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Peter Krause

Peter Krause (born August 12, 1965) is an American film and television actor, director and producer.

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As if I needed confirmation of my obtuse nature, I'm the only person in Sebastopol who hasn't yet seen Peter Krause or Lauren Graham around.
The Daily Show with Josh Charles, written by Aaron Sorkin. (Sometimes featuring Peter Krause.)
'The - The Lost Voyager' by Peter Krause - via
print on - 'The Hespirides - The Lost Voyager' by Peter Krause - via
Peter Krause playing high in reminds me of ♥
like the office kinda got me and then Lauren Graham and peter krause really got me and then also EVERYTHING ELSE GOT ME??? SNL? AMY???
My is somewhere between Peter Krause and Dax Shepard
I haven't shed that many tears over TV since the Six Feet Under finale. Clearly Peter Krause has it out for me.
Interesting thought. What do think? "Parenthood...It's about guiding the next generation, & forgiving the last." Peter Krause
Watching Peter Krause in Parenthood makes me want to try watching Six Feet Under again. Especially now that I'm in a better place for it.
The only thing I am getting out of Parenthood is that Peter Krause and Sam Jaeger are deliciously hairy and can have me.
Great finale... How was Peter Krause so lucky to be in two of the best series finales?
Big fan of Peter Krause (Sports Night) and (Gilmore Girls). Thrilled to discover they're together. Nice work
Oh my gosh! I think I'm the reason Peter Krause stopped going to the Glendale Whole Foods ten years ago!
Thanks to I'm curing my withdrawal by watching Peter Krause on Thanks H!
watch six feet under and get back to me 😁 also starring Peter Krause ☺️
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Did you know Lauren Graham and Peter Krause of Parenthood are together?
And who doesn't love the funny and talented Peter Krause
Need Peter Krause to do another TV show because 6 Ft Under finale broke my heart and now finale did it too.Need more Krause.
they should've made the Silent Hill movie based on Silent Hill 2 and had Peter Krause play James Sunderland
Is it a callback that Peter Krause ended Six Feet Under jogging and started Parenthood jogging?
me too, totally annoying! But man, Peter Krause and Dax Shepherd just keep looking better
Can't wait for Peter Krause to play lead in "Pleated to Meet You: The Jim Harbaugh Story."
The 72nd Golden Globe Awards, honoring the best in film and American television of 2014, was broadcast live from the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California on January 11, 2015, by NBC.The ceremony was produced by *** Clark Productions in association with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were the co-hosts for the third consecutive and final time.The nominations were announced on December 11, 2014 by Kate Beckinsale, Peter Krause, Paula Patton and Jeremy Piven. The Affair, Birdman, Boyhood, Fargo, The Theory of Everything, and Transparent were among the films and television shows that received multiple awards. The Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award went to George Clooney.
The nominations for the 72nd Golden Globe Awards were announced bright and early this morning at the Beverly Hilton hotel. During the traditional pre-dawn ceremony in Beverly Hills, HFPA president Theo Kingma introduced Kate Beckinsale, two-time Golden Globe Award-nominee Peter Krause, Paula Patton,…
but Michael C. Hall married his TV sister from Dexter and Peter Krause and Lauren Graham are dating
I love Jason Katims but yet another ep of w/out Peter Krause, Craig T. Nelson, & Sam Jaeger? Ugh Season Six you frustrate me
Watch Parenthood latest season episodes - Based on the 1989 film comedy and starring Peter Krause, Lauren Graham, D
8 things you didn't know about Like: Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are actually a real-life couple http:/…
“When we find lung cancer early in its course, it can be cured." - Dr. Peter Mazzone, on developing new di…
My third child is Nate after a certain Nate Fisher. Any fan of the incomparable Peter Krause knew that tidbit!
Hamilton Collection
Another idea. I call this one "The Krause Conundrum." Is anyone who's starred in 3 or more TV shows less famous than Peter Krause?
Quote: “Everyone likes pie. But people like pie a la mode even better. In the pie of life, arts is the ice cream.” -Peter Krause
Mmmm I love it when there's a Peter Krause running scene in stuff.
Yes. IMDB'd Peter Krause (Parenthood) cuz he seems familiar. Haven't seen his other work, but learned he's from Minnesota.
Dear Christian,. thx a lot for the RT!. All the best. Peter
Every time Peter Krause has a scene with Lauren Graham, I can't help but think about how they play siblings but are/were dating.
Talented Peter Krause directed tonight's episode of which means it is super special plus great biceps. …
Peter Krause is up to doing a reboot of Make it happen, Sorkin.
LOL AWK. Just realized that Lauren & Peter Krause aka siblings on have been together in real life for 4 yrs.
Its time for a new Peter Krause Interview! I need to hear sime stuff! And to see His Smile if he talks about Lauren would be nice
I definitely started watching for LG, I'm a lifetime fan of hers. Love Peter Krause too, and love that they date IRL:)
Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are good together
My previous Peter Krause ghost is now dead cause I just saw Marion Cotillard.
Geeking out over Sports Night cast reunion in Several of my favorites: Peter Krause, Miss that show!
Me, too, Kathy! This was when I became a fan of Peter Krause.
Peter Krause talks about rebooting in this week's and now I can think of nothing else.
"Here's what I like about Lauren, I really like Peter Krause so if I spend time with her he shows up eventually" 😍😍😍😍
Robert Guillaume for the judge! Peter Krause and Josh Charles too old for Kaffee… so Joseph Gordon-Levitt?
Emmy committee. PLEASE end this show with noms for Peter Krause, Craig T. Nelson, Max and Ray Romano!
Photoset: bravermanfan: Behind the scenes of last night’s episode, which was directed by Peter Krause.
This is a really good episode of Parenthood and Peter Krause and Monica Potter aren't even in it. How is that possible???
I'm lucky DH loves too! We got hooked on Six Feet Under (Peter Krause), then Dirty, Sexy, Money and now Parenthood.
Fun Fact: While on in 99, Peter Krause hosted a night on TV Land and introed...the 1990 Parenthood.
Breaks my brain with happy reunion shoot, with Peter Krause &
Still one of my fav shows of all time and introduced me to Peter Krause
Could you ask Peter Krause for his phone number? kthx
Tough question but who do you think is hotter- Peter Krause or Josh Charles?
Peter Krause pontificating about how LeBron’s decision should really have been covered?
“reunion shoot, with Peter Krause and 1 OF THE BEST SHOWS EVER
Nice to see Casey finally found his pants... reunion w/ Peter Krause &
Peter Krause means so much to me I want all of you to do yourself a favor and watch Six Feet Under, Sports Night, and then Parenthood
Finding out Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are together has made me night. I'm so obsessed with the both of them
I hope Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are happy together.
Drives me crazy when people find it weird that Lauren Graham & Peter Krause are dating. They're ACTORS, people! Not REAL siblings.
I did not know that Lauren Graham & Peter Krause date IRL. Hard to view them as anything other than siblings on
Yesterday this guy came into the store and I was like, "You look so familiar! Are you my old friend Greg Finney from UC Santa Cruz??" He said "Uh no, I'm Peter Krause from Six Feet Under. And this is my friend Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls." Oh. An hour later, another guy ambled in; he had an unmistakable cleft chin. I pretended not to know who HE was. "So, do you live in Austin?" "No, I'm just here for a film." We talked a while longer and I continued pretending not knowing who he was, i.e. I OUT-ACTED Aaron Ekhart!
We look hideous but we just met while she shopped with Peter Krause. Childhood dreams come true
In Wangaratta picking up Nathan Krause, Now to head to Holbrook to pick up Peter Krause.
Rachel Griffiths & Peter Krause are the coolest, most complicated couple in
It's like the sitcom version of Sports Night being canceled and Peter Krause going to Six Feet Under. Like kind of ok but still devastating.
No better way to end a vacation than being in the security line with Adam Braverman (Peter Krause). It was like real life Parenthood!
I wrote an article about Dirty Sexy Money once and called Peter Krause Brian Krause for the entire piece
Peter Krause doesn't like the sound of that...
The Limo. One of the few episodes I've never seen. . Crazy seeing Peter Krause in an episode too.
I completely forgot Peter Krause was on an episode of Seinfeld. "The Limo."
Film crew follows German couple on nudist vacation: Luise and Peter Krause of Nuremberg Germany are vacationin...
Nate Fisher is the drippiest of drips and is the reason I can't bring myself to watch anything else with Peter Krause in it.
Peter Krause, Michael C. Hall and Lauren Ambrose clicked in a way that was similar and strikingly dissimilar enough to be siblings
I think it's so weird that Lauren Graham and Peter Krause play siblings in Parenthood and are together in real life.
Oh how I miss that show. At least I get (for one more season) to see Peter Krause on the wonderful NBC TV show Parenthood.
Of course, I can't blame them. I'd jump at the chance to put Ian McShane opposite Michael Shannon or Peter Krause.
I liked a video How to Play Gravwell Part 1/2 - with Peter Krause
Watched the complete The Lost Room from SCIFI last night. Peter Krause. Juliana Marguilese. Peter Jacobson.
Is there anything more 90s than Peter Krause's jeans on Sports Night?! Love it.
I wish Aaron Sorkin would write something new for & Peter Krause
I'll def continue when I'm done with this semester. It got me many feels and I adore Peter Krause!
Wondering if Peter Krause is into threesomes...
There's still room to join us for our Global Conversations dinner lecture on the Middle East tomorrow night at Karoun. BC's Peter Krause will be presenting "To Intervene or Not to Intervene: Syria, the Arab Spring, and U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East". We'd love to see you there!
Congrats to my uncle Peter Krause for his article in Sports Illustrated...all you golfers should check it out
Cillian Murphy just beat Peter Krause in Play now!
is my band. You and Krause doing a fantastic job! It's "Alabama Dave" as Peter Brown dubbed me in 05.
Had no idea Parenthood's Peter Krause was an Olympian gives a kiss to his medal.
Peter Krause is coming to the MCBA SpringCon in Minnesota May 17 & 18, 2014 Awesome!
How bout an organic foods store where I can bottle the tears of Peter Krause
The only thing I can imagine I saw her in was Parenthood. Maybe I was interested in her thoughts on Peter Krause?
Peter Krause, such a handsome man. So great in six feet under:-)
I do not want to drink with Craig T Nelson or Peter Krause, but I would want to drink with Dax Shephard and Lauren Graham :-)
Peter Krause can still get that high-school-english-teacher kinda way
Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins. (1 Peter 4:8)
One of the highlights of my week: filming a scene for 'Parenthood' with Peter Krause, Monica Potter & Erika Christensen.
SVRA Chief Instructor Peter Krause will be offering a "Mini-centric" Track Orientation Program (TOP) on Thursday, June 26th. This is a track orientation for racers who want to gain a competitive advantage by completing a detailed study of Mid-Ohio. Mini Challenge participants can sign up for the TOP program through SVRA for a small additional charge over the Test Day and get on-track sessions plus a "van-around" to show the particulars of the circuit. For additional information about the SVRA Track Orientation Program, please contact Peter Krause at alfadoc
Is it wrong that Peter Krause on Sports Night is so much more hot than Peter Krause on Parenthood? I think not. I am ready to be a cougar if it means that I get the early version of such a hot guy...
We have arrived. So stoked for a great weekend with friends and great music! Peter Krause Margaux Aude Kriegel Mara Liggett Kimmy Schwirzer Mark Marazita Johan Richards J.j. Bailey
I ship and Peter Krause a little too much 😫
Happy Birthday to one of the chillest kids I know. So thankful that you're my neighbor and bro. Its not Valentine's, its Peter Krause's birthday
one of the best TV series ever. Peter Krause is tops.
What do you watch when you are sick? I've been taking my love of broadcasting and all things Aaron Sorkin by finally watching "Sports Night." What a great cast - Josh Charles before The Good Wife, Peter Krause before Parenthood - Robert Guillaume after Benson. Plus the bit players - Donna from West Wing and the wife from Meet The Parents. Weird that everyone does not have a cell phone and the graphics on the sports show are sooo old school! But syracuse gets shoutouts as usual!
Peter Krause is this one of your neighbours?
What actor/actress would you cast as yourself if they made a movie about your life? I'm going with Peter Krause (Nate Fisher) from six feet under, assuming he could pull off the dorky thing.
Have a Euro/ Pop list on Spotify called Dammmitt PK. Hope you're happy Peter Krause!
Sorry to leave you guys with my odd-ball “taxation of the blind” post for a whole week! But, I hope you’ll forgive me as I’m finally ready to present my interview with Daredevil: Road Warrior artist Peter Krause. I am so grateful that Peter was available to do this interview, and I had a great …
Did you know? Parenthood stars Peter Krause and Lauren Graham are a real life couple.
Series review n°8 : SIX FEET UNDER Country of origin : USA Broadcasted on tv from june 2001 to august 2005 5 seasons 63 episodes Created and produced by Alan Ball Casting : - Peter Krause (Nate Fisher) - Michael C. Hall (David Fisher) - Frances Conroy (Ruth Fisher) - Lauren Ambrose (Claire Fisher) - Freddy Rodriguez (Federico Diaz) - Matthew St Patrick (Keith Charles) - Rachel Griffiths (Brenda Chenowith) Story : Nathaniel Samuel ("Nate") Fisher is the son of a funeral director who dies. Nathaniel and his brother David become the new directors of the family funeral business. The Fisher clan also includes widow Ruth and daughter Claire. Other regulars include mortician and family friend Federico, Nate's on-again/off-again girlfriend Brenda, and David's long-term boyfriend Keith. The characters often have an imaginary conversation with the deceased, which is the originality of the series. In the first episode, Nate, David, and Federico have a 'conversation' with the person who died while they are being em ...
I'll be back... just going to fawn over Peter Krause some more.
Hey gang! Just wanted to let you know I'm sorry about the delay of the Peter Krause interview. I'm on one of those super cheap package trips to Turkey and wi-fi access has been spottier than anticipated. Will get to is ASAP, hopefully tomorrow!
"Every day can be an adventure if you use your imagination." - Peter Pan.
Yeah it's sweird watching them play siblings on Parenthood but I love it that Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are still together in real life
Peter Krause talks with My Team Billy Bush and Kit Hoover about his show "Parenthood", real life parenting, and dating co-star Lauren Graham. How did art imi...
remember how Peter Krause and Lauren Graham are a thing
any role with Nathan Fillion can be made better by replacing him with Peter Krause. seriously, Fillion is like William Shatner in season one of Star Trek bad most times.
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and you thought I was mental saying Peter Krause…
Also: Peter Krause might be the most underrated actor on TV. Consistently excellent.
I would do anything for you and Peter Krause, basically.
Don't do it for me, do it for Peter Krause and and Lauren Graham and and Monica Potter et al!
Inspiring interview with Bill Krause! The valley is an amazing web of interconnected stories.
Welcome Bill Krause as a special advisor to
nope still different. He looks more like peter krause
Forgot that six feet under is the place wherein Anna Gunn (Skylar White) and Peter Krause (Nate Jr) have a thing
I love this photo of Michael C. Hall and Peter Krause.
Peter Krause is too hot to handle in six feet under
To act alongside a TV idol of mine, Peter Krause, was phenomenal. I watched him in 'Six Feet Under,'
Peter Krause elevates everything he's in.
Side note: didn't realize Peter Krause was also a part of this ensemble cast.
On a totally unrelated note, I've been watching Parenthood on Netflix and was bummed that it was doing nothing for my Peter Krause crush...
Is it too much to want to have sex with Peter Krause just once
One ep in and I’m rediscovering my love for Peter Krause.
Yup, but all Peter Krause does is yell at people.
Bingewatching for 1st time. Where have you been all my life (sorry, Peter Krause)
I can't stand any of them. That show turned into a hate-watch for me. Peter Krause on Six Feet Under for life.
Yesterday and today I have watched the first four episodes of Parenthood. What an incredibly good show. And Peter Krause has always been one of my favorite actors.
“My bones are tired from all the tragedy in me.” — Peter Krause
Seeing Peter Krause and Lauren Graham on Parenthood reminds me of how awesome the two of them were when I met them at Ford's Theatre a few years ago. Meeting "Nate Fisher" was one of the highlights of my life.
Peter Krause seems like a good, kind man. I sure hope he is.
You know and I know, I'm an old soul -- but if you are a parent or married or over 30 you need to be watching Parenthood. It is the most realistic, refreshingly simple yet complex show on television. You love and hate every character. My favorite characters change with every episode. It mirrors your own life and the memories it brings back up are worth reliving. It's on Netflix, you have no excuse. And it's Peter Krause, Monica Potter, Craig T. Nelson, Lauren Graham, Dax Shepard, Erika Christensen and Bonnie Bedelia all on television together!!
Just finishing up Season 3 of SIX FEET is Peter Krause these days, anyway?
So when we were casting that movie about everybody I know? Everybody had who they wanted to play them, usually not matched with who everybody else casted them as. General consensus for me was Sam Rockwell, which is awesome in its own right. But I'm changing my personal choice for me to Peter Krause. Votes?
Apparently I do! I’ve gotten him, Peter Krause (my favorite), and Ron Livingston over the years.
Just had dinner next to Michael C Hall and Peter Krause... Really had to pull it together
Michael C Hall was married to Jennifer Carpenter?! And people thought Peter Krause and Lauren Graham dating was weird...
Peter Krause and John Corbett both on this episode of There is a god.
ok, one more. Be humble. 1 Peter 5:5 Do not pray in public! (street corners, stadiums, etc.) Matthew 6:1,5-8 Have a blessed day! :-D
I'd listen to Peter Krause give parenting advice for hours.
If we could get Peter Krause in on this exchange, I would be a very happy Torontonian
Regardless of your political persuasion Peter Hartcher's 5-part series in on Labor's self-destruction is amazing reading.
Now that’s a first Peter. Never heard anyone lament the lack of a celeb race before.
I was wondering what Peter Krause did after Six Feet Under (which I'm also currently waatching!)
See I'm a Casey McCall guy but that may just be Peter Krause love coming through.
Peter Krause! So we can all hear him say, "you can't take a picture of this, it's already gone" one last time.
Watching The Truman Show,only seen it once,Peter Krause is in this movie.
How did I not know Peter Krause had a son?!
...Why am I watching Parenthood? I guess I really like Peter Krause and Lauren Graham that much.
According to US Weekly, on-screen brother and sister Lauren Graham, 43, and Peter Krause, 44, are dating! I though... http:/…
Photo: I think Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are our couple-ganger. Not bad, huh?
Incest Is Best? Parenthood's Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are Dating - It appears Lauren Graham and Peter...
Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are dating WHA?! A Gilmore & a Fisher. Parenthood will never be the same.
Enjoying some quality family time with PARENTHOOD stars Lauren Graham, Peter Krause, and Dax Shepard.
Lauren Graham and Peter Krause may play siblings on NBC 's "Parenthood," but off-screen, the duo are boyfrie...
Lorelai Gilmore talks about dating Nate Fisher: Fifteen years ago, Lauren Graham and Peter Krause bonded over boar... h…
Lauren Graham: 'Protective' of romance with Peter Krause: USA TodayRomance alert: Lauren Graham and Peter Krause a... ht…
'Parenthood's' Lauren Graham on dating Peter Krause and aging gracefully - Pop2it via
Dating your TV sister never works out. Just ask Dave Annable, Chris Pratt, Jason Behr, etc. Warning to Peter Krause and La…
Lorelai Gilmore and Nate Fisher talk about their relationship: Parenthood stars Lauren Graham and Peter Krause d... http…
Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are arguing now over whose family has the oldest living relative at the Macy's Parade.
'Parenthood' Season 4 renewed: Lauren Graham and Peter Krause remain Bravermans for 15 episodes
I hope Lauren Graham and Peter Krause do some promoting together!!
this picture of Lauren Graham and Peter Krause.though
Dinner at Mexico City. Do you have the keys? Just saw Lauren Graham and Peter Krause.
We love that Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are in Sebastopol this weekend. Great actors and, we think, very nice peopl…
Did you know Lauren Graham and Peter Krause starred on a sitcom together in 1995?
just in case u didn't see “Is Lauren Graham and Peter Krause's relationship "creepy"? http:…
Had no idea Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are dating!
Peter Krause and Lauren Graham outside the 2013 NBC Upfront at Radio City Music Hall: via
Just met Peter Krause and Lauren Graham at Fox Theater for Children's Hospital'Notes and Words Benefit. Very nice people...
Peter Krause and Lauren Graham on are the best thing ever.
You think I’m joking but I don’t joke about Lauren Graham and Peter Krause and Mae Whitman
people who hate Lauren Graham and Peter Krause as a couple
TOTALLY. Of course, I love Lauren Graham too. Did you know her and Peter Krause (Adam) are dating IRL? Craz…
Peter Krause is fighting over Lea Thompson and Lauren Graham is trying to do acupuncture on Malcolm Gets.
Watching because I LOVE Peter Krause (and obviously! ) but nothing will ever…
"the moment where you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever being able to do it" - Peter Pan
Hunting fan Peter Krause asks: "I recently tried using a call for hunting today (it was just a doe-in-heat can...
Peter Gabriel added a new photo: "Bernie Krause’s recordings are a unique...": Peter Gabriel added a new photo...
Every time I see Peter Krause as Adam Braverman on Parenthood, I think They're kind of twinsies, no?
Love watching and Peter Krause together on It's my favorite thing after Ryan/Amber.
When Dax Shepard and Peter Krause are in the same scene on Parenthood, I die a little.
Peter Krause jogs in every show, right?
total eye candy. That Peter Krause is a cutie. ;)
Bernie Krause soundscapes curated by Peter Gabriel at Society of Sound: .
Could we have Sportscenter with Peter Krause and hosting?
nothing in my life could have prepared me for gangsta Peter Krause. Too much.
Alexi Lalas looks like the dad from Parenthood, Peter Krause (Adam)
Irredeemable artist Peter Krause joins Daredevil writer Mark Waid for an epilogue to his run on the series (which ends with issue in digital-only Infinite Comics series Daredevil: Road Warrior launching in February. Hit the jump for details on what to expect!
Peter Krause was reminded of his first movie role (Blood Harvest) while promoting on Latifah's talk show http:/…
As he should. He runs a close 3rd in my Sports Night heart. Josh Charles and Peter Krause.
So I really thought I could, you know, maybe someday, get over Peter Krause and then I fall deeply in love with him AGAIN in Parenthood.
I have a huge crush on Peter Krause. He's such a babe.
Excited to announce our Winter issue lineup Peter Krause on when and why armed non-state national movements succeed.
I were adorable! Weirder than FX I think it'd be great! The Nick Miller's batman mask is Peter Krause! —
met Dax Shepard and Peter Krause. I've met My world is so small.
Loved that show. Michael C Hall and Peter Krause, what's not to love!!
Every time I watch Parenthood I just think about how Peter Krause looks like Woody from Toy Story.
watching parenthood and there's just something about Peter Krause..i don't know what it is..i think he might remind me of an older ollie lol
Sports Night was harrable that's why it only last 2 season, love Peter Krause though
About to share a green room with Peter Krause! Quick, tell me everything there is to know about Parenthood! In detail!
Parenthood star Peter Krause will be here today, stay tuned!
Peter Krause is in The Truman Show. Didn't realize that before.
ugh, get out I need to watch parenthood now cause *** I've got that Peter Krause thirst hot ***
I think Peter Krause is about to cry
For those of you that have yet to see something completely adorable today:
Just met Dax Shepard and Peter Krause and probably scared them with my knowledge of six feet under and parenthood! THAT WAS SO COOL
I'm Resisting the urge to bid on the Peter Krause Supergirl should bid, though. Early and often.
THINGS THAT JUST BLEW MY MIND: and peter krause are dating. WHAT?! i love it. incesty like deb/dex
Being a man means typing on your phone so you don't watch Peter Krause cry. Nope, not looking at him. NATE!!
how peter krause and Lauren Graham are dating AND THEY PLAY S IBLINGS ON TV
back sassing and Peter Krause gushing over Joni Mitchell on Parenthood is the highlight of my day.
Adam Braverman (Peter Krause) punches a dude for messing with his son in the supermarket.: via
Dreamed a restaurant swapped my credit card w/ Peter Krause & helped me find him. Sports Night reunion ensued.
Need help figuring out Obamacare? Give Peter Krause a call, at the very least he'll give you a FREE analysis of...
Peter Krause has the best facial expressions.
HOLD EVERYTHING. How did I not know Lauren Graham is dating Peter Krause??? (& has been for 4 years!)
I want to love it so hard because I love Peter Krause, and Lauren Graham, and Friday Night Lights, but I. just. can't.
now playing: Parenthood: Cast and Creators Live at PALEYFEST Amazon Instant Video ~ Peter Krause via
Fun fact: Tomorrow's episode of was directed by Peter Krause. Wonderful director. Amazing experience.
My urge to watch the scene from where Natalie Zea sings "Babe" to Peter Krause is unsatisfied bc pulled the show
Peter Krause's terrible dancing is one of my favorite parts of watching Parenthood
Love the brother & sister dynamic. Er make it bf/gf ;) love the Peter Krause and Lauren Graham scenes.
umm, did you know that Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are DATING?! This is incestuous!!!
Why didn't anyone tell me Peter Krause and Lauren Graham are dating???
.I just read that Peter Krause and Lauren Graham are dating.
OK, who at NBC said "yes!" to another season of Looks like I'm stuck hating to love it and yelling at the TV and the ludicrousness of the very adorable Peter Krause (the reason to watch) married to that woman. ALSO, however, if you have not discovered PBS's Brit import Last Tango in Halifax... get on board, my friends! Just that good!!
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Peter Krause of discusses potential impact of military strike on
I like him, but it still freaks me out how much he looks like Peter Krause
I loved that show! Peter Krause was also easy on the eyes. Pretty sure that I still have my old VHS tapes of it too!
Peter Krause is basically Coach Taylor reincarnated. Same writer
Peter Krause and Sam Jaeger on Parenthood are in that tier. Those are the only ones I could think of.
I'm watching and wondering how I get in the middle of that Peter Krause sandwich.
Peter Krause all known for bigger roles, but I know them all from Sports Night! Loved that show.
Guys, Peter Krause has a pretty incredible ***
wait really?! I gotta get on watching that. Josh Charles, peter krause and now josh malina? all fabulous people.
Sports Night. Cannot go wrong with Sorkin's dialogue and great roles for Peter Krause, Josh Charles and Felicity Huffman.
One of my fellow orientation leaders knew who Peter Krause was!
"Kind of a *** but you see where he's coming from" - character description from script you forward straight to Peter Krause's agent
Is it just me or does have a Bill Paxton/Peter Krause thing going on?
If I already loved Peter Krause for now that I've 'met' his Nate on I just love him.
The episode of Ellen with Peter Krause is on. I'm dying.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
its on dvd.probably hulu plus .. its got Peter Krause from and Josh Charles and Sabrina Lloyd ( had a tv crush on her)
Fun times shooting today with Peter Krause and Good timers.
Would you guest star on if you were asked? Do you know Peter Krause?
Dedicating my night to Aaron Sorkin. Watching Sports Night. Reliving the 1998 awesome sit-com ... Felicity Huffman, Peter Krause. Luv it!
I watched 4 I watched 4 peter krause and now im watching 4
Peter Krause makes me swoon (even more than usual) in this interview with Monica Potter for E! News.
"Parenthood" Update: Peter Krause emotes, and does his shouty thing while everyone else remains calm. ISSUES. COMPLICATIONS. FEELINGS.
By the way, my Walking Dead cover is up for bid--money goes to the
Last night's dream intricately and oddly wove a storyline among Peter Krause, and
I forgot no one has ever heard of The Lost Room, a Sci-Fi miniseries starring Peter Krause and Juliana Margulies. SO GOOD!
I forgot Peter Krause was in THE TRUMAN SHOW. Five minutes into the movie and I'm already emotional (about SIX FEET UNDER).
Peter Krause is in it, and he looks exactly the same.
Catching up on "Parenthood". Apparently I love watching devastating things happen to Peter Krause.
I've been watching Parenthood from the beginning I like it. SFU showed me how talented Peter Krause really is
Most of the time when she's in town, Peter Krause is with her, so they double date. It's crazy.
Sup Peter Krause, you trying to ride this plane with me?
"It sounds so trite but in relationships, you have to communicate." -Peter Krause
Okay, this is true. But it does have Peter Krause and Josh Charles being the best bros.
Peter Krause im like pealing and dark and its crazy
I just learned that I've been pronouncing Peter Krause's name wrong. I'm deeply ashamed.
Max Abrahms-Peter Krause debate the effectiveness of terrorism:
Ray Romano was on Parenthood with Peter Krause, who was on Six Feet Under with Michael C. Hall, who was on Dexter with John Lithgow, who was in Footloose with Kevin Bacon, who was in Wild Things with Denise Richards, who was married to Charlie Sheen, who got kicked out of a petting zoo for attempting to impregnate a wombat.
Peter Krause is the Bill Pullman of TV shows and can do no wrong.
Re-watching The Lost Room. Another reason Peter Krause should have more roles. And also that this should be a continuing series...
Rewatching Sports Night, I had a thought: I would pay good money to see Josh Charles and Peter Krause team up again in…well, anything.
Just saw a young Peter Krause type at the beach. Literally stopped in my tracks and almost went back to tell him he's a dreamboat.
Remember that four months in 2004 when Peter Krause was going out of his way to have the same look as Jim Carrey?
she dated Peter Krause in the last episode though, so I have to give her props for that!
I totally forgot that Peter Krause was on 90210 (the original). Small world.
She has Peter Krause, she needs to sit her *** down!
This is the episode from season 1, where Peter Krause's character shows his dance moves. LoL
Monica Potter and Peter Krause from PARENTHOOD and Laura Linney from THE BIG C: HEREAFTER should be nominated over anyone else.
Something like "Monica Potter and Peter Krause star on this NBC series."
I did not know Lauren Graham and Peter Krause were dating. Wow. Those Bravermans keep it in the family. ;)
I’m so proud to be a minnesotan, with those two being married, and Peter Krause dating Lauren Graham.
So cool! We won best feature documentary tonight at the LA press club SoCal Awards for last year's Emmy drama actor roundtable - but most of the thanks goes to Peter Krause for (over) sharing about his on-stage bathroom accident. This one is for you buddy!
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