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Peter Parker

Spider-Man is a fictional character, a comic book superhero starring in books published by Marvel Comics.

Tom Holland Miles Morales Tony Stark Civil War Aunt May Steve Rogers Captain America Clark Kent Flash Thompson Andrew Garfield Ben Reilly Mary Jane Watson Uncle Ben Gwen Stacy Dan Slott Stan Lee Harry Osborn Barry Allen Pepper Potts

Peter Parker and Pepper Potts have the same t-shirt!
Celebrities > Peter Parker swings into action with Iron Man in fi--
Peter Parker is wearing the same T-Shirt as Pepper Potts from Iron Man 3!
When you find out Peter Parker ripped off your life story for another film reboot
Aunt May was pretty much turned into a MILF and Peter Parker was sent back to elementary school? .
For me, it's the fact that this film exists in the MCU. I'm loving Tom Holland as Spider-Man/Peter Parker!
I love Tom Holland's Spider-Man but I am still not exactly sure how Stark knew Peter Parker was Spider-Man. I might have missed it.
📷 Peter Parker knows how to rapidly change into Spider-Man. By Roger Stern & John Romita Jr. 
My top 3 super hero's,1 Peter Parker spidey, 2 Miguel O'hare 2099 spidey, Miles Morales ultimate spidey and yes this is very one sided.
Goldberg beat Brock Lesnar in less time than Peter Parker's horrendous jazz club dance number in Spider-Man 3.
Rollin my mary jane like my name was Peter Parker.🔥
Laura Harrier plays Liz Allen, Peter Parker's love interest in
Zendaya is not Mary Jane nor does she play Peter Parker's love interest in
Zendaya definitely not Peter Parker's love interest in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' .
Liz Allen Played By Laura Harrier will reportedly be Peter Parker's love interest in
Wait, is Jimmy Olsen just Peter Parker with no superpowers?
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Whys Liam Fray got the same hair do as Toby Maguire's emo Peter Parker?
Do any of you remember when Peter Parker took that big *** bite of a hot dog in Spiderman
Toe nails, shrapnel, dust, cobwebs, the spider that bit Peter Parker, oxtail bone, a one split jimmy, oppression, depression and jelly beans
My point is, Jimmy Olsen is supposed to be an everyman. Just a regular guy who's a bit of a dork. A Peter Parker type of character...
That initial scene between Tony Stark and Peter Parker in Civil War is pretty great if you imagine Tony as Rick and Peter as Morty
Flash Gordon bring my cords and spark the light in the dark Peter Parker, Spider-Man, all I do is climb the charts!
Peter Parker, Steve Roger, they didn't start as heroes but becames ones, ANYONE can be a hero
Gn I love jim halpert and Barry Allen and Peter Parker and Quinn fabray and
but Bruce Banner, Steve Rodgers and Peter Parker are still alive so your point is wrong and invalid
I still don't understand why they made Peter Parker a middle schooler in Civil War 😂👶🏼
Is Grant the superhero name or is it the real name like Peter Parker or Clark Kent?
"Hm. I assume you're going as Peter Parker. Since you're going with Marvel. . . I'll go with DC and be Clark Kent."
I am not okay with being sexually aroused by Peter Parker's Aunt May.
with putting us in a white heroes shadow. Miles Morales will never be as great as Peter Parker
preferred making Peter Parker black his entire background makes more sense black. He's a poor kid from Queens
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
📷 spideycentral: Tom Holland as Peter Parker on the Spider-Man: Homecoming set in NYC
Tom Holland is the real Peter Parker/ Spiderman!! . Thank you Marvel Studios!! X).
Tom Holland. The boy who's playing Peter Parker.
Okay okay look here y'all. You can ship Peter Parker and Zendaya's character all you want. But shipping Tom and Z i…
Even though I think Tom Holland is PERFECT as Spider-Man, I still I think it would've been to cool to see Asa Butterfield's Peter Parker.
Tom Holland and zendaya as Peter Parker and MJ Watson? its a yes from me!
I can't wait to see how Tom's Peter Parker will utilise his Spider Sense.
Leaked picture of Tom Holland as Peter Parker on the set of Thor: Ragnarok ;)
Peter Parker is the true New York Crip, not Daniel Velasquez!
Peter Parker strikes again at the fortified city of Valetta
they turned Barry into a stupid Peter Parker from Spider-Man 3 depressed character and it's stupid cause he's never changed
J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon is perfect casting though it'll be hard to not picture him yelling at Peter Parker.
how about a spiderman reboot with Elliot Gould as Peter Parker?
Btw, Stan Lee will not allow Peter Parker to be portrayed by a black guy. Is he racist as well? . G'nite
You should try the classic Lee/Ditko issues. Peter Parker as the quintessential teenager, full of angst and guilt
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Stan Lee was against a black Peter Parker but hey if Dan Slott says its okay 😒
Peter Parker and Aunt May in the set of
Total open marriage.They swing more than Peter Parker 2 Brian Setzer Orc
If went the Miles Morales route then nbd, but this is Peter Parker 😣
kill Peter Parker and bring Miles Morales to life
//Marvel ruined Peter Parker by making him rich I don't feel invested anymore like I do with Miles Morales' comic.
With Zendaya as MJ you might as well have cast Donald Glover or Tyler James Williams as Miles Morales and have left out Peter Parker
is that Peter Parker and Miles Morales behind her?
man I wish they would change it to Miles Morales they keeping Peter Parker
"Peter Parker is getting replaced by Miles Morales so think how I feel.")
It's basically Miles Morales after Peter Parker. People will forget all about it in five years, lmao
I was actually disappointed they didn't go with the Miles Morales Spider Man. We've already seen Peter Parker.
Did Miles Morales replace Peter Parker, though? AFAIK, that only happened in one of the continuities.
Though I was leaning towards the "let Donald Glover be Miles Morales" camp. Peter Parker's been kinda warn out by too many movies
The ONLY good that can come from alternate dimensions in Spider-Man is a Miles Morales/Peter Parker team up movie.
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Mary Jane Watson on her way to see Peter Parker 👌🏼
Hook me up with ShadowHawk, Nova. We raised *** for Miles Morales but no... more Peter Parker even though I liked Tom Holland's version
I hate Miles Morales for the reason that spiderman will be always Peter Parker
I don't think that Peter Parker should be black but at the same time I think the MCU Spider-Man should have been Miles Morales.
Miles Morales is the better Spider-Man anyways. Peter Parker needs to go ghost permanently.
it all depends on the character. Miles Morales is a great spiderman but he's not Peter Parker. the new 52 wally west is crap
like Miles Morales is a favorite because they didn't just do "Peter Parker is black now"
Just wait til they make Peter Parker bisexual and in a throuple with MJ and Miles Morales
ok but why does marvel keep rebooting Peter Parker as spiderman instead of Miles Morales, that's the real question
I am sure if Sony really wanted to *** people off they could have cast Tom Holland as Miles Morales and a Black actor for Peter Parker. :-)
Heroes & great characters come in every color. & they are for EVERYONE. There's nothing about Peter Parker or Mary Jane. that H…
Haven't read Miles Morales' stuff, but doesn't he count as Spiderman...but not Peter Parker?
Like I love Miles Morales but no one can ever replace Peter Parker
I don't have an issue w/that at all. I don't take issue with Miles Morales Spiderman just not a black Peter Parker
Miles Morales is the Spider-Man I care about these days. Peter Parker is old hat, old sport.
I'm not saying we should cast a black person as Peter Parker, I'm saying we should be casting for Miles Morales instead of Peter Parker
SpiderGwen silk spider woman spider girl and Miles Morales all own my *** and are better than Peter Parker
i'm having inarticulable feelings about the fact that we got another Peter Parker and not Miles Morales.
Dude, I've seen Peter Parker. If you get deeper into Spider-Man you NEVER STOP SEEING Peter Parker. I really wanted Miles Morales.
I Scratch my head more that we needed Peter Parker (again) over Miles Morales especially since he arguably is superior.
It's like if they had a black dude playing Peter Parker? For what? Why not introduce people to Miles Morales? Instead of Black Peter Parker
it would be really cool, and Miles Morales has a really cool storyline. Tom Holland is Peter Parker in the new movie
It's awesome that Mary Jane would be black. Just so long as doesn't make Peter Parker a white supremacist like Steve Rogers.
"Other big (Comic) book characters I'm loving right now are Marc Spector(Moon Knight) aside from Kaine Parker, Peter Parker and Jason C>
i don't care if he's following Peter Parker. the dude is making...
This set designed by Ashley Wood features a Peter Parker and robo Spidey figure!.
We're finally gonna get a teenage Peter Parker lol That is gonna really portray how crazy of w character he really was
and here we see Steve Rogers together with his wife,Tony Stark and their son Peter Parker
Evan 5ps and that Peter Parker dude are like the nicest with photo game in atl there photos are crazy
Tony Revolori will be playing Peter Parker's bully Flash Thompson in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'!
that's just it I don't think anyone really cares. It's fake outrage. Billy Campbell aint Peter Parker.
If you had all the powers of Peter Parker and kent Clarke as a Nigerian,what would you do?
Spider-Man: Homecoming Director Reveals Names of Peter Parker's Classmates: Marvel revealed the main cast for... https…
Tom Holland comes off as a rich brat. Peter Parker fans prepare to be disappointed.
Did you see the guy that's smaller than Tom Holland who's supposed to play the jock bully that tortures Peter Parker?
Andrew Garfield was my favourite Spider-man but Tom IS Peter Parker, personality wise at least
Tom Holland or Peter Parker, I just can't tell the difference
Tom Holland's reaction to seeing Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer for the first time. He is really Peter Parker.
I love Tony Stark and Peter Parker and Clint Barton and Kate Bishop and Wade Wilson and Steve Rogers and America Chavez and Billy Kaplan an
SPIDER-MAN footage was day in the high school life of Peter Parker, with all his buds and the people who pick on him. I fell i…
Peter Parker literally is watching the Giant-Man Spider-Man battle on YouTube while at school. So perfect.
Underwhelmed by Barry Allen. He's a cool guy. Funny and sarcastic, not awkward and Peter Parker.
Are you kidding me? That had to have been Peter Parker...
"With blue tick comes great responsibility" - Peter Parker (I think that's what he said)
Oh, ha ha, very funny, team. They keep bringing me pictures of Peter Parker. I should fire them all.
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I am looking for a Pepper to my Tony, a Mary Jane Watson to my Peter Parker.
Agreed. Also, I thought this other guy looked more like Peter Parker in my head than Toby Maguire does.
Yo.. Rick Flag and Peter Parker look absolutely spectacular in this.
Rick Flag & Peter Parker go hunting in the snowy woods at the EDGE OF WINTER, what could go wrong? via
Barry listens to Peter ramble about heights and he finds it very adorable, emitting a soft chuckle. "Peter Parker, you are —
just imagine trying to draw Peter Parker when he grew two new pairs of arms! Hello Advil!
It just occurred to me that Stan Lee named his characters first and last name with the same letter.Eg.Peter Parker,Pepper Potts,Bruce Banner
and at the time, Ben Reilly was thought to be the real Peter Parker. It was real for the readers then
"Take my hand, son.". "No, Uncle Ben. I'm just Peter Parker. I'm Spider-Man, no more.". turns 12 today!
The "Magical Story" in the book is the brutal murder of Peter Parker's Uncle Ben.
A little disappointed in my sister for not naming her son Peter. He would be Peter Parker. And he has an Uncle Ben. What a waste
Pretty sure Peter Parker is following me around the gym
Definitely Elijah Wood as Peter Parker but Lauren Ambrose as MJ and Michelle Williams as Felicia
.and my sons, and their nicknames:. Peter Parker: Pure Son. Kaine Parker: Cranky/Tragic Son. Ben Reilly: F…
Peter Parker and Tom Holland are my loves
Topher Grace is Eric Foreman from the 70s show Toby is Peter Parker l
Tom Holland will be perfect as Peter Parker 😂 Hilarious guy.
Tom Holland as Peter Parker is pretty much the exact dorky but bad *** version of Spider-Man I had in my head as a kid growing up.
Peter Parker. - nerd. - awkward. - cutie. - makes witty comments during a fight. - tobey, andrew and tom did a great job
Something I wish I'd have brought up in my most recent podcast with and Ben Reilly>90's Peter Parker.
Tom Holland , our Peter Parker , on set for !
God my hair looks like Peter Parker's in that one scene where he's walking down the street doing finger guns at people
. In Amazing Spider-Man Mary Jane starts her first relationship with Harry Osborn but ends with Peter Parker.
The Most Popular Comic Book Kins are like. Peter Parker, Tommy Shepherd, Jason Todd, and Bucky. Why are There so Many.
I figure, the least Gwen Stacy & Mary Jane Watson deserve for putting up with Peter Parker is to get their own powers & be awesome heroes
I added a video to a playlist Peter Parker & Gwen Stacy Cute Scene.
Rick Flagg teaching Peter Parker how to stop his school bullies
CW Flash seems more like a Peter Parker to me.
Kizzie jumped out that tree like Peter Parker dawg she ain't never played a game a day in her life
Any plans for Hank McCoy(young) and Peter Parker to work on a science project?
Hamilton Collection
Remember that time Peter Parker went to Wakanda to get his hair did?
"Why did Tony Stark recruit Peter Parker and not Matt Murdock?" cuz Aunt May's hotter than Karen Page.
Bruce Wayne's running mate would be Clark Kent and Tony Stark's running mate would be Peter Parker
Peter Parker could take out Bruce in less than a minute it's not even a fair fight ..
anyways Goodnight I love lily and the leos and Kendall n Amelia also Jessica Jones & Peter Parker xoxo
Here's a new storyline: Peter Parker joins the Aryan Nation. Black Widow joins the KKK.
The way people are treating Nick Spencer is the same way people treated Dan Slott when he "killed" Peter Parker.
Fury will be meeting Peter Parker in Homecoming
Dan Slott: *kills off Peter Parker for Spidey's 50th anniversary*
These are the same people who are somehow still mad at Dan Slott for 'killing' Peter Parker and replacing him with Doc Ock.
With another Peter Parker, the latter is too young to Ryan Reynolds.
Deadpool is *** (part of being pansexual), to the point that he would marry Peter Parker in a heartbeat, if Peter were interested.
News: Free Spider-Man DLC out now for LEGO Marvel's Avengers: Includes Civil War Spider-Man, Peter Parker and...
in the MCU Peter Parker took initiative and fights crime. Steve's biggest argument against the Accords is removing the initiative
Anyone else find it ironic that Tony recruited Peter Parker to his team using Steve's narrative: "fighting for the little guy"?
''What's so special about Peter Parker? Everything.''. -Mary Jane Watson. best line ever
It's like Peter Parker having organic webshooters. That was never the case in the comics. It was hinted at in a SPECIAL edition...
When ol' Peter Parker wants to take a sit but the writer did a typo
Stan Lee likes alliteration, I know that for sure. Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, Matt Murdock, Sue Storm, Reed Richards
Characters that have a crush on Steve Rogers: Bucky, Peggy, PHIL COULSON, Natasha, Tony, Sharon, Sam, Scott Lang, and Peter Parker
Random suggestions of things to draw:. Peter Parker asking Steve Rogers, "Wow, movies used to be in black and white!?"
Tom Holland as Peter Parker was just epic 👌💯
Still highkey hoping they cast Steven Yeun as Peter Parker in a Spideypool movie
Time for a..."pop" quiz!. Is this a figurine of Peter Parker, Clark Kent, of John Oliver?
I didn't mind Andrews fight scenes but he's no Peter Parker plus I'm not a fan of the gadget webs like the comics
My nominee for is Tom Holland as Peter Parker / Spider-Man.
Any young man coming of age has a lot to go through. Peter Parker certainly...
they should've had Miles Morales as Spider-Man instead of Peter Parker for the 20th time
Steven grabbin' a handful'a tiddy: "I got big plans for you, Peter Parker."
It's just. Why do Peter Parker AGAIN when you have Miles Morales? And I *like* Peter Parker!
The only good in Captain America : Civil War was the new Spiderman kid, Peter Parker and Tony Stark banter + Chris Evan's arms.
I hope plays Peter Parker for 20 years. The Lynda Carter of that role. Perfection
I want to jump Chris Evan's bones tho. And why did they make Peter Parker so young?
CREDITS! : Peter Parker illustrated by Paris Alleyne. Gwen Stacy illustrated by Usagi-Kit. Miles Morales illustrated by Jahnoy Linds
Peter Parker doesn't make sense as Spider-Man anymore in today's world. Miles Morales does.
Yes, I agree. However, I'd prefer that they do Miles Morales, rather than Peter Parker (again)
Why was Peter Parker in the 10th grade? Why was Aunt Mae 38? How are Scarlet Jo and Jeremy Renner's characters still alive?
I, Jonathan, was a skeptic about Peter Parker/ Spider-Man but I no longer am. I loved him & I can't wait to see more
We might end up with a story scene with Stark, Banner, T'Challa, Peter Parker, Reed Richards and Xavier or Scott all at once
Tony Stark: My mother died in a car accident. . Peter Parker: My mom left me at 5. . Wade Wilson:
Why'd they make Peter Parker look like a chump in Captain America??? Good movie, just bring a snicker bar, you'll be there for a minute. .
✨goodnight I hope for you all to have great skin and i love lily and shade city and Max n Jay also Peter Parker and Percy Jackson xoxo
I loved Tom Holland as both Spiderman and Peter Parker. Best big screen Web Head to date. What did you think Jim?
nice bro! Your they should have casted us in the MCU as Peter Parker and Sam Alexander!
Because of a casting decision in Captain America: Civil War, I'm guessing that Flash Thompson will now try to be Peter Parker's best friend.
oh no no no, Garfield was an ideal Peter Parker. My beef rests solely w/ the studios need to reboot & recast.
Petunias bloom in month of May. this means Ben Grimm and Peter Parker are COUSINS. MIND BLOWN.
On second viewing, getting away from the brooding Peter Parker and a much younger actor, will probably work. Tori loved him.
There is a mid-credits scene with Bucky Barnes and a post-credits scene with Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War.
Tony Stark talking to Peter Parker like explaining to how to use his power of Comedy.
Agreed. I loved Garfield, but this one is a really genuine, to the heart, I'm in high school, Peter Parker
Update: Mentioning the names Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Peter Parker, T'Challa, Bucky, James Rhodes, Natasha Romanoff will also get you muted
Excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Peter Parker?
Two best parts of Civil War are a very charming, adorable new Peter Parker, and Black Panther, easily the sexiest characte…
Congrats for the ebrake win. That's exactly how I imagine Peter Parker sounding when he was bitten by a spider.
It took Tom Holland & Marvel control to finally get us the Spider-Man/Peter Parker we've been waiting for. Best live-acti…
I give Captain America a 7/10. Black Panther was a badass. Can't wait for his solo movie. Tom Holland also nailed the role Peter Parker
Evans kills it as Steve, Boseman is all kinds of amazing as Black Panther, and Tom Holland IS Peter Parker/
imma bout to say that Tony Stark and Peter Parker's banter was the best part. but then there was vision in a suit.
my opinion has completely changed on Peter Parker in Civil War. Great job
Little Giant Ladders
Another note, Man, YOU ARE Peter Parker, Spider-Man. Big adventure ahead for you!
Spidey 2 was the best superhero movie of all time. But they could easily cast a better Peter Parker than Tobey.
T'challa and Peter Parker did their thing. Boy
Also, okay, Spiderman was cute and fun, whatever, but can we please move on from Peter Parker already?
This man know UIUC students finish class the same day.
more spoilers: Peter Parker was also in the movie
Josh Keaton, nailed it as Spider-Man. It's a mighty *** shame how short lived his role was as Peter Parker/Spidey was.
Spectacular job for portraying the best Live Action version of Peter Parker/Spider-Man!
he's literally the perfect Peter Parker & Spider-Man!
*was* Peter Parker. That was the person from the Stan Lee/Jack Kirby comics I loved as a kid. It was
And I have to add... Not only did they get Peter Parker right, they got Spider-Man right. He's as awesome as ever
I think they found a fantastic Peter Parker and wrote him perfectly for Civil War
Tom Holland IS the perfect embodiment of both Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Sounds young and does justice to the character.
I really like the new Spider-Man but I don't really like the new Peter Parker. Yes, there's a difference.
Tom is literally the best on screen peter parker/ spiderman ever. Most accurate, a smart *** a joker and overall who spiderman is.
Spoiler alert, spiderman was Peter Parker all along!
So I'm watching Civil War, I'm not hating Peter Parker at all he adds some humor
Too bad Peter Parker is going to highschool for the 3rd time.
Peter Parker is my new son. Nuff said.
and I are the parents of peter parker now, we are registered at ikea thank u so much
was amazing as Spider-Man and Peter Parker in Civil War. I was so happy to see him on that screen.
Even worse than when guy came into the comic book store and loudly asked who was better, Peter Parker or Ben Reily smdh
Biggest take away from Captain America: I shouldn't be having impure thoughts of Peter Parker's Aunt May...
is a blessing from God. The best representation of both Peter Parker and Spider-Man ever portrayed on screen.
Also good to finally have a genuine, awkward high school Peter Parker
I'm glad we can at least agree Peter Parker *** eggs.
Young innocent Peter Parker being extorted by the Rich White Man
Tom Holland played Peter Parker and Spider-Man almost perfectly... "almost" because Toby Maguire was the best Peter Park…
The kid who plays Peter Parker was perfectly cast imo
Tom Holland's performance as Peter Parker/Spider-Man has gained my trust and confidence in Marvel moving forward.
Tom Holland was a great AND Peter Parker, I hope "Spider-Man Homecoming" pulls through since the Vacation writers are doing it...
NON-SPOILER review of Captain America: Civil War.. Tom Holland is the quintessential Spider-Man/Peter Parker. He...
On Spider-Man: Peter Parker invented freakin' Instagram. First dude to get paid for selfies.
I still find that I like Garfield's Peter Parker the best but it's too early to decide this, I'll wait until Holland's stand alone film
We all get older, but Peter Parker and Aunt May get younger...
Chadwick Boseman and Tom Holland are the big surprises of Civil War, they shine in every scene. (Yes, Marvel picked a perfect…
One thing, though: Spider-Man is 100% perfect. Tom Holland is the Peter Parker I have always heard in my head. I was in awe.
he was a bad Spider-Man if you compare him to Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland. He was a great Peter Parker
Stars killed it, especially Downey Jr. and Evans. Boseman shows promise as T'Challa, and I think Tom Holland might actually be Peter Parker
I mean, he not only killed the role of Spiderman, he WAS Peter Parker to a T.
Are we supposed to like Flash Thompson more than Peter Parker in the Garfield SPIDER-MAN?. If so, mission accomplished.
I'm just excited for my boy Peter Parker to be making an appearance 🕷
Plumlee looks so crazy I am pretty sure hansbrough is living in his body like doc ock did with Peter Parker.
Don't think I've grinned so much in a cinema as when seeing Peter Parker meet Tony Stark
|: If anybody wants to plot feel free to hop into my DMs. Though, I'm mostly looking for Peter Parker, Flash Thompson, Gwen Stacy, »
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In my head Hank and Ororo should be 33, Scott, Emma and Warren 34, Bobby 29. Peter Parker and Johnny Storm should be 30.
It depends on the iteration of Spider-Man but yes the original Eddie Brock was a rival reporter to Peter Parker.
Leinil Francis Yu's take on Peter Parker is one of my favourites (also cos he draws the butt so well)
- nerdy Peter Parker. How can anyone in their right mind believe that Andrew Garfield would be a social outcast
this is how I felt about Andrew Garfield being cast as Peter Parker
I love this new Peter Parker because no offense to Andrew Garfield he was too "cool" to play the lovable dork that is Peter Parker
I was kinda hoping more of Spiderman, especially his costume. It looked kinda CGI-ed. But, Tom Holland's potrayal as Peter Parker was good.
'' And then bad things happen. They Happen because of you ''. - Peter Parker about Uncle Ben´s Death
me being a Spider-Man fan is probably why I liked Kyle more, because he's basically Peter Parker with a power ring
Peter Parker is that guy who gets his uncle and girlfriend murdered.
Just looking at Peter Parker's favorite rice. . . .
Tom Holland was a great Spidey and Peter Parker 💪🏻 his chemistry with RDJ is on point 👌🏻And Aunt May was sooo hot 🙈
Spider-Man is so good in CW. Tom Holland nailed Peter Parker, man.
I thought this was a quote from the new Spiderman... I was like, *** this Peter Parker got deep! ;p
Tom Holland, by far, is the best Peter Parker. And the nearest Spiderman.
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Tom Holland as Peter Parker a.k.a. Spiderman :))
SERIOUSLY Tom Holland is gona kill it as Spider-Man/Peter Parker
The new actor that plays spider man Tom Holland is going to play Peter Parker good in Civil War !!
It also shows that Tom Holland will really look the nerdy Peter Parker part (just add 4 years to him)
He's no Peter Parker - teenager with REAL PROBLEMS & RESPONSIBILITIES. He's a holier than thou magician/recluse. Why does this book work lol
Tom Holland's Spiderman would make you forget the first two Spideys. He really is Peter Parker in every way. Can't wait for the solo film!
Tom Holland already being able to to flips before being casted proves he is Peter Parker
Peter Parker of the International Aquafeed team standing at the booth, ready for the exhibition to begin.
Tomorrow the news will be followed with the wedding of Francis Barton and Peter Parker as requested by the public.
do you think that Tony and Peter Parker would stay up all night in the lab doing nerdy stuff together
Logan - "What has Tobey Maguire been up to since Spider-Man?". Joe - "I thought Peter Parker played Spider-Man."
The Parker principle is when Peter Parker tries to lift up a person who is unqualified to be person. Deadpool is not a guy you can save. ©
*Peter Parker came to Daily Planet and beg Perry to make sure he gets payed for his work and he needed money now*
*Lois Lane heard Peter Parker were on his way to begin working at Daily Planet because Superman Routh cant be there*
imagine Principal Phil Coulson at Peter Parker's school like in the cartoon 😭😭😭 one can dream
I'm calling it now: There's a scene right before the Homecoming Dance where Tony Stark gives Peter Parker advice.
Marisa Tomei is 51 years old and Peter Parker is supposed to be a teen in this new Spider-Man film. How is it that she can't play Aunt May?
// Looking for SLs with the following characters:. Steve Rogers . Tony Stark . Pretty much all the Avengers . Peter Parker . Scarlet Witch
"Peter Parker should always be the Spiderman" 😂😂 Rosemary Harris lol
Barry Allen and Peter Parker. Steve Rogers and Clark Kent. I want a fic with those ships.
"in the trap like uh spider, my name should be Peter Parker, blowin that Maryjane, while poppin that green goblin"
Kink: Peter Parker falling in love with Wade Wilson AND Harry Osborn thus creating a v v v *** love triangle.
I feel like if I loved Harry Osborn any more if be Peter Parker
Holland is a perfect Spider-Man AND Peter Parker. I lost my mind with the apartment battle.
At the ward I turned Peter Parker into a better Spider-Man. Also helped me make friends with
Spiderman Homecoming: film ends with Peter Parker slow-dancing with Aunt May to Lady in Red smirking at Gwen Stacy slapping Flash Thompson
LRT: I have a feeling that's how I'll feel (except the Peter parker bit) cause nothing can top winter solider tbh
Peter Parker is not the only photographer here.
all this Parker talk really got me thinkin: Peter Parker should nix the whole Spiderman thing, call himself Peter PARKOUR a…
So apparently Tom Holland is the best Peter Parker and Spiderman ever put on the big screen. This is wonderful to hear
the movies are set in the universe where Peter Parker exists. Miles Morales is in the other one.
Shannon Moxey is the cutest individual I've ever seen try to get up and out of bed when she really really really...
Michael Keaton packs up his DC bags and moves to Marvel for the new flick -
I hope you're complaining to Peter Parker about Spiderman, or something else appropriately dated.
at least I can relate to this Peter Parker (so it seems from interviews) unlike indie music loving skateboarder Peter
||Really do hope the Peter Parker's are detailed, don't mind RPing with them.
2 Pictures Added | Peter Jackson - Sean Parker and the Parker Foundation Celebrate the Launch of The Parker In...
actually it's because the main universe is Peter Parker the original Spider-Man. They bent it with nick fury :)
Marvel wants to reboot Spider-Man over and over but for reason doesn't want to replace Peter Parker with Miles Morales.
Imagine. Come looking like one any Genu wine Spider Man. Is my name Peter Parker
what are the chances the new Spiderman in the MCU is Ben Reilly and not Peter Parker?!
I'll be honest, he might be a little older than you'd expect, but I'm really excited for Tom Hollander to be Peter Parker.
Who is Peter Parker & What Is In His Bag?? -     NEW LOGO!! This week we are joined by Tim from The...
So if the super spider gave Peter Parker superpowers, would the spider gain something from Peter in exchange?
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