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Peter Popoff

Peter Popoff (born July 2, 1946) is a German American televangelist and self-proclaimed prophet and Faith Healer.

Miracle Spring Water Jim Bakker Rev Peter Popoff James Randi Reverend Peter Popoff Uri Geller Anita Sarkeesian Faith Healer

Hate when ppl ask me to spell suttin for them too..
Free tool that we don't take advantage of
I mean spell check is right there for u my ***
Grammar n spelling mistakes have been pissing me off lately
If you wanna see the definition of a snake and fraud, just watch Rev. Peter Popoff on BET at about 3 a.m. every morning. πŸ˜‚
Dont know if i should save it for my house or pay on the credit
Looks like i should be gettin approx $1700 back for taxes πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
I can't sop watching this paid programming brought to me by peter popoff
Think im just gonna sleep the rest of the week
Peter Popoff been hustling that Miracle Spring Water for years, making millions
& 1 after peter popoff & kerney Thomas for TV ministry.make money with that Miracle Spring Water bc Gah said so
Just found out my cruise is gonna have to b cancelled bc my job wants to make my life difficult as always
Looks like i wont be attending nba all star weekend since prices are just unreasonable
i was late on the tickets for funny bone in cuse! I need two I'll purchase them
You know you need to go to sleep when "Rev." Peter Popoff commercials come on πŸ˜’
Peter Popoff. Look him up if you want to witness a madman.
You will never win playing games with a
Drank a small bottle of ciroc all to myself yesterday n didn't feel anything
Mind is in a million diff places right now
Feels so good to be back in my own bed n car tho
Dont u hate when u let someone borrow the whip and they personalize it for themselves
Just when u thought u found suttin worth having
Sooo many girls id love to have in my life
In 1986 Peter Popoff called a fraud investigation in the Con artists do that.
Contents: Perry Noble's 10 promises and a jar of Peter Popoff "Miracle Manna"
When you wake up too early and all you hear on tv is Peter Popoff talking about his Miracle Spring WaterπŸ˜‘
breh .. if you up still up at 3am .. It's a problem .. why? cause a mf name Peter PopOff be on πŸ˜‚
Lol Rev Peter Popoff always have me dying laughing on BET.
Peter Popoff disgusts me. His whole approach at Christianity aggravates the *** out of me. & I seriously believe he's a complete fraud 😠 !
Peter Popoff just launched this lady cane on stage lmao
Peter Popoff on BET blessing the crippled. I can't lmao
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Always remember peter popoff, don't be fooled by those like him. Sincerity is the easiest thing to see you just have to use your heart
Get a check on Peter Popoff and his miracle water . 68 yr old church televangelist .
so Kartez be at home watching Peter Popoff & Joel Olsen on Sunday mornings? πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‚ he know he lying..
up watching Reverend Peter Popoff on BET .. u watching it too?
I'm watching this documentary while I work bout James Randi and how he almost singlehandedly debunked Peter Popoff and I don't think many-
Feminists like Anita Sarkeesian and Televangelists like Peter Popoff are blatant woo peddlers. One is painted in pink.
its like i cant even watch TV anymore without seeing a sad looking dog or a maimed veteran, or peter popoff asking for money
Yeah, conference spouse involvement is treading on Peter Popoff's territory.
Peter Popoff. Lol. I don't know how that dude rests at night. Lying, cheating and stealing in the name of god.
"You gotta problem then you know where to find me. My name aint Peter but I'll Popoff if you push me."
Cant lie i like this one direction song
Son Cassidy still one of the best in the game!
nope im denying all autographs. They will have to call my assistant and setup an appointment.
yup im still out here but im low key though. Something light to keep the fans happy that's all.
I'm just glad Peter Popoff is off the air
finna be a pastor, like Peter Popoff.
I used to be poor, but I traded Peter Popoff all of my money for some miracle holy water. Now I laugh at the poor too.
Finna make my own church, like Peter Popoff and be great
Peter Popoff is still selling his Miracle Spring Water...imo something should be done about this. Just saw the...
How does Peter Popoff make his money?
Rev Peter Popoff took a page out of George Costanza's book, it's not a lie... If you believe it. This guy is fantastic.
Gonna get me some of that Peter Popoff Miracle Spring Water... aw yeah
If I owned an Ag retailer I would want Rev Peter Popoff to sell for me. Jesus Christ that guy can sell.
TV Evangelist Peter Popoff is a vile liar and cheat ...
Why am I watching Peter Popoff, I need help
Peter Popoff-that's what people in dire fanatical straits need- a bs snake oil salesman like you taking what little money t…
Feeling religious! Peter Popoff u better watch yaself.
I am really thirsty, where in the world is Peter Popoff when you need him.
I would also like to thank Peter popoff my pastor
My *** nick at the house watching peter popoff about to spend his financial aid on that holy handkerchief
Rev. Peter Popoff.he got the realest name lol
Please take Peter Popoff down. Take him down.
Your shoes are much more important than you think. People draw many conclusions about a person based on what shoes they'…
These Peter Popoff commercials are hurting me man...
This guy Peter Popoff on TV is telling me to order his "Miracle Spring Water" and pray for millions of dollars and it will come to me. ***
Peter Popoff robbing people for hope, money.
I'm over here watching Peter Popoff, I'm gonna beat his slick *** one day in the name of Yahweh.
Turn on BET if you wanna throw up from this moron Peter Popoff
I could not take a Reverend named Peter Popoff serious at all.
Y'all ever really called that "Peter Popoff" channel and ordered that miracle water"
Wow a shopping cart almost took my car out
β€œGirls want a guy who say I love you every night and proves it every day.” Aint gettin it
Kiss is very passionate, the most passionate of the Zodiac.
U ever feel like ur every move is being watched?
(News) A look at the ongoing careers of Jim Bakker, W.V. Grant and Peter Popoff
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Slate just published a video about three televangelists -- Peter Popoff, W.V. Grant, and Jim Bakker -- who,...
How long is peter popoff going to sell " miracle water " He's been selling that for over 15 years you still don't have you're miracle yet?πŸ˜‚
How does this guy still have a show with a name like Peter Popoff??
Why is this fraud peter popoff selling miracle water on BET?
I can't stand these fake preachers that come on TV after dark. Lol Peter Popoff pisses me off.
I liked a video from Secret Footage of "Faith Healer" Peter Popoff in Toronto May 2011
why am I actually watching Peter Popoff paid programming?
Currently watching Rev. Peter Popoff try to sell me Miracle Spring Water
lmao that's why I turn the tv off right when 1am hit πŸ˜‚ they be trippin especially Peter PopoffπŸ˜’
Peter Popoff will sell you his *** rag & tell you it came frm Jesus's ropes,These Quacks Dont Represent Religion! just $
I called peter popoff to get my water.
Peter popoff robing people for hope money.
Seriously, watch this. Both fraudsters are millionaires. -- James Randi exposes Uri Geller and Peter Popoff
Woke up to Peter Popoff talking that bull againπŸ˜’
I've been on my phone so hard for the past 2 hours Rev.Peter Popoff about to go off ...geez I have to do better
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He sat You not a real vamper if you don't know who Peter Popoff is πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I thought Wu could talk to God, Why doesn't she become the next Peter Popoff?.
Never thought I'd hear crooked televangelist Peter Popoff referenced by but glad I'm hearing it. so insane.
Peter popoff been robbing niggaz for money
I really liked the Peter Popoff letter you did on your Extras channel. It's a shame you don't do more religious tat semi-regularly.
oh i got a peter popoff hotline. Lmao but who gone mentor the mentor? πŸ‘€
If Peter Popoff don't get his scheming *** off my tv
This Peter Popoff character reminds me to much of Jim Jones and that's scary.
WHHHYYY do they continue to show Peter Popoff on TV when it was proven that he was a fraud? Smh..
I'm a because 'give up' isn't in my vocabulary.
A will stop at nothing to be the best at anything they attempt; they sets the standards for
...people's faith to fleece them, like Orel Roberts and Peter Popoff.
Peter Popoff robbing people for hope moneyπŸ‘
*mocking Peter Popoff* I'm gonna heal your *** and have you come into a large sum of cash, drink my Miracle Spring Water!
*he watches a Reverend Peter Popoff infomercial and laughs at the scam artist*
Order Miche Bag Online!
I boiled Billy Graham in the melted flesh of Peter Popoff/I murdered Popoff on the fireplace for letting his wife call me ***
Anita Sarkeesian must be proud of being a competent mass media hypocrite at the level of Peter Popoff. http…
Most popularized preachers I dont get off into but I think Peter Popoff is Real
Have you seen the Peter Popoff adverts on Faith TV? Curing cancer, $64,000 debts and kidney disease with "miracle water".
Watching this Peter Popoff stuff on BET w/ this Miracle Water .. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ I can't deal
Peter Popoff is such a clown. I can't stand this guy. A liar talking nonsense and stealing $ from people who are lost.
You know you're up too late when a Peter Popoff infomercial is on your tv.
Ever wanted to ask Peter popoff for some money since he be giving it away lol
So many ppl in my phone who are irrelevant
I should just delete alll my contacts and start fresh
5150 take yo old butt to sleep knowing wheel of fortune && Peter popoff gone off !
Peter Popoff of robbing people for hope money//Prostitutes collecting that let me stroke money
Isnt it just a network basically to text on
The world gives u all the proper tools u need to succeed in life n u choose to bring ur own smh
Exactly y ppl never get ahead in life
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Girls, if you want to pleasure a man but don't want to do anything sexual, scratch his back. Every guy loves it!
Women are the worst at holding conversations
Women are famous for this and it drives me insane
I could purchase a valentines day gift for a female, and she'll immediately ask does ur ex work at the store u bought it from?
Why do women pay attention to everything that is irrelevant
No matter what you do you can always do better. There is no limit.
particularly enjoyed his exposure of Rev Peter Popoff - very gratifying
Watching Rev Peter Popoff on bet .. These ppl be lying bout money, they gone go to *** Ÿ˜‚
Sleep has been good n plentiful lately
I was just watching the Rev. Peter Popoff... And in case anyone is interested, apparently Jesus pays in cash.
I do not wana watch peter popoff lol
Nothing better than a nice pair of *** or lips
U can learn a lot bout life thru the actions of others
When a is thinking or when they need privacy, you should give them some space.
Great storyville documentary on iplayer about The Amazing Randi and his debunking of frauds, psychics and Faith Healers like…
You cant tell me that PETER POPOFF didn't Grow up in a Baptist Church cause he know how to make that MONEY LOL
Agreed! And the Peter Popoff stuff never stops being shocking, IMHO.
That's the goal anyways to be as close as possible to home
Possibility i could be back in cuse now! 😁
Everytime I'm set to go to utica for work something else always comes up
Smoking cigarettes is by far one of the most unattractive things ever 😷🚬❌
Wow, Peter Popoff was an absolute scumbag.
Peter Popoff episode is grim, though - exposed in the 80s as a sham, yet a bigger business than ever now. Short memories, eh?
Ozz the Azzz . He is the Peter Popoff of diet doctors.
map/2/.1. Hello prophet peter popoff how are you. This is my mailbox address . box 312513jamaica n y 11431-2513
I just wanna listen to music every min of the day
I gotta go with brains over beauty at the end of the day
We all want that perfect girl or guy smh
Its kinda crazy that people listen to rnb but dont these names
well according to them it is. Idk one person who wants to make 14-17/ hr their whole life & retire off that 😭😱
Meet Black Singles 300x250
And now Peter Popoff offering Miracle Spring Water
when I saw those obscure fire & brimstone scriptures, I figured had been watching Peter Popoff again. πŸ˜•
No doubt in my mind that Peter Popoff is going to ***
Just voicing my STRONG disagreement with you, that not all ministers are like Meaghan Gurley, nor Peter Popoff.
Peter Popoff sent me a golden plaque!: via
Crazy ima be in nyc next weekend smh and they got ebola doen there now
like a compliment has their own time period and wears off. Lol
they always need reassurance every two hours. U can give them a compliment and its good for two hours then they need it again
lol! They post legit 5 or 6 selfies a day. Very unattractive on how insecure they're. I like a women with confidence.
Why do women think taking selfies i. The bathroom is cute? especially public bathrooms
It's not even 9 and Peter Popoff *** *** and females already on my TL.
Ive been moving place to place my entire life it seems
I cant wait until i find a stable spot so i can start cooking again
Dont u hate when u fall asleep textin someone and its a good convo smh
Excited but dont kno if i should move there or commute
Breast Cancer Awareness
I will be starting my new jizob in utica 3rd week of nov!
Finally got a release date for work
ndamentalist faith-healer Peter Popoff, and exposed by Randi, was thinly fictionalized in the 1993 film Leap of Fai (2/3)
you know it's the late night when Peter Popoff come on TVπŸ“Ί πŸ˜‚πŸ’―
I can't stand this weird *** dude Peter Popoff! Why is he allowed to blatantly lie and promote miracle…
How does Peter Popoff sleep at night? Scamming in the name of God
Peter Popoff, Robbin people for hope money ...
I swear Peter Popoff just gets people to act and lie on his show . It's so fake
It's 2014 and Peter Popoff is still scamming in the name of The Lord smh
Aside from peter popoff I also got my debit card in the mail and I'm so stoked I'm currently rushing to my laptop to order my clothes
Why is peter popoff coming to Phoenix this is actually such an important question
Women are masters at hiding their flaws on social media lol thats false advertisement
Yeah Peter? My mom called like twice, and an my girlfriend from Japan texted me for my bank pin and Social Security number!
Peter Popoff, I luv. luv, luv, you and dont gossip about you.: via
The best feeling to come home n just lay down
Got another package from my friend Peter popoff πŸ˜‚
Tell meek to stop playin and battle cassidy
I forgot who Peter Popoff was on a test and remembered immediately after I turned it in.
"Peter Popoff" lol. Department of Commerce - WA ScamNet - Psychics, clairvoyants and other lucky charms:
Peter Popoff would vote for if he were a judge.
β€œFalse prophet/ con man Peter Popoff sent me 5 pennies!! Yahoo! popoff
have you seen the peter popoff commercial? Unnerving
Wow. Just wow. Peter Popoff, shameless fraud and huckster. Seriously, who falls for this?
Peter Popoff is the biggest fraud in America.
I think my favorite Christian celebrity is Peter Popoff. Talk about a comeback. He’s back making money like the temple priests.
I guess they forgot Jesus can heal everyone. Just ask Peter Popoff even he can save us from ebola.
Peter Popoff is making a killing off of that free spring water.
Lmfaooo this black purple blue charcoal Duany *** oil change looking *** *** is trash
"Peter Popoff off robbing people for hope money."
peter I'll come home next weekend just to kick your monkey ***
If I get a lightskinned chick ima dash her *** with holy oil. That peter popoff she gone need it
and its not just him, you know *** well theres more Peter Popoff's scamming christians in the name of god out there
Why all these women on they high horse
Still lookin for some people to go to Chris Tucker I got tickets $35
Some people gotta get off they high horse
couldnt sleep last night, ended up flippin threw channels, stopped on this infomercial about PETER POPOFF and his Miracle Spring Water...
They can leak my nudes all day.please promote me!
Saw rhianna n gabby union smh world is wild
Got ahold of kim k's nude pics n my life is almost complete now
Hurry up. Everyone put your hands out toward the TV. PETER POPOFF is sending out a wealth anointing. should be ashamed airing trash
How and why is Peter Popoff still on tv?
I had to calm down because Peter Popoff got me hyped.
That moment when you turn to BET not realizing that its 4am & Peter Popoff is on πŸ˜’πŸ˜‘
I'm really not trying to watch Peter Popoff but I can't find my remote 😩 ...where's sleep?
Mannn who tf is this Peter Popoff character smh
Forgive me lord for always changing the Peter Popoff channel, but that Man just seem fake to me
Peter Popoff the biggest joke. Show is dummy lax.
Peter popoff. He'll give you water & then people give you money!
β€œWhy blue ivy look like Peter popoff tryin to heal beyonce
When I come across a Peter Popoff late night fillers all I can think about is "yakety-yak God's talking back".
Currently watching an infomercial with liz & hayden about a pastor named "Peter popoff" who heals people with the word of godπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
I've never seen anything more counterfeit in all my life! I feel like I'm watching Peter Popoff!!! Yuck!!
Peter Popoff gettin that hope money
I'm getting healed by Peter Popoff soon. I just sent my prayer seed of $1000
Oh goodness, our apologies for this treatment! Please try a different location or place your order:^KC
Y 9? Idk bc thats the number i liked at the time
Verizon better send me a free iphone or free service for 9 years
I had my old phone sold for 350 smh now i cant sell it bc wont sell me a new
They just ruined my whole game plan
All this money i pay a month to use their *** service n they wanna do a *** dirty
Current carrier letting you down? We'd be happy to pay your ETF's. Get started here: ^SL
I hope the verizon president himself calls me
Verizon wireless is a trash company total trash
Aron Ranen's "Television Believers" Expose of Rev. Peter Popoff: via Why is he still on BET?
Verizon wirelees you are nothing but scum buckets
β€œAlways blows my mind the things I see on tv at this hour.” Peter popoff
Dog name is Rev Peter Popoff I bet he be turnt at service
Peter Popoff makes me vomit. Phony charlatan scumbag.ugh.
Peter popoff used to be having me Rollling
Wonder how much them people get paid to lie on peter popoff. πŸ˜‚
I should've ordered y'all some spring water too from Peter Popoff kml
I hate when an artist strays from what they are used to doing
Chris browns album is trash other than the singles he's already released
Jimmy Swaggart, Peter Popoff and Jim Bakker are all on different channels at the same time. This means they are competing. Come on folks.
Does Peter Popoff that comes on BET give anyone else a bad feeling?
"Amen" - Peter Popoff (every three words) "You keep using that word. I don't think that word means, what you think it means." - Inigo
Peter Popoff and this spring water is not gonna worry me.
Peter Popoff said No more crumbs! I'm at the table! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ He need to quit playing with Jesus!
This Peter Popoff stuff just infuriates me.
Maybe I should have a conference in the hood & book Peter Popoff & then let Pookie & em get him.
BET got peter popoff on TV selling miracles
So apparently my followers are watching Peter Pan iMean Peter Popoff
This Peter Popoff madness has to be the biggest scam I've ever seen in my life !
I'm sorry but I can't just believe Peter Popoff..
Peter Popoff robbing people for HOPE money!
I've been watching Peter Popoff since Cookman days...& I still dnt believe thts tht man real last name
BET should be ashamed putting peter popoff on tel-lie-vision
Did Fed Ex send you your Peter Popoff Holy Water yet?
There is nothing better than watching Peter Popoff… quality infomercials…
Peter Popoff is amazing! I think he should be in the line up at bethany this week
Hamilton Collection
I got a lot of respect for those people that do it! Very hard and scarey work!
Im scared for my life but at the same time i wanna do it
For those that dont know...a lineman is a person that climbs the telephone poles and repairs the electric lines!
This past week at line school has been tough!
Peter Popoff - sue me, I dare you, I double dare you!: via SCUM!!
James Randi exposes Uri Geller and Peter Popoff: via I don't believe in "magic" like Gods or Psychics!!
I would cut on the TV but this is the hours peter Popoff come on so I'll pass
Peter Popoff I couldnt fit into my dress so I went pee & then I fit into my dress.…
So on my TV is Peter Popoff and he's talking about Miracle Spring Water πŸ˜’ and making ppl debts disappear 😩 this can't be life
I hate mfs like peter popoff , making a dollar lieng on gods name, talmbout some *** !
I wish and were here to watch Peter & Popoff.
this *** name is Reverend Peter Popoff omg.
I hate this fake worship stuff that be on BET at 3am . . Peter Popoff
Praise Jesus, finally got my Miracle Spring Water from Peter Popoff.
My timeline need some spring water from peter Popoff
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Yes Peter Popoff, please tell me all about how God has used you as a disciple of his debt cancelling powers
Peter Popoff. Robbin ppl for hope money
Thandi is preaching like Peter Popoff! Y'all best listen up
I wonder how many skeptics who still give Dunning money also laugh at the suckers who contribute to Peter Popoff.
Peter Popoff now has Holy Sin Wipers to wipe off every sin ... if you slip up , buy a sin wiper today for only one wooden cross !! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
i def watch Peter Popoff for the entertainment ... i get a KICK πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ... i be wanting to throw a cane myself !!! LMBO
Why peter popoff infomercial is more about debt cancellation than giving your life to Christ ?
Ion know who worse outta Pastor Kerney or Peter Popoff..
Seeing Peter Popoff on tv pisses me off. He's a con artist. I can't stand him.
I might have to get me miracle water from peter popoff to sprinkle on my financial aid account.
Because let me be real with you. makes me think more than Peter Popoff. But... This tea... It's so spicy. πŸΈβ˜•οΈ
Thought it was satire, sadly not, peter popoff sells Miracle Spring Water to supernaturally erase your debt- this takes con to a new level
Nick Gerz. Wait when you say that it sounds racist. Peter Popoff is a fake and a phony so he…
Is there really any different between Dbag Chopra () and guys like Peter Popoff and Kevin Trudeau?
This woman just said she drank some of Peter Popoff's miracle water, went to the Post office and found a $25,500 check...see lol
When Peter Popoff come on, i know I should be sleep lol
I havent met a married chick that hasnt cheated at some point
U ever want someone so bad u just dont wanna give in
Most of yall need to get to kno me as a person before u label me
I love being around ppl that are doing better than me it gives me motivation
Bc im out here working for mines u get mad when i flash it n call it cocky
The prettiest girlS got the stank attitude ...never fails
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