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Phil Robertson

Phil Alexander Robertson (born April 24, 1946) is an American professional hunter, businessman (Duck Commander), and reality television star on the popular television series, Duck Dynasty.

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"I think our problem will always be a spiritual one. Where there is no Jesus, evil always reigns." -Phil Robertson
Phil Robertson isn't holding back when it comes to what this country needs.
Phil Goodlad takes his life in his hands as he climbs up to press box for v Bath match.
I do not like these people, or agree with what they say, but censorship is wrong. Let them make fools of themselves.
Phil Robertson: There is turmoil because the world and nation lost Jesus [Read]
Was reading this book this morning: "unPHILtered" by Phil Robertson of fame. He writes of…
"Women with whiskers... It's a bummer." - Phil Robertson
For I have krylov, ogle, Robertson, musoke, Sicilia, Phil Davis, mousasi, and for wins
"better to catch a fish than a lifetime of crabs". -Phil Robertson
Louisiana Tech football fun fact: Phil Robertson, he of 'Duck Dynasty' fame, had a career-best 302 yards passing vs SE La. on Nov. 4, 1967.
Ryan Bader is ready to get redemption against Phil Davis 10 years after their first match
.I rewatched the episode with Phil Robertson.. Since when is someone who makes duck calls fit to discuss murder and religion?
4 of 5 stars to Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible... by Phil Robertson
Can you get Phil Robertson and Larry the Cable Guy also. I need to hear there opinion too.
Phil Robertson is a millionaire preying on people's prejudices. Come on man.
Phil Robertson, 'Duck Dynasty' star: World's problems rooted in one reason -- 'No -
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Phil Robertson's Response After A&E Network Tells Him to Stop Praying to Jesus Because… might offend Muslim viewers! Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson is a devout Christian, an elder at the White's Ferry Road Church of Christ in West Monroe, Louisiana, and he's outspoken about his beliefs. He…
Fox News’ Sean Hannity hosted Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the Duck Dynasty family, to discuss how Americans have been led astray, and why our country is failing to recognize terrorists as “Islamic.” Robertson used “historical context” to explain what murderous regimes throughout history — the N…
I'm surprised no one has headlined a piece on Phil Robertson's theological pronouncements with "Monroe Doctrine."
Phil Robertson: We’ve already lost Jesus as a nation. We’ve walled him out of our schools and government.
"We’re having trouble labeling who we're fighting over there because there’s no moral compass. There’s no Godliness anymore." Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" weighed in why the Obama administration refuses to address radical Islam on “Hannity.”
happy birthday to Phil Robertson aka my Diddy! 💙🎉 you are the best Diddy in the whole wide world,…
Phil Robertson fancies himself to be a righteous Knight of the round table. Sent to crush Islam
Eric Holder fully supports but was quick to criticize Phil Robertson for doing same.
"You boys gotta train your women to pick ducks.." -Phil Robertson
Not one lib will defend their support of firing Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson for excercising his . .
MSNBC applauds with but screamed to the heavens about Phil Robertson doing same?.
phil robertson: Even though her grandfather, Phil Robertson, has pushed the Bible envelope again with his view...
and then there is DuckMcNasty advocating converting/killing people.
Judy Stines & Phil Robertson, now that's. a pair of LEADERS.
"You have to either convert them, or kill them" Phil Robertson. True redneck wisdom!
Everything you need to know in life...Phil Robertson has the answer
Phil Forte pulls up from another continent 😱
Shut up Terry Bradshaw you say the bench behind Phil Robertson
LUCKY 😭 I've heard Phil online and I revaluated my life.. like, if you need Jesus listen to Phil Robertson and buy a Bible. ❤
Lib media applauds the free speech rights of , but Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson?. . They foam at the mouth & demand he's fired
"Republicans need better heroes. What a sad bunch. what'd Phil Robertson do?
Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty is still relevant?
Hair is talking about Phil Robertson right now
If I were President, Phil Robertson would be my Secretary of Defense. He'll hunt down terrorist like he hunts down beavers!
this is taken out of context. Watch the actual interview with Phil Robertson before you judge him.
Woke up after having slept almost 14 hours... you guys would be proud... I still got it.
Easy to say after Paris attacks. Media only believes this to apply to them not Paula Deen/Phil Ro…
To why is it you viciously attack Phil Robertson for stating his religious beliefs and yet also invite the Iranian president...
300% sure Phil Robertson was just in the Spencer Pizza Ranch
One of the joys of winter-Snow Geese in a Sutter County rice field. Phil Robertson photo
First shot glass full of rum is Phil week I'll try Si :)
I wish Phil Robertson was my grandpa & Si was my uncle. 😂
Duck Commander™ WD-1 Wood Duck Call * Phil Robertson has captured the wood duck squeal * Bring these colorful ducks to your favorite pond * Made of ...
Phil Robertson may have been left out of appearing in a Time-Warner Cable ad during the Super Bowl last year, but the Duck Commander and the Robertson family came out for the nationally televised “Duc
I am going to somewhat quote Phil Robertson of by saying "happy happy happy birthday"to two of my former co workers from FAO Schearz: Tanurrah Dodson and Eric Laucks!🎁
Watch (above) in this newly rediscovered video of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson appearing on television for the first time. He looks younger and his beard isn’t as wild, but all …Share
So Michael Sam can say he's *** and he's courageous, but men like Phil Robertson or Tim Tebow speak their beliefs and are …
Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty, was featured in a number of posts on Conservative Post throughout 2014. So, we thought we’d take a look back at some of the exceptional moments with Phil Robertson. Western Journalism released a video that summarize some of Phil’s most important speeches. Watch: H/T: We…
Anti *** Bigot Ted Cruz Receives Dishonorable 2014 Awards From The Advocate, People For The American Way Towlerland January 03, 2015 at 03:44AM by John Wright Ted Cruz is undoubtedly making Papa proud. The anti *** Texas tea party senator, whose bigotry at times seems matched only by his father Rafael's, has managed to capture both The Advocate's Phobie Of The Year Award and People For The American Way's Equine Posterior Achievement Award for 2014. The Advocate, which previously named Russian President Vladimir Putin its Person Of The Year, says it tapped Cruz for the Phobie honor based on his introduction of the State Marriage Defense Act, also known as "DOMA 2.0," in February: Now if a same-sex couple gets married in New York, for example, and then moves or visits Cruz's home state of Texas, the federal government continues to recognize their marriage as legal. But Cruz says those couples should only be considered married when within the borders of a state that recognizes marriage equality. As you m ...
UN Ruling Gives Rohingya Hope That Change is Coming in Burma and Thailand PHUKET: The UN General Assembly's approval of a resolution urging Burma (Myanmar) to provide ''full citizenship'' to its Rohingya Muslim minority is a year-ending breakthrough for commonsense and human rights. All Burma needs to do now is to say the word for a genuine transformation to begin. And the word Burma needs to say is, of course, ''Rohingya.'' President Obama urged Burma to show tolerance towards the stateless Rohingya on his 2014 visit. Now the UN is going one step further. Whether the repressive government of Burma changes course or presses on with its abhorrent program of ethnic cleansing will prove to be one of the epic themes of the Southeast Asian region for 2015. For years now, the emerging democracy has been pushing Rohingya Muslims into the sea to remove the despised group that a Burmese envoy once called ''ogres,'' an underclass who undermined the notion of Burmese being a monoculturally light-skinned, good-lookin ...
Thank you. Phil "Dukk Kommander" Robertson has the look down pat... gun and all.
NOM, chalking up its big wins in 2014: We celebrated "the reinstatement of Phil Robertson to the hit A&E reality show Duck Dy…
On page 137 of 224 of Happy, Happy, Happy, by Phil Robertson
Jesse Jackson Demands Phil Robertson 'Repent', From Position on is the next cause.
Franklin Graham Welcomes Phil and Kay Robertson at Billy Graham Library as Hundreds Wait to Meet Them ht…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Amen Phil Robertson! Freedom of speech is not just for liberals.
Phil Robertson off of Duck Dynasty started over Terry Bradshaw as Quarterback at Louisiana Tech in 1969..
"When everything is blurred on what's right & wrong ...sin becomes fine."‼️. Phil Robertson (what happens when America aban…
FLASHBACK: You’re going to LOVE what Phil Robertson got his wife for Christmas!
If you want to be quiet, give him a Phil Robertson book and he will be quiet for hours 😜👌
Christimas in Placer County rice country. A wildlife-filled photo by Phil Robertson
Phil Robertson checking out the pregame fun here at the Independence Bowl. And yes, the beard is glorious in person. htt…
this SERIOUSLY looks like you 😳 its Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty lol
- This guy!!"From the network that brought us Duck Commander Phil Robertson and his whack-job clan." Shame. On. Them.
Uncle Si of Duck Dynasty told me he wanted "South Miami" to win today! With Phil Robertson, too.
Fourtime Super Bowl winner TerryBradshaw was Phil Robertson's backup QB at Louisiana Tech.
This is incredible. A so called reverend,man of God, demands that another man of God goes against God's Word...
I image Distinguished Alumnus Phil Robertson was much too busy to contribute.
Four-time Super Bowl winner Terry Bradshaw was Phil Robertson's (of Duck Dynasty) backup at QB at Louisiana Tech. http:/…
A referee shakes hands with Phil Robertson as sons Willie and Jace look on before the coin toss
So I just heard a duet with George Strait and Phil Robertson & the song was about Christmas cookies...
Possible earth-shattering discovery: Phil Robertson is actually Bob Ross w/ beard/sunglasses/sans afro. Listen to the voice!
Just heard George Strait and Phil Robertson in a song together...
The brother of patriarch Phil Robertson, Uncle Si has a limitless suppl
This is a video of Duck Commander Phil Robertson talking about why this country needs more Jesus. Certainly timely due…
Patriarch Phil Robertson broke down in tears on a recent episode of Duck Dynasty while praying for a family that needed a new house...
It's been exactly one year since GQ magazine published Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson's views on homosexuality, which essential co-opted the entire news cycle for the rest of 2013. Now, Phil's son Willie Robertson has given an update on where he stands on the *** to Larry King.
The Islamic takeover of the US is gaining ground.   America is going Muslim, and with the current policies in place, the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrating top government positions and with the influx of immigration from Muslim countries, Islam will be taking over quicker than Phil Robertson can g…
Willie Robertson on *** I’m Not the Judge, Only God …: Source: The Hollywood Gossip:– Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson said in a new interview with Larry King that he is not the judge when it comes to others, specifically *** people, only God. “I’m not the judge,” Willie said when King asked whether he thought being *** or *** was a choice. “Larry, I’m trying to figure that out right now, I really am.” “God’s going to be the judge, so it’s not my job to convince people to change their lives,” the Duck Commander CEO added. “If I just introduce them to Jesus, He’ll do that.” Willie also explained that he did not necessarily agree with the infamous Phil Robertson GQ interview last winter that triggered a national controversy. The younger Robertson’s sentiment follow those he made in March, when he diplomatically said that people have to read the Bible and make up their own minds. “You have to decide and God will ultimately decide that,” he said. “We don’t pro ...
Has anyone ever watched Phil Robertson preach?? The man is AMAZING!
Sharpton stops short of calling on Sony executive to resign This smacks of what was done to Phil Robertson.
I added a video to a playlist Phil Robertson To ISIS - Convert Or Die
Pompano park bible study 5pm..Video , "I am Second" Phil Robertson .. Followed by "What is the bible really about ?".. See u there.
If I had one relationship aspiration, it would be Phil & Kay Robertson
(count) situation. Higher than the cia, in something called the black projects. Ones name is Phil Robertson.
Duck Commander Faith & Family Bible Giveaway at BREATHEcast; Signed by Duck Dynasty's Phil and Al Robertson
*** does he have tatted on his stomach!? the one on the left side looks like Phil Robertson! 😂
you're mistaken. Those people were mad at Phil Robertson for being a foolish bigot.
Reality TV star cites God in taking aim at Phil Robertson
.seems to rely on the opinions of a lot of racists (Mark Furhman, Rudy Giuliani, Phil Robertson, Juror 40)
which expert was this? Dr.Ablow the Ebola expert who said there was going to be an outbreak or Phil Robertson the ISIS expert?
Willie Robertson talks his dad's anti *** comments & the LGBT community:
Love to see who the "expert" is. Lol maybe Dr.Ablow- the Ebola expert or Phil Robertson- the ISIS expert. Keep em coming!
Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson breaks down in tears after buying a family a house for Christmas (WATCH) -
If she carries her bible and can cook... She's a keeper!. -Phil Robertson
That heartfelt prayer from Phil Robertson just made me cry. It's love of The Lord that makes us love even more
Phil Robertson is a model human being
.family buys woman new home for Christmas, Phil unable to hold back tears:
happy happy happy by Phil Robertson it's really good!
Got my dad, er, I mean Phil Robertson, to help spread the word. .
Phil Robertson was just in tears. Wow. 😭☺️
Watching Phil Robertson cry, then seeing Miss Kay cry with him truly shows you 2 people as 1. That's the kinda wife I want.
"Loving God and Loving your neighbor are the two greatest commands in the bible" . -Phil Robertson
"Loving your God and loving your neighbors are 2 greatest commands." - Phil Robertson
After multiple appearances on Duck Dynasty, 17-year old Sadie Robertson of Duck Dyansty has an even higher profile. She is a proud Christian, and is waiting to have relations with her boyfriend until they are married. And Duck Dynasty family patriarch Phil Robertson is making sure of that! Firearms…
The tears were flowing for a Christmas season “Duck Dynasty” that saw the famous family give a new home to a longtime friend, and patriarch Phil Robertson break up while leading the group in prayer. “I can’t think of a more deserving woman of a new house than Theressa Lewis,” Robertson said. “Most…
Duck Dynasty’s Alan Robertson, an ordained minister and the eldest son of patriarch Phil Robertson, said he “absolutely” believes the Devil is real, that a literal *** exists, and that the occult is
In light of Christmastime, "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson and his family bought a house for a family in need at their church recently.
Obviously supporting his team. Reality TV Star Todd Chrisley Cites God in Taking Aim at Phil Robertson via
Immediate Release Thailand: Don’t Supply Prisoners to Fishing Boats End Pervasive Abuse in Fishery Sector (New York, December 11, 2014) – Thailand’s military government should cancel a plan to encourage prisoners to work on fishing boats given the widespread abuses in the Thai fishery sector, Human Rights Watch said today. On December 4, 2014, Labor Minister Gen. Surasak Kanchanrat announced a plan to send 176 prisoners whose prison terms are up within one year, and who agree, to work on fishing boats in Samut Sakhon province, Thailand’s major fishery hub. The Labor Ministry said 2,830 male detainees in Samut Sakhon Prison are eligible to participate. “It is dangerously irresponsible for the Labor Ministry to urge prisoners to work on board Thailand’s notoriously abusive fishing fleets,” said Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch. “The Labor Ministry can’t even figure out how to inspect such boats, let alone prevent hundreds of prisoners from being abused by fishing boat crews. ...
“Money can come and go, and fame comes and goes. Peace of mind and a relationship with God is far more important, so this is the precedent that we’ve set in our lives. The bottom line is, we all die, so Jesus is the answer. Many have told me through the years: ‘I think I’ll take my chances without Jesus.’ And I always come back and say, ‘so what chance is that?'” – Phil Robertson
Seeing and hearing Phil Robertson cry made me bawl 😢😢😢 Love that family
Phil Robertson and Murray Goldberg both cry today on tv.
'Duck Dynasty' nails it for Christmas: Phil cries via
God bless you Phil and kay Robertson family.You all have such a truly Godly heart and are an example for so many thank you
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Had to watch Duck Dynasty before going to bed... My lord... Phil Robertson had me in here crying.. Love The Dynasty...
Yeah this one was a good one..Phil Robertson cried :0
If I can grow up to be like Phil Robertson I'll be one proud dude
Phil Robertson may be my grandpa's long lost twin. Except with more beard.
Phil Robertson crying during final prayer. loves neighbor as God commands. Left to praise him accordingly
Manhood. It does not leave when he walks into a kitchen to cook a meal. - Phil Robertson
Watching Phil Robertson get choked up and cry is the definition of "tear-jerker"
I was crying seeing Ms Kay & Phil crying. God Bless the Robertson family
I love how Phil Robertson still talks about the Bible and doesn't deny his faith in Duck Dynasty after America hated him for his beliefs.
Phil Robertson praying AND crying on tonight's episode 😭 I love a man who will shed some tears!
Phil Robertson said to check you out. I followed too.
It hurts me that you can't find Phil Robertson's original Duck Commander videos anywhere. They were a thing, I promise.
Watching a Christian man like Phil Robertson shed tears makes me feel proud n my stand w him n the same faith, love 4 The Lord
Lovein God and lovein your neighbor is the two biggest commandments in the Bible . - Phil Robertson
I just watched Phil Robertson cry. I was pretty moved by that.
Lord help us to Love God and love one another. Phil Robertson
Loving God and loving your neighbor are the 2 biggest commands in the bible, that's what Christmas is all about. - Phil Robertson
Phil Robertson just cried on ... I cried with him.
Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty...his prayer at the end of tonight's episode brought tears to my eyes..It's the giving that counts.God Bless!
I never seen Phil Robertson cry before. I think it's sweet. That shows a true heart of a strong man 😍
Holy cow, watching Phil Robertson cry is making ME cry!! I just love love love them! I love their love for God, and others!
Tearin up rn Phil Robertson crying is too sweet! bless y'all's family!
Phil Robertson crying ..? Omg. This is precious. I want to hug him.
Testament to the memory hole: episode with Phil Robertson.
Some people name them, some people eat them! -Phil Robertson
"It only works if you hold ur ears before I shoot the gun " -Phil Robertson 😂😭😂
SIGN THE PETITION "Stand with Phil Robertson and addressed to AE Network
I literally have so much respect for Phil Robertson . Hes my idol🙌
"Tighter than a bungee corders sphincter when he realizes he forgot to tie the cord to the railing" -Phil Robertson
Help dying father meet Phil Robertson and fmly PLEASE!!
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gives his fascinating views of Phil Robertson.
When Phil Robertson mentions on is pure perfection!
that should make Phil Robertson happy happy happy LOL
Dying father one and only wish to meet Phil Robertson and fmly! Plz someone help me fulfill this wish
I await to c how tolerant u are of this kind of thing when someone wears an "I stand w/Phil Robertson" tee 2 a game
Phil Robertson and Miss. Kay are relationship goals for marriage
"When people don't say yes to Jesus, they are unable to say no when they need to."-Phil Robertson
John joe gray reminds me of phil robertson
I bet he wears a headband like Phil Robertson.
I hope my husband has Phil Robertson's mentality.
Take a look at these two men, one is the redneck persona of a millionaire from A&E’s Duck Dynasty, and one of them is a former CIA agent who then turned against the United States and helped plan, finance, and carry out terrorist attacks such as the USS Cole bombing, the bombing of the United States Embassy in Kenya in 1998, and the 9/11 attacks. The one on the top is Phil Robertson, a Christian extremist who believes god speaks to him, believes Blacks were “happy happy” with slavery and should have remained enslaved by Whites, and believes *** are evil. The one on the bottom is Islamic Extremist and former leader of Al Qaeda Osama Bin Laden who really needs no introduction. Which one do you think said this: "All who hate [God] love death… Either convert [Non believers] or kill them." That’s right, it wasn’t Osama who appeared on FOX with his holy book exclaiming death to those who believe in other gods or no god, it was Phil who could be mistaken for Osama at first glance. The simple truth is ...
My great uncle has the whole town of Florence thinking they have met Phil Robertson 😂
A classy gesture from Neil Robertson as he carries a cricket bat out into the arena in memory of fellow Australian Phil Hughes.
I don't judge people by the way they look but if a guy looks Phil Robertson,walking a tiny dog doesn't really suit you lol
Class-in, class out, give Liz Lauten a raise. Polite, quiet truth. We need more. Remember Art of War
When you defend that backwoods *** Phil Robertson, here's what you're really defending... Skin Pigment and Guns.
I liked a video The Comedy Stylings of Phil Robertson & Creationist Cat
If we learned anything from this Phil Robertson his job back, but not before making him one of the most famous martyrs in America.
Comment on ‘Duck Dynasty': Phil Robertson’s Wife Admits She Almost Committed Suicide by non of ... ff
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson is everything wrong with conservatives | Ana Marie Cox | Comment is free | The Guardian
Um.hipsters...thought I'd point out that Phil Robertson is an authentic camosexual before you get all caught up in the next fad thing.
Darren Wilson will be the featured speaker for conservative groups next year. He'll replace Phil Robertson as headliner.
Everyone needs to read unPHILtered by Phil Robertson.
Gotta root for Phil Robertson's alma mater.
Happy, Happy, Happy My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander By (author) Phil
Duck Dynasty father and son wrote a study Hope it sells like hotcakes!
So sad to say it... Happy Birthday Phil.
A&E gives Phil Robertson mess it's that GQ is still being an epic ensemble hit.
"""If God is behind it, it will go all the way to the top.""- Phil Robertson"
Find them when they're 14, they will pick your ducks. Find them at 21 they will pick your pockets. -Phil Robertson
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"With a belief in God almighty and hard work, you can do a whole lot of things" Phil Robertson
Duck Dynasty is not what made people admire Phil Robertson, it's his beard!
"You want political correctness? Elect spiritual politicians who are biblically correct, and you will have it!" - Phil Robertson
Phil Robertson. I am now the most fab person.
Why can't Phil Robertson be my grandfather
I liked a video Terry Bradshaw and 'Duck Dynasty's' Phil Robertson reunited
My first ever cricket bat, and school 1st XI cap. To Phil Hughes, forever
Phil Robertson and Bob Ross sound identical. Seriously. Same voices! Plus. Bob Ross is all about happy birds and...
Robertson Family Asks for Following Death of Phil & Si's Brother http:…
I've got Phil Robertson coming over: BOOM! Phil Robertson of Ducky Dynasty should join you for Thanksgiving! You...
Uncle Si and Phil, All the Robertson family,Your in our prayers. sorry for the loss of a loved one
My condolences 2 Robertson Family on the passing of Phil & Si's brother James Robertson
RIP Jimmy Robertson who wrote “The Legend of the Duck Commander: The Life and Times of Phil Robertson”, Phil’s brother di…
Photo: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Robertson Family Asks for Prayer Following Death of Phil And Si’s Brother Fans of the...
He could call it - Don't DUCK the word with Phil Robertson. I think the world needs it.
Little Giant Ladders
Phil Robertson needs to be out next president!!
Si Robertson shared Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander"'s photo. Yesterday at 9:32am ·. Please pray for our...
As we reported, Duck Dynasty Patriarch Phil Robertson – a proud Christian - planned on joining Christian pastors in Houston, Texas to fight back against legal attacks from the city’s first *** mayor. The ‘I Stand Sunday’ program featured many Christian and conservative speakers and was held in f…
Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson has done it again: proclaiming truth to America in a speech given at the “I Stand Sunday” event in Houston on November 2, 2014. The event was to support Christian pastors in Houston in their right
The Duggars may be about to learn the harsh reality that befell Phil Robertson; a petition circulating on is calling for TLC to cancel their show, because they promote a whole raft of bigoted positions.
Phil Robertson, of Duck Commander and Duck Dynasty speaks at I Stand Sunday. For more information visit
Wise words when choosing a wife: "She's gotta be a country girl, carry her Bible, & love to eat bullfrogs" -Phil Robertson (Duck Dynasty)
What's wrong with the world? I keep seeing and hearing about the Duggar family from TLC's 19 Kids & Counting being anti *** I would venture to say that most devout Christians look at homosexuality as a sin, amongst many other things. This is a hardcore Christian family with hardcore Christian beliefs. Many could even use the term "extreme". But it's their belief, and they are standing up for what they feel is right. Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty was attacked for standing behind his beliefs, as was the Cathy family of Chick-fil-a. Just because you don't agree with someone's views or beliefs doesn't men you have to tear them down and make them a bad guy. Look at these three examples... The two shows on TV follow wholesome Christians, have no cussing, and are centered around family. Chick-fil-a offers some of the best customer service (in my opinion) of any fast food or dining establishment nowadays. They are closed on Sundays to allow their employees the opportunity to worship with their families. I wou ...
5 PRACTICAL TIPS TO BE ABOVE AVERAGE 1. Start reading 2. Find mentors 3. Find your passion and pursue it 4. Be of service 5. Leave something These are tips from hugely successful Charisma publisher Steve Strang taken from a recent speech at a unversity: Here's the article: Practical Advice From a Wise CEO "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." —Albert Einstein I don't know of any student at Valley Forge Christian College who wants to be mediocre, or even just a little above average. Within each heart is a quest to excel ... to make a difference ... to change the world. Why else would someone submit themselves to a rigorous academic program and be willing to spend a considerable amount of money and remain focused for at least four years to achieve a degree? Something inside stirs the heart of every student to reach for the stars. We would love to bring before our students role models who can help them on this quest and answer from personal experience the question, "W ...
ABC asks Phil Robertson if he's a 'homophobe,' gets greatest answer of all time via
Feeling extremely blessed to have the support of the Robertson Clan behind our mission! Thanks to Phil…
More folks have signed a petition supportin' Phil Robertson in 18 hours, than have signed up for Obamacare in 3 months. Merica.
It Official - Phowler Boats are the Official and exclusive hunting boats for Phil Robertson - The Duck...
Watch this epic message from Phil Robertson on Saving Christmas Movie by Kirk Cameron
Phil you don't get a migraine from appendicitis
My handsome son Tim & Phil Robertson, way cool!! he'll be 31 next month, yrs are just flying by, Love you Tim ⭕️❌⭕️
Ted Nugent or Phil Robertson would be good fits.
If I was an American I'd 100% vote for Phil Robertson to be president!!!
"Im learning some things. I'm like, whoa.. i didn't know that." - Phil Robertson lmao
America needs more Phil and not obama
If ya want to get rid of those bees go get Phil & Cole Robertson and some smoke.Poof!! They gone...
We need more people like Phil Robertson to stand up and call America to a higher standard!.
A big thanks to Phil Robertson for sharing our event details! God has big plans for this event!
WATCH Duck Dynasty, Duck Commander, Phil Robertson talk - why this country needs a lot more Jesus - YouTube
"Never trust anything with a government stamp"- Phil Robertson
"This'll help you from not getting distracted by those lil' cheerleaders." . ~Phil Robertson
Phil Robertson went to Louisiana Tech and started at qb over Terry Bradshaw, but quit his senior year bc it interfered with deer season.
Popular Christian Reality Stars at Risk of Being Canceled Over Biblical Views: Just as Phil Robertson was thre...
"Where I come from I AM 911" - Phil Robertson Duck Dynasty Shirt only $12. Available for only 5 Days
I hope and pray that my marriage in the future is like Ms Kay and Phil Robertson.. Precious and Godly couple
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"Duck Dynasty" star Miss Kay has chosen to go public about one of the most painful times in her life – the time she was accused by husband Phil Robertson of having an affair. That led Kay to seriously consider suicide, but by the grace of God, she was relieved of that thought and she and Phil have s…
Christian Right,. Congratulations. Phil Robertson, a man who is to the right of Pat Robertson is your figure head. You will lose
Recently, in an interview with Sports Spectrum magazine, Duck Dynasty reality stars Willie and Phil Robertson made the shocking claim that editors had censored their use of the name “Jesus.” Reportedly, the action was taken to spare Muslim sensitivities.
Is it just me, or does the patriarch Phil Robertson look a bit like an older version of Matthew Perry with a big beard?
thousands hit the road after reports that Phil Robertson was coming to town, things calmed after finding it was Si!
he can start a "First Amendment Protection Group" with The Benham Bros, Rob Schnieder, and Phil Robertson.
Will you be standing with Phil Robertson today and voting for conservative Zach Dasher? Comment with "I'm voting Zach" if so!
Chillin with and look who Good ol' Phil Robertson :)
Louisiana is fortunate this election season to have bold, fresh, strong conservatives running for office. You hear me tout the warrior Col. Rob Maness for U.S. Senate, and here's their great U.S. House candidate, Zach Dasher! Congress needs next-generation commonsense conservatives who will fight to restore the blessings of liberty and never waver on Constitutional principles. Zach is so good about reminding Louisianans that our rights are endowed by our Creator, not a bunch of politicians in D.C., and we're blessed when we courageously stand on that foundation. In fact, his whole family believes it and lives it; here's his uncle, the Duck Commander Phil Robertson, sharing Zach's attributes in this video! Louisiana, please get to the polls and send this man with smarts, a solid foundation, and quality character to clean up Washington. You deserve the best and Zach Dasher's your man on Tuesday! - Sarah Palin
Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" has something to say about Christians and voting! Can you guess what it is?
Phil Robertson and the rest of *** dynasty Klan u know nothing about what Jesus wants u hateful bigoted perverse scum.
I pray that Gowdy, Cruz. Paul folks like Ben Carson, Phil Robertson will introduce the fossils in the GOP to common sense.
Reading until election results start coming in! Thank God for Phil Robertson - he is the coolest!
If you provide the drive, dream and vision, with Gods help, you can accomplish anything. ~Phil Robertson
“Phil says cut government in half... such a conservative! I say by 70%
Phil says cut government in half...
Privately many Republicans say that people who vote for Life and Marriage are what hurts the Remember Phil Robertson. See your future
disagreement w/ the lifestyle, like what happened in Chick-fil-A's or Phil Robertson's cases. No hatred. Even so, GLAAD & (con.)
Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty spoke at the iStand Sunday in Houston. Remember Phil was persecuted for his beliefs htt…
[Watch] Houston Pastors and Phil Robertson Send Message to *** Mayor: ‘Don’t Mess With the Pulpits of...
Phil Robertson makes me cringe and it's sad some Christians are acting like he's a good example
. If only Phil Robertson would run...has the presidential looks of...Rutherford B. Hayes and similar worldview
Who knew Waldo could be found in the Cocalico student section...w/ Phil Robertson?
How come Phil Robertson wasn't on the ballot?
Phil Robertson helpfully informs women he won’t visit them in the toilet at Houston 'homophobic' rally
Actually, can Si and Phil Robertson run for governor and lieutenant governor?
"I am NOT ASHAMED of the GOSPEL of CHRIST!" -Phil Robertson
Phil Robertson addresses crowd at and calls Christians to "Stand firm".
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson to join Huckabee & others in Houston Nov. 2 for rally in support of subpoenaed pastors
The patriarch of the famous and influential Duck Dynasty empire is urging voters “to elect Godly men for crying out loud, or we are going to get more of the same.” In a YouTube video cut for the evangelical group American Renewal Project, Phil Robertson urged voters in Louisiana, home to his family’…
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"Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson sat down with Sean Hannity tonight, and right off the bat they jumped right into ISIS. And Robertson shared his thoughts on...
Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson: 'Elect Godly men, for crying out loud'
if you have respect for Phil Robertson
I'm the Si in your Miss Kay and Phil Robertson relationship😏
Will a former shock jock who believes God speaks through Duck Dynasty personality, Phil Robertson, be the next second in command for the state of Texas? If the voters don’t wake up quickly, he could. Dan Patrick, a sportscaster turned right-wing radio hate-spewer and Tea Party State Senator is the G…
Check out this great listen on The beloved patriarch of A&E’s® Duck Dynasty series, Phil Robertson, shares his thoughtful - and opinionated - philosophy on life. In Phil Robertson’s number-one New York Times best seller, Happy, Happy, Happy, we learned about Phil’s colorful past ...
It was just last year that intolerant leftists were trying desperately to get Duck Dynasty off the air. After patriarch Phil Robertson, who became a born again Christian in his early 20s, quoted a verse of the bible about homosexuality, the PC police went wild and, like clockwork, leftists got him t…
"Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson says he's found a solution to the spread of chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and AIDS.
Zach Dasher has the backing of his uncle—Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson.
"If your face is black Saturday morning and find yourself in worship Sunday morning, you might be doing some things right" Phil Robertson
"When the populace becomes evil, we elect evil leaders, and there you go. America is still a superpower in the world, but it has third-world leaders. Our leadership has to change." (Phil Robertson)
Just finished the book by Phil Robertson, Plilosophy. Good book.
Everyone who reads this. Watch Phil Robertson's interview with Hannity.
Hey remember when hero Phil Robertson told us "homosexuality was a sin" because "it was written 2,000 years ago?" LOL!
To all those Christians who are planning to rally behind Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson on “Chick-Phil-A” Day and beyond, let’s remind everybody what exactly you’re supporting so that we have a(nother) record of how truly awful you are.
[Full Version] Phil Robertson is interviewed by Sean Hannity from Fox News. Phil was on to promote his new book "Unphiltered: The Way I See It". He also disc...
Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson said the news media will not even mention the name “Jesus Christ” in a straightforward or even reverential way because they are so politically correct it preclude
America is swimming in a cesspool of "politically correct" crap. -Phil Robertson
Phil Robertson, deputy-director for Human Rights Watch in Asia, told…
Here's a fun video we did of Phil Robertson's book "unPHILtered." Check it out! cc
"The first prerequisite for marrying a woman is 'Can she cook?'" ~ Phil Robertson
Between the Pope and Phil Robertson who would have believed Phil would be the moral voice of America?
With all this marriage equality, do you think Phil Robertson's marriage is ok?
Most Christians are intollerant bigots. They want to rewrite the Bible next. bye King James, hello Phil Robertson.
Here's the thing about Phil Robertson, he was technically correct but that audio was still creepy
When ever something bad happens I remember Phil Robertson saying bad things are going to happen, suck it. up, and it helps.God bless him!
Phil Robertson said the only way not to catch an STD is to have Christian correct sex .
Todd chrisley can say what he wants and it's ok but not Phil Robertson. America wake up!
How is it that Phil Robertson say something about homosexuality and gets in trouble but todd chrisley can say something about rednecks
while we're at it, Phil Robertson for Prez!
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Dad watches shooter like Phil Robertson watches Jason Bourne.
"Listen up ladies if your man doesn't know how to hunt and fish you have a girlfriend" - Phil Robertson 👌
I would like to throw the pigskin around with Phil Robertson.
Duck Dynasty “star” Phil Robertson has claimed that it is impossible to get a sexually transmitted infection from “Biblically correct” sex.
You have to love Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson. He speaks the truth all the time.
a dictator is to Islam like Phil 'marry 15' Robertson is Christian but mucks pols
excuse me, sirrah, but I have been following them DD boys since, literally, the jump:
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