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Phil Robertson

Phil Alexander Robertson (born April 24, 1946) is an American professional hunter, businessman (Duck Commander), and reality television star on the popular television series, Duck Dynasty.

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A great idea. Looks like the perfect use for the Simmons Building. I look forward to a few days on the rooftop patio when this place finally opens up! "21st Century Simmons is the story of how a historic riverfront landmark in the heart of Calgary's East Village is being transformed into a day and night culinary hotspot and gathering place for the neighbourhood and the city. The Simmons will be rejuvenated by East Village Master Developer CMLC and a consortium of Calgary culinary luminaries – Phil Robertson and Sebastian Sztabzyb of Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters, Aviv Fried of Sidewalk Citizen Bakery, and Connie DeSousa and John Jackson, founders of Charcut. In this film, they discuss the unique retail experience they're bringing to the Simmons, which is designed to complement larger-format shopping facilities to be developed by RioCan elsewhere in East Village."
This Kizzume guy looks like if Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty went to get a shave and the barber died halfway through.
"The more makeup a woman wears, the more she's tryin to hide. Makeup can hide a lot of evil" Phil Robertson
"These days they give you a trophy just for being alive and you were there. There's gotta be a winner and loser"-Phil Robertson
Our "Phil Robertson" birthday boy! This kid is such a great part of our family! He's so outgoing,…
It's been a great day! Got up and went to the city market then went shopping with my mom elli and Cheryl Balfour Schneider then dinner for my birthday with John Phil Robertson Wheeler Eric Chicoine Mary Lynas Chicoine Isaac Chicoine Cheryl and William Hankins
"If she loves to cook and carries her Bible and lives by it... Now there's a woman" -Phil Robertson
Anybody actually use Duck Commander calls? I've found them (with the exception of the classic and some 150 dollar calls) to be very average. I know Phil Robertson is a pioneer but I'll take P.S. Olt, RNT, Echo or a number of other ones over DC. Agree, disagree?
A firestorm of criticism about the “narrow thinking” of Christians appeared in the media late last fall when the patriarch of the Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson, made a personal statement that he believes homosexuality is a sin. Phil’s comments were picked up by the mainstream media who then created the scenario for the most recent clash in the Culture War. Phil Robertson’s comments on homosexuality did not cause the Culture War to start; the War has been taking place for a long time and Phil’s comments were the catalyst that caused the clash to draw increased media attention. A link to my blog on "The Culture War" is below.
The Best of Phil Robertson: Life Lessons from the leader of Duck Dynasty and Owne...
... where else can you see Phil Robertson and his brother-in-law, Gordon? Now THAT'S entertainment!
I never took Ms Kay hunting Women are a lot like ducks. They don't like mud in their butts. Phil Robertson
Phil Robertson is a duck god in my eyes. They came from nothing and made it big on duck calls and hunting waterfowl.. He is truly graceful man and i have nothing but the most respect for the Duck Commander.
Duck Dynastry Controversy I've stayed out of the Duck Dynasty bro-ha-ha so far, and I'm not planning on getting too involved in it, other than stating this... God loves all ***'s not qualified by something like this."God loves all *** but not their sin." Here is the reason why. all sin, for all of mankind was completely eradicated by the powerful, wonderful, life-giving blood of Jesus Christ! Two people within the last 5 minutes messaged me and stated something like this."Phil Robertson does not understand grace." Know what.I agree!
Yes it would phil robertson for prestentdent
I have an obligation to my employer to abide by the rules I've agreed to and not compromise this~ so Phil Robertson did, too
Legal or not this is still a personal belief situation Phil Robertson does not have to stop making duck calls over his view
ICYMI: Phil Robertson weighs in on politics, sin, grace and Jesus:
Congressman Vance McAllister. Phil Robertson and the boys.Hypocrisy. Karma. Matthew 7:5. Connect the dots.
the song happy by pharrell was made for Phil Robertson im convinced
In the words of Phil Robertson, too many yuppies in this place. Lol
[Powerful Speech] A&E Kicks Phil Robertson off Duck Dynasty for Comparing Homosexuality to
Austin Maloney completed this original oil potrait of Duck Dynasty Commmander, Phil Robertson. Measuring 12 x 16 before framing can be viewed up close and personal at Crown Gallery, 17 North Bartlett, Medford, OR 97501
Ima hop off here so the sista n law can braid my hair :p I'm happy happy happy-words of Phil Robertson
Just killed a bird mid flight with my land rover Phil Robertson move over
Have you noticed that the Bundy fiasco is taking on a life of its own? Kind of like the Phil Robertson/Duck Dynasty controversy. What's next? What's Obumma doing? Ratcheting it up so there is so much turmoil he "has" to declare martial law as the Supreme Commander? Just watch, there will be something else as soon as this blows over.
Join in supporting Phil Robertson Contact and stand up for what you believe in!
He Says Something About the Church and the LGBT Movement… and It’s Brilliant –
Can I start a people of royal farms cause pretty sure I just saw a druggie and Phil Robertson there
Phil Robertson commented on Phil Robertson 's photo Phil Robertson commented on Phil Rober
fans go camo for Duck Commander 500
if Bradley wins, Floyd is gonna duck him harder than Phil Robertson
Saw an old friend at wal mart tonite it was good to see you girl! been a very long time congrats on all that has been givin to you both:) now time to relax and read... happy happy happy so maybe i can sleep:) jimmy kayla and the baby are sleeping so now its time to try to read phil robertson love love love Duck Dynasty and all their values and belief in god!
Phil Robertson just gave me the most motivational speech ever!!
"That both Mitt Romney and Phil Robertson have and love black grandbabies should remind us that racism..."
Did we expect anything else? In the words of the great Phil Robertson…..Na
A black guy, a *** and Phil Robertson walk into a bar. No. No they didn't.
Rustin is trying to pull a Phil Robertson on me. Me talking and him going yep, yep...silly man
Any future sister in laws have big shoes to fill according to Phil Robertson. "If a woman can cook better then your momma. She's a keeper."
I hate how this country is right now.our rights are being taken away and it scares me..First of all they took our right to firearms, because its illegal to have a concealed weapon in NY, what if there was a life and death situation where you to defend your self. Second of all is our freedom of religion being taken away, because at gentry middle school it would some what offensive to wear a shirt saying john 3:16. Third is our freedom of speech, because of Phil Robertson stated a quote about *** from the bible when somebody asked him during an interview and was suspending from A&E network. Like if you agree this is wrong!!
Allen HackettStand with The Bundys 21 mins · . The Bundy family is being attacked on very flimsy reasoning. The entire country is up in arms about it. I can't shake the feeling the the federal government is using this as a distraction. Remember the *** rights bill? They passed a highly controversial farm bill while every body was distracted. They pulled a similiar move with Phil Robertson. The Bundy family is standing for their rights and America should be proud and supportive of that but keep an eye on the snakes in the Capitol!
Today has been a great day got to see the special Olympics ,and got to meet Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty 👍👍
Watching Celebrity Wife Swap. Alan Thicke and Gilbert Godfried. This is kinda funny. What would you think if Ozzy swapped wives with Phil Robertson. Oh boy that would be scary
Da Boys are gone to Granny's 4 da night, so me n Mr. Hunni Hunni gon do us a movie night in-house style! Life of Pi (my fave) and 2 Guns (gots to have me some gunplay)! Maybe even a lil "honey on the biscuit" (in my Phil Robertson voice), he DOGGIE!
My love for you is not contingent on how you feel about me. If you say I hate you , I don't like you, I can't stand the site of you, I don't mind, I love you anyway - Phil Robertson
Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) was one of the first political figures to defend Phil Robertson, star of A&E's "Duck Dynasty," when he came under fire for making anti *** comments in an interview with GQ. In an interview with Fox News' Greta Van Susteren on Monday, Palin admitted she never even r...
I had the chance to speak to some great friends in Newport today! Josecito Monzon and Phil Robertson. I seen Ken Lauder too.
We need to back this man as much as we did Phil Robertson
Next time im gonna pull a phil robertson and trick the kids into doin yard work lol
And Joseph got out of line to meet this Duck Dynasty dad, Phil Robertson!! was attending Nascar in Fort Worth this last weekend.
And if Phil Robertson said it then it's true. He has to be a disciple of God. Lol!
you see the result of this same sex marriage legislation, just like Phil Robertson predicted.
In the famous words of Phil Robertson, "I'm happy..happy...happy!"
Let's see: Phil Robertson, Kirk Gibson, Brian Sipe (looking up these baby-boomers) or Boot's little guy?
I stand with Phil Robertson and family! Pass it on please!
Good Morning everyone😊... Its Friday.! Keep a smile on your face today, NO matter what happens... Life goes on😎... Live today like its your last day... Becuz this day will never come again.. Literally...! 4/11/14 only comes once 😊... "Enjoy every breathe you take, becuz someone out there just took their last one"- Phil Robertson... Have a good Friday family and frens 😉
Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-La.) was thrust into the spotlight after Phil Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" made controversial comments. Jindal explains why he spoke out.
Great gesture from Pro-Life Fitness Centre helping one of my good mates and one of the strongest natural guys I know Phil Robertson get to the world strongman finals in Finland. Love seeing gyms supporting their members, doesn't happen enough these days 😃💪👍
Of ALL the things Jesse Jackson has gotten publicity for, THIS is the worst! He now accuses Phil Robertson of "white privilege." CLICK to read the story HERE...
Wednesday, 09 April 2014 13:10 'Malaysian police are not up to mark': THIRD WORLD FORCE IN FIRST WORLD NATION? Written by Malaysia Chronicle Malaysian police are not up to mark, they lack accountability, have become too used to being a "force unto themselves" and see little need to reform despite piling complaints of corruption, abuse of power, unjustified shootings, brutality and a soaring list of unexplained deaths at the lockups. That was the no-holds-barred verdict delivered by officials of global watchdog Human Rights Watch following last week's release of a 102-page report titled "No Answers, No Apology: Police Abuses and Accountability in Malaysia". "Malaysia is too modern to have a police force like this. It is a third world unit in a country that aspires to be a first world nation," Phil Robertson, HRW's deputy Asia director, told Malaysia Chronicle. Reform lip service? Robertson also dropped a bombshell, revealing that the Inspector General of Police, Khalid Abu Bakar, had backed out of a meeti ...
Thats what Phil Robertson says about city people.
Another Birthday party, my wonderful Daughter in law fix lunch today for me my favorite.. chicken mashed potatoes with grave and biscuits... and a gift a Tee shirt with Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" on it...
So awesome! We got to meet Phil Robertson, Jase, Missy, Si, and Godwin today.
Phil Robertson-duckdynasty shows life is more then sports, A degree is most important. Started over Terry Bradshaw. Would been draft pick
Last day for our Final 4 Author Madness competition. vs. Phil Robertson. Vote before the NCAA Final 4 ends.
Me, too. He also spoke in defense of Phil Robertson, saying the same thing.
If you supported Chic-fil-A and Duck Commander Phil Robertson you MUST support the Mozilla Foxfire boycott and stheir software!
8. Terry Bradshaw was Phil Robertson's back up - College Football - TheRichest -
I had the weirdest dream jep Robertson was fighting his Dad Phil Indian wrestle because Phil did not want Jessica and jep to adopt
A&E gives Phil Robertson mess it's that second person in a tinder photo you really want to meet
Give them a little chewing tobacco from time to time. Spitting on the ground is a sign of maleness in our culture down here. -Phil Robertson
Sarah Palin, for defending Phil Robertson without reading what he said
they learned nothing from the Phil Robertson vs A&E. Eich should've stood strong
People are still talking about Phil Robertson. Ugh! He DID speak his mind, he just had to suffer consequences.
wanted to remove Phil Robertson for his religious beliefs but it's OK to show gang shows and fight the 2nd amendment.
apparently you don't get out much. Review the A&E/Phil Robertson controversy. You don't think they'd have sought any available
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So cool to shake Si Robertson , Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" and Jase Robertson hand in church this past Sunday . :) The painting during service was cool too ... fulfilled Anna Menard dream :) Nice trip
"Not many men can say they took a leak beside Phil Robertson." - my dad 😂
Phil Robertson should get in his truck & take a drive to the Destrehan Plantation if he thinks oppression was/is ok.
BTW, the Brendan Eich case, like Phil Robertson, is NOT a 1st Amendment case. It's a case about decency and respect for differences--by ALL.
You mean like when Phil Robertson got fired from A&E for sharing his beliefs? Yeah I live here too.
"Miss Kay says that cleanliness is next to godliness, which is a weird thing for a hoarder to say"- Phil Robertson
Put him with the other Birds so he can get it and build immunity. .as per Robertson ♥ so cute
I even think that they support Phil Robertson's definition of marriage
. Just a handy PSA that if you make your avi Phil Robertson, you become Phil Robertson.
you *** didn't learn from Phil Robertson? This man personal thoughts had NO effect on your company? It's was okay for Obama 2008
Alas, Phil Robertson is a white male, which is to say he is one of society’s new ni**ers, and all forms of insult are quite permissable.
Ug, just not sure what to say bout these fools
to be fair Sully defended Phil Robertson. He understood it a while ago.
your son had no beard? Are you sure he's a Robertson? Lol Must be taking after Phil's beardless oldest!
If y'all have never heard Phil Robertson preach y'all are missing out!!!
Terry Bradshaw was Phil Robertson's back up quarterback in college.
Final 4 Author Madness, needs some help. Phil Robertson fans, it's time to push for victory. to vote your favorite.
Apparently Letterman is retiring from the late show next year. I vote legend Phil Robertson takes his place
Exactly. Islam trumps everything. If Phil Robertson were Muslim, Christians would be on the side of *** rights. .
Would that make this a lecture in SI-ence? Is that Phil Robertson's grandpa?!?
Phil and Kay Robertson are the cutest couple I have ever seen. Through the good and bad, love over comes ♥
really loving the Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson t-shirt our secretary is wearing today. very professional.
Brendan should get up with Phil Robertson and collaborate.
How would you like to be dunked in water by Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson?
. love her as much as Phil Robertson loves Miss Kay.
Jase Robertson of Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" just called and he is fed up. Wants me to meet him in Shreveport to figure out his new job search strategy. He is fed up with his job (says it is all d**k*d up). Going tomorrow. Carl E Chapman He said you could come too.
WATCH: Gov. in his own words on why he stood up for Phil Robertson:
By RoseAnn Salanitri Reagan once said, “Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so.” However, there is more to the hypocrisy of liberals than ignorance. Conservatives make the mistake of trying to argue logically with liberals but liberals don’t think logically; they think emotionally. And when their primary emotion is hate, men like Farrakhan “feel” perfectly justified in beheading those who live differently because they can justify anything based on their feelings. Worse – their justice is not tempered with mercy, as the faith of Phil Robertson requires. This allows Hollywood liberals to justify preaching gun control for the rest of us when they carry heat. It allows liberals to preach saving the baby seals while they seem perfectly fine killing baby humans. But the biggest difference between liberals and conservatives is that conservatives base their philosophies on established truths and practice justice tempered wit ...
Well got my laptop set up on the sprint router and im all HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY as Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty would say.
Yes I am a "Duck Dynasty" fanatic! But you have to admit. ... they don't use hardly any swear words especially the "F" word. Good job Phil Robertson, for raising some pretty good guys. And to top it off... Look what my Sis bought me. ☆☆BAM☆☆ Thank You much.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
The beloved patriarch of A&E’s, Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson shares his "Phil"-osophy on life.
Funny how A&E forgot Phil Robertson also said this
OK, so let me get this straight. "Christians" and patriots were out in hoards defending Phil Robertson when he made hateful anti *** comments and racist comments, saying that A&E was wrong for firing him because of his comments and that he has the "right" to say whatever he wants and has a right to believe whatever he wants. But now, Tristan Emmanuel, a right-wing Evangelical Christian calls for the great, intelligent and wonderful Bill Maher to be flogged or hung for his "blasphemy" against God. Where is the outrage and support from the right-wing now defending Maher's free speech? They only care about freedom of speech when it's convenient for them or when they agree with it. If they disagree and you say something they don't like, they call for you to imprisoned and even physically tortured. Christians, you have tortured us for centuries. You have burned us, imprisoned us, whipped us, and killed us for a very long time for speaking out against your tyrannical, psychotic, imaginary best friend in the sky ...
You know you've watched too much Duck Dynasty when. So the spring thaw always means picking up doggy doo. Every year, the same stinkin' job. It's Toddrick's dog, so that was his job for today. Holding the bag, while collecting, is not easy so I got this brilliant idea... Why not take the little lawn fertilizer spreader, put a bag in it, and use it as a 'bag carrier'? That was all good and wonderful, except one little detail. I had not accounted for the little spinning 'duhinky' at the bottom of the spreader. Next thing we know, there is Todd at the door yelling, "I need help!" I remind him that he can handle this job. More adamantly he says he needs help and then proceeds to explain that the bag got caught in the spinning thingy. At that moment I had a whole new appreciation for Duck Dynasty. (Enter Tim, as the 'ever wise and problem-solving Phil Robertson'...) Within minutes of Tim's involvement, the bag is free and a cardboard piece inserted to prevent any further poop hitting the 'fan'. The result? S . ...
I know remember when Phil Robertson said something bigoted, remember how all over that you were callin…
Finally finished the Phil Robertson bio... an awesome read...
Today's entry in the Duck Commander devotional by Phil Robertson. Simple yet profound.
Finally finished the Phil Robertson bio 'Happy, Happy, Happy' the guys gave me for a birthday present. A great read and one I really recommend... Thanks Word, Kristian, Shane and Lizzie for the gift.
Phil Robertson (Duck Dynasty) Louisiana Tech. To illustrate just how good he was HOF QB Terry Bradshaw was his backup. h…
What kind of walking stick does Phil Robertson have and are they available to be purchased?
Check out this entertaining interview with the Duck Commander! It's Phil Robertson from A&E's hit show "Duck Dynasty". Watch as he sits down with h ...
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The First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America states: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Yet when people, such as Phil Robertson or Kobe Bryant, exercise their freedom, and it does not agree with the liberal point of view, they are vilified. "If (that person) plays, then I will not." White MLB players said this about Jackie Robinson and were also vilified. Yet when Vijay Singh said this about Annika Sorenstam he was praised for his candor? Was I the only one to be confused about this? And the reasons given to prohibit Annika were exactly the same as the ones given for Jackine (e.g., they have their own league, let them play there).
"The Gospel is of first importance! The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus is what everything else revolves around! Since this gospel is of first importance, nothing else is as important as the gospel. Don't Argue with people about faith; simply tell them about Jesus, the most important thing there is on earth!"--Phil Robertson in Duck Dynasty Devotional
Balance in the universe: Phil Robertson keeps his job. Stephen Colbert keeps his job. You can change channels. Period. Full stop. The end.
Update your maps at Navteq
Remember, the same people who started are the same people who defended Phil Robertson for his freedom of speech.
“A *** man's take on the whole Phil Robertson A&E controversy This is awesome
Alan and Phil Robertson at the SoCal Harvest: via
Our problem is a spiritual one. Where there is no evil always reigns. - Phil Robertson.
Rather be alone then deal with a childish , self centered , cry baby asstard! I look at some of these so called men these days & not many have Nads where is the real men? You know the 1s who opens doors & hunts & fish where are the Phil Robertson's (Duck Dynasty) at? Sorry softies you don't like it don't read it! Man up Men I know more manly women then men!
dialog. Its foolish. Funny you should mention Phil Robertson, as a *** man I had no problem with what he said
So y'all know is not in any danger of losing his job. Ask Don Imus. Ask Phil Robertson. Ask Paul Ryan.
love how the tolerant drone libs demanded Phil Robertson and rush be silenced..
No, this is a different set of *** because Asians aren't all *** and Phil Robertson isn't Asian, just an ***
This is Getting More Stupid by the Day . Duck Dynasty leader Phil Robertson Made a Statement about his Belief system when he stated what he stated . the A&E removed him from the show than WHAM! ... the people Spoke and basically told A&E " We provide the Funds to the Companies that advertise on your Station . Wanna see them stop sending you money and advertising? Phil Returns or your Advertisers don't " . A week later he was returned to the show . Here is what I think *** s everyone of these omg a little man on the tv made me sad type of people . This show has no *** teenagers having Sex, Backstabbing Loonatics , Rich do nothing the world owes me , ... This is a Family , Practiceing Family Values ... with all the Fame, money .. They enforce Stability and Earning your Keep through Hard work and perseverance . They are able to gather there family every night at the Dinner table . Dam man these people never said they were perfect but they are trying . We dam the Parents that are crazy and we dam the Pare ...
Conservatives: Don't you dare take Phil Robertson off TV. Free Speech. But and Martin Bashir. Their speech is $1.99 w/tax
Duck Dynasty’ Star Phil Robertson Defended by Son: Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson was publicly defended by ...
Phil Robertson was speaking biblical truth! =>.
For Immediate Release: 3/28/2014 Add the 4 Words calls on Lawrence Denney and Duck Dynasty to “Use their words for Love” When former House Speaker and current Secretary of State Candidate Lawrence Denney arrives at the Idaho Center in Nampa on Saturday evening, he’ll be welcomed by a group holding paper hearts over their mouths with signs reminding him and his celebrity guests to use their words for love. The event, a fundraiser for Denny’s campaign, will feature cast members from TV’s Duck Dynasty. The show’s patriarch, Phil Robertson, drew controversy last winter when he compared *** people to drunks and prostitutes. The Reverend Debbie Graham of Boise says Robertson’s message is not only insensitive but is harmful to *** and transgender Idahoans. “Words like those tragically inspire hate and violence against good people simply trying to live in peace. In rural communities all across Idaho *** and transgender people live in fearful silence because of messages like Robertson’s. Too many ...
Where were the folks when Phil Robertson's actual racism came out? Take a guess.
To all women! If your man can't hunt and fish, he is your girlfriend! Ps Phil Robertson! Good night!
I completely and utterly stand against it's the same people who stood with Phil Robertson, such hypocrites
didn't you support Phil Robertson the homophobe for his freedom of speech if you had principle you would
Phil Robertson wants to go duck hunting with Obama: Willie Robertson, star of the hit A&E reality show series ...
"You got to marry these girls when they are about 15 or 16, they'll pick your ducks”
Why is it that *** can say what they want about Christians from their opinion but Phil Robertson can't say his belief based on the Bible?
your the Phil Robertson of Canada ay
So true in the eyes and words of phil Robertson
If you can't tell the difference between Stephen Colbert and Phil Robertson there's really no hope for you
I always said Terry Bradshaw was a bum. He could throw a nice deep ball and that's it. Now I have proof to support my theory. He couldn't even beat out Duck Commander Phil Robertson for the starting job at Louisiana Tech. Phil quit football to pursue a career in whatever it is that he does, giving ole Terry his shot. Funny.
Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame was defended recently for his anti *** and racist remarks by his son Willie Robertson and Willie's wife Korie. The …
America is becoming more hypocritical than ever. This is a country and society that condemn other countries and their peoples for linching and prosecution of their own. And here we are, doing worst than the people we condemn. Phil Robertson of the Duck Dynasty is suspended from the hit show for proclaiming his religeous bilieve. Tell me if this is not a form economic linching , and religeous prosecution; killing someone's source of income, and punishing him for his religeous believe. America, What happened to the freedom of speech and worship. The so-called psychologists associate Phil's comment to bullying of the the *** and *** in schools, which lead to suicide, you tell me if stripping a man from his source of income and forcing him to denounce his religeous believe is not societal and industrial bullying ? Besides, brother Phil did not write the word of God. It was God who wrote His own words through the fingers of His prophets. If a *** person wants to hang himself for proclaimation of God's w ...
If he's not man enough to ask your Daddy for your hand in marriage.he ain't a man!! Parents need to keep basic values in the home!! (Phil Robertson). Amen!!!
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I love Phil Robertson! I just listened to a speech he gave. You don't find many people like him.
I've got 2 copies of the Duck Commander Family book autographed by Miss Kay, Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander", Willie Robertson, Uncle Si, Jep and Jace. Going to the highest $$ on April 1st. This is no April Fools joke either. Both in excellent condition :)
Phil Robertson wouldn't have to shoot or sit in a duck blind to catch these ducks.
After the long awaited and highly approved reversal of Phil Robertson’s suspension, it seems that not everyone is happy. Members of a *** rights group ...
What I think is funny, is that the same mentality of people who defended Phil Robertson just a few months ago are probably the same type demanding Stephen Colbert's head. What happened to freedom of speech? That's what I thought.
I luv ya let me get in your britches ha hey ay - Phil Robertson lmao
I with taken out for my birthday to Texas Roadhouse. I had a 16 oz prime rib medium rare. with sweet potato and salad and dessert. as Phil Robertson would say. happy happy happy
very good artist looks just like Phil Robertson !!
One of the things on my bucket list is to go see Phil Robertson speak!
The Duck Commander himself, Phil Robertson, tells it to you straight why YETI Coolers are “tough as a boot”.
Sitting in Mutts eating dinner with the family and I hear a blood curdling scream from Taylor Russell. She was shaking and grabbing onto Mimi. She did it 2 more times. The culprit: a stink bug landed on her finger. All I can say is, in the words of Phil Robertson, "Yuppie Girl"!
Tb from way back lol! Mallory Martin, Destiny Lane,and myself with Phil Robertson!
ANNOUNCEMENT: Uncle Si will serve as the Grand Marshal for the & Phil Robertson will serve as...
Dear Vogue: Next I want Honey Boo Boo and Phil Robertson on the cover, then I want Nancy Grace and Alex Jones. They'll fly off newsstands!
Walmart is selling out "Duck Dynasty" gear as fans flock to show their support of Phil Robertson and the show following the patriarch's recent comments about homosexuality, the Daily Mail reports. While Forbes estimates that the Robertson family's empire is worth about $400 million, Walmart sales ma...
It's time for our weekly recap of the biggest faith, religion and culture stories. Here you go: It was a big week for faith in Hollywood, with a viral video featuring "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson baptizing a fan at the reality star's Louisiana church -- and with...
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A New Jersey man drove at least 20 hours earlier this month to see "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson, arguably one of television's most popular reality stars. But that's not the story. The story is why he made the lengthy journey: to have the Robertson family member baptize him.
How's that racist homophobic pedophilia workin' out for ya' Bro?
“What does this have to do with Phil Robertson?” one commenter wondered.
And the *** of this country will rally behind her. Just like Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" Hey, those two should get together. Just because her husband is *** doesn't mean the girl cant get her grove on every now and then.
You've just gotta see this! Now if only they can get her together w Phil Robertson!
Can we get Sarah Palin and Phil Robertson on the same show??! What a great team they'd make!
Well, basically, yes. Christianity is about love and tolerance, not blind hatred based on skin color or sexual orientation. If I had a preacher like Phil Robertson as a child I would likely still identify as Christian. To many ruined it for the few, I guess. Minister of agnostics it is I guess. Love, tolerance, being a good person. Much more important than going to church.
I posted this, to let people see that I am aware that this has some and I mean some! false things writen in the artical about the President and Congress, but school children were not permited to sing in an assemble by a judges orders. My point of all of this isOur county has become to politically correct. Just like Phil Robertson making a personal statement and then the network wants to through him off the show, will that bit them in the behind, for that Godly family stood behind their patrearch and said that if he wasn't on they would not go on with the show. I am greatful to God for all of the blessings that he has given to me, I am thankful for people like Diamond Rio and the people on Duck Dynasty ( the Robertson Family) for shareing their love of God and being proud to share it with the world, So I am standing up and saying I am proud to have the Lord Jesus Christ in my life and that I am thankful to God for all he has given me. So if I am being politicly incorrect, So be it.
While watching Duck Dynasty tonight Phil Robertson was teaching his grandchildren how to catch catfish. While one of the young girls was reeling one in I couldn't help but notice what Phil was saying to them,"keep the rod up, keep the rod up, step back, step back, keep the pressure on!" Think a few of my friends, children and other fishing buddies have heard those lines over and over. Lol Neil Cobern Jerald Cobern Malinda Creasie Kendrick Cole Elizabeth Cole Candace Cole Gerrie Kaui Lani Cole Rick Norris. Lol
Watchin Duck Dynasty (why I don't know) and I finally realized what it was about Phil Robertson that I couldn't quite put my finger on.he's an ***
I agree with Phil Robertson that teaching our children everybody is a winner and there is no losers is the worst thing we can teach our children. Because that is not the way life is. They need to learn how to lose and do it right. It teaches character which kids now days need badly.
When Si opens his mouth, the fish shut theirs ~ Phil Robertson lmao!
Phil Robertson was hot back in the day
Plot summary of God is not dead: A philosophy teacher falsely believes his class contains mature adults and attempts to skip the portion of his syllabus regarding superstition. A group of superstitious *** refuse to let him, and waste everyone's time. The entire class loses roughly 50 IQ points for having attended the class and wish they could get their money back. Unfortunately, they are no longer mentally competent enough to request a refund. The end. There. I saved you some time. Oh yeah. And Phil Robertson.
Phil is becoming my favorite Robertson. He’s funny as ***
I guess Phil Robertson played in front of Terry Bradshaw, according to Wikipedia
phil Robertson you are awesome you and si are the only reason why i watch Duck Dynasty lol you guys sure know how to make a show worth watching lol
I've also met Phil Robertson.. but that was long before he was famous in a mainstream sense of the word
That when Phil Robertson says something that sounds kinda like its in the Bible, it equals quoting Scripture.
I just saw a commercial for a razor. It is designed for a man to shave his body. What would Phil Robertson say.ha ha ha. In the words of Jim Dotson "wussifaction of America".
What a great week! Tulsa Workshop, old friends, good lessons, amazing singing, heard Phil Robertson speak, home on Sat. afternoon to attend a surprise birthday party for a lady here, guest speaker Sunday from Eastern European missions, and friends from Cherokee came to visit, pot luck lunch, and tomorrow I get to play with my grandson. I am happy, happy, happy!!
I love animals. When they look like this...*holds up plate of burgers* -Phil Robertson 😂😂
Phil Robertson couldn't have said it better "You have a God-given right to live. And of all places, inside your mother .."
Well tonight in honor of being in Duck Commander territory I taking a movie tip from Phil Robertson Watching Jason Bourne good movie thanks Phil. Well I'm close to it.
I just want a beard like Phil Robertson
theme of the week. Wife and I had a convo bout this yesterday. Just watched Phil Robertson say it on DD!
"Evil men are to evil to dream up a Jesus, He was here" Phil Robertson
Watching Duck Dynasty and just when you think you can't like something anymore Phil Robertson says, no not everyone can win there can only be ONE WINNER!!! That's what's wrong with kids now a days. I love this show and Phil
Phil Robertson is me in GrandFather form..
Phil Robertson is the smoothest person on the planet
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Guess who just finished the first whole book of his life. This Guy, Happy Happy Happy the Phil Robertson Biography!
Glenn found Maggie, everybody happy happy happy!!! (in my Phil Robertson voice lol)
Grandkids need to learn certain things: how to bait a hook, cast a line, and how to bite a little snake in half -Phil Robertson
Phil Robertson just told his granddaughters that worms are actually happy when you put them on a hook.
Phil Robertson: Justin Bieber's in the yard Priscilla (granddaughter): Boo! Roflmao good girl
In the wise words of Phil Robertson.. I am a snack eating computer freak.
Everyone met all these famous people on spring break...I mean we met Phil Robertson's first cousin from Duck Dynasty
we if your thinking of the almighty Phil robertson then yes
Good time tonight being active and eating healthy with good friends! Thanks again for an awesome meal Laura Mitchell! "If you can find a nice pretty country girl that can cook and carries her Bible, now there's a woman!" -Phil Robertson
invites to Phil Robertson's dinner table
Nothing sticks in a Man's ear like the words of his Father...Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty
It takes a real man to speak his true mind. Here's to Phil Robertson for having the nads to speak God's word to the world.👌👍
Phil Robertson for president !. Earl Dibbles jr for vice president!
The only disability in life, is a bad attitude. So like Phil Robertson says, "Be happy, happy, happy!" ☺️😄
"I think we'd all be better off if we all loved God and loved each other." -Phil Robertson
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Only good thing going for you is this yr is Duck Dynasty is sponsoring you, you should take advice from Phil Robertson & Man up
Bet yall didnt know Terry Bradshaw use to be backup for Phil Robertson (from Duck Dynasty) in college!
Okay everyone I am selling raffle tickets for a 65 qt. YETI cooler signed by Phil Robertson! All proceeds of this fundraiser go towards my expenses for a mission trip to Belize in June. Tickets are $5 each and the drawing will be held on May 21. If you would like to buy a ticket please contact me at (318) 758-3051. Tell your friends and please share my post!
Part of the line for Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson to speak at the Tulsa Workshop.
Willie, Mrs. Kay and Phil Robertson at Kristopher's Duck Dynasty 10th birthday party.
The amount of time Phil robertson talks about having sex with his wife in 1 episode is absurd
Duck Dynasty's ratings are in a free fall, eh? Conservatives lost another avenue of their hate to the free market!
I would love to go hunting with Jase, Si, and Phil Robertson. Not to shoot anything, but enjoy some good fellowship. I love their honesty and ability to be real.
Staged show to separate trailer park rubes from their money with terrible merchandise. Nothing lasts forever.
For and her grandpa. u missed some ducks, Phil Robertson
More and more I watch Phil & Kay Robertson, the more they remind me of my parents. 😂
Phil Robertson is my favorite character on Duck Dynasty
Women with whiskers, it's a bummer. -Phil Robertson
Y'all need to go to Walmart and buy yourselves a personality. -Phil Robertson
"Y'all might want to go by Walmart and pick you up a personality. " ~Phil Robertson
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson appeared on Good Morning America recently and gave an inspiring testimony about his faith in God for all of America to hear! It's inspiring to see a celebrity that's so dedicated to being a Christian. This is a must see.
Spent the wk. end with my girls in Monroe shopping .Went to church at Whites Ferry church Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" was the Sunday school teacher .
I want to be like Phil and Kay Robertson someday.
In time of need you can always trust your family... Just like The Robertson's are taking of for Phil and what they beli…
Phil Robertson (3/21/14) from Duck Dynasty speaks to Tulsa, Oklahoma about politics, morality, religion and the Gospel.
After taking granbaby Leo home, I see a Phil Robertson look alike that causes me a double take driving down the road to be followed by another double take of an alligator sunning on the side walk of a major road.
Fantastic weekend, Friday went to listen to Phil Robertson speak..he was so simple but blew your mind, Saturday went on a date with my amazing wife and went to see GODS NOT DEAD, it was flipping awesome coincidentally had Phil's son Willie and his wife Korie in it..and then today, Sunday church day already in good spirits even on top of God being so flippin' awesome Kentucky wins!! Fantastic weekend is in the books. It'll make this week of work so easy!
Many want to hear more from Phil Robertson but we NEED to hear more from Landon Saunders. The world NEEDS us to communicate …
There are winners and losers. Suck it up. Life goes on. -Phil Robertson
Best quote I have heard in a long time "These days they are giving everybody trophies just cause you were alive and you were there, theres gotta be a winner and a loser" -Phil Robertson
are there any beards this talented in the Robertson family? Our money is on Phil.
"People that live in subdivisions call 911. People that live in the country are their own 911." -Phil Robertson
OK, this is in the category of "Its cool to be me!" This morning Justin and I went to church in West Monroe, La. We worshipped with Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander". We met him and shook his hand, he being dressed in traditional camo clothing, and then witnessed him administering baptism to some people new in the faith. We also met and shook hands with Jep, the youngest member of the family. Yup.its cool to be me! Uncle Lar.
Easter Sunday Phil Robertson will be preaching at our church. Pretty awesome going to church with all the Duck Men!
I ran into Phil Robertson at Wal Mart in Checotah last night. What are the odds?
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I just found out someone deleted me from there friends because of My beliefs and my love for Duck Dynasty and my support for Phil Robertson. I am sorry your life is so hard for you. I didn't delete you when you post pics of you and your boyfriend, that's your life and I didn't judge you for being homosexual. I still loved you regardless of your choices. That's ok I still love you and I hope life treats you well. Sorry if this offends anyone else, delete me if you wish. Your life and choices are yours and I don't judge you for it/them, as I hope you would give me the same respect.
We found Phil Robertson of Duck Commander on our hunt for Mrs. Kay
"Sometimes the most dangerous things are not what is happening outside in the world, it's what is not happening inside our homes." -Phil Robertson
I'm wishing my wife Paula DeSomma, the happiest of birthdays. I'm sure a statement was made yesterday and there is nothing I can say that you don't already know. I love you, and I'm happy yesterday was a huge success! In the words of Phil Robertson: Happy, Happy, Happy! Lol
Phil Robertson bringing it to the people at the Tulsa Workshop! :)
Update w/ Phil Robertson baptizing: John MacArthur on Duck Dynasty and Theology (Ht:
Check out my recent blog post about Phil Robertson
If u R a student in Blount county you don't want to miss tonight! I have a video of me interviewing Phil Robertson about camp!
Glad to hear of Brian Richards baptism buy Phil Robertson. Always deep and real.
Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?...Therefore, "Come out from them and be separate," says the Lord. (2 Corinthians 6:14-17) Living in this world is unavoidable, but we do have a choice about how we live. And Scripture is clear about the kind of live-style God's people are to live. Although we have to live in this world, we are called not to be of the world. There should always be a stark difference between the godly and ungodly; if there isn't, then there's no difference between darkness and light. We are the light of the world---and our light must be very visible to everyone we come in contact with. Phil Robertson yesterday's answer: Ananias (Acts 23:2-3) trivia: Which disciple brought the boy with the five loaves and two fish to Jesus?
fans are reacting to Phil Robertson's departure:
Your profile picture is of Phil Robertson. Dude you're Buddy Ray Jones change it already! Lol
OK, this is crazy. You know the strip of "Similar to." where we post... well, under my post it had Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty who had 2 MILLION, 840, 519. Right next to him is...CHARLES MANSON!! Charlie had 37, 988. OK..I thought the lions share of *** were in DC and the news people on MSNBC ...but 38 THOUSAND Voting FOR this Mass Murderer? We ARE Doomed!!
Just saw "Phil Robertson for president" written into the dirt on the back of a Ford Explorer. 😒
~ Yes! Willie Robertson and Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander." and Jase Robertson and Jep Robertson Fan Club..the WHOLE family~
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Watching some Phil Robertson easy love god and your neighbor and try to be good simple
Phil Robertson , Mike Duggleby and Jim Morris are trying to trade me for the gnome...
Costa is a bigot towards Christians who own Guns & who profess the bible. IE Phil Robertson. He called Robertson a know nothing on Fox
Hope you will come to our event! We just added autographed items from Phil Robertson, Kay Robertson, and Jace Robertson!
LIKE & Share if you agree with Phil Robertson! .
Phil Robertson prays at the end of the Sunday school class he teaches at the White's Ferry Road Church…
I believe this will turn out similar to the Phil Robertson ordeal...
Boyd's Books will be featuring these Duck Dynasty Books at The Tulsa Workshop March 19th - 22nd where Phil Robertson will be speaking on Friday Evening.
People are ripping on Sarah Palin for reading her own version of Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham at CPAC on Saturday. While I'm totally on board with the criticisms of her affiliations with Ted Nugent, Phil Robertson, etc., THIS is not fair. I think we should encourage people like Sarah to read more and if Dr. Seuss is the best that she can do right now then so be it. You keep reading Sarah and make sure you hold the book the right way. You don't want to be this guy...
If we learned anything from this Phil Robertson his job back, but not before making him one of the best internet hoax of the year
It seems that Jesse Jackson, the liberal activist who claims to be a "reverend," is not happy that Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson is sticking to what he clearly
Just a Thought, Much of our problems, I believe, today stem from our propensity to war with one another. This is especially true among believers. I'm right and you are wrong! If you don't agree with me, you are my enemy. We stand far from the Mantra, they shall know you by your love. Father forgive them for they know not what they do. I read this statement from Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson: TWO BIG LIES "If you disagree with someone's opinion or life style, you hate them or fear them. To love someone, you must agree with everything they believe and do. Both are nonsense. You don't have to compromise convictions to be compassionate." Wasn't Jesus was known as a friend of sinners. He loved all men deeply but disagreed with all of them completely. We are to love our enemy He told us. Paul writes in Romans 12:10; 14; 16 & 18 "Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love, in honor giving preference to one another." "Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse." "Be of the same mind tow ...
it's sad when the only poster boy you can find is Phil Robertson - a man who promotes pedophilia
The Duck Dynasty (A&E) family patriarch, Phil Robertson, talks with Alex Crain ( about his new book “Happy, Happy, Happy: My Life and Legacy as Duck Commander” (Howard Books/Simon and Schuster, 2013). Phil emphasizes the importance of keeping families intact and calls Christians eve...
it's sad when your poster boy is Phil Robertson a man who promotes pedophilia
Neither I vote for phil robertson or James May, Melvin Meister,Mark Stermer.
I love how Phil Robertson calls his wife Ms. Kay
The NAACP has condemned Phil Robertson for "racist" remarks the "Duck Dynasty" star made in a controversial interview with GQ.
Only twice in my life have I ever started reading a book, and liked it so much I couldn't stop until I finished the entire thing. Now the Bible says the Lord hates a lying tongue so I'll be honest on the first one, it was in high school, Dear John by Nicholas Sparks (kiss my a** his an amazing writer, and if you question my manhood.understandable, but you'd be wrong), but yesterday I bought "Happy, Happy, Happy" by Phil Robertson and hands down the best works of literature written of this era
All Crusaders are welcome to join the Lambretta Club of Australia, Anzac day long weekend ride out proposed for APRIL as follows: LCOA - VICTORIAN ANZAC DAY LONG WEEKEND RIDE Ride the open roads of the Victorian high country: Friday 25th April 8.00am - Ride from Melbourne to Mansfield 12.15pm - Lunch in Mansfield 2.00pm - Ride to William Hoddle Lake. 4.00pm - Dash from Lake to Tolmie for BBQ dinner Saturday 26th April 9.00am - Morning Muster at the Ski Cafe for Breakfast 10.00am - Ride to top of Mount Buller 11.00am - Coffee at the top of Mount Buller 1.00pm - Ride down Mount Buller to the Jameson Pub 3.30pm - Ride the bends from Jameson to Tolmie 7.00pm meet at Mansfield Hotel for dinner Sunday 27th April 9.00am - Rider training course around the Tolmie Roads 11.45am - Ride home from Mansfield to Melbourne This is the preliminary schedule, it is a camping weekend, free camp site available in Tolmie courtesy of Phil Robertson, or plenty of accommodation available in nearby Mansfield. The schedule is relax ...
I wonder what phil robertson thinks about deadbeat dads
When the ol mighty lord created the woman he created a strange strange creature ain't none of em happy less there all cryin and they all have to go to the bathroom together...hay-Phil Robertson
A few more Pineda good outings and Phelps replaces Robertson in the 8th. Deja vu Phil Hughes.
You wanna hear somethin funny...Isaac's Phil Robertson impression...we all wish we talked like that;)
Wow, couldn't be happier for all those who did make it out tonight. Phil Robertson, Jill Howe Isaacson, Bonnie Watt, Charles Hensly, Elizabeth Daniel Kost for the early start! A Kathleen Jackson and Richard M. Jones were so great to see. Miss my Kathleen so very much. Amy M Wallace Bradley rolled up for a brill surprise, then Nadia Salloum, Vahl Eh Dya Moentess, Ramiro Rivas-Flores, Kelsey Rae Ó Ceallacháin, David Olick and a couple who must remain undercover as disclosure would blow their covers! I was a lovely evening. I'm hoping to see any and everyone who would like to get me before I roll to Denton on Tuesday night at Mexicali. If you are planning on joining would you please send me a yes so I can give Ariel Chienvichai a body count! If I get up feeling good (as in no Jetlag) you can message me anyone and send me your phone number and I will attempt to call as many as I can for a wee chat. Till tomorrow.cheers!
Happy slaves? Was the piece written by Phil Robertson?!?
Why do people like Miley Cyrus but hate on people like Phil Robertson?
So Phil Robertson references a verse in the Bible and he's censured by
"Now that's what I'm talking about! all ya all." To quote Phil Robertson of "Duck Dynasty." Our family could function as well as his family does AND we are even crazier (at least more diverse). John
ICYMI: What will Phil Robertson say at the
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Critics complain doesn't show any happy slaves. Maybe Phil Robertson should have been a consultant?
I stand by Phil Robertson 110% I am NOT by any means anti *** or anything like that, but neither is he!
"If you're going to the court house for violating the 10 commandments anyway, that might be a perfect place to put em."-Phil Robertson
BTW... Who would've guessed that Phil Robertson was the Yellow King? That came out of no where!
Phil Robertson's oldest son doesn't want him 'pigeonholed' via
TV shows are going way to far with these reality shows. I just gotta shake my head in wonder. I must say the best out so far Support Phil Robertson and the Duck Dynasty family it is a good and wholesome family show with God ever present, families that pray together stay together.
Am in the midst now of the responses coming to Christ at WFR! Phil Robertson spoke nearly an hour to a full house, although clocks were set forward an hour! "I used to hate people like me!" he said. "They were coming to tell me of my sins!" Then Esteban stood before us; he's our connection to the Latin American countries where we go! Next, elders from a large church north came to us asking prayers for their church entrenched in pain because of internal sin. Then, Trent Langhofer laid it on us from Revelation 17 and 18; don't build mansions in sin city. There you will get spiritually transmitted diseases! And here they come now. Am sitting here in tears with people's pains. And am praying myself, "Lord, please do not ever give up on me!" As I write, here comes one ready to obey the Gospel in baptism! Some ask, "Why do you insist on baptism? If you do something that means you're earning salvation, and salvation is a gift!" Please remember, God many times has said to people throughout history, "I'm gi ...
The fact that Phil Robertson is a huge Jason Bourne fan. 😄👍👌
Does anyone have the book Happy Happy Happy by Phil Robertson that Q can borrow. He has to return the library copy and hasn't finished it yet.
The DWR doesn't want the horn hunters hiking around looking for sheds because it puts stress on the deer because they are in poor condition from winter. Then they chase and net deer and hook them up to a helicopter going 150 mph a 1000 feet off the ground. Yah no stress there ! Rolling eyes and whistling like Phil Robertson.
I respect Phil Robertson.. New life goal is to meet him & carry on a conversation or 20..
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