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Philando Castile

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"Philando Castile should be one of the first people that they speak on behalf of." .
Meet Marques Watson, the first recipient of the Philando Castile Memorial Scholarship
NRA silent after officer who fatally shot found not guilty of second-degree manslaughter .
What Philando Castile might have said if he'd survived.
Just remembered this CCP story from Sean Hannity-wonder what could be different about Philando Castile?
Thousands protest in Minnesota after officer acquitted in death of Philando Castile
Dayton wants police training fund named for Philando Castile
Don't forget we lost Delrawn Small, Alton Sterling and Philando Castile back-to-back 1 year ago this week.
Gov. Dayton says shooting of Philando Castile was "one of the very most traumatic events that's occurred during my 6.5 yea…
Family & friends of mark the 1 year anniversary of his fatal shooting.
Ibaé bayen tonu Castile young soldier, transition in peace with the ancestors (egguns) too bad it…
On anniversary of Philando Castile's shooting, reflection and worry https:/…
America Is Suffering from a Plague of Deadly, Unaccountable and Racist Police Violence
One year ago, was fatally shot by an officer during a traffic stop in Minnesota.
One year ago today, was fatally shot by police at a routine traffic stop.
Governor Dayton calls for police training fund to be named for Philando Castile   10% Off
Philando Castile’s classmates give out the first scholarship in his honor, one year after his death https:…
Gov. Dayton recommends that new law enforcement training fund be named for Philando Castile. $12M for training approved by…
Dayton: Officer training fund should honor Castile
Minnesota's governor marks the anniversary of Philando Castile's death today, recommending that a police training fund bear Castil…
Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Walter Scott, Philando Castile, Sandra Bland. That's what I think about your "Independence Day…
Analysis | Officer who shot Philando Castile said smell of marijuana made him fear for his life No weed found in car
Out of respect for . Mike Brown. Sandra Bland. Trayvon Martin. Freddie Gray. Philando Castile. Can y'all please not celebrate the.
Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown Jr., Philando Castile & Emmet Till Just to hear their side of the story.
That begs the Q, should America insist on a confrontation with Minnesota (Philando Castile), Texas (Sandra B…
Philando Castile's family reaches $3 million settlement with city of St. Anthony
I'm quoted in this New York Times article today: Grim Echoes for Families: An Officer Shoots and a Jury Acquits
I take it this doubles as their statement on the Philando Castile murder?
Philando Castile left behind hundreds of kids who loved him
I’m a minority. For me, carrying a firearm is just another reason to get shot. No thanks.
Kind of burned out on the topic, but an org that didn't speak out about licensed gun owner Philando Castile's death… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Mother of Philando Castile reaches $3 million settlement in his death
for everyone asking where the NRA was after last week's philando castile verdict:
*** The cop who we SAW murder Philando Castile gets off and Bill Cosby, who drugged and raped for years, does too.
Good God. Hadn't seen this Philando Castile video until today. Tell me again, how the *** is this not murder? How? https:/…
BREAKING: Philando Castile's family reaches a $3 million settlement in his death
If you have any kind of conscience go check out the police dash cam footage from the shooting of Philando Castile.
This is your reminder that: 1. Healthcare should be a right. 2. Most U.S. bankruptcies are medical. 3. Philando Castile was…
Did you speak out for Philando Castile?
The family of Philando Castile, a Black man who was murdered by a white cop, has reached a $3M settlement with City of…
Black death, incl that of Philando Castile, remains entertainment, even in the pursuit of justice | Miami Herald https…
ICYMI: Tonight at 11/10c, Trevor reacts to the Philando Castile dashcam footage in the wake of the jury's acquittal. http…
Demonstrators block Pride Parade in protest of Philando Castile verdict, racism, police presence at 🌈❤️ https:/…
BREAKING: Mother of Philando Castile, black motorist killed by Minnesota officer, reaches $3 million settlement in his death.
Would some Americans rather black people die than their perceptions of America?on justified police killings:h…
In a recent interview, LCUA Prof Ronnie Dunn spoke about the Philando Castile case and the limits of the law in delivering j…
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Dashcam video of Philando Castile's death released. WATCH NOW
"The NRA hardly cares about black gun owners like me. Philando Castile proves that."
Had another song to complete but it's on my heart to drop something for Philando Castile so that's what I'm gonna do l…
If you're tryna justify the shooting of Philando Castile you can go back to the corner of *** from which you dragged yourself
Settlement of $3 Million Reached Between Family of Philando Castile and City of Minnesota: http…
Officer Yandez found not guilty. Why did Minnesota pay $3 million to Philando Castile's mom?. 🤔. 👇🏻👇🏽. h…
Family of Philando Castile, man fatally shot by police officer during traffic stop, reaches $3 million settlement
Local officer writes letter in response to Philando Castile shooting
A settlement awarded by the city but a jury finds not guilty?
Or tragically, like Philando Castile (pulled over 50+ ti…
4-year-old daughter comforts distraught mother in new video from Philando Castile shooting htt…
This video is heartbreaking. Philando Castile shooting: 4-year-old worried mom would be next, via
Video: Philando Castile, Diamond Reynolds & a Nightmare Caught on Video, via Why this does nightmare occur?
played a crucial role in the injustice of Philando Castile's death... . what's good with the phone ser…
Watch: Trevor Noah grieves for Philando Castile, black lives, and American justice
This video, the Philando Castile verdict & videos. Plus knowing that white supremacists are now actively…
A child comforts her mother after a police shooting. Philando Castile was shot dead in his car, with his girlfriend and h…
On fear, Philando Castile, criminal justice, and black citizenship.
Warrants show a deep dive into records of Philando Castile, Diamond Reynolds, but not officer Yanez
Philando Castile and the Terror of an Ordinary Day
Finally watched videos of Philando Castile & Diamond Reynolds. It's horrible that anyone could do this to these ppl.
Sick: Cop who shot Philando Castile cited fear of second-hand smoke as a motivating factor https…
"It broke me": Watch emotional reaction to the newly-released Philando Castile dashcam video
Philando Castile death shows NRA doesn't care about black people
If only Philando Castile listened to the police maybe he wouldn't have got shot in front of his child.. oh wait, he did. Shut…
Rips my heart out every time: The Truth About the Philando Castile Verdict via
GOP: Philando Castile got what he deserved but let's start a war over Otto Warmbier
Why won’t the NRA speak out about Philando Castile? - The Boston Globe
Our laws bend over backwards to protect police, no matter how outrageous the circumstance -
Philando Castile verdict and video serve as grim reminders: Black lives really don't matter — and ...
New Released Video of the Philando Castile Shooting. People are now on his side and not the officers. What do you think ? O…
Philando Castile, Diamond Reynolds and a Nightmare Caught on Video via
More footage was just released in the aftermath of Philando Castile's fatal shooting by police. And it's heartbreaking. https:/…
The Philando Castile case gets worse and worse the more that's revealed. Shame on that cop. Shame on those jurors. Shame on…
I wasn't going to write about the shooting of Philando Castile. Then I saw that video. My latest column:.
Philando Castile should be here today.
Still thinking of reported police stopped him 49x in 13 yrs before this last fatal stop. https…
Philando Castile - the roots of our anger. Watch Now 👉
After the Philando Castile verdict, his classmates raised thousands in scholarship money.
What happened to Philando Castile was horrific—a tragedy for his loved ones and an assault on every American's right to ke…
My take on the recent tape on the Philando Castile case, it look like a bad shoot. Watch Now 👉…
Philando Castile Clearly says "I'mma Have to pull it out." after being told not to pull his gun out. Watch Now 👉…
“It broke me.” Trevor Noah looks at the Philando Castile dashcam footage:
Trevor Noah is spot-on accurate here. The NRA showed its true color (white) by not speaking up on Philando Castile's unju…
Trevor Noah: Video of cop shooting Philando Castile 'broke me'
Late-night on Philando Castile's death: 'When I watched the video, it broke me'
Trevor Noah (The Daily Show) on the Philando Castile ruling and dash cam video.
Diamond Reynolds continues to call the police officer who shot her boyfriend, Philando Castile, "sir.”
Trevor Noah delivered a heartbreaking and powerful reaction to the Philando Castile verdict
Trevor reacts to a newly released video of Philando Castile being shot dead by police. Full episode:
Watch Trevor Noah's emotional Philando Castile monologue: “This video, it broke me”
This is an excellent & fair summary of the video showing Officer Jeronimo Yanez killing Philando Castile
Cop who killed Philando Castile repeatedly blamed smell of marijuana for his fear of driver, newly-released trans... ht…
It's real ironic this new video footage is released AFTER the police who killed Philando Castile is found not guilty
Here's the moment state BCA investigators got a text that Philando Castile died, and gave the news to Diamond Reynolds. https:…
High key been putting off seeing the dash cam Philando Castile's death and it is horrifying. There are no words for what occurred that day
Dashcam video of Philando Castile shooting released; Seattle police kill pregnant mother of four
"As Yanez approaches the car, he reports on his radio that he thinks Castile’s 'wide-set nose' resembles that of...
Dashboard video (graphic) of Officer Jeronimo Yanez shooting Philando Castile has been released for the first time
Dashcam video shows Minnesota officer fire 7 shots into Philando Castile's car -
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PHOTOS: Castile shooting evidence photos, released by the BCA
Jeronimo Yanez feared for his life because he is a coward. Philando Castile never threatened him. He's a C…
Why I will not be sharing the footage of Philando Castile being senselessly murdered.
Between the Scenes - Philando Castile & the Black Experience in America: The Daily Show
Philando Castile dash-cam video is gut-wrenching. The American justice system fails yet again.
This quote from the cop who shot Philando Castile. What sorta handgun has a “grip a lot wider than a wallet”?.
This isn't a movie. Lord have mercy. Too grieved for words. - .
New dashcam video shows Philando Castile warning officer he had a firearm via
Cop who killed Philando Castile: If he'll smoke weed in front of young daughter, "what care does he give about me?"
Cop had the gall to claim he opened fire on Philando Castile because he feared for the “passenger” & “little girl”
"Dashcam video of Philando Castile shooting released"
The full dash cam footage of Philando Castile's shooting has just been released. . Days after officer Yanez was cleared o…
Heartbreaking. Inexcusable. Roll your eyes all you want at but please watch this before you do. https:/…
The status quo failed Philando Castile and his family. The status quo is killing innocent men, ruining families, and it has t…
Philando Castile was a textbook example of how to act around police. And he was killed. ht…
Sgt. Joseph Adams, according to this BCA transcript, repeatedly told Yanez he did a great job after shooting Philando Castile.…
Trevor Noah calls out NRA for silence over legal gun owner Philando Castile # via
Transcripts show cop trying to justify shooting Castile. No justice & it appears things are going to get worse...
Amazing that the Philando Castile dashcam didn't come out until after a trial I guess they didn't want public to see it was a literal murder
A photo of Philando Castile's valid permit to carry, from inside his wallet, was just released.
Officer Jeronimo Yanez cited the scent of marijuana to justify shooting
It's hard to watch this video, read this transcript, and not see Philando Castile's death as a lynching.
Philando Castile told a Minn. officer he had a gun. Seven seconds later, the officer began shooting into the car.
Officer withheld from investigators the fact that Philando Castile said out loud he was not reaching for his gun
There's no way to watch that dash cam video & come to any conclusion other than that Philando Castile was murdered by th…
The day after Yanez shot Philando Castile, police office manager emailed the entire department to say a Ferguson cop called to…
New video shows how quickly the traffic stop that ended with Philando Castile's death last summer escalated
"Don't pull it out": New police dash-cam video shows fatal shooting of Philando Castile during traffic stop.
‘Sir, I have a firearm on me’: Dashcam footage of Philando Castile shooting released…
Philando Castile was one of 963 ppl shot and killed by police in 2016. To date, 0 convictions of officers involved https:…
Little Giant Ladders
Shortly after Philando Castile was murdered I was inspired to write about it while interning in DC.
This joint on Second Amendment rights from last July is worth revisiting, because Philando Castile.
Philando Castile's death proves the second amendment still doesn't apply to black people:
Some gun owners are disturbed by the Philando Castile verdict. The NRA is silent.
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah's short segment on Philando Castile is incredible. First time I've seen a segment with no…
Trevor Noah on the Philando Castile verdict: the NRA should “be losing their *** minds” - Vox
Trevor reacts to the Philando Castile verdict.
NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre has nothing to say about the fatal police shooting of legal gun owner Philando Castile.
Chicago Justice for Philando Castile rally and march today. Much love & respect to freedom fighters everywhere
The grave of Philando Castile in St. Louis. He's buried in Calvary Cemetery where Dred Scott is also buried
So the National Rifle Association(NRA) has not come 2the defense or shown any support 4one of its former members Philando Castile
Vincent Chin is our Matthew Shepard, our Trayvon Martin, our Philando Castile...
Sandra Bland didn't signal a lane change. John Crawford was shopping at a Wal-Mart. Philando Castile was coming home from d…
Thousands march in Saint Paul after Philando Castile verdict
Thousands protested last night in St Paul against the Philando Castile verdict, marching and then shutting down an intersta…
Demonstrators march in St. Paul, Minnesota, after officer who shot Philando Castile was found not guilty
Philando Castile and This Savage System - my latest at
BREAKING: Minnesota city of St. Anthony says it will dismiss officer acquitted in shooting of motorist Philando Castile.
Thousands block an interstate in St Paul after cop who killed Philando Castile was CLEARED by mostly white jury
🗣reminder that Jeronimo Yanez, the man that killed Philando Castile is Mexican American, Latinx antiblackness is al…
But where are all these "Mexicans can't be racist" pple, when the officer who murdered Philando Castile was Mexican-Ameri…
Protesters block freeway after Minnesota cop acquitted in Philando Castile's death
Must read: our statement on acquittal of St. Anthony Police Officer in the death of
From 19-32, Philando Castile was stopped by police 46 times. Compare: I, a white woman, have been stopped 3x from 16-3…
*** is driving while black: Police stopped Philando Castile 46 times before killing him. (via )
A reminder that Philando Castile was a law abiding gun owner and it didn't seem to particularly matter to anyone at all. Cc
Acquittal of officer who killed Philando C via
Why I can't rock with anyone who hates on Kaepernick; he kneeled because cops can murder Philando Castile & others on video & walk…
"I wanted to make sure if I was to die in front of my daughter, someone would know the truth"
"The Driving Life and Death of Philando Castile" by via Hacker News
Philando Castile joins the long list of citizens killed by police yet receive no justice from an unjust system.
If justice cannot be found here, with video and a license to carry, justice can never be found. https:…
Philando Castile was a member of our community; a peaceful man and a public servant who did not deserve to die.
The Philando Castile verdict, the SBC drama, the noose hanging at NMAAHC is only partly why many blacks feel that...
"It's okay, I'm right here with you." The words of a 4 yr old girl comforting her mother after the shooting of Philando…
Lawyer for family vowed to continue fighting
Philando Castile was racially profiled and murdered while trying to comply with the police. On camera. It doesn't get…
Thinking of the boy I met last year who said Philando Castile was his best friend because he was the nicest person in h…
I believe that Philando Castile would like us to remember him like this, not like on that horrifying video.
Philando Castile's mother after verdict: "My son loved this city. And this city killed my son.".
Key moments after the police shooting of Philando Castile
There is no justice in America for black people killed by cops ➡️ by via
The fact the NRA has not weighed in for support of Philando Castile shows just how racist the NRA really is.
Steve Scalise gets to be a victim. Philando Castile doesn't. That's exactly why BLM is a thing.
⚡⚡is the constant" in cases like Philando Castile's death, argues GeeDee215.
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Philando Castile was murdered and apparently nobody did it.
100's march to "protest" the fair trial that proved the innocence of the cop who shot Philando Castile. Livestream: ht…
In re the acquittal of Philando Castile's shooter, I have some thoughts. 1/
Thousands out in the streets, check out the livestream from in the wake of the verdict
So what did Philando Castile do to deserve to die? And why do police have a lisence to kill the innocent?
Protesters march in St. Paul, Minnesota, after a verdict in the shooting death of Philando Castile was announced
The ruling on Philando Castile's murder is blatant injustice. He literally did nothing to deserve being shot. & people won…
"The system in this country continues to fail black people"
Our thoughts r with the family and loved ones of - he was a role model to hundreds of children https:…
Seems like a good time to reup reporting on Philando Castile's long hist of being stopped by the police.
If man who fired 7 shots into car with a 4yo girl in it was “following protocol” maybe look at protocol?
A broken tail light isn't a reason to die. My thoughts are with Philando Castile's family tonight. Their loss is our responsi…
Philando Castile shooting: Officer Yanez acquitted of manslaughter, dismissed from police force
BREAKING: Jury finds Minnesota cop not guilty in shooting of Philando Castile
I'm not hearing any outcry from the gun rights crowd about Philando Castile, a legal carry permit holder. I wonder why th…
"The system continues to fail black people"
.Philando Castile verdict a painful reminder that laws are still rigged to protect cops
The late Philando Castile: The latest of many black people to not be saved by cameras, as I said 2.5 yrs ago
I’ll wait for the Democrats and Republicans of Minnesota to gather & pray publicly over the tragic, needless shooting of Phila…
Philando Castile "memorized the names of the 500 children he served every day — along with their food allergies..."
Remember his name: Philando Castile. He was a school cafeteria worker who remembered all of his students' allergies.
After deliberating 5 days, jury finds officer Jeronimo Yanez not guilty in killing of Philando Castile.
BREAKING: Jury: Minnesota police officer not guilty in shooting death of Philando Castile -
Philando Castile was one of the clearest cases of murder committed by a police officer...and his murderer wasn't convicted
WATCH LIVE: Family of Philando Castile reacts to acquittal of Minnesota police officer in shooting death
Minnesota officer fired from police force after acquittal in Philando Castile shooting - ABC News - via
Philando Castile *told* police officer he had a gun and a legal permit — got shot. The 2nd Amendment clearly does not inc…
Police officer who fatally shot Philando Castile during a traffic stop last July is found not guilty on all counts.
Police officer who killed Philando Castile found not guilty.
LATEST: Minnesota police officer fired from the force after acquittal in Philando Castile shooting. https:…
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Jury Finds Yanez Not Guilty on All Counts in the Shooting Death of Philando Castile-- Racism lives. (Via KSTP)
NEW: Philando Castile's mother reacts to not guilty verdict against police officer in the death of her son: "I'm mad as *** right…
BREAKING: Police officer found NOT GUILTY in the killing of Philando Castile. This not equal justice under the law!
Officer cleared in death of Philando Castile. No one charged in Michael Brown’s death. . No charges in Alton Sterling killing.…
Thinking about: . - Philando Castile . - Diamond Reynolds. - Andrea Constand . and the meaning of justice.
Philando Castile's girlfriend testifies about her partner's death
Philando Castile's girlfriend testifies: I streamed shooting for fear I would die
Philando Castile's girlfriend testifies about streaming his shooting by police
Jurors in case hear audio from after deadly shooting via
Philando Castile's girlfriend Diamond Reynolds testified that she streamed bc she feared police would kill her too. https:…
If Philando Castile had been white, no one would be trying to justify his police execution with the argument that he was high. OK? No one.
Attorneys for officer Yanez challenge Castile's girlfriend by and
Jurors in Philando Castile case hear audio from after deadly shooting
Philando Castile's girlfriend testified at the manslaughter trial of the officer who fired the fatal shots…
Girlfriend of Black Man Killed by Officer Testifies in Trial -
girlfriend testifies she began FB live because she feared for her life
Philando Castile's fiancée takes the stand in officer's trial
Philando Castile's partner testified that she livestreamed his shooting "so people would know the truth" if she died.
Philando Castile's girlfriend Diamond Reynolds says fear made her livestream the moments after his shooting death…
"I don't know where the gun was," Officer Jeronimo Yanez said shortly after fatally shooting Philando Castile
Officer Jeronimo Yanez is on trial in Minnesota, charged in the shooting death of Philando Castile. Mr. Castile’...
Girlfriend of says fear led her to livestream police shooting
Philando Castile, Tamir Rice were wrongfully shot, killed. Don't get how you can think someone who went for an officer's gun was but hey
no suck thing as police brutality? Philando Castile, Anton Sterling, Travon Martin?
Philando Castile was shot in cold blood in front of a child & his GF for a broken taillight. He didn't get the chance to…
Diamond Reynolds, girlfriend of Philando Castile, charged in St. Paul assault with hammer
Diamond Reynolds, girlfriend of Philando Castile, has been arrested in a St. Paul hammer assault case.
Really? smh... Diamond Reynolds, girlfriend of Philando Castile, arrested in St. Paul assault
Minnesota cop who shot Philando Castile pleads not guilty | Daily Mail Online
Rodney King & Latasha Harlins might as well be Philando Castile & Trayvon Martin. no justice! it's insane.
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That despite the 1999 murder of Amadou Diallo, I was asked in 2016 to explain my feelings about the murder of Philando Castile.
Kenna: Philando Castile was killed because he was stopped by the police 80 times for minor violations, mostly for…
Philando Castile, Walter Scott-shot in back, Terrence Crutcher, Charles Kinsey-shot lying on ground w/hands…
Sandra Bland, Mike Brown, Philando Castile, Eric Garner, Oscar Grant and Tamir Rice never had the opportunity to pl…
Philando Castile's death prompts Justice Dept. review of St. Anthony Police... by via
Brock turner was released after 3 months for "good behaviour", yet Philando Castile was shot for getting out his ID. It's…
DOJ to review Minnesota police department after an officer fatally shot Philando Castile during a traffic stop:
Lest we is Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, Freddie Gray, Walter Scott, Deborah Danner, Korryn Gaines.…
no one is oppressing me, I'm white. But Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, and Freddie Gray are dead.
Police officer who shot Philando Castile charged with manslaughter: "Castile was respectful and compliant"
Governor Dayton releases statement on decision to charge Officer Yanez in shooting death of Philando Castile. .
BREAKING: Cop who killed in his car charged with manslaughter
Officer charged with manslaughter in Philando Castile killing
Minnesota policeman charged with manslaughter in July shooting death of black motorist Philando Castile 🔓
‘Not justified’ Cop who Killed Black Man Philando Castile in his Car Charged with Manslaughter
- reporting that MN. Police Officer charged with manslaughter in Philando killing.
Minnesota officer charged with manslaughter in Castile death GOOD some justice but its not enough
Minn. officer charged with manslaughter in death of Philando Castile
Charges are one thing, but will there be a conviction.
Cop charged in Philando Castile killing -
BREAKING: The police officer who killed Philando Castile will be charged with second-degree manslaughter
The officer who shot and killed Philando Castile was charged. Now let's see if he gets convicted.
'Not justified' Cop who killed black man Philando Castile in his car charged with manslaughter
Police officer Jeronimo Yanez was charged with second-degree manslaughter in the shooting death of
Records show that spent most of his driving life fighting tickets.
Minnesota officer charged with manslaughter for fatally shooting Philando Castile during incident
St. Anthony police officer Jeronimo Yanez charged with 2nd degree manslaughter in shooting of Live: https…
Breaking news re: the Philando Castile case. More details to come.
JUST IN: Minnesota officer faces felony charges in death of Philando Castile
In July said re "We'll have more to say once facts are known." Waiting eagerly for statement. htt…
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BREAKING: Minn. police officer charged with 2nd-degree manslaughter in killing of Philando Castile; aftermath streamed live on Face…
Got a news alert on phone I could only partially read, "Officer accused of killing Philando Castile" assumed the rest was "appointed as AG"
Beginning when he turned 19, Castile was stopped by police 46 times and racked up more than $6,000 in fines.
Philando Castile: police officer charged with state sanctioned brutality over manslaughter shooting death
after Philando Castile was shot, and Governor Dayton caught flack for speaking the truth had his back: https:/…
And Philando Castile's girlfriend filmed his death after being shot for reaching for his license like he was asked.
Motorists raise their fists as activists protesting the death of Philando Castile march through the streets on July…
Activists protest the death of Philando Castile on July 8, 2016 in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota.
The cop that shot Eric Gardner deserved jail time,cop that shot Philando Castile deserves jail time, cop that shot Samuel Dubose deserves it
Of course not, it's automatic death sentence. Philando Castile was not on PCP
I added a video to a playlist Agency - Red To The Moon (Dedicated to Philando Castile) (Official
philando Castile was pulled over then shot because of carrying a licensed hand gun.
Philando Castile, exercising his second amendment right got him killed
U said "all lives matter" and "don't give nobody a hard time" 😑. did Tamir Rice give police a hard time🤔 Philando Castile🤔
The ? itself: Why is this a question about Colin Kaepernick and not the cop who killed Philando Castile? Why is Kaepernick on trial here?
RBG very powerful “Justice” in system that pulls Philando Castile over 50x, kills him. But lets it go.
Aftermath of black man's shooting by Minnesota police caught on video
US shooting puts spotlight on live video, Zuckerberg calls it 'heartbreaking':. via
Video of Falcon Heights, Minnesota Police shooting to death Philando Castile at point blank range-
RIP to Philando Castile who was shot in the arm four times by a police officer when he was reaching for...
Thinking about Philando Castile. . . May God bless his family.
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