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Phil Robertson

Phil Alexander Robertson (born April 24, 1946) is an American professional hunter, businessman (Duck Commander), and reality television star on the popular television series, Duck Dynasty.

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Not only is Phil Robertson a homophobic bigot, but he ripped off My look from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". http:…
I think that's phil robertson in Mask. GumboTapado show, BlackLatino host WBOK 1230am Radio Sat's Morn
Question: What does Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander", Charlie Pride, and Michael W. Smith all have in common???
Breaking news... Alaska and Louisiana to secede from the United States... Sarah Palin and Phil Robertson will be the new President and Vice President of the new nation known as "LoserLaska"...
We have reached the point in US history where political correctness has trumped biblical correctness - Phil Robertson
Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson offered his preferred strategy to combat the Islamic State terror group during a Fox News appearance Tuesday night: “Convert them or kill them.” "In this case, you either have to convert them, which I think would be next to impossible. I'm not giving...
"Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson is back, with a new message that sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS, are God's wrath for immoral conduct, such as homosexuality. Robertson made the remarks in an appearance on Washington Watch with with Tony Perkins, head of the anti *** hate group…
"Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson has proven time and again that he's not afraid to share his biblical worldview, repeatedly revealing and defending his beliefs on issues like homosexuality and how to stop Islamic State terrorists. Robertson continued this trend in an interview with Tony Perki…
By Greg Gilman TheWrap Phil Robertson — the 'Duck Dynasty' star who was briefly suspended from the A&E series after bashing *** in a GQ interview – once again has uttered more ...
Duck Dynasty's leading man, Phil Robertson, is back with more homophobia. This time, he says STD's are God's punishment for homosexuality.
Phil Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" blamed sexually transmitted deseases on ***
Photoset: tytnetwork: For some reason Fox News allowed Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson to give his opinion on...
Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson has claimed that sexually transmitted infections are God's punishment for ***
Mike and Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson discuss the recent situation with Ray Rice. Phil says that the running back needs time to realize he sinned, to repe
Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson is making headlines once again, expressing his belief that AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases are a punishment from
Also, when and how did Phil Robertson, that hillbilly from Duck Dynasty, become a spokesperson for the Republican Party?
The fact that Phil Robertson is a "TV star" & is on "the news" is a part of what's wrong with this country.
Duck Dynasty in SWLA! Jase and Phil Robertson at the home of John and Shannon Condos in Lake Charles, with Phil's...
The perfect response to conservatives (like Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson) who call for “convert or kill” violence in the Middle East.
Phil Robertson & people like him from the "back woods" of this country are more patriotic than most Americans.
.says Phil Robertson's comments on dealing with ISIS are right-on - and biblically based
Phil Robertson, of Duck Dynasty fame, said of the Islamic radicals that he would like to either "convert them or kill them." I'm sorry, what? Unless I am mistaken, isn't that exactly what ISIS is doing? Murdering the people that don't agree with them? Robertson even quoted scripture to defend his ideas. Now I'm no pastor, but I'm pretty sure when asked about killing those who had done wrong Jesus said "He who is without sin cast the first stone." Because people were executed back then by being stoned. I guess if Jesus were around today it would be something like "If you haven't done anything wrong, you can shoot first, because I'm Jesus and I love guns, or so it would seem by all the people that claim to be my followers but support the use of murder tools." I might have taken that last part a little too far. But hopefully you understand what I was getting at. And don't tell me about all the terrible things ISIS has done. I'm aware. But do I have to remind you about all the unbelievably horrible things don ...
Phil Robertson is back in the headlines again, and liberals are ticked.
Phil Robertson, one of the stars of the "Duck Dynasty" reality TV show, says Islamic militants waging a campaign of war and terror in Syria and Iraq either need some Jesus or need to be killed. "In this case, you either have to con...
Phil Robertson said he has the same views on *** people as Jesus...who must be a real a**hole, if Robertson is right.
Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson is no stranger to the concept of telling it as he sees it, no matter how politically incorrect it may be. His latest ...
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson: 'I have the same views on *** as Jesus'. A&E reality TV show star compared...
I may not like Joan rivers, but I'd gladly swap her with Phil Robertson right now
Although Phil Robertson appeared on Tuesday's Good Morning America to promote his new book, reporter Ryan Owens couldn't resist portraying the reality show personality as an anti *** bigot.
The Minor 6th Band looks to take over Redlands' Market Night:
I hate everything Phil Robertson stands for, but he's every bit as qualified as Sean Hannity.
Phil Robertson, the duck *** says Muslims must convert to his Christianity or be put to death. A new Ayatollah. http:…
Watch exclusive: Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson on ISIS: Convert them or kill them.
Phil Robertson recently made an excellent point: ISIS must be either converted to Christianity or killed. I absolutely agree, as this is the way to extirpate the wickedness of Islam. This was the mentality of the Spanish throne when Christendom was maintained. Phil said:Convert them or kill them. On…
"Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson put forward a strategy Tuesday for combating militants with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria: "convert them or kill them."
Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson sat down with Sean Hannity tonight, and right off the bat they jumped right into ISIS. And Robertson shared his thoughts on how to deal with the terrorist group: either convert them or kill them.
'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson: 'People have reason to hate me'
Exclusive: Phil Robertson on the rise of radical Islam |
also, the dude is a fan of Rand Paul and Phil Robertson. Gross.
Phil Robertson, said that the only solution to deal with ISIS is to either “convert them or kill them” on Tuesday's broadcast of “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.
Duck Dynasty?s Phil Robertson Has the Perfect Plan to Take Care of ISIS: via
Only an *** like Sean Hannity would consider the likes of Phil Robertson to be a foreign policy expert!
Boom. MSNBC's Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson's "convert or kill strategy" is "exactly what ISIS is doing"
Enough about racist bigot Phil Robertson. I never watched Duck Dynasty & don't watch Fox News; the place where racist idio…
Hannity asks Duck Dynasty 's Phil Robertson about Islamic State More importantly, what does Honey Boo …
So Phil Robertson talks like he's Rambo because he's killed a bunch of defenseless ducks. Just like all those other wanna…
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Cenk Uygur mocks Phil Robertson for sounding 'nearly identical' to ISIS extremists
I think we should humor Phil Robertson by equipping him with a bible and a truckload of duck calls before sending him o…
“DUCKHEAD"!. MT star Phil Robertson has got this whole ISIS thing figured out [VIDEO]
“"I'm just saying either convert them or kill them." Seems Phil an…
What do you get when you cross Phil Robertson and Victoria Osteen? Someone who kills ISIS members, not to please God, b…
I said before that people like Phil Robertson are basically no different than Islamic extremists. His statement on Hannity p…
Cenk Uygur mocks Phil Robertson for sounding ‘nearly identical’ to ISIS extremists
phil robertson works for ISIS now, because he said we musty "convert them, or kill them" scary guy.
.Phil Robertson said ISIS must be forced to accept the Christian Faith or be killed, though he might've meant all muslims
What's the difference between Phil Robertson and ISIS? Phil Robertson has a show on A&E.
Phil Robertson: 'I'm a sinful man' via the Android app
On Tuesday night's episode of Hannity, host Sean Hannity welcomed Duck Dynasty star and renowned homophobe Phil Robertson on the set to discuss the recent developments in the Middle East surrounding the radical Islamist group ISIS.
Fox has Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson on to talk about the rise of radical Islam...And this is where the majority of Ameri…
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson has his own idea for how the US should combat ISIS: “Either convert them or kill them"
Phil Robertson the new Torquemada? Convert or die - the philosophy of the fearfully ignorant.
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Phil Robertson to ABC's Ryan Owens: "I'm as much of a homophobe as Jesus was."
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson had some pretty disturbing things to say about the Middle East. Convert or die, really?
so how many people had there head cut off by phil Robertson. to you guys they are the same tell me
"Convert or be shot". Who said that? ISIS? Nope. Sarah Palins good friend Phil Robertson on Fox News yesterday!!!
how can you condemn ISIS but not phil robertson? They both stand for the same thing. Convert or be killed. Both terrorists
Young Turks host Cenk Uygur ripped Fox News and Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson on Wednesday for criticizing the Islamic State extremist group while sounding like them.
why is such a repulsive, pretentious, most poisonous, fake group. site Daily Newsletter”
Fox News wanted an expert on the Middle East, they turned to Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, guess what happened next? h…
Response to Phil Roberston's position of "convert them (ISIS) or kill them". Some may ask, where is this line? This group has already defined that line for us. They have said that those who do not embrace sharia law must die. It is easy to debate what our response should be when our babies are not being raped or buried alive in front of us. This groups predecessor killed 3000 innocent Americans 13 years ago just because they did not embrace the tenets of Islam. ISIS/ISIL has beheaded 2 western journalists, not because they were defying or threatening Islamic militants, but merely because they did not believe as their killers believe. These radicals have murdered hundreds of other Muslims merely because they were not radical enough. These "peaceful" people have declared that they will raise the flag of Islam over America and occupy the White House. The line was drawn, by ISIS, when they declared war on America because we choose to not embrace sharia law. I absolutely agree with Phil Robertson. My first ch ...
Not content to settle for his numerous exclusive interviews earlier this year with bigoted deadbeat crackpot Cliven Bundy, not content to settle for taking border tour selfies with indicted Texas Gov. Rick Perry, and not content to settle for defending the execution of pregnant teenage burglars, Hannity is now turning to the flowing beard of Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson for wisdom on how to handle "The Rise of Radical Islam."
Ask a who's more credible on the threat, the National Security Council or Phil Robertson.
"And joining us on our panel today are Condoleeza Rice, General James L. Jones and Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson..."
Now you all know how I like to watch FoxNews so I can be well-rounded when it comes to news coverage... I'm watching my least-liked person Hannity (such a hater) and he asks the question, "How should we in America handle this latest beheading? Here to join me now is Phil From Duck Dynasty to talk about it." OMG REALLY? Phil Robertson? Wow such an expert in the Middle East and foreign policy! This is why I laugh when I watch FoxNews... Not all is bad at Fox, don't get me wrong, they do have some good coverage, a few good journalists but Hannity, Judge Janine and the like? They throw that hate out like they were getting paid to do so! This is why I can only watch those shows for about 5 minutes. Lol
Phil Robertson - Republican Leadership Conference 2014: via this is what you need in your party!
If you're an "expert" who thinks State Dept hashtags are the way to deal with maybe you shouldn't mock Phil Robertson.
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Phil Robertson says if wants a gunfight, "if that’s what they’re looking for, I’m prepared."
Phil Robertson is getting interviewed on Sean Hannity tonight about the rise of Islamic radicalism, Isis, and anti christian views in's a must see interview people!!
Mr. Phil Robertson on Sean Hannity tonite. Should be very a very educational conversation.
I just heard Sean Hannity say he will ask Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson about the rise of radical Islam. Since when did a guy who invented a duck call become an Islamic expert?
Check this fascinating interview with Duck Dynasty patriarch, Phil Robertson, regarding his new book...
Phil Robertson, the patriarch of A&E's "Duck Dynasty" reality TV show, appeared on "Good Morning America" on Tuesday to promote his new book, which is partially a response to the flack he received for offensive comments last year.
"What would Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty do about ISIS?" . Onion article or Hannity segment?
Phil Robertson is the outspoken patriarch of one of America's most famous families -- a family that's welcomed into the homes of millions of people every week on the hit A&E show, “Duck Dynasty.” Now the 68-year-old is preparing to reach even more people with his new book, “unPHILtered: The Way I...
Boomer sooner stomp the Terry Bradshaw and Phil Robertson right out of la tech
The Duck Commander, Phil Robertson & Uncle Si Robertson, last night at Costco in Anchorage Alaska!
"You nervous?"- Si Robertson "No only Game Wardens make me nervous."-Phil Robertson
EWBlake . Best back up quarterback. Terry Bradshaw at la tech behind Phil Robertson
There is an Uncle Si, but regrettably no Phil Robertson ornament for those who wish our Christmas trees to double as warning signs to ***
In addition to homophobia and bigotry towards African Americans, it looks like we can now add something else to the list of Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson’s
Thanks to Zach Stephens and Anthony Mustika for nominating my Dad and I to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! In return, I nominate my cousin Jep and my Uncle Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"! LIKE this video if you want to cure ALS!
The show Duck Dynasty is racist against minorities as well as homophobic!
Observing fine looking dog closest, I know what Phil Robertson would say! "a fine set of cods, make Schwarzenegger blush"!
.to be pitted against Phil Robertson' s nephew, of fame. via
I respect what Phil Robertson said but the government and Gods law are two different things but it would get better if they "Get Godly"
Is nobody starting a petition like they did with the Phil Robertson incident at A&E? Maybe it was a publicity stunt on A&E's part all along.
Is Phil Robertson wrong for saying being *** is bad?
Money can come and go, and fame can comes and goes. Peace of mind and a relationship with God are far more imfortant (Phil Robertson)
"Help us through Your Spirit to love people more than we fear them." - Phil Robertson.
'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson likens homosexuals to thieves, drunks in videotaped sermon - Pedia for today
Watching Phil Robertson with his family confirms my thoughts on being a God fearing man and a Christian leader
If you learn from your mistakes you have nothing to be ashamed of -Phil Robertson
unPHILtered by Phil Robertson comes out on September 2. Pre-order your copy today!
That's right, there's quite some victimhood industries people can work in. Some make fun of Antionio's part:
Dear Steve,. Please watch out for Phil Robertson :p. Love,. Gaius Lee . At movie studio for the devils night :)
Lyle, videographer of Duck Commander for Phil Robertson give his testimony about how Christ set him free. I CAN'T WAIT! Plant to attend!
Hey maybe consider not giving awards to bigoted men like Phil Robertson. Then and only then can you send me mail asking for money.
Happy, Happy, Happy: My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander by Phil Robertson
Picked up Phil Robertson's book "Happy, Happy, Happy". After one chapter, I'm thinking I may have to go back and watch now
Check out this great item: 2 Duck Dynasty truck / car Seat Sleeve Covers Phil Robertson auto NEW Happy
A Deeper look into the heart of Phil Robertson. Awesome!
This page has not been marked as verified account. Is this the real Si Robertson, brother of Phil, or an impostor? Thanks
A&E gives Phil Robertson mess it's that GQ is still in trouble.
I'm considering changing my degree to a Bachelor of Arts in Making Fun of Phil Robertson, as that's the only thing I feel I'm really good at
One day very soon, Phil Robertson will learn of Daniel Adams. And when that day comes, 's *** will never be the same.
"It appears Adams will be replaced by the aging and immobile Phil Robertson, in a bizarre twist of irony."
Con Xians concerning Phil Robertson: . *flood social media in support of him*. Con Xians concerning systematic racism:. *crickets chirping*
Joba "Phil Robertson Jr" Chamberlain doesn't seem to be your best bet for relief.
Ferguson, MO proves that what Phil Robertson said is correct..most black people are not Godly..MO proves him right.
Do you think Phil Robertson should have been suspended from Duck Dynasty? via
Fox News wants to talk about Phil Robertson's freedom of speech yet calls all the protestors who haven't dispersed "undignified"
I send pix of me in Duck Dynasty boxers. Phil Robertson's face is on the flap.
.easy man, it's not like i was talking trash on Phil Robertson or something
Our last date night of the summer in Indiana featuring Phil Robertson! Watching you leave for school…
ESPN showed 2 *** guys kissin on TV and was praised for it, but Phil Robertson expressed his beliefs on TV and he got *** for it
In the immortal words of one Phil Robertson, "Happy, Happy, Happy!" or Pharrell Williams, "Because I'm Happy,...
A song about Phil Robertson written and performed by Country Artist Ronnie McDowell. If we can't say what we believe, Old Glory might as well be dead ~ Ronni...
"My granddaughters said 'let's go to the duck blind' and I said 'well now we are cooking with peanut oil'". -Phil Robertson
tbt to when Phil Robertson got suspended from his own show because of his beliefs..
"They asked me to play football but I said no because I didn't want to miss duck hunting down at the cape." Papa or Phil Robertson? 😂👌
South Park will make fun of 1D, Phil Robertson, Fred Phelps...
also, here's the rest of that cut off article: It doesn't get better
Another team just confirmed their invitation for Skipper Phil Robertson of
The grave is a problem. So is sin. Jesus came down in flesh and saved both of them- Phil Robertson
Pictures taken of Auburn Ravine near Fowler Road by Phil Robertson.
There are two kinds of individuals on Planet Earth who do not have beards - women and youth. - Phil Robertson 👌
And all this after Phil Robertson said it was acceptable to marry off your 14 year-old I am stunned.
Just finished Phil Robertson's book! Loved it thanks mom for getting that for me! Now on to s
15-year-old-girls: Is Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty a pervert?: via
: In case you missed it: Why I love real, honest-to-God homophobes (via
Why do so many people believe the lies about Chick-Fil-A, Phil Robertson, ect?
Phil Robertson did not say this. The GOD of the bible did! He merely pointed it out!
don't remember asking for your opinion phil? I know you're missing me but come on.
God the father, Phil Robertson, is going to be so got *** proud, amen
Phil Robertson never killed anybody bro and doesn't rep Tea Party he was in Austin last week for a Republic fundraiser
You don't like the Phil Robertson look? I mean it's not very pilot friendly but c'mon it's a classic :P
“That both Mitt Romney and Phil Robertson have and love black grandbabies should remind us that racism is not...
I c he got a cut and shave. Probably tired of being told he looked like Phil Robertson...
I'm with Phil Robertson. A man's but a female yeah!! htt…
Phil Robertson met his wife at his favorite hunting spot. It was a blind date. -Eric
Pretty sure I just saw Bobby Elvis from SOA walking down a road in FSJ with Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty. And they had a case of beer.
I'm well aware that Phil Robertson may be the only person in my lifetime w/big enough balls to stand up for what conservative ppl believe in
NZF says the first good thing Nat did in housing was sack the Minister, Phil Heatley who is at the debate.
"I love the way that woman talks to me" (Phil Robertson voice)
How many times did Martin Luther King loot during his time? Phil Robertson is right...blacks are no longer godly.
Phil Robertson - Republican Leadership Conference…: The ROOT of all that's wrong with this country...
"What the media doesn't tell you is that Duck Dynasty and the Robertson's are as popular as ever. If you…" — sly
And why do I get the feeling there's another cultural war brewing up. Similar to the Phil Robertson deal back in dec.
Sarah Palin wants Phil Robertson to run for president … USA ranks below 25
If you're going to read one thing about the / Phil Robertson controversy make it this -->
Just call me Phil follow the dung robertson
Duck Dynasty ratings might not be at an all-time high, but that doesn’t mean that the show is going off the air. In fact, Phil Robertson and his family plan on
Si, on the back of this picture you sent us from Nam you described your self as a *** Raisin"-- Phil Robertson.
Is Phil Robertson the reason that Duck Dynasty has lost its luster? A&E is seeing some pretty awful ratings for a show that was once their cash cow, and some
I just saw Phil Robertson bite a living snake in half
"Stop playing them Mad Birds on your Wii-pods and get over here." -Phil Robertson
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Phil Robertson "I love the poundage you have gained." Best response of the year.
Phil robertson must be the most wise man because he agrees with Miss Kay and does anything for her
More wonderful pictures from Phil Robertson. These two are from l-r: Lorquin's Admiral and a Western Tiger Swallowtail
It's not complex, Jesus removed our sins & guarantees we can be raised from the dead. I'm waiting on what story beats that. . -Phil Robertson
This America today could use a little more Phil Robertson...
"I think our problem is primarily a spiritual one... where there is no Jesus, evil always reigns." -Phil Robertson (Duck …
'Duck Dynasty': Phil Robertson to return to show - "Duck Dynasty" and its suspended patriarch Phil Robertson are...
Phil Robertson has a new book coming. Sept.2. The title is "unPHILtered" I personally can't wait to get a copy!
Only skin deep, Cowboy (tho the resemblance is def there). I think I`d rather have Phil Robertson behind me with a gun.
Random observation: I'm pretty sure Mark Twain & Phil Robertson are the same man.
'Duck Dynasty's' Phil Robertson: Five more debate-worthy quotes - As a devout member of the Church of Christ,...
Before Picture: model definitely receiving *** .. from an angry off camera Phil Robertson. After Picture: Phil Robertson left.
Phil Robertson: Killed Duck Dynasty’s Golden Goose?: Duck Dynasty was on top of the heap. Of all the reality s...
If we learned anything from this Phil Robertson his job back, "that's not possible."
There's a man that looks just like Phil Robertson in my neighbors backyard. 😮
Phil Robertson still hasn't decided to tell Alan he was adopted
just saw Phil Robertson, Mrs. Kay and Korie in the airport. lol so cool.
"You win some, you lose some. Suck it up and move on." -Phil Robertson
WATCH Duck Dynasty, Duck Commander, Phil Robertson talk - why this country needs a lot more Jesus
Just a bit jealous that my grandparents went to the Robertson's church today and got to see John Luke, Phil, Si, and all the others😍
Had an amazing morning worshipping with the Robertson family. Phil is a great teacher!
Just saying basic cable stars like Phil Robertson, and Lizard Lick Towing should work harder
I do not side with pedophiles. I am however a fan of Phil Robertson , Michael Jackson, and Hugh Hefner
.GOP hero Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson said marry girls at 15 but yeah *** ppl go after children
Phil Robertson is teaching Sunday school by richbirdhunter
I'll be your Phil Robertson, if you'll be my Miss Kay.
Phil Robertson has a few words about the ungodly bunch in Washington DC!
"Clap your hands if you feel like a room without a roof. Because I'm Happy, Happy, Happy" - Phil Robertson covering Pharrell
I always knew I liked Matt Damon although Phil Robertson will start disliking him now.
Terry Bradshaw was Phil Robertson's backup QB in college.
"I'm gonna teach y'all three words every man wants to hear on a date... I can bait a hook" -Phil Robertson
. Bow down to, believe in, and worship Phil Robertson. Our Holy Lord and Savior.
Phil Robertson came through Popeyes drive thru today and made my day💘. They didn't bring Si though 😒
So this is not the Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty? It says "NOT affiliated with Phil Robertson." Please let me know, tks.
I fully stand behind Phil Robertson and his ideals. A follower of Christ and he stands up for what is right in the eye of our Lord.
A&E reverses suspension of 'Duck Dynasty's' Phil Robertson - AE announced late Friday that it...
“Who knew Phil Robertson coached basketball in Junction City” Kay was gorgeous
I would vote for Phil Robertson for President!
Day 188 - Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse. Romans 12:14 Who is the stronger person when they are persecuted? Is is the one who curses the persecutor back? is it the one who lashes out when offended? No! That is the weak person. The strong Christian forgives with no bitterness. The strong forgive, and they bless and pray for the persecutor. This is what Jesus did. And this is what we will do, if we follow His lead! Prayer Father, give us a heart of strength, with your Spirit's help. Let us bless those who curse us and insult us. Help us understand what real spiritual strength is. Help us to see our actions are spiritual worship. It is through Jesus, our Lord and Savior, I pray, Amen. -Phil Robertson
I like how Phil Robertson has become the spiritual leader of redneck culture...he's like the Redneck Pope!
Oh Phil. I know you're trying to fix it, but most won't get that
Lost to my *** Phil. Lol I'll try the pizza hut Olympics next yeah congratulations to Phil tho
Sneak peek at THS: premiering tonight: Phil Robertson gave up his football career for Terry Bradshaw?!
Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard about the famous Duck Dynasty Robertson family. Their unique family...
The agent for Neymar calls big Phil Scolari "repulsive" and "an old jerk. .
Women are like bees, to calm them down ya gotta blow a little smoke -Phil Robertson
"If you can learn from your mistakes then there's nothing to be ashamed of" -Phil Robertson
should NEVER be voted into office. His comments toward should cause as much outrage as Phil Robertson's did.
Just met and prayed with Alan and Phil Robertson. @ Georgia World Congress Center
'Duck Dynasty's' Phil Robertson will speak to Republican Leadership Conference via
Phil Robertson - Duck Commander: FTC Now Interview at the Sportsman Dinner in Lake City SC
Phil Robertson played QB with my boy Terry Bradshaw at Louisiana Tech. He was a starter too.
Phil Robertson is "controversial" and "racist". Meanwhile in Dearborn, Michigan this is encouraged and accepted.
"My platform begins with God.". Phil Robertson’s nephew, Zach Dasher, spoke with Sean Hannity tonight about...
Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson gave a stirring speech in Alabama where he called for those in attendance to vote "this ungodly bunch" out of office.
Phil Robertson's nephew on running for Congress: Zach Dasher outlines his plans for Washington
Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson explained over the weekend that people had misunderstood the intent of his homophobic comments because he was just “trying to help those poor souls and turn them to Jesus.”
Phil Robertson, the star of A&E’s ‘Duck Dynasty,’ has created controversy over his past…
Phil Robertson's nephew on running for Congress |
Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Stands by the Truth of the Word of God on Homosexuality and says ‘I’m Trying to...
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I grew up in the South, but when southerners get money they start acting like fools.
(Friends of Zach Dasher/AP Photo) Forget the Clintons and the Bushes; there’s a new dynasty diving into politics. Zach Dasher, a nephew of “Duck Dynasty” TV star Phil Robertson, has announced he’s running for Congress in Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District. Dasher, a conservative Republican who u…
He really just won't stop! Notoriously anti *** "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson is at it again, spewing hate and anti *** rhetoric in what seems to be an attempt to explain his past homophobic comments. Speaking at the Rock the Sou...
and Phil Robertson together kicking it? Not even a great fiction writer could think that up.
It was a treat to listen go Phil Robertson today
Phil Robertson's nephew on running for Congress: Dasher outlines plans for Washington
Phil Robertson's nephew on running for Congress
'Duck Dynasty' fans, critics respond to Phil Robertson's comments at Cullman's Rock the South - Phil...
"I have a deep connection with what God created, and what I would love to see more than anything else is a pristine Earth." -Phil Robertson
Zach Dasher, nephew of Phil Robertson of 'running for Louisiana congressional seat Christian Today
Phil Robertson couldn't be more correct.
Sean u lost me as a viewer. Enough with the bragging about being friends with Phil Robertson. U grow the beard wannabe!
jumping on the Duck Dynasty band wagon trying to ride his way into politics on the back of Phil Robertson and the duck men
Phil Robertson’s nephew jumps into the political ring announcing he is running for congress in Louisiana, he's up next
I praise and thank God for these 13 godly men who are the servant leaders (elders) of our White's Ferry Road church family...Robert Ables, David Bromley, Gordon Dasher, Dennis Davenport, John Howard, Steve Idom, Tommy Inman, Mike Kellett, Randy Kirby, Alan Robertson, Phil Robertson, Bill Smith, and Paul Stephens...all godly men, and I must emphasize again...they do not function as a board of directors...they function as servant leaders...
Please run again and save us. Pretty Pretty Please with a cherry on top! Hey You or Phil Robertson. Even SI!
When I'm 60+, I will either be a Phil Robertson, or Si. Preferably Si.
NEWS: ‘There Is No God’ In Washington: A nephew of “Duck Dynasty’s” Phil Robertson says he is running for the ...
I really hate the fact that standing up for God and His commands is detrimental to Shreveport's image. Lord knows they don't need any thing else like God's laws to tarnish the image created by all the bars, casino's, flop houses, Evil is as plentiful in this area as there is water in Red River. If more Christians would speak out against sin like Phil Robertson did, it might not be as prevalent. Man's god is himself. America is a godless nation even though It's creation was in God's plan. America had forgotten its first love. Except there be a falling away first then the Son of Man shall make His appearance. America has not only fallen away, but it has fallen in the bottomless pit. Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand! *** is coming to a sinner near you.
Faith in Jesus - Famous Reality Star Phil Robertson Order Phil's book today at
Louisiana's 5th District congressional race has a new candidate with a "Duck Dynasty" connection. Zach Dasher, whose uncle is Phil Robertson, announced Monday that he's running for the seat.
All I can say at this moment is that if you were not present at tonight's county commissioner meeting you sure missed some early fireworks. Since it is late and I am tired I will post more tomorrow but thank God for some good common sense folks like Steve Jordan, CB McKinnon and the Sheriffs office being present for a different matter. Details will emerge I am sure tomorrow but I want to make sure I have full details beyond what I witnessed and what was said and done regarding the situation at tonights meeting. May you all rest well and in the infamous words of Phil Robertson.HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY lol Have a good night. **Shannon**
Phil Robertson was a big time college football QB!!😯
"If your woman cooks better than your momma, then you've got one. Better hold onto her." - Phil Robertson
Nephew of 'Duck Dynasty's' Phil Robertson running for Congress via
If an acquaintance came to you and told you that they decided to live with their girlfriend or boyfriend instead of getting married, or, they are cheating on their spouse, or, they are *** and in all of this, they ask you of what you think. As a Christian, how are you to respond? Now if you tell them that you disagree with such things because God tells us not to do such, are you judging them? What if you told them that they must turn from this and be saved, are you judging them? If you refrain from telling them anything, are you accepting and condoning, or are you being non-judgmental due your own past? If so, are you still holding onto your past, from which Christ died to deliver you from? Many are being labeled as being judgmental when sharing the Gospel. Their repeating the Scripture is considered as "Hate-Speech". Now, on one hand, you have the group, The Westboro Baptist Church, who go about in their protests with many hateful signs and rantings. But, do they represent the True Church? Heaven ...
NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) - The nephew of "Duck Dynasty" reality TV personality Phil Robertson said on Monday he w...
as phil robertson says.happy happy happy! ;P
A relative of Duck Dynasty's" Phil Robertson is running for Congress in Louisiana
Nephew of 'Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson to run for Congress: Kate StantonBATON ROUGE, La., Ju...
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The Benham brothers, Jack Phillips, Phil Robertson, Mozilla—in the midst of these public confrontations, there is a 'behind the scenes' scenario...
A union representing federal employees at Eglin Air Force base in Florida is demanding that two senior management officials be removed from their posts because they put decals on their personal trucks supporting Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson.
Nephew of 's Phil Robertson to run for Louisiana District House seat? . As a Conservative, of course.
In a new interview, Duck Dynasty Executive Producer Deirdre Gurney recently came to the defense of Phil Robertson, who was briefly suspended by the A&E network after he expressed his Biblical views regarding homosexuality in last year's GQ magazine article.
Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson recently endorsed Todd Starnes' new book about the attack on traditional values in America. Find out what he said.
NEW YORK—In an embarrassing moment for the conservative morning show, “Fox & Friends”used archival footage of “Duck Dynasty”star and rightwing icon Phil Robertson during a segment in Tuesday’s broadcast in which the anchors criticized the scruffy appearance of Robert Bergdahl, father of recently rel…
"Duck Dynasty" producer Deirdre Gurney finally spoke out in support of Phil Robertson's comments about homosexuality last December. "I know how he treats a crew that has several *** people on the crew, people of different races and people from all different places and who love this show...and this family treats them like family," she said. In familiar news, one of the loudest opponents against Chick-fil-A was Campus Pride's Shane Windmeyer, whose group protests Chick-fil-A restaurants on college campuses around the country. He has since changed his tune since becoming friends with CEO, Dan Cathy. He said the friendship helped him gain appreciation for Cathy's commitment to being "a follower of Christ." So before you call people like ex-Mozilla CEO intolerant, you might want to know who and what you're talking about...
'Duck Dynasty's' Phil Robertson is worth an estimated $5 million. It started with his desire to craft a realistic duck call: the Duck Commander.
"Duck Dynasty" matriarch Miss Kay is happy to keep her whole duck-hunting family, including husband Phil Robertson, in check and well-fed on the...
My sweet daughter Candi drove up from West Monroe, Louisiana the other day with my grand daughter Amber and brought me two Fathers day cards, a container of Phil Robertson's Cajun style Seasonings (good on anything that walks, crawls, flies, or swims) a package of Duck Dynasty Bearded Blend coffee, and a DVD of Lone Survivor. She had to work the next day so she didn't get to stay but a couple of hours and had to drive back. If you have never tried some of that seasoning it is fantastic. She brought me some when I was living in Texas and I have been hooked ever since. It is good on vegies as well as meat and fish. And that Duck coffee is super.
We should start a petition for the one and only Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" to run for governor of Louisiana! Duck Dynasty on A&E.
Honey, if you're going to cry about Rick Perry's opinion or Phil Robertson's opinion or anybody's please stop asking.
I wish people like Rick Perry and Phil Robertson would keep their mouths shut and quit making Christians look hateful.
"Duck Dynasty" executive producer Deirdre Gurney addressed the controversy surrounding Phil Robertson's comments about homosexuality last December, saying that, though she was silent in the wake of outrage and his suspension, she wanted to defend the reality star. "I don’t think anyone expected it t…
pens article about true character of patriarch Half of us knew all along!
On day of return we learn more abt Phil Robertson's exemplary character by
“I know Phil Robertson. I know his beliefs. I know how he treats a crew.”
Duck Dynasty almost didn't make it to a sixth season after the flap last year about Phil Robertson's...
“I don’t think anyone expected it to be that kind of a reaction…”
The Duck Commander himself, Phil Robertson, patriarch of the famed Duck Dynasty show on A&E, was one of the featured speakers at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans. Robertson, ...
Did you see what "Duck Dynasty" producer said about the Robertson controversy?
"Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson preached to the Republican Leadership Conference on Thursday, telling the GOP to "get godly" and referring to statements from the White House as "evil." "You can't be right for ...
Duck Dynasty” producer reveals what she wanted to say but couldn’t after Phil Robertson controversy:
You cannot by right for America if you are not right with God. - Phil Robertson
Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson, who has been criticized for his Bible-based views on homosexuality, is releasing The Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible in October, which is co-edited with hi
Do you like Duck Dynasty? Well it turns out that Phil Robertson is not the great guru of duck hunting. 2,000-year-old duck decoys were found in Nevada in 1924 constructed of feathers and reeds . Archaeologists believe that early native hunters used them to lure waterfowl much as hunters use plastic decoys today.
Met Miss Kay and Phil Robertson at the post office today getting there passports they lost. They are sum really good people. Phil is laid back and Miss Kay is very outgoing. Phil couldn't wait to get out of there! Lol
Farmers could help combat climate change by applying more-precise amounts of nitrogen-based fertilisers, a study shows. “Agriculture accounts for eight to 14 percent of all greenhouse gas production globally. We are showing how farmers can help to reduce this number by applying nitrogen fertiliser more precisely,” said Phil Robertson of Michigan State University.
Ted Nugent has been quiet the past two days. He could be preoccupied with those 15 year old girls he and Phil Robertson like.
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson and Alan Robertson served as executive editors on a version of the New King James Bible, The Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible.
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on to industry is with and - all to to Revealed: Asian slave labour producing prawns for supermarkets in US, UK • Thailand's seafood industry: a case of state-sanctioned slavery? Burmese migrant workers leave the port Burmese migrant workers leave the port at Mahachai after unloading their catch Photograph: Chris Kelly/ Kate Hodal and Chris Kelly Tuesday 10 June 2014 12.05 BST There is nothing but a jagged line of splinters where Myint Thein’s teeth once stood – a painful reminder, he says, of the day he was beaten and sold on to a Thai fishing boat. The tattooed Burmese fisherman, 29, bears a number of other “reminders” of his life at sea: two deep cuts on each arm, calloused fingers contorted like claws and facial muscles that twitch involuntarily from fear. For the past two years, Myint Thein has been forced to work 20-hour days as a slave on the high seas, enduring regular beatings from his Thai captain and eating little more than a plate of rice each day. But now that he’s ...
Just an update everyone... We're trailing the lead by about 35 votes!! We sure need Voting Warriors out there campaigning for us... Here's some suggestions: WAY’S TO RECRUIT VOTES: 1. Post this in your time line: WE NEED HELP! Help us get The Johnny Collier Band on the Main Stage at Rock The South opening for Sara Evens, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Little Big Town, Charlie Daniels, Easton Corbin, Colt Ford, Billy Currington, Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty (just to name a few). Click the Link to Vote! Mobile users go here: Desktop users can go here: Click the Green Post to Your Wall Button and include an update and an invitation to Vote for Johnny Collier! 3. Text Your siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, parents, extended family, neighbors, friends, acquaintances and enemies and ask them to go to and click the link to Vote! 4. Ask your co-workers to Vote and to help you campaign for more votes! 5. Catch your friends On-Line (on FB) and Message them and ask them Vote. Cut and paste a copy of ...
The Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible will include testimonials from patriarch Phil Robertson
According to recent reports, faculty members at Louisiana Tech University were seen walking out of the school’s commencement ceremony. Apparently, they were unhappy that an award was being given to Phil Robertson, the controversial star of Duck Dynasty. The walk out was a result of comments that Rob…
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