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Peyton Manning

Peyton Williams Manning (born March 24, 1976) is an American football quarterback for the Denver Broncos of the National Football League (NFL).

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Peyton Manning joined Jason Day for a game at Muirfield Village Golf Club.
The state flag of Indiana is a picture of John Mellencamp, Larry Bird, Peyton Manning, and Bobby Knight throwing a chair.
Ever been in the huddle with Peyton Manning? Yeah we haven't either but our next guest speaker has!…
The Sheriff's got a new gig! Peyton Manning will host the 25th on Wednesday, July 12 at 8 ET/7 CT on ABC.
Great night at the Sports Awards! Peyton Manning was great, but was the…
JUST IN: Peyton Manning will host the ESPYs on July 12th.
Next, Peyton Manning is going to get an Instagram and his captions are going to blow Tom Brady's out of the water.
I love the stat that put in his YouTube video, Indy before Peyton Manning had 0 double digit win seasons, with him? 11.
Peyton Manning wins so much more than Brady. It's just not at football.
Looking forward to the Billy Crystal style video of Peyton Manning winning at everything.
Peyton Manning to host the ESPYs via
Peyton Manning to serve as 2017 ESPYS host.
Peyton Manning is the dude who graduated from high school years ago, but still shows up to the parties wearing his letterman'…
Your host for the 25th ESPYS on July 12th: Peyton Manning
Manning's Lowe roast is why he's perfect ESPY host
Peyton Manning will serve as host for the 25th annual ESPYs show this summer
WATCH: Peyton Manning to host awards show on July 12. READ:
ESPN announces Peyton Manning will host the 2017 on July 12
Peyton Manning to host the ESPYS on July 12th.
Peyton F'n Manning is hosting the I can't think of anyone who wouldn't be excited.
Just listened to this and it makes Stephen A look even more ridiculous. Peyton Manning turned Indy into a football…
How wonderful is Read the note he wrote to Peyton Manning as he passes the ESPYS host "baton" to the QB
Peyton Manning will host 2017 set to air live July 12 on ABC
You just compared Peyton Manning to Colin Kaepernick. Sit out until Monday, bud.
Yah it's amazing people were doubting Peyton Manning so much in 98 that they thought Charlie batch…
You just compared Peyton Manning to Colin Kaepernick. Stop, Mike. The Silicon Valley money ain't worth it.
Some in ’98: Charlie Batch, not Peyton Manning, is the best rookie QB
Colts to honor Peyton Manning in week five with statue unveiling, jersey retirement, and Ring of Honor induction
.to induct Peyton Manning into Ring of Honor, retire Well deserved honor for a true sports hero.
Peyton Manning news:. -Statue unveiled on Saturday, 10/7 at 3:00 p.m. at LOS. -Jersey retire, Ring of Honor the next day a…
The statue of Peyton Manning will be unveiled October 7th at 3PM. We'll also retire the No. 18 jersey at
Colts also announce they'll unveil a Peyton Manning statue October 7.
Colts announce they will retire Peyton Manning's jersey October 8th.
"Peyton Manning urged the Dolphins to acquire Julius Thomas" { by Michael David Smith } via
The Dolphins picked Peyton Manning\'s brain before trading for Julius Thomas. (SPEEDonFOX)
That kind of thing totally ruined the careers of Troy Aikman and Peyton Manning...
, , , Peyton Manning, & Minnie Pearl stopped by to join us for the annua…
I won my championship one year when Peyton Manning threw a pick six to Dre Kirkpatrick. 😂
Ryan Leaf is on "Outside the Lines"... Biggest bust in NFL history, the QB drafted right behind GOAT Peyton Manning
.can we please get a sponsorship, we've sold more Papa John's than Peyton Manning for Pizza's sake!
Peyton Manning broncos and Ut, Eli ole miss and NYG
Well if Peyton Manning was donating your money to a private school…
Blessed to have watched Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Randy Moss, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Charles Woodson, and all the legends that retired.
Hurricane Katrina helped Tracy porter pick off Peyton Manning??
he the best QB to come out his draft class and he beat Tom Brady and Peyton Manning on the Road 11TDs 0INT…
The final word from Peyton Manning's retirement press conference?. Of course. OMAHA!
I would say Peyton Manning is the greatest Regular season QB of all time. He put up stupid numbers.
Great morning with with Tony Dungy, Peyton Manning, Rich Gannon, and Sam B…
Getting ready to listen to Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning speak today at Grace Lutheran Church in Eden Prairie
All of this Phil Simms talk reminds of possibly the greatest words ever to come out of Peyton Manning's mouth. (h/t
I don't disagree... but Romo is more Trent Green or Rich Gannon than Tom Brady or Peyton Manning
When your name is Peyton and they say "oh like Peyton Manning?" Or spell it "Payton"
When your name is Payton and people think you're named after Peyton Manning, but you actually are but it's spelt di…
When your name is Payton and people always tell you the SAME "joke" about Peyton Manning being your favorite footba…
When your first name is Payton and everyone automatically asks "oh like Peyton Manning?" No.
Peyton Manning signed with the Denver Broncos five years ago today. Best free agent signing in NFL history?
In 2004, Peyton Manning received 49 out of a possible 50 mvp votes. Mike Vick received the other with very mediocre stats.
From newly signed Kayvon Webster's Instagram story. Peyton Manning at the Rams' facility.
I'm embarrassed to say this, but I thought the Colts should have taken Ryan Leaf over Peyton Manning with the pick. 🙀
Wow, Ryan Leaf was on the Ellen show today! Hard to believe he and Peyton Manning were 1&2 in draft picks. Happy he's turned it around. 🙌🏼😎😊
he would've drafted Ryan Leaf over Peyton Manning and won more Superbowls than Tom Brady
Peyton Manning's pending letter regarding Demarcus Ware's retirement and career will be a classic.
Peyton Manning shares his thoughts on Demarcus Ware's retirement
I like but him broadcasting a Duke basketball game is about like Peyton Manning broadcasting a Tennessee football game.
Peyton Manning & John Elway mixed with some Phil Simms hair 😂
The one player Myles Garrett wants to sack the most this season is Tom Brady. Why? He's a huge Peyton Manning fan. http…
.on which NFL QB he most wants to sack: "Tom Brady.". Why?. "I'm a Peyton Manning fan," he said, smiling.…
Reporter: which QB do you want to sack the most?. Myles Garrett: Tom Brady. Reporter: Why?. Garrett: I'm a Peyton Manning fan
Former Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning to make acting debut on ABC comedy -
Tired of hearing Tom Brady is the GOAT. Peyton Manning has more passing yards, touchdowns, MVPs, and pro bowls.
2016 was a year Tim Duncan, Peyton Manning, Marshawn Lynch, Calvin Johnson, & Kevin Garnett left us in the sports🌎
What’s on TV Wednesday: Katherine Heigl in ‘Doubt’ and Peyton Manning on ‘Modern Family’
"Hi I'm Tom Brady, the greatest QB of all time. I have as many SuperBowl rings as Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, and…
Dak Prescott, Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning, Russell Wilson, and Dan Marino just to name a few rookie starters
for football it is every Pat, Aaron Rogers and Peyton Manning
Your own brother out to beat you ! Ask Able, Peyton Manning or Jim Harbaugh !
How did Phillip Fulmer win a NC with Tee Martin but not Peyton Manning?
For years I have said Peyton Manning is the GOAT. Brady is the GOAT. Just amazing.
Former QB Peyton Manning said attending Tennessee was "one of the best decisions I ever made."
I cry when I talk about Peyton Manning sometimes too tbh.
Matt Ryan said he spoke with Peyton Manning last week about the process of preparing for... https:…
I had a great talk with Peyton Manning, one of the greatest NFL players of all time. Good tips - will use in family footb…
U ever notice the greatest leaders in all of sports are NFL quarterbacks. And all of them are REPUBLICANS!.
Curious. Can I still get a fact-check on the size of Peyton Manning's standing ovation at the CIA?😉
Think about this for a minute. Peyton Manning never addressed the CIA. This man should be in an asylum not the White House.…
POLITICAL FOOTBALL NFL great Manning rouses GOP at retreat via the app
Peyton Manning speaking at the RNC this this man! . GO PEYTON, sheriff back in town, supporting conservati…
Peyton Manning to reportedly speak at GOP retreat with Trump
Forget the NFL, this would put Peyton Manning on a whole new level.
Life goals: "I got a standing ovation...the biggest...since Peyton Manning won the Super Bowl. It lasted for a long period.”
this is actually the standing ovation given to Peyton Manning after the Super Bowl
Peyton Manning to huddle with Trump, GOP, report says
Trump says he had the biggest standing ovation since Peyton Manning won Super Bowl 50
Is Peyton Manning going to run for senate?
What a pompous *** to tell anyone this: Peyton Manning needs to stay out of politics and away from Trump
so you're telling me Blake Bortles won't turn into Peyton Manning?
Interesting, per Lamar Alexander isn't running for TN Senate reelection in 2020. Potential replacement they name?…
It takes 20 years to build a reputation, and five minutes to ruin it. – Peyton Manning
lol if uu knew me yu no I like da colts were Peyton manning started att😎😎
PEYTON will you please be a ?. . Peyton Manning talks teamwork, leadership at GOP retreat.
Peyton Manning talks teamwork, leadership at GOP retreat
POLITICAL FOOTBALL Hall of Famer Manning rouses GOP at retreat
Peyton Manning talks teamwork, leadership at GOP retreat |
reminds me of the Denver offense pre Peyton Manning. I wanna know what teams that defended them well did
Peyton Manning talks teamwork, leadership at GOP retreat via
I'll sub Aaron Rodgers for Brett Farve, Drew Brees for Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson for Mike Vick 👌👌
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My CIA speech was applauded as much as Peyton Manning winning the Super Bowl
Tom Brady and Johny Manziel have more Super Bowl appearances than Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, and Cam Newton combined
So was Peyton Manning a stud last year? Cam Newton sure was and look how that game ended
If I'm Jim Irsay I make 3 more calls. First is to wish Pagano all the best. Second to Peyton Manning. Third to Kyle Shanahan'…
Waiting for Peyton Manning to walk in like
a few reasons of the top of my head; Peyton Manning, Al Wilson, Jim Donnan, Mike Dubose, Gerry Dinardo
."greatly supportive of national treasures such as Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and Peyton Manning"
The fake protestor said his group supported whistleblowers like "Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Peyton Manning"
Carlson's guest just said he supports Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Peyton Manning. . Yes. Peyton, not Chelsea Ma…
WATCH: CNN’s Ana Navarro wants Peyton Manning to run for president
13 of the last 14 AFC Teams in the Super Bowl have been started at QB with Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, or Ben Roethlisberge…
Including this year, the AFC title has been won by either Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or Ben Roethlisberger in 14 of the last 16 seasons.
Tom Brady is 14 games over .500 in the playoffs, Peyton Manning has 14 career playoff wins.
Jay Glazer: Colts owner Jim Irsay pushing to hire Peyton Manning as head of football | FOX Sports
Lachance to Brett Miller like Peyton Manning(pre neck) got subbed in for Osweiller.Add the big drop in class and ou…
San Diego-to-L.A. just seems like a Peyton Manning-to-Curtis Painter downgrade from my perspective. I will miss "the whale'…
unveiled the worst impression of Super Bowl champ Peyton Manning for Jimmy Fallon
we just had Peyton Manning inducted into the Hall of Fame. We beat UGA and FL. We went to a bowl. Tennessee was decent.
Tennessee football legend and two-time Super Bowl champion Peyton Manning has been named to the 2017 College Football H…
Hurts is doing his best "Peyton Manning of last year's Super Bowl" impression.
Hurts got those Peyton Manning Super Bowl 50 stats
If Bama wins, it would be appropriate that Peyton Manning is there. He won the Super Bowl with worst QB rating of all time.
Steve Spurrier and Peyton Manning headline the star-studded 2017 College Football Hall of Fame class.
Easy - Peyton Manning took them to the Super Bowl.
Peyton Manning retires in fashion with a Super Bowl victory
This is 2016 Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl offense. Run it, stay safe, rely on your defense.
it's Peyton Manning Super Bowl like
Nice of the bowl committee to invite Peyton Manning tonight. This is the closest he’s ever gotten to a national title
Peyton Manning there bc the Vols were supposed to be there...🙄
.Peyton Manning lead 2017 College Football Hall of Fame class. 13 selected for induction:
Eli & Peyton Manning have the same playoff passer rating(87.4) & the same amount of SB wins(2), yet Eli is seen as clut…
It's so weird that Peyton Manning makes everyone who enters his home speak in that Nationwide Insurance jingle cadence
Aaron Rodgers' eight Player of the Month awards ties him with Peyton Manning and Tom Brady for most times winning the…
2017 College Football Hall of Fame class to be reveled on Friday. Interesting candidates among the 75. . Peyton Manning, Dan Hampton. 1of3
How Irsay's negotiations with Peyton should go:. Irsay: What do you want?. Manning: Well, I... Irsay: Done. When can y…
That one handed interception by vs the Colts picking off Peyton Manning was impressive!
Why not Peyton Manning. He's been an offensive coordinator/ Quarterback for the last 18 years.
Peyton Manning, Fulmer, Holloway should be the Football Operations Steering Committee. That would get us on track.
Peyton Manning Children's Hospital ranks as the 25th most technologically advanced children's hospital in the world! h…
His 3 INT in the 2003 AFC title game vs. PEYTON MANNING in his PRIME is an ALL-TIME great performance. Hands down. Lock for HoF
. Peyton Manning's Forehead is expanding faster than the universe.
STRANGE BUT TRUE FACT:. Peyton Manning's forehead has not yet retired from professional football
Peyton Manning's Forehead fell on my car.
The browns best chance at a QB is trading their number 1 for Peyton Manning's forehead
Peyton Manning pokes fun at Wade Phillips via
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what about Peyton Manning for HC or OC?
"_ was injured" "Aaron Rodgers had a bad day today" "Go look at Peyton Manning's 6th year, he didn't win a s…
On this day in NFL history... Peyton Manning threw four TDs to set the single season record with 55 👇
what about Peyton manning as a head coach
“Pressure is something you feel when you don't know what the *** you're doing.” –Peyton Manning
Per sources expected to hire Peyton Manning as General Manager. Ryan Grigson has been relieved of his duties. Chuck…
Matthew Stafford joined Peyton Manning, Matt Ryan & Dan Marino as only QBs in history to throw for 30,000 yds in their firs…
Here's what Peyton Manning once said about teams who win the last game to finish 8-8:
Players who spent 14 years with the all-time:. - Johnny Unitas. - Peyton Manning. - Reggie Wayne. - Robert Mathis
Peyton Manning as Colts GM: first hires = Reggie Wayne as OC and Teddy Bruschi as DC. Bring in Sean Payton as HC and we have ourselves a SB!
Peyton Manning, the next GM of the Colts?
Our to meet John Elway and/or Peyton Manning, and get their autographs
Take a page from a quality person like John Elway or Peyton Manning - You deserve all the failures you have
The 2016 death angel has more 4th quarter victories than Peyton Manning, Ben Rothlisberger and John Elway Combined!!!
I think Peyton Manning and the Papa John's guy are in love. ❤
can we talk about how Papa John has made commercials with Peyton Manning and now he's making Cowboys commercials?
Dear John Elway -Bring back Peyton Manning as as the "V.P. Of Winning" -He can make his own hours..Respectfully 👊🏈🙌
It was only going to last for so long. Pete & John knew that when they jumped on a plane to intercept Peyton Manning in a Denver airport.
Peyton Manning and Shannon Sharpe are a part of the horse face club. John Elway is president.
I'm no Manning fan... But it's obvious from the results that the Broncos miss Peyton Manning like they missed John Elway.
One day I hope to have a friendship as strong as Papa John's and Peyton Manning's
that td - int ratio is better than Brady', Brees', Rodgers', and Peyton Manning.
The lowest YPA of Russell Wilson's career (7.7) is higher than 7 Peyton Manning seasons, and 10 Tom Brady seasons
Peyton Manning: The Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award and you
Cam Newton is 20-5 (.800) in December/January starts in last 6 seasons. Only QB better in span. Peyton Manning (12-2). Rus…
All I want for Christmas is to see Peyton Manning play Aaron Rodgers one more time
Jim Nantz pretending that Peyton Manning retired while still capable of 30+ point shootouts is really annoying.
Eli and Peyton Manning aren't the same person? What?
.joined and talked about running into Jordan Spieth, Peyton Manning at Augusta this week. http…
Peyton Manning wilted at 39, but Tom Brady hopes he can play until he's 45. Story:.
Update your maps at Navteq
When you realize you'll never be as good as Peyton Manning, Joe Montana & Aaron Rodgers
Andy Dalton is one of two QBs in NFL history (Peyton Manning being the other) to throw for 3,000 yards in each of his firs…
the false idea that Ryan Fitzpatrick's play in 15' was somehow comparable to an aged, shoe in for the HOF,... Peyton Manning
Former Joy Christian QB Matt Mitchell at the Waldorf in NY with Peyton Manning for national Scholar athlete award
While we on Battle Rap...the decline of Charlie Clips is worse than Peyton Manning
Mike McCoy coached Peyton Manning in Denver, therefore, he must be a GREAT coach!
Tom Brady got his 201 wins in almost two complete full seasons (29 games) worth of games fewer than Peyton Manning got his 2…
Patriots' Tom Brady breaks Peyton Manning's all-time NFL mark with 201st victory in 26-10 win over Rams…
All alone at the top. Tom Brady wins the 201st game of his career (including playoffs), bumping Peyton Manning from the No. 1 sp…
Tom Brady passes Peyton Manning for most wins by a QB in NFL history (regular season & playoffs).
Can't wait for a music city bowl that reminds me of Derek Dooley losing to UNC and Peyton Manning's last ever game
With a win today vs. the Rams, Tom Brady would pass Peyton Manning for most wins by a quarterback in NFL history.
Romo on the phone with Peyton Manning like "now what bro?"
Jim. You had Peyton Manning then. And your SB win was against the Bears who had Rex Grossman at QB. Rex Grossman. Mail it in...
Peyton Manning hasn't always played with players like Marvin Harrison...
Hamilton Collection
Tom Brady: 200 wins in 261 games. Peyton Manning: 200 wins in 292 games. Brett Favre: 199 wins in 322 games. Let that sin…
Peyton Manning knew he would have to retire the first time he saw Trevor Siemian throw. "Like watching Michelangelo pai…
Win number 200 for tying Peyton Manning for the most wins by an NFL quarterback.
Peyton Manning beat a team led by Rex Grossman, congrats.
Drew Brees reached 30 Pass TD in a season for 9th time in career, tying Brett Favre & Peyton Manning for most 30-TD seaso…
Dude can't beat out Jay Cutler who literally could not give a crap anymore and Barkley's gonna be Peyton Manning today.
I'm reminding my friends that the elite Rex Grossman once was 3 turnovers away from a Super Bowl title over Peyton Manning
Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, Matt Hasselbeck, or Scott Tolzien. Doesn't matter who the QB, can NEVER beat the Steelers. . It's annoying
Tom Brady has been named the AFC Offensive Player of the Week for the 27th time, tying Peyton Manning for most all time http…
Saw Sal Paolantonio, Peyton Manning, & held the Lombardi trophy today. & the colts won. It was a good day! 🏈
Find someone who looks at you the way Peyton Manning looks at the Lombardi Trophy
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