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Phil Kessel

Philip Kessel, Jr. (born October 2, 1987) is an American professional ice hockey forward for the Toronto Maple Leafs of the National Hockey League (NHL).

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That Phil Kessel above 113 may be wielding force powers on in this picture.
And another thing good reason to put kessel on the 3rd bozak n phil have chemistry
Can you believe that Phil Kessel got to hold this above his head two years in a row?
I want someone to look at me the way Ryan Reaves looks at Phil Kessel ☺️
"I wanna get Phil Kessel really angry then bang him". - Carmen Fisher
Ben could have lost the fire making challenge. And guess what. You wouldn’t be talki…
It's 12/22/2017 at 0:15 and "Trill" Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup Champion
That Phil Kessel playing poker picture is a timeless example of this I think. Wheeler is a better player though so I'll agree
JuJu has really become a star in Pittsburgh...TJ Watt could skate and became a Phil Kessel fan, but JuJu…
WINNER! Phil Kessel's assist moves us to an incredible 11-1 on our last 12 hockey plays. Props are KILLING it! ✅💰🔥
This is the greatest picture you’ll see today. Ryan Reaves as Phil Kessel’s wife
Wearing his No. 81 sweater with the rolling backpack that contains all of his IV fluids in tow, Cooper dashed over to Phil Ke…
Congrats Phil Kessel voted Shout MVP in today's Penguins v Blue Jackets game. Vote at
Keep calm and pass the puck to two time Stanley Cup Champion Phil Kessel
Phil Kessel chirping Sidney Crosby after Alex Ovechkin sniped on him is perfect 😂👌🏻
Sidney Crosby just made a guy do a 360, then got tripped up, still managed to get the puck and get a quality shot off. Great skill
Phil Kessel is FLYING around the ice tonight
Phil Kessel...nice guy, tries hard, loves the game, great actor.I smell an oscar nomination!
Motion to change all mentions of Phil Kessel to "Amanda Kessel's brother."
Sid and Geno have dropped the gloves this period. Let's hope two-time Stanley Cup Champion Phil Kessel is next.
Patric Hornqvist has three goals in his last four games vs. Columbus. Phil Kessel and Kris Letang pick up the helpers. Kesse…
If you start Game 6 of the 2017 Stanley Cup Finals at 9:18pm on New Years Eve Phil Kessel will become a two time Stanle…
Phil Kessel makes a young fan cry by giving her a signed stick. This is what it's all about 👌
Fun fact : Phil Kessel is actually training Gary Roberts...
Coming next week: Goals totals rounded to the nearest 10. Phil Kessel currently tied with Michael Raffl
It's 12/1/2017 at 0:15 and "The" Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup Champion
As much as I love reminding everyone that Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup Champion Again, Amanda has had more success…
But was that question about Phil Kessel being a Stanley Cup Champion? Get on Steve Dangle's level, Ian…
Reminder: today is Wednesday, November 30 2017 and Phil Kessel is still a Stanley Cup Champion.
Hey did you guys know Phil Kessel is a back-to-back Stanley Cup Champion?
Phil Kessel is an American hero and 2 time Stanley Cup Champion and it is blasphemy to compare him…
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Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup Champion...and a Sith Lord.
Well, if anything does happen... at least we all lived long enough to see Phil Kessel as a back to back Stanley Cup
Me: Yeah I have 9 friends . Friend: Honestly it's hella annoying when someone says "Phil Kessel is a 2x Stanley Cup Champio…
Phil Kessel is the American Sniper. Donald J. Trump salutes you!
Phil Kessel. Sean Couturier. Marc-Edouard Vlasic. Brett Pesce. and. and oh god. oh god it's gonna feel so good to say this…
This weeks episode, we interview the guy who sneaks Phil Kessel food onto the bench, and list the greatest come backs o…
The Penguins have not lost the Stanley Cup since Phil Kessel joined the team. (July 1st, 2015) (2 full seasons)
“Phil Kessel is a 2 time Stanley Cup Champion
Phil Kessel is a 2x Stanley Cup Champion
Phil Kessel is in love with the shape of you.
David Pasternak should get contract negotiating advice from Phil Kessel, Tyler Seguin, and Dougie Hamilton. It's a bad history.
I wish they covered it with the same journalistic integrity in which you covered Phil Kessel's favourite hot dog st…
I think there's a future for you impersonating (two time Stanley Cup Champion) Phil Kessel.
Do we lose if we don't end up dating 2 time Stanley Cup Champion, Phil Kessel?
Simmons feels it was "small" of Phil Kessel to put hot dogs in Cup. "Why reference something that isn’t important?”
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This Steve Simmons-Phil Kessel hot dog thing has become legendary like the Skip Bayless high school basketball hero story.
Phil Kessel eats hot dogs out of the Stanley Cup like a boss.
oh my god. Phil Kessel is the greatest.
Did you know: According to points per game, Rob Brown was a better player than Phil Kessel. Imagine thinking that.
Phil Kessel can be a handful. But if the keep winning, he's not leaving Pittsburgh, writes
Since the won back-to-back Stanley Cups, Phil Kessel isn't going anywhere this season, writes
They trash too.. Larry Murphy, Phil Kessel and Dion Phaneuf many oh many more...
I liked a video Phil Kessel laughs at Dion Phaneuf for being robbed blind by Jonas Gustavsson
Phil Kessel on the young guns w/ "It's always tougher the second year...They got good players there."
Phil Kessel has been a great Penguin but there are trends worth tracking moving forward
Kyle Korver will make more than Anthony Rizzo and NHLers Erik Karlsson and Phil Kessel
To add to McGuire's point, Shero also had Nicklas Backstrom and Phil Kessel to choose from. Seemed correct after year one, but…
Phil Kessel has started his summer off by stealing fish.
Phil Kessel an American hero, signing a baby…
"Phil Kessel signs Penguins fan's baby at victory parade" {by Tim Kiernan} via
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Funny moment of the night, when Phil Kessel skated by and myself and said, with a big smile, "two for tw…
Phil Kessel and Evgeni Malkin celebrating the Stanley Cup win with a champagne fight in the locker room
Evgeni Malkin punches TWO TIME Stanley Cup Champion Phil Kessel in the face celebrating.
For Fans in Edmonton and Toronto... Justin Schultz and Phil Kessel are 2 time Stanley Cup Champions.
Also, obviously, thanks once again to the city of Toronto for the incredible gift of Phil Kessel. We couldn't do it without him.
The only way I'll get excited about this is if Drake records a "Back to Back" remix ft. Phil Kessel.
Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup Champion…again
Phil Kessel is a two time Stanley Cup Champion
So before we had "Amanda Kessel, Phil Kessel's sister"... now we have "Mike Fisher, Carrie Underwood's husband"
Every time Phil Kessel misses on a primo scoring chance I think his sister Amanda would have scored
When I told my dad Amanda Kessel was better than Phil Kessel and he didn't try to debate it, is when I truly became proud of my dad
Man who traded Tyler Seguin and Dougie Hamilton for Phil Kessel says don't get angry at other general managers for…
"The problem with the Penguins is that Phil Kessel isn't scoring enough" -Ron Cook. *meanwhile, on Earth, Phil has 19 poi…
We basically traded James Neal for Patric Hornqvist and Phil Kessel...that's highway robbery.
Give me Mike Hoffman for Ottawa and Phil Kessel for Pittsburgh
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Dion Phaneuf hits Phil Kessel to give Pittsburgh the power play, man oh man coincidence?
Phaneuf goes off for interference minor on Phil Kessel. Pittsburgh power play takes the ice.
We got our hands on exclusive video of Phil Kessel and Jay Beagle settling their differences this afternoon
picture Phil Kessel's skill, but with Roberto Luongo's heart
Phil Kessel now leads the league in power-play goals (5) in this year's playoffs.
Mike Sullivan on Phil Kessel: "I think our players get a kick out of him, quite honestly."
The Senators broke up Derek Stepan and Henrik Lundqvist, and now Phil Kessel and Evgeni Malkin. They're the Angelina Jol…
Never thought I would be rooting 4 Phil Kessel, who it was once said by Shawn Thornton that if the rink was round he would be a star...1of 2
It'll be Phil Kessel vs. Dion Phaneuf in the Eastern Conference Final. What a time to be alive.
Probably a touch late for Leafs fans, but Randy Carlyle, Phil Kessel, Dion Phaneuf and Clarke MacArthur are all headed to t…
Phil Kessel: 15 goals over last 2 postseasons, second only to San Jose's Joe Pavelski (16)
And Blake Wheeler. And Phil Kessel. And a draft pick that turned out to be Jamie Benn
The Pittsburgh Penguins were excited about their win last night, Phil Kessel and Chris Kunitz especially. "MONEY, M…
Jay Beagle hurt by Phil Kessel comments, wants to settle it by throwing down... in Mario Kart 😂. (Via http…
Phil Kessel and Jay Beagle go at it in interviews with the media. Beagle challenged Kessel to a game of Mario Cart too…
The best part of OT games are the bench shots of Phil Kessel sucking wind like he had to jog to the hot dog cart
Phil Kessel likes hot dogs. You have to get hot dogs at the O. The O is in Oakland. So is Pitt...James Conner is a Pitt…
Happy World Penguin Day to my fave and of course. Phil Kessel. A Stanley Cup Champion. And Evgeni Malkin. And Sidney Crosby. And-
Coach Sullivan says that Phil Kessel had a maintenance day and that Chris Kunitz and Chad Ruhwedel are "closer".
It's Wednesday, April 12th & Phil Kessel is on his way to becoming a two-time Stanley Cup Champion.
Phil Kessel is my dad and a Stanley Cup Champion
defeat the 3-1. Phil Kessel scores a power play goal in the win. Pittsburgh leads the series 1-0 over Columbus
Actual Gatorade bottle used by Phil Kessel and possibly Jake Guentzel, mistakenly.
have had Phil Kessel, Blake Wheeler, Tyler Seguin, and Dougie Hamilton over the past 7 years. Add that to Marchand/Pastrnak/Bergy
Phil Kessel is a stanly cup champion
Currently, Mikael Granlund has more points than:. Jamie Benn. Alexander Ovechkin. Phil Kessel. Max Pacioretty. Vladimir Tara…
Eric Johnson over Shattenkirk. Justin Abdelkader over Phil wins, somehow.
The Patriots may have won the Super Bowl, but don't let that distract you from the fact that Phil Kessel is still a St…
Jake Guentzel and Phil Kessel go way back. Read more:
if you think Phil Kessel is better than Tom Brady.
All-Star break is over. . play Tuesday night. . Phil Kessel still a Stanley Cup Champion. .
Now that the NHL All-Star Break is over, let us remind you that Phil Kessel is STILL a Stanley Cup Champion.
Last pens victory of 2016, what a year.. 2016 cup champs and Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup champ
Phil Kessel with the golden sombrero in th first period.
2016 was the year when Phil Kessel became a Stanley Cup champ.
This is a fake story. Ur trying to tell me Phil Kessel & Johnny Manziel caught Harry Potter at a baseball game. Nah.
Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup champ so 2016 wasn't that bad
Is anybody sad that we traded Kasperi Kapanen for Phil Kessel?
It's 12/26/2016 and Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup champ
Phil Kessel is the only pro athlete that makes me think I'm kind of in shape.
Nikita Kucherov, Phil Kessel, Jamie Benn & Oliver Ekman-Larsson got my votes today
In this week's Steve talks about Phil Kessel being a center for Colby Armstrong. (3:15).
I see William Nylander is already getting the Phil Kessel treatment by the same clique of writers. Go figure.
not obscure but: we need a Phil Kessel bandwagon.
what would American Hero Phil Kessel bring to Thanksgiving dinner?
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What's the most outrageous thing you would believe hearing that Phil Kessel eats for Thanksgiving?
Phil Kessel getting off the plane looking like Alan from "The Hangover" lmfao
Phil Kessel picked up a pair of assists Monday.
Nylander will soon be attending the Phil Kessel School of Not Giving A Crap What They Think.
Phil Kessel is leading the league in assists and Sidney Crosby is leading in goals. What kind of alternate universe are we…
As the accurately prophetic Phil Kessel once said: "This guy is such an *** here"
It's 11/22/2016 at 8:15 and "Philthy" Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup Champion
Geuntzel (sp) is a grad of the Phil Kessel Speech College.
Phil Kessel doesn't have an ounce of leadership.
It's 11/22/2016 at 0:15 and "The Plug" Phil Kessel, Jr. is a Stanley Cup Champion
I do love Phil Kessel, this is true
not once have I called him a starter. I just think playing fleury now will benefit Murray later
yes right my mistake. Forgot about that game
Fleury hasn't improved on the playing the puck for 11 years but he's the "starter" lol
how is Murray the hot hand when last time he played was when he got whacked in the face by geno
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im aware. Do you know you can't just improve at something in a day? You gotta make it a habit
you just play the hot hand and that's Murray
I think they realized Murray was tired and knew he needed a break and wanted to give fleury a shot
or maybe cuz he played bad that one game and Fleury was ready to play to see if he could
Murray can improve his play by playing games lol
give me another explanation that makes sense. Everyone was saying that cuz it made a lot of sense
ya and that's what'll happen to Murray if he doesn't improve his game before they turn into habits
is that Just your guess or did he come out and say he got tired lol
Fleury has been in the league for 11 years and still needs to improve on playing the puck
it's a good thing to have in your back pocket. I'm just naming things Murray needs to improve on
don't understand how he would get tired ? Being a young goalie ? But okay lol
but Murray will get the nod on Wednesday and we will see how he plays
im just saying I think playing fleury is the right option for now even tho Murray may be better.
lol shootouts ? How many times do you even go to a shootout that's the last thing a goalie has
ya he did. But that doesn't even relate to this right now.
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because as you can tell fleury is one of the best shootout goalies ever. Murray's still weak there
or you mean game 5 when Fleury came in and almost costs us the series ? Lol
and he also lost I believe game 3 against Tampa that almost cost us the cup.
how can he get better by sitting on the bench tho ? Lol play Murray until he shows he's not
I think so too. But I think he's still young and can become even better. So I say give it time
Murray stole like 1 or 2 games that series and made huge saves when our defense was bad
let me know if anyone saw Phil Kessel Or Evgeni Malkin do anything tonight .. DG is the reason why you didn't
Fair point, but I just think Murray's performance is elite. Like among best Gs in league.
I agree with that. And actually if you remember our defense played amazing in that series.
I don't understand why w Murray backstopping Pens to Cup & those elite he's sitting. Crazy
yeah but Fleury lovers act like Murray has no right to start lol
I also don't think Fleury "bad" or shd be "traded". Just think Murray shd play most nights.
so pens play better with Murray in net so that means play Murray lol
it's just excuses last year when Murray saved the pens *** in the capitals series i didn't
again I think Murray is the better goaltender at the moment... but fleury is not at all to blame
Hamilton Collection
im not saying he shouldn't be. I'm just saying fleury is still a good goaltender.
thank you these Pittsburgh fans don't seem to understand that
Phil Kessel and Trevor Daley pick up the assists on the Jake Guentzel goal.
Fleury been mediocre, Murray almost unbeatable & helped win the Cup. Murray should be now.
again look at the shots he's faced. He's given up an average of 3.11 goals but still a .900 GAA
and as Murray played in the playoffs without rest, the worse the stats got...
let Murray play as many games as Fleury he would have better stats guess you pens fans haven't learned
Murray makes the easy ones and Lets tough ones in... same outcome though
fleury has played more games, faced more shots, only a 5% difference or so in GAA. They're about even to me
Fleury makes amazing saves and lets in garbage goals
Murray has earned the right to start 1.60 goals against and 950 save percentage
and fleury has kept them in all but I think 1 of those games. And they were 6-3-1 before Saturday
honestly I think Murray will get sent into expansion draft and. A) gets taken, frees cap space. B) comes back
sully wants fleury to stay on top of things. Plus they've been winning with him other than 2 nights.
but I think it's the other way around but that's fleury's style and that's how he's always played
enigmatic: an analysis of Phil Kessel
or I think Sullivan is being fair right now giving Fleury a chance to prove he should start which he is
Kevin Klein blocks a Phil Kessel shot and heads hobbling down the tunnel. Rangers, on 2nd half of B2B, down to 5 dmen at the moment
It’s hard to believe Phil Kessel is playing with Nick Bonino & Scott Wilson.
America, I'm so disappointed in you. First, you left Phil Kessel, Bobby Ryan and Blake Wheeler off the Team USA roster and now this election
I really want to know how many votes went to Phil Kessel, Ken Bone, Harambe, and JR Smith
Phil Kessel is already campaigning for his chance at the presidency in 2024:
You vs. the guy she tells you not to worry about. Phil Kessel is NOT a Toronto Maple Leaf and IS a Stanley Cup Champion ht…
Somebody explain this "Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup Champion" thing to me.
Cheer up. Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup Champion.
It's October 19th 2016, the Vancouver Canucks are 3-0 and Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup Champion.
but it's all okay because Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup Champion
1)The Canadiens on their opening night 2) It's still early in the season/Sid's out 3) Phil Kessel is STILL a Stanley Cup Champion
if you know anything about hockey you know that Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup Champion along with the Pittsburgh Penguins!
but on the bright side, Phil Kessel is still a Stanley Cup Champion
Little Giant Ladders
The Stanley Cup Champion Phil Kessel is going to come alive.
Stanley Cup Champion Penguins open season with win (AFP): Phil Kessel scored the decisive shootout goal as th...
Obama honors Pittsburgh Penguins at White House, takes jab at Phil Kessel
It's 1:12 am on October 14th and this is just a reminder that Phil Kessel and the Pittsburgh Penguins are Stanley Cup Champions
This is the greatest night for Toronto hockey since Phil Kessel won the Stanley Cup.
"Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup Champion" > "Ask not what your country can do for you" .
first candidate to say "Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup Champion" gets my vote
"then, DM Steve Simmons with sexy Phil Kessel photos and wait for magic"
Somewhere Steve Simmons is wishing he'd thought of throwing a hot dog at Phil Kessel.
"Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup Champion.". -
While trying to defame & belittle him on his way out of Toronto, Steve Simmons actually made Phil Kessel an even bigger hero. 😀👍❤
."We are here to celebrate an extraordinary achievement. Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup Champion."
Obama just said, "Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup Champion." Is this even real life anymore?
I agree with you John. This is the Blue Jays' version of Phil Kessel and the hotdog.
Where are John Scott, Phil Kessel and Ryan Miller when you need them ...
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last time i remember it happening was Phil Kessel when he slashed John Scott a few years ago. Same deal.
John Tortorella is upset with Phil Kessel. Who cares? Kessel was right. Brian Burke and Tortorella are bad for the g…
Find someone who treats you like Phil Kessel treats his dog
Watching a Phil Kessel wrist shot like
Hockey World Cup: U.S. debacle had even Toronto fans calling for Phil Kessel
Phil Kessel won the Stanley Cup and the World Cup of Hockey in 2016. Nice year for him.
Phil Kessel, snubbed by Team USA, throws some serious shade after World Cup loss - CBSSports…
I don't care what team Phil Kessel is on. He's a national treasure.
Phil Kessel is a national treasure.
The only way the U.S. getting blown out could be better is if Phil Kessel was sitting right behind the U.S. bench eating…
I barely recognize Patric Hornqvist without his beard that makes him look like Phil Kessel.
Pierre don't forget to add Galchenyuk to the list of Phil Kessel, Tyler Johnson and Kevin Shattenkirk
Wonder if Phil Kessel, Tyler Johnson, Kyle Okposo, Kevin Shattenkirk or Justin Faulk could have helped with that
Tyler Johnson and Phil Kessel, not on this team
Points per game over the last three seasons:. Kyle Okposo:.88. Phil Kessel: .81. Tyler Johnson: .70. .. Justin Abdelkader: .51
Wonder if America is rethinking the choice to not take Tyler Johnson, Phil Kessel and Kevin Shattenkirk...
Tyler Johnson. Bobby Ryan. Phil Kessel. Kevin Shattenkirk Justin Faulk.. this list is amazing
Phil Kessel decided to spend his day with the Stanley Cup at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. What a class act. 👌🏻 https:/…
It’s Aug. 17th, Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup Champion and is wearing a Pens jersey .
One year ago today, Phil Kessel put on his uniform for the first time.
- Phil Kessel's grandma drinks from the Stanley Cup. No explanation needed.
no, I believe that was Corey Perry in reply to Phil Kessel
Phil Kessel could use his middle fingers but he brought the Stanley Cup to Toronto instead.
Phil Kessel used his day with the Stanley Cup to take it to the Toronto Sick Kids Hospital. A true class act.
Phil Kessel brought the cup to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto... Class act
After taking the Stanley Cup home to Madison yesterday, Phil Kessel has it today in Toronto -- as promised.
And were also selected for World Cup of Hockey taxi squad over Phil Kessel
lol I only have 2 Pens jerseys I wear - Phil Kessel & Mark Eaton. Living the dream lol
The Stanley Cup was in the Oakmont clubhouse during rain delay.with Pens' Phil Kessel https…
just in case you didn't know. Phil Kessel is a Stanley Cup Champion.
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Today is Thursday June 16th, 2016. 4 days after Game 6. . Phil Kessel is a Pittsburgh Penguin and a Stanley Cup Champion.
Eat it, world. Phil Kessel just won the Stanley Cup.
From the Phil Kessel trade, to the Mike Johnston firing, to the Mike Sullivan hiring, to trading Rob Scuderi for Trevor Daley (lol)...
I'd like to take a moment to talk about my son, our lord and saviour, Phil Kessel
While most players drink from the Stanley Cup, Phil Kessel is going to teach us all how many cheeseburgers will fit in Lord Stanley's Mug.
Congrats & Phil Kessel for really stickin it to the critics & their old teams by winning Lord Stanley's Cup!
also shout out Phil Kessel for getting his ring, lord knows you'd never win one in Toronto lol
I've always been a big Phil Kessel fan. No moreso than tonight. Really happy to see him get his name on Lord Stanley's Cup.
Congratulations to the Pittsburg Penguins winning the Stanley Cup! Sidney, Phil Kessel, it's great to see you lift Lord Stanley's Cup!
Majority of Leaf fans would rather see James Reimer and Roman Polak *** even Nick Spaling) raise Lord Stanley's Mug before Phil Kessel.
Phil Kessel, with the Hans Solo performance. Returning Lord Stanley to the city of Pittsburgh for all to cherish
Toronto has to be a little PO'ed right now watching Phil Kessel skate with Lord Stanley's Cup.
Phil Kessel better get a standing ovation. Lord know I'll be standing
Phil Kessel's name will be on the Stanley Cup and Tim Connolly's isn't. I just can't right now.
Gonna need some degreaser for the Stanley Cup after Phil Kessel puts his grimy Wendy's fingers all over it...
Phil Kessel will soon be spotted eating hotdogs out of Lord Stanley's cup
Just remembered that Phil Kessel gets to skate with Lord Stanley tonight. That's pretty cool.
players who have won both the Stanley Cup and an Olympic medal:. -Neal Broten. -Phil Kessel. End of list
That save by Martin Jones on Phil Kessel just now literally just shifted Conn Smythe votes from the latter to the former. Good lord.
Phil Kessel is suffering from acute hot dog withdrawl. Get that kid some methadone!
Tommy Wingels stole Phil Kessel ' s Lunch Money can't see it in the picture but "sources" confirm it happened.
John Scott wants to form a World Cup team with snubs, including Phil Kessel
Phil Kessel now has more SCF wins this week than the Leafs have in 49 years. 👀 🌭 😭
Phil Kessel is the Arjen Robben of hockey. Discuss.
our friend Phil. .. Phil Kessel. .. answering topical questions for those reporters
John Scott wants to form World Cup team with Phil Kessel, other snubs
NHL is paying Steve Simmons to harass Phil Kessel so they can make it a LeBron/Skip situation.
Steve Simmons' literal opinion is that Phil Kessel is a bad person bc he didn't score enough goals in the Olympics
What I imagine Steve Simmons' house looks like. Pictures of Phil Kessel on every wall.
Steve Simmons will still write hit pieces on Phil Kessel's character in 2050, won't he.
Does Steve Simmons hate Phil Kessel more than anyone hates anything?
Phil Kessel left off of Team USA World Cup roster. He has the second-most points in the playoffs among American-born ska…
Reminder: Bryan Rust went as Phil Kessel's hot dog for Halloween so we should all love him
I'm no Phil Kessel fan, but not having him on the Team USA World Cup of Hockey roster while James van Riemsdyk is: 100% asinine.
NHL: Sharks' Joe Thornton added to Team Canada roster for Wold Cup of Hockey; Penguins' Phil Kessel left off USA rostervia
Exception. Also, Phil Kessel being left out or the tournament is also embarrassing. Leading American-born goal scorer since 08/09, but nope
Kyle Okposo, Tyler Johnson, Kevin Shattenkirk, Justin Faulk, and Phil Kessel somehow didn't make this team. Unreal.
Also, no Tyler Johnson or Phil Kessel on Team USA is absurd...
Justin Abdelkader made team USA over Tyler Johnson and Phil Kessel 😂😂😂😂 yeah good job Torts.
Wait so Phil Kessel and Tyler Johnson didn't make Team USA but Ryan Callahan did? That's a misprint everyone ran with I assume?
With the final World Cup rosters announced, what is a bigger surprise : no Tyler Johnson or no Phil Kessel for Team USA?
Brandon Dubinsky & Blake Wheeler over Phil Kessel and Tyler Johnson? Come on USA Hockey.
Do I laugh at the inclusion of Justin Abdelkader and Ryan Callahan over Phil Kessel and Tyler Johnson? Or do I cry?
I had a vision of Tyler Johnson and Phil Kessel on the same line on the USA World Cup roster. I guess I was dreaming 😳😳
Brian Burke is a *** fool. Brandon Dubinsky and Ryan Callahan over Phil Kessel?
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
In classic USA style they left off some notable players: Phil Kessel, Tyler Johnson, Kevin Shattenkirk and Justin Faulk to name a few
Thoughts on Tyler Johnson AND Phil Kessel omissions? Is there a problem at that we don't know about?
When you put Brandon Dubinsky and Ryan Callahan on the USA roster over Tyler Johnson and Phil Kessel
I was thinking a Bourque-esque duck boat parade for Phil Kessel
If you said not long ago that Phil Kessel and James Reimer would one day be in the Final...
Phil Kessel sounded emotional tonight. He was laughing excitedly in his postgame media scrum:
New Year Slender Man Donald Trump Meghan Markle Star Wars Papa John White House Prince Harry President Donald Trump Eric Schmidt President Trump Las Vegas Damian Green Middle East Manchester United Bristol City Theresa May Toys R Us North Korea Charles Dutoit Tom Hanks United Nations Santa Claus Boris Johnson Downing Street Manchester City Premier League Peaky Blinders Ivanka Trump Miss America Organization Mamma Mia 2 Wall Street General Assembly Carabao Cup Cardinal Law South Korea South Korean Kylie Jenner North America Larry Nassar Nikki Haley Real Estate North Korean Happy Holidays Venus Williams South Carolina Jimmy Choo Vice President Mike Pence Mark Kelly Steven Spielberg American Girl Mutual Fund Ridley Scott Hugh Jackman Red Cross Pope Francis Al Franken Kevin Spacey Merry Christmas Last Jedi Ryan Giggs Crystal Palace Christmas Eve Jurgen Klopp Man Utd West Brom Liam Gallagher Justin Gatlin Christmas Day Champions League Jessica Chastain Senate Republicans Meryl Streep Super Bowls Cook County Margot Robbie Tax Cuts Final Fours Mitch Trubisky Raul Castro Elliot Daly Daily News Portland State John Schnatter Harvey Weinstein Khloe Kardashian Steve Bannon Mark Schwahn Tristan Thompson American Ballet Theatre Alan Pardew Albert Square Adam Thomas Adam Barton Victoria Beckham West End Alfie Moon Arsene Wenger Brighton Pavilion Charlotte Crosby

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