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Phil Anselmo

Philip Hansen Phil Anselmo (born June 30, 1968) is an American musician who is best known as the lead singer for the heavy metal band Pantera.

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only good picture I got last night of Phil Anselmo at the show
unless, of course, your favourite vocalist is either Corey Taylor or Phil Anselmo. but anyone else, Chino >
Phil Anselmo and the Illegals Seattle 1 17 14: via This was where I was last night.
heard the new Phil Anselmo stuff? My new band sounds more like this.
Novastar The Eagles Phil anselmo and the illegals
Phil Anselmo and Zakk Wylde on the same stage. I'll probably pass out
I can't even explain how excited I am because I'm going to see Phil Anselmo live.
Phil Anselmo, toughnut frontman of Pantera, fondling a puppy.
Phil Anselmo and the illegals perform A New Level in Denver 1/14/15
Is Phil Anselmo.hinting at something when he says bedroom destroyer?
Phil Anselmo and the Illegals covering the one and only Pantera!
Phil Anselmo and the Illegals covering Superjoint Ritual! Were you at the show?
After 15 years of being a fan, I finally get to see Phil Anselmo.
Looks like I'm gonna go see Phil Anselmo for free. Strength beyond strength
Yep, that just happened. Me and Phil Anselmo! Such a rad dude!!!
ya know, it's also the title of Down's (Phil Anselmo's side project during Pantera) debut album.
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The Michaels will be at the Phil Anselmo and The Illegals show tonight and if for someone reason you're not there go support Willies other band Countless The Dead at the Track House in Oly! Michael Arms
Phil Anselmo talks about the forthcoming Pantera Far Beyond Driven anniversary re-release in 2014, and he shared what was so special about creating what some...
Phil Anselmo is going to be here TONIGHT and we cannot wait for the show to start! See you all there!!
Hello I would like to purchase a Phil Anselmo
Dallas Green, Phil Anselmo, Brian Molko and Anthony Green are my all time favourite singers..oh and Celine Dion.
Want to meet Phil Anselmo? come to this awesome release party!
Don't miss our show tonight with Phil Anselmo and The illegals! Get there early! We go on first!!!
Phil Anselmo's vocals on Strike of The Beast are just awesome !
How to make the crowd Headbang by Phil Anselmo: vía
"Everyone knows that Zia Records hooks up all the Valley music junkies." Thanks,
Ill always remember Phil Anselmo whacking you on the head with the mike because you were on stage in between the songs!
Phil Anselmo wore spandex and sang like a chick.
If you can't get tickets-there's a site that will stream it live: Masters 5: Exclusive Video Live-Stream on Gear Gods Next Wednesday, January 22! - GearGods Confirmed guests include Phil Anselmo, Kerry King, Scott Ian, Mike Portnoy, Chuck Billy and
Throwdown's vocalist is no Phil Anselmo and really never will be.
like Phil anselmo said, if you conduct yourself like a human being you ought to be treated like one.
thanx dude! Briefly meeting u at DICE was ACE btw. I was the guy talking about Phil Anselmo and Down ;)
It’s easy to forget just how big Phil Anselmo’s former band Pantera was, or how much influence it had on the...
Dont get me wrong I love the guys music and he's an inspiration... but I would be so scared to meet Phil Anselmo in person
that kinda sounds like Phil anselmo.
to my days & one of my all-time favorite bands. Dimebag Darrell (RIP) & Phil Anselmo of…
Hello Phil Anselmo'm a big fan of you I and all of Brazil :)
I just want to be Phil Anselmo. Minus the alcoholism and heroin addiction.
“I think I have a mental problem because I cannot stop listening to Portal, for God’s sake,” says Phil Anselmo, over the phone from the headquarters of his Austin, Texas, record label, House,Music Stories
Headed to see Phil Anselmo to celebrate the day of birth of Jay McConnell!!
Thank you to everyone ordering the Autograph Series: Phil Anselmo There are only 44 left! Grab one for yourself at
ALMOST shook hands with Phil Anselmo, but not quite. I still choose Justin Furstenfeld over anyone! Awesome show tonight though :)
Indegoot represented photographer Rob Fenn has teamed up with rock icon Phil Anselmo to released another autograph canvas print! The last release Rob and Phil did SOLD OUT, so grab yours today, ...
Down's Phil Anselmo & Pepper Keenan talk about their influences and favorite bands from the show Loud... also Rob Zombie Interviews Phil and Co from Superjoi...
Phil Anselmo and The Illegals w/ Author and Punisher, Hymns Monday, January 13th 2014 ...
Opeth, Black Label Society and Phil Anselmo?! Download your doing better and better :)
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Phil Anselmo talks to Browny about getting into boxing, his fight collection, and his immersion in the sport.
Sound familiar? Then you're in for a treat! Metalshop On Kisw is on at 11pm with tickets to DRI, Phil Anselmo and Toxic Holocaust!
Going to see Phil Anselmo from "PANTERA" and the Illegals tonight in Louisiana! What
If you like Phil Anselmo or Pantera please delete yourself from my friends list before i find out the truth n do it myself! TOTALLY SERIOUS! !
Phil Anselmo and the Illegals playing tonight at Warehouse Live.
What do rock god Phil Anselmo and actor H. Jon...
Dear Phil anselmo Your solo career *** All you do is repay a chorus for 3 mins. Stop. Just stop. In Philip anselmo and the illegals EVERY SONG SOUNDS THE SAME. Let your career die. It's over. Sincerely Lance.
Phil Anselmo and The Illegals jammin some Pantera.Grand Rapids Mi. 8/7/13 Great show!!! Band was amazing and Phil sounded great.
Phil Anselmo!! Would be a great addition to MMP Charlotte...Just Saying!!
Tune in to WFMU 91.1 / tonight between 9pm-12am as I guest on Dave Hill's first ever radio show! I'll be premiering a couple tunes from my new lp (due out 4/8) and new Death of Samantha lp, & maybe play a live-in-studio song or 2. Dave's other guests are H. Jon Benjamin and Phil Anselmo. Join us!
I don't get all the hype about the band Ghost.Phil Anselmo and Charlie Benante are even fans. Besides their fairy poser satan worshiper out fits, I have tried listening and just don't get it.I know its my opinion. But for Gods sake. Its just pure crap.
Phil Anselmo and the Illegals in Denver on January 15th
Ready to get cooking with Phil Anselmo? The answer is yes, you are.
This is what it would be like if Phil Anselmo...
Everyone worships Bey or Lana and I'm just over here like. ...I like Phil Anselmo, Ivan Moody and Alexi Laiho's hair...just his hair.
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I thought Phil Anselmo had the best metal voice but after listening to "This is absolution" on repeat about a dozen times I'm giving the nod to Howard Jones!
Jason Newsted slammed off stage by fan into the crowd in New York -- Phil Anselmo solo tour dates announced! -- Trevor Bolder bassist for Uriah Heep passes - ...
Is that Phil Anselmo singing on the Saint Vitus-track?
Anton Crowley persona[edit] In the mid-90s, Anselmo began to record for several side projects under the pseudonym Anton Crowley, most notably with Viking Crown. The name Anton Crowley is taken from Aleister Crowley (British occultist) and Anton LaVey (Founder and High Priest of the Church of Satan). In 1997, Necrophagia frontman Killjoy reformed his band with Phil Anselmo on guitars. Using the Anton Crowley name, Anselmo appeared on the 1998 Holocausto de la Morte album, the 1999 Black Blood Vomitorium EP, and finally the 2001 Cannibal Holocaust EP, which featured Opal Enthroned (then Anselmo's wife) on keyboards.
2 of my Blasphexmas presents are the rare Necrophagia "Cannibal Holocaust" / Viking Crown "Draped in Treachery" 2 disc set and The rare as *** Ravenous "Three on a Meat hook" ep altogether for a grand total of $16. All 3 feature my favorite demon voiced vocalist Killjoy and Necrophagia/Viking Crown are both projects with Phil Anselmo during his Anton Crowley era.
Time and time again you hear these amazing stories about the generosity and compassion of the likes of Marilyn Manson, Trent Reznor, Phil Anselmo. There's really no case against metal/hard rock musicians as being some of the most genuine caring people in the industry.
Here you go Jacob. This is me at a Pantera Concert back in 1988. Me and a friend with the lead singer Phil Anselmo.
Newest song by Phil Anselmo and the Illegals! "Death Rattle"
In the immortal words of phil anselmo."Kiss my *** Dracula".
Limp Bizkit, are streaming their new song Lightz -- new Chelsea Grin teaser from the studio -- Alexisonfire video on new vinyl box set - Phil Anselmo Ugly Mu...
One day, the cooking with Phil Anselmo video will stop being funny. Not today though.
just noticed Phil Anselmo is a Saints fan (tattoo on his leg) not a bad choice tbh
I found a blog that's just full of pictures of Phil Anselmo's face on other people's bodies. And it made me happy.
I'd been the tempting one, stole her from herself .This gift in pain, her pain was life And sometimes I feel so sorry I regret this the hurting of you But you make me so unhappy I'd take my life and leave love with youI'd kill myself for you, I'd kill you for myself "PHIL ANSELMO"
Only the dulcet tones of Phil anselmo can soothe me today
Take a look to Phil Anselmo and The Illegals new music video called UGLY MUG. Let us know what do you think.
My fellow music lovers. I call upon you once again, for a lunch time poll, if you will. I, as always, am curious. I would like to know eveyones top 5 hard rock/metal singers. Mine in no particular order...1) Phil Anselmo 2) Maynard James keenan 3) Josh Homme 4) Ozzy Osbourne 5) Corey Taylor. (Lyrical content had alot to do with my 5.) Rock On \m/ \m/
I liked new Voivod. But i think new Phil Anselmo was a pile of crap *takes cover*
There's so much hate towards Phil Anselmo and I don't understand why. Yeah he's a bit of an *** but the dudes a Metal God.
Phil Anselmo pantera 2 me still 2 this day has best Chi on stage I have ever seen this album Vulgar display of power still my favorites
Also, Guillermo looks exactly like Phil anselmo...
So I can't help but think, Guillermo looks just like phil anselmo...
I could listen to Phil Anselmo talk about shrimp boats all night long... but I gotta work tomorrow so I guess I should get off youtube and go to bed :/
I was betrayed, one more day, of my short life! - Phil Anselmo... É Phil, somos dois meu caro U.U
Zooming up on Phil Anselmo's face will always be funny
I know the year isn't over yet but as far as i know nothing in the near future as of this month is coming out that i'm aware of that i look forward to but if something changes my mind by then ill make a mention but otherwise this is my personal favorites of 2013. 1. Crown of Phantoms By Chimaira 2. As the Palaces Burn (Remastered) By Lamb of God 3. Pinnacle of Bedlam By Suffocation 4. Surgical Steel By Carcass 5. Walk Through Exits Only By Phil Anselmo & The Illegals 6. Everblack By The Black Dahlia Murder 7. One of Us Is The Killer By The Dillinger Escape Plan 8. ...Like Clockwork By The Queens of The Stone Age 9. Infestissumam By Ghost 10. Revocation (Self-Titled) By Revocation
Ok, if you didn't already know about my love for Phil Anselmo, chances are you're new here. -Rollins
Early Pantera when they were glam! And before Phil Anselmo joined them!
New Throwdown song is pretty decent, but Dave Peters is trying WAY too hard to sound like Phil Anselmo.
coz Phil Anselmo...more like Phil not-good-anymore *giggles*
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Phil Anselmo is going to perform classic Pantera songs for the first time in years at Tuska. That would be pretty cool to see!
Phil Anselmo and Corey Taylor, to me, are the only guys I've seen so far that I like with long hair or without.
Carcass, Phil Anselmo, Bring Me the Horizon, Ensiferum, Beastmilk, Ranger, Speedtrap ja Church of the Dead Tuskaan!
Hmmm, I'm more partial to Terry Bozzio (formerly of The Knack), Michael Angelo, Mark Hoppus and Phil Anselmo.
I think its messed up that Phil Anselmo never mentioned Dimebag in the last few days
Dimebag is dead and Phil Anselmo is still alive... A thought I had yesterday
Phil Anselmo is literally always drunk. Im convinced his blood is Blue Ribbon.
Killing Time Radio is ON AIR. Special guest hosts: Phil Anselmo and Genny from the Block
Philip has finished recording the vocals for the next Down EP! That and more from his latest interview:
I really like the Motorhrad, Newsted and Phil Anselmo albums. Just picked up the Voivod and like that too. Need more time tolisten
I seriously love this. Phil Anselmo and Jaime Preciado. Pretty bad *** I say.
James Hetfield, Chris Cornell, Phil Anselmo, and Maynard James Keenan have the best voices in rock music.
You’ve got Henry Rollins, Dave Grohl, Phil Anselmo, Serj Tankian, Peter Steele, Ozzy, and more.
I've always been a fan of vocalists who move around a lot on stage: Phil Anselmo, Brandan Shiepetti, Jamey Jasta...
What is heavy metal and why is it so enduring? As part of's Metal Month, we spoke to a number of legends: Rob Halford of Judas Priest, Phil Anselmo...
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Im Gonna Just shave my head and be Phil Anselmo. That sounds Tight.
Because I'm in a headbanging kind of mood. Also, Phil Anselmo is a COMPLETE lunatic. \m/
"Strength. I feel a conquering will, down inside me. ...No one can *** on this determination." -Phil Anselmo
If I had Phil Anselmo's voice all I would do is shout at people.
Phil Anselmo: Personal life. ← Previous revision. Revision as of 01:08, 5 November 2013. Line 156:. Lin...
Phil Anselmo sets the record straight with Graham 'Gruhamed' Hartmann about drug addiction, the rise and fall of Pantera, nearly burning his parents' house d...
So many rappers trying to act like Phil Anselmo and metalheads, WHY
Sean with Blue the drummer for Phil Anselmo and the illegals
i just chated with PHIL ANSELMO from pantera and the ilegals. i cant believe it!
AIR NOW ON!!! new releases from Earle Sweatshirt, three trapped tigers, Avril Lavigne duets with Marilyn Manson, Phil Anselmo and the Illegals and loads of other sonic guff with Gary Thomas. When you sleep we fill your ears with spiders.
Hey Rob Dawson, what did Phil Anselmo mean when he said, By demons be driven?
Does Phil Anselmo do the cleans on this album?
To me, I'm for a band whose forefront is the music. ~ Phil Anselmo
I just read today that Phil Anselmo is a former heroin addict. I honestly think band members are victims of circumstance.
Wow, just woke up from a wierd dream! Phil Anselmo(from. Pantera & Down) was hosting a job fair for all of us at work at Maynard Sreel, been layed off for over a month. Everybody I've ever known was there.
you give me and Phil anselmo and the illegals, I will push the purchase button!!
Phil Anselmo only dude to write racist lyrics and still make himself not look like one
Whoever blames Dimebag Darrell's death on Phil Anselmo is an ***
If Phil Anselmo was the lead singer of John Mayer I'd be super disappointed that John Mayer wasn't coming to Sioux City. But he's not.
Call me crazy, but if there were ever a movie to come out about Pantera, I think Channing Tatum could do a good Phil Anselmo
Have you ever thought about a boxing match between you and Phil Anselmo at EllisMania?
This Voivod CD has an endorsement from the cover from Phil Anselmo: "the only band that makes me feel like I am floating in space"
ICYMI: We caught Phil Anselmo on his recent run or tour dates through the USA:
Pantera were crap before Phil Anselmo joined
Phil Anselmo (another great on the top of my charts) is the man who proved me how to belch it hard and be pummeling with vocals. Props to him. I will for...
In case you guys haven't realized I'm a big Phil Anselmo fan. Pretty much everything he's done I love. Pantera, Down, whatever it is...
What happened when Phil Anselmo from Pantera tried to marry a 5 year old
Well apparently a couple girls at the gojira show thought I looked like Phil anselmo and my hair was epic. I'll take that compliment ;)
Phil Anselmo mst have a consultant who coaches him on acceptable underground shirts to wear in public. I want that job.
"I am the type that cannot stay put in living in the past and solely in the past. It's not healthy and it doesn't feel right." ~Phil Anselmo~
Seeing the legendary Phil Anselmo off his head on drugs this year at Download was certainly a moment :)
highly recommend the new a) Carcass and b) Phil Anselmo albums, if that's your bag?
you know that song is about Phil Anselmo right?
I Know!!! apparently Phil Anselmo thought it was hilarious too.
If they ever make a movie about Pantera I think it's pretty obvious that Tim Riggins should play Phil Anselmo.
Late night marathon with Star Trek TNG :) and Family Friends and Associates by Phil Anselmo and Warbeast is revolving in my head :)
If Rex Brown has a book, Phil Anselmo and Vinnie Paul need some books out!
"If you ain't down with down then ain't down with god *** you." -things Phil Anselmo has probably said-
It's like me with Phil Anselmo and Max Cavalera, but it's not a scandal when they get their *** out.
Amazing artwork from Kyler Sharp, you might have seen his work with Soundgarden and Phil Anselmo.…
Mine are (in no order) by Clutch, Carcass, Phil Anselmo, Darkthrone, Watain.
In the last four days, I interviewed Phil Anselmo, Robert Trujillo, Kirk Hammett, Gunnar Hansen and Elijah Wood. Not at the same time.
I liked a video Cooking Hostile with Phil Anselmo!
Phil Anselmo, of Pantera and Down fame, takes you on a guided tour of his tattoos, revealing the hidden meanings behind the ink. Subscribe to the Fuse YouTub...
These people took metal to a whole new level of Heavy! Metallica was influenced by the darker side of life! Pantera took metal in a new direction and destroyed all the rules! Lead singer Phil Anselmo loved and parodied lead man of Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne!
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alright! Phil Anselmo!! you rock! here is a picture of you on the mic!
PANTERA's PHIL ANSELMO tells all about his most famous tattoos [VIDEO]:
I love how Phil Anselmo handled having a bad back: took a lethal dose of smack and died for 5 minutes... You know what my mum did? Sudoku.
ARTISTdirect gets Slayer stories from Slash, Rob Zombie, Phil Anselmo and others!...
PHIL ANSELMO Shows Off His Tattoos: Pantera and Down frontman Phil Anselmo stopped by Fuse to talk about the h...
I don't think I have ever seen a picture of phil anselmo smiling. he is a cute guy, I'd like to see a smile at least once.
Philip talks about his solo record, upcoming tour and Housecore Horror Film & Metal Festival in Rolling Stone!
Question of the day: If forced to fight in a cage match, would you prefer Glenn Danzig or Phil Anselmo as your opponent?
Phil Anselmo sets the record straight about drug addiction, recording Pantera's 'The Great Southern Trendkill,' nearly burning his parents' house down + much more.
WATCHING MY INBOX LIKE A VULTURE (TM Phil Anselmo) waiting for hooker tips that are thus far not forthcoming
The best rock singers poll has come out pretty badly for Phil Anselmo, he won't stand a chance against Freddie Mercury
Awesome start into the weekend. TGIF!
How do I become ripped like Phil Anselmo?
My favorite metal singer is Phil Anselmo
when will I be able to see phil anselmo in concert.
For me the top albums of 2013 are (in no order) by The Bronx, Nails, Kvelertak, Tegan & Sara, Imani Coppola and Phil Anselmo. What's yours?
If you hate Phil Anselmo,I hate you.
All I want to do is play Phil Anselmo's new album again. Got to keep it in check. This is how the trouble starts.
what if Dr Phil was actually Phil Anselmo
I find singing along with Phil Anselmo to be one of the most relaxing and stress relieving things you can possibly do
wow. That's a new level, no Phil anselmo.
I can't believe you went to school with Phil Anselmo!!!
"Ive been through alot, and so has the guy down the road. It goes to say that I cant walk in your shoes and you cabt walk in mine, we all have a job to do." Phil Anselmo
The releasing of anger can better any medicine under the sun... Phil Anselmo...Mouth for the War
My Dad told me once back when Metallica was touring for the Justice album " I dont care how badass you kids think you are nowadays when the original Black Sabbath came out that was the real deal!" I agreed justice needed more low end (although a great multitrack drum recording) and it was like Yes! back then when Ozzy said people running cuz theyre scared they really were!! as a side note the best current cd to pirate or purchase is Phil Anselmo and the Illegals.
these protesters are cavemen. when a band is named The Killers that does not equate to homicidal behavior. if that was the case, then the The B-52's are what? & Incubus? "satan's got me by the balls. specifically, the left *** .." - Phil Anselmo
Another blatant plug ahoy. Aside from features on the likes of AFI, Phil Anselmo, Behemoth and Parkway Drive, yours truly chats with Jason Newsted, Joey Jordison, Soilwork and Satyricon, plus a bunch of CD reviews. So go check it out. Or not.
Answer this question and receive a free air guitar. Who's was Pantera's lead singer before the great Phil Anselmo joined the band. -Amos-
Legendary Pantera / Down vocalist Phil Anselmo talks to Loudwire about why Dimebag Darrell was the 'Greatest Metal Guitarist.' More here:
Introducing new people to the epic Phil Anselmo douchery at Loyola University. Paul Waggener Matthias Waggener
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I was just trying to sing like Phil Anselmo.I think I hurt myself.
yeah guy in middle is Phil Anselmo of Pantera and Down really tall guy is former football player KYLE TURLEY 3rd guy no clue.
Phil Anselmo kicked the journey off in crushing style, now Tanya Donelly's Swan Song Series 1 & 2 is blissing things out. Ear update.
talking on air the other day about having you and Phil Anselmo in my studio circa 1992. Keep rockin!
I favorited a video from PHIL ANSELMO: "MUSIC MEDIA IS MY ***
The best bit of the Phil Anselmo solo album is the ambient instrumental outro.
Phil anselmo has been in so many bands its ridiculous
Had a dream last night that Phil Anselmo pulled me up on stage to sing Never Try at Soundwave. Was rather sad when I woke up.
Former Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo has made a statement with the first track from the Philip H. Anselmo...
Hey ur kinda cute. U should msg me ur number. Maybe we can...u know."hang out". ; ) “Is it true Phil Anselmo kicked ur *** ”
Dude with the shaved head n suit at the check point looks like Phil Anselmo
Is it true Phil Anselmo kicked your ***
...the cooking with Phil Anselmo is hilarious!! ROFLMAO!!!
Favorite this if we should give the Phil Anselmo album another listen while packing order from
There's no one more metal than Phil Anselmo.
Phil Anselmo is the most metal guy in...well metal \m/
Ivan and Phil Anselmo amping up in the dressing room - we are gonna hit it in 15 minutes http…
And Gwar, Phil Anselmo and all these other bands for a Halloween fest
Mission in life is to meet Phil Anselmo and smoke a joint with him.
I wish I had Phil Anselmo's speaking voice.
send me the Phil Anselmo for my bed
For this week, on an anger scale of Mr. Rogers to Phil Anselmo, I'd have to say I'm a Henry Rollins.
Phil Anselmo has an amazing voice, singing or talking
Rockman's interview with Phil Anselmo and The Illegals: via
Wow! I just heard Phil Anselmo say 'God Bless him' about that sick kid he jammed PANTERA with on stage! So that means he is not SATANIC!
Walks through exits only. Phil anselmo
Exclusive interview: Phil Anselmo talks to about "Bedridden" and his upcoming autobiography:
Phil Anselmo is definately one of my fav. front men...
Listen to Phil Anselmo dish the details about Usurper's.
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And yet again, all I can hear is Phil Anselmo saying "that's badass". If he were a little more subtle I could see him as an assasin.
Phil Anselmo just speaks pure Beauty. The way he pronounce & describes things is just the best. Don't care about his past. Inspiration to me
Sometimes I feel like Phil Anselmo just needs a hug. Brilliant musician, angry man.
I liked a video Phil Anselmo: Dimebag Darrell Was the Greatest Metal Guitarist
I think it's funny that Phil Anselmo who drank, did drugs, and died once looks better than Karl Buechner who is a...
Powerplay Issue 157 - September out now! It features my interviews with Phil Anselmo and Satyricon!…
Former Pantera vocalist Phil Anselmo talks about "Usurper's *** Rant," a song about all those who have...
Listen to Phil Anselmo and the illegals. Its not very good. I'm not sure what i expected but something about it doesn't seem right to me
I'm a big Pantera fan especially Phil Anselmo. Love his attitude
VIDEO: Phil Anselmo busting out some Pantera classics -
The ministry of darkness met at the Phil Anselmo show. Amazing!
Next week we host Phil Anselmo & The Illegals and Sparks The Rescue. Tickets are available for both shows at
Sad, and cute: terminally ill 13-year old gets his dying wish - to play 'Walk' onstage with Phil Anselmo
Awesome video - Phil Anselmo (Pantera) makes a kid's dream come true. This kid has a rare form of cancer, and via...
I'm so jacked to see Phil Anselmo tonight! Oh wait, nobody likes the same music as me so I can't go. :/
u dig the new solo album by Phil anselmo?
yeah but I wasn't as wasted as Phil Anselmo
Nice. I'm at a Phil Anselmo show. Dude is still going and trying hard.
Pantera is my all time favorite and I blindly love anything Phil Anselmo does so people need to do his music justice IMO.
I wanna be able to sing like Phil Anselmo, and shred like Dimebag.
“Phil Anselmo has the voice of an angel I am in love with you right now, and yes sir he does!
Phil Anselmo has the voice of an angel
In case you missed it this week, check out a video of Phil Anselmo performing WALK with a cancer-striken fan. I...
I just want 2 see Phil anselmo n tpiy n breathe carolina and mod sun and title fight and touché amore god mom im not asking for much i swear
Still can't believe I was a mere two feet away from Phil Anselmo last night!
This is so awesome: a terminally ill teen gets to rock out with Phil Anselmo:
Did I mention that Phil Anselmo is amazing and his solo album is already probably one of my favourite extreme metal albums.
Going to take photos of Phil Anselmo at First Ave!!! See you there!
A 13 year old got to play with Phil Anselmo(Pantera) on stage as his dying wish from Make a Wish foundation. Rawk \m/ ht…
This magazine actually has Phil Anselmo's first interview after Dimebag's death in it & it's just so emotional & intense wow
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the topper to it was that I got to hang out with Phil Anselmo during Sabbath.
God dammit, the vocalist from Throwdown sounds EXACTLY like Phil Anselmo from Pantera.
Ok, Phil Anselmo gets a couple cool points this.
Have you seen this clip of Phil Anselmo granting a cancer-stricken kid's wish by jamming onstage to Pantera's Walk?
lol I would have sang it but Im no Phil Anselmo! (
*** yeah, awesome photo. Who would have thought that the great Phil Anselmo and in the same photo!
Phil Anselmo (of Pantera) has the best band mates and crew members - made a crazy *** day at work enjoyable
ICYMI: This 13 year-old's dying wish was to rock out with Pantera's and it happened:
So today, I've listened to Phil Anselmo, Prince, The Clash, Dimmu Borgir, Genesis, Rick Wakeman and Led Zeppelin. My iPod is getting dizzy.
Tonight's show features interviews with both Dave Mustaine and Phil Anselmo! Kicks off at 9pm CST on
Pantera's Phil Anselmo at Loyola University, New Orleans talks about his troubled experiences in the music industry
Miss my thoughts on Phil Anselmo's solo album?
Phil Anselmo playing Pantera songs at first ave on September 3rd!
I even bought the soundtrack to the film because corpse were on it,are you getting phil anselmo's album?
Thanks for the follow James =) Ah, you like horror related stuff as well. A tip, check out Phil Anselmo´s horror collection ;)
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*** knew someone would choose that. XD A voice like Till Lindemann's or Phil Anselmo's? Or a nice *** *** XD
Why is Phil Anselmo so sexy and talented?
Phil Anselmo's voice just... Does things to me ;_;
Got the new Phil Anselmo album today & when I put it onto my Itunes it had the genre down as Pop! I don't bloody think so!
The problem ahead is that "fine line" that keeps us apart A fence there in the middle/keeps us apart again- By:Phil Anselmo -
Got new solo album by phil anselmo Its heavier than rick walla at a ale and pie festival.
Driving home is way easier when you pretend to be Phil Anselmo
Phil Anselmo (Pantera - Down) will be our guest this week on Cranked Up Live talking about his new solo project...
interviewing Phil Anselmo in a few minutes...freaking out.
Philip H Anselmo and the Illegals Technicians of Distortion tour promo pt. 4 Official Phil Anselmo
I am absolutely in love with Phil Anselmo's solo album.
I'm about to give Phil Anselmo a phone call
I reviewed the new Phil Anselmo album for . It's a bit heavy. Please RT/share and I'll fancy you.
Finally got around to listening to the Phil Anselmo & The Illegals album over the last 2 days. Different, but a couple fantastic tracks.
I liked a video Phil Anselmo Technicians of Disortion tour promo pt. 4
Gee, ya think Phil Anselmo is gonna playing any Pantera songs on tour this summer?
One of my favorite singers is Neil Turbin. . He's up there with Joey Belladonna, Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, Phil Anselmo, and Ian Gillan
they opened for Napalm Death for crissakes, Phil Anselmo this weekend. What more do you want?!
Phil Anselmo: If Pantera were to reunite for one day.
a radio chat with Phil Anselmo of Pantera/Down
Music wise, new records from Phil Anselmo...
Yes. I love Phil Anselmo and Chad Gray. I want to hump their vocal chords. ;)
Just got my copy of the Phil Anselmo record, first spin coming up!
can't wait for leaks man. Heard you got Phil Anselmo in for 3 tracks
Seriously can not WAIT for Phil Anselmo's new album to come! It's gonna be brutal!
I had plans to ink my stomach with "tomb of the mutilated" or a napalm death album cover lol, or like Phil anselmo unscarred
Okay listening to Phil Anselmo's new album!! This album can definitely make u violent and make u really want to fist someone!!
A definite top ten albums of 2013 contender- Phil Anselmo and The Illegals' 'Walk Through Exits Only'
I just want to go see Phil anselmo ill be so so happy
Weird reviews of Phil Anselmo's solo album I've seen: comparisons to black metal, comparisons to John Zorn 'free' jazz albums.
“I'm gonna shave part of my head once my hair is long enough”phil anselmo?
In other news, why are there so many beautiful men in music? I mean, Phil Anselmo, Tom Araya, Corey Taylor, Jim Root, *** Thompson
Amon Amarth, Phil Anselmo, and this little band called Black Sabbath, Pretty awesome week in metal I would say.
Just got this photo of Phil Anselmo, Dave Hill and my man Chris Lee hard at work!
Question: If you could create your own Heavy Metal supergroup. Who would be in it? Living or dead. Mine would be: Phil Anselmo on vocals 80's James Hetfield on rhythm guitar/backing vocals Randy Rhoads on lead guitar Alex Webster on bass Mike Portnoy on drums Speak UP!
PANTERA Formed: 1982 in Arlington, Texas   The preeminent metal band of the early to mid-'90s, Pantera put to rest any and all remnants of the '80s metal scene, almost single-handedly demolishing any notion that hair metal, speed metal, power metal, et al., were anything but passé. Loathe to admit it, the Texas band had in fact been one of those '80s metal bands, releasing fairly unsuccessful (and later disowned) glam-inspired music throughout much of the decade. The about-face came with the addition of vocalist Phil Anselmo, and the key turning point was the band's major-label debut, Cowboys from *** (1990). Pantera's mainstream breakthrough came next with Vulgar Display of Power (1992), their second major-label album, which thrust the band to the forefront of the metal scene, alongside such veteran bands as Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax, as well as fellow up-and-comers Sepultura and White Zombie. By the time Pantera unleashed Far Beyond Driven (1994), after two long years of touring, they . ...
Phil Anselmo and resurrected Jerry Garcia join Slayer on stage in Greece
Danzig and Doyle playing Manchester Academy in the UK and Hellfest in Clisson, France. Also some guest appearances from our friends in Down with Phil Anselmo...
Go listen to some Pantera and Agnostic Front today. Happy birthday Phil Anselmo and Roger Miret!
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i glimpsed the old me today and it shook me to the core... its alwys the old wounds that sting the most.. if i had a path before i have no path now... its just me whatever demons i have and whomever is watching out for me in total isolation... i have found a lot of places i get service where i work so feel free to text... try not to load me down with guilt or bad vibes because its one stop shopping for a single step and a long fall to the end... and id prefer to stick around for a while... i love you guys... dont disappear on me... in other news its Phil Anselmo's birthday... happy 44th Phil keep on keepin on
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