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Phil Hughes

Philip Joseph Phil Hughes (born June 24, 1986) is an American right-handed baseball pitcher who has played 5 seasons in Major League Baseball (MLB) for the New York Yankees.

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Disappointed to hear there has been an inquest into Phil Hughes's tragic passing last year. Itwill only open up a can of no…
Only just got to the Phil Hughes piece but well done. I can't bring myself to read any other items on this needless inquest.
"It's tough out there coach...". reveals last words to Phil Hughes in amazing, emotional column in t…
This Phil Hughes inquest is a disgrace. It was a freak accident you couldn't do deliberately even if you wanted to. Sledging…
Cricketers attacked at Hughes inquest I feel for the cricketers they're victims too . Lawyers make me sick parasites
Phil Hughes death was a tragic accident.. can't blame anyone for that
Had to happen, don't know what were they thinking
Looks like the coroner in the Phil Hughes inquest has let proceedings get badly out of control. My heart goes out to all involved.
Phil Hughes family storms out of final day’s proceedings: The family of slain Australian opening batsman Phil...
After five excruciating days of an intensely public probe, there appears nothing of substance that has come of…
Phil Hughes inquest really not okay. Getting into territory that should be left alone. Nothing good will come out of this.
Phil Hughes’ father says ‘ungentlemanly sledging and illegal deliveries’ killed his son
Feeling a little bit troubled by what's coming out of the Phil Hughes inquest
I can sympathise with how Phil Hughes' family are feeling but this inquiry was so pointless..was only going to bring back…
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Genuinely surprised and saddened there has been an inquest into Phil Hughes' death. It was a tragic accident & an inquest is helping no one
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The Phil Hughes Inquest: Gathering storm clouds and dredging of cricket's sa...
not even the flameouts illuminate that as much as "absolute can't miss" guys like Phil Hughes and Homer Bailey who end up average
any chance of announcing Stewart has joined as number 2 to Coyle and Phil Hughes as GK coach?
I hate that Phil Hughes is pitching for twins. He's a faithful fan. Has almost the same ERA as Moore, 5.+??
Phil Hughes will start tonight in place of announced starter Kyle Gibson (back stiffness). The will delay Gibso…
Kershaw trying so hard to be as good as Phil Hughes
Jose Bautista, Russell Martin & other Blue Jays incredulous that Phil Hughes wasn't ejected for throwing behind Josh Donaldson in the 5th.
pretty sure Pillar will be Phil Hughes' next target. Also sure Joe West won't throw him out.
Phil Hughes is trash and Joe West is a clown.
@ T5-2o: Edwin Encarnacion grounds out sharply, P Phil Hughes to 1B Joe Mauer.
Not a 40 man guy, but give me Jason Wheeler making a start for over Phil Hughes making 4 while injured...
Phil Hughes and Mike Pelfrey in a 0-0 pitchers duel is more chalkier than the NBA lottery.
Mike Pelfrey and Phil Hughes have combined to only allow 5 hits in 4 innings. There ERA's added up to 11 before the game. Alright.
When Mike Pelfrey and Phil Hughes lock horns, it's just a matter of who blinks first ...
Somehow Mike Pelfrey and Phil Hughes both haven't given up a run yet.
This just in...Mike Pelfrey and Phil Hughes are having the pitcher's duel we all predicted.
Seven in a row retired by Phil Hughes, the last four by groundout. Hughes and Mike Pelfrey take a scoreless game into 5th.
Mike Pelfrey and Phil Hughes throwing shut outs is ridiculously tilting
Phil Hughes and Mike Pelfrey in a pitcher's duel so far at Comerica. DFSers be like 🙄.
Can someone tell me hw Phil Hughes and Mike Pelfrey are pitching against eachother? I always thought they were the same person
Boss: "No no-hitter tonight, OK.". Me: "Well, it's Mike Pelfrey vs. Phil Hughes, so I think you're safe."
Ausmus sitting out a game started by Mike Pelfrey and Phil Hughes is probably not such a bad thing
what a huge pitching matchup tonight in Phil Hughes v Mike Pelfrey! I may have to go home early and watch.
Game 39 Preview: Tigers face struggling Phil Hughes in search of 3rd straight win
Today is the big day for and as it's Phil Hughes vs Mike Pelfrey
Phil Hughes vs Mike Pelfrey get the women and children out of the outfield.
and I are in for a treat at the Tigers game tomorrow... Phil Hughes (1-6) vs Mike Pelfrey (0-4)
Gas Can Matchup of the Year: Phil Hughes vs Mike Pelfrey coming to you Tomorrow Night!!!
Mike Pelfrey vs. Phil Hughes tomorrow night. Must-not-watch baseball
Cricket Australia chief James Sutherland releases findings into death of Phil Hughes
Remember when Ian Kennedy, Phil Hughes and Joba were going to be the Yankees' Harvey-deGrom-Syndergaard? Me neither.
2008 Ian Kennedy, Phil Hughes, Chase Wright, Matt DeSalvo took years off my life
Phil Hughes signed a 3 year/24M deal as i recall. Then they extended him off his career year after 1 year.
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SMH y'all have Yankee greats like Eduardo Nunez, John Ryan Murphy, and Phil Hughes on your team but can't win 😡
And the mets have an insane with pitching staff with all power arms. Can't win with Phil Hughes and Ricky Nolasco out there sorry.
I like the ones with team emotion, like J McCartney after Bali, Aus cricket team winning after Phil Hughes etc.
Absolutely gutted to hear about the Phil Hughes 😢.. One of my favourite Batsmen! 💔
I don't disagree but I still know that we are one of the 32 best teams in the country...
I still don't think this knocks us a from a 2 seed in my opinion..Krall pitches tomorrow and we still win the series..
Phil Hughes was on Minnesota in 2014 when he set the K/BB record. First year with the team.
Clemson has a nice campus. I went and saw our butt kicking in 2011. Nice folks and a good time!
I'm just messing with you about the date of game. Clemson fans are some of the best.should be a good game.
Good for you! Maybe you won't go home as disappointed as the last time you guys came down here.
There's nothing to find out...the game isn't in August, it's September 3rd, and I'll be there.
And they don't even play until September! Typical dumb Clemson fan!
After today's start Kershaw now has 64 strikeouts to just 3 walks in 53 innings. Phil Hughes' 2014 K:BB record may be in jeopardy.
Going into today's start Kershaw's K/BB sits at 18.00. The highest qualified season since 1960 was Phil Hughes in 2014 with a K/BB of 11.63.
Um excuse me ... Excuse me . I'm a Yankees fan I know who Phil Hughes is . Trade REJECTED
Seneca bobcats are conference/district champs in football, basketball and tonight- in baseball for first time in as long as i can remember
Didn't see Joba or Phil Hughes on the Yankees hype video. I wonder why?
Phil Hughes rocked for 6 runs in 2 innings v. Astros. Twins take swift action. Demote Alex Meyer from AAA to AA...
Phil Hughes clearly worse than Alex Meyer. Lets see whether Molitor and Ryan will show equal treatment or favoritism
Ryan Zimmerman singles up the middle off Phil Hughes. Anthony Rendon (1B) & Bryce Harper (2B) score. Nats up 2-0 two outs into the first.
[drinks]: 3B Anthony Rendon with a one-out single to right for the first hit off right Phil Hughes...
with every start Luis Severino is starting to look like Phil Hughes instead of Andy Pettitte.
In a league using QS instead of W and SV+H instead of SV, who's your favorite: Jesse Chavez, Phil Hughes, or Adam Warren?
Local and live at 9 pm. Dave Byrski with Riley Towns and Phil Hughes. Good beer, good friends makes for good times
Phil Hughes working out of that jam reminded me of Johan K. Santana & how he used to work out of jams like that.
going with Phil Hughes. Twins eventually have to win & Rodon loses control tonight
I got OFFERED Phil Hughes for him lol
Rest in peace Phil Hughes. You will forever be missed Buddy Hughes
rotation would seem to be:. Ervin Santana. Kyle Gibson. Phil Hughes. Tommy Milone. Ricky Nolasco
Nathan Eovaldi and Phil Hughes is the nicest pitching battle
Ramsey curse again.Bin laden, David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Paul Walker, Phil Hughes,Whitney Houston and now our Kalabhavan Mani.
Paul Molitor said pitching coach Neil Allen would like Phil Hughes to throw more changeups this year. 4 of Hughes' 19 pitches today were CUs
Byung *** Park strikes out three times; Polanco homers as Twins open exhibition season with 7-4 win: Phil Hughes and…
3 famous people have died doing what they loved. Paul Walker - driving. Phil Hughes - batting. Dr. Kalam - lecturing . God B…
A speculated trade of Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain for Roy Halladay was considered terrible for Yanks.
Spotify on shuffle, Phil Hughes' book and a Vanilla Coke= James' train rides this week
Johnny Cueto for $130 million is a lot, but Twins spent $170 million on Phil Hughes, Ervin Santana, and Ricky Nolasco. Quality vs. quantity.
Can't believe it's been a year since Phil Hughes passed away
Luke Adams pays tribute to Phil Hughes one year after the death of the Australian batsman -
A year ago today, he won't be forgotten. RIP Phil Hughes.
Cannot believe that it's been a year since Phil Hughes died, tragedy!
Nearly a year since Phil Hughes passed, this happened at today.
Introduction to Health and Safety at Work: for the NEBOSH National General Certificate in O... Phil Hughes et al.
From Dravid's Bradman oration to Clarke's eulogy for Phil Hughes - cricketers who drove emotions with their words:
Mets should put Harvey in the pen like Yanks did with Phil Hughes. Saves his arm and strengthens the pen for the rest of 2015.
Memory of Phil Hughes haunts Aussies as England skipper felled by Mitch Starc bouncer
It will forever remind me of Phil Hughes.
Fan that fell from Upper Deck passed away at Grady Hospital.
Luis Severino:2nd Yankees P 21 or younger to throw 6 scoreless IP in start since 1970. Other: Phil Hughes, 2007 (left no…
Listening to Mr. Patrick Hughes call a Cub game. End of August and Cubs looking good for playoffs. Life is good.
Good enough for PHIL Hughes,good enough for Bart
11:16 4th quarter and on a 70 yrd run its touchdown Worcester wildcats touchdown scored by Phil Hughes score...
You'd think Sherwood, McClaren and Mark Hughes would be embarrassed listening to their comments on MOTD tonight. But I wouldn't bet on it.
RIP Phil Hughes.spent his life on the pitch; a place he loved and Australia loved him for doing so
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Was that stephon gillmore that got toasted by martavis bryant?
Congrats to Benny Amodei, Greg Hughes, Shaggy and Phil Sroka for qualifying for Larry Wiz today!
Phil Hughes is throwing from 60 and 90 feet today. Day 3. He's making progress.
I would try my best to get Nelson Cruz if I were you. Also, Phil Hughes will probably regress quite a bit so be careful.
Recommendation by :Phil Hughes is working his way back...
Phil Hughes / Hughes played catch on flat ground Friday, but his return from: Hughes played catch on flat...
Awful as it was, I think a coronial inquest into the death of Phil Hughes is a phenomenal waste of public money:
Coronial inquest to be held into death of Phil Hughes via
So did Michael Clarke wear his black armband for Arthur Morris or Phil Hughes? Time for closure now.
Love this conversation that Phil Hughes and Kevin Pillar are having ⚾
Congrats comp winners Mathew Lloyd, Phil Hughes & Danielle Lee who've won great prizes from
Mike Pelfrey now has more quality starts (12) than Phil Hughes (11). He also leads the team in 7-inning starts (10). 😦
I end up crying every time Sky show their Phil Hughes tribute
The light up Phil Hughes for 7 runs through three innings. Cleveland has scored 33 runs so far in this three-game set.
just to explain, i used to know a different Phil Hughes and i know a different Sean Price as well
although Mark Nicholas on Phil Hughes came close
Still think Michael Clarke started saying goodbye in the wake of the Phil Hughes tragedy. Great career.
Think the strain of the Phil Hughes tragedy has never really left Michael Clarke.
Remember when the Yankees didn't get Miguel Cabrera because Cashman refused to trade Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, or Ia…
Phil Hughes has got "wannabe chef" in his bio. Would love for him to get on Chopped and forget to plate every ingredient in round one.
If only Phil Hughes had been given the same chances Shane Watson got but Phil didnt have friends in the media to spin the advocacy
M CLARKE taken death of Phil Hughes to his heart n lost his batting skills so sad
Not enjoying seeing Michael Clarke suffer. Superb player and way he dealt with Phil Hughes death always elevates him in my mind
Who died doing what they loved the most.. Phil Hughes - Cricket. James Horner- Piloting (his intrst). APJ Abdul Kalam - Deli…
And I'll always be a Phil Hughes fan. Under appreciated in the Bronx, where he clearly couldn't figure it out. Big part of '09 pen.
Yanks on a big time roll right now it makes sense Phil Hughes would shut them out tonight
Tryna figure out how the Yanks aren't beating up on Phil Hughes tonight smh
Theory: Phil Hughes is The Impossible Man and is taking the form of Big Mike
Best wishes to Phil Hughes gods blessings over him
Henry Blofeld mistook Chris Rogers for Phil Hughes during commentary on TMS. Unbelievable.
Hamilton Collection
Adam Jones hitting an absolute bomb off of Phil Hughes like it's 2013
well he still shouldn't be out of a rotation that has Phil Hughes, Mike Pelfrey and Ervin Santana
Abbott tarnishes everything he touches, if it's on the fields of The Somme, the death of Phil Walsh, Phil Hughes-opportunism n…
Just don't think it's in the same league as what happened to, say, Phil Hughes or Ayrton Senna.
Doug Bollinger speaks to the media in Coffs Harbour about Phil Hughes tribute match
WATCH | Doug Bollinger spoke to the media about the Phil Hughes tribute match to be played in Coffs Harbour in Feb.
Congratulations to Phil Hughes who has been awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours
Video: Phil Hughes on 3.000th hit for ex-teammate Alex Rodriguez.
No doubt Phil Hughes attacks the strike zone. That's why he's given up 102 hits in 82 innings. Bum.
Drop which of the following pitchers for Cashner: Phil Hughes, Heston, Jimmy Nelson, Fiers?
Big surprise Phil Hughes gave up a couple more jack jobs today.
Bit of context re Tom Cooper and form: it's little more than six months since he was at the other end when Phil Hughes was fatally injured.
lose the opener to KC, 3-1 Monday night. Hear from Paul Molitor & Phil Hughes at |
Rios does sport a 13-for-27 vs Phil Hughes. I'm guessing several of the hits didn't involve facing Hughes at Yankee Stadium Jr
This is what Phil Hughes sees every time he closes his eyes.
Phil Hughes' approach is some kind of amazing experiment.
I was really hoping the Wild and Lightning would make the Cup Finals so they could get Phil Hughes to do the "Let's Play Hockey!" one time.
Phil Hughes evens his record at 4-4 for and Glen Perkins gets his 18th save of the season in completing the sweep of the Red Sox
Whatever! Yanks will win 90 games, Twins will collapse and Phil Hughes will never receive Cy Young votes ever again
Phil Hughes and Bartolo Colon nice 2nd tier options at P. Both at home against teams with over 20% K rate and under 10% BB rate
Video: Phil Hughes on his exchange with Paul Molitor before facing his last batter of the night.
Paul Molitor's mound visit with Phil Hughes in the 6th. Mollie: "I want you to get this guy.". Hughes: "I do too.". Keep it simple, I guess.
Phil Hughes gets the win as the Twins beat the A's, 8-7. Glen Perkins the save, and the Twins are two games better than .500.
A's turn to Hahn to open four-game set with Twins: Right-handers Jesse Hahn and Phil Hughes are set to square off…
Phil Hughes leaves start with strained hip flexor: --Minnesota already has Ricky Nolasco...
acrossUpdate football news Phil Hughes definitely watching over Michael Clark...
football news Phil Hughes definitely watching over Michael Clarke :)
Chuck Johnson That was one fun game to watch, Felix CG shutout over Phil Hughes and Twins, di...
acrossUpdate Mr. Alcoholic Michael Clarke rates demise of Phil Hughes as lowe...
acrossUpdate Ambar Nara Michael Clarke rates demise of Phil Hughes as lowest point...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
ICYMI: 5 thoughts on Blaine Boyer, Eduardo Nunez, Phil Hughes and sloppy fielding. Column:
A reminder: If the Twins lose this one, for all the faults of Eduardo Nunez, Blaine Boyer and the offense, Phil Hughes will get the loss.
f**king scum of the Earth? That's a horrible thing to say about the late Phil Hughes.
Shocked and saddened. Phil Hughes you will live on in our hearts. RIP worst day in world cricket
Flyball pitchers don't get too lucky at US Cellular, Phil Hughes will give up a few today.
The 4 starters the Tigers have faced so far this season: . Phil Hughes. Ricky Nolasco. Kyle Gibson. Zach McAllister. 🔥🔥🔥
Phil Hughes might be the new Scott Baker!? Show up a few minutes late, team already down 3-0.
Phil Hughes will make start for Hughes set MLB record for K-BB ratio last season (11.63)
Rich Martin Get ready, Detroit... Phil Hughes is going to bring it hard to Yoenis!
Michael Clarke, your tribute to Phil Hughes makes you a real champion, and a spl person. Brought a tear to the eye.
And now Michael Jeh is dragging Phil Hughes into it..
Another appalling eg of people using Phil Hughes death for point scoring. As thuggish as the behaviour he critices
It's a wonderful gesture by Australian captain. Michael Clarke dedicates the win (to Phil Hughes
Awesome team performance..Phil Hughes must be really proud of this team..PS Farewell Michael Clarke :)
HTSportsNews: Michael Clarke dedicates the win (to Phil Hughes
An Australian criticizes his fellow Australians and rightly so. Couldn't agree more about that Phil Hughes' point.
OMG! Michael Clarke's this statement regarding Phil Hughes, have increased my respect to Clarke
Michael Clarke dedicates World Cup win to Phil Hughes, says late cricketer was team's 16th player: Melb...
Phil Hughes would be happy. Massive respect for Micheal Clarke and his 16 members champion team.
Twins: Twins beat Marlins with strong start from Hughes: Phil Hughes pitched 4 2/3 innings in...
So Jeff Mathis cranked a three-run bomb off Phil Hughes? Cool! Any hit he gets is a bonus for the
Jeff Mathis just took Phil Hughes deep for a 3-run shot. Glad it's only March.
Phil Hughes gives up a three-run homer to Jeff Mathis in the second inning and it's 3-1 Marlins.
backup catcher Jeff Mathis with a three-run bomb to left off starter Phil Hughes. Fish lead 3-1 in 2nd
Same gig with Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain. Only needed a year in the minors.
The walls of my childhood bedroom has autographs from Jose Reyes, Jim Leonard, Endy Chavez, Phil Hughes and Darrelle Revis. None play in NY.
believing in Phil Hughes landing him for $13 in - love it
When you sit back & wait, you get to steal guys like Phil Hughes for $13 as just did!
grade my trade I give up Garrett Richards & Rusney Castillo for Justin Upton & Phil Hughes in a H2H points league?
Can Pat Cummins be this game's Ashton Agar? . Can Brad Haddin be this game's Phil Hughes? (RIP). Your verdict .
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Australia will win the World Cup and dedicate it to Phil Hughes.
Posted by Mr Shanti Kumbhat Kumbhat Holograms Mo +91 95000 92000 Phil Hughes Head Injury Update - Still in Critical Conditon - ORIGINAL VIDEO Phil Hughes passes away following head injury The Australia cricketer was just 25. Phillip Hughes has died as a result of the injuries he sustained when struck by a bouncer on Tuesday, Cricket Australia has confirmed. He was 25. Team doctor Peter Brukner confirmed the news in a statement released on Thursday afternoon.
Sean Abbott named Australia s young cricketer of the year two months on from Phil Hughes death
Important changes to Stick Cricket gameplay in wake of Phil Hughes tragedy. via
Such terrible news with the passing of Phil Hughes, Our deepest sympathies to his family,
RIP Phil Hughes. Cricket won't be same without you . Thoughts and prayers with your family .
Life is uncertain. Our deepest condolences to Phil Hughes' family and friends. May his soul Rest in Peace!
R.I.P Phil Hughes ... I dedicated my best test score 197 to him...we all wil miss u as we r all play this sport as a family..
Our thoughts go out to Phil Hughes and his family, Hoping on a speedy recovery!
David Warner to repeat SCG tributes to Phil Hughes
Seems like Phil Hughes is doing what Naseeruddin Shah did in Chamatkar..
Check how they paid respect to Phil Hughes during their tour of Pak
1) Who was on 26 November 2014 appointed as the new Lok Sabha Secretary-General? - Anoop Mishra 2) Which body on 28 November 2014 issued final guidelines for the Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS)? - RBI 3) Phil Hughes, who had sustained severe head injury after being struck by a ball on 25 November and passed away on 27 November 2014 is cricketer from which country? - Australia 4) Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on 27 November 2014 issued final guidelines for payments and small banks that aim to take banking services to more people and small businesses. What is the prescribed minimum paid-up equity capital for both these categories of banks? - Rs. 100 crore 5) Which country will host next SAARC summit in 2015? - Pakistan 6) Name the Boxer who received his Arjuna Award from Sports Minister Sarbananda Sonowal after winning a High Court case on 27 November 2014? - Manoj Kumar 7) Which Indian sports woman was appointed as the UN Goodwill Ambassador for the South Asian region by UN Women recently? - Sania Mirza 8) ...
Be sure to listen to this week's with discussion the Phil Hughes extension and Tim Stauffer signing:
How in a very typical way has the Cricket Association of Nepal decided to pay a tribute to Phil Hughes?
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: Cricket Association of Nepal has decided to place Bat of Phil Hughes atop Mount Everest !!!
Actually, it's already being adapted into a screenplay by Touchstone. I'm not sure about Adam Sandler as Phil Hughes though
Russell Wilson on Seahawks, make $6OOG & Phil Hughes in baseball is signed for 42Million until 2O19.what planet are we on?
Ian Healy, can we stop this 13th man nonsense about Phil Hughes? It's getting tiresome
I liked a video Steve Smith dedicated the hundred to Phil Hughes.
Rosenthal deal of having Phil Hughes replaced when I put in a bid for his Cy Young award to be thwarted (Rosenthal's idea for top slot)
Some of the performances and tributes over the last few days for wee Phil Hughes have been absolutely phenomenal 👏 David Warner, Michael Clarke, Steve Smith, Sean Abbott, Ed Cowan touch of class from every one of them 👌🙏. Playing for their wee mate ❤️.
This is so remarkable: in first match back after Phil Hughes' death, Sean Abbott produces performance of his life.
New post: Century by David Warner. Lovely tribute to Phil Hughes. Indians celebrated this moment by
Is it surprising that Suresh Raina was the first cricketer to admit that his family is terrified after Phil Hughes's death by a bouncer.
NSW Prem Mike Baird says state funeral 4 Phil Hughes has been cancelled following last week's funeral in Macksville.
While I think about Phil Hughes, my heart n respects hav gone up for Michael Clarke...what a captain! what a leader...pillar of strength
Still time to bid for Neil Robertson's cricket bat, his tribute to Phil Hughes. Raise cash for Paul Hunter Foundation
CLASS: Neil Robertson pays tribute to Phil Hughes by putting out his bat during the UK Championship.
Congrats to Queensland police for turning a tribute to Phil Hughes into a weird quasi-fascist macho symbol
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Pakistan,New Zealand dedicate Dubai T-20 trophy in Phil Hughes' memory: Pakistan and New Zealand have dedicated the trophy for their Twenty20 matches in Dubai to the memory of late Australian batsman Phillip Hughes, who passed away last week. Hughes passed away last Thursday, two days after he was hit by a bouncer in a first class match in Sydney. He succumbed to an injury he endured from a bouncer that hit him during a Sheffield Shield match at the SCG. His funeral was held on Wednesday, as Pakistan and New Zealand prepared for the shortest format of the game, drawing a preceding Test series 1-1, Sport24 reported. Pakistan's Twenty20 captain Shahid Afridi said that Hughes' tragic death has left the cricketing world 'in a shock'. He said that Hughes 'died very young' and his tragic death 'has left everyone shocked', adding that they are thankful to the sponsors who have decided to dedicate the trophy in memory of the late Australian batsman as a 'mark of respect'. Also Read: 'Phil Hughes, we will miss you ...
Michael Clarke made an emotional farewell speech at Phil Hughes' funeral. 63 not out forever. RIP!
Cricket world says good-bye to Phil Hughes: Family, fans and Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott turned out...
Michael Clarke's eulogy to Phil Hughes, in full
Moving eulogy to Phil Hughes by Michael Clarke. "The spirit of cricket binds us together"
I added a video to a playlist Irfan Pathan Pays Tribute to Phil Hughes
I once wrote "cricket is possessed of a rich poetic heart."Deeply touched that James Sutherland quoted it in his fine eulogy for Phil Hughes
Video of man stealing Phil Hughes tribute bat from outside the SCG:
Found it odd that James Sutherland spoke at Phil Hughes' funeral. It's not a press conference.
Michael Clarke farewells cricket's Phil Hughes: 'His spirit is still with me' - CNN (blog)
Michael Clarke's tribute to Phil Hughes at his funeral was amazing. Very difficult to watch.
Emotional Michael Clarke at the funeral of Phil Hughes got me - RIP Phil. Cricket will never forget.
A very moving speech by Michael Clarke at Phil Hughes' funeral...
Around 5,000 mourners attended the funeral of Phil Hughes which took place in the batsmans hometown of Macksville in New South Wales. Michael Clarke was joined by the current Australia cricket team and he spoke of Hughes character, spirit and positive approach to life and sport.
Caught some of the memorial service for Phil Hughes. I keep forgetting that it's summer for half of the planet.
Wagga cattle breeder Corey Ireland's tribute at today's memorial service for Phil Hughes.
What a wonderful gesture for Alastair Cook to attend the funeral of Phil Hughes. The mark of a man and a leader.
However queueing up Elliot Smith while I’m reading about Phil Hughes, 3 minutes before arriving at work, was probably a bit much
Phil Hughes' family say "we cannot wait to see Sean Abbott tomorrow, give him a bit hug & tell him everything okay" .
Talking to Ben Worsley live in Macksville, the tiny NSW town bracing for an influx of thousands for Phil Hughes's funeral. at 7pm.
A young lad completed Phil Hughes' 100 not out innings. Brilliant.
Class from Neil Robertson, bringing his cricket bat to the table in memory of Phil Hughes!
Phil Hughes. Gone too soon. Life is so uncertain. His death tells us to live life to the fullest. You never know. Nobo…
this and they typed RIP Sachin Tendulkar instead of Phil Hughes.
RIP Phil Hughes . RIP Sachin Tendulkar . RIP times of India .
Sachin Tendulkar with Phil Hughes after their meeting in 2009.
After replacing Phil Hughes with Sachin Tendulkar, Times of India does it again. Their quality control's pathetic
JORDON SPIETH How coincidental? Jordan won the Australian Open Golf with a final score of 63, Phil Hughes last score not out. It also happened on Phil's birth date when he would have been 26. I hate to swear but F $gone to soon RIP PERFECT.
Cecil John Rhodes *the AmaMpondo king *and a deadly short ball by John Clarke 28 November 2014 The tragic death of batsman Phil Hughes brings to mind another tragedy on the cricket field a hundred years ago The tragic accidental death of Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes from a fast short ball which struck him on the neck has been lamented around the world. Such incidents are so rare as to be considered freakish. Yet a similar incident occurred in South Africa in 1901 when a 38-year-old attorney Edward Jones, batting for Kokstad Cricket Club was struck by on the chest by a fast ball. His funeral “was the largest seen in Kokstad”, with both black and white mourners in their thousands gathering to weep at the untimely death of a remarkable young man. The exceptional and improbable throng was because Jones had lived in the same manner in which he died: by being involved in improbable, exceptional and freakish life vs death situations in his devotion to seeking justice for the oppressed. Nicknamed ...
Phil Hughes would have turned 26 on Sunday. In his column, Australia's skipper, Michael Clarke, offers a tearful farewell
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Phil Hughes: Forever at the Crease | By Peter Fegan Like the rest of Australia, I woke this morning to a feeling of deep sadness and loss, as we try desperately to understand why? Why, was Phillip Hughes-or as we effectioanally know him-Hughsey, so tragically taken from us. “Freak accident” is a phrase regrettably heard all too often in Sport and, in this instance, that’s exactly what occurred on Tuesday at the Sydney Cricket Ground. While batting for his adopted state of South Australia, Phillip Hughes was struck on the back of the head by a short-pitched delivery, causing the fiery opener to collapse and begin the biggest battle of his short life. Doctors say the blow ruptured an artery in his neck, causing the brain to haemorrhage. A lesser person would possibly have been killed instantly, but, true testament to his fighting spirit, the little legend from Macksville, fought hard, just as he had during his 26 tests for the nation he loved so dearly. Born and raised on a banana plantation in the No ...
ON THIS DAY 5 MONTHS AGO SCORE 202 IN A LIST A MATCH Hughes smashes double century Phil Hughes. Phillips huges age was 25 years,11 month,27 death days 25+11+27=63* notout last inning=63* not out Cricket Australia will retire Phillip Hughes' one-day international shirt number, 64, on request from Michael Clarke and the players. Micheal Clarke: - "the world lost one of its great blokes". - "Our promise to Hughesy's family is that we will do everything we can to honour his memory. MUST WATCH & SHARE
A sad time for the Aussies, RIP Phil Hughes. Our thought go out to his family and the larger cricket community.
This is a v lovely quote Michael Clarke used in tribute to Phil Hughes: "One crowded hour of glorious life is worth an age without a name."
29/11/2014 - Michael Clarke gives an emotional press conference talking about his great mate Phil Hughes. This was so difficult for Michael.
Michael Clarke pens emotional birthday column for Phil Hughes: Phil Hughes would have turned 26 on Sunday.…
MLB players union should learn from death of cricket player Phil Hughes and re-examine culture of targeting hitters: http:…
Happy birthday to Phil Hughes! Tragic to die at such a young age,
Suresh Raina's tribute to Phil Hughes. Aparently Nov 27 when Hughes passed away - was Raina's birthday. Raina...
Sir Elton John pays tribute to Phil Hughes by dedicating a song.
Phil Hughes: Nudged the Ball leg Side to Complete the Century. Bradman: Hugs & Congrats him. Tony Greig: " What a Wonderful Scenes on heaven"
Christ. 's outdone himself. Brilliant tribute to Phil Hughes. Hope Australia win the World Cup for him.
What a wonderful tribute from Michael Clarke to his mate Phil Hughes. Full of raw emotion. Touching. Very moving.
VIDEO: Michael Clarke's incredibly moving tribute to Phil Hughes. Heartbreaking to see this!..
Ricky Ponting saw streak of Adam Gilchrist in Phil Hughes' batting
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stood side by side in tribute to Phil Hughes today at Frank Kirk Oval
In bits watching Phil Hughes mate doing a tribute to him on sky news RIP x
Immaculately observed minute silence for the late Phil Hughes at Brisbane's Suncorp Stadium. Tears in the eyes.
Indian Media is busy mourning death of. Australian Cricketer, 3 Indian Army Soldiers died the day Phil Hughes died. Who cares?
It will be an emotional day for both teams today at Premadasa. I hope that my fellow Sri Lankan brothers and sisters will give a great tribute to Phil Hughes and in the end my only wish is to see Sri Lanka winning another match. Lets win it for Hughes... ^_^
From everyone at Surf Life Saving Australia our thoughts are with the family of Phil Hughes & our good friends in the crick…
No game today as Brunswick forfeited.. Two 20/20 tomorrow for the South East @ Mt Martha paying tribute to cricketer Phil Hughes
Gideon Haigh has written a lovely piece on Phil Hughes
Outpouring of grief as Australia mourns for Phil Hughes Phil Hughes
R.I.P Sachin Tendulkar with Phil Hughes according to TOI.
Nice to see the club paying respect to Phil Hughes
for Phil Hughes. A sad day for the sporting world
Not a cricket player, so don't have a bat, but shocked and sad to hear of the death of Phil Hughes
Sudden permnt dismissal of phil hughes gave a huge lose to world crickt. May God help isolated soul to rest in peace.
RIP Phil Hughes, tragedy happens in all aspects of life
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Fabulous tribute to the late Phil Hughes from legendary Australian cricket commentator Richie Benaud.
Saddened by the news of phil Hughes passing away .condolences to family n friends .R.I.P
RIP Phil Hughes... Thoughts are with your Family and Friends*
Shocked and sadden by the news of Phil hughes. Condolence to his family and friends # RIP
We've just had a minute's silence in honour of Aussie batsman Phil Hughes. Goodness me, what a player he was. …
On behalf of here is our little tribute to Phil Hughes.
Cricket is a major sport at LBHS. - remembering Phil Hughes, an incredible cricketer
The Ireland Cricket Team but their bats out for Phil Hughes in Dubai this morning
A cricketer who had time on his side ran out of time. Phil Hughes has left us grieving. Gnight, shubhratri.
British and Australian High Commissioners of Sri Lanka paid tribute to late Phill Hughes
On behalf of all Wessex cricketers past and present RIP Phil Hughes, 63* forever
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