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Peter Popoff

Peter Popoff (born July 2, 1946) is a German American televangelist and self-proclaimed prophet and faith healer.

Reverend Peter Popoff Pastor Peter Popoff Miracle Spring Water Rev Peter Popoff Benny Hinn Jim Jones People United Uri Geller James Randi

Is there really any different between Dbag Chopra () and guys like Peter Popoff and Kevin Trudeau?
This woman just said she drank some of Peter Popoff's miracle water, went to the Post office and found a $25,500 check...see lol
When Peter Popoff come on, i know I should be sleep lol
I havent met a married chick that hasnt cheated at some point
U ever want someone so bad u just dont wanna give in
Most of yall need to get to kno me as a person before u label me
I love being around ppl that are doing better than me it gives me motivation
Bc im out here working for mines u get mad when i flash it n call it cocky
The prettiest girlS got the stank attitude ...never fails
I feel so much more emotionally stronger than everyone else
Im in love with the fact that im a scorpio
Gotta change my habits no more kicks for awhile
Hopefully ill be back to cuse area within a month or so
I had to do it for the money n chance to clear my mind
Just two days ago i was living in a huge *** house now im in a studio
Im coming up in the world right now n i just want someone who is on the same wave length
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Whereas us guys actually gotta put in work
Soon I hopes she understands she's the only "1" I want 😘
If ur cheating then u feel guilty so u go thru ur mans phone thats what it is
Not once have i gone thru any womans phone
I have not met one female that hasnt gone through my phone
Why women famous for going through phones?
I just heard a lady on National television, praise The Lord by saying "halleeloosha"! It was one of Peter Popoff or whatever his name is. Forgive me Lord! I guess being sincere is more important.
The Peter Popoff TV infomercial wake up people don't fall for this nonsense
I can't go to sleep bc Peter popoff is selling salvation on television and annoying the 💩 out of me.
I believe in miracles but this Peter popoff seems to be a scam to me.
Watching late night cable... *** and a Christian evangelist by the name of Peter Popoff is selling something called "miracle water " with promises of miracle wealth . targeting mostly the elderly, the poor and just the plain stupid. I hope there is a special place in *** for this piece of work Beware of false prophets !
I can't take these BET preachers seriously. *** like Peter Popoff make me question my religion. Kerney Thomas *** ***
Just watching some Peter popoff on BET network pretty interesting to say the least
Im watching Peter Popoff on tv and all these folks said they got $200,000 and $100,00 and $70,000 unexpected checks...I wonder is this really real..this is funny..he has that Miracle Spring Water
Wonder if Peter Popoff come on tonight lol
this Peter Popoff stuff the type of things my grandma generation believe in.
Peter Popoff be lying to these people .
I hate when that Peter Popoff BS comes on tv. people stealing in the name of God that ain't cool
My rant for the night: WHY IN THE WORLD DOES BET STILL AIR PETER POPOFF?. He is such a fake! I guess he can afford the air time from the proceeds of the "miracle water."
Sooo last on Peter popoff show said she got 27 thousand dollar check then 1 week later got a 17 thousand dollar check in the mail 😒
That if Peter Popoff "The Heat needs that miracle water they had on Space Jam! Lol
that's sad. Part of the reason I talk about religion so much. Benny Hinn and Peter popoff are good targets as well.
Im up here dolo in canada by myself
I personally think Peter Popoff is a phony...
Not a believer in these things but if my widow can go to a "bruja" who told her she will light a candle and my case before the MSPB will FINALLY come to decision, then I can pass this on with a dream as well. Next stop Peter Popoff.
This dude peter popoff the biggest fake I ever saw. 100$ and he can make the criple walk! Smh.
I hope people don't really be believing peter popoff on BET
Oh Lord. Peter Popoff is on. Time to go to sleep now. Smh
The peter popoff infomercial is nothing but a big lie lmao
Peter Popoff uses the word "touch" in his faith-healing program way too often for a man named Peter Popoff.
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Peter popoff says he can work miracles. don't believe the HYPE!! Send $ and u will b healed...Miracle Spring Water...
James Randi is a legend, exposing frauds like Uri Geller and Peter Popoff, unbelievable how gullible most people are.
Saw a late night miracle church informercial and the guys name was Peter Popoff lmao
Peter Popoff robbing ppl for hope money.
I added a video to a playlist Peter Popoff is a SHAM! by LegISee
Congrads to my lil cuz Peter Popoff walking across that stage today hope u had some advil pop love you cuz
so according to this infomercial on BET if i buy Reverend Peter Popoff's Miracle Spring Water today i will have a check for whatever amount i desire of "miracle money" in my mailbox within weeks. i'm just curious as to whether "miracle money" is taxable or not.
Peter Popoff off robbing . people for hope money.
Good morning everyone,. Has anyone tried Peter Popoff's Miracle Water? . I really need help from my financial bondage.
OMG I can't find a battery for the remote and I'm stuck watching Peter Popoff.
Its Sunday morning so you know what that means... Peter popoff selling his Jesus miracle water. This guy cracks me up. He's been proven a total fraud yet here he still is. Ever seen 'leap of faith" with Steve Martin? Totally based on this guy.
Sooo i was watchin the color purple, and it goes off, lol youll never guess what came on next... PETER POPOFF* And i must say im very interested in it, ttyl guys.
watching Peter Popoff - I am not sure why it is funny to me .. LOL
You noe it's late wen you see peter popoff lol
You know its late when Peter Popoff comes on talking bout that "healing cloth"
how do they even take this Peter Popoff *** serious 😂😂
So this dude had scoliosis, Peter Popoff said some words, touched him. Dude starts walking slowly without a cane. Then does a cartwheel. ***
Holy Crap! Seen it all now, this guy Peter Popoff is on an TV giving away "Miracle Spring Water" & supposedly healing people! Best part he says Miracle Spring Water will help you get out of debt!!! Only person getting out of debt is Peter, cause i'm sure there's a catch somewhere!!!
So you're telling me.. With Peter Popoff Miracle Spring Water.. I can get all my materialistic prayers answered? Lol..
Lol Miracle Spring Water! Look up Peter Popoff. The infomercial/scams only air at this hour.
Peter Popoff needs his *** beat. Selling Miracle Spring Water on an informercial.
Peter popoff cracks me up...who falls for that? Lol
I was just watching tv and this commercial came on about that Peter popoff lol that crap is so unreal and fake but I must say the name fits his persona and show real well lol...
My granny wanted to kill Peter Popoff before she died.
Congrats to all of my lovely grads! Proud of you all Rasheedah H. Muhammad Tajee Bounds Wayne Jones Marc Pierre Lonnie Thompson Shoshhii Cruz DeJuan Burnell Kasha Lebron Tashaya Shanklin Peter Popoff
The Trinity Broadcasting Network is Biblical, Right? by Michael Houke Founders and co-leaders Paul and Jan Crouch You mean the Trinity Broadcasting Network? Nah! You’re kidding me right? They stopped dabbling in that doctrinal doo doo years ago. They now have Holy Ghost machine guns to mow down their distracters. Here is a list of what makes them so wonderfully and cheerfully made Christians. 1. They are little gods, little “g”. 2. They have water fights with Jesus. (In heaven of course). 3. They raise the dead from their caskets. 4. They talk to the dead and pray with them at their gravesites. 5. They no longer sin. 6. They have nine (9) count them nine God heads in their trinity. (We have only 3). 7. They have a Rolls Royce Kind of Faith! (What do we have a Neon)? 8. They have holy water from a river in Russia. (Do You)? 9. They kick ladies in their heads. 10. They laugh their tails off in the name of Jesus. 11. They prophesize in the name of Jesus. 12. They need only be 33% accurate to be a proph ...
Pentecostal Pentecostal is a term used within Christianity to denote those Christians who place a primary emphasis on the so-called "gifts of the Holy Spirit". According to Pentecostals, "gifts" such as faith healing, prophecy, and speaking in tongues occupy a primary place in the life of the church. Some Pentecostals also follow practices such as foot washing which can be found in the Bible but are not practiced in other Christian denominations. The movement started circa 1900 at a revival meeting in Azusa, California. A core belief is in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit as a subsequent act of grace after salvation. Most Pentecostals believe the initial evidence of receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is speaking in tongues. Non-pentecostal Christians, particularly the Roman Catholic Church, holds that the "age of prophecy" that included the above practices has come to an end (i.e. that sort of stuff was only legit in the 1st century, before everyone settled down and became a Respectable Religion). [ed ...
Congratulations to all the graduates of 2014!! Special shouts out to my friends Jatuan Coston rob Rob So Icey Will and Peter Popoff! Hard work pays off!! ♥
Peter Popoff, robbin ppl for hope money. Prostitutes collectin that "let me stroke" money
Asked peter popoff for miracle water.
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You gonna argue with me, with a name like peter popoff?
There's this guy that hates me at my school and legit his name is peter popoff
Why my grandpa in there listening to tht Peter Popoff foo
So basically, this guy right here, Peter popoff, claims that he can get you miracle money from God. Wut?
yup we know how to work the system. Live off public assistance, get foodstamps, sell drugs, collect unemployment.
obama care wouldnt even cover the expenses anyways and most places dont take it. I will take a protein shake and im good. Lol
im rawing everything i won't get no diseases cuz i eat healthy. It will just flush it out of my system.
"Peter Popoff, robbing people for hope money" lmaoo
Lmao listening to Born Sinner and a Peter Popoff commercial came on. This dude is the worst type of person.
So, I don't know who this Peter Popoff is, but what a crook!!He is the kind that makes Christians look bad! Charlatan!!
You got BET at 3 in the morning playing peter "the snake" Popoff selling his "miracle oil" and "miracle cloth" so...whose forcing on who.
I was reading a letter from peter popoff
When you hear the name Peter Popoff first thing you would think is a rapper right?
It's something about these Peter Popoff stories on BET that's not adding up
Peter Popoff you better not have these girl telling lies Where mine at im trying to popoff!!!
Rev. Peter Popoff is the modern day Jim Jones.
BET after 12 is annoying like Peter Popoff 😂
Peter Popoff just seems so fake to me. Talking bout some dang miracle money lol please have several!
Seeing this Peter Popoff infomercial makes me sick! Bending the word of God for a quick buck is despicable.
You ever watch tv church sermon shows? Revered peter popoff that dude
Am I the only one that thinks Peter Popoff is a scam???
“They need to take Peter Popoff off TV.” That's my cousin no they don't 😒
They need to take Peter Popoff off TV.
“What is this on B.E.T.? 😐”Joyful Noise. Peter Popoff come on at 11:00 😂
Peter popoff robbin people for hope money... ~Soul Sail~
has the freshest hair cut he will ever have and its still nappy! But he gettin the
Why does Peter Popoff sound like Robert Duvall in the movie The Apostle? This is my new late night comedy show.
In the kitchen frying fishes, got to come with tartar sauce, Call me Pastor Takeoff, healing *** Peter Popoff
Turned his water into Peter Popoff's Miracle Spring Water.
What is going on why cant ppl just be happy
"Peter Popoff off robbing people for hope money"
Sad/enraging thing isn't so much that this church is beyond corrupt and milking the ignorant for money, but that there's people who are ready and willing to fall for this snake oil. Meet the New Zealand Peter Popoff...
I need to stop going to sleep early... I get less sleep doing that. Watching Peter popoff. She was 30 year drug addict... She drunk da Miracle Spring Water Now she druuug freh... PTL
Dear McDonald's Cashier" Don't give me that look. There's no age limit on a kids meal. And don't forget the toy ***
you spend 19..99 for a bottle of peter popoff...lying spring water.for and false healing,and you runned out of gas, in your car.your last 20.00 dollars..see thats not GOD. LESSON LEARN.AMEN
Got to catch Peter Popoff! I am hooked to spring water and letters!.
I have two of the Greatest prophets ever that I Love Dearly. & Im a prophet myself! Manassah Jordon,& Peter Popoff I dont Know What I would do without you guys thanks for guiding me through it All when no one else is around.$$
Guess thats a side effect of becoming old
Reverend Peter Popoff ministers, prays and reveals the power of a living god.
Rev Peter Popoff.., the next Jim Jones!! When you get a Blessing it's from the Lord not Popoff!
Does anyone use this Peter Popoff n Miracle Spring Water??? I would never b the one to judge just askin???
Im sitting here wondering if this peter popoff us a scam or if it really is Miracle Spring Water.
Peter Popoff be sounding like Billy Mays when it comes to that water in the small blue
Why does seriously look for Peter Popoff 😂😩
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Peter Popoff still sellin that miracle water.
I didn't ask peter I said when it does not when does it
Peter Popoff sent me Miracle Spring Water!: via
My self i just received a letter from peter popoff saying if i send him $200.00 right away i will see more money then i can handle (wow)
I lose or ppl steal at least 6 articles of clothing a year
Anybody ever buy some Miracle Spring Water from Peter Popoff?
Peter Popoff has to be the most legendary church related name of all time!
😎 watching this Peter Popoff jawn wondering if it's real lol
This preacher Peter Popoff is going str8 to the pit.😒😒
Peter popoff .. I wish he would preach rather show people's financial breakthroughs
Peter popoff on BET know he goin to *** Str8 sellin dreams to mfs!! I'm too lazy to find the remote to turn tho
Peter popoff be scheming for ppl to buy tap water to bring them blessings😂
Peter Popoff is only preaching about money and only wanting money and BET is letting him do it
Ok...Peter Popoff is on...time to go to bed
Peter Popoff on selling false hope to people. Y'all producers and executive editors of are hypocritical,behind the scenes schemers
Peter Popoff doing all that. Send some money my way. 💵💰💲
Peter Popoff need to tell me what the lotto numbers are. Shiiit. Since he think he know every *** thing.
When Peter Popoff comes on, that's my cue to grab the mokentrol and turn.
Im sorry but this Peter Popoff stuff is not real! The DEVIL is A LIE!
You Know Its Time to go to bed When Paid programming and Pastor Peter Popoff come on 😂😂
That *** Peter Popoff healed a paralyzed woman b4 lol that man goin to ***
S/O to Peter Popoff this dude has the coolest name in history
Oh god Rev Peter Popoff done came on... 😑😒 why BET? Why?
Y'all think Peter Popoff be flexin or is just me?!
I was watching BET until Peter Popoff just started all that *** screaming 😒
anyone heard of Peter Popoff i walked into my livingroom and he was on TV i gave this Pastor a spin send to my renters , my parents &gma lol
An old video of James Randi discussing how he exposed Uri Geller & faith-healer Peter Popoff
Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, . Joyce Meyers, Peter Popoff., etc, etc. . Things that make you go hmm. .
You know you're running out of playlist name ideas for mixes when you resort to Peter Popoff.
They paved the way and made it possible to live the life I do ✊✊
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No one can go back and start again, but anyone can begin now, and have a new ending
“Let's go thats what im talking bout!!!
Peter Popoff Ministries Visits Philadelphia with Message of Hope and Faith. Peter Popoff Ministries and Reverend Peter Popoff brought their message of faith, hope, and healing during an outreach congregation in Philadelphia on August 21, 2013 - PR12205139
They aint gonna learn until they get that *** whooped
Feel like doing a hate crime like they used to do us
They always wanna act tough when they around other people
Yo i just wanna punch a white boy in the face right now
“Tittynope“ is a word that means “a small quantity of something left over.“
There will always be a reason why you meet people. Either you need to change your life or you’re the one that will chang…
Everybody gonna die but who gonna die loyal?
Turn on BET right now...what do u see.Rev. Peter Popoff.sorry don't believe him.*shrugs*
I just asked God what is he gone do to all the people who be lying on the Peter Popoff infomercial.
Man I need to start getting sleep cuz I'm really not watching the tv , I'm more so listening but this dude PETER POPOFF ! Man he a fool with the bafoonery ! Got ppl drinking Miracle Spring Water and got a lady old as my bird talking bout she been smoking since 5 and he wrote her a letter told her she healed and now she don't smoke lmao yea he the truth !! Miracle Spring Water n the anointed healing stuff , and that in turn gives u what he calls super natural debt cancellation lol smh this Krazy b !
Idk who this Peter Popoff is, but SELLING miracles on TV in the name of Christ? "Call & receive your Miracle Spring Water packet"?
This Peter Popoff guy is such a fake with his "miracle money" and "miracle water" smh taking advantage of people's faith & tricking them.
Peter Popoff really out here selling miracles 😂😂
Need help..need bus money to get to work.. im reading 4 letters..from Peter popoff.
y'all ever heard if Peter popoff or nah ? 😂
I think i need to go see Peter Popoff
might as well named him Peter Popoff
I liked a video Peter Popoff exposed (again) on "media watch"
Peter Popoff's Miracle Oil WORKS! On doors! Friend sent me some as a joke, but it's better than WD-40. Didn't help my wart though.
Let em know Peter Popoff “The devil doesn't have new tricks, just new faces”
I swear those lil kids make me so happy when get hype bout makin a basket
Had a sexual advance towards me yesterday...i denied it
Tryin outt his app but they wanna charge *** ..back to
The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts while the stupid ones are full of confidenc…
Up watching peter popoff ctfu. im going to ***
I'm overseas looking for trees to grow money, Peter Popoff off robbing people for hope money
This Rev Peter Popoff on BET is ridiculous! People really believe in drinkin this miracle water to rid their bills?!? The devil at its finest! We're most definitely livin in the last days. SMH
David Haggins did you write to Peter Popoff?
That man on BET peter popoff is going to *** 😂😂 god forgive me
“Peter Popoff just came on my TV: Nah. 😂✋” You know it's Sunday. . .well Monday now, but BET gotta get they church in.
I come to my bedroom and whose on TV, none other than Peter Popoff, said I was ready for bed
So I'm watching Peter Popoff on tv (cuz it was on the tv when I walked in the room) and someone wrote in from STATESBORO. STATESBORO, GEORGIA! I wanna know who it is so I can slap them.
Peter popoff is really on bet selling " Miracle Spring Water"
Yo at 12am on BET there is a reverend named PETER POPOFF!!! With his magic money system!!! Like ***
Y would I trust someone named Peter Popoff
Watching Peter Popoff lmao... need a good laugh
Ok Peter Popoff still on TV selling miracle water?? OK good night!!
Oh naww dawwggg Peter Popoff gotta go! Lol
Peter Popoff just came on my TV: Nah. 😂✋
Peter Popoff News Website Just Announced. Peter Popoff, founder of Peter Popoff Ministries and People United for Christ, has announced which will keep followers informed of ministry news and events. - PR12220867
Peter Popoff Travels to Ukrainian Orphanages in Need of Winter Rations. Rev. Peter Popoff and Elizabeth Popoff have visited orphanages that Peter Popoff Ministries has supported for over 20 years, in order to help them meet their needs as the cold Ukraine winter approaches. - PR12215115
Gonna watch Peter Popoff. Maybe his testimonials are better than this game.
Read Peter Popoff Ministries latest news/press releases - Peter Popoff Ministries and People United for Christ, and the Reverend Peter Popoff.
We got a letter from Peter Popoff with 2 pennies and some powder. All we have to do is burn the powder (er, incense) and send one penny back with the ashes to obtain "miracle money". OH YEAH, and we have to sow our "double portion miracle seed" of $77 or our "triple portion miracle seed" of $777, to "pass the test so you can be blessed." It also says (about sending the penny back), "YOU MUST GET THE PENNY OUT OF YOUR HOUSE OR ELSE!" You have 24 hours or else you forfeit "a million dollars worth of the BEST OF LIFE". Also, as you burn the incense, you have to say 7 times, "I will pass this test. I will not leave this penny in my house. I will not miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see increase. I will receive the 7 Miracles from the 7 Secret places in the Holy Land! I WILL PASS THE TEST AND ENTER INTO GOD'S MILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF GOD'S BEST FOR MY LIFE!" Beware false prophets. I am amazed at this preposterous tripe that is presented in God's name,
Cant wait to see what Peter Popoff has up his sleeve for tonight.
I'm laying on the sofa watching TV. My oldest daughter came out the room clean as a tick.. this was the convo Me: Are you going to church Carra: Yes Me: thinking, had I known I would have brought some Church clothes. Carra: Sat, in the recliner next to me and said "Mom" sit up. Me: looking confused! Carra, turned the TV on to Peter Popoff.and said to me, you said you wanted to go to Church.
People that think that Benny Hinn, Peter Popoff or any other spiritual healer can heal them are "STUPID"! Now Peter Popoff says god can cure your financial debits. Why are people so gullible???
Is that Reverend Peter Popoff guy for real or am I being punked?
Watching Rev Peter Popoff! out financial blessings...hey I need one too!
It's 4am... Peter Popoff trying to sell Holy Water again 😑 grrreaaat...
do you believe in Peter Popoff and his Miracle Spring Water? — Lmao I have no clue *** that is so sure?
I'm sick of peter popoff selling dem ppl that miracle water lol
«There's a special place being saved for Peter Popoff.» in ***
Peter popoff commercials be havin me so dang hot. Why do people play with God like this?
When Peter Popoff come on that means it's time for my *** to go to sleep ✌
Peter Popoff is so sad lol he done jugg the world !
Thinking about giving that prayer guy peter popoff a call to get me some mirical spring water so all my debts disappear in a super natural divine way! I wish it was real.
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Peter popoff.. I think an episode of supernatural was based off of you
2 am. Sitting alone, laughing uncontrollably, because a show just came on with a televangelist or something named PETER POPOFF! Nuf said!
Peter Popoff... really? this guy is loaded and as long as you believe what he says he will remain that way. what a quack
That moment where u turnt da fup and all of a sudden u see peter popoff on BET...
Peter Popoff is a rip off bruh going to ***
Just thought about how I watched Peter Popoff one morning and I swear it was like a comedy show. I laughed for hours, do people really follow him and take him seriously? Am I going to ***
Received a letter from Rev. Peter Popoff saying he needed my phone number to talk directly to me. Interesting.
Some of the faces of theism: Pastor Fred Phelps, the Ayatollah Khomeini, Benny Hinn, Peter Popoff, and Osama bin Laden. Introducing the new face of atheism: Sponge Bob!!! Atheism 1, theism 0 (insert silly - and atheist - Sponge Bob laugh here)
I have been mentored by Don Stewart,Dr. Paul Lewis,Apostle Cedric Banks an famous Prophet Peter Popoff...GET TRAINED IN THE PROPHETIC
im so upset and annoyed right now, i thought i was recording 2 episodes of Bishop Noel Jones and 1 episode of Bishop T.D. Jakes. come to find out there must have been a glitch in the cable because i recored 2 episodes of Peter Popoff and 1 episode of Bishop/Prophet E Bernard Jordan!
just watched the rev. peter popoff ministries and he said if I get his Miracle Spring Water all my bills will be paid by god-I think I've finally been saved !!!
SHIRREEFAL ANNAR OMARA HAUKTORA (Wanna Be *** Martyr) Shirreefal Annar Omara Hauktora had had enough. The males in her cell got their seventy virgins and there was no reason on Allahs’ sandy earth why she couldn’t get hers as well; it was even being rumored that Pope Bend the *** XVI was offering seventy altar boys to pedophilic martyrs that died with-out killing the hated infidels. Jimmy Swaggart was reported to have offered reduced rates to straight would-be martyrs, also on the condition that the would-be martyrs died without taking any human life. (Swaggart said he would love to be able to offer seventy *** for free but the union just wouldn’t hear of it.) Not to be outclassed Peter Popoff said he could arrange for all STD’s to be healed on a monthly basis for a one-time love offering of $49.00 U.S. for any martyr to reach heaven’s door. When asked about the rumors the holy trinity (the Pontiff, Swaggart and Popoff) stated that God had visited each one of them in the night and had ag ...
Peter Popoff's Miracle Spring Water. If the FDA goes after fake diet plans why hasn't an AG's office in one state gone after these scam men of God. His hair color alone is suspect. This promise of miracle money to people clearly on the edge is shameful. Obviously I'm unable to sleep so I chanced upon this advert to divine wealth. Oy vey
"Peter Popoff robbing people for hope money!"-
*THIS IS A MUST WATCH* I call this Video PETER POPOFF SPRING WATER...My sister Ebonie Gray is so silly...The snow really has her acting up
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Waiting on my Peter Popoff miracle oil to come in.. Can't wait for things to start popping off!
I got another letter from that major Nut-Job Peter Popoff today.
Who is this Prophet Manasseh Jordan on Tv??? I done cleared the living room floor, He got me standing here wit my hands and my head pressed against the Tv like a fool trying to get Slain in the spirit!!! lol Oh Lord now here goes Peter Popoff and his Miracle Spring Water... all i need now is Pastor Kerney Thomas so i can hear one of his crazy outbursts. Got me screaming in tongues lol
Infomercial for miracle water: Peter Popoff: Isaiah 45:2 I will give you the treasures of darkness as God had said in the Bible? What do you think??
What that peter popoff spring water taste like
Just woke up out of my sleep && the first thing I see on t.v. is Peter Popoff...This dude is freaky lol he really had me scared to the point that I just covered my head and turned the t.v. off!!! :( ...Looks like Satan in the flesh to me!!! surfing I land on a religous program named "Peter Popoff" I almost choked on my coffee...let me send a check and get this monetary healing blessings.
4am 01/29/14 guess what ? I am watching Pastor Mike Murdock on BET also tune 4 Prophet Peter Popoff, they are my favorite Pastors .I invite u 2 tune in, don't miss your blessing . uplifting. spiritual ,watch GOD Move we need a break through, Amen .
Reverend Peter Popoff is a scum bag. Selling "Miracle Spring Water" and promising god wants to give you money if you buy it? Divine wealth ? Self proclaimed prophet. This dude is a clown.
Reasons to watch tv at 3 am Two Headed Shark Attack, one of the finest movies ever made. I just learned from Rev Peter Popoff who just happens to sell God's "Miracle Spring" water that if I buy and drink it that God will make sure I come into money. They have testimonials these people used the Miracle Spring Water and got checks for $10,000, $18,000 and more. I feel like I have finally found the path God wants for me.looking for my credit card now to get me some Miracle Spring Water!
Pastor Peter Popoff this morning...Amen lord we thank you,good day world...
Omg guess who is on tv right now. The one an only FAKE Peter popoff. Wow he is nuts!
It's 4:30 and I can't sleep. I turn the channel to BET inspirational, and there is a pastor on TV named PETER POPOFF. I lie to you not! I think it's time to go to bed!!!
LOL my nan sends money to peter popoff.
Do you truly believe that men such as Bennie Hinn, or Peter Popoff, or Ernest Angley, or Oral Roberts, or any other so-called self-proclaimed 'gifted healers' are ACTUALLY HEALING ANY PEOPLE, and RAISING ANY PEOPLE FROM THE DEAD, in their meetings? If this is true, then WHY can Mr Hinn not provide ANY documented medical evidence that ANYONE has ever been truly healed in any of his meetings??? If Mr Hinn, or ANY of these people, can actually HEAL people, then WHY would they not go to every hospital in the country, and around the world, and HEAL everyone he could possibly heal?
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On duty watching early morning commercials. Did you know you can get a divine transfer to your bank account by using Peter Popoff's Miracle Spring Water? All the African American ladies are swearing by it.
Peter popoff is the truth that man is the.true man of god.him and jimmy swaggart
Just ordered some Peter Popoff "Miracle Spring Water", in a Trinidadian woman's accent . I hope it helps with soar muscles! I was desperate and didn't know what else to do
Peter Popoff has to be one of the most ridiculous people on the planet.
Peter Popoff is nun but a scam artist. Lol is last name is Popoff! 😂😂😂
How did Rev. Peter Popoff make it onto television? What is going on? People really believe that garbage? Go head and send that money in. Smh.
wow does any1 watch Rev Peter Popoff lmao with the free miracle water well he just said some of us will be rich no more debt now he said some of us but we are all gods ppl this dude is funny cant wait to see what else god is going to give some of us lol go get that water ya'll he giving out jobs wrong for the broadcast
I wish Peter PopOff was right here so I could throw a cane at him!! Smh!! 😂😂😂
I don't even know why Peter Popoff is still aired on BET , first of all this mans last name is " Popoff " like what ? Then he asks you to order " Miracle Spring Water " to help heal your life .. 😳 what ?!
One name immediately came to mind. Peter Popoff. The word of God is free... if some one should try and make a profit off of God's back... Matthew 21:12-13
I just called Peter Popoff for the Miracle Spring Water. I hope to be one of his TV actors to testify about my miracle money! I promise a monkey show if
God does not hurting anybody, but look what this man call himself his Peter Popoff what he said " God is touching hurting people around the world and now he want to touch u with his miracle working power". This guy his giving people so much money for people who follow his step. i know in this world for now no one can give u $10,000 or $2,000 for each month for free. the question i asked his was, where do u get those money from? his answer was is well i talk to Jesus and he saw all the people problems so the one who follow him, then Jesus give me the money to put in their count. come on how Christian believes in Jesus does they get those money? to be honest tell the truth. how many blind people are in this world that and they have faith but their never see? but Peter will show u how Jesus give him a Miracle Spring Water that can solve all the problem u have with uself and family and people u leave with. this is the end of the world if u can't see clearly. let tell those Burundian people already takes the . ...
So late last night I got up because I couldn't sleep. I turned on the tv and it was a preacher. Peter Popoff. I was so entertained at the garbage he was feeding everyone I watched for 30 minutes. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Christian, I might have different views than some people but I do consider myself a Christian. This man has apparently scammed people in the eighties and filed bankruptcy, and is now coming back. He made claims that after you used his Miracle Spring Water and you would be canceled of all of your debt and have extra money sent to you. The program was full of testimonials of people who went from nothing to "driving a Volvo". He continually asked for donations to continue his great work and blah blah. So folks, today's message is this: If you're looking for answers, don't turn to a (self proclaimed) prophet on television. Or anyone that asks within the first 30 minutes of the program to "send a blessed offering." It's pathetic that someone would attack people during their time o ...
We havin.a peter popoff kinda service today!!
4am in the morning here & I just called Peter Popoff to send me some miracle water to my address of 666 *** Highway, zip code 6. Yeah, I'm bad but not evil like his crooked ***
It's something about some of these preachers on tv. For instance... Peter Popoff or whatever his name is. Something in my head just screams turn the tv! I can be in a deep sleep with the tv on BET and I will wake up just to turn the channel. I don't know who's worse him or that bible verse none singing Evangelist. Smh
Up watching peter popoff blessing n miracles do happen in jesus name. Years,ago me n my aunt Judith Chapman went to see him in person it was awsome..:-) :-) : :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
After catching Peter Popoff on BET late one night, I am convinced that women should stop referring to God as He or him. I truly don't understand it. It is hard for me to say he, its as if I am only giving recognition to Gods greatness via masculinity. When you speak of your creator, provider, healer, etc. how can you not see yourselves?
Dubstep video remix I made about Peter Popoff, a televangelist faith healing fraud who scammed thousands of people and made millions by performing fake reviv...
Who knows Pastor or should now say "Reverend Peter Popoff??"
I'm trying to enjoy this midnight snack, when Peter Popoff comes on tv. Man, I wish I was pure enough to cast the first stone, because I would peg that mother f**ker right between the eyes.
Deuteronomy 13:1-5; Matthew 12:24-33 When False Prophets produce a true sign and the Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Although Deuteronomy 18:22 states that a false prophet may be discerned by a prophecy that does not come to pass; Deuteronomy 13 provides the protocol for discernment when a false prophet produces a sign, wonder, miracle, vision, etc. that is true or comes to pass. How should I view Peter Popoff, Robert Tillton, Lesego Daniels, etc. who are shown producing feats of great power, healings, and miracles. The answer is simple - Never judge the sign, judge the man. In verse 3 it says, "for Hashem is testing you". It is Hashem who produces the sign, wonder, or miracle for he is the Almighty and supernatural power belongs to him. He uses false prophets to sift through those who are truly loyal to him and those who are not. Y'shua dwelt in and quoted from Deuteronomy numerous times throughout his earthly ministry. Understanding the principle enumerated in Deut. 13 he confronted the Pharisees who cla ...
If Rev. Peter Popoff provides guidance and spiritual direction to receive God's blessings in your should reconsider!
Watching Peter Popoff.Juust wondering about this man.
You know it's late when Peter Popoff comes on tv preaching about his Miracle Spring Water... Good Night!!
Peter Popoff a TV evangelist is selling Miracle Spring Water for financial debt relief. For those who get it and when it doesn't work call me. I have some miracle Taylor Ranch dirt it's 1000 times more potent.
Ok wide awake at 3 AM ,turn on the TV and here is a TV evangelist Peter Popoff ! I'm very disturbed by this man !
Pastor Peter Popoff has ppl believing in No more crippling pain and Zero need for Adaptive equipment. Pastor Popoff wants U to Use his Miracle Spring Water to annoint Ur bills and ailments. My mind wonders to the guy Bernie Madeoff who made off with ppls life savings. Sometimes a name warns U. I'm trusting my healing n Jesus name.
Ok well I'm up looking at this Rev Peter Popoff Man...and um I don't knock you if you really doing the Lord's work but.when u reading a teleprompter and your reading it slower than its going I have a issue with that...
Peter Popoff get off my tv I'm trying to turn up
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Got some blessed letters from Peter popoff .. Hit tha nail on tha head.. Oh jeeeshushhh u see me I know it
This Peter Popoff is off the chain and off in his mind , today only the 6 pack of Miracle Spring Water and a piece of Jesus robe is FREE , the water this week is to heal people with cancer and the robe is for high blood pressure .STRAIGHT FOOLISHNESS . Santonia None, Christopher Godwin, Suggs D'shawn, y'all better get y'all some !
So im watchin Miracle Wealth Manifestation with Peter Popoff and he told he she would have prosperity and she told him that she won $10,000 from the Lottery. The crazy thing is gambling is a sin. Im jus sittin her laughing
I know the Lord, should something Peter Popoff
Not a fan of but its true you only live once
If i didnt think it would get flagged id post the goods
Ill put money in both those statements
I could never prolly tie a woman up...I feel like thats leading towards rape
You claim to have a Judith McAllister anointing but you're barely Peter Popoff..
And im perfectly capable to play and at a high level
If you could love the wrong person that much just imagine how much you could love the right one
I need to be on my own show im addicted to sex
I swear to god I sometimes wish I could think bout something other than sex
If the Second Coming happened right now, the first thing Jesus would do is kick Peter Popoff in the nuts.
Let me get some of that celebrity make up and ill look perfect too
I keep dozing off at work smh not good
Home to the discovery channel for me
I gotta face it ima forever have a car payment and credit card
I can't lie though the pic of kelly from save by the bell Is hot
right that's why I said it's his fault!!!
When you drink water, it’s already been drank by other people and animals (possibly several times over).
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