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Peter Scolari

Peter Scolari (born September 12, 1955) is an American television, film and stage actor best known for his roles in the television shows Newhart, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show, and Bosom Buddies.

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Newhart alums Julia Duffy and Peter Scolari as parallel parents of back-to-back HBO dramedy protagonists is just a super weird convergence.
So loving Peter Scolari on And loving the brilliant Great actors on a great show.
I love Julia Duffy on LOOKING and Peter Scolari on GIRLS.
Peter Scolari and Julia Duffy on HBO on the same night! Where are Darryl, Darryl and Darryl?
If HBO wants to bring entire cast of Newhart to play recurring roles in its shows I wouldn't mind Julia Duffy, Peter Scolari
Great night for both Peter Scolari and Julia Duffy on
I do love it when the Peter Scolari and Julia Duffy episodes line up.
Peter Scolari has now convincingly portrayed a woman and a *** man. Peter Scolari is the greatest fussy actress since Tony Randall.
Peter Scolari, Colm Feore, Jeffrey Coombs?! This episode is killin it with the guest stars!
OMG I love watching Peter Scolari play evil on
Do we have to dress as women? Are you Tom Hanks or Peter Scolari? These are important questions.
Can an HBO show the real pain of a straight spouse?.
Four seasons in and finally pays off the casting of Peter Scolari and Becky Ann Baker as Hannah's parents.
that was Peter Scolari not Rick Moran is on Bosom Buddies you dummy!
And finally (finally) I spoke with Peter Scolari about where his character goes from here:
Super cool new pic of Peter Scolari on next week's Girls
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'Girls' character, father of lead character Hannah, comes out as *** Fans are surprised
actor Peter Scolari tells us about his huge moment on the latest episode - Vox
*** Tad (Peter Scolari) runs off to Frisco where he bumps into Patrick's mom (Julia Duffy) and asks,"Have we met?"
Tad Horvath just made my of characters on Peter Scolari is my favourite! So sweet. Bless Tad's little *** soul!
Do you think Peter Scolari's cross dressing on "Bosom Buddies" made him more comfortable to come out on "Girls"?
I hope we're all on board with all the work Peter Scolari's been getting lately.
Peter Scolari's character coming out as *** Poor Loreen.
Peter Scolari on his big reveal: "That familiar place I had lived in has been taken away"
And for fans, I interviewed Peter Scolari about Tad’s revelation and where we go from here:
Interview with Peter Scolari, who's wonderfully played Hannah's dad on Spoilers.
This is petty, & I mean it as a convo-starter, not a statement of pride. But having just read in an article about Peter Scolari+
this is my favorite episode of Girls in a while thanks to Becky Ann Baker, Peter Scolari, and Fred "Sy Ableman" Melamed
's Libby Hill talks to GIRLS' actor Peter Scolari, who did ace work this season:
WHOA. Infamous Elijah line in S1 was improvised after Scolari accidentally left in his earring during filming:
It was 34 years ago today when Bosom Buddies first premiered, in 1980, which starred Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari...
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It did not last very long. But cult classic sitcom "Bosom Buddies," with a young Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari,...
On this day in 1980, ABC introduced the sitcom "Bosom Buddies," which starred Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari.
Swear to God, when Bosom Buddies was on I thought Peter Scolari was the one that would go far, not that tall lanky guy.
I don't know the live action film but I do know that Peter Scolari did the voice of the shy kid in Polar.
My daily Bosom Buddies reflections made realize that I have seen Peter Scolari’s wiener so, no, I’m not a weirdo.
I don’t spend my free time thinking about Peter Scolari’s wiener, I spend my free time thinking about Bosom Buddies.
Is Peter Scolari’s wiener going to be in the new season of Girls?
All about Peter Scolari Quotes : height, biography, quotes - see at
I think I was too young to have any idea what was happening. I just liked Peter Scolari's hair and short shorts. ;)
I could be into that. At the very least, Peter Scolari. Of the two Bosom Buddies, he seems the hipster story writer to me.
oh thank god that showed a credit for Peter Scolari. That would've bugged me all night.
So and I spent day together. Discovered we both preferred Peter Scolari to Tom Hanks. And wrote 3000 words too.
I watched "CN" on the 4th of July. It does not hold up well, but Peter Scolari shines in it!
And yet I enjoy Peter Scolari in the tv show :)
is the type of guy who will snail mail you "Peter Scolari" as the punch line to a weeks…
Tom Hanks may not be Satan himself, but everyone knows Peter Scolari was the comedic talent in Bosom Buddies.
I'd be happy with a Bosom Buddies reunion at the ... might be hard to get Peter Scolari though
it's the worst show ever. Peter Scolari notwithstanding.
Watching Kimmel kill yet again, it dawned on me Adam Carolla is the Peter Scolari for a new generation.
No! I wanted COPD to win, Peter Scolari!! via
Michael Imperioli and Peter Scolari in this episode of celebrity Chopped. Think I found out your casting secret
People starve to death in Africa. In other news actor Peter Scolari won Chopped by using cheese puffs and licorice to m…
.Wrong detective. I look more like Peter Falk. Or is that Peter Scolari? I forget.
I can't sleep because I can't decide if Rick Moranis or Peter Scolari was the better Wayne Szalinski.
Dunga has been officially appointed as Brazil boss for the second time, replacing Luiz Felipe Scolari at the helm.
DUNGA named new head coach replacing Luiz Felipe Scolari
They could be the monster remake of Bossom Buddies. I think TV's Peter Scolari should make a cameo.
Just noticed that Tom Hanks cast Peter Scolari in "That Thing You Do" and now I'm very happy.
I want a fun cake. I have a year to think about who could be on it. . Perhaps Tom Hanks & Peter Scolari in "Bosom Buddies".
Peter Scolari looks way too old to be playing a teenager, and that NO PARENTS ALLOWED! sign belongs *outside* the door.
Helping out Peter Scolari on "Girls" for the next couple days. My make believe wife means EVERYTHING to me, with...
Coutinho has been joy to watch. Is Scolari watching?
I honestly thought this was going to be about Peter Scolari on the day he learned Bosom Buddies was cancelled
Somewhere out there, Peter Scolari is imagining what might have happened if *he* had found that genie lamp on the set of Bosom Buddies.
When I saw Peter Gabriel at the Hollywood Bowl, John Cusack came out during "In Your Eyes". Should I expect to see Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari come out in drag when Billy Joel plays the Bosom Buddies them at the Bowl tonight?
Tom Hanks, Donna Dixon, Peter Scolari and Wendie Jo Sperber star in Bosom Buddies! . Don’t forget to tune in to...
Where is Peter Scolari (Henry Desmond) of Bosom Buddies and Newhart Fame - Bubblews
Someone tell Peter Scolari and Tom Hanks that I demand the complete series run of Bosom Buddies. My beta tapes are kaput!
A shot for shot comparison of the original (Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari) to the Adult Swim remake (Paul Rudd and Adam Scott) of the opening credits of Bosom ...
Next up: Captain Phillips, in which Tom Hanks rescues his crew from a maniacal Peter Scolari.
I think it is a double standard that Lena Dunham gets called out for her constant nakedness and Peter Scolari got no flack for his nudity.
+ "She's in love with you" - Tom Hanks. "Dont say that, it makes me uncomfortable" - Peter Scolari.
Pretty sure the new foru. Is fabulous. We parked next to Peter scolari. (at w/ 35 others)
I know this observation is a few years late, but my wife's happiness, Peter Scolari, and Michael Penn's music are the only reasons for me to tolerate 'Girls.'
Saw Bronx Bombers tonight on B'way. It was fantastic. Anyone with a little knowledge of Yankee history is sure to enjoy this. A lot of humor, a lot of sentiment. I even got a little teary eyed at times. I'm a Yankee fan and I just thought this was so good. Peter Scolari played a great Yogi Berra. Recommended!
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The third (and final :( ) disc of "Newhart" Season 2 is still entertaining. Kirk is definitely the dead weight. His marriage to Cindy the Clown was funny, but although still likeable, she's dragging down whatever merit he has as a character, and there's very little of that anyway. Except for an occasional line, Cindy stopped being funny before too long either. Wrong as he may be for this series, even Kirk had better jokes. A subtle change in the series was getting *** Loudon out of the hotel to do a TV show. Michael (Peter Scolari) Harris only appeared in two episodes this season, and wasn't the person he would eventually become, but was a definite breath of fresh air when he returned to talk *** into hosting Vermont Today. His first meeting with Stephanie itself was worth the price of admission. They were clearly made for each other. Even Stephanie admits that God intended her to be with whatshisname. Julia Duffy does an excellent job of walking the fine line between an unlikeable character who ...
Saw "Bronx Bombers" last night. It's a great commercial for the Yankees (which is also an over-the-title investor in the show). And the play isn't without merit -- the way in which playwright-director Eric Simonson interpolates some of Yogi Berra's most memorable "Yogiisms" was great, and often even subtle. At the same time, there's one section of the play in which Simonson manages to cram in a whole string of them -- I counted five. And how great for Peter Scolari to play Berra, mostly without artifice or pretension. Anyone who has been watching him on stage for the last 10 or 12 years, I think, can't help but marvel at how solid he has become. But what struck me like a bolt of lightning was -- well, without a script I can't know who came up with it, but when Derek Jeter arrives for the Act II dinner party scene, after greeting the likes of Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio and Elston Howard, he spots Lou Gehrig. And at that moment, for Gehrig and for Gehrig only, Jeter removes his hat and says something li ...
I met Peter Scolari a few times in the 90's. Always stayed at the Hilton & Towers in San Francisco. Send your letter there
Peter Scolari - Actor - Discusses his work playing Yogi Berra in Broadway right now as well as Girls on HBO. Peter also stared in Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Bosom Buddies with Tom Hanks and Turner and Hooch Dr. Helen Fisher - Renowned biological anthropologist reveals study’s findings on sex life,...
I added a video to a playlist Opening Night Video! Peter Scolari & the Cast of "Bronx Bombers" Have a
that the Broadway play Bronx Bombers stars married couple Peter Scolari and Tracy Shayne as Yogi...
Peter Scolari opens up to about playing such an iconic sports figure as Yogi Berra in
Paul n peter"P-Squares father has 5 sons – Demola, Scolari, Davido. What is the fourth and fifth son's name?
Interviews: Peter Scolari and Tracy Shayne on the Legacy of the New York Ya...
My grandparents and my "grandparents," Peter Scolari and Tracy Shayne of new play on B'way
You know, for being Bosom Buddies, I would guess that Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari don't hang out a lot these days.
Michael Kay talks with actor Peter Scolari, who plays Yogi Berra in the Broadway show "Bronx Bombers."
Tracy Shayne and Peter Scolari join Good Day New York to chat Bronx Bombers, which they describe as "New York Yankees heaven."
Sadly, I probably relate most to the Peter Scolari character. Except I won't do full frontal.
with a front row seat while once again Peter Scolari is stuck in obstructed view.
If you're you sit next to George's wife. If you're Peter Scolari you sit next to George's wife's cable guy.
Photo: Peter Scolari, left, as Yogi Berra and C.J. Wilson as Babe Ruth in "Bronx Bombers," opening tonight on... http:/…
Yes, that's Tom Hans and Peter Scolari passing clubs.
New York POST review of Bronx Bombers on Broadway (2/7/14): Unfortunately, "[Yogi Berra] is played as a doddering holy fool by Peter Scolari (most recently seen as Lena Dunham’s dad on “Girls”). Richard Topol was more effectively sly in the show’s off-Broadway run, bac...
“When you come to a fork in the road, take it!” Yogi Berra What a wonderful night at the opening of Bronx Bombers! Peter Scolari is a genuis, the cast was simply incredible and the story was surprisingly heartwarming. Beautiful night of theatre honoring some great actors and great ball players.
Most people know Peter Scolari from some of his older work on TV shows like “Bosom Buddies,” or that old New England favorite “Newhart,” or younger people know him as the dad in HBO’s popular series “Girls.” Theater goers may know him from his recent role in “Lucky Guy” with longtime colleague Tom H...
Last chance to get a ticket to Bronx Bombers on Tuesday, Feb. 11th (8 pm). We are going as a group to see Peter Scolari and Traci Shayne (our guests at last year's graduation.) We will be having an NP "talk back" after the show. If you want a $30. ticket, please message me or email me by tomorrow (library
The Yankees are larger than life -- and that's made clear even before Peter Scolari
Saw Bronx Bombers tonight and loved it! Peter Scolari is fantastic as Yogi Berra and the whole Cast is tops! They had a Talkback after the Show and Jorge Posada was there with his lovely wife Laura. Great night!
About to settle down and watch Capt. Phillips. I wonder if this Hanks guy is any good. He wasn't much in Bosom Buddies (Peter Scolari was that show). Not holding out hope.
Last night's adventures included seeing Peter Scolari play Yogi Berra and meeting the Cowboy from the Village People (who was amazingly flexible for a guy in his 60's)
We are planning another NP outing to Bronx Bombers at Circle In the Square! This new show features Peter Scolari (our guest speaker from last year's graduation!) and his wife, Tracy Shayne. Not only is this play a story about the Yankees, but on the night we are going-- there will be some actual Yankee players in the house! TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 11th at 8 pm After the show, Peter and Tracy will have a Talk-Back for our NP group. It's going to be a ton of fun-- Broadway-style. TIckets are $30. (special group rate). So please email or stop by the library to hold your seat. Money will be due next week. :) Don't strike out-- get back to me asap! Christine library
Two big thumbs up for Peter Scolari in "Bronx Bombers". Gotta love Circle in the Square theater too, our seats were practically onstage!!
Newlyweds tackle playing Yankee icons on Broadway - New York (AP) — After marrying this summer, Peter Scolari and Tracy Shayne skipped the honeymoon to somewhere exotic like Fiji or the Seychelles. They&gone nowhere.
Just saw Bronx Bombers with Peter Scolari as Yogi. He was very good, play lackluster.
Bosom Buddies S2E7: All You Need Is Love Depressed after breaking up with another girlfriend (Stepfanie Kramer), Henry (Peter Scolari) goes to a video dating...
Bosom Buddies S2E3: The Reunion At a reunion of students from his old high school, Henry (Peter Scolari) meets a deaf girl and recalls how badly he treated h...
Feb. 6. Circle in the Square. “Bronx Bombers” opens. Peter Scolari plays Yogi. “I never knew Yogi Berra. I first saw him just from the back. He’s 88. Broke his…
"Meeting Yogi Berra during the World Series cemented it for me. He entered my soul he looked right through me." Read Peter Scolari's Q&A with!
Adam Scott plays Henry Desmond/Hildegard in this perfect "Bosom Buddies" re-enactment, but he is no early '80s Peter Scolari!
Had a dream last night that I was returning to college and Peter Scolari was my professor. What does it mean? What does it mean?!
Went to see Bronx Bombers, a new Broadway play staring Peter Scolari (Edgemont HS alumni). He is excellent. Good play too, if you like baseball.
Ha, ha Peter Scolari used to be a customer at Good juggler. Nice to see him honored even if parodied
It’s hard to believe, but ABC made drag fun long before RuPaul’s Drag Race hit the airwaves. Well, fun is a relative term. In the early 1980s Tom Hanks got his big break on Bosom Buddies, a wacky sitcom that saw him an Peter Scolari (Honey I Shrunk the Kids) playing best friends and roommates in New York. Except that the building they lived in was for ladies only, so the guys had to adopt drag personas in front of their neighbors and landlady. Hey it was the early ’80s—most people were too coked up to notice how ludicrous a premise this was. Last night on Adult Swim, Adam Scott paid tribute to the show with another installment of his Greatest Event in Television History series, re-creating the show’s long-winded expository introduction with the help of Paul Rudd, Community‘s Gillian Jacobs and some other talented pals. Rudd and Scott do an amazing job copying the New York-centric intro, and look a might sexier in drag than Hanks and Scolari ever did. Sashay you stay, fellas! Tags:Adam Scott|bo ...
Thanks to Oprah-Where Are They Now, Viachaslau Bortnik is now aware of Peter Scolari, Kenny Loggins and Ralph MacChio. Thank you, Oprah, you are still creating miracles.
Bronx Bombers’ TheaterBroadway (in previews; opens on Feb. 6) After tackling football in “Lombardi” and basketball in “Magic/Bird,” the playwright Eric Simonson and the producers� Fran Kirmser and Tony Ponturo turn to baseball in their campaign to bring sports-themed entertainment to Broadway. The play, which ran Off Broadway run last fall, is centered on the volatile relationships of the Yankees team of 1977, and includes appearances by Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Lou Gehrig,�� Joe DiMaggio and Derek Jeter. The real-life husband and wife Peter Scolari and Tracy Shayne star as Yogi and Carmen Berra. Mr. Simonson also directs. Start from : 2014-01-10T05:00:00.9Z continuing. On every tue,wed,thu,fri,sat,sun,. Circle in the Square 235 West 50th Street New York, NY 10019 Tel: (212) 239-6200
I would make the same horrendous mistakes, if you told me I would get to be the same kind of person today ~ Peter Scolari (That's pretty good)
Peter Scolari, the star of the new Broadway production "Bronx Bombers", stops by Studio K to talk about playing the role of Yogi Berra
"Scott & Rudd go to great lengths to re-create the opening sequence of the '80s sitcom 'Bosom Buddies,' starring Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari."
See their scene-by-scene redo of the eighties sitcom's opening credits side-by-side with the Tom Hanks–Peter Scolari original.
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I watched the first 2 episodes of Girls last night and i love it. However, I felt my age when I saw that Peter Scolari played the dad of a 24 year old. Was Busom Buddies that long ago???
The ubiquitous Adam Scott and Paul Rudd recreated the nearly two-minute-long intro to Bosom Buddies, the Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari cross-dressing vehicle.
Alright. Tom Hanks, Peter Scolari, and Billy Joel cameos in The Greatest Event in Television History finally made me not hate one of these things. Fourth time's a charm, I guess.
If I had any hope that Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari would make appearances I'd pay more attention to this..
WHOA - they got Tom Hanks AND Peter Scolari to do cameos in this Greatest Event In the History of Television?
Food Network will run Chopped: Tournament of Stars this March, a 4 week event where the winner gets $50K to the charity of their choice. Things kick off on 3/9 with Sports Stars (Brandi Chastain,Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Greg Louganis, Charles Oakley), followed by Rachael vs Guy (Penn Jillette, Coolio,Lou Diamond Phillips, Carnie Wilson) on 3/16, Comedians (Tommy Davidson, Sinbad, Gillian Vigman, Robert Wuhl) on 3/23, and Actors (Lucas Grabeel, Michael Imperioli, Peter Scolari, Tasha Smith) on 3/30 before a grand champion is crowned on Sunday, April 6th.
If you missed interviews with Marquis Grissom and “Bronx Bombers” actor Peter Scolari, check out highlights from Hot Stove at 4pm ET!
Actor Peter Scolari on his new role as Yogi Berra.
I just found out I can add Peter Scolari to my growing list of mainstream actors appearing in XXX movies in non-sex scenes.
Newlywed actors Peter Scolari and Tracy Shayne chat with about portraying — and meeting — Yogi Berra and his wife, Carmen.
Watching Girls and wondering when Colin Quinn turned into Ed O'Neill and Peter Scolari and Flea became the same person.
Ok so I'm flipping through the channels on TV and come across Sleepless in Seattle and a couple of things struck me: 1. Apparently it's "old" enough to be on Turner Classic Movies (21 years ago!---that little boy in the movie should be almost 30 by now!) and 2. Tom Hanks looked like a baby back then (in my opinion he's one of the best male actors out there today and to think it all started with Bosom Buddies. Sorry Peter Scolari, I guess it's the luck of the draw). and 3. Rosie O'Donnell was so skinny (for her anyway) and it's a shame but when you see how cute Meg Ryan was back and then look at her botoxified, collogen injected self today it makes me a little sad. "Time marches on and eventually you find out it's marching across your face."---Truvey, Steel Magnolias
Bronx Bombers starring Peter Scolari is a must see play for all Yankee fans!! Well Written and some wonderful performances!
More fun facts! The American copyright to 'No Pants Subway Ride' is owned by actor Peter Scolari. Each year he makes over $200,000 off of licensing and merchandising for the event.
Tonight at 8/7 on Original "Karate Kid" Ralph MacChio, Tom Hanks' "Bosom Buddy" co-star Peter Scolari, hit maker Kenny Loggins and "Sister, Sister" twins Tia and Tamera Mowry share the ups and downs of early stardom, as well as some shocking revelations.
Play Ball! Bronx Bombers begins Previews at Circle in the Square on Broadway, with Peter Scolari, Tracy Shayne, Christopher Jackson Music Fan Page and Keith Nobbs Fan Page.
Peter Scolari will be featured in an all-new episode of OWN's OPRAH: WHERE ARE THEY NOW? The three-time Emmy nominee will share the ups and downs of following up early success and sustaining big show business careers once the phone stops ringing.. [...]
Catch Ralph MacChio, Kenny Loggins & Peter Scolari run on OWN tomorrow at 8p
Coming up TOMORROW at 8p: pieces culled from my interviews with Kenny Loggins, Peter Scolari, and Ralph MacChio
Meet the Yankees! John Wernke, Keith Nobbs, Bill Dawes, Francois Battiste, CJ Wilson, Peter Scolari, Chris Henry Coffey and Christopher Jackson get ready to ...
Peter Scolari & Tony Ponturo stopped by FOX 5 / to talk Bronx Bombers. Watch the video here:
The answer to our little quiz was Bosom Buddies! Bosom Buddies was a tv show which ran for only 2 seasons, from 1980-1981. It starred Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari. The plot was simply that two single men must disguise themselves as women to live in the one apartment they can afford. Joe appeared in Season 2 Episode 4 called "The Road to Monte Carlo", in a 'blink and you'll miss it' spot. No copyright infringement is intended and full credit goes to the original production & dvd companies.
I keep thinking about the old show "Bosom Buddies" and the episode when Peter Scolari and Tom Hanks were stuck in a snow packed cabin in a blizzard and were distraught that they had no water!
People often ask if Tom Hanks thought he'd be a megastar when he appeared in "Bosom Buddies". Less often do people ask that question about costar Peter Scolari.
Bosom Buddies S2E15: The Way Kip and Henry Were Kip (Tom Hanks) and Henry (Peter Scolari) recall how they gave up their youthful ambition and went to go work...
good call. Bosom Buddies. Larry is Tom Hanks and Mike is Peter Scolari.
I love Tom Hanks, Peter Scolari, Bosom Buddies, and of course, Conan O'Brien!!! That is all.
Bosom Buddies S2E11: Cablevision Kip (Tom Hanks) and Henry (Peter Scolari) produce an episode-length cable infomercial, including an appearance by their spec...
I call my hands Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari because they're Bosom Buddies.
is to blame for that debacle. Martin Short should have brought Peter Scolari instead.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Jim Norton, Penny Johnson, Peter Scolari, Steven Williams: A spirit killed by the mob visits Jim Norton, Penny Johnson is attacked by a demon, Peter Scolari's live is saved by a cat, and Steven Williams' friend appears with a message.
I guess my favorite Peter Scolari role was when he played Tom Hank's roommate on Bosom Buddies.
If "Bosom Buddies" were made today, the finale would include Peter Scolari realizing he's transgender.
Have you seen that show Bosom Buddies? That Peter Scolari guy is gonna be big! Don't know about Tom Hanks though.
is on this episode of Bosom Buddies and she's Peter Scolari's love interest lololol
A couple of Bosom Buddies like yourselves would need Hanks AND Peter Scolari.
Directed by Chris Calkins, Bebe Neuwirth. With Isiah Whitlock Jr., Peter Scolari, Suzanne Shepherd, Halley Wegryn Gross. 82 year-old Elena Klein, a retired New York florist, can't stop arranging - only now it's not flowers she's arranging, but people's lives.
Steve Sarkisian=Tom Hanks, Lane Kiffin=Peter Scolari, (Trust me, if you're over 38 yrs old,…
Dickie Moore is 88. (Our Gang), Linda Gray is 73 (Dallas), Peter Scolari is 59 (Bosom Buddies), Rachel Ward is 56. Happy Birthday!
Was ill prepared for the full frontal Peter (!) Scolari in tonight's "Girls." What would Newhart say? LOVING the show ;)
deny it all u want. But he looks like a bald Peter Scolari. Always has
And while we're at it I bet is against a Bosom Buddies movie. Sorry, Peter Scolari.
I don't even think Peter Scolari can handle being Peter Scolari.
*** no. No offence to my friends, but none of them could handle being Peter Scolari.
He was no Peter Scolari, but still.
Have just ridden Q train with Peter Scolari. Cool.
How's your Friday night going? The episode of The West Wing I'm watching guest stars Mark Harmon, Ian McShane, and Peter Scolari.
Ooh, great guest cast in this episode I'm on now: Ian McShane, Bill Cobbs, Gregory Itzin, Peter Scolari, and Mark Harmon! :D
Tom Hanks, Peter Scolari, Courtney B. Vance, Maura Tierney & Co. thanks for an amazing night at the theater!
We just stumbled across a fantastic story about the Epiphany Tour. It's an opportunity to create 100 moments of inspiration for inner-city kids from Springfield. The first stop on the tour was a meeting in NYC with Tom Hank's and Peter Scolari. This is David Horgan's brainchild. Brilliant! For more information contact David at infoWe certainly want to know more.
Although I've never seen a Broadway play, I'll be hoping 'Lucky Guy' wins at the Tonys tonight. Starring Tom Hanks, and my cousin, Peter Scolari, who both began many years ago on 'Bosom Buddies'.
Fabulous nite! Dinner at Becco and Lucky Guy was great! Peter Scolari was in it too so it was a "Busom Buddies reunion! Tom Hanks is just a great actor...there are no words. Out past my bedtime on a 11:17 train.what to see next?:)
ABOUT THE PLAY LUCKY GUY-I AM A LUCK GUY TO GET TO SEE THIS PLAY TOMORROW NIGHT ! Lucky Guy brings together some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. The show was written by the late Nora Ephron. Ephron achieved fame as one of the world's most successful screenwriters, penning hits like "Sleepless in Seattle" and "When Harry Met Sally." Lucky Guy is the last work that she completed before her death. The talented cast, directed by George C. Wolfe, includes Tom Hanks, Peter Scolari, Maura Tierney and Christopher McDonald.
Arrested Development episode 4 has a cutout poster called More Angels More Demons with Peter Scolari. GENIUS. im done watching this season
No one talks about the Mckinkey or Garfield assassinations do they? Those 2 really are the Peter Scolari & Alex Winter of the presidents
I for sure do! : ) Sadly, many still don't know who Peter Scolari is... I see he's on Girls now though.
Any Arrested Development fans who speak Spanish know what the movie posters in Michael's Orange County office say?
Best part of Arrested Development for me was the Peter Scolari "cameo."
The Peter Scolari sight gag is probably my favourite joke of the new Arrested Development season so far. Not sure what that says about me.
If nothing else, this season has given us Angeles & Diablos: Mas! Mas! Mas! con Peter Scolari,
ANGELES Y DIABLOS con Peter Scolari...there are no words to describe how perfect this is,
Can we talk about how good the poster for the Spanish remake of Angels and Demons with Peter Scolari is?
On we interviewed Emmy winners Ray Romano and Eric Stonestreet, and 3-time nominee Peter Scolari:
I had the pleasure of producing this- Ray Romano, Eric Stonestreet & Peter Scolari:
Been encountering a lot of Colin Hanks on Netflix lately... Makes me wish Peter Scolari had a disappointing son, too.
Highlights from Larry Cedar's interview with Inside Acting, a podcast about the business and craft of the profession, hosted by AJ Meijer and Trevo...
.is LIVE with with Ray Romano, Eric Stonestreet and Peter Scolari! WATCH:
Dirk Benedict is really Peter Scolari in a Dirk Benedict costume.
Then + Now: Peter Scolari from 'Bosom Buddies': Everyone knows what happened to Tom Hanks after starring in th...
Just curious..if you could be on any show or sitcom past or present,what would it be?I think id be on cheers.(what show would you want to be on)
Tom Hanks' show that made him famous.with Peter Scolari (later appeared on The Bob Newhart show).was one of my faves.
This was one of my favorite shows when I was growing up. Tom Hanks has always been great but he was at his funniest in the beginning of his acting career. Btw, he did not make a pretty woman either. What's his name did tho..what is that guys name??
Looking forward to seeing super college roomie Catherine Riesterer and meeting her daughters tonight. Dinner at my fave Restaurant Row haven, Becco, and going to see "Lucky Guy" with Tom Hanks! Suh-weet!
"The only facts in life are birth and death. Everything in the middle is open to interpretation." Just got the last ticket to Lucky Guy on broadway. Incredible show and incredible cast - Tom Hanks, Courtney B Vance, Peter Scolari, Maura Tierney, and Scooter McGavin himself. See it if you can.
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Saw Peter Scolari filming something on the streets of the West Village this morning. A Peter Scolari sighting means more to me than a Hugh Jackman sighting.
Wonder if Peter Scolari is hiding in stache these days?
Congratulations to The Neighborhood Playhouse Class of 2013 !!! Thank you to Peter Scolari for speaking at the graduation!
Midnight breaking news: Joel Santana for Orlando Pirates according to Brazilian Daily Newspaper. This can't be true. We don't need a coach who cant speak English. Joel Santana was fired by Brazilian team Bahia over the weekend.
Looking forward to spending some quality time with my pal Peter Scolari tomorrow after his show
Last night Suzie and I were watching a movie and the sound track had songs by three different people who had at one time been in my back up band. I started thinking about it and realized that my back up band over the years has included members of Traffic, Eric Clapton's band, Stevie Ray Vaughn's band, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, The Allman Brothers, Jefferson Airplane and Starship, Edgar Winter Group, Captain Beefheart, Blue Cheer, Sly & The Family Stone, Michael Jackson, Righteous Brothers, and a handful of others. Although I'm really greatful to have had the opportunity to play with these guys I'm beginning to feel a little bit like Ronnie Hawkins. Its like "Who the *** is Chris Berry?" My first album had a couple of songs that were slated to be recorded by Bonnie Raitt, (My manager was her music publisher) but I got bumped in favor of Kevin & Bonnie Hayes, (who are fantastic songwriters by the way). I'm like that guy who's always hanging around the peripheral that nobody knows and who can't seem to cat ...
The same poll named Peter Scolari as America's favored employee at Chipotle.
David. I thank-you. You are a true legend.Now who the bloody *** is out there that gets close to his level?!? Bill - Use your (fairly lacking) persuasive skills please and see if you maybe Fergie's keen to come out of his somewhat brief retirement.
Thought I saw Peter Scolari on my flight. But, no. It wasn't him.
Kip and Henry work at an advertising agency as an artist and writer respectively. When the apartment that they were living in was condemned, they had no place to live. So Amy their co-worker, who has a crush on Henry, suggests that they stay with her but the only the problem is that it's for girl...
These strike me as the only two options. There is always the third, remote possibility that Tom Hanks does not know who I am and thus is indifferent to me and that God is a human construct whom is ...
when I pictured in my mind, he never looked like he does in real life. I imagined he looked like Peter Scolari.
.is awesome, but I wish Tom Hanks & Peter Scolari would host the Tonys as Buffy & Hildegarde.
Me an Peter Scolari, "Bosom Buddies," after the LUCKY GUYS show in Manhattan--Scolari was reunited on stage with...
This is not as zany as I thought it would be. I blame Peter Scolari and TK Carter.
From left, director George C. Wolfe and cast members Maura Tierney, Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari at the opening night of “Lucky Guy,” ..
Oscar-winner Tom Hanks and “Girls” star Peter Scolari in Bosom Buddies now up to 50% off at Amazon!
Peter Scolari Director of Scolari Comerford introduces his webinar that he is hosting in May for SME's and Engineering Firms: 'How to Double Your Bank Balanc...
Broadhurst Theater, silently nodding to myself as Peter Scolari, understudyIng Hanks, has become Broadway's greatest Mike McAlary.
Row J, Broadhurst Theater, coughing up a Life Saver at this announcement: "Tonight, in the role of Mike McAlary... Peter Scolari."
I love that Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari are together again on Broadway, and speaking Nora Ephron's words.
At "Lucky Guy" with those guys from. "Bosom Buddies. Peter Scolari and Tom what's his name.
Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari in Lucky Guy on Broadway. Bosom Buddies reunion!
I love that brought his old Bosom Buddies pal, Peter Scolari, to appear in his new Broadway show. Good men!
Of course straight ppl *** marry to get affordable health care. Look at what Peter Scolari & Tom Hanks did to get affordable housing.
Most powerful moment of last night's Peter Scolari grabbing arm of emotional when they revealed pic of
Go for True Blood. Better chance of ending up with a hit vampire than in a weird *** sex situation. Or Peter Scolari.
“Whenever I hear Billy Joel's My Life I instinctively think of Tom Hanks in a dress.” I also think of Peter Scolari.
Great to see friend Peter Scolari of reunited w his "Bosom Buddy" on Bway in reviews today
Has anyone made note of the “Bosom Buddies” reunion of Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari in
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Opening of Lucky Guy on Bway seeing the great PETER SCOLARI, DANNY MASTROGIORGIO and ANDREW HOVELSON (and Tom Hanks)!
yes. And that the parents are Peter Scolari and the mom from Freaks and Geeks is simply perfect.
A discussion on bosoms led to the discovery of the genderbending Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari TV series "Bosom Buddies".
Checked out Tom Hanks in "Lucky Guy" w/Bosom Buddy Peter Scolari. Funny & touching. I was a little bored but my wife was crying at curtain.
I really hope Rick Moranis and Peter Scolari get together and talk about dad stuff.
So and I made Peter Scolari's day by recognizing him on the 2 train.
Next season Tom Hanks as Peter Scolari's bosum buddy from college who has affair with Jemima- titled "My Life"
Just had a moment (or two) with Peter Scolari at deli. Very nice man!
I just feel like not enough people have ever talked about how fabulously talented (& still fantastic looking) Peter Scolari is.
I still think Peter Scolari's junk should get its own spin-off. We saw it, liked it, want more of it! (Like Mork on Happy Days)
I'm sorry but Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari are in a Bway show together and NONE OF YOU TOLD ME!?!?!
Peter Scolari and Becky Ann Baker might be the best part of 'Girls.'
Watching Kids in the Hall, I keep expecting to see Peter Scolari, from Bosum Buddies.
I always liked that Tom Hanks gave Peter Scolari a part in this movie.
Surely I can't be the only one who occasionally confuses Peter Scolari and Marc Singer.
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Nice to see Peter Scolari gettin' work.
Getting a restraining order from Peter Scolari
Peter Scolari and Becky Ann Baker are pretty much the best TV parents ever.
Funny story, Peter Scolari who plays her dad on Girls also played the Rick Moranis role on the Hunny I Shrunk the Kids TV show
New show out today features Anderlecht, Big Phil Scolari & Rafa Marquez, plus features on football in Mato Grosso, Brazil & Uganda.
So...Peter Scolari is supposed to be Louis CK? Seems like bad casting to me.
Peter Scolari is a criminally underrated actor. I'll have to watch Girls. Writing the book has taken me out of the TV loop.
Peter Scolari and Becky Ann Baker are insanely great as Hannah's parents on GIRLS. I mean it. I'm obsessed with them.
Tom Hanks, Peter Scolari & the guy that looks like Joe Piscopo but it's not Joe Piscopo, lol. I was right up close to them but this was the best I could get bcse of people pushing & being too tall
Tom Hanks, Peter Scolari and Holland Taylor on at the same time. Coincidence? I think not.
Good to see Judy Collins, Carol Kane, Peter Scolari & Bob Balaban in (Bob did write a series of children's books about a robotic dog)
On this date in history in - 986 – Louis V becomes King of the Franks. In a weird coincidence Henri Van Camps became Duke of Beans plus in - 1127 – Assassination of Charles the Good, Count of Flanders. I guess not everyone thought he was so good! and in - 1791 – Long-distance communication speeds up with the unveiling of a semaphore machine in Paris. It was, however, difficult to see the flags signal across the English Channel. also in - 1903 – In New York City the Martha Washington Hotel opens, becoming the first hotel exclusively for women. It remain fairly unknown until Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari decided to move to New York. and finally in - 1995 – Researchers at Fermilab announce the discovery of the top quark. Their organization later that evening announced, at a party in Wheaton, Il. the election of the Grand Poo-bah and the The Great Gazoo.
In this week's TV Recap, we look at HBO series and Judd Apatow produced show Girls episode "Video Games" in which Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke visit Ben Mendelsohn and Patricia Arquette for a little family time. Also, a call to Becky Ann Baker and Peter Scolari. Does it go well? Does this episode even justify its existence? Click below to read more.
When I saw that scene on Girls with Peter Scolari naked, I expected Hanks to bust in in a dress and "My Life" to kick off.
& Peter Scolari is riding a unicycle.
But Peter Scolari can go jump in a lake!
somewhere Peter Scolari is crying himself to sleep
What about poor Peter Scolari, Patton? No love for the lesser Buddy in your bosom?
And Peter Scolari wonders what happened to His Life.
This is correct. However, I am only 42. Also, I think of Peter Scolari. Because someone has to.
I'm not quite 44, but that song makes me think of Peter Scolari
or wondering what happened to Peter Scolari.
Somewhere, Peter Scolari wishes you'd think of him just once.
*** I think about Peter Scolari...all the time.
throwing oranges over his shoulder to Peter Scolari
I'm 34 and all I can think of is Peter Scolari.
Always thought Peter Scolari was the talent. MT "If you're 44, can't hear Billy Joel's "My Life" w/o thinking of Tom Hanks."
personally I think of Peter Scolari before Tom Hanks. Pete carried that dumb show.
If you're 32, do you have to think of Peter Scolari?
39 and just on the edge with that. And Peter Scolari, of course.
Terry supported JM, Ancelotti, Grant (to a degree), Di Matteo and even Scolari. The problem in that regard is RA.
should have never sacked Ancelotti, or Di Matteo, Or AVB, Or Jose...the only one they got right was Scolari!
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Peter Scolari- on GIRLS this past week. From our party trivia.
wigs got you very far in the 80s. Ask Peter Scolari.
Peter Scolari joins cast of Broadway's The Lucky Guy? Consider me one LUCKY GAL.
I did not know that "Lucky Guy" stars both Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari. Remember this?
*** - just figured it out!! Peter Scolari from Girls and Bosom Buddies lives in my neighborhood in NYC. I see him at the subway stop all the time!!!
Great. Now I have to completely re-think my "Ben Affleck is to Matt Damon as Peter Scolari is to Tom Hanks" analogy.
Ben Affleck didn't thank Matt Damon, who might be on his way to becoming the Peter Scolari of their little duo. (Google him.)
Life of Pi guy looks like Peter Scolari in a fright wig!
The cinematography winner looks like Peter Scolari in a Gandalf wig.
DID YOU KNOW? Did you know that Peter Scolari, Tom Hanks' co-star on the TV show 'Bosom Buddies,' actually had an acting career for the last 30 years? It is true. And even stranger, he is about to appear on Broadway in the Nora Ephron play 'Lucky Guy' with, yup, Tom Hanks. (This time, neither one of them will impersonate a woman; at least it's not in the script.)
Tom Hanks & Peter Scolari (same play) and Holland Taylor will all be on Broadway. It's almost a Bosom Buddies reunion.
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Watching House of Cards for first time. Chuck Hemann says it's awesome. I say, meh.
aw I loved that show. Had crush on Peter Scolari
Emmy Award winner Holland Taylor received a commendation by Texas Governor Rick Perry making her an honorary Texan on January 10, 2013, for her play Ann about late Texas governor Ann Richards. Ann, a new play written and performed by Emmy Award-winning actress Holland Taylor, began previews on Broad...
I really wish that Bosom Buddies would be made into a movie but instead of Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari it would star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Ryan Reynolds.
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Oh you silly rumor mongers .. Please discover Snopes ... It would save a lot of headaches. Also there is a place called the onion which isn't real news, you know kind of like Fox.
Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari Lucky Guy on Broadway stop by Virginia Woolf.
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Dan Wieden. David Ogilvy. Phil Dusenberry. Mork from Ork? Count CBS among those TV networks drawn to the premise of a show set in the world of advertising. The Tiffany network has ordered a pilot called "The Crazy Ones," a half-hour comedy from David E. Kelley about a father (Robin Williams) and his daughter who run an ad agency. It's true, a pilot is just a test, and the proposed show may never make it to the screen, but the very fact that CBS -- home to many of the nation's most watched TV programs -- is interested only underscores the ongoing fascination TV outlets have with shows about the ad world. Is this a nod to the success of AMC's much-lionized drama "Mad Men"? A squint at that network's reality show "The Pitch"? Or is it simply the latest example of TV's decades-old focus on the industry that feeds it? We've seen ad-industry antics on the boob tube before, ranging from Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari as cross-dressing ad execs on ABC's "Bosom Buddies" to the fabled ad firm of McMann and Tate in "Be ...
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