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Peyton Siva

Peyton Robert Siva (born October 24, 1990) is a Junior point guard for the Louisville Cardinals men's basketball team.

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My guess (just a guess) could be this is Peyton Siva. Could strip 2013 Nat'l Championship.
Peyton Siva went to Louisville (adidas) and is now a Adidas sponsored player. Hm.
Yup. And he lost a national championship game to Peyton Siva
Peyton Siva talks about playing in the NBA D-League
Peyton Siva is so disappointed in
Tom Brady sets NFL record for most games with 3 TDs and 0 INTs, breaking a tie with Peyton Manning. That's 52 game……
This Macroeconomics homework feel like Louisville full-court press wit Russ Smith and Peyton Siva at the top 😓
Only two QBs have defeated both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning in the playogfs. They are Joe Flacco and Mark Sanchez.…
Peyton Siva walks into Rick Pitino's press conference and asks how many turnovers he "actually had" in his 55+ hoops leag…
Idk who's after college life I'm more disappointed in between Peyton Siva and Keith Appling
Aye chill lmao we all know Peyton Siva and Russ Smith carried them Luke did knock down some clutch *** 3s tho
Dude's first gold medal was a full year before Peyton Siva arrived in Louisville. Just insane.
Freakn Peyton Siva!😂 we still got James Johnson tho lol
Former UofL basketball players Russ Smith, Peyton Siva, and Luke Hancock meet excited fans of all ages.
Everybody congratulate this Peyton Siva lookin *** dude !
Loved this guy back in Louisville I think it was, with Peyton siva
his crossover is sooo Peyton siva... I break ankles like John wall
do you reckon Peyton Siva was a good player too?
Yeah, and Lebron James once wished he was Peyton Siva
they're on the Peyton Siva college plan. "Aand noww. A 29 year old Junior from Anywhere He Wants.. Peyton Siva"
it's crazy. One thing I loved about Peyton Siva
anyone can get drafted don't mean they are good. Where's Peyton siva
right behind Trey Burke block on Peyton Siva
That charg call on Mo is the equivalent of the foul called on Trey when he packed Peyton Siva. Completely swung the game
legends like Lavance fields Roosevelt jones and Peyton siva are offended right now
Cooney is a weak pick. Peyton Siva, Andy Rautins, Pittsnogle, Edgar Sosa, Scottie Wilbekin, Marcus Paige all better picks
Drew Neitzel and Peyton Siva were in college for 13 combined years
Peyton siva? Literally at Louisville for almost a decade lol
I think Peyton siva would have something to say about this
gotta have Peyton siva. Dude played like a decade at Louisville
Ron Baker's gonna be like Peyton Siva and never leave college in my mind
Wichita has much more experienced players. Baker and VanVleet played in the '13 Final Four against Peyton Siva.
If it seems like Baker and Van Vleet have been at Wichita forever remember they played a Final 4 game against Peyton Siva
he's hand checked 274 times so far. He broke Peyton Siva's record 12 minutes ago.
Rodriguez reminds me of Peyton Siva fr
The will honor the greatest player in franchise history, Peyton Manning, with a retirement ceremony Friday a…
Meet my teammates Peyton Siva, Micah Downs, Dario Hunt and others as we have a night of team bowling In Caserta,...
meh. I liked a lot of players that came through there. Especially Peyton Siva. I like theor playing style.
I miss Peyton Siva and Jacob Pullen. They were both so dope
Donovan Mitchell = player to watch.. Cards do NOT have Pitino-typical guards for press D (see: Russ Smith, Peyton Siva)
Play a round of golf to help the Russ Smith and Peyton Siva's annual kids' camp
Don't make Bradly pick you up Peyton Siva
Google Peyton Siva and prostitute and you won’t exactly find a clean record
Katina said Peyton Siva came to a party but did not participate. Why did HE not tell Pitino?
Fowler gives 2-point conversion ball back to Peyton
The lowest passer rating by a Super Bowl-winning QB is Ben Roethlisberger (SB40), with a rating of 22.6; Peyton in …
Broncos LB Brandon Marshall: Peyton Manning got me off practice squad
ICYMI: Broke down returning player rights in the NBA D-League. Hint: they're very important
Important piece by explaining how valuable returning player rights are in the
Katina Powell on KSR this morning, says Peyton Siva wouldn't come to the parties. proud of him. good guy
Powell on Peyton Siva came to just one party and everyone was shocked bc he didn't party
.wrote an important breakdown on the value of returning player rights in the D-League.
Enjoyed this article from about player rights in the D-League —>
NBA D-League Breakdown: Returning player rights are vital
We didn't complain when Russ Smith and Peyton Siva would full-court hack mfs all game…
Respect to Peyton tho. One of the GOAT. Grew up watching him, won't be the same without him
Hard to believe Cat Barber a junior - seems he is Peyton Siva, Logan Thomas 12th year senior status.
Had Peyton Siva been good enough to stay in the NBA, I believe he would have been the next player to come out ***
That 2013 Louisville National Championship team had Peyton Siva. But I doubt he took prostitutes as he looked ***
Louisville is about to get destroyed by the NCAA. In other news, Trey Burke did not foul Peyton Siva
Brett Favre: "I would never bet against Peyton Manning."
Peyton Manning jokes that he's pulling for future NFL QB Jared Goff in 2016... to break his rookie interception rec…
Peyton Siva should be the PG just sayin
rounding out the starting five with Aaron Craft, Robbie Hummel, Peyton Siva, all 7 Plumlees
Watching Melo Trimble use these ball screens so well is giving me all sorts of Peyton Siva flashbacks.
I heard Peyton siva and Edgar Sosa had another year of eligibility
Peyton Siva draining a 3 in Preston Knowles face. Thoughts, peypeysiva's video
Due to cold and his injury, Peyton will be in the locker room or in the booth during the game
I see you David, getting that illusive Peyton Siva RT!
reminds me of Peyton Siva in a way. Give him time.
are these the same refs who called Trey Burke's block on Peyton Siva a foul? Jesus
Peyton Manning and Brett Farve on the cover of Esquire, 1997
he's been drinking that Peyton Siva water.
Broncos QB Peyton Manning is expected to miss at least the next two weeks as he continues his recovery from a plant…
Peyton Siva signed ball to the 1st person to bring 3 new toys for we are at salsarita's
That was when we had Chris Smith, Russ Smith, Peyton Siva, and Kyle Kuric as our backcourt!
Delaware 87ers have traded rights to Myck Kabongo & RR of DJ Seeley to Erie Bayhawks for RR to Peyton Siva & John Bohan…
That whole Louisville basketball scandal situation goes back to the Peyton Siva situation or did y'all forget about that
Sounds like disgruntled Fantasy Football playing Peyton Siva to me. 😊
I saw your b'day greeting for Peyton Siva. Mrs. Enlow wanted me to tell you hi for her.
don't forget to wish Peyton Siva Happy Birthday Today
Dirk Nowitzki has challenged Peyton Manning to a 40 yard dash
I swear I did. It's like Peyton Siva only Sumo Wrestler edition.
That had to be a fake post by Peyton Siva's dad, right? I refuse to believe a real human being produced what I just attempted to read
I beg you, please help Peyton Siva's dad...
UofL faculty responds to statements from Chane Behanan & Peyton Siva Sr .
SOURCES: Peyton Siva's dad wants some sex I think
Okay, just finally read what Peyton Siva's Dad said. Oh boy. I'm not sure, yeah, nevermind.
at least Peyton Siva got an education in his 6 years at Louisville
"Papa Siva want some sex...Trust and believe I ain't payin for it" - Peyton Siva Sr., a guy that needs his own show asap!
No doubt Peyton Siva's dad is your typical "Louisville" man
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that was Peyton siva SR. Who posted that. Not Peyton JR. You said ex louisville players should stop commenting
Re: the Peyton Siva Sr. Thing on ...I award him no points, and God have mercy on his soul
Peyton sivas dad might be he said "papi siva wants sex sex sex sex now write about that"
so funny I have no idea what Peyton Siva’s dad just said, but I think he wants sex via
Peyton Siva Sr. may be one of my favorite people on Earth.
Peyton Siva's dad wrote a bunch of words in all caps and he wants sex, apparently. See what you can make of this: http…
Chane Behanan, Kevin Ware, Chris Jones, Peyton Siva, Terrence Williams, Preston Knowles, and the list goes on
What do you get when you add Kadeem Batts, Peyton Siva, and Keith Appling!? 47 days until the season tips off!
you still sticking to your story that the Harrison twins are were better college players than Peyton Siva and Russ Smith? LOL
when you and your friend look over at the same time and yell "THAT'S PEYTON SIVA!" 😁😍
At P.F changs and Peyton Siva just walked his fine *** past my table
Peyton siva just walked into where I'm eating
i thought KA and even peyton siva might have been a 3rd pg.
Peyton Siva was at Baxter's! If I invited you and you declined, you missed out! 😜 lol
Russ Smith & Peyton Siva abused Myles Mack & Fuquan Edwin so bad in college, they've been forced to pay for sex ever since.
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Peyton siva is up here golfing at Seneca
Grammy and Peyton Siva today at the donut shop.
Peyton Siva at the KY Camp of Champions yesterday for the fans
16th largest bity n america but we settle to watch Peyton Siva n not Elfrid P.
When you secretly take pictures of Peyton Siva at your school
The first day for Camp of Champions began today. Hands on instruction from Peyton Siva, Russ Smith, & Luke Hancock.
When you eating lunch twelve feet away from Peyton Siva, Russ Smith, and Luke Hancock
they was dope with Peyton siva and Russ
That Appling deal kind of puts the writing on the wall for Peyton Siva's chances with the Magic. My best guess is he goes overseas
LIVE on NBATV in 15 minutes: Peyton Siva, Drew Crawford, Daniel Coursey & the Orlando Magic Blue take on the Indiana Pacers.
Peyton Siva hit 9 threes tonight. Vance Hall caught fire.. and then caught a body! Chris Dowe and my man Keisten Jones took flight as well!
Russ Smith will be joining KPA team that already has other UofL greats Peyton Siva and Nate Johnson. Tuesday 7:30 at Beth Haven.
Who thought Peyton Siva and Seth Curry would be in the D-league? Peyton won the Nat'l Championship when he entered the draft
Seattle - Despite Terrance Williams, Peyton Siva, & Shaquan Aaron you are making me really mad. Don't *** off
Peyton Siva has had four straight games with 20 plus points for the Erie Bayhawks
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Peyton Siva had 21 points, 6 assists and 2 rebound tonight for the Erie Bayhawks.
Peyton Siva had 24 points, 7 assists, 2 rebound and 2 steals tonight for the Erie Bayhawks.
Peyton Siva is playing right now for the Erie Bayhawks, WATCH LIVE
Who would you all prefer? Jabari Brown, Roscoe Smith, Jamaal Franklin, Glenn Robinson III, Glen Rice Jr., Peyton Siva, or Kalin Lucas?
lmao ask who they lost to in the tourney bring up Peyton Siva... no? Ok Let's CHANE the subject to Behanan.. nope nothing 😔😒😓
The backcourt duel of Isaiah Canaan/Nick Johnson vs Seth Curry/Peyton Siva is absolutely NBA quality. Expect to see all 4 in the league soon
Peyton Siva, Luke Hancock, and Russ Smith: pray for us.
Looks like no Peyton Siva again tonight for the BayHawks. Yet definitely missing his running mate.
make sure you tell Peyton Siva I love him 😍
Peyton Siva is one of the most decorated guards in Louisville history. Under the tutelage of Rick Pitino, Siva helped guide the Cardinals to the 2013 NCAA Championship. Siva is…
Peyton Siva jokes that Rick Pitino is in the mob
Would a kicker who is automatic from 70 yards be more valuable than Peyton Manning?
Is Jarvis Williams still in for Peyton Siva tonite?
Drawing fouls like Peyton Siva and Luke Hancock out there
Peyton Siva's dad is a bouncer at this bar and that's so entertaining to me.
Jarvis Williams will replace the injured Peyton Siva in tonight's starting rotation. Other starters: Curry, Crawford, Coursey, Batts.
ok Dos and you Peyton Siva. Least I got rings
Update on Peyton Siva; he actually suffered an ankle sprain and will be out of action this weekend:
Peyton siva was the closest to rondo, which is the perfect point guard for pitinos system that has come to uofl. Why is this?
Would you be interested in Peyton Siva?
But nothing beats the lil white boy at the walking bridge that thought i was Peyton Siva 😂😂😂
National Treasure RPA of a National Champion under $8 with 5 left
I added a video to a playlist Peyton Siva posts near triple double in win v. Sioux Falls
"Peyton Siva is better than John Wall". "Wayne Blackshear is better than Anthony Davis". "Angel Nuñez will be a lottery pick". (More...)
my dad just told me he is treating Peyton Siva and Seth Curry tomorrow 😮
actually Peyton Siva did beat UK while at UofL. nd Rick has same amount of ships as Cal
Bad as the Pistons are right now, might as well give the young guys regular clock. See if we can snag Peyton Siva from the D league
game went to OT and they still one lol does Peyton siva start? Lol
It was a glorious night for Peyton Siva and the Louisville Cardinals …|Sexy
The Knicks could use Peyton Siva he plays very well in the garden
ALL KY HOOPS: Former Louisville star Peyton Siva has suffered what appeared to be a non-contact knee inju...
Former Louisville star Peyton Siva suffered some sort of knee injury moments ago; no details yet:
Before y'all destroy Chris Jones tonight, remember how many people wanted to bench Peyton Siva the year he won a title. R-E-L-A-X.
In the past two weeks, the Buffalo Bills have held Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers to under 200 yds, 0 TD's, and...
I know peyton siva and marcus mariota are my cousins ... all the other samoans are my cousins cousins 😂
Reggie Wayne (209) passes Peyton Manning (208) for most games played as an Indianapolis Colt!
Peyton Manning linked as potential owner of NFL team
Peyton Siva should not be playing any minutes, man! Let alone 1!
Peyton Siva's dad is the GOAT security guard lol. This man kills it.
funny how they only around when you succeeding. Now where All the peyton siva ppl? Ghosts
I think Peyton Siva is Italian but oh well.. Still speechless😍
Teddy Bridewate, T-Will and the one and only Peyton Siva
I hope Seth Curry and Peyton Siva make a team idc what team it is they just deserve to be in the NBA
1.Francisco Garcia 2. Twill 3.Edgar Sosa 4.Peyton siva 5. Angel McCoughtry showing love for the girls ❤️
Used to be Labradford Smith. Now it's a two way tie between Peyton Siva and Teddy Bridgewater.
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Original reports incl. participating in camp AND Pre-season.
The Magic also formally announced the additions of Peyton Siva, Kadeem Batts, Seth Curry and Drew Crawford today.
Former Louisville and Pistons guard Peyton Siva is among four players signed by Orlando Magic ...
Kadeem Batts, Drew Crawford, Seth Curry, Peyton Siva are now in training camp with Magic:
The Magic have added four players, including Seth Curry and Peyton Siva, to their camp roster
The signed four players for training camp
After working off rust, rookie Peyton Siva crucial to Saturday ... - Detroit Free Press
Former University of Louisville basketball stars Russ Smith and Peyton Siva conduct a basketball camp for local children at the Louisville Collegiate School. June 17, 2014
Peyton Siva talks about his relationship with Russ Smith, Louisville point guard, who recently entered the NBA Draft. via
Russ Smith took some time off from his draft prep to host the "Camp of Champions" with Peyton Siva
Kai had a blast at Peyton Siva and Russ Smith basketball camp!!
Despite the need to work out for teams before the NBA draft, Russ Smith had a commitment to help run a children's basketball camp at Louisville Collegiate School with former teammate Peyton Siva, and he planned to honor it
Kyran Tilley with Peyton Siva & Russ Smith @ the Camp of Champions. Louisville, KY 2014. # cardsnation
teamed up with UL GREATS Peyton Siva and Russ Smith as Peyton Siva, Russ Smith joined forces…
Ben got to meet Peyton Siva and Russ Smith. How awesome!
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Aaron at the Peyton Siva, Russ Smith basketball camp yesterday. shooting free throws.
Peyton Siva did such illegal things to you and Kyle singler went kkk on your ***
Hey Louisville, Peyton Siva and Russ Smith will hold a youth basketball camp at Collegiate School.
Former UofL basketball player Peyton Siva is joining forces with his former teammate Russ Smith to help children on the basketball court.
As most of you are aware, Russ Smith is spending this week participating in the NBA pre-draft combine in Chicago, where he's hoping to do what Peyton Siva was able to do a year ago and boost his draft stock immensely.
Former University of Louisville players, Peyton Siva and Luke Hancock will be HERE on Friday, May 16 signing autographs from 6:30-7:30pm. Signatures are $20 each or both players for $30.
Thanks to our Family Resource Center, Shepherdsville Elementary will be welcoming Peyton Siva of the Detroit Pistons (formerly University of Louisville) as a motivational speaker for our students! Information about this event for students will be coming home in the May 13 Tuesday folder. (Sorry parents, this event is closed to the's just for our students.)
Peyton Siva will throw out the first pitch tonight as takes on Ohio State at 6 pm at Jim Patterson Stadiu…
Nothing to do with uk, they are a good team. But I've i loved Shabazz Napier since day one. He has developed a game I always wished Peyton Siva would have developed.
Aaron Craft's 16 year career comes to an end. Enjoy working for Enterprise Rent A Car with Peyton Siva for the rest of you…
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