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Phil Robertson

Phil Alexander Robertson (born April 24, 1946) is an American professional hunter, businessman (Duck Commander), and reality television star on the popular television series, Duck Dynasty.

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Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson blaming the LGBT community for 160,000 American deaths is like blaming Duck Dynasty for bigotry in America.
Fact: Duck hunter/religious fundamentalist Phil Robertson is controlled by a subspecies of evil sentient wig which takes the form of a beard
"This time Robertson is claiming that same-sex marriage and transgender people using the restroom are responsible...
Phil Robertson is brilliant. He claims to be the most religious man ever, and yet all he does is preach hate, stfu you…
Phil Robertson: *** are responsible for 160k murders in America
Phil Robertson seriously needs to shut the quack up:
How do massacres like the one in happen? What motivates mass hate crimes against ppl? Here's a clue. https:/…
.RNC speakers, Ted Niugent, Phil Robertson, Louis Gohmert, Steve King, Sarah Palin Joe Arpaio. That should do it.
Politico reports that Donald Trump has invited Pat Buchanan, Sarah Palin, & Phil Robertson to speak at the Republican National Convention.
Ryan Anderson, Lila Rose, Sen. Tom Cotton, & more. I can't wait to continue this day with people like Carly Fiorina & Phil Robertson!
So excited to see Sarah Palin and Phil Robertson!
And an RNC with David Duke, Phil Robertson, the Stanford Rapist, Chris Christie, George Zimmerman, and Trump?
Just me, or is Eric looking a bit like Phil Robertson?
A film 'Torchbearer' w/ Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson... -The MSM will continue to howl about this effort!
IT'S HERE: Milo talks with Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson in this week's episode.
No thanks! Phil Robertson or Billy Graham himself could rally around Trump- I will never support the unstable fool.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I'd much rather have the camera pan to Phil Robertson as Trump's spirtual advisor than Obama's Rev. Wright.
Phil Robertson is on a mission with Citizens United to save American and they need your help. via
'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson says he'll back Trump for president:
Hannity I love Phil Robertson. But he saw a very different Ted Cruz than the dishonesty we saw campaigning. Phil did not real Ted
Phil Robertson will back Donald Trump despite endorsing Ted Cruz in the primary:
Last time I checked our country wasn't founded on Judeo-Christian values Phil Robertson. READ:
EXCLUSIVE: 'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson says he'll back for president via
I'll take endorsements from Dr. James Dobson & Phil Robertson over Mike Tyson any day of the week.
Phil Robertson just won the Texas Motor Speedway with his Invocation by saying "and let us put a Jesus man in the White House…
Good:heart felt invocation given by Phil Robertson &the participation his family had at TMS. Chase had a great race.
Phil Robertson& his family wrote the check 2 pay 4 the race so he gets to do what he wants. He can pray how he wants
Miss Kay talks about Phil Robertson's dark times and how the family endured
Nothing more American than Phil Robertson saying the the prayer before a NASCAR race. "Pray that we put a Jesus man in the Whi…
What do you think the chances are Phil Robertson is a Bubba Wallace or Daniel Suarez fan?
Who exactly is this "Jesus-Man" Phil Robertson speaks of??? Jax & I couldn't name 1 honestly observant man w Judeo-Christian values.
'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson reveals how he met Jesus after getting into a bar brawl
Phil Robertson speaks on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ:
BREAKING: Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson withdraw support for Says Ted lies too much & he ain't want to be par…
God can restore & revive any marriage if we ask Him to come into our hearts & give Him the control of our lives. ~Miss Kay & Phil Robertson
Phil Robertson and Uncle Si for VP , controversial yes but that's who I would choose . It's a reality show in a way .
Phil Robertson and the Glidden crew. Copperhead mud motors, endorsed by Duck Commander
Just saw the commercial with Phil Robertson endorsing Now that's a big deal.
and both got it wrong. Duck Dyn's Phil Robertson endorsed CRUZ
"He hates perversity." leader Phil Robertson said of How much hatred us there?
Enter to win a signed copy of Phil Robertson's book!
Can we set up a Phil Robertson v Killer Mike debate? I'd pay to see that.
Really believe in today's 🇺🇸 celebrity endorsements from Phil Robertson & Kendall Jenner matter more than ones from papers & politicians.
If Ted Cruz suggests Phil Robertson as UN ambassador we should get other reality STAR Josh Duggar as head of Child Protecti…
When asks audience to shout out VP picks if wins, they say Phil Robertson, Condi Rice,
Christian unite behind Phil Robertson: Boycott the A&E channel and defend Christian freedom of speech!
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Ted Cruz in Greenville with Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty, Friday, Greenville Marriott, 8:45 pm.
The day before South Carolina votes, Ted Cruz is doing all four of his rallies with Duck Dynasty guy Phil Robertson.
Just in: will rally all day on Friday with Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson at four separate events. Duck call…
Phil Robertson supps Cruz. Willie supps Trump. But if both came 2 a Robertson fam dinner,I think Cruz would b more @ home during blessing
Phil Robertson colorfully explains GOP endorsement with duck hunting video
LTAC awarded Phil Robertson the distinguished alumnus award in 2014. He recently said *** are "evil" & wicked." How are we going to feel?
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