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Peter Obi

Peter Obi (born 19 July 1961) was governor of Anambra State in Nigeria from 17 March 2006 to 2 November 2006, when he was impeached and from 9 February 2007 to 29 May 2007 after his impeachment was overturned.

Anambra State Sullivan Chime Gov Peter Obi Willie Obiano Donald Duke Victor Umeh Rochas Okorocha Upper Iweka Governor Willie Obiano Gov Obiano Chris Uba

The Biafra Telegraph : This Biafra Agitation can never be quelled by the Use of Force, Peter Obi warns FG
JJ showing off his wristwatch. No worry you are not Saint Peter Obi. Carry go!!!
That 17 year old wrist watch by Peter Obi was a wrong move. He should've learnt from Hero to use what can't be verified immediately.
GEJ says he had no shoes.PMB said he couldn't afford APC form Now, PETER OBI says he owns only1 wristwatch. 2019 loading.
Wish d likes of peter obi, Gov ambode kemi'll be place at d corridors of powers 2 rule dz xtry.Dz re fresh idealist & high IQ potentials.
Ekweremadu’s alarm on loot plantings has exposed weakness of anti-corruption war: Intersociety- Nigeria
I own only one wristwatch, says Peter Obi
Did Peter Obi really want Willie Obiano to excel? I don't think so
Peter Obi is the only Governor in Nigeria that's created FUTURE FUNDS for a state, MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. That alone is eno…
Peter Obi spotted with three different wrist watches.
If most state governors can implement a tenth of what Peter Obi did in Anambra we will be singing a different song.
How many governors can come forward to make such claims as Peter Obi has?
Peter Obi: "Peter Obi only wears black shoes, and I have only two pairs at any time. I buy it from Marks and Spencer's, £…
I have only one wrist watch which i have worn for seventeen (17) years ~ Former Gov Peter Obi.
"I agree with made in NG but can we make sure the chairs & beds in state houses are Made in Nigeria? " - Peter Obi.
OPINION: Saint Peter Obi’s epistle and the parable of 1 wristwatch and 2 shoes
Saint Peter Obi: I have only two black shoes and one wrist watch For 27years. Nigerian masses:
But it's true. No Igbo man has his success story in Lagos? At least I know a few: PU, Peter OBI, Maduka, Zinok, Mrs Okoli, etc.
Peter Obi's multi billion naira wealth is traceable . You can't say how Tinubu became the richest man in Lagos. It's that…
Peter Obi is probably one of the largest shareholders in Fidelity Bank - & he was a rich man before becoming governor - u…
Peter Obi: I'm a rich man, ask anyone about my background. But I'm allergic to money being spent improperly."
Peter Obi is the best governor among his class of 'best governors' argue with your​ State political elites.
Peter Obi's hypocrisy & lies that he has one wrist watch that has been using for seventeen years.
Don't mind Peter Obi. Was he returning his own security vote? He is now acting like saint Peter. Hogwash!
Just listening to Peter Obi pontificating on The Platform. Like he wasn't a governor at some point.
with And Peter Obi has been in the news again after another appearance in "The Platform".
Why are you building a flyover when the main road is not good? Where are we flying to? - Peter Obi
Peter Obi: I have only one wristwatch, one house, two pairs of shoes. . Me: In the auditorium at The Platform
Peter Obi mocks Nigeria judiciary as he applauds Buhari for releasing Nnamdi Kanu
Opinion: The making of a new Nigeria, by Peter Obi.
The problem with Nigeria can be explained simply using Peter Obi & SLS. Peter Obi lives the lifestyle he preaches. SLS does…
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Lol. Since Peter Obi spoke about wearing the same wristwatch for 7years my TL has been filled with pictures of...
I don't get it do EFCC need offical petition to investigate what Peter Obi did with LGs the 7yrs & 9months he ran it with CTs?
"This is the only watch I wear, I've worn it for 17 years" | Peter Obi speaks against corruption at -
peter obi can bring good development to Nigeria state if elected president "Peter Obi"
SAINT Peter Obi did well while in office and I applaud him for leaving healthy savings for his successor, but he should st…
. Let me believe you Peter Obi and Ayo Fayose.
Peter Obi my guy. Dropping lines every year back to back
Peter Obi or Charles Soludo will be my pick for President for 2019. Buhari should go and rest.We need people who understands the economy now
When you listen to Adeosun, you realise that she is using same "we are.." lines of a campaign rally without data unlike Peter Obi's insight.
Amaechi was a lecturer/boy boy to Odili before he was Governor. No known businesses or investments. Peter Obi- Fidelity et…
Peter Obi was a Rich man before he became Governor so, he can afford Ikoyi flat but Amaechi was a Poor Man 😂😂😂😂
We are going to hear how Peter Obi used one derica of rice to feed the whole of Anambra
For those who don't know Anambra State have the richest men in Nigeria who made their money outside politics & Peter Obi is one of those men
People like Rochas Okorocha and Peter Obi were wealthy before their political appointments.
Former Gov of the State, Peter Obi, has advised the on how to end the agitation for a sovereign state of Biafra.
Great Biafrans, if Peter Obi have come to his sense, let's welcome him. When Biafra is come, we then cautio…
Hypocritic Peter Obi used brute force on youths, killed them and dumped their bodies in Ezu River. SHAME!!!.
Peter Obi to Obiano, though not a smooth transition was not a total mess, however both are at loggerheads…
Peter Obi to FG: Release Nnamdi Kanu, others now, says ‘force not solution to agitation’
Fed Govt should pursue dialogue & release all Biafra activists currently in detention - former Gov Peter Obi
Permit me to say this exists in Anambra State. From Chris Ngige to Peter Obi and now Obiano
Peter Obi, former Anambra State governor, says the return of President Muhammadu Buhari to the country will douse...
Obi Prescribes measures to adopt for economic growth. The Former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi has...
In Nigeria a prospective Peter Obi presidency is "God forbid" for "activists" . But that of Nasir El rufai is "the way out of the mess"
"Government house is not a restaurant." - former Governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi. Uploaded by: h…
Well I'm not in Lagos so I can't speak for them. I know Peter Obi made everything open, so is El'Rufai doing now
Ngozi Okonjo Iweala advised us to save but we kicked against it - Peter Obi.
Tony Okafor A former Governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi, on Saturday, said his detractors were trying to pit...
I get Fashola & Kwankwaso. I just don't get Peter Obi. Ambode is a 1st-term gov w/ no previous substantial record like El-Rufai.
Former Governor Of Anambra State, Peter Obi stated this at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State,...
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"Former Anambra State Governor, Peter Obi, has called for a drastic reduction in cost of gover…
Peter Obi says if Executive can cut 50% of their convoys &of spouses they can raise counter funding for UBEC for Educatio…
I voted and campaigned rigorously for pmb last election. if I don't see the likes of Peter Obi, Pat Utomi in the next ballot, I'm not voting
My God! Why are you people like this? This is Upper Iweka. These roads were done by Peter Obi under GEJ. Haba mana! 😐😤 ht…
This section of the road was done long ago, by Peter Obi (Upper Iweka), Why are you showing it? You want to deceive peopl…
A man who has never had wealth cannot manage wealth - Peter Obi (Former Governor Anambra State).
You are mistaken. Mr. Peter Obi was the former governor of Anambra State. .
Before becoming the Governor of Anambra State I had never voted. - Mr. Peter Obi
Peter Obi former governor of Anambra State is Live!!!
Peter Obi, former Governor, Anambra State speaks at The Platform on cutt... via
The attack on Peter Obi's story is another proof that Nigerians are not opposed to bad governance. They simply want their ow…
Two former South East Governors that have my respect any day, any time: Peter Obi and Sullivan Chime. Silent but super efficient!
Dear God, please we need men like Sanusi Lamido, and Peter Obi as leaders/presidents in our country!!!. We have had enough 😔.
No other person but His Excellency Former Governor of Anambra State, Dr. Peter Obi
Gov Peter Obi, formal governor of Anambra State
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in terms of development and accountability, I doubt any governor met Peter Obi's standard.
Ex Governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi declines help from airport attenders as he carries his luggage himsel...
Photos: Former Governor, Peter Obi reportedly declines help from airport officials, carries his ow...
Anambra State has made tremendous progress, thanks to the erstwhile governor, Mr Peter Obi.
Bros tell wike to work a ticket for tambuwal and peter obi out for 2019. I still feel dokpesi should be chairman of PDP
Part 3:. Ngige, Virgy Etiaba and Peter Obi! Anambra would not have stood any chance at all if…
Me peter obi laid a solid foundation in Anambra State and u're following it.I'm from imo; I know Anambra is doin great.Kudos!
Your Excellency Mr Peter Obi, your achievements are huge and indelible. I wish you Happiness, Joy, and most... https:/…
Peter Obi donates buses to Agulu youths, N20 million to 20 Agulu villages.
Lol, you're lucky you didnt swim dirt. I blame Peter Obi and GEJ for that road.
Thank u APC; if I fail to support you on positive impact, call enemy of progress. Let leaders learn from Peter Obi.
How can I talk if I have been there; I have bee to Edo, Akwaibom(Best of all recent), Anambra of Peter Obi(2nd) etc
Na so, those who campaigned against Peter Obi is using his work as a yardstick...May U never use Obiano's work for a lesser preforming Gov
Peter Obi, Rochas Okorocha and their camp are the ones being used by to distort our shame.
welcome Peter. Looking forward to catching up soon. Brisbane in the dead of winter is beautiful!
HUMILIATION : Peter Obi and the power of the people
Igbo icon Dr. Alex Ekwueme lashed Peter Obi and described him as a "Total embarrassment to the Igbo Nation." -
"Ina epioghari from one place to another . . .I will finish you and your family" - Gov Obiano to Peter Obi
EVERY STATE IN NIGERIA CAN PAY SALARIES . - PETER OBI. Former Gov. of Anambra State, Peter Obi has disagreed with...
FORMER governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi, has decried the inability of the South-East governors’ and other...
The immediate past governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi, has been called upon by stakeholders...
it is my brother. Peter Obi laid the foundation ,the current governor continued in his footsteps. We are grateful to God
Peter Obi was the best Governor Nigeria ever had. I dare anyone to prove me wrong.
The best candidate for 2019 is Peter Obi. Successful businessman & Governor with no baggage. We need a clean break..
Can we have a combination of Donald Duke and Peter Obi as our next president/vice? . Atleast they're tested and trusted, PDP do something
Peter Obi, former Governor Anambra State with Knights and Children during Chrisms Mass at St Patricks, Awka
also known as head teachers handbook. Invaluable
Peter Obi weeps over accusation from Victor Umeh that he ordered his arrest by DSS, Explains
BREAKING NEWS!!!. Victor Umeh released by DSS. DSS may also invite Peter Obi to give further clarifications on...
Obi's Aide pleads with Victor Umeh to leave his boss alone . Mr. Peter Obi's media aide has pleaded with Chief...
Count me out of your woes, Peter Obi tells embattled Victor Umeh Politics - News Express Nigeria via
Obi Vs Ngige. Gov. Peter Obi Vs Chris Ngige in a Debate at the the 7th ...
He will soon come for Mr Peter Obi. He has been keeping quite all these while. He was GEJ campaign coordinator in South East.
is such an outstanding leader. He is among the few Leaders in PDP, that radiates Light & Hope. Peter Obi. Governor of Gombe as well.
Students excited over rehabilitation of their burnt Hostel by Fomer governor, Peter Obi >>>.
Peter Obi shines in Enugu state as students excited over rehabilitation of their burnt Hostel by Obi
bro datz d hard truth,if Peter Obi agrees 2 contest he don red for Ohamadike be dat oh.
29/02/16 walk in the sun. Chelsea's pack- Peter, Obi, Billie, Bo and Nico. Liam with Finn
Anambra PDP is busy appealing to Peter Obi to run for the Senate election re-run. If e happen, e don be for Ohamadike 1 of Agulu.
Even Peter Obi knows you're the true HERO. Live to outshine hate. Live because its in you to survive. Do have a...
His Excellency Chief Dr. Gregory Peter Obi answers the call of his people to contest in the upcoming Senatorial...
well well I don't know how Peter Obi will do it but I see him winning, he has Anambra State grassroot politics in his pocket.
interesting. It's going to be an interesting battle but I don't see APGA losing sha. Peter obi or not
Peter Obi is officially coming out for Senate!!! Okwute! 🙌🙌🙌
Peter Obi enters as Federal High Court Orders to include PDP in the March 5 re-run election for Anambra Central
Saraki will not ignore people like me in the Senate – Peter Obi Via
Anambra Central: Peter Obi makes shocking revelation about Saraki
BREAKING! Peter Obi declares for Senate: Anambra Central Senatorial re run election: Peter Obi set to challeng...
Training Centre on a cold clear morning...
Anyways, Peter Obi is my favourite for 2019. The man knows how to manage money. I hope he declares his candidacy.
There is need to send credible people with integrity to the national Assembly -- Peter Obi
soludo, Pat utomi, obi Ezeks, Peter Obi. They got experience too
Peter Jennings to Kissinger at 2003 New York party: "How does it feel to be a war criminal?" ht…
I knw for a fact in Oyo that Ajimobi won't conduct Council polls. Peter obi never conducted any for eight years in anambra
I traveled in an IVM bus from Lagos to Enugu. Thank God for Peter Obi, then Sullivan Chime, the first to patronize IVM.
We want d looters agents in your government shown the way out, bring in the change agents. 8 months haba, Peter Obi is still there
Archive: Really? 'Mikel Obi was my junior in Pepsi Academy'- Peter P-Suare
You have all things that pertain to life and godliness. 2nd Peter 1:3.
A Peter obi and BMB would work o. If all he has in his head is implemented. He does critical thinking
The Innoson SUV Peter Obi gave my friend's father is still sound. They haven't complained yet.
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PHOTOS of Peter Okoye with Mikel Obi, Diego Costa, Hazard and other EPL stars
Mr. Peter Obi (former Governor of Anambra State) speaking at the closing ceremony of the 5th…
In March 2014, while handing over to his successor in Awka, former Anambra State Governor, Mr. Peter Obi,...
Oh! But I thought Peter Obi fixed all that? 😱😱
He immediate past Anambra State Governor, Mr. Peter Obi, has expressed concern over the…
Why is that most past leaders who handed over to the others always have problem with the people they handed over...
Obiano’s aides says Peter Obi is not sincere.
Peter Obi stand to be d next Tinubu in d East but chose financial benefit above regional political emancipation
The battle between Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State and his predecessor, Peter Obi, may take more time...
Peter Obi was stingy& hardworking as governor thus d results & credits left over, learn from him.minimize cost of governance
no human being will believe u that Peter Obi didn't leave 75B in both cash & investment as the time of his departure
settle with Peter Obi or ignore him or keep quiet no matter the provocations.Peter Obi achieved alot
with due respect, Peter Obi single handedly made u governor, it was on his achievements that we voted u.
with due respect I'm disappointed with u sir, I least expected that u wil be fighting Peter Obi in this life tankless of now
Mr Peter Obi is not stopping the gov from not working. The gov shld build Hospitals, roads, and create jobs and talk less
Will Peter Obi let Peace Reign now his Aide Admits no N75bn Cash for Obiano? The raging controversy over the actua
Former governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi, has reacted to Governor Willie Obiano’s recent allegation that...
But iThought Ex Gov "Peter Obi" and Gov Obaino were best of Political pals, How come they are quarrellinq?.
I read very nice things about a governor called Peter Obi. Is he PDP or APC? Which state? Trying to unravel why his wisdom is despised.
Peter Obi was accused; he provided figures & account details. Fashola was accused; he said "I don't sign cheques". Uwa bu…
Nigerian Governors should seek out Peter Obi for advice on this minimum wage issue. That man is a genius.
Anambra State: Former governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi left N9 billion in the coffers of the state gov...
2/3 One may begin to wonder how the former governor Peter Obi of Anambra State managed to pull through without borrowing
just for me to learn something new today, who are the SE CORE Leaders? Ekweremadu, Chris Uba, Orji Kalu, T.A. Orji, Peter Obi?
If you look at the eminent people from the SS & SE...Donald Duke, Peter Obi, Sullivan Chime...we wasted it with GEJ
what is our gov doing in our state, is he still carrying the legacy of our boss Peter Obi along?
if Nigeria knows what is good for her.. We must find a way to get Gov Peter Obi to run for 2019. . My spirit is strong wit him
Mr. Peter Obi the former Governor of Anambra with all his wealth has just 2 kids. A boy and a girl
Peter Obi built impressive road networks in Anambra, revamped healthcare, and still left 87 billion in the coffers of the state.
Anambra faced that anathema of a very myopic Governor from 1999 to 2003...we praised the Lord for Ngige, Peter Obi & Obiano...not enough tho
"Ladies and gentlemen, I think we should put our hands together for Peter Obi and his team!" - Gov Obiano
So i was told and i believed the guy. Peter Obi performed more than most of my South South gov'nors.
The attention of the Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano has been drawn to the numerous misleading and...
If not APGA would have been dead a long time ago n He (Peter Obi) is back to his party of origin..
It's just that PDP is trying to patch up there broken political Marriage, n Peter Obi took great advantage of that
Peter Obi and Sullivan Chime built alternative routes. In Chime's case, a brand new road to Nsukka.
I remember vividly the day I met one big man and former Governor of my state Mr Peter Obi at one classy event...
Stunning Denise married her long time partner Peter at Pomodoras On Obi recently. Makeup by Lisa - Makeup 4...
Hmmm...wonders shall never end! Y then is Amechi running 4rm being probed? If he's d cleanest, what of Peter Obi?APC r clowns
- I like Corbyn, the force is with him! : D
Peter Obi pays glowing tributes to Dora Akunyili - SEVERAL decades ago, Golda Meir, a founding mother of the State...
Bishop enjoins Peter Obi and Willie Obiano to end feud. - News. So if they end it, what will happen to the...
People can't stop comparing Labour's new leader to Obi-Wan Kenobi: LONDON – Jeremy Corbyn was elected as the n...
But bad investment. VP- he didn't get. SGF- nothing. N50Bn+ wasted. Anyway, he's answerable to Rivers people. We thank God for Peter Obi.
Peter Obi's legacies: network of urban/rural roads. Attracted good FDI. Anambra best WAEC/NECO. No debts. 75b in acct. …
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Peter Obi Consultancy...motto we don't owe
this debts r eye watering this states must consult wt Peter Obi for advise
Tell Aregbe Peter Obi left solid road network, made Anambra 1st in WASC & JAMB, attracted investments and left N75b htt…
Let's start from Anyim Puis Anyim then proceed to Peter 'Okwute' Obi.
Change has no place here. All our governors convoy move like lunatics. Maybe except Peter Obi
The press wanted to stoke that fire, but there weren't any firewood to do so. Peter Obi did his tenure and moved onto something…
Willie Obiano didn't have to extricate control out of Peter Obi the way Sullivan Chime did from Nnamani in Enugu state.
I am particularly proud that Peter Obi didn't move to become a godfather after his tenure. No matter how well he did or not.
Peter Obi would never spend N78 million on a "website". This, I can assure you of.
The three past governors that should be emulated and truly respected in Nigeria are Peter Obi, Akpabio and Sulivan Chime.
If you want to meet a governor "who knows how to cut governance overheads". (Not announcing it on SM). Meet Peter Obi aka…
I never believed in Peter Obi while he was Governor. Now I've retraced my steps and admire him so much. …
Kudos to Obiano & kudos to Peter Obi as well for laying a good foundation.
Peter Obi is a master guru ...just look out how he set Anambra free from debt and economic struggle other states are pas…
- it is now a progressive state...thanks to Peter Obi and Willie.
While other states are still owing salaries Anambra State govt abt to increase salary by 16% peter Obi nd Obiano i hail oh🙌💯
Lol Peter Obi that has only 3 shoes as a Governor.
Peter Obi was the only Governor in Nigeria that never Borrowed money, yet saved enough and handed it to Willy Obiano.
How come Anambra is able to raise salaries at this time? How did Peter Obi manage finances?. Hopefully we'll have a pro…
You gotta be proud of what Peter Obi has done in Anambra State though, yet with less publicity than those empty drums that m…
Peter Obi is a typical example 4 any sincere Governor or even President
The respect i have for Mr.Peter Obi (Okwute Ndigbo) have risen astronomically. . He saw the future and made Anambra bet…
1. Anambra under Peter Obi performed a feat unrivaled by most - the best WAEC & NECO scores for a couple of years.
Former gov of lagos state also need to learn from Peter Obi, the former left 418billion dollars debt and…
Peter Obi left a huge sum of money in Anambra savings. He's the only ex-gov. qualified to talk in public!
comparing Peter Obi to Fashola, go to Anambra and ask about Peter Obi, he was a wealthy man before becoming Governo…
Someone should tell us why Peter obi wouldn't come out for President
For an average administration? "Anambra pple re grateful God bless Peter Obi""
Anyone who says Peter Obi built no roads in Anambra State hasn't been there, or is lying.
Peter Obi & Obiano are 10times better than Fashola. Peter Obi made Anambra claim NIG largest road network yet left the …
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With the resources under Fashola control, he had no reason to plunder Lagos into debt. Peter Obi remains NIG best democ…
If Peter Obi was also corrupt despite his 'aka gum', I'd like to know to what extent, and how he managed to leave such a sum.
"In 1999, Peter Obi was denied admission to read Surveying at University of Lagos because he was from Anambra State.".
go to Anambra State University n see the things Peter Obi did. If u have nothing to say pls shut up
Anambra State has one of the best road networks in Nigeria. Ngige started it. Peter Obi stretched it further
.Peter Obi deserves a lot more credit than he gets sha. As does Sullivan Chime. And Liyel Imoke...
I respect Peter Obi & Willy Obiano even the more. Didn't/don't owe workers & didn't have to borrow $75m "because PDP loo…
I think Peter Obi is gone already when d Boards of Federal Ministries, Depts & Agencies were dissolved. No be so?
It means those Former Gov of Anambra State, Peter Obi's men that defected to PDP in past are returning back to APGA
Peter Obi: "Okonjo-Iweala is a global star and only came back to serve her country with passion. We gain nothing trying…
"We are ready to have Peter Obi back in APGA" -Governor Willie Obiano. Kai! Politics? I like it when due...
We are willing to receive Peter Obi in APGA – Gov. Obiano: Gov Willie Obiano of Anambra has said that the All ...
Enugu stopped after Dora's relative was kidnapped. Anambra after Peter Obi's vigilante. " states don't mean SE na
I'm not sure Peter Obi will have his way in a party with the likes of Andy Uba & Nicholas Ukachukwu.
1) During breakfast, I was arguing with my friends/family who was the better governor btw Sullivan and Peter Obi, each supporting their own
domain names
Now that it has come to light,that it was President Jonathan,and governor Peter Obi,who arranged for Boko Haram...
Transfer of B/Haram prisoners to Anambra: Obiano lied — Peter Obi: Former Governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi...
Peter Obi (who always flew commercial), was a prudent manager of resources. Anambra doesn't owe workers. Imo does. https:…
Is it similar to the one you stole from Peter Obi with the help of your former godfather Chris Uba?
1. States, not the center should drive domestic policy. E.g. Peter Obi on investment & education, Mimiko on maternal mort…
A contact told me stories of Governors "dashing" cash to Pilots after each flight. Peter Obi on the other hand would only…
How much did they say Peter Obi bequethed to Obiano again? Close to N80BN. That's leadership. And don't get it twisted, Obi re…
Peter Obi was setting aside at least N100 billion every month. Unfortunately, he bother to hire Channels to spread the n…
Peter Obi..Will pass as the Best Gov Nigeria ever had.. he ran Anambra like a biz, cut cost and quite Spartan government!
I think we Anambrarians can never appreciate Peter Okwute Obi enough. Obiano is working with Peter Obi's savings. Okwute, Dalu
Peter Obi succeeded to an extent in Anambra because he has been in business for many years.
Group defends Mr Peter Obi over road construction , asks Governor Obiano to retrace
u once said Peter Obi wasn't doing anything. Hehehehehe. Glad to see u give him credit
Tinubu for all his flaws was creative with IGR. Peter Obi too did not have "two heads". So any governor making excuses is useless. End of...
And Peter Obi is now a PDP dude. Go figure.
And as an APGA governor he wasn't having that. The Same Peter Obi is in PDP now.
Random thought... I remember when Peter Obi refused to give Judges in Anambra their official cars. Apparently the CJ was a PDP supporter..
Anytime I cross the Niger Bridge down to Upper Iweka, I remember Peter Obi. One of the best governors in Nigeria.
Ekene dili Peter Obi, Okwute Ndi Igbo. One of the few governors with the foresight to proactively plan. And save.
El Rufai wrote about Peter Obi's "mismanagement of Anambra's resources". In hindsight, Obi was one of the few governors with foresight.
Peter Obi, Godswill Akpabio, almost anybody else would have done a better job at "leadership" than Goodluck Jonathan.
Former Anambra State governor Peter Obi turns down offer of lucrative oil block via
Yale award: Obi congratulates Okonjo-Iweala: Former Governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi has saluted the Coord...
Pls can Ogun state borrow us their Governor just for a year and if possible Peter Obi can come to the rescue of Osun
The Governor of Anambra State is The Governor of Anambra State is (A) Mr. Peter Obi (B) Owelle Rochas Okorocha...
Peter Obi is 1 S/E governor that did very well but didn't use state funds to pay media to sing his praises. We know dem all
Arase respectively. Secondly the appointment of mr Peter Obi,former governor of Anambra State as Chairman of Nigerial Stock Exchange is an
Ohanaeze, PPA hail Obi’s appointment as SEC chairman The appointment of former governor Peter Obi of Anambra State
Faisal Mu'azu wrote;. Is GEJ angry with Peter Obi?. I've spent time trying to understand the appointment of Peter...
GEJ sacks NHIS CEO, confirms Gwarzo as DG SEC & Peter Obi as chairman of SEC: State House press...
Sullivan Chime, Peter Obi, Obiano, Ngige...& several others are also leaders. You can't put everyone in the same basket.
Na wa oh... You'd mention Sullivan Chime and Peter Obi in the same sentence with Kwankwoso, Tinubu and Donald Duke?. Fear God.
I could have mentioned Peter Obi & Sullivan Chime, but I didn't want to. Now buzz off.
FORMER Anambra State governor Peter Obi has paid a visit to some of the Nigerians displaced and injured by the...
Peter Obi and Olusegun Mimiko may soon go into the transfer market, thereby breaking Mario Balotelli's record of three teams in…
Peter Obi: A vote for Jonathan is a vote for the future The former Governor of Anambra State and the Deputy Direct
massive rigging currently going on in the south east. ex-governor Peter Obi and TAN deputy chairman Ifeanyi ubah should both be arrested now
SitRep: Former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi, among other voters, still waiting for INEC officials at his Amatutu Ward 11.
Truth Ignored by Peter Obi’s Internet Rats I cannot agree any less with Kinsley Udemezue. It will take more than
Peter Obi posited in the UK that no president globally is older than 70,yet Ireland president was voted in at 74 would be 79 at expiration.
"Nigeria's Retirement age is 65 years and you want to become president at 75 years of age. Is Aso Rock a retirement hom…
The Obazes started extensive campaigns for the governor slot of Anambra citing Peter Obi had endorsed Benny and that he owed Onitsha.
After Peter Obi's multiple electoral travails, he gave an Onitsha son, Benny Obaze the appointment of the SSG to say thank you.
Members of the Catholic Community in Onitsha picked Peter Obi and fronted him as their candidate in 2003 guber elections.
Anambra has set a precedence. If APGA wins governorship in any state, the governor MUST do as Peter Obi did, and Willie Obiano is doing now.
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I said that? Like nq me de share the wells? "so anyim pius and Peter obi will get
so anyim pius and Peter obi will get oil wells! Wow!
Anyim pius is hausa? Peter obi is yoruba? Ir facts mehn *tired* "and shingbai ain't coming to any Igbo man.
ironic that Peter Cushing who played him loved his small role yet Alec 'Obi-Wan' Guinness was less enthusiastic about his.
Looking 'forward' in the studio with Peter Obi and Ifeanyi Orakwue, less than 48 hours to go. Support…
Peter Obi has assured Nigerians of More transformation if Jonathan is elect
Peter Obi even admitted on Channels yesternite that things are very bad but not that worse . LOL
Rip to PDP...Wicked and useless beings...See wat peter obi was saying in channels yesterday...So Senseless!!!
biko Peter obi expelled Hausas from Anambra no one cried
FG will unbundle power in the next four years - Peter Obi
Defending President Jonathan's performance is tasking, even to a learned mind. See how Peter Obi is embarrassing himself on…
"Vote President Jonathan again, even though things are Bad ? They are not a complete disaster " - Ex. Governor Peter Obi "
If GEJ wins I'd like to see a Nuhu Ribadu/Peter Obi ticket in 2019.
&tompolo commisnd 7!"Chief of Naval Staff said that since Shagari, it's under GEJ that they're commissioni…
"Vote President Goodluck Jonathan again. Even though things are bad, they're not a complete disaster." ~Gov Peter Obi
"Vote again. Though things are bad, they're not a complete ." ~Gov Peter Obi." via Did he say that?
I used to think this Peter Obi of a former governor has something upstairs, not knowing he's equally a man with low IQ
How did this Peter Obi become Governor sef?
Its the state governor's responsibility to increase enrolment. Peter Obi didn't wait for such schemes
:-), I guess he wasn't. The then Governor, Peter Obi spearheaded that silly and divisive narrative.
I don't know why Obiano had to bring up the school matter. Peter Obi had to sacrifice people to make him Governor.
Since that day I had sought to know what Peter Obi the then governor of d state was doing about such cases.
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