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Phil Jackson

Philip Douglas Phil Jackson (born September 17, 1945) is a retired American professional basketball coach and former player.

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Sources on Knicks owner James Dolan considering possibility of firing Phil Jackson. Story:
also had some traction on three-way deal involving sources say, but Carmelo Anthony/Phil Jackson drama causi…
Phil Jackson will now present the award for "Best Exit Interview."
Ian what is the plan with the Knicks. We haven't heard from anything from Phil Jackson about…
Where do I contribute to keeping this billboard up until Phil Jackson's contract expires
Y'all over here fretting over Phil Jackson and Kristaps Porzingas while over there Stan Bowman has gone full Crazy Eddie.
Stephen A. Smith comes for Phil Jackson as news of a potential Kristaps Porzingis trade surfaces.
Phil Jackson goes to bingo and eats patty melts at the same place every week. He's just too old
The floor is trusting Phil Jackson to properly manage your team
fans if Phil Jackson leaves Malik Monk on the board for Frank Ntilikina...
Someone give me some reasons to believe King Phil of the Knicks will solve their problems ! Phil Jackson has been a nightmare .
Wish I could be excited about this French dude but Phil Jackson still gets to run things, he'll probably trade him for a bucket of fish
Phil Jackson drafted another foreigner when he doesn't even want the foreigner he has now.
Today on Is it possible that Phil Jackson knows what he's doing? Should the Celtics make the deal for Porzingis at…
Phil Jackson: We are trading in our division. Knicks Fans Instantly At
Phil Jackson been trying get fired for how long?
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A top-15 prospect said that Phil Jackson was "falling in and out of sleep" during his draft workout.
Rubbing ice cubes on the bottom of my feet while watching clips of Knicks Nation going crazy over sleepy head Phil Jackson
Goodness, is destroying Phil Jackson today on So sassy and savage (and... probably deserved)
Phil Jackson a savage. He wants to be fired so bad 😂
A top-15 prospect claims Phil Jackson fell asleep during his workout
The fact Phil Jackson still has a job baffles me
Phil Jackson:"We are currently shopping Porzingis for pick to draft Kansas' Josh Jackson & an established starter.". Knic…
Phil Jackson is gonna sign Mike Sweetney, Qyntel Woods and Eddy Curry to max deals this summer
Phil Jackson is the caddy who recommends a 5 iron to chip.
Phil Jackson really said he'd trade his 21yr old 7'3'' center who blocks 2 shots per game & shoots 36% from 3 becuz it'd h…
Phil Jackson is a worse president than Donald Trump.
Phil Jackson: "we're listening to trade offers for Kristaps Porzingis". Pop:
New York Knicks president Phil Jackson open to big offer to deal for ´unicorn´…
Ah draft day is upon us. May the odds be forever in your favor, and Phil Jackson not be the president of your favorite team.
Phil Jackson running an NBA team in 2017 is like Andrew Jackson being President in 2017. There ideas and principles are so outdated
Phil Jackson on the No. 8 pick, Porzingis, Melo, and More - Knicks president Phil Jackson on the No. 8 pick, Kr...
Want more drama? Now it's Phil Jackson vs. Kristaps Porzingis
Phil Jackson is possibly the worst president/ executive ever
Phil Jackson is crazy. Great Coach horrible president. Knicks should let him go. Probably should've a while back
Knicks president Phil Jackson escalated the rumors of Kristaps Porzingis being on the trade market.
I think Phil Jackson has a personal vendetta with the Knicks, & only agreed to be president to destroy the entire franchi…
Only thing Phil Jackson has done successfully as president is make the Isiah Thomas tenure in NY feel like "the go…
Phil Jackson: we gotta do what's best for our future, even if that means trading Kristaps Porzingis . Me:
Phil Jackson: As much as we love Porzingis we must do what's best for the organization. Knicks fans:
Phil Jackson just said he thinks it's time Carmelo Anthony find somewhere else to play. Goodness.
Phil Jackson is CLEARLY trying to get fired. If he trades KP for fish heads and rice, NY will explode. I feel for Knicks fans
Help me off the ledge. Phil Jackson is really thinking about trading KP . Listen here 👇🏽 .
Kristaps Porzingis is the future. Phil Jackson is the past. With no future as a basketball executive.
I hope someone castrates Phil Jackson and shoves his nuts up each nostril. dead ***
Phil Jackson confirmed the Knicks are listening to offers for Kristaps Porzingis
Phil Jackson: We need to do what's long term best for the franchise. Savage Phil: Trade Kristaps immediately
Phil Jackson might be my new favorite Savage
In ten years he hasn't sniffed a title. Phil Jackson has "big plans" too. Stop drinking the Flavor Ade
Phil Jackson was never great Not hard with Michael, Scottie, Shaq, and Bryant without talent Phil…
Lmao Max Kellerman is straight savage! "Phil Jackson as an executive is hot garbage!" 👌👌🔥🔥
Phil Jackson the zen master and all but he must have lost his got *** mind
Knicks fans upon hearing the news Phil Jackson is willing to trade Kristaps Porzingis.
Kristaps Porzingis on his decision to skip exit interviews with team president Phil Jackson. His story, coming Sunday morning on E…
Phil Jackson: When it comes to making a dumb trade, no one is on my level!. Magic Johnson:
Nah yo Phil Jackson cannot be trusted. One swift box for this fish dawg!
Someone throw holy water on Phil Jackson. This man is literally Satan trapped in the body of a ailing 7 foot rabbi who smells like tuna fish
Phil Jackson is the kid who's mad you beat him at Mario Kart and pours water in his own N64
We got Phil Jackson working from the inside the Knicks he bouta trade kristaps for Randle and Paul George signing in free agency.2019 champs
On AmicoHoops: Latest on as Porzingis reportedly wants to return to NY.
Phil Jackson gotta go, Who would even consider trading the Unicorn 😂
Hamilton Collection
This isn't former Knicks Champion Phil Jackson. This is cosmic cube Hydra Phil Jackson sent to destroy the Knicks from the…
Can I sue Phil Jackson for mental abuse???
Phil Jackson is a Zenyatta main that spam calls out his discords and uses his transcendence to get to the fight from re spawn
This is one of the dumber things I've read in some times...that didn't involve Phil Jackson.
There are so few sure things in life so it's reassuring Phil Jackson being a terrible GM was one of them
I'd rather be a Nets or Browns fan than a Knicks fan. Phil Jackson is literally ***
Phil Jackson please take the rest of Dolans $ and just go away. Please, Please just go away.
Phil Jackson has like this after this Porzingis trade rumor.
Knicks fans: Kristaps Porzingis has All-Star potential. The future is bright. . Phil Jackson:
Me, fool: Keeping Porzingis is good, he's a great guy to build around. Phil Jackson, scholar: Actually, having great, young players is bad.
Phil Jackson going to ship Kristaps to LAL, quit the Knicks, then end his career still remembered as a beloved Laker
The best reason for Phil Jackson to let the world know he would trade Porzingis tomorrow is to make Jim Dolan fire him toda…
Now they're talking about trading I swear, I dunno which President's done worse: Trump with 🇺🇸 or Phil Jackson with the Knicks.
Sources on Phil Jackson considering trade, met with Lauri Markkanen as possible replacement. htt…
i'm officially done with Phil Jackson i can't take the heartbreak anymore 💔
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"The Knicks are a mess, there's no way they can make things worse." . Phil Jackson:
1) Phil Jackson roasting his own star (Melo) publicly. So absolutely insane, with no possible chance of a positive result.
Sources: Phil Jackson met with Lauri Markkanen in New York on Monday, a player whom he's considering at No. 8 should Kn…
First jimmy might go to the cavs now Phil Jackson wants to trade porzingod I don't know what to do anymore
Phil Jackson has worked so incredibly hard to destroy the reputation he built as a top coach
Phil Jackson is like George Costanza in the one episode where he just kept trying to get fired and they wouldn't do it lol
.can you exile Phil Jackson from the city limits please
If Phil Jackson trades Kristaps Porzingis and drafts Luke Kennard on Thursday
Put Phil Jackson in jail and then put the jail in space:
Sources: As teams become aware Phil Jackson isn't ruling out possibility of trading Kristaps Porzingis, frenzy of inter…
Woj: Phil Jackson is thinking about trading Kristaps Porzingis. Knicks fans:
Phil Jackson out here slaying unicorns...
Dan Gilbert: "I'm the most incompetent person running an NBA team.". Phil Jackson: "Hold my beer." . GarPax: "No, Phil. YOU…
Dan Gilbert lets David Griffin go. Phil Jackson hold my beer.
Dolan, fire Phil Jackson and hire David Griffin... thank you
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Most franchise changing decision in the history of sports right now would be Knicks firing Phil Jackson for David Griffin
I can't even spin zone this. What is Phil Jackson bluffing? Nope. This is what he does
boss Jeanie Buss still emotional talking about missing Phil Jackson
Why get rid of an all star that hasn't done anything wrong yet. He's Phil Jackson not Chip Kelly.
Who knows if it's even an option but I'd for sure rather have Isiah Thomas running the Knicks than Phil Jackson right now
Didn't want to throw in Pop and Phil Jackson too just in case?
MJ played for Dean Smith, then Doug Collins, then Phil Jackson. (HOF's) MJ was molded into what he was. LeBron had to mold himself.
If we sign Dante Cunningham I'm going to fight Phil Jackson
Carmelo Anthony should go to Cleveland Cavaliers after Phil Jackson said this
Mark Jackson, on a conference call to promote ESPN/ABC's Finals coverage, says Phil Jackson has been "a failure thus far." M…
Right... Made it to the finals back to back years... lost to Phil Jackson and Gregg Popovich. Not bad
If you trust Phil Jackson to get you talent you're out of your mind. &then a putrid inept gutless coach…
1- Schwartz has a strong relationship with the Knicks and Phil Jackson. Phil did right by Jeff by dealing unhappy an Tyson Chandler.
There's a reason Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan nicknamed Tim floyd that.
Hey all you Carmelo fans...ask him to hold up his hands next to Phil Jackson's hands. Let's do a ring comparison. 😂😂😂😂
Breast Cancer Awareness
Phil Jackson reiterated his belief that Carmelo Anthony should waive his no-trade clause.
As does Phil Jackson's. Imagine replacing MJ with Pete Myers and getting the same end result. Lordy.
Yes that game! Comedy Central went with the whole Phil Jackson killed him but Phil has it plotted it all…
Phil Jackson gonna run a triangle with Joakim Noah, Ron Baker, and Sasha Vujacic.
Phil Jackson alienates Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis but don't worry b/c sasha vujacic and ron baker are happy
NBPA executive director believes Phil Jackson was trying to push Carmelo out of New York with his comments. MORE: https:…
Actually, he didn't. Larry Brown, Donnie Walsh & Phil Jackson all struggled. You know those…
New York Knicks president Phil Jackson made a few things clear during his season-ending press conference last...
The sack whisperer: How an ex-NFL player became the Phil Jackson of pass rush gurus -
It took Phil Jackson to *** Lebron James off. Lance Stevenson couldn't even do that.
Porzingis gonna fight Phil Jackson and James Dolan himself
But my argument to Phil Jackson best coach ever, what about Pat Riley or Greg Pop
The NBPA criticized Phil Jackson over comments the New York Knicks president made about Carmelo Anthony.
Was it Phil Jackson's fault or that scene in Power?... Leaning more toward Phil cause Jada Pinkett still married...
Whoa. Michele Roberts called Phil Jackson's comments about Carmelo yesterday inappropriate. Said the NBPA voiced its concern…
Jordan book author says Phil Jackson should hire Tim Cone for Knicks
Phil Jackson has made it him vs. Melo which is unfortunate for everyone involved, including the organization, Porzingis & th…
Phil Jackson: Kristaps Porzingis not ready to be Knicks leader
Phil Jackson is a coach not a front office guy. Period.
Phil jackson was keeping it real but it's messed up Melo wasted his time in NY
ICYMI: team president Phil Jackson may have just signaled Carmelo Anthony's departure. Read
Again, just a marvelous job by Phil Jackson to destroy what was once seemed to be an unsinkable reputation & make Melo a…
Phil Jackson on Carmelo Anthony: "I think the direction with our team is that he would be better off somewhere else."
The more Phil Jackson talks, the more I respect Carmelo Anthony -- as a guy, not even as a player. All class.
Phil Jackson has really dug himself deep
Phil Jackson saying Knicks haven't been able to win with Melo and should move on is indeed true, but *** they haven't won with you either
"He's carried the basic load for this team. He's played his role quite well." - President Phil Jackson on Carmelo Anth…
The Knicks Have a Major Kristaps Porzingis Problem, and the Solution is to Fire Phil Jackson
Phil Jackson told Knicks star Melo he's better off somewhere else
"Phil Jackson to remain with Knicks for at least another 2 years". Knicks fans:
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Hiring Phil Jackson to do anything besides coach was a huge mistake
Carmelo Anthony was here at the Jordan Brand Classic. Declined comment when asked about Phil Jackson's comments and Kristaps Porzingis.
Phil Jackson also said today about Porzingis that he's not untouchable and that he isn't ready to be "The man."
Phil Jackson: Carmelo would be better off somewhere else. Carmelo:
Carmelo Anthony every time Phil Jackson open his mouth
Phil Jackson, asked if he wants Melo back, says Melo is a player who might be better off chasing a championship elsewhere.
EMTs were needed in 1979 when one of Phil Jackson's balls popped out of his shorts and Moses Malone mistakenly rebounde…
.Carmelo should come out tomorrow and say, "I'm not waiving the no-trade clause and I think Phil Jackson should…
Phil Jackson needs to be fired immediately
Phil Jackson went to war with Carmelo Anthony without bothering to shore up support of his most promising young player. M…
Phil Jackson running the best player the Knicks had in the last 20 years out the city smh
Never thought the phrase "stuck with Phil Jackson" could be uttered... but yet. here we are
Phil Jackson was harsh but everything he said was true...melo is cancer to a team
Obviously just speculation. But Carmelo just posted this on IG after Phil Jackson's press conference.
Phil Jackson believes Carmelo Anthony is "better off somewhere else". So what's next for 'Melo? discusses:
Best: Despite 11 rings, Jackson has plenty to prove via
Phil Jackson says the Knicks haven't been able to win with Carmelo Anthony and are "better off" if he waives no-trade c…
I will give Phil Jackson some credit because one thing he does very well is hire bum *** coaches
Phil Jackson: Carmelo Anthony would be better off elsewhere
Phil Jackson stopped a practice in order to show rose options in the triangle. Jeff Hornacek totally emasculated.
Garth sees Phil Jackson when he looks in the mirror
Phil Jackson said he tried to build the team around Carmelo with the free agent acquisitions 🤔
Phil Jackson is a *** You don't need to be Einstein or any fake *** Zen Master to understand Carmelo's game.
You guys see that Phil Jackson press conference?. -Lorenzo
Carmelo Anthony responds on Instagram to Phil Jackson with Great Gatsby reference. Seriously.
Beast Mode back, Phil Jackson said Melo's trash and Aaron Hernandez innocent? What a day
Phil Jackson says he's never criticized Melo. "i said he holds the ball, that's not a criticism that's pure facts"
Yes, the Knicks just made a mind-numbingly bad decision to extend Phil Jackson’s contract...
Phil Jackson has been so quick to go to the media but not to players & then complain about people HE EMPLOYED!
How does Phil Jackson still have a job?
Carmelo Anthony responds to Phil Jackson's comments with an Instagram post.
Melo dropped this on Instagram during Phil Jackson's presser
My favorite NBA writers are the ones who know more about winning players than Phil Jackson and his 14 rings
Phil Jackson on Carmelo Anthony today: "We have not able to win with him on the court. He would be a player better off so…
Phil Jackson, after 37 months on the job, wants a do-over. The triangle scheme continues...
We can expect more L's... Atleast i do. The knicks are a joke.. Even ur 21yr old star is hating it there.…
Phil Jackson indicated that the Knicks will continue to explore trade options for Carmelo Anthony.
Prove to me that Phil Jackson is not George Bluth, Sr.
Today, Phil Jackson is exactly as old as Nelson Mandela was the day he was released from prison (26,141 days).
Phil Jackson or Greg Popovich... Who would you want to coach your team?. LISTEN TO THE FULL…
WATCH: Dennis Rodman defends Knicks president Phil Jackson, says Carmelo Anthony will ‘never win in New York’
The former New York Knicks guard just opened up about what Phil Jackson did to Carmelo Anthony this season.
Do you think status rivals Mitch Kupchak, Pat Riley, Phil Jackson, Joe Dumars and the like? If so, elaborate
"Scottie Pippen calls for his former coach Phil Jackson to be fired by Knicks" {by James Herbert} via
What if Phil Jackson coach Timmy, Tony and Manu in their prime, will they win back to back championships?
also, learning from Lute Olson, Cotton Fitzsimmons, Lenny Wilkins, Phil Jackson and Greg Popovich. That counts too.
Among who attended the ceremony were former Lakers like Kobe Braynt, AC Green, Derek Fisher, head coach Phil Jackson and many more.
Jeanie Buss, Kareem, Jerry West, Phil Jackson and Kobe speaking about the Diesel
Running the triangle in 2017 is the equivalent of rubber-stamping 'American Homonym': Phil Jackson (i.e Jack Donaghy) is TANKING THE KNICKS
Jerry Krause joins Podcast and opens up on Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson, the dynasty, a scouting life. htt…
I agree Donnie Walsh was better than Phil Jackson but you compared Phil to Isiah, stop bouncing around here you're exhausting
Greg Popovich is a better coach than Phil Jackson. Not saying he wasn't amazing but dude had 3 top 10 players of all time in each decade
Breaking: Josh Reese doesn't think Phil Jackson is on Greg Popovich's level as a coach.
Phil Jackson giving *** away for free then signing bums like Sasha Vujacic
Phil Jackson comparing Steph Curry to Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf isn't quite as crazy
HoopsHype writer Alex Kennedy discusses whether or not the Knicks would be better off without Phil Jackson.
Would the Knicks be better off with out Phil Jackson? - HoopsHype writer Alex Kennedy discusses whether or not ...
Larry Brown: If Phil Jackson wants triangle, he should coach Knicks
Most Coach of the Month awards of all-time:. 1) GREGG POPOVICH - 17. 2) Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, George Karl - 12. 3) Flip Saunders - 10
Brandon Jennings (almost ran over Phil Jackson while scooting around in those shoes that have wheels in the heel) has…
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Sean Marks netted a first-round pick for Bojan Bogdanovic and Phil Jackson just waived Brandon Jennings. Cmon.
"Phil Jackson" downfall; all great coaches adapt their system to fit players. Shula won with Marino and Larry Csonka in separate eras
Knicks fans when they find out Phil Jackson just waived Brandon Jennings.
I wish Charles Oakley run to the office and jumped Phil Jackson
Charles Barkley describing Knicks and Phil Jackson perfectly on Live TV .
First Take Video: Stephen A. Smith shuts down idea Magic will be as ineffective with Lakers as Phil Jackson is with Knicks (ESPN)
Phil Jackson is no longer the worst president of basketball operations. That title belongs to none other than Ervin Magic Johnson
Eddy Curry speaking w Phil Jackson at downtown restaurant. Eddy saying only way he comes back is if Dolan brings back starberry.
you're a smart man to not want to play in NYC. You wouldn't want to play for clueless Phil Jackson & clueless James Dolan.
"I feel they both need to go. It breaks my heart because I love Phil Jackson & I love Carmelo. There's just dysfunction" —
Carmelo follows Janet Jackson but not Phil Jackson. Players Phil follows are Willy Hernangómez and Joakim Noah.
Only the Knicks can taint Phil Jackson's legacy.
Phil Jackson was upset the security guards didn't use the triangle offense while restraining Charles Oakley
"It looks bad and it's even worse when you're going through it" - Melo on drama surrounding Knicks; offers no comment on Phil Jackson, Char…
Yo seriously Melo is dropping 20 and 30 a night and they still trying to trade him…why is Phil Jackson not gone 🤔
[Windhorst] NBA Executives think Phil Jackson is out of his mind via /r/nba
Could Charles Oakley sue James Dolan and the Knicks? (by
James Dolan to honor Phil Jackson's contract 'all the way to the end.'
need to get rid of James Dolan & Phil Jackson - They need new leadership, new owner, a new vision.
Knicks have even ruined Phil Jackson.. arguably the GOAT, you go there to see your career die. Just ask Melo
Dolan: I'll allow Phil to do his job, won't meddle - ESPN
Why couldn't Phil Jackson shove the owner?
Dolan says he will never fire Phil, tells The Post "won't get in the middle'' of Zen-Melo feud
No wonder why top tier free agents don't want to play at MSG. They see this dope named James Dolan&his puppet Phil Jackson messing things up
Knicks owner James Dolan: Charles Oakley 'has a problem'
Knicks owner James Dolan says former player Charles Oakley 'has a problem' and is banned from Madison Square Garden. ht…
Phil Jackson such a diehard Lakers fan that he's done everything in his power to ensure that the Knicks will always look worse.…
"They think he's out of his mind.". - NBA Executives to our Brian Windhorst on Phil Jackson
James Dolan, in a classless league of his own, grants immunity to Phil Jackson and assassinates Oakley's character
Phil Jackson will just sit there until someone tells him to move
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I liked a video James Dolan on Charles Oakley, Phil Jackson, Carmelo Anthony rumors
sorry Ken love ya but Oakley was 100% right. The Knicks owner and Phil Jackson are scumbags
The Phil Jackson experiment as a GM has been a nightmare. Should of hung it up after his 11th title. Basketball has changed & passed Phil up
Thinking Phil Jackson is quite envious of Charles Oakley right about now.
Honest question.. if you are Phil Jackson, would do you do with the Knicks?
And for dolan to honor phil jackson's contract even though he's doing a horrible job just shows you the kind of organization he's running
they acting like Dolan and Phil Jackson have nothing to do with this Knicks franchise becoming a joke
Somebody need to drag James Dolan and Phil Jackson out the World's most famous arena
Knicks owner James Dolan to honor agreement with Phil Jackson, won't meddle -
Best discussion of Carmelo Anthony and Phil Jackson that I've heard so far...real talk
Phil Jackson is doing a horrible job as the president of the New York Knicks.
James Dolan and Phil Jackson seriously needs to go. Clean house & rebuilt. Again. Coming from a Knick fan. This org is a disgrace
When is Dolan gonna wake up, this team a disgrace. Phil Jackson known for '90 Bulls '00 Lakers and for destroying Melo career!!!
I found the Knicks train. I wanna know where Phil Jackson's destination is.
I don't have the money. But if I did you Dill and Jordan would be replacing Phil Jackson
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"He uses emojis, he quotes a song, He says he's misunderstood. Is he 15? What's going on here?". - Greeny on Phil Jackson'…
and Phil Jackson didn't step in at all. Didnt say anything, didnt try to help. And Dolan, earlier, banned Oak from MSG.
Dolan also confirmed that Oakley is banned from Madison Square Garden.
Oh boy, owner James Dolan rips Charles Oakley, says he 'has a problem'
I respected Phil Jackson a lot more when I thought he could spell.
This summer when Derrick Rose comes into Phil Jackson's office looking for a max contract
Knicks fans thought when they hired Phil Jackson he would put an end to the circus. Instead they simply added another attraction
Phil Jackson and James Dolan need to leave fast, quick, and in a hurry
Charles Oakley could now sue James Dolan and the Knicks for defamation. My and legal analysis: ht…
Reaction to Jim Dolan interview regarding Charles Oakley and Phil Jackson in two minutes at
James Dolan... Listen clearly I hope you get the help you need! You can start by making Phil Jackson the Knicks H.C. He is not Jerry West!!!
Phil Jackson and James Dolan's texted each other after the Charles Oakley ejection
Raja Bell terms Phil Jackson a 'teenager' for way he's dealing with Carmelo Anthony
I hope that James Dolan, Phil Jackson, Melo and the entire Knicks organization get the help they need
Spike Lee on whether Carmelo or Phil Jackson should go: "I will pack Phil's bags for him."
Phil Jackson does tht last stare before he walks off Madison Square Garden Blake Griffin went crazy like Oakley did in the stands
who built the Lakers, that was Jerry West NOT Phil Jackson
I don't care if he's a west coast guy. I don't care if he's 100 years old. Dolan should fire Phil Jackson and hire Jerry West immediately.
Should finally put an end to Phil Jackson mystique. Not a zen master. Doug Moe would have won with his teams in LA and Chicago
Charles Oakley referenced owner James Dolan as Phil Jackson was trying to calm him down. "Dolan did this," he said.
Phil Jackson out here cashing his checks
Carmelo Anthony has told teammates that he refuses to let Phil Jackson run him out of New York. (Y!)
If I was Melo I'd give Phil Jackson the finger buyout my contract and dip because he's acting hella childish right now
Phil Jackson is the basketball version of Joe Madden! They are stuck in their ways and think their way is the only way
Would you rather the New York fire Phil Jackson or trade Carmelo Anthony?
Hey B.J.! Do you think Phil Jackson is getting a raw deal?
"[Phil Jackson] is embarrassing himself because he's a 71-year old man acting like a child." — on Phil's t…
Donald trump, Jerry Jones, Vince McMahon, Phil Jackson: all the same person
Phil Jackson called the Mets offered carmello for Zach wheeler
The only question in New York should be this: Who has done more for the Knicks -- Carmelo Anthony or Phil Jackson? And the…
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I heard there was a Phil Jackson for David Griffin trade possibility
I don't wanna see Haymon, jerry jones, Robert kraft, Phil Jackson, whoever, stay in your office do your job
Knicks down 22 at home to the Lakers in the first half. Melo doesn't care. How does Phil Jackson still have a job? Complete…
How about that outlet pass! We'll find out years later that David Griffin hung up on Phil Jackson mid-sentence after the pass
Phil Jackson *** he deadass traded Tim Hardaway jr for Jerian Grant
Reminder that Phil Jackson traded this stud for jerian grant who isn't even on the Knicks anymore
"The Knicks should fire Phil Jackson before they trade Carmelo Anthony." -
No more "Hello, we got Carmelo"... more like, "It's wack son coz we got Phil Jackson"
It's Phil Jackson and Hornacek that should leave the
Phil Jackson does have 6 more rings than him for a total of 11, which is ahead of Red.
Phil Jackson’s biggest error has tied his hands with Carmelo Anthony
Been up all night reading this book by Phil Jackson. That man is probably one of the most creative leaders ever
They should get Phil Jackson out for the sake of everyone's development.
Phil Jackson needs to get a real return in trade for Anthony - New York Daily News
If the Knicks trade Carmelo Anthony with Austin Rivers as the main return, Phil Jackson should personally hand in his re…
"Phil Jackson will lead us to greatness" aka "the big virgin"
Phil Jackson comes into the ring like The Big Show, throwing everyone over the ring.
NEW YORK -- On a day when he was asked about everything from Phil Jackson to wanting to play with Chris Paul and...
he wants too but Phil Jackson is being a *** and trying to trade him ffs
not even a huge basketball fan and i know he is trash. Phil Jackson is an *** going about the whole situation but hes not wrong
Phil Jackson Outlines the Rewards and the Risks of His Newest Knick -
Subtract Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson, Derrick Rose and Tom Thibodeau from the Bulls history and you have Sterling's Cli…
Is it time to blow up Phil Jackson's Knicks experiment?
The Knicks NEED to be looking to trade Phil Jackson, more than anything.
Between Phil Jackson and the fake Melo hating fans I can't enjoy these games like I used to
Correct, but Phil Jackson wants him off the team, talking to celtics/clippers rn
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