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Phil Anselmo

Philip Hansen Phil Anselmo (born June 30, 1968) is an American musician who is best known as the lead singer for the heavy metal band Pantera.

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gaz used to have a thing bout Nazis and that and didn't bother me coz he's not very smart. Phil anselmo is. no excuse.
I don't care at all about the mainstream; I don't care about popularity con...
📷 thrashers-confessions: “I really, REALLY hate Pantera, and Phil Anselmo even more so.”
You're always going to have detractors, and you're always going to have peo...
or anyone who justifies Phil Anselmo's salute or The Story So Far's actions in Toronto
what limits would you say? I still adore Pantera's music but I would never want to be around Phil Anselmo, for example.
"Layne Staley is among the elite - Hail the voice that has moved millions" - Phil Anselmo
Phil Anselmo singing Free Bird, this needs to happen
By contrast, Phil Anselmo from Pantera was w/o question the most supportive artist we ever played with.
I suddenly have the damndest need to put some Phil Anselmo quote on the cover of "Metal Magic"
Down Selling Commemorative Shirts for Show Cancelled in Aftermath of Phil Anselmo’s…
Robb Flynn slams Phil Anselmo's 'white power' gesture.
I'm glowing in the dark with my studio tan. I've been in a cave of music fo...
Phil Anselmo's white supremacy is disgusting not only because it is wrong but because it is so obviously incorrect. https:…
grab whoever Phil Anselmo is affiliated with these days
This is awesome, mega gig. Phil Anselmo would have face punched Dave Mustaine for your hair.
oh wait wrong one. Phil Anselmo of pantera fame.
So did everyone forget about Phil anselmo being racist or what... Like what came of this?
Ha! Also on an intimate Phil Anselmo spoken word at the Free People's Gallery in Portland OR.
I watched you play that show, from side stage, with Phil Anselmo. You guys were amazing, it was a special gig.
Me, trying to do my best Phil Anselmo face . Hey bby 😘
M shadows voice is not like Phil Anselmo's at all. He's not capable of producing such powerful screams etc
. Most definitely Phil Anselmo was a far better singer for that type of music
"The comment section is an absolute platform for hatred and cowards" (с) Phil H. Anselmo.
'The Phil Anselmo Monologues' LP, special exclusive pressed on 'pure white' vinyl.
I keep hearing Pantera and then remembering that Phil Anselmo is racist. :/
Robb Flynn of metal band Machine Head calls out former Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo for his white power salute
I added a video to a playlist Weekly Vlog - Phil Anselmo vs Robb Flynn: Racism in Metal
Phil Anselmo suggests Down moves on without him: photo: Down at Best Buy Theater in 2012 (more b...
Robb Flynn was spot on with what he said about Phil Anselmo, if Bieber or somebody had done the same thing.. Metal heads would rip into..
Phil Anselmo asks for "another chance" as he apologises for white power outburst.
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.Joe *** Ben Weasel and Phil Anselmo should start a band.
8 of the best lead singers r still going. Chino Moreno. Courtney Love. Phil Anselmo. Chris Cornell. Davey Havok. Corey Taylor. Billie Joe. Manson
Comment on Phil Anselmo and Corey Mitchell Interview, Housecore Horror Film Festival by Starting a Fitness Bus...
Phil Anselmo is one of the notorious front men in metal. Former front man of Pantera and now of Superjoint Ritual!
A few of my shots from the other night of Phil Anselmo of Superjoint Ritual
King of metal joining Phil Anselmo and Superjoint Ritual on stage at the recently renamed PlayStation …
I really enjoy the podcast! May I suggest Matt Pike, Andy Williams, Phil Anselmo, Neil Fallon as guests?
Anselmo’s Illegals in lineup change: Phil Anselmo has revealed his solo band Philip H Anselmo And The Illegals...
I dunno, everything they play on the radio is just constant, needless double bass and "Phil Anselmo, but XTREEEM" impressions.
Phil Anselmo adjusting factory brightness settings on his new LCD monitor: "Vulgar Power of Display"
Check out the new track from Metal Allegiance featuring Phil Anselmo.
Metal Allegiance have premiered a video featuring Down and Pantera's Phil Anselmo. Great song with plenty of...
"Smoke weed everyday. Phil Anselmo says so."
Johan hegg shaves his armpits and phil anselmo like the smiths
I had a brief bro-moment with Phil Anselmo tonight. Probably touched his snot-rocket hand. Whatever.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
'a Nazi gangster Jew, it beats a dog that's dead' Phil Anselmo
plus it has Trent Reznor and Phil anselmo 👍
Phil Anselmo was/is a MASSIVE fan of the Smiths. I'd say there's a few different new wave-y? bands that would influence people.
... and i'm back for them!. Phil Anselmo Talks About His Heroin Addiction via
Interview: talks new material, Phil Anselmo and more with |
Good to see Phil Anselmo with Superjoint back in the House of Blues in New Orleans. He belongs.
So that time Phil Anselmo had his arm around me
How to make the crowd Headbang by Phil Anselmo via
omg Phil Anselmo is begging to be slapped...then kissed 😍
Down's "Stone the Crow" is a great song that also makes you realize that Phil Anselmo was listening to a lot of Soundgarden in '95.
Superjoint Ritual feat. Phil Anselmo of Pantera. Doors @ 7PM $20 tickets!! Tickets are still available!! How...
It's been said Phil Anselmo from Superjoint Ritual and Pantera is bad, but you're not gonna hate him too are you?
Phil Anselmo from Pantera will be present tomorrow night for the live performane of Superjoint Ritual!! Just...
late-Pantera Phil Anselmo is like the definition of "too badass". Like literally extremely dangerous because of how bad *** he was
My Phil Anselmo interview is now on YouTube! Pantera & Superjoint (2015 interview)
Phil Anselmo (Pantera) & the rest of the band from Down are standing off to the side freaking out the whole time.
I've never seen Phil Anselmo on stage,this saddens me
90% of vocalists are the same, most of them these days (modern ones) just try to be Randy Blythe or Phil Anselmo anyway...
I added a video to a playlist Dimebag Darrell + Phil Anselmo Interview '93
I added a video to a playlist Pantera's Phil Anselmo Gives Advice for Metal Bands
The night I partied with Phil Anselmo from Pantera.
Soft-Spoken as a cornerman suddenly sounds like Phil Anselmo from Pantera
"You see a Confederate flag out there that says ‘Heritage, not hate.’ I’m not so sure I’m buying into that, you know?” -…
Phil Anselmo regrets use of the Confederate Flag:
Very proud of Tom Petty coming out on this is issue. And Lynyrd Skynyrd. And Phil Anselmo. Bravo, guys.
Brandon Woolum will call up Phil Anselmo this evening to talk about the return of Superjoint Ritual to...
Phil Anselmo has a net worth of 8 million dollars, so there.
Takes on the debate over the confederate flag from and
This girl can probably beat up Phil Anselmo and Slayer at the same *** time.
It was an article where Phil Anselmo said that he regrets using the confederate flag
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Randy Blythe (weigh in on the confederate flag issue:
Former Pantera singer Phil Anselmo now says he wants nothing to do with the Confederate flag:
.Great interview with Phil Anselmo. My favorite one yet!
Rebel Wilson lied to us about her age and history because we asked her to ₪ ☇ 5
Suddenly I feel less dirty for loving everything this guy has ever done.
This just in : Phil Anselmo attempts to be relevant by having an opinion on a thing
Anselmo on Confederate Flag: I Don’t Want Anything to| Darrell Hammond reflects on his new KFC gig and his “…
Phil Anselmo realizes the flag is about hate not heritage
Phil Anselmo on Superjoint Ritual's return and whether the band broke up Pantera:
Superjoint Ritual / Lethal Dose of American Hatred - Phil Anselmo at his angry angry best, pure venom…
Happy 47th birthday to the only rock star I'd ever be a groupie for (well except Elvis, but I'm not into necrophilia so much), Phil Anselmo!
Three affordable tips for taking your music to the next level, feat. Jon Brion, Phil Anselmo, &
Phil talks about dime. Freekin awesome!
you're a special type of *** if you really think Vinnie Paul, Rex Brown & Phil Anselmo would ever sit down and talk about a reunion
I'd rather be stuck in a lift with Phil Anselmo than Ronnie Radke or Oli Sykes.
I knew that Corpsegrinder appreciated black metal like the legend that is Phil Anselmo 😁
One day, I'd like to interview Dave Benson-Phillips on Tuesday. Oh & Tony Hadley. Yeah, also Phil Anselmo.
just read several fan comments on Phil Anselmo's Instagram, apparently grown men need to write paragraphs expressing their love for him.
Let's make some more unforgettable moments with Phil Anselmo when Superjoint Ritual hits Shreveport this summer!
I never do this because I'm not *** but my is young Phil Anselmo of Pantera.
I've managed to turn Michael into Phil Anselmo
You must listen to hour 2 with sitting in just to hear Dave describe what Phil Anselmo's parents are like
get inside the mind of the great phil Anselmo! you'll like this!
I had a nightmare about the ones on left last night, Mr Phil Anselmo n friends on right sorted it tho.
The noise i made when i was vomiting was equivalent to Austin Carlile or Phil Anselmo
Philip Anselmo explains Superjoint Ritual's return, saying: “We like it, it’s fun – and we’re handsome.”...
Phil Anselmo's banter on Pantera's "Live 101 Proof" is so good. I've been quoting it out of context for 15+ years and it ne…
you gotta be a Pantera/Phil Anselmo fan to get the humor. was pretty good for all the references.
Gostei de um vídeo in Chains feat. Phil Anselmo and Duff McKagan - Would?
I liked a video Phil Anselmo is a bad ***
PHIL ANSELMO'S SUPERJOINT at Vinyl Music Hall, Toro y Moi and Zoso - The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience- new...
Even our Phil (anselmo) needs help of the common man. So come on down and up the stairs to the k tomorrow and...
Anselmo explains Superjoint return: Phil Anselmo has explained why it’s time for Superjoint Ritual to hit the ...
I've been told, I sound like a young Phil Anselmo when I ***
Hey Op, have you ever trout about having phil anselmo on the who?. Im a huge fan-Tommy
omg the guy who plays with Phil Anselmo is coming to PA and wants to meet me wed/third and have dinner with me
thank god Phil Anselmo comes up on my "People You May Know"
The Sports Machine Radio is back this Tuesday with Pantera/Down frontman Phil Anselmo. By far, the biggest boxing fan I know. Don't miss it!
I think Phil Anselmo might actually be some kind of deity.
"Your trust is in whiskey and weed and Slayer, it's *** electric." -Phil Anselmo 😂
Phil Anselmo from gives some real advice for Metal bands:.
I added a video to a playlist Phil Anselmo: Dimebag Darrell Was the Greatest Metal Guitarist
Photoset: dimebag-anselmo: Phil Anselmo | Why Dimebag was the greatest metal guitarist
The Sports Machine is back stronger than ever with guest Phil... on Vince Caruso will air 06/02.
Hanging with Phil Anselmo - 2012 Interview at Phil's House via
To me, Phil Anselmo will always be one of the best vocalists in this world. 😈
After a week off, The Machine is back with Pantera frontman, Phil Anselmo! Tuesday! Listen in at
The flyer for our next gig is Phil Anselmo huffin' a KISS bong. Come to this gig!. TT
Phil Anselmo is such an attractive man
him and Phil Anselmo were the vocalists with a bit of anger in the 90's
Just realised my hair looks like Phil Anselmo's hair from the Reinventing the Steel days...
I want to yell and scream at all peoples on the 401...Phil Anselmo styles.
Acabo de leer esto en un video de Phil Anselmo cantando en la actualidad: "they need to use this for anti-smoking campaigns"
Phil Anselmo is the world's best motivational speaker.
Early 90s shaved head Phil Anselmo me want to be you
Yes!!! We'll grind at Phil Anselmo's Housecore Horror festival in Texas with Autopsy, Suffocation, Eyehategod and...
Suffocation, Autopsy, Eyehategod & more playing Housecore Horror; Phil Anselmo working on new Superjoint Ritual...
Gents I'm not understating these numbers .. I'm bringing in Phil Anselmo
The new album is going to blow minds and ear drums! Check out a stream here
I'm flipping the fuk out I'm talking to Phil Anselmo on the phone !?!?!? Vulgar Display Of Power turns 20 this Sat & SXMLM is going OFF!!!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Superjoint Ritual Is Getting Back Together For A Tour!: Phil Anselmo and the gang is back...
Phil Anselmo is my style icon. This man exudes awesome.
i may end up meeting Phil Anselmo before i meet Jared Leto. i don't have a problem with that at all. in August
If Phil Anselmo brought the Superjoint reunion show to Shreveport, would you be there?
Phil Anselmo touring with Superjoint Ritual: Philip Anselmo has been keeping himself plenty busy in recent yea...
Phil Anselmo: the man who had two puberties. And when he had them, he had them heavy. 🙏
Superjoint Ritual, featuring Phil Anselmo and Hank 3, to reunite for tour
Oh Bam! I do hope he'll announce something and omfg Down. Phil Anselmo is like my god!
Phil Anselmo is one of the few kings of metal
are there any other artists you'd like to collaborate with? I'd like to see you and Hank 3 or you and Phil Anselmo. 💀
Phil Anselmo is the greatest metal vocalist ever. His vocal range is impressive. I mean look at his side projects. 😻
This is all I see when I think about Phil Anselmo 😭🙌
“Daily Cancer: A man named Phil is about to enter your life. it better be phil anselmo
Ryan Vogelsong and Phil Anselmo look like they could be brothers.
I forgot about that lol. Im guessing he was friends with Phil anselmo, he was in a side project or two with him
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This is probably the closest I'll ever get to having Phil's head near my boobs... Philip Anselmo Pantera...
Phil Anselmo loves 'em and so do we. Read all about in the new Metal Hammer http:/…
Now Herr Star is Micheal Rooker, Willie Nelson plays God, Phil Anselmo is Satan, Saint of killers is Sam elliot
“When I hang w/ Phil Anselmo watching fights backstage or on the bus it's usually St Pauli Girl bee"
"I have to fix the plumming. I wanna mow the lawn. Put in the pool next month. Home improvement." - Phil Anselmo
who wins in a fist fight you or Phil Anselmo?
Phil Anselmo endorsing and calling for your votes for King Parrot for Metal Hammers "best new band " for 2015
BILL MOSELEY discusses project with PHIL ANSELMO, upcoming movies, and more: via
Alice in chains feat. Phil Anselmo - Would 03:27
Watch muck about with in the 'Like A Rat' video:
I added a video to a playlist COOKING HOSTILE with Phil Anselmo - Episode Two
There's just no one quite like Phil Anselmo
I liked a video Cooking Hostile with Phil Anselmo - Episode 4 "The Dream"
Phil Anselmo...COME ON DOWN! You're the next contestant on The Price is Right!
has anyone ever told you that your Jack voice sounds eerily like Phil Anselmo?
look up Phil Anselmo, he's my idol for life
Re-watched some of Curb Your Enthusiasm and laughed at the sight of dressed like Phil Anselmo
music is food for the soul. You my friend are the best front man in Metal since phil Anselmo.
February/March Revolver Out Now: Phil Anselmo’s Road to Redemption and More -
the Eagles are the worst. Get Phil Anselmo or that other dude Lane S from AIC. Mike Patton likes sports, get that freak in here.
Zayn reminds me of Phil anselmo. Just... Entirely the wrong genre of music.
I saw them in Barcelona. Big show of Phil Anselmo
back to sanity. Now watching Phil Anselmo on
1995 - Pantera's Phil Anselmo addresses an audience in...
Following the success of "Cooking Hostile," Phil Anselmo is embarking on a new venture: "Wok On Home, Boy" - Chinese takeaway...
"Everybody has aggression and this form of music is the ultimate way to let out any bit of steam " - Phil Anselmo
ohh yes! That would be our first stop. And kidnapping Phil Anselmo
Phil Anselmo has popped up in my People You May Know section. I'm finding it hard to believe it's him.
Phil Anselmo grabbing my ripped abs
I liked a video COOKING HOSTILE with Phil Anselmo - Episode One
I'd love to kick it back with Phil Anselmo
Did I ever tell you about the time got kicked by Phil Anselmo?
TBH, though, I'm super impressed at well this guy is imitating Phil Anselmo. It's crazy accurate.
yeeeaah, my new t-shirt, of down whit phil anselmo ex pantera. Rock and roll.
Great interviewing Phil Anselmo on my birthday & drinking vodka with Y2J, but my No. 1 highlight of 2014 had to be...
Here's phil Anselmo balancing a beer on his balls while giving the finger. Beat that
for being hairless, Phil Anselmo is a babe.
I c the Vengeance Falls banner but it's not Heafy...he looks bald or no hair on it Phil Anselmo or Jesse Leach?
I like the one with Phil Anselmo whacked out on heroin
I cry every time I see Phil Anselmo's eulogy for Dime. Not afraid to admit that
Didn't realize Phil Anselmo's book was coming out so early in the year. Might have to get that pretty soon.
The final Metal Grasshopper posted w/ and a bucket of blood
Housecore Records is phil anselmo’s label. not a genre. but there was kinda a lot of trying to make new genre names happn in there
Randy and Phil anselmo...sick vocals
Phil Anselmo about italian horror: via
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Skid Row covering 'Cold Gin' with Ace Frehley and Phil Anselmo. I think Dimebag Darrell is behind the camera.
Ok. I'll do one more... Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy the smooth jazz stylings of Mr Phil Anselmo.
Is it just me or... Phil Anselmo is starting to look just like Antonis Remos??
yeah hammer of the gods is mental :-) have heard Phil anselmo has a book out soon, will be on next years Xmas list!
Reading a paper I wrote about Phil Anselmo from freshmen year.\m/
This reporter for channel 13 in Birmingham has the speaking voice of Phil Anselmo...which is weird for TV.
Phil Anselmo and Scott Ian headbanging! - photo by Ross Halfin Photography
Man...this *** apparently Phil Anselmo says he has "destroyed his body" and has to stop touring for awhile.
This just in. Tomorrow we enter Phil Anselmo's studio "Nosferatu's Lair" in Louisiana to record the new...
Main thing I learned from watching Metal Grasshopper: Phil Anselmo and I have the same talking Frankenstiens monster head
Huddersfield. Your son has drum lessions. Nice thing! Maybe you born new Phil Anselmo or Ian Taylor. 2/2
I liked a video from Zakk Wylde BLS & Phil Anselmo LIVE: I'M BROKEN by Pantera - May
Phil Anselmo wants you at the Child Bite album release show tonight!
Phil Anselmo instructs all of you to go to the Child Bite album release show in Detroit tonight! Live in another state is not an excuse.
Any chance a podcast with Phil Anselmo is going to happen?
I was instructed to go to Detroit for the Child Bite album release show by Phil Anselmo tonight, so I…
Why has a metal duet with and Phil Anselmo never happened?
Pal of mine who worships Priest, Maiden & Slayer, who I've headbanged with at Ozzfest, just asked who Phil Anselmo was. May God have mercy.
Author & Punisher is Recording With Phil Anselmo, Touring in December /via
Hopefully, Phil Anselmo will be nicer to Author & Punisher than he is to poor Dave Hill!
Author & Punisher and Phil Anselmo in the ... - (Sponsored By (Your Link Here ? Contact Us)
Author & Punisher recording with new album with Philip Anselmo -
Author & Punisher have signed with Records, and will co-produce next album:
Author & Punisher and Phil Anselmo in the studio together /via
Food for thought . I was looking at a photo of Phil anselmo wearing a Charles Manson shirt and seen the comments...
Don't get me wrong, Patrick is always studly looking, but tonight he kinda resembles Phil Anselmo. I'm about it. 😍
I think Phil anselmo is my favorite metal vocalist
Phil Anselmo has a message for you: "Walk on home, boy."
Louis Armstrong on music. Phil Anselmo on me.
How jokes would that live aid track be if it was just Metal band vocalists. Ft James Hetfield, Phil Anselmo, DaveMustine, Ozzy etc.
All purpose parts banner
look up Hank Williams III he's been in a couple of metal bands one with Phil Anselmo!
That Phil Anselmo record is still as weird as ever. It’s like he heard “My War” ’s b side and thought it was the future.
Oh my how the youngsters change. Marzi 1986, Marzi & Phil 2012 LMAO
Band practice has pretty much drained me of all energy. Trying to be Phil Anselmo is difficult.
Two PB's here. Phil Anselmo and Till Lindemann. Flirted briefly with Bas Rutten but never committed
You know what would be epic winning? If Fenriz and Phil Anselmo collaborated since Phil is a big Darkthrone fan!
Lakeside in Autumn by Phil Robson on 500px
off the top of my head, Phil Anselmo maybe?
I can't say Louisiana is known for good metal, but Phil Anselmo... Phil Anselmo though.
Watching Phil Anselmo and Charlie Benante talking about their love of The Smiths, Kerry King GLOWERING like they're watching GLEE
Phil Anselmo with his legendary voice made pantera wat it is
Phil Anselmo gives a statement about Dimebag's death
he can play in my cousin's band like Phil Anselmo , under an assumed name.. might be a nice break ..
wrong, Phil Anselmo has been majorly successful in musical ventures
That section's summary: "I coulda sung but I'm the Hispanic Phil Anselmo"
Little Giant Ladders
My next kid WILL be named Phil Anselmo.
I wish Phil Anselmo read me bedtime stories
AUTHOR & PUNISHER recording new album with Phil Anselmo
I would seriously kill to meet Phil Anselmo!
I just want to meet Phil Anselmo so bad, I think about this more than once a day and I just NEED TO BEFORE I DIE.
Metal Injection correspondant Frank Godla reports from the Phil Anselmo Housecore Horror Film Fest 2014 in Austin, TX
My latest piece, the legendary Phil Anselmo :) done by Kirt Silver Silver City Tattoo in Halifax
Michelle ripped my Phil Anselmo bald cap so I'm just going as "Down II" era Phil
Could you imagine if that happened? Kobe gets traded to NYK for Amar'e to join Head Coach Derek Fisher & President Phil Jackson?
Ah, what a classy man is Phil Anselmo
Four days in on this recording with Philip Anselmo to be released on Housecore Records \m/
Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals has blocked me too.Phil deleted me from his profile on all my fb...
Paper Doll art can be seen in my photos. Series One: . Jason Vorhees . "Rowdy" Roddy Piper . Phil Anselmo . Divine . Eazy-E. Sharktopus
chaos ensued. Stories to come. Ralph sang Christopher cross w Phil Anselmo. Need we say more?
Down gig tonight, but I have a feeling it will suck big time. Phil Anselmo is the shadow of the singer he used to be
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Down's nightliner will be parked at work tomorrow ... Phil Anselmo will be close by ... I could actually run into him *heavy breathing*
Phil Anselmo says only cowards try it. The brave do it. I think Camus would agree.
Can you believe that Phil Anselmo got to meet our very own drummer Nick after our Bloodstock performance???. What...
thier is one out of Phil Anselmo doing walk as well that is vocals only.
It is. Oh, guess who's a Smiths fan? Phil Anselmo. Maybe we can get him to cover Suffer Little Children at
we'll have to ask Phil Anselmo to confirm, but I think it is.
I wouldn't have if they weren't on Phil Anselmo's label Housecore Records. But it's a fun kind of whacky & catchy
The coolest find of the week was this Philip Anselmo isolated vocal track of the Pantera classic "Walk." Legendary!
Highlight, Phil Anselmo wandering around the festival site, can tell he had a blast \m/
While whoring out the band this weekend, Simon had a chat with Phil Anselmo who loved the band name and logo but...
Phil Anselmo playing AIC nutshell live in Tel Aviv
Trying to sing like Phil anselmo from pantera
no better guitarist than dimebag!! Have you head the pantera country music album (no Phil anselmo) called rebel meets rebel?
Emperor did the best set at Bloodstock this weekend. Phil Anselmo is such a cool bloke. \M/
two years on i would recognise my mistake and start listening to the REAL music of New Orleans; Crowbar and Phil Anselmo
Lol so I guess Phil Anselmo and Kerry King don't have valid opinions on metal because of their hair (or lack of it)
"It's time to RISE...RISE...RISE...RISE, YEEEAHHHUH!". - Phil Anselmo, working in a bakery
I had a dream Phil Anselmo was teaching me MMA and I just woke up to find spots of blood on my pillow and at the end of my bed.
In case you thought for 1 second that Phil Anselmo slipped. He forgot you cared and keeps rising.
It may surprise you what Phil Anselmo had to say about the collaboration with Rob Halford. Read this outtake from...
If you want to know why Phil Anselmo is one of the most respected Front men watch this video!
Ha. Phil Anselmo was actually a closeted advocate for cardiovascular fitness.
Today play DOWN with Phil Anselmo in Bloodstock Fest. Performance a cover "Walk", in the end song Phil say: Sorry Darrell!!
Phil Anselmo of Down performs on stage at Bloodstock Open Air Festival at Catton Hall on August 8, 2
I need a girl who can sing metal songs like Phil Anselmo, or Ronnie James dio, or David Draiman, James Hetfield or maybe Steve perry, or Ivan moody? David lee Roth huh? Wait wait! Sharon Den Adel or Amy Lee? Ahh Idc sing to me c:
If I had a mans voice I would want to sound like Peter Steele ,Phil Anselmo,Trent Reznor or Chad Gray. Thems my boys. ♥
Photoset: codeaires: Phil Anselmo making out with Kirk Windstein? How have I never seen this before?! *.*
And to bring it full circle, I blame Phil Anselmo and Pantera for the rise of the cookie monster.
Phil Anselmo...this is sooo bad...missing
today I am editing a live phil anselmo and the illegals concert
Jon Eirik Bokn from Silence The Sky rocking out an old classic on the djembe live with Phil H. Anselmo & The...
ringtone.". She sipped juice and continued. "As for Down, it is the band formed by Phil Anselmo from my favourite --
Phil Anselmo shares his thoughts on the possibility of a reunion:
Phil H Anselmo & the Illegals set at the AB Club in Brussels, Belgium.
I wanna see Down again! :( I love Phil Anselmo. One of the best frontmen of all time.
METALLICA Plays St. Anger live, Dave Brockie's Cause of Death; Phil Anselmo Interview in the ...
No one should ever cover Pantera. Two reasons. You'll never be Phil Anselmo and you'll never be Dimebag.
Every riff should be the money riff. - Phil Anselmo
Sometimes I can't tell the difference between Phil Anselmo and Henry Rollins
Worst part of my day yesterday? Watching Bl'ast with Phil Anselmo and then realizing he's wearing crocs.
Best team in front. To quote Phil Anselmo "I love it man, I swear to god".
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