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Phil Dawson

Philip Drury Dawson (born January 23, 1975) is an American football placekicker for the Cleveland Browns in the National Football League.

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Portrush is looking like an episode of Dawson's Creek tonight.
thank you both for everything you did in Cleveland, we love you! Always a Brown! 🏈
.tweeps, in all seriousness anything going round on Phil Dawson? Did he do postgame tonight? Whatr you hearing?
I don't watch much women's hoops, but is playing tonight in sweet 16. I will be watching! Burnt Orange runs deep! Hook em Ladies
ok ok slow down here. I know we haven't talked in a while and we have our differences, but the Cardnals? Just come home Phil!
Shane Dawson talking about how dan and Phil are together makes me cringe so hard
you 2 got us thru dark times, oh wait it's still dark. Loved you guys tho!
Me gustó un video de Emma Blackery about Dan & Phil and charlieskies (Shane Dawson's podcast)
and - two of my all-time favorite Browns. Miss seeing you both in the orange & brown!
aw special team love from the guy who wore the best selling jersey in Browns history!
Thomas 1A, Dawson 1B IMO. 3 guarantees in life, death, taxes, and Phil Dawson FGs from 99-12.
Now we just need you to come back to Cleveland and you can retire here as well!
So I took some pics of players and talked to Phil Dawson. finally I made it to Josh Cribbs. It started raining some so he was under a tent
This is coming from Phil Dawson... that speaks volumes
When I see a fan say Josh Cribbs and Phil Dawson were his favorite Browns players, pretty much sums up the Browns organization has a whole
NFL Free Agency: Seahawks sign K John Lunsford; lost competition with Phil Dawson in San Francisco last seaso…
Enjoyed you when you were with the Browns. Your dad was a nice gentleman as I had the honor to make the road games in 2000.
I found 2 things out today... 1. Josh Cribbs wasn't retired yet until today and 2. Phil Dawson now plays for the Cardinals.
Whenever you're ready to go. Play your last year here in Cleveland. It would mean the world to us.
You messed up with Phil Dawson. Don’t mess up with Cribbs. Retire his
you're asking to many questions that I don't have an answer for Big Phil
You two are far and away the best Browns players since '99.
thank you Josh! You and were the ones we could count on to get us through the tough times
The two best players for the Browns in the last 2 decades. A kicker and a punt returner
Thanks to Phil as well. Josh and you made many great memories!
what value? they cut Phil Dawson for Janny. and statistically Dawson is a much better kicker and Dawson was undrafted
I had the honor to help him change a women's tire at a gas station he is a great guy
He and Phil Dawson should be honorary captains if we make the Super Bowl.
THANK YOU JOSH!! You, & Phil Dawson are my 3 fave Browns of the "newer" era! Plus I'm a Golden Flash…
Josh Cribbs, Phil Dawson, and Ryan Pontbriand should be on the ring of honor at the stadium.
I believe Joe Thomas, Josh Cribbs and Phil Dawson are my personal top three players of the expansion era. Honorable mentio…
have young leadership group of Kyle Shanahan, 37; John Lynch, 45; and Adam Peters, 37. K Phil Dawson is 42.
Love to see Browns get a stud kicker ... This day and age , it might be worth 3rd or 4th round pick ...Justin Tucker , Phil Dawson type ...
alum Phil Dawson is receiving congrats from teammates after kicking 400th career field goal .
Phil Dawson with career FG 400.10th in league history to accomplish that... per Greg Gumbel
When did Phil Dawson start playing baseball?
I am going to work on a list of top ten Browns players since '99. I think I would have Phil Dawson and Josh Cribbs tied for number 1.
how about this trade We Give you Phil Dawson for Marcel Reece and Derek Carr and Lativus Murray
Shades of Phil Dawson. Patrick Murray will be bagging groceries at Giant Eagle on Monday.
I believe the life after Phil Dawson list is as follows... Graham-Bogatay-Cundiff-Hartley *** Murray-Parkey.
mine was seeing Phil Dawson win it for the Browns v Seattle in OT in 2007. My first Browns game in Cleveland.
Phil Dawson outranks all our QBs, including Thad Lewis.
and that's not the case for guys like Varajeo, Phil Dawson, and Grady Sizemore. We still love those guys.
You are forgetting some studs, Michael Jackson, Andre bad moon Rison. Also, Phil Dawson. Shove that up your butt.
I'm gonna be so mad if the Browns don't trade up for a kicker. We haven't been the same since we lost Phil Dawson
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Made me think of Phil Dawson on the Browns
Well, you know, their best player since 1999 return was a K (Phil Dawson); time to relive past glories!
if we got Phil Dawson back we would probably win the Super Bowl
actually Phil Dawson is hella old too 🤔😂
Phil Dawson was trying to get me to keep my arms in front of my chest..
Thank you to all those who joined us for “Phil Tufnell and Matt Dawson’s Question of Sport Dinner and Quiz Night.”
. Paul Lamar Hunter is the 1st to graduate out of 21 children He is from Racine, WI
but what if he is the next Phil Dawson 🤔
I'de say they did their part more then anybody else did. Except maybe Phil Dawson.
i love shane dawson so MUCH he's my fav after dan and phil i stg
dan and phil are cool but can people stop telling me to do what they do. I don't wanna be the next dan or Phil. I wanna be t…
This is the first time Stephen Dawson was yellow carded by Phil Gibbs in the 10 matches he refereed him.
For real everyone check my story for some historical phil dawson moments
Since Korey said he was a pirate looking for Phil's booty, is he the Sarah Dawson of TAR?
party now the boss has gone!! Let's turn that Dawson in a disco ballroom Phil.
Our expert, Partner Phil Banks presenting Young Lawyers' Conference today on the http…
Great morning supporting and the great work Rob, Cathal and Dawson are doing.
Great night at the Lords Cricket Ground England players, Matt Dawson&Phil Turnell. Lots of Money raised for charity.
This is my favorite story, me being a former kicker and looking up to growing up. Roberto
so are like half the players in the NFL: tom Brady...Matt hasselbeck..Matt Bryant..Phil Dawson
he's a stud and the browns could use a new Phil Dawson. I love it
My friend Phil is having a sale. A kick *** sale at Phil Sun-City in Gladstone,Mo...Check it out.
take that intro and punt it like a Phil Dawson 60 yard bomb sheesh
whatever package you guys come up with, if you put Phil Dawson in it the fans will approve it.
"I wanted to be Bill Hicks meets Bill Burr. I’ve ended up more Les Dawson meets the bloke from the Go Compare ads."
If 9ers gave me their 1, 3, and Phil Dawson, they can have our pick.
Would love to give a big thank you to & 4 my autographed minihelmet from
danielthepooh: Friendly reminder that Shane Dawson is younger than Phil Lester Jesus Christ
Hillary charged $353,000 per couple to hear her speak at George Clooney's house about the evil, corrupting influence of mon…
After all the retirements, only two players are left from the '90s -- 49ers K Phil Dawson and Colts K Adam Vinatieri.
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Waiting for the first Josh Cribbs statue mention. Probably after Phil Dawson. 😂
calling it now, Phil Dawson or mark price with the upset out of the west
Jim T shaved his mustache, Greg Roman thinks it's strange that he's not getting HC offers, and Phil Dawson won team MVP. Interesting Day.
our top 5 is Jim Brown, Otto Graham, Bernie Kosar, Phil Dawson and Hanford Dixon.
got to be on the field pregame with my cousin and tell Phil Dawson we still love him!
seeing Phil Dawson back in the hometown!
Reading Ethan's piece about Curry is such a huge contrast from reading an article from a Niners beat writer on Phil Dawson, which was sad.
Phil Dawson. That's the only free agent worth re-signing for Santa Clara
dawson glad natl media calls it. Polish all you want. Tarnished image.
great article you are truly part of the backbone for our team Thanks Phil xoxo
How has meticulous routine made him an all-time NFL great?. New feature:
is now. 1540 KNR2 & Phil Dawson & 5 things that would bring Mike Pettine back as HC.
Tues on 5 things that need to happen for Mike Pettine to return as HC. 8a, 1540 KNR2. Also, 5 good minutes w Phil Dawson.
Doug Dieken on Phil Dawson flew back on private plane last night. Said FG attempt after tribute was prob most nervous he's been
Cleveland Browns Scribbles about Johnny Manziel, Eric Mangini, Phil Dawson and sort of an in...
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BREAKING: Having Brady Quinn, Phil Dawson and Eric Mangini in the stadium has caused a rift in the same old vortex…
Clearly, the Browns have returned to glory because Phil Dawson is on the field and Brady Quinn is in the broadcast booth.
How many times has Eric Mangini coached a game in Cleveland in which Phil Dawson scored all of the points for his team?
Saw some good men today: Phil Dawson, Brady Quinn, Eric Mangini. Dawson genuinely touched by first-quarter tribute
This game is throwback galore.. Playing against Phil Dawson and Eric Mangini with Brady Quinn in the booth calling plays
So I got Brady Quinn in my ear, Phil Dawson returns and Eric Mangini in the box upstairs for San Fran. What!?
It's a Browns reunion today. Phil Dawson, Eric Mangini, and Brady Quinn.
Phil Dawson just got a standing ovation in return to Cleveland.
Brady Quinn, Eric Mangini, and Phil Dawson all at browns stadium? What year is it?!
Phil Dawson and Doug Dieken just hugged at the 45. Hope Dawson gets a tribute today.
Doug Dieken explained the bond between Phil Dawson and fans.
Fans wearing a kicker's jersey? It happened when Phil Dawson played for the
ST coordinator Chris Tabor said he and punter Andy Lee have shared Phil Dawson stories: We talked some Phil-isms.
ST coordinator Chris Tabor said Phil Dawson taught him the wind patterns at the stadium when he arrived in Cleveland.
Eric Mangini, Phil Dawson, and Brady Quinn all coming to town Sunday lol.
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Wow. Blaine Gabbert with a 44-yard TD run to tie the game, if Phil Dawson makes PAT.
Phil Dawson rarely ever got it to the endzone either. *** is the 🐐
In the battle to restore Phil Dawson: But Andy Reid is finding techniques for finding Maclin the ball and Macl...
Aaron Lynch, Navarro Bowman and Phil Dawson seem to be the only players worthy of the Pro Bowl
have reverted to the Phil Dawson offense this season. But somehow still in the game at the half
can you please contact Phil Dawson and his agent for my Steelers Jaison from Warrensville Hts
I warmed up to Preston Smith. But this...Matt Jones was a 5th/6th rd guy in RB-heavy draft. Phil Dawson was there. Head-scr…
for my kicker position who should I start this week? Phil Dawson, Matt Bryant or Justin Tucker?
I graduated High School in Dallas in 1996. When I was in 7th grade I remember watching Phil Dawson kick at Lake Highlands HS.
Andy Lee has inherited Phil Dawson's role as best player
Andy Lee. With our help you could become the new Phil Dawson.
Phil Dawson, oldest player on 49ers roster, has described as an “amazing” punt returner ht…
All I need is Bruce Miller, Alex Boone, Phil Dawson, Andy Lee, 2 elite badges and Antoine Bethea so if u have any of those guys plz help me!
Kaepernick's third-and-goal pass to Torrey Smith knocked away by Corey White, setting up 35-yard FG from Phil Dawson and 3-0 lead for
Let's see: iJustine, Joey Graceffa, Shane Dawson, Connor Franta, Dan and Phil and now Tyler Oakley. I guess Connor's is the only real good.
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Indians down 6-0 and this is why you keep Phil Dawson.
Cleveland still, and always will love you!
. Girlfriend loved you when you played for the Browns. Please sign her jersey for her birthday?
Thank You District 1 for sending out Officers PC Kelly. Pc Gifuni for & Phil Dawson Fire
*** Joel Dawson has some great one liners. "Good work, Sherlock *** . "Phil Nye the Science ***
. My girlfriend is a huge Browns fan and you were her favorite player. Please sign her jersey for her birthday?
Phil Neville suddenly best commentator ever . Tee hee
.I just don't see Dr. Carson as any more of a presidential contender than Phil Robertson (tho you & I would love that)!
If you are the Emma Kate Dawson that worked for an agent Phil-contact me about a media opportunity act
Phil according to here: Dawson is out of contract.
Phil Dawson. All those guys are diff weight classes so there isn't much competition
Phil Dawson was the Browns all time leading scorer !
Yeah but at least we have someone now to take care of kickoffs for Phil Dawson
Phil Dawson is a fg kicker not a punter
how bout a kicker instead!?! Phil Dawson is 49 yrs old and makes 3 mil a year.Baalke just Balked the entire 3rd day of picks
Bradley Pinion also handled kickoffs at Clemson; may save 40-year-old Phil Dawson from that duty.
Phil Dawson needs to come to Tennessee
Reggie said today that Phil Dawson was the best athlete and hardest worker he'd ever been around
Just heard from Turner, I am on teamcast Wisconsin with Mike Kelly and Phil Dawson. Saturday ni…
Show Aldon Smith, Navarro Bowman, Phil Dawson, Nudohmukum suh, and lawrence Taylor, in action!
You got Colin K., Boldin, and Vernon Davis. Throw it up. Phil Dawson barely made it to the end zone.
It was bad enough that Jimmy Haslam cut Phil Dawson despite him begging to stay here. Now he changes the helmet color? Final straw.
Getting rid of Phil Dawson was the worst move Cleveland could have made
Justin Tucker & Phil Dawson are only kickers with at least 4 FGs of at least 50 yds in each of last 3 sea…
Just think if we still had Phil Dawson..
Boomer said 'Phil Dawson attempted 60yd fg' And Bart Scott said Bitonio was a backup w fresh legs so able to get Hester. Do your research
So far boomer called Cundif, Phil Dawson and Scott called bitonio a back up. Cbs halftime show ***
Bart Scott and Boomer don't know anything on Phil Dawson is no Billy Cundiff, Boom. Bitonio is not a backup, Bart.
Should I start Terrance West or Jerick McKinnon and Phil Dawson or Stephen Gostkowski this week?
Phil Dawson throws a Sergio Romo slider for the winning FG, 27-24, over NOLA.
Phil Dawson has been SO much more reliable than David Akers was!
Phillip rivers INT! Come on cowboys, score! Wes welker and Julius Thomas vs Heath miller and Phil Dawson 😎
"Do you believe I cut him, Mike? I cut Phil Dawson. I need to have my head examined."
Harbaugh: "There is no expiration date on Mr. Phil Dawson... He made some really strong, important kicks today."
Arian Foster and Matt Forte combine for 63 fantasy points; Phil Dawson and Carolina Defense combine for 38 more fantasy points - Good Day!
Matt Forte & Phil Dawson carried me today. Trash *** performance otherwise
And another one for Phil Dawson. This one gives the a 19-17 lead.
Phil Dawson hits his 3rd of the game. trail 17-16.
That's the Brown's best player right there lol Phil Dawson!
if we still had Phil Dawson i wouldn't have been nervous for that at all
I miss the big cactus, and Phil Dawson in brown, and Vancouver grizzlies.
The 39-yard field goal by Phil Dawson is good. cut San Diego’s lead to 7-3.
Peyton Calvin Johnson Alfred Morris and Chris Johnson the 49ers defense mike Wallace Jordan Cameron and Phil Dawson
We need Phil Dawson to come in here and kick a 50 yard field goal into this wind right now.
And then Jack Dawson changes his name to Phil Dawson when he reaches America
Watching the game listening to Wayne Larrivee, Mike Kelley and Phil Dawson is perfect. Go Bucky!
Lepay will be on radio but no TV. Wayne Larivee, Mike Kelly and Phil Dawson will do Badger broadcast on Tru TV.
I bet Phil Dawson is going to bully Jonathan Martin so hard this year
I guess you heard Donte Whitner signed with Cleveland and the Niners signed Antoine Bethea and re-signed Phil Dawson.
The NFL announced that the 2013 salary cap will be $133 million, which means the Cleveland Browns are $60 million under. It makes you wonder why they are so worried about paying players like D'Quell Jackson and Phil Dawson.
My favorite football players of all time, in no order. Peyton Manning . Kurt Warner . Phil Dawson . Steve Young . Jerry Rice. Aaron Rodgers . Etc.
It's Bounty Day in the Pitcairn Islands and it's Phil Dawson's birthday! There is no way you should have a bad day today! Greatness awaits!
So I really didn't care who won last nights game between Seattle and San Fransico. But as a Browns fan, how cool would it have been if Colt McCoy drove them down into the red zone and then Phil Dawson kick the winning field goal???
With the offseason already here (Let's be honest, nobody wants to watch the Cheathawks and Broncos in the Super Bowl), the 49ers and Raiders have some tough decisions with free agents and what to do. Here are my suggestions and even though most of you will disagree, here is what I would do if I were their GM.   49ers-   Re-sign the following Free Agents to be: Donte Whitner (He is in his prime, keep him) Anquan Boldin (might be pricey but proved he can still play) Phil Dawson (I really like his accuracy)     Cut the following Free Agents to be: Tarrell Brown (Agent believes he is worth $8 million a year...yeah right) Anthony Dixon (Actually did something for once today...oh wait he might have cost us Iupati next season) Demarcus Dobbs (Draft a better defensive lineman) Jonathan Goodwin (38 years old...better off drafting a center) Mario Manningham (Injuries...) Colt McCoy (We can draft a better backup qb) Kassim Osgood (Good special teams guy...that's about it) Eric Wright (Should have gave Nnamdi mor ...
Colt McCoy sighting on the niners sideline also a Phil Dawson sighting.
Let's go 49ers! Let's get Phil Dawson and Colt McCoy to the Super Bowl!
I may have predicted the Broncos-Seahawks prior to the Playoffs (who didn't), but I'd much rather see the Broncos-49ers. They're filled with ex-Browns... Phil Dawson (SF), Colt McCoy (SF), Mike Adams (DEN), for example...
Watching Sportscenter and see that there will be Longhorns all over the field today in the NFC/AFC championship games today. Earl Thomas, Michael Huff, Terrell Brown, Quentin Jammer, Colt McCoy, Phil Dawson. Hook Em! DBU!!! You gotta see Earl Thomas' interview with Ray Lewis too. He sounds just like Ray!
Even if you have zero rooting interest in either of the four teams playing in the conference championship games this Sunday; know that there will be six Longhorns competing: Quentin Jammer & Michael Huff for the Denver Broncos, Tarell Brown, Phil Dawson & Colt McCoy for the San Francisco 49ers, and Earl Thomas for the Seattle Seahawks. Hook 'em Horns!
name 5 people on the team — Michael Crabtree. Patrick Willis. Navarro Bowman . Phil Dawson . Frank Gore. Anquan Boldi...
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4 HOT STARTS: Montee Ball, Julian Edelman, Julius Thomas, and Phil Dawson. I'm banking on all of those studs to have GAMES!
If the 49ers go on to win the Super Bowl, Colt McCoy and Phil Dawson will get rings.
Way to go 49ers. Now two of our former browns can see what playoff football is like Phil Dawson/Colt McCoy. that's what's up
Who can tell me 2 things that Colt McCoy, Phil Dawson, Colin Jones, Zach Miller, Clint Greshman, Drew Brees, Luke McCown, Keyunta Dawson, Thomas Morstead, Matt Hasselbeck, Nate Ebner, Jeremy Mincey, Zac Dysert, Danny Woodhead and Nick Novak all have in common? That is right they will be playing in football playoff games and they are all Advocare endorsers!
Ok, so I cheered Marion Midget Football for 8 years (Go Bears), cheered football at Baker Middle School (Go Bulldogs), Marion Harding High School (Go Prexies), and North Olmsted High School (Go Eagles). I watch football. I love Phil Dawson, follow Mike Polk Jr. like crack, still have nightmares about Tim Krumrie's leg, met Official AJ Hawk, and worked for Brady Quinn. I think I am MORE than qualified to coach the Cleveland Browns in 2014.
And this is why Cleveland fans love Phil Dawson: Hey CLE, just want to thank y'all for your continued love. Much respect & appreciation for y'all. If the 49ers win the Super Bowl, Phil Dawson and Colt McCoy get Super Bowl rings. Go Niners!
Today on in for Booms, Coach Sam Rutigliano, Phil Dawson's legacy, &
can't believe they still make him kick field goals, You know it's going's Phil Awesome
worth every penny, you are so money out there! Love watching you every week, keep this going!
As a long time Cleveland Browns fan, I couldn't be happier for you Phil! Thanks for all the great years! You deserve this!
. Certainly wish you had the opportunity to do that for the Browns. But glad you got it anyway! Congratulations!
Phil Dawson is trendng... kinda. AH! Yep Man Crush Monday coming up in about half an hour will be him
Phil Dawson with the winning kick tonight. 49ers over Packers 23-20.
Credit Phil Dawson for making the kick. He's not familiar with these situations after a long career with the Browns.
Congrats to Phil Dawson, but for those saying the shouldn't have traded him. Only 1 game could've been won this year b…
Congrats Phil! Now go get the ring you deserve...
Hats off to Phil Dawson. Former Cleveland Browns kicker now kicking in golden pastures.
Willis on "I'm one of his biggest fans. That guy is amazing."
Props for getting big time opportunities and rising up! I hope Alex Boone is propping his honorary Brohioan!
49ers vs. Packers final score: San Francisco takes 23-20 win on last ...Phil Dawson's kick was nearly blocked, but it sailed through the ...
Thats my high school teammate Phil Dawson cold as ice
Bay Area Sports Guy – 49ers advance with 23-20 win over PackersThe 49ers won 23-20 on a 33-yard Phil Dawson field goal that was almost bl...
Phil Dawson's game winning field goal was almost blocked by Davon House, he was offsides though so ... [NFC…
On a side note, what a clutch kick by Phil Dawson tonight!
Phil Dawson, pride of Lake Highlands High, still getting it done after all these years. This time he kicked hard-as-rock ball…
Congrats ! Wish you were in Cleveland still but you deserve to be on a playoff team. Good luck!
49ers eliminate the Packers on a GW FG by Phil Dawson, 23-20.
Congrats Phil Dawson on your first playoff win.
After 14 seasons with the Browns, Phil Dawson gets a chance to win his first career playoff game.
The two greatest finishes in sports today: Phil Dawson kicking the game winning field as time expires and Corey Perry scoring the game winning goal with under two seconds left in overtime! How great is that?
Phil Dawson kicked a 33-yard field goal as time expired Sunday to give the 49ers a thrilling 23-20 win over the Packers in a wild-card playoff game at frigid Lambeau Field. The game-winning kick was set up by the exploits of quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who, again, bedeviled Green Bay with his arm…
San Francisco 49ers kicker Phil Dawson wins the game for his team on a 33-yard field goal as time expires.
Phil Dawson must feel like the luckiest duck in the world!
Go Phil Dawson. I hope the 49ers go all the way.
Phil Dawson should become a bouncer, he can empty stadium view in three seconds
Phil Dawson 1st guy on the field today...well played Phil...well played!
Phil Dawson is the only reason I'd like to see success for the Whiners.
Phil Dawson...that felt like a Brown's victory for me!
Phil Dawson wins it! for SF! kicking a frozen brick. looks like smart move for Phil, he wasn't going to get the chance to do that in Cleveland.
Phil Dawson and Colt McCoy one step closer to the Superbowl...
The San Francisco 49ers beat the Green Bay Packers on a walk-off, 33-yard field goal by Phil Dawson to advance deeper into the NFL playoffs. However, the Packers' Davon House nearly came up with a block on the kick...
Phil Dawson with the game winner. Good for Phil, money in all conditions.
Phil Dawson is and has always been the man! But the 49ers... Eh
Hey Browns fans Colt McCoy is one step closer to making a Super Bowl appearance. Thanks in part to Phil Dawson's foot.
Phil Dawson: Ed Hochuli is his wife’s favorite official
Good for phil Dawson he's always been a class player.
Happy for Phil Dawson of the SF 49ers. He deserves a shot in the playoffs and super bowel after spending 14 years with Cleveland.
Congrats, Phil Dawson; Joe Banner thought you were over the hill, right?
Phil Dawson would have made that kick from 70 yards. Just saying.
Happy Phil Dawson hit that game winner. YEA!!!
Good job Phil Dawson that was close :)
Looks like Phil Dawson had a little still left in the tank, way to go Cleveland getting rid of him.
49ers!!! Phil Dawson knocking it home, now bring on the Panthers...
I wonder if Cleveland Browns fans are fantasizing in their heads Phil Dawson is still on their team. He could be their Ray Bourque.
LH ex kicker Phil Dawson wins it for the 49ers
Happy for Phil Dawson, he deserves it
Texas kickers don't miss. Phil dawson is the best. Hookem
CONGRATS to Phil Dawson of Lake Highlands. Nice gamewinning kick
Wat to go Phil Dawson and the 49ers!
Congrats to Phil Dawson on his first playoff win!
Yeah Phil Dawson just won the game for San Francisco!!
Phil Dawson is CLUTCH! Who could possibly have it better than us?!?!
Phil Dawson might just get a ring...It worked for Art and Bernie...
Good job Phil Dawson. Hope you get a ring!
Phil Dawson keeping that career playoff stuff going...wait...nevermind.
Phil Dawson is a beast. Shame he isn't a brown anymore.
Congrats Phil Dawson! Browns...that's how you get it done!
Congrats to ex-Cleveland Browns WE Colt McCoy and K Phil Dawson on their first victory in the playoffs. =)
Phil Dawson game winner! Probably still gettin paid by the Browns!
Phil Dawson earned that kick. After spending years in Cleveland.
Congrats to Phil Dawson kicking the game winner in the game 23-20. Won't lie we happy for him, but it kinda hurts.
The are eliminated from the postseason with a 23-20 loss to the 49ers. K Phil Dawson hit a GW 33 yd FG as time expired.
Congratulations PHIL DAWSON!!! After all those tenuous years in Cleveland. You DESERVE THIS!!!
Phil Dawson!! Not as awesome as the Virginia kick, but a pretty great kick to win a road playoff game! Hook 'Em!
And Phil Dawson dose what he dose best wins games!!!
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Phil Dawson...second week in a row.yea...browns "had" him.
Congrats to Phil Dawson he deserves all of it!!
Although I was pulling for the Packers I am happy for Ole Reliable aka Phil Dawson and Colt McCoy. Former Browns in the playoffs.
Happy for Phil Dawson to finally win a postseason game
Good for Phil Dawson. I love that guy.
PHIL DAWSON! Kaep with those legs again saving the game.
Congrats to Phil Dawson on his game winner!
That's Phil Dawson for ya. Your welcome SF Chelsea lol
Well, Phil Dawson just won it for San Francisco. Go figure.
Glad Phil Dawson is with a winner. He deserves it.
Phil Dawson FG wins it for the niners. Hook em Horns Phil!!!
Phil Dawson. Good for him for getting out of "football *** .
Phil Dawson with game winning field goal should get the game ball
Phil Dawson with the winning field goal. Niners win! Wo!!!
Phil Dawson just sent the 49ers to next round of the playoffs!!!
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Phil Dawson escapes the perpetual Circus to win a playoff game!
Phil Dawson for the playoff win fir the browns ...I mean niners sorry
Phil Dawson!So happy he rocked that kick!Would you expect anything different!!
Congrats to Phil Dawson and the 49's
Phil Dawson wins the game!!! Thank u! And making Cleveland and Chicago proud!
Thanks to Phil Dawson, Colin Kaepernick, Michael Crabtree, Ahmad Brooks, et al for allowing me to prognosticate miserably again next week!
Big Phil Dawson, for the W. Aaron Rodgers we own you!!!
That's right Phil Dawson with the save 49er all day
Phil Dawson two weeks in a row way to kick baby! Niner nation
Phil Dawson wins it for the 49'ers.. Good game
Great job Phil Dawson u deserve to enjoy playoffs
As Phil Robertson says.Happy Happy happy goes to Phil Dawson.go Niners!
Even with Phil Dawson and Colt McCoy on the sidelines with the 49ers...I jus can't root for San Francisco..Go Packers!
A pass just thrown from drew Brees to Ben Watson has me wondering... How many players that were on the browns roster are in the playoffs this year? Trent Richardson, Phil Dawson, Ben Watson, Colt McCoy, off the top of my head...
Thank you Cleveland Browns for giving us Phil Dawson, the 49'ers really appreciate it.
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Phil Dawson, Colin Kaepernick, and Navorro Bowman are play makers. Way to go niners!
Phil Dawson misses chip shot, ends consecutive streak at 27. Way he's kicking, like watching Rory McIlroy miss a tap-in. Wait, bad analogy.
Thank You Andy Dalton, AJ Green and Phil Dawson for helping me get the big win this weekend.
Not gunna lie we would be nothing without Phil Dawson and Andy Lee. 🏈
He's down 12 with Boldin and Gonzo vs. my Phil Dawson
Just won my 2013 Fantasy Football Championship! Would like to PERSONALLY thank; Peyton Manning, Eddie Lacy, Frank Gore, Alfred Morris, Julian Edelman, Alshon Jeffery, Coby Fleener, Phil Dawson and the Arizona Cardinals DEF for a great season! Until next time; KISS MUH RANNGGSSS
Lets go Frank Gore and Phil Dawson . =)
playing against Peyton and Andy Dalton really stepped up. Up by 74 opponent has SJax & Phil Dawson for MNF..but I feel good.
Tonight's MNF game features the 49ers and Atlanta game. As a long-time (and now former) season ticket holder, Candlestick Park (while a dump!) holds lots of fond memories of some wonderful games from the Bill Walsh, Joe Montana, Ronnie Lott, Dwight Clark, Jerry Rice, Steve Young and too many others to mention era, and the opportunity with Colin Kaepernick and the current team, including Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, Patrick Willis, Anquan Boldin, Justin Smith, Aldon Smith, Joe Staley, Phil Dawson, and Coach Jim Harbaugh for future success. When Jed York first took over the San Francisco 49ers, I admit, I didn't like him much. But he has proven himself to be a good owner and love that he gets advice from Eddie DeBartolo -- THE VERY BEST NFL Team owner. No matter how this season finishes, you all should be proud of what you have accomplished!
15 weeks have led up to this moment. The Finders Keepers Super Bowl is here! Greg Martin vs Robert Burgess. We'll take a quick look at the starting lineups. In the 1:00 games, Greg has Peyton Manning, Jamaal Charles, Demaryius Thomas, Kendall Wright, Jason Witten and the Bills Defense. Robert has Ben-Jarvis Green-Ellis, Fred Jackson, AJ Green, Eric Decker, Scott Chandler, and Matt Prater. For the 4:00 games, Greg has Rashad Jennings, while Robert has Tom Brady and Reggie Bush. And in the Sunday night game, Greg has Lesean McCoy, and Robert has no one. As for the Monday night game, Greg will have Phil Dawson, and Robert will have the 49ers Defense. We'll be keeping track of what happens throughout the day. Good luck to our two Super Bowl teams!
Andy Lee feels Phil Dawson didn't get the national respect he deserved while in Cleveland. He finally has some with the
First time I get to go to the Fantasy Football Championship game. Thanks Nick Foles, Marshawn Lynch, and Phil Dawson.
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