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Phil Alexander Robertson (born April 24, 1946) is an American professional hunter, businessman (Duck Commander), and reality television star on the popular television series, Duck Dynasty. Louisiana Tech University, often referred to as Louisiana Tech, LA Tech, or Tech, is a coeducational public research university in Ruston, Louisiana, United States. 5.0/5

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According to recent reports, faculty members at Louisiana Tech University were seen walking out of the school’s commencement ceremony. Apparently, they were unhappy that an award was being given to Phil Robertson, the controversial star of Duck Dynasty. The walk out was a result of comments that Rob…
Three faculty members walked out of the Louisiana Tech University commencement ceremony Saturday to show their disdain for alumnus Phil Robertson. Students in the Louisiana Tech's LGBTQ organization, Prism, sparked the idea via social media.
It's no secret that "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson has become a divisive figure since his comments about homosexuality and sin went viral last December. But perhaps nothing best illustrates the divide more than a decision by three Louisiana Tech University facility members to walk out in pr…
To the chagrin of many in the audience, Phil Robertson’s appearance at commencement ceremonies held last Saturday at Louisiana Tech University caused outrage and walk-outs over the awarding of the schools prestigious Tower Medallion award to the Duck Dynasty patriarch, reality star and preacher.
Phil Robertson the family patriarch on Duck Dynasty and creator of the Duck Commander duck call was a standout quarterback at Louisiana Tech University. Terry Bradshaw was the backup. He was contacted by the Washington Redskins after his junior year but chose instead to quit football because it interfered with duck hunting season. He has a net worth of $15M and Bradshaw a net worth of $10M.
'Duck Dynasty' patriarch Phil Robertson said his Louisiana Tech University classmates and even his beloved wife, 'Miss Kay,' were pensive about his entrepreneurial plan to build and sell duck calls in 1972.
Living Blue in North Carolina is happy to share the knowledge and wit of Bud Write. Enjoy. {Suzy} Bud Wright: Apparently only some have Free Speech rights The Daily Advance Friday, January 10, 2014 A few weeks back I visited the issue of the “Duck Dynasty” flap. You may remember it (the flap, anyway). It all started when “Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson gave an interview to “GQ” magazine. First things first. Anyone who mistakes Phil Robertson for an uneducated, backwoods goober is evidencing a serious error in judgment. A very talented athlete, Phil played first-string quarterback ahead of NFL Hall-of-Famer Terry Bradshaw at Louisiana Tech University and walked away from the opportunity to play for the Washington Redskins because of his passion for duck hunting. He holds a master’s degree in education and spent several years working in that field. The controversy that started with the interview was a public relations nightmare for all concerned. Robertson expressed his views on homosexuali ...
Phil Robertson was born and raised in Vivian, Louisiana, a small town near Shreveport. With seven children in his family, money was scarce and very early on, hunting became an important part of his life. As a high-school athlete, Phil was All-State in football, baseball, and track which afforded him the opportunity to attend Louisiana Tech University on a football scholarship. There he played first string quarterback ahead of Terry Bradshaw. Phil's been quoted as saying "Terry went for the bucks, and I chased after the ducks." After receiving his Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education and a Master's in Education, he spent several years teaching. While his students claim he was an excellent teacher, spending time in a classroom brought Phil to the conclusion that his time and talents would be better spent in the woods. Phil and his family, which by this time included wife Kay, and four boys, Alan, Jase, Willie, and Jeptha began a quest to turn his passion for hunting and fishing into a livelihood. Never s ...
Is Phil Robertson Running For the United States Senate? By Louis A. DeFreitas, Sr. Phil Robertson, of Duck Dynasty fame, made some comments in a vulgar manner that offended many homosexuals and many Blacks in America. What I found most interesting about Phil Robertson is that he is pushing the image that he is some kind of back woodsman who is without a formal education. He is pushing the notion that he is a man who would rather be hurting hogs and other animals than enjoying his modern home and his very classy wife, who he has been married to for over fifty years. Education of Robertson The image that Phil Robertson is portraying is the opposite of who he is. Phil Robertson is a graduate of one of Louisiana’s elite Universities, Louisiana Tech University. Louisiana Tech has a Tier 1 national university ranking in last year’s U.S. News & World Report. At Louisiana Tech, Phil “Roxie” Robertson was the star quarterback on the football team. Terry Bradshaw was the second string quarterback behind Phi ...
Terry Bradshaw was on Jay Leno show the other night, said he was the backup quarterback for Phil Robertson at Louisiana Tech University back in the 60's. Knowing Bradshaw I had to check it out and it is true. Robertson was an outstanding football player. WOW!! Could have went Pro but wanted to hunt Ducks. Well both men have done real well in life.
Hey, for those of you that do not agree with Phil Robertson and do not feel he has a right to Free Speech. Do a little research on the man. Do you know this backwards southern redneck has a Masters Degree in Education from Louisiana Tech University and is a Preacher along with his eldest son at his local Church. He is considered a Devout and Faithful Preacher in his hometown and has been recorded preaching these quotes from the bible for years before DD. A&E clearly new of his history. During his interview with GQ he was actually referring to a quote in the bible - 1 Corinthians 6:9-11. This is exactly what our rights to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion were designed to protect. This is not an employer/employee issue. It's much larger than that.
What you folks might not know is that even though Hall Of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw came out of Louisiana Tech University touted as the top football prospect in the country, he spent two years on the bench as the backup to another man currently in the news. The other guy, according to Terry, was really that good, but he chose to NOT pursue professional football. Any guesses who that guy might have been? Phil Robertson... Duck Dynasty. Yep.
In a country founded on the belief of amendments which guarantee the people a number of certain freedoms, limits the power – to an extent – of the government in judicial and other settings and makes the state and/or district free to run their own territory without the suits in Washington pissing their pants and complaining said state/district is too powerful, some sure have lost sight of these items this week. Especially in the case of a man in Louisiana who hasjust had his copy of The Bill of Rights ripped up and used to wipe the *** ofthe leaders of a certain television network. Phil Robertson, aka The Duck Commander, was recently quoted in a GQ Magazine article saying some things some people have gotten their undies jammed up their *** by. In a statement, which clearly stated it was nothing more than HIS opinion – not the opinion of the network, not the opinion of his family, not the opinion which he hoped the entire world would believe – he went and got himself removed from the show he and ...
Uneducated Redneck is he. Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" . Louisiana Tech University on a football...
Terry Bradshaw was the back-up quarterback to Phil Robertson in the 60's at Louisiana Tech University until Phil gave up football with one year of eligibility remaining because the game and any future in it interfered with his heart’s dearest passion: duck-hunting season (Sports Illustrated-Posted March 22,2012).
I read an article recently that said that Phil Robertson, of Duck Dynasty, attended Louisiana Tech University with Terry Bradshaw. Phil actually played 1st string Qtr back ahead of Bradshaw. Interesting??? And also that all the men on Duck Dynasty used to be clean shaven but their women liked the beards : ) A&E give Phil back his part on Duck Dynasty!
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It was 50 years ago this week that Phil Robertson, a standout quarterback with North Caddo High School, signed a sports scholarship with Louisiana Tech University, starting a career that would put him ahead of another local standout, Terry Bradshaw, and a
Terry Bradshaw, Pittsburg Steelers Hall Of Fame quarterback, four times Superbowl champ and two times Superbowl MVP, was a backup at Louisiana Tech University to first string quarterback Phil Robertson. Oh, yeah, Phil Robertson, the patriarch of “Duck Dynasty.” Who’da thunk it?
"The company was founded by Phil Robertson. A star quarterback at Louisiana Tech University, Robertson had offers to play in the NFL but turned them down since he did not want to miss duck season"
Terry Bradshaw and Phil Robertson reunite at Louisiana Tech University for the first time since they were both quarterbacks at the school.
Phil Robertson has a masters degree in education. He attended Louisiana Tech University where he was starting...
: When Duck Commander Phil Robertson was a college quarterback at Louisiana Tech University, the second string QB underneath him was Terry Bradshaw. You learn something new everyday.
To win a set of duct tape piggies, be the first correct post to answer: What famous NFL star quarterback did Phil Robertson (Duck Dynasty) start in front of at Louisiana Tech University? Remember that the winner pays $2.50 shipping for their prize or may add it to their order. Please limit your winning so that others get the chance to play and win. Thanks!
An NFL-bound quarterback, Phil made his mark on Louisiana Tech University in the 1960s by playing football and completing his college career with a master’s degree in English. But Phil’s eyes were not always on the books or the ball; they were usually looking to the sky.
Did you know that Phil Robertson, patriarch of the Duck Dynasty family, was the quarterback IN FRONT OF Terry Doug Bradshaw, at Louisiana Tech University? No lie! Read about it here:
Terry Bradshaw became the starting quarterback at Louisiana Tech University when this person decided to give up football and see if he could make a living combining his two favorite things in life!!! And he did!! ?
Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty played 1st string QB at Louisiana Tech University ahead of Terry Bradshaw in the '60s. who woulda known?!?!
Phil Robertson, creator of Duck Commander started at QB at Louisiana Tech University over Terry Bradshaw.
Here is an interesting factoid: The great Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw (winner of 4 Super Bowls AND called all his own plays) went to Louisiana Tech University. He sat the bench until in his Junior Year. Then the starting quarterback, Phil Robertson, got hurt. According to Terry, Phil loved hunting more than football and started making his own duck calls (that's right..) and turned it into a multimilllion dollar business. Yep, Phil (happy, happy, happy) from Duck Dynasty played AHEAD of Terry Bradshaw at quarterback in college until he got hurt. Small world.
Phil Robertson started QB ahead of Terry Bradshaw in college at Louisiana Tech University.
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