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Phil Valentine

Phil Valentine is an American conservative talk radio show host in Nashville, Tennessee. He broadcasts daily on flagship station WWTN, a Cumulus Media station, from 4:00 p.m.

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Mourinho on Man Utd's injured players' chance of playing v Man City: "Eric Bailly no chance for the weekend, Phil Jones a ch…
I hope dan and Phil have a nice Valentine's Day and go on a bro date bc that's what bros do
Pops would have them COMPETITIVE... . . He can't make Valentine faster. He can't make Luhri shoot be…
Heard this on talk radio, Nashville, Phil Valentine coming home today. McMaster spying on Trump family, Don Jr, Eri…
Retail stores start getting in Valentine’s Day merchandise this month. Where’s yalls boo’s at Lmao
The only decent programming left on KCMO is Phil Valentine in the afternoon since Gr…
Midtech Valentine runs in the Mares' Handicap Hurdle with taking the ride . Then…
Phil Valentine be dropping gems on me. Connections made every time I listen to the brotha
Dr. Phil Valentine on the Mandela effect is another classic by the master teacher
It's going to be a great show! And even features special guest and Poughkeepsie native, Phil Valentine!…
Take the advice of Phil Valentine like the voice of a ghost in the night and GET OUT, NOW.
I do like Phil as well. I have to say the Valentine episodes with him as Clive Bixby do make me laugh.
Another beauty from Phil yesterday 😎. Where does it rank against these other goals by Coutinho?
The craziest theory I ever heard was Phil Valentine saying that Michelle Obama was a man and those aren’t really her kids
Dr. Phil Valentine explain the KEMETIC & Metaphysics of our - Psychic - Pressure Waves - And Vibrational...
Flat Earth | Phil Valentine drops a BOMB on the Conscious Community / Sa... via
I totally win best girlfriend. I got Phil's favorite things for Christmas and Valentine's day already 😀
New Jersey Gov.-elect Phil Murphy vowed to do “whatever it takes” to fight the Republican tax bill under consideration in Con…
Phil Valentine claims to be friends with Ms. Hughes, and yet he has questioned the vera…
Tried there on shopping trip Zero luck. New kitchen will likely be Valentine's day ATM 😂😂
Phil Valentine mentioned JZ just admitted to having an affair?! Even with the DNCers these days, that's a no go.
Just in time for Christmas, a good ole song parody from Phil Valentine & The Heartthrobs.
Phil Valentine: There's a lot of letters in our sexually confused society
Phil valentine is one of our leader(s) I seriously respect. Always on point. you changed my life, a…
people! Get Phil Valentine's movie for just $11.97. Great stocking stuffers. For every person on your list…
Phil Valentine said the climate has changed! JK I know what you meant.
Phil's movie is climbing the charts again thanks to all the great gift-givers out there. Only $11.97 and they'll th…
I wouldn't even put Kaba in the same sentence with those dudes, another thing is that they regurgitate old info fro…
Phil Valentine is joining us at our Annual Christmas Potluck!!!. Rutherford County Republican Party Christmas...
I purchased a mattress from Mattress Firm, but forgot to tell them Phil Valentine said hey...
The multi-talented Phil Valentine on the NEXT Intellectual Froglegs. . Sign up for show alerts here: https:/…
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Wish my parents woulda put me onto ppl like Steve Cokely, Dr. Phil Valentine, Dr. Ben, Dr. Sebi and others instead of me findi…
Every Black man, woman and child should be tuning into Bobby Hemmitt, Phil Valentine, Khalid Muhammad, Steve Cokely, etc. daily
All these years later and Michael Jordan is still bailing out Phil.
On-Air with Darren: Meet Phil Worth, a farmer from Waikato... and a nice guy just looking for a Valentine's Day...
I still remember my 2011 Valentine's Day where Phil paid every single Valentine activity there was at school so I could come out of class. 😂
Happy Valentine's to all u romantics out there, specially those who write their loved one's names on bathroom stalls w…
On the eve of their 55th Valentine's Day together, Phil and Bill Hull discuss how they have kept a happy marriage...
"What are you doing for Valentine's Day Phil"?-Me. tomorrow, Tuesday? I'm doing arms" . 😂😂😂
Presenting at in LA tonight the most sciencey Valentine's Day possible with &
This is the week of love, with Valentine's Day on Tuesday. Pastor Phil takes a look at what true love means. Watch the…
Shouldn't there be a special episode of tomorrow night for Valentine's Day?
what girls really want on Valentine's Day
I have a valentine every year...her name is mom and she's beautiful ❤
Not having a Valentine gives me a whole day to watch Dan and Phil & eat chocolate
I'm making him be my valentine just so I can undermine his cynicism :)
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Dan receiving a love letter addressed from Phil ❤ // Happy Valentine's Day 🌃
who needs a valentine when dan+phil just uploaded a pastel edits irl¿
When she breaks up with you before Valentine's Day and you don't have to spend any money 😂✈️
it would be ironic if Phil died tomorrow bc he said in his dml he was suppose to be born in Valentine's Day
Need a Valentine's Day gift? Pick up a unique gift for your beloved at the LA Phil Store.
Dan and Phil finally make a Valentine's Day video. I feel free. 2017 truly is the beginning of something new and I'm so ready for it.
All I want for Valentine's Day is someone to make me pasta and dan and phil to do a Valentine's Day baking video. Is it r…
Happy Valentine's Day to the best person in my life 💕
Normal people on Valentine's Day : go out with their gf/bf . Dan and Phil on Valentine's Day : film a video of them touching each other
What if D&P are decorating Valentine's Day cards in Phil's bedroom and that's why it's so messy...
Maybe it's a predicting dans future video and then Phil proposes to Dan at the end of the video because it's Valentine's Day tomorrow
it's Valentine's Day dan&phil had this plan and that's a fact
The worst feeling is that who I love the most and want to be with on Valentine's day is the one who broke my heart 😔
Omg Dan and Phil are gonna have secks on Valentine's Day xD
So are we all going to be Dan's valentine since the day lands on a liveshow or is Phil going to be the only one with the right to claim him
Dan&Phil upload before Valentine's day thank you 🍪
If you don't have a date for Valentine's Day does the bar count as a good substitute?
I liked a video Dr. Phil Valentine- Hidden Mysteries of Black Civilization, Flat Earth Theory, and
Last Video of the Day: "Dr. Phil Valentine - The Truth why Donald Trump Got Elected President" the System explained--Freemasonry
Dr. Phil Valentine said yall crybaby weak *** need to step your life up
Dr. Phil Valentine dropped some gems on this whole election fiasco. Get yourself right, get your people right, get your money right.
Dr. Phil Valentine :ON the Trump Phenomenon. My take on 2016 Election Process as a Wake-Up Final Call to...
I think Malcolm X is the father, Phil Valentine presents a more compelling case than the case for Frank Marshall Davis presents
. Conservative Handbook by and read it so libs don't get you scheneezled.
Dan and Phil separated on valentine's day phan is Dead
Phil Valentine: Climate deniers beware, the alarmists are coming to get you
Only people I really rock with from ANY of the Hidden Colors movie. Phil Valentine, Queen Cress-Welsing, Queen Shahrazad Ali.
How do you know God when you don't even know who the phuck Jesus is? What is a man? --Phil Valentine .
Great hearing on Phil Valentine right now!
My brother, surprise her this Valentine period !. Introduce her to your wife 🚶🏼
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Someone told me you taught me more than my teachers. Phil Valentine taught me a lot.
Top 10 Shocking Reasons to Avoid Soy Milk Phil Valentine taught of this in the 90s. We def hav mesngrs amng us.
Will be on The Phil Valentine Show at 3:35 CT! Tune in!
they do look alike but Phil Valentine think so too and he the god dropping knowledge
YouTube Dr. Phil Valentine. He goes into more detail about it
A white man comes into the black community in a disguise, and is conning young blacks! WAKE UP. 👉🏾Phil Valentine!
Congrats to my friend and colleague Phil Valentine for being named one of the Top 100 talkers in the country.
The Climate Witch Hunt Begins...Steve Goreham joins Phil Valentine today to explain.
I want to see phil valentine, *** gregory and minister Farrakhan in a live session.
Phil Jackson reportedly wants out of New York and is eyeing a return to the Lakers.
I liked a video Phil Valentine Gendercide part 1
Y'all seen the nominees, keep it and vote Tyriq Valentine for PROM KING 🙏🏽💸💯
Phil Valentine promotes drugs when he n March huffing paint stripper n going on radio hi n hallucinating n talking about it
Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer & petition, w/ thanksgiving, present your requests 2 God.…
"I am not any messiah don't look at me as a messiah or anybody as a messiah. We together are a collective messiah." - Dr Phil Valentine
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Anyone unsure of politics should listen to the Phil Valentine Show that man knows his stuff!
Dr. Phil Valentine: "You have a million solar systems inside each of your cells...Each cell
Dr. Phil Valentine: "Do not seek celebrity because that is a distraction. It pollutes the
Can't sleep up listening to Dr. Phil Valentine talk about metaphysics. 👀👀👂
Wouldn't Denzel Valentine from MSU be the type of big guard Phil would like? Tall, versatile, leader. 2nd Rounder?
has a better mid-range shot and post footwork than Denzel Valentine.
Denzel Valentine: "I didn't come through today. And I'll remember that for the rest of my life."
When asked what he would say to thank Denzel Valentine, Tom Izzo was nearly brought to tears.
I had Mizzou winning it all led by Phil Pressey They lose to Norfolk St, I had MSU winning it all led by Valentine They lose to Mid Tenn😐
Phil Valentine: Trump has caused a revolution in America
Phil doing his laundry on Valentine's Day at the laundry place in Clayton
peep the work of Phil Valentine. He did a lecture on the Sepher Yetzirah 🔥🔥🔥
Up watching Dr Phil Valentine on you tube: Metaphysics of the bible. *caught my eye after bible study this...
😂😂😂😂...this one! This the one i was talking about &lookin for!!. &shiiit too, Phil Valentine called it in like 08!
“Poverty and desperation are the parents of ambition. . ― Phil Valentine,
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
I added a video to a playlist Phil Valentine- "More Proof Barack Obama is Malcolm X son"
Dr. Phil Valentine gems, get that understanding
This year, give your loved ones a for Valentine’s Day!
Mbeki is saying what Phil Valentine has been preaching since early 90's. AIDS proganda is a depopulation agenda if the black people
“.. Eating is a form of communication …” – Dr. Phil Valentine
Only Valentine is allowed to play hero ball.
Denzel Valentine is one assist away from his 11th double-double of the season, with 13 points and nine assists.
I liked a video from Rev. Phil Valentine | The Shift: Lightcode Transmissions IV -
Phil Valentine speaks on Spirituality, Homosexuality, and Androgyny via
Valentine’s Day is coming up, idk what to buy myself
LISTEN: Jill finds Phil's Valentine's card after he'd passed away:
hey phil my crush just turned me down, now i don't have a valentine.. Will you be my valentine?
When this new X-Files series bites off the metaphysical teachings of Dr Phil Valentine & Bobby Hemmitt yall better step…
My valentine this year is phil's grandsons place and I couldn't be happier
You can't say and "the most romantic Valentine's Day ever" in the same sentence without laughing.
Little Giant Ladders
This Valentine's Day is gonna be spent watching Dr. Phil with my human sleeping
No school the day after Valentine's Day...👀
If she's on her period on Valentine's Day, do you still make plans or just exchange gifts?
please be my Valentine this year, I'm so lonely. I understand if Phil is already your Valentine.
"You bring me sunshine every day of my life." Jill finds a Valentine from Phil, after he's passed away:
send this to Phil on Valentine's Day
if your girl tells you to get her chocolates for Valentine's Day, she means these...
Relive the moment that Jill discovers Phil's Valentine's card. He died before he could give it to her.
"There is no religion higher than truth, and there is no truth higher than love" -Phil Valentine
EnablePublish: This is Phil. He wants to be your
I wonder what Dan and Phil are doing with each other for valentine's day
Make Valentine’s Day come more than once this year
Izzo said he's never seen two guys band together to accomplish something like Valentine and Costello have.
but my friends in phil will celebrate valentine and they r christian. Lol.
Philthinksbots: This is Phil. He wants to be your
Take your on a weekend to for a romantic getaway!
It's my brother. I'm going to the cinema to watch Deadpool with my brother on Valentine's.
I've got my date for Valentine's sorted 🙊❤
Valentine's Day on a Sunday. That means Ima be falling in love with Jesus and not you
Phil Wickham - This Is Amazing Grace Amazing Valentine: “There are three things that amaze me—no, four things...
I liked a video from THE MATRIX DECODED Phil Valentine
"Phil, I ordered some chocolate covered strawberries for you to give me on Valentine's Day" -my mom @ my dad
Get your woman Beyonce tickets for Valentine's Day. It'll be the best decision of your life.
Time for a Valentine's Day JerkyXP giveaway! Winner gets 15oz bag of choice! RT, follow me, and ❤️ Wi…
Aw I wld love to but I have a valentine already pa 😘😘
We are super excited about our upcoming Phil. event on Valentine's Day! Be sure to send your loved ones flowers! ❤️
Valentine's Day is just around the go cop ya favorite nupe or Greek some…
"What are your plans for Valentine's Day?". Me:
I thought I'd make some money by selling my own Valentine's Day cards but, inexplicably, sales have been terrible. https:/…
Phil valentine on spirituality and homosexuality and androgyny
Wht Valentine's Day could look like but you playin 🤔😌 ..
If you're in NYC for Valentine's Day weekend, might we suggest this ...
just wanted to pass by and say that y'all better not mention the v-day video when phil does his liveshow on Valentine's D…
a thought: phil goes back to his parents and Dan goes on a holiday w his grandma during the valentine's period. & Phil makes …
Was listening to this last night... Dr. Phil Valentine- Changing Frequencies and Disconnecting From The Madness
are you familiar with Dr. Phil Valentine?
Dr. Phil Valentine has been in all 4 Hidden Colors. That says a lot.
But aye ! Go to YouTube subscribe to round 9pm Dr.Phil Valentine n A.A Rasheed will be building on metaphysics .
For Black History Month everyone should look into Dr. Delbert Blair, Dr. Phil Valentine, John Henrik Clarke, and...
That's what I thought! No rebuttal rooted in logic, u just a gullible "just have faith" *** *** Go study Dr. Phil Valentine
a woman looks at you as a function in her life, you are relegated to a job description. Dr.Phil Valentine
Dr.Phil Valentine be droppin that metaphysics that make you think..
I stg if Phil goes up north on Valentine's Day idk what I'd do
Dr. Phil Valentine: "...your mind and your thoughts can change your DNA" [5/5/14]
Dr. Phil Valentine says that a lot of things are about to start happening that are in favor of African people
Valentine's weekend in Cornwall . Doing what I love in a county I Adore . Should be a *** this year 💁🏼😀
Ain't have a valentine in 4 years and I'm perfectly fine with that
I added a video to a playlist The truth about Earth ft Brotha Phil Valentine
Dr. Phil Valentine speaks on Pope Francis, Blood Moon Rituals, and Kemet... via
if you haven't, PLEASE watch this lecture from Phil Valentine
VALENTINE DINNER DANCE for WE ARE THE VILLAGERS KID'S CHARITY - FOOD provided by Phil's Restaurant and sponsored...
Joining the Phil Valentine Show today at 3:35 pm ET listen live here
Up Next: show joins me to talk about last night's debate and Phil's new book, The God Players
Congrats to Denzel Valentine for being named to the Midseason Top 25.
on the Phil Valentine Show it was said OPEC was trying to kill the Fracking Industry in America
Richard Dawkins, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Sadhguru Isha and Dr Phil Valentine I need to cypher with at some point in space-time
bruh take a girl to the store by cass for Valentine's Day for slices 😂😂
Phil and Claire from Modern Family on Valentine's Day are goals 🙈
I liked a video from Phil Valentine - Implant Victim(Brian Wronge) Interview
Y'all should peep Dr. Phil Valentine if you haven't already
Valentine's day will be here before you know it, so. . . PLEASE PLEASE change your name to Phil Luster.
What should Phil change his name to for Valentine's day?. Phil Lester. Phil Lester. Phil Lester. Phil- LUSTer
I liked a video - Tree of Life (Metaphysics Lesson by Dr Phil Valentine).flv -
Look up Santos Bonacci, Bill Donahue, Makalesi, Phil Valentine, Delbert Blair, and others on YouTube when you get a chance!
. Any book or vid by Bobby Hemmitt or Sis. MyRa Moss, Dr. Phil Valentine when it concerns Lucifer or the primal energies
We are so inspired by Phil Valentine who walked the Appalachian Trail to show anything is possible in .
Tune in to The Phil Valentine Show right now on SuperTalk 99.7 WTN, an expert talks with Phil about the latest...
truth and it is not fair. u can check the story on Phil Valentine Show.
The Phil Valentine Show We have to be a country of laws not a country because I want to do something in ord…
The Phil Valentine Show said that 99% of legal and illegal immigrants held jobs are Jobs Americans will do…
.shares the RNC did not let folks into the early Debate in Cleveland. on The Phil Valentine Show
.on The Phil Valentine Show I will be very happy to talk about Trumps positions without condemning him.
.on Phil Valentine Show "Is laying out a very detailed plan at the Press Club tomorrow"
Listen to nothing but Dr. Phil Valentine and Dr. John Henrik Clarke today.
Larry Pratt joins Phil Valentine today...He says Pres Obama gets it wrong again: Guns are actually saving lives. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Expert talks with Phil Valentine about ISIS' appeal to youth & who will be Dancin In Da Boof on this Friday?
check out Phil Valentine on 99.7 out of Nashville, TN. He's like an angry Pat Robertson. Says shooting in SC is not a hate crime
Very excited to be on the 3HL show tomorrow at 6:15 pm and then the Phil Valentine Show after that interview.
it's Phil Valentine and Bobby Hemmit. I wish you good fortune, brother.
Sometimes I hate listen to Phil Valentine during news cycles I know will be particularly maddening.
Author Brad Meltzer talks to Phil Valentine about his new book, "The President's Shadow".
Check out some lectures from John Henrik Clarke, Rev. Phil Valentine and Booker T. Coleman if you haven't already.
Deconstructing the illusion of life - Rev Phil Valentine
Phil of the Future Check to know why? RT
Hi Kevin! Do you know how much Phil Valentine talks about you on the radio here in Nashville? Its always good of course!
ima make dan and phil almost meet again on valentine's day bc why the heck nOT
They should make Valentine's Day cards that say "The first day I saw you it was love from the start, so can I rip your …
For the past 6 months; I've learned so much from Dr. Phil Valentine. Never knew all of this...
Does anyone know which video had Phil whining about a DLC coming out on Valentine's Day? Please, and thank you.
lmao how much you wanna bet the next My Bloody Valentine LP is gonna be shoegaze? title fight, turnover, citizen. Who wi…
Phil Valentine's Expert says if Republicans can't beat Hillary in 2016, they need to quit the bidness.
Deconstructing the illusion of life - Phil Valentine
"There's the essential self, then there's the superficial self" -Dr. Phil Valentine
let's stop talking bout Phil and our Valentine's Day cards 😂😫 but we were deff ugly always outside acting foolish
tell me why the other day I found a valentine's day card from you and Phil from years ago 😩😂
someone re uploaded the Valentine's Day video from Phil Lester and it needs to be taken down ASAP pls help
John Sinunu joins Phil Valentine today to talk about "The Quiet Man", among other issues.
Deconstructing the illusion of Life - Rev Phil Valentine via
and . connection. Dr.phil Valentine. interesting if true
Dr Phil Valentine is a Metaphysicist with intense knowledge on life's link with pre and post existence
am a big fan of Phil Valentine and Dr Ben
"Cause all I need is You, my valentine. Oh, You're all I need my love, my valentine"
I liked a video Consciousness Paradign - Rev Phil Valentine
"Phil Jones" is trending at rank 3 in UK as of 04:52 PM BST via Check to know why?Follo…
I liked a video Dr Phil Valentine - Health and the Female Body, A Deeper look at Women
Dr Phil Valentine, Brother Polight, Bobby Hemmitt, DR Ben... Go look a few of these names up on youtube and do your research.
Is it bad I've seen to Dan and Phil Valentine's Day video
I need to get a hardcover copy of Dr Phil Valentine's 'The wounded womb' 👌
Have all religions destroy the Asiatics people? Let see what Dr. Phil Valentine El have to say about this topic.
I added a video to a playlist Dr. Phil Valentine Day 2 at Hemmitt Summit
Neymar is joking and saying it´s not a Valentine´s Day photo. He´s wishing Phil a happy bday and say they been friends for years
In case you missed it! Here's audio of the interview with talk show host Phil Valentine and Rabbi Nolan Lebovitz​
Expert w/ Phil Valentine talks about EPA: no evidence fracking poisons water supply & it's Friday!!!
We now have Jace, Clary, Simon, Isabelle, Alec, Luke, Valentine, Magnus, Jocelyn, Hodge and Camille... Who's next?
I was just tuning into a speech by Phil valentine about this exactly!
it's been YEARS and I still haven't found the Valentine's Day video. Phil you did an amazing job of taking them ALL OFF THE INTERNET.
+1 for Dr. Phil Valentine. He called it in The Wounded Womb.
remember what Phil did for Valentine's day? .
Dr. Phil Valentine: "I don't hate homosexuals. I don't hate *** and feminists. I don't hate Christians."
Come meet Phil Valentine today! He's signing copies of his An Inconsistent Truth DVD until noon today!
I wish you could have heard Phil Valentine imitating her. Sounds identical .
Big thanks to Phil Valentine for joining The At Home Show this morning!.
Phil and I are getting nostalgic for the 'I ❤️ PIN' campaign they used to promote Chip & PIN before they launched it on Valentine's Day
Must have struck a nerve huh Phil Valentine? But please prop up more straw men for your listening audience recreating why I called you out.
God forbid pointing out to talk radio guy Phil Valentine that he did a disservice to his listeners by spouting off while ignorant of facts.
Phil valentine just said "it ain't justice til we lynch the honky" wow
hm, its also said barium from Chemtrails and radioactivity helps with 3d hologram. Well via phil valentine
I liked a video Brand New Dr. Phil Valentine Interview 2015 about Dr. Ben, Kemetic Science and more
Explaining the inaccurate FBI stats on public shootings via
Last year, I watched Mr. Farrakhan and Dr. Umar Johnson, this year, it's Dr. Phil Valentine.
One of the best lectures by Dr. Phil Valentine:
PAY ATTENTION! Dr. Phil Valentine and Dr. Oyibo explain the greatness of our race:
The Age of Aquarius in the first stages is the age of faggotism -Dr Phil Valentine 👀 at what's being pushed hard right now 👭👬
We're at war, Shannon. Dr. Umar Johnson, Dr. Phil Valentine, and other conscious warriors out there have been warning us.
Who wants to see a woman play basketball after watching Michael Jordan? - Phil Valentine
Had this in the archive but in my opinion this is facts. " Phil Valentine - Stop Being Played (Operation Min…: "
Don't miss Phil Valentine's DVD signing this coming Saturday morning at 10 at Rivergate Mall center court.
The sun is blessing us both. I'm good. I'm listening to Dr. Phil Valentine--been checking out some of his lectures.
Experts w/ Phil Valentine on ending the export tax on nat. gas & oil and how Hillary's "secret spy" broke laws.
Go watch a phil valentine video on YouTube
FBI fudging numbers on mass shootings? John Lott joins Phil Valentine today as he also has info on NRA event in Nashville…
Phil Valentine - Live!: Streaming on internet radio, this conservative talk radio show i...
I watched everybody speak from Hitler to karl Marx, from Albert Pike to Albert Einstein, To Elijah Muhammad to Phil Valentine. IM 13
Did you check out MrAstrotheology, Makalesi, and Bill Donahue on YouTube yet? There's Phil Valentine and several others too
Phil Valentine the Quintessence of African Spirit…: Vice Versa actually have some truth to it
Type in Phil Valentine in YouTube, you're welcome.
Expert says the Democrats are trying add more tax to the low gas prices. He'll explain with Phil Valentine today.
phil valentine is one messed up grown *** man. Dr of foolishness. innerstand/overstand "and the people go hmm mm m mesmerised by
"I am NOT ASHAMED of the GOSPEL of CHRIST!" -Phil Robertson
Phil Robertson addresses crowd at and calls Christians to "Stand firm".
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Senses are conscious Elements in the body, they become conscious of themselves because of the Spark of Light. - Dr Phil Valentine
a prank video phil made for Dan on Valentine's Day I think. Like I say I've never even seen it.
Listening to a teaching by Phil Valentine while I cook this mighty breakfast . 🙏🙏 he is always on point .
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson to join Huckabee & others in Houston Nov. 2 for rally in support of subpoenaed pastors
what is the name of the guy you and Phil Valentine kept quoting on your show? It was Christian something...
PHIL VALENTINE EXPOSED AGAIN! (MESSAGE TO BRAINWASHED BIBLE-BASHERS) (This vid startin to blow up now, ppl losing it)
Phil's Valentine's Day video that he accidentally released...
Although what better film to watch on Halloween than Valentine's Day?.
Dan and phil playing 5nights at freddys >
you got Phil valentine on your show? Incredible
Also on Phil Valentine today, Reagan’s Mind Revealed by Close Friend and Aide in new book "The Reagan Enigma".
Dr Phil Valentine on the matrix and the mind
"White people’s harmony thrives off of the demise of the black community." - Phil Valentine You are not fooling anyone.
I love listening to Phil Valentine's speeches
Dr Phil Valentine is a pioneer in the Metaphysical field. Although he is not for the faint hearted :)
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Phil Valentine's joke will divide the Senate race and kill chances for you to vote for who is legally running for Senate. Vote Danny Page
"I am Lucifer when it comes to the truth. When it comes to lies i am Satan, but never will i live like the Devil."- Phil Valentine
They first have to make the population susceptible to becoming sick . -Rev. Phil Valentine
Dr. Phil Valentine and The Red and Blue Pill (2012 segment).avi
Phil valentine lectures open your mind to new things
Dr Phil Valentine Plz Go research some of his work my Beloved Brothers & Sisters
Rev. Phil Valentine speaks on The Connection between Ebola, Oil, and Africa: via
NEW Harry filming part of a new music video at London's Natural History Museum Ice Rink (via
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