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Peter Popoff

Peter Popoff (born July 2, 1946) is a German American televangelist and self-proclaimed prophet and faith healer.

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Peter popoff just got exposed. think he really hearing from God about someone & whole time he Mic'd up & his wife telling him all the info
That peter popoff church thing gotta be a scam
Terrence . . . here's another one sending water out to the congregation and magically money arrives for…
Peter Popoff is the son of perdition. As such, everything he says is purposed to make you his sibling in *** He preys on poor people.
poor job of casting. You should have cast an actual legitimate religious person and not this Peter Popoff wannabe
Yep. Peter Popoff will start shilling his Miracle Spring Water insurance plan on cable.
They got the hound with that peter popoff
Dom is Peter Popoff, nothing more. Just a religious con artist
This makes me mad! Shawn Bolz is reviving the Peter Popoff cold reading trick. "God has a prophetic message for you!"
So Doms BB strategy is to use God as a threat against other people? Yeah, shess a religious con artist and a fraud. Peter Popoff clone
lmao .. i watch Peter Popoff but just for amusement
Dr Sabi reminds me of Peter popoff promising to give his followers financial freedom & gains. But first you gotta donate this 30 dollars tho
This is how conmen like peter popoff work
Same goes for Peter Popoff and commodified prosperity doctrine
Will Peter Popoff Miracle Water be included with purchase?.
I added a video to a playlist Peter Popoff Goes to Grove Street
Bruh did y'all remember seeing Peter Popoff on tv lol?? The "preacher"
Sick of dishonest people on tv taking advantage of me. Luckily Peter Popoff is sending me natural spring miracle water to turn things around
I'm 'anyone' and I don't know he's lying.…
Ah not a whole lot on TV this early. Married With Children, Hey Arnold, Sex Toys 50% off, Peter Popoff Ministries, I Love Lucy.
Might need to call Peter Popoff, for miracle spring the truck load.
Good GQ article on this crook too- Televengalist "Peter Popoff" Got Exposed For Scamming People via
So Reverend Peter Popoff just sent me tickets to go see him
I'm guessing that amendment to the health bill is a tiny pack of band-aides and some Peter Popoff, "Miracle Spring Water."
How they still letting Peter Popoff air his commercials on tv?
I liked a video Televangelist Peter Popoff exposed This con artist is still active to this day
I need a Bernie Madoff and Peter Popoff record
Yo... Peter Popoff is selling. Miracle spring water lol
As long as THEY get what THEY want THEY will pray 🙏🏻with anyone! Remember Jimmy Swyggart & Jim & Tammy Baker.. Pete…
Everytime I see the Peter Popoff miracle spring water ad while watching Better Call Saul, I think it's part of the show.
I just saw an ad on AMC for "miracle spring water" from God that cures cancer and makes you rich. Peter Popoff making his marks on the world
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Hey stop running Peter Popoff scams on your TV channel. You're screwing over vulnerable viewers in your audie…
can you believe that Peter Popoff is still running his scam on late night TV on Blows my mind th…
to bless your account with Peter Popoff's Miracle Spring Water Juice. This is a one time offer, act now! It's mi…
Peter popoff and the miracle spring water!! 😂
Sean Hannity's new TV show could be after Peter Popoff's show on leased cable.
It's funny when Peter Popoff miracle water ads run during episodes about trying to sell ads at times that don't make sense.
.kinda amazing you allow snake oil ads (Peter Popoff miracle water) at all, let alone during Threw me for a loop
It's 5am. 10 hours down, 2 and a half hours to go. Someone on my floor turned the tv to miracle worker Peter Popoff…
is the BCS demographic really the same as the Peter Popoff Miracle Spring Water one? Offensive commercials.
Please tell me this Peter Popoff miracle spring water is some 3rd level ad campaign for an AMC show. I feel gross seeing that commercial.
Beginning to suspect that someone Saul Goodman’ed into running these Peter Popoff spots.
I'd be amused by these PS Vue / AMC Peter Popoff ads if they weren't actual truth claims
they really still let peter popoff advertise on national TV
But can Peter Popoff put ribs on a burger?
I'm seriously considering getting miracle spring water from Peter Popoff. I want to be next in line for a miracle
He looks like an alien wearing a Peter Popoff suit
DM me. I got Peter Popoff's dox if you want to know more.
When it comes to religion WHY are people so gullible?... They are actually DRINKING liquid this devil is sending...
Peter Popoff robbing people for hope money. Prostitutes collecting that let me stroke money.
Things not to wake up to at 4am... Peter Popoff yelling about debt and "Super Natural Dept Cancelation"
I hate being up at this time cause ain't nothing on tv except Peter Popoff and his miracle spring water. 🙄😒
Everyone be sure and send Peter Popoff your prayer requests so God will forgive your debt 100%!
Am I the only one who thinks Peter Popoff should be water-boarded with his miracle spring water?
Peter Popoff is still a funny name to me
When you ordered the miracle spring water from Peter Popoff and have yet to receive any miracles
Its 2am. Suddenly, a man named Peter Popoff appears on the tv in a Marriott lobby selling holy water that'll make m…
That Peter Popoff commercial is stupid lmao.
"People believe?" Same ones Peter Popoff is targeting on tv with those little vials of holy tap water.
Am I the only one to see similarities between Trump and Peter Popoff?
Lawd let me get my prayer cloth, vile of holy water and mana bread that I ordered from Peter Popoff cause
If all else fails *rump can work with Peter Popoff & his Ukranian Healing Water. Those Russian ties should come in handy in the Ukraine
Peter Popoff, I got some miracle spring water for ya right here, pal
When Peter Popoff randomly comes up in conversation with your dad
Their "supplements" and"emergency rations" are essentially packaged woo. They are hucksters. A moder…
Is the audience really the Peter Popoff magic Jesus water audience?
I love the peter popoff miracle spring water ads during better call Saul on demand. As good as the average Mike scene IMO
I'm about to stop studying and just buy this peter popoff miracle water. It'll be a miracle if I pass, and if I fail I'm suing the ***
If I see one more Peter Popoff commercial.
I have discovered The “Reverend” Peter Popoff and I am table flipping mad.
Peter Popoff and all people like him should be in jail. The prosperity gospel as a fundraising tool is one of the worst religious scams ever
Love the show. But sick of seeing Peter Popoff Miracle Water commercials when I watch on phone. It's like a Saul Goodman ad.
Is this attrocity legal? *** I didn't think they still did this...
nice to see that Peter Popoff is still in the scamming vulnerable Christians business 😊😊😊
wish it was real. Those people irk me. Saw a commercial with Peter Popoff last night.…
They should take after Peter Popoff and start their own Clinton miracle spring water... Direct from the woods. 🙄
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
I'm going to drink Peter Popoff's miracle spring water and maybe Trump will be impeached tomorrow.
Peter Popoff's Miracle Spring Water please tell me we will see this as the next compound sponsor
And... Father is convinced he's Peter Popoff again
The 76ers next partnership will be with Peter Popoff to sell fans his "miracle spring water."
Floyd Mayweather saying Al Haymon got him 4 Bugattis & 3 jets is as glorious as Peter Popoff's miracle spring water.
Good lord, just saw ad on AMC for Peter Popoff's Miracle Spring Water. If you saw Honest Liar, seeing Popoff hawking bogus wares is jarring.
Televangelist Peter Popoff is back, bigger than ever l
This piece on Peter Popoff is the best prosperity gospel jam I've read in quite some time.
Super bugs, Bill Nye, and PETER POPOFF (who I thought was dead) - Embarrassin…
Why Americans adore charlatans. on faith & fakery & the crazy fortunes of a super sly preacher
"He gets rich, you get hope." A story by about one scoundrel, very much like one we just elected.
Fools and their money are soon parted!!!.
Once, Peter Popoff was a magical, mystical man of God — a giant among '80s televangelists. And Lord, was he rich! …
GQMagazine: The Lord worketh in mysterious ways.
How a disgraced Pentecostal minister got back in the game—and made a whole new faith-based fortune.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I told you a Trump presidency would see these scumbag televangelists come roaring back
was this the model for the Steve Martin character in Leap of Faith?
Sometimes I feel like millionaire televangelists and I read entirely different Bibles.
People like Peter Popoff LITERALLY get Jesus flipping tables... - John 2:13-17 -
" astonishing précis of the prosperity gospel. Get converts, get time on the slopes, get a tax exemption." .
From The televangelist who conned his way to a following, got caught, then did it all again
Good to see this old fraud getting the attention he deserves. I thought Randi saw him off in the 80s.
Televangelist Peter Popoff has risen again by
The truth behind the scandalized '80s televangelist who has risen again to make millions
The Lord worketh in mysterious ways.
I was just getting started! Only 140 characters...I had to be selective. Carly Fiorina-Kenneth Copeland-John Hagee-Peter Popoff...
Just saw an ad on 4am tv for a guy named Peter Popoff selling supernatural miracle spring water.
Peter Popoff looks like he bout to go meet the King. 👀😂😂😂 he look all stiff! He needs his miracle spring water. 😂😂😂 ok I'm done! 😝
There's not enough of Peter Popoff's Miracle Spring Water in the world to deal with what's unfolding...
Am I the only person that be up all night noticing the "miracle spring water" commercials form Rev. Peter Popoff? 😳😆
Peter Popoff is selling “miracle spring water” and sending it through the mail. The mail! SMH...I’m going to bed.
Peter Popoff "Miracle Spring Water" YES, I will get a check for 30k next week.
There’s a guy on TV named Peter Popoff who’s willing to mail you a free tube of miracle spring water…ummm.
She needs some of this Peter Popoff miracle water to her right.…
Whenever Peter Popoff comes on, I definitely know it's time for me to go to sleep 🙃✌🏾
I've read that this Peter Popoff is a scam. "Miracle Spring Water"(Tap Water) helped a lady stay clean from cocaine. Okay whatever.
Peter Popoff commercials are mad annoying 🙄
Miracle spring water?? Peter Popoff, & his wife need to be in jail, and these black people need to be smacked for believing him 😒😒
Peter popoff is the ultimate finesse god
Please keep Peter Popoff in mind to head a LGBT committee cabinet position. Miracle Manna and Spring water for everyone!
And now Peter Popoff on my tv. Nope
I cant get my head around anyone watching that channel - but then, people send money to Peter Popoff
I liked a video from Peter Popoff Religious Mailbag Scam
How is that Cruz (Peter Popoff)? Because the current administration won't throw colored people in jail or kill them in the way you want.
I just saw a Peter Popoff informercial and it makes me wonder why people fall for this crap. Why do people still believe him?
He'll be fine w/o ACA. I'm sure that Peter Popoff guy you see on TV @ 2 am can lend him some miracle spring water.
Peter Popoff the best televangelist on tv, debate me. Ain't nobody funnier than cuz?
Peter Popoff's miracle spring water sounds like a con or a cult, can't decide which one
I need some of this Peter Popoff spring water so I can come up on some money
Peter Popoff wants to send me some miracales spring water ...Hmmm.. in a plastic pouch if i send a donation!..i thought miracles were free.
Peter Popoff... I think your name is very Gangsta.
I know I'm doing bad when Peter Popoff comes on and I'm still up😭
When you wake up in the middle of the night you learn crazy things, things like the fact that Peter Popoff is...
How come it's only black people specifically women in these Peter Popoff miracle spring water commercials?
Peter Popoff still selling stunt water
Bro. How am I just now seeing Peter Popoff videos. Aye Dios
If I order a few drops of "Miracle Spring Water" from, tv minister Peter Popoff, what will come to me?
So I left my TV on last night and woke up to some "peter popoff" church
Peter Popoff is pretty legit, hoping my check for 10k comes in the mail next week. Spring water of the gods
Yeah the stupid ones, in trying to come up like Peter Popoff 😭
Buy Miche Bag Online!
I liked a video from More Peter Popoff Scam Mail!
Wow, you must have gotten some of Peter Popoff's holy spring water!
A televangelist named Peter Popoff? Surely no skeletons in THAT closet...
He is kinda reticent.Deems me uncoachable and I get th'stare down treatment. Buyt Peter Popoff is my mentor and we hang out
And now Peter Popoff is on. Imma need some of that miracle spring water to liberate me from this ER (or to save me from the flu)
Every time the "miracle spring water" commercial comes on I lowkey wish i had some peter popoff or creflo dollar in my veins
Peter Popoff commercials in the middle of the day? The *** lol
I guess Jim Bakker and Peter Popoff were busy that day?
This infomercial just tried to sell me miracle spring water from Peter Popoff. What did I just see? 😂
If you wanna get angry then just google Peter Popoff and miracle spring water
Peter Popoff's Miracle Spring Water is made of what?
Got drunk and joined Jacobs church choir today so that's cool I guess. Performing Christmas Eve featuring a sermon by pastor Peter Popoff
Watching a Peter Popoff infomercial by choice. Excellent decision- a man of brilliance, determination, and trickery.
I would LOVE to knock Peter Popoff tf out
Man that Cee Lo cell phone stunt was faker Peter Popoff Miracle Spring Water. Tired of seein it in my TL
Atheist here, but if that God etc is real I really hope He smites that Peter Popoff hallion off the Gospel Channel, horrible fraud
I need some of that Peter popoff juice
I watch Peter Popoff on YouTube when I need a laugh ! Omg😂😂 😂😂😂
Lmfao Jesus why is this faker than Rev. Peter Popoff
Peter popoff robbie rotten looking *** on our tv. Where are the nec peeps
I refuse to believe that anyone is actually out here making Peter Popoff rich.. People can't be THAT stupid
This guy's name is Peter Popoff...rofl.
is that 2017 kills off corrupt *** like Joel Osteen and Peter Popoff.
Christmas shopping done!...Everyone is getting Peter Popoff's Miracle Spring Water this year!...
My favorite part about being awake at this hour is the chance to be healed by Peter Popoff.
It is shocking that you are willing to do business with an obvious scam artist like Peter Popoff. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
Dear Peter Popoff's Magical Spring Water: I have so many questions... so. many. questions...
You know you up late when Peter popoff church service come on
Amazing family dinner on a Tuesday night! Thanks Nicholas Popoff for a special menu when Onyx was sold out for...
Amazing service tonight when Onyx was sold out! Thanks Nicholas Popoff for the special menu. — eating dinner with...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Do people actually buy Peter Popoff's Miracle Spring Water
I'm finna call Peter Popoff and see if he tryna send me a couple racks
Peter Popoff has this miracle spring water,right. So good a lady got a check for $25,000 then the week after a $30,000 ✋🏿🤔
That's like when my grandma told me Peter Popoff was a fraud 😂😂😂
Peter Popoff done came on. It is time to go to sleep 😂 goodnight FAMU20 (y'all are the only ones up on my TL 💀)
Peter Popoff sounds like something Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill would name one of their kids if Nicki was ever crazy enough to have kids.
I guess we could have Peter Popoff AKA Mark Cuban fact check the fact checkers
Jordan Peterson is like if Roger Scruton was Peter Popoff.
Watching LOCI on We, have seen commercials for Peter Popoff's miracle spring water and Scientology volunteer ministers. Scamtastic.
remember peter popoff? I just saw an ad with him in it. he wanted to sell magical spring water! ***
Peter Popoff be selling bagged Deerpark, talking bout some *** "Miracle Spring Water"
Breaking News: The new head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will be Peter Popoff
Peter Popoff is selling "miracle spring water" on This stuff will bring you cash win falls & cure disease, obviously. 🙄
Peter Popoff has been scamming Baby Boomers for years.
I was thinking of James Randi publicly showing that Peter Popoff was a con-artist, it ended up being free add to the con.
Peter Popoff is he really Mark Cuban? Google picture
Peter Popoff made money off that crap for years, even after James Randi exposed him as a fraud over his faith healing scam.
Just saw a commercial for miracle spring water. seriously?
Peter Popoff trying to appeal to black ppl by having the last name "popoff" he knows only black ppl/bad girls club cast members say pop off
Apparently Jesus is now a Racist because only black people recieve Checks\Miracles on Peter Popoff's commercials?!?!
Hey Peter Popoff...send me some of that water bruh! Then What a Vulture 😔
Hilary Clinton has about as much integrity and honesty as Peter Popoff.
When commercials for peter popoff's miracle spring water comes on, it's time for bed.
It's like Hillary Clinton is the government version of Peter Popoff Ministries!
I'm calling Peter Popoff in the morning maybe some of that water will heal me lol
want to rap about having money when Peter Popoff is getting the real bread with tap water in a plastic pouch ...
You ain't black if you don't know who peter popoff is
Lawwrrdd Peter Popoff selling "miracle spring water" & the congregation saying they got thousands of $$$ after drinking i…
That jerkoff Robertson is a deceiver & liar just like Peter Popoff, Robert Tilton & John Hagee.
Is there really a Mark Cuban or is he really Peter Popoff google his picture
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Lmao, did anybody get some of Peter Popoff's miracle spring water in their trick or treat bag?
Google Peter Popoff and Mark Cuban one and the Same! Check it out.
Peter Popoff is selling people spring water with paid actors and false testimony of miracles.
Peter Popoff is not about to play with me with this "spring water."
No seriously.. I really believe Peter Popoff is going to ***
Im really upset at the fact Peter Popoff's miracle spring holy water SCAM program on my tv and I don't have a remote 😒😒🙄🙄
Guys minister Peter popoff is on channel 9 right now highly reccomend you watch it
We need to introduce Cameron to the world of Peter Popoff and miracle spring water 😂
just buy a bottle of that Peter Popoff water.
I hate tv churches. Peter Popoff has to be the worst. Not that he's a terrible pastor cause I don't listen but his name just turns me off.
I'm Peter Popoff, and the miracle spring water is ..(why is this on tv?) get back to anything else!
Anyone copped that Miracle Spring Water from Peter Popoff? I want to make sure it works before I buy it.
lol ever heard of peter popoff?If not Google him,he still does the same thing today and ppl send him millions every month!
Someone call Peter Popoff, we need a demon exorcised in Tallahassee
Peter Popoff, robbing people for hope money
A more recent look at Peter Popoff: "The Woman Who Took On Popoff: The Hidden Story of Crystal Sanchez"
- Should we explore the basement?. - Not when Peter Popoff is on! What do you think we are, heathens?!
It was Randi debunking Peter Popoff and Uri Geller that I enjoyed the most.
Occurs that Jim Bakker & Peter Popoff are still on the tube hocking their wares...
I feel like I am going to *** for looking sideways at those peter popoff commercials.
Peter Popoff has been selling "miracle water" from a site near Chernobyl and says it's free but then they hassle you for money afterwards
Does anybody know.who.Peter Popoff is??? ...with the Divine Transfers?
Hate waking up at Peter Popoff and Peter PopinthemDMs hours... heaven or helluva shot... shoot 😏
I added a video to a playlist Shaman Vs Peter Popoff
The “Miracle Water” Came from Costco… and Other Secrets of a Crooked Peter Popoff Televangelist via
son, this chick said Peter Popoff's spring water cured her HIV 😭😭
Peter Popoff scam back on TV again.. so called miracle water. !BEWARE!.
just turned on my tv and I'm perplexed, how is Peter Popoff still on tv?
You know Peter Popoff's Miracle Spring Water had testimonials too, right?
I can just imagine peter popoff saying how much he hates these stupid *** buying water expecting a few grand. or na?
I wonder if peter gang has anything to do with peter popoff lmao , skr8 skamin or na b ?
"Peter Popoff robbing people for Hope money" BRUHH I just seen his informercial all these yrs later😂😱
For the same reason that a televanglists like Peter Popoff can be exposed on TV as a fraud but still be making $$$ decades later
Reverend Peter Popoff just threw this woman's cane and took another woman's oxygen tank.
Peter Popoff snatched the cane out the ladies hand (she "couldn't walk"). He threw the cane across the church & she sta…
Peter Popoff's "miracle spring water" couldn't afford him some new teeth...instead he has those ugly dentures.
Reverend Peter Popoff has been a scammer for like 30 years.
Peter Popoff outchea makin bag off Christians with sink water
Yo Peter Popoff is selling holy water via mail to black women across the nation. *** !?!?
I liked a video from Peter Popoff Letter - BasedShaman
ObamaCare has mesmerized the ‘poor and disadvantaged' like a Peter Popoff info-mercial selling Miracle Money and Magical Spring Water.
How does Peter Popoff still make money?... Just how? Miracle water?!?
I think it's a Peter Popoff device so someone can speak lines into her ear
Maybe Trump needed some of that Peter Popoff Ministries miracle water
And more importantly (at least to me) Peter Popoff is out here marketing Christianity for a buck and taking advantage of lost people.
Peter Popoff and this magical spring water..
Hillary is the Peter Popoff of American politics.
I really can't with Peter Popoff like really 😒
Peter Popoff, heard for many years he's a crook , and doesn't speak truth.
so let me get this straight, you take off Jack Van Impe w/o warning, then put on Peter Popoff the shyster & liar?? Really??
lol make sure you have a team monitoring radio signals so doesn't attempt a Peter Popoff with an ear mic!
Who's peter popoff scamming this morning? Lol
Here watch Peter Popoff, what a ripoff some of these prosperity ministers are.
If Peter Popoff could pick a peck of Protestant pockets, then how many Protestant pockets did Peter Popoff pick?
Man, a rare Peter Popoff callout. I think a lot of internet Trump supporters are "in it for the meme" and won't actually vote.
I actually regard Trump supporters like how I see Peter Popoff followers— deluded poor souls too invested on a figurehead to see the lies.
yeah why build an army when you can just sell them guns. why do religion when you can be Peter Popoff
So many faithful towarda you, Jimmy Swaggart, Benny Hinn, Peter Popoff! All had similar roots & all ve…
watch Peter Popoff miracle water infomercials and chill
I can't with this peter popoff miracle ministry. Lady was using a cane. He touched her head now all of a sudden she can walk without one.
Who the heck is Peter Popoff and why is he sending “miracle spring water.” And I quote: “You’re next in line for a miracle.”
So I look up at the tv and Peter Popoff is selling MIRACLE SPRING WATER. This was a commercial I was watching..
Peter Popoff miracle spring water saved my life
Blame Joel Osteen, Peter Popoff and Kerney Thomas for selling hope and destroying my faith in God let alone religion all together
This old lady on rev Peter Popoff said that his *** water cured her son schizophrenia.
Hey my loves.. Do me a favor and tell y'all grandparents to stop sending Peter Popoff money.. Kay?
ikr the guy is as fake as Peter popoff
if you want rubbish, sign up for Peter Popoff, reams of stuff, waste his money
Cruz reminds me of that phony Peter Popoff televangelist hawking "miracle spring water", cures cripples and cures cancer
Pretty sure me and the only rappers to ever use Peter Popoff in a rhyme lol
despicable is lying camp supporting that add. Despicable is Ted bamboozling Christians peter Popoff style
Staying up late to watch Peter Popoff throw canes in the audience.
Peter Popoff on BET robbing people for hope money lol smh
I was jus about to put on pastor peter popoff too
Feminists like Anita Sarkeesian & Televangelists like Peter Popoff are blatant woo peddlers.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Wen Peter popoff informercials wake u up
So the infomercial for Peter PopOff ministries is a scam?
Peter Popoff is a modern day Jim Jones tbh
I don't know but I heard Peter Popoff is a prophet of prosperity
Peter Popoff's 'prosperity gospel' letters in full via I got three diesel gloves !
Literally laughing out loud at Peter Popoff right now. I'm so wrong for this but it's hilarious 😂😂😂😂
Debating if I should get the new book by Peter PopOff. "Miracle Money"... Or go to work...!
Peter Popoff should probably be in prison
CURIOUS about Peter Popoff, how does r Church feel about him...are there healing priests coming 2 Central Florida this yr??
This picture was taken seconds after Peter Popoff healed Jigga's legs and threw his cane down the sanctuary.
You better delete this piece of shame.
Son but how wasn't I hip to this *** Peter Popoff. Funniest prophet ever dawg.
Peter Popoff snatching old people canes and tossing em all over the sanctuary
I've seen peter popoff throw canes and walkers across the church like 50 times...and it's still just as funny as the f…
I know it's too late when Peter Popoff is on my tv talkin that BS
I must've sipped some of Peter popoff's miracle water
dude you havent seen weird religion shows until youve seen Peter Popoff and his miracle spring water that is a gem
It's time to get on the phone or go to sleep when Peter Popoff comes on.
Randi & his team recorded Peter Popoff using radios to cheat in Anaheim March 16, 1986.
Duncan, the funniest video I've ever seen, Peter Popoff at his best:
Peter Popoff just called my phone lying.
Franklin Graham, Peter Popoff, Robert Tilton. Of course, they are huge liars & may be lying about their faith.
I really be watching Peter Popoff joked out
Peter Popoff not playin with the devil.
Peter Popoff Ministries have me over here in tears 😂😭
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