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Peter Vaughan

Peter Vaughan (born 4 April 1923) is an English character actor, known for many supporting roles in a variety of British film and television productions.

Katherine Helmond Charles Dance

I had an uncle, Billy Morgan, a Clapham ironmonger, who looked and sounded like Porridge actor Peter Vaughan. He wa…
Peter Vaughan as Maester Aemon in HBO's Emmy award-winning Game of Thrones
Peter Vaughan working with Sir Anthony Hopkins in James Ivory's The Remains of the Day
I (always enjoyed this section of the film. Gotta love Katherine Helmond and Peter Vaughan
sits in for on with Band of Horses & Xylaroo plus Peter Vaughan
Peter Vaughan: Peter Vaughan of Quincy and North Truro passed away peacefully…
Just started "The Tantric Alchemist: Thomas Vaughan and the Indian Tantric Tradition" by Peter Levenda. Star...
I can't believe how anyone voted for Tony Abbott, Malcolm,Peter Dutton, Chris Pain,George in Qld & Pauline?
"Nothing makes the past a sweeter place to visit than the prospect of imminent death." - Peter Vaughan as Maester Aemon in Game of Thrones
and Peter Costello and Malcolm lied that well form a majority coalition government.
I say The AFP should be called in to look at the results for Tony,Peter,Chris,Malcolm and Pauline?
don't tell Scott and Peter Costello that, as with votes still needed to be counted they think Coalition is in Government.
Different between Bill Shorten and Peter Costello, is that Bill accept the truth Australia still don't know yet.
and Peter Costello claim victory for Coalition. So he still doesn't believe in Government evidence
and Peter Costello claiming victory for Coalition.
Peter Costello calls his victory for coalition, but he is a claim something that is not the fact.
and even those Peter and Chris has retain their seats (why?) there are swings against
NDS Surgeon Prof Peter Friend in a moving film on brave rugby star's legacy for transplant research in Oxford.
New listing on 9 Hill St by Peter Natev for $1,599,999. See
star Peter Vaughan is still best known for being Porridge’s Grouty
Peter Vaughan talks to Bernie Keith about Game of Thrones From around 2 hours 42 minutes
Took over from Peter Vaughan. Who still gives me the willies as Boris Johnson in "Brazil"
⚡ See Peter Dinklage ride his scooter everywhere.
Waiting on Peter to finish work is getting annoying 🙃🙂
Porridge to Game of Thrones - be enthralled by the life of Peter Vaughan- ONCE A VILLAIN read by -
actor Peter Vaughan reveals the secrets of his acting career
63-year-old Peter Vaughan will clock his 100th IRONMAN finish next week in Port Macquarie:
I'm lucky to have Peter Vaughan as a neighbour. He's a lovely man. Hard to believe he is 93! Good going.
Peter Vaughan, Katherine Helmond and Director/producer Terry Gilliam on the set of "Time B…
Saw James Bolam, Peter Vaughan and Lord Tebbit in our old Waitrose.
Now playing Peter Gunn by Sarah Vaughan on Blondy Radio. Listen on Stream
"The green bottle was chosen because the cactus is green". has gone all Blue Peter!
Chief Constable Peter Vaughan opens our 2015 annual awards ceremony recognising the fantastic work of officers and staff.
-> Taking me back to Vaughan Williams (RVW), collecting folksong :. See myself as Dives :.
'Look at those vines,' he said. 'Nature is wearing her prettiest clothes.' ― Peter Mayle, A Year in Provence
Sarah Vaughan - Peter Gunn via and then the remix thanks for the tip !
Ladybird books introduce Peter and Jane to hipsters and hangovers
Pakistan v England: UAE tour 'hardest by a mile' - Vaughan. Peter Danaher. Spinners win the games.
Essential viewing & listening to key designers like Peter Savile of & Vaughan Oliver of
Over the last few days I've met Peter David, Jim Cheung, Kevin Wada, Brian K Vaughan, and so many more writers/artists that I admire.
The few episodes with Grouty in Porridge reminds me how great his character is. Peter Vaughan really sells it as the most feared prisoner.
Peter Savile and Vaughan Oliver were almost as important as the musicians. It was the whole package
Peter Saville and Vaughan Oliver talking record sleeve design for and on
Vaughan Oliver and Peter Savile on BBC4 right now
Glad hear Peter Vaughan well. Often in his old house in Crawley which is now a pub!
Re Wolfie, Peter Vaughan lives just up the road from me in my village. 92 and still as sharp as ever! I often see him.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Veteran British character actor Peter Vaughan playing PC Gobby. Still working at age 92 in Game of Thrones as Maester Aemon.
The actor Peter Vaughan, who plays the blind Maester Aemon Targaryen, is also blind in real life.
Peter Vaughan, deputy minister of health, slams care system
so I guess well be in Gov with help from Peter & LNP have no chance?
with Peter endorsing they have 44 seats. So once again how many seats does have
KAP shouldn't tell Peter he rushed in early as he knows what is best for QLD and now LNP is kiss feet
How can seat num at be 43 seat as at said Peter has sided with ALP make it 44
ex-BusinessSA Boss Peter Vaughan will be happy He raised it every year in his budget submission.
does he look like Jim Clancy from CNN? I guess he's Peter!
Queensland Election 2015: Peter Wellington keen to form ‘gang of three’ & the good 4 Qld is not to have LNP in Gov
Peter Gunn by Henri Mancini, vocal cover By Sarah Vaughan, remixed by Max Sedgley
Lesson: Channel your inner Stevie Ray Vaughan (with or without 13s), learn to play "Cold Shot" …
That was some storm today. Believe it or not, our car is out there somewhere.
Peter Beale is trending, can't imagine why.
When we are focus on Peter Greste being released from a Egypt gaol. Let's not forget his colleagues & other Australians still in o/s gaols   10% Off
And do we forget about not only Peter colleagues but other Australians in other overseas gaols?
And Peter colleagues do we forget about them?
Your too young to remember . Family from Clapham bit naughty .. Young Ray Winston, Larry Lamb, Peter Vaughan, Bernard Hill,
Went on a love/hate binge. I just love Aidan Gillen, Robert Sheehan, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor and Peter Coonan! Such an amazing cast! ;_; My boys.
I'm backing MP Peter Wellington's calls for an investigation into the LNP's election promises.
Last day to purchase family fun pack for Peter Pan performance at City Playhouse
- "rejects austerity - it's a shame Peter Hain can't bring the Labour Party with him.."
"Plaid Cymru is against austerity. Glad to see Peter Hain joining us - shame the rest of the Labour party aren't"
Peter Hain supports anti-and even wrote a book about flaws of austerity... Why is he in the Labour Pa…
Hi Peter - Can you help with refuting phone mast safety claims in this article replying to mine? -
Working through Game of thrones S3 box set . Apart from the sex, violence and complex plotting I also like playing "spot the luvvie " loads of actors from UK and Ireland often with cameo roles . Where you think - hey that's what's is name from you now what ! Eg Craster - Robert Pugh , A leader of the black watch - Ciaran hinds , Peter Vaughan , James Cosmo , Greatjon Umber - Clive Mantle , Liam Cunningham , Aiden Gillen and if course Lena Headey and Michelle Fairley on the female side . My personal favourite has to be Charles Dance who steals every scene as Tywin Lannister . You can always rely on an authentic Brit when you want a bit of grim realism . I think one if the McGann bros is in it as well . Great stuff . Wonder who'll be in S4 ( no spoilers please )
Doesn't Peter Vaughan also come out of that hotel in Bullitt? Steve McQueen watches him from a cab driven by Robert Duvall!
Wow a few exciting surprises at the Official Athlete Welcome and Race Briefing at the Palais tonight. The Voice of IRONMAN Mike Reilly and Pete Murray welcomed and celebrated the 800+ IRONMAN virgins (first timers); Deputy Mayor Serge Thomann gave a heart warming sincere welcome speech; we heard Peter Vaughan is attempting his 81st IRONMAN on Sunday; and Craig Alexander fittingly inducted industry legend Greg 'Plucky' Welch into the Australian IRONMAN Hall if Fame. So humble... So great. Congrats Welchy!
I read the first book of "A Song of Ice and Fire" and didn't like it. Don't take me wrong, it's fairly well written. The very problem is - while I have a very soft spot for villainy, for intrigue, for a game of thrones well played - there is nobody to like. There's no character I'd care for, with the exception of Eddard Stark, who had "Doom" written on his forehead right at the beginning of the novel. He's not a player, though, but a honorable man, and therefore lost. What have we got amongst those left? Sadistic madmen. Mad women driven by grief and hate. Opportunistic traitors galore. Boring idealists. People I don't care to love, and people I don't love to hate. Just people I don't care for. Having now seen the first season of HBO's GAME OF THRONES changed little, if anything, about my impression from the book, although I enjoyed seeing familiar faces (sometimes just in cameos) like Sir John Standing (lying down), Roger Allam, Julian Glover, Charles Dance, and Peter Vaughan. Having said this, there ar ...
I am going to try out two series from the U.K. Sharman starring Clive Owen premise sounds interesting. Codename Kyril an MI6 vs KGB plot with Edward Woodward, Ian Charleson, Richard E Grant, Denholm Elliot, and Peter Vaughan an extremly good cast.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Does anyone remember this Kate Bush song from 1986 with Hugh Laurie, Dawn French & Peter Vaughan in the video?
Champion Charollais tops trade at 5,600 gns Top price at the Charollais breed’s Premier Sale held at Worcester Market on Saturday was 5,600 gns for a tremendous shearling tup, Loanhead Monarch of the Glen. This February born ram from Gregor and Bruce Ingram from Pitcaple in Aberdeenshire was the pre-sale champion and was knocked down to a group of three breeders, including the judge Geoff Probert from Worcestershire for his Mortimer Flock. Also securing the ram were Peter Vaughan, Kings Land Flock from Herefordshire and Jonathan and Carroll Barber, Crogham Flock from Norfolk. “This ram had all the traits that we wanted; tremendous fleshing, length, growth, correct with the right amount of bone and also great performance figures in the top 5% for the breed. He also has proven breeding being sired by Rockvilla Golden Promise and out of the 4,200 gns ewe Dalby Hyacinth.” The Loanhead flock also sold to 3,000 gns for a March born ET shearling out of Dalby Hyacinth, this time sired by Crogham Hanniba ...
If anyone in Auckland is interested (or the North Shore) I am speaking tonight at the Milford Group in 'Milford" - if you want to attend, I think the door fee is $5 and its from 7 pm (sharp) till 9 - 9:30 - I think it's the Senior Citizens hall at the side of the Milford Mall Shops. Cheers. The subject tonight is about John Lennon and his song "Imagine" and how the song is a mirror image of John Lennon's name, and how the word "Imagine" is so amazing when analysed by Numerology. See you there, Peter Vaughan.
Video of award winning impact work on community policing with Martin Innes, Peter Vaughan and Alun Michael
Plassey Seniors – “the competition that never was” The Plassey mid week Seniors held their Christmas competition followed by a dinner at the Clubhouse. Ken Crawford made the big mistake of the day by saying “Aren’t we lucky with the weather”. 5 minutes later the rain was absolutely torrential, driven along horizontally, by a freezing gale force wind. Vince Murray was so well wrapped up he looked like Nanook of the North. ( Editor’s note; Only the Seniors will remember Nanook.) Tony Evans resembled Captain Oates – about to walk off in the blizzard, never to be seen again. The competition was called off on the 2nd tee. The dinner was however excellent. Plassey Christmas Present Competition The winner was Peter Vaughan with 27 points. However the highlight of the day was an eagle (a two) on the 9th hole by Liam Jones. Peter had the pick of the presents and Liam was given a special award – a toy car I believe. All the players brought and received a present. Captain Kevin Morrissey wish ...
Wonderful weekend with old friends Stephen & Melanie Laws. We took a trip over to second-hand bookshop extraordinaire Barter Books in Alnwick, talked and laughed *a lot*, and Steve and I indulged in some excellent late-night viewing: 'Trapped' (1970s TV movie in which James Brolin is accidentally locked overnight in a department store with a pack of vicious attack dogs), 'The Screaming Woman' (a couple of nightmarish images from which have been stuck in my head since I last saw it at the age of 10), 'La Residencia' (Spanish murder mystery championed by Mark Gatiss on 'Horror Europa'), 'Smokescreen' (1960s British murder mystery starring two of my favourite character actors Peter Vaughan & John Carson) & various episodes of rare TV genre series such as 'Suspense' & 'Tales of Tomorrow'. As ever when I spend time with my friends, I return to my desk buzzing with renewed enthusiasm and creative energy.
Great film directed by the great Frank Oz 'Death at a funeral' with a great UK/US cast: Rupert Graves, Kris Marshall, Peter Vaughan et al.
I saw 12 Angry Men on stage once. Kevin Whatley was the Henry Fonda character. No, you're right, he didn't. But, it did have Peter Vaughan.
Peter Vaughan is brilliant in this M. R. James ghost story.
Directed by Silvio Narizzano. With Tallulah Bankhead, Stefanie Powers, Peter Vaughan, Maurice Kaufmann. A young woman is terrorized by her fiance's demented mother who blames her for her son's death.
Former partner of law firm Minter Ellison, Nigel McBride announced as new Business SA CEO, replacing Peter Vaughan
A peak business group in South Australia has suggested that the state change its name to broaden its appeal to the international market. Peter Vaughan, Business SA chief executive, has called for a naming competition so the public can have their say and change the face of South Australia.
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