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Phil Simms

Phillip Martin Phil Simms (born November 3, 1954) is a former American football quarterback, and currently a television sportscaster for the CBS network.

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Phil Simms is also a pretty awful human being in general. Ask anyone in Franklin Lakes or Wyckoff, ***
Phil Simms, furiously slamming on his remote to end the humiliation of hearing Tony Romo. The garage door lifts and shu…
Everson Walls, Phil Simms, Bill Fralic, Joe Jacoby -- time is about to run out on these HOF-worthy candidacies
Tiki Barber and Phil Simms have been nominated for the Hall of Fame.
Tom Brady is better than Phil Simms is the same reason why Michael Jordan is better than Lebron James 😂😂😂
Any chance there was a Confederate General named Phil Simms?
Confederate Brigadier General Paul Jones Semmes was killed at Gettysburg. Is that close enough to get rid of Phil Simms?
I have my Mute App for Joe Buck and Phil Simms. In PGH, Mike Lange is an institution here. Pens games. Dan Fouts is good. JC
I'm not happy at all about Tony Romo replacing my dude Phil Simms on CBS. Jim Nantz and Phil Simms were my dudes.
Be ready at Wednesday at 6:50 AM for Sileo's Best
Phil Simms dare I say it is another
phil simms and I think he should come and talk for himself.
Phil Simms is a dodgy character, I reckon he plays a major role in this and nobody has caught on yet.
Don't forget to check out Sileo's Best on how the mishandles Backup QBs!
I've never felt that way even with Phil Simms once involved in the CBS side.
to the extreme. He was comparing Brady's first 10 years (the same era as Carr) and then…
Really great stuff from on and Backup QBs!
SILEO’S BEST: Phil Simms feels NFL teams are not preparing their Backup QBs
my mom's husband is a very nice man & she loves him but today I learned he thinks Phil Simms is a great football announcer, so I'm at a loss
How do you feel about Romo replacing Phil Simms as analyst for CBS? I think it will turn out to be a big mistake.
Phil Simms taking about the quality of the Patriots tackling on defense. Not an accident, huge point of emphasis for Bill…
Gus Johnson is right up there with Solomon Wilcotts and Phil Simms.
What an incredible game! We are proud to support Phil Simms' 39th Football Classic!.
Please dont say you believe Phil Simms is a homer.
Enjoyed Boomer & Phil Simms this week since they weren't forced…
I have Phil Simms on a Giant 4X Super Bowl champs hat. I never wear it. Tell your sister.
Phil Simms..ex NY giants said yeah he's rich, but the person who signs his paycheck is wealthy. Go af…
well he didn't do the NFL. I hear Phil Simms won't be on any more so that's progress
From this past Monday at the Phil Simms North-South All-Star Classic football game.
Appears Phil Simms has advised CBS graphics dept where an appendix is located.
.I planned on buying Madden 16 until I read Phil Simms handles commentary in the game :(
I always think of Jeff in Richmond whenever Phil Simms says 'Jeim' to Nantz. Or says 'amazeen'.
you and phil simms are a great team. More of phil when cartons off, you two are a great team ,very enjoyable show past 2days
Let's go 1 level deeper. CBS retained Phil Simms, so they could slide him back in with Nance if Romo were to leave
LISTEN: Boomer and Phil Simms discuss the toxic situation and what's next:
Phil Simms looking strong in CC's chair. What's he benching these days?.
such an enjoyable show this morning with Boomer, Jerry & Phil Simms. Nice to be able to listen before 10am with bald boy off
That's the game that told everyone that he has surpassed Phil Simms, IMO.
Congratulations CJ DeGeorge on representing HCA in the Phil Simms North/South Football Classic.
Half of the players-turned-analysts suck though. COUGH COUGH PHIL SIMMS
Rob Black is the Phil Simms of the CFL
Area stars lead the way as South beats North in the Phil Simms All-Star Classic. has the highlights:
Phil Simms and Boomer Esiason look like the same guy anyway.
Congrats HFC ChuckDonohue Sr on being inducted inyo the HOF tonight presented by Phil Simms
From to this gift guide is sweet. BUY $1249.99 MORE…
Great job by in the Phil Simms North South Football Classic!!! He represented Union with class! IUP got a B…
These are the Shore Conference players participating in tonight's Phil Simms North-South football game at Kean Universi…
Wonder if Phil Simms will give up his own vendetta?
Right! Tell Mr Simms hi for me if you see him lol and Mr Phil
Phil Simms called that SB lol. Now Tony Romo replaced him.
Paul Azinger is sounding too much like Phil Simms for me and it's throwing things off
Reggie Miller is better at announcing than Phil Simms but not by much. Not by enough...
Burleson is the second newcomer to the program, with Phil Simms moving from the broadcast booth to the studio.
I wonder if Phil Simms is going to hold a public press conference and tear up about life as a pro and being replaced in t…
Why is Tony Romo replacing Phil Simms at CBS >
After Jay Cutler it goes Phil Simms and then Jay Cutler and last is Phil Simms
[Larry Brown Sports] - Phil Simms says he was not blindsided by CBS hiring Tony Romo
Love the picture of Phil Simms. He's top on my list. 2. Mark May. 3. Harold Reynolds. 4. Gus Johnson (doesn't do BBal…
I can't stand watching Michelle Beadle for NBA games. I'd rather listen to Chris Collinsworth & Phil Simms talk about training camp memories
good news Michelle Beadle or mrs.Jeter/Bad news Gov. and Phil Simms
Maybe Romo can suck Nances *** better than Phil Simms could. Nance is such a *** bag wit…
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Folks, let's be honest. We ALL heard how terrible Phil Simms was. We ALL know how bad Chris Collinsworth is. Tony w…
Phil Simms is a *** but I don't hate him as much as troy aikman and Joe Buck
Truly amazed that so many people dislike Phil Simms and Tony Romo. Can we all just agree to not like Cris Collinsworth?
Phil Simms maybe on his way out but we're still left with the awful Moose Johnston
Romo is expected to replace Phil Simms and be paired with Jim Nantz as CBS' top game analyst, per
Romo will rescue us from Phil Simms and become top analyst at CBS via
CBS viewers may not have Phil Simms to kick around any more
Now that CBS found a replacement for Phil Simms in Romo. They could make replacing Jim Nantz a priority too - please and thank you.
So long to sweet Phil Simms, the internet’s favorite punching bag
Report: Jets in discussions with free agent QB Phil Simms
I'm really going to miss Phil Simms farting on Jim Nantz.
when we talked about talking about all the way the off-season would go for Phil Simms, we didn't talk about this,
Didn't Phil Simms also go directly from the field to the analyst slot?
Phil Simms will never broadcast another AFC Championship or Super Bowl. Today is a good day.
Phil Simms blindsided by Giants when cut him in the spring of '94. Big mistake. Now CBS replacing him with rookie Tony R…
I forgot about wanting to get Phil Simms banned. Now they get their wish
Christmas in April: Phil Simms off the CBS A team.
On a scale of 1 to Phil Simms how is your day going?
Hopefully Romo's retirement is good news for fans, an upgrade over Phil Simms, gotta be...
Boo! I love Phil Simms. Another reason to watch only college football 🏈
Phil Simms may have talked funny, but the guy knew football better than 99% of any other of the play by play quacks on or
Phil Simms should do American Ninja Warrior. "So, these guys here are talented. They're not actually ninjas, though…
The Seahawks got Phil Simms booted out the booth. Amazing work gentlemen.
The greatest thing Romo ever did was removing Phil Simms from my Sunday afternoons
Inside the NFL 2 on Sho Extreme. Now with Phil Simms, Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless.
CBS reportedly outbid Fox for Tony Romo, who will jump to their team. No word on where Phil Simms will land yet.
You tell that McManis to send on studio! NOT to replace Phil Simms!
JT sounds off on Tony Romo leapfrogging Phil Simms as the top NFL analyst for CBS!
Look for Jim Nantz in the foxhole with Phil Simms as he was with Billy Packer.
It's all coming together. The Texans now have plenty of cap space to sign a newly available Phil Simms.
Can't you just imagine Phil Simms and Drew Bledsoe crying over a beer together right now?
To be fair: Phil Simms has no experience in professional broadcasting either
All of this Phil Simms talk reminds of possibly the greatest words ever to come out of Peyton Manning's mouth. (h/t
The video of Phil Simms getting clowned for nearly swallowing a teabag
He hasn't worked one game yet, but he's already better than Phil Simms and C…
Tony Romo is replacing the guy who farted on Jim Nantz. (Phil Simms) God Bless 🙏🏻
Phil Simms agent: "He has multiple years left on his contract. We will regroup." All together now: there will be lawyers…
Tony Romo deserves to be in the HOF solely due to kicking Phil Simms out of the booth.
Not a fan of Phil Simms, but if I'm him, I'm asking *** just happened??? I'm out.just like that?!?!?!
Tony Romo has officially intercepted Phil Simms career at CBS.
"Aw, Phil Simms, whatta you know about it??"
I hear the Browns are prepared to absorb Phil Simms’s guaranteed salary if CBS will send them a draft pick.
Tony Romo retires from Cowboys, will replace Phil Simms on CBS -
I got rid of Phil Simms. You're welcome, America
Phil Simms farting legacy wil live on forever.
Romo's most heroic save will be taking Phil Simms job and saving us from the worst broadcasting ever done.
Audiences are really going to miss Phil Simms' riveting hot takes. .
Tony Romo couldn't bring himself to use the word 'retired.'
CBS leaves door open for Phil Simms' return after hiring Tony Romo to re.. Related Articles:
What Tony Romo & CBS had to say today about Romo replacing Phil Simms; thoughts on that & Beadle/Sage Steele change:
This is a crazy day in sports media first Sage Steele now Phil Simms is getting the boot from CBS for Tony Romo
Jalen Rose, Phil Simms, Harold Reynolds, Cris Collinsworth (feel free to @ me on the last one)
People are slandering Phil Simms rn with levels of venom usually only reserved for Cris Collinsworth
Phil Simms should try to sign on with the NFL Network or maybe even NBC and replace Cris Collinsworth.
I guarantee he is better than Phil Simms and Cris Collinsworth. Every time they talk, I just want it to end.
.with Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth, and now Phil about it, NBC???
I'm glad Romo is replacing Phil Simms now we just need someone to replace Cris Collinsworth lol
Phil Simms is up there with Ronde Barber and Chris Collinsworth as the worst commentators in football. One down, tw…
If Tony Romo got Phil Simms out the paint, he's a Hall of Famer to me.
"Tony Romo replacing Phil Simms as top analyst at CBS next season (Sports Business Journal)" vi App:
National reaction: Tony Romo is the new Brett Favre; Romo replacing Phil Simms would be 'total crap'
Don't worry about Phil Simms, he'll still get to call postseason games because Tony Romo never shows up for the playoffs.
Tony Romo is reportedly joining CBS and replacing Phil Simms in the booth
Tony Romo is going to save me from Phil Simms
Tony Romo will replace Phil Simms as CBS top analyst
Liking this CBS replacing Phil Simms with Tony Romo news. Never forgave Simms for saying that Aaron Freaking Bailey caught the ball.
Phil Simms is use to it Bill Parcels tried to get rid of him for years
There are worse, much worse. Phil Simms and Reggie Miller come to mind. Every seen
They should make Phil Simms announce basketball too so Jim Nance can never escape his stupidity
Peyton Manning & John Elway mixed with some Phil Simms hair 😂
I wonder what it would be like if Jim Nantz and Phil Simms commentated MLG COD tourneys
Former QB Matt Simms, son of icon Phil Simms, is here for the & pretending to be Tom Brady.
So far at hotel bar, we've seen Jim Rome, Boomer Esiason, Phil Simms, Tedy Bruschi and Cris Carter walk in. Who should we mess with first?
- Based on the commentary I think he's got Phil Simms & Jim Nance under there ;)
Jim Nance and Phil Simms are going to punish Tom Brady later tonight - I can tell you that much.
I wish Jim Nance would stick to golf and Phil Simms would just go away.
you might want to tell Phil Simms and Jim Nance that they don't work for the Kraft family.Heard
Phil Simms is literally the worst announcer in football. Bar none. It hurts to watch and listen to him.
“This is Matt McGloin’s moment.”. Phil Simms recently joined to talk Silver and Black: htt…
Dear CBS,. Why do you continue to hire Phil Simms to act as a sports announcer of the New England Patriots??? . .
Listening to Phil Simms makes me yearn for Buck Martinez, albeit it was a very low bar to limbo under ~sigh
Phil Simms is so bad I rather listen to Darren Rovell shoving an Oreo crusted pretzel dog (available at Heinz Field) up h…
👍 side note, speaking in contradictions. Can we have anyone other than Phil Simms in the booth on Sunday?. geez
Jim Nantz, Phil Simms and Tracy Wolfson will be on the call at Sunday's Dolphins at Steelers wild card game.
Football fans, go check out if you haven't already. It's the only positive to having Phil Simms in the booth.
Chris Berman is retiring...if you could take Chris Collinsworth and Phil Simms with you, America would appreciate it
Around the Dial: CBS Sports will have Jim Nantz, Phil Simms, and Tracy Wolfson on the call Sunday for Broncos/Raiders.
I think I would actually pay money to NOT have to listen to Phil Simms, Chris Collinsworth, and, ESPECIALLY, Jon Grude…
We have enough chopping wood speeches, don't need yours, Phil Simms.
Jim Nantz and Phil Simms are the worst.
Phil Simms and Jim Nantz are gonna learn the Patriots players names today *** it.
Phil Simms just literally yawned to something Jim Nantz just said. I mean, of all announcers to do that to someone else ...
I wonder if Jim Nantz ever wants to punch Phil Simms in the face?
Feels like Jim Nantz and Phil Simms call every broncos game😂
Let's replace Phil Simms and Jim Nantz with Cotton and Pepper
There is no bad decision by a coach that Jim Nantz and Phil Simms won't defend
Do you think Phil Simms gets Wood when he hears Siemian at the huddle say OMAHA?
NFL on Showtime: tonight Boomer Esiason, Phil Simms, Michael Irvin all picked Pittsburgh Steelers to make it to the Super Bowl!
NFL on Showtime: Boomer Esiason & Phil Simms were asked what NFL team would scare anybody both said the Steelers!
NFL on Showtime: when asked what team in the NFL that would scare anybody Boomer Esiason & Phil Simms both said the Pittsburgh Steelers!
Watching Inside the NFL. Can anyone tell the difference between Boomer Esiason and Phil Simms?
Last time I was in New York, I got in a bar room brawl w/ Phil Simms after he said he was better than McMahon. Richard Dent was with me.
"Great pressure by Hayden Jr" - Phil Simms or Boomer Esiason I can't tell the difference they look and sound the same lmao
Jim Nantz, Phil Simms & Tracy Wolfson in Oakland: wow. Just seeing it during commercials of a certain game lol
"Phil Simms is a Super Bowl champion but he's still an *** in the air tea-bagger. Put that on stuff uncle pat says."
Jim Nantz is the hardest working man on television. I can't imagine having to carry Phil Simms through a 3 hours+ football game.
Hello, friends: Jim Nantz, Phil Simms and Tracy Wolfson with the call of Panthers-Raiders on
Well, listening to Phil Simms try to pronounce Will Tukuafu's name just made my day.
Jim Nantz "Phil, how do you think Seattle will look today?". Phil Simms "Well, that's the answer, you already know."
"It's overwhelming how much better they do running behind him." - Phil Simms on Matt Paradis (
Jim Nantz and Phil Simms will call the Indianapolis @ Green Bay game on Sunday.
Phil Simms and Jim Nantz not broadcasting ? Thank god hopefully they died
this tnf game is better just by the fact that and Phil Simms isn't calling it and Jim Nantz..they're no Gouda
I actually don't mind Jim Nantz & Phil Simms but Al Michaels & Cris Collinsworth are an upgrade over pretty much everybody.
Looking ahead to Sunday, fans will enjoy the call of Jim Nantz, Phil Simms and Tracy Wolfson on
Seriously - I can't stand this guy. How did he get this far? He and Phil Simms rank right up there with the worst.
Phil Simms sounds like he's describing Kurt Warner's Rams...yet he's talking about a TEN team that has only beaten MIA, CLE & DET this year.
@ stugotz790 Phil Simms not knowing the safety responsible on the Wright TD. Lol
This game and Phil Simms deserve each other. I, for one, would watch every Jags game ever if Simms announced it
One catch by Kendall Wright on blown coverage? Phil Simms: "Kendall Wright is back!" Sure Phil. Was never good to begin with. And one catch. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Kendall Wright in on a deep ball where the Safety was as clueless as Phil Simms trying to name him.
Here is Phil Simms letting us know how spectacular Landry Jones is, two seconds before he throws a terrible pick. https:/…
Am I wrong to think that I know more about football than Cris Collingsworth and Phil Simms?
Sitting in the press box at Heinz Field next to CBS sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson. Just talked to Phil Simms for couple of minutes
Jim Nantz (play-by-play), Phil Simms (analysis) & Tracy Wolfson (sideline) on the CBS call for Sunday's Patriots-Steelers game.
-can you believe it. Phil Simms and Jim Nantz broadcasting
Michael Irvin and Marshall Faulk clowned Phil Simms and it was hilar..
Ugh Jim Nantz and Phil Simms. Thank god I'm already at a bar
Jim Nantz and Phil Simms coordinated on that purple today.
Jim Nantz and Phil Simms not worthy enough to remain in Bay Area for Raiders - Chargers Sunday?
Phil Simms was just rationalizing Gabbert as a QB. That's when you know there shouldn't be anymore Thursday Night Football.
Can we just have Sam Elliot continue his intro to TNF game and replace Phil Simms?
as long as it's not Phil Simms or Dan Fouts I'm not complaining!
Tracy Wolfson sideline piece doesn't air. Phil Simms says"she could be sunning herself down there." She's a reporter at work…
I'd rather listen to Mike Mayock's lisp than Phil Simms
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Personally, I prefer Jim Nantz and Phil Simms and sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson. But, I'll watch no matter who they are! :)
K&C with Sean Salisbury – The Patriots dominate the Texans, Phil Simms is a moron and Bill O’Brien can’t…
Listening to Phil Simms makes me feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, but instead of the same day on repeat it's mass stupidity
CBS' dream team will be calling Steelers at Eagles on Sunday at 4:25: Jim Nantz, Phil Simms and Tracy Wolfson.
Phil Simms just called the Bills secondary "one of the best" in the NFL. That's just not true. They've been terrible tonight.
Phil Simms makes Rod Black an announcing superst.nah...both are brutal
Why we gotta lose Chris Berman and Mike Turico but keep Chris Collinsworth or Phil Simms???
"Tom Brady gets a lot of easy throws". by far the smartest thing Phil Simms has ever said.
Remember when Phil Simms said that Tom Savage would be the best QB in the '14 draft
Phil Simms on Passing : Fundamentals of Throwing the Football fotos information
Flacco's eliteness, Woodheads grit, Favre's kid like joy, Phil Simms love of punting, tomsula's mustache
Phil Simms Out – Phil Simms at Poling of conference.
I’d take this guy every week over Phil Simms for a start!
If Saturday night is any indication Charles Woodson is going to give Phil Simms a run for his money. Holy *** he was bad.
Talk radio has almost ruined the sports fan.
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but we're still stuck with Phil Simms..
i mute the tv when phil simms speaks. I have to hold the remote in my hand at all times during a simms broadcast
And we complain about the Olympic announcers because they're fairly clueless and offensive but ... have you HEARD Phil Simms?
Landry Jones one gloving it like Michael Jackson (Phil Simms would be in heaven)
If I had a gif of Phil Simms shaking his head disapprovingly, I would put it here.
We can all agree hearing is much better than hearing Phil Simms.
EA getting rid of Jim Nantz & Phil Simms for commentary in Madden was smart. They're not a good video game announce team at all
My dad is quite possibly the biggest Giants fan in the world. I believe he wore a Phil Simms
It's a Phil Simms (11) number of days away from the release of Big Blue Wrecking Crew.
Anybody else think the Olympics would be so much more entertaining with Phil Simms or Jon Gruden calling?
I’m serious: Al Trautwig is in Phil Simms territory.
if you work with Phil Simms like jim nanz does you'll have lapses!!!
"Wade Phillips just out-chessed the Bears." If I didn't know any better I'd think Phil Simms was calling Chicago's preseason games
umm. That is from the Phil Simms school of analysis.
I just got this dark feeling come over me and I realize it's cus at some point ima have to listen to Phil Simms try to low key 💩 on us
Brunell and his boy on commentary make Phil Simms sound like a god *** genius.
Chris Simms son of Phil Simms compared Tom Brady to Kobe Bryant. Brady never been charged w/rape.
NFL clears Peyton Manning of PED use. Laughable! Joke! Look out Phil Simms! Nance has a new partner.
Phil Simms: 61. Craig Carton: 47. Chris Simms: 35. you're close in age to Chris than his old man
No shot at 16. Retired for the late Frank Gifford, and 11 is off the board for Phil Simms. Don't see that one either
I'll save you some google time. The Phillip Sims we signed is not in fact Phil Simms.
Hank Parker Jr sounds like the racing equivalent of Phil Simms's commentary in Madden
I think instead of hiring Sean McDonough, Monday Night Football should move itself to CBS with Jim Nantz, Phil Simms, and Tracy Wolfson.
Reggie Miller, Roy Jones Jr and Phil Simms walk into a bar…..
likes when Cris Collinsworth and Phil Simms commentate on football games
Who won the Kentucky Derby?. Jim Nantz, Phil Simms, and Tracy Wolfson won it because they got to spend it with you, the fans at home.
So did Phil Simms, Doug Walters and Joe Flacco. All 3 have Super Bowl rings.
Interesting Wentz-related stat. 4 FCS QBs ever have been drafted in the first round: Doug Williams, Phil Simms, Steve McNair, and Joe Flacco
- The end of Phil Simms? asked John for advice whether to accept a position at CBS to be NFL analyst with Jim Nantz.
Even if I hated Peyton I'd probably shank someone if it meant getting him instead of Phil Simms.
REPORT: Peyton Manning was offered Phil Simms' spot next to Jim Nantz in the broadcast booth
Peyton Manning reportedly reached out to John Madden for "advice." The sooner Peyton replaces Phil Simms the better. I think all would agree
about as big of a fan as you are of Phil Simms' announcing
Phil Simms never really bothered me. I'm usually pretty good at tuning people out and just watching the game
small school comps I can think of: Ken Anderson, Phil Simms, Neil Lomax, Kurt Warner. Will be interesting to see
His mgmt is really working wonders for him. Even Jerry Jones won't take a gamble on 'eem (ala Phil Simms).
Yes, but a puppet version of Phil Simms.
Melrose is the Phil Simms of college hockey commentary
One good reason to watch college basketball on is to hear Jim Nantz without him being drug down by Phil Simms.
Even this guy would represent an upgrade over Phil Simms. Make it happen
So CBS is definitely replacing Phil Simms with a puppet next season right?
Wow. Just saw that. *** Nice work, You made it on Look at you and Phil Simms, man...
Except for Phil Simms, which is scary if you think about it.
A Muppet parody of Phil Simms would make more sense than Phil Simms
Without QUESTION! So glad I didn't miss this!! Can't wait to see Jim Nance and Phil Simms next lol!!
CBS should just replace Phil Simms with a puppet for the 2016 NFL season.
Taylor Twellman is the Phil Simms of soccer commentators.
can some one please tell Phil Simms to slit his wrists.
I have realized: 1) I still hate Phil Simms. 2) Dang...the defense was exceptional and utterly unappreciated.
Love you stuff! Just sayin' it's not always perfect , Reggie not that bad, Phil Simms, yes
With each nonsensical statement It's as if Reggie Miller is trying to taunt Phil Simms. .
The rocket of hated celebrities from "Treehouse of Horror X," except with Reggie Miller, Phil Simms, and both Waltrip brothers.
The 1st athlete to declare "I'm going to Disney World" after a great Super Bowl performance was Phil Simms who did it in 1987
Talk radio has almost ruined the sports fan. -
A2: winning SB 21. Got to meet Phil Simms at an amusement park when he was a rookie QB.
How do you not go for it there, Riverboat Ron? And why didn't Phil Simms call him out?
For clarity, Jim Nantz said the three greatest Louisville athletes were Ali, Horning and Phil Simms. I dispute Simms.
Phil Simms couldn't have ever outdunked Darrell Griffith
Here it is! Phil Simms knocked Michael's popcorn bucket out of his hand on the way to the elevator
On DWTS, Erin Andrews told Doug Flutie that 5 is a better score than 4. She's coming for Phil Simms' job, obviously.
"Always remember, if he's covered, he's open" - Phil Simms
dual hit in 2015 Supreme Phil Simms, Lawrence Taylor auto jersey booklet /15 at
Simms hit in 2015 Supreme Phil Simms auto at
his name is Bronson. Starting to sound like Phil Simms
Just throwing this out there. Aaron Rodgers and inflategate: - No investigation/suspension for Rodg…
There's 2 things you don't do:. 1) open an email from Phil Simms in front of your kids. 2) jinx someone going for a perfect week
He seems like the kind of guy that thinks Phil Simms gives good commentary as well...
Love the way Phil Simms pronounces him as eem.
Can't will till I get the notification one day saying Phil Simms got cancer and won't be able to broadcast anymore
Doug Gottlieb is worse than rolling Reggie Miller, Joe Buck, and Phil Simms into one announcer... but with Joe Pesci's voice.
Did you know the author George RR Martin is a huge NYG and NYJ) fan? Wun Wun, the giant is Phil Simms
get rid of Gottlieb and Phil Simms ( NFL-I know)
Is Doug Gottlieb related to Phil Simms and Cris Collinsworth? I can't stand listening to him commentate
Why does mike milbury suck so bad? It's like the phil simms of hockey when it some to the penguins.
Sickening. And James Brown and Phil Simms can kiss my *** too. It's the Redskins, STUPID!
"like the spin of a curveball in baseball"? What??? Phil Simms tell you that?
Galbreath was safety valve for Simms in spot role. Meggett became much more effective in that role later in Phil's career
JUST THINKING THAT! We have 8 games today. Get it together It's bad enough I have to listen to Phil Simms on Sundays.
I wonder what Phil Simms emails look like when he sends them to Jim Nance.
were you the only failed Phil Simms clone to escape the laboratory?
& Follow to enter to win this Phil Simms Museum auto /5! Winner announced LIVE on tonight's show
could you imagine him and Phil Simms doing a college bball game?
I flinch every time I hear Jim Nantz talk during I'm afraid Phil Simms is going to start speaking next.
Phil Simms does it too but he ends up saying things like “So what does he do? He plays football!”
She learned it from Phil Simms during NFL season.
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