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Phil Neville

Philip John Phil Neville (born 21 January 1977) is an English footballer who captains Premier League club Everton.

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David Moyes, Phil Neville and Jimmy Lumsden turn up for their first day at West Ham United.
Every West Ham fan when they hear rumours of David Moyes to become West Ham manager with Phil Neville joining the backroo…
David Moyes is set to takeover at West Ham with Phil Neville part of the backroom staff. [via
Think it's time up for Bilic. Hearing David Moyes will head to West Ham for the rest of the season, Phil Neville to be par…
Whenever Chelsea looses a match. Phil Neville comes out with his rhetoric 'Who sold Matic'? Sick of these brothers already.
Phil Neville should be no where near a football punditry program, living of the back of his brothers career
BBC Sport - Why David Unsworth should get the Everton job - Phil Neville
Thomas Tuchel and Phil Neville have both been linked with the Everton job today... Who would be the best fit at Goodison Park?…
I find it embarrassing how some pundits are still around in the Garth Crooks, Michael Owen, Robbie Savage and Phil Neville prime
Everton playing worse than when we had Leon Osman, Tony Hibbert and Phil Neville in our team. Outdone yourselves lads.
Compare it to Savage, Owen and Phil Neville. I know who I would choose
His belief in this principle is why Phil Neville retired from public life after his foul against Romania knocked us out of E…
Phil Neville talking about a step over will forever be the greatest.
Martin Glenn might be in a spot of bother. On Five Live, Ian Dennis and Phil Neville just went both barrels at the mere mention of his name.
Hate the tone Phil Neville commentates in. Sounds like a cross between David Bellamy and David Attenborough. You’re not in a jungle wuss 🙄😡
Chelsea news: I’d have Diego Costa over Alvaro Morata - Phil Neville .
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"He is up there with Dembele and Mbappe.". Phil Neville says Man Utd's Marcus Rashford can be "world class"
Harry Kane is the best footballer in England, Phil Neville wasn't the best footballer in his house.
Phil Neville: "I remember playing against Mark Viduka was always difficult because the corks from his…
Phil Neville on Son Heung-min: "I played with Park Ji-sung at Man United, and they have similar qualities. Their attitude…
Lol yeah they did watch class of 92 phil Neville admits to training outside of actually training just ta…
As Everton slip into the relegation zone, get a giggle at these comments from that *** Phil Neville...
God job he never was and is a loyal legend. Phil Neville is a ***
Ok Phil Neville takes the title of th most clueless *** closely followed by Richard Keys 😂😂
Phil Neville had Everton in the top 4 😂
Phil Neville runs him close mate...
TBH I was not surprised someone like Phil Neville made those sort of comments. That's ju…
Thank god for the mute button Phil Neville is awful on match of the day
Experts aka Phil Neville already calling for Everton to go back to the basics 😂
I've never been so embarrassed to be an Everton fan, and I've watched Phil Neville play as a make shift winger for…
"I'm just happy Peter Schmeichel is not our chief scout or else he'd have signed Morata instead of Lukaku" - Phil Neville
Phil Neville - "When I see Mkhitaryan playing for Manchester Utd I think he is a Manchester United player" # ObviousNeville
Phil Neville is trolling Schmeichel. Lol. Said he's glad he's not chief scout of united else he would have signed Morata instead of Lukaku
Phil Neville said Chelsea could drop out of the top four for Everton...
'It wouldn't surprise me if big clubs were already looking at Lemina' Phil Neville - TALK ABOUT FOOTBALL NOT TRANSFERS. Unwatchable
Phil Neville saying lukaku is a better striker than Kane...
Keep seeing on a blue shirt and thinking what is Phil Neville doing that far forward!
Everton to turn into prime Bayern Munich for the fellaini derby . Or lukaku derby . Or Phil Neville derby . Or Rooney derby .
Oh my god get Phil Neville right back la that Martina is the worse thing to happen to Everton since Liverpool
with time, Mufc vs Everton should be called Phil Neville-Wayne Rooney derby :P
Phil Neville needs to be euthanised.
Rooney, Lukaku, Schneiderlin, Keane, Fellaini. All start today. . with Howard, Phil Neville, Gibson, Mark Hughes, Kanchelskis too.
Can I use you as a reference on my CV then? I think I'd do a better job than Danny Murphy or Phil Neville.
Rooney to score an own goal like Phil Neville
Did i just hear Phil Neville say Koeman wants to play the 3 main 2 WB defence style? See what conte has caused, now everyone is defending
Who would believe Phil Neville won 6 Premier League titles? That's what Manchester United gives you. Such a great football club. ⚽🏆
Phil Neville and he s brother always have the answers to the problem of every club but didn't have an ansa to the problem at Valencia.
Just shown Phil Neville that I gave him a 9/10 and he was Man of the Match. His reply? "No way, you've doctored it!…
At least the half and half scarf brigade will have customers today. Phil Neville and Rooney's kids.
Phil Neville with a 9! Were you in a very generous mood that day?
Phil Neville already trying to she Lemina for us !
I live for the Phil Neville and Jamie Carragher banter 😅
Top banter from Alan Shearer, Peter Schmeichel and Phil Neville in studio. Rather enjoying this.
Ati why do you think Sir Alex got rid of Phil Neville lmao
Lool Phil Neville just got trolled 😂😂..Really hard even I felt that one 😂😂😂
Is nobody going to mention Phil Neville now has dark hair go grey gracefully end of.
Phil Neville criticises Liverpool for not signing out-of-favour Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart. Lucky we didn't listen to him. :(
Throwback to when Carlos Puyol taught Phil Neville the meaning of pain
Feel like we need a bone-crunching challenge from Phil Neville on Lukaku to kick start our season, like the good old days
Even Phil Neville on MOTD said the ‘big’ clubs will already be looking at him 🙄
Phil Neville and Thierry Henry are also stealing livings as pundits. Only pundit I acknowledge is Jamie Carragher. He's always on.
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Phil Neville on MOTD - "The big clubs in the league are probably already looking at Lemina." What a class clown
Phil Neville there saying De Bruyne is "becoming world class" yeah about 3 years late that
Phil Neville being told he was a footballer.
I used to my legs like Real Madrid's
Did Phil Neville really describe Kevin De Bruyne as "almost" world class last night? He already is flower.
New game coming out. Angry fans. Featuring Rooney, Steve Walsh, Martinez and Phil Neville.
Has gray blocked Phil Neville yet for criticising his dive yesterday?
How much Phil Neville can you listen to before it's considered inhumane?
Phil Neville must be absolutely outstanding in rehearsals...
True also what Phil Neville said about Lemina. He was fantastic yesterday. Totally ran the show from sta…
Phil Neville they enjoy defending!Wat, really who the fuxk loves defending! Right today lads were not going forward we're going to stay put
Phil Neville claims United scouted three Dortmund players during Moyes' season - but one was already at 😕
Real Madrid's Marco Asensio missed tonight's match because he shaved his legs. A story all too familiar for Phil Neville..…
Phil Neville and Sam Allardyce will be among the guests on The Debate this week. . Head here for all the details 👉 https:/…
Passable impression of Phil Neville there from Tom Davies
How pathetic are Roy Hodgson and Phil Neville,Wayne Rooney drove for the penalty,he is a cheat,good on Kevin kilbane for speak…
I see your Robbie Savage and raise you Phil Neville.
Phil Neville with his own twist on counting 😂
Will BT sports continue bringing the likes of Phil Neville and Robie Savage as pundits?
Paul Pogba was like Juan Sebastian Veron at Man Utd last season - Phil Neville: PHIL NEVILLE has compared…
I think you look like Phil Neville,Harry Kane and Andre Schurrle
Andy Van Der Meyde, Mark Ward, Duncan Ferguson, Gazza, Drenthe and Phil Neville to keep the peace
Cuco Martina already labelled as . 'the black Phil Neville' by one Blue just 2 minutes after being announced, welcome t…
Phil Neville warns Romelu Lukaku over increased scrutiny he faces at United
Phil Neville's luxury Beetham Tower penthouse is up for sale again - for a cool £3.5m
Jose Mourinho will not settle for anything less than winning the title at Man Utd, says Phil Neville
34' - Phil Neville, Eidur Gudjohnsen and Joan Capdevila replace Michael Owen, Damien Duff and Eric Abidal for the All-Stars.
Paul Scholes, Phil Neville and Chelsea's Adi Vivesh are candidates to replace Warren Joyce as manag…
Wayne Rooney may have to leave Manchester United to extend career, says Phil Neville:   Manchester United captain……
I want to watch the Watford v Man City game but the stream I have has Peter Drury & Phil Neville on commentary. Possibly the worst duo ever.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
He has a very laid back style. 'I'm really excited about this one today ... the commentators are Peter Drury and Phil Neville'
Phil Neville,Arsenal beat Manchester United but nobody really cared not even Jose the game was clearly just a nuisance for…
Phil Neville: "Real Madrid play to a level that I don’t think anyone in the Premier League can get anywhere near.". htt…
Phil Neville says he's been bored watching the Premier League for a few weeks now - do you agree?
Phil Neville: 'Cristiano Ronaldo is the best in the world' 👏👏👏 
LMFAO, to think that Phil Neville, an *** is making Piers Morgan look like an even bigger *** Life is f…
Phil Neville mentioned it in commentary too. He was excellent at AFCON but Champs L…
Phil Neville hates the people that don't rate Ross Barkley
Phil Neville reckons Ross Barkley is on the same level as Kevin De Bruyne. That's enough for today.
Phil Neville's latest comments about Luke Shaw are a step too far | via
Paul McGinley is the Phil Neville of golf
Luke Shaw needs to take a long hard look at himself after Jose Mourinho snub, says Phil Neville:
Phil Neville: I'd be embarrassed if Jose Mourinho spoke about me the way he did Luke Shaw - . https…
Just found a few big names in this league, Shearer, Ian Wright, Phil Neville, Owen Hargreaves etc…
Phil Neville is doing his Martin Keown "I'm being earnest" voice...
Phil Neville on N'Golo Kanté: "He's a 6, he's an 8 and he's a 10. He's three players in one."
Phil Neville is same colour as Dale Winton
Phil Neville: "For me David Silva is the best player in the Premier League. He never seems to have a bad game."
Belting to think we were alive when David Moyes was manager of Manchester United. Ably assisted by Steve Round Jimmy Lumsden & Phil Neville.
"Finals are worse than weddings" - Phil Neville tells about his Wembley experiences…
Or is this Phil? I couldn't tell you guys apart. You were always "them Neville knobs."
Candidate for Colemanballs:. 'Have they taken their eye off the gas?' Phil Neville on Leicester.
Paul Scholes number 2 and Phil Neville as physio 😜😜😜😜
David Beckham links up with Former Manchester United and England pals Gary and Phil Neville for dinner…
phil Neville was the same with Moyes. Towards the end of his reign he moved to a different seat on the bench. He knew time
If I was busting for a *** and the toilets were full and phil Neville was on fire I'd *** in the sink 😂
it shows you don't understand football. Growing up on a diet of Mark Pembridge and Phil Neville it's fully understandable
Phil Neville in the days when he was Holy Roman Emperor
get Phil Neville and jermaine Jenas back to discuss which of Utd and spurs are the best team in the league
Richard III basically won Leicester the title. His wife was Anne Neville. Assume Gary/Phil will now take charge.
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Man United star told to fight for his place under Jose Mourinho
- Phil Neville's disabled daughter is now a model, Watching helplessly as her newborn daughter gasped for...
Phil Neville says Wayne Rooney is not suited to China
I heard Phil Neville on the radio the other day and he twice used the phrase "taken their eye off the gas"
Hope he uses Phil Neville as an example
Phil Neville should have got sacked the day Wigan beat us in the cup
I prefer Phil Neville who in commentary calls him "Pock-eh-chino," as if he's a glamorous Starbucks drink
I know how you feel Phil Neville...
Mcateer makes Phil Neville look an intelligent pundit.
Join & Phil Neville for the football social. Will we see this in the next week?. 📻
This little lad knows more about football than you, your dad, Phil Neville and Paul Merson all put together.
Lol Phil Neville is just a cocky *** said that Spurs are just a funny team.
Good day. Our has a memeber Phil Neville. Always makes me laugh when I see it
Phil Neville: "Rooney is not in the team but he shouldn't write off his united Career""
Phil Neville on my tv screen. I'm going to be sick 😷
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Phil Neville said Leicester took the game to Sevilla in the 2nd half! Don't know what game he was watching, must have been playing Fifa17
"Some players have taken their eye off the gas." Phil Neville on Leicester City, last night. Twice.
obviously never seen Phil Neville & John Heitinga in the middle for Everton 🔥
Phil Neville and enhancing that level of my surname to make it before he worried that I did in the party would be as a small to the parties.
Phil Neville and... and exciting places. Rule One pay packet away. Deal. City's then resigned, my surname to match.
anyone is better than Savage, Beglin, Shearer, Danny Murphy, Phil Neville...
Phil Neville: You can't win the Premier League with Mesut Ozil in your team -
Phil Neville: "The writing might just be on the wall for Sergio Aguero.". He's scored 154 goals for City and is 28.
can you also @ these Swarvey aswell. Niall Quinn, Micheal Owen, Phil Neville
Phil Neville: This is how Morgan Schneiderlin will fit into Everton's midfield - Daily Star
Jamie Carragher pokes fun at former Everton captain Phil Neville over time as Manch
and Phil Neville masterful in the booth at White Hart Lane!
Hull not sending a player for interview = Literally more awkward than Phil Neville in the commentary booth
Two along from your dad is of course Phil Neville.
What do you get when you cross Rob Brydon with Phil Neville?   10% Off
Phil Neville has won so much. Does that make him a great defender?. Good defender yes, great? No.
Phil Neville wants you to shut up so please keep talking!
My bit on Gary Neville and the other grandees commanding Loris Karius to shut up
Lmao Phil Neville said that Chelsea, City and United are the only title contenders
So phil neville said its 3 horse title race between Chelsea,city and united. Get this clueless biased *** off our telly ffs
He's way better and much less of a knob compared to the smaller Rat Boy. Phil Neville
Phil Neville said the three teams challenging for the title are Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United 😭😭😭
good morning Phil Neville, have a wonderful and blessed day X
"Watford have so many nationalities in their side that I think they might be in a relegation battle" - Phil Neville 😐
So Phil Neville thinks united can win the title but Arsenal can't...smh
Listening to Phil Neville say United are Chelsea's biggest challenger. 😂😂😂
Phil Neville is still in love with my Man Utd from the very first day he played in 1992 for us
Someone watch Phil Neville ryt now on supersports 3. What a sheep! Stupid predictions and projections. Same guy who said zlatan is quick
lmaooo. Phil Neville said Man Utd will be one of the three teams, along with chelsea and man city, competing for the title at the end. foh!
Gary Neville: "It’s performing really, really well. Marcos Rojo and Phil Jones have really been good these last few weeks."
Phil Neville got sent off via That's why the Neville brothers are goalkeeping experts!
I don't think so. Why would you want to watch Phil Neville anyways?
Well done First to find Phil NEVILLE in our Everton
Phil Neville on football today: James milner has scored 5 goals from LB. Thats incredible. Those were penalties ffs 😂
don't forget Phil Neville and Fabio too
Phil Neville today claimed only 3 teams can win the title from now on.Chelsea, City. And United. He gets paid for this
Phil Neville, former Premier League and england footballer, also sports pundit, also believes Benteke is the best h…
Phil Neville proving once again what a clueless muppet he is, defending literally 1 hour before he's sacked
Watching and gotta laugh at Matt Holland and Phil Neville for saying Arsenal wont make the top 4.
'Mourinho has his mojo back' after three mediocre wins and 'Arsenal are out of it' after City and Everton away. Phil Neville logic.
Someone tell Phil Neville he is meant to analyse things and not speak about his favourite team like a ten year old
The more you watch him, the more you realise, Phil Neville is such a ***
Phil Neville thinks United can win the league and Liverpool cannot, one of the reasons being 'the CB situation.' Soul-crushing punditry.
Phil Neville: "Torino have got a terrific young manager". Giampiero Ventura, the Torino manager, is 67 years old.
Add Phil Neville to the list of worst football pundits ever.
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Phil Neville says we can 100% win the league if we have Joe Hart, or someone of that stature in goal to marshal up the back 4.
I will not watch football today as long as Phil Neville is on.. he clearly hates Liverpool and way to bias
So Phil Neville in Football live saying only Chelsea Utd City can win the league in top 6 won't what a che is ***
Phil Neville is real life retarded to consider Man Utd title challengers but not Liverpool & Arsenal
Phil Neville is destroying & he doesnt deserve to be a pundit. Disgrace to the game & punditry
But Phil Neville just saif that Antonio Valencia has been the best RB in the this season.
Why do you keep putting that completely bias Phil Neville on football today..His hardly ever right with his predictions
sorry that should read Phil Neville hus brother is not that dumb
Just when i thought phil Neville couldn't get any worse. Hes just said united can win the league, currently 6th and lfc wont even challenge.
Phil Neville thinks Man United are in the title race😂😂
Phil Neville says the 'Top 6 Managers' in the WORLD are managing the top 6 sides in the EPL. Mahn knows Nothing.
then there's Phil neville and Danny Murphy. Just constantly poor. But then a lot of our football journos aren't great either
Fair to say Phil Neville has had a shocker tonight. Case closed on who should be the Aus test keeper
so beckham, scholes butt, Gary Neville and Phil Neville all deputised in 90/91 blimey I missed all that!!..
Treaty is a labour market. Torcuil. Phil Neville and Blair, which can offer the No, where they have the House of possibility that.
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That's no way to talk about Phil Neville LQR!!
Phil neville is a big fan of Cheerios and white bin liners I'd imagine as well.
'The best manager in the world'. Phil Neville is a big fan of Pep Guardiola. Watch the Premier League show on…
Phil Neville counts down his top THREE former teammates - and Eric Cantona isn't one of them. 😲.
So that's Andy Cole, Phil Neville, Kevin Campbell, Darren Fletcher and now Rooney taking their sons to City's acade…
Phil Neville saying the criticism of Pep is unfair because it's only been 6 months
Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp says Phil Neville should know how criticism feels…
'The only thing I can do is I don't listen to them' - Jurgen Klopp on Gary & Phil Neville. Safe to say he reckons the Nevi…
Jurgen Klopp on Gary and Phil Neville's criticism of Loris Karius... 🔫🔫🔫
Jurgen Klopp is more interested in criticising Gary and Phil Neville than admitted his goalkeeper is absolutely crap
Jurgen Klopp hits back at Gary and Phil Neville for criticising his keeper. But not Jamie Carragher. lol 😂
Jurgen Klopp tells Phil Neville he does not listen to his criticism
Jurgen Klopp gives his opinion on Gary & Phil Neville's punditry...
BBC Sport - How Phil Jones has become Manchester United's defensive mainstay - Phil Neville
Liverpool's Loris Karius told 'keep your mouth shut and do your job' by Phil Neville
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Dirk Kuyt tried that on Phil Neville in the Merseyside Derby once, but missed. . Heh.
Otherwise he could be another Paul Ince, or god forbid even Phil Neville. Jumped in too soon.
Henrikh Mkhitaryan must start for Manchester United in the Premier League, says Phil Neville
Phil Neville just said Mkhitaryan could be 'the missing link' 🙊But he looks nothing like Sol Campbell! 😂😂😂
Phil Neville: Former Manchester United star in line to take charge of Bury in first managerial role
Ross McCormack's punditry up there with Michael Owen and Phil Neville!! cure
Ok, I can see Dan Walker has come as Motty, Phil Neville as the obligatory clueless *** but what has Trevor Sinclair come dressed as?
. pundits Phil Neville says over the line, Trevor Sinclair says not. Clearly over from my armchair.
Phil Neville @ Trevor Sinclair. Is that really the best you can do?
Dan walker, Phil Neville & Trevor Sinclair been hammering google all week so they can pretend they know what they're on about
Trevor Sinclair n Phil Neville look like Rodney and delboy
BBC Sport - Why it is too early to write off Man Utd's title hopes - Phil Neville
"He's becoming one of the most important players" - Phil Neville & Jamie Carragher discuss Mata's role at Man Utd: https:/…
Can't wait for that big massive Phil Neville poster over my entrance into the Street end. 😮
Phil Neville rejects coaching role to focus on becoming a manager, reports
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What an awful line up. Dennis Wise, Richard Wright, Barmby thrown wide left. Penalty liability Phil Neville at left back...
loved it when he shut up Phil Neville and co when we played West Ham in the FA Cup!
Phil Neville, lifetime Man United fan and played for the club. Keeps calling Marcus Rashford "Michael Rashford".
How has Rooney been 'OK', Phil Neville? His passing has been terrible. No surprise he gave the ball away leading up to penalty
Phil Neville on Rooney on "Well, for me, he has to play". And there, in 7 words, is England's and Man Utd's problem.
Phil Neville joins flat earth society in not liking new directive on holding in the box. Apparently it's part and parcel of the game
NBC Sports is obviously covering the Olympics so Rebecca Lowe & Arlo White are in Brazil but Phil Neville did a solid job commentating today
Phil Neville is worse than Jim beglin
Paul Pogba is worth the £100m fee are ready to pay for him, says Phil Neville
off to Sunderland, should be a good fit. Cue Steve Round & Phil Neville getting phone calls this afternoon me thinks!
hate him, terrible commentator. Id prefer Phil Neville and Kevin kilbane
good, three people on tv who send me asleep when they talk and it's Michael Owen, Phil Neville and Gareth Southgate.
Trevor Sinclair co-commentating on makes Phil Neville sound like Barry Davies
If Southampton are going to appoint Brother's as Manager and Assistant, there is Michael & Brian Laudrup & Gary & Phil Neville
Gavin Wilson is a better player than Phil Neville
United legends endorse Jose Mourinho: Read what Rio Ferdinand, Phil Neville, Dwight Yorke and more have said ... https:/…
Phil Jagielka is far too quiet nothing like Phil Neville used to Be Everton are too soft
Half an hour of airtime completely wasted on Five Live Sports Week with Phil Neville & Steve Cooper mouthing platitudes about Mourinho.
Mark Lawrenson and Phil Neville both saying Seville are their favourites for the game. Let's have your Liverpool price then please lads.
The commentator on has the charisma and personality of a wet flannel, think Niall Quinn and Phil Neville combined, that bad
Who said its his fault? It's just the way of the world. The likes of Phil Neville, Wes Brown at Utd, or Morris for us the same
Never seen this before Phil Neville after Everton beat united in fa cup semi
I'm convening a roundtable discussion in the Lime St Wetherspoons at 07:30. Winner gets a copy of Phil Neville's autobiography
no Gary or Phil Neville in the betting
All for us taking the *** with team selection tomorrow, start Howard up front, Phil Neville playing centre mid
2015: Police launch an investigation into who's been writing their name all over La Redoute. Phil Neville is arrested.
Heathrow braces itself for further drone problems for planes, as BT Sport sends Michael Owen & Phil Neville to cover Cham…
Phil Neville is my hero. What a crazy guy.
(1998) - Phil Neville comes on for Gary Neville in England's game vs Portugal. Brothers.
1998 Phil Neville replaced Gary in the 2nd half of England’s 3-0 victory over Portugal at Wembley
Dirk Kuyt imagining the punchbag is Phil Neville there...
we need a Phil Neville tackle in the 1st five mins to get everyone up. Problem is I can't see who could do that.
iiitsss Phil Neville with his dulcet tones!
I don't care about his footballing ability- as you've said his rustling with Phil Neville was just elite 😂
Pretty sure I've managed to convince Phil to buy me, Chris & Neville a birthday cake. I'm taking full credit for this and half of the cake.
nah, it's okay because it's Phil Neville. Lmao you really are fuming
Can anybody show me a video of Dirk Kuyt "cutting Phil Neville in half"? I seem to recall him jumping 2ft in front of him
I remember Dirk Kuyt trying to take Phil Neville out not even a word said to him, people in glass..
Phil and Gary Neville's representatives are booking into the Adelphi Hotel.
all I'll say is Phil Neville was lucky Kuyt didn't connect!!!
fond trip down memory lane yesterday, thank you! The Phil Neville pic is sensational. Hope we turn up tonight!
Gary and Phil Neville are looking to embarass themselves in England now
Phil Neville came to the defence of his brother Gary on Instagram, after the latter was sacked by Valencia, praising his f…
Fulham started a season, sacked a manager, appointed Phil Neville and sacked him in the time I've been looking for work on
What we need now is a Phil Neville rallying cry...
it was ok for kuyt to cut Phil Neville in half and then kiss the badge, selective memory
Is prefer to have bloody Phil Neville on the touchline this Saturday
I'd take phil Neville as caretaker manager
It's painful to see how poor Everton have become since (my friend) Phil Neville departed
Phil Neville looks like the kinda guy that has his picture taken with the DJ while he's gurning his nut off.
Valencia are flying without Gary Neville and his brain, Phil.
Phil Neville, Alex McLeish, Ian Holloway and even Hughes seemed a average choice at the time.
Would love to see Lucas Leiva score. His first Lfc goal could have been in a Mersisyde derby.. Phil Neville robbed him of it then..
Shot on target from Lucas, his first one in a derby since Phil Neville saved one on the line with his hands. Probably.
Phil Neville not being on the cover is a massive missed opportunity
Off to watch Valencia v Eibar. Negredo's gonna score 6 and i'm gonna throw Olives at Phil Neville.
I'm breaking out in a sweat imaging Getting the chuckle brothers as our management team Gary and Phil Neville wouldn't put it past this lot😬
Graham and Ferguson managed to win European honours with Hillier, Selley, Morrow, Butt, May and Phil Neville. Imagine Wenger…
Former Manchester United player Phil Neville there, complaining big clubs get more decisions
He won't go easily. It'll be like Moyes in his bunker at Carrington, surrounded by Ipads, & flanked by Phil Neville. The last stand.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
One of the Derby Day highlights of recent years has to be Phil Neville's outrageous dive and subsequent booking. It was magnificent.
The Nevilles are the Lannisters. Phil Neville is a result of Gary and Neville Neville's incestous breeding rituals
please replace Glenn with Michael Owen, boring Phil Neville or Brian Moore - he knows nothing about sorry much like Glenn now
Tony Hibbert, Jose Baxter, Carlo Nash, Phil Neville and Tim Howard. Hibbo feels as if he's been around forever! ~J
Jesse Lingard as a youngster with Jaap Stam, Fabien Barthez and Phil Neville.
Remember that time Michael Owen, Phil Neville, Emile Heskey and Jamie Carragher all captained England in the same game? Good times.
agree to ur viewpoint. But if Phil Neville, John O'Shea&wes brown could make the cut, I THINK Pereira won't do half bad.
Mark Waugh, Eli Manning, Jack Charlton and Phil Neville feel your pain
Lee Carsley on is doing a Phil Neville!
I'm the Phil Neville of the Ribble Valley. No position to small 😉
Tony Farmer claims Manchester United legends Phil Neville, Gary Neville, Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs are on the v…
Former Manchester United defender Phil Neville is confident with Louis van Gaal to turn the club's fortunes around.
Would rather have Nicky Butt or Phil Neville than him
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