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Philadelphia Freedom

Philadelphia Freedom is a song released by The Elton John Band as a single in 1975. The song was one of John's numerous number-one U.S.

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on Actual Radio Philadelphia Freedom by - Local for
Not cowards. Just exercising same freedom of choice he did last year. Jenkins: Teams passing on Kap are 'cowards' -
When I sing along to a classic song I do it with a 2017 Elton voice. Try it w/ Bennie & The Jets or Philadelphia Freedom, its a hoot!
'Philadelphia Freedom', was one of the longest dance hits of the '70s.
Humbled to be in the Liberty Bell Center and seeing this symbol of freedom!.
- - ' (ain't interested in Mind as a weapon. You better recognize.
Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John - Listen at - Buy It
Promising that it can happen in plutonic reverberation and comic realisation thsat coming to America is PHiladelphia Freedom.
Summer of Freedom in just a few! (@ Northeast Philadelphia Regional Library - in Philadelphia, PA)
Accident, right lane blocked in on Rt-30 WB between CR-534 and New Freedom Rd, delay of 1 min
Philadelphia Freedom is my favorite song
He also opened '80 campaign in Philadelphia, MS (loc of Freedom Summer murders) w/ paean to states righ…
1) The Carpenters Ticket to Ride 2) Chic's I Want Your Love and 3) Elton John's Philadelphia Freedom. Musical sounds I had just not heard b4
Freedom-hating Philadelphia Eagles threaten to kick Cowboys fan out of training camp over Dez jersey |
Elton John - Philadelphia Freedom. we're on 98.0FM and .
Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John. Listen on the web at Download the mobile app and take us with you.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Album *** !! First single I ever bought, paid for with my own money, was Philadelphia Freedom !!
Freedom of the press is a hall mark of democracy. Benjamin Frankin"s first job in Philadelphia was press shop
Sir Elton John Philadelphia Freedom Live On Soul Train 1975, I love this so much !!!
►: Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John The great days of the are back ♫
I liked a video Philadelphia Freedom at Wembley
TEAM NITRO. get your team shirts here for our September event in Philadelphia, connect. September 23.
►: Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John ♫ Click link to listen
my current life is making midnight biscuits for my mom and dancing to "Philadelphia Freedom" without any music playing to support me.
Fact: I can't hear Philadelphia Freedom w/o sobbing like a child. If it's not in I call foul!
Billie Jean King was a huge tennis star. made the song "Philadelphia Freedom" about her.
Now playing on Wavelength Radio ►: Philadelphia Freedom by John Classic & New ♫ Listen to us click ♫
Billie Jean King mentioned the song but I'll forever hate "Philadelphia Freedom" bc it was the song playing when I got in a car accident
Church with the Lovely Bride (@ Freedom Church of Philadelphia in Philadelphia, PA)
"Just like Philadelphia, Freedom means a lot to me.". .
Yes, I'm in Philadelphia! Where the freedom comes from. And cheesesteaks!
I now have rocket man, Philadelphia freedom and candle in the wind 1997.
I've always hankered for a Philadelphia Freedom (Mann 2?). Page or on vocals.
As cool as it is to hear Elton John's Philadelphia Freedom while in Philly,not as cool as hearing Love Hurts while driving into Nazareth.
In today for the Philadelphia Freedom Natural Pro/Am Announcing some big news later!!
This afternoon I learned about the birth of our nation in I'm learning about WWII at Midway in Chicago.
Unavailable in the U.S.A - Philadelphia Freedom Playing now on
Go Stevie Go !!! I just backed Philadelphia Freedom: The 2016 DNC Convention in Song on
The end of the showcase includes dancing to Philadelphia Freedom.
Ah, the Philadelphia Convention. The day the freedom died.
You can live & breathe Philadelphia freedom just don't try to drink it.
Chaucer's Inn in Philadelphia...which is now closed. O.J.'s freedom outlived the pub.
Oh The Irony!. Check out column on Philadelphia passing a tax on soda/sugary drinks.
Philadelphia used to be the seat of freedom. How the mighty have fallen!
Off to see with Philadelphia Freedom stuck in my head for no apparent reason.
-So much for the FREEDOM to be unhealthy if you so choose. Is Philadelphia run by Dems?
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Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John is in Merlin, Derby. Download it now at
Soda tax in Philadelphia? Remember when that city used to stand for freedom?
The Liberty Bell got another crack today. RIP "Philadelphia Freedom"
Trafficked sisters reunited by raid
Just played: freedom for the stallion - allen toussaint - live in philadelphia 1975(warner brothers)
Why do victims have criminal records?
At this moment, you should pause and remember J. Gresham Machen's 1931 letter to the City of Philadelphia.
Philadelphia becomes 1st major American city with soda tax via the App liberals = less freedom again
One step into work and Philadelphia Freedom comes on, it's like they knew I was ready to have a great day have yourselves a Sunday people
As soon as you get there you should film a reenactment of Rocky running the steps but to the tune Philadelphia Freedom
I added a video to a playlist Elton John - Philadelphia Freedom (Captain Fantastic 13 of 13)
Now Playing: Daryl Hall - John Oates - Philadelphia Freedom. Listen now at
Ted Cruz's pre-event playlist at the National Constitution Center tonight has to have "Philadelphia Freedom" on it, right?
"Philadelphia Freedom" (1975) was my mom's fav. She was born in Philly. Elton John on "Soul Train"
Random Award goes to the 9 year old Portuguese kid walking through the park by my house singing Philadelphia Freedom at the top of his lungs
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Philadelphia Freedom---letting go after one too many cheese steak sandwiches
M-Retail Sales Associate: PA-Philadelphia, MetroPCS provides the freedom and convenience of unlimited, no-annu...
The babysitter had one job, to dress Marcus in an outfit that screams "Philadelphia freedom"
"We cannot lead the forces of freedom from behind.” -President Harry Truman, h/t for the reminder
Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John is in Crown & Anchor, Grimsby. Download it now at
common in the 50s and 60s. Rare thereafter, though Philadelphia Freedom was a non-LP single.
We will be playing at Freedom Shorts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 2nd, 2016! It will be a great way to kick off a fresh year!
Special course on finding freedom from All welcome!
Phenix Salons 1929 - Freedom & Commissions you never thought possible! (Bala Cynwyd): Pheni...
The first circulating library in America, the Library Company of Philadelphia. Most Americans in the 1730s had...
Philadelphia raises awareness about human trafficking by hosting a Walk for Freedom:
Tony Robbins shares tips for financial freedom
'libertarian bent''s like Philadelphia Freedom, but without the bridge.
"Philadelphia Freedom" just came on the radio as I enter the city limits. Ah, Philly. It's great to see you, too.
Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John is in The Black Bull, Richmond. Download it now at
Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John is in Green Bricks, Hull. Download it now at
Fall head over heels for these cupcakes from
Headed toward City Hall in Philadelphia last weekend. What a sight!
enjoy Philadelphia, birthplace of freedom
Philadelphia, birthplace of freedom ht…
Hy husband and I can't stop hoping you do a cover of Philadelphia Freedom someday. It just seems right. Pretty please?
After all these years, "Philadelphia Freedom" is still my favorite Elton John song that I can't understand any of the *** words to.
Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John Band is in Bar Babylon, Cleethorpes. Download it now at
also Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John, Fancy by Iggy Azalea (in the fast lane from LA to Tokyo)
On The Road to Jerusalem by Neil Diamond and Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John
Does Geller's push of Freedom of Speech apply to everyone??? Is Islam and Sharia America's only established...
It's time to stand up for America once again people. It's "Philadelphia Freedom" all over again. HIT IT Elton!
You just missed - PHILADELPHIA FREEDOM | Tune in now 50s Thru 80s 4 Decades of My Faves
"Philadelphia Freedom" is on the radio right now. Instantly thrown back to Pucillo Gym after men's basketball victories.
Our 1st guest entry by the Main Mule, freedom to enjoy
I've had Elton's song "Philadelphia Freedom" stuck in my head on repeat all day. I've never even /been/ to Philadelphia!
Mayor Nutter is honoring the Philadelphia Freedom on its 40th anniversary& tennis grt Billie Jean King was here
This Saturday, the Philadelphia Freedom Band (an LGBT band) presents “Made in Philadelphia.” Also, on May 7-9,...
NFL Draft 2015: Freedom grad Mike Coccia signs with Philadelphia Eagles as ... -
That time when Philadelphia Freedom comes on the radio and you think of 😂😂😂
It doesnt matter how many times you listen to Benny And The Jets or Philadelphia Freedom you'll still have no clue what its about
I'd like to believe that if I showed Washington what Philadelphia looks like today, he'd kill every freedom freak he could find.
[PHOTOS] Freedom Fighters celebrate anniversary of desegregation of in
Freedom Fighters celebrated the 50th anniversary to desegregate
ACR is Elton John - Philadelphia Freedom Listen now at
The Cecil B. Moore Freedom Fighters celebrated the 50th anniversary of the m…
FREEDOM! (sculpture right in front of the GlaxoSmithKline building 16th and Vine St Center City Philadelphia)
What freedom of speech looks like on the streets of Philadelphia, the cradle of liberty 🇺🇸
Philadelphia Freedom just came on the radio. That song is terrible!
IMC Pick of the Day- Billboards Top 100 songs of 1975 While thinking about what to choose as a "pick for the day" in music, my thoughts went to 1975- The music of the 60's and 70's was so incredible, that it is always difficult to choose one Song, Band/Artist, or LP- So, today I chose "Billboards top 100 songs of 1975". Looking through this list, I see some amazing Artists and Tracks. Take a trip back to 1975, and enjoy some of the memories here! For me, alot of the songs are still on a constant rotation in my world! 1 "Love Will Keep Us Together" Captain & Tennille 2 "Rhinestone Cowboy" Glen Campbell 3 "Philadelphia Freedom" Elton John 4 "Before the Next Teardrop Falls" Freddy Fender 5 "My Eyes Adored You" Frankie Valli 6 "Some Kind of Wonderful" Grand Funk Railroad 7 "Shining Star" Earth, Wind & Fire 8 "Fame" David Bowie 9 "Laughter in the Rain" Neil Sedaka 10 "One of These Nights" Eagles 11 "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" John Denver 12 "Jive Talkin'" Bee Gees 13 "Best of My Love" Eagles 14 "Lovin' You" ...
Not saying policies are prehistoric but "Crocodile Rock"? "Philadelphia Freedom" for the marriage equality faction?
70s the feature of the 4th and final week of our month-long 7th Anniversary of Juke Box's what we played from May 24th 1975 - at 8:49am: - Only Yesterday - Carpenters - Sister Golden Hair - America - Philadelphia Freedom - Elton John - for my CLASS OF 1976 - Songs we graduated to from May 22, 1976: - Welcome Back - John Sebastian - Happy Days - Pratt & MacLean - Right Back Where We Started From - Maxine Nightengale - More, More, More - Andrea True Connection - Here's to the graduating class of 1977 with hits we heard from the week of May 21st... - Hello Stranger - Yvonne Elliman - Lido Shuffle - Boz Scaggs - Southern Nights - Glen Campbell - Here's what we heard this week from the May 20th, 1978 charts! - Can't Smile Without You - Barry Manilow - Feels So Good - Chuck Mangione - Night Fever - Bee Gees - Take A Chance On Me - ABBA it was 3 of the hits from May 19th 1979: - Old Time Rock & Roll - Bob Seger - Music Box Dancer - Frank Mills - We Are Family - Sister Sledge Have a safe Memorial Day ...
22nd of November 2013 Boris Becker is 46. When he was 17 he became the youngest man to ever win Wimbledon. Jamie Lee Curtis is 55. She's done some great movies perfect, Halloween, Prom Night, A fish called Wanda, True lies. Robert Vaughan is 81. Tina Weymouth of Talking Heads is 63. The first Olympic games to be held in the southern hemisphere kicked off on this day in 1956 in Melbourne. The Russians won most of the gold’s at those games. On this day in 1990, Margaret Thatcher announced her retirement after 11 years in office. On this day in 1963 American President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas as he drove along Elm Street in a convertible Limo. He was hit by Lee Harvey Oswald who was in turn shot a few days later as he was being escorted to stand trial for the assassination. NOVEMBER 22: 1921: Actor Rodney Dangerfield was born, he starred in the controversial 1994 movie "Natural born killers". 1940: Terry Gilliam was born. He was the only American member of Monty Pythons flying cir ...
Philadelphia freedom Shine on me..peace out Brother
Just like philadelphia. Freedom means a lot to me. In between the place i've been. And where i'm going...
Chaminade, chaminade, chaminade, won't you chaminah-ade ... /sung to Philadelphia Freedom.
I've been jamming to Philadelphia freedom by Elton John for the past half hour
Thank you Lisa Teats Hartmann. Here are 12 facts about me. 1) Ken and I were engaged 4 four months after we met. 2) I am the only girl out of 6 brothers, 4th in line. 3) My 2nd car was a Chevy Nova, 3 on the tree. That's right baby! 4) I've worked for my company, BioClinica formerly know as Bio-Imaging over 20 years now. 5) My 3rd and only car I purchased brand new was a Fiero GT. The love of my life in vehicles. 6) My favorite ice cream flavor is Coffee. It was my mothers too. 7) I took my brother, Jeff's bike, the one he just received as a birthday present and wrecked it. 8) Out of 9 immediate family members, 5 have passed. 9) Elton John's, Philadelphia Freedom is my favorite song and I don't know all the words. Go figure. 10) I won $2,500 in Atlantic City when I was 26. 11) My retirement city will be around Myrtle Beach, SC. 12) I have a scar under my chin and not sure how I got it.
Ok here we got an 11. 1. I am the youngest of seven, 5 girls 2 boys 2. I grew up in West Conshy and had the best childhood , I wish my girls could have lived in a small town and have all their friends so close.My parents had a store when I was growng up and a lot of family members worked there it was fun ,I remember playing in the storage room listening to Elton John "Philadelphia Freedom." 3.I still have my Best Friend (Beth Estep) from kindergarten,we ran away when we were little and hid in my Uncle Eugenes chicken coop I think the cops were called too 8l . We talk atleast once a week but we need to get together soon ,especially since we live ten minutes away from each other!! 4. I lost my Mom on Christmas 1992 two months after Dave and I got married , I wish my girls would have met her , she was the best Mom , Grandmom . 5. My Dad spoiled me when we moved up here (I was12) I had horse named Baby, a pony (Smokey) , goat ( Jethro) . 6. Dave and I went to his prom ar Sunnybrook Ballroom May 28, 198 ...
Jive Talking, Philadelphia Freedom, Shining Star and Kung Fu Fighting. Bought them at TG&Y at De Vargas mall.
Philadelphia Freedom (kinda sorta).Saw him at Ephesus, Turkey, 2001. Solo/piano only. Neat hearing Americans/Turks singing along.
Sir Elton John said that Philadelphia freedom put him knee-high to a man, dude TMI
Philadelphia Freedom. Reminds me of great time we had n Philly one yr during July 4th weekend
REMEMBER THE PRICE OF FREEDOM. Let us honor Corporal Michael J. Crescenz of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who...
2 things: Howve I not seen this before? and whoever suggested Philadelphia Freedom for the Flyers goal song is genius featured in NBC s Science of Love
I live and breathe this Philadelphia freedom.
Philadelphia.,.the birthplace of. freedom, where the, uh, founding. fathers authored the… ★ Philadelphia —
you dont listen to me. Philadelphia Freedom has been playing in my life for 2 weeks
BEHIND THE SONG: Philadelphia Freedom Bernie Taupin wrote the lyrics to most of Elton John's songs, but Elton would occasionally suggest titles. Elton requested a song with the title "Philadelphia Freedom" in honor of his friend, the tennis player Billie Jean King. At the time, there was a professional tennis league in America called World Team Tennis, and in 1974 King coached a team called the "Philadelphia Freedoms," becoming one of the first women ever to coach men. Taupin had no obligation to write lyrics about King, and he didn't - the song was inspired by the Philadelphia Soul sound of groups like The O'Jays and Melvin & The Blue Notes, and also the American bicentennial; in 1976 the US celebrated 200 years of independence. Elton John and Billie Jean King became good friends after meeting at a party. Elton tried to attend as many of her matches as he could, and he promised King a song after she gave him a customized track suit. Elton and Billie Jean King would become icons of the *** and *** com ...
"Philadelphia Freedom"? Philadelphia will hold an urgent public meeting to discuss the most important issue in the city today (April 18).
How about my very favourite Elton John single Philadelphia Freedom. Thanks.
Saw your concert in 1976 in Philadelphia. BGKing dancing on the piano to Philadelphia Freedom. Great timeEJ concerts
We don't need no freedom trail... In independence was born! @ Independence National…
heck to the yes. I could go for some Philadelphia freedom mint ice cream right now!!
Rabinor Lecture TODAY: Noliwe Rooks, "Philadelphia Freedom: Race, Segregation and the End of Public Education in America," 4:30,165 McGraw
we need to see do a Elton John Song, Philadelphia Freedom or Benny and the Jets!
Great whirlwind tour today with Living our cause with the Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA. Very inspirational.
Pure Coincidence-Elton John was driving a BMW as he was penning "Philadelphia Freedom" with Bernie Taupin.
I have the song Philadelphia Freedom stuck in my head. Not sure what that says about me
cool pic I got during Philadelphia Freedom. Elton was awesome
Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA, Learning about impact and mergers with John Flynn
Philadelphia represents the freedom of this country.
My day in statue of religious on by the
Philadelphia Freedom shine on me, I love ya.
Philadelphia Freedom. I love, love, love you. Yes I do.
CBS has the Rocky song and Philadelphia Freedom out of the way now. How long until the Art Museum/Liberty Bell/people making cheesesteaks?
Sir Elton and "Philadelphia Freedom" taking it into the commercial break...Phenomenal
Fox just went to break playing Elton John's "Philadelphia Freedom". You've heard of that song, right?
I know just heard Fox play Philadelphia Freedom before the commercial break lmao
Freedom sculpture by zenos frudakis in Philadelphia. "Break free from the mould"
. THAT'S SO EXCITING!! Have the best time!! Think of me during Philadelphia freedom!! 😃😜
Freedom sculpture in Philadelphia by Zenos Frudakis - I really wanna visit this and take a picture with it
May Christians Preach Outside a Philadelphia Mosque? - Freedom Limited in the USA:
"Freedom is a light for which many men have died in darkness." 🇺🇸
Once again the Night Train rolls out of the 80's, out of the hour with Tesla and Winger. After nine B.O.C.-Veteran of The Psychic Wars, Eric Burdon & the Animals-Sky Pilot, some blues guitar from Kenny Wayne Shephard and Gary Moore. Rock & Roll later in the hour from Inxs, requested Elton-Philadelphia Freedom and a two fer including requested Bob Seger & tsbb and more before the "long song" at ten on the Fox.
I just uploaded "Philadelphia Freedom ~ Elton John with Rafael Nadal and Bar Refaeli" to Vimeo:
"Philadelphia Freedom" was not among SI mag's top 40 sports songs, which doesn't please Billie Jean King. She's right.
Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John - listen now:
The music behind the Philly fireworks was awful...not patriotic at all. Couldn't even get Philadelphia Freedom in there?
In the past nine days we've been through eleven states: Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. I'm looking for the right song to sing us back into Missouri. Country roads take me home to the place I belong West Virginia. . .no wait, that's not it. O Shenandoah I long to see you, Away you rolling river. . . No that's not it. Lord I'm coming home to you, Sweet Home Alabama . . . nope, not it. Please come to Boston, nope did that already. Do you know the way to San Jose? No! Riding on a midnight train to Georgia. Err, riding in a car during the day. O Philadelphia Freedom , shine on me I love you. Already passed through Pennsylvania. Dreams come true, in blue Hawaii this is the song Marissa Johnson should be singing. I am a lineman for the county and I drive the main road ...and the Wichita lineman, is still on the line. Not going to Wichita, but am headed to Overland Park, Kansas tomorrow with Stephanie Hall. Back home again ...
DAY TWO: The Great Rock & Pop & Soul QUIZ.The song "Philadelphia Freedom" was written for one of Elton John's tennis opponents. What tennis pro received this tribute???
Heard three songs last night...Crocodile Rock, Philadelphia Freedom and Miss Emily's Picture...They had me thinking of someone I love very much. We've sang them together for years, word for word. Those are some of my best memories with Lori L. Donovan. I Love You.
She was a Candle in the Wind who wanted Philadelphia Freedom but sadly All the young girls loved Alice so she took Danny Bailey
50 years of music. Below is a list of songs, one per year. These are not my favorite songs, but each one reminds me of a time, place, friends, and family. Do you see yourself here? Did I miss any big ones? Thanks to Laura for the soundtrack of my life! 1963 Peter, Paul, and Mary - "Puff, the magic dragon" 1964 Beatles - "I want to hold your hand" 1965 Getz/Gilberto - "The Girl from Ipanema" 1966 Monkees - "Last Train to Clarksville" 1967 Bobbie Gentry - "Ode to Billie Joe" 1968 Beatles - "Hey Jude" 1969 Archies - "Sugar, Sugar" 1970 Simon and Garfinkle - "Bridge over troubled water" 1971 Three dog night - "Joy to the world" 1972 Stevie Wonder - "You are the sunshine of my life" 1973 Elton John - "Crocodile Rock" 1974 Jim Stafford - "Spiders and Snakes" 1975 Elton John - "Philadelphia Freedom" 1976 Starland Vocal Band - "Afternoon delight" 1977 Abba - "Dancing Queen" 1978 Eric Clapton - "Lay down Sally" 1979 Knack - "My Sharona" 1980 Blondie - "Call me" 1981 R.E.O. Speedwagon - "Keep on loving you" 1982 Jo ...
Last week, we listened to Casey Kasem's Top 100 hits of 1975, but it turned out to be the bottom 50. I was bummed, but they did the top 50 this weekend. Results: Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John (dedicated to Billy Jean King . . . Who knew?) Rhinestone Cowboy by Glen Campbell (1st song since 'Big Bad John' in 1961 to be simultaneously on the Country and Pop charts) Song of 1975: Love Will Keep Us Together by Captain & Tennile
The U15 Militia team was in Florida for the past week competing in the *** s Sporting Goods Tournament of Champions. This tournament is described as the only TRUE national championship in the sport of lacrosse because you only get there by winning a qualifying tournament during the past year. Our guys played their guts out for 3 days and came away with a 5-1 record and 5th place out of 24 teams. Many of the best players and teams in the country (and also from Canada) were competing. Among our wins were a pair of exciting victories over Philadelphia Freedom (made up of kids from Malvern Prep and Haverford…the high school team in the country last spring). And we ended the weekend with dominating victories over Palm Beach Storm and finally over Team Long Island in the game for 5th place. Our team continues to raise the bar and it’s awesome to watch our guys competing at such a high level. Congratulations to the entire team: Christian Wayne, Corbin Dunn, Josh Davies, Henry Stillwell, Cal Harris ...
Good times never felt so good with DJ Philadelphia Freedom, who has a truly wondrous array of all kinds of soul, funk, bubblegum, girl groups, and just generally FUN pop & rock gems, many in their original 45 rpm form. Come on down!
Philadelphia Freedom! Me, posing with the Lego Liberty Bell at the PHL airport.
TIME to VOTE!! FRIDAY, what do you want to hear? Philadelphia Freedom by Elton or Sussudio by Phil Collins? CLICK...
The tennis legend, 68, remembers playing World Team Tennis at the Civic Arena during 1974-76, when she was a member of the Philadelphia Freedom.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Great finish in Philly to end the day. The Eagles are 3-1 though they could be 0-4 just the same. They live and breathe that Philadelphia Freedom indeed. With that said, thank you again for joining me for another Football Sunday. I look forward to doing it again. Enjoy your Monday everyone.
Songs about "Cities" voting and results: Galveston by Glen Campbell defeated Bedrock Anthem by Weird Al Yankovic. Round Two: Last day to vote on Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John vs. La Grange by ZZ Top. First day to vote on Walking In Memphis by Marc Cohn vs. Do You Know The Way To San Jose by Dionne Warwick. Which songs do you like?
Foot stomping along with Elton John's Philadelphia Freedom is just an uncontrollable reflex
Another great night at the karaoke challenge at Smokin' Joe's. The house was packed and the waitresses were busy inside and outside of the place!! Some old friends returned to sing that we haven't seen in a long while!! I had the pleasure, as the picture below from Dave D. shows, of singing a duet with Jaime Roberts! We sang Sonny & Cher's "All I Ever Need Is You". Mike V. and his lovely lady also sang a duet of Tim McGraw & Faith Hill's "It's Our Love". Great song and great harmony! The challenge this week was songs with cities in them. I luckily again, got picked as a contestant for it and I got to sing Elton John's "Philadelphia Freedom". Alas, another losing night. Terri S. took a great pic of me below singing by myself. Also, I ordered steak and it melted in my mouth! Chef Joe hit it right on the mark!! As one of the challenges should've been titled: Do You Know the Way to Smokin' Joe's!!
Elton John performing his hit "Philadelphia Freedom" live at Madison Square Garden, New York. Recorded on Elton John's 60th birthday concert in 2007.
Great time to discover your at a *** bar in downtown Pittsburgh? While singing Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John. True story
Listening to Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John. Good part of a start to a lovely Saturday morning
♫ Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John. Brought to you by The Heartbeat of Hout Bay - Republic Radio -
Elton John performing live his song "Philadelphia Freedom" at The Royal Opera House in 2002. Performed with The Elton John Band, The Royal Academy of Music S...
Yes everyone should listen to Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John to shine your light on people who love you and some more YA
Philadelphia Freedom - 1977: In the Episcopal Church 11 women were "irregularly" ordained to the priesthood...
Driving in a minivan down country roads at night with all the windows, sliding doors, and hatchback wide open, trying to air out the smell from when we spilled some garbage on the carpet, with Elton John singing Philadelphia Freedom in the CD player at full blast... I feel like I'm in a Steve Carrell movie...not the funny kind, but the ironically slow and artsy kind...
By Ashley Babich PHILADELPHIA, Penn. — Before the Philadelphia Freedom took on the Kansas…
Watch Elton John play "Philadelphia Freedom" on a huge see through piano on Soul Train and then try to dispute me.
Philadelphia Freedom written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin Recorded live on Soul Train in 1975 May have content that is owned or licensed by Warner Chappel...
Philadelphia Freedom is performed by Elton John - Get lyrics, music video & widget and read meanings of this song here.
Whoa definite classic Soul Train episode Sir Elton John & his glass piano doing his new single, "Philadelphia Freedom"
and continuing on with more of this and of that. even though Ray Davies of The Kinks sings, 'don't want to live my life living in a rock and roll fantasy' he still is and i am back there again. just realized over the last week and especially today that the songs were back in my head. and also realized that for the couple months before that they weren't. at work all of a sudden the lyrics of this song or that would be playing, complete with music, inside my mind. Them, Kinks, Eltone John, weird that one but is heard Philadelphia Freedom from beginning to end.. Mystic Eyes, Here Comes the |Night and Gloria from them. Something Better Beginning and Rock and Roll Fantasy by The Kinks. Even Rolling Stones but the Brain Jones Rolling Stones. Little Red Rooster with Jones amazing slide guitar, Pain In My Heart, Off The Hook. The stones classics. and then The Everly Brothers.Love is Strange and Crying in the Rain. 'love, love is strange, often people take it for a game. after you've had it, there ain't enough of ...
Elton John played in the background as I rode today. Philadelphia Freedom brought back Myrtle Beach vacation memories with cousins
Elton John is a real Merican...ever heard his song Philadelphia Freedom? I like to think I'm a Si Robertson level
Okay, file this under the inexplicable. I'm listening to the radio, it's Way-Back-Wednesday, so they're playing oldies, some Elton John, Asia, and before that Bad Company. Then, in the shower, after trying to sing Philadelphia Freedom my mind wandered to Howard Cosell. I got to thinking about him. Walking back from the bath, I got close to my room I could hear Howard speaking. The radio station is playing his famous announcement that John Lennon has died. Weird.
Billie Jean King was at Phil's game last week. Told the story bout 'Philadelphia Freedom'. Elton wrote it 4 her. She owns the Phila Freedom
*** Yankees using Kate Smith version of God Bless America. in 7th inning -Sacralige- Philadelphia should declare war!!! Or at least have Frank Sinatra version of Philadelphia Freedom - even if he didn't sing it we could make with the new technologies. Who's with me?
Philadelphia Freedom: "David Kairys is one of the grand long-distance runners in the struggle for justice in Ame...
Well we apparently survived another year of Berkshire Hathaway. Three out of six years I have got to wait on someone famous. This year I waited twice on Billie Jean King. For you to young to know she was a great tennis player from the 70s she also was one of the first to be public about being *** And Elton John my favorote wrote the song Philadelphia Freedom for her.She has receieved many humanitarian awards. It was an honor to wait on her. I love my job. Next up College World Series. Oh yea I forgot mom's day brunch will be crazy. Bring it on Hilton Omaha.
Just so I don't go on in ignorance, can anybody tell me what "Philadelphia Freedom" is? Is it a fast food joint or the ability freely touch the crack in the Liberty Bell?
Elton John singing his smash hit Philadelphia Freedom at the Royal Opera House. I just love it with the entire orchestral arrangement. Don't take anything aw...
Please keep Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees in your thought and prayers. He is in a coma and not expected to live. This is SILENT RADIO – The history of rock & roll- Hits on the radio today; April 18th in the year…1963 "Detroit City" - Bobby Bare. 1965 "Game of Love'' -Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders. 1975 "Stand By Me" - John Lennon. 1975 (Hey Won’t You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song - B.J. Thomas. 1975 Philadelphia Freedom - Elton John. 1984 Footloose - Kenny Loggins. 1984 Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now) - Phil Collins. Your buyer’s accepted offer starts with a call to me! Call me 951-0400 xt 109! We rock!
No "Philadelphia Freedom"? Full Count » Jonathan Papelbon has found his new song
Elton John performs Philadelphia Freedom live on Soul Train in 1975, episode 141. Footage licensed exclusively from Global ImageWorks. Additional music and t...
Did you know Elton John wrote Philadelphia Freedom for Billy Jean King?? Wow.
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