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Phil Robertson

Phil Alexander Robertson (born April 24, 1946) is an American professional hunter, businessman (Duck Commander), and reality television star on the popular television series, Duck Dynasty.

Duck Dynasty Human Rights Watch Ted Nugent Miss Kay Duck Commander Paula Deen Sarah Palin Native Americans

Scott and Tonnette Walker, Joel and Rebecca Kleefisch, *** hating "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson and his...
America : Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson discusses how he would deal with I... via
10 Tips on Writing from this Phil Robertson his job back, but not before making him one of the most famous martyrs in America.
I agree with him, I think our country needs to get back to letting God run our country.
The team would like to wish Phil Ormond & Rebecca Robertson a wonderful wedding day!
Phil Robertson. Just another bigot, liar, and fraud hiding behind the flimsy curtains of religion. -
If you combined the bigoted things said by Trump, Hulk Hogan, Paula Deen, they're still not half as bigoted as things said by Phil Robertson
They never talked about the offensive anti *** comments from Phil Robertson.
Too funny, I was about to say the same thing. Opinions will differ wherever you go. Duck Dynasty & Phil Robertson were great (1)
The guy next to me was the perfect combination of Liam Neeson and Phil Robertson👍
to last year when I got baptized by Phil Robertson from such an inspiring family!
"A second chance is never the same as the first."-Phil Robertson
Duck Dynasty: A&E Tolerates Phil Robertson...Sort of - Check out this post!
Classic whoopie cushion on Phil, nicely done lil Robertson
When is Phil Robertson running for president
After reading "UnPHILtered" by Phil Robertson, I say we let that man be president.
this isn't the actual Phil Robertson.
Phil Robertson is just roasting about politics. It's hilarious 😂👍
you can go with a guy like me, or celebrity like Phil Robertson...but you need to have our perspective.. I'm available :)
me, Phil Robertson, Ted Nugent, you can go know, or un-known, but you need the perspective.. it's lost on ya'll right now
please go live w/ Phil Robertson become a gator hunter vote republican go fishing follow and get a 🇺🇸.
The Bible Belt will have a mass exodus of all cultural and intellectual persons and Phil Robertson ascends as supreme dictator to applause
.Frank Gaffney *and* Phyllis Schlafley! How did they leave Fox News Islam expert Phil Robertson off list?
may face competition in his bid to become the Republican presidential nominee: Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty.
I wish Phil Robertson would run for president.
"Listen up ladies... if your boyfriend doesn't know or then you have a BF". - Phil Robertson
spitting on the ground shows a sign of manliness -Phil Robertson
Phil Robertson would probably make a bad *** president
Phil Robertson really just needs to run for president 👌🏻
Phil Robertson knows... Why is it so hard to see we want a conservative with balls enough to speak the truth?
I want a marriage like Phil and Kay Robertson been together for over 50 years through the bad and good times
Idk how I got "Phil Robertson" there isn't even an option for any kind of shotgun hunting..
Check out the most controversial reality TV characters of all time!
Giant duck call signed by Phil Robertson by john_deere_girl1
PSA: Neither Dave Chapelle nor Phil Robertson said this quote. You look very stupid when you post that they did
Mike Huckabee, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Phil Robertson, all are examplu of evil Christians!
I think Trump is an outstanding addition to the lineup. I wish Ted Nugent, David Duke and Phil Robertson would jump in.
Phil Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty' to talk about life, Christian values in Shipshewana
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson explains why sexing a 14-year old is as American as apple pie and Jesus. >>>
.patriarch Phil Robertson is coming to Shipshewana on Friday
Check out how Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty responds to his grandkids when they misbehave:
I find myself agreeing more and more often with Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson as I travel around the...
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson takes the stage Friday at Blue Gate Theater in Shipshewana.
Duck Dynasty's Jep Robertson was molested by an older girl at 6 The youngest son of Kay and Phil Robertson says he…
As the fallout from Phil Robertson's comments on homosexuality continues to rain down, some say its time to put a fork in "Duck Dynasty,"
Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty is gonna be in Shipshewana here in the near future. Wooo!
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson is under fire again, this time for a hypothetical graphic story about atheists. the show is off air again.
Taylor Canfield wins the Congressional Cup 2-1 over Phil Robertson
My grandpa referred to Seattle people as "rich yuppies" I think he's secretly Phil Robertson bc I've never heard anyone else use that word
all those men and pleasure. Hmm. What would Phil Robertson think of this sausage fest?
I heard u on YouTube and was shocked that you stated name calling Phil Robertson that is beneath you.
Phil Robertson w Duck Dynasty said it. "Muslims have two choices here. Convert or die" I see the hate coming. Not good
Phil and Si Robertson's sister is coming to our church Sunday
Apocalyptic lenticular clouds over Robertson and Leon Counties in Texas via
What if Phil Robertson is doing an interactive, Andy Kaufman-esque performance art piece and in actuality he's a chill…
"Where there is no Jesus, evil always reigns" - Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty Quote - Printable
Phil download SU app and find out set times 😇
There's Still Time for George Zimmerman, Phil Robertson, Ted Nugent and Josh Duggar to Get in on the GOP Side. Give the Bas…
The murder rate in this country would drop dramatically if we started to love God & love one another - Phil Robertson
First Imus, then Paula Deen, now Phil Robertson. All conservatives. Let the viewers make the decisions. Ratings fall - progr…
I want a guy who would catch turtles for me like Phil Robertson does for Miss Kay
I am pretty positive Bob Ross is the happy hippy version of Phil Robertson
Remember how the media treated Phil Robertson and Tim Tebow? They're Christians too.
Memorial Day somehow went from honoring veterans and those who have come before to seeing who can out-Phil Robertson each other
Why was Paula Deen vilified about using the N word, but the J Duggar might NOT be off his show? And nothing ever happened to Phil Robertson?
is partially scripted. Phil Robertson said so himself.
.and NOW the don't like the pope … but they REALLY like phil robertson!
"phil robertson sighs as he unsheathes his All-American Redneck Katana"
Considering all w Phil Robertson's comments regarding underage girls,now wld B a good time 2 pull
is not actually associated with Phil Robertson, Duck Commander, or Duck Dynasty. I did a little research.
yes, just like A&E keeps giving Phil Robertson from a platform for his racist, *** hating nonsense.
is what this country was founded on.. Kinda like the Phil Robertson issue. They don't hate *** !
lets not forget Phil Robertson. He blames Ebola on 'the *** . 🇺🇸 .
Also Super exited for Phil Robertson to bring the word at Bethany Church for Father's Day !
this situation is very similar to Phil Robertson in the fact their getting criticism from the liberal media.
“Burmese government is doing ethnic cleansing against the Rohingya ...,” said Phil Robertson
Tell me about Phil Robertson interview in Spanish
We've seen this with Phil Robertson.conservative Christians are getting attached. Where are their rights?
between Duggar and Phil Robertson she's latched on to some stand up fellas.Phil likes them 15 at least.
I love how respectful the Robertson kids are on Duck Dynasty towards Phil and Miss Kay. More young people need to be like that
Next will be the Osama bin Laden look alike Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty. Bring them off the air.
yes, it happens all the time. I'm disappointed Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty still has a public platform
Did you see Phil Robertson on show, talking about Muslims, saying, "Convert them or kill them?"
It's eerily similar to when the Phil Robertson controversy just happened to coincide with Obama blowing up a Yemeni wedding...
There are two kinds of individuals on Planet Earth who do not have beards - women and youth. - Phil Robertson
Phil Robertson is just a common bigot. The are child molesting hilbillies
and conservative GOP continue to pose and take pix w/ Phil Robertson and child molester Ted Nugent
Who's working the point for GOP family values now that Dugger's down? Phil Robertson?
MT this guy Phil Robertson should be removed from A+E also..telling boys to go after+marry teenage he did
When Scott Walker gets out shined by key speaker Phil Robertson, he fabricates crisis to dramatically effect the GOP minions
Now waiting for the official word from Phil Robertson on how isn't a sex offender, but rather, how he committ…
I love this interview with Phil Robertson he speaks the truth
the comparison to Phil Robertson is the only one that doesn't work.
Just following in the footsteps of GOP icons. Nugent and Phil Robertson are pro-child molest becuz bi…
"I think our problem is a spiritual one...where there is no JESUS, evil always reigns. "Phil Robertson
"These are people floating around, waiting to die" says
"Duck Dynasty's" Miss Kay reveals why she didn't leave Phil Robertson after he cheated. *** it could be any *** under that beard!"
My mom quoted Phil from Duck Dynasty and I asked if it was. Phil Coulson. In all fairness I didn't know it was Phil Robertson.
Phil.4:13 is Pat Robertson's Life Verse...I Love Him!!! AN AMAZING HERO OF THE FAITH!!! Our Proof of the TRUTH of this Word!:)Thanks Lord!!!
When they banned Phil Robertson that one time is when Duck Dynasty became unpopular
"These are people floating around, waiting to die"
"These are people floating aro d, waiting to die" -
Just saw good interview with Phil Robertson by on re 's tardiness to help
"These are people floating around, waiting to die" Read the full interview with …
Chester will go. Robertson too. Elmo desperately hope not and may stay because of relationship with Bruce?
Kay and Phil Robertson are actual goals
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Interesting how so many of the Waco shootout suspects are Phil Robertson wannabes. . Or vice versa.
"Human Rights Watch’s Phil Robertson called lack of action an 'appalling' and 'shameful' abdication of leadership."
Disturbing that Thailand has not committed to any action. Phil Robertson, Human Rights Watch. .
These are people floating around, waiting to die. Interview with Phil Robertson of Human Rights Watch
Phil Robertson looks like a member of ISIS.
MTRobertson Not a single military official held accountable for shootings that caused deaths of unarmed civilians!
Hey will u bring the dude Phil Robertson on with to talk about http:…
Phil Robertson declares war on atheism!. 21 responses! I'm so proud. via
Phil Robertson | can we quit making stupid people famous?! -
'I can't be *** in northeast Louisiana.' A ULM student's powerful message to Phil Robertson Don't
"And people say Phil is being persecuted for his beliefs." Powerful.
This is a great read from 's blog. Just to give you some perspective.
RIP Dan Perrins - duck-billed to death by Phil Robertson for imitating his look
Taylor Canfield Defends Congressional Cup Title - Taylor Canfield has held off the attack BY PHIL ROBERTSON TO...
The wife of the youngest son of Phil and Kay Robertson, Jep Robertson, Jessica fits right in with the family.
Little Giant Ladders
"The biggest lesson about women that Willie has yet to learn is: they browse.". -Phil Robertson
Sean Hannity, Uncle Phil, Pat "Faux minister" Robertson and Ted Nugent are the new Republican Christian Corporation Party
I liked a video from Phil Robertson Tells Atheist Story Not Meant For Kids
I'm friends on FB with someone who shared a pic from "Boycott A&E until Phil Robertson is put back Duck Dynasty. That's how tolerant I am.
Larry Elder defends Phil Robertson and the &Southern Christian&
"You can't have these people float around until they die." Phil Robertson of Human Rights Watch
Phil Robertson was fine back in the day
Phil Robertson has a new name placard today...
"Convert them or kill them" ~ Phil Robertson. This is the only way to stop their religious extremism.
"What is our purpose without religion?" Ask Phil Robertson.
That Cowart reveres Phil Robertson is not surprising.
Andrew Robertson Phil Hughes and Bartolo Colon nice 2nd tier options at P. Both at home agai...
GAGOP state convention starts today in Athens, GA. who had the bright idea to include Jeb?!?! Much rather hear from Phil Robertson.
That time Phil Robertson said black people "weren't singing the blues"
The disgusting imaginations of the religious never cease to amaze. Right up there with Phil Robertson.
The current Posh set-up represented by Bob Symns, Dave Robertson, Grant McCann, Gaby Zakuani, Phil Adlam, Chris Brewere and the new kitman
This man say *** should be stoned & beheaded yet nothing reported by media, but Phil Robertson says only it's a sin
Too true. 'Abbott govt will twist anything that it can..' - Phil Robertson Human Rights Watch on
Shucks Gadzooks! Phil Robertson on ABC730 getting stuck into re Rohinga ppl. Good!.
Phil Robertson, HRW: "Australia's shameful action [boat push backs] has given the green light to other countries in the regi…
Someone should do a venn diagram of the people who stuck up for Phil Robertson and the people who are bashing Elizabeth May.
Realizing how much you resemble Phil Robertson
Can we talk about how Phil Robertson did the same thing to Atheists? This is crazy wrong, man.
No more exams! May or may not have just said "yolo" in an essay and drawn a picture of Phil Robertson to illustrate my point.
Jesse Jackson demands Phil Robertson 'repent', turn from Christian view on *** via
Pedo Pastor Phil Robertson wants the traitor who called on armed southern rebellion to run for president. Sweet.
Phil Robertson proselytizing is considerably different than advocating cop killing.
Things you see in Lynchburg: "Phil Robertson for President: Replace Morons with Morals"
Currently watching videos with Dylan Skinner of Phil, Jase and Si Robertson shooting Ducks.
Google Play recommended a book by Phil Robertson - the Duck Dynasty guy - to me. It has chosen … poorly.
Who said it: 'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson or an ISIS militant? via
The star headliner at last month's CPAC, Phil Robertson, opined about raping and killing atheists. Think about that for a m…
The irony since Phil Robertson said black people were better off as slaves.
family values at it's finest. She does support Duck Dynasty and Phil Robertson. She should ask him!
conservatives did the exact same thing with Phil Robertson when liberals wanted a&e to get rid of the show. We were attacking
equal free from any consequence. I do, however, feel everyone on the right who defended Phil Robertson or Pam
So why then when liberals disagree with Phil Robertson did the right criticize us so heavily as being anti-free speech?
No. the left didn't defend Phil Robertson's *** tirade or Pam gellar's Muslim drawings as free speech. Also this isn't hate speech
I wore my new Phil Robertson shirt to the Tea Party meeting the other night, and all of the guys just loved it. It really turned them on.
"You have to discipline your children, or they won't respect you, law enforcement or God or anyone else." - Phil Robertson
Miss Kay on Phil Robertson Some of the things he says shock her too but his heart is always in the right place
So said, Phil Robertson. I agree with him.
So Phil Robertson is being criticized yet again.
And phil *** robertson has made a whole family of *** s they making a movie about jesus coming back *** grow up already
Phil Robertson likes to lament about the "good old days" before welfare. But true to Republican form, he lacks...
Also joining us, Phil Robertson of Human Rights Watch. A key voice on countering exploitation in SEAsia h…
Phil Robertson a vociferous bigot against *** has Children. Should one be *** or marry interacially,Mrs Kay would grab that child & luv it.
Congratulations to Lisa Ball, Jo B Phil Borland and Sue Robertson - the winners in our Mother's Day promotion.
I really want Phil Robertson's grandson to be ***
as Phil Robertson says, I would have the "Terry Bradshaw" you on the drive to the honey hole
‘Aw!’ You’ll love what Phil Robertson got his wife for Christmas [pic]
that reminded me of Phil Robertson's proof that atheists have no morals.
Would you like to hear the bigoted musings of Phil, and other members of the Robertson clan, put to music? No?...
I didn't say he was... your boy and fellow bible thumper Phil Robertson said he was.
If I ever saw Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty I would punch him in the face. He's unbelievable, just another *** walking around.
"If there is no resurrection from the dead, I'd be going to duck hunt... a lot!" . Phil Robertson tells it as it is folks.
When Phil Robertson Fantasized About the Rape and Murder of an Atheist Family, What Part Did He Leave Out?
Free: Happy Happy Happy Phil Robertson shirt . Check it out -
I'm ok with that ONLY if you interview Phil Robertson. :)
Chuck Norris is old hat! Everyone knows today's hillbilly kingmaker is Phil Robertson.
1 republican is Phil Robertson, a keynote speaker at this year's RNC, who said "I'm just as homophobic as Jesus was."
Home Politics Commentary We can't duck the dynasty of hypocrisy – Phil Robertson vs. Martin...
.What if Phil Robertson is just a magnificent piece of continuing performance art?
Phil and Kay Robertson's marriage is such a good example of what God-filled love is.
"We must have politicians, want our vote, to tell us they love this country (USA), and us." - Phil Robertson
Texas has a chlamydia outbreak? If you listen to Phil Robertson Texas must be the home of "beatniks" & "hippies". ->
Phil Robertson declares war on atheism. Atheists respond: Who the *** is Phil Robertson?
I'm pretty sure that Phil Robertson's beard is full of feces:
War was declared. I just wonder if he got the right arsenal?
Phil Robertson, of Duck Dynasty fame is at it again with his hateful rants, seems he doesnt want to learn.
Northeast Valley News : Phil Robertson declares war on atheism
Remember when Phil Robertson said, "Convert them or kill them," on show? He is a ***
.I just don't see Dr. Carson as any more of a presidential contender than Phil Robertson (tho you & I would love that)!
Phil Robertson declares war on atheism via
America secretly wants Phil Robertson to run for President. This country would definitely be
It has been explained to me that Phil Robertson comparing lgbt ppl to bestiality is Christian but me saying that's not C…
Phil Robertson comes to mind actually. But I was clearly speaking figuratively here.
Two good people to get relationship advice from is Phil and Si Robertson
Nothing on how A&E plans on addressing Christian extremist Phil Robertson. Who's in charge there?
Phil Robertson declares war on atheism - Northeast Valley News
Phil Robertson declares war on atheism: At the Vero Beach Prayer Breakfast in Vero Beach, FL, Robertson commented…
Phil Robertson declares war on atheism
even Hearts top scorer and legend John Robertson said it wasn't a penalty..obv not good enough for Mad Phil Mentally-ill tho...
The list of addicts harming the USA is nearly endless. Phil Robertson: caffeine crazed tea addict.
Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty come to mind.
That's not true: Ben Garrison, Ron Paul, Phil Robertson, Nigel Farage, Chris Chan, the list goes on.
Phil Robertson shot this short video at Angler's Pond off Auburn Ravine...
I'm upset you lost the Phil Robertson picture with your old phone 😕 but thanks ***
I follow Phil Robertson- saw yr in Nashville. CK out movers & shakers shakes & sodas truck. It's the best !
because this is what Phil Robertson thinks transppl are lol
I liked a video from Phil Robertson CULT CONFIRMED!?
Phil Robertson: "This country was built on god's word.". (Tell that to murdered Native Americans & enslaved blacks) http:…
In the words of Phil Robertson this makes me 💙😎
If you believe Phil Robertson is a decent human being in any way please stay out of my general vicinity, we cannot be friends;)
Phil Robertson is an awful human and he needs his head examined. Please just be quiet in your home until you pass away.
needs to get Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty on there, but he wouldn't feel outnumbered around you ladies.
I dont want to hear what KILLERY has to say. I want to hear Phil Robertson or what some kid that hates Obama has to say about it!
Phil Robertson: Full text in of new Fisheries Act of 2015 now online here - just published in the...
ELI5: what's the difference between Phil Robertson freedom of speech and Charlie Hebdo freedom of speech?
Sure, when the anti *** bigot, Pedo Pastor Phil Robertson is taken off the air.
How America is perceived on TV is very deceiving. We have a lot more Phil Robertson's than Ryan Seacrest's. Just saying.
Protest signs at SCOTUS bring to mind line "There are two Americas, one of which is better than the other."
A&E & anyone else associated with this individual should sever their ties, forthwith! . phil robertson says older...
Bruce Jenner thinks he's a woman. World: "What a hero!". Phil Robertson kills and cleans what he eats. . World: "What a sick…
Phil Robertson: Famous last words - "I think it is not a big deal at all" deputy PM Prawit on non-elected PM in...
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Tonights Sportsbar from 10pm on TalkSPORT. , Neil Robertson, Dermot Gallagher, Phil Brown, , back pages +more
God of this City - Chris Tomlin . A&E Phil Robertson were here. I missed getting to see them,
"Better a good days catch of fish than a lifetime of crabs." -Phil Robertson . (Real sex education talk right there)
I liked a video from Phil Robertson, Go to ***
Forget turkey beards, they have Phil Robertson's down there!!
Yall might wanna go by walmart and pick yo self up a personality ~Phil Robertson 😂😂😂
I liked a video Phil Robertson Fantasizes About Rape & Murder of Atheists
Are you fantasizing about phil robertson again?
Phil Robertson tells it like it is. Since he’s not running for political office, and he doesn’t need the money,...
Phil Robertson has come under fire again for a speech he made at a prayer breakfast in Florida.
Phil Robertson=a malignant compensation of 12step "Have no image b4 me" Wrong Make your own DNA; be your own species
Rob Dyrdek is to me what Phil Robertson is to the uneducated coservative.
Burning and crucifying Phil Robertson. Worth a watch ;)
“If you can find a nice pretty country girl that can cook and carries her Bible, now there’s a woman.”- Phil Robertson
Crucifying and burning phil robertson. Please watch, made for you dusty :D
Website Builder 728x90
If you search "murdered for being an Atheist" you'll find many links to words from Phil Robertson and a 2007 incident
I liked a video from Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Getting Award from Republicans at
How do Republicans expect to legitimize the party when they share the stage with Phil Robertson and T. Nugent?
Curator of the microflora in Phil Robertson's beard.
A spinoff from Duck Dynasty about Phil Robertson called "Swamp ***
Terry Bradshaw took a shot at LSU coaches, just remember Terry, the only reason you're famous is because Phil Robertson quit …
Freedom of speech isn't freedom from consequences, Phil Robertson.
*Phil Robertson to Tyler at his show*. "Ya know, being a rockstar and making duck calls ain't so different."
The Duck Commander family here in Louisiana. Idk if you remember Phil Robertson shared his opinion on the subject of SS relations
Yes, Phil Robertson is a really, great, humble, Christian man -- a sinner saved by grace. To God be the Glory!
I wonder how much a Phil Robertson meet and greet would cost. And how much jail time would come with punching him in the face.
I liked a video from Phil Robertson's Atheist Family Rape Murder Fantasy
Phil robertson is coming to my church!🐤🐦
Phil is the most repugnant. Im sure he'd rather it be 1955. ...
Im not watching it, but I tried emailing A&E about extremist Phil Robertson again. Someones not doing their job
I'd rather listen to Phil Davidson than Phil Robertson.
Even Duck Dynasty fans will be appalled by Phil Robertson's latest inappropriate rant via
according to Phil Robertson, you have to believe in God to know the difference between right and wrong. insane.
Wille Robertson, making people of faith look foolish one wedding at a time. Thank you Willie, Phil must be so proud!
I liked a video Phil Robertson's Crabby Crabby Crabby opinion on Atheists.
I hope Phil Robertson knows that by turning into a musical he is just employing those *** people that he hates.
I liked a video from Phil Robertson Vs Atheism
Duck Dynasty Matriarch Miss Kay serves up casseroles full of crazy for Christian extremist Phil Robertson on
is about how long Christian extremist Phil Robertson's speech about murdering atheists lasted at prayer b-fast 2 weeks ago
No, but I'm ready for A&E to address Christian extremist Phil Robertson's vile comments made over 2 weeks ago.
Phil Robertson is a Christian extremist.Also, prayer is useless. You may as well say "Phil Robertson does NOTHING!"
And why would Sarah Palin's and Phil Robertson's Jesus cast the "first stone?" Because that Jesus is the antichrist.
Do you think the Sarah Palin, Phil Robertson Jesus would have "cast the first stone?" Yea, their Jesus would have done it .
To ensure the GOP is not seen as the "Party of Stupid", Bobby Jindal proclaimed Friday that Phil Robertson would be a "g…
Tom Tomorrow's Republican God is made in the image of Phil Robertson; he proclaims, "I may not pay much attention...
Stupid? No, smart. Phil Robertson is a disciple of the phony Christ, the antichrist.
Phil Robertson off target at CPAC: 110 million Americans do not have 'sexually transmitted illness' via
must attend same church as Phil Robertson ducky guy that it's okay for girls to get married, outrage for jeopardy guy not Phil.
Why ‘Duck Dynasty’s' Phil Robertson only eats casseroles made by Miss Kay |
Are you in or out? A Louisiana haul by David Hanson that would make Phil Robertson jealous!
.in partnership with Christian extremist Phil Robertson. Is OK with his fantasies about murdering Atheists-
Duck Commander, AND with Phil Robertson waving the green flag
.So youre saying that has to put up with Phil Robertson's rape/murder fantasies because he's the boss?
Youre right. She speaks for sanity. Something you clearly dont have. Phil Robertson is a Christian extremist.
Phil Robertson will be waving the green flag this week at the Duck Commander race in Texas. LOL
makes no sense considering Phil Robertson is waiving the green flag next weekend at the Duck Commander 500
Irony: expresses disappointed in new Indiana law ... 11 days before Phil Robertson will wave green flag at Duck Co…
"On Religiosity and Morality from Paul to Phil Robertson" by ||
Phil Robertson's Appalling Atheist Fantasy via If God exists he must be weeping many tears now
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
"Let's hope Phil Robertson keeps his faith, b/c his fantasy of what would be permissible if he lost it is TERRIFYING"
Phil Robertson's Appalling Atheist Fantasy via Would be better if people stop being religious ***
Homophobic Duck Dynasty preacher Phil Robertson has delivered a sermon about the graphic rape and murder of atheists.
Duck Dynasty’ talks about raping, killing atheist family in shocking comments to conservatives | National Monitor
So people are upset about Phil Robertson using a hypothetical scenario involving violence, but were ok with wishing rape on Palins.
Phil Robertson uses 'rape story' to denounce atheists. And this twisted *** is allowed to carry a gun?
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