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Peter Sallis

Peter Sallis, OBE (born 1 February 1921) is an English actor and entertainer, well known for his work on British television.

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Confession: Peter Sallis, the voice of Wallace in W&G films, is 95 & I check his wiki page every day to make sure he's alive & well
I just want the stockings. Peter Sallis is 95 and retired
Can you tell yr travel bloke the Salis in Salisbury is pronounced Sols as in Sol's a judas, not Sallie as in Peter Sallis. Ta
Peter Sallis rocking some crackin face fuzz
Wow! Peter Sallis appears to be wearing a waistcoat OVER a jumper/cardigan
He hit gold with Patricia Routledge, Ronnie Barker and Brian Wilde/Peter Sallis/Bill Owen. They elevated his work.
Compo, Peter Sallis and the tall one. The classic era.
2016 seems to be taking all the greats doesn't it *Puts protective shield around Jim Dale, David Jason and Peter Sallis*
Good to watch Bill Owen again plus Michael Bates , John Comer and of course, Peter Sallis & Jane Freeman
Highly possible. Peter Sallis is 95 now. Late Bill Owen wldve been over 100. She was v kind to me on set in late 1990s.
A repeat, on but a delightful with Peter Sallis and James Fleet. Nick Warburton - Purvis
Anoraknophobia written by Tristan Davies and Nick Newman performed by Peter Sallis, Kathy Staff, Gar
Peter Sallis has turned up, as the psychic investigator.
the Withnail to my I, the Minni to my Vannili, the Peter to my Sallis. Also so talented, it makes me sick with envy:))
That man has stolen Peter Sallis' voice. "Bad PFI by Labour, Gromit!"
Peter Sallis played Clegg's own father in "First of the Summer Wine". That must have put the space-time matrix at risk.
Peter Sallis did an extremely racist & laughably inaccurate portrayal of a Chinese man on Sargeant Cork in 1964 and it's super cringeworthy.
Why did FIFA use the voice guy from Wallace and Gromit (Peter Sallis) to translate Sepp Blatter's resignation speech?
1973 Peter Sallis Anne-Marie and Rob on the last school run of this term with homemade Easter Eggs! Yummy!
the year 1973 clegg was peter sallis. In LOTSW. Andy. Leyton
, 1973, peter sallis, Steve and Gary painting the old cricket pavilion at the oratory school woodcote Oxfordshire
Nick Clegg is so named because he stole his personality from Peter Sallis
Peter Sallis as Henry Hill is the remake the world has been waiting for.
TIL that there may not be anymore Wallace & Gromit due to declining health of Wallace's voice actor, Peter Sallis. …
I am choosing to read that in the voice of Peter Sallis.
Peter Sallis retired in 2012? Is that why there hasn't been any more Wallace and Gromit for so many years? aw ;(
Again watching Wallace & Gromit with my kids. They, like their father before them, love it. Also wow Peter Sallis is 94 this year!
I'd thought it was Peter Sallis doing Jim's voice but it was John Mills x
Just watching a classic episode of Last of the Summer Wine from the first series in 1973 with Michael Bates, Bill Owen and Peter Sallis. Thought I'd check whether Peter Sallis was still going - and he is, at the ripe old age of 93 :). Interesting to see that he was awarded an OBE for services to Drama in 2007. Compare and contrast with James Corden being given one for "services to Drama" this year. How standards have fallen!! Time was these awards were earned by a decent body of work.
The 1959 Brand at The Lyric had Patrick McGoohan as Brand and Patrick Wymark, Fulton MacKay, Peter Sallis & Frank Windsor in the cast.
cast notes:Peter Sallis and David Rhule were originally cast as striker and mansell but left due to scheduling conflict
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
-10/8/2005: Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit w/ voices of Peter Sallis, Ralph Fiennes & Helena Bonham Carter opens!
Peter Sallis (the voice of Wallace in Wallace & Gromit) in this screenshot from The Ice Warriors. (1967)
Here's a fact I just learned: Peter Sallis who is the voice of Wallace, played Pendley in "The Ice Warriors."
That's a reference to Peter Sallis & Wallace and Gromit btw. .
- My heart just filled up with childish joy for a silly reason. I watched The New Statesman and saw Peter Sallis. I heard Wallace :)
Ah look, Peter Sallis in something other than 'Summer Wine and Wallace & Gromit
Lawrenson could be the new voice of Wallace when Peter Sallis retires.
I would like to recommend to take over the voice acting role of Wallace (from Peter Sallis.
I think I know ALL about this because I once interviewed Peter Sallis's stand-in for the Wallace and Gromit Telltale games.
Have heard that Wallace's voice Peter Sallis has to give up! So, stuck in old script?
Sad news about Peter Sallis, the voice of Wallace from Wallace & Gromit:
The creator of Wallace and Gromit has revealed that he may not continue the series without Peter Sallis -
Creator Nick Park thinks the end is nigh for his comic creations because of the ill health of Peter Sallis.
3/3 the outrage that Peter Sallis has been replaced as voice of Wallace of Wallace and Gromit in recent TV ads.
Peter Sallis (Wallace of Wallace and Gromit) isn't Northern and hates Wensleydale cheese. Wow.
Songwriters night with Greg Friia, Scott Reeves, Billy Yates, and Peter Sallis! Love nights like this!
5/3/75 BBC showed a pathetic thing called Last of the Summer Wine with Michael Bates, Peter Sallis & that Rowbotham or Owen being repulsive.
a question from my son, please..who does Wallace's voice now that Peter Sallis has retired? Thanks! :)
Right here is my list for 2014. A few new (well old) faces, but I can't risk taking them off the list lol. 1. Eli Wallach (The Good, the bad and the dead) 2. B.B King (He’ll B.B strumming his guitar in the sky) 3. Denis Norden (Laughter File - not where he is going) 4. Peter Sallis (Grommit is gonna be lonely) 5. Nancy Reagan (First Lady - First death of the year?) 6. Eva Marie Saint (Oh when the Saints go marching in) 7. Vera Lynn (We'll meet again . . . IN *** 8. Ian Brady (Hoping to join Myra in the field of dead children in the sky) 9. Christopher Lee (Still really old) 10. Hal Holbrook (Hal today, gone tomorrow) 11. Martin Landau (Dead Wood) 12. Liz Smith (7th year lucky) 13. Harper Lee (The Mockingbird wants it’s revenge) 14. Richard Attenborough (His Miracle of 34th street is running out) 15. Patrick Macnee (Who will Avenge his death) Lucky Stiff: Ian Watkins (Seems to have Lost his prophets)
Great photo of Peter Sallis, the voice of Wallace to Wallace & Gromit fans, as Virgil Penny 1955 in Faces of Theatre exhibition
Ok, let me get this right. Clegg (no not Peter Sallis, but rather the *** politician) reckons he get just get into bed with the Tories or Labour after each election. So the Tories get 35-40% of the vote each time and are only in government half the time, same with Labour, but the Lib Dems get a crappy 10-15% of the vote but want to be in power all the time. Doesn't he realise the one of the other two parties will tell him where to go :D :D
Peter Sallis as Spiderman, Michael Crawford as The Flash and Richard Wilson as Wolverine. Guest starring Nicholas Lyndhurst as Wonder Woman.
A6 Chris Sarandon does a fantastic job as Jack Skellington. Or Peter Sallis as Wallis..
baby Ezer Aiah,will always be in my heart,luv u,I know u are are now in d lap of GOD,Tnx GOD for giving me d courage to overcome d trials,Ds tym,I surrender him to YOU. And I really embrace d suffering I have ryt now.
.it's why he made Peter Sallis his Minister for the Interior. Which was utterly stupid.
survey 100 women and ask Peter Sallis or Nick Clegg and I bet the Wallace factor would swing it in his favour
New iPad app for people with sight loss needs backing from publishers (University of London) (Source: University of London) The MD_evReader enables users to scroll text in a single stream Scientists from Royal Holloway are launching a new iPad app to help people with macular disease, the most common cause of sight loss in the UK. People affected by the condition, who include Dame Judi Dench and Last of the Summer Wine actor Peter Sallis, find it difficult to read normally, having lost their central vision. However, they can make use of their peripheral vision using a simple technique... ~Dexter
Along with Peter Sallis, I just spotted Bernard Bresslaw was in the Ice Warriors episode, playing the...
Yes, that is Peter Sallis, Clegg in Last of the Summer Wine and known to the world as the voice of Wallace,...
Hah, the guy on The Simpsons trying to do an impression of Peter Sallis as Wallace is failing miserably
Agree. TG4 had Wallace+Gromit on tre Gaeilge 2day. V odd not to have Peter Sallis' voicing Gromit.
(untitled) 1901 – Clark Gable, American actor who is most famous for playing Rhett Butler in the On The Buses films... and Gone With The Wind. Worked with the likes of Lana Turner, Joan Crawford, Marilyn Monroe and Patsy Palmer (I think). Seemed to have been able to give a lady a froth-on just by walking into a room. They say Bill Clinton has the same effect. And Lemmy from Motorhead. Too. 1921 – Peter Sallis, English actor with an OBE on display at the top of the stairs. Played Clegg in the 'hilarious' Last of the Summer Wine and does the voice of Wallace for some plasticine. "Cranking up, Gromit." 1942 – Terry Jones, Welsh actor and writer... and my third favourite Python (after Palin and Gilliam, just so you know). John Cleese is a *, mostly. 1948 – Rick James, American musician and composer who sued MC Hammer-Sandwich for using his Super Freak song on U Can't Touch This... without giving him credit. Was found guilty of kidnapping and beating a female music exec over a 20 hour period and of sex ...
Robert Downey Jr, Richard Harris, Peter Sallis, Sean Astin, The guy who does the Thunderbirds intro.
All you lovers has a career in mind by taking over the voice of Wallace in when Peter Sallis dies
Just found out that Peter Sallis no longer voices Wallace from Wallace & Gromit. As early as Curse of the Were-Rabbit. Feel cheated.
Today I learned Peter Sallis originally did the voice of Wallace as a favour to a student. Peter Sallis is AWESOME!
"Who needs Eternity? Suppose you're waiting for a bus?"--Peter Sallis as Clegg when asked if he believes in the Almighty on an episode of Last of the Summer Wine.
I jut found out that Peter Sallis, the voice actor for Wallace (of Wallace & Gromit), is 91 years old. Live forever!
The man sitting on the table next to me sounds like Peter Sallis. I close my eyes and its like being in Wallace & Grommit.
Got a job in The Bodyguard at The Adeplhi, playing Whitney Houston. Got to lose a few pounds as Peter Sallis is playing Kevin Costner.
I'll try! Christmases with a new Wallace & Gromit are always the best Christmases. Peter Sallis isn't getting any younger!
I love Peter Sallis... it'll be a sad day when he passes... no more Norm or Wallace...
Once saw Rik Mayall & Ade Edmondson in Waiting For Godot. Always thought Peter Sallis & Bill Owen would've done it proud.
Still can't believe Peter Sallis lost out to James Earl Jones.
The Lark Ascending: Fans of the work include actor Peter Sallis, who wants a copy of The Lark Ascending to be bu...
Ahh Britt Ekland was married to Peter Sellers, NOT Peter Sallis. Easy mistake.
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