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Phil Alexander Robertson (born April 24, 1946) is an American professional hunter, businessman (Duck Commander), and reality television star on the popular television series, Duck Dynasty. West Monroe is a city in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana, United States. 5.0/5

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Duck Commander is a family-owned company based in West Monroe, Louisiana founded by Phil Robertson in 1972. The Ro…
Phil Robertson's Response After A&E Network Tells Him to Stop Praying to Jesus Because… might offend Muslim viewers! Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson is a devout Christian, an elder at the White's Ferry Road Church of Christ in West Monroe, Louisiana, and he's outspoken about his beliefs. He…
My sweet daughter Candi drove up from West Monroe, Louisiana the other day with my grand daughter Amber and brought me two Fathers day cards, a container of Phil Robertson's Cajun style Seasonings (good on anything that walks, crawls, flies, or swims) a package of Duck Dynasty Bearded Blend coffee, and a DVD of Lone Survivor. She had to work the next day so she didn't get to stay but a couple of hours and had to drive back. If you have never tried some of that seasoning it is fantastic. She brought me some when I was living in Texas and I have been hooked ever since. It is good on vegies as well as meat and fish. And that Duck coffee is super.
Phil Robertson, the patriarch of Louisiana's Duck Dynasty clan is being accused once again of making "anti *** remarks when he quoted Scripture during at sermon he delivered at his home church in West Monroe on Easter Sunday. Remarks not in a national magazine, nor on TV, nor in any other forum, bu…
Phil Robertson's comments are included in a sermon delivered at his church in West Monroe, Louisiana, on Easter Sunday. Robertson includes homosexuals with other groups such as thieves and adulterers as *** bound sinners.
Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson defended his controversial comments about homosexuality at an Easter Sunday church service in West Monroe, Louisiana. A video of the sermon has begun to circulate, showing Robertson describing his version of the interview with GQ's Drew Magary that got him suspended…
Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson gave an Easter Sunday sermon at Whites Ferry Road Church in his hometown of West Monroe, La., on April 20. It’s making the rounds.
— Many residents of West Monroe, Louisiana are supporting Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson, after his controversial s…
OK, this is in the category of "Its cool to be me!" This morning Justin and I went to church in West Monroe, La. We worshipped with Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander". We met him and shook his hand, he being dressed in traditional camo clothing, and then witnessed him administering baptism to some people new in the faith. We also met and shook hands with Jep, the youngest member of the family. Yup.its cool to be me! Uncle Lar.
Look out for the Duck Commander 500 this April. The Texas Motor Speedway announced this week that it had picked up CEO Willie Robertson's company as its title sponsor for the April 6 Sprint Cup race. As part of the three-year deal, the Robertson family will also be highly visible at the race. According to Sporting News, Phil, Uncle Si, the "bearded brothers" and their wives and children could potentially serve as race grand marshals and will likely make appearances throughout the weekend. In addition to the in-person attendance of the cast, "Duck Dynasty" merchandise based off the A&E show will be available for sale and on display. The concession menu will also bear the reality television show's influence, selling Uncle Si's Tea and offering dining options from Duck Commander Family Foods. The Duck Commander company was founded by Willie's father, Phil Robertson in West Monroe, La., in 1972. The fifth season of "Duck Dynasty" plays on A&E on Wednesday nights.
"But West Monroe is also home to the most famous anti *** person in the world: Phil Robertson. I’ve never met...
Interesting and true IMO: Why is Phil Robertson the most dangerous man in America? First of all, he’s a man of conviction. He knows what he believes and he’s not afraid to say it. This is a rare quality in America today and most sensible people will respect him for it even if they don’t agree with everything he says. Second, he has God on his side. His scripture quotes are accurate. He and his family and company represent values that are fading away in our society. Deep down I believe most of us wish we could return to the more simple life and that includes praise and worship of the One who gave us everything. If God is for us, who can be against us? Third, and most dangerous of all, he doesn’t care what you and I think. He’s made his millions. He and the family are set for life. If the TV show goes away, he’ll just keep making duck calls, preaching the Gospel, and hunting his beloved acreage. His devotion to God and family is real, born of a lifestyle that was full of sin. He found ...
Phil Robertson, one of the stars of the A&E reality show Duck Dynasty who ignited a national controversy this week with remarks in a magazine interview comparing homosexuality to bestiality, vowed he would not give or back off as he joined his family at church in West Monroe, La.
Several years ago, a family from West Monroe Louisiana found their way into our living rooms. They were unique, entertaining, and authentic. When the first episode ended in prayer, I knew I had found a show I could support. The problem is that others were watching too. They targeted this family from day one. From the beginning, the liberal media began printing stories of drinking, abuse, and racism. What was it that was so wrong with this family that the world couldn't leave them alone? Faith. Faith was the problem. This family, with all their millions, with all their success, blatantly confessed their faith and hope in God. The world cannot tolerate such an offensive stance. As outspoken as the father was, it was only a matter of time before he would say something that this overtly intolerant world couldn't stand. GQ magazine did not have to entice Phil Robertson. They did not have to pry the truth from his lips. They only had to listen. They had him. Now all they had to do was sit back and let the world ...
Phil Robertson broke his silence on Sunday, Dec. 22 during a Bible study group in West Monroe, Louisiana, since his controversial GQ interview was published
Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" addressed his recent controversial comments while at his bible study group in West Monroe yesterday. Read what he had to say:
Breaking News out of West Monroe.. Phil Robertson, coming out of Walmart, stated "Pulling for the Panthers is a sin also". Who Dat!!
So how long before John Gray, Ph.D., comes out with a sequel to "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, the Classic Guide to Understanding the Opposite Sex?" Maybe, "Phil Robertson is from West Monroe, Louisiana - A&E may as well be from Uranus, the Classic Guide to Understanding middle America?"
“How Jesus changed the 'Duck Dynasty' family” Duck Dynasty is the most-watched nonfiction cable television show in history. It tells the story of the Robertson family, one of the greatest success stories in recent memory. Phil Robertson, the patriarch, grew up in northwestern Louisiana, living in a home with no electricity, toilet, or bathtub. His family ate whatever they could grow, catch or shoot. Phil was an all-state athlete in football, baseball and track, eventually playing quarterback at Louisiana Tech University ahead of future Hall Of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw. He and his wife married when she turned 16 and soon had three sons. He was offered a contract by the Washington Redskins but declined since football interfered with duck season. In 1972, he invented the "Duck Commander" duck call, which his family has built into a multi-million dollar empire. He does not own a cell phone or a computer. Phil and his family attend White's Ferry Road Church in West Monroe, Louisiana, and are ...
Ok something I have never seen in Memphis.a "Christmas on the River" commercial starring Phil Robertson! Monroe/West Monroe have arrived!!
So Ashtan got to meet Christine,Si & Phil Robertson this summer in West Monroe,Louisiana this summer. mom took some of the pics that she took and had books made for Ashtan & Cole. She mailed them to Christine and asked her to sign them and mail them back. Not only did she sign them Si & Phil did also. How cool is that.
As an alumni of WMHS, I found this article in the Rebel Dispatch very interesting. Thought those fans of Duck Dynasty might enjoy reading it, as well. HAVE YOU MET THEM? There’s a lot more happening in West Monroe than you might think! As the years have passed many changes have occurred in your home town. In this issue we hope to bring you up to date on some of the special features that make your home town an attractive place to visit. The most recent news is the phenomenal success of the Phil Robertson family and their Duck Dynasty television show which airs on Wednesday nights on A & E. The Commander warehouse, located on the corner of Thomas Road and King’s Lane, is one of the major sites for filming of the popular show. Willie Robertson graduated from West Monroe High School in 1990 and Alan Robertson graduated with the Class of 1982. Willie played basketball for the Rebels. The two younger Robertson’s attended the new West Ouachita High School since Phil and Miss Kay live in the southwest ...
Is this Phil Robertson in Iowa, all the way from West Monroe??!!!
So, i just learned that my moms cousin went to West Monroe High School where she went to church and was friends with Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty and Phil Robertson was her PE coach... whoa
It's Sunday morning, and Alan Robertson, dressed in all black, steps up to the wooden pulpit at White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ in the small town of West Monroe, La. The crowd of nearly 1,500 erupts into applause. Alan Robertson joins the "Duck Dynasty" family businessThe Robertsons gather together regularly for church, but for years they’ve been split over the show that’s made them famous to 9.6 million viewers. Alan has never appeared on “Duck Dynasty” — he’s the only brother of the four who’s avoided the spotlight. Until now. When the show returns for Season 4 on Aug. 14, Alan will join the cast. He’s hanging up his job as a full-time pastor to work for the family business (duck call manufacturing) as the company’s Beards and Beauty Wrangler — managing p.r. and speaking tours for the family. The suited, clean-shaven Alan, 47, looks like an overly plucked duck next to his hirsute, hunting-clad kin. “The beards are so iconic,” admits Alan, the eldest brother, who only lets h ...
I still can't believe Phil Robertson was starting QB over Terry Bradshaw and turned down the NFL to stay in West Monroe 😱😍💚
If you look close, it looks like Phil Robertson, West Monroe god of happy, happy, happy! @ Casa de Eades
On the way home Mart took me to see where Duck Commander was in West Monroe. Also rode by Phil and Miss Kay' s house. Would have loved to have a Bible study with Phil Robertson. Oh we'll maybe next time I am in the area. Anytime they are in Bridge City, La come by Bridge City Baptist Church, they could share a Bible story with us! Would make me happy, happy, happy. And that's a fact hack.
Words from the church that the Duck Dynasty people attend. Sounds like they are about to break out in revival Larry Avis West What a morning service we had at White's Ferry Road in West Monroe! Half our thousand members, I'll bet, marched to the cross and laid before Christ names they want to reach for Him this year! Half! In the process six came forward to obey the Gospel. You see here Phil Robertson baptizing one as both a husband and wife obeyed to become Christians. Si shouted from the back, "This is double dipping!". :) What a joy!! All this too was among other responses!
In 2 weeks I am going to West Monroe, La to the Duck Commander Store and the church where Phil Robertson preaches. Very excited and ready to go .
HAPPY...HAPPY...HAPPY as Phil says on Duck Dynasty. I found my old duck call from my second Navy duty station...Whidbey Island Naval Air Station at Oak Harbor, WA. where our first child was born. He is now 40. Oh my...but the duck call still works. It is a Faulk's WA-22 made in Lake Charles, Lousiana (must have been before West Monroe was put on the map by the Robertson rednecks.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Although i will miss the sounds of f-16 falcons flying by at all hours, it's time to pack up and head to West Monroe, LA and find the Duck Commander company headquarters and see what mischievous stuff the Robertson men are up to.
Ray has made it home. He actually went to West Monroe to hear Perry Stone, and now I have new books to read..., But along the way, he and Mark stopped by Duck Commander. I now have 2 Duck Dynasty T Shirts. (Lime Green - Happy, Happy, Happy - Phil Robertson & Hot Pink - Duck Commander). So, I guess my husband loves me.
"Call in a game warden, probably gonna get stuck with something!" Phil Robertson (Duck Dynasty) Strange.How did a theory I grew up with in Rays Cove,Pa. end up in West Monroe,La. ?
Caroline's mom just announced se use to live in West Monroe and went to church with Miss Kay and Phil Robertson...😱
Just getting in from seeing and hearing the Duck Commander him self, Phil Robertson. He was so great, delivered a wonderful message. Preached the true Word of God to about 1500 people I think they said. I am so sad that Ms. Kay could not make it. I was looking forward to meeting her. I guess by now they are already back in West Monroe, La. The Alan Brothers Hunting Preserve done a great job with the whole program. Doubt I will ever see them again, too much trouble getting in and out, but Chris, Chastity and Daniel helped me so much or I could not have made it. My ole walker/chair saved the day once again. Their son Alan and his family came in her place. I was glad to get to see him. He will most likely be on the new shows starting at the end of February. Glad I went, thanks to Chris and family for taking me. Glad to be back home, it is cold outside.
now here's a question for VSO alumni: does Larry Robertson have kin in West Monroe, LA? and furthermore, has anyone ever seen Larry Robertson/Mike Regan standing in the same room with Phil/Si Robertson? just what is behind those beards and who has seen LR and MR who can attest to their true identity and residence?
"A little bit a make up'll cover up a lot of evil." ~ Phil Robertson
I now have another dream to add to my dream life list... I want to speak for Brother Phil Robertson, the Duck Commander of the infamous Duck Dynasty, at his church in West Monroe, Louisiana. And then I want to meet his whole family and sit down at their big table and eat with them. Oh, and I want to sit next to Uncle Si and fellowship with him...JACK!!
Just passed by Phil Robertson (the Duck Commander) driving to a job site. The things you see in West Monroe..
Searched Duck Commander, Phil Robertson is a man of God. 100's of speaking engagements a year to spread the Gospel. They have a fourth son named Alan, who by the way is a full time minister in West Monroe, LA. Phil was the starting quarterback at Louisiana Tech, Terry Bradshaw was his backup. His saying is that, "Terry went for the bucks and I went for the ducks."
Duck Dynasty WHAT a Creepy JOKE !!! It's time it's said. What a bunch of CREEP'S ! A&E./Duck Dynasty ! Are you kidding me these jerks claim they're Elders in the Church of Christ , and on their show , they curse, make wine, threaten,and pass sexual innuendo's among other things ! P.S. Just because you are from the south, does not give you the right to shame the Lords Church, or to make all southerners look stupid, consequently ,resulting in losses in conversions !!! Beware of Phil Robertson of West Monroe , Louisiana (Faux Elder of Pseudo CofC) !!!
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