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Kim Guadagno and Phil Murphy are both flawed candidate. I'm voting for green party candidate Seth Kaper-Dale in November.
This video explains why we need to keep working to send Phil Murphy and Sheila Oliver to Trenton to give fresh leader…
Phil Murphy and Kim Guadagno announce respective picks for Lieutenant Governor.
Governor’s race has more than just Kim Guadagno and Phil Murphy
Unknowns for governor? 49% of NJ adults have never heard of candidate Kim Guadagno. 44% never heard of Phil Murphy.
Phil Murphy and Kim Guadagno have until July 28th to select their candidates for Lieutenant Governor
As a New Jerseyan, I am concerned about the Democratic candidate for gov here, Phil Murphy.
Monmouth has Phil Murphy turning the governor's beach house blue by a 53-26 margin
Phil Murphy looks like Ben Horne without hair plugs
.and are gleeful that Phil Murphy literally bought the nomination with his Goldman Sachs money. T…
Phil Murphy enters the general campaign for NJ-Gov in a better position than any Dem since before I was born.
Phil Murphy tells N.J. 'It is time for a governor who has your back'
Phil Murphy calls for $15 minimum wage, legalization of marijuana, protection of DREAM Act recipients
“it’s unusual that a former Goldman Sachs executive has some of the most progressive ideas in the race."
if you don’t like Phil Murphy I suggest you look into Kim Guadagno
Bruce Springsteen playing on loop at Dem. Phil Murphy's election night party in Newark as per New Jersey political law.
Congratulations Phil Murphy for winning the Primary election for Governor.
hypocrite Democrats complain that Trump has a couple folks from Goldman on his staff yet Phil Murphy…
chose D. Phil Murphy and R. Kim Guadagno to face off in general election for Governor.:
Tomorrow is Election Day in NJ. Please come out and vote; let your voice be heard. . As for me, I am voting for Phil Murphy…
Phil Murphy (D), Kim Guadagno (R) win primaries tonight. Most recent poll is a month old, but Murphy was up 25. Many undecideds.
Democrat Phil Murphy and Republican Kim Guadagno win their primaries in New Jersey:
Phil Murphy for New Jersey Democratic Governor Event - Not a Donut in Sight: via
We are proud to announce that Phil Murphy (has won the Democratic Nominee in the NJ Governor's race. We e…
It's official. Before voting for a pro-abortion Democrat or a pro-abortion Republican, I'll be voting for a dog -...
For actual facts - read this - remember everything that Fox tells you is incomplete and biased.
JUST IN: projects Phil Murphy will be the Democratic nominee for governor in New Jersey.
Phil Murphy wins Democratic nod in fight to succeed Christie as N.J. governor
An under-the-radar election in New Jersey is on track to give Democrats a decisive victory, reports
Phil Murphy and Kim Guadagno Win Primaries in New Jersey Governor’s Race, via \good luck Mr. Murphy.
And this, friends, is the power of big money in politics. Would Phil Murphy have won without the name recognition afforde…
Listened to Murphy's long list of plans for NJ , neglected to say where the money would come from.
Breaking: The race to replace is set: Phil Murphy vs. Kim Guadagno
Jeff Edelstein: Phil Murphy, Kim Guadagno, taxes and weed: Welcome to NJ 2017
Dem Accused of Comparing POTUS to '20s Germany' Wins NJ Gov Primary .
The race is on: Kim Guadagno and Phil Murphy will face off in the bid for
If we elect to be governor then the only person who will be able to afford to live in New Jersey will be P…
The race to succeed Chris Christie as New Jersey’s governor is set: Kim Guadagno will face Phil Murphy
Democratic Gubernatorial nominee Phil Murphy thanks voters after victory speech. Countdown to November.
Yes, Phil Murphy wins the primary democratic nod for NJ governor. Legalize it!!!
Dem Accused of Comparing to '20s Germany' Wins NJ Gov Primary .
Poll: Who do you want as the next Governor of New Jersey? Dem. Phil Murphy or Rep. Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno?
Hey Folks, Phil Murphy, a candidate for the Democratic nomination for Governor will be hosting a discussion on...
I'm afraid that NJ Democrats will screw themselves once again, bought and paid for by Phil Murphy.
what's your response to Phil Murphy's retort that he will put his fracking investments into a blind trust?
Over 191 faith leaders have endorsed Phil Murphy for He's the leader we need to ensure NJ will always be welcomin…
Wish we can keep Chris Christie, NJ is 100% ruined now because of Phil Murphy.
Phil Murphy vows to protect LGBT community from Trump - Asbury Park Press
Phil Murphy is a lying *** who is nothing more than Jon Corzine part 2.
I mean, if former Goldman Sachs exec Phil Murphy is the man to lead the resistance against Donald Trump's army of Goldman Sachs execs.. ***
New Jersey will have another bad governor in (D) Phil Murphy! Thanks Chris Christie for pretty much giving NJ a...
Senator Cory Booker, Levi Sanders, and dozens of Democratic organizations are standing with Phil Murphy for Governor. Fol…
Phil Murphy is fighting back against Donald Trump's illegal executive orders. He stands with women, immigrants, and all N…
Read the article from on last night's conference call with Phil Murphy & 12,000 New Jerseyans:
These 3 counties endorsed Phil Murphy for because he's the progressive who has the backs of New Jerseyans: https:/…
Earlier today Mayor Wilda Diaz proudly endorsed Phil Murphy for Governor!
Craig Murphy tintypes Abraham Lincoln via Phil Jessen at the
Fact-check: Phil Murphy did nothing about pay inequity when he was Senior Executive at Goldman Sachs.…
ohhh do you have any of Cillian Murphy?
Here is it - the results of supporting across the UK ht…
Wow, stats highlighted here by Ross McEwan
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Amazing figures, not surprised though. My company have been in for 2 weeks, it's mak…
Phil Neville and enhancing that level of my surname to make it before he worried that I did in the party would be as a small to the parties.
he looks like Eddie Murphy's mom in "Coming To America"
Phil Neville and... and exciting places. Rule One pay packet away. Deal. City's then resigned, my surname to match.
Phil Murphy is already entrenched with the unions...I'm sure had something to do with tha…
Phil Murphy understands the value that our ESPs bring to our schools day in and day out. Share with an ESP who you…
anyone is better than Savage, Beglin, Shearer, Danny Murphy, Phil Neville...
Big problems. Not just want to tackle it has been part time.
Phil Murphy addresses the NJEA Legislative Conference and gets a standing ovation with jus…
Hey Phil are you free this weekend? . no sorry I am watching time-lapse videos of cats when they are left home alone
Instead of Phil Murphy, who are you supporting for NJ Gov.?
"Thank you for all you do, every single day" - Ambassador Phil Murphy to the educators of NJ
Secretary-Treasurer Sean Spiller firing up the crowd and introducing Ambassador Phil Murphy!
Excited to hear Ambassador Phil Murphy close out the conference!
"Goldman Sachs & Phil Murphy made a fortune off the manufacture and sale of firearms."
Happy Saturday! Check out highlights from the 2017 Legislative & Political Action Conf! Keynote by Ambassador Phil Murphy!
"Commuters rightfully are enraged by the way they’re being treated, and I don’t blame them."
same. Waiting on a better D for governor. Might go with Jim Johnson. Would also do Phil murphy if he cuts wall st ties.
Phil Murphy at Suppertot Daycare center in Jersey City owned by African philmurphy4nj…
5 things to know about Phil Murphy, new Democratic front-runner for N.J. governor
Hey NJ, u need a good Irishman🍀in the Gov's mansion like Phil Murphy. 4 the workg man. Chris Christie has done enuf damage 2 my home state.
Phil Murphy, NJEA's endorsed candidate for New Jersey Democratic gubernatorial primary, values educators. Share if you do too! ht…
"[Christie] singled out Weinberg, an 82-year-old grandmother with whom he has frequently sparred..." via
Murphy vows to fight Cuomo 'at all costs' for more bus terminal funding
I'm so sorry Phil and Chris. It's lovely that you have such lovely memories of Murphy. Sending my love and hugs to you both. X
Happy Friday! 🎉 You can enjoy the weekend knowing Phil Murphy will be a governor who has our back 😊
Katharine Murphy's article will not be heard by the disengaged that are the usual targets of this maleficent govt.That's…
Gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy's Charter School opposition at odds with his adviser
Guess the Murphy? He tells us he's matured as a footballer and his loan spells have helped him get his 1st team spo…
"In New Jersey, a woman earns on average 80% of what a man earns right now." Phil Murphy addresses the need for pay equal…
Democrats of New Jersey make sure you get out and vote for Phil Murphy for NJ Governor! got you Phil!!👍…
I'm excited to see how the Bernie people react to Phil Murphy - he's a economic progressive but also a former Goldman Sachs executive.
Former Goldman Sachs bankster Phil Murphy and NJ Dem gov candidate using Sandy Hook to push for more gun control.
Chairman Chip Robinson was proud to stand with six other Democratic Chairmen to endorse Phil Murphy for Governor...
Gordie and Ian still there! I can't remember if you were playing with Phil Murphy and Tim? They are there still
"Dunkin Donuts is the Arby's of doughnuts. It's the RadioShack, the KMart." -Phil Murphy
ESPN's Phil Murphy believes Kansas is the favorite for 5 star center Udoka Azubuike.
I've just arrived in Asbury Park early for Jersey Shore Tech Meetup with Phil Murphy on high tech job creation. Gonna walk around.
Great to see Bob Russo and Phil Murphy at the Chairman's Ball!
Co-Founder of NSNJ, Phil Murphy gave the commencement address to the 2015 graduating class
This is a wonderful commencement speech at Hamilton College by Phil Murphy -
.co owner Phil Murphy says for all the money he's invested he should have been advised re Bennett job
This is the ventilation system and duct work being installed at the Thomas and Mack Center. When seated at the arena, this duct work is visible. This was my Dad's design and it was inspired by his work for the Chaparral High School Gym. My dad was called in to re-design the cooling system for Chaparral's Gym...because the duct work had not been included in the original internal cooling system blueprints. Thus...Chaparral Grads...that duct work in the Gym...that was my Dad, Phil Murphy, that kept you cool in the heat and warm in the cold. Thomas and Mack is an original design...Thanks Dad!!
Brisbane Broncos have a new co-owner after property guru Phil Murphy bought an 11% stake in club for $2.53m last week.
Back from Berlin. It was one of the coolest weeks of my entire year here. Major highlight was watching a session of German Parlament in the Bundestag. And also meeting the American Ambassador to Germany, Phil Murphy!
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
You know all this *** in the U.K surrounding all these celebrities who've molested people reminded me of something yesterday. I was working for Genesis on the "We can't Dance" tour and we were at Roundhay Park in Leeds. Jimmy Saville had a flat in roundhay park and used to go jogging in the park every day. So, me and Phil Murphy were standing there and Jimmy Saville comes jogging past so Phil grabs his crotch and shouts, "Oi Jim, fix this!" IF ONLY HE KNEW!!!
Brent did the art himself while Andy was away. I, however, cheated and used the incredibly talented Phil Murphy. Surprise -- I made fun of the Xbox One. Topical!
I know you're the same person. you can't fool me. I mean, Larry Bundy Jr IS Phil Murphy backwards... wait.
On this day in 2004 beat Pau 19-16 in the Parker Pen Cup, with a try from Phil Murphy and 14pts from the boot of Mark Mapletoft
The winners of the Baseball Development Center raffle were drawn last night. The 3rd Prize Winner was Larry Peterson. The 2nd Prize Winner was Mark Pasley. And the Winner of the $1000.00 First Prize was Phil Murphy. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who participated. We are well on our way to building a new hitting and pitching complex!!
Music : Jesse Poe & Phil Murphy (1999) Direction and editing : Sonia Cruchon All the footages come from RIck Prelinger collection, on
Florida coach Will Muschamp gives an exclusive interview to Phil Murphy and ESPN's GatorNation about the Gators' outlook in 2012.
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