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Phil Hartman

Philip Edward Phil Hartman (September 24, 1948May 28, 1998; né Hartmann) was a Canadian-American actor, comedian, screenwriter, and graphic artist.

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That was a different time. We had 4 channels. SNL was fresh and outrageous initially, no d…
I need to find jingle all the way, that’s a top contender if we’re talking holiday movies. R.I.P to Phil Hartman
Rewatching Phil Hartman's SNL audition reel because it never gets old.
Just discovered my Grinch DVD has a 'Making of' docco presented by Phil Hartman, in full Troy McClure mode. Brilliant!
Are the voices different? I hope they don't replace Phil Hartman's wonderful voice.
Thank you for your work on News Radio. Your scene with Phil Hartman wherein he has been described as "a…
Uncomfortable once you get to Phil Hartman...maybe just skip writing this piece for that reason alone?
Had to pull from my own resources. ‘Jingle All the Way’ . Not only great performances from Arnold, Sinbad, and Phil…
December and view from hotel room balcony
Holy cr*p I never noticed how much Phil Hartman & the Shat resemble each other.
The late, great Phil Hartman memorialized it for the ages on SNL. .
The fact you posted a Phil Hartman GIF makes you my new best friend.
If I had a time machine I'd use it to save Phil Hartman
Thanks. RIP Phil Hartman and Jan Hooks. Oh yeah and Dennis Miller's brain.
Uncle Billy was the role Phil Hartman was born to play. Well, ok, Uncle Billy and Troy McClure.
Missing Phil Hartman. Taken too soon by a nut job ex.
God bless us everyone. Especially Phil Hartman, John Lovitz and Dana Carvey
They haven't been funny for YEARS (right around when John Lovitz and Phil Hartman left).
I liked the Chris Farley / Adam Sandler / Phil Hartman era. You can't really say much for anything on SNL since then though.
Belated critique of your special on late night: (1) How could you leave out Samantha Bee? (2) No one…
If Phil Hartman isn't the most valuable sixth man in the league, your list is incomplete. Other cast membe…
Gotta love as the longtime voice of the unrelated to anything but am I the only pe…
Deniro the Pimp & Weinstein had topsecret meeting, with Phil Murphy — the Dem fav. to succeed . N. Jersey's Gov,Chris C…
6th man/gets crunch time minutes: Phil Hartman as stretch 3
Maybe one skit in 20 is worth watching. The last time the show was truly hilarious was back in the…
Phil Hartman had such a brilliant mind. He was like this big spong…
Even In the Gilda days, or the Phil Hartman days, or the Eddie Murphy days, it was funny for the first 30…
I haven't been a watcher of SNL since Phil Hartman left.
I still miss Phil Hartman and can't help but think what he would be doing today.
i like how 3 of these are just Phil Hartman. all of his characters would be sexualized by tumblr
I bet Phil Hartman sat in the kitchen that one night
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Jan Hooks and Phil Hartman the good old days
your skit when you were the customer service phone lady for Phil Hartman is classic
I still love this show and still miss Phil Hartman terribly 💔
I stopped watching when Phil Hartman left
The 70s and the mid to late 80s with Phil Hartman. Other than that? Not so much.
Watching I miss She functioned like Phil Hartman; super talented, had great characters but cou…
I love Phil Hartman, but his character from Jingle All the Way is one of my most hated characters.
God *** it, Phil Hartman would have been the perfect Conductor. GOD BLESS THE MAN.
Phil Hartman as neighborhood 'handyman' Ted Maltin in Jingle All the Way .. 🤣🎄
...after the first 5 years, the most I watched SNL was when I lived in Korea-- late '80s, early '90s--…
This reminds me of the old skit hosted by the great Phil Hart…
Beck Bennet is definitely channeling the spirit of Phil Hartman tonight... Well done
And sometimes I am randomly reminded of Phil Hartman and how horribly mad/sad I get about that.
Reminder: Phil Hartman was a cast member in the 1990s. I rest my case.
Fun Fact: The cover for Steely Dan’s Aja was designed by Phil Hartman. Yes, THAT Phil Hartman.
I almost can't stop to think about what we've lost with Phil Hartman, it's excruciating.
-1,000,000) Alec Baldwin as Trump on SNL. Bring Phil Hartman back to life, we need him.
Terry Doolittle really is a great role. & the supporting cast is bonkers! Carol Kane, Phil Hartman, Jo…
Me too, but I'd memorize most Phil Hartman SNL sketches, & a few from a guy on Late Night. That guy…
I think Bill Clinton filled his hole better with McDonalds. The sketch that was done on SNL still sticks in my…
I didn't know she died either. When the real life person dies they retire their characters though. Like with Phil Hartman
God, Newsradio was the best. Phil Hartman is a gem
How eerie is this old sketch with Phil Hartman describing one of Harvey Weinstein's favorite "seduction" te…
I can't hear the word "warlord" without imagining handing Phil Hartman a Coke.
Wow, I had no idea what connection Andy *** had to Phil Hartman until I just looked it up.…
Dude, Phil Hartman was a friend of mine. Get out of here with this keep guns away from "m…
Beautiful from Aunt's front yard. A framed picture would match something in your house I think!…
TIL Phil Hartman designed the cover of Aja by Steely Dan, among other albums
Over 20 years ago Phil Hartman did a great impression of current day Trump. It’s eerie, really.
Oh yeah any Phil Hartman character is godlike too. Same with homers brother. All of these characters…
Phil Hartman was pretty *** wonderful, although Kate is very special, too.
That would be why i dont know who she is. Her comment reminds me of that old Phil Hartman as Clint…
Phil Hartman and Mike Meyers certainly compare. Perhaps not as versatile, but off the charts talent.
Brynn Hartmann. Shot her sleeping husband, Phil Hartman, in the head. Known to be abusive and unstable.…
Sometimes I wish Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer would comment on gun control then remember Phil Hartman was murdered by a mentally unstable partner
Who still watches snl it died long time ago with the deaths of Chris Farley and Phil Hartman
The Top 3 Celebrity Deaths that I'm still not over. Like something went wrong here:. 1. Jim Henson. 2.…
trying to come to terms with the fact I grew up to be a weird fusion of Dave Foley & Phil Hartman's characters from Newsradio
lol...but for real, you had to love Farley and Phil Hartman etc
Duuude just found out he was voiced by Phil Hartman 😭😭😭
tbh I think everyone has a false memory about SNL in general like the only era of it that can even remotely…
"Quirok" is an alternate spelling of "Cirroc," Phil Hartman's Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer character on old-…
An all time favorite scene - Phil Hartman in a scene from the movie Greedy via
Wentworth is the worst actor in the Arrowverse. His campy overacting is so cringe-worthy. Leonard…
At least one account claimed it had Phil Hartman in it, which must have been a detail taken from the film Houseguest.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I love Newsradio, and I miss Phil Hartman on a regular basis.
You know what’s more fun than watching a new SNL?. Watching random old clips of SNL. Specifically Phil Hartman ones.
The last time had its sense of humor Phil Hartman still walked among the living...
I really miss the Mike Myers, Dana Carvey, Phil Hartman, Chris Farley era.
Loved that show...especially Phil Hartman. The whole cast was good but Phil...omg
Why is this so funny like how did this get to Dr. Phil
This made me sad because I miss Phil Hartman. The best. Been on a Newsradio kick lately.
Can’t go past Homer for sheer amount of laughs, but Phil Hartman’s Hutz and McClure amazing cameo characte…
The loss of Phil Hartman was profound
Final episode to feature Phil Hartman before his death.
Classic with the late Phil Hartman as 😂.
I still do the same with Phil Hartman.
Ikr. SNL was never the same w/o Phil Hartman. And Darrell Hammond.
It was good until Phil Hartman was killed; it never recovered after that.
I read this in Phil Hartman's Troy McClure voice.
Maybe John Belushi or Phil Hartman. They could have Greg Geraldo back to host
At some point Phil Hartman was explaining that a T.rex couldn't see him if he didn't move ... TO THE T.REX DIRECTLY STARING AT HIM.
the Network didn't believe in it & then Phil Hartman got murdered and that was pretty much the end, which is such a shame overall
Soundtrack should have been Phil Hartman singing about the Monorail, tbh.
The "what if?" I keep thinking with the Legends is if Phil Hartman played PT Barnum?
Didn't Phil take on O'Riely @ 70 & kick his *** Also, Phil Hartman doin Phil was the best. Loved em both.
Whenever I see white women write "Yas!" I hear it in the voice of Phil Hartman saying, "YES!"
There is no doubt he is brilliant. But I have to confess, he reminds me of a Phil H…
I was a kid in the 90's and didn't keep up w the claims but I do remember SNL w Phil Hartman lambast…
Season 1 of NewsRadio only $6 on Amazon. I so miss this show and Phil Hartman.
Today is the anniversary of the death of the legendary Phil Hartman. You're still loved and missed, Phil. Thank you for bei…
"In early 2007, Andy *** approached Lovitz at a restaurant and said "I put the Phil Hartman hex on you—you're the next to die."
Homicide: Life on the Street. Seinfeld . Classic The Simpsons (With Phil Hartman still alive)
I have never missed Phil Hartman/Bill McNeil more than I do this very minute
(feigns bad impression of Phil Hartman doing Ed) "You are CORRECT, sir!"
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“Back to the Future” .. Phil Hartman. as .. 1990 .. move over .. cc
Glad to see we both have Phil Hartman's sassyland in our photo albums
. SNL: Let's Talk and Talk and Talk and Talk and Talk About Movies . Charlto…
KT appears to have become the "go to" guy for SNL writers -- the way they once would go to Phil Ha…
A very cute movie. And it has Phil Hartman :).:(
when did SNL started mocking this is from 1990 and features Phil Hartman!
LRT should have gone with kikis delivery service as phil hartman was in yhat
honestly I feel like Newsradio is sort of unfairly forgotten among '90s sitcom, especially for one of the last things Phil Hartman did
Phil Hartman doing Trump on SNL 27 years ago
extremely difficult not to read in Phil Hartman’s voice
A game that's only vaguely playable thanks to Phil Hartman
Reading this in the Phil Hartman / Troy McClure voice takes it to another level
SNL hasn’t been funny since Phil Hartman died
plus in memory of dedication of Phil Hartman is this true fact
The English dub was released posthumously after Phil Hartman’s death in 1998
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Phil Hartman was actually in a dub of Totoro
If Phil Hartman beat his wife maybe he'd still be alive? Food for thought
Comedy movies I got for $20: run Ronnie run, Phil Hartman SNL compilation, Tenacious D pick of destiny and Pauly Shore is dead.
Just stumbled on this... Phil Hartman did a dead-on Donald Trump.
Amy Poehler, Darrel Hammond, Phil Hartman; all of them were great. To me the 90s and earl…
Chevy Chase as Gerald Ford, Dan Ackroyd as Nixon, Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, Darrel Hammond as B Clinton an…
I know. Phil Hartman was the best. 😥
The episode when they had to write in Phil Hartman's death was one of the best ever.
You, sir, were/are the best/funniest long before tRump was in your repertoire. 2nd to you is my beloved Phil Hartman.
Michael Jordan was the Phil Hartman of basketball.
So true, Phil Hartman was the Jordan of SNL. Why's that crying guy there though?
Simpsons went down hill when they though gil was a suitable replacement for Phil Hartman
Cool pic. Loved your character Marcus Higgins in Grown Ups 1-2. I miss Phil Hartman... and I never even met him.
Phil Hartman was on a level few comedians ever touched. He gave all he had every episode. We were robbed of so much great work.
Want to feel simultaneously uplifted and shattered? The title of Phil Hartman's biography is "You May Remember Me."
Completely understood! We could make it a brief interlude to an existing episode! And we always l…
Money’s impersonation was comedy gold and reminiscent of Phil Hartman’s Sinatra impression
If was released twenty years ago, I swear Phil Hartman, John Aston and Jim Cummings would have been involved somehow.
Like the Simpsons after Phil Hartman was killed.
Troy McClure, you may remember him as being once played by Phil Hartman and dating Aunt Selma
Late comedian Phil Hartman makes an early screen appearance in this -
Myers & SNL have been irrelevant for years! Hasn't been the same since Phil Hartman died.
Certain Songs Lou Reed - “The Gun”. Prolly won't be the last Phil Hartman episode on our side is dead wrong.
And Phil Hartman's in it too, which I had forgotten about. Man, idk the who…
.is talking to former Simpsons showrunner, about alost Phil Hartman / Lionel Hutz story
Plus with Phil Hartman & Marcia Wallace both gone it's just not the same anymore
there's been a few over the years, the last one I remember was a rly bad tumblr one that made it here + l…
In that first draft, I'm hearing Phil Hartman's voice going from excited "Mom!Dad!…
I don’t know if you know this, but Dave Foley of The Kids in the Hall made a sitcom with Phil Hartman from…
How to impersonate sound like a mix of Phil Hartman and Howard Cosell,self loathe,beard is acceptable,and wear sweet clothes.
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Btw, watched Pee Wee's Playhouse on Netflix. Knew Laurence Fishburne was Cowboy Curtis, but surprised to see Phil Hartman as Captain Carl 😱
the best political satire SNL ever did was Dana Carvey as Ross Perot and Phil Hartman as Stockdale. that was genius
Look into deaths of Phil Hartman and Nicole Brown Simpson and learn what David Frostad can do with a satellite.
Steely Dan trivia: The "Aja" album cover was designed by comedian Phil Hartman.
Steely Dan's Aja cover was designed by the late great Phil Hartman. .
Foghorn Leghorn sounds like Phil Hartman if he was drunk
Uff, who can replace Phil Hartman? (Jk it would be Kevin James after relentless studio pressure)
I'm really sad that we will nevr get a Phil Hartman and Josh Brolin "Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer" epic.
Watching BORN TO KILL and young Lawrence Tierney looks like Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer in Phil Hartman make-up, instead of the other way around
Honestly not sure the budget for a film starring Phil Hartman, Arnold, Sinbad, Belushi and Rita Wil…
My vote is torn between Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer and Lionel Hutz, both portrayed by the late, great, Phil Hartman.
Any of the characters voiced by Phil Hartman in The Simpsons, particularly Lionel Hutz and Troy McClure.
I don't know if they ever recovered from Phil Hartman's death. Lionel Hutz was my favourite.
Reminded just how grim the world is without Phil Hartman voicing Lionel Hutz.
Episode 01x03: Smoking is one of the best ever. Phil Hartman gives up smoking, Dave Foley gives up coffee. Hilari…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Highlights are Phil Hartman as Leland, and a silent Conan O'Brien as Andy. Missed opportunity to have Victoria Jackson play Lucy, though!
What is funny is Jon was not my favorite comedian on in the late '80's, that was probably Phil Hartman...
We used 2 watch SNL when it was brilliantly acted & written by, 4 instance, Phil Hartman & Darrell Hammond
If Ryan Murphy ever touches the Phil Hartman murder for his American Crime series, he's dead to me
Phil Hartman was born in Brantford, Ontario. It is also the hometown of Wayne Gretzky, Alexander Graham Bell & Jay Silverheels.
Like, I feel you but: Eddie Murphy, Bill Murray, Steve Martin and Phil Hartman are probably strong contenders there.
aw, Phil Hartman, Chris Farley, Jan Hooks, Whitney Houston, Don Pardo. do you get your kicks from playing the one…
One day as Farley & Sandler were taking over, I stopped to reflect on how great Phil Hartman was. Kevin Nealon, too…
I get it... Bill Cowher is stealing Phil Hartman's SNL Frankenstein impression for these commercials. .
No one will ever be as good as Phil Hartman. He was such an amazing...
Cory was definitely a shocker. Phil Hartman was a gut-punch too. But Heath, him I cried for and I don't usually cry.
yeah Phil Hartman was major. Selena got me bad. But Aaliyah and Heath Ledger for me were heavy.
This reads like it was written by Phil Hartman playing Frank Sinatra on SNL. Surprised he didn't end with "Lay off…
i'm probly the only antiTrump guy who thinks Baldwin's bit isn't any better than Darrell Hammond's. maybe less. (He is NO Phil Hartman)
Phil Hartman, Dana Carvey, Dennis Miller, Victoria Jackson, Dan Akroyd, Mike Myers...yes, it used to be very funny.   10% Off
You have Ol Gill in the back, but no Lovejoy? Still miss Phil Hartman though. Lionel Hutz was classic.
It's fun coming in as the second or third lead. If the movie or TV show bombs, you aren't to
That feel when I finally realize That Voice I'd been hearing in Tom & Jerry Kids all these years was Phil Hartman and then…
he gabe the drugs to Hartman's wife.but SHE killed our beloved Phil
Worth going back and watching that episode. It's still hilarious. Miss Phil Hartman.
I think there's a notion in our society, and it may be valid, that people aren't as funny when
Waking thought today - . It is not fair that Phil Hartman is gone, but Donald Trump is still here. .
it took the convincing of the late great Phil Hartman, but I’m more of a colon blow fan myself.
I’d only approve if the late great Phil Hartman doing his Charleton Heston impression were somehow involved
so this is your subliminal messaging to watch Phil Hartman on ? Alright, the psyops never lies.
📷 ranciddream: Phil Hartman finally received his star.
📷 glenbrogan: Phil Hartman as Troy Mclure, for Gallery 1988′s “Is This Thing on?” comedians tribute...
Disagree. Harambe resembled the Late Great Phil Hartman & he was a Caucasian star on SNL.
I would tell Phil Hartman, buy her a cat, not a gun.
In a parallel universe, Phil Hartman lived and got to voice Zap Brannigan. Of course, to balance things out, everyone is constantly pooping.
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Phil Schiller, you don't know courage. Harambe knew courage.
I have to admit every time I see Phil Hartman I get sad.
Newsradio is one of the best tv shows of all time. RIP Phil Hartman.
Chris Farley and Phil Hartman shared there last show together and are both gone now pretty sad
A shame Phil Hartman is no longer w/ us to play Auletta in the Altmanesque Theranos comedy that will never get made.
A few times a year I think to myself, I really miss Phil Hartman
The one thing I could do was voices and impersonations and weird characters, and there was r
Harambe reminds me of the Late Great Phil Hartman, but that's just me.
'Blasto' is a new game for Sony Playstation. It's an awesome three-dimensional game, and I p
The only difference between the Rams owner and Lyle Lanley is that one was a fictional character voiced by Phil Hartman.
read about how Phil Hartman wanted to do a live-action Troy McClure film before he died and now i can't stop thinking about potential plots
Bill Clinton makes a pretty good Bill Clinton. But Phil Hartman was still the best Bill Clinton.
Phil Hartman, one of the greatest voice actors on
I also miss Phil Hartman, almost 20 years later and I'll never get over it
was a big Phil Hartman fan from SNL & also a big Kids In The Hall fan so was excited about the show when it 1st aired.
FXX played a bunch of awesome Simpsons episodes today. So it's 12:14 AM and I'm thinking about how sad it is that Phil Hartman is gone.
I haven't seen Trump in anything since Phil Hartman played him on SNL.
TIL that before his death, Phil Hartman had expressed an interest in making a live action film about his popular S…
Is it just me or is Billy's voice starting to sound like the imitation that Phil Hartman did on SNL?
Shades of SNL Ed McMahon (Phil Hartman) - "Vague reference. Lost on younger viewers..."
Phil Hartman did a series of great CD-i commercials in the 90s. Here's one of them!
Hot take: In all of Phil Hartman's work on the Simpsons, Lyle Lanley may be his best.
Just watched P.F. Tompkins vid. Mr. Wilder's death hurt like Phil Hartman's did. Just great comics/people.
Long time ago there was an SNL sketch about Canada taking over America w/ Phil Hartman. Think it was called Americad. . Pls find it for me
First episode of NewsRadio without Phil Hartman is ROUGH. hoo boy
I added a video to a playlist PHIL HARTMAN HAS LOL FUN WITH ROSIE
to be fair, i love it when Fred Reed goes all pobo in that Phil Hartman Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer way re jews...SMELL THE WEAK
My favorite non-Phil Hartman side character. And Mary Ann will get in the hammock with me one day.
I know it isn't a recent film, but Phil Hartman made Soylent Green jokes on SNL like 20 years ago. They should know better.
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I wish Jan Hooks and Phil Hartman were still around.
David Spade is a great guest on Stern. Told a story of Phil Hartman roughing up Rob Schneider at a writers meeting during their SNL days.
Why does Steve Hytner look like a hybrid of Phil Hartman and Willem Dafoe?? 😳😳😳
In fairness, Ryan told the interviewer that he also likes Troy McClure, who like Lionel, was voiced by Phil Hartman
ask John Anderson if late Phil Hartman was YES graphic artist in albums
Phil Hartman was brilliant, and Dave Foley is a really funny guy. Phil...
I watched the whole series couple years ago. full of people I love: Dave Foley, Patrick Warburton, Stephen Root, Phil Hartman
Now Watching (first time)... Everyone is in this: Jim Belushi, Annie Potts, Phil Hartman...i miss PH, all the time.
Watching old SNL. Realizing Wentworth Miller's Captain Cold is an impersonation of Phil Hartman impersonating Jack Nicholson
Phil Hartman was like having Alec Baldwin as a permanent cast member. Great character actor.
Phil Hartman was a treasure. Jan Hooks, too. :*(.
Ruth Hartman was an aviator instructor during WWII and "Phil" was a student of hers. Would love to know more...
Now he's probably going to be President and Phil Hartman is dead. If you still believe in God, at least admit He's probably not on our side.
This Clinton administration just isn't going to be the same without Phil Hartman
Well yeah, that was kind of his thing. I pictured Phil Hartman's version when I read it.
All purpose parts banner
Phil Hartman in houseguest was hilarious
reminds me of Phil Hartman on News Radio sitcom
Phil Hartman's Frankenstein as a news anchor on SNL seems appropriate today.
I miss Phil Hartman, the voice of my legal mentor, Lionel Hutz.
it's on the SNL Best of Phil Hartman compilation if I'm not mistaken.
wow that Phil Hartman story. amazeballs 👀😍🌌
Little-known fact, Phil Hartman died right on the button. Not a second early or late. He always had impeccable timing.
Phil Hartman dies, that's what could go wrong
Remember the old SNL skit with Phil Hartman going after her?!!
I've succeeded beyond my wildest dreams - financially and the amount of fun...
I was 36, and I had decided to quit acting because it was so disappointing.
one of the best SNL skits ever...RIP Phil Hartman.
If Phil Hartman were still alive, do you think we'd have an Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer game done up like Ace Attorney? I'd like to think so.
Remembering the late Phil Bruns on his birthday. Best known as George Shumway from Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman,...
oh, it's star studded. Kirsten Dunst! Denis Leary! the late great Phil Hartman! Jay Mohr!
He plays tough. He will give you your Phil of Hartman.
Man. Wish they made a Blasto sequel. Newsradio wasn't the same without Phil Hartman. You may also know him as Troy McClure.
If only we still had the voice of Troy McClure, Phil Hartman, to promote it.
Phil (Hartman) complains the picture on his brand new TV is fuzzy, when it's crisp for the time. He never got to see HD
If only Phil Hartman was still alive 😉
I don’t need to say anything about Newsradio - it’s obviously the Phil Hartman tragedy.
yep! excellent Phil Hartman showcase too.
Really, who needs Will Ferrell doing Reagan w/Alzheimer's when we already have Phil Hartman's immortal take:
Sometimes I think of Phil Hartman and get sad. He would have been a monster of comedy in the last 20 years. But he was taken from us.
Phil Hartman is my comedy god. He was killed on my birthday. I think that covers a lot of my problems
give me the Phil Hartman Jan Hooks and Kevin Nealon era any day!
lol I was imagining you capping the night with a gentlemanly sip and a Phil Hartman laugh and nod. . Now I understand.
Meat And You: Partners in Freedom this may be one of my favorite Phil Hartman moments
strange after all these years, there was never a replacement for the Phil Hartman's characters that he voiced.
Phil Hartman will always live on in Troy McClure. RIP
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Even at Westchester High in West LA, I was class clown.
Honestly can't think of any episodes in last 10, maybe 15 years that I really like. Almost anything with Phil Hartman was good.
Someone should write a movie blaming you for your parents divorce and the murder of Phil Hartman & Chris Farley's overdose.
Unless you wanna say Phil Hartman just pretended to get murdered by his abusive wife
I use word association to remember names. I remember the new hairdresser because she has Phil Hartman's Alcatraz Prison Guard name
I want to write a think piece on why Keenan Thompson is the best SNL cast member since Phil Hartman.
great great GREAT reference of Phil Hartman's portrayal of Reagan on today's
UR photo with Phil Hartman reminds his death was caused by his wife taking PROZAC & causal temp insanity. see ssristories .net
Not totally defending the Farrell-Reagan movie, but that Phil Hartman SNL skit got a lot of laughs and no controversy.
He's more of a Bush. Pity that Phil Hartman and Chris Farley are gone.
How about a Reagan movie using the Phil Hartman (RIP) Reagan who only pretends to be befuddled?
So Will Ferrell isn't gunna be the Gipper after all, apparently the Reagan family wasn't very keen on the idea. Resurrect Phil Hartman then
Phil Hartman was SNL's first Bill Clinton, but yes, Darrell Hammond did the most work as Clinton
I'm old enough to remember iconic SNL skit with legendary Phil Hartman playing Clinton as he steals McDonald fries.
Missing the inimitable Phil Hartman's spot on McDonald's crushing Bill Clinton after reading this... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Well, Zapp Brannigan was supposed to be played by Phil Hartman. BW based the voice on him. You don't think...?
Phil Hartman didn't kill anyone, he was killed by his wife who was crazy regardless of her medication.
Unless you're Phil Hartman the guy from SNL that killed his whole family on Zoloft
New YMRT on Reagan in Hollywood reminds me that Phil Hartman got it right with his RR sketch
Anytime I see Phil Hartman I have to actively stop myself from crying
Am I the only person who pronounces program the same time Phil Hartman died.
Phil Jackson congratulates the Warriors on tying his Bulls in the record books. (via
I just saw an episode of SNL with Jan Hooks and Phil Hartman actually having multiple sketches together and now I'm in my feelings.
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