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Phil Robertson

Phil Alexander Robertson (born April 24, 1946) is an American professional hunter, businessman (Duck Commander), and reality television star on the popular television series, Duck Dynasty.

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I do not side with pedophiles. I am however a fan of Phil Robertson , Michael Jackson, and Hugh Hefner
.GOP hero Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson said marry girls at 15 but yeah *** ppl go after children
Phil Robertson is teaching Sunday school by richbirdhunter
I'll be your Phil Robertson, if you'll be my Miss Kay.
Phil Robertson has a few words about the ungodly bunch in Washington DC!
"Clap your hands if you feel like a room without a roof. Because I'm Happy, Happy, Happy" - Phil Robertson covering Pharrell
I always knew I liked Matt Damon although Phil Robertson will start disliking him now.
Terry Bradshaw was Phil Robertson's backup QB in college.
"I'm gonna teach y'all three words every man wants to hear on a date... I can bait a hook" -Phil Robertson
. Bow down to, believe in, and worship Phil Robertson. Our Holy Lord and Savior.
So this is not the Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty? It says "NOT affiliated with Phil Robertson." Please let me know, tks.
I fully stand behind Phil Robertson and his ideals. A follower of Christ and he stands up for what is right in the eye of our Lord.
A&E reverses suspension of 'Duck Dynasty's' Phil Robertson - AE announced late Friday that it...
“Who knew Phil Robertson coached basketball in Junction City” Kay was gorgeous
I would vote for Phil Robertson for President!
Day 188 - Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse. Romans 12:14 Who is the stronger person when they are persecuted? Is is the one who curses the persecutor back? is it the one who lashes out when offended? No! That is the weak person. The strong Christian forgives with no bitterness. The strong forgive, and they bless and pray for the persecutor. This is what Jesus did. And this is what we will do, if we follow His lead! Prayer Father, give us a heart of strength, with your Spirit's help. Let us bless those who curse us and insult us. Help us understand what real spiritual strength is. Help us to see our actions are spiritual worship. It is through Jesus, our Lord and Savior, I pray, Amen. -Phil Robertson
I like how Phil Robertson has become the spiritual leader of redneck culture...he's like the Redneck Pope!
Oh Phil. I know you're trying to fix it, but most won't get that
Lost to my *** Phil. Lol I'll try the pizza hut Olympics next yeah congratulations to Phil tho
Sneak peek at THS: premiering tonight: Phil Robertson gave up his football career for Terry Bradshaw?!
Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard about the famous Duck Dynasty Robertson family. Their unique family...
The agent for Neymar calls big Phil Scolari "repulsive" and "an old jerk. .
Women are like bees, to calm them down ya gotta blow a little smoke -Phil Robertson
"If you can learn from your mistakes then there's nothing to be ashamed of" -Phil Robertson
should NEVER be voted into office. His comments toward should cause as much outrage as Phil Robertson's did.
Just met and prayed with Alan and Phil Robertson. @ Georgia World Congress Center
'Duck Dynasty's' Phil Robertson will speak to Republican Leadership Conference via
Phil Robertson - Duck Commander: FTC Now Interview at the Sportsman Dinner in Lake City SC
Phil Robertson played QB with my boy Terry Bradshaw at Louisiana Tech. He was a starter too.
Phil Robertson is "controversial" and "racist". Meanwhile in Dearborn, Michigan this is encouraged and accepted.
"My platform begins with God.". Phil Robertson’s nephew, Zach Dasher, spoke with Sean Hannity tonight about...
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Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson gave a stirring speech in Alabama where he called for those in attendance to vote "this ungodly bunch" out of office.
Phil Robertson's nephew on running for Congress: Zach Dasher outlines his plans for Washington
Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson explained over the weekend that people had misunderstood the intent of his homophobic comments because he was just “trying to help those poor souls and turn them to Jesus.”
Phil Robertson, the star of A&E’s ‘Duck Dynasty,’ has created controversy over his past…
Phil Robertson's nephew on running for Congress |
Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Stands by the Truth of the Word of God on Homosexuality and says ‘I’m Trying to...
I grew up in the South, but when southerners get money they start acting like fools.
(Friends of Zach Dasher/AP Photo) Forget the Clintons and the Bushes; there’s a new dynasty diving into politics. Zach Dasher, a nephew of “Duck Dynasty” TV star Phil Robertson, has announced he’s running for Congress in Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District. Dasher, a conservative Republican who u…
He really just won't stop! Notoriously anti *** "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson is at it again, spewing hate and anti *** rhetoric in what seems to be an attempt to explain his past homophobic comments. Speaking at the Rock the Sou...
and Phil Robertson together kicking it? Not even a great fiction writer could think that up.
It was a treat to listen go Phil Robertson today
Phil Robertson's nephew on running for Congress: Dasher outlines plans for Washington
Phil Robertson's nephew on running for Congress
'Duck Dynasty' fans, critics respond to Phil Robertson's comments at Cullman's Rock the South - Phil...
"I have a deep connection with what God created, and what I would love to see more than anything else is a pristine Earth." -Phil Robertson
Zach Dasher, nephew of Phil Robertson of 'running for Louisiana congressional seat Christian Today
Phil Robertson couldn't be more correct.
Sean u lost me as a viewer. Enough with the bragging about being friends with Phil Robertson. U grow the beard wannabe!
jumping on the Duck Dynasty band wagon trying to ride his way into politics on the back of Phil Robertson and the duck men
Phil Robertson’s nephew jumps into the political ring announcing he is running for congress in Louisiana, he's up next
I praise and thank God for these 13 godly men who are the servant leaders (elders) of our White's Ferry Road church family...Robert Ables, David Bromley, Gordon Dasher, Dennis Davenport, John Howard, Steve Idom, Tommy Inman, Mike Kellett, Randy Kirby, Alan Robertson, Phil Robertson, Bill Smith, and Paul Stephens...all godly men, and I must emphasize again...they do not function as a board of directors...they function as servant leaders...
Please run again and save us. Pretty Pretty Please with a cherry on top! Hey You or Phil Robertson. Even SI!
When I'm 60+, I will either be a Phil Robertson, or Si. Preferably Si.
NEWS: ‘There Is No God’ In Washington: A nephew of “Duck Dynasty’s” Phil Robertson says he is running for the ...
I really hate the fact that standing up for God and His commands is detrimental to Shreveport's image. Lord knows they don't need any thing else like God's laws to tarnish the image created by all the bars, casino's, flop houses, Evil is as plentiful in this area as there is water in Red River. If more Christians would speak out against sin like Phil Robertson did, it might not be as prevalent. Man's god is himself. America is a godless nation even though It's creation was in God's plan. America had forgotten its first love. Except there be a falling away first then the Son of Man shall make His appearance. America has not only fallen away, but it has fallen in the bottomless pit. Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand! *** is coming to a sinner near you.
Faith in Jesus - Famous Reality Star Phil Robertson Order Phil's book today at
Sarah Palin wants Phil Robertson to run for president via then we can all have duckcalls
Louisiana's 5th District congressional race has a new candidate with a "Duck Dynasty" connection. Zach Dasher, whose uncle is Phil Robertson, announced Monday that he's running for the seat.
All I can say at this moment is that if you were not present at tonight's county commissioner meeting you sure missed some early fireworks. Since it is late and I am tired I will post more tomorrow but thank God for some good common sense folks like Steve Jordan, CB McKinnon and the Sheriffs office being present for a different matter. Details will emerge I am sure tomorrow but I want to make sure I have full details beyond what I witnessed and what was said and done regarding the situation at tonights meeting. May you all rest well and in the infamous words of Phil Robertson.HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY lol Have a good night. **Shannon**
Phil Robertson was a big time college football QB!!😯
"If your woman cooks better than your momma, then you've got one. Better hold onto her." - Phil Robertson
Nephew of 'Duck Dynasty's' Phil Robertson running for Congress via
If an acquaintance came to you and told you that they decided to live with their girlfriend or boyfriend instead of getting married, or, they are cheating on their spouse, or, they are *** and in all of this, they ask you of what you think. As a Christian, how are you to respond? Now if you tell them that you disagree with such things because God tells us not to do such, are you judging them? What if you told them that they must turn from this and be saved, are you judging them? If you refrain from telling them anything, are you accepting and condoning, or are you being non-judgmental due your own past? If so, are you still holding onto your past, from which Christ died to deliver you from? Many are being labeled as being judgmental when sharing the Gospel. Their repeating the Scripture is considered as "Hate-Speech". Now, on one hand, you have the group, The Westboro Baptist Church, who go about in their protests with many hateful signs and rantings. But, do they represent the True Church? Heaven ...
New Orleans (Reuters) - The nephew of "Duck Dynasty" reality TV personality Phil Robertson said on Monday he w...
as phil robertson says.happy happy happy! ;P
A relative of Duck Dynasty's" Phil Robertson is running for Congress in Louisiana
Nephew of 'Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson to run for Congress: Kate StantonBATON ROUGE, La., Ju...
The Benham brothers, Jack Phillips, Phil Robertson, Mozilla—in the midst of these public confrontations, there is a 'behind the scenes' scenario...
A union representing federal employees at Eglin Air Force base in Florida is demanding that two senior management officials be removed from their posts because they put decals on their personal trucks supporting Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson.
Nephew of 's Phil Robertson to run for Louisiana District House seat? . As a Conservative, of course.
In a new interview, Duck Dynasty Executive Producer Deirdre Gurney recently came to the defense of Phil Robertson, who was briefly suspended by the A&E network after he expressed his Biblical views regarding homosexuality in last year's GQ magazine article.
Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson recently endorsed Todd Starnes' new book about the attack on traditional values in America. Find out what he said.
NEW YORK—In an embarrassing moment for the conservative morning show, “Fox & Friends”used archival footage of “Duck Dynasty”star and rightwing icon Phil Robertson during a segment in Tuesday’s broadcast in which the anchors criticized the scruffy appearance of Robert Bergdahl, father of recently rel…
"Duck Dynasty" producer Deirdre Gurney finally spoke out in support of Phil Robertson's comments about homosexuality last December. "I know how he treats a crew that has several *** people on the crew, people of different races and people from all different places and who love this show...and this family treats them like family," she said. In familiar news, one of the loudest opponents against Chick-fil-A was Campus Pride's Shane Windmeyer, whose group protests Chick-fil-A restaurants on college campuses around the country. He has since changed his tune since becoming friends with CEO, Dan Cathy. He said the friendship helped him gain appreciation for Cathy's commitment to being "a follower of Christ." So before you call people like ex-Mozilla CEO intolerant, you might want to know who and what you're talking about...
'Duck Dynasty's' Phil Robertson is worth an estimated $5 million. It started with his desire to craft a realistic duck call: the Duck Commander.
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"Duck Dynasty" matriarch Miss Kay is happy to keep her whole duck-hunting family, including husband Phil Robertson, in check and well-fed on the...
My sweet daughter Candi drove up from West Monroe, Louisiana the other day with my grand daughter Amber and brought me two Fathers day cards, a container of Phil Robertson's Cajun style Seasonings (good on anything that walks, crawls, flies, or swims) a package of Duck Dynasty Bearded Blend coffee, and a DVD of Lone Survivor. She had to work the next day so she didn't get to stay but a couple of hours and had to drive back. If you have never tried some of that seasoning it is fantastic. She brought me some when I was living in Texas and I have been hooked ever since. It is good on vegies as well as meat and fish. And that Duck coffee is super.
We should start a petition for the one and only Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" to run for governor of Louisiana! Duck Dynasty on A&E.
Honey, if you're going to cry about Rick Perry's opinion or Phil Robertson's opinion or anybody's please stop asking.
I wish people like Rick Perry and Phil Robertson would keep their mouths shut and quit making Christians look hateful.
"Duck Dynasty" executive producer Deirdre Gurney addressed the controversy surrounding Phil Robertson's comments about homosexuality last December, saying that, though she was silent in the wake of outrage and his suspension, she wanted to defend the reality star. "I don’t think anyone expected it t…
pens article about true character of patriarch Half of us knew all along!
On day of return we learn more abt Phil Robertson's exemplary character by
“I know Phil Robertson. I know his beliefs. I know how he treats a crew.”
Duck Dynasty almost didn't make it to a sixth season after the flap last year about Phil Robertson's...
“I don’t think anyone expected it to be that kind of a reaction…”
The Duck Commander himself, Phil Robertson, patriarch of the famed Duck Dynasty show on A&E, was one of the featured speakers at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans. Robertson, ...
Did you see what "Duck Dynasty" producer said about the Robertson controversy?
"Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson preached to the Republican Leadership Conference on Thursday, telling the GOP to "get godly" and referring to statements from the White House as "evil." "You can't be right for ...
Duck Dynasty” producer reveals what she wanted to say but couldn’t after Phil Robertson controversy:
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You cannot by right for America if you are not right with God. - Phil Robertson
Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson, who has been criticized for his Bible-based views on homosexuality, is releasing The Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible in October, which is co-edited with hi
Do you like Duck Dynasty? Well it turns out that Phil Robertson is not the great guru of duck hunting. 2,000-year-old duck decoys were found in Nevada in 1924 constructed of feathers and reeds . Archaeologists believe that early native hunters used them to lure waterfowl much as hunters use plastic decoys today.
Met Miss Kay and Phil Robertson at the post office today getting there passports they lost. They are sum really good people. Phil is laid back and Miss Kay is very outgoing. Phil couldn't wait to get out of there! Lol
Farmers could help combat climate change by applying more-precise amounts of nitrogen-based fertilisers, a study shows. “Agriculture accounts for eight to 14 percent of all greenhouse gas production globally. We are showing how farmers can help to reduce this number by applying nitrogen fertiliser more precisely,” said Phil Robertson of Michigan State University.
Ted Nugent has been quiet the past two days. He could be preoccupied with those 15 year old girls he and Phil Robertson like.
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson and Alan Robertson served as executive editors on a version of the New King James Bible, The Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible.
on to industry is with and - all to to Revealed: Asian slave labour producing prawns for supermarkets in US, UK • Thailand's seafood industry: a case of state-sanctioned slavery? Burmese migrant workers leave the port Burmese migrant workers leave the port at Mahachai after unloading their catch Photograph: Chris Kelly/ Kate Hodal and Chris Kelly Tuesday 10 June 2014 12.05 BST There is nothing but a jagged line of splinters where Myint Thein’s teeth once stood – a painful reminder, he says, of the day he was beaten and sold on to a Thai fishing boat. The tattooed Burmese fisherman, 29, bears a number of other “reminders” of his life at sea: two deep cuts on each arm, calloused fingers contorted like claws and facial muscles that twitch involuntarily from fear. For the past two years, Myint Thein has been forced to work 20-hour days as a slave on the high seas, enduring regular beatings from his Thai captain and eating little more than a plate of rice each day. But now that he’s ...
Just an update everyone... We're trailing the lead by about 35 votes!! We sure need Voting Warriors out there campaigning for us... Here's some suggestions: WAY’S TO RECRUIT VOTES: 1. Post this in your time line: WE NEED HELP! Help us get The Johnny Collier Band on the Main Stage at Rock The South opening for Sara Evens, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Little Big Town, Charlie Daniels, Easton Corbin, Colt Ford, Billy Currington, Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty (just to name a few). Click the Link to Vote! Mobile users go here: Desktop users can go here: Click the Green Post to Your Wall Button and include an update and an invitation to Vote for Johnny Collier! 3. Text Your siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, parents, extended family, neighbors, friends, acquaintances and enemies and ask them to go to and click the link to Vote! 4. Ask your co-workers to Vote and to help you campaign for more votes! 5. Catch your friends On-Line (on FB) and Message them and ask them Vote. Cut and paste a copy of ...
The Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible will include testimonials from patriarch Phil Robertson
According to recent reports, faculty members at Louisiana Tech University were seen walking out of the school’s commencement ceremony. Apparently, they were unhappy that an award was being given to Phil Robertson, the controversial star of Duck Dynasty. The walk out was a result of comments that Rob…
I was at Walmart looking for a do-wrap. You know, those improved bandanas favored by bikers and famously worn on Duck Dynasty. I couldn't find one anywhere. It was like being in a Texas diner that didn't serve chicken friend steak. Then a possibility occurred to me. What the star spangled Teatard with the sign "Obama is a Moran" couldn't accomplish (I had a wrap just like his), maybe Phil Robertson with his big mouth did. Duck Dynasty gear was the flavor of the season two Christmases ago, but now it seems any related bling has become uncool.
LIKE and SHARE if your kid or friend's kids play football! Join the FREE Duck Commander Independence Bowl Football Clinic this Saturday while space is still available! For the Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" fans, don't forget about his visit to CenturyLink Center on September 6 for the Outdoor Extravaganza!
Make you stand – Rom 14:23 Vs 24 – If a person has doubts about what they are doing than they are not walking in faith for anything that is not of faith is sin. James says if we know what to do is right and we do not do it, it is sin. Paul is saying if you have doubts about something pray, read God’s word, ask the Holy Spirit, seek counsel of wise leaders about it. Then once you have your answer stand in it approved and pleasing to God. God has not called us to walk in confusion but conviction. Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty recently did an interview where he stated that the problem with modern society is that we have no standards and convictions. One man wrote, “If you have no morals you have no place to fall from.” God has given us His word has a guide and place for moral standards. For the Christian the Bible is our final authority on faith and practice. If you have no morals then you will never be attacked for having some.
"I have a God-given right to pursue happiness, and happiness to me is killing things, skinning them, plucking them, and then having a good meal. What makes me happy is going out and blowing a duck's head off."-Phil Robertson
Phil Robertson from HRW expresses his concern about the ongoing human rights violations in Kachin state Myanmar
Phil Robertson, if you really write "The Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible" I will sue your *** for libel, infringement and dumb-assery.
Phil Robertson hands the GOP the key to saving America: Return to God.
While all the Christians are creating an upheaval about "Phil Robertson", who originally didn't even have a beard in the first place, (nobody had a beard!) but I digress...they seem to be missing t...
The weak lash out when offended. The strong forgive. Be strong in the Lord. -Phil Robertson
Just another interesting viral video where Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson seems to suggest that girls should be marrying at 15 years old... And of course shou...
After a long frustrating day an ice cold beer when i got home, planting tomato plants my friends have me an watching a hour of 24 helps tremendously! I love watching Jack Bowers as much as Phil Robertson loves Bourne.
Phil Robertson tells Sean Hannity that America's ills are the result of liberals trying to remove God from our psyche.
Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson has a cure for the GOP. “You want to turn the Republican Party around, get godly,”
The Froggy 104 Dirt Alert sponsored by 45 Auto Mart in Henderson Tracy Morgan was involved in a fatal car crash on Saturday morning in New Jersey. He is in critical condition. NBC claims a luxury limo bus overturned. Two tractor-trailers and an SUV were also involved. NBC says one of the tractor trailers came up on slow moving traffic and caused the wreck. Tracy has a broken femur, a broken nose and several broken ribs. The National Enquirer claims Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson may run for office. A source tells the tabloid: “Phil thinks the time is right for a good old-fashioned God-fearing guy like him to become a politico. He chuckled, ‘Can you imagine me as Duck Commander in chief?’ He’s serious about running for office. He’d like to give the liberals a run for their money!” Blake Shelton tells Rolling Stone that Miranda Lambert once dumped a drink on Nickelback's Chad Kroeger. "People always try to pop off or call her bluff at bars... He tried to get her to drink some moonshine, a ...
Check out "Just 1 Phone Call -- Phil Robertson, The Duck Commander" by on Vimeo
We just had a Duck Commander Mossberg 500 signed by Phil Robertson transferred into the store today. We take all...
On May 29, Duck Dynasty star turned GOP darling Phil Robertson gave a keynote speech at the Republican Leadership Conference (RLC). His speech, which focused on religion and encouraged Republicans to "get godly," is the latest milestone in the controversial reality TV star's meteoric and unexpected…
The Bible, with additional dialogue by Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson
New Orleans - 'Duck Dynasty' reality TV star Phil Robertson said that the separation of church and state isn't right.He made that statement at a Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.
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Bobby Jindal will appear in the premiere of Duck Dynasty’s sixth season next Wednesday. Louisiana’s Republican governor was the most vocal politician to defend Phil Robertson last year after A&E suspended the show in the aftermath of comments he made about black people and homosexual…
"Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson will be in Atlanta later this month for a festival. He'll be joined by son Alan, recently introduced on the hit A&E show as "the beardless brother."
At the Republican Leadership Conference last week, Duck Dynasty homophobe Phil Robertson admonished that the Republican Party must "get Godly" and take a harder line on social issues. It’s hard to see how a harder line can be taken; the party has already been dragged to the rightmost fringes on social issues, deeply dividing the nation and the party. But old battleax Sarah Palin introduced Robertson with some typically bizarre comments. First, Palin praised Robertson as a "self-made entrepreneur" similar to the Founding Fathers (even though $70,000 of his $200,000 per-program salary is actually subsidized by state taxpayers - he is not “self-made”; he is a Subsidy Queen). She also praised him as an "educator and a church elder who inspires others to be bold and to embrace family", further lionizing him as having a "life [which] is a testament to those truths, to...get off your butt to make a buck". Palin’s top-off jacking off of homophobe Robertson was: "Maybe he should be not just the Duck Com .. ...
So we have been pruning trees around the yard and I tell Tanner yesterday to gather up all the branches so we can bundle them and put them to the road for pickup. I came home yesterday afternoon and this was the product of his endeavor - a playset turned duck blind! He said, "Hey, Mom, I turned my tree house into a duck blind! Can you tell we watch a lot of Duck Dynasty on A&E? I think Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander", Willie Robertson, Jase Robertson, Jep & Jessica Robertson - Duck Dynasty, and Si Robertson would be pleased at the attempt! Love this kid!
'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson in hot water again
Mom just told me she's gettin me and dad tickets to go see jase and Phil Robertson next weekend at wild fire weekend!!!
Phil Robertson has the answer for GOP success!
I had a great time as a delegate at the Republican Leadership Conference. We heard great speeches from Ted Cruz, Allen West, Donald Trump, Phil Robertson, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Bobby Jindal, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, and others. The great speeches and exchange of conservative ideas gave me hope for where we are heading as a party and as a nation. P.S. I am a terrible photographer!
Rand Paul & GOP asking African-American voters why more don't support them...? The rebel flag in your yard? Phil Robertson? Wow, just..
Happy, Happy, Happy My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander By (author) Phil Robertson
God Gave 'Duck Dynasty' Phil Robertson to Democrats. Thank You, Lord, For This Gift. Posted: 05/31/2014 6:06 am EDT Updated: 3 hours ago The camouflaged, bearded duck hunter in the sky, in his infinite wisdom and vendetta against mallards, gave liberals everywhere a gift. His name is Phil Robertson and his controversial comments on homosexuals, Satan in politics, and God are well documented. However, the latest conservative prophet isn't just an astute political analyst and theologian. He could be the next salt-of-the-earth conservative who Sean Hannity abandons and one reason why "evil" wins for the third consecutive presidential election. Why is the Duck Commander a heaven sent gift to liberals, Democrats, and other heathens across the country? The answer to this question starts with comments by GOP candidates before the last election. Indiana Senate Candidate Richard Murdoch in 2012 gave his thoughts on God's view of pregnancy from rape. Murdoch stated in a debate that, "I struggled with it myself for ...
Yes, please! The Republican Party must take advice from Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson! A match made in heaven.
Phil Robertson spoke at the Republican Leadership Conference & received several standing ovations. Behold today's GOP h…
Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty spoke at the Republican Leadership Conference, so let's review what he stands for:
Speaking at yesterday's Republican Leadership Conference, Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson said the U.S. government is dependent on religious foundations.
Phil Robertson, Donald Trump take the stage at Republican Leadership Conference
Phil Robertson needs to make a guest appearance on Swamp People as gator bait.
Interesting interview on Fox News with Phil Robertson at the Republican Leadership Conference.
Weekend fun! Lights, Camera, Action! On set with Sean Hannity & Sarah Palin, Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, Donald Trumps good hair day, CL Bryant and his wife, and Garrett C. Monti and wife.
The notion that Phil Robertson is addressing the Republican Leadership Conference, does not give me any sense that the GOP is serious about the future of the party. How does this unify the party? How does this focus on policy differences that actually has the potential to create unity? No, the leadership is not serious about unifying the party.
Phil Robertson stood out at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans. Maybe it was his thick, white beard - a trademark of the family he leads on the reality television show "Duck Dynasty." Or maybe it was the fact...
Howard Fineman joins Alex Wagner to discuss the 2014 Republican Leadership Conference and its speakers, including Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, Allen West and Donald Trump.
Heading back down to New Orleans today for the 2nd day of the Republican Leadership Conference. Had a great time yesterday. Got to meet Sean Hannity and hear Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander".
Who did the "duck call" best — Sean Hannity or Duck Dynasty on A&E patriarch Phil Robertson?! Watch below and don't miss the full interview TONIGHT at 10p ET.
Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty shot to fame among the conservative faithful as a martyr on behalf of hating on *** and arguing that blacks were pretty happy under Jim Crow. He spoke today at the Republican Leadership Conference. George Zimmerman was busy...
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson was on Hannity tonight where he talked about Jesus, Republicans, and more. A refreshing change of pace. Watch:
"Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson scolded the GOP in New Orleans Thursday night, and the crowd loved it.
The controversial patriarch of the “Duck Dynasty” family Phil Robertson, next
Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson talks about Jesus and Republicans on Hannity
'Duck Dynasty’s' Phil Robertson on Dems: Party of 'Endorsing Perversion,' ..Breitbart ConservativeBlog
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Phil Robertson, star of the A&E network’s hit reality television series “Duck Dynasty,” came to New Orleans on Thursday preaching the Bible and...
Phil Robertson is on Fox News at the Republican Leadership Conference. I totally agree with everything he just said. He may seem like a simple man but he has great ideas. I am amazed at the strength it must have taken for him to say all that knowing the persecution he will face.
Duck Dynasty star, Phil Robertson, to Sean Hannity: "I just feel more comfortable commenting on the spiritual." Interestingly, a significant portion of Christianity feels decidedly less comfortable.
WHAT A JOKE The 2014 Republican Leadership Conference May 29-31, 2014 Please look at this lineup a tell me the Republican Party did not pick the most vile, racist, woman haters and just plain dumb to represent them in this years conference. The latest speakers to confirm are Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson, Donald Trump, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz, Reince Priebus, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Mike Lee, Allen West, Marsha Blackburn, Dinesh D'Souza and Ron Johnson. One thing for sure this Republican Leadership Conference is a 'massive gathering' of Jindal's 'stupid party'. This is a group of GOP leaders that are famous for things like shutting down the government, believing that employers should be able to limit health care options for women and question where the President was born. Newt Gingrich calling the 1st black president a food stamp president. Rick Santorum don't want to give the bla people other fokes money. Rick I FORGET Perry and Birther Donald Trump. RNC Chairman Re ...
Once again, Phil Robertson (Duck Dynasty) has been targeted by the media saying that faculty and students walked out. He was a guest speaker at LSU and a certain group supposedly walked out of the ceremony. First---the man never said anything at the proceedings that prompted this "Walk Out" and Second---He was invited to speak. Now-If you are graduating, you graduate as a CLASS--not a GROUP. Why, as a group, should you be informed of who is speaking? Sit there, shut up and show respect. You don't have to agree with him but he does have a right to speak. There are so many people out there being asked to speak at colleges and are then targeted by groups with their own agenda's. Maybe they ought to go to colleges or schools where everyone believes as they do. Maybe all these groups shouldn't go to college at all. They seem to know it all anyway. BTW---many parents that were there said that they filmed the whole commencement ceremony and NO one walked out and if they did , no one noticed. Nice job of bashing ...
Phil Robertson, the reality TV star famous for making racist and homophobic comments, has been chosen to address the 2014 Republican Leadership Conference.
"...‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson to address Republican Leadership Conference" ...The very definition of the blind leading the bland.
"I think our culture needs more grandpa's". -Phil Robertson
Funny that Phil Robertson, Human Rights Watch have nothing to say about S'pore PM's legal action against a blogger. Consistent lah sikit.
Jaw dropping talk at by Dr Phil Robertson showing the value delivers to Australian society.
Three faculty members walked out of the Louisiana Tech University commencement ceremony Saturday to show their disdain for alumnus Phil Robertson. Students in the Louisiana Tech's LGBTQ organization, Prism, sparked the idea via social media.
What's left of the when they turn to & invite Phil Robertson of to speak for them ?? NOTHING !.
Really interested to hear Phil Robertson's take on predictive analytics
Phil Robertson speaks on the transforming effect of new technologies this session
You can bet Phil is going to say it...''THE WAY IT REALLY IS""...
What BS . This country has gone nuts!. Once again
Let me shed some light on a point many seem to be missing. It's a bit long but please bear with me. One person...
Alan Robertson: Phil Robertson is the Voice of God! - Phil Robertson doubled down last month on the homophobic...
Alan Robertson says his dad Phil is like John the Baptist -
Robertson gets it done!!! Yankees win!! Now back home to face Phil Hughes and the Twins!!!
I don't understand how people aren't outraged about this. I expect so much more from my alma mater. http:…
If only we had more people like Phil Robertson, our world would be a better place.
Only if every other man in the world died, save for Phil Robertson, Donald Sterling, and Vladimir Putin!
THURSDAY - A 'Hannity' exclusive: Phil Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty' sits down with Sean! Tune in at 10 P ET!
Hilarious! Leave it to racist to hire bigot Phil Robertson. So much for that so called rebranding.
"The most endangered species on the planet is manly men" - Phil Robertson
This story is about a beautiful princess, you know like the chicks on the weather channel.. (phil robertson...Duck Dynasty) LMAO
John David made the best frog legs i have ever eaten. Used Phil Robertsons recipe from Duck Dynasty. OMG!! Thank you Russell and Tim for taking him gigging. Gotta do that again!!
Dear Corre Stegall, We, the undersigned, write this open letter to express our disappointment and shame at the induction of Phil Robertson into...
Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the family featured on A&E's one-time hit show 'Duck Dynasty,' will be a featured speaker at the Republican Leadership Conference this coming Thursday.
The Republican Leadership Conference has announced their speakers for this weekend's conference in New Orleans, LA. Duck Commander reality television star Phil Robertson and Donald Trump will both be speaking. In December of last year Phil Robertson was target by *** rights activists after comments…
Watched my first episode of Duck Dynasty. It came on while I was busy checking email, so didn't bother changing it. It was so F'ng stupid that I just about wet my pants laughing. "A Duck is like a woman in that they don't like to get their bottoms muddy... Phil Robertson" Paula came in and watched a few minutes, and all she could keep saying was "Wow" :)
It's no secret that "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson has become a divisive figure since his comments about homosexuality and sin went viral last December. But perhaps nothing best illustrates the divide more than a decision by three Louisiana Tech University facility members to walk out in pr…
Alan Robertson, son of "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson, gave a moving speech honoring his father and comparing him to John the Baptist at the Watchmen on the Wall conference earlier this month. Alan also called his father a "21st century prophet" who was speaking the truth and honoring the L…
I'm thinking if I had a culinary contest against Mike Duggleby I would have Gerassimos Vandoros on my team. I would give him Peter Woldu and Phil Robertson and probably John Hripko because he is outrageous at times. To even up Kelly Kelly Kuntz Carmichael would be my wine expert because she knows a lot and Heather Macdonald Lemieux for desserts. My judge ringers would be Doug Murdoch and Jason Walker cause I think they could be bought off with butter tarts...
Phil Robertson, the “Duck Dynasty” star will speak at the Republican Leadership Conference on Thursday, according to the Republican National Committee. I suppose Cliven Bundy wasn’t available since he abandoned the Republican Party today and registered with the Independent American Party.
Thinking about putting a wicked powerful death curse on Phil Robertson just for the *** of it. This might be really fun!
[BREAKING NEWS] Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson To Address GOP Conference THURSDAY MAY 29TH. VIA Truth Revolt... "Robertson was a target of *** rights activists in December 2013 after comments regarding homosexual behavior were published in an interview with GQ magazine. At the time, A & E, the network his show Duck Dynasty appears on, suspended him. After an intense and vocal response from the show's loyal fans, and an overwhelming petition drive here at Truth Revolt, he was reinstated." Do you support the Robertson family?
Thoughts? "Duck Dynasty" star Alan Robertson is defending his dad Phil Robertson's controversial views on homosexuality ... and even thinks his pops is "a 21st Century prophet."
I will be attending the Republican Leadership Conference this weekend in New Orleans representing Women Speak Out PAC a part of the Susan B. Anthony List. I don't know what I'm most excited about. Phil Robertson will be there. Also, very famous republicans like Rick Santorum, Herman Cain, Donald Trump, and many more will be there. Gah.
On Friday, a group of Louisiana Tech students discovered that the university planned to honor monumental bigot Phil Robertson at the graduation commencement ceremony on Saturday. The choice to hono...
In the words of Phil Robertson.HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!! Went in for my cardiac catheterization and I (as well as the Dr.) expected to have a stent or two put in. Short story...NO STENT NEEDED!!! Some meds added to the repertoire for a bit, but I can deal with that :)
In need of whiskey and coke with a good friend! Phil Robertson
Phil Robertson, the patriarch of Louisiana's Duck Dynasty clan is being accused once again of making "anti *** remarks when he quoted Scripture during at sermon he delivered at his home church in West Monroe on Easter Sunday. Remarks not in a national magazine, nor on TV, nor in any other forum, bu…
THE 3 STEP PLAN BY THE LGBT MAFIA TO DESTROY THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH NTEB News Desk | May 28, 2014 THE COMING OF A NEW DARK AGE “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; Who opposed and exalted himself above all that is called God, or that is worshiped; so that he as God sits in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.” 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 When the Christian church was hit by a hostile takeover in 325AD by Constantine of Rome, it disappeared for the next 1,200+ years into the shroud of pagan Roman Catholicism. We call that period of time the Dark Ages. “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20 The Church that Jesus Christ died for and was entrusted to the Apostle Paul did not reemerge until the time of John Wycliffe and the Reformation. We call this ...
Critics are once again raging over "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson's newfound comments about homosexuality, with some accusing the reality show star of "unleashing another homophobic rant" during an Easter sermon he delivered last month. Robertson's latest comments were made April 20, 2014,…
Controversy seems to follow Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson everywhere that he or his family go…even to the university he attended…the school that ju...
phil robertson ltLiberals are such tolerant long as you agree with their views...
Let's give 3 cheers to La Tech for asking alum, Phil Robertson to be graduation speaker. It interest me that When he speaks , his words are direct from scripture.
Can someone tell me if John the Baptist where alive today would he look like Phil Robertson? I heard someone say they believe the bible but John the Baptist was a lunatic that ran off many people with his message. Too many people are looking at the outside.
Well, the FB police got me last night. They removed one of my comments to a story about Phil Robertson's speech at his alma mater. Guess they didn't like me calling the homosexual's by their slang terms. I don't regret the comment but I now understand that as a Christian I should have been the more tolerant person here.
It wasn't that long ago that "Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson was under fire for politically incorrect comments about homosexuality. Robertson is back in the news for newly discovered comments he made during an Easter service. He said, "They were mad at me ... because instead of acknowledging their sin like you had better do, they railed against me for giving them the truth about their sin. 'Don't deceive yourself' -- you want the verse? The news media didn't even know it was a verse. They thought I was just mouthing off." He again referenced Paul's remarks in 1 Corinthians 6:9: "I said, 'Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Don't be deceived. Neither the sexual immoral, nor the idolaters, nor adulterers, nor male prostitutes, nor homosexual offenders, nor thieves, nor greedy, nor druggards, nor slanderers, nor swindlers will inherent the kingdom of God." Predictably, leftists are up in arms now that his comments have come to light. No comment yet, however, from A&E.
80% of people confess to he Christians. More than half of marriages end in divorce. 10% of people are *** I think the real problem isn't *** ..sorry Phil Robertson.
Phil Robertson to speak in New Orleans!Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson to speak at Republican Leade
This is just sad. Phil Robertson to speak at the Republican Leadership Conference. Guess Cliven Bundy wasn't...
'The Bloody End' = Donald & Shelly Sterling in an empty gym watching Cliven Bundy & Phil Robertson play knockout.
In the words of Phil Robertson .Happy Happy
In about 48 hours Deb Foxhall Blankenship, and I will be on our way to New Orleans to attend the Republican Leadership Conference!! There are a lot of people invited to speak. The reason we are going: Sen Ted Cruz, LtCol Allen West, Sen Mike Lee, Mr. Donald Trump, Phil Robertson, and just a couple of more.only a couple!!! God Bless America!!!
Saw this in a comment section and couldn't agree more: "While it may have started before Sarah Palin, Palin and her 'Bots solidified the anti-intellectual strain that runs through the current GOP. They wear it like a badge of honor. The GOP's unhealthy obsession with Donald Trump and Phil Robertson is just a sad continuation of that same anti-intellectualism."
Ah, the world of crazy judgments just keeps getting more and more annoying. Phil Robertson gets an award at the Louisiana Tech and there is another hoopla over his positions on LGBT issues . My Position: I support *** rights and I also support free speech. I don't have to agree with this guy to allow for his opinions being just that, his opinions. The students and professors who walked out exercised the same freedom, SPEECH. An example of what a University environment should encourage, differences of opinion. Not an issue for debate as to who has that right. We all do.
To the chagrin of many in the audience, Phil Robertson’s appearance at commencement ceremonies held last Saturday at Louisiana Tech University caused outrage and walk-outs over the awarding of the schools prestigious Tower Medallion award to the Duck Dynasty patriarch, reality star and preacher.
I had a wonderful weekend with Levi and Garrett my sweet little fishing pals . Garrett had the most wonderful thing happen to him he witness Phil Robertson baptized a man right in front of the camp in the creek . I just want to thank them two for a wonderful holiday weekend that you spent with me on ouachita river . Love you both
Phil Robertson of Human Rights Watch talks to ABC News for Australia abt Sharia law in Brunei
Son of "Duck Dynasty"'s Phil Robertson compares his dad to John the Baptist
Just passed Phil Robertson on I-10 in his Duck Commander Denali Martha Miller Dallison
Duck Dynasty’ patriarch Phil Robertson is like John the Baptist, son tells conservative group
A merchandising idea. a T-Shirt with Phil Robertson's face and a caption reading: That strange moment when liberals realize Al Sharpton is not really a reverend
Phil Robertson gives a sermon in his church everyone judges him on his morales and beliefs... My Uncle fought in Vietnam when he came back he was called a killer and was judged on what he had to do to stay alive over there... Tim Tebow was shunned for kneeling and saying a prayer...But you got killers getting away with murder and drug dealers dealing to young kids...Children in our country going hungry...Homeless people in the streets...And people are more worried about judging another man or saying someone is a hero cause they are openly *** Or more worried about what Benghazi is doing.Don't you think we should worry more about our youth of America and fix our problems then we can go help these other country's...Granted we all have freedom of speech..And I think people should speak there minds and beliefs. But its time to stop the judging and stop the criticism and let's fix our stuff. We all gotta live together no matter sexual orientation or color...And everyone sins IDC if your Billy Graham or Charle ...
Phil Robertson , the "Duck Dynasty" star whose controversial remarks about *** and African Americans in the segregated South got him briefly suspended from his hit A&E show, is speaking out once again.
Phil Robertson uncensored... Watch his Easter Sunday sermon that just leaked:
They're going after Phil Robertson again, and they're making the same ignorant assumptions again. This time it's over an excerpt from a sermon in his church where he talks about the first attack and how the world didn't even know that he was quoting the Bible, not answering a question in his own words. Well guess what's got their panties in a was now, he just finishing the rest of the passage from the book that we are banning from schools, courthouses, and anywhere but prisons. Their issue is with the Bible, not a guy relaying the contents. But of course they're too chicken to get to the point. And to use the ratings or product sales of Duck Dynasty as proof that America doesn't approve is asinine. Duck Dynasty is the product of A&E, not Phil Robertson. A&E built that brand off of Duck Commander, and Buck Commander- the brands that Phil Robertson created many years ago. Duck Commander and Buck Commander are doing great, and notching record sales that right in line with the sporting goods economy
Phil Robertson's comments are included in a sermon delivered at his church in West Monroe, Louisiana, on Easter Sunday. Robertson includes homosexuals with other groups such as thieves and adulterers as *** bound sinners.
"Phil Robertson, the disgraced patriarch from Duck Dynasty, has made more inflammatory comments against the LGBT community" so shock
Phil Robertson quotes book of Corinthians in God's Word and gets called anti *** Guess God is anti *** Remember that.
WATCH: Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson is railing against the *** .. again.
'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson repeats his beliefs about 'homosexual offenders' -
If you thought maybe Phil Robertson had turned over a new leaf about his views on homosexuals, you thought wrong.
Phil Robertson knows the bible like the back of his liver-spotted hand. The redneck millionaire, fresh from a suspension from A&E and a public apology for his *** hating rant which surfaced late last year, was back at it again. Out of the frying pan and into the fire he goes on yet another hate fill…
Thats one reason I find the Phil Robertson and Duck Commander association with a College Bowl game something to watch and see how develops
This is what YOU in our community had to say about Phil Robertson's homophobic rant. *Make sure to send us YOUR Social Sound-Off videos using for a chance to be on the show!
Video: Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson goes on new homophobic rant
VIDEO: Duck Dynasty star preaches anti *** beliefs again
Phil Robertson Won't Stop Putting His Foot In It - A&E put Phil Robertson back on the air after his las...
Did they expect Phil Robertson to recant his beliefs? via
UGH: The media targeting Phil Robertson AGAIN over not-so-new remarks about homosexuality
I am pretty sure Phil Robertson likes *** more than I do.
A video recording of "Duck Dynasty" television star Phil Robertson making more anti *** remarks has emerged. Robertson made the most recent set of...
Why is not = to in the US? private comments were punished but Phil Robertson’s public comments ignored
I'm not sure who I am MORE tired of on my television. Vance McAlister or Phil Robertson.
O Dear Mr Phil Robertson I so hope you have never fallen short of the over 613 Laws for witch you will be held accountably for if you break a peace of the Law you have broken the whole Law but I choose to use the power given me by the almighty Lord God Most High to Loosen all the burdens that you and Religion would place on the children of God in the name of Jesus Christ the beloved son whom did not come and give his mortal life for you to condemn the people of this word back to *** for he came to Save the Sinner not the Saint
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
New anti *** remarks by 'Duck Dynasty' patriarch Phil Robertson emerge in video of sermon
Keepin it real!!! ===>> Phil Robertson: Media Railed Against Me for Giving Them the Truth About Their Sins
I Agree with pretty much everything Phil Robertson said and believes! I think he is a wonderful example of a father and a grandfather!
Noted homophobe Phil Robertson SHOCKINGLY has more homophobic things to say
'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson goes off on 'homosexual offenders' in sermon - Tulsa World: New York Daily ... http…
A tape has emerged of “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson giving yet another sermon in church about the biblically based sin of homosexuality and saying that his views haven’t changed in the months since he created a media stir by preaching the same.
You have to feel sorry for Phil Robertson, really. He and his worldview have lost. If he sees this as his life's mission, he's a failure.
Why does Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson hate *** Why doesn't he hate the love of money greed lust lying cheating divorce Judgment is not yours
'Duck Dynasty's' Phil Robertson video: Affirms anti *** stance in sermon
Dear Phil Robertson, shut the duck up. via
I could not care less about Phil Robertson's statements nor who they represent, or offend. Irrelevant.
TOP 10 THINGS I REALLY DON'T GIVE A RED RAT'S *** ABOUT. 10.) What happens in the Donald Sterling vs the NBA situation. If he wins in court he wins. If he loses he stands to make over 500 million dollars from the sale of the Clippers. I don't care. 9.) The battle rages on with Israel vs the Palestinians for half a century. Both are wrong and both are right. I just don't care. 8.) I honestly could not care less if Michael Sam never plays a down or becomes the first openly *** football player to make a team. Either way. 7.) Whether Led Zeppelin plagiarized the opening riff to Stairway to Heaven or not matters not at all to me. I hate that song. 6.) I am not in the slightest worried about North Korea lobbing a nuke into South Korea or Japan. For Christsake we have spent 20 trillion dollars to stop such an act and we can't blow it up on launch? Oh yes we can. Stop selling fear. 5.) Avatar the movie made more money than any movie in history. Almost 3 billion dollars. And it was also the most widely ...
Phil Robertson has an enormous fan base that commits to seeing what he does with his life every week and says that idolaters go to *** Ok.
Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson gives new sermon on homosexual offenders - Washington Times: via
Phil Robertson is stronger than ever that homosexuality is an evil that deserves disdain and eternal damnation.The "Duck Dynasty" star gave a…
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
New footage has surfaced of "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson slamming *** people in a sermon on Easter Sunday.
NEW YORK — A&E has declined to comment on new video of "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson reviving past anti *** remarks.
"Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson has been SUSPENDED INDEFINITELY by A&E after a series of homophobic comments he made in a recent GQ interview.A rep…
OK . . . . I was having trouble getting a wedding band to compliment my engagement ring. The solution offered at People's was not acceptable. Anyway . . . It was suggested to me to get a custom made band . . . . So I touched base with George Alteen of Alteen's Jewelers in Cornerbrook and the rest is now history! He just sent me pictures of my rings! I sent him my ring and he custom designed and made both my wedding band AND my 1 second anniversary band! I can't wait to see them with my own 2 eyes . . . In the words of Phil Robertson . . . . I'm HAPPY. HAPPY. HAPPY!
It looks like "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson hasn’t learned much from coming under fire for spewing anti *** and racist remarks last year.
Liberal leftie extremists coalitions after the Duckman, again. Cept this time its a preached sermon about *** adulterers etc going to take the ol' trip to the hot fire and become eternal crispy bacon. Ya know, its always a "miss quote" or "half story" attack on ol Phil Robertson. Are they thinking he gona back off his belief and surrender to immorality of the current Earth population? Really? Ay leftie liberal coalition ready to open *** gate and take as many people as you can with you with that easy believism, budha, hippie tree lovin, its ok to be *** muslim & crucify the christian because they stand against it, *** post the full story on what how and why before you try to butter up the public to hate a man who dont hate the above mentioned society. His book, the bible, says hate the sin, not the sinner. You misrepresent his belief by omitting a few things he says to make your crucifiction seem like false news (Fox News) says "fair & balanced" hot garbage. Or that no investigation network, CNN, ...
There's no need to drill it into anyone's head - they live with it everyday. The state governors blocking medicaid expansion opened a lot of people's eyes. The non-stop, relentless attacks on Obama and ACA. Hillbillies with guns running around the desert taking tax-payer property,. the religious extremism, Phil Robertson, the resistance on gun control, the fact that the people know better than ANYONE how hard they're working and how little they have to show... then they turn on thier TV and see some *** with 26 mansions and 12 yachts. All of it adds up but I really think the breaking point was the shutdown because it shocked people into giving everything else a closer look.
Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson defended his controversial comments about homosexuality at an Easter Sunday church service in West Monroe, Louisiana. A video of the sermon has begun to circulate, showing Robertson describing his version of the interview with GQ's Drew Magary that got him suspended…
So Phil Robertson made some more "Anti *** statements.WOW SHOCKER.the man is a Preacher who preaches from God's word.Many Preachers around this world preach the same thing Phil does...Don't like what he has to say, don't pay him any attention...,.If you don't believe in God.that's your deal.but when your day comes.what if you are wrong?
So Phil Robertson of DDynasty goes on another anti *** rant in a sermon after his tv show had 2.5 million fewer viewers for this season's finale than for last season. Must just be a coincidence, right?
Hey Phil Robertson ! I've got a verse fir ya. For god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that WHOSOEVER believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life... John 3:16 , also if you are not aware Jesus was crucified between two thieves and gave them the key to heaven I could go on and on about murderers and *** and adulterers . Anyone that believes in god can get into heaven . So go duck yourself!!!
Phil Robertson is in CHURCH delivering a SERMON...HOW are you calling this a RANT?? All I see is the media and world harassing him. Is he NOT entitled to his opionion and to witness about what he believes? The producers of Duck Dynasty suspend him But all these other reality shows have people drinking, having sex, fighting, cussing and prejudice/racist but theyre producers as well as the media and world are OKAY?? So hypocritical
I just saw in the news where Phil Robertson was blasted for his opinions on American lifestyle (Homosexuality) My self personally take no sides on the issue. But I will defend to his right to free speech and freedom to assemble in a peaceful manner. The news make New Orleans *** March parade in the streets every year as entertainment for our children. I have the choice to turn the channel. Please don't let it bother you , the sin is what we have allow to accept from local and national news. Money is the driving issue. I am not fighting over this, history of Godliness has always prevailed for over 2000 years, I cant see it failing any time soon.Walk on Mr. Phil you have the right as a American tax payer to say anything.
Just months after finding himself at the center of an anti *** controversy, new footage of Phil Robertson, star of A&E's "Duck Dynasty," preaching against *** pe...
Phil Robertson has the right to say whatever the *** he wants in his own church!! That's the beauty of our country! You don't like it?! Don't watch! Don't listen! Don't support the show! I don't care and neither does he obviously! People are so freaking sensitive nowadays! it gets on my *** nerves
True story.for some time now I've REALLY liked the smell of cigarette smoke, so much that I've seriously wanted to pick up the bad habit. Well, a couple nights ago I had a dream that Phil Robertson was teaching me to smoke a cool cigarette that was shaped like a duck call and all I could think about was how cool it would be to tell my friends that I ACTUALLY smoked a cigarette with Phil Robertson, I wanted him to autograph it so bad, just so that I could prove it to everyone that I was with him, but I smoked the dang thing so hard that I left myself with nothing to sign! I know some dreams mean something, but that one really had me puzzled!
Get over it people "Phil Robertson" is a fundamentalist bottom line if you don't go to his church your wrong and going to *** sayeth the bible belt...I know cause I use to live in a go to *** zone...and it don't matter if your *** straight, bi, pick a color too many to name and generally pick a life style or anything that would be considered a no no and poof you go to *** in his world.
And more Phil Robertson drama... He's being hated on for a sermon...for preaching...from the bible... really??
Oh the *** Phil Robertson at it again!!! This time he will probably get fired because the show is not number 1 anymore!! I think that him , bundy and sterling all came over on the same boat. The *** boat
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