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Phil Dowd

Philip Dowd (born 26 January 1963) is an English professional football referee who officiates primarily in the Premier League.

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Phil Dowd not sending Vidic off in the 2010 League Cup Final. All of Villas problems began that moment.
I thought McDonalds was the referee sponsor until I saw Phil Dowd wasn't on the field
How does this ref get this wrong in the first place!? 🙄 Phil Dowd'esque. . VR is needed as refs ruining games with…
Mark Clattenburg and Phil Dowd both elite rustler referees
Miss this gunman. Had the Premier League on strings. Low blood pressure. Phil Dowd FC
Congratulations to the GSC's nominees for NCAA Woman of the Year: Catherine Conley and Elizabeth Dowd!. 📋
Phil Dowd had it in for us breh. 2 penalties and sent Diaby off. But we didn't lose
I can imagine. Refs like Phil Dowd just jealous of his massive sex appeal.
you were a good referee Mark...loved working matches with you, Phil Dowd and xx
lol I remember when I thought Phil Dowd was bad
Screamer! But we were robbed of a win due to Phil Dowd not giving a stonewall pen on Heskey + allowing an offside g…
In an ode to Black Beatles and football, our quiz team name tonight was 'That Girl Is A Phil Dowd Pleaser'
John Moss is the worst ref the Premier League has. Even worse than Phil Dowd
"I know jet fuel can't melt steel beams, but once the plane hits it, it has to go down and Phil Dowd has to give a penalty."…
. Mark Clattenburg. Mike Dean. Phil Dowd. Martin Atkinson. No other League can give a wide collection of the worst set of Officials.
Reflecting on Liverpool game John Moss is just a fat Phil Dowd
Breast Cancer Awareness
Europeans refs by the way 🙈 killing the game. Give me Phil Dowd any day 😂(but I do agree with the pen)
if it's not Phil dowd, to me, they're all Kevin friend
The linesman from the Palace/Liverpool game taken off refs list but Mike Dean and Phil Dowd will still get away with rubbish next weekend
I used to care about referee appointments each week but at this point, screw it. Let's have Phil Dowd every week. Can't get worse
love that it was Phil Dowd as well 😂👌🏻
i remember phil dowd had a howler in a classic 4-4 newcastle arsenal match. It was 10 vs 12
age has gone my friend but we will loose Phil Dowd
I miss Mou's hilarious replies😂. Phil dowd is too fat to be a ref. I use pre-season to prepare players,not to make fans happy,I'm not Wenger
Reminds me of when Phil Dowd did that to Carlton Cole vs Wigan
did he mention teaming up with fellow 'Bloater' Phil Dowd to gift Man U the 2010 carling cup?
these people employed Phil Dowd for 10 years or whatever. Disgusting.
best thing he did in that game was push Phil Dowd over!
Meanwhile in Britain we have phil dowd
wouldn't Phil Dowd look great in that outfit
Good, I was worried that Phil Dowd had eaten her.
Where is Phil Dowd? One of the many diabolical referees I'm glad to see his back.
Its just crossed my mind that I have not seen Phil Dowd on the reffing scene for ages!? Where the *** is he?!
What has happend to refere Phil Dowd
hey Neil- do you know what happened to referee Phil Dowd? Still hurt? Did he retire?
Is phil dowd wearing an extra small top?
What has happened to referees Lee Probert and Phil Dowd?!
OK mate. Still bitter about Phil Dowd's biased display against us last year!Scholes called it right on TV. PSV game cost u.
Which referee has handed out the most red cards?. A. Mike Dean. B. Phil Dowd
Henry, could you help settle a dispute pls. I say Phil Dowd has retired from reffing but my mate insists he's still at it ?
They make as many mistakes as they like don't answer 2 anyone,go home unquestioned, ref today fatter than Phil dowd
There's absolutely no way John Moss (and Phil Dowd) are physically fit enough to referee games at this level. They can't keep up.
Which referees are tory? Definitely Mike Jones, Lee mason, and Phil Dowd. Probably Michael Oliver and Mark Clattenburg
Remember at uni when we phoned Mike Dean up and asked him if Phil Dowd was there?
I put that whole celebration down to Phil Dowd.
ye jus seen madely not been in gym much eh? He has the phil dowd shape lol
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Tally of pro-airstrike Labour MPs up to 36. Several just revealed views in HoC, including Phil Wilson, Jim Dowd
Is Phil Dowd still a PL ref? Also why has Probert and Scott not refereed this season?
Throwback to when I called Phil dowd a fat mongy dwarf
Phil Dowd gave a penalty and a red card for an incident similar to Remy's
Colo's red overturned no surprise, but all talk of inexperienced refs got me wondering what's happened to Lee Probert? And Phil Dowd.
Howard, can u pls explain why Phil Dowd was ever allowed to ref at the top level again after the Carling Cup Final 2010?
So many Diaby, Barton, Newcastle, Phil Dowd mentions on my TL.
Lee Mason is nearly as bad as Phil Pigs *** Dowd. Both embarrassments to the refereeing profession
وزير التربيه. Phil Dowd has been appointed referee for Liverpool v Spurs on Sunday 30 March.
lol Osagie that game that Phil Dowd gifted you? Wow. No more comments till next week. I’ve said my piece.
Phil Dowd reaching new heights as here, stopping the game simply by shouting relentlessly. htt…
I swear Chris Foy, Phil Dowd, Mike Dean or Andre Marriner would've shown red. Very lucky there
Clattenberg are you Phil Dowd is disguise? 😂😂😂
Christ, imagine if Phil Dowd was refereeing this match. He'd be carried off by now
The ref aint knackered... this isnt Phil Dowd
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did you forget him shoving Phil Dowd
seems to be the way forward indeed to behave like Phil Dowd.
That toure barge on Phil dowd gets me every time 😆😆😆😆
I think we would get phil dowd or Mark Clattenburg 2mao i don't want Andre Marriner or Mike Dean Abeg
The Household charge debacle has been turned into a Sitcom for RTE staring Phil Hogan & Fergus O'Dowd :-)
did you see the disallowed decision was worse than Phil Dowd
Remember when Shola Ameobi got sent off against us last season for calling Phil Dowd a fat dwarf
As long as I never have Mike Dean or Phil Dowd chair a panel I'm speaking on...
anyone but Phil Alex Ferguson Dowd.. personally i think Oliver is not the worst ref around !
Good ref, thankfully it's not Phil Dowd!
LOL.and I thought Phil Dowd was bad !!.
for me the best two referees in the country are Phil Dowd and Oliver.
Too many wanting to be the centre of attention e.g. Phil Dowd in the Prem.Thats my opinion
to be fair theres not really a ref that I like, but phil Dowd seems to get most decisions correct
“don't like Phil Dowd any way sent me off too any times
$200 to the first person who kidnaps Mark Clattenburg before Saturday! I want Phil Dowd, please!
he is defo the wrong ref for the match . Phil dowd would of been a good choice
"I wanna go cat fishing."-phil "Travis was already apart of cat fishing this weekend."-me..
You can never surround Phil Dowd...he's too fat
Mourinho refuses to deny he called referee Phil Dowd fat via
Did Jose Mourinho accuse Phil Dowd of being 'too fat to referee' after Chelsea lost at Tottenham Hotspur?| THFC
All the transfer rumours and top stories from the back pages of the national newspapers on Tuesday morning. THE SUN Louis van Gaal will call on the services of a Zen master to try and deal with the mental issues he sees within the Manchester United squad. Arsenal full-back Mathieu Debuchy could miss three months because of his shoulder injury. Wigan want £5m for Callum McManaman, who is a target for Premier League sides Hull City and West Brom. Norwich boss Alex Reid has refused to send Lewis Grabban back to Bournemouth on loan. Jack Cork is set to leave Southampton after turning down a new contract. DAILY MIRROR Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho is alleged to have said referee Phil Dowd is 'too fat' to officiate in Premier League matches during his side's clash with Tottenham. Liverpool are ready to offload Lucas Leiva to Napoli if they land Aston Villa midfielder Fabian Delph. Crystal Palace are expected to seal a loan deal with Arsenal for striker Yaya Sanogo before the weekend. Arsenal will launch a bid for ...
Even by the dire standard of English referees, Phil Dowd is a disgrace
Could be worse, hockey fans. You could have to deal with Phil Dowd and Andre Marriner.
THE EPL IS GETTING HOTTER... Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho may face a ban from the Football Association after he criticised the fitness of referee Phil Dowd following the Blues' 5-3 defeat by Tottenham on Thursday. Mourinho also says that attacking midfielder Eden Hazard, 23, needs to be protected by referees or the Belgium international will leave the Premier League.
Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho slams referees again after Eden Hazard penalty is denied Jose Mourinho launched another attack on referees on Thursday night after Chelsea were beaten 5-3 at White Hart Lane. The Chelsea manager, who claimed Anthony Taylor should be ‘ashamed’ after failing to awarded a penalty in the 1-1 draw at Southampton, told Phil Dowd he was ‘too slow’. Chelsea’s poor Christmas run means they are now level on points with defending champions Manchester City after they beat Sunderland 3-2. This incredible defeat is only the second time in Mourinho’s history as top class manager that one of his teams has conceded five times in a game. Mourinho’s side took the lead at Tottenham through Diego Costa and the Chelsea chief claims his side should have been given a penalty when Jan Vertonghen appeared to handle. He said: ‘I can go in another direction and say what we all know, which is, with the result 1-0, one clear action could make it 2-0. ‘Normally, at 2-0, the result would be c ...
Jose Mourinho is a master manipulator whose criticism of referee Anthony Taylor was a calculated move to swing Premier League title race in Chelsea's favour With a manager as combustible and as clever as Jose Mourinho, you always know that he is going to blow at some stage of the season. By highlighting Anthony Taylor’s performance at Southampton, where the referee gave Cesc Fabregas a yellow card for diving, Mourinho created some hysteria. That was a carefully orchestrated move by Mourinho, delivering the same message in each of his post-match press conferences with equal conviction. At face value it looked like he was trying to attack pundits, experts and analysts. By turning his fire on them, and away from the referee, he avoided an FA charge. But his real target was referees. The title race could be decided by a referee’s decision and Mourinho wants to influence them. At White Hart Lane on New Year's Day, Phil Dowd is on notice and will be well aware that Chelsea have not been awarded a penalty aw ...
The look on Phil Dowd's face. He's like 'what the fis going on here'
The best thing about today: no Lee Mason, no Phil Dowd, no Anthony Taylor.
Sam Allardyce slams referee Phil Dowd over Adam Johnson 'dive' in Sunderland draw
Allardyce fury at penalty call: West Ham United manager Sam Allardyce criticised referee Phil Dowd and his *** ..
Neil Swarbrick is now officially on my list of least favorite PL referees, along with Phil Dowd, John Moss, and Michael Oliver.
Phil Dowd really thinks everyone has turned up to see him.
Phil Dowd not giving a penalty against arsenal, shock horror. Two counts of G.B.H on Roberts at Highbury nothing given.
Match day: Swansea City v EPL| Liberty Stadium| 4pm UK| Referee: Phil Dowd| Will be a tough game but hope to win…
They really need to make the yellow cards in rugby bigger. Hard to get any thrust behind it like Phil Dowd would
Neil Warnock walked off slowly and waited for Phil Dowd to go off behind him.
Phil Dowd gifted Manchester United a golden opportunity in injury time after wrongly sending off Ivanovic. Robin Van Persie struck the equaliser in the final...
Neil Ashton gave Drogba a 7.5, only bettered by an 8 for Phil Dowd - yes really. Monumental ***
Man U getting a dose of their own medicine. Decisions being given against them. Phil Dowd has had a good game
Neil Ashton going for the cheap heat: "This isn't terribly fashionable to say, but Phil Dowd has refereed this game brilliantly"
Maureen in Phil Dowd's ear coming out the tunnel, get your money on a Chelsea penalty in this 2 half!
Mourinho: "OT is a place you have to enjoy. Did you see the tackle I made [on Olly Murs]? If I could do it on Sunday, I would and it’s the same referee, Phil Dowd. So if I see Di Maria in front of me, dribbling, BOOM!’" "We can at this moment be 100 per cent sure that we will leave Old Trafford top of the league" "Last season City came from behind to win the title because...we beat Liverpool at Anfield." "We are not going there for 1 point. We want 3. I’m not interested in thinking which team MUFC play, who is playing or not."
Phil Dowd slips and falls over. MUFC fans sing: 'Are you Gerrard in disguise?'
"Are you Gerrard in disguise" chants going around Old Trafford after ref Phil Dowd slips!
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"Phil Dowd doing his own Twin Towers tribute there." - Martin Tyler, shamefully.
we might as well have Chris Foy and Phil Dowd as refs
Fact is you printed a poster with Phil Dowd's photo stating he was refereeing, when he wasnt confirmed.
I dare you to find me a better moment in the season than Shola Ameobi calling Phil Dowd a 'fat dwarfy mong' in his final NUF…
Talk about a game of two halves, another half arsed cant be bothered performance in the 1st half (good to see Dougal can still motivate the troops), not helped by some very bizarre refereeing from our old friend Phil Dowd, the man who failed to send of Miralles at Godison, Suarez showed great opportunism when he floated a quick free kick over Kruel`s head after being brought down, amazingly Dowd dissallowed the goal, why was this ? Was the free kick taken from the wrong place ?, no, was the ball moving, possibly but if it was it was slight. No the reason he dissallowed the goal was he was busy chatting to one of the Newcastle players. If he thought there had been some infringement why not check with the linesman, who WAS paying attention. It was a game changer as Newcastle promptly went up the pitch and scored, Gerrard couldnt prevent the cross (what was Johnson doing and where was he ???) and Skrtel placed the ball firmly past Mignolet. Brendon really knows how to quieten the crowd, sadly though its ...
apparently he called Phil Dowd a fat dwarfy mong
Charlie Nicholas on SkySports News " he referee ( Phil Dowd ) has had a shocker". well that is putting it mildly, but he is on TV I suppose. But Dowd is the fattest and worse referee in the League. even worse than Chris Foy !
how was that a red?? Ridiculous decision by the unfit to referee Phil Dowd!!
The straight red given to Paul Dummett was a rubbish decision by Phil Dowd.
Shola Ameobi was sent off against Liverpool today for calling Phil Dowd a 'fat dwarfey mong'..
How is Martin Atkinson nearly 10 years younger than Phil Dowd.
RED CARD - West Ham 0-0 Tottenham - Younes Kaboul We've seen this before from referee Phil Dowd. Younes Kaboul brings down Stewart Downing as he closes in on the penalty area, Dowd takes a good minute to mull it over, gather his thoughts - and then show Kaboul the red card. It's a free-kick for West Ham right on the edge.
LONDON, May 01, 2014 (AFP) - Chelsea assistant manager Rui Faria was hit with a six-match stadium ban and fined £30,000 ($50,640, 36,564 euros) on Thursday following his furious rant at the officials during Sunderland's shock win at Stamford Bridge. The Football Association found Faria guilty of two charges of improper conduct after Jose Mourinho's long-time assistant had to be restrained during a fiery touchline exchange with referee Mike Dean and fourth official Phil Dowd in the closing stages of Chelsea's surprise 2-1 home defeat against Sunderland last month. The incident was sparked by Dean's decision to award a controversial penalty to Sunderland when Blues defender Cesar Azpilicueta slid in to challenge Jozy Altidore, causing the Black Cats striker to tumble even though there was little intentional contact. Fabio Borini converted the spot-kick to seal a Sunderland victory which dealt a major blow to Chelsea's hopes of winning the Premier League and ended Mourinho's 77-game unbeaten run in league m ...
(2/2) If you yell at at the fourth official (Phil Dowd) and the incompetent match referee (Mike Dean), you get a 6-match stadium ban.
GRAHAM POLL: Phil Dowd got the decision to send off Cardiff's Juan Cala spot on
Gus Poyet says ref Phil Dowd got it spot on: Gus Poyet paid tribute to 'the best decision I...
Thanks for the pen ref! Sunderland boss Gus Poyet praises referee Phil Dowd
Gus Poyet is a great footballing guy, talks a good game. But credit to Phil Dowd, great call!!
Gus Poyet hailed the best refereeing decision he has ever seen after seeing Sunderland drag themselves out of the Premier League relegation zone. The 46-year-old Uruguayan was full of praise for match official Phil Dowd, who sent off Cardiff City defender Juan Cala for pulling back Connor Wickham and awarded a penalty late in the first half after initially allowing play to continue. Poyet said the decision was a direct result of the debate sparked by West Ham United midfielder Matt Jarvis’s attempts to stay on his feet under the challenge of Arsenal defender Bacary Sagna earlier this month that ultimately went unrewarded. “It’s the best decision I have ever seen from a referee in my life, it’s as simple as that,” said Poyet, the Sunderland head coach. “If we really want to stop players going down easily, this is the way. So all the credit to Phil today, because he did what we all wanted, but it was for some reason not possible. Ben Arthur , do you think poyet should be charged for this comment ...
Sunderland 4-0 Cardiff: Wickham fires Black Cats out of drop zone... but visitors seethe over controversial penalty and red card Elation: Wickham watch his finish creep into the net before celebrations erupted at the Stadium of Light JOHN EDWARDS AT THE STADIUM OF LIGHT: Gus Poyet hailed the 'best refereeing decision I've ever seen' after Phil Dowd controversially awarded Sunderland a penalty and sent off Cardiff defender Juan Cala at the Stadium of Light.
Good decision by Phil Dowd. Poor quality first half.
Phil Dowd got that spot on. If Refs did that more often then players wouldn't have to go down / dive to make the Refs d…
So that's a red, Phil Dowd, but Nemanja Vidic's tackle on Agbonlahor in 2010 in the League Cup final wasn't?
John Terry says he told Phil Dowd to send off Chico Flores in Chelsea win
SPORTS NEWS UPDATE WITH Babrah Ayebale -SPORTS: Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard says next month could be the biggest of his career as the Reds prepare to play "four cup finals" in their bid to win a first English title in 24 years. -Barcelona's players are behind coach Gerardo Martino "to the death",according to club captain Carles Puyol. -Chelsea captain John Terry says Liverpool's defeat of Manchester City suits his side in the title race. -Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone says the remainder of their La Liga fixtures this term have turned from matches to "finals". -Spurs expect PSG to make summer move to bring their French keeper back to his homeland and have their eye on Baggies star. -John Terry admitted that he told Phil Dowd, the referee, that Chico Flores deserved to be sent off prior to the Swansea City defender receiving a second yellow card. -Cricket - Joe Root should not open the batting for England, according to Australia batsman Chris Rogers. Rogers, 36, tipped Middlesex team-mate and op ...
How is the Pillsbury Dough Boy, otherwise known as Phil Dowd, a Premiership referee!? He requires a Segway to keep up with the action...
Let's hear it for Banter's unsung heroes, the referees whose decisions fuel many a bant and rant all season. The poster boy this term is Phil Dowd, the only ref to pass the 100-card mark. He's managed 99 yellows and two reds in just 22 matches - not far short of five cards per game. He's been given the Chelsea game this weekend - here's hoping you put in a performance that reaches the heights you have managed all year, Mr D. Top of the red card charts is Andre Marriner with seven, but the biggest red-mist merchant on show this weekend is Mike Dean with five. Nice to see that he's officiating at a game with nothing at stake, the relegation six-pointer between Fulham and Norwich at the Cottage. Expect a score draw in goals and red cards in that one. The rough-house tactics likely to be deployed by Sunderland to derail in-form Everton should receive soft treatment. The ref at the Stadium of Light [sic] is Leenient Probert, who has dished out just 21 yellows and two reds in 16 games. His cards-to-games ratio ...
I actually like Anthony Taylor (Yday's ref) and Phil Dowd out of the bunch because they let players play & don't stop the game every 2secs.
Phil Dowd refer the varsity game (made one awful decision), and Big Dave Benson Phillips hosted the after party
So what did we learn today? Some Chelsea fans are as classless as their manager, Phil Dowd is still (& always will be) a *** Samir Nasri is back and Javi Garcia was MOTM tonight.
The contrast was clear. Seconds earlier, Steven Gerrard puffed out his cheeks, acknowledged referee Phil Dowd's whistle and struck the dead ball in front of him. Now, with the ball in the net, he was euphoric - swinging his shirt above his head and letting out a guttural roar. He had won the game...
What have Liverpool got in reply? Well, following a corner from Steven Gerrard, Kolo Toure runs into Phil Dowd...
Premier League: Dowd on derby duty The referee for Saturday's Tyne-wear tussle has been confirmed as Phil Dowd - a fourth outing this season in charge of the Magpies, after West Ham at home (drew 0-0), Everton away (lost 2-3) and West Bromwich Albion home (won 2-1). This is scheduled to be the second derby appointment of Dowd's career, the first coming back in October 2010 at SJP when he red-carded Titus Bramble as we won 5-1.
REFEREES FOR NEXT WEEK GAMES ANNOUNCED! We’ve just enjoyed another enthralling weekend of Premier League action and once again the spot light was on the decisions of the referees. Luis Suarez hit the headlines again on Saturday evening after ref Jonathan Moss awarded a controversial penalty to Liverpool at Anfield when goalkeeper Brad Guzan was adjudged to have fouled the striker in the box. Aston Villa were incensed the decision had gone against them as the Reds came from 2-0 down to salvage a draw thanks to the dubious penalty. There was also drama at Stamford Bridge as Chelsea won a fiery contest against Manchester United 3-1 that saw Nemanja Vidic sent off for a late tackle on Eden Hazard, while Rafael was extremely fortunate to stay on the field after Phil Dowd only gave him a yellow for a two-footed lunge on Gary Cahill. These are just a few decisions that have been discussed up and down the country this weekend, and with refereeing decisions looked at more closely than ever before, it’s no wond ...
Btn Chris Foy, Phil Dowd and Howard Webb.whom do you prefer?
Phil Dowd is making his 1st appearance at Stamford Bridge since 1 April last year when Man United were beaten 1-0 in the FA Cup QF replay.
Premier League referee Phil Dowd is in charge of this Saturday’s game at Ipswich – his first QPR appointment since sending off Bobby Zamora against Wigan last season.
1414: Norwich City v Man United. Manchester United make five changes after edging Hull City 3-2 on Boxing Day. Wayne Rooney is replaced by Javier Hernandez up front. Rafael drops out for Nemanja Vidic in defence, as Michael Carrick, Ryan Giggs and Shinji Kagawa come in for Antonio Valencia, Darren Fletcher and Danny Welbeck. Norwich City boss Chris Hughton changes three players from the team that lost 2-1 at home to Fulham. Russell Martin and Ryan Bennett come in at the back for Steven Whittaker and the suspended Michael Turner. Wes Hoolahan replaces Johan Elmander further up the field. Norwich: Ruddy, Martin, Ryan Bennett, Bassong, Olsson, Johnson, Fer, Snodgrass, Hoolahan, Redmond, Hooper. Subs: Whittaker, van Wolfswinkel, Bunn, Elmander, Garrido, Becchio, Murphy. Man Utd: De Gea, Smalling, Evans, Vidic, Evra, Young, Cleverley, Carrick, Giggs, Kagawa, Hernandez. Subs: Anderson, Lindegaard, Welbeck, Fabio Da Silva, Fletcher, Zaha, Januzaj. Referee: Phil Dowd (Staffordshire)
I know Phil Dowd never reffed a Stoke game. Last year Man Utd v Stoke reffed by A. Taylor from Wythenshawe, Manchester!
Phil Dowd is the last ref I wanted to see today. (Excluding baldy Taylor)
Boxing Day ref preview. Phil Dowd we (and the guys in the press box) are watching you: West Ham...
Am truly not impressed by the officiating of ARSCHE this night, i just can't fathom why Mike Dean, Andre Mariner, Lee Probert, Atkinson Martin, Mark Clattenburg are all out to get on Arsenal. What is Mike Riley really doing to stop such shambles in the officiating of EPL matches. Some respect for/to Anthony Taylor, Chris Foy and Phil Dowd, trying their best.
Game was an absolute *** Andrea Dossena looked like he was craving a Big Mac or ten, Eden Hazard is different class absolutely unbelievable player, Phil Dowd or however it's spelt is an absolute pudding too fat to tie his own laces never mind ref a match. Anyway, probably most entertaining game av seen all season, bring on Spurs!
YELLOW CARD - Newcastle 0-0 West Brom Cheick Tiote is booked - for the fifth time this season and the 33rd time in a Newcastle shirt - and he will now miss the game at Swansea on Wednesday. Tiote appeals to referee Phil Dowd, who simply points out the location of Tiote's five previous fouls...
Two tough opponents, Phil Dowd recently and Howard Webb coming up. Two points in two matches is ok against such opponents?
Both Luis Suarez and Jordan Henderson were left bloodied and bruised following reckless, dangerous challenges by the mirralles, yet he somehow escaped fitting punishment from referee Phil Dowd and was also defended by his manager who bizarrely seemed more concerned with complaining about a non-existent Steven Gerrard elbow. It seems that in the world of Martinez, jumping with your arm raised but not making any contact with the opponent is a more serious offence than smashing an arm into someone's face and leaving them with blood pouring from an eye. It would also appear that Dowd also lives in that world. While Liverpool only have themselves -- and specifically Joe Allen -- to blame for not putting the game away, the part Dowd played simply cannot be ignored either. While Everton's second half display meant they were well worth a point and they may even feel they should have won based on chances created, had Dowd done his job properly then the Blues would have been a man down and trailing 2-1. It's diffic ...
Andy Dunn's big match verdict: Phil Dowd needed video help on Kevin Mirallas ... -
i don't see why Phil Dowd and Howard Webb should be treated any differently?!
BREAKING: United make late attempt to strengthen key area with bids for Mark Clattenburg and Phil Dowd.
Martin Tyler taking the mickey out of Phil Dowd. Phil's not quite full.
Martin Tyler pointing out Phil Dowd lost weight only on
Phil Dowd cannot wait until summer so I can throw a huge *** party in my backyard
Guess who lost weight,referee Phil Dowd, but Anderson found it all. Hatespeech
This really is entirely f'cked upwards. "" Phil Dowd
Fair play to Phil I think he's a good ref - this should help further.
I think Anderson has been finishing Phil Dowd's meals off for him.
I personally don't like the girl a great deal with this. "" Phil Dowd
Things learned from today's game: United's defence needs work, skinny Phil Dowd likes his cards, Swansea look good going forward
Played Welbeck. Rooney looks so unfit, looks as bad as Phil Dowd. If Rooney starts next week ahead of Kagawa or Welbeck then that's a joke.
The most remarkable thing about that match was how much weight Phil Dowd had lost.
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For the first time in 7 years Phil Dowd isn't pregnant.
1917: Swansea 1-3 Man Utd Anderson appears to have found the weight Phil Dowd has lost. I
Phil Dowd forgot to tell the referee's kit man that he's not fat anymore.
I really really like this particular "" Phil Dowd
Phil Dowd gave a yellow for everything and not Chico Flores crawling inside Wayne Rooney's jersey?
*** no yellow for a foul during a counter attack !! Phil Dowd you utter waste of space !!
Maybe Phil Dowd could give Anderson some diet tips?
Phil Dowd and Anderson must have the same personal trainer.
Phil Dowd No less than this now just about all makes sense! ""
Omfg -- The almighty I enjoy this when this occurs "" Phil Dowd
Phil dowd looks slimmer than ando XD
Anderson should have a quick chat with Phil Dowd to pick up some dieting tips. needs to spend a day with Phil Dowd
We know who pays phil dowd's checks then.
Referee Phil Dowd leads the teams out at the Liberty Stadium - Swans are led by Ashley Williams & Man Utd by Nemanja Vid…
After giving birth over the summer, Phil Dowd has forgotten how to referee
Phil Dowd was still able to keep up with play last season when he was 2 stone heavier? . So Anderson has literally no excuse
Phil Dowd Is that this the most efficient?? ""
Anderson needs to speak to Phil Dowd.
Amazing to think that even Phil Dowd is thinner than him now!
Today's referee will be Phil Dowd. He took charge of three games last season, including the 1-1 league draw at Arsenal in…
I'd *** myself if Phil Dowd slipped over now & had to send himself off.
# The slimmers delight, Phil Dowd, is my favourite referee.
He might've lost 2 stone in pre-season, but Phil Dowd still runs around the pitch like he's fleeing death.
Phil Dowd Really he is f'n emotional. He or she articles Janets photos as well as calls the girl low
Bet Phil Dowd's buzzer was going mad.
Phil Dowd might have lost two stone but he still moves with all the grace of a pregnant wildebeest.
if Suarez signs and is to bite someone, I hope it's Phil Dowd
Phil Dowd take a bow son . Well done for losing the weight so we'll see if this now makes u a better referee.
Saw Phil dowd walking out shaking his head after that decision. Unlucky
So Phil Dowd has lost a lot of weight to start the season. He takes a lot of guff, but I like his theatrical sense. No comment on decisions.
Maybe Phil Dowd could help Anderson lose more weight?
still amazed how Phil Dowd became thin :P
News flash Man Utd have signed.4 substitutes for the coming season Howard Webb PHIL DOWD. MARKCLATTENBERG andMARTIN ATKINSON nice one moyes
Yes. I did see what you looked like. I mistook you for Phil Dowd for a second
Phil Dowd lost a lot of weight the past few months, such a good turn around
The only shrinking faster than the Liverpool wage bill is Phil Dowd's waist line.
Phil Dowd has lost 2 stone in prep for the new season... about fckn time too. SAF was right, that fat fckr only ever guessed his decisions
Where can I buy Phil Dowd's fitness video?!
“Phil Dowd's been on a diet . Maybe he can keep up with the play now.
Effect of Fergie's retirement on Phil Dowd No more Mpesa lol
“Either Phil Dowd's been on a diet or there's something we don't know about...
For those who didn't believe how much Phil Dowd has lost this pre-season
Delighted to be following fellow Monday-lunchtime footballer - a man with a rocket of a left-foot and a Phil Dowd-sized belly
I used to look to Phil Dowd as a role model for my fitness. No he's gone and lost about three stone and looks super fit. No hope now for me
Meet the new Phil Dowd ahead of the new season...
Interesting article about fitness and how Phil lost weight during the off-season -
Phil Dowd goes on a diet after being criticised by Sir Alex Ferguson -
I hope so, wasn't the only one with dodgy decisions but if I had to describe myself as a ref it would be phil dowd
Phil Dowd has shed some weight over the summer..
Respect to Phil Dowd. Looks like he’s been working out all summer.
John Moss is the new Phil Dowd. As for Drogba, once a diver always a diver.
Phil Dowd has to pay us a weeks wages
Old Phil Dowd has shed some pounds over pre season!!
Hmmm Phil Dowd doesn't want Webb getting all the attention. . . . . . .
Phil Dowd lost some weight, good. Refs in the PL should have similar training and physical demands as players to be honest.
“Someone's been working hard over the summer! Fair play to Phil Dowd. hah skinny Ph…
Things just aren't the same without Howard Webb, Mark Halsey and Phil Dowd, eh?
I wonder if this means Fergie's back room staff are also to retire.Howard Webb, Phil Dowd, Mark Clattenberg...
Vote time: worst referee... Howard Webb, Mike Dean or Phil Dowd ??
Phil Dowd is one of the better referees. But then that's like comparing Gary Neville to Jamie Redknapp & Gareth Southgate.
SOCCER NEWS» Balotelli: "If Real Madrid come back against Dortmund i will let my girlfriend sleep with the players" Fergie slams ref Phil Dowd over Man Utd card tally against Arsenal yesterday. Beckham was only on the pitch for 6 minutes yesterday in French Ligue 1 with PSG. He had 0 passes, 0 shots, 0 interceptions, 0 dribbles but 1 foul and 1 red card. *Don't laugh* Juventus need just one more point to win Serie A. Cristiano Ronaldo is an injury doubt for Real Madrid's Champions league semi-final second leg against Borussia Dortmund on Tuesday. The Portuguese sustained a thigh injury against Aletico Madrid on Saturday. Barcelona are anxious to replace declining in form goalkeeper, Victor Valdes this summer. Bayern Munchen have set a new point record in the Bundesliga. Crytal Palace winger Wilfred Zaha who was voted Championship player of the year at the PFA awards will come to Man Utd this summer. Man Utd are the dominant feature in the PFA team of the year with four of their players making the list: . ...
Take the point. *** on the record. Blood in a few young'uns. Phil Dowd on a *** take of epic proportions, the knob.
Rear admiral Phil Dowd appears to have had second helpings of cow pie. A Tia Maria for that man.
Phil Dowd is giving out yellow cards like jimmy Saville's giving out candy
In fairness Phil Dowd is a bit card happy here today
Yeah, it's not like Wenger sold them Howard Webb, or Phil Dowd, or Mike Dean.
Phil Dowd appointed referee for vs Man Utd. i thought the ref would either be Mike Dean or Howard Webb!
Phil Dowd has been appointed referee for Arsenal vs. Man United on 28/04/13.
I know Phil Dowd isn't fit to ref but it's better than the Spurs fan Mike Dean and the Man United fan Howard Webb
Phil Dowd to referee Arsenal vs Man United on Sunday 28 April
Webb, Foy, Friend all these should taken to League Two, Phil Dowd only ref who almost always gets out clean, and Mike Dean
Chris Kamara says Simon Mignolet yellow card was illegal. A keeper can't be booked for saving backpass. Phil Dowd got it wrong
Phil Dowd should just go and put on a Sunderland shirt! Mignolet denied a clear goal and gets a yellow.
Mike Dean makes it all about himself. Phil Dowd and Mark Clattenburg ate the same
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I'm doing homework atm, but who is the ref? If its Chris Foy or Phil Dowd then I totally agree with you.
Phil Dowd cuts short his holiday on hearing he is refereeing v
I bet Phil Dowd fills one of these forms out every week.
Just had an awkward smile from Phil Dowd (premiership referee) and the Southend team in the royal box
Lots of Arsenal fans have a problem with Howard Webb but I don't know why? Genuinely a top referee. Phil Dowd on the other hand...
I think Phil Dowd is worse, but Webb loves to make sure he's the man in the spotlight.
Phil Dowd looks shattered just holding the board up for the subs….
Pochettino giving Steven Davis instructions, Phil Dowd interrupts and tells him to step back a yard into the technical area, what a nonsense
He kidnapped Mark Halsey and Phil Dowd and would only release them if the refs fixed all the games.
Thank you ;-) xx "Phil Dowd is reffing QPR v Wigan tomorrow
Phil Dowd is reffing QPR v Wigan tomorrow
Can Phil Dowd scrape himself up from 12th place for vs ?
Phil Dowd has been appointed referee for Queens Park Rangers v Wigan Athletic on Sunday April 7th.
REF WATCH: PHIL DOWD. Official to take charge of fourth R's match this season.
you're a poor man's Phil Dowd at best
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Phil Dowd has been appointed referee for the QPR v Wigan Athletic game at the weekend.
That's all we need for Sunday's big game at QPR we have only got Phil Dowd as the ref
as long as it's not Phil Dowd, that'll do for me.
My top 5 Premier League refs would be in order, Michael Oliver, Mark Clattenburg, Phil Dowd, Mike Jones and Jon Moss
Howard Webb appointed the ref for our game against West Brom.. The best ref in the league imo. Refs like Mike Dean and Phil Dowd are useless
Mark Halsey and Phil Dowd bottle big decisions against the big teams! and these decisions could cost a team their prem status!
I still hate Phil Dowd for not sending Vidic off in the league cup final.
if its Phil Dowd then yes, we all do! Howard Webb will be the best choice.
Most of the hate is targeted to Phil Dowd though. Should've sent Vidic off!
Should be ok for QPR v WAFC Phil Dowd Fancy Dress Outfit -
Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, Phil 'Useless Fat Lard' Dowd is appointed referee for Sunday. GROAN.
REF WATCH: Phil Dowd has been appointed referee for Sunday's match against
see that Man Utd have left out Howard Webb and Phil Dowd and put in Kevin Friend.
Correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't Phil Dowd used to use the pitch side monitor a couple of years ago via his 4th official?
I'll be like Phil Dowd on speed except much slimmer lol
that bloated Phil Dowd was desperate to give him one yesterday
What's going on phil dowd Mark Halsey kevin freind where are we going Lee Probert bad decisions
Phil Dowd as well, he's way overweight
Phil Dowd And The Ref At Wigan Need to be investigated. Something went on during those two games...
Mark Halsey is worse than Phil Dowd. Wigan lucky as usual.
Outrageous. Phil Dowd would have been proud of that performance
Phil dowd wants 12 players on for Fulham.
Oh, Phil Dowd is the 4th official. That's where it came from.
I've not really seen one good official over St Mary's this season apart from Phil Dowd the rest not good
Phil Dowd, SotonVsLiverpool yesterday best refereeing performance all season from any ref?
Phil Dowd the 4th official in the Spurs game.
Forget about that derby, theres a bigger one taking place on Wednesday. Staffs uni Vs Keele uni. Varsity! Phil Dowd reffin' my match!
Phil Dowd refereed LFC first game of the season and the game yesterday. In both games we conceeded 3 goals.
Phil Dowd is fourth official today. He's to my left. His face is a mask of pain. He looks like his God has forsaken him.
Chris Foy must be the worst ref in the league ( apart from Phil Dowd)
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Explaining the jelly/jam conundrum to an Australian and: 'So like jam is Phil coutinho and jelly is Phil dowd?' I think she's got it
Phil dowd hates Suarez. Just look at his face on the derby when he celebrates in front of egg eyes!! Plassy policeman.
I may be wrong but some of Phil Dowd's decisions in the SFC v LFC game were shocking!
The difference in referees from Rugby to Football is embarrassing. In this game we have an Irish tank in charge. Football get Phil Dowd...
Mark Geiger and Phil Dowd on the same day. A Howard Webb sighting away from the referee hat trick.
Phil Dowd is a bit of a *** isn't he... whatever game he refereed this season we lost.
how fat is phil dowd? How he expects to keep up with play is beynd me. Thought they were professional these days?
Phil Dowd is a gonk. What can he book Suarez for there?
Shove that yellow card up your ars Phil *** Dowd.
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