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Phil Robertson

Phil Alexander Robertson (born April 24, 1946) is an American professional hunter, businessman (Duck Commander), and reality television star on the popular television series, Duck Dynasty.

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"casual sex" is "the work of the evil one". ~ Phil 'never owned a computer' Robertson.
Are you ready?!?! Watch Phil Robertson tell it like it is On Demand:
as of today, I'd like to see trade down inside top 5 and get DL Allen then get OT Cam Robertson w/ pick 11-13(Phil)
When you get 5 bottles of top shelf booze for $102... shout out to my boy Phil Robertson!
Via D*ck Dynasty: Phil Robertson's Unenlightened Views and the Scourge of…
"Phil Robertson of Human Rights Watch said that Yee was a ‘classic political dissident’ who deserved asylum."
Phil Robertson was asked what he believes is sinful. He answered the question. His beliefs are apparently based on the t…
I enjoy almost all of the game we kill. I only like to eat game that ...
In those days, it didn't take much imagination to come up with someth...
Makes me wonder if Bass Pro Shops social media guy isn't one of Phil Robertson's doofus wastrel sons
Someone please tell Eboni Williams Phil Robertson is from NORTH Louisiana not south Louisiana needs to work on h…
Prediction 4: The Trump Dynasty begins with the appointment of Phil Robertson as Director of Fishing and Hunting...
I can tell you Phil Robertson would never have used hevishot if he wasn't paid
Phil, I do not know how anyone could think it was a genuine opinion. When you see it it's a comedy bit :)
If we were power ranking NBA curmudgeons, it'd look like this right?. 1. George Karl. 2. Phil Jackson . 3. Chuck. 4. Oscar Robertson
Phil Robertson raised a great American family!
We could have had Phil Robertson and still won 4 Super Bowls.
This is like when Phil Robertson got suspended from Duck Dynasty because he was against homosexuality. It didn't change his views one bit.
The Democrats want government to do the spending. Senator McCain want...
Jesus was a Jew, Santa looks like a Christian Phil Robertson and Cat Stevens converted to Islam. Can't we all...
Merry Christmas!. “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders.
Perhaps I can convince Phil Robertson to stop by with these
I liked a video from Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson Controversy | A&E Is Full of Crap!
I want a Miss Kay and Phil Robertson marriage one day
Lita talked for almost the entire first half, and now Phil Robertson gets the news that his favorite figure skater, Brian Boitano, is ***
Duck Dynasty never recovered after Phil Robertson opened his mouth
When will go to Louisiana to investigate Duck Dynasty's pedo Phil Robertson?? .
Phil Robertson, y'all!. Duck Dynasty fans! Now is the time to join our VIP Newsletter. Join today at ==>...
They can secure a performance by ultra hillbilly, Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson.
It is a quote attributed to Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty on an interview with Sean Hannity.
Now that Duck Dynasty has finally been cancelled Phil Robertson is free to fulfill his role in Trump's cabinet as Secre…
1) Apppoinments always 2nd guessed. This could have been worse. Keep in mind Ted Cruz liked Phil Robertson.
Breaking News: will award the to Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the Duck Dynasty. LOL.
Duck Dynasty is cancelled. Gonna miss seeing Phil Robertson's beard on tv. I am, of course, talking about his wife.
So Duck Dynasty is finally ending. Is this when Phil Robertson wakes up next to Suzanne Pleshette? 🤔
Willie and Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" are set to take up roles within the U.S. Department of Education...
Phil Robertson is also a brilliant guy.
Phil Robertson had 15 minutes to talk to and tell him to accept the Lord as his savior. He Listened. More than others . 😊
Phil Robertson is a very smart and Faithful to The Lord Man that we all should Listen to !
"Sweetness is what they should have called it" -Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander". Duck Dynasty fans! Now is...
I don't use any of the terminology like 'left wing' and 'right wing.'...
I never, with my eyes, saw the mistreatment of any black person. Not ...
My brothers and sisters and I spoke in a language called Egg Latin. In ...
Stop selling poor imitations of Christian theology. Osteen, Hagee, Piper, Ben Carson, Phil Robertson, and others. Do better.
No luck John, the populist virus will spread left. By 2024 it will be Sean Penn & Kanye West vs. Sarah Palin & Phil Robertson
It takes a man to admit his mistakes, but it takes an even better man to stop making them. -Phil Robertson
And you did it Phil Robertson! Loved your Happy Happy Happy biography! Inspiring for family.
Actually, an amazing article. Phil Robertson, praying for a "Jesus man" in the WH unintentionally advanced this guy…
You know, what we do know is that there is a high frequency of violence ...
If we learned anything from this Phil Robertson mess it's that second person in a tinder photo you really want to meet
I would never treat anyone with disrespect just because they are diff...
I told Miss Kay we need to make sure our children don't turn out like...
Hedge fund billionaire Julian Robertson on Microsoft, Air Canada, other top ideas
SAVE THE DATE! Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty is coming to help raise funds for us! .
I love your morning prayers 🙏🏻 and verses. I'd rather listen to you and your verses. I also love listening to Phil Robertson
I have bitten down or swallowed a few pellets through the years. My u...
It's not health care reform to dump more money into Medicaid.
Phil Robertson is somewhat how I invision myself in the future.
I kinda liked ol' Shakespeare and them guys, you know. I went back an...
We never, ever judge someone on who's going to heaven, *** That's t...
You have to discipline your children, or they won't respect you, law ...
Julian Robertson says Clinton presidency is 'a tragedy that is going to happen'
John Waters, born 4/22/46. Phil Robertson born 4/24/46. That's about as different as you can get.
My message is to get human beings to love God, love their neighbor an...
3 People to take life advice from:. 1) Jesus. 2) Dwight Schrute. 3) Phil Robertson
That is f'ing delicious. Maybe he can team up with Phil Robertson on a line of Trump duck calls and overalls
On page 91 of 224 of Happy, Happy, Happy, by Phil Robertson
she's so low energy and boring. As Phil Robertson would put it
Genesis 9 is where the animals went wild, and God gave them wildness.
As the Duck Commander family weighs in on for
get a brain. Stop watching fox and Pat Robertson
I love competing against the best players. I have a huge challenge, a...
Phil Robertson was at *** s Sporting Good's grand opening in Houston.and no one told me
I swear, I am gonna find a way to make Phil Robertson the next president
it's all so accurate! Calling Taylor Phil Robertson is my favourite & I totally have a weird creepy crush on Butch
I told my wife that since we have a little one on the way, maybe when he...
Phil robertson no beard - However what makes this might be somewhat right up a little. Double ...
I could do John Wayne, Jack Benny, Jack Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and ent...
"I'm with the blacks, because we're white trash." — Phil Robertson
Phil Robertson, of Duck Dynasty fame, was a starting QB in college, who's backup for 2 years was 4x Super Bowl Champ and HOF Terry Bradshaw.
Phil Robertson: ‘If Donald Trump Does Not Win, I Think I’m Going to the Woods and Stay There the Rest of My Life’ https:…
Miss Kay, John Luke, and Phil Robertson take on iconic trio day
This looks absolutely amazing! I Love Phil Robertson stands for God and family!
New EWTN Radio post: Morning Glory for Friday, September 30, 2016 with Phil Robertson of Torchbearer! on
A great doc that explores what what happens when we live sans God--Phil Robertson of joins!
Miley Cyrus can act like trash & become more famous. Phil Robertson stands on his Biblical beliefs & A&E fires him. WE ARE…
Phil Robertson ! An American hero for standing up for what he believes over money!
And no Alabama game can stop me from tuning in this week! Can't wait to hear the gang.
Email from a 'Christian' calling me c-word for criticizing Phil Robertson. Telling me to read the bible a nice touch ht…
Crazy aunt and her daughter called Phil Robertson's (of Duck Dynasty) odious comments "character flaws.". Pretty sure they go beyond that...
Thank you Jim Robertson for choosing Western Volkswagen for your new Tiguan R-Line. Enjoy the car from Dennis and Phil from Fort Kinnaird
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Hey NOLA friends it's Thursday and tonights is with Phil DeGruy and Emily Robertson 6pm (doors at 5)...
"The Duck Commander" Phil Robertson, makes a compelling argument on the absurdity of life without God! Buy a... https…
in 1994, Phil King smashed home the winning spot-kick as we beat in the UEFA Cup. Were you at Villa Par…
Citizens United Productions new film "Torchbearer" Stars Duck Commander Phil Robertson is coming to theaters 10/7! Fin…
BREAKING NEWS . Phil Robertson denies all responsibility for the quacking sound emanating from the White House but says it…
Invite your friends and family to church today and come hear Phil Robertson kick off The Inside Story series!
Phil Robertson is also an absolute cretin
Phil Robertson once told me it was going to be cold winter because squirrel I ate had thick fur
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson started out a Cruz backer. He now puts his country first and is with http…
Hey Conservatives, don't be upset with Bradley Cooper. You have your own Hollywood superstars like Phil Robertson, meatl…
TALK TO PHIL: is hosting a phone conversation with Phil Robertson this week. https…
.is sandbagging, He doesn't want to go all "Phil Robertson" on his fans.
What happened was I got sick and could not stand the idea of a cold shower. I never went back.
Then you were like, "yeah, 5 years is not appealing if this is the asking price."
There are two kinds of individuals on Planet Earth who do not have beards - women and youth.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Those of you who believe in God draw near to him arm yourselves with the full armor of God... arm yourselves up...
Tomorrow, Phil Robertson is chatting with YOU about the future of our nation. Join the call
I just signed up! Check out A Conversation with Phil Robertson on Vekeo via
Yeah, Phil Robertson-you'll go into hiding if Trump loses. And if Obamacare passes Limbaugh will move to Costa Rica.
Phil Robertson knocked up his girlfriend when she was 15 years old. Guess he's notorious pederast too.
you're the ones who let Phil Robertson speak. You're the ones with a vp who believes in conversion therapy.
He is Jewish & got financial backing from someone offended by Phil Robertson's comments in April.
Phil Robertson, the wants to give you a call on Thursday! Simply sign up:
Hillary Clinton now has the support of Warren Buffet, Michael Bloomberg, Meg Whitman & Mark Cuban. Donald Trump? Phil…
Phil Robertson TOLD Cruz "Ta Git in Line with the Program n Support TRUMP!"
Phil Robertson: "It took Bibles and guns in order to found America.."
Phil Robertson: I am all in with Trump
This isn't a made up headline. Tomorrow: Scott Baio on race relations, Phil Robertson on tax policy.
The DNC has Michelle Bill Bernie Barack You had Phil Robertson and Scott Baio Get out of here with your weak line up
You know Kid Rock, Phil Robertson, Sarah Palin Gary Busey, Ted Nugent and Tim Allen all want a fascist POTUS?
I'm thinking Trumps VP pick will be one of: Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, Stan Smith, Barney, Scott Baio, Ivanka, Phil Robertson or Ann Coulter
Phil Robertson & crew at lunch, enjoying TV replay of Canfield’s near capsize in Semi v Steele
If I don't hear some homespun wisdom from Phil Robertson on some subject of great import, how will I know what to think about it myself?
Phil Robertson is an extreme social conservative, a minority in the these days
Good lord. Anti-hate was right here in Colorado, and no one said one thing. .
Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson: *** Cause All The Murders: Here’s a clip of video from the speech given at last…
Did you know that at blamed 160,000 murders on *** You should.
Jesse Williams should be fired but Phil Robertson shouldn't be yanked off the air? The hypocrisy can be seen from space!
Oy vey 😔. Duck Dynasty‘s Phil Robertson: Jesus Existed Because We’re Living in the Year 2016
'Duck Dynasty' patriarch Phil Robertson will support Donald Trump in the fall despite endorsing his rival Ted Cruz.
I liked a video from Phil Robertson From Duck Dynasty Proves Jesus Is God
I'd rather have Phil Robertson or for president 2016 to be quite honest
Remember. Phil Robertson. made his fortune. lying to ducks.
Phil Robertson of claims *** are responsible for 160,000 murders in USA
I'm now announcing my run for President of the United States of America. And we will formally denounce any and...
domain names
Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson blaming the LGBT community for 160,000 American deaths is like blaming Duck Dynasty for bigotry in America.
Fact: Duck hunter/religious fundamentalist Phil Robertson is controlled by a subspecies of evil sentient wig which takes the form of a beard
"This time Robertson is claiming that same-sex marriage and transgender people using the restroom are responsible...
Phil Robertson is brilliant. He claims to be the most religious man ever, and yet all he does is preach hate, stfu you…
Phil Robertson: *** are responsible for 160k murders in America
Phil Robertson seriously needs to shut the quack up:
How do massacres like the one in happen? What motivates mass hate crimes against ppl? Here's a clue. https:/…
.RNC speakers, Ted Niugent, Phil Robertson, Louis Gohmert, Steve King, Sarah Palin Joe Arpaio. That should do it.
Phil Robertson is a cross between Bob Ross and Moses.
Politico reports that Donald Trump has invited Pat Buchanan, Sarah Palin, & Phil Robertson to speak at the Republican National Convention.
Ryan Anderson, Lila Rose, Sen. Tom Cotton, & more. I can't wait to continue this day with people like Carly Fiorina & Phil Robertson!
So excited to see Sarah Palin and Phil Robertson!
And an RNC with David Duke, Phil Robertson, the Stanford Rapist, Chris Christie, George Zimmerman, and Trump?
Just me, or is Eric looking a bit like Phil Robertson?
A film 'Torchbearer' w/ Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson... -The MSM will continue to howl about this effort!
IT'S HERE: Milo talks with Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson in this week's episode.
No thanks! Phil Robertson or Billy Graham himself could rally around Trump- I will never support the unstable fool.
I'd much rather have the camera pan to Phil Robertson as Trump's spirtual advisor than Obama's Rev. Wright.
Phil Robertson is on a mission with Citizens United to save American and they need your help. via
'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson says he'll back Trump for president:
Hannity I love Phil Robertson. But he saw a very different Ted Cruz than the dishonesty we saw campaigning. Phil did not real Ted
Phil Robertson will back Donald Trump despite endorsing Ted Cruz in the primary:
Last time I checked our country wasn't founded on Judeo-Christian values Phil Robertson. READ:
EXCLUSIVE: 'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson says he'll back for president via
I'll take endorsements from Dr. James Dobson & Phil Robertson over Mike Tyson any day of the week.
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