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Phil Spector

Phillip Harvey Phil Spector (born Harvey Phillip Spector on December 26, 1939) is an American record producer and songwriter.

Phil Spector Christmas Christmas Gift Tina Turner Lana Clarkson Merv Griffin Show Eartha Kitt Robert Blake Brian Wilson Donald Trump Francoise Hardy George Martin Christoph Waltz Darlene Love Rolf Harris Jim Steinman Winding Road

Carol Kaye is all about the bass - she played with Phil Spector & Brian Wilson and if you don't know her, you should. https:/…
I was on overnights in Century Plaza all week. I can go for days. Phil Spector, Bruno Kirby
Call me hipsterrific, but why is Phil Spector on the untalented side?! Lolz
But you haven't even had me in the studio yet for the recording of my Jim Steinman-meets-Phil Spector-meets-Wu Tang teen epic.
Happy Birthday to Rick Rubin! He's following the path of Phil Spector, George Martin, and Peter Asher... .
The Righteous Bros sang it first but it was written by Phil Spector, Barry Mann, and Cynthia Weil.
In other news, Phil has been found in a DNA tests have revealed him to be the son of freedom of speech.
Phil Spector vs Jimmy Fallon in a brown note style, produced by Bob Rock
Phil Spector, because of the Wall of Sound.
In 1964, the genius record producer and future murderer, Phil Spector, was watching his group The Ronettes at the...
John Lennon released “Instant Karma!” as a single 47 years ago today. It was written & produced by John & Phil Spector about a week before.
i read this as Phil Spector and started wondering how he got out of prison
Also think carol kaye, who had previously worked w beach boys & Phil Spector, deserves more credit for songs of innocent & experience
what about Phil Spector how was he busted by me in vision 1988
Digging In The Crates: a short essay. Phil Spector had his 'Wall of Sound', and I see no…
she (luckily) split from Phil Spector in '74, so entirely possible it is she.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
I'm reading a book on Phil Spector. He caught a ride with the Beatles the first time they came to America. Thought that was pretty wild.
my neighbors are celebrating and setting fireworks off in their backyard and I'm inside searching my notebooks for my Phil Spector joke
Joe Buck has an obvious toupee. Phil Spector obvious
Phil Spector set up I think my father's last gig at the troubadour in Los Angeles
NewsNoys ahoy! has apologised after offering as his own to a teenage girl.
Thank You for the follow, Mike, much appreciated. I love the Phil Spector Wall of Sound stuff too.👍.
With Ronnie Spector eyes are saying it all... Phil & Jim had the same type of intensity...
Suge Knight may be big, but Phil Spector is small!
If it's good enough for Phil Spector...
Here's my latest interview w/ Cue Castanets about my recent work and what it was like recording w/ Phil Spector.…
Crumbs! Phil Spector has been diagnosed with 'teeth-germs', and is from millions of launching red ants!
Amazing album complete with producer Phil Spector's Wall of Sound - as if the Ramones needed a Wall of Sound.
I think that was after they were held at gun point by Phil Spector
"Sometimes being patient can keep you from taking risks. Sometimes taking many risks can keep you from being patien…
"Remember that thoughts have the possibility to become action. So think carefully."- Phil Spector
Order Miche Bag Online!
Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. – Phil Spector
The 'End of the Century' came out 37 years ago today. Phil Spector-free covers of every track:…
The Beatles composing a tune with John Lydon in a prog style, produced by Phil Spector
📷 In The Rock 2/4/80: The Ramones release End of the Century, produced by Phil Spector, It hits on...
Bought this LP 37 years today...Produced by Phil gunp…
Thought that england had the monopoly on xmas songs but just remembered phil spector.
He's A Rebel - The Crystals (or basically anything produced by Phil Spector)
Anyhow. Someone's having a First Birthday Party tomorrow so an all nighter listening to Phil Spector work is probably not advisable just yet
Always love seeing this Shrunken head. My mind tends to wander into an Andy Warhol, Phil Spector, Beat…
Luton defender Spector has said that a photograph of a urinal scandal is 'a new low for South Korean politics'.
It's possible I'm too much of a mark for a Phil Spector beat.
We have lift-off! Spector has Santander's reasons for backing of a gypsy.
February 4 1965, The Righteous Brothers were at No.1 on the UK singles chart with the Phil Spector song 'You've...
2003, authorities arrested Phil Spector at his mansion. The body of actress Lana Clarkson had been found in the foyer.
Rock Calendar 2-3-03: Phil Spector, famous for his "Wall of Sound" production, arrested in connection with death of actress Lana Clarkson.
2003 B-movie actress Lana Clarkson was killed by Phil Spector in the producer's mansion
guns don't belong in anyone's hands. just ask Phil Spector
I remember Mark Anthony. Didn't he do the Coachman in Bangor for years? Looked a bit like Phil Spector?
Maybe I should record everything in mono on my next album, like Kevin Shields or Phil Spector.
Irving Berlin, Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan, Phil Spector, Barbra Streisand: Let's seriously thank the Jews for all the decen…
.Phil Spector's is a perfect pop Christmas album. I can't think of another since that touches it.
Many of you obviously haven't heard the Phil Spector Christmas album...
Phil Spector is adjusting well to prison life
I felt obligated to change music to art, the same way that Galileo ...
Maybe if you'd tried Phil Spector's approach.
He's looking like Phil Spector these days.
People tell me they idolise me, want to be like me, but I tell them, '...
It shouldn't take this long to explain that Phil Spector and Regina Spektor are not related.
do you have the Phil Spector xmas album in stock possibly?
Coworker suggested we turn off Phil Spector's Christmas album to play some Michael Buble and.FLAMES?!?!?!
I wrote the deeply unfestive story behind Mariah's All I Want for Christmas is You because I am secretly the Grinch
Hey, folks, what do you consider the latest entry to the Christmas Canon? Rudolph? Muppet Christmas Carol? The Phil Spector album? Other?
Dogs with antlers, Phil Spector, and an awful lot of fakery: the story behind Mariah Carey's All I Want for……
I'm not sure it's appropriate to recommend Phil Spector Christmas albums on the radio. Serving time for murder and all...
SOUL STEW at CHRISTMAS on HIT45s.. Christmas Day 4pm..A Motown & Phil Spector Christmas, then at 5pm the King &...
What glorious news: Phil Spector has predicted that a fleet of beings from Mercury will soon land on Wednesday.
I wish the Phil Spector Christmas album could legitimately be listened to the other eleven months of the year.
Phil Spector presents the eggnog trio. Lol!
A Christmas Gift For You. Easily wins the award for best holiday album featuring creepiest Phil Specto…
A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector is haunting Europe
Bruce Springsteen in cahoots with Bee Gees in a Finnish folk dance style, produced by Phil Spector
Wrapping presents and listening to "A Christmas Gift to You From Phil Spector", Ashley-approved Christmas tunes.
I'm listening to Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by The Crystals (Holiday) on
I'm listening to Frosty The Snowman by The Ronettes (Holiday) on
We need to chip away at everything. It's a Phil Spector-style Wall of Sound, but a Wall of Lies.
I listened to Phil Spector before carpenters and of course faith hill! Along with Celine and I also love Kelly's Christmas one
Christmas Gift for you by Phil Spector, joy to the world faith hill, Elvis Christmas, supremes Christmas
Phil Spector Fast Facts Eddie Jones' help for Tokyo 2020 steals thousands in pigeons
1963 was the best year for Christmas albums: Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams, and Phil Spector. 'Nuff said.
I love the Phil Spector Christmas album. of course he's a monster. Cheers
Anyway, it is why Phil Spector locked up Ronnie Spector at their home. He was paranoid, maybe fearing George would take her away from him.
This is partly why he worked with Phil Spector early on. Yoko Ono handled production and engineering on some of Lennon's Apple work.
Digitally remastered by Phil Spector (from jail?)
Listening to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer by The Crystals, on the album: A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector
I wish the Christmas stations would just play the Phil Spector album on a loop 24/7. Maybe throw in "Christmas Shoes" once an hour.
River Deep, Mountain High by Tina Turner, produced by Phil Spector, playing at Radio Show of...
Phil Spector's Christmas album is another favourite of ours - you have given and…
John Lennon writes to Phil Spector in the 70s, tells him it was Keith Moon & Harry Nilsson who peed on the recording con…
That influence? Phil Spector's production style. B/c SHUT DOWN is home of what some consider greatest pop song ever: https:…
Just realised how terrifying Phil Spector's Album sleeve is. Sweaty, psychotic
Feeling in the Christmas mood? Have a listen to our latest radio show Phil Spector: A Christmas Gift For You. https:…
It’s a pity Leonard never worked with Jim Steinman. Although after Phil Spector, I guess a bit redundant
Forgive me Father for I have sinned. "Tell me your sins...". I've listened to Phil Spector's Christmas record 3 times, & it's only October.
q: when can you start playing Christmas music. a: day after Thanksgiving. q: when can you play Phil Spector's Christmas album. a: october 11
Album 37. A Christmas Gift For You - Phil Spector. It's 75 days til Christmas, so you know.
Brett Anderson rocking out with Phil Spector in an alt-rock style, produced by Bernard Butler
I feel I should be listening to Phil Spector's Gift album
Phil Spector - imagine Christmas without all those songs (actually might be good)
"For a really long time, I confused Phil Spector with Arlen Specter"
Brian Wilson was (is)a geni.. Phil Spector, Paul Mc Cartney Lieber&stoller is a mark in the musichistory. Thank you for the music.
Can you imagine President Trump commuting sentences? Phil Spector, Bernie Madoff and Dustin Diamond would be in the Oval Office by Easter.
GetTV is the best. Saw a ep. of Merv with Eartha Kitt, Phil Spector, and Richard Pryer. It was everything.
"Gary Glitter and Phil Spector both had perms. One was a paedofile, the other was a killer. Nothing good has ever come from having a perm."
Like Brill Building, girl group songs deconstructing Phil Spector evil? If not, please just go away. We'll only annoy each other. Track 8.
Slowly Brian Wilson's style starts to show more layered harmonies a la doo *** and more Phil Spector influence, production-wise.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Am the only one getting a creepy Phil Spector vibe from Fred Davis on
So, Darlene Love opens with a song off the new record and then rips Phil Spector for a bit. Not playing it safe for the Disney crowd
One of my neighbours is playing Phil Spector's Christmas album. ("Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer" to be precise.) How long did I sleep?
I'm like Phil Spector, me. Without the murdering obviously.
You wouldn't say that if I was Phil Spector.
Dum Dum Girls feat. Gotye in a groovy style, produced by Phil Spector
Next a Christmas Gift for you from Phil Spector classic trax the bells of St Mary Bob b sox and the blue jeans,marshmallow world,Darlene luv
Often when you Feel the need to keep adding bits, it's because the core idea isn't interesting"-Phil Spector
I could listen to the recording of Phil Spector songs all day. Are there any other artists/producers that you enjoy listening to the rough …
"Lucy in London" written, sung by Phil Spector featuring Lucille Ball from 1966 TV special
Thanks, Phil Spector. That's not creepy as *** or anything.
For a moment I got this confused with a discussion about Phil Spector and wondered why you were praising a murderer.
no one phils the space quite like Phil Spector
- It's a compilation made after they broke up by Glyn Johns, Phil Spector & to a lesser extent Paul.
Mint Chicks collaborating with Kim Dotcom in a polka style, produced by Phil Spector
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Bill Kristol is the Col. Parker or Phil Spector of the Republican Party
Phil Spector blowing minds with Killing Joke in a Azerbaijani spoken word style, produced by Mike Chapman
two good radio songs are LL Cool J's "Radio" and "Rock and Roll Radio" by the Ramones prod by Phil Spector
The Commodores making musical history with CHVRCHES in a Turkish style, produced by Phil Spector
Just imagine being in Southern California with John Phillips,Dennis Hopper & Phil Spector!!. .
Is that Phil Spector?. No mate, pretty sure that's Dudley Moore.
OMG... blast from the past/and my vinyl collection. Wall of Sound w/o Phil Spector!
. ...although I hope Trump frees Phil Spector to help with the wall..!!
Phil Spector might be a nutjob but his Wall of Sound technique cannot be duplicated, musical genius he was.
screw the Wrecking Crew, I want that crazy dirty little jew Phil Spector, THE ULTIMATE MAN, Master of philling the space, Master of cattle
. Ha ha. I think George later said of Phil Spector, i wish he'd turned the reverb down just a little on that album. :)
I'd rather be at a pool party with Michael Barrymore and Phil Spector than buy a Leeds United season ticket.
Like Phil Spector pioneered the Wall of Sound in music, I like to think I've developed the wall of taste when it comes to spices in food.
Phil Spector's 'Wall of Sound.'. Creates sound of The Crystals/Ronettes. ‘A Wagnerian approach to rock &. roll: little symphonies for kids
end of the century.Phil Spector produced.Bought the album in 1980 I think. some issues with Spector, but just a great collab
Tina Turner talking about how Phil Spector was a difficult personality. "And she lived with IKE TURNER!"
The best way to protect yourself from The Wall of Sound is with a "Phil Spector Patronum" spell
Phil Spector files for divorce from wife Rachelle over money - NY Daily News ... ..
Goal: mention Phil Spector as few times as possible in dissertation about girl groups.
Breaking News: Phil Spector, producer of "Let it Be" & "Imagine" was just sentenced to 19 years to life in prison for murder in Los Angeles.
Phil Spector in combination with Aldous Snow in a1970s metal style, produced by Alan Moulder
Aldous Snow composing a tune with Ike and Tina Turner in a preschool style, produced by Phil Spector
2016 is not kind to icons. *Luckily* we still have iconic RB OJ Simpson, music producer Phil Spector, comedian Bill Cosby. They're safe. :/
I know they're doing a hurricane Katrina based series, but Phil Spector or Robert Blake's cases would be good for S3
Beyonce just signed for a $1M contract. Umm. Is that all?? Who does she think she is, Phil Spector? Tommy Mottola???
and I'm saying, why not Hugo S? Why not have Dr. Luke or Phil Spector produce albums? There's other jobs is why.
calls it his lucky suit. Apparently, Phil Spector wanted to borrow it. —Jay Leno
Phil Spector; Mr Wall of Sounds is married to a 35 year old woman. Someone explain this please. It's goes again genetics.
Phil Spector production styles as well.
"We had a killer of a producer... Phil Spector" -. Another amazing Stern interview
really? I read you were in the studio with Phil Spector.
And what did OJ say?. Sorry! Couldnt resist like in the recent Phil Spector appraisal.
Stern's wig is out of control. Phil Spector status.
I trust as much as I'd trust going on a solo dinner date at Phil Spector's house.
"He was just crazy but he loved Joey. He didn't really want to do the Ramones, he wanted to do Joey." -on Phil Spector
In order to confuse would-be predators, voles will often disguise themselves as one of Phil Spector's many wigs.
Doesn't look anywhere near as good as the new one about Phil Spector though.
Thing I think about a lot: how is Phil Spector coping in prison without access to wigs?
all you need is that one and the Phil Spector one...
This IS very cool and weird. Makin' me wanna go Back To Mono, like Phil Spector. Bought the Beatles mono box. So great!
This city has gone to the dogs. Some Phil Spector looking vagrant just tried to sell me incense on my doorstep then asked why I wasn't jolly
Phil Spector did that & he's considered one of the greatest producers of all time. also he's in jail for murder so
I think this is the Phil Spector version, the sound is pretty big, but no sleigh bells though.
Today I met with Phil Spector's brother Crispin,. He's head of quality control at Walkers.
Phil Spector will show him around the place.
Little Giant Ladders
Phil Spector on Scorsese, Be My Baby sound and Brian Wilson. via
My most recent article featuring Phil Spector, Kim Fowley, Sonny Bono, Danny Hutton and more - available by donation ht…
like i dont listen to a lot of covers unless its like a big name covering, like Ween covering Band on the Run or NMH doin Phil Spector song
Mark Katz: "The DJ begat the producer, simple as that." (That's production in the hip-hop sense, not the Phil Spector sense obvs.)
When I was 22 I didn't realise the significant forewarning of when a man your with tells you they love Phil Spector
Phil Spector's brother Crispin is the head of quality control for Walkers.
Today: I was interviewed by about Rolf Harris and Phil Spector (really), lunch at RAC Club London,
Phil Spector's classic "A Christmas Gift for You" was released on 22-11-1963. Explains why it was not seen as a classic at the time.
Phil Spector, an early master at mixing R&B and pop, required dozens of session musicians to build his famous Wall of Sound.
Phil Spector accidentally invented his famous Wall of Sound by shooting a gun repeatedly to prevent the Ramones from lea…
...namely, Arthur Baker, Tom Moulton, Brian Wilson, Phil Spector and a dash of Daniel Vangarde (for European flair).
Also in 1966, with Phil Spector as producer, Tina Turner recorded her vocal track for “River Deep-Mountain High.”
7 March 1966, Tina Turner recorded her vocal on the Phil Spector produced 'River Deep Mountain High'
1966 Phil Spector records Tina Turner’s vocal for 'River Deep Mountain High', paying Ike Turner $20,000 to stay away from the studio.
Dr Luke is like Jerry Heller mixed with Ike Turner mixed with Phil Spector
"The First Record Producers: The rise and fall of Joe Meek and Phil Spector" by Bob Stanley
Kesha thing is nothing new in the music industry. Look up Darlene Love and Phil Spector. Sleazy business hasn't evolved.
Today in 1970, and despite Paul's objections, Phil Spector agreed to re-mix the Get Back tapes into the Let It Be album
they just sold the coke to Phil Spector ✈️
Ok, I’m watching THE Merv Griffin Show from 1965 with Richard Pryor, Eartha Kitt, Phil Spector, and Lainie Kazan. You?
Did you catch Merv Griffin last night: Phil Spector, Richard Pryor, Wally Cox and Eartha Kitt? 1965 at its weirdest.
is showing a 1966 episode of the Merv Griffin Show with Phil Spector, who showed why he was a nut job well before committing murder.
Eartha Kitt & Phil Spector are on this ep of The Merv Griffin Show.
I dont know if Phil Spector on Merv Griffin Show is on youtube, but Spector is essentially 60s Kanye
is one of my all time fave producers alongside Phil Spector & George Martin ...absolute geniuses ...
I liked a video Ben E. King - Spanish Harlem (Original 1960 version in MONO recorded by Phil Spector)
The Amazon Christmas music playlist first makes you hate Mitch Miller, then makes you hate Phil Spector.
It's here and as wonderful as I expected. Up with Phil Spector in the Christmas album you'd actually want to listen to stakes.
I don't think I would want a Christmas Gift from Phil Spector. Just saying
Robert Blake, Robert Durst, and Phil Spector may as well be the same person.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Say what you will, but Phil Spector's A Christmas Gift FOR YOU is one of my "deserted island" albums. Best holiday record of all time.
A Christmas Gift For You by Phil Spector. Easily in my top 3 of Xmas albums by murderers ♫
Phil Spector ruined that song. The definitive Long and Winding Road is Paul's live version on 1977 Wings Over America album
Listen to "Sleigh Ride" from A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector by The Ronettes on Apple Music. 😍Ronnie ❤
Phil Spector's "A Christmas Gift For You" from 1963 is the only Christmas album I'll ever need.
We're listening to Phil Spector's Christmas album and I'm losing my will to live.
Oh man, James Brown's Christmas album may be nudging Phil Spector's out of its spot..
Time for the Phil Spector Christmas album. Thats right an album by Phil Spector who is somehow less hated than Kanye West or Bono
Common thread between OJ Simpson, Robert Blake that Phil Spector, Scott Peterson did not have, 2 walked on murder 2 did not - WHY
Hallo Josie, we have found the place where Francoise Hardy, Phil Spector & Bing Crosby meet. Come with.
Bonjour Gideon we look for the join between Francoise Hardy, Phil Spector + Bing Crosby. Maybe u will enjoy?
"Francoise Hardy meets Phil Spector's Christmas Gift for You". Can we send you a CD?
a bit of Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Jimmy Smith peppered with Peters and Lee, Phil Spector and Now 3
Phil Spector "a Christmas Gift for you" released day JFK, CS Lewis, Aldous Huxley died. 22/11/1962
Was just listening to the "naked" version of "Let It Be". Much better than over produced Phil Spector version.
All purpose parts banner
Did you that Phil Spector has come under fire his defeat in a over an e-book.
They missed a trick by not having Phil Spector as the new Bond villain. It works on so many levels.
I would also like a Phil Spector / Spectre mashup. Mostly to see Christoph Waltz in that wig.
Then He Kissed Me by The Crystals from Wall of Sound: The Very Best of Phil Spector 1961-1966 ♫
but apparently he loves everything produced by Phil Spector
Little girls tutus also double up as outstanding Phil Spector wigs!
in case you aren't escomced in Long Island with Phil Spector, Tonny Benett, etc. seems like a good NYE
a rapist.nice. Maybe next he'll get OJ, or Phil Spector
Also Osbourne is got a real Phil Spector stare going on
Photo: On this day, October 27th, in 1964: 31-year-old Salvatore Philip Bono, an assistant to Phil Spector,...
1960: Ben E. King records ‘Stand by Me’ and ‘Spanish Harlem’, with Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller and Phil Spector producing,
Sounds amazing: Dion - Good Lovin' Man (with The Phil Spector Wall of Sound Orchestra)
Sure Phil Spector is a murderer. But hey, "Be My Baby" was a good song. -
. ? Phil Spector flossing my teeth with a Glock.
This is I think a cousin to a guy in Scottsdale who started him in the body building sport. Phil Spector was not...
Electronic Device Insurance
Who needs Phil Spector when brings their own this hour? It's pretty great!
On now from the US the legend Hal Blaine of The Wrecking Crew, talking about his career with Elvis and Phil Spector, played on over 100 hits
[Insert your own Phil Spector joke here] (at in Edinburgh)
Can't wait to see James Bond vs. Phil Spector tonight.
An interesting piece of Beatles history (and there is no relation to Phil Spector!)
Just discovered Phil Spector and this feels like a great treasure chest
I added a video to a playlist Dominick Dunne's power,privilege and justice - Phil Spector
If no one's yet photoshopped Phil Spector's face over Christoph Waltz' in a Spectre poster, I dont even know what the Internet's for anymore
It's good to remember the geniuses behind "the Wall of Sound," if only to get past the ick. Thanks a lot, Phil Spector.
Phil Spector made it to you discussion
. Bond parody: SPECTOR with as Phil Spector. That’s a freebie. You can have that one.
A buddy picture where Berry Gordy busts Phil Spector out of jail and they hit the road.
I am seeing Phil Spector with a Beatle wig.
What this show needs next is a crazy Phil Spector type who is going to make Jamaica sing at gun point
- A solo dinner date at Phil Spector's house.
Up. Face like a Renaissance Fresco painted by a one-eared Chimpanzee. Hair like Phil Spector's mugshot. Voice like holed bagpipes. Morning.
Today is St Crispin's Day, the saint Phil Spector's brother was named after, who was head of quality control at Walkers for many years.
still laughing. It's a tame Phil Spector -do. 👍🏻
botched abortions and the music of Phil Spector. Whats not to like?
New Paul Meadow record just in. Producer credit on the center label George Martin and Phil Spector…
My baby on an open thread: The greatest single ever. This was the first Ronettes song produced by Phil Spector... https:/…
Things you didn't know: Producer Phil Spector made a cameo appearance as a drug dealer in the 1969 film Easy Rider… https:…
can I use this photo of Santa Claus Phil Spector to barter for a ticket for the show in Durham tonight?
I do like SPARTAN, but am also fond of his remake of THE WINSLOW BOY. PHIL SPECTOR wasn't really bad...
best xmas album ever, even better than the Phil spector one
Got into the 60s girl groups cos Alabama in True Romance mentioned liking Phil Spector and the song He's A Rebel
or, 'I'm a spooky white clothed spectre with hair like Phil Spector flying like Kestrel from Bo Selecta'
"It's like Phil Spector; yeah, he's a murder, but Be My Baby is a good song." -
People I would vote for President before Donald Trump...Phil Spector.
in 2005 i passed by Phil Spector's home, and that inspired me to be a songwriter. that simple!
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Worst thing Phil Spector ever did: that stupid flange/tremolo effect on honey bee society as it meant less "Sh!t Says." Now?
The reverb pedal arrived. My house sounds like it's produced by Phil Spector.
In 2000, arranger/producer Jack Nitzche died of a heart attack at age 63. Jack collaborated with Phil Spector on numerous classic 60′s hits
This is the 40th anniversary of Born To Run. The song itself was a Phil Spector production on steroids.
When I feel down, I always find Phil Spector's wig is the perfect pick me up.
I recommend having a bath and listen to Phil Spector's Christmas album then watch Miracle on 34th St in August when it's roasting outside..
Its true, Joe Biden and Phil Spector are cousins.
Photo: got a copy (L) of this in a Phil Spector box set in 1996. Had no idea what it was, loved...
Get backwards! Phil Spector has saved the life of a six-year-old by using knowledge gained from sweets!
Get him sacked: Phil Spector scrawled a picture of American War - but with family
Before she made it as singer she was one of Phil Spector's backing singers. He sacked her cos she was too loud. Lol. xx
The 1960s with Baldrick as a dippy hippy and perhaps Blackadder as a scheming Phil Spector type music producer.
Be My Baby or any Phil Spector song, but sang by Phil Spector . Any love song, sang by Jonathan King
or a blow up Phil Spector like Ronnie used to have in the passenger seat
Al Pacino and Helen Mirren bring Oscar cred to HBO movie Phil Spector
Phil Spector couldn't have captured the "surf sound" better. Reverb, tremolo, ambiance. Surf will never get old. Well done.
got a Phil Spector R&B comp for your afternoon groovetainment. "Back to Mono 58-69"
Putting paid to the spectre-lation, I can confirm that Christophe Waltz will not be playing Phil Spector in the film Spectre.
I like comfort. I go with almost ALL Phil Spector Wall of Sound stuff. Why doesn't someone revive this?..
Listening to the curated music at Phil Spector wall-of-sound slam dancing w/doo *** ditties.
Heh, for just a second I thought you meant Phil Spector and I was against the idea of shouting at the screen for 90 minutes.
Lovely song, totally buggered up by Phil Spector.
he never does his Phil Spector stuff, it's a shame
..."actively work with the Beatles during a song recording", which is probably an attempt to exclude Phil Spector but it still...
"I am going to meet my friends OJ Simpson, Phil Spector, and Robert Blake. They call themselves the Ladykillers." LMFAOOO
Phil Spector and Ronnie. Making classics. Is that Sonny Bono in the back?
Went to Palmers Green to order flooring. Came back with an original Phil Spector xmas LP, a Supremes EP and a Margo & The Marvettes single.
Creating a Phil Spector-worthy Wall of Sound with paintings over here!
Phil Spector can't go near the Brill building.
A shot-for-shot remake of the Rock Me Amadeus video with Phil Spector as the Mozart figure.
How come you never hear Gary Glitter records on the radio but convicted murderer Phil Spector gets loads of airplay?
The last band to work with Phil Spector! A dubious honour.
appearance at the Montreux Jazz Festival before returning home to work with Phil Spector. Recording the album was fraught with problems -
"Kanye is an *** " *ignores Phil Spector who almost killed a Beatle and DID kill a woman*
Armory Farmers Market Tip War: Phil Spector wigs out after edging out Donald Trump with 53%.
Love this letter from Paul McCartney about Phil Spector's work on The Long and Winding Road :D
This is my rock project. It sounds like Melvins playing Rihanna. Or Jesus Lizard playing Phil Spector. I don't know.
If he's played Phil Spector in a film about his life that's the worst casting ever.
They should have an album produced by Phil Spector.
Tip War: Hair-raising action as Donald Trump defeats Phil Spector with 68%.
Total bummer House of Blues Sunset Strip closing. Was there often including 2/03/03 when psycho Phil Spector picked up hostess Lana Clarkson
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