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Phil Bennett

Phillip Bennett (born 24 October 1948) is a former Welsh international rugby union fly half from 1969 to 1978. His flair and range of tricks, including his famous sidestep and swerve, meant he was a firm favourite with crowds.

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October 2016 Bulletin by is out! Our own Phil Bennett quoted in 1st article.
Need to lower my Oprah and dr Phil intake
Awesome. Phil Bennett was no slouch, just look at Steve Fenwick jogging next to him..!
Happy 68th Birthday to Welsh Phil Bennett. Have a great day from the whole team at ESR.
How many sidesteps...!?. Happy birthday to Lions and legend Phil Bennett! 🎉🎂🎁.
Now *that* is what you call a sidestep! 👏 . Happy birthday to Lions legend Phil Bennett 🎂🎁🎉 . (🎥 courtesy of TVNZ) https:…
Five great Welsh stand off's. L/R. Cliff Morgan, David Watkins, Barrie John, Phil Bennett and Johnathan Davies.
Great to have Evan Hoyt, Phil Bennett & Justin Tipuric + hundreds of others today
Congrats Llanelli TC for amazing Davis Cup day. Thank you Justin Tipuric and Phil Bennett
The Davis cup on a Welsh tour. Phil Bennett and Justin Tipuric take a look at it in Llanelli. It's huge!🎾🏉
Rugby meets tennis today Justin Tipuric and Phil Bennett with & Cathie Hoyt
You won't see better than this, Cliff Morgan, David Watkins,Barry John, Phil Bennett & Johnathan Davies.
Phil Bennett expected to accept Baylor interim head coaching job today, sources tell
Dr. David Garland is the interim president of Baylor, effective May 31st. Phil Bennett becomes the interim head football coach.
Worth noting. DC Phil Bennett, reportedly Baylor's interim coach now, was talking about Sam Ukwuachu returning to the…
A source tells me it hasn't been determined whether Phil Bennett will be interim coach. Bennett had no comment when rea…
Baylor defensive coordinator Phil Bennett declined comment when retrieving something from his car.
Still waiting outside the athletic office with other media members for comment from Phil Bennett, Ian McCaw. Luckily I brought fruit snacks.
It's raining lightly and Phil Bennett and Ian McCaw are still presumably in the athletics office.
Croeso cynnes i Phil Bennett a Dan Biggar heddi / Phil and Dan will be guests today in the club, raising money for Carms Royal Welsh 2017
Phil Bennett is the author/writer of the lecture, but Stephen Burgard is the editor of the book!
Oh gotcha, their DC, Phil Bennett coached in Marshall back in the day.
But Barry John , Phil Bennett & Jonathan Davies were all better than him.
So excited for Baylor to get a stud DE like Brandon Bowen. He should be a stud for Phil Bennett.
Our new website has been launched!. The wait is finally over and our brand new website is up and running, with... http…
It's live! Take a look at our fantastic new website - bigger, brighter & better than ever: https:/…
Massive thanks to Phil Bennett butchers in pontefract... Best produce in 5 towns!
I just angered myself into spending £255.. ***
Where can I get a 2nd Hand iPhone at a reasonable price in Southampton? CEX? and?
Just your average Friday morning when your in a call and Phil Bennett walks in for his morning paper 👌
Baylor coaches Art Briles and Phil Bennett visiting with Steelers coach Mike Tomlin at Senior Bowl practice:
This is era of JPR Williams, Phil Bennett, Gareth Thomas etc, lots of Welsh tries, indeed.
As it's never going to stop raining and I'm dodging crowds as expertly as Phil Bennett I'm taking a cheeky pit stop
lol! The 'series' was way to short. Felt super rushed
I wish I had a screenshot back in the day of all the people on killerfrogs that wanted to hire Watson Brown and Phil Bennett.
Ah, seeing recently change his avatar, I remembered I have an Xmas avatar. Updated duly. Enjoy.
I done a christmas avatar, despite mucho lack of christmas feels.
- 12:08am, Phil Bennett. Police on Waldburg dr across from the primary school
Well done apple (we'll talk about the tax thing in the new year)
Then there will be a few drinks and food back in the Phil Bennett lounge in parc y Scarlets after.
think Barry John and Phil Bennett fans with Michael lynagh fans may argue about that😀 for hours with Johnny wilkinson
"But he's just not quick enough for Test rugby" they cry. "They" probably think George Ford is the new Phil Bennett
Caparo T1s being tested at Bruntingthorpe by BTCC driver Phil Bennett in 2008
Bennett rises to the point in response. NOW PHIL ADDRESSES the COURT
Winchester library. It's a small group, but they are very enthusiastic so it's quite good fun ha.
Getting ready for the Christmas party!
Awww man feel bad about not making secret Santa this evening as my secret Santa knocked it out…
"There are two types of languages: those people complain about, and those that no one uses"
Federal Follow-Through Thursday: The View from the Top: $SPY $DIA $IWM -- http…
In that comment chain someone is asking what the uber number is...
True, but that’s automated. It would be *** near impossible to vet every incident to see which situation is “moral”
OK OK, anyone want to come see Star Wars with me over the weekend?
and I can kind of relate to the comments RE the surge pricing on Tuesday not hard to perceive that to be insensitive. But life ***
Independent Women, Pt 1 playing in the web room, the amount of singing along would suggest that we’ve solved the gender imbalance problem.
people fail to say this, but Phil Bennett is the one holding Baylor down from a national championship
crap I'm already double booked so going to have to skip this one sadly
Phil Kessel playing on the right, and in the top 6, especially after Bennett injury, is a square peg?
I would reply with a link to something on but knowing you, you'd just leave it in your basket!
It’s been identified by that I might need a gun to aid team communications. isn’t quite cutting it.
Went to Amazon to find out why order didn’t turn up, finding that I’ve managed to sign up to Prime but not checkout.. all still in basket :(
Just a heads up for anyone planning on coming to Christmas Party via road… (cc )
Websites with terrible usability that 16-18 year olds might have to interact with?
Last Friday I mixed Drake’s Hotline Bling into Adam Ant’s Prince Charming.. in retrospect it might be my greatest achievement.
DNS TTL: a concept that the internet appears to not entirely understand.
yeah it’s awesome. Didn’t get to jump but we’re having a cheeky game of dodgeball for our xmas party.
come along :) and use discount code XMASJUMPER for a cheeky 20% off! Hope to see you soon
my kid is dying to visit there. We live just up the road from here!
I have an old one I can sell you for a few bob if you want it cheap
Monday Meltdown - Commodities Collapse Ahead of the Fed $SPY $IBM $UNG $USO --
yeah I should have started with that!
I want to run it as an access point though.
Lots of big names at K-State’s HOF dinner for Bill Snyder. Bret Bielema, Steve Spurrier, Phil Bennett to name a few. ht…
G Edwards rugby god no less. Winning in NZ '71 and helping Barry John and Phil Bennett to become rugby legends too
Brock Huard after speaking w/Phil Bennett, "We haven't seen the best of Shawn Oakman, and we need him to raise his level of play."
the great 1970s Welsh rugby team with Phil Bennett, Barry John, Gareth Edwards, JPR & JJ Williams, Mervyn Davies etc.
JPR Williams and Phil Bennett could get a recall with all the injuries 😀
Phil Bennett, Gerald Davies and Barry John on ITV a few minutes back. 1 and all
Have dinner with Wales and Lions legend Phil Bennett and the Wales Rugby World Cup squad
ex Carleton player Phil Scrubb and Carleton coach Dave Smart on the team, along with Wiggins and A. Bennett
Rodney Bennett, Gordon Cannon and Gov. Phil Bryant arrive for groundbreaking.
Our web and tech team have once again been recognised as one of the best in the region.
Sorry it is a day later than planned but the winners of our tickets are (Sat) and (Sun).
that reminds me of my favourite Greggs!
also Newcastle does have a 24hour Greggs
what you sayin' about the Greggs demographic?
based on the context of her criminal record he seems to fit perfectly TBH
agreed, and it can be disabled by admin. I’ve left groups because of it.
The only thing that is making this acceptable is the fact it’s currently Elton Johns Rocket Hour on Beats 1
iMessage has always been flaky. Slack need to allow guests to join specific channels and then I can ditch Skype.
I’ve been feeling ‘comms channel overload’ a little recently and have been thinking about thinking them down.
"Inside The Mind of Jose Mourinho with Roger Bennett." Was Dr. Phil not available? featured in NBC s Science of Love
he was not kicked off the team. Phil Bennett was even planning on him being a contributor this season.
Phil Bennett thinks he just has some personal things to work out.
Phil Bennett was great D Coordinator at every school. Struggled at Baylor. Have to have the players
The Pens should trade Beau Bennett for a hotdog vending machine so Phil Kessel gets optimum performance
Phil wants to buy a new one... See if he'll sell you hid
Yes. Phil Bennett too. And everyone in their Title IX office.
Phil Bennett is a great one, will be interesting to see how John Chavis adjusts at A&M, or does A&M adjust to Chief?
Started by Phil Bennett with an amazing side step & finished by Gareth Edwards with an amazing sprint.
Ran into Phil Bennett in Carmarthen yesterday when I was overcome with a form of Tourette's as I blurted out: "Hi Phil. Legend."
I've got two projects here using Olark, which the account service team seem to like.
If I had my way everyone would still use the command line
I would hate myself forever if any one ever took that word seriously. :)
I think Naas Botha or Phil Bennett are the main contenders
In fact discrediting someone in public doesn't even have to be that overt. But we all remember how Bennett released benefi…
Tomorrow I'll be listening to Phil Bennett speak whilst trying to be mature & civilised in a room full of adults. I'm not very confident!
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Anyone near the want to come and entertain me for an hour?
That moment when you walk into a public toilet and you're like "HOW THE F."... Yeah that...
Arrived in town to visit our friends at but has beaten me there ?
Is Wayne Bennett like the Phil Jackson of the NRL??
Great day for Coach Tools now on board..Special thank you to Phil Bennett ...
Phil Neville: 'What can Krul do with that back pass?' Errr kick it absolutely anywhere but straight to Ashley Young maybe?!
in a pub earlier that had pics of JPR, Gareth Davies & Phil Bennett in: crossed my mind how they'd fare now...
Thursday is the 38th anniversary of 'that team talk' from Phil Bennett and also Tom Pryce's death in the South African GP.
I mean not just Phil vs. Presti. I'm talking Clay Bennett vs. James Dolan too. OKC's front office is and has been top notch
We have a slight change in arrangements for Monday, we are now in the Phil Bennett lounge instead of the Quinnell lounge.
sorry if I caused any offence but the drama llamas in this industry are ridiculous. They just need to chill….
No, not you, I don't really know you. But your comment.
Great depiction of barriers to getting online for SMEs and individuals from
7news said decided 2 sign with Pen because of Phil Gould. Who would choose Gould over Bennett? Love 2 know why?
Phil should've tried harder to get Micheal Bennett.
Phil Bennett: The guy I'm really impressed with is Raaquan Davis. We moved him to Mike. We've got 5 guys in there I feel comfortable with.
1,000 liker Phil Bennett of East Staging has won a free Sponsored Company Advertisement on my website for a month.
Angie (our marketing director) is raising money for a village school in Egypt. Find out more http:…
nothing. I just detest the aggression and the threatening tone of the letters that are sent. Guilty until proven..
but they could come round. What are you afraid of? 😳
cancelling was easy. It's getting to believe it's a genuine cancelation and stop them from coming round is hard
did it online. Very simple to cancel
the fact I can see it as an excuse for the next few weeks of a sudden it was the best of the day before I get a follow back on my way home
Tony Bennett kind of looks like a Phil Hartman character.
Broadcasters reject the Greens' request for Natalie Bennett only to appear in one TV debate
Actually stuck in a loop phone system!! did take me 4 goes round to work it out though. I don't watch live TV stop being mean!
Beau bennett, Rob Scuderi, 2016 1st, Scott Harrington, and a 3rd for Phil Kessel! Make it happen!
You guys need a Phil Gould to re-structure your club. I think Bennett did you no favours when there either. He did not build for the
To Phil the but not quite forgotten, yet. May you have many happy hours where ever you are now.
today. . Phil the fantail has passed away. . 😭. What a pap
DC Phil Bennett: CB Ryan Reid played last 6 games of the season with torn abdominal muscle.
Love this picture ... Phil Bennett, Stephen Jones & Rhys Priestland. 3 great Scarlet 10s.
Phil Bennett on Shawn Oakman coming back: "That's our first win of the week right there." Full story coming from Cotton Bow…
Please bring in as DC. No offense to Phil Bennett but he has to go.
Now Baylor knows how I feel when I was in school and Phil Bennett was our head coach
I'm really starting to think Phil Bennett refuses to coach DB's to turn there heads...
Interesting. DCoordinator Phil Bennett last was DC Current DC next Pitt coach
He's a pretty good coach, but I think I still liked Phil Bennett better as the big bad in Licence to Kill
MSU head coach Mark Dantonio praised DC Phil Bennett all week long but he made Bennett's defense look silly on the opening drive
MT Best dancer on Baylor team according to DC Phil Bennett? Orion Stewart. /
Best dancer on the team according to DC Phil Bennett? Orion Stewart.
"It's the boost that the Scarlets wanted". Rugby legend Phil Bennett on now talking Scarlets deals for Ken Owens & Liam Williams
ICYM Tom Rinaldi's piece on Phil Bennett on personal loss and Bill Snyder support, grab a tissue.
As selections near, here's Baylor coaches Art Briles and Phil Bennett and Big 12 commish Bob Bowlsby from last night
Happy birthday to and Phil Bennett who BOTH turn 59 today!
Bennett fears Wales match overload Former Wales and British and Irish Lions fly-half Phil Bennett is concerned t...
Congrats Stephen - loved the way Phil Bennett paid tribute to you
Well yeah but he's only behind: Biggar, Priestland, O Williams, Patchell, S Shingler, Adam Jones, Phil Bennett and me for No 10.
Happy Birthday to former Welsh fly-half Phil Bennett! A legend of the game, what's your favourite memory of Bennett? htt…
Idea: BoolConf. Two tracks: True and False. On one devs explain practices and tools that make life awesome. On the other …
Spot on "Why every child should learn to program (but not necessarily learn to code) in http:/…
I don't actually get it that often so I shouldn't really complain, but it super ***
we need a good dose of Phil Bennett or maybe Carl Grulich for Mark Synder.oh and the defense too
Wales great Phil Bennett shares memories of "colourful" Stuart Gallacher, who died this week
AUDIO: Bennett remembers 'colourful' Gallacher: Wales great Phil Bennett shares his memories of fellow Scarlet...
Two phases that strike fear into someone administering a ticketing system 'Thanks that's great' and 'You can close this ticket now'
Come to Cyfoes Ammanford on 31 October between 12-2pm to meet Phil Bennett who will be signing his new book
My old mum always dismissed Bennett as a Sinatra wannabe with half the charisma. She was a massive Frank fan though.
Kind of smacks of the old 'Flying Phil' days of the long ago Wacky Bennett era..
"When you blitz, somebodies band is gonna play and you want to make sure it is yours ." -- Phil Bennett on risk/reward of blitzing
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Can we all stop accusing Phil Bennett of having any idea on how to run a defense?
Credit to WVU today. . I also want Phil Bennett to find a new job.
Phil Bennett still stealing money from baylor. You'd think one year he could do something (scheme, recruit...on briles) to be better
that is the one and only Phil Bennett and he's always like that.
Does Phil Bennett ever not look exasperated?
I have no idea how Phil Bennett continues to pull jobs. Baylor has the horses on D, just gotta get the coordinator.
Phil Bennett clasping his hands like a concerned 82 year old woman is my spirit animal.
About time for Phil Bennett to break out the "I don't want them to gain ... ANOTHER YARD." Speech from Remember the Titans.
Phil Bennett needs to regulate. Kendall Briles too
Attn: - Phil Bennett defensive coordinator for Baylor. Currently losing to WVU.
My dad has a serious crush on Phil Bennett
I wonder how many Hail Mary's Phil Bennett is going to have to do after getting caught swearing on TV?
It's going to be fun to see how long Phil Bennett continues to let his guys try & cover Kevin White 1-on-1. I'd throw to him on every play.
Perfect play call by Phil Bennett leads to an INT.
Phil Bennett better give Xavien Howard some help
Listening to Phil Bennett, JPR Williams and Gareth Edwards talking about there career
Catching up on GamerGate ... The Internet really seems to be struggling with rule one of life at the moment "don't be a ***
“VIDEO: a student got stuck in a bottle bin. there you go!
"Phil was a great actor & collaborator. He was brutal on himself. He was not the sort of actor who wanted love." Bennett Miller on PSH
My brain is not enjoying being in the pub
Phil Bennett: If you're not confused, you're not sufficiently informed, and personal narratives "contribute to a very healthy conusion."
"GAMEDAY is the opportunity to let your inner "Bear" out.". -Phil Bennett (Defensive Coordinator-Baylor).
I'd completely forgotten I'd done it, was in stitches.
and they delivered. However they put laminated Debbie pictures on his pillow.
They even laminated the Debbie pictures!
Ryan Reid struggling in pass protection, will Phil Bennett go to Terrence Singleton?
Baylor playoff dreams depend on DC Phil Bennett. His winding, heartbreaking path to get here:
I done went in the sea here for the first time ever!
a step like Phil Bennett, hands like Regan King and a jink like Jordan Pog would say.Class!
It's hard for me to morally support really stopid people!
having issues in southsea, just checked on link and it shows issues in PO5 (get it frequently!!)
"In this game, And in this life, You don't get respect until you earn it" - Phil Bennett🙌
sharing your frustrations. Pretty much all the south coast is hit & miss with O2. Our 3 handsets work so much better
haven't had many problems myself. Just wish they would allow 4G on the iPhone 5.
Hi Phil, this doesn't sound good. Can you please follow these steps and let us know how you get on?
“Find out how recently helped raise awareness the fight against FHSD .. http…
Hey why has 3G in Portsmouth been so *** achingly slow for the last couple of months? shall be moving too when contract up!
Angela: Asgard's Assassin, by Kieron Gillen and Marguerite Bennett with art by Phil Jimenez and…
A new ongoing series announced: ANGELA: ASGARD'S ASSASSIN from Kieron Gillen and Marguerite Bennett, with Phil Jimenez drawing!
"This November, writers Kieron Gillen and Marguerite Bennett and artists Phil Jimenez and Stephanie Hans will chronicle Angela's quest"
mixing up the 2 Broadbent reports: here's intro to '99 1 which led to VSI Bennett 1 was on corp governance
Same for me. I always spent right up to the hilt. Took me years to learn to manage my money better
No just a general observation over the last few months, and ed and you reminded me. Mostly because Kat lives well on bare min
I wasn’t counting you anyway. already knew that
Ah only till 5:30. thought it was open later
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Who fancies trying out the new Southsea Beech Cafe tonight?
Tonight on from 6pm on Steve Roach, Wayne Bennett, Phil Kearns, Dennis Cometti, Nat Peters and Johnny Lewis. Tune In
I’d be up for it. what about you guys?
They are forcing users onto Swarm now, which is a bit of a nasty move too.
Wow the new foursquare designs are so dull and 2008 looking.
The and Show. Wayne Bennett's new job and the issue of player depression
Cavaliers assistant Phil Handy a good fit with Canada's senior men's squad esp with Wiggins/Bennett still in fold:
.co owner Phil Murphy says for all the money he's invested he should have been advised re Bennett job
Gary Cook Ainslie Bennett and Phil Brown makes up yer 4 x 400 relay team
Just had a conversation with the legend that is Phil Bennett at the royal welsh
Not until I purchase some batteries. Maybe I should do a monotone YouTube demo when I get it working...
as I said a while back But this conversation on internals has wound me up a little.
agreed. Plus the whole "version 6 of everything is generally associated with failure" is complete FUD.
I just can't believe people think it's worth wasting the effort to actually frame it in any way.
I too couldn’t give a rats *** but the way in which PHP 7 has been framed as totally obvious just grinds my ***
Of course - You could also ask our customer Heather what she thinks:
very much this. least attractive thing EVER, even on a perfect ***
Gareth Edwards, JPR, Phil Bennett and Willie John McBride re-live the undefeated 1974 Lions tour great hosts!
Home from launching in Belfast and Dublin. Gareth Edwards, Phil Bennett, JPR, JJ, Tom David all great. Pics to follow!
Down about Welsh Rugby? Do what I've just done. Get 4 bottles of Peroni down your neck and search Phil Bennett + Gerald Da…
Good to see rugby legends at funeral for David Picton Jones today - Phil Bennett, Derek Quinnell and Leigh Halfpenny
Phil Bennett likes smaller corners. Loved Joe Williams, and he was about that size.
Anyone got Phil Bennett's phone number? They need a half time team talk from a Welsh captain.
Phil Bennett must be pals with Monte Kiffin. No "D"
Baylor defensive coordinator Phil Bennett said he was shocked when he found out that William Stanback was just a freshman.
Some big shows this week - Gareth Edwards & Phil Bennett are in together for a special rugby hour Thurs...Genuinely thrilled by the prospect
Gareth Edwards and any one of Dan Carter, Phil Bennett or Barry John. If pushed, the first two.
Chuck Carlton 2m Mack Brown on Baylor-OU: "Baylor's defense has improved more than I had recognized. ... Phil Bennett and his bunch have done a great job."
Between Bob and Mike Stoops and Phil Bennett -- three guys at tonight's game who enjoyed a good bowl of gumbo in Aggieville a time or two.
Great article on Phil Bennett's relationship with K-State's Bill Snyder by KC Star:
If you haven't read it, an awesome story on Phil Bennett and Bill Snyder by
Phil Bennett fears for Welsh regions with Heineken uncertainty Wales legend Phil Bennett fears his country's regions could go bust if they are left without European competition. English and French clubs will quit the Heineken Cup next year and have proposed a rival Rugby Champions Cup. No agreement has yet been reached as to whether Rabodirect Pro12 teams - involving sides from Wales, Ireland, Scotland and Italy - will be included if the new competition goes ahead. "Without the European Cup the regions could fold," Bennett warned.
Rugby Union Latest: VIDEO: European cup 'deal will be done' - Former Wales and British & Irish Lions fly-half Phil Bennett tells BBC Look East he believes a deal will be struck between European Rugby Cup and the French and English clubs to continue the Heineken Cup.
Sgarmes are very excited to announce that we'll be performing at WRU Stephen Jones' Testimonial Dinner tomorrow evening at Llety Parc - in the presence of many welsh sporting legends including current and ex British Lions captains Sam Warburton, Phil Bennett and John Dawes! S4C's Heno will be filming once again! Edrych ymlaen!
138 likes for our page, Great! Now you 'likeable' people how about shooting me down on the following? I am getting older, which means more knowledgeable?? Ha ha! I have been lucky in my time of rugby to see some of the greatest rugby players that have ever graced a rugby field. My team of 15, plus replacements, are the players I have seen in the flesh as it where, who I regard as the greatest. Some of the selections where too close to call but then, if you are willing, offer you own choices? 1 - Tom Smith - Scotland 2 - Sean Fitzpatrick - New Zealand 3 - Phil Vickery - England 4 - Martin Johnson (capt) England 5 - John Eales - Australia 6 - Jean Pierre Rive - France 7 - Michael Jones - New Zealand 8 - Mervyn Davies - Wales 9 - Gareth Edwards - Wales 10 - Phil Bennett - Wales 11 - Jonah Lomu - New Zealand 12 - Philip Seller - France 13 - Brian O'Driscoll - Ireland 14 - Rory Underwood - England 15 - JPR Williams - Wales Replacements: Prop - Oz Durandt - South Africa Prop - Robert Paparemborde - France Backs ...
Welsh roots saved you there Aly.Phil Bennett sidestep to avoid the buggy at the marathon...
Favorite Ford Field memory was time Mike Leach was charged by Phil Bennett after scoring late TD vs. Mustangs.
are you at in Sept? I have some questions about your experiences of working with bootstrap if you dont mind a chat
Still love that Otis by Jay(-)Z and Kanye doesn't drop like you're expecting.
cracking out the Pythagorus for the first time in a while
'Ooooh that fellow Edwards.!' I could live to be 103 and still be unable to reprise those two Phil Bennett dummies.
and I've seen flip coins heads up multiple times too ;) Is Boris really who we want representing our country?
so I hear. He's done such a good job of acting like a bumbling buffoon, I fear he may have convinced himself :)
Oh, dear god, no. He's like a cross between Jeffrey and Bungle :/ "One step closer to PM Boris..."
Oh THAT Gareth Edwards try. It was the first International match I went to. Still think of it as Phil Bennett's try, it was his jinking...
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Phil Bennett remembers the late Cliff Morgan's magic moment of commentary:
Phil Bennett side steps and the whole stand falls over.
"This is great stuff, Phil Bennett covering..."
It’s measure of just how good a commentator was that just start 'Phil Bennett covering…’ & thousands of fans join in
Oh no not Cliff Morgan. RIP. Greatest rugby commentator of all time.
"Kirkpatrick to Williams. This is great stuff. Phil Bennett covering, chased by Alistair Scowan. Brilliant! Oh, that's brilliant!" DEP.
- the great grandfather of all true genius - Barry John, Phil Bennett, Jonathan Davies, Michael Lynagh
Thought my macbook was still broken, turns out it was just smarter than me….
Reading through probably the best requirements document I've seen in a long time.
yeah. If it was SUPER cheap then would get it, but it's only a little bit cheaper than the 3DS. Nintendo are truly bonkers.
what?? I saw this video posted else where didn't watch is as I thought it was a hoax.
Just used the 'redeem voucher using your camera' function on the OSX App store, *** Apple .. Slick!
You can go back and do that. I won't tell anyone.
toss. when I saw your reply I thought I'd put codding
Watching episodes of 70s Sole Train on youtube whilst coding.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
And it's an hour and a half class that lasted 20 minutes.
Spotted two internationals in two days!. Phil Bennett on the Gower path Monday: Eddie Butler in Haverfordwest Tuesday. Who tomorrow??
Considering waking someone in an aisle seat to get to the toilet, before realising it's only nine hours until landing
crap! that'll teach me for leaving it late. Will have to be late (after 6) or saturday next week then.
Hey Phil, nothing available till next week now, would you like to book something in?
Check out this video of EBRD First VP & COO Phil Bennett in Mongolia- be sure to catch the surprise at 1:09!
“wait if Phil Bennett got his permit does that mean he can get his license”oh my god
I didn't think the Richard Pryor holograms were out til next year. Where's you get that?
true but the additional features that are in plus are the sort of stuff I’m going to use. Tbh latest apache as fast now
they say they will update the open version inline with the plus version. Some companies have been getting that right recently.
I am not an example of flat design.
lol... Well that debatable... The Death Star had a pretty bad design flaw :-P
like the Deathstar and Nazi uniforms.
Our next meetup - Weds 14th from 6pm, we're doing a better testing workshop. Make sure you register asap!
think our T beer and rye iPa will be on by then... As well as a few other naughty treats
hah I'm sure something will happen! I will have to find if there's any decent pubs nearby!
I'm not 100% sure at this point. but is there plans for post meet up beers? (not that that will sway me… ok yes it will)
Hi mate - are you going to be able to make it to PHP Hants next Wednesday evening? :)
I left Gareth Edwards, Phil Bennett & Max Boyce way behind! that I am!
I am sure none have been done. I have sent a chase email.
bit complicated depends on how you've set it up, get me on Skype
yeah, balls. How do I turn that crap off?
well you've got a month if if only counts while I don't have a 'proper job' ;)
I haven't written the questions yet but I'll send them over when I do :)
Dunno if I count but happy to take part if you want
Anyone else using Adobe CC software and a little concerned about the volume of updates come through since launch? swear it's every 3 days
Tons of media on hand to talk with Head Coach Art Briles and DC Phil Bennett before start of
I know, right? There's gotta be a way. OAuth looks wrong (authz, not authn), OpenID still requires "log in"... eek indeed! :)
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