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Phil Collins

Philip David Charles Phil Collins, LVO (born 30 January 1951) is an English singer-songwriter, drummer, pianist and actor best known as a drummer and vocalist for British progressive rock group Genesis and as a solo artist.

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Watching a 4yr old play Grand Theft Auto with a Phil Collins soundtrack, and I give up. Who is this game's target audien…
Here at the Mike and the Mechanics, Blondie and Phil Collins concert in Dublin. No Corbyn chants yet.
Apparently that's NOT Billy Ocean singing with Phil Collins on "Easy Lover".
When that Phil Collins song plays, I hear "Billy Ocean Lose My Number". This is the closest…
historic 'Phil Collins' situation at scorching Royal Ascot.
Some music news on Jimmy Page, The Yardbirds, Justin Hayward, Phil Collins and more
Sir James Paul McCartney is an ex Beatle, Phil Collins is an ex Gene…
The 3:40 mark of 'In The Air Tonight' by Phil Collins is too powerful
When 95.5 plays "In The Air Tonight" by Phil Collins, every dad in Phoenix plays the air drum solo in their car, all at once.
I used Shazam to discover In The Air Tonite by Lil' Kim, Phil Collins.
Hendricks gin with a slice of cucumber and tonic in my hand. Phil Collins - cant turn back the years. It's too bad I love u. Happy sunday!
Phil Collins cancels R A Hall shows after fall . Sometimes it's just time to call it a day. Theirs only only 1 pc 👌🏻
Phil Collins has cancelled his shows after a fall
Phil Collins cancels shows after suffering fall
Your *** is more like a slinky, it was the probable cause of why Phil Collins fell down.
Phil Collins cracks a smile after appearing frail in Miami and sparking health
Breast Cancer Awareness
Phil Collins reveals true extent of the alcohol addiction which nearly killed him
Sorry to hear that Phil Collins cancelled Royal Albert Hall concerts after bad fall
Phil Collins postpones Royal Albert Hall gig after suffering head injury in fall
These latest photos of Phil Collins have music fans worried
Phil Collins talks Adele, Clapton, reissues and maybe touring again to Anton
Maybe will help 'Phil Collins cancels Royal Albert Hall shows after fall'
Out of a 100 Best Singles in 1984...Phillip Bailey x Phil Collins rang the bell cc: x
ICYMI: Phil Collins has to cancel 2 shows after a nasty fall in his hotel room!.
Phil Collins suffers head injury in a fall
Phil Collins hospitalized after fall - From 80's mediocraty
Singer Phil Collins hospitalized after fall, postpones stops on tour
Phil Collins postpones UK comeback shows after injured in hotel room fall
BREAKING: Phil Collins rushed to hospital after suffering fall - London shows cancelled
Um, Phil Collins anybody? May I Have This Dance by Francis and the Lights
Phil Collins has been hospitalised after hitting his head
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
I now work wiv a man who likes Phil Collins :(
Phil Collins Get this ebook free download ™26
Oh my...I caught his last London show. Get well, Phil! . via
Phil Collins cancels Royal Albert Hall shows after fall
Phil Collins, 66, rushed to hospital ‘in a bad way’ amid ‘nasty fall’ on way to the toilet https…
It was a not so groovy kind of night for the singer.
Watched this few days ago.. was brilliant. Phil Collins makes a cameo a…
"Phil Collins hospitalized after fall" via FOX NEWS
Phil Collins gig cancelled & the hotel has been prepaid! is on tho so seeing him now, I hope he can sing as good as Phil 🤞🏻
Singer Phil Collins hospitalized after falling and hitting his head, postpones London performances http…
Singer Phil Collins cancels show after hotel room fall
Phil Collins hospitalized after fall, postpones London shows
1985 Chart Flashback: Reviewing tracks by Prince, Phil Collins, and more
Phil Collins hospitalized after falling in a hotel. He should file a law suit suit suitio.
British singer, Phil Collins rushed to hospital after a horrific fall at his home
Phil Collins' fall a reminder -- falls can happen to anybody, anywhere. Better to be prepared. h…
Oh man. Not good. Hope he makes a speedy recovery. Love me some Phil Collins
Phil Collins Postpones Two Shows After 'Severe Gash' on Head - Collins postponed a pair of shows at Royal Albert ...
I just saw Phil Collins was trending and wondered if I was alright.
Singer Phil Collins has been hospitalized and postponed his tour after falling and hitting his head https:…
Phil Collins hospitalized after suffering a "severe gash" on his head, causing him to postpone a pair of shows
Yesterday Phil Collins acknowledged drinking a bit of wine. Today he's hospitalized after a fall. Coincidence or Wake Up Call?
Phil Collins hospitalized after gashing head in hotel room fall: Singer Phil Collins has…
Phil Collins postpones two shows after being ‘rushed to hospital’
Phil Collins rushed to the hospital:
to 1985! Take a look at the tracks that topped the charts this week 32 years ago:
Phil Collins rushed to health facility after fall on option to the toilet --
hi - Phil Collins's gig in London cancelled. Have pre booked trains can this be rearranged or reimbursed?
Illegal movie time a British movie from 1988 of the Great train Robbery Ronnie Biggs starring Phil Collins . –...
Liverpool echo arena I am still in love with Phil Collins ❤️❤️ best concert ever ❤️❤️
Phil Collins on stage at the Liverpool Echo Arena
Phil Collins played his first full-length concert in about seven years at the Echo Arena in Liverpool, England.
Hunter S Thomson is one of my fav baldy dress ups, also been Heisenberg and Phil Collins (in my receding days)
Local Liverpool Paper gives an honest review of a 66 year old Phil Collins, by all accounts a g…
A happy moment meeting Phil Collins's keyboard player Brad Cole before the RAH gig. Always jealous of his synths gr…
Collin said that the Tarzan soundtrack is the only good thing Phil Collins did. Collin is a moron. Don't be like Collin.
Review: Phil Collins wows Liverpool with triumphant first gig in a decade
Mike with Kate Bush and Phil Collins at the 1980 Melody Maker Pop Awards.
Friday Quiz: Jimmy Savile, Gary Barlow, Phil Collins, Jim Davidson, Rolf Harris, Jimmy Tarbuck, Kate Bush - what do they have in common?
Losing my dapper looks doesn't bother me, as all men over 60 look like Patrick Stewart and Phil Collins. Here's Cor…
I have a related memorable quote from my college dorm soph yr:. Hey, Neal. Do you think Phil Collins is co…
This Jake Paul is why I listen to Phil Collins and CCR
Personally I think Paul Nuttall would be better off learning the drum solo to 'In the Air Tonight' and starting a Phil Collins tribute act.
Phil Collins was 34 when he was born
Tommy Vance does not like this Phil Collins record - he'd rather be decking the balding genesis star than introducing him.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Tommy Vance looked so excited announcing Phil Collins
Who created bitcoins?. Chuck Norris and Phil Collins were talking one day and Chuck mentioned how they needed a curr…
Phil Collins and Austin's ice cream day 2
The Tarzan soundtrack is Phil Collins's best work
My wife was going to chuck me out because of my Phil Collins obsession but she's going to give me one more night.
is it me or does it remind me of Phil Collins "I missed again" video from 1981 (I'm old)
Oh think twice, it's another day for. You and me in paradise. Just think about it 🎵 — ouvindo Phil Collins
so I'm watching Phil Collins videos at whatever o'clock and suddenly, Quentin Tarantino in a wig
That's funny. I've often wondered if Phil Collin and Phil Collins have ever met.
"God started the Bible with Genesis because he was a yuge fan of Phil Collins.".
I think a healthy dose of Phil Collins is in need after that dismal NLD performance last night.
Thanks drunk army guys, two doors down, for singing along with Phil Collins at the top of your lungs while grilling.
One more knight. Give me one more knight. King Arthur sang. Or was it Phil Collins?
There are lies, *** lies, and The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway by Phil Collins.
all time the best music Phil Collins - One More Night
People said I would never get over my Phil Collins obsession, but take a look at me now.
Supertramp, Peter Frampton, and anything featuring the vocals of Phil Collins, Joe Cocker, or Roge…
Waking up at 3 in the morning with Phil Collins stuck in my head thinking i started Doomsday via internet router is amazing.
Met Greg James today while he was browsing Phil Collins vinyls
well Eveton v West Ham must be the most boring match i have watched all season watching Phil Collins boil a egg
If you can listen to Phil Collins "In the air tonight" and not play the air drums, then lou, my friend,bhave no soul!
Peter Stormare's Wikipedia photo makes him look like a really excited Phil Collins impersonator.
Easter fun times and music channels that play Spice Girls, Fountains of Wayne & Phil Collins. Oh how we love Phil
Brilliant timing by Tony Serve on didn't even have to ask for a song and he's playing Phil Collins :)
Answer who kept Phil Collins off Number 1 in 1981 . John Lennon 's Woman . Correctly guessed by Peter Day in Burges…
Though of course the other Pac got there first with the man himself 2pac ft. Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight
Tupac Shakur's induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame rekindles my dream of Phil Collins on BET one day.
A tribute to Brian Pern. Intro by Phil Collins. ' I knew 3 Brian's, he was one of them.' 😂
They're playing in London this summer, supporting Phil Collins if you're interested…
good morning. I bought 3 tix for Phil Collins @ Hyde park on 30/06/17but cant go now. Please advise what I can do.
hi there. I have bought 3 tickets for Phil Collins in June @ Hyde Park but can't make it now. What can I do ?
they are opening for Phil Collins at Hyde Park. I may have to go ...
Prince's old band The New Power Generation and more join huge support acts for Phil Collins at Hyde Park - NME
Well done if you said l-r Phil Collins, Simon Wigg guesting for the Alan Grahame & Gary Guglielmi. 1st with…
Gary Barlow is not the first pop star in Star Wars - Phil Collins sang Sussudio in the Cantina Bar in Empire Strike…
Alan Grahame and Phil Collins for the Heathens, Simon Wigginton and Gary Gugliemi for the Bees
big al leading Gary guglielmi, not sure of yellow and Phil Collins at the back
I liked a video from Phil Collins - Easy Lover featuring Leslie Odom Jr. (Live at
Phil Collins: another populist leader who took a lot of flak in his day. Watch the Genesis conference circa 1980.
Francis & the Lights feels kinda like an SNL audition where someone is doing Phil Collins doing b-sides from Prince's BATMA…
Blasting some Phil Collins on this Saturday.. His music stands up to time nicely.
Thank you, you're a gentleman! Deen Castronovo, Dave Grohl, Phil Collins, Don Henley, & maybe joins club 1 day
hey B...would love to see a Phil Collins or Smokey Robinson
The actress daughter of Phil Collins has forgiven him in her new book of essays.— The Philippine Star (PhilippineS…
Lily Collins wrote an open letter to her dad forgiving him for not being such a great dad:
it's ok. I feel hating like Phil Collins is a fun topic to debate/discuss. No offense taken. ☺
WATCH: Lily Collins pens emotional letter about her estrangement from father Phil Collins
The best in the world Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight
It's 5am and I should sleep but listening to a mix of Fleetwood Mac and Phil Collins seems like a better choice.
Actress and model Lily Collins is reaching out to her father Phil Collins.
Tbh one more night by Phil Collins is the the best thing to happen to me
You suggesting that Phil Collins should throw his hat in the ring 2020?
Chilling watching the game and listening to Phil Collins I just love me some phil
me: [my body is elaborately painted to fully match the walls in Phil Collins bedroom]. phil collins: [immediately recogniz…
Phil Collins' daughter talks about what a lousy father he was:
Not any that look like Phil Collins.
All I can say is Phil Collins actually gave and continues to give us works of value and joy. The other guy? Not so…
Got into Lyft, ‘Groovy Kind of Love’ by Phil Collins is playing. SEVEN STARS TO YOU, DRIVER!
Lily Collins pens letter to father Phil forgiving him for his mistakes
I'm like that guy that has to follow the Stanley Cup around 24/7 but instead it's just an 8 x 10 of Phil Collins
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I just listened to the Tarzan soundtrack.. bless your soul for fuxing with Phil Collins
Ok let me just say, please listen to phil collins when youre drunk, its an exoerience
Phil Collins is in this? As the police detective. This is such a stereotypical Spielberg movie.
Guess what. If you don't fux with Phil Collins then I don't fux w you
A Look Back at Phil Collins' Failed Marriage to Daughter Lily's Mother -- and How It Impacted the Actre… via
"In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn." - Phil Collins
Everyone you hate was conceived during a Phil Collins song.
Where did Phil Collins record Sussudio? . In the stustudio.
THT - Lily Collins forgives her father, Phil Collins, in new book
Phil Collins really can make some music
Lily Collins has written a blunt open letter to her father Phil Collins
Lily Collins pens an open letter forgiving her father Phil Collins in a new book
Lily Collins reflects on growing up without her dad Phil Collins around
News Lily Collins forgives dad Phil Collins in first book
Phil Collins, James Taylor, and Christopher Cross are the goats man
if you weren't already with Ben, apparently Cole Sprouse, like Phil Collins, has a thing about the Ala…
i hope phil collins is doin well that is my GUY
For some reason, "Ever and Ever" - Queen of Times reminds me a lot of "Something Happened on the Way to Heaven" - Phil Collins.
This will always be my favorite part of In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins.
PHIL COLLINS BE LIKE... Phil Collins: BIlly! Don't you lose my number!!. Billy: New Phone, who dis?
I liked a video Phil Collins Farewell Tour - Drums and "Take Me Home"
If Leaving Me Is Easy. Still my favorite by old Phil Collins. Underrated gem.
Remarkable! PS - The Phil Collins cover blew me away.
Can you imagine being the first guy listening to In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins and not knowing those drums were comi…
'Melt' is great for the lyrics to Family Snapshot and Phil Collins' drumming with no cymbals. But revisit 'Scratch' for sure.
know of Phil Collins. To Washington Minority Deport one HDMI port. We met a spare time of months! Oh cool, a chance. Romney Hood - Why the
One More Night by Phil Collins Listen at - Buy it
If she doesn't like Phil Collins, just know she ain't ever getting a ring from my black *** dawg
The radio station frequency faded making this perfect mix of Phil Collins and Chance the Rapper, it was beautiful.
96.5 just played Phil Collins and I'm not complaining (I have two ears and a heart) but *** kind of genre change did t…
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Music just went from Phil Collins to abba , I was not ready
Phil Collins' presence became more apparent. I think Invisible Touch was the group's undisputed masterpiece. It's an epic meditat…
If you can't handle me at my Genesis, you don't deserve me at my Phil Collins solo album
Phil Collins - One More Night on Radio Love Live - Listen now!
in 1985 Philip Bailey & Phil Collins released Easy Lover in the UK, from Bailey's album Chinese Wall:
"In the air tonight" by Phil Collins will always be the hardest drop!
*talking about the new Tarzan*. "The cartoon version will always be better." . "Want to know why?". simultaneously: Phil Collins
ANd yes, I have some music that Becky likes! Like Genesis and Phil Collins. But I thinl it's OK with Becky if I have music I like too!
Regarding drums it appears Bill Bruford & Ginger Baker have called it a day . Phil Collins is available for hire
Normcore is the clothing equivalent of Phil Collins.
Phil Collins has the most soothing voice
I been waiting for this moment like Phil Collins.
Phil Collins didn't have to go off like that on the Tarzan soundtrack
I'm listening to Phil Collins and browsing through a Readers Digest - what else can I do to make my home feel like a Dentist's waiting room?
*"Take Me Home" by Phil Collins plays as Sonny decapitates the head vampire (Miguel Ferrer)*
Order Miche Bag Online!
"No woman can truely love a man who listens to Phil Collins"
How did this The Ultimate Warrior vs Phil Collins video (with bonus Gilbert Gottfried) evade me for 26 years?
Someone link me to the video of Stewie Griffin playing "in the air tonight" by Phil Collins
they're playing Phil Collins in the dining center with a William Golding/Anger Management fixation.
Cozy Powell, Keith Moon and Phil Collins cone to mind.
The best thing about Phil Collins was Southpark naming a sledding hill after his ridiculous dome.
A look back at Naomi Campbell, Phil Collins and other celebrities at Ealing school before they were famous
That moment when you hear 'In the air tonight' by Phil Collins, and all you think of is Stewie Griffin.
Craig David in April, John Mayer in May, Phil Collins in June. 2017 is easily the best year in my life for gigs so far.
David from Floyd lives in Barnham which is short train journey from. Worthing as do M Jagger, K Richard, Phil Collins.
Phil Collins' In The Air Tonight is playing and Sarah says "It's peaceful, but you can still have sex to it."
"billy don't you lose my number" by Phil Collins..just listen to it, so good!
You were cooler than I. I was into Billy Ocean and Phil Collins.
Lean a little closer to your Radio... is on... . great songs from Phil Collins, Billy Idol and Jacko on…
Blondie playing support to Phil Collins is like Springsteen opening for Daniel O Donnell.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
PJ and Jim are live on air! They've got Billy Connolly and Phil Collins tickets to give away and €1,060 on Guess the Question!
Gonna listen to some Phil Collins to start my Sunday. Thank you,
As horrific as Donald Trump is, Phil Collins is definitely worse.
"You know Phil Collins and Phil Lesh used to collab, that's how Casey Jones became a song" Jacob is too much sometimes
Phil Collins - Throwing It All Away, Starship - We Built This City. These multi-tracks and more like them are why I want this collection.
I might go to Phil Collins at Aviva Stadium in Dublin, Ireland ...
jon, the creator's top 4 artists this week: Tyler, the Creator (22), Haikaiss (10), Phil Collins (8), Bon Jovi (5)
Phil Collins book promises so much but is absurdly dull, Stephen Tyler's is crud too. . Apart from that there all great.
Phil Collins.. You can't hurry down the avenue in case you trip and break your ankle... Love
John Bonham used to make his son Jason learn to play along with Phil Collins' drum part in "Turn it On Again" stay woke.
Patrick Bateman, adjusting tie: Do you absolutely need to have mommy issues to kill people?. Billy Joel: No, just listen to Phil Collins.
James Blunt is too good man, old music is just a delight to listen to. The Beatles, Phil Collins etc.
Phil Collins may be taking the Concorde to Philadelphia, but Stephen Stills captained his yacht right into JFK Stad…
. No Gary STOP you must stick to talking about . football birds Phil Collins breadsticks and perhaps . 'the dukes of hazard'
Someone needs to store national jewels like Sir Elton John and Phil Collins in Tupperware till things blow over.
Mike Dean and Phil Collins are both drowning. You have 1 life jacket. Mince pie or Christmas pudding?
True fact: George Michael, like Hall & Oates, Phil Collins and Michael McDonald, had a permanent ghetto pass.
Dear entertainment industry grim reaper of 2017, here's my list for you:. Gary Glitter, Phil Collins and the entire line-up of Nickelback.
Linda posted about Dana Tyler thought to be real parent of Christine Johnson; Linda hates singer Phil Collins who she said broke the
Phil Collins & Tangerine Dream performed in Risky Business -
Hearing Sussudio by Phil Collins in restaurant. Immediately reminded of Bryan Cranston in "Malcolm" leading the revolt in the supermarket. 😂
up in the club twerkin 2 Phil Collins
I expect to hear plenty of Phil Collins and Huey Lewis on Inauguration Day.
with & . Now playing: A groovy kind of love - Phil Collins.
I added a video to a playlist Phil Collins - Groovy kind of love (Cover by HeartBeat)
Groovy Kind Of Love / Phil Collins play now straight from your TL:
Groovy kind of love by Phil Collins always makes me cry for no good reason.
Austin had no clue who Phil Collins or James Taylor was.😳
Sting had Vinnie Colaiuta, Phil Collins had Chester Thompson and Peter Gabriel had Manu Katche. ***
I'm sure James Last and Phil Collins sold loads too...Wallpaper music always does.
one reason i don't wanna start losing my hair: i'll look pretty much exactly like Phil Collins as Uncle Ernie from…
Can you ever listen to Phil Collins and not rock out on the In the words of Kevin McCallister, "I don't think so"
hey Rachel ya know the Phil Collins song land of confusion? It should totally be the theme song for this election
Being all jack up on pre workout and listening to 'In the Air Tonight ' by Phil Collins is a trip 😱
Am I the only 20-something year old who can totally get down to Phil Collins and Paul Simon?
Phil Collins eat your heart out. "You Can't Hurry Love" by The Supremes on I'll keep on waiting, but it ain't easy.
I can't help but hear Phil Collins each time I see this
"My name is Patrick Bateman. Do you like Phil Collins? I've been a big Genesis fan ever since the release of their…
He just stays in the background, playing the drums. Are you sure he can sing?. ref. Phil Collins video verbatim to Glenn Fry via me
I'd like to thank Freddie Mercury, George Michael, Mariah Carey, Elton John & Phil Collins for tonight's soundtrack. loved it.
I just saved "Easy Lover" by Philip Bailey, Phil Collins on Spotify.
ten bucks says if you removed the drums to Phil Collins - Easy Lover, added delay to the vox and thats it, it'd be a vocal grime hit
some going Paul to speak at the 2 CPD events. Reminds me of Phil Collins!
Would better than his take on Phil Collins being better than Sir Paul McCartney
Paul Gannon's Breakfast show starting soon! We've got Phil Collins and Olly Murs, our Song of the Week coming and more!!
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Song of the day: 17/11 # Hey Jude - Paul McCartney, Elton John, Sting, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Phil Collins
Nobel laureate or not, is a Nigerian. In 1997 Phil Collins moved to Switzerland because Tony Blair won.
Shoutout to Tony Levin for laying down that crazy bass part on In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins
Watch this and also watch and Phil Collins looking after each other on on
"No woman can truly love a man who listens to Phil Collins." Brendan (Jack Reynor) in Sing Street (2016)
Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford & Tony Banks will reunite for an epic Genesis reunion tour in 2017. Yes!!!
on Punk Aristocrats Radio 1 Phil Collins - Sussudio 🎶 Click the link to Listen!
Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks are reunited and touring next year? That's just awesome!
Honestly, I just want a hug from Phil Collins. maybe from Chris Evans too but that's like Make A Wish Foundation status so that's a no
I hope your tours don't prevent me from getting these Phil Collins tickets... although I bet they're all w…
takes to the streets of New York on January 15th. . 🎶 Phil Collins "In The Air Tonight" cover by ht…
Fantastic line up on Lorraine next week is Davina McCall, Sir Cliff Richard, Phil Collins and much more.
Louis Kossuth trying to fight off Gary Hicks and Phil Collins at Costa Mesa in 1988. Photo
Phil Collins has had it tough hasn't he?
to It's in your eyes by Phil Collins from the album Dance Into The Light
Fraction impossible and Jesus knows Phil Collins right !?! LOL !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!! The short cut word LOL sure already should be in dictionaries !!!
Coming up later: Dance into the light - Phil Collins, no. 4 album this week in 1996
More tomorrow from 1996. Tracks by Livin' Joy, Babybird, Reef, Phil Collins and the Beautiful South.
me: [watching Phil Collins plow] i'll have what he's having! [nudges guy next to me and smiles; the guy immediately files assault charges]
Real quick, has Phil Collins always looked like a bald Robin Williams? Am I the only one or are you guys TOO PC TO CALL THESE THINGS OUT
Blackhawks' sound guy follows Sublime with Phil Collins. A++
Russ Williams is talking to British music legend Phil Collins for the next hour on
In this week's email: Phil Collins on Live Aid, will Jimmy Page perform next month?, and Robert Plant's performance at Bill Wyman's birthday
Phil Collins recovers after hearing a doctor whisper to his family: "Is Monsieur Collins' will in order?".
well I believed Brian and done it in a jersey like Phil Collins, no jacket was required.
I know there's Wikipedia and everything, but has anyone ever figured out exactly who Sussudio is & why she meant so much to Phil Collins?
"I wasn’t a heart-throb so I tended to attract axe murderers, those kind of parts.". on acting offers…
And you'd be wrong if you said I wasn't gonna fall asleep to the Disney Tarzan soundtrack because Phil Collins is the onl…
Hi Tony Dan in Banbury enjoying the show as always please can you play me Sussudio by Phil Collins for me please?
is this the fan page or Phil Collins?
Phil Collins: 'In The Air Tonight' is one of the greatest songs
.Phil Collins on Fallon. Definitely would have got back for that
Watching Tarzan just so I can listen to Phil Collins sing🙃😍
Didn't even try & get tickets for Phil Collins at the Albert Hall WHAT WAS I THINKING?
Thanks! I thought I should make a list of more than just Phil Collins and Michael McDonald, so I'm glad you enjoyed it
Phil Collins: 'I realise in hindsight how annoying I was'
Listen to Phil Collins' stripped back performance of Separate Lives
A new favorite: Another Day In Paradise (2016 Remastered) by on
A new favorite: The Essential Going Back (Deluxe Edition) by on
Let's hear a bam 4 Phil Collins & the dirty burger any tpb out there?!
.Me in a nutshell:. Christian. Fluent in Sarcasm. Cardinals Baseball . Phil Collins. Lover of books. Funservat…
Yes you need to follow her if you don't already. She's a fan of candy corn, baseball, Phil Collins, and common sense. You can…
Mother of God. Phil Collins slaying it on Fallon.
Phil Collins, the British musician and Genesis drummer who has a string of hits under his belt, made an appearance…
killed it on that Phil Collins track
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Oh snap! Phil Collins on performing “In the Air Tonight” with The Roots. Time for me to Late Night rock out. Cuz 🎵
I need to see Thugger Phil Collins Tame Impala and Abra then I've all of my favorite artist besides the deceased
Watch Phil Collins and The Roots conquer 'In the Air Tonight' on The Tonight Show via
know you have done a lot over your career but seriously how cool was it to play drums on THAT song with Phil Collins tonight?
I got goosebumps watching Phil Collins on Amazing. I really hope he tours the states.
killed it on tonight. Great performance of In The Air Tonight w Phil Collins!.
You know the song by Phil Collins, "In the Air Tonight" about that guy who could've saved that other guy from drown…
I gotta say Phil Collins still has the chops. Awesome few mins that was. Left me wanting more
Um I got to sing one of my songs on national tv and meet Phil Collins !. cool morning .
Now Playing on Greatest Hits Radio : Phil Collins - In the air tonight "
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