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Peter Pettigrew

In the fictional world of the Harry Potter series, the Death Eaters constitute a group of wizards and witches, led by the dark wizard Lord Voldemort, the chief antagonist of the series, who seek to purify the Wizarding community by eliminating the Muggle-borns (wizards or witches born to non-magical parents).

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I hope peter pettigrew is choking in ***
7-year-old: Why did Peter Pettigrew start to work for Voldemort?. His mom: Voldemort probably promised him rewards o…
I just locked Arlo up to go to work and i literally feel like I’m peter pettigrew telling Voldemort that lily and J…
Why Fred and George never saw Peter Pettigrew - EXPLAINED!!
This is Sidney Crosby. Serving me young Peter Pettigrew Rat Face vibes. Overrated already, but we'll give our score anyway.…
wait so what if mcGonagall and Dumbledore knew peter pettigrew was the Weasley’s rat and they just want…
Just Figured out my patronus is a rat... I respect the results but I don't want to be like Peter Pettigrew
I think people forget that Voldemort didn't kill cedric's diggory. It was Peter pettigrew/OK under Voldy's command…
Well, then, Ravenclaw has Quirrell and Lockhart and Gryffindor has Peter Pettigrew. And while rere…
Also how did peter pettigrew carry the fidelius to voldemort. That's what I think from this diagram
I been on my P's and Q's quantum leaps ahead of my peers. They not even in my peripheral pray I keep it proper . Caus…
Cld see then if you called him peter Pettigrew
I don't really like the answer I've come up with for this. is there an actual answer to this? "Peter P…
Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and your brain is screaming WHY THE *** WAS PETER PETTIGREW IN GRYFFINDOR
Peter Pettigrew faking his own death, transforming into a rat, killing muggles and blaming Sirius Black for his act…
Playing Peter Pettigrew cutting off his own finger and pretending to be a rat
would you explain to me how could Peter Pettigrew be a member of gryffindor if he was an absolutly coward?
Okay Peter Pettigrew, boy bye. But you expect me to believe the cat is just a cat???
Oh look, here's Peter Kay with his joke, again.
This entire time we've been thinking is Voldemort, when he's only Peter Pettigrew.
Why does he look like he is imitating Peter Pettigrew from Harry Potter
Any pesky Peter Pettigrew can get the pesticide
I just realized that I'm the Peter Pettigrew. Wow.
Literally looks like peter pettigrew
If only Peter Cook were alive today. We could do with some insightful wits like him.
Wait so Fred & George, how come they never saw Peter Pettigrew next to Ron on the marauders' map
"Snape and Peter Pettigrew together had sent Voldemort hunting after Lily and James and their son...". Bravest man etc etc.
"What's your last name?". "Pettigrew". "lol just like in Harry Potter. You related to Peter Pettigrew?". *internally s…
"Well, Sirius Black is getting grey hair," he began. "Peter Pettigrew is getting fat. Remus Lupin is just adorable."
|| And because he had Harry under his care Sirius didn't pursue Peter Pettigrew but he did report him and Peter faked his own death when he—
If all they found of Peter Pettigrew with his little finger, how did they know it was Peter Pettigrew?
Also I've just noticed the finger they cut off Peter Pettigrew in the movie makes him permanently giving the shocke…
peter Pettigrew.. the worst PR ratkind have had since the Black Death!
So if Fred and George had the marauders map since their first year why did they never notice that Ron's rat was Pet…
If the Weasley twins had the Marauders map since their first year then how did they not see Peter Pettigrew. Bo
Does Crowley remind anyone else of Peter Pettigrew?? But the opposite?? Like not with them the whole time, but then with them at the end??
Why does this look like a young peter pettigrew making an offering to Voldemort
— day 9 ; Peter Pettigrew, i like the marauders but i will never forgive someone who betrayed their friends ⚡
ya look like Peter Pettigrew ya duplicitous coward
I feel like they are all just Peter Pettigrew
My mother’s dog, Padfoot, had to have a toe removed. We’ll be changing his name to Peter Pettigrew.
Come around me or my Switch with ur RACIST toilet crusted hands, peter pettigrew bone structure, coagulation of mem…
You, lefty pleb: Don, Jr is Fredo. Me, liberal intellectual: see, he is just like Peter Pettigrew in Prisoner of Azkaban.
However you are asking the impossible peter Pettigrew can't think!
In the train Peter Pettigrew is, for the first time, sitting 2 m away from the boy whose parents he killed - what goes through his head?
Now we know what Peter Pettigrew has been up to...
Voldemort killed dumbledore and peter pettigrew is actually a werewolf
It has Peter Cook in, so a big positive
someone just told me Peter Pettigrew belongs in slytherin??
I'm still laughing at the Weasley twins being down with Peter Pettigrew sleeping in Ron's bed all those years.
My hotel bartender tonight: most likely to be cast in dinner theatre Harry Potter as Peter Pettigrew. But I still drink his G&Ts.
Fred and George see Ron sleeping with a guy named Peter Pettigrew every single night on the Marauder's map and they never b…
A BuzzFeed quiz told me two days ago that I was the Peter Pettigrew of the group and I'm still pretty messed up about it
Sirius Black deserved better. Remus Lupin deserved better . James Potter deserved better . Peter Pettigrew deserved that hand…
I can nod until you accept the fact that you look like Peter Pettigrew.
Timothy Spall played a Holocaust denier in "Denial" and his character was somehow more likable than Peter Pettigrew.
So Kanye didn't take the time to vote. And now he holding on to Trump's coattail like Peter Pettigrew to Lord Voldemort
tell me to my face that Eric Trump is not actually Peter Pettigrew with hair gel and a suit
Sino si Duterte? Si Barty Crouch Jr.? O si Peter Pettigrew? Ah either way he allowed the Dark Lord to rise again.
That Martin guy on I'm a Celebrity reminds me of Peter Pettigrew out of Harry Potter 😐😳✋🏼
I think the biggest plot twists of my life was when I found out Bart Bass wasn't actually dead & when Scabbers turned into Peter Pettigrew
They got Frank looking like Voldemort did after Peter Pettigrew cut Harry's arm for blood to revive the Dark Lord.
Peter Pettigrew - proved not all Gryffindors are strong, loyal and courageous
Would you still love me the same?? 😂😂 Hi I'm Tennesy Pettigrew. Daughter of Peter Pettigrew.
Not loving Matt Lucas. He looks like Timothy Spall as Peter Pettigrew.
Just had the revelation that David is actually just Peter Pettigrew
2/3 Aaron Johnson as James Potter, Andrew Garfield as Remus Lupin, Jamie Bell as Peter Pettigrew, and Ben Barnes as Sirius Black
Peter pettigrew is it? Expected so. Hair seems about the same.
This is represented by Peter Pettigrew in the Harry Potter series. At this level, most decisions revolve around the self.
the Death of Peter Pettigrew was also omitted, his life debt
When your cat crawls in your shirt & you hope he's not really Peter Pettigrew.
Why was Peter Pettigrew a gryffindor if he was such a coward
i would have died if they put Peter pettigrew from Harry Potter but I doubt a lot of people wouldn't have caught it. 😂
Harry "I have an invisibility cloak but I don't feel like using it when trying to find Peter Pettigrew" Potter
There are countless speculations about the reason why Peter Pettigrew betrayed his best friends…
How did Peter Pettigrew get Voldemort to call him Wormtail? Since when does he allow weird nicknames?
*** Peter Pettigrew, I'm of a higher pedigree. I'm peddling this penmanship, appreciate the pleasantries
Were you exonerated for betraying James and Lily Potter and for killing Peter Pettigrew? Can't remember.
For me the feel and mood of the Prisoner of Azkaban in it's entirety is defined by the peter Pettigrew three note motif, it's just haunting
So is Hodge going to get a robot hand, a la Luke Skywalker, or maybe a silver one, a la Peter Pettigrew? STILL WANT
how much of a *** is Peter pettigrew for being a snake to Sirius Black tho? Childhood pals for what fs
no ok not like that cause of of them would have to be Peter Pettigrew and no one deserves to be that scumbag
right! She did this without even realizing she looked like Peter Pettigrew
Peter Pettigrew is closer than you think ⚡️
I could totally be Peter Pan. Here we go! I'm Peter Pan. Although if I lose a finger I'd be Peter Pettigrew.
on June 6 1994: Peter Pettigrew was exposed as Scabbers the rat & was cornered by Sirius Black & Remus Lupin.
Peter Pettigrew is managing football teams now?
OH HODGE suddenly you are scared hu!?. How Peter Pettigrew of you.
named our rat Peter Pettigrew l o l
Altho Harry has always said it was Voldemort who killed Cedric, it was actually Peter Pettigrew, under Voldemort's orders, who killed him.
/ The parallels between Hodge and Peter Pettigrew are getting really unnerving
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*** Peter Pettigrew, I'm of a higher pedigree
Spotted at the train station: tiny girl twins wearing striped scarves, and a man who looks exactly like Peter Pettigrew.
now did the spell not work because it wasn't real? Or did it not work because the rat was actually Peter Pettigrew?
Hodge is like a hotter Peter Pettigrew .
James Potter: deserved better. Sirius Black: deserved better. Remus Lupin: deserved better. Peter Pettigrew: rat
Oh wait, maybe he's not Peter Pettigrew. Whatever.
I just had a dream where Negan bashed in Peter Pettigrew's head while playing 'smells like teen spirit' on his iPhone
What do Colonel Brandon, The Trunchbull & Peter Pettigrew have in common? They were all in Our Mutual Friend
Dear friend notes Chris Christie is sort of the Peter Pettigrew of this situation and now I can't unsee it.
A6) Peter Pettigrew (HP), Adam (Shatter Me), and Mal (Shadow & Bone). I know unpopular on the last dude. Srry guys. Darkling 4ver
"Our teacher is like a skinnier version of peter pettigrew" 😂😂😂
] presence, made the witch smirk and stepped closer, towering over him in her tall boots. "Ah yes, Peter Pettigrew. I do--
-- him. Turning, he said,. "Pettigrew. P-Peter Pettigrew". His voice crack a sign of his terror. He didn't want to look at --
So Matthew Dellavedova don't look like Peter Pettigrew from Harry Potter
It makes me really mad when people just leave Peter Pettigrew out of marauder posts. Like he was their friend Im sure he helped with the map
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There's a lady training here today that reminds me of no one more than Peter Pettigrew.
How come Fred and George from the Harry Potter series didn't see Peter Pettigrew always being with Ron on The Mara…
I still don't understand why people don't hate on Peter Pettigrew.
Maybe I'd have some self confidence if I didn't so closely resemble Peter PETTIGREW
with Peter Pettigrew. The two biggest *** of HP.
Overheard: Slughorn: Peter Pettigrew! Get up here. Come on, front and center, let's go. Sirius: Hey, how...
"You should have died! Died rather than betray your friends, as we would have done for you!" – Sirius Black to Peter Pettigrew (PoA)
Peter Pettigrew deserves 20times as much hate as Snape gets!
Dear Potterheads, . Peter Pettigrew deserves more hate then Snape? Why dont you guys ever bash on Peter? . Sincerely,. Bethany
Why wasn't anybody suspicious when Peter Pettigrew's body was missing, but finger there? Where did they think his body went?
How did Peter Pettigrew get sorted into Gryffindor? He has none of that house's qualities. Maybe the Queen will answer?
-- towards the black haired student, as he heard the words. {And that is final, Mr Pettigrew}. Chills went down Peter's --
{Peter Pettigrew and... Peter swallowed hard at the teachers words. "B-But... Professor Slughorn! Y-You can't!". He --
Fred and George saw Ron sleeping with Peter Pettigrew in Marauders Map but never brought it up
Ron trying to explain Scabbers and Peter Pettigrew lol
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Remember that time everyone thought Peter Pettigrew was dead?
Peter Pettigrew from Harry Potter is their road manager.
Why didn't Fred and George wonder why Ron slept with a boy named Peter Pettigrew every night?
Scabbers and Peter Pettigrew both make me want to vomit.
More like Peter Pettigrew. Not a leader, a weak follower. A traitor to freedom.
can we start calling Louis Peter Pettigrew I mean they're basically the same person/man-rat
they were thoroughly uneducated, they also said I look like Peter Pettigrew from Harry Potter! 😳😩😱
How did Peter Pettigrew decide to "live" with the Weasley's? Did he know that Harry and Ron would become friends 10 years later?
well I was bullied a lot by James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew they put the curse on me
Remus Lupin, Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew, swimming un the Black Lake. Taken by James Potter. Summer, 1977.
I didn't know Peter Pettigrew played for the Lions.
idk who my peter pettigrew fancast is I'M MAD
this isn't even true! He was murdered by Peter Pettigrew under Lord Voldemort's orders
ok there is this UNBELIEVABLY HOT vietnamese girl in my class and her boyfriend looks like hipster peter pettigrew
Terrorist mastermind is dead, based on finding one finger. . Peter Pettigrew dead, based on finding one finger. . How well did that turn out?
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if anyone here is peter pettigrew its...NVM but this is disgusting
Peter pettigrew is the worst but I like to say his name.
what's your job title now? Coz in my eyes you'll always be Peter Pettigrew
If you were a Harry Potter character, you would totally be Peter Pettigrew.
⊹ ⊹ Severus Snape | Lucius Malfoy | Sirius Black | Peter Pettigrew. to reserve your role!
well its from Peter Pettigrew so ofc its creepy
When you're that twisted you look like Peter pettigrew
Poor Peter Hitchens. Like a cross between Chicken Little & Eeyore. Convinced his sky is falling in & more convinced nobody cares.
ok Peter Pettigrew bc when he turned from Scabbers into a man, he was a PET THAT GREW?
24 June 1995: Cedric Diggory is murdered by Peter Pettigrew on Lord Voldemort's command.
does it weird anyone else out that Ron had Peter Pettigrew as a pet for 12 years
Harry sees Peter Pettigrew in the map the first time he uses it but Fred and George don't spot him in 3 years? How
Happy 56th Birthday, Timothy Spall! He played Peter Pettigrew in the Harry Potter films.
'I think we can all agree that Erskine Ravel is the Peter Pettigrew of the Skulduggery Pleasant fandom.' NOT EVEN CLOSE, SON
That awkward moment when you realise Kapil Sibbal looks like Peter Pettigrew. :3. --Arnav
Come to the conclusion I have the same nails as Peter Pettigrew on Harry Potter 😒
this is a long shot but why was Peter Pettigrew never on the Marauders Map when he was a rat? ⚡️
Cosiman reminds me of Hook and Peter Pettigrew... . Disturbing.
I mean I'm no fan of Peter Pettigrew but *** SON
27th February 1957: Timothy Spall, the actor who plays Peter Pettigrew, is born.
I get to see peter pettigrew and Lord Voldemort later. This makes me happy
Still wish Peter Pettigrew died in the *** explosion. Him making nasty baby Voldemort soup in Goblet of Fire is my least favorite part ever
Serious question:. Since Peter Pettigrew could turn into a rat, is there absolutely nothing he could do to not be so *** ugly?
Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot you're Peter-/bloody/-Pettigrew.
Peter Pettigrew u lil piece of crap
What name Bloody Baron? And Fred and George never saw the name Peter Pettigrew next to his brother, even unintentionally?
Your supposed to look cute when you laugh, why do I look like Peter Pettigrew when I do?
I'm not kidding rn Peter pettigrew from Harry Potter is behind me😹💫
The worst thing I have ever heard say: comparing a woman to Peter Pettigrew
Imagine Peter Hitchens to his kids. "It's a nonsense to say Santa exists. Another something-for-nothing Communist myth".
The real question is...was Peter Pettigrew named after Peter Hitchens?
Seriously, though. Peter Hitchens is the Beau Bridges to his brother's Jeff Bridges. Poor, miserable sod.
The genuine tragedy of Peter Hitchens is him having had Christopher as a brother & him knowing he'll never dazzle like he did.
Imagine walking around being Peter Hitchens. Staring into your fridge for leftwing bias. Sniffing your shoes for liberalism.
Peter Hitchens, with his face like Ferris Bueller's sister.
buxton made us watch 2 hamlet videos and one has Gilderoy Lockhart and Peter Pettigrew in it, the other has Professor X and Barty Crouch jr
hate him and his rat looking like face. "Peter Pettigrew is a traitor"
Peter Pettigrew aka Wormtail brought Lord Voldemoth to life again. He reaminated him on The Goblet Of Fire
Andre Wallace called me Peter Pettigrew. Throwback to Junior year everyone! 😂
Kerry Smith from UKIP looks like Timothy Spall as Peter Pettigrew. On acid.
James Potter trusted Peter Pettigrew, look how that turned out.
Wow. Charlie Weis is a turncoat. In Harry Potter, we'd call him Peter Pettigrew.
for Lucius Malfoy . Favorite for Peter Pettigrew. . (Making a new Marauders era account, so vote.)
I hate when people leave Peter Pettigrew out of fan art bc I get people don't like him but he is still a Marauder
would you rather have Peter Pettigrew as your father or Lucius Malfoy?
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I missed Harry seeing Moody!Barty (or is it Barty!Moody?) on the map in GoF, but they'd done that in PoA with Peter Pettigrew.
From the makers of the "The Greater Good" comes a new tale about a young Severus Snape and his rivals James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin & Peter Pettigrew.
Peter Pettigrew chose his own life over the others. James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Sirius Black, all died as a sacrifice for someone else.
All those who complain about Smriti Irani should first see where did nominating the geniously overqualified Peter Pettigrew (Kapil Sibal), Arjun Singh, etc has led the nation. These great geniuses are perfect example to illustrate that degrees and education aren't everything
Professor Remus John[2] Lupin, Order of Merlin, First Class, (10 March, 1960 – 2 May, 1998), also known as Moony, was a half-blood wizard and the only son of Lyall and Hope Lupin. He was afflicted with lycanthropy during his childhood, as Fenrir Greyback's revenge against Lyall. He attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was Sorted into Gryffindor house. During his school years, he was one of the Marauders; best friends with Sirius Black, James Potter, and Peter Pettigrew. Together they created the Marauder's Map. After Hogwarts, Remus and his friends joined the Order of the Phoenix and fought in the First Wizarding War. However, Pettigrew betrayed James and Lily Potter to Lord Voldemort and Remus lost all of his closest friends in various ways by the end of the First Wizarding War, though he and Sirius Black later reclaimed their friendship. Remus taught at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts during the 1993–1994 school year. He was ...
"Mr. Turner" looks really good, but I think I'll always see Timothy Spall as Peter Pettigrew...
Timothy Spall is THAT actor. Not a household name, but everyone's seem him somewhere. I suppose his most recognizable role would be that of the squirmish Peter Pettigrew (aka Wormtail) from Harry Potter, but he's been relegated to a dozen other supporting roles you'd recognize him in (THE LAST SAM…
The Last Samurai, starring Ethan Hawke, the pres. from Scandal, Peter Pettigrew, and that guy from Monty Python.
Yeah, why didn't Fred & George see Peter Pettigrew right next to Ron when they looked at the Marauders Map?
Okay, well I got my 2 likes, so here's the Marauders poem I wrote: Four Marauders Four Marauders, Come and gone. Four Marauders, Will live long, In our minds, And in our hearts, Four Marauders, Shall not depart Sirius Black, A mans best friend, Stayed brave and true, Until the end Remus Lupin, A man with a secret Trusted his friends To very well keep it James Potter, A lover of life, Until the Dark Lord Killed him and his wife. Peter Pettigrew, A traitor, a liar, Obeying his master Was his only desire. All four suffered Tribulations and trials Yet, laughing and joking And filling with smiles If you’re a Marauder, You truly belong, So, stick with the four And you’ll never go wrong! Hope you all like it (: ~The Last Remaining Horcrux
I'm not gonna pretend I know either of their stories or give much of a crap, but seriously, who in their right mind sleeps with Daniel Craig when they have JUDE LAW waiting for them at home? It's like marrying Sirius Black and sleeping with Peter Pettigrew.
Neville Longbottom is what Peter Pettigrew might have been - why that's important to the Harry Potter arc.
So I've gotten to the point when I'm behind the bar, or if I'm doing ToGo orders and I can't hear the persons name I take it into my own hands by putting peoples names as Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape, Luna Lovegood, Peter Pettigrew. Needless to say my manager wasn't amused (time to buy a new phone for the bar. Just saying.)
HP series from a different point of view :- 1) Fred and George Weasley and the Acquisition of Hogwarts Toilet Seats. 2) Ginny Weasley and the Year I Got Catfished. 3) Peter Pettigrew and the Mistake of Choosing to Live in a Teenage Boy's Dorm. 4) Ludo Bagman and the Hazards of Gambling Addiction. 5) Walburga Black and the Besmirching of the House of my Fathers. 6) Moaning Myrtle and Draco Malfoy, star crossed lovers. 7) Neville Longbottom and the Sudden Influx of Fangirls.
4 boys. Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, James Potter and Peter Pettigrew. They lived, they fought, they loved, they died. h…
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"Wait, what do you mean?" Celestina Hardridge spoke with a hard line to her face. "You're officially in third year. Why can't you go?" "Because Harry can't go," Ginny said for the third time since her former roommates accosted her. "Go without him!" "The headmaster won't let me. Since everyone knows about us, if I go I'm a target." The girls stared at her. "Target for what?" Mary asked. Ginny looked down at her hands. "Peter Pettigrew," she finally said. The girls blanched, and she knew at last the argument was over. After a moment of silence, she looked up, waiting for the next verbal assault. From the pulsing red cheeks of the girls around her, she had a strong suspicion of what it would be about. "There's a rumor," Serena Bloom began. "That you and Harry, you know, have done it," Mary said. Celestina sighed. "I told them it was nonsense. You're much too young." Though the pureblooded witch was Ginny's age, she had already begin to fill her brassier and already had her future possible husbands well in ...
Okay, so this was brought to my attention. If Fred and George Weasley had the Marauder's Map, wouldn't they have noticed a guy named Peter Pettigrew sleeping next to their brother Ron each night if they ever checked it? xD
What do the Harry Potter adults think of you Created by The.DementorsKISS Your Result Result Dumbledore tries to like you but doesn't trust something about you. Lord Voldemort wishes you were on his side. Minerva McGonagall thinks you are very talented. Severus Snape is secretly in love with you. Rubeus Hagrid tries to like you but doesn't really understand you. Horace Slughorn thinks you are all right. Sirius Black hates you and doesn't understand why Remus likes you. Remus Lupin worships the ground you walk on and would do anything to get you to love him back. Bill Weasley thinks of you as a best friend. Lucius Malfoy doesnt understand why Voldemort likes you. Bellatrix Lestrange wants to have you killed. Peter Pettigrew avoids you at all costs. *** yeah!
There are four men that we all know well, Who live in a story that we love to tell. Sirius, Peter, Remus, and James Who ran around Hogwarts playing pranks and games. . . . Sirius Black was he jokester of his day His rebellious attitude could lead people astray. Intelligent and brave, until the very end No one could have asked for a better friend. . . . Remus Lupin was a good man at heart. He guided Harry from the very start. He was a werewolf and a member of the order, He definitely deserved the title of being a Marauder. . . . James Potter was your typical teen, He was nice deep down but acted a tad mean. He made mistakes, just like anyone But in the end he died for his wife and son. . . . Peter Pettigrew was a marauder too, How he got this title, we have no clue. He answered to Lord Voldemort's call Betraying his friends in the worst way of all. . . . Then there was Severus Snape, With his greasy hair and long black cape. A marauder he was never to be, But his qualities were revealed for all to see. . . ...
Here's the Albus/McGonagall headcanon. LANGUAGE WARNING!! Feel free to comment if you liked it. :) Lily Evans, Molly Prewett, Arthur Weasley, James Potter, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew and Sirius Black went through the Great Hall loudly. The seven teenagers were lively discussing something or other, getting quite agitated. “Sirius! You simply cannot be serious!” Lily exclaimed loudly. “And why not?” “Come on Lily. We can all see it.” Remus said, for once being a bit loud. “Oh you can, can you? And what exactly is it you can all see?” “It’s obvious.” There discussion continued, involving Molly and Arthur too. Soon, all three of them were yelling at each other, swearing like sailors. Then, a little away, a door burst open and Professor McGonagall came out, her hair messy and out of its bun and glasses in her hand. Her face was flushed and as soon as she saw them, she screamed “WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE AND GO TO CLASS.” Then she disappeared behind the door again, leaving seven stunned te ...
Ok, so Betrayal was elegant, spare, funny and painful... And had plenty of "Pinter pauses." I'll be hoping for Tony nods for the cast- Rafe Spall is a bright new talent. And much, much better looking than his dad, Tim (Peter Pettigrew). :-)
The Marauders! When this is said or written, the first thing in a Potterhead's head is an image of four boys! James Potter, the ever self-obsessed, known for making a fool of himself to get Lily Evans' attention and a true friend. . . . . . . . Sirius Black, the Gryffindor amongst his entire family of Slytherins, handsome sexy godfather, and the ever charming ladies man. . . . . . . . Remus Lupin, a werewolf once a month, kind heart beneath the facade, brains of the pranks and a the only competent DADA professor Harry ever had. . . . . . . . . . But the last name, . . . . . . Peter Pettigrew, though a maruader, a loner and also a gryffindor, he sold out his friends! . . . . . . Did he deserve the title Marauder? . . . . . While another boy in background, who loved Lily, and yes he bullied her son, but still fought for the same boy with those shining green eyes till his last breath! . . . . Does he deserve the Marauder name? . . . . . . Snape is the True 4th marauder. * P.S. If you disagree with their page ...
Peter Pettigrew, a rat who works for Lord Voldemort, whom literally anamorphs into a rat.
Watching Sweeney Todd. So far I've seen Johnny Depp, the woman who plays as Bellatrix Lestrange in Harry Potter, The guy who plays Peter Pettigrew in Harry Potter, Alan Rickman playing a pervert, and the guy who plays as the young Grindlewald in Harry Potter.
*** this girl looks like a combination of Alister Mad Eye Moody and Peter Pettigrew.
As Sirius Black's relationship with his relatives deteriorated, he gained great friendship in James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew
Theon Greyjoy described as the Peter Pettigrew of Westeros is funny because Peter lost a finger and Theon…well, you know.
I thought he (Rajiv Shukla) was Peter Pettigrew. And I guess Dhoni is Harry, no?
Wake Wood has both Peter Pettigrew and Petyr Baelish in it. Two treacherous, little-fingered Peters for the price of one.
nope, I was looking for 'Peter Pettigrew' featured in NBC s Science of Love
How have I just realised that the male Homes Under the Hammer presenter resembles Peter Pettigrew
The baby cooed and held on to Peter's finger as Peter tickled him under the chin. His eyes were on the baby but Lily noticed that he was lost in deep thought. "He likes you," Lily informed him partly to break him out of his daze. Peter looked up at her with a sad look in his eyes. Lily waved her wand and let the dishes clean themselves. She normally preferred to do it the muggle way, it always helped distract her from worrying about the war. But something told her Peter needed her. The war was starting to take a toll on everyone but for some reason Peter seemed more effected by it over the last few weeks than everyone else. 'Poor Peter,' Lily thought to herself. 'He was never meant to fight wars. He's not a soldier.' "Is everything alright Pete?" she asked her friend. "This war isn't ending Lily," Peter said quietly. "We aren't even winning. What are you doing Lily? Why are you and Prongs still here? You have a child. You have a baby. He can't live in this... this world. Look at him Lily, he deserves more ...
I'll never consider Peter Pettigrew to be the fourth marauder.
I met a man today at work named Peter Pettigrew. It took all my will power not to say his name with Harry Potter's accent.
One of the kids from Mama looks like the child version of Peter Pettigrew.
For some weird reason, Louis Litt from 'Suits' (always reminds me of Peter Pettigrew from 'Harry Potter.'
I know he looks like peter pettigrew from Harry Potter 🐭
G- 10 S- 10 Question 3 : Which of the creators of the Marauder's Map served Voldemort? (birth name and marauder name) Don't forget your house and please remember to vote for your favorite TA! TA ~Mistress Ravenclaw
The world knew the pet of ron scabbers was Peter Pettigrew.
14 years since the world first knew about Peter Pettigrew
Like, Peter pettigrew is in this movie I'm watching right now.
I think I just saw the female version of peter pettigrew
I love how drunk Sirius sounds when he says "Peter Pettigrew! And he's in this room, right now!"
Now that my pool is finally open its a good thing I don't have any open wounds OH WAIT I DO
TRIAL ADMIN LUMOSPATRONUS Harry Potter QUIZ. Points so far: R: 15 (Where are all the other houses?) These questions are really easy, and they should get harder as we go along. QUESTION NUMBER FOUR: Who did Scabbers turn out to be? (5 points)
“What was there to be gained by fighting the most evil wizard who has ever existed?" said Black, with a terrible fury in his face. "Only innocent lives, Peter!" "You don't understand!" whined Pettigrew. "He would have killed me, Sirius!" "THEN YOU SHOULD HAVE DIED!" roared Black. "DIED RATHER THAN BETRAY YOUR FRIENDS, AS WE WOULD HAVE DONE FOR YOU!”
He was so sensational! Alan Rickman just had everything- the voice & suspishousness. ha did you like Peter Pettigrew as well?
R-20 S-20 G-40 H-30 10) Who were the 4 creators of the Marauders Map? First and last names. ~ Athena's Flaming Owl-Nimbus
Where are my Ravens??? ~ TARavenpuffPride 5. Who was the Secret Keeper for James and Lily when they died?
Dear All, As most of you are probably aware we have been in need of a new facility at Boothsbank Park for some years. Many attempts have been made to secure funding from Salford City Council without...
Mixed Quiz!!! (~TA moonchild) S:20 R:0 G:10 H:20 Round 1: Who Am I? I will give you a riddle of sorts that describes a character from Harry Potter and you need to sort out who it is! Round 2: What Would a Muggle Think? I'll give you a Harry Potter related word and you have 7 min to come up with what a muggle would think if they heard the word! Be creative and funny!!! Round 3: Trivia Time! It's a bit self-explanatory; I give you a question and you give me an answer! Round 4: P.A.N.T.S. I give you a letter and you give me a Place, Animal, Name, Thing, Spell with that letter; it doesn't have to be in order although that is preferred. Speed is of the essence!!! 10 points each and 7 rounds in each category! Don't forget your houses. Good Luck!!! Round 1: Who Am I? in last place Doomed to always chase Thus a Judas made Resulting in 13 years of shame
Everything after prisoner of azkaban could have been prevented if they had just avada kedavra-ed peter pettigrew in the shrieking shack.
I saw someone on the map, someone I know to be dead...Peter Pettigrew
Mixed Quiz! Chain *only need the last person in the chain* G: 0 | S: 15 | R: 0 | H:0 2. Main character's, best friend's, wife's, boyfriend's (in GoF), competitor's, killer ~TA17~
My mom just asked our hamster if he was Peter Pettigrew...Love my family! ☺
I'm pretty sure you're not Peter Pettigrew. :P
Q1: Name all of the marauders, their nicknames, and what animal they transform into
Well I played Peter pettigrew in basketball today
I have a challenge for you. I want you to take two characters that are completely unrelated and tell me how they are alike. When I say unrelated I don't mean by blood. I mean two characters that hardly or never interact. They can be from two different time periods or just anything. I'll give you an example but I won't tell you how they are alike just in case you want to use those two. Example: Draco and Dudley No houses necessary. I just want to see what people can come up with. ~Ducky
*Writers Block* You have 10 minutes to write a short headcanon about the given prompt! :) After 10 minutes it'll be closed and you have 3 minutes to vote for your favourite! The one with the most votes and the one I like the most will eacht get 30 points! Nex prompt is: How Peter got friends with the other Marauders! TA20
Initials! Make sure you put your house in the comment or else no points! Gryffindor: 0 Hufflepuff: 0 Ravenclaw: 0 Slytherin: 20 P.P ~ Wolfstar's Love Child
It was Peter Pettigrew, in the Shrieking Shack, with the Animagus charm!
you better check yourself Peter Pettigrew!!!
and anyone who knows me well will know that Peter Pettigrew aka the rat man petrifies me
and he still terrifies me almost as much as Peter Pettigrew in Harry Potter
Nobody cares what happens to Nick 'Peter Pettigrew' Clegg.
"Peter Pettigrew took Elizabeth's finger to replace his own" - on what could have happened in Bioshock Infinite.
Comment a name below and I'll answer it! ~Remus Harry Potter: Tell us about a scar on your body Hermione Granger: What is your favorite book, how many times have you read it, and why do you love it? Ron Weasley: Something you're afraid of? Luna Lovegood: One thing that makes you different from everyone else. Fred Weasley: Can you do any magic tricks? What is the best one you can do? If you can't do any, what's the best one you've seen? George Weasley: What is the best prank you've ever played on someone? Neville Longbottom: Tell us an embarrassing story. Narcissa Malfoy: Do you have a good relationship with your family? Who are you closest to? Voldemort: If you were to create a Horcrux(s), what would it be and why? Bellatrix Lestrange: Have you ever loved someone who could never love you back? Ginny Weasley: Have you ever been in love with an unexpected person? Hedwig: If you went to Hogwarts, what kind of pet would you bring? (ex: cat, owl, rat, frog) Draco Malfoy: Is it better to be feared or to be love ...
Peter Pettigrew is an anagram of TIP: PET WE REGRET: 😂
QUIZ Include your house in the same comment Q. Name the person who betrayed Harry's parents. Also name the person who was mistaken for betraying Harry's parents ~Ginny
"Not all Ravenclaws are stuck up. Luna Lovegood. Not all Gryffindors are loyal. Peter Pettigrew. Not all Slytherins have no love. Severus Snape. Not all Hufflepuffs are weak. Cedric Diggory." ~youtube comment
Did the balloons stepfather almost kill Peter Pettigrew?
he tried to turn Peter Pettigrew, yellow.
Peter pettigrew scared to hit da weed!?
wait, no peter pettigrew wasnt loyal at all, .. HE WAS A COWARD,
Peter Pettigrew freaks me out so much
"He really just looks like Peter Pettigrew and that means he's on Voldemort's side and I just really don't like that"
The lady in front of me looks like Peter Pettigrew.
And how come they didn't use the time turner to go and catch Peter Pettigrew to prove Sirus's innocence and save themselves lost of trouble?
S=60 Which pet of a hogwarts student is this 20 points "Don't let my face tell my fate; I resemble one you do hate. Though I once was reversed, It's for freedom I thirst, So do not presume me sedate!" -Lucius
Sirius Black and remus be like.. PETER PETTIGREW, WE COMIN FOR YOU *** !
I hate when people say that all Slytherins are bad people. I just feel like you have a huge misunderstanding of the books if you think that any one house is inherently evil.
Quiz 10 points for the first correct answer :p G|20. S|20. R|25. H|20 9) Who was the Potter's secret keeper? ~Silvermist (TA)
I've already sent the kids back to bed for their behavior; I managed to get an my daughter's bedroom carpet that was outside in the rain and full of cat *** into the garbage can (after it fell on me twice), and 3 loads of laundry. For the rest of the day I'm going to be irresponsible and play videogames like everyone else.. Pottermore to be exact!
Peter Pettigrew? Not even a superhero. That was weak, Griff. You pulled it out of your butt
he was killed.. peter pettigrew killed him... ah, that prize! yes! read the whole series and watched all movies.. :D
Wow that was quick! Goblet of fire quiz! 10 points to first correct answer so remember your house!!! 3. Who killed Cedric Diggory? - Oncer Soul Hermione, Soldier Oaks
QUIZ G10 S10 R10 Q4. Initials - P.P. (one name per comment, must be the one im thinking of) ღdoratonksღ
Can I just stand on Snape's throat until he learns to be a decent teacher/human being?
I liked a video The truth about Peter Pettigrew
MIXED QUIZ! Don't forget your houses! G:10 3. Name 2 people with the initials P.P. ~Crookshanks
If there's one person I hate it is Peter Pettigrew
*Rant warning* I was just scrolling through the comments on a picture on another page and I saw that someone was saying that the person in the picture was a Slytherin because he went evil and that all Slytherins go evil. Well lets look at this... Not everyone in a house is the same. (e.g. Snape, Luna, Peter Pettigrew etc.) Being Slytherin, things like this really get under my skin, I really hate it when people hate on us, and say that Slytherins are evil, uncaring, back stabbing, etc. Slytherins are Ambitious, they look after their own, they have a thirst for power and greatness it's true, but who says that's a bad thing? We all have light and dark inside us, it's the part we choose to act on that defines us, that's who we really are (I really don't know if I got that right.. but right now I don't care) Sure some Slytherins are evil, but some aren't. Another thing that bothers me is that people say Gryffindors and Slytherins can't get along, that they must automatically be enemies. I happen to have three ...
I had a dream last night and Peter Pettigrew was in it... I mean, WHY!? Of all the characters, why him!? I wanted Sirius Black, okay? Not the dumb rat -_- *Goes to sulk in the corner* ~Regulus
So tickled to see Moaning Myrtle in a Dr. Who episode.
If Scabbers hadn't been Peter Pettigrew do you think that the spell that Fred gave Ron to Scabbers yellow would have worked? - Minerva
Scene of Death Eaters gathered in a dining room at the beginning of Deathly Hallows Pt 1, and Bellatrix seems like she's drowning among the rest of the crowd of white, male death eaters. Narcissa is there too, of course, along with her sniveling husband, and I spotted at least one other nameless witch among the crowd, but even in the ranks of memorable, spine-tinglingly vicious villians, like heros, women seem to be cast as side-kicks and devotees. :/
A question from one of our fans, Amy ... Have you found any fanfiction about what happened with the Dursleys, Hestia Jones and Dedalus Diggle after they left Harry? Thanks so much!!
*INITIALS GAME* S: H G: H H: R: H The first house to complete Harry wins It should be the one i am thinking of Whose initials are: P.P TA ~PADFOOT
6) Name the other two names Peter Pettigrew went by with. Remember your houses! Edited answers don't count ~ Ari's Melody S: 10 G: 30 H: 10
What Shall I Do To Inherit Eternal Life? By Jimmy Pettigrew via Dave Hart. In Mark 10,beginning at verse 17; here we have the story of the rich young ruler who came to Jesus to ask Him the question that is one of the deepest longings, yearnings of the human heart. He wanted to know: “What shall I do to inherit eternal life?” The Bible is clear. There are two paths which may be chosen in life (Matthew 7:13-14); the narrow way is the way that leads to eternal life and is the most important because it determines the destiny for the soul of man, which is of more value than all the riches of the world (Matthew 16:26). Many in the world today desire to have the best of both worlds, but such is impossible, since man cannot serve two masters (Matthew 6:19-24); man must serve one or the other. The rich young ruler is an inspired example of one who faced the great decision. The choice of masters determines our eternal destiny. Therefore, it is life’s greatest decision. This young man ran to Jesus and kneeled ...
QUIZ Why did the silver hand kill Pettigrew? 10 pts. | S 10
Teddy sat on the grass next to James, resting his back on the tree and remained silent waiting for the younger boy to speak up. "Quite a scene in there, huh," James said "What? That little thing?" Teddy sniggered, "That's just what we call Christmas eve at the Burrows." "It's just frustrating. That after everything they got up to, they play the saints and lecture me over sneaking about Hogwarts after hours." "What'd you expect Ginny to say?" Teddy asked. "Oh James I'm disappointed in you. When your father got caught he cost Gryffindor 50 points. How dare you come back with only a detention and a note from your Professor?" James chuckled at the mental image of his mother saying that, "I guess you're right." They sat quietly watching a few gnomes making their way back from wherever Fred and Lucy had tossed them while degnoming in the afternoon. "It was a bit foolish though," muttered Teddy without looking at James. "Sneaking around without the right tools." James gave him a curious look, "Tools? For sneakin ...
Harry: [about the Marauder's Map] Professor, just so you know I don't think that map always works. Earlier it showed someone in the castle... someone I know to be dead. Professor Lupin: Oh really, and who might that be? Harry: Peter Pettigrew. Professor Lupin: [looking stunned] That's not possible.
The following quote is the setup: "A word on the rules this fic follows. It is not a strict single point of departure. Changes from the original Harry Potter universe may occur for any of the following reasons: [...] 5) Changes that result from this not being a children's book. Writing a children's book is much harder than writing a story for grownups. I can't do it. Therefore this is a story for grownups... and that means it is impossible that an evil Peter Pettigrew is hiding out as Scabbers, the pet rat of an enemy wizarding family. In a children's book, this can be taken in passing. In a story for grownups, it would mean Pettigrew was holding the *** Ball. It is a general law of MoR that no one is ever holding the *** Ball. 6) Changes that result from a general philosophy of upgrading obstacles to match the more powerful protagonist. One illustration of this is that in Goblet of Fire, there is a point where canon!Harry on a broomstick faces a dragon called the Hungarian Horntail... which in Ch. 16 ...
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Today in Harry Potter History: On June 24, 1995 the last event of the Triwizard tournament is held. Lord Voldemort returns to a bodily form, Barty Crouch Jr is found to be using polyjuice potion to impersonate Alastor Moody, Cedric Diggory is killed :( by Peter Pettigrew and the 2nd wizarding war occurs. Exactly a year later Death Eaters kidnap Garrick Ollivander and Florean Fortescue. They also bring down the millennium Bridge in London. ~wof
i just googled Iwan Rheon to see if he fits Peter Pettigrew in my Marauder dreamcast :DD
Character Elimination! COMMENT ONLY ONE NOW. ONEEE. YOUR LEAST FAVORITE! (If you comment two I will count only the first one) Hermione Lupin Sirius Fred 1st round outs were: Umbridge with 7 votes, along with second place a tie of 4 votes out were Crabbe and Goyle ! 2nd round outs were Lockhart with 11 votes and Peter Pettigrew with 8 votes! 3rd round outs were Myrtle with 7 votes and Peeves with 4! 4th round outs were Voldemort with 7 votes and tied for second Seamus and Bellatrix! 5th round sees out Professor McGonagall with 5 votes and Ron Weasley with 4. In the 6th round, Dumbledore left with 5 but was not going to leave without dragging Draco with him. Draco left with a vote of 4! Ginny left with 7 votes, Harry quickly followed her as well in the 7th round with 4 votes! Round 8 took out Hagrid, with 5 votes, along with Tonks and Dobby with 3 votes each! Round 9 ends with Neville (7 votes) and Luna (5 votes) taking a stroll outside of Hogwarts and being eaten by nargles. Round 10 and I'm out with 2 vot ...
I hate Professor Umbridge, Bellatrix Lestrange, and Peter Pettigrew more than I hate Voldemort. In other news I'm still a nerdy loser ✌
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