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Philip Hammond

Philip Hammond MP (born 4 December 1955) is a British Conservative Party politician. He is the current Secretary of State for Defence in the Coalition government led by David Cameron, having succeeded Liam Fox on 14 October 2011. He previously served as Secretary of State for Transport from 13 May 2010, when he was appointed as a Privy Counsellor.

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Business rates are hugely excessive even without the rises. Think of how much you have to sell in a small shop...
PHILIP Hammond is exploring ways to ease the pain of a business rate revaluation that critics fear could force t...
Philip Hammond 'to ease' crippling business tax rise after criticism | UK | News |
The Tories don't have a clue and invariably only interested in looking after Tory donation big businesses vested...
Wonder why the is skint? Chancellor Philip Hammond made his millions out of healthcare. No surprise.
Chancellor Philip Hammond 'to ease' crippling business rates rise
• PHILIP HAMMOND, CHANCELLOR:. We will be safer, stronger and better off if we in the EU.
Glad Philip Hammond was listening to me (&
Indeed. It would pay Philip Hammond to spend some time listening and looking at the evidence of our members and adv…
Only 15% of voters trust Corbyn and his shadow chancellor on the economy, compared with 44% who trust May and the chancellor, Philip Hammond
Philip Hammond looking at reducing 'cliff edge' from business rate rises
Chancellor Philip Hammond was a campaigner for REMAIN & now very half hearted about BREXIT as are all Tories.
With the 24 hr 365 day per year threat of cyber crime to us as mentioned by Philip Hammond , I suggest building...
tell the Tories, Philip Hammond today said he would not do deals until we leave the EU
Tony Blair to blame for Brexit, says Philip Hammond. Read the full story on Sky News here:
Philip Hammond. "And you can be sure we will do whatever we have to do.” Very Mario Draghi like - But Elites code for more GBP selling.
Philip Hammond begins a diplomacy drive after renewed speculation about a hard Brexit
"Philip Hammond (and others including the current Middle East minister Tobias Ellwood) systematically misled the House of Commons on Yemen"
Chancellor, Philip Hammond, believes that people are investing too much in housing and not enough in pensions
Philip Hammond will always work to undermine Brexit he must be fired as chancellor, enemy within the cabinet
NEWS: Chancellor announces Spring Budget date - The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, has announced ...
L1 Emily A, showing her brickwork skill while Chancellor of the exchequer Philip Hammond visited.
Eight in ten letting agents think rents will rise next year as a result of Chancellor Philip Hammond's decision to b…
Put more less money into housing and more into saving, says Philip Hammond (Telegraph)…
Philip Hammond has announced a significant change to the Flat Rate Scheme (FRS) from 1 April.
David Davis and Philip Hammond are driving Britain away from a hard Brexit, say senior Whitehall sources
Theresa May & Philip Hammond are the perfect example of the Tory obsession with power above all else.Both pro-remain, n…
"Thoughtful politicians" starting to accept transitional deal necessary to avoid serious risk to business/stability. htt…
But doesn't, apparently. So who to believe?
Philip Hammond signals backing for transition period to ease UK's Brexit pain
Chancellor signals backing for a transitional deal with the EU a few days after D. Davis said he wasn't interested. https:/…
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Philip Hammond signals backing for 'transition period' to ease UK's Brexit pain via
Brexit could take MORE than two years to deliver, Pro EU Chancellor warns via
Chancellor Philip Hammond has backed a transitional deal for Brexit…
Philip Hammond denies PM intervened to block new funds for social care
Philip Hammond says 4 year post-Brexit transitional deal will be needed to support the EUs economies.
Philip Hammond calls for 'soft Brexit' taking four years showing his 'Remoan' ambitions.
Philip Hammond more slippery than a bath of sardines I've always said it he is totally the wrong man for the job, mixed lo…
Philip Hammond is useless and should resign - his comments regarding are outrageous
The pound accelerates its gains after Philip Hammond repeats backing for transitional Brexit deal https…
Philip Hammond warns Brexit could take more than two years to deliver . Brexit could take …
Hammond admits Brexit will take too long - and be too expensive - for Britain to stick to the Ar…
Talk to the hand: Philip Hammond fends off awkward questions | John Crace
Philip Hammond denies any feud/split/row with Theresa May over social care "No" truth to the claims
Hammond calls for transitional deal for when UK leaves EU - Politics live | Politics | The Guardian
Apparently Brexit means:. "A fivefold rise in border inspections". Well done Philip Hammond! . .
Philip Hammond challenges Cabinet colleagues to delay completing Brexit because of 'risks …
Philip Hammond says post-Brexit transitional deal will be needed. This man is selling out
Hammond: Delay Brexit for risks to financial stability: British…
Hammond admits will mean fivefold increase in red tape for UK business
The Tory betrayal of Brexit continues as remainer Philip Hammond calls for a transitional deal longer than 2 years htt…
Philip Hammond calls for transition deal to ease break with Brussels - The Australian Financial Review…
Just think how much £ would rise if Hammond calls for NO Brexit. "£ rises as Hammond calls for transitional Brexit". https…
Should Philip Hammond be fired as chancellor for constantly trying to hold back Brexit
UK won't stop flow of highly skilled workers after Brexit-Philip Hammond
Turns out the Autumn Statement was only the second worst thing that Philip Hammond did yesterday...
Philip Hammond tried to use the Autumn Statement to bury bad news for those on low incomes
Philip Hammond mistaken on social care funding – senior Tory Between Hammond and Hunt social care and NHS is dying
I just hope Theresa May,Boris Johnson and Philip Hammond get us out.
Watch my interview on C4 about how Philip Hammond's highlights the failure of 6 years of Tory mismanageme…
£10 billion black hole caused by SDLT changes Crazy that Philip Hammond didn't address this.
These retailers have suffered a fall in share prices since Philip Hammond announced a rise to the living wage
Philip Hammond confirms excellent scoop from Sunday Telegraph that employee tax breaks will be scrapped
All Tories do is slag off the UK, an the plebs love it, Philip Hammond says Germany works harder, in Autumn Statement htt…
If boredom is a weapon in politics. Philip Hammond is a samurai warrior.
Philip Hammond to invest £1billion in welfare to ease impact of George Osborne's cuts -
.please stand up for hard-working families and tell Philip Hammond to stop cuts to
Philip Hammond warns Tory MPs to back Theresa May’s tough stance on EU or get eaten for…
Philip Hammond is just as hard to understand on as he was on but Robert's comments help to clarify it, a bit.
.Philip Hammond to announce more than £1bn for roads in his first Autumn Statement as Chancellor
serves them right as my English rellies tell me
'The new chancellor has acquired a political cliche of his own: "just about managing"'
Philip Hammond to help families only ‘just managing’ in Autumn Statement
Philip Hammond to help families only 'just managing' in Autumn Statement via
Autumn Statement: Philip Hammond to give boost to 'just managing families'
New UK finance minister Philip Hammond to face Brexit grilling at G20 -
Hammond urged to show caution in infrastructure splurge from the news feed of mikejulietbravo
Half Brits are pessimistic about economy, finds yet Philip Hammond has massive lead over John McDonnell ht…
Ahead of his first Philip Hammond ratings on par with his predecessors' debut ratings
Hammond urged to show caution in infrastructure splurge
Britain is facing £100 billion budget black hole because of Brexit
Clarkson, Hammond and May are back. Watch now on Amazon Prime Video.
Live Autumn Statement Event - This November Philip Hammond will deliver his first Autumn St...
The astonishing British economic achievement that Philip Hammond should be shouting from the rooftops
If the Chancellor *really* wants to do things differently, he'll support public services at the Autumn Statement... https:…
Philip Hammond aims Autumn Statement at the 'jam' people – The Guardian
Philip Hammond to face growing calls for air passenger duty to be SCRAPPED…
Hammond told to deliver a budget to help those 'just about managing'
Chancellor Philip Hammond 'still aspires for surplus'
Philip Hammond, Adult care services desperately need a funding boost in the Autumn Statement to give vulnerable people a decent life.
Philip shea — unsteady (apparently I forgot how to edit because of how much this ***
Hammond is the least political Chancellor in recent times, but he could be one of the most economically significant
Chancellor Philip Hammond still aspires for surplus Tell your bank manager you aspire to reduce your debt increase!
Uk facing 100billion black hole. It's a start, hope it was worth it
UK ahead of Silicon Valley on both Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things say tech giants
This should always be government plan. Balanced books. Chancellor Philip Hammond 'still aspires for surplus' -
"Anyone who thinks Philip Hammond will be Keynes is misunderstanding him" Stephen Hammond MP on the Autumn Statement
Chancellor Philip Hammond 'still aspires for surplus' Aye, me too Phil
Philip Hammond to admit the biggest deterioration in public finances for 5 years and a £100bn bill for Brexit.
We'll save £250 million a week they said. I knew that was a lie. Shame not everyone did.
Chancellor Philip Hammond 'still aspires for budget surplus'. More from TONIGHT 22:30 on BBC Two
BBC News - Chancellor Philip Hammond 'still aspires for surplus'
The Chancellor is about to reveal the terrifying cost of Brexit
Dear Philip Hammond: Stop the cuts and back the NHS in Autumn Statement
Philip Hammond has the chance to make this right & show Theresa May meant what she said when she became PM
Tory mutiny over NHS cash as Philip Hammond prepares his Autumn Statement
Ahead of Autumn Statement, Liam Fox tells Philip Hammond there is "no need for any economic stimulus".
Brexit cabinet battle looms as Philip Hammond splits with Theresa May over foreign students via
: Theresa May presents EU a united Brexit front . LONDON — Amid the sound and fury of cabinet rifts and r…
Philip Hammond has reassured the City that protecting Britain's financial services sector is a "very high priority".
.Except that Philip Hammond has no loyalties to the British People, he is beholden to a globalist Elite.
business: Philip Hammond rules out a budget "splurge" in the Autumn Statement
This is complete nonsense from Iain Duncan Smith.
"Philip Hammond ditches gloomy Treasury forecasts on Brexit". Great news - now let's be positive about the future. https:/…
Cabinet tensions grow as ministers back Hammond's warning over hard Brexit
"Hammond isn't guilty of thoughtcrime on the single market and immigration. He's just doing his job" -
Philip Hammond to be pressed on risks of UK leaving EU customs union
Chancellor Philip Hammond had plenty to say about the UK's tenure in the European customs union today:
Philip Hammond attempts to ease concerns over hard Brexit
Philip Hammond tells the City – we've got your back from the news feed of mikejulietbravo
Philip Hammond ditches gloomy Treasury forecasts on Brexit. Painful for Remainer to admit but needs…
Philip Hammond has challenged one of Theresa May’s longest-held stances on immigration
Bank of England's Mark Carney and Philip Hammond in bank 'war ... Mark Carney ⚡🌟
The Bank of England has done everything it can. It's up to Philip Hammond to boost the eco…
Philip Hammond rather too closely resembles Peter Capaldi in ...
Philip Hammond says more taxpayer-owned shares in Lloyds bank will be sold soon
Philip Hammond ditches retail sale of taxpayer's Lloyds Bank stake as £3.6bn share sell-off resumes
Chancellor wants BoE governor to extend role: Philip Hammond wants the Governor of the Bank of England to spe...
Read about Philip Hammond’s plans as Chancellor in this coverage of his speech at the
Tory Chancellor is proposing to borrow more than planned
Philip Hammond warns Tory Conservative Party conference that Brexit will be a rollercoaster. .
BBC News - Chancellor Philip Hammond says spending on new homes and transport will be his priority
Philip Hammond says he'll prioritise spending on homes and transport rather than following George Osborne's aim to balance books…
Economic turbulence from Brexit could last 15 YEARS, Philip Hammond suggests.
Mark Serwotka says Chancellor Philip Hammond distancing himself from Osborne doesn't square with what Tories are actually do…
Philip Hammond's speech is like an eulogy for the Cameron era of failure
Order Miche Bag Online!
oh dear Philip Hammond, I guess we are NOT all in it together then?
Philip Hammond rehashing Liam Byrne's "no money left" treasury note while failing to mention that there's now TWICE as mu…
Philip Hammond claimed today he believes in an economy 'that works for all'. . Erm ... so this must be a different Philip H…
More corporate handouts: Nissan could be compensated if Brexit hits its UK business, Philip Hammond suggests
Philip Hammond slams "decades" of public under-investment in infrastructure Who cut government capital spending almost in hal…
Philip Hammond said we should not pass huge debts on to future generations. Oh of course unless it's to pay for their educ…
Philip Hammond confirms that deficit reduction, central to the Gov's entire purpose at the last general election, was ***
Philip Hammond has announced that the UK is borrowing more money to build houses. The Blairites don't need to lift a finger.
John McDonnell slams the Chancellor Philip Hammond for stealing Labour’s policies
⭐️ • Philip Hammond to spend his way out of Brexit fallout: Chancellor ditches austerity programme...
Philip Hammond said Brexit would make us poorer. Does he think we’ve forgotten?
As Philip Hammond likens Brexit to "rollercoaster", Thorpe Park opens new ride based on value of the pound.
Philip Hammond berating state of UK economy, low productivity and infrastrucuture investment. Who has been in power for the last 6 years?
Philip Hammond really should avoid trying to crack jokes. His 'two left feet' joke barely got a laugh among the dull Tory delegates.
Philip Hammond - like Theresa May y'day - makes no mention of single market. Pretty clear we will not remain part of it aft…
Philip Hammond and Sajid Javid unveil £5billion fund to build tens of thousands of new homes twice as quickly...
I've been impressed by Philip Hammond; it's Damian Green who's intent on imposing next year's life-threatening ESA WRAG cuts.
Philip Hammond doing his best to boost the labour market - appoints a new SPAD from Sky News:
Philip Hammond has no doubt Britain will be able strike free trade deal with China
UK Govt admits is targeting civilians & committing war crimes in
Philip Hammond ready to reset tax and spending plans.
"We need action now." John McDonnell calls for action from Philip Hammond as the UK is hit by a recession warning
We need more than warm words from the new Chancellor Philip Hammond. My interview this lunchtime with BBC News. https:…
Government quietly admits it was wrong to say Saudi Arabia is not targeting civilians or committing war crimes
UK Foreign Secretary: US decision on Iraqi army led to rise of Isis
Brexit vote deals heavy hit to UK economy, survey shows: Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond...
Chancellor Philip Hammond raises expectations after revealing plans to 'reset' policy…
My letter to Philip Hammond on potential breach of international humanitarian law and the assessment that never was https…
Philip Hammond has said he may "reset" Britain's economic policy. Govt speak for lowering our expectations
The British military are in the 'command room' for Saudi strikes on Yemen. Always has been a British/US war.
Dominic Lawson: At Oxford, Theresa May was friendly with Philip Hammond, Damian Green and Alan Duncan
Unlike George Osborne,Philip Hammond will besubservient. His appointment representsa shift in Whitehall balance of power, writes Iain Martin
Theresa May summons Boris Johnson and Philip Hammond via French "boo " Boris 4 having guts to say NO to EU & now look @ Nice .
Must improve my handwriting, what I actually wrote was:. Philip Hammond: Treachery. Boris Johnson: F* Off. Liam Fox: Tirade.
One can take these comparisons tok far but one wonders whether Philip Hammond isn't the Tories' Alistair Darling.
‘Is it awkward?’ grills Philip Hammond on 'taking' job
Philip Hammond is the new Alistair Darling. Wait until people realise that the banks were never fixed.
Philip Hammond has been appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer and George Osborne has resigned from the Government
If the financial speculators are correct Philip Hammond like Alistair Darling may have a financial crisis to resolve.
Like Alistair Darling, Philip Hammond is a good man to have deliver bad news.
FWIW, I always think Philip Hammond reminds me of Sam the Eagle from the Muppets.
Philip Hammond as Chancellor & Amber Rudd as Home Sec? Please no. Please, please no. This is not how post politics was meant to be…
The Top Gear ticket! Theresa May surges in Tory leadership battle as Foreign Secretary
Left Foot Forward - Dear Philip Hammond: It’s not ‘absurd’ for EU citizens to feel secure in...
Philip Hammond: The country needs Theresa May and a 'good dose of old-fashioned British pragmatism'
In which (inter alia) I remind that he shouldn't take his Tory stronghold for granted
ANOTHER REMAIN TW*T. WE SAY NO -Boost for Theresa May as Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond backs her bid to become PM
Did you know that Philip Hammond has flown a Boeing 747 an un-named superhero!
Dear Philip Hammond: It's not 'absurd' for EU citizens to feel secure in the UK
More and more, modern warfare will be about people sitting in bunkers ...
UK's ruling party leaders threat to use 2 mln Britain's EU workers as bargaining chips in negotiation with Brussels
Please explain why she and Hammond are threatening to expel settled EU migrants from UK.
You are daft as a brush. EU people can stay if our people can stay in their countries . That is the intelligent,
Reciprocal agreements are fair - Jeez some people are just plain bad losers and stupid.
So you think before negotiating that we should say all EU people can stay here whether or not UK people can stay...
Philip Hammond dismisses legal challenge – video via
Philip Hammond says it would be 'absurd' to guarantee EU nationals right to remain in UK via
Millionaire Tory Philip Hammond's £200 a month 'tax dodge' - See video as our man confronts him
Philip Hammond speaks up for democracy & against the lawyers' contempt for it.
Shock!. War Crimes supporter Philip Hammond who helped destroy ME, supports Theresa May who wants to destroy the UK
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Philip Hammond says 'trade-off' between single market and freedom of movement for workers. Incorrect. FoM is central part of…
Happy to support but Philip Hammond has to go. .
NEW: Philip Hammond backs Theresa May for next Tory leader and jabs at Michael Gove -
May surges Tory battle as Philip Hammond backs her May wins & delays will surge ToryMP's lose seats
They're letting Philip Hammond speak in public again.
Philip Hammond: "Absurd" to make promises to EU citizens in UK
Philip Hammond says Theresa May is the option to "hit the ground running and best protect Britain's interest."
Philip Hammond dismisses Brexit legal challenge – video
Keep an eye out on this British politician. She could be the second woman Prime Minister since Margaret Thatcher!...
Philip Hammond "In a negotiation, all parts are on the table. It would be absurd to make a commitment about EU nationals li…
Theresa May's bid for prime minister has received another boost with the backing of Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond
Philip Hammond endorses Theresa May despite repeatedly insisting last week that we take him out of her column on our spreads…
Appallingly, Philip Hammond has repeated Theresa May’s threat to EU immigrants. My blog:
Here's why I'm backing to be our new Leader & Prime Minister. Strong & experienced leadership
Tories. Ian Duncan Smith. Michael Gove. Philip Hammond. be charged for incitement to racial hatred along with their SS.
demanding that political educated etonian scum. Farage, Ian Duncan Smith, Philip Hammond. Michael Gove be political charged for
Theresa May admits EU migration may rise ahead of the UK's exit, as Philip Hammond backs her for PM
Philip Hammond makes it very clear that Theresa May stands for the 48% not the 52%
Philip Hammond on echoes Theresa May in refusing to give any assurances on the future of EU citizens living and working in UK.
Philip Hammond attacks 'contradictory' as Tory leadership race begins
This is most worrying thing said today, by Philip Hammond to . But worse, NO ONE has the answer to this
Philip Hammond giving the cold, hard facts on
Philip Hammond says foreign investment in the UK has "all but dried up" in the wake of the Brexit vote.
BREAKING: Philip Hammond saying that David Cameron will stay on as prime minister.
At end of day1 we thank Philip Hammond & w'saler Peter Green
At the end of day one we thank Philip Hammond of and his wholesaler Peter Green
Philip Hammond of with his amazing wholesaler Peter Green of Smith & Green
British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond arrived Mogadishu this Thursday as part of a three day security visit to East Africa.
Philip Hammond getting sacked - 1st Minister wanted it cos he thought it would prevent expansion! https:…
Best one Philip Hammond & team hired a hall out that would hold 500 people.3 people turned up. 😂
Philip Hammond tried to have General court martialled for speaking out, it is claimed
British Foreign Minister, Philip Hammond cautions on the use of force in the Niger…
Oh I don't know, some robots have already become politicans, Mitt Romney, Philip Hammond, Alistair Darling etc
Philip Hammond will be in Cuba this week - the first Secretary of State to visit since Labour's Peter Shore in 1975
Ann Williams,Trevor Hicks,Margaret Aspinall,John Glover,Philip Hammond and the rest of the victims & survivors & Andy Burnham Also Respect.
I see Philip Hammond is in today. Hope he'll raise unjustified imprisonment of trade union leader
Philip Hammond faces fresh calls for statement on possible Libya deployment
Philip Hammond urges to cut steel production to save jobs via
Philip Hammond has travelled to Beijing to talk to his Chinese counterpart about over-capacity in steel production. ht…
UK power and influence would be 'diminished' outside the EU, warns Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond
Human rights work has been downgraded by Foreign Office, say MPs: Select committee criticises Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond in rep...
Select committee criticises Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond in report raising concerns about changing priorities
Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, insists the Government should help businesses grow on visit to Basingstoke...
I met Philip Hammond, Foreign Secretary today
Philip Hammond must be the most incompetent Foreign Secretary we have had in at least a decade.
My Son Ali, an aspiring politician with the current UK Foreign Secretary, the Rt.Hon. Mr. Philip Hammond
British Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond's hypocritical stance on "international rules" (the ones they break)
Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond:-“reality of a world which is drowning in an oversupply of steel”. Profit is Tory-God. People? Sod them!
And then there was UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond. Feel stupid yet?
Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond on Tata Steel: "Just continuing to produce steel for which there is not adequate demand isn't the answer."
Foreign Secretary welcomes the new President of Burma's inauguration: The Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, w...
Let's hear foreign leaders' views in EU debate, says Philip Hammond. No. Let's hear the British people.
Jacob Rees-Mogg now Mark Anthony-ing Philip Hammond. "The Foreign Secretary is an honourable man.."
or that if Philip Hammond announced that Crimea was Russian territory he would remain Foreign Secretary.
The government has lost its passion to promote human rights, partly due to Philip Hammond becoming Foreign Secretary
The British Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, expressed scepticism about the ceasefire in .
“The British Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, has privately assured Ireland’s government that the hundreds of tho”
Still not a word from Philip Hammond about where he stands. The Foreign Secretary might have been expected to have a view on the EU...
My Express column on Philip Hammond's argument for Brexit
Europe would punish Britain, Philip Hammond warns Surprising sentiments from a British Foreign S…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
The Duke of Cambridge with the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, Philip Hammond. The Duke is… htt…
Wow. Calling me Philip Hammond was one thing, but Ted Heath? Some things are hurtful, okay? . 😉
EU membership talks will go to the wire, says Philip Hammond
Britain accuses China of serious breach of treaty over 'removed' Hong Kong booksellers: British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond says...
Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond ostentatiously yawns as Jeremy Corbyn set out problems for families living in private rented sector.
Philip Hammond, UK Foreign Secretary, refuses to join UN attempts to prevent killing of children in war:
Philip Hammond is our Foreign Secretary. . Can someone please tell this Moron we have Nuclear Weapons.
Philip Hammond steps in over plans to hike fees at Wentworth golf club : Philip Hammond has been forced... http…
The Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, wishes a happy Lunar New Year to those celebrating around the world.
UK refuses to sign UN document protecting schools in war: Philip Hammond, Foreign Secretary, said to have blocked attempts to get Bri...
Can someone ask Philip Hammond why the UK having nuclear weapons makes us "Safe" but North Korea having them makes them 'a ta…
Talks to quit EU to start straight after Leave vote, Philip Hammond says
Philip Hammond: I can't envisage backing Brexit if EU renegotiation is secured… via Thomas Tolkien
Mission accomplished? Philip Hammond and Michael Fallon on the flight deck of the USS Ronald Reagan
Philip Hammond: "we will act as cheerleaders for Bosnia and Herzegovina’s EU candidacy" . .
David Cameron has told allies he is considering a number of senior jobs for Boris Johnson - but the one held by Philip Hammond is said to
How nice for Philip Hammond to hear that he's likely to be sacked in May so that Boris Johnson can be made Foreign Secretary!
Cameron cannot make Boris Johnson the Foreign Secretary. Philip Hammond is a serious and dependable figure & the post does not need a clown
Philip Hammond had a go at Boris Johnson over London roadworks at Cabinet drinks, says
Boris Johnson could be made Foreign Secretary >What's Philip Hammond done to deserve this?!
I thought Philip Hammond looked depressed the other day. I wonder what he makes of Boris Johnson potentially becoming Foreign Secretary
Cameron may make Boris Johnson Foreign Secretary next May - Telegraph reports! Philip Hammond? Political pipsqueak, chuck him over the side!
Lovely chat with Philip Hammond at tonight's Christmas drinks. Fun event overall, great catch up with many friends.
I'm waiting for the first *** politician to tell us 'it will be over by Christmas'. Philip Hammond has come closest thu…
“Britain is safer because of the actions taken by MPs today" says Philip Hammond. . 😳😳😳 says Emma Woodhouse.
Philip Hammond sums up argument for UK air strikes against IS in Syria
Could Iain Duncan Smith quit over welfare raid? Philip Hammond did not rule it out …
Whitehall cleaners who asked Tory Philip Hammond to be paid Living Wage will ... -
Cleaners won't be punished for asking Philip Hammond for the How Tories encourage high wage UK
Cleaners won't be punished for asking Tory Philip Hammond for the living wage.
British FM says it's 'business as usual' with Arabia - -
After international pressure Saudi youth activist 'will not be beheaded and crucified', says UK.
British FM tells Al Arabiya: If continues to support terrorism, it's up to UN to take action
The Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has inaugurated Britain's new permanent military base in the Gulf, HMS Juffair in Bahrain.
Philip Hammond speech on ‘existential struggle' against extremism
British FM Hammond reassures Saudis it's "business as usual": British Foreign Minister Philip Hammond has sent...
Syria talks positive but differences remain on Bashar Assad, says Philip Hammond - Belfast Telegraph
Ali Mohammed al-Nimr 'will not be executed' by Saudi Arabia, Philip Hammond says
Hilary Benn calls on Philip Hammond to investigate cleaners' dispute – video
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