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Peyton Manning

Peyton Williams Manning (born March 24, 1976) is an American football quarterback for the Denver Broncos of the National Football League (NFL).

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My CIA speech was applauded as much as Peyton Manning winning the Super Bowl
"In fact, they said it was the biggest standing ovation since Peyton Manning had won the Super Bowl and they said it was equ…
Tom Brady and Johny Manziel have more Super Bowl appearances than Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, and Cam Newton combined
So was Peyton Manning a stud last year? Cam Newton sure was and look how that game ended
If I'm Jim Irsay I make 3 more calls. First is to wish Pagano all the best. Second to Peyton Manning. Third to Kyle Shanahan'…
Waiting for Peyton Manning to walk in like
a few reasons of the top of my head; Peyton Manning, Al Wilson, Jim Donnan, Mike Dubose, Gerry Dinardo
."greatly supportive of national treasures such as Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and Peyton Manning"
The fake protestor said his group supported whistleblowers like "Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Peyton Manning"
Carlson's guest just said he supports Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Peyton Manning. . Yes. Peyton, not Chelsea Ma…
WATCH: CNN’s Ana Navarro wants Peyton Manning to run for president
13 of the last 14 AFC Teams in the Super Bowl have been started at QB with Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, or Ben Roethlisberge…
Including this year, the AFC title has been won by either Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or Ben Roethlisberger in 14 of the last 16 seasons.
Tom Brady is 14 games over .500 in the playoffs, Peyton Manning has 14 career playoff wins.
Jay Glazer: Colts owner Jim Irsay pushing to hire Peyton Manning as head of football | FOX Sports
Lachance to Brett Miller like Peyton Manning(pre neck) got subbed in for Osweiller.Add the big drop in class and ou…
San Diego-to-L.A. just seems like a Peyton Manning-to-Curtis Painter downgrade from my perspective. I will miss "the whale'…
unveiled the worst impression of Super Bowl champ Peyton Manning for Jimmy Fallon
we just had Peyton Manning inducted into the Hall of Fame. We beat UGA and FL. We went to a bowl. Tennessee was decent.
Tennessee football legend and two-time Super Bowl champion Peyton Manning has been named to the 2017 College Football H…
Hurts is doing his best "Peyton Manning of last year's Super Bowl" impression.
Hurts got those Peyton Manning Super Bowl 50 stats
If Bama wins, it would be appropriate that Peyton Manning is there. He won the Super Bowl with worst QB rating of all time.
Steve Spurrier and Peyton Manning headline the star-studded 2017 College Football Hall of Fame class.
Easy - Peyton Manning took them to the Super Bowl.
Peyton Manning retires in fashion with a Super Bowl victory
This is 2016 Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl offense. Run it, stay safe, rely on your defense.
it's Peyton Manning Super Bowl like
Nice of the bowl committee to invite Peyton Manning tonight. This is the closest he’s ever gotten to a national title
Peyton Manning there bc the Vols were supposed to be there...🙄
.Peyton Manning lead 2017 College Football Hall of Fame class. 13 selected for induction:
Eli & Peyton Manning have the same playoff passer rating(87.4) & the same amount of SB wins(2), yet Eli is seen as clut…
It's so weird that Peyton Manning makes everyone who enters his home speak in that Nationwide Insurance jingle cadence
Aaron Rodgers' eight Player of the Month awards ties him with Peyton Manning and Tom Brady for most times winning the…
2017 College Football Hall of Fame class to be reveled on Friday. Interesting candidates among the 75. . Peyton Manning, Dan Hampton. 1of3
How Irsay's negotiations with Peyton should go:. Irsay: What do you want?. Manning: Well, I... Irsay: Done. When can y…
That one handed interception by vs the Colts picking off Peyton Manning was impressive!
Why not Peyton Manning. He's been an offensive coordinator/ Quarterback for the last 18 years.
Peyton Manning, Fulmer, Holloway should be the Football Operations Steering Committee. That would get us on track.
Peyton Manning Children's Hospital ranks as the 25th most technologically advanced children's hospital in the world! h…
His 3 INT in the 2003 AFC title game vs. PEYTON MANNING in his PRIME is an ALL-TIME great performance. Hands down. Lock for HoF
. Peyton Manning's Forehead is expanding faster than the universe.
STRANGE BUT TRUE FACT:. Peyton Manning's forehead has not yet retired from professional football
Peyton Manning's Forehead fell on my car.
The browns best chance at a QB is trading their number 1 for Peyton Manning's forehead
Peyton Manning pokes fun at Wade Phillips via
what about Peyton Manning for HC or OC?
"_ was injured" "Aaron Rodgers had a bad day today" "Go look at Peyton Manning's 6th year, he didn't win a s…
On this day in NFL history... Peyton Manning threw four TDs to set the single season record with 55 👇
what about Peyton manning as a head coach
“Pressure is something you feel when you don't know what the *** you're doing.” –Peyton Manning
Per sources expected to hire Peyton Manning as General Manager. Ryan Grigson has been relieved of his duties. Chuck…
Matthew Stafford joined Peyton Manning, Matt Ryan & Dan Marino as only QBs in history to throw for 30,000 yds in their firs…
Here's what Peyton Manning once said about teams who win the last game to finish 8-8:
Players who spent 14 years with the all-time:. - Johnny Unitas. - Peyton Manning. - Reggie Wayne. - Robert Mathis
Peyton Manning as Colts GM: first hires = Reggie Wayne as OC and Teddy Bruschi as DC. Bring in Sean Payton as HC and we have ourselves a SB!
Peyton Manning, the next GM of the Colts?
Our to meet John Elway and/or Peyton Manning, and get their autographs
Take a page from a quality person like John Elway or Peyton Manning - You deserve all the failures you have
The 2016 death angel has more 4th quarter victories than Peyton Manning, Ben Rothlisberger and John Elway Combined!!!
I think Peyton Manning and the Papa John's guy are in love. ❤
can we talk about how Papa John has made commercials with Peyton Manning and now he's making Cowboys commercials?
Dear John Elway -Bring back Peyton Manning as as the "V.P. Of Winning" -He can make his own hours..Respectfully 👊🏈🙌
It was only going to last for so long. Pete & John knew that when they jumped on a plane to intercept Peyton Manning in a Denver airport.
Peyton Manning and Shannon Sharpe are a part of the horse face club. John Elway is president.
I'm no Manning fan... But it's obvious from the results that the Broncos miss Peyton Manning like they missed John Elway.
One day I hope to have a friendship as strong as Papa John's and Peyton Manning's
that td - int ratio is better than Brady', Brees', Rodgers', and Peyton Manning.
The lowest YPA of Russell Wilson's career (7.7) is higher than 7 Peyton Manning seasons, and 10 Tom Brady seasons
Peyton Manning: The Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award and you
Cam Newton is 20-5 (.800) in December/January starts in last 6 seasons. Only QB better in span. Peyton Manning (12-2). Rus…
All I want for Christmas is to see Peyton Manning play Aaron Rodgers one more time
Jim Nantz pretending that Peyton Manning retired while still capable of 30+ point shootouts is really annoying.
Eli and Peyton Manning aren't the same person? What?
.joined and talked about running into Jordan Spieth, Peyton Manning at Augusta this week. http…
Peyton Manning wilted at 39, but Tom Brady hopes he can play until he's 45. Story:.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
When you realize you'll never be as good as Peyton Manning, Joe Montana & Aaron Rodgers
Andy Dalton is one of two QBs in NFL history (Peyton Manning being the other) to throw for 3,000 yards in each of his firs…
the false idea that Ryan Fitzpatrick's play in 15' was somehow comparable to an aged, shoe in for the HOF,... Peyton Manning
Former Joy Christian QB Matt Mitchell at the Waldorf in NY with Peyton Manning for national Scholar athlete award
While we on Battle Rap...the decline of Charlie Clips is worse than Peyton Manning
Mike McCoy coached Peyton Manning in Denver, therefore, he must be a GREAT coach!
Tom Brady got his 201 wins in almost two complete full seasons (29 games) worth of games fewer than Peyton Manning got his 2…
Patriots' Tom Brady breaks Peyton Manning's all-time NFL mark with 201st victory in 26-10 win over Rams…
All alone at the top. Tom Brady wins the 201st game of his career (including playoffs), bumping Peyton Manning from the No. 1 sp…
Tom Brady passes Peyton Manning for most wins by a QB in NFL history (regular season & playoffs).
Can't wait for a music city bowl that reminds me of Derek Dooley losing to UNC and Peyton Manning's last ever game
With a win today vs. the Rams, Tom Brady would pass Peyton Manning for most wins by a quarterback in NFL history.
Romo on the phone with Peyton Manning like "now what bro?"
Jim. You had Peyton Manning then. And your SB win was against the Bears who had Rex Grossman at QB. Rex Grossman. Mail it in...
Peyton Manning hasn't always played with players like Marvin Harrison...
Tom Brady: 200 wins in 261 games. Peyton Manning: 200 wins in 292 games. Brett Favre: 199 wins in 322 games. Let that sin…
Peyton Manning knew he would have to retire the first time he saw Trevor Siemian throw. "Like watching Michelangelo pai…
Win number 200 for tying Peyton Manning for the most wins by an NFL quarterback.
Peyton Manning beat a team led by Rex Grossman, congrats.
Drew Brees reached 30 Pass TD in a season for 9th time in career, tying Brett Favre & Peyton Manning for most 30-TD seaso…
Dude can't beat out Jay Cutler who literally could not give a crap anymore and Barkley's gonna be Peyton Manning today.
I'm reminding my friends that the elite Rex Grossman once was 3 turnovers away from a Super Bowl title over Peyton Manning
Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, Matt Hasselbeck, or Scott Tolzien. Doesn't matter who the QB, can NEVER beat the Steelers. . It's annoying
Dak is having a Peyton Manning, Cam Newton, Drew Brees, Kurt Warner sort of impact on his new team
Tom Brady has been named the AFC Offensive Player of the Week for the 27th time, tying Peyton Manning for most all time http…
Steve Smith never had a Steve Young, Kurt Warner, Rich Gannon, or Peyton Manning. . He's a HOF'er put some respect on his name.
May be the last time you see Peyton Manning in a Colts jersey. Take it in folks...
Saw Sal Paolantonio, Peyton Manning, & held the Lombardi trophy today. & the colts won. It was a good day! 🏈
Find someone who looks at you the way Peyton Manning looks at the Lombardi Trophy
Former QB Peyton Manning looks back at Super Bowl 41. Full video at
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Biden: 2 minutes left in Super Bowl, who do you want?. Obama: Who are my choices?. Biden: Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Manning. O…
please you need to add Peyton Manning, Jeff Saturday and Reggie please
V excited to see the Peyton Manning of college basketball start the season tonight.. Beats being the Ryan Leaf & JaMarcus Russell tho iwbch
Papa John (surgically attached to Peyton Manning's *** as Secretary of Yummy
Also, Peyton Manning is a huge contributor to Papa John's in some form (at least an actor in ads in CO, maybe more?)
"What did he do? All he did was score! Joey Kent, touchdown on play number one!" -96 Bama from Peyton Manning as called by John Ward
Like, look at recent Papa John's commercials. By me, there's Peyton Manning starring in them, and look at the record of PJ abuse
I was looking for Peyton Manning or Papa John on that list..
Waiting patiently for Peyton Manning to announce his running for the 2020 Precidency
Peyton Manning enjoys his newfound free time playing N64 with Papa John while Eli sits on the ground playing with an unplugged controller.
Peyton Manning should've ran for president with Papa John as his Vice President
"ABC News said Trump needed a moment with his wife.". *** that's not nearly as powerful as Papa John kissing Peyton Manning"
Peyton Manning will be proud that he is eating a slice of Papa John's Pizza LOL
Peyton Manning retirement responsible for NFL ratings drop?
Modern Family taps Peyton Manning for guest spot
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
The best defense is a good offense at the end. Peyton Manning proved that fact. Keep their offense on the bench!
How bad is the Broncos offense if they can't move the ball on the Raiders' 31st defense: Abysmal? Atrocious? 2015 Peyton Manning-esque?
There are 2.5 seconds of Drake wearing a Peyton Manning jersey in the new Future video. Here's proof:
Super Bowl 50 will be Panthers vs Broncos and it will be Peyton Manning final game
Tom Brady wins his 9th AFC Offensive Player of the Month award, passing Peyton Manning for most in league history:
*Jim Nantz bursts into press box w/ contrived line about Cubs winning, but Smoltz quickly yells "Hey it's Peyton Manning"*
r we watching the NFL version of Tee Martin winning the title at UT after Peyton Manning down in Dallas?
the country MUSIC television awards crowd cheered more for FOOTBALL PLAYER Peyton Manning than they did for MUSICIAN Beyonce. I hate them.
Today marks Tom Brady's 25th career game with 4 TD passes. Only Drew Brees (29) and Peyton Manning (35) have more such games i…
Phil Fulmer struts his *** to the mic and introduces Jon Gruden and Peyton Manning. Taps the mic 3 times and says
Love the fact that Tennessee lost bc I don't like Butch Jones, Phil Fulmer and Peyton Manning
going to be the next Tom Brady or Peyton Manning just watch
Gary Kubiak ‘not saying’ if Peyton Manning or...US Updates via
still better than Peyton Manning after the neck and "San Antonio Holmes"
Gary Kubiak &saying&if Peyton Manning or Brock Osweiler will start
- Gary Kubiak wanted to start Peyton Manning vs Bengals
Must be nice getting paid 72 million and not doing much in your career besides being Peyton Manning water boy
I totally understand why Peyton Manning refused to run Gary Kubiak's terrible offense.
I believe time travel is real because in 2017 Peyton Manning will grow a mustache and return to the 80s as "Steve Groga…
the only pizza combination ring worthy is Papa John and Peyton Manning
Does realize they could completely and successfully replace Peyton Manning for the cost of developing a "jingle maker" app?
Best running back I ever saw in person: Chuck Webb, best QB: Peyton Manning. Best DB Dale Carter
Colts win. Next time they meet the Titans at Lucas Oil, Peyton Manning and the 2006 Super Bowl champs will be honored.
I sort of discount that last championship appearance though bc it was a Super Bowl featuring Rex Grossman against Peyton Manning.
I remember when Sean McDermott shut down Peyton Manning. Games can be mirages.
First one between Gary & Verne to work a "Kick 6" into every Bama game must get to suck Peyton Manning's *** at the end of the season 🙄
Last time we played the Peyton Manning broke the record for most touchdowns in a season. 📸's »
Peyton Manning set to appear in the booth alongside Verne and Gary to begin the 2nd quarter
Do The Broncos Have A Leadership Void?: With team leaders like Peyton Manning and David Brut...
Falcons DC Richard Smith said Chargers QB Philip Rivers is similar to Peyton Manning in...
David Spade and Jimmy Fallon are doing their thing Peyton Manning jokes are funny while hilarious if you misse…
Have a day, Drew Brees. . The Saints defeat the Panthers 41-38, as Brees passes Peyton Manning for most 400-yd passing games in N…
Trevor Siemian: How did this guy become Peyton Manning's successor? -
.a couple in matching Peyton Manning jerseys served communion to a guy in a Tom Brady jersey.
What I tell yall bout the Rangers? They're Peyton Manning in the regular season and Andy Dalton in the post season.
Peyton Manning and Brett Farve are refusing to answer their phones.
I get seeing Peyton Manning in every other commercial during a football game, but I'm trying to watch the Rangers...
It would be a "best buds" team. Jim Nantz and Peyton Manning in the same booth? Feel the love-- with extra cheese. :P
Only Tom Brady and Peyton Manning started seasons the way Matt Ryan have the Ice God is hungry folks
Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison. Tom Brady and Randy Moss. Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. Eli Manning and anyone
Why did Bill Cosby flirt with Katy Perry? To step on Sean Hannity. My favorite singer is Peyton Manning.
Today marks 15 years to day when Tom Brady made first career start for Pats in home game vs. Peyton Manning and Colts htt…
Peyton Manning sleds down the Great Wall of China! .
.star Peyton Manning enjoyed a toboggan ride around the Great Wall of
Morning!. Here's a video of Peyton Manning tobogganing down the Great Wall of China to start your Thursday 🇨🇳😄
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Peyton Manning promotes football in China, takes toboggan ride on Great Wall
ICYMI: Peyton Manning plays catch on the Great Wall, talks NFL in China.
Ike Taylor has a five head not a forehead. He is on Tyra Banks and Peyton Manning level in that field
"He is Peyton Manning pre snap, he is Aaron Rodgers post snap.". 👀 (via
Peyton Manning throws 4 INTs last season and he gets benched... So, explain to me how Ryan Fitzpatrick threw 6 INTs and still starting?
.a 2015 seventh-round pick, today had our third-ever 300-yard, 4 TD, 0 INT road game. . Peyton Manning did it…
NFL's last 7 six-INT games were by Ryan Fitzpatrick, Peyton Manning, Chris Chandler, Ty Detmer, Donald Hollas, Bobby Hebert and Bobby Hebert
I wonder if Peyton Manning uses when making nachos?? 🤔
Tom Brady is great and got lucky, a career with Belichick. In comparison, Peyton Manning got to 4 SB with 4 coaches INCLUDING JIM CALDWELL.
Peyton Manning buys pizza, beer for Crooked Stick employees after BMW Championship - WTTV CBS4Indy
Very cool! Peyton Manning's letter to Crooked Stick staff after persevering through the weather at 🍻🍕
Peyton Manning's gonna have to be Papa John's DD tonight.
What about Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne or Brett Favre and Donald Driver or Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin?
Are you guys forgetting about Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison/Reggie Wayne?
Reggie Wayne throws shade at Peyton Manning over Tom Brady...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Eating nachos with Peyton Manning is a bucket list item.
This will be the first opening weekend in the NFL without Peyton Manning or Tom Brady since 1997
Peyton Manning is a rash that won't go away-Doesn't he have a weekend getaway with Papa John or a Trump rally to attend?
Football season means having to see Howie Long in Sketchers and Peyton Manning making cupcakes for Papa John's house party.
Gonna write a screenplay for a buddy cop movie starring Peyton Manning and Papa John
I feel like 3 cupcakes with JJ Watt, Peyton Manning & his own face is a fantasy Papa John has had for a long time.
Diff situation, but NFL forbid Peyton Manning from wearing black hightops to honor John Unitas, who died 9/11/02.
how many hate crimes do you think Peyton Manning and Papa John have committed together?
Who doesn't love the world famous Papa Johns crew? Peyton Manning, JJ Watt, Papa John himself, and then just some white girl.
Him: Pick Tom Brady first. Me: He's suspended for 4 games. Him: Well, Peyton Manning. . Me: Oh, sweetie no, he works for Papa John's now...
It was the greatest chess match ever played. describes facing Peyton Manning.
Peyton Manning is overbooked and up . He is NO John Madden
Peyton Manning and Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam will represent UT during the coin toss at the Battle at Bristol
I still haven't gotten over the fact that you think John Elway was a better QB than Peyton Manning.
Papa John must have incriminating pictures of Peyton Manning.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
LOOK: John Elway, Peyton Manning pose for epic photo
Break the internet: Peyton Manning pose for epic photo after win [
Peyton Manning and Papa John getting real cozy together
If he want's the job, Peyton Manning could be this generations John Madden . Video game and all
Peyton Manning should hand over a Papa John’s pizza to Trevor Siemian to signify the passing of the torch.
Peyton Manning as natural in the booth as he was under center. Dangerously juicy second career comes into focus.
Well at least we don't have to worry about a million Peyton Manning commercials now that he's retired, what a relief.
The day Peyton Manning wants to be an announcer, he will be the best one in the NFL
Peyton manning probably watching like
Wasn't pretty but got the job done last night, they have leaders in that team even without Peyton Manning!
If that's how Peyton Manning sounds announcing a game, I declare now that I could never listen to that for an entire ga…
DID YOU KNOW: This will be the first time since 1997 that the NFL has a Kickoff Weekend without Tom Brady or Peyton Mannin…
Stepping in for Peyton Manning on the defending world champs in the primetime season opener.. Welcome to the NFL Trev…
blacks are not the only ones that play sports. So whites like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, JJ WATT are water boys?
With Peyton Manning and Calvin Johnson gone, and Tom Brady sidelined: Who will provide NFL star power? 🔓
Someone please tell NFL refs that Peyton Manning doesn't play for Broncos anymore. They can call games fairly now. htt…
Peyton Manning the Weird died from Cancer in 2016.
I'm assuming I'm the only person who thought it was awkward watching Peyton Manning commercials air during the season opener.
John Elway lost 4 of 6 Super Bowls , rings aint the only thing that defines greatness, numbers do peyton manning broke every…
I live for these peyton manning retirement commercials.
Peyton Manning won't stop doing commercials until make-up artist run out of make-up for his forehead.
Jewel: "And Peyton Manning is here because Eli is still out there making his dad proud."
Peyton Manning realized that Al Michaels bated him into saying "Omaha" and basically gave America this look.
Peyton Manning hmmm🤔 interesting Suzanne. I like the way you think.
I liked a video Peyton Manning surprises at Championship Moment | Week 1
Me: Peyton was on the Colts but now it's the Broncos? . Him: Yes. Me: He must really like horses. Him: That's not how it…
Is it just me or does Trevor Sieman looks like he'll grow up looking like Peyton Manning. I mean face-wise. Lol. Go
When Peyton Manning is retired but you still have to watch his commercials
The legends of Ball. Showing the fans some hardware. with SB33 and Peyton Manning with SB50. https…
Trevor Siemian not great for Denver tonight. But better than Peyton Manning was most of last yr, and that was good enough for a championship
"Peyton Manning called you last night, Trevor. what did he say?". "Uh...well, he told me the new Carly Rae Jepsen album…
Peyton Manning's rehab workouts were filmed. But was anyone even watching?. He knew exactly how to find out. 😳 https:/…
We need another Hannibal Burress to explain to people what a scumbag Peyton Manning is. I'm sick of acting like it's okay.
I'd rather see Jay Buhner in the booth than Peyton Manning.
[NFL: Videos] Peyton Manning walks out with Vince Lombardi Trophy - NFL Videos
Peyton Manning carrying the Vince Lombardi trophy out like...
hands the Vince Lombardi trophy to one of the greatest to ever play Peyton Manning
Peyton Manning brought the savagery to the Roast of Rob Lowe 😂
Nikki Glaser to Peyton Manning: "I love you in commercials. You're the greatest of all-time. You're like the Tom Brady of co…
Why is Peyton Manning part of a Comedy Central roast rn
Peyton Manning is so lucky, probably gets all the free Papa Johns pizza he wants.
facts like once Peyton manning retired I was like *** I'm getting old now I gotta find a new favorite qb
You should be able to draft Peyton Manning in fantasy football. You get a point every time he's in a commercial.
Chase Daniel mad he not starting like his name Tom Brady or Peyton Manning or something lol
So excited about football season! Favorite time of the year. Gonna be weird without Peyton Manning...
Peyton Manning won a Super Bowl last year and he literally couldn't throw a ball over 20 yards down the field.
Peyton Manning went 3-13 his rookie year. Carson Wentz is no Peyton Manning.
Man, I wish I could hang out with Peyton Manning one day.
I just accidentally laughed out loud at a Peyton Manning commercial. Should I:
they need him to be Trent Dilfer not Peyton Manning.
Literally all I think of when I hear Peyton manning speak is Mike Heck from The Middle
A vet QB with a Vet OC and a strong running game. They will be fine. They aren't replacing Peyton Manning.
He's retired, and it may have been 20 years ago, but I still get irrationally angry when I see Peyton Manning.
I love all of these Peyton manning retirement jokes
A commercial with Peyton Manning and Lionel Richie? Talk about pandering to middle age white people.
I love these Peyton manning on Sunday morning commercials
That Peyton manning commercial had me crying 😂
Peyton Manning missed his true calling as a football player sexual assault or commercial ***
she think he culturally appropriated floppy sleeves and underwhelming athleticism from Peyton manning
This card actually exists. Im floored that Topps got this done with no stickers. Amazing. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Chase Daniel is going to look like Peyton Manning against the Browns Defense.
Lol my name is Peyton. Named after Peyton Manning. And his # is 18. And I'm turning 18😂😂
have no idea why you don't like Paxton. As for Wonderlic, Dan Marino got a 16. Peyton Manning's QB idol. 16.
Peyton Manning Signed/Autographed Tennessee FS Proline Helmet Steiner . - Bid on this now >
Wayne might as well retire he been 2015 Peyton Manning from the field since like 2011
"If I have to tear the face off and do it five times ... I’ll do it five times."
I don't know why every commercial doesn't have Peyton Manning in it. I would watch a channel that is entirely Peyton comm…
Even champions get roasted. Pete Davidson takes on Peyton Manning at the
We should all be happy that Peyton Manning finally gets to concentrate on his true passion: cheesy commercials
Gotta hand it to him, these 'retired Peyton Manning ' commercials are hilarious.
VIDEO: Peyton Manning cracked a DeflateGate joke about Tom Brady during the Roast of Rob Lowe on Comedy Central: https…
Comcast: Peyton Manning jokes about Tom Brady during Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe: Ryan Johnston and Mike...
Peyton Manning is retired, but yet, I feel we're going to be bombarded with Peyton Manning ads this season. Make this stop, please.
better push the start of this Peyton Manning documentary, or I'm gonna be so mad! 😒
Attending a Peyton Manning camp? So cool. Working out with him years later? Unforgettable.
awesome. I have a Lamar Jackson uofl jersey and a Peyton manning Denver jersey
Kanye comparing himself to Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, & Walt Disney. I feel like I can now compare my athletic career to…
Film study. Peyton Manning-style... Check out the napkin covered with notes 😂
Just watched the NFL Films special on Peyton Manning. One thing he said, "do it like we will in a game". You WILL play l…
I think Peyton Manning is the first professional athlete that I have legitimately missed seeing play.
Peyton Manning will forever be my fav
I love Peyton Manning so much man it's incredible
Incredible documentary on Peyton Manning right now on - here's a look at Manning spending time w/ in Knoxville https:/…
When you finally realize that you won't be able to watch Peyton Manning play football anymore...
If you don't bring a pencil to film study and write down what your coach is saying you're not studying you're just watc…
Britney just had Peyton Manning's 2016 season on-stage tbh
Watching the timeline of Peyton Manning made realize how much I'm gonna miss him this season, and how different the game will be without him
Also, why is Rob Lowe allowed to have a roast and why is Peyton Manning allowed to roast him??
Peyton Manning on watching film...remember to bring pen and pad!
"God bless all of you and God bless football." - Peyton Manning
Jeb Bush donor, Peyton Manning (R-CO) with the same facial expression we all give our crazy Trump supporting aunt.
Rihanna is Peyton manning with the numbers. Beyoncé is Brady cuz of her performance
So is Peyton Manning but he knew when his body couldn't make him anymore money.
When you're missing the VMAs + Peyton Manning's documentary that came on earlier
5) Jared Goff. An elite talent, his overall game leaves me in awe. He reminds me of a young Peyton Manning.
These Peyton Manning commercials stay cracking me up man. 😂
Country, The Timeline: Peyton Manning 2013, airs tonight on NBC at 9pm MST. Set your DVRs!
if you can make a throw from Canada all the way to South Georgia then maybe you should be replacing Peyton Manning lol
always loved mike can't believe he is on NBC now imagine him and Peyton manning calling a game each night.
look how easy it is to make Peyton Manning fans dance
why does Peyton Manning choke and every big football game
Wow I have never seen anyone with the hatred for someone like u have for Manning you probably dream of peyton
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