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Phil Donahue

Phillip John Phil Donahue (born December 21, 1935) is an American media personality, writer, and film producer best known as the creator and host of The Phil Donahue Show.

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I agree. What is this a mix of Phil Donahue, Sally Jesse & Oprah?
Rush Limbaugh's first appearance on Phil Donahue was similar- the moderate au…
Moshe Kasher wants to be the next Phil Donahue, but funnier:
Fabulous interview with TV legend, Phil Donahue, for our new MAKERS Men series.
"My son said to 'We like that Dad has less spazzes when you're here.'" Phil Donahue jokes about his fa…
"My own domestic experiences made me much more insightful on what women experience today"-
Phil Donahue on pushing boundaries of TV in the 70s.
"I hope these young women today know the shoulders they're standing on." Phil Donahue on feminism
"These young women today... I hope they know the shoulders they're standing on" -
Phil Donahue Show was way ahead of it's time... ✊👏
I very much remember this Phil Donahue interview w/Bette Davis in 1987, where she smoked thru it
Check out the Quintet playing "The Nearness of You" at the Phil Donahue Show around 1984 h…
Ah you legend. I caught a show BBB of his yesterday. Reminded me of Phil Donahue. Really enjoyed his…
income inequality, bankers, the fraud of the insurance markets! Can you be anti-war (Phil D…
Phil Donahue kicks Bill O'Reilly's *** on the Factor " not j. glick, billy". "...your nephew not..."
Phil Donahue wants men to speak up for feminism via
Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. -Phil Donahue
When it comes to Bill O'Reilly, one of my fondest memories of him is the first time he went toe to toe with Phil Do…
Peter Criss of KISS and his imposter on Phil Donahue 1991
Olin MBA marketing club campaign was on the Phil Donahue Show. Celebrating
Sides viewpoint but we as audience don't get to ask questions of the guests like Phil Donahue. Instead we're forced to listen to lies. So we
I want to know TRUTH about what's happening in our world & in our WH. Now all we get is a Phil Donahue setting with experts & the "other"
Watching Shahrazad Ali on the Phil Donahue Show (1990). Check it out Family .
.Phil Donahue explaining white privilege on his daytime talk show in 1994 by citing Peggy McIntosh's r…
.taught me how to buy drugs on the dark web and got me obsessed with Phil Donahue. It was problematic
In the run-up to Iraq invasion Phil Donahue was basically the lone questioning, anti-war voice on cable--so msnbc canceled his popular show
MSNBC fired Phil Donahue who had its top-rated show for being anti-Iraq War. Fox keeps Bill O'Reilly w/ top-rated show & a sexual harasser.
Thankyou man! Yeah I saw him promoting it on the Phil Donahue Show,they were all laughing at him smh sheep
First Bill Paxton, now Judge Wapner? Who's next? Phil Donahue? Sally Jesse Raphael? John Ratzenberger better be current on his meds...
Cenk is a punk. Phil Donahue and Charles Grodin were fair left wing guys
What happen to afternoon talk shows, like Merv Griffin show or Phil Donahue... you don't need these types guest
When Ben said Troy Donahue, why did I think he was talking about Phil Donahue?
This snarky review is how the MSM would have treated an interview between Phil Donahue and Scott Ridder circa 2003.
Y now it's time for the fart show starring Phil Donahue. Oh, Viktor Yanukovych.
thanks putting all those *** freaks on your shows as a kid! If you think you were breaking ground! You put me into depression
Spanking and verbal criticism have become, to many parents, more imp...
Is it any wonder that for millions of men the only intimacy is phy...
Happy 81st birthday to Phil Donahue. Take a look at where he and other ’90s talk show hosts are today…
Phil Donahue was top rated show when he was fired. They were afraid of him.
Former talk show host Phil Donahue is 81.
TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS | In 1935, Phil Donahue was born on this date in Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Media birthday: Former talk show host Phil Donahue turns 81 today.
*** Phil Donahue is 81 years old today.
Happy Birthday!!! Wish you much blessings of Love, Peace, Happiness, & Great Health always! Have a totally fabulous day!
American talk show host Phil Donahue 81 today
Happy Birthday to winner Phil Donahue - the man who started it all and paved the way for all Talk...
🎂To Phil Donahue: Born in 1935 in Ohio, Phil Donahue went into broadcasting after graduating from...
BD - Phillip John "Phil" Donahue. I think idea of creating a television news source that is not beholden to corpora…
Airlines are interesting. They not only favor celebrities, they cou...
For me it was about debauchery like The Mummies or anything that Phil Donahue would hate.
What, no, this is just my Phil Donahue cosplay. *Tilts microphone back toward question-asker*
Phil Donahue, & Eddie Vedder, after powerful Tomas Young’s War reading at ht…
Some people say I appeared on the Phil Donahue Show to tell 'my'...
December 25th has become guilt and obligation.
🎥 | Former MSNBC host 'Corporate media does not want to rock the boat. Corporate media IS the boat. It is ruin…
45 years ago today.Actress Jan Sterling of 'The Guiding Light' discusses Hollywood and astrology on 'The Phil Donahue Show.'
The system of volunteerism is divisive. It pits one charity against...
Phil Donahue was one of the greatest old ladies in history. He should be found brained next to Marlo and a bust of Ginsberg.
I just found out that my sister may have the VHS of when I was on the Phil Donahue Show.that would be a trip...
pay for your sins, hire Obermann and Phil Donahue
They were terrified that we were going to become an anti-war kind of pla...
I'll never forget my horror & shock when Phil Donahue said there was no difference between D's & R's in t 2000v!
Oprah is more than an institution. Oprah is a very special star in the ...
I have moved from certainty to doubt, from devotion to rebellion.
Hon. Minister Farrakhan ON Phil Donahue 1990... I always gotta watch this again when I need to be encouraged.
Jerryd Bayless literally had the Frank Drebbin as Phil Donahue reaction to being hit.
I learned that from.Phil Donahue. He brought on the Klan to "balance" NAACP field workers in the 80s. YUCK.
Marlo taught me things I thought I knew.
This episode ended Phil Donahue's reputation and probably career. Wish someone could could do the same with Piers M…
Apparently *** & Pat saw DT's appearance on Phil Donahue back in '87 (What a
No , but I remember her appearing on the Phil Donahue Show. It was a afternoon talk show.She was brilliant!
AM Chicago with aired opposite Phil Donahue in Chicago, who was the king of daytime. The rest is history...
Look more like Phil Donahue. Look even more like my brother.
Less than a year before moved into the Ed Sullivan Theater, Phil Donahue celebrated his 25th.
It was the big eyes and the gravelly voice. On the other hand, she married Phil Donahue.
Phil Donahue on the first ep of Making Oprah is... awesome. dude sounds like he'd be so funny
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I tip like crazy. They'll remember me. Celebrity can be expensive.
This is beginning to remind me of the 80 and 90s Geraldo Rivera and Phil Donahue Shows.
These people are *** who implode quickly. I remember watching them on Phil Donahue when they were called skinhea…
I remember when that movement started to decriminalize pedophilia. Phil Donahue had a professor on one of his shows years ago
Happy Birthday, Marlo Thomas! Daughter of Danny Thomas. Married to Phil Donahue. Known for work with St. Jude Hospi…
Also, this podcast host got Phil Donahue to admit that the 1st black person he hired for his staff was chosen bc "she had the biggest Afro."
Phil Donahue was the first Jerry Springer. Weird *** guests
Donald J Trump interview on Phil Donahue Show saying the same thing he's saying now he wants to help America 1987
..mild compared with the hostile reaction she received on 'The Phil Donahue Show'.
Basically they want to erase Phil Donahue from history.Maybe a little more Howard Cosell
Joy should watch her back at MSNBC - Phil Donahue was fired from MSNBC for being alone vs. Iraq War. Most at netwo…
Because of my grey hair and glasses, people think I'm Phil Donahue.
Oh Holy Night as song by Neil Diamond in the early 90's on Phil Donahue I will send it to you.
In 1953 there were two ways for an Irish Catholic boy to impress his...
Nope ,an audience member 30 years ago on The Phil Donahue Show asked if he'd ever run thus planting the seed.
Presenting statues of honor to reporters for covering an earthquake i...
.I'd say more of a Wannabe Phil Donahue-look. Happy 🎂!
daytime talkshows use to be so differe net 1994 - Phil Donahue Show - Dr. Khalid Muhammad - HD via
He is going the way of Phil Donahue and Maury Povich.
For the sake of Phil Donahue, could we please stop tarring the unmodified "liberal"? 😟 If HRCInc wants "neoliberal", good riddance.
Do you think it's possible to get Phil Donahue on ?
They also cancelled Joy's show awhile back But now she's back
The network that fired for Iraq War criticism & for TPP
And when they dumped Phil Donahue's show because it was too anti W and Iraq War.
. FIRED Phil Donahue for slightly going against King George W... They are all Neville Chamberlains
Notice how Phil Donahue listens, doesn't interrupt, doesn't try to talk over or push an opposing point.
2 bad most Americans are to busy watching their favorite TV shows or sports! Intelligent TV shows like Phil Donahue…
Recognition should come to the reporter who uncovers public cheatin...
you all are always blowing up the plans! So disgusted with your show. I would rather watch Phil Donahue reruns! Opinionated snots
Great interview with the handsome and Phil Donahue
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Thank-you for saving my life by having the first show on ocd in '89
It's like if Michael Moore and Phil Donahue had a kid...and that kid was raised by Ron Reagan Jr.
If Trump had been against Iraq that would have been great. It would have been him, Janeane Garofalo and Phil Donahue. We'd have…
Who is he praying to? Did he tell Phil Donahue on his program in 1989 that he was too smart to believe in God?
You saved my life with your first show o ocd 89'
Pence. He was rocking that pimp Phil Donahue hair.
I don't know but Phil Donahue leaving Chicago sure screwed up.
Yeah, I'm not sure that one was for me either. Altho I did like Phil Donahue. If you're really old, you will remember him.
Pence slapped on his Phil Donahue hair and whipped some ***
Phil Donahue is literally saying nothing.
Wish they’d asked Phil Donahue or Sally Jesse Raphael to have moderated this debate. Or maybe Morton Downey Jr. .
Wait Trump hired another reality TV talk show host Pence is really Phil Donahue
that whole family needs Oprah, Donahue, Jerry Springer and Dr. Phil due to their problems. I don't watch trash.
I added a video to a playlist Phil Donahue on 2003 Firing From MSNBC For Airing Anti-War Voices
When we had been married five years, we had six children. What, in God's name, was wrong with
I wish his friends would get him the help he needs. (Is it just me or is he becoming a cross bt Phil Donahue & Rosie ODonnell?)
Jack Bergen & discuss an event that encourages Notre Dame to be more inclusive of the community.
Just knowing that trans exists is such a better starting point than Phil Donahue and Jerry Springer representations.
I love watching Bette Davis interviews. . Bette Davis 1987 Phil Donahue is one of my favorites.
Why is Katy Perry in my corn? Do cars get a tan when Phil Donahue fries them? Why is my burrito filled with bon-bons?
I just saw you on a Phil Donahue episode from 1990 & u gave me so much life ..a shame 26 yrs later n little change but thanks
. U were and still r the most brilliant that ever hit tv. Wish u would come back. Also loved u w/Posner
Sharing my Witnessing testimony when I was on the Phil Donahue Show live. Go public with your…
I was one of the few, including Phil Donahue who opposed the War in IRAQ in 2003, Trump was NOT one of us.
We don't need Ayn Rand's selfishness. First saw her on Phil Donahue years ago. Not impressed. Not sure how any Christian could be.
Incredibly successful Catholics for Fairness Pilgrimage in Central Park with Phil Donahue & Kentuckians Greg…
"We need to welcome people in all areas of our lives - including in the Catholic Church," says…
"ppl long to be members of the faithful; this is a matter of fairness" says Phil Donahue at event
"We need their passion, their faith" says Phil Donahue of Catholics at LGBT event in
"At a time when the Church needs the enthusiasm of its members, why would they reject a great percentage of the fai…
"The door must be open to all of God's children, including the millions of Catholics around the world,"…
Listening to Phil Donahue discuss his longtime support for ppl at Pilgrimage of Mercy in
Talk show host recalls how central the Catholic Church has been in encouraging anti-discriminat…
GALA board member recalls how he first began to understand anti-discrimination at fo…
We should not use crippled children to sell hamburgers. Ever.
Daytime talk show legend opens up about his career and what it was like to start a genre.
Mr. Kass' photo reminds me of Phil Donahue.
Muhammad Ali debates a white feminist criticizing his arrogance (Phil Donahue Show, 1974).
To think I used to watch Phil Donahue...what an effing joke!.
yup! And remember when shows like Phil Donahue used to have Milton Freedman on? MSM would never let that happen today.
Um, no. Phil Donahue is a feminist & he's a straight male.
.Sometimes, if I squint & tune out what you're saying, I can pretend you're Phil Donahue & not a worthless t…
In a network situation, a vice p resident, while he's shaving, can decide your his—
Jack Bergen and discuss an NYC march on 10/03 to encourage the Catholic church to include
I can't believe you had on legendary TV talk show host PHIL DONAHUE on your show! He seems a bit slower,yet still he's got it!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Chris Mathews to Phil Donahue: You're Un-American (Part 2 of 2 - TJDS) via
good 4 u!! what do Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue think?
Hugh Hewit looks like a cross between Phil Donahue, George McFly, and Justin Bieber.
I added a video to a playlist Bill O'Reilly gets his *** kicked by Phil Donahue
I stopped taking news seriously when Phil Donahue was taken off the air and Bill O'Reilly added his ratings to his
Phil Donahue( in his days was the voice of America) lost on his show thrice because of men like Louis Farrakhan and Khalid Abdul Muhammad.
Moral courage. In such short supply. This interview w/ Phil Donahue is a potent reminder of that fact.
This was when it was cool. It was still cool to see Phil Donahue having lunch in the same place I was with Kay...
Phil Donahue, Eddie Vedder, and Mark Wilkerson, here today to honor Tomas Young, veteran and anti-war activist
Clip of Helen Thomas on Phil Donahue's short-lived show on MSNBC, July 2002:
is such a hack. It's a shame because I used to watch his show all the time. I demand justice for Phil Donahue!
Is it possible to mount a 12' satellite dish on my roof that only gets the Phil Donahue Show?
Y now it's time for the cyclostyle show starring Phil Donahue. Oh, hit the ground running.
Liza Minnelli on the Phil Donahue Show 1991 Liza Minnelli TheHairStyler - $0.00
Why did Socratic Method sing to Tom Brady? To pee on Phil Donahue.
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before Jon Hamm came Bob Crane I am glad I saw him in person on Phil Donahue Show I got his autograph
Yes and Phil Donahue and Marlo Thomas, Alan Alda, Rita Moreno, …pop culture was kinder and gentler in the 70s, I would say.
what if it was doing his Phil Donahue impression? That would be crazy.
FYI you do not resemble Phil Donahue or whoever it was Donnie said lol! ;)
Don't forget Phil Donahue, Mr. Dixon. He was also pushed out.
Watching D Khalid Muhammad on the Phil Donahue Show on the YouTube. This kind of information wasn't shared with me in the 90s
The Tube is a vehicle for selling things, not for exploring ideas.
points for working Phil Donahue into the narrative
Phil Donahue is still alive??? For a former talk show host...he sure is being quiet!
Maybe instead of Phil Donahue under the mask, it'll be J. Walter Weatherman...
We need the moral compass that is Phil Donahue. Phil your time has come. Reemerge.
...uh...on the the Phil Donahue Show commenting about Lawrence Kasdan's Body Heat's Matty Walker and Ned Racine?
Dismayed by Chris Matthews wanting Phil Donahue off air–the best TV host against sad illegal Iraq War. Helene. World Enlightened News
An intern at MSNBC mistook him for Phil Donahue, no one willing to admit error.
Hugh Hewitt might actually be Phil Donahue after a frontal lobe lobotomy.
I like to think you locked in Phil Donahue
Remember watching Phil Donahue well impressed Joey McIntyre can hit high notes
My head is far enough up trumps *** that I know he never said that on Phil Donahue
in 1973, members of the Toledo Troopers & Head Coach Bill Stout appear on the Show. 🏈
I liked a video Shahrazad Ali on the Phil Donahue Show (1990) (Full)
No surprise on that. There will undoubtedly be more. City council thinks Phil Donahue is still on the air.
this was a time when journalists like Phil Donahue who is huge was fired from MSNBC for being against the war
Moderator is going to play "Phil Donahue" ..that in itself might date the audience
Strangely enough, you need to add Phil Donahue to that list.
Ayn Rand Argues That Believing in God Is an Insult to Reason on The Phil Donahue Show. 1979 https:…
Vivian Maier was Phil Donahue's kid's nanny for a year. How odd.
I believe it was Phil Donahue who started the fame-by-bad-behavior trend. Jerry Springer doubled down on it.
. Thought I'd share my recent book about Easter. Michael Freze, S.F.O.
Looking at this clip of minister farakkan on phil donahue and he got these white ppl steaming
doing a skit of U 2night..reminded me of watching The Phil Donahue Show with my Grandma when I was a kid
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
This is one of the very first celebrity jeopardy sketches. Reynolds is there but no Connery! DH is doing Phil Donahue!
classic with and Marlon Brando, Phil Donahue and Burt Reynolds — feeling happy in...
Does anyone else ever miss Phil Donahue?.just me?
Neil Diamond on the Phil Donahue Show 1993 - full show via
Thank you Dana it's about time conservatives see Kasich for what he is. The Phil Donahue of the GOP, an emasculated ***
How many times has Dan Rather, Phil Donahue or Keith Olbermann been called out by conservatives, directly challenged to a fight?
Phil Donahue Net Worth: Phillip John Donahue was produced on December 21, 1935 in Cleveland, Ohio. After gradu...
I watched this clip on YouTube about a group of black Americans who could pass on the Phil Donahue - so so interesting
It was great to speak at NYU with legendary Phil Donahue about the dangers of corporate media & loss of a free press https:…
Many people say now how they opposed Iraq War then. Phil Donahue was one of few who actually did.
He talks just like "Phil Donahue" in the old SNL Celebrity Jeopardy skits.
Melissa Harris-Perry deserved better treatment than she got. So did Phil Donahue. You gotta stop wrecking good people.
Melissa Harris-Perry, Keith Olbermann, Cenk Uygur, Ed Shultz & Phil Donahue! I have started watching Free Speech TV instead of you!
Watched her do her thing on Phil Donahue's show. Unstoppable. Answer for every question Result: No ERA.
Also this day in 1996, talk show host Phil Donahue announced he was retiring after the end of the season, after 29 years on the air.
Shoutout to all the Brothas and Sistas who were in the Studio Audience of Phil Donahue's show defending our leaders.
YouTube, the old Phil Donahue Show videos where he was guest on. Good and easy to understand.
Remember when MSNBC fired Phil Donahue even though he had its highest rated show? Odd business model
I saw her in the Phil Donahue Show many years ago. I also read Her book ( The Isis Papers ).
I distinctively remember the Phil Donahue Show where parents wer concerned dances like 'The Butterfly' were 'too sexual'. Fatima was on it.
A poll that the Phil Donahue audience took (1990)
This is a 1990 poll from the Phil Donahue Show.
I'm not ULTIMATELY going down for this.
I liked a video from Phil Donahue Confronts Chris Mathews On Beltway Insidership - 1 of 2
"Don-a-hue, Don-a-hue" Keith's family was a big fan of Phil Donahue's show. Hear the duo talk nonsense about a...
Is the Heisman Trophy show the worst sports show on TV?? When did ESPN become the Phil Donahue Show!!
Liberalism run amuck! The feminization of America. Phil Donahue, Oprah, The View etc., 90% of the teachers are...
Gotcha. When I was a kid it was Phil Donahue and Sally Jesse Raphael so I'm a little out of touch.
PERSECUTION | Amazing interview Phil Donahue about Jehovah Witnesses persecuted in WW2
Because is a man of the people and is the Phil Donahue of politics
We challenge you to forgoing one cup of coffee to support veterans. Will you pick up our gauntlet?
What Marlo Thomas has learned from her 35-year marriage via
Who is the new bench coach with hair more glorious than Phil Donahue?
30 years ago, Phil Donahue on a show, "Where would we be without Hitler? You can justify anything with Hitler!"
It's all good. Just mentally drained. Can't wait to get home and watch reruns of Phil Donahue!
Is America stuck in neutral with its racism problem? This is a Phil Donahue Show of many years ago.
Willis was going for the Phil Donahue look
Pic w/ Phil Donahue at Ms. Foundation Gloria Awards, talked about getting kicked off MSNBC before the Iraq invasion ht…
I'm a *** as well. Just trapped in a man's body. Wouldn't have known possible w/o Phil Donahue. Just sayin'
Y'all, watch the Phil Donahue Show on youtube. Race discussions there are cutthroat.
Milton Friedman (1976 Nobel) on Greed in 1979 interview by Phil Donahue (amazing interviewer)
You have to hear this Todd. Neil Diamond sings Oh Holy Night on Phil Donahue. Wonderful
Phil Donahue was fired from "liberal" MSNBC for being against Iraq War. sides
I was proud of the waves I had made, but wondered how many boats I was supposed to rock. - Phil Donahue
Watching do Art Modell on the Rizzo show and realized he was channeling Phil Donahue. Lol.
What a ridiculous statement. Remember when Ayn Rand ( Russian immigrant ) said it's our oil, on Phil Donahue?
Phil Donahue had to count himself as a liberal and have an extra conservative when he was on.
Phil Donahue kicks Bill O'Reilly's *** on the Factor by te way is a copy of George Bush vía
. Phil Donahue was a class act. He did some amazing work.
How is it that Phil Donahue has looked the same since I was a child back in the 80s?
Phil Donahue, Keith Olbermann, Lawrence O'Donnell, Ed Schultz & Chris Hayes. MSNBC has been good to watch at 8PM.
Back in the day, AROK the robot wowed Palos Hills residents and fans of Bozo, Merv Griffin and Phil Donahue Shows
Kinda wish "Reliable Sources" had brought Bill Carter on during its Phil Donahue interview.
paraphrasing Phil Donahue, that constitutes a whole 'nother show.
"The holocaust is the greatest atrocity on film, Ours was not filmed." -Women in the Audience from the 1994 Phil Donahue Show
ngl, I might pay for cable again if we could get a channel devoted to replaying the entire Phil Donahue talk show run.
"Uh, this is all your fault Phil Donahue! You gorgeous, white-haired, *** great show- Every cast member is perfect!
We had no idea Phil Donahue is so tall . Such a nice guy .
Richard Pryor talks about MS with Phil Donahue 1993: via
Jake is busy learning his journalism technique from Jerry Springer and Phil Donahue
James Garland roaming through the audience like a latter-day Phil Donahue
Phil Donahue: "We Have an Emergency in the Media and We Have to Fix It" via
Photoset: blackourstory: theescripts: gynocraticgrrl: Mary Walker on The Phil Donahue Show sharing her...
Phil Donahue: "Miss Child is never bashful with butter."
But I once attended Phil Donahue Show back in the day and have been in the audience for :)
this was from an old Phil Donahue Show on race in the mid to late 80s
its like whe DAVID and those puppy dog eyes sold jan hooks to an iraqui business man lolol on Phil Donahue Show lolol snl
Phil Donahue was a *** I'm glad his show isn't on now. He would make me insane.
I'd like to see Phil Donahue on with Bill
Why can't there be a TV show that provides a nation-wide townhall meeting to discuss social issues? Phil Donahue-style
This from is highly entertaining. And the Phil Donahue theme 👌🏼
Yeah well was more of a wanker, but whatever your
Thanks for running that awesome panel that night. Your Phil Donahue reference cracked me up!
I added a video to a playlist Bette Davis - Phil Donahue 1987 and David Letterman 1987
Add to Privacy. I also stated following the viewing of 'The Phil Donahue Show', that privacy no longer exists, as who, whom, what can
Little Giant Ladders
my perception/perspective about being nude since 1991, when I watched 'The Phil Donahue. Show', Jan. '91, July '91 at 3 and 4 pm. Topic;
Is it just me, or does Grothman look like a fatter Phil Donahue?
Must say, it's fascinating & lovely to see so many publicly feminist male stars. In my era, the burden was all on Phil D…
I will be on the PHIL DONAHUE program today at 4PM.
Who can we speak to about licensing material from your TV show from the 70's?
Oct 6: Phil Donahue & Ellen Spiro at for BODY OF WAR on Tomas Young
Louis Farrakhan VS Phil Donahue part 5 (this is so addictive!. Don't listen if you can't handle the truth!)
Louis Farrakhan VS Phil Donahue part 4 (clever use of words by my brother)
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