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Phantom Limb

A phantom limb is the sensation that an amputated or missing limb (even an organ, like the appendix) is still attached to the body and is moving appropriately with other body parts.

Do you suffer from phantom limb pain? We offer acupuncture as a treatment - normally on the residual limb.…
Image taken during the filming of my project: THE PHANTOM LIMB CLINIC. Circa 2000-2001. SLC.
And since phantom limb syndrome was mentioned. Trans women don't experience phantom li…
Phantom limb syndrome is when you lose a limb and think you still have it...
We just amputate the limbs off of people who have phantom limb syndrome as well. Might a…
The missing work phone, it sickly feels like a phantom limb, an itch I can't scratch.
My options were limited so I went with She Looks Good In Velvet, Champagne & Sleeping Pills, and Moti…
Dragoon: Am I missing something?. Red Mantle: The man is a fruitloop!. Phantom Limb: Fruitloop as a Fox!.
apparently a thing Ramachandran did to address denial in phantom limb syndrome was squirt cold water into the ear canal, which activates
To keep some hope alive. The Shins - Phantom Limb.
Study: Specially Designed Video Game shown to decrease pain intensity in patients with phantom limb.
Phantom Limb Pain. Yes, you can have feeling in a rubber hand! And you can also feel pain in an area outside of...
Dude, Phantom Limb Syndrome is supposed to be on people who lost their limb, not people with very small limb.
You must have heard phantom notifications. Like when someone loses a limb but still feels it itch.
I ran Ladcrooks off the Internet years ago - always makes me laugh when they act like they're still there, like some phantom limb.
Dream, delusion, or the pain of a phantom limb - to one man, they are as real as rain.
Is it bad my first thought was Dr Mrs and Phantom Limb because I mean. Technically it should have been Doc and Myra.
On his back, he winced up at scorched branches. His beautiful forest persisted like a phantom limb in his dreams, dying again each morning.
Blues For A Phantom Limb by Doomsday Outlaw | Listen Live: and join the chatroom!
moves among us at will. Each phantom-limb lost, has got an angel (so confused, like the wagging bobbed-tail of a bulldog):
So you know how amputees sometimes have "phantom limb" where their hand or foot used to be
I'm sure no one's said this to you, but you should GET A JOB to improve your phantom limb syndrome
So tired I feel like I have to take out my contacts ... But LASIK. Does that count as phantom limb syndrome?
*** stay acting like they got phantom limb in their 3rd leg. Always be pretending they have a *** lol.
I miss you like a phantom limb, itching right under my skin. I don't need you but I'm still craving. 🎶
.One of the rehabilitation. For phantom limb pain. https:/…
I added a video to a playlist The Shins - Phantom Limb
But here it comes again, i miss you like a phantom limb🎶
It's a cliche, but I hope you'll move to the moon to cure your phantom limb syndrome
I'm probably the millionth person to suggest this, but ritually sacrifice squirrels to treat your phantom limb syndrome
Phantom Limb Syndrome is the sensation that an amputated limb is still there
You are my own personal phantom limb, except it's your entire body that I still feel tingling.
The Phantom Limb by Dennis Palumbo keeps readers guessing to the last word!
- Now playing - 'Phantom Limb' by 'Polkadot Cadaver'
MGS-inspired prosthetic created for the Phantom Limb Project revealed in BBC documentary.
I always try sing along to Phantom Limb but i never learn the words.
But here it comes again, I miss you lile a phantom limb
A phantom limb is all I'm hangin on
She never got a chance to fall out of love, to do it properly, slowly and thoroughly, and the result was he was like a phantom limb. Gone bu
Are you really here?. At the weave and fray of infinity --. Or perhaps, it's just the tingle of a phantom limb.
I miss you like a Phantom Limb Itching right under my skin I don’t need you but I’m still craving
The Phantom Limb The Healer Book 1 His Ability to Heal Others of Pain and Illness Possessed a Dark Side--the Hidden
Phantom Limb in a Future Where Cybernetics Are a Normal Part of Everyday Life, Merc for Hire Zek Beralis, Wishes for
.and talking about the Phantom Limb at last week's
“Phantom limb pain” is the largest load of bull one could think of. Yet it actually hurts.
Most days I'm reminded that the Phantom Limb and I have the same opinion on serration
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SOPHIE HUNTER and J. Grindstaff at the premiere of 69*S (dir. by Sophie) in New York, 2011
Now I wake up and I forget that you are gone. A phantom limb is all that I am hanging on.
Successful treatment of phantom limb pain and phantom limb sensation in the traumatic amputee…
Ever wonder about Phantom Pain? The appendage may be gone, but the lives on. Learn more:
Konami are making an actual 'phantom limb' for a double amputee
Fall asleep laying on my arms and wake up with phantom limb syndrome
Phantom limb syndrome but over a boy
Phantom limb with my weave, this blows. .
Are asthma and autoimmunity the "phantom limb syndrome" of the immune self? Information noise interpreted as signal?
60-80% of people who have lost a limb report having phantom sensations throughout their lives.
What's the treatment for phantom limb arthritis? Does Ben *** work on a prosthetic? Thanks much.
The video for Phantom Limb links Joan of Arc, conquistadors, and the Donner party for a song about small town HS intolerance. Dense. Great.
First day in 8 days that I haven't worn a hat & I keep getting phantom hat sensations on my forehead. Is this what losing a limb is like?
Oh, definitely, the mirror is there so you can "control" your phantom limb (and thus your pain), so to speak.
I forget what this phenomenon is called but I've seen it used to treat phantom limb pains
casually blasting phantom limb while home alone on a Friday night 😊
"I don't understand, Doctor. What will antipsychotics do for my countless unsolvable physical ailments and phantom alien …
Suffering from a little bit of phantom limb syndrome after breaking my nail last night
Hey, the Wikipedia article on "phantom limb" cites 2 of my 1st author papers. Yay!
They say amputees reach for a "phantom limb" believing it to still be there.That's me w/ the demolition of the @ Clark/Belmont
I don't have a phantom limb, but comes close. I expect it there, I want it there, it's just not there.
Phantom pain in upper limb amputees independent of cortical remapping
"Long ago gone, an itch alone remains. Democracy in America is a phantom limb." Sa from
Every time I have to say goodbye to I fall into an unspeakable sadness. Afflicted w phantom limb ILY TWS 💜
We know death is merely a transition. Yet we mourn. It's the phantom limb syndrome of loss. An invisible part of us always aching for them.
and also why trans women pretty much never get phantom limb after SRS.
80% of amputees get phantom limb pain, 80% of population get LBP.
Phantom pain must be scary 😢 I can imagine how people might think you're joking because you don't have the limb or organ anymore 😢
Meccamputechture and the phantom limb.
Does he play her or does she play him, in time the pianist becomes the piano's phantom limb
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"Phantom Limb" just kicked in. That song takes me to 200 places. I love it.
My world would be so much better if it was hockey season again. I miss it like a phantom limb.
It's like I'm missing a veiny limb. I get phantom sensations and everything
Newest post is up: Phantom Limb & The Historic Buildings. I guess we all need the strength to take a step back.
Faculty workshops, and I am not the boss of any of it. It's an eerie feeling, like a phantom limb.
I forgot my phone today and it really depresses me how much I miss it. An absent iPhone shouldn't feel like a phantom limb.
Voluntary control of a (CONGENITAL!) Phantom Limb Lots of implications for feeling of control
Experiencing phantom limb syndrome in the dream world was crazy.
mirrorbox technique has some success. Could try imagine moving phantom limb. Get in touch 4 more advice.
not great, it's like a phantom limb. Con: not updating my # in Seamless, Pro: iMessage & Confide for desktop
Late at night, I still feel your presence like a phantom limb, the kind that I lost long ago but just will not let me continue to live.
Amputating can lead to phantom limb itches. Then you need to purchase a phantom itch scratcher. THAT'S how they get you $$$
His skin was shadow complacent. Bored. Of oracle smiles. That rinsed clean Like pure Bible text Written in Latin. His eyelashes, poised for summations, winked fervor Astonished by Red-Eye absorption, That a White-Skull scalping Described to the Phantom Limb conditions Of a Bald Reality. (There's something that belongs here) He was a child Inbred into the prestige of a halfway house. Handed to a social worker That loved him As if he was A source for income.
I had the amazing opportunity to co-star in ' new music video for "Phantom Limb"! Check it!!
Friend claims to have Phantom Hair Syndrome similar to phantom limb. He thinks hair is messed up even though he's almost bald
I'm listening to Phantom Limb by The Shins on
how great is that? The term 'phantom limb' was inspired by ghosts, then it turns out p limbs inspired ghosts in the 1st place!
Phantom-limb pain still unbearable for soldiers - Scotsman -
After a haircut, even if it's not a lot, I go into complete shock like I have phantom limb or something.
sometimes I have the impulse to go put a record on my turntable before I remember that I don't have it's like a phantom limb.
New Article: Dealing with the specter of phantom limb pain: No abstract available
Dr Emily Mayhew on Surgeons had the same frustration with phantom limb pain in WW1 as now (2:54)
Phantom-limb pain still unbearable for soldiers - Health - The Scotsman
If you were interested in piece about research on phantom limb pain in amputees read this
I been binge listening to Phantom Limb by the Shins all day gauh make it stop
Doctors have devised a new way to treat amputees with phantom limb pain.
Always a good ol' time. Phantom Limb feat. Miley Cyrus
GEMINI: this phantom limb, it's been with you since the funeral, you've been reaching for a god in bed whose never known you
Phantom-limb pain still unbearable for soldiers: A COMPARISON between First World War casualties and soldiers ...
Ever go so long without shaving the fuzz off your face you experience a sort of phantom limb phenomenon? It's like the hair is still there.
No, I don't have phantom limb syndrome. Would be odd if I did, given I've never had anything amputated!
I constantly feel like there's a child on me. it's like phantom limb but like with a child.
Phantom limb syndrome also exists when one cuts their hair.
Phantom limb syndrome: In people who...
...then to Toxteth to find laptop DEAD. How pathetic to find I'm reaching for it this morn like a phantom limb. Off to get me a prosthetic!
I use all sorts of analogies & stories, but one that is most "universally" understood is classic phantom limb (if applicable).
"Phantom Limb" video premieres on Bundle w/exclusive behind the scenes content & Halloween tee:
phantom limb by them is incredible. Hopefully you've heard it, but if not, you should
Can I punch ghosts with a phantom limb?
Im having like phantom limb pain on my eyeball from looking at this.
it's like losing an appendage. You even get the whole phantom limb sensation.
Yesterday prof showed video about Melzack's research in Pain Perception, Phantom Limb Pain, Very Cool!
Phantom Limb Pain, your many faces & questions to get you thinking & moving:
You might be right handed, but are you 'my left hand may as well be a phantom limb' right handed?
Photo: eatsleepdraw: Phantom Limb Syndrome: Recently we had to cut down this huge walnut tree in our yard.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Tbh the only reason why I even researched Joan of Arc is because of the music video for "Phantom Limb".
Seriously struggling without in my life.. I'm having a phantom limb experience
Incredible, must-read story about the Canadian who treats phantom limb pain in Cambodia with mirrors.
I can still feel my wristband like a phantom limb and it's weeiiirrd
"I'm sure Able can make you a phantom limb can't he? Actually can't you do that?"
A guy used spirit photography to capture wifi signals, and then in the background was an amputee flipping him off with his phantom limb. FHL
Hollywood has grief & loss all wrong. It’s phantom-limb pain. It aches, it throbs, there’s nothing there, & yet you never want it to go away
Is that Esquire article on the Douchenozzle real, or merely a phantom-pain effect like when a limb is removed (such as chopping off a head)?
Lately I've been feeling the phantom limb pain for creative writing. It's been years since I've…
Phantom Limb by the Shins is summer in a song
The mirror man. Easing phantom limb pain in Cambodia -
Phantom limb pain: Mysterious condition affects 50-80% of amputees, by via
I've left my phone in the studio! ya know the idea of a phantom limb when you can feel a missing limb? I keep reaching for m…
Want to experience phantom limb syndrome but I have all my limbs...??
Canuck amputee is 'Mirrorman'! “Phantom limb pain denial common in Cambodia
Excellent story on the strange phenomenon of phantom limb pain and how to treat with mirror therapy. The Mirror Man:
Feels like I am experiencing Phantom Limb syndrome, I just realized I left my phone at home. EGADS! Someone hold me.
A v good this week on phantom limb pain. A fresh take on a topic I thought I knew
A very lovely story about a man who cycles around Cambodia relieving phantom limb syndrome with mirrors:
Meet Stephen 'Mirror man' Sumner, who helps Cambodian amputees with phantom limb pain. for
it's like this phantom limb thing. I keep expecting it to be there
Should've had post-credits scene w/Phantom Limb: "I'm here to recruit you for THE REVENGE SOCIETY!"
Heres his TED talk on phantom limb pain and his work featuring a simple but clever solution to some complex needs
In a form of phantom limb syndrome, I find my fingers typing from time to time. I usually stop before hitting enter.
This morning I did a ninja session on pain at - pain gate theory, referred pain, phantom limb pain and medication in 20 min.
Is your smelling it the fetish equivalent of phantom limb pain for amputees?
Phantom Limb was right, it is super small.
I can still feel my favorite comic in my hands, just like a phantom limb
It disappoints me that I never hear Alice in Chains' Phantom Limb on the radio (even a radio cut). Or any of their recent album's songs :/
>yfw phantom limb is probably like 15-20 years older than the rest of the VB antagonists
If your *** was chopped off would you get phantom *** Similar to phantom limb pain after losing a limb.
I have Dermott as Dave, Pete White as Martin, and Maybe Phantom Limb as Fletch. Im stuck on Alan though.. Thoughts?
I feel my phone vibrating in my pocket when it's not actually there all the time. It's like a phantom limb pain.
100 days later & still I am lighting up cigarettes in my dreams. As persistent as a phantom limb is a corporate *** burning in the mouth.
Just had a phantom limb moment. Thought my hair was getting curly in the rain but remembered I was bald.
Ever get dreams of experiencing phantom limb syndrome? I did. Thought I lost my entire left foreleg for a second.
SPEC-U-LATION. ALL WE HAVE IS SPECULATION!!! Let's all relax. All of is suffering from a phantom limb right now.
I added a video to a playlist James Mercer - Phantom Limb (Endsession)
a girl I dated in college had an ex named noah. his memory haunted our romance like a phantom limb. I won't be seeing that movie.
Max Ortiz Catalan, researcher at Chalmers University of Technology, has developed a new method for the treatment of phantom limb pain (PLP) after an amputation.
Next up :: LA :: Phantom Limb in 16 Tongues :: tune in at
I agree! I hope it will cure my fear of spiders! On a serious note - I'd be interested to see it's effects on phantom limb pain
Greetings SPCR!! Boom went to the vet this morning and was given a clean bill of health. Good heart, and nice and clear lungs. He weighed in at 11.7 lbs. He handled it much better than I thought!! The vet seemed to think that he is having phantom limb pain due to his "shortened" tail, which is what we all thought. She suggested that we get some plug in Feliway, and see if this helps. I actually almost cancelled the appt., as he has been doing so well, with a lot less growling, BUT.he needed to go and get checked. The vet thinks he is 5-7 years old due to the amount of tartar on his back teeth. She recommended a future dental, but not necessary for several months(I got him some Feline Greenies dental treats). On the other hand, Boom is a bit out of sorts due to the short car ride in his carrier to the vet. My guess is that he got really scared, and thought he was going back to the shelter. He was only out of the office for less than an hour. I am sure he will be much better as the days go by, and he reali ...
I was listening to phantom limb earlier as well! At the time I was listening to new slang. Always will be a favorite of mine.
I was just jammin phantom limb in my car! Great semi-warm kinda a little chilly but still mild weather music.
It's all fun and games until you jump out of bed onto a phantom limb.
Phantom limb pain relieved when amputated arm is put back to work (with Video)
Thanks to for sharing this incredible song. ♫ The Pines – Phantom Limb
i ask the dumbest questions in this evo devo class. TELL ME ABOUT PHANTOM LIMB GUEST SPEAKER
You are like a phantom limb, I wake up thinking you're here...but you belong to the earth now. You belong to the sky.
You are missing from me. Like a phantom limb, I can survive but I'm not whole . I love language
Doctors told the amputee he might experience a phantom limb, but nobody prepared him when he felt cold fingers brush acro…
Awesome! I'll see you there. Great accomplishment on Phantom Limb by the way, nice work!
Music video by The Shins performing Phantom Limb. (c) 2012 CBS Interactive Music Group
Phantom Limb, from the album Future Songs available from directed by Pat Jordache
She made sense. Compared it to something similar that of someone who experiences phantom limb sensations and how it takes
James from Phantom Limb gets the treatment!
Photo: This is a wonderful little character named Phantom Limb from Alex Grigg’s beautiful short film of...
Why yes shuffle, I did want to listen to The Shins' Phantom Limb. Thank you
I did the lady voice on this and does sound. We're m8's.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I realised after writing this I meant Phantom Limb
Incredibly honoured to announce that Phantom Limb will be one of 4 animations playing at Sundance London this year
But I'm a windowpane, a phantom limb, when I'm watching you watch him.
As a great part of our work is to signpost Amputees to services or research which will aid our community, we post...
.LNWC short Phantom Limb is in the shorts competition at Sundance this year. We are so proud. Good luck! ht…
Honestly the fact that the phrase "phantom limb" is in my recent searches on my phone says a lot about me
I'll just haunt you like a phantom limb.
I'm trying to get use to my new liner and prosthetic but this up/down weather is not helping. My limb needs heat to help with phantom pain
Woke up this morning and my entire arm was numb af. Experience phantom limb for the first time in my life.
Washing your hair after getting a hair cut is like having a phantom limb.
often experience known as phantom limb pain. Reducing is discussed
Check his website if you have interested.
Amputee's 'Phantom Limb' Pain Eased by Virtual Arm Technology: But researchers note it's not cle...
turned me on to Lake Street Dive. Great group. Phantom Limb is also another great band w/an unreal, emotive singer.
Also I keep thinking I still have my mic on, phantom limb style
it probably was Phantom Limb as she was talking about artists that inspired here! :)
we heard a song earlier and thought it was phantom limb. Now your playing them! Love this show!
na it's cool.I'm more than comfortable with it. it's like a phantom limb for me. I live with it daily. :)
Great! "What’s Missing: Jay Rosenblatt and PHANTOM LIMB" by | - Explore the world of film.
Loving Alice in Chains' album "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here"! Stone, Hollow and Phantom Limb are my favourites...
PIG DESTROYER - "Loathsome" Official Music Video from the album 'Phantom Limb' SUBSCRIBE: Order at Relapse:
Closing up the show with Alice in Chains - Stone, Phantom Limb, Hollow off their latest album "The Devil Put...
I have Phantom limb syndrome when she's not around. :)
ABSTRACT: There is evidence of interaction between phantom limb sensation (PLS) and upper limb prosthesis use, but the nature of this interaction remains unclear. The objective of this study is to investigate the view of prosthesis users and health professionals working with upper limb amputees r...
What are the benefits of reflexology Research has shown the specific techniques of reflexology to be effective and beneficial in many ways. A survey of 170 reflexology studies from 21 countries shows that reflexology is effective, impacting a variety of physical and psychological concerns. Reflexology: Creates relaxation: From the moment the reflexologists hands start their work, the relaxation begins as shown in research using EEG brain activity. All together, 24 studies demonstrate reflexologyÕs relaxation effects. Reduces pain: Pain reduction following reflexology work is documented in 27 studies including research showing impact on individuals of all ages and health states Ameliorates health concerns: Research shows that reflexology work helps indiviuals of all ages with some 78 health concerns ranging from aggressive behavior Êin children to urinary concerns of the elderly. Improves blood flow: Separate studies show that reflexology work increases blood flow to the feet, brain, kidneys and intestin ...
I'm having the worst phantom limb syndrome. I miss my third arm.
The Phantom Limbs played at Belmont Smokehouse in Ghent, Virginia tonight. It was a really great and sometimes funny show. I bought their cd: Aberzombie & Flesh. You should check them out! Funny guys.
Reckless by Angie Hart posted by in MixTape (87.5)
The Phantom Limb. I keep a stranger chained up on my daddy's farm and charlie can't surf.
Phantom Limbs are ready for ya Norfolk
Last February 7th was a great night of art and socializing. Here's a few photos taken by Nate Osborne. 1. The Kutenai Art Therapy Institute put on a great night of interactive art and a sweet open house hosted by the Nelson Global Awareness Network 2. Touchstones Nelson - Museum of Art and History had a fine collective show "Found: the Art of Re-Use". "Phantom Limb" by Shyra deSouza is pictured. 3. The founder of blue night and his successor talk shop at Touchstones. Reports suggest a riveting conversation.
link me Phantom Limb and Prowler in the Yard pls
So the last thing I have room for is either the Diamond for Disease EP or Prowler in the Yard & Phantom Limb by Pig Destroyer
Jay Rosenblatt's raw, deeply personal doc. PHANTOM LIMB is featured on Fandor this week:
Really cool band, Phantom Limbs, at Belmont house of smoke. Tonight!
PHANTOM LIMB -Jay Rosenblatt's personal film expands the notion of 'Avant-garde'
Jay Rosenblatt’s personal film PHANTOM LIMB expands the notion of 'avant-garde.'
"Phantom Limb" by the Shins and the last one was "The Suburbs" by Arcade Fire. They're both great bands.
Like a phantom limb my mind sits and aches, . a leftover from a job too well done. How best to direct the brain is the next task & next fun.
I liked a video from Mirror Box and Phantom Limb Pain
because, two sentence horror stories. 1. Therealhatman I woke up to hear knocking on glass. At first, I thought it was the window until I heard it come from the mirror again. 2. Jmperson The last thing I saw was my alarm clock flashing 12:07 before she pushed her long rotting nails through my chest, her other hand muffling my screams. I sat bolt upright, relieved it was only a dream, but as I saw my alarm clock read 12:06, I heard my closet door creak open. 3. Miami_Metro Growing up with cats and dogs, I got used to the sounds of scratching at my door while I slept. Now that I live alone, it is much more unsettling. 4. EvilSteveDave In all of the time that I've lived alone in this house, I swear to god I've closed more doors than I've opened. 5. Drrd777 A girl heard her mom yell her name from downstairs, so she got up and started to head down. As she got to the stairs, her mom pulled her into her room and said "I heard that too." 6. Calamitosity She asked why I was breathing so heavily. I wasn't. 7. The_D ...
Today's mental-hurdle: how to argue to a large insurance carrier that Bupivicaine Hydrochloride is a certifiable treatment for phantom limb pain and therefore ought not to be considered experimental. God. BLESS. Wikipedia.
Michael Sicinski (on PHANTOM LIMB (2005) and Jay Rosenblatt's relationship to avant-garde cinema:
Neck pillow my phantom limb for the next 14 hours ✌️
At this point my back is like a phantom limb. I just look at the snow & it starts to hurt before I even pick up the shovel.
While holding pressure constant, remove limb & immerse in tub, if you still get phantom pain that mimes humidity its in your head
Pittsburgh we love you! Howler's was so awesome. Thanks to the amazing Morgan Erina, Nathan Zoob, and Jeremy Caywood and the Life. Tonight was fun. Also, shots of Jim Beam in Pittsburgh are $3.50. That's three dollars and fifty cents. Oh. My. God. Setlist: City Living, Phantom Limb, Carolyn, Pretty, Euryphaessa, Snowfall, Thread, She Fills Me Up, Experiment In Love, Beside You, Dead Man's Shoes, Titania and Oberon, Alone Again Relax, True Love, You're Gonna Miss Me More Than I'll Miss You, Denouement, Blackout
Finishing up this phantom limb pain paper and my last stem cell paper for the week….at least this one was cool……they can isolate Muse cells from adipose tissue (yes that is fat) and they differentiate and proliferate with limited induction!!! So if anyone is wondering….yes I will be selling my fat to anyone who would like to grow some pluripotent stem cells…..Then heading home for the weekend! :D
Learning how to treat phantom limb pain at COPE centre
Phantom limb syndrome, but with desserts I didn't finish.
You've become a phantom limb and I always feel you there
I am having the radio equivalent of phantom limb syndrome. How long until you return?
TIP: Are you missing a limb? Do you have phantom pain? You can read more about it here:...
Erika has phantom limb syndrome now. Way to go, killer!
| | | This is the trailer for Phantom Limb- my soon…
BBC Knowledge talking about phantom limb, the brain, & robotic arm controlled by thoughts. .
Pain Control: Living with pain is difficult because pain interferes with life activities and decreases mood. Self Hypnosis teaches the ability to more effectively handle distress and regulate emotions, and overall can improve coping skills that can lead to better pain management. Self Hypnosis can provide natural pain relief by changing the way information is processed in the brain. In 2009 I developed effective self hypnosis scripts for amputees suffering Phantom Limb Pain, focused specifically on arm/hand or leg/foot amputations. These scripts have been adopted and narrated onto Cd and distributed worldwide by the Organisation ‘End The Pain Project’. You can 'Take control of your Pain' To learn how - Call me now !
iPadscreen vs coffee mug? Coffee mug won. New screen has a phantom limb kind of feel to it.
Introduction   Buddhism teaches about emptiness, namely all phenomena are empty (色即是空).  However, why is it empty when what we see appear to be so concrete, substantial and real?  Buddhism actually provides us a new way of seeing.  With this new way of seeing, what we know is different from the convention.  Helmholtz (1821-1894), with his contemporary scientific knowledge, demonstrated to us the limitation of physiology in visual perception.  There is something more than our visual organ and the related nervous system in contributing to our visual perception.  That “something” is our mental processes.  Helmholtz’s theory of perception is actually a theory of mind in modern language, which can help us understand the Buddhist theory of knowledge on how the mind works.  The Thirty Stanzas from the Yogacara School of Buddhism is a concise and comprehensive summary of the Buddhist theory of knowledge of the mind.   This paper is going to discuss Helmholtz’s argument on the limitations ...
A client who is admitted with an above-the-knee amputation tells the nurse that his foot hurts and itches. Which response by the nurse indicates understanding of phantom limb pain? a. "The pain will go away in a few days." b. "The pain is due to peripheral nervous system interruptions. I will get you some pain medication." c. "The pain is psychological because your foot is no longer there." d. "The pain and itching are due to the infection you had before the surgery." answer at no. 5 of :
here's a blog post did on the work... but something to cite would be nice Ben:-)
My phantom limb hurts all the time. Can someone rub it for me?-Anna Buttsthriller
you're all, go play Brothers- A Tale of Two Sons, and now I feel like one hand is a phantom limb when I hold a controller. ;-(
In the 'burgh... It's always a bit freaky how passing by the design studios 20 years later fills me with the urge to get back to work on some unfinished project. It's like having to scratch a phantom limb.
Quickly becoming one if my favorite local bands, Phantom Limb.
I cut the *** limb off and still have phantom pains
Hella falling asleep in motor control. Was not feeling that video about phantom limb.
Lions - Phantom Limb: Newly recommended jam of the day
this is my Dr (Soin)! A device to end phantom pain in amputees. Will be FDA App in a year.
In a year this will be FDA app. This my Dr! Helping amputees with Phantom Pain
"I'll just haunt you like a Phantom Limb" -Alice in Chains
Track of the Day:. Alice in Chains - "Phantom Limb"
Have y'all checked out "Phantom Limb"? Check out the video: You won't be disappointed!
For more music and info on Alanna Royale go to Alanna Royale performing "Phantom Limb" in Red Bull Sou...
Technology isnt a phantom limb/second best form of communication. Technology = an extension. Technology = enhancement.
Tree trunk forest wake And shade your waving childhood shapes Phantom limbs of praise Stir the sky with painting wind Join the twirling gift of lies Take my hand to ocean waves Push away the nascent l
it's alright, Phantom Limb is great live too ;)
Wrote a small piece about one of the more peculiar sentiments associated with quitting my job:
I never understand "phantom limb syndrome" more than when I think about the free time I had before there was a baby.
Morning exercise sponsored by Sofa King Killer, Leechmilk, Phantom Limb Managenent, High on Fire, Goatsblood and Goatwhore. Now it's time for work!
I can't blame myself for procrastinating... since I am writing about phantom limb.
i just want to say American dad's "mind quad" is a blatant rip off of venture brothers "phantom limb" thank you that all. geek on people
Yesterday was two months since my mother passed, and it's only been last week that I've gotten my creative routine mostly back. I know she's gone and at times I want to pick up the phone call and then it sort of sets in that I can't. It's sort of like a phantom limb. I know that she would have wanted to keep on with my work.
I fell out of my chair because I forgot I removed the arms. So this is what phantom limb syndrome is like.
I feel like that beatdown in Pig Destroyer's Phantom Limb
The phantom limb - they say it never feels like it was ever gone.
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Illusion Talk Not to be confused with allusion . For other uses, see Illusion (disambiguation) . "Head on a Platter" exhibit at the Regional Science Centre, Bhopal An illusion is a distortion of the senses , revealing how the brain normally organizes and interprets sensory stimulation. Though illusions distort reality, they are generally shared by most people. [ 1 ] Illusions may occur with any of the human senses, but visual illusions ( optical illusions ), are the most well-known and understood. The emphasis on visual illusions occurs because vision often dominates the other senses. For example, individuals watching a ventriloquist will perceive the voice is coming from the dummy since they are able to see the dummy mouth the words. [ 2 ] Some illusions are based on general assumptions the brain makes during perception . These assumptions are made using organizational principles (e.g., Gestalt theory), an individual's capacity for depth perception and motion perception, and perceptual constancy . Other ...
Phantom Limb, track two of the 2013 Phantom Limb EP. Recorded July 2013 by Paul 'Win' Winstanley at Black Wookie Studios, Lancing. Available for free downloa...
O and P Business News | Steven R. Hanling Not too long ago, there was a perception by physicians and practitioners that phantom limb pain (PLP) was purely psychological. The perception has begun to change. Today, patients enduring PLP are being treated with the understanding that there is a physical...
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For this study, an artificial finger was attached to a numbed hand and the participants were blindfolded. They were asked to use their other hand to identify the artificial finger. When they went to move their real fingers, the scientists moved the artificial finger in the same way. As a result, the study participants were unable to distinguish which finger was really part of their body. While it may seem like a frivolous illusion, the study explores how the brain interprets a sense of self. This may also provide information about phantom limbs; a condition that causes amputees to feel sensation (typically painful) in limbs that are no longer there. More info: Image via: Robert Bejil
Help a Mom Out: She writes: "Hi there. I have a 15 year old daughter with Asperger's syndrome and sensory processing disorder. She recently has gotten CPRS - complex pain regionalization syndrome. Basically, the nervous system causes ongoing pain and swelling in a limb even after an injury has healed, and it can be in a different part of the limb. Sort of like phantom limb syndrome. We've been dealing with this in her leg since mid-December. Has anyone else have this happen?"
Still very sick here. My hair hurts and I think I am suffering from phantom limb pain. :'-( Cause I got stuff hurting I didn't know I had!!!
That sudden realization that you may have perhaps played too many video games when you notice that your hand is resting on WASD while watching a YouTube video of someone playing a video game. It's like a weird form of phantom limb syndrome.
Farewell Dearest Andrew~ 'Keep standing in the light & continuing to Boogie' :-) Until we meet again ♡♡♡ Already missing You like a phantom limb ~ Big Smooch XO XO XO Travel Safe.
Can phantom limb syndrome apply to hair? As in, phantom ponytail syndrome? Because it's happening to me, right now.
What is The holarch's all there's; the holarch's nothing. Like Indra's Net, there's no beginning and end to it. The holarch's non-Euclidean, multiply connected. The holarch's infinitely connected. There's no origin to the holarch. The holarch's neither Cartesian nor fundamentally vectoral. The holarch's fractal, multi-dimensional. Dimensions're blurred within and without the holarch. Direct addressing pinpoints nodes, and indirect addressing passes information freely. Every address's every address. The holarch has neither interior nor exterior. The holarch's everywhere and nowhere. There's no boundaries to the holarch, nor within, nor without it. We're neither the holarch nor nodes within it. We're watched and're watching; defuge characterizes us. Within a flat space, it doesn't matter and matter doesn't matter. Within a flat space, abjection curls in multiple dimensions. The holarch has no directed attention. The holarch imposes equality and intensification of enumeration within the holarch're of equal d ...
"To me treating phantom limb pain with drugs [morphine] is not the right approach. Hallucinated pains need hallucinated drugs. I used to give people placebos, empty gelatin capsules. AMA said that was not good because I was practicing medicine, taking away peoples pain without a license. I told them I'm not practicing medicine, i'm practicing voodoo" - Richard Bandler, founder of NLP.
PSS IN THE NEWS and a CONTEST The inspiration for the birth defect in my PSS Chronicles Series actually came from a real-life medical phenomenon known as phantom limb syndrome. I have a friend who is an amputee. One day, he was walking in his back yard and he said, "You know, I can feel the grass between my toes in the foot I no longer have. Last night, I got a Charlie horse in the leg I no longer have." And immediately my mind was entertaining these questions--"What if those phantom limbs actual existed? What would they look like? How would they behave (or misbehave)? What power would they hold? And how would society react to the people who had them?" The cool thing is, I guess I did a good job of exploring those questions because many of my readers think PSS or Psyche Sans Soma (which means "Life without flesh" in Greek) is real. They will tell me they looked it up on Google or Wikipedia and couldn't find anything except the information on my website. Yeah, that's because I made it up and I did a *** .. ...
Phantom limb pain and phantom limb sensation are extremely prevalent, affecting up to 85% of amputees, but with limited positive solutions available for amputees. Previous systematic reviews focuse...
The Universe is an ornery wench with a cruel sense of humor. She timed it so today, the section I'm editing in the book is Valentine's Day three years ago. I'm not superstitious in the least but I do know symbolism lives all around us. Its up to us to remain open to the messages we're meant to receive. Three years ago, this day was significant. It was the night I realized I had to find a way to leave. Three years later, here I am. Healthier. Happier. A bit worn in and all the more grateful for it. I'm dating someone. We're a month in. He's intelligent, handsome and kind. He's pretty amazing. I love men. I love human beings in all our uniqueness. I love that every man will have a different term of endearment for you. Baby. Honey. Sweetheart. Girl. Beautiful. I love that each person has his own way to take off his t-shirt. There's the Reverse Arm Slip. It starts with the arms. He slips one out of its sleeve, then the other. Then the t-shirt is pulled up, over his neck and off. There's the Bottoms Up. He pul ...
"I love you like a broken record plays, but I'm a windowpane the phantom limb..."
FYI, phantom limb pain is real and isn't fun to have. I refuse to let it wear me down.
PLEASE HELP So I was thinking and having a talk about "Phantom Limb Syndrome". For those that don't know this is when you have a limb removed from your body, and feel your finger or arm etc. Like it was still there. Do any of you know someone with this problem. I have a question I need answered. I don't mean it as a joke I really wanna know. please pass this on so I can get my answer. Question; Do you ever get an itch on your missing limb? If so how do you resolve this issue?
"Phantom Limb" is definintely my favorite song on the album! Man i love Lions!
It's decided. The Venture Bros. is hands down the best animated show on television. It has the best characters: Rusty Venture, Hank and Dean, Brock Samson, Shoreleave, Orpheus, Dr. Girlfriend, The Monarch, Girl Hitler, Underbeiht, Colonel Gentleman, The Alchemist, Phantom Limb, Professor Impossible, etc. And Patrick Warburton, the voice of Brock Samson, has the coolest, funniest voice, ever.
Phantom Limb - The Shins follow the lines and wonder why there's no…
the store playing Phantom Limb tonight was a welcome surprise :)
You feel your absent heart like a phantom limb. New desires ricochet around your hollow chest, then settle in the pit of your stomach.
I'm experiencing phantom limb, but instead of a limb or phalanges, it's my bra.
What are you listening to right now? — Phantom Limb by the shins
like otherkin dont actually have Phantom Limb Syndrome for their wings or tails but they act like they do, etc
I'm fine! I was pinned under... I think it's Phantom Limb's leg...
Codeine and Japanese hipster pale ale helping me ignore my phantom limb.
Getting phantom limb syndrome with this hoop
That vague phantom-limb ache, though none of my limbs are missing. Maybe I'm just missing you.
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