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Peter Krause

Peter Krause (born August 12, 1965) is an American film and television actor, director and producer.

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Such a long day, now beginning ''The Catch'' nice to see Mireille Enos and Peter Krause on a screen again.
If you ever finish it, I assume you'll ship David (Michael C. Hall) & Nate (Peter Krause). Or Nate & Billy (Jeremy Sisto)
Six Feet Under should be resurrected and its cast should be Michael C Hall,Peter Krause,Rachel Griffiths,Lauren Ambrose,and Francis Conroy.💙
The great Peter Krause turns up the charm to 10 but @ 50 he may be too old for a 'Neal Caffrey" role; he does try his best 'Thomas Crown' 😎
Also I just learned Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are a thing. I approve.
I just lost all respect for Peter Krause. What kind of con man orders a burger medium well?
Crazy how much Peter Krause Garret Dillahunt and Geoff Stults l…
The Catch‘s Mireille Enos and Peter Krause on the Show’s ‘Charged Romance’
I prefer Peter Krause as a responsible man rather than a con
Mareille Enos and Peter Krause are the sexiest couple on tv right now 👅💦
Welp Tena yelled to Peter Krause as he was leaving the store so she could fan girl about his new show
I think that every show on television has its place. I think Married With C...
I LOVE and Peter Krause do such a good job! Such a different story for a show and so thrilling to watch! :D
I have got it bad for Peter Krause he looks so hot on the Catch
I love love love love on ! She is sassy, smart and oh so human. Plus her chemistry w Peter Krause is scorching!
updates Peter Krause for rank 311 to 728
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Why did Peter Krause and Mireille Enos have to choose a Shondaland show I thought I was saved now I'm being sucked back in
I much prefer Peter Krause in fun, sexy shows like
Love, love, LOVE this show! So great for so many reasons but seeing a man, Peter Krause, so in love? I want MORE!
The Catch: Alice is sleeping with Benjamin again... and I don't care: Peter Krause should never be playing the...
that's a good one. Makes me think of Peter Krause. Loved him on Parenthood, not what I expected for What won you over?
Sigh. and Peter Krause have amazing chemistry.
On that device that Peter Krause's character is using to open hotel room doors, is that based on a real thing?
Peter Krause will forever be dilf no matter what role he plays.
Dear I love your videos on set of Can we make a request?. A photo of and hot hot Peter Krause please?😍
This show is EPIC. I love, love, love Peter Krause!
It's so hot here in Philippines and is makin it hotter and hotter and hotter with and Peter Krause!
Does it make me a bad person that I want Alice & Christopher to work out? I think it mainly has to do with Peter Krause
Peter Krause is such a looker. Have you not seen his guns?
= guilty pleasure. Shhh... 😉 Plus Peter Krause is very easy on the eyes... Being bad never looked this good.
Just attended a wake; a woman asked if I was the funeral director. Maybe she confused me with Peter Krause from Six Feet Under?
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"5 minutes avant d'être en direct" Oh yeah that's the best french words when it's Peter Krause saying them.
*** Peter Krause is still a stone cold fox
I cannot be the only person who thinks it's odd that Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are a couple.
The Catch can't seem to decide if it wants to be Leverage or a procedural. . Peter Krause makes a nice Nate Ford, though...
Watching "The Catch." It's ... tolerable? At best. Peter Krause is awesome, because he's a great actor, but even...
Plus the chemistry between Mireille Enos & Peter Krause is beyond words. I ship these two character so much & just want them to be happy! ❤️
Loving is insanely beautiful and talented and the chemistry w/ her and Peter Krause is on fire!
Let the games begin! & Peter Krause star in premiering tonight at 10|9c after https…
So Peter Krause is the Rob Lowe of because he doesn't age.
I love a caper so I am quite enjoying And after Six Feet Under + Parenthood I'll follow Peter Krause anywhere.
Tonight at 11:35 PM on Kimmel,Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, Peter Krause and music from Fifth Harmony!…
Peter Krause lurking in the distance! Christopher drop the conning and she will take you back, who wouldn't?
Just when I thought I couldn't love Peter Krause any more
"I started Parenthood for Sarah Braverman and stayed for Julia Braverman" SAME SAME SAME AND PETER KRAUSE
😸 I I don't have a smiling cat with open eyes. Does that count? A message from Peter Krause would be so awesome!! Please??
I can't wait to see Peter Krause again on TV!! I'm super excited about I just wanna say "Hi Peter!"
90.The words of Peter Krause, the film actor and director are worthy of meditation:
I will watch and love anything with Peter Krause in it
Gustavus theatre major Peter Krause '87 moves from NBS's PARENTHOOD to new ABC drama THE CATCH on March 24.
I love Peter Krause and this show looks amazing! I WILL be watching. First, it's then,
.Peter Krause '87 will star in the new crime thriller which premiers on March 24. Be sure to tune in!
Even though this ad quite clearly says Peter Krause I was convinced it was Michael Shannon instead
I googled Peter Krause bc I might need to watch his new show. I learned that he and Lauren Graham are a couple.
Peter Krause adorably throwing popcorn in the TGIT promo for
Mireille Enos & Peter Krause have been on good shows but I'm not interested in The Catch. Nope!
Really glad Peter Krause got to throw some popcorn around for a promo.
Peter Krause lookin good on these promos... way better than when he was on
I see the previews for w/Peter Krause and I cannot help but wish Natalie Zea was playing his opposite.
Reasons I'm excited for The Catch: Peter Krause will be on my tv again
Extremists think 'communication' means agreeing with them. — Peter Krause
Are reviewing The Chase, Shonda's new show? Muriel Enos was FANTASTIC in AMC's The Killing. Peter Krause = good, too.
Yas that promo for was HOT. Peter Krause looks GOOD 🔥🔥
When networks reveal new TV lineups, they should have Clark Kellogg give his takes like the selection show. "Whoa! Peter Krause's back!"
Finding out that actor Peter Krause co-stars in new series The Catch is another reason for me to watch it.
to star Can't wait for the show's reboot:
During previews for The Catch I'm just waiting for Peter Krause to go full Adam Braverman
fans are clamoring for this new peter krause series. ‘Give. Us. The. Krause,’ they chant. they’re storming the gates
Peter Krause & Mirielle Enos were on shows that had substance & grit & humor. Now they're selling out for a Shondaland paycheck
If you learn to read your lunar calendar properly, you can accurately predict Peter Krause, Donal Logue & Christian Slater's next TV shows.
This was the show that first hired Bethany Joy Lenz, right? Bums me out bc I really like Peter Krause.
Peter Krause has another show?! He's been on a series every year since 1998. That's an impressive run for a tv actor.
New episode tomorrow. Suffer through this one now. Episode 68: Peter Krause -
Every time I see a commercial for I want to remind Peter Krause that it's not very Minnesota nice to steal things
I am beginning to fear that the REAL answer to this question is going to be "The Catch for Peter Krause."
I said I'd never watch another Shonda show...but Peter can I not?
I love these sexy commercials. If Peter Krause is there, I'm in. Love him. ❤
Peter Krause? If it's anything like Grey's ... No thanks. That started out great and then went straight to ***
Please join me in welcoming Peter Krause back to television.
no Gordo Peter Krause used to be in KISS.
love mirelle enos. LOVE peter krause. not so sure I'm going to love The Catch.
The terrorist is Peter Krause! I saw him at the bottom of the screen
.Is your avatar a photo of Peter Krause when he was a wee lad?
Not to be shallow but Peter Krause is looking GOOD in the TV spots for The Catch.
yah those original trailers had different leading man. He seemed good too but I guess when you can get Peter Krause...
Peter Krause is in How did I miss that?!
I’d love to watch The Catch because Peter Krause (6 Ft Under FTW) but the lead actress is annoying from the trailers. Put the Botox down.
it's called the catch. Peter Krause and Mireille Enos star in it. Can't wait!!!
HI sittin on footage of Peter Krause angrily trying to wear kid sweatpants as a shirt & yelling at his chakras...for the right price . 😜
I don't know what Peter Krause is waiting for. I'd have proposed to her by the time the dessert came on the first date.
@ Peter Krause If you like it, do us all a favor and put a ring on it. 💎
Peter Krause used to be kinda decent looking. hm.
just saw Peter Krause (Parenthood) and Michael C. Hall (Dexter) are in it and rolled my eyes to kingdom come. ugh.
One Insufferable creator down, another to go. What do you say, Episode 68: Peter Krause -
I will ABSOLUTELY watch this show with Mireille Enos and Peter Krause.
I genuinely don't think there's someone out there who loves Lauren Graham as much as I do...besides Peter Krause.
Related, I am so very excited Peter Krause is now in The Catch, the new show (pitched by Kate Atkinson!)
No :) It’s an hour long that was on NBC. Ensemble cast that includes Lauren Graham, Craig T Nelson, Peter Krause, Mae Whitman, etc.
So is a show where Peter Krause rips off a lady and then goes into hiding as Jack Coleman?
We have to lower the price of textbooks…
My bones are tired from all the tragedy in me.
Lauren Ambrose is such a great actor!
Omg...Peter Krause is back on television he seems very un-Adam-like 😬
Peter Krause is coming to ShondaLand? I'm in.
I've been pronouncing Peter Krause's last name incorrectly all these years. And I know a little German, so I should have known better.
Young Peter Krause is so adorable in this episode 😍🙈
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People are first and foremost Republicans, first and foremost Anarchists, f...
I really like that you've recommended 2 Peter Krause shows.
It sounds so trite but in relationships, you have to communicate. Peter Krause
The description doesn't read like I'd like it either. On the other hand: Peter Krause + Lauren Graham. What's the allure for you?
Parenthood...It's about guiding the next generation, and forgiving the last. - Peter Krause
Young Peter Krause just woke up in the grass
also I constantly forget he is brother of the bi pill teen who looks like a tween Peter krause
*** it, Peter Krause, why can't you be in a new show that looks good?
Will Peter Krause ever pop the question?
plus Vanessa Marano! Queen Rose Abdoo! Peter Krause (pandering to your Sports Night love)
Beyond thrilled Peter Krause will be back on my TV. Love him! cc:
Has anyone seen The Catch yet? I love Mireille Enos and Peter Krause so my hopes are sky highhh
I miss seeing Peter Krause on tv, but will definitely be hard not seeing him as
However, it's hard to see Peter Krause as a con man. 😩 I guess that's why it's good casting.
How did I NOT realize that Peter Krause is on
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I cannot wait to have Peter Krause back on my TV. 😍
presents a problem for me: I really only have room for one sexy show featuring Peter Krause, and that's the gem Dirty Sexy Money.
Hello, Peter Krause. Looking good in those suits.
hmmm. i heart Peter Krause. But feeling meh bout
Peter Krause is looking HAUT in the new Shonda show…I'm in.
Nope sorry CANNOT see Peter Krause as someone other than Adam Braverman can't do it won't do it
I just watched the latest trailer for have changed everything about this show including Peter Krause as the conman
I'm moved to think about the political state of our country right now. Most...
Peter Krause seems very Gatsby-esque raising a glass in that promo.
WAIT I didn't know Peter Krause was gonna be in this too omg
the original one seemed more interesting. This looks like an action piece. Peter Krause def to old...
I've been in Peter Krause withdrawal since Parenthood ended. Excited for this!
To act alongside a TV idol of mine, Peter Krause, was phenomenal. I watched...
New print available on - 'Cosmic Perspective' by Peter Krause -
Thought: Bill Paxton and Peter Krause should play brothers. Has that happened? Are they secret brothers? Or are they just two white guys?   10% Off
Spec Boxster AiM MXS install with sensors! Thanks for the referral Peter Krause!!
I believe he was played by Peter Krause.
Just remembered I had a MASSIVE crush on Peter Krause when he was in 6 feet under.
Lauren Graham and her husband Peter Krause: via
She's beyond brilliant in everything she does and I've loved Peter Krause since the delightf…
Fans of the should tune in to this interesting & engaging interview at 6p &10p! ->
After more than 21 years at the helm of Parks & Recreation, Peter Krause retired t
Watching makes me wish I had 4 siblings like and Peter Kraus…
Oh, Peter Krause, how I've missed you! Michael C. Hall, I haven't really missed you. But you're okay in this show.
It makes my heart happy that Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are still dating!!
You tell me. The first photo is of Actor, Jake McDorman. Second photo is Actor Peter Krause. Do they look like twin brothers to you?
Peter Krause was pretty cute when he was young
Halfway through season 2 of Six Feet Under. Still crushing on Peter Krause. omg those big puppy eyes.
Ten years, on, where are the cast of Six Feet Under now?
*actively wonders when Peter Krause is going to pop the question*
Is there anything cuter than Peter Krause in the Six Feet Under pilot? Omg.
Watching the banter makes me wish Aaron Sorkin had more chances to write for Peter Krause and
Ta! I'll be interested to see Peter Krause in a comedic role (Six Feet Under had its moments but was generally devastating).
Peter Krause and Mirielle Enos starring on and it's a Shondaland show?! Absolutely cannot wait to see this!
I feel as if I'm Josh Molina stuck in Peter Krause's body. It's unnerving.
Anytime Peter Krause, Michael C. Hall or Frances Conroy pop up, I think of and how there'll never be another show like it.
The moment Peter, Steven and Mark found out they'd come THIRD in a Doctor Who pub quiz.
"The best parts of my day were buying pens and seeing Peter Krause on Beverly Hills, 90210 earlier." - small talk I made at a party
Something tells me that's how Peter Krause really dances. :)
I mean it's bound to be so good, it's BOTH LAUREN AND MAE. (Also Peter Krause, whom I loved in Six Feet Under)
Absolutely. I thought it was funny that Lauren and Peter Krause are together.
It's brutal, it's clever, it's one of Waid's best. And Peter Krause and later Diego Barreto draw the *** out of it. Give it a shot.
Lauren Graham (Sarah Braverman) was married to Peter Krause (Adam Braverman) when in Parenthood they were brother and sister
Ranked-choice voting will bring inclusiveness, civility // by Peter Krause:
Nate Fisher aka Peter Krause on Six Feet Under is one of my heroes/role models because he's an exceedingly cool,suave man & he dates Brenda.
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Saw Lauren Graham and Peter Krause this morning! If they weren't with their son I would've said hi to them!
I'm apparently late to the party but PETER KRAUSE IS GONNA BE ON A SHONDA RHIMES SHOW.
I just want an episode of Peter Krause running around the neighborhood. With Michael C. Hall.
Mmm. Peter Krause. And Shephard is good for the when you want goofy.
Gotta say Peter Krause. All the cast of was an amazing series! You all rock!
Peter Krause: Ranked-choice voting will bring inclusiveness, civility
Check out this great piece of art by Peter Krause
If you look up the definition of perfection in the dictionary, you'll see a picture of Peter Krause 💕
Lauren Graham and Peter Krause greetings fans at the MAX Premiere via
Lauren Graham and Peter Krause greet fans at the 'Max' premiere
I don't think I'd be able to survive if Lauren Graham and Peter Krause broke up.
Lauren Graham & Peter Krause present at the 8th We clearly had a hand in the casting of http:/…
Want to start watching Parenthood but I can't stand L. Graham & M. Potter. Do love Craig T. Nelson & Peter Krause. So torn
also fun fact did you know Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are a real life couple?
Michael C Hall AND Peter Krause.doesn't get any better than that! : )
has Peter Krause officially signed on to play you in your upcoming biopic? Who will play Ian Darke?
Decided to watch Six Feet Under. Forgot how much I fancied pre-Parenthood Peter Krause. But it was a lot, apparently.
I was always drawn to Adam, but I think that's because of Peter Krause, because of Six Feet Under. ;)
I really loved Peter Krause in Parenthood, so giving it a shot b/c of him!
Can it just be coincidence that Peter Krause & Josh Charles are now both unattached to shows, or does this mean a Sports Night reboot is on!
Peter Krause thinks Israeli will unilaterally annex land up to the current security barrier.
Peter Krause calls Netanyahu the "status-quo" Prime Minister and attributes his success to his caution.
Peter Krause says that the Peace Process as failure narrative isn't just put forth by Hamas. It increasingly applies to all Palestinians.
Peter Krause up next. Speaking about the failed bid to form unity party between Fatah and Hamas.
That depressing moment when you finished Six Feet Under so you're trying to figure out what show with Peter Krause to watch to fill the void
Frank Furedi, Richard Sennett, Peter Oborne and Monica Krause debate in the 21st century
Watch Parenthood latest season episodes - Based on the 1989 film comedy and starring Peter Krause, Lauren Graham, Da,,,
I'd like to thank for ruining my life by telling me that Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are dating.
As if I needed confirmation of my obtuse nature, I'm the only person in Sebastopol who hasn't yet seen Peter Krause or Lauren Graham around.
The Daily Show with Josh Charles, written by Aaron Sorkin. (Sometimes featuring Peter Krause.)
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'The - The Lost Voyager' by Peter Krause - via
print on - 'The Hespirides - The Lost Voyager' by Peter Krause - via
Peter Krause playing high in reminds me of ♥
like the office kinda got me and then Lauren Graham and peter krause really got me and then also EVERYTHING ELSE GOT ME??? SNL? AMY???
My is somewhere between Peter Krause and Dax Shepard
I haven't shed that many tears over TV since the Six Feet Under finale. Clearly Peter Krause has it out for me.
Watching Peter Krause in Parenthood makes me want to try watching Six Feet Under again. Especially now that I'm in a better place for it.
The only thing I am getting out of Parenthood is that Peter Krause and Sam Jaeger are deliciously hairy and can have me.
Great finale... How was Peter Krause so lucky to be in two of the best series finales?
Big fan of Peter Krause (Sports Night) and (Gilmore Girls). Thrilled to discover they're together. Nice work
Oh my gosh! I think I'm the reason Peter Krause stopped going to the Glendale Whole Foods ten years ago!
Thanks to I'm curing my withdrawal by watching Peter Krause on Thanks H!
watch six feet under and get back to me 😁 also starring Peter Krause ☺️
Did you know Lauren Graham and Peter Krause of Parenthood are together?
And who doesn't love the funny and talented Peter Krause
Need Peter Krause to do another TV show because 6 Ft Under finale broke my heart and now finale did it too.Need more Krause.
they should've made the Silent Hill movie based on Silent Hill 2 and had Peter Krause play James Sunderland
Is it a callback that Peter Krause ended Six Feet Under jogging and started Parenthood jogging?
me too, totally annoying! But man, Peter Krause and Dax Shepherd just keep looking better
Can't wait for Peter Krause to play lead in "Pleated to Meet You: The Jim Harbaugh Story."
The 72nd Golden Globe Awards, honoring the best in film and American television of 2014, was broadcast live from the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California on January 11, 2015, by NBC.The ceremony was produced by *** Clark Productions in association with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were the co-hosts for the third consecutive and final time.The nominations were announced on December 11, 2014 by Kate Beckinsale, Peter Krause, Paula Patton and Jeremy Piven. The Affair, Birdman, Boyhood, Fargo, The Theory of Everything, and Transparent were among the films and television shows that received multiple awards. The Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award went to George Clooney.
The nominations for the 72nd Golden Globe Awards were announced bright and early this morning at the Beverly Hilton hotel. During the traditional pre-dawn ceremony in Beverly Hills, HFPA president Theo Kingma introduced Kate Beckinsale, two-time Golden Globe Award-nominee Peter Krause, Paula Patton,…
but Michael C. Hall married his TV sister from Dexter and Peter Krause and Lauren Graham are dating
I love Jason Katims but yet another ep of w/out Peter Krause, Craig T. Nelson, & Sam Jaeger? Ugh Season Six you frustrate me
8 things you didn't know about Like: Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are actually a real-life couple http:/…
“When we find lung cancer early in its course, it can be cured." - Dr. Peter Mazzone, on developing new di…
My third child is Nate after a certain Nate Fisher. Any fan of the incomparable Peter Krause knew that tidbit!
Another idea. I call this one "The Krause Conundrum." Is anyone who's starred in 3 or more TV shows less famous than Peter Krause?
Quote: “Everyone likes pie. But people like pie a la mode even better. In the pie of life, arts is the ice cream.” -Peter Krause
Mmmm I love it when there's a Peter Krause running scene in stuff.
Yes. IMDB'd Peter Krause (Parenthood) cuz he seems familiar. Haven't seen his other work, but learned he's from Minnesota.
Dear Christian,. thx a lot for the RT!. All the best. Peter
Every time Peter Krause has a scene with Lauren Graham, I can't help but think about how they play siblings but are/were dating.
Talented Peter Krause directed tonight's episode of which means it is super special plus great biceps. …
Peter Krause is up to doing a reboot of Make it happen, Sorkin.
LOL AWK. Just realized that Lauren & Peter Krause aka siblings on have been together in real life for 4 yrs.
Its time for a new Peter Krause Interview! I need to hear sime stuff! And to see His Smile if he talks about Lauren would be nice
I definitely started watching for LG, I'm a lifetime fan of hers. Love Peter Krause too, and love that they date IRL:)
Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are good together
My previous Peter Krause ghost is now dead cause I just saw Marion Cotillard.
Geeking out over Sports Night cast reunion in Several of my favorites: Peter Krause, Miss that show!
Me, too, Kathy! This was when I became a fan of Peter Krause.
Peter Krause talks about rebooting in this week's and now I can think of nothing else.
"Here's what I like about Lauren, I really like Peter Krause so if I spend time with her he shows up eventually" 😍😍😍😍
Robert Guillaume for the judge! Peter Krause and Josh Charles too old for Kaffee… so Joseph Gordon-Levitt?
Emmy committee. PLEASE end this show with noms for Peter Krause, Craig T. Nelson, Max and Ray Romano!
Photoset: bravermanfan: Behind the scenes of last night’s episode, which was directed by Peter Krause.
This is a really good episode of Parenthood and Peter Krause and Monica Potter aren't even in it. How is that possible???
I'm lucky DH loves too! We got hooked on Six Feet Under (Peter Krause), then Dirty, Sexy, Money and now Parenthood.
Fun Fact: While on in 99, Peter Krause hosted a night on TV Land and introed...the 1990 Parenthood.
Breaks my brain with happy reunion shoot, with Peter Krause &
Still one of my fav shows of all time and introduced me to Peter Krause
Could you ask Peter Krause for his phone number? kthx
Tough question but who do you think is hotter- Peter Krause or Josh Charles?
Peter Krause pontificating about how LeBron’s decision should really have been covered?
“reunion shoot, with Peter Krause and 1 OF THE BEST SHOWS EVER
Nice to see Casey finally found his pants... reunion w/ Peter Krause &
Peter Krause means so much to me I want all of you to do yourself a favor and watch Six Feet Under, Sports Night, and then Parenthood
Finding out Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are together has made me night. I'm so obsessed with the both of them
I hope Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are happy together.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Drives me crazy when people find it weird that Lauren Graham & Peter Krause are dating. They're ACTORS, people! Not REAL siblings.
I did not know that Lauren Graham & Peter Krause date IRL. Hard to view them as anything other than siblings on
Yesterday this guy came into the store and I was like, "You look so familiar! Are you my old friend Greg Finney from UC Santa Cruz??" He said "Uh no, I'm Peter Krause from Six Feet Under. And this is my friend Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls." Oh. An hour later, another guy ambled in; he had an unmistakable cleft chin. I pretended not to know who HE was. "So, do you live in Austin?" "No, I'm just here for a film." We talked a while longer and I continued pretending not knowing who he was, i.e. I OUT-ACTED Aaron Ekhart!
We look hideous but we just met while she shopped with Peter Krause. Childhood dreams come true
In Wangaratta picking up Nathan Krause, Now to head to Holbrook to pick up Peter Krause.
Rachel Griffiths & Peter Krause are the coolest, most complicated couple in
It's like the sitcom version of Sports Night being canceled and Peter Krause going to Six Feet Under. Like kind of ok but still devastating.
No better way to end a vacation than being in the security line with Adam Braverman (Peter Krause). It was like real life Parenthood!
I wrote an article about Dirty Sexy Money once and called Peter Krause Brian Krause for the entire piece
Peter Krause doesn't like the sound of that...
The Limo. One of the few episodes I've never seen. . Crazy seeing Peter Krause in an episode too.
I completely forgot Peter Krause was on an episode of Seinfeld. "The Limo."
Film crew follows German couple on nudist vacation: Luise and Peter Krause of Nuremberg Germany are vacationin...
Nate Fisher is the drippiest of drips and is the reason I can't bring myself to watch anything else with Peter Krause in it.
Peter Krause, Michael C. Hall and Lauren Ambrose clicked in a way that was similar and strikingly dissimilar enough to be siblings
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I think it's so weird that Lauren Graham and Peter Krause play siblings in Parenthood and are together in real life.
Oh how I miss that show. At least I get (for one more season) to see Peter Krause on the wonderful NBC TV show Parenthood.
Of course, I can't blame them. I'd jump at the chance to put Ian McShane opposite Michael Shannon or Peter Krause.
I liked a video How to Play Gravwell Part 1/2 - with Peter Krause
Watched the complete The Lost Room from SCIFI last night. Peter Krause. Juliana Marguilese. Peter Jacobson.
Is there anything more 90s than Peter Krause's jeans on Sports Night?! Love it.
I wish Aaron Sorkin would write something new for & Peter Krause
I'll def continue when I'm done with this semester. It got me many feels and I adore Peter Krause!
Wondering if Peter Krause is into threesomes...
There's still room to join us for our Global Conversations dinner lecture on the Middle East tomorrow night at Karoun. BC's Peter Krause will be presenting "To Intervene or Not to Intervene: Syria, the Arab Spring, and U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East". We'd love to see you there!
Congrats to my uncle Peter Krause for his article in Sports Illustrated...all you golfers should check it out
Cillian Murphy just beat Peter Krause in Play now!
is my band. You and Krause doing a fantastic job! It's "Alabama Dave" as Peter Brown dubbed me in 05.
Had no idea Parenthood's Peter Krause was an Olympian gives a kiss to his medal.
Peter Krause is coming to the MCBA SpringCon in Minnesota May 17 & 18, 2014 Awesome!
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
How bout an organic foods store where I can bottle the tears of Peter Krause
The only thing I can imagine I saw her in was Parenthood. Maybe I was interested in her thoughts on Peter Krause?
Peter Krause, such a handsome man. So great in six feet under:-)
I do not want to drink with Craig T Nelson or Peter Krause, but I would want to drink with Dax Shephard and Lauren Graham :-)
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