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Philip Hammond

Philip Hammond MP (born 4 December 1955) is a British Conservative Party politician. He is the current Secretary of State for Defence in the Coalition government led by David Cameron, having succeeded Liam Fox on 14 October 2011. He previously served as Secretary of State for Transport from 13 May 2010, when he was appointed as a Privy Counsellor.

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IPSE is extremely concerned that Philip Hammond may be about to launch the biggest attack on the flexi…
"[The Brexiters] do not just lack a Mr Brown. They lack, even, a Philip Hammond." Ouch,
I've signed the open letter to my MP so they demand Philip Hammond gives the NHS more money. Sign the letter here:
No. Extream inequality is a root cause of poverty & we're urging Philip Hammond to help end to tax dodg…
(Reuters) - British lawmaker Peter Hain said on Wednesday he has asked finance minister Philip Hammond to refer an…
Let's talk about stamp duty: property editor has a message for Philip Hammond
Worst take in UK politics at the moment is the notion that Philip Hammond is as much a threat to the national interest as Bo…
GALLOWAY: Theresa May can't live with Philip Hammond and Boris Johnson, but she can't live without them either.
Should May sack Boris Johnson or Philip Hammond? Both have been disastrous for UK - so BOTH! even better stand down th…
When is the Autumn Budget 2017? Predictions and rumours for Philip Hammond's big financial statement…
Theresa May 'slaps down' Philip Hammond over no deal preparations | David Davis to close fifth round of talks today
Theresa May slaps down Philip Hammond in 'no deal' Brexit cash row
Philip Hammond has just pitched a new game show to Noel Edmonds called Deal or Actually I'm Not Prepared To Even Think…
Philip Hammond could say realistically if we don't go shopping we'd starve but that's just the worst case scenario
Philip Hammond has become the first cabinet minister to admit crashing out of the EU without an agreement could...
plans not going well. May refuted to even say if she'd vote to Leave (if she could again)
Philip Hammond can't say what the benefits of Brexit will be. Not even one. Select committee live now
Flights between EU and UK could be suspended on day of Brexit, Philip Hammond admits
Hammond is only Tory telling the truth about Brexit Cabinet saying UK economy can welcome hard…
Theresa May just undermined her Chancellor in front of the whole of Britain Willing to spend mo…
Fake self-styled Eurosceptic Philip Hammond wrecked our defences at the MOD, was a useless Foreign Secretary & now he's…
Chancellor Philip Hammond says money will be spent on preparing for possible 'no deal' Brexit - but not now.
"A cloud of uncertainty.." What an understatement by Philip Hammond. There is no excuse after 15 months, only
We don’t have any money to spend, unless Theresa May need to save her own sorry *** non-stop flow of money then. .
As a Brexiteer, this is why I think Hammond should go, writes Tim Montgomerie. is not alone in thinking this https:…
Here's what will happen if all flights are grounded on the first day of Brexit
May rules out extending Brexit deadline after PMQs clash with Corbyn – as it happened
"Nobody believes that's where we'll get to" Did anyone believe we'd be facing a
Philip Hammond warns no deal Brexit could ground flights out of Britain. It is what Richard Corbett…
'Philip Hammond would only budget for no-deal Brexit to satisfy crazy Tory extremists': to
It takes two sides to agree a divorce – the EU needs to play ball over Brexit too
Hammond is a liar. If he & May could find £20bn to offer EU for transition deal, he has money for a No deal stimulus. https:…
The most expensive and pointless waste of wealth and humanity for the sake of protecting power positions of the few. https…
Theresa May slaps down Philip Hammond - insisting the government is spending money to prepare for 'no deal' Brexit http…
I'm calling on Chancellor Philip Hammond to give our NHS more funding. Will you?
The same Addams family extra has made us 'bargaining chips', so he is co-responsib…
Philip Hammond: Money will be spent on preparing for possible ‘no deal’ Brexit – but not now
The Government just admitted Brexit could ground all flights
Liz Truss, chief sec to Treasury, says she has changed her mind re Brexit and now pro leave coz of economic facts https:…
Philip Hammond: UK must prepare for ‘bad-tempered’
UK-EU flights grounded from Brexit day? Chancellor says "possibly". Top tour operator: "the public will be in uproar". https…
For the side of a bus!! . 'A "No deal” Brexit will mean less money for the struggling NHS" says Chancellor.'
Me for The frog in her throat is not May's number one problem. It's the snail running her Treasury
Hammond becomes first Cabinet minister to admit 'no deal' could ground all flights
The government just admitted how bad a hard Brexit would be for the NHS
“May vows to spend money on Brexit 'no deal' immediately only minutes after Chancellor rules it out”
Electronic Device Insurance
Both May and Hammond need to go if the Conservatives are to have any chance of winning the next General Election.
Oh what a surprise. From 350 million a week for the NHS, to every penny spent on means less for the NHS. https…
Isn't it the job of chancellor to talk up UK not talk down Philip Hammond warns 'no deal' Brexit could see flights grounded
The main person creating uncertainty is Philip Hammond.
P. Hammond admits no deal Brexit will mean less money for NHS and social care - definitely not £350m extra per week https:/…
Chancellor: I am prepared to spend on 'no deal' Brexit
ES Views: Philip Hammond is being a pragmatist about Brexit
Brexit is a nightmare without beginning and without end
Philip Hammond: Gina Miller to Refund the UK Tax Payer for losses resulting from her delaying BritExit - Sign the... http…
Philip Hammond under fire for urging business chiefs not to 'collaborate' with Labour
Philip Hammond confirms Boris Johnson *can* be sacked. They just have to locate all his horcruxes.
If Theresa May is thinking of sacking Cabinet colleagues, she should start with Philip Hammond, not Boris Johnson.
Hail to description of Johnson/Hammond squabble as 2 men fighting over a comb owned by someone else
. ...more air miles for Philip Hammond.
Philip Hammond refuses to back Theresa May as Conservative leader into the next election
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Philip Hammond believed he was 'going to be sacked' by Theresa May during the election campaign
Watch: Philip Hammond says he is 'personally 100 per cent behind' Theresa May
Tory "politics of delirium": May’s delirious cabinet is in denial about who really controls Brexit |
& others met with Chancellor Philip Hammond yesterday in
Theresa May must choose: either Philip Hammond or Boris Johnson- great poem "Boris the lion or Hammond the rat"…
Philip Hammond cautions SNP over possible income tax rise ... But he added that from a UK perspective, and during t…
Here comes the Tory collapse. COME ON !. . refuses to back for next GE.
You can't really blame him she is rubbish
Philip Hammond raises further doubts about May's future as Tory leader
COME ON.HURRY UP. . Philip Hammond just refused to endorse Theresa May as Tory leader
Theresa May's right-hand man refuses to say she'll last to the next election
Philip Hammond once said a factory worker from Manchester would most likely never be able to travel on
Philip Hammond is holding Brexit back. Theresa May must show who's boss by giving him the sack.
Chancellor Philip Hammond has warned that a victory from the opposition Labour party in the next election would prompt…
Philip Hammond refused to endorse Theresa May to lead the Tories into next general election. Divisions in the cabinet…
Duplicitous Hammond brands hardline Brexiteers 'simple minded'. He holds the 52% in contempt. Time to go!
Revealed, how Tory Chancellor Philip Hammond was sure Theresa May would sack him.
Labour's plans wld go too far & ordinary working people will end up footing the bill, Philip Hammond said - who is footing it now Phil?
Hammond refuses to endorse Theresa May to lead Conservatives into next election
Philip Hammond, with some chutzpah, attacks Labour for planning for "a crash in the value of the pound, causing a shock w…
Philip Hammond reveals HMRC is preparing for Brexit talks with the EU to collapse without a deal
I know... Why not just keep the status quo, then?
Philip Hammond hints at shaming universities into dropping fees for second-rate courses via
The Budget. 1 Now!. 2 Take micro firms out of the 3 Sort out BuyToLet mess. "Chancellor Phili…
Autumn Budget 2017: Chancellor announces statement to be delivered on November 22
Chancellor Philip Hammond has announced the Budget will be delivered on 22 November
Chancellor Philip Hammond has set 22 November as the date for his newly created autumn Budget
UK Economy to be Flattened by Impact of Cliff-Edge Fall.
Philip Hammond just revealed how unprepared UK customs are for no Brexit deal
It goes from one joke to another...only without anyone laughing.
Philip Hammond ADMITS that UK ports could be plunged into CHAOS if UK crashes out of EU without a deal 🤔.
UK Chancellor Philip Hammond says the Brexit transition should maintain the status quo
Brexit news: Philip Hammond HITS OUT at EU for damaging UK economy | Politics | News
Hammond eases public sector pay cap, but the squeeze goes on
Philip Hammond backs status quo for Brexit transition deal
Hammond just let the cat out of the bag. EU won't even talk to UK about technicality of customs arrangements.
Hammond - Brexit transitional deal 'will look like status quo' - could this mean REMAIN?
Brexit transition deal should look like status quo, says Hammond - The Guardian
With 1 in 8 workers struggling to afford food, Philip Hammond boasts Tory MPs 'have never had more money'
Brexit: Ports could plunge into chaos if UK crashes out of EU without deal, Philip Hammond admits.
Chancellor Philip Hammond sets date for next Budget: Philip Hammond says he will deliver…
Chancellor Philip Hammond sets date for next Budget
Chancellor Philip Hammond sets date for next Budget -
Philip Hammond wants to look like one of Status Quo, the Les Battersby div.
Date for your diary: The Autumn Budget will take place on Wednesday 22nd November, Philip Hammond has announced.
"Inflation is giving Philip Hammond a fiscal headache
business "Inflation is giving Philip Hammond a fiscal headache
Inflation is giving Philip Hammond a fiscal headache
Could even Philip Hammond or Ken Clarke save the Conservatives? . There will be so much anger when our electorate ev…
Philip Hammond views Liam Fox with 'contempt' and Brexit truce will collapse, Tory minister says ' | via
Weak, gormless, pathetic, how can we trust someone who so easily gives up the fight Hammond for our county in Europe
Is that why Philip Hammond is toeing the line? Very disappointing.
David Miliband calls for second EU referendum and praises 'valiant' Philip Hammond
Hammond accused of giving ground to pro-hard Brexit Tories
Why isn't Dover a huge construction site so it can cope with all those customs checks starting 2019?
Seems Hammond has sold out Britain's longer term national interest, for a short term Faustian pact over transition https:…
Philip Hammond and Liam Fox discussing strategy at a planning away day
. EU lover David Miliband calls for second referendum and praises 'valiant' Philip Hammond .
Britain will not stay in EU by the back door, Hammond and Fox jointly declare. Phil seeing sense? v…
Liam Fox & the other Tory eurosceptics have sold Brits out. The 2 year article 50 period is the transition period http…
Philip Hammond being cheered on by anti-Brexit figures like David Miliband. He's their man on inside. Can't go on. http…
Philip Hammond and Liam Fox in post-Brexit deal call
Image copyright Reuters "We are both clear that during this period the UK will be outside the single market and...
Philip Hammond accused of surrender to hard line Brexiteers over single market -
The Chertsey Agricultural Show hosted a meeting today with Philip Hammond Mp chancellor of Exchequer & Meurig Raymo…
Philip Hammond and Liam Fox in agreement on transition period.
Conservative party members (and about 52% of country) turn on Philip Hammond and Amber Rudd
Senior Tory MP calls for Philip Hammond to be sacked for attempting to delay Brexit
Leading Brexiteer RAGES at Mark Carney & calls for Philip Hammond to QUIT | UK | News |
Theresa May did not plan on SACKING Philip Hammond after the election, ex-aide reveals
Outgoing French ambassador praises Philip Hammond for bringing reality check to Brexit. Read more:…
Theresa May has put Philip Hammond in his place and told him free movement will end when we leave the EU. Its made Kay Bur…
UK will NOT slash taxes to undercut EU rivals in Singapore-style haven, Philip Hammond says
New Cabinet splits emerge as Philip Hammond's post-Brexit transitional strategy is attacked
Philip Hammond & Vince Cable, with Amber Rudd should resign! They must be working together, shame on them.
No actually it is based on people like Lord Heseltine, Tony Blair & Philip Hammond interviews. Boris Jo…
Philip Hammond is in charge of the coffers. David Davis in charge of EU talks. Liam Fox in charge of the BIG ONE: inter…
All Tories all support Brexit must oppose Philip Hammond, a transitional deal & the continuing of free movement https:…
Brexit ministers at war with Philip Hammond over EU deal | UK | News |
Philip Hammond has the role of Sewer Stirrer-in-Chief. Did someone fix that?. Trigger now & discuss apace. https:…
Telegraph using anonymous source to stir trouble. This is fake news...
Liam Fox rejects Philip Hammond’s claim of agreement on Brexit transitional deal:
Is Liam Fox seriously asking us to decide if he commands more authority than Philip Hammond?
Cabinet 'in a state of civil war' over Brexit.
Great line from "Jacob Rees Mogg "is almost posh enough to be one of Corbyn's advisers ".
‘Enough is enough' Scheming Philip Hammond warned to stop plotting as PM holidays in Italy
'No Cabinet deal on free movement after Brexit,' says Liam Fox
David Davis's camp declare war on Philip Hammond-good it is about time eurosceptics took a stand & fought for Brexit h…
Negotiations with EU well underway, Article 50 clock ticking and the Cabinet is still negotiating with itself I see https:/…
The Cabinet need to remember not only did Brits vote Brexit but Tory members & vote strongly voted Brexit
Jacob Rees-Mogg, almost posh enough to be one of Corbyn’s advisers: me on Tory leadership contenders for https…
Cabinet splits emerge over Philip Hammond’s plan for transitional deal. Will the Tory party and cabinet ever be united over Brexit…
There was no Y2K disaster, says Gerard Lyons, ergo all that effort averting the Y2K disaster was pointless. 🤣…
‘Enough is enough' Dr Gerard Lyons warns scheming Hammond to stop plotting
& sign petition to sack Philip Hammond, almost 19,000 signatures. At 100,000 it can submitted to Parliament https:/…
Philip Hammond told to stop plotting against Brexit
The knives are out today for the Chancellor and rightly so! His attempted betrayal of referendum is unforgivable. http…
Brexit ministers at war with Philip Hammond over 'dangerous' EU transitional deal
Hammond needs to be sacked now he is not fit to be Chancellor or an MP how dare he overrule the vote of 17.4m Brits ht…
“ Philip Hammond,considering additional levies on fuel, homes and pension relief” But not on extra taxes on the rich.
While Theresa May is away, Philip Hammond is making a play for No 10
Petition is launched to get Theresa May to sack Philip Hammond
Eurosceptic Tories vow to block Philip Hammond's soft Brexit- we must not make a transitional deal
Sometimes on I mistake Philip Hammond for John Redwood resulting in my listening with 2% more destain than is abs…
Theresa May, some advice: if you want to have any chance of keeping your job then rid yourself of Philip Hammond https…
MPs constantly bang on about encouraging people to vote. We had a referendum, voted in droves. Philip Hammond ignores the…
In stating the obvious about Brexit, Philip Hammond 'angers' his demented colleagues
if you want Philip Hammond & the rest of the Tory remainers sacked for frustrating Brexit. Enemies of the people ht…
Philip Hammond, the Chancellor, is out to keep us IN the EU, the fact that keeps him in places tells you plenty.
I always think Philip Hammond looks a bit like John Redwood .suppose it could be that they are both complete *** !
Michael Gove accused of causing cabinet chaos as Philip Hammond feud reaches fever pitch
Jeremy Corbyn on Philip Hammond's public sector paycap: "He's living on a different planet to many others..".
British finance chief Philip Hammond says he's committed to Brexit plan to leave EU single market, customs union:
Firefighters have had their real pay cut by £2500 since 2016. Philip Hammond thinks they're overpaid.
Philip Hammond: sees people as a means to help the economy. John McDonnell: sees the economy as a means to help people…
Overpaid public sector? Philip Hammond’s divisive talk is no longer working
I wonder how Philip Hammond is taking the news that a woman is allowed to be The thing they'll be driving trains.
This fool should be ousted from his post by his own party. Every public sector worker will be and should be outraged https…
Conservatives hanging by a THREAD Philip Hammond leaked talks showTory government fighting an all out internal war
Anyone asked Philip Hammond if he thinks even a woman can be Dr Who?
Little Giant Ladders
Did Philip Hammond just admit that the cabinet is deeply split over Brexit... I think he just did, you know.
Philip Hammond says "public sector workers are overpaid". He's talking about nurses, police - not public sector workers li…
Philip Hammond suggests hard Brexiteers are briefing against him
Philip Hammond's vision for UK Economy is a low wage service one, where public services are privatised & profits are kept off…
Hah John McDonnell just handed a payslip from a domestic worker at Barts hospital and said "Ask Philip Hammond if…
Philip Hammond trying to split the working classes - Workers are being exploited and underpaid in both public and private sec…
Philip Hammond pictured as a sith lord here
Phillip Hammond wants to pit public sector workers against other workers to drive down pay for all - except top 1% https…
So Philip Hammond thinks public sector workers are overpaid. Does that include politicians and the amount of expenses th…
Philip Hammond, who got a 10% pay rise while nurses got a real term pay cut says public sector workers are overpaid. Disgus…
Philip Hammond still doesn't get it, Brits don't want a transition period we just want to leave the EU
When it comes to 300 odd Tory MPs Philip Hammond has a point. They are overpaid, underworked and over privileged, and…
Philip Hammond "I'm not going to say whether I said public sector worker are overpaid" So basically, you did.
Is this a race to the bottom? Chancellor Philip Hammond hits back over public pay leaks
The UK does not need a transitional Brexit deal,if LibLabCon are not up to doing their job then quit
Philip Hammond faces Cabinet row over claims he said public sector workers are 'overpaid'
Philip Hammond slapped down by Theresa May after saying driving trains is so easy that ‘even a woman can do it’' https:/…
I've spoken with Philip Hammond and he's assured me women can in fact be those things, government approved ✅
"Could you live on that?" Labour's John McDonnell challenges Tory Philip Hammond with struggling cleaner's payslip. htt…
Philip Hammond leaks show Tories now in all-out war over Brexit strategy
Philip Hammond on declined to answer whether he said public sector workers are overpaid. He definitely said it.
John McDonnell went on with an NHS cleaner's payslip. Told Marr to ask Philip Hammond if he could live on it. Brill…
"Flying a TARDIS is so easy, even a woman could do it" Philip Hammond.
Labour's John McDonnell shows an NHS cleaner's payslip for £297 a week and asks if Chancellor Philip Hammond could live on tha…
Philip Hammond refuses to deny saying public sector workers are 'overpaid'
Apparently Philip Hammond said that even a woman can become Doctor Who
Tomorrow: Philip Hammond to point out that ambulance drivers, unlike many in the private sector, get free use of co…
Are public sector workers overpaid? Chancellor Philip Hammond says they are paid "about 10% more" than those in the private se…
Don't forget to tell us how brave & heroic we are this week, Mr Chancellor, or it wouldn't be politics as usual. https:/…
About time Dr Who regenerated as a woman but Philip Hammond wants to know why Jodie Whittaker isn't driving a train
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Thanks to Philip Hammond's casual sexism, I now know about Karen Harrison - a Glasweigan, and the first woman train dr…
Philip Hammond is the most overpaid public sector worker in the country
Philip Hammond, the current Chancellor, hasn't budgeted for exit fee. . The lack of preparation from the Tories…
Philip Hammond's anti-public sector worker bashing reminded me of this video we did back in 2011 c…
Good luck picking a credible Chancellor Of The Exchequer out of Philip Hammond and John McDonnell, people of Britain.
Turns out being Chancellor of the Exchequer is so easy now even Philip Hammond can do it
Sunday morning is taking shape nicely. The Chancellor, Philip Hammond on and then Blair on You can follow it all on here, too.
Philip Hammond tells Theresa May trains now so easy to drive ‘even a woman could do it’
Philip Hammond in row over 'even a woman can drive a train' jibe - aye, even an *** can become chancellor
Chancellor of the Exchequer: a job so easy even a man can do it. Albeit badly in the case of Philip Hammond
Philip Hammond in sexism row after saying driving a train so easy 'even a woman can do it' 
Anne Marie Morris' vile racism and Philip Hammond's sexism shows where the Tories would like to lead us. To where they neve…
Anne Marie Morris: *** in a woodpile". Tories: It's fine, nobody knew her anyway. Philip Hammond : "Even a woman can do it". Tories: %$£&!!
Philip Hammond doubling down on Anne Marie Morris's racist beliefs with a sexist remark ends the week well.
Wow. Philip Hammond says NHS in England will fund abortions for NI women
All purpose parts banner
Philip Hammond risks major cabinet row as he sets out 'soft Brexit' plan
The tories haven't the skills to be in power,and David Davis is not the only one:Jeremy Hunt,Michael Gove,Philip Hammond... x
Philip Hammond's astonishing speech confirms Theresa May's authority has gone for good
Philip Hammond risks new cabinet rift by insisting current EU customs arrangements must stay
'David Davis, Philip Hammond and BoJo, cavorting in a competition to be the most modern dinosaur on the dance floor.'
Philip Hammond's Mansion House speech reflected the waning influence of the Brexit headbangers. Me for
Philip Hammond thinks brexit like mild flu, David Davis thinks it's like fruit cake,John Redwood thinks it's honey. No majority for anything
Philip Hammond for President 🇬🇧. for President . for President . David Davis? why? what happened to 🤡
A lot to ponder there Debz, agree with most, just wonder about other points. Ether way, we, the real British...
Hammond's BID for No10: Chancellor veiled bid to lead Tory REMAINERS and KILL hard Brexit He would kill Tory voting
sounded terrible on Protect kids & reverse Tory decision to stop putting school sprinklers in. http…
Philip Hammond has promised to prioritise business over migration controls as he suggests a new tone in Brexit talks
Philip Hammond: reduced blood loss and increased longevity must come first when needlessly slitting wrists
Tory Philip Hammond quibbles over whether sprinklers put out fires
Philip Hammond says the cladding on the building is also banned in UK! What the *** went on with K&C Council! https:/…
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
British Finance Minister Philip Hammond says the world's fifth-biggest economy faces tough times.
'Deeply disappointed!' Leading Brexiteer accuses Chancellor of trying to undermine EU exit
Philip Hammond, wants Brexit to prioritise economy & manage migration. Has he read my blog?
No one is suggesting immigration being shut down, will the press report facts for a change, like that guy from...
Between this & Philip Hammond's speech today, is there a word for 'beyond farcical'?
'On and on and on' Iain Duncan Smith launches scathing attack on BBC's relentless BBC bias
Sounds like a pitch to be next pm. Philip Hammond on Brexit: Prioritise jobs and living standards - BBC News
Is there ANYONE out there who actually trusts Philip Hammond?
Time for Philip Hammond to take over as PM?
Tories shd 'stop backbenchers whinging about DUP and show our party some respect', DUP source to
Philip Hammond's speech today did a very good job of showing that Tory divisions over the EU are not shrinking any time soon. Sack coming?
Theresa May when she heard Philip Hammond's speech today?.
And more good sense from Philip Hammond:
Politics and monetary policy come together as Philip Hammond and Mark Carney join forces
The real Philip Hammond returns in his Mansion House speech - Me for
Periodic reminder of the reality, from Philip Hammond's Mansion House speech
Philip Hammond says Brexit deal must put jobs and prosperity first
Philip Hammond is absolutely right that voters understand the economic case for sensible migration rules. See:
Philip Hammond just said we can invest OR improve productivity. Can someone explain to him that investment improves product…
Tory/DUP deal in doubt as DUP says it 'can't be taken for granted' - Politics live - The Guardian
Hammond says "must be done in a way that works for Britain." Come on, Philip, say it: Brexit is insane.
Now that we've taken back control, do you want job losses or more inflation? (
Philip Hammond is basically saying: as the only Cabinet minister who can do arithmetic, I'm trying to smuggle out a message…
According to Philip Hammond, immigration is going to carry. Mmm, don't want to say, told you so.
Philip Hammond’s Mansion House speech is a welcome sign that the influence of extreme Brexiteers is fading
Blog: Carney, Hammond and the coming crash - Mark Carney and Philip Hammond have delivered their belated Mansio... http…
When I voted Brexit I understood more about the consequences than Philip Hammond or Mark Carney? Seriously? I want their salaries!
On Ian King Live at 6.30pm we have more on today's speeches by Philip Hammond and Mark Carney. We'll hear from
Philip Hammond & Mark Carney both need to be fired. Both don't know how to run the economy
Prediction here is that the likeliest Tory leadership contest is Philip Hammond vs David Davis. Crikey.
Philip Hammond saying that whether sprinklers put out fires is a "technical question" is an insult. Ask Fire B…
Philip Hammond to prioritise economic prosperity in Brexit talks. Maybe by not doing Brexit Phil? .
So the Mail think Philip Hammond's trying to undermine May, Fox & co and some ministers might resign. Go for it Ph…
Philip Hammond is Brexit enemy no.1. He is plotting to keep us in the customs union,he must be ousted as Chancellor ht…
Brexit under THREAT: Philip Hammond pressures May to STAY in EU customs union - Express
Brexit: Philip Hammond 'wants UK to stay in customs union' via
Philip Hammond, Amber Rudd and Boris Johnson to continue in their ministerial positions, Downing Street confirms
Boris Johnson, David Davis, Amber Rudd and Philip Hammond are the obvious candidates.
Has any Chancellor ever been as marginal to an election campaign as Philip Hammond has been?
See Boris Johnson, Micheal Gove, Philip Hammond, Amber Rudd, all who messed up…
Michael Gove & Ian Duncan-Smith rumoured to be returning to front bench duty. Philip Hammond rumoured to be going. Theresa ha…
Here's who it's definitely not going to be if they have any sense:. • Boris Johnson. • Philip Hammond. • Jeremy Hunt. • Michael Fallon
When can we expect your article on how useless to Boris Johnson, Michael Fallon, Liz Truss, Philip Hammond and Jeremy Hunt are
1) No way Fallon would say this in i/v without No 10 nod 2) Where's Philip Hammond, and is he fuming?
Philip Hammond is what appears if you say 'tax haven' three times into a mirror...
Labour's economic plan is so good it even manages to find the 20 billion that Philip Hammond lost
one exact figure, off the top of his head. Philip Hammond didn't know the cost of HS2.
Do you know why Philip Hammond was on campus the other week?
When it comes to Trident and nuclear weapons, I'm with Tory Philip Hammond. Having them makes us more of a target, not…
She must have been thinking of "that Philip Hammond ". Or whoever came up with the 7p school breakfast.
Philip Hammond claims North Norfolk has been overlooked during North Walsham visit - Norman Lamb fights back by… https:…
Philip Hammond’s Budget this year & Tories manifesto confirm -Tories plan austerity to continue for five more years…
Gosh, Tories are desperate. For a minute I thought it was Philip Hammond in disguise - shuc…
If Theresa May is hiding, then Philip Hammond has completely disappeared. Has a Chancellor ever been so absent in an elect…
Multi-millionaire Philip Hammond got the cost of HS2 wrong by 20 billion. Why don't you care about that?
Philip Hammond: ‘I’ve never had an impolite or aggressive conversation with No 10' via
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