remind you of the Fray at one point and Philip Philips the next. All the songs though have the commonality of being upbeat sounding and a Goldi-Locks kind of tempo: not too fast, not too slow, just right. The lead single "I Believe" is a nice tune about a relationship that doesn't appear that it's going to happen to everyone on the outside, but the singer takes the role of the one saying that it all works out in the end. It is set to fun music , including a sing-along choru . ...
Wow I thought Philip Philips sing that song. Shout out to Will Champlain!
Philip philips opening for John Mayer !
Singing along with Christine Cordero to Philip Philips and John Mayer
John Mayer concert, Philip Philips is the opening act-fantastic
Well it was fun singing Home by Philip Philips for the auditions for the musical! That was nice, I think it turned out nice! =D
Starting my 2013 top songs with the honorable mention list: Best Day of My Life- American Authors Replay - Zendaya On Top of the World - Imagine Dragons Gone Gone Gone - Philip Philips That Power - with Justin Beiber
Don't pay no mind to the demons they feel you fear 󾠔 Philip Philips
Just saw John Mayer with Philip Philips in concert!!! It was INCREDIBLE!!! Had a great time!! Best Christmas gift ever! :)
20 likes for me singing home by Philip Philips LMS
John Mayer concert with guest star Philip Philips :) Thanks to Tina Contreras
Colonial Christmas in Camden~ December 14, 2013 It poured -- yet 55+ brave families and friends came to Colonial Christmas in Camden, toured the seasonally decorated Kershaw House. learned some of the Yuletide traditions, tried on period clothes, wrote fun notes with quill pens (feathers), play a few colonial games and feasted on mulled cider and jumbles (also Walmart chocolate chips - always popular!). Biggest thanks to presenters & volunteers Mark England, Ed Grossheim, David Reuwer, Jane & Tray Dunaway, Becky Hedinger, Patty Baker, Bill Vartorella, Carol Sheridan. Davie Beard, and Philip Philips. The reconstructed Kershaw House is decorated for the Yuletide Season through January 6th so plan to bring visiting family and friends for a guided tour of the house that helped insure Camden's place in the history books. The mansion, built by staunch patriot, Joseph Kershaw, served as British headquarters during Camden's occupation June 1, 1780- May 10, 1781. It and and the garrisoned town were important obje ...
Listening to Gone, Gone, Gone by Philip Philips and getting ready for my first Christmas party this year! YAY!
After I post never going to be alone and the surprise cover which would you guys like to hear next. 1. Philip Philips: Home. 2. Bon Jovi: wanted dead or alive. 3. At Calvary: Hymn
Your hope dangling by a string i'll share in your suffering to make you well to make you well.-Philip philips(: featured in NBC s Science of Love
Busy and fun week- jury duty Mon, worked tues - today. Happy hour, possibly putting an offer on a house I loved, John Mayer/ Philip Philips, a Christmas party, and the annual Christmas brunch tomorrow! It's the season...
John Mayer and Philip Philips are both pretty good! Good concert!
John Meyer and Philip Philips wit the work fam
I'm about to upload a several pictures and maybe a few videos I took at the John Mayer/Philip Philips concert, even though I'm reluctant to because there is no way they could possibly do justice to just how amazing of an experience it really was. I've been a fan of John's music for a very long time, and there is no way I could've prepared myself for such an experience.
Philip Philips/John Mayer. That's Phil in the background, but note the guard rail in the foreground. Yeah...that's Front Row.
When i read i listen to my ipod and i have a sound track for almost every book, like the host song is home by Philip Philips and harry potter is everything is magic, and the hunger games is if i die young, BUT CATCHING FIRE WHEN KATNISS ENTERS THE ARENA AND SEES THE WATER I PLAY "SURFING USA" or when fox face dies in the hunger games i play what does the fox say
Get to see John Mayer and Philip Philips tonight! An early Christmas present!
Sitting in the north charleston coliseum parking lot with Nicole Wallace waiting to see John Mayer and Philip Philips. I am so excited!
School is finally done, yay!!! Can't wait to celebrate tonight by seeing John Mayer and Philip Philips
I wish I was on my way to the John mayor and Philip philips concert. Instead I'm on my way to work.
Just got to get through work...then it is concert time for me and my best friend! John Meyer and Philip Philips here we come!!!
5 likes: 1. Any scars? Yes 2. Where are they? In between my eyebrows 3. Suicidal? Nope 4. Relationship status? Single 5. Coke or Pepsi? None 6. Someone you hate? Andrew Mcdonald 7. Ever drunk alcohol? A little bit 8. Favorite food? Pasta 9. Ever been "in love"? Nope 10. Favorite movie? Catching Fire 11. Favorite Monster drink? The blue kind 12. Birthday? July 1st/2000 13. Eye color? Brown 14. Hair color? Dirty Blonde 15. What do you love? Summer, hanging out with my friends 16. What bands are you into? Nickelback, 1D, Maroon 5 17. Favorite song? Gone, Gone, Gone by Philip Philips 18. Are you okay? Yes 19. What was the last thing you lied about? I told some I liked Justin Bieber 20. What are you doing now? Writing this 21. If you had one wish what would it be? To become a famous writer and singer
Watching Philip Philips And John Mayer with my beautiful wife
Philip philips ann John Mayer with my lovely ladies ...and camryn
So I won tickets today for a private meet n greet and lunch & acoustic show with Philip Philips! I tried to win them so I could take my Mom cz she loves him! Still cant believe I won them cz I never win anything. Now if I could just win the lottery!
Philip Philips covering Eminem. I'm not sure about this.
Philip Philips meet and greet and performance yay
solid silver spoon 1779 made by Philip Philips, a boot, a buckle, a Victorian penny with a bullet hole through it and I don't know the other one
A good guitar performance by Aarush. Home by Philip Philips.
When life leaves you High and Dry... Ill be by your side tonight! Philip Philips
What a great concert with AMAZING music by Philip Philips and John Mayer! Now ready to celebrate Jordan's 22nd birthday!
Philip Philips and John Mayer to end the day! Not bad at all!!!
So I milked 400 cows again today or yesterday lol, but I did it but myself so I took my phone and listened to a song called Home by Philip Philips and it's such a great song :D Milking again tomorrow afternoon so hopefully I finish early so that I can skype with Whispering Weaver :D
Philip philips & John Mayer, I been ready, ya heard!
On our way to John Mayer and Philip Philips concert !!!'
We still need some more suggestions for a cover song at one of our shows! Right now we have : Journey wheel in the sky , Philip Philips Home, misfits american nightmare, oasis wonderwall We also have Beyoncé should of put a ring on it as a suggestion. Unfortunately jay z and Beyoncé called us and told us that we cannot perform that tune. So, we need more suggestions. Thanks everybody!
It's finally concert day!! I cannot wait to see John Mayer and Philip Philips tonight!!!
Whats was you favorite song of 2013?...Mine was Philip Philips' "Gone Gone Gone"
np: So Easy (Philip Philips Rendition) ...You're the reason I believe in something I don't know... Yeah, it's so easy to fall so hard.
Awesome date night with my man James Kirkpatrick and friends Kasey Hoke and Jason Hoke. John Mayer was great! Hey Shelly Branham guess who opened? Philip Philips!! He was so good!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Philip Philips covering an Usher song. Didn't see that coming!
Philip Philips and John Mayer concert to kick off graduation weekend!
Anyone interested in 2 tickets for John Mayer & Philip Philips at Frank Erwin Center? 2 awesome tix for Arena 21, Row 23, Seats 7, 8 available!!! My friend Erin was gonna take her parents but they have to attend a funeral back home today. Message or text me if you're interested!
Hello friends! I'm selling 2 tickets to John Mayer at the Amway in Orlando this Monday, December 9th at 7pm (Philip Philips) will be opening for him. I believe the section is 207. Please message or text me for More info!!! I'm willing to sell them At a really good price!
philip philips done setup a stage for his new video shoting at Crystal Bridgest museum
I got 1. I never had a craving but my husband did 2. The day we found out I went shopping for Logan :) 3. I was sick the whole time 4. I was induced on May 2nd 5. When we got to hospital yhey said I was not suppose to be there till the next day but doc said other wise 6. I stayed at a 6 for hrs 7. I only pushed for 30 mins 8. We were watching American Idol and had tl turn it off when Philip Philips came on Mommies like this and ill give you a number :)
Philip Philips got the house ready and then John Mayer came out and rocked the house down. Another great show.
At the John Mayer concert with Philip Philips opening!
Had the chance to photograph Cort Carpenter again today! Think we'll slide over to the boogie bar and listen to Gil Gil Gann, then supper, and top the night off with Philip Philips and John Mayer! I love Nashville!
Literally can NOT WAIT for tomorrow night! John Mayer and Philip Philips Concert! Date night with my love and parents
I have Philip Philips, and John Mayer tickets for 130.00 for both. This Saturday in Austin! Will not seperate.Contact if interested.
Every time these songs come on I tear up Philip Philips-home Imagine dragons-radioactive. true say For me things could be better. Family matters have been getting worse I miss u all very much.
take a shot every time a Philip Philips song is used in a movie trailer
Through the dark is like copying the same beat as Philip Philips song.
crying because she just met Philip Philips
The intro of Bonfire Heart by James Blunt is almost identical to Home by Philip Philips. Never noticed it until now.
"You will never sleep alone, I'll love you long after you're Gone Gone Gone" into Philip Philips lately
You can find yourself if you decide to finally start
Philip Philips just did that good song and disappeared.
Tom gets soo mad when I call him Philip Philips but he really does look just like him😂😂😂
Philip Philips songs are really good
So I see I didn't miss anything last night. John Mayer and Philip Philips was 1000 times better
gone, gone, gone by Philip philips is my fav song atm. And I know it's a lil old, but i love it
Philip Philips has the voice of an angel!
Was told that I look like Philip Philips...
Philip’s Garden Shed shop opens at the Wapping Project | Whats In Wapping?
I learned two things yesterday: . 1. John Mayer and Philip Philips are just fantastic in concert. 2. No one delivers food at 1 AM. No one.
One thing I noticed about country singers. Some of their names sound like two first names. -Philip Philips, Luke Bryant, Willie Nelson etc.
my girls are begging to see Philip Philips in Baltimore on Dec 14!
ATTENTION: SALE for the next 2 hours only. Philips Stubble Trimmer reduced from £60 to £28 -->
I like ariana grande but imagine dragons and philip philips :(
How to spend your night, go to pandora. Set it to imagine dragon Or Philip Philips. 👍
Nativity Fast (St. Philip's Fast) - The Nativity Fast is a period of abstinence and penance practiced by...
excellent question:. Philip Philips = guilt pleasure. His band = …all day no shame
Is it Philip Philips or Mumford and sons?
Please help my friend Philip Labes fund his new album! . You can check out his work on Youtube. Thanks:)
What I think when people get Philip Philips mixed up with Mumford & Sons...
Can any one else see that Garry Barlow's song fly high is a complete rip off of Philip Philips Home? It's driving me mad!!
Captain Philips and Philip Philips are the same dude, right? That song "Home" is about being on a Somali pirate ship?
When 'Home' by Philip Philips comes on the radio and you start running through drill in your head.
definitely!! I'll prolly watch tonight too when Philip goes to bed ;) Jason wanted to see it.
really enjoying the music selection and could you please play gone, gone, gone by Philip Philips, thx
Philip Philips won American Idol last year, and his song 'Home' became the best selling winner's debut song.
only country song I can bare is Philip Philips song called gone gone gone
This girl 🙋 gets to see Philip Philips next Friday😍😊
New direction new song sounds like a Philip Philips song
paolo has his own unique talent bt reallyreminds me of Philip Philips.same quiet ,old-fashioned,simple,good guy w/hs guitar
Some1 in the courtyard is attempting to LOUDLY sing home but sry man you're no Philip Philips, I have studying to do, and you my friend suck
Gone, Gone, Gone by Philip Philips pretty much describes what I'd do for a guy. :/
you're so hip Philip Philips is to mainstream for you
Can I just go ahead and marry philip philips?
A Philip Philips song just came on one of my instrumental study stations. Pandora has betrayed me.
Is philip philips 'home' on every commercial or am I wrong
Philip Philips has the voice of an angel
Philip Philips and Dave Matthews sound a lot alike
Can't believe I found another fan and it's Philip Philips 😱
Jamming out to plain white tee's Philip Philips w/ my sisters ☝️☺️😊
Home by Philip Philips. That could easily be a worship song:]
when Philip Philips sings it, hubba hubba 😍😍😍
Philip Philips já dizia: Hold on to your life by love and Then you'll find what's in and out of line
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Trouble it might drag you down, you can lost, you can always be found.. just know you're not alone ! In love c essa música do Philip Philips
I really like the new One Direction song! It sounds all Philip Philips-y.
Whats up with James Blunt stealing the chords to "Home" by Philip Philips in his new song "Bonfire Heart" . I mean seriously :s
Oh you like Bluegrass and folk? . Name me 3 people besides Philip Philips and Mumford and Sons.
Me, Dan, Taylor Swift, Philip Philips, and Mumford and Sons jamming on the way to Zoomass
its a good song but lacks originality. Don't u think it sounds like 1 of Philip Philips song ? Still good though
Trunk or Treat at our Church last night. Sarah was UN former Volleyball Standout Gina Mancuso and Greg was American Idol winner Philip Philips. Fun evening.
Agora no palco do Rock in Rio, Philip Philips, vencedor da 10ª temporada do American Idol.
Philip Philips, Greg Holden and Matt Hires have the same style of music and it's wonderful and makes me happy. 😊🎶🎸
I love you long until youre gone . listening to Philip philips
chilling to a bit of Philip Philips
Gone, gone, gone, philip philips "Skelewu"What song is ringing in your Head rite now?
Working on an arrangement of "Home" by Philip Philips for clarinet, trumpet, and flute.
wake me up by Avicii.. Gone gone gone by Philip Philips . Tom ford by jayz .. Oceans by Jayz and frank ocean
The new chorus teacher looks like Philip Philips lol
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
I started a Philip Philips cover band called Adam Adams but we already broke up
Three songs that make me cry at the drop of a dime: Home by Philip Philips, Last Kiss by and Last Resort by The Eagles.
Me and my mom bond over hating Philip Philips and loving Bruno mars
Philip Philips album was just certified platinum! Amazing voice!
Philip Philips yesterday at the G105 listeners lounge!!!
Every time I hear Home by Philip Philips I get goose bumps
I jst saw a black guy w dreads in an SUV jamming to Philip Philips.
Philip Philips and John Mayer at the Tyson in November.
Rockers will understand this playlist:. 1. Pink ~Just give me a reason. 2. Passenger~Let her go. 3. Philip Philips~Gone gone gone
oh my god Home by Philip Philips and I Lived by One Republic sounds exactly the same
HOME by Philip Philips. I need to catch up with sleep. Feel so weak.
my dads listening to the Philip Philips album
if somebody dedicated gone gone gone by Philip Philips to me I'd be in love 😍
Im sorry i skipped out on the concet Philip Philips, it wasnt your fault, it was John Mayers fault.
Yo not only is Philip Philips a ridiculous name but if I hear his song one more time I might die
Am I the only one who absolutely loves Philip Philips? 😌💕
LUCKY. Maroon 5 is my favorite band! And Philip Philips is going to be there to 💔😪
Philip Philips has definitely made me a fan in the past 30 minutes
Philip Philips is on point right now
Someone should advise Philip Philips, he needs to move on. He can't be loving her long after she is gone.
I should buy tickets to see John Mayer and Philip Philips
Idk if I'm more excited for John Mayer or Philip Philips
When I sing Philip Philips while listening to it, I sound amazing. I turn it off, well...
Philip Philips is just perfect. ok.
I'll miss school any day to meet Philip Philips!
Geno Ortiz is amazing! Listen to this friends! If you love Dave Matthews, Philip Philips, Jack Johnson, or John...
Did he edit the video? good cut in everyscene with the backsound Philip philips - Gone gone gone. Very matching with the lyrics. :D
Walked up to digs feeling like I'm at the John Mayer concert again bc Philip Philips is blaring
I'm so jealous of everyone who went to the John Mayer/Philip Philips concert last night
Holy crap Katy Perry! Is gunna be there and Philip Philips at the John Mayor concert
Listening to wicked games by philip philips in this kind of situation just so epic fail.
Thanks to Philip Philips I'm in such a good mood😌
Philip Philips voice is so attractive
Gone gone gone is probably the only song I will ever be able to handle but Philip Philips
we really should have added them to our mum, Philip Philips, and Beyonce playlist
Marrying Philip Philips or hunter Hayes. Don't both come running at once.😳
Time to play the Philip Philips song 'Home' or Mumford & Sons 'Home'. Hey wait I see a trend here...
Philip Philips and John Mayer concert with and !!
.ok.who is Philip Philips ACTUALLY because now he's performing Marvin Gaye and I think I'm in love with a man who has 2 first names.
Philip Philips and John Mayer concert in PA for the night 👌
At John Mayer concert, but it'll tough to top the opening act- Philip Philips- wow.
Philip Philips just walks onto the stage, says "what's up" then starts playing
yeah screw those Philip Philips fans. They're not allowed to hear music they like.
honestly more excited to see Philip Philips 😁❤😍
Would anyome go see John Mayer and philip philips with me at jiffy lube?
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That Philip Philips song sounds like it was written by a well-intentioned stalker.
I have a new obsession with Philip Philips.
What am I saying. Philip Philips is in 3 hours.
Gone, Gone, Gone by Philip you can see, creativity runs in the family.
I love you long after you're gone For you, for you... ♬♬ — ouvindo philip philips gone,gone,gone
I don't care what says, Philip Philips > John Mayer
The playlist today is lackluster. Can't wait for Philip Philips and John Mayer tonight!
The song Home by Philip Philips makes me miss watching Team USA gymnastics at the Olympics.
Can Philip Philips tour with Ed sheeran. I would sell my elbow to see that happen.
just made my weekend by playing philip philips gone gone gone on air! Thanks for playing that tune buddy :)
We just discovered the Philip Philips of the .. What a music! Nice one!
Philip Philips was on stage last night singing "Thriller" .wow.
Philip Philips “Who is your favourite foreign musician?
Gone gone gone by Philip Philips is like my favorite song I the entire world.
Why did the song Home by Philip Philips come on my comedy pandora?! Go home pandora your drunk
I really really like Philip Philips. No joke😍
my phone battery died after Philip Philips, only got 1 picture of John Mayer
Home by Philip Philips will always remind me of the fierce 5 at the 2012 Olympics☺
Philip philips is terrible and also has a stupid name
Philip Philips starts playing Home and everyone pulls out their phones. As if there isn't a better live version online already.
Tonight I became a fan of Philip Philips! He's nasty on the guitar!!!
Philip Philips singing Lets Get It On just made my night 💕
Shout out to Philip Philips doing an even sexier cover of Let's Get It On
So Philip Philips when are we getting married ??
Philip Philips' dance moves are the cutest
Philip Philips does an awful lot of pelvic thrusting. Homeboy looks like he's making love to his guitar
someone take me to see John Mayer and Philip Philips pls
I'm gonna die of excitement at Philip Philips and John Mayer tonight
Every station freaking plays that song! That and the Philip Philips one! It ridiculous!
That fact that John Mayer and Philip Philips will be at the Comcast Center tonight and I won't be makes me wanna punch a wall
I laugh every time Philip Philips comes on the radio and only everyone from Moore Hall know why.
On a scale of weed to horse tranquilizers, how high was Philip Philips' mom when she named him?
and Philip Philips We've got tonight (live) beautiful!!!
John Mayer and Philip Philips, here we come 👍
I'm seeing John Mayer and Philip Philips next month with some awesome people.
Why am I not seeing to see Philip Philips and John Mayer tonight 😭😭
No I'm sorry Philip Philips you are not making this place my home.
The fact that we convinced everyone that OAR was coming w John Mayer and Philip Philips...
When your on the way to move in and "Home" by Philip Philips comes on
The John Mayer and Philip Philips concert was absolutely amazing
John Mayer and Philip Philips in a week 😜
Gone, Gone, Gone by Philip Philips is really nice.
I love Philip Philips he is amazing and from the south so that makes it even better! XD (
Philip Philips did a cover of Thriller... It was so awesome.
Philip Philips- gone gone gone makes me really emotional and sad I cannot, this needs to stop
Can't say I'm not excited for John Mayer and Philip Philips tomorrow
Since when did my sister get Philip Philips and John Mayer tickets?!?!
People are a little too excited for Philip philips... Go home.
Last concert of the summer. John Mayer and Philip Philips with
Philip Philips please marry me and have my babies.
Philip Philips is still pretty good though.
Alright Philip Philips, we get wanna be Dave Matthews. John Mayer please.
I hope Philip Philips does his Eminem cover 😍
Showed up for Philip Philips and it's more like the Dave Matthews experience. I mean, I'm really not complaining!
Philip Philips, Dave Matthews would like his routine back. But, you're still good so it's okay.
Why anyone would go by the name Philip Philips is beyond me
John Mayer and philip Philips tomorrow? Umm.. yes please!!!
I want to go to the John Mayer Philip Philips concert so bad. I love them!
My mom switched the radio from Philip Philips to Bridgit Medler, how about not
John Mayer & Philip Philips at Comcast tn and I'm not going because... 🙈
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Philip Philips tonight! Oh, and I think John Mayers going to make an appearance too..
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