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Phil Robertson

Phil Alexander Robertson (born April 24, 1946) is an American professional hunter, businessman (Duck Commander), and reality television star on the popular television series, Duck Dynasty.

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Why not Phil?? MT Proud to provide my guest ticket to tonight’s SOTU to Korie Robertson.
why does Art Briles remind me of Phil Robertson?
"We all go 6 feet down; the grave is a problem, so is sin. Jesus came down in the flesh and solved both of them. Run to Him" -Phil Robertson
I though Islam was a religion of peace? I'm in favor of Phil Robertson's motto when it comes to the sandmen, "Convert or be killed".
How we talk about the militants of ISIS
Soliciting prostitutes is okay, but being *** Yeah, not so much.
Phil Robertson is a republican, remember that liberals. Merica 🇺🇸
I wanna be just like Phil Robertson when I'm older. He's a true role model.
Benefit raffle for Braylon Streetman for a rifle signed by Phil & Si Robertson. Everything collected will go...
I've seen that one many times. next time I watch it I'll be thinking - this might be the corner of Phil's street! :)
G+: . As results from Sunday's historic election in Myanmar are counted, Phil Robertson of Human Rights…
felt compelled to post this just now: Willie Robertson Fan Club, Si Robertson, Phil Robertson "The Duck...
From Only Oscar Robertson has more career games of 30 points, 5 assists & 5 rebounds than LeBron. https:/…
Phil is Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty!
Here's your clue to this week's Big Wednesday special guest:. He has a beard. No, it's not Phil Robertson.but...
Should have Phil Robertson on stage instead of Kasich
This isn't actually a quote from Phil Robertson (I believe it's Rick Warren) but this is still so true.
At least it's not Phil Robertson...oh wait (checks back)...never mind.
We are pleased to announce that Phil Robertson has joined the team
Watching Phil Robertson give a sermon I really gotta find a way to see him in person
Celebrate Veterans Day peak of the week with Phil Robertson and Si Robertson 7pm
I have never been a fan of ...I've never even watched a full episode. However, I would like to meet Phil R…
The critical test of the is now, warns Phil Robertson of 📻
Would love to be able to listen to Phil Robertson preach in person
Check out this great item: Duck Dynasty truck / car Seat Sleeve Cover Phil Robertson auto NEW Happy Happy
"With all the cell phones and distractions of today's's hard to get a woman to focus for more than 5 minutes." -Phil Robertson
LBC Pastor's Conference - "It is not enough to run the race, we must run the race to win it." - Phil Robertson
Happy, Happy, Happy: My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander. by Phil Robertson - Howard Books.
Except it's your fap fantasies Josh Duggar, Phil Robertson, and Ted Nugent that diddle kids.
the height of your hat should be opposite to the length of your beard...Pharrel>huge hat, Phil Robertson>bandana
"What is a raindrop to the storm? What is a twig to the forest? Man can dream but the Many can accomplish" ~phil robertson
didn't know Phil 'duck' Robertson was a sound engineer too? Red flannel in the booth yall
I think Phil Robertson is a hero. A voice crying out into the wilderness that is t…
Guess which one is offended by Phil robertson's comments?
Classy finish from Phil Lowry makes it 2-0. Brought down Cole's ball over the top and nicked ball past Robertson
So Phil and Alan Robertson were at Jacob Myers today. No big deal.
Sweetie! Any man that is worthy of you! Will easily go through the boot camp of the Robertson men! The Phil test is a must!
. Dear Phil Robertson, I face inhuman right in Singapore.I was cheated by public trustee in singapore. What is your email address
This gives u idea when he started makin duck calls for his own use. Son Willie started the business.
Please read Phil Robertson book Happy, Happy, Happy. It will make a HUGE difference b/c he was exactly where u r at now!
As the great Phil Robertson once said:. "Happy. Happy . Happy"
Complexion has no bearing on a man's character. -Phil Robertson .
Dumbledore looks like Phil Robertson. I only just noticed that.
Ok Phil Robertson. We'll be basics and hit up bath n body
Former center John Harper passed away today. Harper snapped to Terry Bradshaw and Phil Robertson. (FREE)
as if you oughtta talk with Phil Robertson's innuendo of raping an Atheist family's kids and killing wife. crit your own
Josh Duggar. Kim Davis. Cliven Bundy. Phil Robertson . George Zimmerman. Joe the Plumber. These have all been Repub...
Google phil robertson interviews then come back here. Hear it from the horses mouth.
Hernandez, Diame, Robertson, Huddlestone, Davies: all looking like standard Championship players from here.
Love Phil Robertson and the Duck Dynasty Klan; yep I'm a Pakistani-American HillBilly and a proud one.
.Phil Robertson says something Cons love it, Libs hate it Pope says SAME thing and reaction is the reverse
.Pope says something libs love it, cons hate it Phil Robertson says same thing and reaction is the reverse
ock Komoroski via IJ America. 12 hrs · . The Redneck Ayatollah has Spoken. The Iran Deal would be sacrificed to his...
I couldn't care one iota what Phil Robertson has to say.
Hats off to Mr. Phil Robertson for refusing to remove God and guns from Duck Dynasty, as both are a part of life! http…
Those "stupid" people are ones everyone likes: Pat Robertson, Phil Robertson, the Duggars, Creflow Dollar, Joel Osteen.
I'd still love to come spend time learning from you, Phil, and the Robertson family. I think I could grow 1000 fold.
I liked a video from Phil Robertson To ISIS - Convert Or Die
It was an honor getting to meet Phil and Si Robertson at What a great inspiration they are.
phil robertson our culture has accepted - Yahoo Search Results
Camera-happy Southend cut short Dave Robertson's quest to make his name
Camera-happy Southend cut short Dave Robertson’s quest to make his name: Peterborough’s manager pays with his ...
Frank Turek, You guys also forced Brendan Eich out, tried to get Phil Robertson fired...
Anyone remember that whole phenomenon a couple years back of the media baiting homophobes - Phil Robertson, the Bachelor, Sherri Shepherd?
...but Phil Robertson is...NOT A MUSLIM...He's Christian...what's your point?
.Lynott's school report card. Good at algebra wasn't he?
Like Phil Robertson says "The world needs less Political correctness and more Biblical correctness "
My dad got to meet Phil Robertson and posted on fb and he's the cutest thing ever :)
Got to hear PHIL Robertson speak tonight!
I had the opportunity to hear and see Phil Robertson speak tonight what a…
got to see Phil Robertson from Duck Commander, boy was it lit at church.
Stunningly beautiful butterfly from Phil Robertson, who made this awesome discovery in Placer County
Phil Robertson with opening his Bible for at http:/…
The Duck Commander Phil Robertson is laying it down at Cornerstone Church
Phil Robertson from is in the house for
Phil Robertson with opening his Bible for at
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Men's night out with Phil Robertson Tune in now to
Going to see Phil Robertson, The Duck Commander, tonight!:D — feeling excited at Cornerstone Church
Still not convinced this statue to the legendary Phil Lynott in Dublin is the best tribute. Thoughts?
Phil and Ms Kay Robertson are relationship goals
The Fast Break (August 14, 2015): LeBron/MJ 1-on-1 debate turns up... again. John Robertson is really good, Phil g…
Just a few hours until comes to Cornerstone. Buy your tickets here for tonight's event:
If I can't speak my mind this isn't America anymore-The Phil Robertson
'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson responds to critics after his comments a
That time Terry Bradshaw & Phil Robertson went to college together:
We now go to terror expert and waterfowl kazoo maker, Phil Robertson...
Have you seen David Robertson, also known as Tim? Missing from Greenways since Sunday. Call 101 with info. htt…
Phil Robertson is an American hero IMO. Used to be a time when u could state ur beliefs and not b harassed n punished
with that thumbs up he should get in touch with Phil Robertson.
good president and vice president combo Phil Robertson and chuck Norris
I want to be exactly like Phil Robertson
If you dont understand why star Phil Robertson was on hannity talking about forien affairs
Fun fact: Phil Robertson (of Duck Dynasty) started over Terry Bradshaw as QB in college. He gave it up for hunting.
"A duck call, like a shotgun, is only as good as the man behind it." - Phil Robertson
Come down to the Robertson Building, Phil Simms is here!
Get to go see Phil Robertson speak Friday night
Phil Simms event time and venue has changed. It will begin at noon on the first floor of the Robertson Building.
Scott and Tonnette Walker, Joel and Rebecca Kleefisch, *** hating "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson and his...
Just had a dream that Chase and I got married early and I had to break the news to my grandparents. Gemma Teller and Phil Robertson...
"Join the team at Honyaku Plus as an in-house J-to-E translator" on
he's also three years older. Phil robertson was gonna start over Terry Bradshaw in college let that sink in.
Church Chat from 1987. 28 years later, Al Franken's Pat Robertson is still spot on. Also, Phil Hartman was a genius.
Old man phil robertson droppin off his truck. Horn…
running as a republican is the same as if Phil Robertson joined the race as a democrat.
America : Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson discusses how he would deal with I... via
10 Tips on Writing from this Phil Robertson his job back, but not before making him one of the most famous martyrs in America.
I agree with him, I think our country needs to get back to letting God run our country.
The team would like to wish Phil Ormond & Rebecca Robertson a wonderful wedding day!
Phil Robertson. Just another bigot, liar, and fraud hiding behind the flimsy curtains of religion. -
If you combined the bigoted things said by Trump, Hulk Hogan, Paula Deen, they're still not half as bigoted as things said by Phil Robertson
They never talked about the offensive anti *** comments from Phil Robertson.
Too funny, I was about to say the same thing. Opinions will differ wherever you go. Duck Dynasty & Phil Robertson were great (1)
The guy next to me was the perfect combination of Liam Neeson and Phil Robertson👍
to last year when I got baptized by Phil Robertson from such an inspiring family!
"A second chance is never the same as the first."-Phil Robertson
Duck Dynasty: A&E Tolerates Phil Robertson...Sort of - Check out this post!
Classic whoopie cushion on Phil, nicely done lil Robertson
When is Phil Robertson running for president
After reading "UnPHILtered" by Phil Robertson, I say we let that man be president.
this isn't the actual Phil Robertson.
Phil Robertson is just roasting about politics. It's hilarious 😂👍
you can go with a guy like me, or celebrity like Phil Robertson...but you need to have our perspective.. I'm available :)
me, Phil Robertson, Ted Nugent, you can go know, or un-known, but you need the perspective.. it's lost on ya'll right now
please go live w/ Phil Robertson become a gator hunter vote republican go fishing follow and get a 🇺🇸.
The Bible Belt will have a mass exodus of all cultural and intellectual persons and Phil Robertson ascends as supreme dictator to applause
.Frank Gaffney *and* Phyllis Schlafley! How did they leave Fox News Islam expert Phil Robertson off list?
may face competition in his bid to become the Republican presidential nominee: Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty.
I wish Phil Robertson would run for president.
"Listen up ladies... if your boyfriend doesn't know or then you have a BF". - Phil Robertson
spitting on the ground shows a sign of manliness -Phil Robertson
Phil Robertson would probably make a bad *** president
Phil Robertson really just needs to run for president 👌🏻
Phil Robertson knows... Why is it so hard to see we want a conservative with balls enough to speak the truth?
I want a marriage like Phil and Kay Robertson been together for over 50 years through the bad and good times
Idk how I got "Phil Robertson" there isn't even an option for any kind of shotgun hunting..
Check out the most controversial reality TV characters of all time!
Giant duck call signed by Phil Robertson by john_deere_girl1
PSA: Neither Dave Chapelle nor Phil Robertson said this quote. You look very stupid when you post that they did
Mike Huckabee, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Phil Robertson, all are examplu of evil Christians!
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