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Phil Knight

Philip Hampson Phil Knight (born February 24, 1938) is an American business magnate.

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Great book! Read it in the fall and loved the insight brought out by Phil Knight 👌
I hope he's read by Phil Knight. You can learn all the struggles had with barriers of entry GL🍀
Mark Parker strategy is not working for shareholders. Stock is up small while overall market is up.…
...It’s all in how you frame it, how you sell it to yourself" . -Phil Knight, Shoe Dog
A must read for those inspired by entrepreneurs. In this candid and riveting memoir, for the first time, Nike found…
"The single easiest way to find out how you feel about someone: say goodbye." -Phil Knight
I put my money on Phil Knight. No one knows the industry like him and he said this would fail.
no place like Eugene, MATT arena to be a super star. Go Ducks!! NIKE University - Phil Knight loves Oregon
*** what u think Phil knight at Nike wearing yeezy boost
“It is hard enough out there. Get all the help you can. Getting help really is just a part of that lifelong search for wisdom.” Phil Knight
We're reading Phil Knight's Shoe Dog for company book club this month and I'm loving the story. Highly recommend
Suge knight reminds me of an evil uncle phil
The book Shoe Dog by Phil Knight may actually be the best book I've ever read. 📚👟
Just seen Phil Knight on campus..the boy got kinda star struck for a sec lol not gonna lie
She should read Shoe Dog by Phil Knight the co-founder of Nike.Wonderful book for anyone starting a business.
Who just happens to be a former player and billionaire with the help of Phil Knight & Co.
Today we kicked off our inaugural Here's some from Phil Knight's Shoe Dog:
"Self is a mirage, a fever dream, & our stubborn belief in its reality not only wastes our life, but shortens it." -Phil Knight
Headed to the Nike campus for the day. Phil Knight, you up?
Phil Knight's Shoe Dog is an amazing read - a true inspiration. Honoured that he took a leap of faith in me. Respect https…
“Play by the rules, but be ferocious.". —Phil Knight
hey did Phil knight know the shoe business before he sold a shoe?
Too bad Phil Knight is still covered.
Almost finished with Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. Truly inspirational and a lot of valuable insight. Everyone starts somewhere.
Sounds eerily similar to Phil Knight's account of how they came up with Nike
I think Phil Knight and Mark Parker are in a lot of trouble.
Since majority of the kicks are made by Nike, it's only right I read about the creator of the brand. Mr. Phil Knight
man all that ninja talk and bitc" talk is doing more harm than a shoe price Phil knight is worth 27 billion let that blk man build
Western is sponsored by Phil Knight now!?!
Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what to do & let them surprise you with their results. Phil Knight
we can't all be employed by Phil Knight.
LeVar, I know you are outchea changing the game but I doubt Phil Knight, Kevin Plank wearing the competition's . C'm…
Imagine where the imagination would go if Phil Knight was out there…
And then it happened. I saw it all before me, exactly what I wanted my life to be. PLAY. -Phil Knight
The night with Phil, Tom, and the amazing artists that joined them last night at Matthew Knight Arena…
Shoe Dog by Phil Knight because it's inspiring!
One of my favorite books of 2016 as well. So much respect for Phil Knight and what he went through to build Nike.
That Phil Knight went back to school to write it himself is the purest of gift.
"The cowards never started and the weak died along the way - that leaves us." (Phil Knight)
Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike (Unabridged) - Phil Knight
Have I missed the, " You pay $200 for a pair of Air Jordans (Nike/ Phil Knight/The White Man) but not give LaVar Ball, a Black man, $495?
Just finished reading Phil Knight's memoir, Shoe Dog, couldn't put it down, to say the least…
how dumb. Phil Knight was an athlete for the U of O.
Just one of the many reasons people are losing faith in democracy. Choose to live in new…
I've never read a non-fiction book as thrilling as Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, put it on your list asap. 🏆
They are Still French Citizens and they get to Vote that is Democracy
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
I feel like I watching THE DARK KNIGHT to see if it was better than the first AVENGERS movie
When we did fail, we had faith that we'd do it fast, learn from it, and be better for it. Phil Knight
And we aren't in the Phil Knight tournament. I wish we were.
After reading the memoir of Phil Knight. It's clear how yesterday's run came about. Inspiring stuff on all levels
"Every runner knows this... you run because the alternative, stopping, scares you to death." -Phil Knight
This is what I like to hear. I'll be down in Portland for the Phil Knight Invitational. Can't wait.
Shoe Dog by phil knight is fascinating.
Phil Knight had a first day in the office...Kevin Plank had a day one on the job...why not the Ball Family? I'm suppor…
Unless they play in Phil Knight invitational, they do not play uk according to inside carolina
As you’d expect, Nike founder Phil Knight is in the house at the Sprint Center to watch his Oregon Ducks.
any Phil Knight sightings last night at Sprint Center?
Not sure of the first one but got the rest. Mr Nike himself Phil Knight, Lamar Odom, and of course Doug Christie.
Phil Knight, Doug Christie, Lamar Odom. Not sure about guy in Cincy gear
"We are FAMILY.". The president. Phil Knight. Everybody gets in the postgame huddle.
Read excellent books this yr -Louis Gertsner Jr, Peter Thiel-but best Shoedog by Phil Knight of inspiring&brilliant memoir.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Note to self - Shoe Dog, Phil Knight noted by and
Nice summary - thanks Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, founder of Nike.
Buffett's top book of the year? Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, founder of Nike. Read my summary here -…
On page 93 of 386 of Shoe Dog, by Phil Knight
Phil Knight is one of many reminders of how crucial is Wall Street to growth. Those who demonize it don't get it.
vou comprar a biografia do Phil Knight
"You haven't lived until you've competed against the fastest runners in the world wearing shoes made of cod" - Phil Knight
Nike and FIBA extend partnership for next 3 World Cups, showing global spread of Phil Knight
"Let everyone else call your idea crazy, just keep going. Don't stop. Don't even think about stopping until you get there." - Phil Knight
Stare at that for :30, look at a blank wall & you see Phil Knight giving you the finger.
Here's how the Phil Knight, experienced uncertainty, & creating
Book number 15 for the year - inspiring story of Phil Knight's personal and business memoir -...
I swear Phil Knight & Nike coined the phrase "Just Do It" to help people like me who have a fear of jumping into cold water.
Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. Great,Thick read about how Nike went from being sold out of a car to a worldwide brand.
Phil Knight on owning 46% of Nike shares. "The company needed to be run by one person, with one firm and steady voice - come what may."
Does shoedog by Phil Knight teach as much about business building as life itself
Cowards never start and the weak die along the way. - Phil Knight
Stunning Business book and never realised Phil knight wore out so many Shoes fighting to Survive
Best Sellers in Health & Fitness. Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nik... by Phil Knight…
"Phil Knight worth trillions you still bought those kicks"
I am reading Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, about Nike's hard times before hitting it big. # goodread
On why it's named Cortez. Excerpt from Shoe Dog by Phil Knight.
"If people got out and ran a few miles every day, the world would be a better place" (Phil Knight)
in Nike office with Phil Knight in the Buttface meeting 😊
A little late to the game, but finally reading about own Phil Knight 👟
“Sir,what is that you are wearing on the red carpet!?” . Me: Only the finest of pure cotton w/ tech material from t…
Also: Nike board member Travis Knight (son of Phil) is nominated for best animated film for Kubo & the Two Strings. He's CEO of Laika LLC.
he's just a pawn in the game. Kings Rooked by Bishop. Dammit. Why can't Phil Knight own a team?
What a great and inspiring read - highly recommend 'Shoe Dog' by Phil Knight and his story of Nike
We gotta get Phil Knight to cut u off from takin company property on ya off days
Phil Knight founder of started Nike with $50 amazing inspiration JUST DO IT > here is his book Shoe Dog
Nike co-founder Phil Knight discusses the historic college basketball event in Portland planned in his honor...
POWERFULexcerpt Phil Knight's 'Shoe Dog'. "I’d tell men and women in their mid-twenties not to settle for a job or a profession or even...
not just Aust. Phil Knight in Shoe Dog - "being successful means walking around with a target on your back"
One of the Top Women in the Shoe Industry on Managing People and Building a Business
In good company. Buffet's favorite book in 2016: Shoe Dog by Phil Knight - fantastic read
Just started - Phil Knight's memoir re the founding of Nike
I wish I could sit and have a deep convo with Phil Knight
Guess who else loved the book Shoe Dog by Phil Knight? Mr. Bill Gates. .
In case you missed it,Warren Buffett's favorite book of 2016 was Shoe Dog by Phil Knight! . Add it to your list! .
Make poker great again? Just put and at the same table and let the comedy write itself.
Summary of Shoe Dog by Phil Knight . favorite book of 2016 . $NKE $BRK.
look how successful the SDA is at negotiating with big business, 1 of the few growing unions
Cutting wages drives ppl to join unions is a non sequitur.
Hard to join a union when you don't have enough money to pay your bills.
Catch up to speed. Abetz stacked FWC with anti worker appointments
"Dream audaciously. Have the courage to fail forward. Act with urgency". ~ Phil Knight
"The best book I read last year was 'Shoe Dog' by Nike's Phil Knight" writes Buffett in his latest annual letter. htt…
Genuine Smirk 😏 at your total lack of Intelligence
Get a Brain Labor didn't Expect FWC to cut penalty rates for lowest wage earners and Urged them not to
Phil Knight's memoir "Shoe Dog" is filled with such insight and passion, shared through empathetic storytelling. I highly recommend it!
Warren Buffett says in his letter that his favorite book in 2016 was The Shoe Dog by Phil Knight / Nike - was my favorite too, great book!
Ready to embark on a new adventure? Shovel Knight is on sale on. 3DS, Wii U, PSN, Steam, GOG, and The Humble Store!. htt…
"No matter the sport - no matter the human endeavour, really - total effort will win people's hearts." Phil Knight, Shoe Dog
"Pre's appeal was his passion. He didn't care if he died crossing the finish line, so long as he crossed first." Phil Knight, Shoe Dog
The story of the swoosh👉"We gave Carolyn our deepest thanks & a check for $35, then sent her on her way." Phil Knight, Shoe Dog
On this day in 1964, Phil Knight & his track coach Bill Bowerman put in $500 each and create a company that will become N…
Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight founded Nike on January 25, 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS). Upon…
Phil Knight's memoir is a MUSTREAD about the relentless search of one's true calling & oneness (ubuntu). T…
Phil Knight hires former preacher Jimmy Swaggart as football coach, hopes to double telethon fundraising over last year.   10% Off
Matt Rhule turned down Oregon and met with Nike CEO Phil Knight before agreeing with Baylor 😳, according to
Although...that is nothing to Phil Knight and Nike Inc.
WHEN Phil Knight throws a bucket of money at Brian Kelly
Phil Knight was in Ohio State’s locker room while Oregon played its state rival
It's all right to be Goliath, but always act like David. - Phil Knight
Gotta think Chip Kelly will take the blank check from Phil Knight to return to Oregon. Alternative getting run outta town by a 2nd NFL team
Canzano: Ghost of Chip Kelly, legend of Phil Knight... and the future of Oregon Ducks f...
Ran into Oregon Ducks booster Phil Knight at halftime of fifth straight loss… “Not pretty,” Knight said.
📷 Maria “ A really inspiring evening listening to Tiger Woods and Phil Knight in...
Kubo director Travis Knight is not only president, CEO and lead animator of Laika but also the son of Nike cofounder Phil Knight
wow just finished Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. What a book. Fascinating man. Thank you sir.
close but not in my top 5 Phil Knight of Nike (Shoe Dog is an epic bio), Scott cook of intuit, Scott Harrison of charity: water
Phil Knight's throne in the new Marcus Mariota Sports Performance center is the most Duck thing ever.
Somewhere in the Nike Complex finds Phil Knight asking, "Who the *** is Ed Cunningham?"
Great quote from my lunch reading. Phil Knight in "Business is just war without bullets."
If you're interested in an autobiography I'm reading Shoe Dog by Phil Knight and it's a great book
memoir about Phil Knight and how he started Nike in the 60's
Just finished "Shoe Dog" by Phil Knight. I'm a UW fan, so I'm supposed to dislike him, but was captivated. Sits alon…
Sometidbits from co-founder Phil Knight's memoir (which I read on vacation). He admits to takes such as Magic Johnson would be a bust.
for God's sake, just knight this man.
On page 50 of 400 of Shoe Dog, by Phil Knight
Like it-another Shoe Dog started off like Phil Knight @ Nike
Phil Knight wrote his memoir just like he built his company.. by not following "establishment" rules.
I would guess Oregon. Trump probably knows Phil Knight.
Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the creator of Nike by Phil Knight Just started. I like it already!
Currently reading "Shoe Dog", a memoir by the creator of Nike, the legend Phil Knight🔑
"Shoe Dog: a memoir by the creator of Nike" business lessons from Phil Knight;
Phil, no. Don't make puns, please. I'm begging you
and no ubiquitous Phil Knight logos slathered everywhere !
Been listening to a great book on the life of Phil knight
Phil Knight can't be happy by not seeing his goddam Nike logo slathered over everything in Rio.
I don't remember when I fell in love with basketball, but I do remember when I fell in love with
Klavan played like an absolute're a knight son...Mane 💯💯 scintillating display. 😊🙌
Latest read is Shoe Dog oh Phil Knight. So far it's amazing
Come and see me, Phil Knight Vocalist/Entertainer, Jenna Jones & Sammy at Christchurch Carnival today! What a...
Read Shoe Dog.. It's amazing how meticulous Phil Knight was about how his shoes looked on an athlete on the Olympic track.
I'm sure Phil Knight had something to do with it
*** in some cases unis are bought as with Phil Knight owning Oregon and T. Boone Pickens owning Okie State
"Trade is the path of coexistence, cooperation. Peace feeds on prosperity," Shoe Dog by Phil Knight
Watch Phil Knight talk candidly about Michael Jordan's first Nike contract:
Beautiful 'Volt' spikes all over this men's 10,000m! I know Phil Knight has to be sitting there smiling watching this..
Phil Knight must be awfully proud Flashy Nikes all over the track
4 of 5 stars to Shoe Dog by Phil Knight
tell Phil Knight to stop ripping us off, already exposed operation مالك
One year ago today, Phil Kessel put on his uniform for the first time.
Love Shoes? Read up on Phil Knight's memoir for only $17.40 -->
What paid Michael Jordan in his first shoe deal via
Really hope them robes in heaven are made out of Nike Tech. Phil Knight gotta make it to heaven.
get phil knight back asap. They just pulled out of golf equipment as well. Keep raising prices nike!
Phil Knight wrote "we're often cast aside at the very moment we most need to be included" and I don't think I've read anything so accurate
From Phil Knight's memoir "Shoe Dog"- captures sports fandom perfectly, as only he could.
.co-founder Phil Knight was told he wouldn't make it. Here's how he did it anyways
“Nike founder Phil Knight so reveres his library that in it you have to take off your shoes and bow.” -HBR via
Apple CEO Tim Cook appointed director of board as founder Phil Knight steps down.
Phil Knight has stepped down as Nike chairman. Company made him one of the richest in the world, worth $24.4 billion, say…
NEW POST: Phil Knight's magnum opus on his life & Nike was amazing. Here are my book notes, takeaways & highlights:
NEW POST: Shoe Dog is the best story you'll read all summer. My book notes from Phil Knight's magnum opus on Nike:
NEW POST: Shoe Dog is incredible. Phil Knight's life and the sheer guts and will it took to launch Nike are amazing:
1% of Whites have a value...Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Phil Knight...the other 99% of Whites = useless and can be replaced by Asians and Latino
Watch how the 1st sub-4 mile changed Phil Knight's life. The incredible Roger film is now available: https:/…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
just bought Shoe Dog by Phil Knight can't wait to start it!
The powers that be couldn't let golden state go down as the best team ever. MJ, Lebron, Nike, Phil Knight, Illuminati.
People preach their love for Nike but have never heard of Steve Prefontaine, Phil Knight, or Bill Bowerman.
When did Michael Jeffrey Jordan and Phil Knight decide to start dropping 3 shoes on one day?
We've got signed copies of THEODORE BOONE: THE SCANDAL by John Grisham Shoe Dog by Phil Knight!
Nike's Phil Knight on What we 'got' that other interviews didn't: Corporate Culture key to success
"I'd rather grow then be cautious" -Phil Knight talks with Adam Gopnik at Schnitzer Hall.
Everyone is coming out for Phil! Adam Gopnik will interview Nike's Phil Knight in front of a…
Adam Gopnik, who was quoted in Bill Bowerman's biography, will interview Phil Knight this evening at the Schnitzer.
Going to tonight event with Phil Knight - should be an enlightening event, I'm sure
Phil Knight gifts Stephen Colbert with a pair of custom Nike Air Prestos. .
Phil Knight did a Charlie Rose interview...wo
Phil Knight stepping down as Chairman of NIKE in June, Mark Parker filling that role & Trevor Edwards to become CEO
Looking forward to celebrating the release with Phil Knight and on May 2!
Biz editor on talking layoffs, Phil Knight's philanthropy and Prince's $300m estate.
its crazy that Nike CEO Phil Knight use to sell Nikes out of a trunk
Nike co-founder Phil Knight speaking live on CNBC now
Nike founder Phil Knight worries that nation is losing its entrepreneurial edge via
Phil Knight to discuss “Shoe Dog” autobiography with Adam Gopnik: The rumor down at the Faculty Club is that K...
, so one school (Oregon)? And that's just because of Phil Knight money.
If Phil Knight knight em, then I might like em. Until then, children, enjoy the white icing
they doin ya dirty, Phil Knight would be ashamed of em
Thanks to co-founder and chairman Phil Knight for this heartfelt note he wrote to coach last night.
In that case Phil Knight gave Oregon special shoes that made them better than Duke .I WANT A FULL INVESTIGATION LOL
Are you Phil Jupitus without the beard?
“You’ve got to worry about what’s coming up to stay ahead of the curve…” . – Phil Knight
Back from the Always love hanging with Lynn Merritt, Phil Knight, Eric Lautenbach and my Nike family! https:…
They got lazy when they got fat Phil Knight is no fool he cut all that day to day out! Probably couldn't stand to watch the fall lol
Rory McIlroy has a plan courtesy of Phil Knight. He also has a big problem.
me the knight by George Benson, it's not hard to love you by Al Jarreau, do you remember by Phil Collins, all for love by Rod Steward.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Awkward moment of today: Meeting Phil Knight whilst wearing New Balance shoes
Does anyone else find it ironic that Phil Knight built Nike in Beaverton, home of the Beaverton Beavers, located in the Beaver State...
Phil Knight pledges millions to Fanconi anemia research
mogul Phil Knight gives $400m to Stanford, largest gift ever for school.
I would not put it past Phil Knight and Mark Parker
Saw Luke Ridnour and his family in the stands. Phil Knight is here, as is Pac-12 Commish Larry Scott. Good Oregon crowd on hand.
Duke moves to 0-5 out west. 0-1 when David Robinson, Kobe, Tim Cook, and Phil Knight are in the same building at the same time.
List of celebs in Anaheim pretty cool..and growing. Kobe, Phil Knight, Tim Cook (Apple), David Robinson & of course TK.
Kobe, Phil Knight, & Tim Cook in the house.. What's the net worth?
Duke v Oregon has Apple CEO Tim Cook, Nike CEO Phil Knight, and Kobe all in attendance. Who you sitting with??
Phil Knight, Tim Cook and Kobe all in attendance in Anaheim for Duke vs. Oregon
Does and aka Phil Knight have a halftime conversation?
Duke Oregon halftime: Tim Cook to Phil Knight: We are slaving out China to make ourselves billions and Trump is blaming Mexicans, lucky us
Is that former & coach Paul Westhead in front of Phil Knight in the black shirt??
If Tim Cook's company was as big as Phil Knight's, he'd jump out the window and shoot himself on the way down.
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Tim Cook & Phil Knight are also in the house for in Anaheim
(Other than the fact it's Duke) I should be at this game: it's in Anaheim (Disney); and Phil Knight, Tim Cook, and Kobe are there
Phil Knight and Tim Cook sitting courtside at the Duke-Oregon game. And these NCAA hoopsters don't get paid.
Yo this Oregon game is lit, they got Phil Knight and Tim Cook in the house along with Kobe and David Robinson
Among the celebs here tonight: Kobe Bryant, Olivia Munn, Phil Knight of Nike, Tim Cook of Apple, David Robinson (son Justin plays for Duke).
This Duke/Oregn game has some star power - Kobe, Robinson, Phil Knight, and Tim Cook
you got Kobe, the Admiral David Robinson, Phil Knight (the Founder & CEO of Nike) & Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) at
Tim Cook, Kobe Bryant, Phil Knight, David Robinson all in the house for Duke vs. Oregon tonight...
Lot of star power and money at the game. Phil Knight vs. Tim Cook in the alumni battle.
Kobe, Tim Cook, Phil Knight, The Admiral... What a squad at this game
Imagine being in line for concessions with Kobe, Phil Knight, Tim Cook and David Robinson
Duke & Oregon players need to be humbled by this..Phil Knight, Tim Cook and Kobe Bryant came to watch YOU play
Kobe, Tim Cook, the Admiral...Phil talk about some money in that arena right now 💰💵
Phil Knight and Tim Cook, then Kobe and Admiral...all we really got is Sports, Drugs or Emtertainment
Tim Cook, Phil Knight, Kobe and the Admiral at the Oregon v Duke game.
Tim Cook, Phil Knight, David Robinson, and Kobe Bryant all at the same game... That's awesome
Phil Knight & Tim Cook at the Oregon-Duke Game. Omg Billions are in there.
Talk about some power brokers supporting their schools...Tim Cook wearing his Duke gear & Phil Knight with his Oregon hat!
If ISIS bombed the Honda Center with Phil Knight and Tim Cook in attendance.
wow. Tim Cook, Phil Knight, Kobe, David Robinson.this game got lotta money
Phil Knight and Tim Cook are at this game 😳
Nikes Phil Knight just donated an astounding amount of money to Stanford but not for sports - Washington Post
Nice! I'm going to get Phil Knight's upcoming book for sure.
.MJ still has a permantly reserved parking spot at office. I'm told Phil Knight uses it these days! :)
Best (and I don't say that lightly) guitar lesson video on YouTube. Phil Knight from is the man: .
We have just come out of a meeting with UCL Provost Michael Arthur, finance director Phil Harding and vice-provost (operations) Rex Knight.
I think Michael Jordan did that, along with a lot of Phil Knight shenanigans. Now they have a conscience? A little late.
But see I look inside the mirror and think Phil Knight tricked us all . . .
Bernie Sanders need a Nike deal, then I might consider that he might be real if Phil Knight knight him then I might like him
One Google search shows that Shovel Knight is Easy to Moderate rarity. Little Mac is the rarer one; Phil should have snagged it.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Nike's "ethics" are notoriously loose but Phil Knight has apparently decided to run a tighter ship now?
Phil Knight deserves to be on this list smh
Phil Knight doesn't care about basketball as much I guess
Live they just give me Jamie Knight a shotout .The producer Phil Hall was the first one to say I should be an Actor
Nike co-founder Phil Knight is worth $24.4B and is the 24th richest person in the world: https…
I'll never poker playing Ned Flanders being the vanilla ice to Phil hellmuths Suge Knight
Unless you and Phil Knight are besties..I swear I don't care.
Bae: come over. Me; I am playing Batman Arkham knight . Bae: my parents aren't home.. Me : Neither are Batman's .. Do…
Phil Knight worth Billions u still bought those kicks
Stanford has worked with a Nike billionaire to unveil a new $750M scholarship program
Probably the hardest truth of 2015, on America and the Middle East, came in this barely-read Phil Gordon article:
Phil Knight outgives Bill Gates to change the future of the world...
why take $ from Phil knight? Who's company hasn't made a product in u.s.a for years
Nike cofounder Phil Knight personally gave 400 million in cash to the new program.
Congratulations to the legendary Phil Knight for an act of breathtaking generosity and vision.
Phil Knight of Nike sold his soul to the devil.
Want to see Phil Knight with indigestion? Ask him how Nike missed Stephen Curry. Sonny V chuckles about that one.
Nike’s Phil Knight explains why he gave Stanford $400 million -
"Using education to benefit mankind" Nike chairman gives $400m to Stanford program to solve 'global challenges'
Phil Knight (Nike) just gave $400m 2 Stanford 2 procreate corporate foot soldiers. Why didn't he give from the alleviate poverty?
"For me, Nike has always been more than just a company -- it has been my life's passion.". .
Nike co-founder Phil Knight is officially the richest person in sports. [He's worth a TON.] https:…
Nike co-founder Phil Knight named richest person in sports by Forbes
Phil Knight owns the University of Oregon athletic department. So he would be the richest owner in sports!
Phil Knight is worth 26 billion and he's only the 15th richest American... Let that sink in
Delighted to have a poem in The Angry Manifesto Issues 4&5 with Gary Beck, Phil Knight,…
Mark Helfrich and Oregon had about as bad of a day with these commitments as Phil Knight could dream up.
Phil Knight, CEO of Nike, publishing memoir of his early years in the business, titled, " Shoe Dog"
Simon & Schuster announces that memoir of Nike co-founder Phil Knight will hit stores on April 26
Phil Knight needs to hire a doctor to clone Dana Altman's brain and put it in Mark Helfrich's body
"Call me when you get this." . text from Phil Knight to Mark Helfrich
I wanna go hang out in the Phil Knight & Dana Altman lounge. Talking about comfy gear for optimal knee bending.
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