Phil Robertson & Jesus Christ

Phil Alexander Robertson (born April 24, 1946) is an American professional hunter, businessman (Duck Commander), and reality television star on the popular television series, Duck Dynasty. Jesus of Nazareth (7–2 BC/BCE to 30–36 AD/CE), also referred to as Jesus Christ or simply Christ, is the central figure of Christianity and is also regarded as an important prophet of God in Islam. 5.0/5

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To Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty I support you an your believes, I am very sure Jesus Christ does to this world needs more people who ain't afraid to say their believes , alot of them has no clue to do the fact they took Christ out of everything even rev Jackson. So stand strong Robertson family.
Phil Robertson has shown us something besides his devotion to Jesus. He has shown us that there are at least 5 righteous men, (thru Jesus Christ) left in this country. It's a fact because we, as a nation, are still here.
Phil Robertson is not the reason for the season guys, let's use your time to talk about the most important thing right now and that it is the birth of Jesus Christ ~ Merry Christmas...
December 21, 2013 It should be common knowledge by now that Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the A&E television reality show, “Duck Dynasty”, said some controversial things about homosexuality and shared his view on race relations during the 1960’s civil rights era. Robertson has been suspended from the reality show by A&E in response to complaints from *** and civil rights groups. Phil Robertson passed on a chance to be an NFL quarterback to follow his passion for hunting ducks and wild game in North Louisiana. He experienced many bumps on the road to Duck Dynasty fame and credits his family business success to his accepting Jesus Christ into his life. The statements Robertson made during an interview with Drew Magary for “Gentleman’s Quarterly”, (GQ), magazine were his personal views on the *** lifestyle and his reflections of life in rural Louisiana prior to and during the civil rights era. When Robertson, a deeply spiritual man, was asked by Magary, what is sinful, he replied, “Start ...
I agree with Phil Robertson that homosexuality is against what the Bible says. I agree that it is his freedom to voice his opinion. I also wished that our society paid more attention to the teachings in the Bible. Although I am a little disappointed that everybody missing the point instead of posting pictures of Phil you should be posting bible scriptures. And another thing Sheriffs and Governors making public speeches about what they are doing to support Phil but nobody is willing stand up and support our rights that our federal government tries to take from us. If your going to stand up and support someone support what Jesus Christ said not what Phil Robertson said. If we were as passionate about our rights as we are about a reality tv star there be a lot more people standing up to end abortion or homosexual marriage. I think the governor of Louisiana is standing up for campaign funds in the next election instead of the Bible . If he was worried about Bible teachings think of what New Orleans wo ...
As I have read occasionally today, all of the opinions about Phil Robertson, I have come to the conclusion that there are still some people out there that believe in the "One and Only True and Living God". I have read most of the articles that have been written, along with my daily Bible Studying, and I also stand with and by the decision that Phil has made. knew there was one coming (those of you who know me).I can't help to believe that it would be great to see the people come out and support Jesus Christ, the Risen Savior, at your local church, not to support per say the church, not the building, but to help build the Kingdom of God. Some may say that supporting Phil is standing for Jesus, but I would say no, it's not. You are standing behind Phil. Come out and stand for Jesus Christ, the One who can and will respond to your support for Him. I have told our congregation, "I know our purpose here in Haywood County and even to the region. There are churches that open their doors on Sunday Mor ...
Sittin here thinking and can't help to have all this Duck Dynasty stuff on my mind a long with the upcoming Christmas season. The Lord above sent his only son down to this earth to die for everyone. That means everyone can make it as long as they have repented and live for God. It saddens me to see a Man of God like Phil Robertson come under scrutiny for his religious beliefs. Well I'm not in the spot light like him but you might as well throw me under the microscope as well. Phil done what most Christians are afraid of doing and that is putting the Creator, The Lord of Lords and King of Kings before the things of the world like A&E. He did not care and neither should the rest of us. We would be better off if we paid more attention to Jesus Christ instead of the World. What saddens me even more is to see SO CALLED Christians basically backing A&E for their decision. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Take a lesson from Phil and stand for what the bible says. It's plain, it's simple. There has been scrip ...
This is what I have to say about the situation with Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty. Phil was probably asked about his position on homosexuality. You can't get mad when you ask someone for their opinion and they give it to you. Biblically speaking homosexuality is a sin, but so is anger, lying, gossip, lust, etc. Sin is sin no matter which one it is. If you have committed one sin you have committed them all. Everyone on earth needs God's forgiveness and grace that is in Jesus Christ. Everyone needs to repent to inherit the kingdom of God. Should he have said what he did? No, but he is human too. As Christians we do not have a right, we are not entitled, to voice every opinion we have. Craig Groeschel used this scripture in his message about gossip. Ephesians 4:29 Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, so that it may benefit those who listen. Even if it is true it doesn't always need to be said. Even if the Constit ...
I support Phil Robertson in standing firm in Jesus Christ, and not backing down.
If I were looking to win an election in Louisiana's 5th Congressional District, I would rather my opponent be endorsed by Jesus Christ himself than Willie and Phil Robertson.
Hello all, I am back after taking last week off to bring my mother-in-law down from Huron, SD. When we arrived in Huron it was 9 degrees! I haven't been in that cold of weather for awhile and it made me appreciate Texas much more. Tobi and I had a wonderful trip up, I always enjoy spending alone time with my beautiful bride even if it is just driving across country. It is also a pleasure to have Tobi's mom back with us and that we get to spend time together once again. On the way back I listened to Happy, happy, happy" a book by Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame. I was a good story of his life and is well worth reading/listening to; it reminded me once again that we all have critical moments in our lives when we need to decide what we are going to do with our lives and who we are going to live for. When Phil was living for himself, he found himself lost, miserable, and broken. When he turned his life over the Jesus Christ he got his life, wife, and kids back and became truly happy, happy, happy! Perhaps ...
In my leadership class we have been doing presentations on great leaders that we chose to share. It's so awesome that so many have chose great spiritual leaders. Billy Kim. Tim Tebow. Archie Manning. Phil Robertson. And the greatest of all Jesus Christ.
Mr. Phil Robertson, I applaud you Sir for standing for Jesus Christ.
Reasons why I think Duck Dynasty might be dangerous is cause 1 of all it says during the last days many deceptive spirits would be out & about & also mentioned there would also be wolves in sheeps clothing & also phil robertson says that once you accept Jesus Christ past present & future sins are forgiven but past yes but for future it is no garuntee & I just happen to believe that they are deceived & deceive those who believe in the show ive seen immoral things in the show & it could be deceiving people who watch it know your bibles its the true word of God it says that people have literally taken the truth & darkened it that is very dangerous
I look in the mirror and see everything bad and sinful in the world. I've not kept the ten commandments. Although if I steal and get caught, kill someone and get caught, borrow money and get sued, cheat on my wife and get divorced, etc. I will end up in front of a judge. so obviously judgement awaits the failure that I am. Jail, death, and/or a lot of pain awaits me... I'm speaking within our society but more so of judgement day as we stand before Our God and Creator. I could argue about the absence of the ten commandments in courts and schools but I am focused on the One that has already face Our Judge for us. Many of us consider ourselves to be "good people" but not one of us are righteous. Not one can escape the trial that is on the horizon. Not another that can save us from this. Jesus Christ is the One I speak of. The One that I testify on behalf of because He has testified on behalf of me... out of love. love one another, folks. Love, love, love despite what another might do in return. "M ...
Phil Robertson is preaching gospel of Jesus Christ! God is alive! We have to make right choices
I listened to Phil Robertson on K-Love last night and he said when he agreed to do a reality show someone asked him if he was concerned that Hollywood would have a negative impact on his family and he said he was just in hopes that his family would have a positive effect on Hollywood because they would be able to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Smart man!
"Many people ask me, 'Aren't you worried about how Hollywood is going to impact you?'. In which I said, 'They should be worried how we are going to impact Hollywood through the gospel of Jesus Christ.'." - Phil Robertson
I just finished reading happy happy happy by Phil Robertson. I do recommend this as a good read. I've met Phil twice and heard him speak once. He is a simple man with a simple message. Pray and believe in God and his son Jesus Christ! That is all. Amen!
The most influential person in history is Jesus Christ (God in the flesh). He changed lives 2000 years ago and is still changing lives today! He can change yours now and for eternity if you give Him a chance! One life - This life to prepare for the next. Eternity with Him or Eternity without Him. 80 years if you're lucky here. But MILLIONS and MILLIONS in the next! 80 measly years to live for yourself and spend millions without God? Or 80 years to live for Him and spend millions with God? This should be a no brainer
Phil Robertson on Celebrate Recovery we all need healing from hurts, habits & hang-ups with Jesus Christ.
"CO-EXIST"...While I agree that there is far too much hate and violence some try to justify by their religious convictions or beliefs, when I read this article (see below) today from a Mastermedia publication and thought about the bumper sticker that's so popular now that uses the various religious symbols to spell out "CO-EXIST", I realized its no small coincidence that the LAST symbol is for what is now more often than not it seems the LEAST tolerated of all religions today in our country and largely across the world: the "t" is the cross that stands for Christianity and namely our Saviour, Jesus Christ: "NO BLEEPS, PLEASE "Willie Robertson and the Robertson family of the hit A & E channel’s Duck Dynasty have some principles. Even if the show has some crude elements, the family’s Christian faith comes through in their prayers in Jesus’ name, their values, and, yes, their language. The family learned that producers of the show felt the language needed a little “spicing up” with salty talk—lik ...
I just finished ready the book, Happy, Happy, Happy by Phil Robertson, AKA the Duck Commander. The book tells about his life growing up, about his life as a young man, his life before accepting Jesus Christ as Lord, and his life since his conversion. There are funny parts and serious parts. If you have not read this book, I would highly recommend that you do so. Many of the things he talks about just seem so natural tome. We weren't nearly as poor as his family when I was at home with my parents, and the actions of my family didn't seem as far from God as his family. But, I know what the Bible says about everyone falling short of the glory of God. I really enjoyed the book, maybe because I love to hunt and fish so much; on the other hand, maybe its because priorities changed in my life because of Jesus too.
Watching Phil Robertson preaching that of the Jesus Christ powerful Word lololol had no idea he actually preached
"Through all of our trials and tribulations, we have realized that raising a family is about love and forgiveness. Our boys weren't perfect growing up, but they always had an anchor-our faith in Jesus Christ and that helped us get through."-Phil Robertson, Duck Commander
Celebrate Recovery SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT - from Pastor John Baker I think we all can use some good news today! “The Duck Commander, Phil Robertson, is coming to the East Coast Summit!” You know him from Duck Dynasty, the Show on television. But, what you may not know, is that, Phil Robertson is a pastor, elder, and preacher. He has a genuine love for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Once lost himself, he loves how Celebrate Recovery brings those without hope to a relationship with Jesus Christ. Don’t miss hearing Phil as one of the Keynote speakers at the 2013 East Coast Summit! I want to thank Mac and Mary Owen for inviting their good friend! Phil will be joined by his wife, Ms. Kay and son, Alan! You will not want to miss this Summit! Register today. It is going to fill up quickly!
There's only one way to get out of this world alive- and that's through Jesus Christ. Phil Robertson
Phil Robertson is one of the most famous reality stars on television, but he is also a Christian who isn't afraid to preach and spread the good word of Jesus Christ, our Savior!
Best way to explain Phil Robertson Speaking ,well America being a wilderness now day in time Phil spoke like of similar to John The Baptist the Voice in the Wilderness that led the way for Jesus Christ.Phil is Preaching a Message that is leading the way for the second coming of Jesus Christ .God's word Jesus Love .
"Why hear about the bad? Because until you realize how bad the bad is, you won't understand how great Jesus Christ can be" -Phil Robertson
Here's how Phil Robertson of came to faith in Jesus Christ
Duck Commander - Phil Robertson tells of his testimony with Jesus Christ
Happy Happy Happy Phil Robertson talks of his faith in Jesus Christ.
Duck Dynasty UPDATE - Hello and God Bless to Everyone who has been following my Duck Dynasty posts since early November. It's been a while since I have updated everyone on what is going on. I have some news to share in hopes of getting prayers and support for this outreach opportunity. (A little history) In Nov 2012 I began researching the possibility of bringing Phil Robertson to Decatur for a speaking engagement at Maranatha Church in hopes of creating an unique outreach opportunity that might appeal to fans of the TV series who might not yet recognize the foundation of the Duck Dynasty success - Jesus Christ. So I began to make some calls and got in touch with the guys from Duck Dynasty in late Nov 2012. We have been in negotiations for a while now and have had some issues trying to make this happen. As you can suspect, the guys have become incredibly busy in the last few months. They have been asked to appear on the Super Bowl, Jimmy Kimmel, Conan, Daytona 500, and various other conferences throughout ...
Phil Robertson, a.k.a. the Duck Commander “The good news? One day, the bodies of God’s children will be resurrected. God’s bringin’ back all those souls. Souls and body will be reunited. He will transform our lowly bodies. Jesus, resurrected and alive today, is there for us 24/7. When I sin, I trust Him. He’s paid for every rotten thing you and I ever did; even for some things we do not even remember doing. On top of that, there’s no sin that His children will ever commit that He will not forgive. It’s called Amazing Grace. “Everybody outside Jesus Christ,” I tell others, “you’re under a system of works that demands perfection. But the good news is - there’s a way out. “Jesus said, ‘My grace is sufficient’ (2 Corinthians 12: 9). Because of Jesus, sin’s not counted against us who are God’s children.” Today, I am God’s child because I have trusted in Jesus’ death, blood, and resurrection. When Jesus lived on earth, those who were controlled by the evil one h ...
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