Phil Robertson & Duck Commander

Phil Alexander Robertson (born April 24, 1946) is an American professional hunter, businessman (Duck Commander), and reality television star on the popular television series, Duck Dynasty. Duck Commander is a company founded by Phil Robertson. He had offers to play in the NFL but turned it down since he didn't want to miss duck season, or the stress of having people trying to tackle him. 5.0/5

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Willie and Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" are set to take up roles within the U.S. Department of Education...
"Sweetness is what they should have called it" -Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander". Duck Dynasty fans! Now is...
As the Duck Commander Family weighs in on for
Phil Robertson and the Glidden crew. Copperhead mud motors, endorsed by Duck Commander
Phil Robertson dead on about burnt out hippies
Happy, Happy, Happy: My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander. by Phil Robertson - Howard Books.
got to see Phil Robertson from Duck Commander, boy was it lit at church.
is not actually associated with Phil Robertson, Duck Commander, or Duck Dynasty. I did a little research.
Duck Commander, AND with Phil Robertson waving the green flag
Phil Robertson will be waving the green flag this week at the Duck Commander race in Texas. LOL
I was gonna post something re: Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" but I think I'll just let Penn Jillette say it...
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" will be the keynote speaker at the Vero Beach Prayer...
Duck Commander is a family-owned company based in West Monroe, Louisiana founded by Phil Robertson in 1972. The Ro…
Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander". Yesterday at 9:53am · . I have a prayer request for y'all. On March 27, our...
Congrats to 's Phil Robertson on winning the free speech award. Inspired me to pick up my bibl…
Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander", Miss Kay Robertson, and Alan will be in Montgomery, AL on 2/27. For more...
We have been approved to distribute 6400 copies of the Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" issue of Pivot Point Magazine to minister to pri…
We would all be better off if we loved God and loved each other. – Phil Robertson, Duck Commander
"We’re having trouble labeling who we're fighting over there because there’s no moral compass. There’s no Godliness anymore." Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" weighed in why the Obama administration refuses to address Radical Islam on “Hannity.”
Duck Commander™ WD-1 Wood Duck Call * Phil Robertson has captured the wood duck squeal * Bring these colorful ducks to your favorite pond * Made of ...
Phil Robertson may have been left out of appearing in a Time-Warner Cable ad during the Super Bowl last year, but the Duck Commander and the Robertson family came out for the nationally televised “Duc
It hurts me that you can't find Phil Robertson's original Duck Commander videos anywhere. They were a thing, I promise.
RIP Jimmy Robertson who wrote “The Legend of the Duck Commander: The Life and Times of Phil Robertson”, Phil’s brother di…
Si Robertson shared Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"'s photo. Yesterday at 9:32am ·. Please pray for our...
Phil Robertson, of Duck Commander and Duck Dynasty speaks at I Stand Sunday. For more information visit
WATCH Duck Dynasty, Duck Commander, Phil Robertson talk - why this country needs a lot more Jesus - YouTube
Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" has something to say about Christians and voting! Can you guess what it is?
i don't even do the clock thing much anymore, i do the Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" and watch the sun!
Even though we’re being scorned and mocked by the “PC police,” we have to stand up for what we believe, regardless of the consequences. It’s not about being politically correct; it’s about being biblically correct. And with the direction America is headed, I’d much rather put my faith in the Bible than in politics. I’d rather our politicians be men and women who believe that the Bible is the Word of God. You want political correctness? Elect spiritual politicians who are biblically correct, and you will have it!- Duck Commander Phil Robertson
I like to think of myself as a guerilla fighter for Jesus. - Duck Commander Phil Robertson.
That's the fact Mr. Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander". Common sense is like a long awaited spring rain.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Question: What does Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander", Charlie Pride, and Michael W. Smith all have in common???
Thanks to Zach Stephens and Anthony Mustika for nominating my Dad and I to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! In return, I nominate my cousin Jep and my Uncle Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"! LIKE this video if you want to cure ALS!
Lyle, videographer of Duck Commander for Phil Robertson give his testimony about how Christ set him free. I CAN'T WAIT! Plant to attend!
Phil Robertson - Duck Commander: FTC Now Interview at the Sportsman Dinner in Lake City SC
'Duck Dynasty's' Phil Robertson is worth an estimated $5 million. It started with his desire to craft a realistic duck call: the Duck Commander.
We should start a petition for the one and only Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" to run for governor of Louisiana! Duck Dynasty on A&E.
LIKE and SHARE if your kid or friend's kids play football! Join the FREE Duck Commander Independence Bowl Football Clinic this Saturday while space is still available! For the Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" fans, don't forget about his visit to CenturyLink Center on September 6 for the Outdoor Extravaganza!
The Froggy 104 Dirt Alert sponsored by 45 Auto Mart in Henderson Tracy Morgan was involved in a fatal car crash on Saturday morning in New Jersey. He is in critical condition. NBC claims a luxury limo bus overturned. Two tractor-trailers and an SUV were also involved. NBC says one of the tractor trailers came up on slow moving traffic and caused the wreck. Tracy has a broken femur, a broken nose and several broken ribs. The National Enquirer claims Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson may run for office. A source tells the tabloid: “Phil thinks the time is right for a good old-fashioned God-fearing guy like him to become a politico. He chuckled, ‘Can you imagine me as Duck Commander in chief?’ He’s serious about running for office. He’d like to give the liberals a run for their money!” Blake Shelton tells Rolling Stone that Miranda Lambert once dumped a drink on Nickelback's Chad Kroeger. "People always try to pop off or call her bluff at bars... He tried to get her to drink some moonshine, a ...
Sarah Palin wants Phil Robertson to run for president How about a Duck Commander in Chief?"via
So we have been pruning trees around the yard and I tell Tanner yesterday to gather up all the branches so we can bundle them and put them to the road for pickup. I came home yesterday afternoon and this was the product of his endeavor - a playset turned duck blind! He said, "Hey, Mom, I turned my tree house into a duck blind! Can you tell we watch a lot of Duck Dynasty on A&E? I think Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander", Willie Robertson, Jase Robertson, Jep & Jessica Robertson - Duck Dynasty, and Si Robertson would be pleased at the attempt! Love this kid!
God Gave 'Duck Dynasty' Phil Robertson to Democrats. Thank You, Lord, For This Gift. Posted: 05/31/2014 6:06 am EDT Updated: 3 hours ago The camouflaged, bearded duck hunter in the sky, in his infinite wisdom and vendetta against mallards, gave liberals everywhere a gift. His name is Phil Robertson and his controversial comments on homosexuals, Satan in politics, and God are well documented. However, the latest conservative prophet isn't just an astute political analyst and theologian. He could be the next salt-of-the-earth conservative who Sean Hannity abandons and one reason why "evil" wins for the third consecutive presidential election. Why is the Duck Commander a heaven sent gift to liberals, Democrats, and other heathens across the country? The answer to this question starts with comments by GOP candidates before the last election. Indiana Senate Candidate Richard Murdoch in 2012 gave his thoughts on God's view of pregnancy from rape. Murdoch stated in a debate that, "I struggled with it myself for ...
Heading back down to New Orleans today for the 2nd day of the Republican Leadership Conference. Had a great time yesterday. Got to meet Sean Hannity and hear Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander".
The Republican Leadership Conference has announced their speakers for this weekend's conference in New Orleans, LA. Duck Commander reality television star Phil Robertson and Donald Trump will both be speaking. In December of last year Phil Robertson was target by *** rights activists after comments…
Just passed Phil Robertson on I-10 in his duck commander Denali Martha Miller Dallison
They're going after Phil Robertson again, and they're making the same ignorant assumptions again. This time it's over an excerpt from a sermon in his church where he talks about the first attack and how the world didn't even know that he was quoting the Bible, not answering a question in his own words. Well guess what's got their panties in a was now, he just finishing the rest of the passage from the book that we are banning from schools, courthouses, and anywhere but prisons. Their issue is with the Bible, not a guy relaying the contents. But of course they're too chicken to get to the point. And to use the ratings or product sales of Duck Dynasty as proof that America doesn't approve is asinine. Duck Dynasty is the product of A&E, not Phil Robertson. A&E built that brand off of Duck Commander, and Buck Commander- the brands that Phil Robertson created many years ago. Duck Commander and Buck Commander are doing great, and notching record sales that right in line with the sporting goods economy
Thats one reason I find the Phil Robertson and Duck Commander association with a College Bowl game something to watch and see how develops
Phil Robertson the family patriarch on Duck Dynasty and creator of the Duck Commander duck call was a standout quarterback at Louisiana Tech University. Terry Bradshaw was the backup. He was contacted by the Washington Redskins after his junior year but chose instead to quit football because it interfered with duck hunting season. He has a net worth of $15M and Bradshaw a net worth of $10M.
Someone once asked, "What kind of role model has long hair?" I would answer Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander", Willie Robertson and Jase Robertson. Just a few to start with!
I still have 135 tickets I need to sell!!! It's for a chance to win a Browning Maxus Shotgun signed by Willie Robertson, Jase Robertson, Si Robertson, and Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander". All proceeds go to Homes of Hope for Children. Tickets are $5 each or 5 tickets for $20. All money has to be in the mail by May 12! Please help these children out! A BIG Thanks to those who have already made a difference!! Please share with your friends!! I can accept check made out to them, paypal, or cash!!!
Learn the Life Lessons of Phil Robertson, the Successful Leader of Duck Commander, the Main Character on Duck Dynasty, and Author of Happy, Happy Happy! ***Get this Amazon Best Seller now for the special promotion price of $2.99! Regularly priced at $4.99*** Phil Robertson is more than meets the ...
Celebrate the Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" birthday by getting your very own Duck Dynasty Chair! "The...
Happy happy happy birthday to the Duck Commander himself, Phil Robertson! I hope one day to be a Godly man, leader, and father like he is.
Happy 68th Birthday to Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"!. Like us @ WE are DAT, LLC
Over the next day or two I will be adding information of companies that support Joan Rivers and her products. Please help by contacting these companies and letting them know they have poor representation in a "human being" like Ms. Rivers. As if her initial comments were not tasteless enough...she has gone on to make additional comments of hurt and disgust all in the name of ratings for her reality show. Thousands spoke up for Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" to A & E let's speak up for these 3 women in Cleveland who went through a living *** for 10 years. Let's give Ms. Rivers a taste of *** !
We wanted to share this Easter Sunday Message from Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" teaching at his home...
Bought and read the entire Phil Robertson s book Duck Commander could not put it down till I finished it GREAT READ RECOMMEND IT FOR KIDS.
The Best of Phil Robertson: Life Lessons from the leader of Duck Dynasty and Owner of Duck Commander by Daniel Haw...
Miss Kay Robertson, the wife of A&E hit series "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson, is coming out with a brand new book titled 'The Women of Duck Commander' where she discusses multiple issues including some hardships she faced when she was younger.
Another Birthday party, my wonderful Daughter in law fix lunch today for me my favorite.. chicken mashed potatoes with grave and biscuits... and a gift a Tee shirt with Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" on it...
So cool to shake Si Robertson , Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" and Jase Robertson hand in church this past Sunday . :) The painting during service was cool too ... fulfilled Anna Menard dream :) Nice trip
Jase Robertson of Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" just called and he is fed up. Wants me to meet him in Shreveport to figure out his new job search strategy. He is fed up with his job (says it is all d**k*d up). Going tomorrow. Carl E Chapman He said you could come too.
Today's entry in the Duck Commander devotional by Phil Robertson. Simple yet profound.
Check out this entertaining interview with the Duck Commander! It's Phil Robertson from A&E's hit show "Duck Dynasty". Watch as he sits down with h ...
I've got 2 copies of the Duck Commander Family book autographed by Miss Kay, Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander", Willie Robertson, Uncle Si, Jep and Jace. Going to the highest $$ on April 1st. This is no April Fools joke either. Both in excellent condition :)
And the *** of this country will rally behind her. Just like Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" Hey, those two should get together. Just because her husband is *** doesn't mean the girl cant get her grove on every now and then.
Spent the wk. end with my girls in Monroe shopping .Went to church at Whites Ferry church Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" was the Sunday school teacher .
OK, this is in the category of "Its cool to be me!" This morning Justin and I went to church in West Monroe, La. We worshipped with Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander". We met him and shook his hand, he being dressed in traditional camo clothing, and then witnessed him administering baptism to some people new in the faith. We also met and shook hands with Jep, the youngest member of the family. Yup.its cool to be me! Uncle Lar.
We found Phil Robertson of Duck Commander on our hunt for Mrs. Kay
I wonder how many people out there in FB land have ever heard Phil Robertson preach? Now i am not taking little video clips but in person and sit and really listened. I have a few years back, before Duck Dynasty. When i heard him preach he preached the truth nothing sugar coated, nothing watered down but indisputable word of God. He done a Great Job, yes he was dressed just like you see him on the show and in the Duck Commander videos. The thing I've noticed though is sense the popularity of DD so many men growing beards and trying to look like Phil and some trying to sound like Si. To me it is kind of comical. As i look at these men some who have never had a beard before or held a shotgun or much less duck hunted and some would proably not know which end of a duck call to blow have what Phil has on the inside. You say what's that? My anwser is Jesus Christ. In order to be like Phil you must have that. In order to be a Christian and inherit the Kingdom of heaven you have to do more than dress the part and ...
Duck Commander to become title sponsor of Independence Bowl By Jerry Hinnen | College Football Writer February 24, 2014 09:38 AM ET Like Terry Bradshaw, Phil Robertson is a proud former Louisiana Tech quarterback. (USATSI) On paper, it's a match made in bowl sponsorship heaven. The Shreveport Times reported Sunday that Duck Commander -- the duck call brand made famous by the A&E reality series Duck Dynasty -- has reached a six-year agreement to become the title sponsor of the Shreveport, La.-based Independence Bowl. “We can confirm that Independence Bowl Foundation officials are very excited about a partnership with Duck Commander," Independence Bowl executive director Missy Setters told the Times. An official announcement will be made Wednesday, the paper reported. Duck Commander will become the 38-year-old bowl game's sixth title sponsor, replacing 2009-2013 sponsor Advocare. The company was founded by former Louisiana Tech quarterback Phil Robertson and is based in nearby Monroe, La. (And Tech is loc ...
I was thinking tonight what Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" said at his meal with is family is is very...
Senator David Vitter provides his take on a recent poll that had Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" ahead of Mary...
Rising shows on polygamy are ok but Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" is wrong? What is wrong with the country?
amen Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" u are a true man of what god intended for all it and keep on preaching it
Seriously? At what point does your insatiable greed and profiteering belie your supposed Christian/Family values? Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" Jase Robertson The Duck Dynasty on A&E State Lottery Scratch offs are the height of fiscal irresponsibility in post-recession America.
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Had one of my employees ask me today, "what does that Obama patch on your vest say," I replied, "obama one big *** mistake America," he frowned and made a smart remark, I replied to him, "I am like Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" don't ask a 58 year old male, from Ga. his opinion of something if you don't want the truth and how he really feels." He had nothing else to say.
"Be not among drunkards or among gluttonous eaters of meat" -Proverbs 23:20 So, if Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" thinks *** are evil because of the bible, doesn't that mean he should also hate nearly every redneck? I know there are plenty more hypocrisies to point out about people using the bible for hate, but you know, add it to the list. Sorry to even mention him again.
Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" is just following a long tradition of Godly men.
Look out for the Duck Commander 500 this April. The Texas Motor Speedway announced this week that it had picked up CEO Willie Robertson's company as its title sponsor for the April 6 Sprint Cup race. As part of the three-year deal, the Robertson family will also be highly visible at the race. According to Sporting News, Phil, Uncle Si, the "bearded brothers" and their wives and children could potentially serve as race grand marshals and will likely make appearances throughout the weekend. In addition to the in-person attendance of the cast, "Duck Dynasty" merchandise based off the A&E show will be available for sale and on display. The concession menu will also bear the reality television show's influence, selling Uncle Si's Tea and offering dining options from Duck Commander Family Foods. The Duck Commander company was founded by Willie's father, Phil Robertson in West Monroe, La., in 1972. The fifth season of "Duck Dynasty" plays on A&E on Wednesday nights.
Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" convinces Barbara Walters to blow a duck call, and the results are unexpected to say the least.
Almost everyone in the US by now knows Terry Bradshaw and Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" both played quarterback at Louisiana Tech, but does anyone know who the other QB was? My high school world history teacher Truman Meisner. :)
Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" Would you please pray for my family...Thank You Sincerely, Holli
Just wanted to say congratulations to our Amy and all of the girls on her Peewee girls team. They made it thru Zone play downs earlier this week and will now be going to the Provincial B Championship tournament near the end of March. They also just had a league game tonight and are now 18-1 with one game remaining before playoffs. As old Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" says all the girls are "Happy, Happy, Happy"!
I just saw a black man walk by me with a zippered hoodie from Phil Robertson's Duck Commander company. I did an actual double-take.
Or you could watch one of Phil Robertson's (Duck Dynasty) Duck Commander Church services on Youtube.
"Ducks Have more rules and regulations placed on them in this country than unborn babes" - Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" Its sad but true!
Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" knows everything about living free!
Check out Kid Rock Takes to the Web to Support Phil Robertson of Duck Commander
Kid Rock SCREAMS out in support of Phil Robertson, the Duck Commander!
Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander", While I stand with you as a Christian, I need to know, Were you absent the day Jesus gave us the laws in which to live by? This kind of post is not only untrue, it is also quite hurtful. The fact is that many of these companies that are crying the most are the same companies that have posted record profits to shareholders. It seems to me that the golden Idols of past times did in fact stay with us and changed their composition to paper. A company that posts record profits to share with stockholders while employing a work force with a wage that does not meet the need to survive either as a single person or as a family (May GOD help them, Amen) in this society, is at the least; despicable. The Christians of this (or any) Country who make money from these companies are as guilty as the company that does this, if not more so. This is in direct contrast to what Jesus taught: MATH ch.5 through ch7, KJV). Christians need to pay attention to this and MANY of our most "devout" ...
GOD has been good to the Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" clan. Amen
Phil Robertson, patriarch of the hit A&E reality show "Duck Dynasty," said in a recent interview that when he first began what is now a successful, multimillion-dollar duck call business known as "Duck Commander" in the 1970s, his friends remained skeptical of him, first dubbing him an *** and y...
Duck Dynasty parish's history of lynchings Does everyone know that the Duck Commander's home county (Ouachita Parish, Louisiana) has had 34 documented cases of lynchings of black people? But Phil Robertson thinks black folks were happy there before the civil rights movement.
I'm not gonna lie, Phil Robertson and Duck Commander made the word "yuppie" popular.
What is good for the goose, should be good for the gander. The democrat leaning, Christian bashing, {or antichristian} liberal media. Had the opinion, that Mr.Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" had an opinion. They "Judged" that sense he voiced his opinion he was "JUDGING". which according to them is the ultimate sin. But it blew up in their face. We are beginning to fight back. In a war that we have been losing.
After the suspension and subsequent reinstatement of Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander", will you be watching the season premiere tonight? -Jay
Nothing says Happy Valentine's Day better. Elmer's Chocolate has team up with Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" encouraging you to Celebrate with Chocolate. Limited quantities $10.95 each
GLADD found out that Phil Robertson is the Duck Commander not the "Rear Admiral" if you get my drift
Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" don't see why just watched for 1st time ***
Phil Robertson- The Duck Commander as President over Hillary Clinton. Whos with me? Please share! See how many people stand behind this!
Daily Drama: Sarah is 16, her boyfriend is 19. Her parents don't know about him, but she thinks he could be the one so she wants to tell them they're dating. Any advice on how she should broach the subject? Channel your inner Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" and call or leave a comment.
Duck Dynasty Family to Launch Gun Line - Duck Commander, founded in 1972 by Phil Robertson and...
Before they were famous: See where Duck Dynasty on A&E Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" came from [
Reported Via AWR Hawkins at Breitbart News: When MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts announced the new line of Duck Commander guns on January 3rd, he was joined by Len Everett of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. Everett claimed Phil Robertson, of Duck Dynasty fame, made his controversial comments to sell guns...
Things couldn’t get any better for the “Duck Dynasty” clan in 2014. Days after A&E reinstated Phil Robertson following a short suspension for making anti *** comments, Duck Commander, the company Robertson started 40 years ago, has launched a new gun line. Mossberg, a gun maker headquartered in...
So has anyone pointed out the new possibility of someone shooting Phil Robertson with a Duck Commander brand gun?
Phil Robertson from duck commander should run for president. Things sure would change in this country.
Got a duck commander wood duck call signed by Phil Robertson sell or trade for guns or ammo wyg?
Alan Robertson introduces the Duck Commander, Phil Robertson at Freed Hardeman on May 4, 2013.
I would rather be watching Phil Robertson from Duck Commander!!!
played one Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" tape and face book stops working LOL that won't stop me from watching him
Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson has just managed to avoid a suspension over his controversial remarks to GQ magazine, but a video from 2009 could cause another headache for the Duck Commander patriarch. In a speech to a 2009 gathering of the Sportsmen's Ministry, Robertson offered marriage advice t...
Phil Robertson...Duck Commander for President!!! He'd never run, but wouldn't you just love the debates?
I haven't said much about the Duck Dynasty controversy but I do want to say this. This morning Jason and I attended church at the same church all the Robertson's belong to. We saw many of the Robertson's but that was not the highlight of our visit. The church was packed and it is a large church. We heard wonderful singing, a great message, and took communion. The Robertsons were not highlighted in any way. Afterward an African American couple gave their testimonies (individual and as a couple). Talk about two comeback stories! They named a number of individuals in the church who had been vital in their journey to breaking free from crime, addiction, etc. Phil Robertson and Jase Robertson were among those named. This couple mentioned the help and encouragement they received from Phil and Ms Kay. The couple live in a trailer in Phil's yard. Phil drops off scripture daily. And the man is now employed at Duck Commander. Jesse Jackson is trying to play the race card against Phil Robertson and to that I would s ...
Alan Robertson Speaking at AFBF Annual Convention WASHINGTON, D.C., December 23, 2013–Alan Robertson, the “beardless brother” on A&E’s hit reality TV show “Duck Dynasty,” will be the keynote speaker at a general session at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 2014 Annual Convention, Jan. 12-15, 2014, in San Antonio. Alan is the oldest son of Phil Robertson, founder of the Duck Commander Company, the family’s Louisiana-based duck call business. He grew up hunting and fishing, helping to build the foundation of the company in the 1970s and 1980s. Before rejoining Duck Commander in 2012, Alan was a full-time minister at White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ in Louisiana for more than 25 years. He and his wife, Lisa, enjoy helping carry out the family’s commitment to spreading the gospel of Christ through their love of hunting and the great outdoors. More than 7,000 Farm Bureau members from across the nation are expected to gather in San Antonio for the 95th Annual Convention to hear from d ...
December's been a good month: Martin Bashir off the air, Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" on the air. Two words: grassroots movements
WHAT EXACTLY IS WHITE PRIVLEDGE ANYWAY?? "These statements uttered by Robertson are more offensive than the Bus Driver in Montgomery, Alabama, more than 59 years ago. At least the Bus Driver, who ordered Rosa Parks to surrender her seat to a white person, was following state law. Robertson’s statements were uttered freely and openly without cover of the law, within a context of what he seemed to believe was ‘white privilege.” - Jesse Jackson Sr. Jesse Jackson said this a few days ago in reference to the Duck Commander Patriarch, Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty star. Jackson went on to say that A&E networks and *** Barrel had 72 hours to meets with him to discuss the matter of what they are going to do about Mr Robertson. [Funny, he didnt call out Under Amour who are one of the Robertson's sponsors.. But I guess its already because UA has spoken out and said they will not terminate their relationship with Duck Commander] Now, maybe Jackson thinks he can sway these paticular two enterprises beca ...
Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr. says Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" 's remarks were the most offensive since Rosa Park's Bus Driver! Personally, I believe that Jackson referring to Jews as "Hymies" and New York City as "Hymietown" much more offensive and so do many Jewish people I know. Yet Jackson says he is preparing as boycott? Can we say Anyone agree?
Terry Bradshaw explains a side of Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" many don't know about during an appearance...
OK now A&E says Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" is BACK on Duck Dynasty Fans Only. Do you agree with their decision to bring him back on the show?
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BREAKING NEWS: A&E lifts its indefinite suspension of PHil Robertson. That's nice - but my indefinite suspension of A&E remains in effect. And for what it's worth - the Duck Commander should tell those anti-Christian bigots to stick their duck calls where the sun don't shine --- in a Christian way, of course.
Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr. vs Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" Hm, Phil isn't a racist. Jesse Jackson cares about one color only.GREEN.there I've said it.
A chain of events-Phil Robertson's faith, A&E and GLAAD's denial, the outpouring of support for Duck Commander-what a week!
Realtree’s partnership with Phil Robertson and the Duck Commander team has remained strong for nearly a decade. Our plan is to continue that partnership. As a company, our values align well with the R
Tonight's TopClip shows a side of 'Duck Commander' Phil Robertson that many don't know: when he was teammates with future NFL Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw
Update on the Duck Dynasty controversy involving Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander": you watch the show when it returns in January?
ok, so I wanted to read exactly what was said by this Duck Dynasty guy that has caused so much controversy. I have never seen the show, but I found the article, and I see nothing wrong in it,, my opinion. but here it its What the Duck? How in the world did a family of squirrel-eating, Bible-thumping, catchphrase-spouting duck hunters become the biggest TV stars in America? And what will they do now that they have 14 million fervent disciples? Our Drew Magary toured the Louisiana backwater with Phil Robertson and thhere ite Duck Dynasty gang to find out By Drew Magary Photograph by Jeff Riedel January 2014 Let’s start with the crossbow, because the crossbow is huge. I’m sitting in the passenger seat of a camo-painted ATV, rumbling through the northern Louisiana backwoods with Phil Robertson, founder of the Duck Commander company, patriarch at the heart of A&E’s smash reality hit Duck Dynasty, and my tour guide for the afternoon. There are seat belts in this ATV, but it doesn’t look like they’ve e ...
While the whole Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" Thing shows that as Americans our voice can be heard if we Band Together. As many of you stood strong in your beliefs against a network we should again Band Together as Americans and stand strong against a government that is doing all it can to abolish our Constitutional Rights. Please like and share if you believe.
All week long the news media, social media, and ideological attention seekers talked, discussed, lambasted, denigrated, supported, backed, or touted Phil Robertson, the patriarch of Duck Commander and Duck Dynasty. All this blathering was the result of an article in GQ written by Drew Magary. In the...
If you support Phil Robertson, buy Duck Commander gear, not Duck Dynasty. A&E own the Duck Dynasty name...
Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" I am with you 100% it makes me feel good to have someone stand up for real Christian values
Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" addressed his recent controversial comments while at his bible study group in West Monroe yesterday. Read what he had to say:
The popular Duck Dynasty television show and Duck Commander products took center stage in a controversy over comments made by Phil Robertson . As patriarch of the family and founder of...
Duck Dynasty and Duck Commander books are very popular! There are several books using the widely recognized name, however not all of those books are written by the Robertson’s or the cast members. Below is a list of Duck Dynasty family books, many which have been listed on the Bestsellers list. These books are written by Phil Robertson, Kay Robertson, Willie Robertson, Si Robertson, Alan Roberston and Jase Roberson. See the list here:
Can't believe *** Barrell will carry Bill Gaither and other "Christian" products but you let one person speak out in the media about truth and bam (as Si says) they are off the market !!! *** Barrell I will no longer be setting my foot in your door !!! Contacted CB customer relations and was told that they have not pulled all of Duck Commander off their shelves just some of the items . Well, what does that tell you?? I support Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"
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Why Duck Dynasty Threatens The Left DECEMBER 21, 2013 By Adrienne Royer It was only a matter of time before the left complained about Phil Robertson. His actual quotes in GQ are almost insignificant – at some point, someone was going to go after him for his views on guns, women, and even his much-hated “yuppie” comments. The surprise should be how liberals dismissed the rise of Duck Dynasty until this fall, when it was too late to stem the show’s popularity. Once it became evident that this family held so much influence, the left suddenly realized they faced the first threat to their decades-long monopoly on popular culture. Anyone familiar with the show knows Phil Robertson, the philosophical patriarch of the Monroe, La. family, always says exactly what he thinks. Due to the popularity of their Duck Commander duck-call whistles and his football prowess while a student at La Tech, Robertson regularly speaks at hunting and fishing events, and videos of his on Creationism, American Exceptionalism an ...
Marty Murray Hey y'all Mike Huckabee made a mistake. *** Barrel did NOT remove Duck Commander and Phil Robertson items from their stores. They removed A&E's Duck Dynasty products as a show of support to the Robertsons. Huck got it wrong.
So you are saying Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" is idiotic redneck!!! Bachelors in Physical Education, masters in education, played first string quarterback ahead of Terry Bradshaw, made hunting movies, invented and patented the first double reed duck call, smart enough to turn all of this into a multi million dollar business, and was able to do so without selling out on his christian views and let's no one tell him what he can and can't say, I would call that a god fearing man without fear of opposition every American should look at this man as a model family man
I just saw where Franklin Graham supports Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander". He also said he thought that he and Phil want the same basic thing; that all people repent and be born again. It is what i want also. It is impossible to really be born again and belong to Jesus and not want this, to some degree. IMPOSSIBLE. Once the Holy Spirit indwells you, you receive a heart and desire to see others come to a saving knowledge of Jesus. This certainly can manifest in different ways. If it has not manifested in your life in some way, allow GOD to examine you. See if you are in the faith.
Gotta love Mike Huckabee! He points out that more people have now signed up to support Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" than have signed up for Obamacare.
Phil Robertson, the creator of the Duck Commander duck call, was indefinitely suspended by A&E for his recent comments on homosexuality.
Click share if you support Phil Robertson, the Duck Commander
The Duck Dynasty Fans Duck Dynasty Nation Duck Dynasty Fans Only craze and beard growing competition will end soon. I have only seen a couple episodes back when it first started ... never really caught on with me, but they seemed like a good ole bunch of folks... I believe everyone can climb into any religious box they want to. Be it Christian, Muslim, Jewish etc... But don't try to close others in there with you ... There is a difference between religion and spirituality ... anyway patriarch Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" during an interview with GQ made comments regarding the *** population and he was suspended by A&E ... now the whole clan is refusing to tape. what do you guys think? I say well they had a good run... craze is done. Next new reality show. The Breaking Amish series has been quite good ... I'm not too much into television myself... sorry does not matter to me one way or the other ... anyone else? Gonna miss them? Or do not care?
Phil Robertson net worth: Phil Robertson is an American hunting enthusiast, businessman and reality television star who has a net worth of $15 million. Phil Robertson is the patriarch of the Robertson family which owns and operates a multi-million dollar hunting accessory company called Duck Commander.
I back Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" If you don't like it then kiss my *** and unfriend me NOW.
I support Phil Robertson. i will use my truck to support Phil and the whole Duck Commander Family.
Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" did not say anything racist. Godspeed to Phil.
I am getting a real laugh out of these sissy suit and tie wearing city slicker T.V news hosts who think they are qualified to speak about us Outdoorsmen! I just had to turn off the goofs even on Fox they are out of their minds over Phil Robertson!!! Listen,,, any true outdoorsman knows that whatever A&E does, or whatever the Robertsons decide to do!!! Phil is still gonna hunt duck, call duck, film duck and live duck! Reguardless of what Poltroons like Pierce Morgan thinks! Let the city slickers have their say, and leave the outdoors to those of us who know it, live it, and love it and the Lord Jesus! If you want the Robertsons in their element turn on OLN and watch Duck Commander!! It's a better show ;)
I have read alot of comments tonight about Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" and everyone has there right to express there beliefs.And say what they think. I was watching the news tonight and I heard something I didn't no Did you all no that A&E,The Walt Disney Co,Hearest Corp called themselves supporter of the lisbian and *** coummunity.It is also in the newspapers. Now why do you think there is such an uproar over what he said. Just sayin. As a child of God if you no your bible like some have said than they would no what he said to be true. I no alot of *** and *** but I am not the one to judge them anymore than they have the right to judge Phil Robertson and or his famil or anyone else.We need to put our throughts and prayers with what is going on in our Country and less on what someone believes or doesn't believe. God is the judge and jury.And I will as much as you love you no matter what you believe or don't. I might not like it but I am not to judge you. A lady ask me this evening in the st ...
(VIDEO) - Given the flap over literal scripture interpretation triggered by Duck Dynasty on A&E's Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander", maybe we should revisit what President Jed Bartlett had to say about the subject on The West Wing. Hilarious clip.
Pierce Morgan if you don't like Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" you can always go home pal.
Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" should learn from former Ohio State University President Gordon Gee. When you make a comment your employer does not like, respectfully find a new employer. Gordon Gee moved to a new University, Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" Should find a network that supports his views. Why did no one stand up for Gordon Gee when he made an inappropriate comment about Catholics in Toledo? I mean, from the arguments I am hearing about Phil, Gordon Gee was just exercising his Freedom of speech, right? Oh wait, Gordon Gees comment was not inline with what Radical Christians feel is appropriate. You can't have it both ways.
From Korie Robertson, daughter in law of Phil Robertson, alias Duck Commander and a fellow son of the great state of Louisiana: "We want to thank all of you for your prayers and support. The family has spent much time in prayer since learning of A&E’s decision. We want you to know that first and foremost we are a family rooted in our faith in God and our belief that the Bible is His word. While some of Phil’s unfiltered comments to the reporter were coarse, his beliefs are grounded in the teachings of the Bible. Phil is a Godly man who follows what the Bible says are the greatest commandments: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Phil would never incite or encourage hate.We are disappointed that Phil has been placed on hiatus for expressing his faith, which is his constitutionally protected right.We have had a successful working relationship with A&E but, as a family, we cannot imagine the show going forward without our patriarch at the helm. W ...
While at work today, I was scanning all the posts about Phil. Trying to figure a way to say what my close friend, Chris Yambar has said. "Do I agree with every opinion I have ever heard? No. Do I expect anyone to agree with everything that I ever say? No. Is my self-image so bad that I have to crawl into a ball and rock back & forth because people don't like me, my faith, my sexual orientation or nationality? No. Do I think that this is the most intolerant generation of self important thin skinned cry babies in the history of the world? Yes. Don't ask anyone anything if they might answer you with honesty and with a worldview different than yours. I spend most of my life agreeing to disagree. Agree with Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" or Not - he did not commit a Hate Crime. Nobody got shot, beat up or hung from any rope. I like the guy...but I like a lot of people who hold different views and feelings from my own."
I read the infamous GQ article on Phil Robertson and may I first say that I am appalled at the language that Drew Magary (the author) used in the article! They really print those words in magazines today?!?! 󾌯 I found his language far more offensive then the anatomically correct words that Phil used. The Robertsons do not use despicable language so why is it okay for Drew to use such filthy words when writing about them? Second there were many good Phil Robertson quotes in the article that have been passed over because they of course are not salacious instead they were about God and Jesus. I am so proud of the Robertsons for sticking together through this. Will they really lose much if this is really the end of DD? I don't think so. They have their faith in God & Jesus, they have each other and plenty of money from Duck Commander. I find the last few words of the GQ article very ironic as the author talks about having to go "back to the godless part of America that Phil is determined to save." I guess ...
People ask who is this Phil Robertson guy? Well Phil is a good ol'boy from Louisiana. Was the Star Quarterback from La Tech in the mid to late 60's, he turned down the Pittsburgh Steelers when they tried recruiting him ( So they settled for Terry Bradshaw). Pro football interfered with Church and duck hunting. He had some run ins with the law and some issues with drugs and alcohol...But found the way through god...He started a business making duck calls and making hunting DVD's..Duck Commander...He's a god fearing, family loving American, that raised 4 boys and has changed his life for the good...That's who Phil is
Prior to a couple days ago, I couldn't have even told you who Phil Robertson was, or that he once played QB (ahead of Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw) at La Tech. Impressive. I had only heard of Duck Dynasty, never knew what Duck Commander was...and now, I'm an expert. (Not really.) As for the issues related to his suspension by A&E, I guess the same lines that often divide some of us are still acting as walls to common sense and any kind of nuance. My quick take: His comments (per both homosexuality and race) were, to my way of thinking, quite narrow-minded and ignorant. Hateful? Maybe so, maybe not...more clueless than anything. Were he an elected official, I could see clamoring for him to be removed. As for A&E's actions (so far), one can easily be cynical about it; I think it is clearly a balance sheet decision, having nothing to do with morals. But, those who say that it is against freedom of speech or it's a form of McCarthyism are WAY off base. It's neither.
This is a country based on freedom of speech. George Wallace and his speech on segregation trying to deny 4 black students to enter a school in Birmingham, Alabama. Freedom of speech when the Nazi's were allowed to march in the predominately Jewish town of Skokie, Illinois. And,(I forget his name) the White supremacist man who spoke here in Champaign, Illinois. Yes, we will all have to accept the fact that ignorance is everywhere. That we all have rights, to say what we want. If not, then Martin Luther King would never had been heard! Gloria Steinem, and her talks on woman's rights!!! Fredrick Douglas and his wisdom! These freedoms we have are supposed to give everyone the right to have their message spread. Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander", said his piece. All the more reason for me not support the show that I had no interest in the first place. I will continue in my own way to spread the word of love, tolerance, and acceptance.I accept bigotry. Those words are just hurtful and unnecessary. ...
TELL A&E TO APOLOGIZE TO DUCK COMMANDER Petition warns 'capitulating' to LGBT lobbyists defames beliefs of 'vast majority' Published: 11 hours ago Printer Friendly Text smaller Text bigger Phil Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" Steamed that A&E so easily gave in to LGBT lobbyists and suspended the Duck Commander of “Duck Dynasty?” Irritated that anyone who espouses traditional beliefs found in the Bible is so easily portrayed as bigoted and wrong? Here’s your chance to sound off: Sign this petition and tell The Arts & Entertainment Network exactly what you think of its handling of the screeching that erupted when Phil Robertson simply stated what the Bible has taught for several thousand years: That sin is sin, God is God and people are not. The petition calls on A&E, for which “Duck Dynasty” has been a gold mine for building viewership and support, to “immediately reinstate Phil Robertson and apologize to the millions of A&E patrons and supporters you have deeply offended.” “You are not just fi ...
Pierce Morgan just quoted a sermon that Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" preached in 2010 and called him a religious bigot for his comments on homosexuality. Oddly enough the "quote" was actually a passage from Romans chapter 1. Therefore, Pierce Morgan (and many others) think quoting the Bible is a Hate Crime. "Blessed are you when others hate you and revile you."
According to the Southern Baptist News service. Phil Robertson, dad, has been fired by A&E on the show Duck Dynasty because he said in an interview that homosexuality is a sin. Well, Pastor Jason C. Black is with him. Just because 17 of 50 states honor same sex marriages, it doesn't mean we can change the Bible and allow sin. Sin is sin and the Lord does not change. I know some of you will say we, the church, are haters. However we don't hate anyone but love everyone. BUT, we love the sinner and HATE the sin. If I were the rest of the Robertson family on that show, I'd advise them that we are going to cancel the show if they don't let Phil back on. After all, there are 11.8 million viewers every week and it is the most watched show on A&E. A&E needs Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" with the millions they make A&E more than the family needs A&E. Whatever happened to FREEDOM of SPEECH and FREEDOM of RELIGION!?!?!?!?
I am ALL FOR Freedom of expressing your Faith, Beliefs and Opinions, especially since we live in a FREE COUNTRY, HOWEVER, for Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" to Compare homosexuality to bestiality IS NOT "expressing his beliefs", its just a veiled Hate Crime AND UNACCEPTABLE!, He has NO RIGHT TO JUDGE ANYONE or define what's right or wrong.. IF HE IS OPPOSED TO HOMOSEXUALITY THEN HE SHOULD NOT DATE A MAN!! HE IS NOT GOD and GOD IS THE ONLY JUDGE! ... that would be like me saying that since I don't like guns and he does. that makes him a Murderer and Terrorist Duck F!
Phil Robertson, otherwise known as the Duck Commander on Duck Dynasty, speaks about his Christian beliefs. He talks about discovering Christ and growing clos...
Oh Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" you so crazy! Right or wrong, If someone is asking your opinion on something, you should be able to respond honestly with out prejudice.
Uneducated Redneck is he. Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" . Louisiana Tech University on a football...
A&E is brilliant: energize the fan base 1 week before Christmas. Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" is the new Tickle Me Elmo, the Cabbage Patch Doll. This is all corporate marketing. Drink some calming tea, friends. :)
Morning entertainment rush: Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" is now off of 'Duck Dynasty.' How do you feel about the network's decision? is playing at Rams Head Live! in Baltimore tonight: Fiction' is among 25 films added to National Film Registry:
So much for free speech. Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" is casualty of the "You gotta think like we do or we will kick you off your show just like Paula Dean" school of thought. I wonder when they will kick Al Sharpton off of television for his racist remarks? I am guessing never. But I wouldn't kick him off because I believe in freedom of thought and speech. Tolerance is a great thing we need more of in this country.
A&E networks are hearing from their customers about the firing of Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" . Here is a...
For our Duck Dynasty fans...any thoughts on Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"'s suspension from the show?
"Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" has been placed on indefinite hiatus from his...
I support Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" and HIS right to express HIS faith and belief! SHAME ON YOU A & E...
Phil Robertson is a man of god. Who cares if he doesn't support *** He's the founder of Duck Commander.
3 cheers for Phil Robertson and Duck Commander. ABC News on the other hand can kiss my A$$ for a lopsided view on Phil. Be smart A&E.
Wanna make your point about Phil Robertson? Return all your Duck Dynasty merchandise. A&E owns that name. Robertson owns Duck Commander
A&E suspends Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" from Duck Dynasty for his comments in GQ. Like if you support...
Phil Robertson.. creator of Duck Commander gets suspended from his show for speaking his beliefs.. And we have free speech ?
EMERGING UPDATE: Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" releases statement on his indefinite suspension from A&E and...
Maybe, Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" should watch this and stop being a Bigot.
Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" has every right to his opinion and to speak it loud and clear for all to (cont)
Stand with Phil Robertson. Dont buy anything that has the words Duck Dynasty on it. Those products are owned by A&E. Duck Commander and Buck Commander brands are owned by the Robertson family.
To the Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" Family... Find another network. Millions of supporters will stop watching A&E, nobody needed them before you guys came along anyway. Stand strong by your beliefs and upbringing. We will support you!
Sign the petition to reinstate Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" Immediately. . Jase Robertson, Willie...
Meet Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson. He's the founder of the multi-million dollar Duck Commander hunting empire, a devout Christian, and he also wants you to know that homosexual is illogical because, yuck, a man's *** is clearly not as attractive as a woman's nether-regions.
Phil Robertson was a no show at Barbara Walters "Most Fascinating People" interview. Shocking as is may seem, to Duck Commander, ducks trump TV...
LOL you have to love Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" but i can relate too when we had big family get together lol
ima low tech man in a high tech world- Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"
The best thing in life for a man is a good ole country gal dat can cook and carryies here bible wid her..- Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"
Quote of the night by Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander", "What part of whisper do you not understand?!"
"The talking has ceased, and the gagging has begun!" "Welcome to Phil's Supermarket!" "We have enough meat now to feed the church!" I love Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"
Anybody want to go hunting with Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"? It reminds me of hunting for Snipe!! I have taken many youth on SNIPE HUNTS!! Lol!!
I wish Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" was my dad. He seems like a cool old dude!
My Christmas gift buying just got easier. HA Silly ole red necks are making so freaking much money. I love love love it! Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" you rock! Happy Happy Happy!
happy happy happy, thanks for teaching me that Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"
This gun is a Tri-Star 12 Gauge Automatic that has been signed by Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander." The gun will be be auctioned off at the North Sunflower County Chapter of Delta Waterfowl Banquet at Drew on Saturday Decemebr 14. All of the proceeds of this guns auction, plus an additional donation from the local chapter will go directly to the Catch-A-Dream Foundation. This Foundation grants dream hunt wishes to terminally ill children. Please support our local chapter and help us support Catch-A-Dream. Tickets to the banquet are still available for purchase from any committee member.
There are two types of people who do not have beards, thats women and Children, I am not one of them-Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"
Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"'s book is one of the best Christian testimonies I have read. Sometimes those who have hit rock bottom and turned their lives around can preach the gospel with such conviction. Also, I think a lot of people would be surprised at how well educated "The Duck Commander" is.
I went from poor to rich, so I, for one, had better realize what the love of money can do to a man. Miss Kay told me she has been poor with me and rich with me; then she said, “Rich is better, Phil.” Though it’s not wrong to enjoy our blessing, our focus needs to be on blessing God and others with the riches He’s given us. If we love money, we can be cursed because of it. Let us allow God to control us—not money! Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" Devotional
Prayer: Father, You made me rich, and I thank You for what You’ve given me. But please let me be consumed with You and never with riches. Help us to remember the downside of wealth and wrong priorities. Let our priority on earth be You and You alone! Amen. —Phil Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" Devotional
"You'll never find me living in the city, folks. Where I live, I am 9-1-1." - Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander". Enjoying his biography...
We watched Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" and Miss Kay's testimony in church today, just made me like them even more.
well said Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander". i wonder what Uncle Si's words of wisdom would be, Jho Baguio ?
Positive thoughts! Positive thoughts! Positive thoughts! Sorry, if I don't go to my happy place right now, I'm going to strangle a particular person! So, in the words of Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" I'm gonna be "Happy, happy, happy"! :)
★☆Sale Duck Commander Duckmen 17 The Reckoning Video DVD Duck+Commander Check Prices:[ ] Gifts, Hobbies & Golf/Books & Dvds/Hunting Videos & Dvd Stars Willie Robertson, Phil Robertson, Jase Robertson, and Uncle SiHunts from North Louisiana to the Kansas plains60 minutesIn Duck Commander \'Duckmen 17: The Reckoning? DVD, Willie Robertson, Phil Robertson, Jase Robertson, Si Robertson, Justin Martin, Jep Robertson, and John Godwin currycomb the countryside looking for the elusive Mallard duck and for Uncle Sis sake, the Jack! From the North Louisiana woods to the Mississippi River delta to the Kansas plains, they chase down the ducks, call em into their faces and kill em graveyard dead? it wasnt revenge they were after, it was a reckoning! Runtime: Approximately 60 minutes. Made in USA. Manufacturer model DCDVD17.
That must of copied this from Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" when He turned his into a duck blind.
Thank you everybody for all the Happy Birthdays! If only Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" could tell me "Happy Happy Happy Birthday". LOL!
I recommend Mrs Kay's cook book. mom has made 3 items out of it thus far & they all turned out really good. ask Wallace Henry & Gail Mitchell they will tell ya! Thanks to The Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" & family for books shows & sharing there faith with all these heathens out there in this crazy world! Si Robertson book is a must read as well. just started reading Happy, Happy Happy.
Been reading the book Happy, Happy, Happy by Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" Very good read, thank you Stephanie Meissner :)
I am watch video from the Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" and family... Airs Nov. 21.. Wow.. Romans 3:23 King James Version 23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;
"Better a good day's catch of fish than a lifetime of crabs". "You go from happy, happy, happy to crappy, crappy crappy" - Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"
Amen Christ is the reason for the season Si Robertson Jase Robertson Willie Robertson Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"
They gave me a cortizone shot in the knee and I am "Happy, Happy, Happy! Thanks for the words Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" !!! LOL
thiis out! Another great message from the Duck Commander, Phil Robertson.
Side-by-side photos of Phil Robertson as a young man and as the patriarch of Duck Commander. .
Grandson Jack visited this weekend and heard Duck Commander, Phil Robertson speak at church...very enjoyable!
youll go from being happy happy happy to being crabby crabby crabby Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"
Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander", Terry Bradshaw, and some of the other Louisiana Bulldogs Team in the late...
There is no other story Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"
"don't marry some yuppy girl, know what I'm sayin'?"...the primary pre-requisite is that she can cook... ~Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander", giving advice to his grandson as he teaches him how to clean frogs for Miss Kay
What an awesome experience! Worshipping with Phil Robertson and the Duck Commander Family and hearing Alan preach! Very humbling.
Awesome concert last night with all 4 bands rocking it out! Today no let down seeing Trapt with Devour the Day, No Resolve and Romantic Rebel at Route 20 Outhouse and hope to get my same recording spot since great venue and sound :D Rocking to Time & Pressure CD by Devour The Day and entering the sweeps, hope to win win win! :D Then I'll be Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" "Happy Happy Happy"
Last week we had the privilege of dedicating a Family Bible to the Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" family in North Louisiana.
For anyone with money Phil Robertson showed up to the Duck Commander warehouse to build the 1 billionth duck call by duck commander and autographed it and put it up on far on auction for the next 6 days it's already at $61,000 lol good luck
This no-holds-barred autobiography chronicles the remarkable life of Phil Robertson, the original Duck Commander and Duck Dynasty® star, from early childhood through the founding of a family business.LIVING THE DREAMDuck calls—though the source of his livelihood—are not what make...
# felice, felice, felice... by Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Heard a story from Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" yesterday. Made me go huh...never thought of it that way: "If you're not a believer and you don't believe God exists at all, about the only hope you have is He not be there. That's your hope: "Maybe He's not there." What we're saying is: "We trust that He is."
The guy on the right is Phil Robertson, founder of Duck Commander and Buck Commander, who quit his starting...
you are totally right Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"
Duck Dynasty Beards did double duty around Beantown this past week. First, the recent World Series winners have a bunch of long-beards on the team -- they'd make Willie and Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" proud, except for being up North yankee types. Second, it was Halloween ( how these were originally intended to be sold), but savvy clerks slung the beards around the cash registers, promoting a support the Boston Red Sox theme as well. I wonder if they'll see a third life ? that is, worn by those onboard the duck boat-led parade, aka rolling rally, that the baseball team and fans will have downtown Saturday. Those duck boats aren't just Southern amphibious phenomena.
You are great along with every bodyelse . Love Jay Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"
raining outside; trapped in here with a woman who can't tear away from the soap operas... hey, Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"; wanna hit the woods?
I feel kinda bad, after we left the Legion we stopped by my friend Ben Neyer's house and a lot of people went home and told their family and friends that they met Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"
The show is fine...If some people don't like it then turn the channel they won't be missed...Go Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"
Best show on tv now. You go Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"
God is in everything. Good for you Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" for sticking to your gun (pun intended) and A&E for keeping the show on air. These are the kind of role models that we need for our children.
Hi everyone, If a trip is in the works can we do it after Dec 7? then I could go. Jeanne Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"
You gonna marry a girl and plan on spending the next 50 years with her and you don't know if she can cook? You better find out if she can cook boy. - Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"
just love this picture of Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"
Good night God bless Sweet dreams Hugs and Love to all!! Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" for President!
Thanks Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander", for standing up for God and our rights.
To all my single friends, warning from Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander", "Beware of a woman who wears a lot of makeup,a lot of makeup can hide a lot of evil"
"Why do you curse the only one who can save you from death?" - Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"
Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" This is so Awesome. I really enjoyed this.
My favourite part of the Duck Dynasty finale yesterday was when Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" dressed up as a "Yuppie Politician" =)
That's why I try and watch Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" as much as possible
“Our founding fathers started this country and built it on God and His Word, and this country sure would be a better place to live and raise our children if we still followed their ideals and beliefs.”-Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"
"The things a man will do for a little honey on the biscuit." - Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"
I had a wild dream!! I was hunting down in Louisiana with Phil Robertson and a bobcat almost got us but I saved the day and he let me work at Duck Commander
HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY-by Phil Robertson-If you’ve watched the exceedingly popular A&E program Duck Dynasty, you already know the famed Phil Robertson.  As patriarch of the Robertson clan and creator of Duck Commander duck calls, he fearlessly leads his family in a responsible work ethic and an active faith.   In the pages of this book, you’ll learn of Phil’s colorful past and his wild road to the life he leads today.    ON HOT MURDER-by Lorraine Bartlett-Katie Bonner, the reluctant manager of Artisans Alley in the quaint shopping district of Victoria Square, is no stranger to ambivalence.  Things have been going hot and heavy with pizza maker Andy Rust.  At the height of the heat wave, a tragic fire strikes Victoria Square.  But the fire may just be a smoke screen for murder.  A body is found among the charred wreckage, and the victim didn’t die from smoke inhalation.  He was shot.   FOR EVERY SEASON-by Cindy Woodsmall-Working hard to develop a new Amish community outside of Unity, Maine, ...
Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" wearse Men's Eye Glass holders. I make them for a certain price if anyone is interested in them. I can show you what they look like if any men or women want to find me.
Make Your Own Phil Robertson Costume For Halloween. Phil Robertson is the original founder of the Duck Commander brand. Make a Phil Robertson Halloween Costume with the Items Featured Here.
Another reason I love this so so much!! Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" is just so matter-of-fact that you...
"From the time you started inside your mother's you have a given RIGHT TO LIVE ...& we debate whether a woman has the RIGHT TO TEAR you out of there a piece at a time? C'mon!" ~ Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"
Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander", said, "It's hard to find a wife, anymore, who's pretty, can cook, and carries a Bible." Well, call me triply blessed!
Phil Robertson of Duck Commander fame has recently revealed that the producers of his show Duck Dynasty intentionally removed the name “Jesus” from the popular show-ending prayer. Robertson says, “So they would just have me saying, ‘Thank you Lord for the food, thank you for loving us. Amen.’ So I s...
Yesterday, not today, was my beautiful, present and trophy wife of 56+ years' birthday. She is the most awesome lady I have ever known. Her patience is legendary, she has a marvelous gift of suspicion, plus a powerful demonstration of people volunteering confessions of guilt, demonstrated by love while performing all these feats! He is more beautiful than ever! She never gains any weight, (she passes all the food, after the third bite over to my plate to finish for her). Her kindness is one of the great wonders of the world and the softness of her voice has caused me to consider purchasing hearing-aids so I can hear her voice. I sometimes think that softness is the Holy Spirit attempting to reach me, then I realize it is just my lovely wife talking to me. Now, I know that Phil Robertson, Duck Commander, has a wonderful Mrs Kay, but his is not even in the running with my Mrs Joan. When I talk with friends and family about Joan, they usually tell me to give her a kiss for them. Why, just this morning at th ...
Trying to make a great show into something it isent,Sounds like our Goverment You tell them Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"
Why can't there be at least one show on TV that have Good Morals and able to be watched by the whole family together? It is nice to see a show that even the youngest child can enjoy it with the oldest and no one could feel bad at what's being said. I am so feed up with the liberals trying to take over our country! It is time for the people to stand up and make them under stand we are not going to take it any more. Mr. Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander", thank you and your family for having a show like this and standing up for your beliefs.
Good for you, Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"! A&E doesn't need to sensationalize your show or try to make you look like hypocrites! You all are sensational enough just being yourselves that we all love watching you.
"Ducks are like women, they don't like a lotta mud on their bottoms" - Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" Now!!! THAT'S wisdom!! LOL
"Redneck Women always walk behind their men. That way the snake gets him first." - Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"
Today I got both Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"'s book Happy, Happy, Happy, & Silas Robertson's book Si-cology, I decided to start with Phil's book and couldn't put it down! I just finished it and I got to say it was totally worth the trip to Barnes & Noble! I can't wait to start on Si-cology next =)
"No matter how ugly she is, if she can make good squirrel and dumplings she is a keeper. "a quote from Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" to his grandson.
my kid amazes me more and more every day... today she seen Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" in walmart and hollered happy happy lmbo then tonight while we were saying prayers at church she closes her eyes and bows her head with her hands eld together makes me feel like me and Emmanuel Hiser are doing something right!
Ok so sick of Fat Cat politicians, Can we PLEASE Get Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" to run this country.right now even Si Robertson would be a good choice.on a happy happy happier note, there are 17 more shopping days until the national holiday, 9 more days until Brent's Big Birthday Blowout Blast Bash...costume party thing,WOOT WOOT!!!
So I find out one of my clients went to college with the boys of Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" He lives in the area as well and they all went to church together. Its a freaking small world. Happy Happy Happy...
"I think our problem is a spiritual one. Where there is no Jesus, evil always reigns"-Phil Robertson, Duck Commander
The first prerequisite to marry a girl is: can she cook? By Phil Robertson (from Duck Commander)
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