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Peter Thiel

Peter Andreas Thiel (born October 11, 1967) is a German-born American business magnate, venture capitalist, and hedge fund manager.

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Peter Thiel was sworn in as a NZ citizen and British subject at that glorious and definitive New Zealand location: Santa Moni…
New documents reveal Peter Thiel was granted New Zealand citizenship despite not meeting the usual requirements.
Peter Thiel, advisor to "America first" Trump, is a citizen of New Zealand.
Kinda crazy that Peter Thiel was foisting Donald Trump on us at the same time he had his escape-to-New-Zealand option ready.
Documents reveal how Peter Thiel was granted New Zealand citizenship
Secret citizen Peter Thiel thinks he is God's gift to New Zealand, basically
Trump adviser Peter Thiel became New Zealand citizen in California in 2011.
Fasten your seatbelt, Peter Thiel, it’s going to be bumpy for Trump in Silicon Valley! via
how about instead of the Super bowl it's just a *** in the cell match between Mark Cuban and Peter Thiel
Nah. They were all very nice and honest about it. And they were right: Peter Thiel would very likely sue. That's what…
With New Zealand citizenship, Peter Thiel can watch the world burn in peace vía
Sources: Peter Thiel is leading search for new FTC chair, DoJ head of antitrust; Google-affiliate Joshua Wright, U…
We have this as a headline while the Government celebrates being top of a corruption perception index
Peter Thiel, Trump Adviser, Has a Backup Country: NZ. Another dodgy Trust Fund this time in human form? Yay for us?
New Zealand wants to know how Peter Thiel became a secret citizen
What is shameful is how this guy destroyed California... Peter Thiel for Governor!!
It would be fitting if Peter Thiel's first act as a New Zealand citizen was secretly suing the journalist who revealed his NZ citizenship.
This is telling: trump adviser Peter Thiel has an escape hatch - New Zealand citizenship!
Peter Thiel Move over "100% Pure". I give you "New Zealand, Paraguay of the Pacific for when your Reich crumbles".
The mega rich are buying doomsday houses in New Zealand, and now we learn that Peter Thiel even got citizenship
The New Zealand press are now trying to figure out how Peter Thiel became a citizen of their country
Leftist Kiwis whine about the great Peter Thiel getting citizenship, but they're A-OK with migrants like this 🤔
And Peter thiel got a citizenship in NZ 2011.. does trump, bannon, kushner, etc have dual citizenships?
America first? "Born in GER". pres.Trump advisor Peter Thiel "is one of the richest citizens of New Zealand":.
Genuinely surprised the amiable trolls at PPP didn't poll Peter Thiel
Srinivasan is one of a cadre of venture capitalists recruited by fellow immortality enthusiast Peter Thiel to advise Trump.
Peter Thiel, one of President Trump's most vocal supporters, has New Zealand citizenship
NZ granted citizenship to Peter Thiel five years ago
TODAY: Trump set to crackdown on immigration, We talk trade with the minister and questions about Peter Thiel's NZ…
Part of fallout from story on billionaire preppers: revelation that Peter Thiel became New Zealand citizen https:…
Noted Trump supporter Peter Thiel is set to flee America
Will you join the PayPal Mafia in New Zealand? Peter Thiel revealed to be New Zealand citizen
"...fake culture wars only distract us from our economic decline.” ~ Peter Thiel
>"It went from cautionary to holy F" Congrats on Sundance debut of "Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press" h…
Peter Thiel is so confident in Donald Trump that he's purchased land in New Zealand.
So, tech billionaire Peter Thiel has been a secret New Zealand citizen for years
Peter Thiel, the biggest Trump supporter in Silicon Valley, became a citizen of New Zealand in 2011 ht…
I think National did better giving citizenship to Peter Thiel than Labour did with Yong Ming Yan AKA Bill Liu, Yang…
clearly Travis Kalanick, Peter Thiel, Doug McMillon see more than hate
You were worried about Eric Schmidt standing with the Clintons. What are your worries on Peter Thiel with Trump?
Peter Thiel considering bid for California governor - POLITICO we will discuss next 10a https:/…
Peter Thiel is making good headway on the Howard Hughes path. Really kooky ideas and muddled thinking for someone with a high IQ
Peter Thiel considering bid for California governor
Peter Thiel thinks a Transporter is a Replicator and that the plot of Star Wars starts when Han Solo shows up 47 minutes…
As long as Peter Thiel isn't bored.
WRITER: your favorite food?. . PETER THIEL: I'm a VC guy, you know, Silicon Valley. Capitalism. My main thing is disruption.…
Top story: with Raymond Peter Thiel, Trump’s Tech Pal, Explain… see more
Peter Thiel's model for an ideal capitalist system is Jabba the Hutt
This is AMAZING bc it means Peter Thiel thinks the ultimate hero in Star Wars is Jabba the Hutt, who has given Han motivation…
Your reminder that Peter Thiel is the billionaire equivalent of the college dorm "devil's advocate" who eventually got popped i…
I dont think a genius should have to ecplain himself but mr. Peter Thiel, Trump’s Tech Pal, Explains Himself
The left: Trump is an enemy to the LGBT community! Give us your money & support. You need us!. Peter Thiel: Umm yea…
The age of Apple is over, says Peter Thiel
All progress and no corruption makes Peter Thiel a dull boy
Wow, Peter Thiel is a moron. About sci-fi. But I'm willing to extrapolate to almost anything for confusing the transport…
"Peter Thiel" In communism there was no crime. After communism they found out there was tons of it.
⚡️ “Here's what Peter Thiel thinks about corruption”.
Good to see that apparently Peter Thiel's interest in the blood of the young is getting more into the public imagination...
Pete Thiel has no idea what a transporter actually does.
Says the guy who "backed" (code for invested) in pay day loan company. Peter Thiel is voted off island
The pure ignorance and flippant naïveté that Peter Thiel displays for the world around him is stunning (and gross).
This entire quote is bonkers. Peter Thiel is further proof that sick people with money are automatically treated as sane…
Peter Thiel thinks there needs to be corruption for a Presidency to be "exciting." Politicians should be statesmen, not c…
In Peter Thiel's vision of the Star Wars "show", who is the protagonist? Palpatine? Jabba?
Maybe he's right. (He's still pretty reprehensible though).
Peter Thiel states the age of Apple is over
Way more than that. RIP, Gawker. Die in a fire, Peter Thiel.
Imagine if Peter Thiel had ended up as, say, a dentist. "But what if tooth decay is the solution, not the problem?" http…
Tech billionaire Peter Thiel no longer thinks his dream of a floating libertarian utopia is realistic
If the Trump administration plays out the way I fear it will, I'm going to remember this Peter Thiel quote.
Peter thiel is a self hating homophobe that piggybacked off the bravery and outspokenness of the LGBT community for…
You know what disturbs me the most about that Peter Thiel article. That he didn't wear a seatbelt. What does that say about risk appetite?
To be clear, most of us stopped working with Peter Thiel long before he supported Trump. But the Trump thing reminded us we got…
People like Peter Thiel is what's wrong with America.
"No corruption can be a bad thing," said Peter Thiel. This is immorality speaking. It must be recognized and named. http…
Peter Thiel and Trump are going to take down BuzzFeed next (after Gawker). Awesome.
Peter Thiel on Obama's lack of ethical trouble: "There's a point where no corruption can be a bad thing."
buzzfeed, memo to self: hand over to Peter Thiel
PETER THIEL to NYT: Google had too much power in the Obama admin. "Google had more power under Obama than Exxon had und…
Tech billionaire and Trump supporter Peter Thiel spoke about corruption, sex and more in this profile. https:/…
in addition to fatally misreading Tolkien, Peter Thiel has revealed he also fundamentally misunderstands Star Wars.
Peter Thiel continues his media tour: "No corruption can be a bad thing. It can mean that things are too boring." https…
A Wall Street startup backed by George Soros and Peter Thiel is in talks to do a big deal - Business Insider
I fully expect Tom Brady to be involved in some Peter Thiel meets Lance Armstrong teenage blood doping scandal. HOW DOES HE STAY YOUNG??
Marley Natural - partnership of Bob Marley's family and Peter Thiel's Privateer Holdings now sells cannabis...
.Peter Thiel, and Chuck Johnson were charged with "controlling the Alt Right message" by taking over the chans.
Remember when Chuck Johnson, and Peter Thiel were talking about buying 4Chan? That's part of this too, you have no idea .
How did *** men go from idolizing Harvey Milk to idolizing Peter Thiel? How did *** men go from praising Stonewall to condemning it?
His actions? Ha! Google Palantir. Fascism defined. Ask Ed Snowden what he thinks of Peter Thiel.
Rand Paul picks on Trump, the media and Peter Thiel in annual 'Festivus' rant
Peter Thiel is advising Trump on health & science picks. Given Thiel's research aims, will he make Trump immortal?. http…
Peter Thiel pushes for commercial space flight in Trump's NASA
Peter Thiel, you're an immigrant. Lead by example and lock yourself up, then I'll listen.
Big Science and the tens of thousands of scientists on the taxpayer dole need a shake up. Time for fresh thinking.
Peter Thiel now leading the fight for commercial space in Trump’s NASA
dumb leftists: "trump will make computer networks into a migrant-seeking terminator army". smart peter thiel: "I di…
Peter Thiel pushes for commercial space flight in Trump&NASA
The Eye was rimmed with fire, watchful and intent
I didn't know Peter Thiel was heterodoxical. I thought he was homosexual.
what do we think is the probability that Thiel is trying to finance a revival of 1900s crank race science
Peter Thiel appears to be teaching a mysterious "Heterodox Science" course at a small Berkeley institute
The Anti-Democratic Worldview of Steve Bannon and Peter Thiel is running the show
Silicon Valley for Trump: Vampire-curious venture capitalist Peter Thiel organized the summit…
Very interesting gossip on potential Trump transition fight between big govt space and commercial space:
That Peter Thiel seems like a great guy.
Peter Thiel is almost definitely behind this mysterious ‘Heterodox Science’ course
Pierre Omidyar came to the defense of GAWKER over a personal beef with Peter Thiel. Put no faith in this.
I love this picture! Safra Catz, Peter Thiel, Tim Cook and Elon Musk in one room. Amazing Technology Leaders!
Peter Thiel, whose company maintains an intelligence platform for ICE, could directly profit from mass deportations htt…
so basically is like Peter Thiel, but with super instead of blood?
'Zero to One', by Peter Thiel, Blake Masters added to dougchifetete's bookqueue.
Elizabeth Holmes gets a Hollywood movie, Martin Shkreli gets a Broadway show, & Peter Thiel...well, we're too scared of t…
There has never been a better time to be an independent filmmaker, journalist, or author. Peter Thiel explains why.
Need Peter Thiel to convince Donny there’s a new hype messaging platform and pull off a CreedThoughts.
FYI–Peter Thiel hasn't been involved in PayPal since it was sold to eBay in 2002.
still only slightly worse than Sorkin writing Peter Thiel as the victim and not sociopathic Trump supporter in Social Network
Question: did Peter Thiel usher Palantir big data resources to help Trump win???
Peter Thiel seems to like him alright... odd case
wait who'd be the Peter Thiel of our group, desperately striving for immortality?
honestly I wouldn't trust anyone who thinks Peter Thiel is God, though
.got really scared that Peter Thiel went after for a sec.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I'm just saying if Donald Trump decides to nuke California please nuke Silicon Valley so Peter Thiel will hopefully be there.
I will hold a REAPING , where we sacrifice a *** top each month to Peter Thiel !! He's a GREAT bottom . One of the best
Peter Thiel had to shut down Gawker in order to close the door on public speculation concerning Steve Bannon's obviously closeted sexuality.
Confusing but still interesting how Peter Thiel picks startups. But I'm wondering if he invests while the startup is…http…
Oh my god how many more angles could this be hilarious from? Peter Thiel is going to root out corruption: by defini…
Peter Thiel to oversee DoD transition. Next, US soldiers will be drinking the blood of young people.
would like to think its Peter Thiel attempting to pass the Turing test. Sigh.
I liked a video How to Start a Startup: Lecture 5 - Competition is for Losers (Peter Thiel)
Peter Thiel wants to be like that SIMPSONS episode where Mr. Burns turns sea animals into slurry but instead of fish its poor people
You don't want to just do 'me too' companies that are copying what o...
Stephens's former employer is bidding for a $3 billion defense contract. Now he's on the Defense transition team. https:/…
i joked about being liquified into a protein slurry to provide bio-nutrients to Peter Thiel but whelp. it was nice…
Thiel, who made a $1 mil donation to a pro-Trump Super PAC, is Trump’s highest-profile supporter in Silicon Valley
No news yet whether Thiel buddy overseeing Defense transition also gets blood transfusions from the young
No amount of outside lobbying can compare to having a Palantir insider now shaping the Defense Department.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Peter Thiel and Palantir will obviously do well in the Trumpocracy by
Now Silicon Valley is looking to hitch a ride into Trump Tower on Peter Thiel's coattails.
Why do you think he brought Peter Thiel on, baby?
Peter Thiel insider picked to oversee Donald Trump's Defense Department transition by
Trump adviser Peter Thiel is on Silicon Valley speed dial
Maybe we all should try to explain Peter Thiel, Donald Trump, Tyler Cowen, others, that big stagnation wasn't as big/bad after all...
Tech billionaire Peter Thiel struggles to find anyone in Silicon Valley to serve in Trump brain trust
But a business leader like Peter Thiel (God forbid), Larry Page, Sheryl Sandberg, Marissa Mayer, or some other tech CEO/CTO/COO could do it.
However, with Peter Thiel on board, the dark side will prevail. Resistance is futile.
First 3 people on Trump's admin: Kelly Conway, a woman, Peter Thiel, a *** man, and Ben Carson, a black man. What a sexist r…
News via ;) Nick Denton, Peter Thiel, and the plot to murder Gawker
Peter Thiel in Trump's cabinet would be like when Palpatine made Thrawn a Grand Admiral.
Peter Thiel to join Trump's team...well no surprises there then!
Globalist Peter Thiel a rat 2 close to Trump
Did u watch RNC? He spoke abt horror of Orlando. Loud cheers for Peter Thiel. We support LGBTQ.
.told me he thinks Thiel might take a role like Treasury or Fed Chair if asked, despite what he told the NYT http…
links to the Property and Freedom Society, in Bodrum, Turkey ? see more here...
Billionaire Peter Thiel is said to be joining Donald Trump’s transition team — and possibly leading it.
Watched The Social Network last night. . Except for Peter Thiel, it was good to know those people are no longer in charge.
Peter Thiel being discussed to lead Trump's transition team . # . by . 🇺🇸
Our future POTUS will bring the best to his team!
someone sounds a little guilty, mayhaps. See also: Peter Thiel. The truth is we ALL own this epic fail.
Resonating comment from Peter Thiel: the media took Trump literally and not seriously while voters took him seriously and…
It's time to take Peter Thiel seriously. He's going to be the mastermind of Trump's administration.
peter thiel will lead the transition team from WITHIN A DEEP LAKE OF YOUTHFUL BLOOD
After months of being the black sheep of Silicon Valley, Peter Thiel is suddenly going to be the industry's very powerful Trump…
Peter Thiel for California Governor? Ready for OUR Version of Trump?: In Silicon Valley the Clinton/Democrat…
Peter Thiel being discussed to lead Trump transition team:
Trump, alleged foe of LGBT community taps Peter Thiel, *** man, billionaire & Gawker-slayer) for his transition... https…
Peter Thiel will reportedly join Donald Trump’s transition team via
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Nobody was criticizing Peter Thiel for betting Trump would win. The criticism was that he WANTED him to win.
UPDATED: Peter Thiel to reportedly join Donald Trump's transition team
Paypal founder Peter Thiel gave best argument for voting Trump Would make excellent transition chair
Peter Thiel to enter Trump inner circle as tech adviser - CNET
Peter Thiel will reportedly join Donald Trumps transition team
hi eva..hope you are well..heres a "peter thiel RNC" as well..have a great night! :)
Sources: Peter Thiel has agreed to join Donald Trump's presidential transition team
Peter Thiel was the only prominent Silicon Valley investor to back Trump. Now, hes in a position to reap rewards.
Peter Thiel's insane libertarianism matched with Pence's brutal interventionism of *** lives. How is that going to…
What you have to understand is that just because Trump won, doesn't mean Peter Thiel was right.
Best idea of the day for Trump: Peter Thiel as Secretary of Education.
it makes him feel too guilty to entertain that idea. See also: Peter Thiel.
Peter Thiel to join Trump transition team, report says
Pleased to see more vindictive sociopaths added to the team.
Get the story of Nick Denton, Peter Thiel and as outlined in this in-depth feature:
Poster for the inevitable Hulk Hogan and Peter Thiel vs Nick Denton and Pierre Omidyar movie https:/…
Read my Nov 8 Newsletter featuring "Nick Denton, Peter Thiel, and the Plot to Murder Gawker"
Gawker’s Nick Denton and arch-nemesis Peter Thiel had a more complicated relationship than anyone imagined…
"You want to be the last mover, not the first" - Peter Thiel. e.g. Google is the last search engine.
So what mean nothing.. , Carl Icahn, Peter Thiel are on the other side.
you have no idea...I got in a fight with one of the guys at y combinator (Peter Thiel's firm) about using Emily in my pitch
Former Stanford admin discusses sharing a frosh dorm w/ Peter Thiel and his past defense of SA apartheid
Statement from Peter Thiel: "It is a great day for Terry Bollea and a great day for everyone's right to privacy."
sending the wrong message to kids, not good Peter Thiel
I love when the billionaire genius Peter Thiel gives a speech & then I read 23 year old journalism majors call him "naive…
Peter Thiel is a "liberal technocrat" in the same way that a murderous but "reform"-minded autocrat king in the 19th century is "liberal"
Please, no more Peter Thiel quotes. This election is exhausting enough.
Peter Thiel's support of Donald Trump is unconscionable and abhorant. Thank you for explaining it so well
Has the FBI finished its investigation of Peter Thiel's missing eyebrows?
Media collusion to block out Peter Thiel groundbreaking presser. None mentioning it except
Peter Thiel wants to end war. Hillary Clinton wants to
‘What Trump represents isn’t crazy and it’s not going away.’ Peter Thiel defends support for Donald Trump.
Peter Thiel exposes the diversity lie. .
Media around me laughing and mocking Peter Thiel for explaining why Trump is best on foreign policy and business
Wow, every media outlet cut Peter Thiel off when he started talking about our government manufacturing conflict with Russia
Worth pointing out that Peter Thiel is a *** billionaire supporting the most anti-LGBT platform in history but hey, a bi…
I'm at the Peter Thiel event at the National Press Club and he's been talking about fantasy football draft strategies for 25 minutes.
Peter Thiel will defend Donald Trump on this livestream Monday
& are the real haters here.They deserve each other.Peter Thiel blocked me because he can't take what he gives out.
Peter Thiel defends his support of Donald Trump -
Would Peter Thiel (or any other VC) ever say this about a founder they're thinking of funding? https:/…
Peter Thiel explains his support for Donald Trump
Peter Thiel plans to stand his ground and defend his support of Donald Trump
Oh, look: Craig Brittain has a Peter Thiel cosplay account now.
Sillicon Valley and are openly aiming to destroy jobs/business created by Trump supporters/Peter Thiel, and calling…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Zuck's stance is quite rational, but it's not the approach his company employs as they repeatedly ban conservatives
Peter Thiel Defends His Most Contrarian Move Yet: Supporting Trump,- you are the company you keep Thiel. KKK anyone?
Peter Thiel explains his support for Donald Trump - CNET: Technically Incorrect: The famed VC insists the situation is so dire th...
Peter Thiel, who gave $1.25m to Trump, has called date rape 'belated regret'
These arguments for not cutting ties with Trump-megadonor Peter Thiel are a wild ride of attempted reasoning.
Hillary Clinton has overwhelmingly outraised Donald Trump in Silicon Valley. But whats wrong with Peter Thiel?.
.seriously just compared the blacklisting of the Hollywood Ten to people getting mad at Peter Thiel for be…
Peter Thiel no longer is part of PayPal. Current CEO is pretty lib. And Chairman donated to Barbara Boxer.
Just closed my account: Paypal founder Thiel donating $1.25M to Trump
Silicon Valley is furious about Peter Thiel's million-dollar donation to Donald Trump
Peter Thiel reportedly is donating $1.25 million to Donald Trump
Peter Thiel expected to donate $1.25 million to Trump BOYCOTT PAYPAL...RT,RT
A truly awful rich guy will waste $1.25 million trying to elect another as president.
We will remember that PETER THIEL donated $1.25M to Trump and stood by him after we all knew Trump was the new Cosby. Stunning.
Peter Thiel shows us that we should tear down the motte and just straight-up use the bailey all the time.
Wait. pulled out of NC deal because of bathroom bill but Peter Thiel supports Trump? How? Also, and are awesome.
Tech leaders: when you make excuses for Peter Thiel for supporting Trump, we hear you. Women and ppl of color are taking notes.
Peter Thiel is not really *** because real *** people don't hold politically conservative views...
Peter Thiel can pay for it. Its not as though the GOP is short of rich aholes.
Only those who reject the Law of Identity can claim that your identity is something you get from belonging to a...
The polls are lies. Peter Thiel wouldn't donate 1.25 mil to Trump if he thought he was losing.
I'm shutting down my PayPal accounts today. Your politics matter
This is everything that's wrong with collectivism. My identity is something I decide for myself. It's not...
Dear straight people: Please take this evil billionaire off our hands. Nobody here wants him. Best,. The ***
Report: Tech investor Peter Thiel will donate $1.25M to Trump campaign
Yes I would fire Peter Thiel if he was my employee 😄
Y Combinator boss Sam Altman says he’s not going to cut ties with Peter Thiel for supporting Donald Trump
Peter Thiel went from a proud part of YC to "some random guy that comes in every once in a while"
Here is how Silicon Valley treats democracy. Here is the founder of talking about destroying Peter Thiel for…
.boss Sam Altman says he won’t fire Peter Thiel for supporting Trump
"But where's the line?!" is an interesting, separate discussion from The Case In Front Of You: Peter Thiel.
Hey has Thiel now invested more in a Trump presidency than YC companies?
We decided not to pitch Peter Thiel when we raised money last year. We thought his education ideas were bad and his brand would…
Peter Thiel to Donate $1.25 Million in Support of Donald Trump see more
Billy Bush is donating his entire $10 million NBC severance to Peter Thiel.
Peter Thiel-backed lawyer Charles Harder just sent this letter to People magazine:.
Charles Harder, the lawyer paid by Peter Thiel to represent Hulk Hogan in hi... ®
Peter Thiel and Sam Altman are, not vampires but, thinking of injecting young people's blood into themselves and others as elixir of youth.
Interesting insight from billionaire Steve Case on the economy, Peter Thiel and Hillary Clinton -...
Peter Thiel "arrogant and out of touch" over remark talented people only seek success in Silicon Valley & NYC -
Megadonors like Ken Griffin, Peter Thiel keep their wallets closed for Trump..
Into the night with Garry Kasparov and Peter Thiel - computers will never surpass humans because they have no soul.
Labor Department Sues Start-Up Co-Founded by Peter Thiel for Discrimination Speaking of karma .
Peter Thiel says he's into it as long as there's no food safety regs.
While Elon Musk is pursuing space travel and renewable energies. Peter Thiel is data mining and endorsing Trump…
Little Giant Ladders
Men and machines are good at different things. People form plans and make decisions in compli
Is it me, or did Peter Thiel just praise science and research funded by New Deal Democrats, and denounce wars launched…
Every correct answer is necessarily a secret: something important and unknown, something har
You know how to execute either Peter Thiel... You're another worthless f***ing dog you don't carry your f***ing weight
“Every business is successful exactly to the extent that it does something others cannot.”. . - Peter Thiel
Peter Thiel is already being targeted.
Just hope he takes Peter Thiel with him.
Peter Thiel's data startup Palantir sued by Obama administration for racial discrimination.
.re:your podcast discussion of where VC money comes from - Thiel as a delegate for Trump
Zuckerberg needs to get rid of this *** Peter Thiel.
A bit creepy how Zuckerberg, Peter Thiel and Mark Cuban sound alike
For every Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg there's a Peter Thiel
'In a world that's changing so quickly, the biggest risk you can take is not taking any risk.' - Peter Thiel to Mark Zucker…
DO YOUR F***ING JOB and start doing internal investigations on the crimes of Michael Moritz and Peter Thiel these people are THIEVES
The US is suing Peter Thiel’s secretive data startup for discriminating against Asians
In a world where wealth is growing, you can get away with printing money. Doubling the debt o
Obama uses lawfare against Peter Thiel or backing Trump. THis is why most remain in the Trump closet.
true. I'll need to catch up on the Elon Musk and Peter Thiel rivalry. I had no idea that's how they started out.
Great piece on Peter Thiel is wrong about the cities spearheading startup success
Thanks to for the shoutout regarding Peter Thiel needs to see what's up here in Denver.
The rest is rising with or without Peter Thiel
If Trump appoints PayPal founder Peter Thiel to Supreme Court, will that be "PayPal-to-Play?"
Trump campaign: Peter Thiel is not being considered for the Supreme Court
Trump: I'd put Peter Thiel on Supreme Court. Clinton: Sheryl Sandberg would be my sec of treasury . Me: gimme the beef boys to fill my holes
Trump intends to nominate PayPay founder Peter Thiel to Supreme Court, finally givin' billionaires a voice in Washington.
Trump has said his liberal sister would make a great Supreme Court justice. He's saying Peter Thiel will make a great ju…
Peter Thiel denies he's talking to Donald Trump about Supreme Court job - CNNMoney
ICYMI: Donald Trump wants Peter Thiel on the Supreme Court, sources say # via
Holmes confesses that Theranos was a plot for Peter Thiel to collect the blood of the living
Modest Proposal: Let’s Sell Our Blood to Peter Thiel and Redistribute Wealth in America ⬇️
Right now,the only people saving straight traditional society are *** *** Milo Y, Peter Thiel, Douglas Murray, Drudge
Somewhere off the California coastline there's a secret island where Peter Thiel, Elizabeth Holmes and Martin Shkreli meet biannually & plot
Peter Thiel op-ed: Government used to be competent. It no longer is. Trump will make gov competent again.
"Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the " by Peter Thiel
You didn't know about Peter Thiel's Vivian James collection?
Zero To One on Product Hunt: "Peter Thiel's new book on Startups "
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