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Phil Robertson

Phil Alexander Robertson (born April 24, 1946) is an American professional hunter, businessman (Duck Commander), and reality television star on the popular television series, Duck Dynasty.

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Yall might wanna go by walmart and pick yo self up a personality ~Phil Robertson 😂😂😂
I liked a video Phil Robertson Fantasizes About Rape & Murder of Atheists
Are you fantasizing about phil robertson again?
Phil Robertson tells it like it is. Since he’s not running for political office, and he doesn’t need the money,...
Phil Robertson has come under fire again for a speech he made at a prayer breakfast in Florida.
Phil Robertson=a malignant compensation of 12step "Have no image b4 me" Wrong Make your own DNA; be your own species
Rob Dyrdek is to me what Phil Robertson is to the uneducated coservative.
Burning and crucifying Phil Robertson. Worth a watch ;)
“If you can find a nice pretty country girl that can cook and carries her Bible, now there’s a woman.”- Phil Robertson
Crucifying and burning phil robertson. Please watch, made for you dusty :D
If you search "murdered for being an Atheist" you'll find many links to words from Phil Robertson and a 2007 incident
I liked a video from Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Getting Award from Republicans at
How do Republicans expect to legitimize the party when they share the stage with Phil Robertson and T. Nugent?
Curator of the microflora in Phil Robertson's beard.
A spinoff from Duck Dynasty about Phil Robertson called "Swamp ***
Terry Bradshaw took a shot at LSU coaches, just remember Terry, the only reason you're famous is because Phil Robertson quit …
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
The Duck Commander family here in Louisiana. Idk if you remember Phil Robertson shared his opinion on the subject of SS relations
Yes, Phil Robertson is a really, great, humble, Christian man -- a sinner saved by grace. To God be the Glory!
I wonder how much a Phil Robertson meet and greet would cost. And how much jail time would come with punching him in the face.
I liked a video from Phil Robertson's Atheist Family Rape Murder Fantasy
Phil robertson is coming to my church!🐤🐦
Phil is the most repugnant. Im sure he'd rather it be 1955. ...
Im not watching it, but I tried emailing A&E about extremist Phil Robertson again. Someones not doing their job
I'd rather listen to Phil Davidson than Phil Robertson.
Even Duck Dynasty fans will be appalled by Phil Robertson's latest inappropriate rant via
according to Phil Robertson, you have to believe in God to know the difference between right and wrong. insane.
Wille Robertson, making people of faith look foolish one wedding at a time. Thank you Willie, Phil must be so proud!
I liked a video Phil Robertson's Crabby Crabby Crabby opinion on Atheists.
I hope Phil Robertson knows that by turning into a musical he is just employing those *** people that he hates.
I liked a video from Phil Robertson Vs Atheism
Duck Dynasty Matriarch Miss Kay serves up casseroles full of crazy for Christian extremist Phil Robertson on
is about how long Christian extremist Phil Robertson's speech about murdering atheists lasted at prayer b-fast 2 weeks ago
No, but I'm ready for A&E to address Christian extremist Phil Robertson's vile comments made over 2 weeks ago.
Phil Robertson is a Christian extremist.Also, prayer is useless. You may as well say "Phil Robertson does NOTHING!"
And why would Sarah Palin's and Phil Robertson's Jesus cast the "first stone?" Because that Jesus is the antichrist.
Do you think the Sarah Palin, Phil Robertson Jesus would have "cast the first stone?" Yea, their Jesus would have done it .
To ensure the GOP is not seen as the "Party of Stupid", Bobby Jindal proclaimed Friday that Phil Robertson would be a "g…
Tom Tomorrow's Republican God is made in the image of Phil Robertson; he proclaims, "I may not pay much attention...
Stupid? No, smart. Phil Robertson is a disciple of the phony Christ, the antichrist.
Phil Robertson off target at CPAC: 110 million Americans do not have 'sexually transmitted illness' via
must attend same church as Phil Robertson ducky guy that it's okay for girls to get married, outrage for jeopardy guy not Phil.
Why ‘Duck Dynasty’s' Phil Robertson only eats casseroles made by Miss Kay |
Are you in or out? A Louisiana haul by David Hanson that would make Phil Robertson jealous!
.in partnership with Christian extremist Phil Robertson. Is OK with his fantasies about murdering Atheists-
Duck Commander, AND with Phil Robertson waving the green flag
.So youre saying that has to put up with Phil Robertson's rape/murder fantasies because he's the boss?
Youre right. She speaks for sanity. Something you clearly dont have. Phil Robertson is a Christian extremist.
Phil Robertson will be waving the green flag this week at the Duck Commander race in Texas. LOL
makes no sense considering Phil Robertson is waiving the green flag next weekend at the Duck Commander 500
Irony: expresses disappointed in new Indiana law ... 11 days before Phil Robertson will wave green flag at Duck Co…
"On Religiosity and Morality from Paul to Phil Robertson" by ||
Phil Robertson's Appalling Atheist Fantasy via If God exists he must be weeping many tears now
"Let's hope Phil Robertson keeps his faith, b/c his fantasy of what would be permissible if he lost it is TERRIFYING"
Phil Robertson's Appalling Atheist Fantasy via Would be better if people stop being religious ***
Homophobic Duck Dynasty preacher Phil Robertson has delivered a sermon about the graphic rape and murder of atheists.
Duck Dynasty’ talks about raping, killing atheist family in shocking comments to conservatives | National Monitor
So people are upset about Phil Robertson using a hypothetical scenario involving violence, but were ok with wishing rape on Palins.
Phil Robertson uses 'rape story' to denounce atheists. And this twisted *** is allowed to carry a gun?
When Phil Robertson Fantasized About the Rape and Murder: To refresh your memory: “Two guys break into an atheist's…
.star Phil Robertson is under fire for graphic anti-atheist speech.
If you see a link about Phil Robertson from this account: DO NOT OPEN IT. It's some kind of virus. You're welcome
Proved to Phil Robertson there is no God.
"patriarch under fire again, this time for "vile" rant on atheists (Getty photo)
The ultimate test of a person's faith is believing in the existence of God despite the existence of Phil Robertson.
*Phil Robertson does it again:This time
Phil Robertson has a masters of education and was offered a spot on the Redskins. Huh.
I'm the repressed *** side of anti *** Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty :)
. His music is fueling Phil Robertson's end times ***
Phil Robertson, the guy from Duck Dynasty, is an *** And so are all the people who applauded him at a Christian Prayer breakfast.
Christian TV star fantasises about rape and torture of atheists at prayer breakfast -
So Phil Robertson decided to let us know what he'd be up to if weren't for God keeping him in line. (Trigger warning). http…
Phil Robertson puts the nasty in dynasty He needs fear of god not to rape others while I just use common sense to know its h…
It's time to stop defending Phil Robertson. He's an embarrassment. .
BBC says Phil Robertson, from Duck Dynasty, has become a political figure, which is further proof that there is no God.
Your silence regarding the despicable comments made by Phil Robertson, speaks volumes about the character of your network.
Phil Robertson is who was written for. You want his vote, you NEED his vote. That's why you're a disgrace.
. I don't think this gruesome parable shared by would be *** dude!
Paraphrasing Phil Robertson: "God is the only thing holding me back from raping kids and decapitating women."
Phil Robertson slammed for imagined tale of Common Core tests On Friday, half a sex symbol removes her ovaries to ...
Phil Robertson has written/co-written 7 of the 12 songs on Bieber's current studio project.
Phil Robertson seriously said this. I cannot fathom the ignorance
Yeah, but can Kentucky beat Phil Robertson? (Yes, I'm aware that he doesn't play basketball I just want someone to physically beat him).
I'll bet Phil Robertson got a little tingle while telling this. ***
'Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson under fire again via Please, Jesus, protect me from your followers.
If God is the only reason Phil Robertson doesn't rape and murder, I hope he listens to Journey and doesn't stop believin…
You don't have to have a religion to know how to be a good person. Phil Robertson is seriously an ***
Paula Deen and Phil Robertson are both in the news again. They should a show with the theme song, 'All about the Race, no treble.'
I was gonna post something re: Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" but I think I'll just let Penn Jillette say it...
Phil Robertson's Appalling Atheist Fantasy | Paul Brandeis Raushenbush Great read for those of faith or no faith
Phil Robertson will have his own show on Fox soon. Mark my words.
A great response to Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson from the exec. editor of
'Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson under fire again via Was there a point?
This is really F'd up. So his sky-captain is the only thing that tells Phil Robertson right from wrong.
Can we get Karl Malone to give Phil Robertson the Diamond Cutter? I promise it'd make up for this awful situation for at least one second.
I voted for Phil Robertson's gumbo at last year's celebrity cook-off
Don't try to explain any colloquialisms to me. My urban dictionary is the equivalent of "Phil Robertson with a watch" …according to Willie.
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" will be the keynote speaker at the Vero Beach Prayer...
Good job for hiring Phil Robertson for commercials, Blacks were were happy under Jim Crow laws and as sharecroppers. Really smart!
That awkward moment when The Herald posts a picture of Phil Robertson's look alike and called him "Uncle Si".
Duck Commander is a family-owned company based in West Monroe, Louisiana founded by Phil Robertson in 1972. The Ro…
And they have done it! Helm, Phil Robertson, has steered the Russian Team to first place. Well done boys
While you learned anything from this Phil Robertson mess it's that GQ is still being published.
Fun Fact - Phil Robertson, the winner of Monsoon Cup 2013 that denied Ian Williams on his 5th world title was...
Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander". Yesterday at 9:53am · . I have a prayer request for y'all. On March 27, our...
"Nothing sticks in a man's ears like his fathers voice." -Phil Robertson
Only thing left to complete your Happy Happy Happy week is to have Phil Robertson on the show!
According to Obama, Phil Robertson does not own the future.
Coming up at 5:00 on checks a claim by patriarch, Phil Robertson, about Americans and STDs.
Photo: cartoonpolitics: 'Duck Dynasty' patriarch Phil Robertson, notorious for his public criticisms of...
Thank you to our Mercy Sponsors of An Evening with Phil Robertson, Star of A&E's Duck Dynasty!
Really? Who on the right denounced Phil Robertson, Cliven Bundy and Rudy Giuliani?
Mr, Phil Robertson, "Be of good courage, and let us be strong for our people and for the cities of our God,,," 2 Samuel
Rights group: big brands should fight Cambodian labor abuse: Phil Robertson, left, deputy director of Human Ri...
Do you seriously want Fox News to come after you about the beard? They have a problem with beards, unless it's on Phil Robertson
Duck Dynasty’s' Phil Robertson blames hippies for STDs in speech
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson leaves CPAC stage, duct-taped Bible in hand, w/ call to "kick the federal govt out of our ev…
In fact the parish where Phil Robertson grew up, Caddo Parish, was second most violent county in the entire country.
On page 185 of 224 of Happy, Happy, Happy, by Phil Robertson
the whole bunches a buncha nuts! Specially Phil Robertson is fool and they are crazy ppl! Phil is a fool for the tea party
Phil Robertson is asking for prayers...we can do this!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I was calling someone Phil Robertson like you were calling someone Roman Reigns, thats all
uh. Yeah. But this quote is from Pastor not the bearded bigot, Phil Robertson. And yes, that detail matters.
Phil Robertson should have taken up for her
Phil and Kay Robertson are relationship goal👌
"I love animals too, I think they're delicious" ~ Phil Robertson
"That'll make a hound dog hug a kitty cat on a frosty mornin" - Phil Robertson
Where there is no Jesus , evil reigns. : Phil Robertson
Thank you to and ALL of our great sponsors of An Evening with Phil Robertson!
"The grave is a problem, and so is sin. Jesus came down, and solved both of them." - Phil Robertson
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson on Variance Estimators of the K-fold Crossvalidation Estimator of The Generalization Erro…
Phil Robertson is very concerned about the rate of sexually transmitted infections in America. Robertson, one of the star…
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson on Nonequilibrium Quantum Fields: From Cold Atoms to Cosmology - next on Hannity.
American taliban leader, Phil Robertson, white trash a mascot of stupidity.
yes the Chia that is Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty do you guys have a new makeup gal maybe that's it mark looks poofy too
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson on the connection between computational and biochemical measurement - next on Hannity.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
things happen just like Phil Robertson he dosent deserve to be fired
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson on Schopenhauer's Aesthetic Perception as a Mode of Transcendence - next on Hannity.
To Lynchburg we go. Let's go see Mr. Phil Robertson!
Willie & Phil Robertson talk about fake bleeps and praying in Jesus' name .
Ya gotta wonder what Barry Goldwater would think of Phil Robertson at
Congrats to 's Phil Robertson on winning the free speech award. Inspired me to pick up my bibl…
'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson just gave an epic speech about Jesus and STDs
(yes, folks, this is how far CPAC sunk) - Phil Robertson blames hippies for STDs, gets standing ovation...
Yes, Phil Robertson gave an absurd speech at CPAC, proving that everything we've all thought about him for the...
'Duck Dynasty' Star Phil Robertson at CPAC: STDs 'Revenge of the Hippies;' Boehner, Don't Worry ...
What time will Willie Robertson, Phil Robertson, and Sarah Palin be playing Duck Duck Moose?
Carry your bible & your woman & wrap them both in Duct tape.RT Phil Robertson lectures CPAC
"Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson is getting the Oscar music hook treatment -
we curated your story "star Phil Robertson received an award at ...
"star Phil Robertson received an award at the Conservative Political Acti...
Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson accepts award at CPAC, says STDs are the 'revenge of the hippies'
Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson to receive special honor at CPAC
Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson doesn't like all the non-Christians in the White House: via
Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson advises to have sex in less than 30 seconds to prevent genital herpes
That Phil Robertson, fake redneck / genuine *** was a featured CPAC speaker, tells you all you need to know about it. 🍗
So glad Phil Robertson was available! Next year can you get that Dance Moms lady to run for congress?
Phil Robertson of comes to and says, "Roy Moore is spot on."
Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson advises CPAC to have 30-second sex to prevent genital herpes
Phil Robertson gives part of his famous STD talk at CPAC via Tells DC how to keep "BUGS" away.
Holy cow ya'll. Phil Robertson took to church!
And people wonder why I have no respect for wankers. They take total crackpots seriously.
Conservative conference officially goes off the rails with "Duck Dynasty" star's rant on STIs
Phil Robertson: 110,000,000 Americans Have STDs via We are trying to help you!
Duck Dynastys Phil Robertson speaks out on Christian persecution in Houston
Phil Robertson also believes very young girls should be married. Wives of the GOP must not care about women rights
Website Builder 728x90
i was there, PHIL ROBERTSON made a great speech and HAS protected peoples 1st amendment rights.
Well, one in five american adults does have genital, herpes that is.
These clowns just can't get their heads out of the 60s.
People like Phil Robertson are why people consider the GOP to be a joke.
Phil Robertson at accepting the Andrew Breitbart First Amendment award
Phil Robertson energizes CPAC crowd -- and ruffles liberal feathers; STDs are 'revenge of the...
Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson lectures CPAC on hippies, herpes and the Bible
Looks like Phil Robertson knows as much about disease history as he does about hygiene.
Duk Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson says Roy Moore is tryin his best
Crowd loves Phil Robertson's CPAC address, media not so much via
Duck Dynasty:. @ The liberal hold on Hollywood is loosening.
Why are so many people upset over what Phil Robertson says? He holds no public office. We don't pay his salary. Offended?…
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson gets CPAC standing ovation as he slams hippies for causing STDs
My favorite part about Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty is how he talks all the time but knows literally nothing about anything but duck calls
CPAC organizers just drowned out Phil Robertson's speech with music to get him off the stage.
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson has to be the scariest hillbilly lunatic I've ever seen. He's well placed at
Backstage here at just waiting for Phil Robertson to wrap up!
patriarch Phil Robertson says 'Roy Moore is trying his best'
Awww Phil Robertson... you make me laugh. ;) So glad you were at *cleans up the mess from leftist's heads explo…
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Rails Against STDs, 'Revenge of the Hippies' at CPAC via
Miss Kay and Phil Robertson are relationship goals 🙌
Phil Robertson, of Duck Dynasty, and his wife Kay, left, greet fans before speaking at Montgomery, Ala., fundraiser.
Phil Robertson calls STDs "revenge of the hippies," ironic, coming from a bad Willie Nelson impersonator
Attention attention Phil Robertson and Willie are sitting one table away from me help me
Coming up at spotted Willie Robertson & Phil Robertson
What's going on this morning? Just Willie and Phil Robertson walking by me.
"The surroundings of this organic" Jase. "Well I love to take a dump in the woods, that's about as organic as you gonna get"~ Phil Robertson
You know Phil Robertson for Duck Dynasty. Did you know he was a star Quarterback at Louisiana Tech w/ Terry Bradshaw? htt…
Not there unfortunately, too far North :/
'Duck Dynasty' Patriarch Phil Robertson to Receive Freedom of Speech Award at CPAC via
looks like Widemouth area to me, maybe Wansons
Wow; that's beyond stupid, Phil Robertson--that's psychotic! Get some Haldol or Thorazine--maybe both!
I adore The Robertson's but someone needs to tell Phil same sex partners can't actually make a baby!
Phil Robertson is not a 'victim of political correctness'. He's a victim of his own repulsively racist, homophobic bigotry.
I liked a video from Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson *** Comments
Phil Robertson should have a future in GOP politics. Business man, cuturally con Southern revanchist. Hawkish.
"Never leave home without your woman and your bible." -Phil Robertson ❤️
"Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson to be honored with free-speech award at CPAC
Great first day of appointments at Heartland! Check out some of those that visited with Phil Robertson "The Duck...
the other funny thing about Phil Robertson as anti-govt hero is the state of Louisiana heavily subsidizes his show
Them fans feeling rejected after Phil Robertson talks about homosexuals. 👎👎😹😹
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, and the secret conservative obsession with celebrity
I Don't Bathe or Shave Because it Brings me good Luck'-Duck & Child Molester Speaker Phil Robertson.
Phil Robertson said your father had consensual sex with Saiful. Would you agree?
Keep in mind I'm not GOP or a Phil fan, but...
Breaking!: supporters now protesting in the streets to get Phil Robertson back on
So Paula deen can't say a word back in the day. She gets in a whole lot of mess But oh phil Robertson gets praised for his hate speech.
Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson to receive CPAC free-speech award via
Ducks Dynasty's Phil Robertson to receive Freedom of Speech award
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson planning to appear at CPAC
Phil Robertson, the Duck Dynasty star notorious for his anti *** remarks, has been named the recipient of a free-speech award the.
Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander", Miss Kay Robertson, and Alan will be in Montgomery, AL on 2/27. For more...
How many of you know that Phil robertson started over Terry Bradshaw as quarterback at lousiana tech
I agree with everything that comes out of Phil Robertson's mouth
I never thought these words would ever come out of my mouth, but Phil Robertson could have not said it…
Have you ever heard the line, "I told you I loved you when I married you. If things change, I'll let you know"?...
Just got a discount to An Evening with Phil Robertson! You can get one too -
“stars Phil and Kay Robertson coming to Montgomery / I give up!
They say Phil Robertson is stuck in his ways and isn't anything but a redneck. The truth is... If we…
Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to G…
We live in a world where ppl defend Phil Robertson for free speech, but fire Martin Bashir for the same thing. Also, this.
Christians really need to start taking a stand on controversial issues like Phil Robertson does.
Phil Robertson on the rise of Radical Islam.
Aww Phil made me cry. 😂 thank you Robertson family for sharing your time and family with us.God bless ya' ya'll.❤️
Everyone can hate on Duck Dynasty all they want but men don't get much better than Phil Robertson. That was beautiful.
"When I repented..all the *** left, the liquor left, and the pot that order" -Phil Robertson
Phil Robertson is by far the most logic man on tv
Phil Robertson and Miss Kay will forever be my favs.
stars Phil and Kay Robertson coming to Montgomery
My actual goal is when I get old my husband will still look at me like Phil Robertson looks at Miss Kay😍😭
Phil Robertson is the biggest welfare queen alive.
The Robertson family, including Phil above of Duck Dynasty fame, is sponsoring
Duck Dynasty’ stars Phil and Kay Robertson coming to Montgomery on Feb. 27: Phil…
The Coach of the Year is Anna Robertson. Highly commended: Phil Moore. (tchoukball) and Alex Dallimore (swimming).
GOAL james Robertson gives Cornwall the lead with shot finding corner of navy net 14th min 1-0
If we learned anything from this Phil Robertson his job back, but the newish iPhone Calendar app is terrible.
Available for pre-order now... Phil Robertson --“Dismantles humanism, atheism, reductionism, and every other ism …”.
Today you can buy more Happy than attending a Pharrell concert with Phil Robertson! We have Happy-ness Bread...
George Washington, Phil Robertson, Ronald Reagan, Chuck Norris. What do they all have in common? Didn't/don't wear chubbies.
Long before the days of Duck Dynasty and Phil Robertson. George Muller, who, in his Orphanages in Bristol,...
Four-time Super Bowl winner Terry Bradshaw was Phil Robertson's (of Duck Dynasty) backup at QB at Louisiana Tech. http…
So, let me get this straight, denounces and it's fine, but Phil Robertson denounces homosexuals and receives death threats?
'Had it for a little while then lost it quickly.'. -Phil Robertson
"Better to have a nice days worth of fish, than a whole lotta crabs." -Phil Robertson
Here's a little teaser to get you started. Phil Robertson won the 2013 Monsoon Cup but will he be able to...
Oh Phil Robertson got his paycheck, clocked in and out of the hospital a lot.
If dog school is anything like America schools, we all in trouble. Dog and man. - Phil Robertson ❤️🐥
Options to be utilized for dealing with ISIS? No one says it better then Phil Robertson: "Either convert them or kill them."
Another Phil Robertson "Convert or Die" supporter? Gunnut to Texas lawmakers: Support unrestricted open carry or die as traitors
I need to marry someone like Phil Robertson.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Will someone tell Phil Robertson and the rest of his that Jesus was/is an anarchist and hates them.
While your nose was up Phil Robertson's smelly *** I'm sure!
We have been approved to distribute 6400 copies of the Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" issue of Pivot Point Magazine to minister to pri…
U already be know that kuHH! Like my dood Phil Robertson likes to say."Happy Happy Happy!"
The people who made a big deal of Phil Robertson saying *** is bad. Should be upset with their selves cause being *** …
Phil Robertson was just stating the truth.
We would all be better off if we loved God and loved each other. – Phil Robertson, Duck Commander
America : Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson discusses how he would deal with ISIS (Sept 02, 2014)
Lmao this kid thinking he's Phil Robertson geeks me up.. 4 ducks all season? 😂
A college student helped raise $149,000 for a man who walks 21 miles to work each day
Am gonny look like phil robertson when am 60
"Better to have a day of catching fish than a lifetime of having crabs" -Phil Robertson
Phil Robertson was the starting qb in front of Terry Bradshaw and turned down pro football to hunt ducks. That my friends is a badass.
When you see grown men chasing after chickens in a subdivision, I'd say America is making a comeback! . -Phil Robertson
I have a new hero in James Robertson of Detroit. Lessons to be learned Commitment! Responsibility! "I can't imagine not wo…
it is fact, Bradshaw came in and benched Phil Robertson, the uber
Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson Fox news Sean Hannity The Rise of Islamism Breaking news 2015 - Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson on Radical Islam Convert Them or Kill...
So some have called into question a few of my choice words and my relationship with God (based on Phil Robertson's picture on the page). Be very careful of pointing the finger when discussing my personal relationship with God. It's really none of your business honestly. If you'd like to quote scripture make sure you've got the Bible down pretty good. Do I mess up? Yes. Do I sin? Yes. Am I perfect? No. Am I always walking exactly like God would like me to? Probably not since I answered the above questions the way I did. The reasons above are the exact reasons I accepted Jesus Christ as my lord and savior. I'm not perfect and have a slip up in Gods eyes from time to time. He knew I'd do that. That's why he gave his only son for us. So if you want to debate my religious status private message me and I'll be glad to discuss. If you question my faith on the front page you can find somewhere else to post things.
"Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson made headlines this week for his anti *** sentiments in a GQ interview. Now another statement from the interview -- this time about the black community during the pre-civil rights era -- is stirring more c...
Phil knocked it out of the park on this one...
Getting a group together to go to this awesome event. Some guest speakers are: Phil Robertson, Jerome…
Sports Night at the Pearl featured 3 class acts last night: Dale Robertson, Larry Dierker and Phil Garner. Great line up!
"I think our problem will always be a spiritual one. Where there is no Jesus, evil always reigns." -Phil Robertson
Phil Robertson isn't holding back when it comes to what this country needs.
Phil Goodlad takes his life in his hands as he climbs up to press box for v Bath match.
I do not like these people, or agree with what they say, but censorship is wrong. Let them make fools of themselves.
Phil Robertson: There is turmoil because the world and nation lost Jesus [Read]
Was reading this book this morning: "unPHILtered" by Phil Robertson of fame. He writes of…
"Women with whiskers... It's a bummer." - Phil Robertson
For I have krylov, ogle, Robertson, musoke, Sicilia, Phil Davis, mousasi, and for wins
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
"better to catch a fish than a lifetime of crabs". -Phil Robertson
Louisiana Tech football fun fact: Phil Robertson, he of 'Duck Dynasty' fame, had a career-best 302 yards passing vs SE La. on Nov. 4, 1967.
Ryan Bader is ready to get redemption against Phil Davis 10 years after their first match
.I rewatched the episode with Phil Robertson.. Since when is someone who makes duck calls fit to discuss murder and religion?
4 of 5 stars to Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible... by Phil Robertson
Can you get Phil Robertson and Larry the Cable Guy also. I need to hear there opinion too.
Phil Robertson is a millionaire preying on people's prejudices. Come on man.
Phil Robertson, 'Duck Dynasty' star: World's problems rooted in one reason -- 'No -
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