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Peter Kinder

Peter D. Kinder (born May 12, 1954 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri) is an American politician from the U.S.

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Seriously Peter, get some sleep. History will be far kinder to her than it will be to her detractors. No…
I appreciate proper grammar, however you could be kinder to a non-native speaker. Would e…
Ya gotta give Peter Alexander props for calling out Maxine's BS. Any other would have folded like a kinder napping mat.
Weaver's interview with Peter Man's bridge was clear. Horgan and Weaver will be the governing group. Kinder Morgan is dead.
Might have to call up ILLiCiTR Peter and Kinder build some chem and send that link.
This was the result I kind of expected. I think we can at least say goodbye to Kinder Morgan which is…
'At the end of a climb asking to be walked, at the end of a history under erasure.'. The Ascent of Kinder Scout. https…
Tech should be about people. We're proud patrons of Offscreen Mag, celebrating innovation and promoting a kinder web
I thought that was a Peter Daou parody account, but no.
As long as it's the correct third, I don't see a problem there. 😈😇😂
But Kamala and Nancy said today meant 1/3 of the country will die!
I'd brainwash and get him to be a kinder, more humanitarian man.
Celebrating Canada as the kinder classes study Peter Reynolds' books, that are not only about creativity but 'growt…
Something tells me Leela and Peter Daou share a Hillary doll at home.
Well, Peter Kinder lived in various parts of the lst Congressional district, "technically." duo-residency?
Be kinder than necessary, because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle—just like you! HT a missionary in t…
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If Peter Kinder had won GOV-R in Aug, we'd have Kinder, Kander and Koster on this ballot.
This year our Kinder team dressed as Peter Pan characters!
Hear what it's like to run for office! Peter Kinder and others will talk about going from candidate to congressman.…
If okays despite opposition may become next fight
wish the movies had done a better job of conveying how Kreacher got kinder to Harry, like in the books.
Peter Kinder: “People like Roy. They have confidence in him. But people hate Washington right now.”
Always try to be a little kinder than is necessary. ✨. - J.M. Barrie, schrijver van 'Peter Pan'
For the first time in 12 years, someone else besides Peter Kinder will be Lieutenant Governor of Missouri…
Thru Oct you’ll receive a free copy of Peter Riley’s acclaimed The Ascent of Kinder Scout when you order my book Skin fro…
1 Peter 4:8. Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.
I think Joe Walker is more beautiful but I think Peter Capaldi is loads kinder :)
Now we understand why Peter Pan didn't want to grow up 👊
Ken's return really was the keystone of the kinder, gentler politics
. Oh Well, Peter Kinder. Did he ever pay back the 76K he *cough* "borrowed" to live it up in STL?
I liked a video Forum Highlight: 'I do not support a fuel tax increase' | Peter Kinder for Governor
I liked a video 'Koster is Wrong for Missouri' | Peter Kinder for Governor
And one I wouldn't normally use Peter, but it is nature. Foxes are kinder to chickens than we are. 😉
Peter Kinder, say crack one more time
Peter Kinder is doing a great job at the Governor's Forum.
Peter Kinder dropped the ball on Common Core. Don't be fooled.
"I'm the only one on this stage to have won statewide - twice." Peter Kinder
"I'm the only candidate who knows how to unite the urban and county votes" -Peter Kinder
Eric Greitens (the outsider) knew our tax bracket peaked at 9,000 but Peter Kinder (the politician) guessed 6,000.
Do you have thoughts 2 share on which would make better governor: Peter Kinder (I like) or Catherine Hanaway (I don't know)?
MO Lt. Governor Peter Kinder brought his gubernatorial campaign to Joplin Thursday night.
Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder is the keynote speaker at tonight's Southwest Missouri Conservative Network meeting in Joplin
MO Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder presents Veterans Service Award to four from SE Missouri.
I am so ready to get my for swag! Be sure to check out the new Peter Kinder app in and
You've been invited to check out the Peter Kinder app
Congrats to volunteer Ellen Duvall for winning a Veterans Service Award from Lt. Governor Peter Kinder!
Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder issues declaration to recognize women in STEM at
Have I really just watched a Kinder egg advert with pink toys for girls and blue for boys? It's 2016 FFS!
As Governor - via Peter Kinder from the Peter Kinder app download it today
See ya later Summer! Next time stay a little longer but less humidity ;). Autumn, please be kinder to my hayfever this year?
Ferguson is full of fools, including Mayor Knowles. Peter Kinder has allied himself with Knowles.
SORRY, that's what I was remembering- it's Miss Barton's book denouncing Kinder, Kuche & Kirke, not Peter- but he points it out
Peter Kinder is proving to be a harrowing candidate for MO governor. His Scott Walker-esque views on what higher ed should be are cancerous
Former aide to Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder was paid at least $60K more than previously reported:
I agree with Peter Kinder. What is Jay Nixon thinking allowing potential terrorist into Missouri? Call Jay...
Lt. Gov. Criticizes MU Protests: 'Enough of the slander': Missouri Republican Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder is criticizing…
Missouri Republican Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder is criticizing some University of Missouri student protesters as...
Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder on protests: 'Enough with the slander' -
Campaign Finance: Me, too!: Today at the Missouri Ethics Commission for Peter Kinder's (r) 2016 gubernatorial ...
Former Sen. Jack Danforth big endorsement Danforth backs Peter Kinder for Missouri Governor with $10,000 donation
Good point, especially with Peter. You'd expect a "kinder" response but he Jesus would say "get behind me Satan".
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MDFB Approves Taxpayer Funded Credits For Stadium via Peter Kinder had the only courageous no vote.
Lt Gov Peter Kinder joins us on to explain his lone "NO" vote on a NFL stadium tax credits. Download app
BREAKING: Peter Kinder states opposition to rigid, judgmental dress codes of any kind. Says it's cool if you just follow rules of the bar.
Billionaire's getting millions of your Missouri tax $. Thanks Peter Kinder for the 'no' vote!
"You can cherish and champion conservative principles, or you can support and praise Donald Trump. But you can’t do bo…
"Always be a little kinder than necessary."--J.M. Barrie
Peter Kinder challenges Jay Nixon and Chris Koster to Right to Work debate
Peter Kinder to Jay Chris Koster: Let’s thrash it out
Peter Kinder to Jay Nixon, Chris Koster: Let's thrash it out
it's nice to see he doesn't follow party line on donations, but seriously, Peter Kinder?
Missouri Lt. Gov Peter Kinder calls Al Sharpton an inciter of mobs . .
Peter Kinder, Missouri Lt. Gov, fires back against Al Sharpton's pledge that he intends to 'hang around Ferguson.' http:…
Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder (R) reported that he and leaders in the Missouri House and Senate are filing a request to see the communications between the White House and Governor Jay Nixon (D...
Obama loves what's happening ! All part of he's plan ! Remove Obama ! For racketeering ! — via Dylan Price WHY DID THE National Guard STAND BY AS FERGUSON BURNED ? Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, a Republican, is demanding that the state’s Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon offer a public explanation as to why he told the National Guard which he had previously mobiliz...
Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder questioned why the National Guard did not intervene Monday night to subdue the rioters and looters following the announcement that officer Darren Wilson would not be ind
Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder says Obama administration must have leaned on Governor Nixon to ignore pleas from Ferguson Mayor to send in National Guard.
While rioting starts in Florida this evening, who knows where else, ny times refused to let me copy an article they published today. Publishing officer Wilson's home address. I think liberal media is getting a bit too anti-white about this. Holder's office reportedly told Missouri Governor not to send National Guard. Let me see if they censor that one as well? Holder Cause the National Guard to be Kept From Ferguson? by Keith Koffler on November 25, 2014, 11:20 am The Republican Lieutenant Governor of Missouri today said he believes the state’s Democratic Governor, Jay Nixon, did not deploy National Guard troops to Ferguson to prevent the outbreak of violence because of pressure from the Obama administration to keep them away. “Here’s my question that the governor must answer,” Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder said today. “Is the reason that the National Guard was not in there is because the Obama administration and the Holder Justice Department leaned on you to keep them out?” Kinder noted that the Guar ...
2) Peter Capaldi's eyebrows ARE detachable and we will be seeing kinder eyebrows later in the season.
I swear peter today stole my apple juice lol i felt like a kinder gardener but like that was mine lol
I was glad to see the back of the 30's & relieved when 45 arrived & we could build a fairer & kinder society.
w/ Lt gov of Missouri peter kinder... yeah dana, why would off duty officer fubar himself?
Great to hangout with kids at kinder today and announce grants for 4 local kinders w ht…
My last day as Exec Assistant to There isn't a better, kinder man to work for. Thank you, Peter. "The best is yet to be!"
Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder on Fox News right now blasting Jay Nixon response to crisis.
Still mad about Kinder today. We were literally shooting on the goal and they said "We need to take the goals away." Seriously? So stupid..
Justice & love will create a kinder world. Injustice & harsh treatment will create hatred. Please Free Peter Greste. RT
Not leaving Kinder tomorrow until we get an amazing goal that will get on ⚽️
Anyone up for going to kinder tomorrow? ⚽️ Maybe we can show Ronaldo how to play
Pietro Maximoff. Aka Peter Maximoff in DoFP. Aka Quicksilver. Basically my icon tbh. Thank u I feel like Loki only kinder
The world seems kinder to you today as your spirit soars with ... More for Sagittarius
Time to be kinder to our companions in the animal kingdom
Jumping for joy with $650,000 grant from for Primary's new kinder Ondarchie http:…
I don't hear Justin speaking "favourably" about Kinder-Morgan as Peter O'Neil reported for last week
Peter Rooney is funnier, smarter, kinder and better looking than you.
Hi Richard and Reid, Peter Kinder at work in Fords Halewood listening to one of the Everton greats. Come on you blues
Pleased to cut the ribbon and open Preschool's new kinder room that provides 25 more places http:/…
Peter Kinder is an extraordinarily intelligent person, who deals in finance and the law, and is a great reader and l…
It's style: In Aug., said would go to ballot. Looks unlikely.
Opened St Mel's kinder today in invested $150,000 to increase kinder places http…
It's evening in SA, right? I hope you are drunk. It's kinder than the alternative.
Almost time for Peter Kinder to intervene in the Casey Kasem affair.
Surprise bday party for Mrs.Velasquez in KB! Salud to my and my daughter's kinder teacher... St. Peter's bizzness.
.MT: "Prepare to happy dance uncontrollably: our prices to Sauget now up to 20% lower. Happy BDay Peter Kinder!"
Peter why can't you just be kinder, less worked up and more compassionate, yanno like Jesus was? Try it. Dare ya
England's Big Picture: A view of Kinder Scout in the Peak District by Lesley Carley
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What an interesting afternoon! Thanks to Rep. Cathie Conway, I'm proud to say that I've been introduced to, and participated in a long conversation with, Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, prior to presentation of his budget before a House Appropriations committee. Also thanks to Rep. Conway and others, there were elements of the aforementioned Appropriations committee hearing that were interesting; blog to come soon!
Family alleges retaliation from town in Missouri rape case -- Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder on Tuesday called for a grand jury review of a controversial case of alleged rape in Maryville. "The appalling facts in the public record shock the conscience and cry out that responsible authorities must take another look," he said, referring to the case of Daisy Coleman in Nodaway County. "I hope that responsible officials will join me in this call for a grand jury to make the final call on whether criminal charges should or should not be filed," Kinder said. The case dates to January 8, 2012. But after The Kansas City Star featured the story over the weekend, it gained traction on social media and spread to a wider audience. It began when Daisy, then 14 and a high school freshman, was hosting a sleepover with a girlfriend at the Colemans' home. The girls were drinking alcohol, according to a report from the Nodaway County Sheriff's Office. Daisy had been texting with a football player, a senior who was 17. They ...
Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder and House Speaker Tim Jones have urged new investigations in a sexual-assault case that has embroiled the town of Maryville, Mo., and gained international attention. The prosecutor who dropped charges in the case has reiterated that the victim’s family was uncoo...
Hey Peter Kinder why don't you check into why they didn't prosecute the boys in Maryville. Make the county accountable for their actions. While your in the neighborhood check the clown court in Andrew County out and get it back under control. The quack prosecutor Stevenson needs to be ousted.
Just received this via email from the office of Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder: (The Missouri Torch) Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder today released the following statement urging Missouri Attorney General ...
Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder re-opens sexual assualt case
Not speaking for Anonymous right now...but as a person, thank you to Governor Peter Kinder for his response =>
I rarely give ANY Governor props, but right now, thanking MO Governor Peter Kinder for his response regarding Maryville.
Tried 2Go2 Gov Peter Kinder's statement about Maryville , got this response =>
Missouri lawmakers respond to Maryville sexual assault case Read more:
Okay, I have written comments on here twice and had them disappear! What's up with that? Come on FB!
Missouri lawmakers respond to sexual assault case
Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder calls for a grand jury on the Daisy Coleman case. h/t
Missouri Lt Gov calls for grand jury in rape case:
Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder calls for review of rape case
I just confirmed that my toughest competitor dropped out yesterday. That leaves myself and Nina Dean. I expect others to get in but if fundraising keeps going the way it has been, we will be a tough force to reckon with. Thank you all for the generous support! We networked well at CPAC St. Louis today. Met Lt. governor Peter Kinder, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, Dana Loesch, and several other good conservatives for the cause!
Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder is predicting right-to-work law at ALEC meeting
While in Branson this past weekend I noticed that the front page of the Branson Tri-Lakes News had a huge banner reading . . . RESOLUTION AGAINST BLUEWAY ADOPTED! The Taney County Commissioners adopted a resolution Monday in opposition of a federal conservation project, which designated the White River Watershed a national blueway in January. It stated that opposition has risen from the citizens of 60 counties between Missouri and Arkansas. This federal program is made up of 17.9 million acres. It stated that resistance comes from residents who believe their land ownership rights may be jeopardized by the intrusive federal program. An overreach is an understatement! THANK YOU BOB and all that have worked so hard to inform the public and our elected officials. It's nice to see Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder stepping up as well while so many other "important" folks remain quiet! TH
The Lt. Governor of Missouri, Peter Kinder (Rep) has recently called for action from Gov. Jay Nixon’s (Dem) administration to address the backlog of home-care senior service needs, after the state cancelled a contract with Medicare service provider SynCare last month. The state’s contract with SynCare was cancelled after it was discovered that the company was unable to handle the significant amount of home health care cases passed their way. Since Missouri and Syncare ended their contract, the state has hired 130 temporary workers in an effort to address the backlog of nearly 9,300 cases. “When problems arose with the contract, the Administration ignored the problems, putting some of Missouri’s most vulnerable residents – seniors and disabled people needing in-home healthcare – at risk.” Said Kinder, at least partially motivated by his upcoming challenge of Nixon for governor no doubt. But the SynCare case brings up important issues, such as the general lack of capacity for the coming wave . ...
Josh? We met him via Jeff City speaker phone in Peter Kinder's office. Supposedly very bright and in your district, right?
Cape Girardeau, MO (KFVS) - Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder announced Wednesday, May 8 the 35 winners of the Lieutenant Governor’s Senior Service Award, including Doug Austin of Cape Girardeau.Lt. Governor Kinder presented the awards today at a ...
Sat in bed watching Peter Pan and eating loads of Kinder chocolate. This is the life ;)
You're much kinder to your interviewees than I am to mine - about half the questions. :)
From the archives... "'rumors' and 'third hand reports...'l
I got excited about a green car out of a kinder bunny before. It's okay. We R Peter Panz.
Our website has been relaunched by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, Peter C Kinder at Prov Grand Chapter
bunny with basket @ the corner of King&Peter handing out candy to all who pass by!
The women from the WI on food glorious food, is defo the Peter *** of that programme
Listening to Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder speak about challenging his party's views on immigration. will come!
Good thing we have leaders like Lt. Governor Peter Kinder and Sen. Kurt Shaefer in Jeff City!
Austin's aloud to make fun of me cause it doesn't bother me lol known him since kinder boys, and Rowdys can.
I just emailed the author of IKOAFS and I'm hoping he's a bit kinder than Peter Van Houten
On March 4, Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder held a press conference and claimed the Missouri Department of Reve...
Like a Kinder egg, we'll probably be SUPER excited when it first comes out and then we'll get over it.
I personally told my State Representative Rep. Robert Ross about the Real ID act being implemented by Missouri DOR. These new drivers licenses will contain your biometric information. This is a direct violation of Missouri Law. He said he would look into it at the time. I went on the radio and talked about how this would cause all concealed carry permits to be entered into a global data base and registered. Two months later, nothing from him, not one word. Thankfully LG Peter Kinder is now taking up the fight. This is my frustration, most of our elected officials couldn't find their butt with both hands and could care less about these issues that are destroying our freedoms. I am sick of it and have been fighting this for years. Rep. Jason Smith, Sen. Mike Cunningham, and so many others, what are they doing? We are being destroyed out here by big government. I want their help in this fight. I demand their help in this fight or let's throw them out of office and get someone that has a clue. Bob Parker
Tom~ have you heard the interview between Dana Loesch and Missouri Lt. Gov Peter Kinder about DMV computers? Interesting...
Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder discusses the DHS moves to watch Missourians
This from concerned citizen Eric Griffin and Missouri’s Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder. Listen to the interview with Kinder here:
By the way, I was partially having a small vacation with my Valentine Tamir Siam at the Hotel during Missouri Lincoln days, as that was Valentines Weekend. So, apparently I missed some events that I really wanted to attend like Peter Kinder's Ice-Cream Social and few other day events! But next year, I will be attending all events! So I really regret not attending Peter Kinder's ice-cream social and Jim Talent and Tom Schweich's dinner or whatever event & also, I wanted to go to Schlafly's luncheon, Friday evening dinner was sold out, and I thought I had bought that one with Wyoming Senator Barrasso!
Step Dad Ray will be honored tomorrow by the Patriot Guard as well as a full military funeral service. I take this moment to thank each and every Veteran for your service and sacrifice. I also take this time to make a vow that I will not stop until some kind of discipline or punishment is handed to the fraudulent man who has been representing himself as a VA Representative or DAV Representative. He is nothing more than a liar & fraud with a VFW Membership. I promise right now that if I find one ounce of evidence that my Step Dad paid him one red cent for anything he said he was doing or did I will not rest until he is made public & charges are brought against him! Next week I will be contacting Claire McCaskill as well as Peter Kinder.
The Carter County Republican Central Committee met last night in Van Buren. 9 of the potential nominees were in attendance and spoke for 5 minutes each. Bob Parker sent his regrets due to weather. In attendance were Wendell Bailey, Peter Kinder, Lloyd Smith, Sarah Steelman, Clint Tracy, John Tyrrell, Jason Smith, Todd Richarson and Jason Crowell. Major kudo's go out to Tom and Gail Cox of Carter County for putting together such fantastic meeting. There were over 50 in attendence.
Another 8th Dist. forum at Ava The Douglas County Republican Committee will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Ava Victory Academy, 1005 NW 12th Ave. In a press release to The Quill today county committeeman Dave Fleagle said the event is free and open to the public and the purpose is to meet with potential candidates to replace Eighth District Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson. So far, Fleagle said, nine candidates have confirmed they will be attending. They include Jeffery Ward, John Tyrell, Jason Crowell, Bob Parker, Sarah Steelman, Clint Tracy, Wendell Bailey, Pedro Sotelo and Lloyd Smith. Three other candidates have expressed interest in attending, as their schedule allows: Peter Kinder, Todd Richardson and Wayne Wallingford. County committee chairman Ross McElvain said in a phone interview with The Quill that the candidates will be asked seven questions and be given an opportunity to answer briefly and offer explanations for their stances on the issues.
SEMO Pachyderms to Host a Candidate Forum for 8th Congressional Hopefuls This Thursday, January 17th at 7:00 PM, SEMO Pachyderms will host the Republican 8th Congressional District hopefuls. Candidates will answer questions explaining to voters why they should be selected by the Republican 8th Congressional Committee. This forum, which is being held at the Concourse at 429 N. Broadview in Cape Girardeau, is open to the public. This is one of two officially sanctioned 8th Congressional Forums. The other was held on January 10th in Salem. Reserved seating will be held for SEMO Pachyderm Club members as well as 8th Congressional Committee Members. Sandwiches and drinks will be provided by Congresswoman JoAnn Emerson. Scott R. Clark, Recorder of Deeds will provide cookies. Candidates who have officially expressed interests in the 8th Congressional seat have been invited to attend. So far the following have RSVP’d: Wendell Bailey, Jason Crowell, Peter Kinder, Bob Parker, Todd Richardson, Lloyd Smith, Jason S ...
Republican Missouri Lieutenant Governor and 8th Congressional District candidate Peter Kinder declared that
This is offensive on so many counts: "Assault weapons is a misused term used by suburban soccer moms who do not understand what is being discussed here." -- Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder (R), quoted by the Missouri News Horizon, on efforts to ban assault weapons. Meanwhile, in Georgia: Republican Rep. Phil Gingrey, an OB-GYN since 1975, said former Rep. Todd Akin was "partly right" when he said women's bodies can avoid pregnancy in cases of "legitimate rape."
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder (D) and Sarah Steelman (R) will officially run for the open House seat in
Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder is officially angling to become the GOP nominee for the Show-Me State’s open...
I bet Peter David at DragonCon and he couldn't have been kinder to a gibbering fan boy. My heart goes out to him
Peter kinder seems to know how to treat ladies just ask him
The training regieme would be kinder on the athlete than inter-county football anyway!
Johann Abraham Peter Schulz (March 31, 1747 in Lüneburg - June 10, 1800 in Schwedt) was a German musician and composer. Dresden Kreuz Choir conducted by Mart...
Glass of red, kinder chocolate and Peter Andre = living the dream!
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon is looking to be re-elected while Peter Kinder is re-elected as Missouri Lt. Governor!
About 2/3 of the precincts are reporting statewide. In the lead for state offices are Jay Nixon, Peter Kinder, Shane Schoeller, Cole McNary and Chris Koster.
As of 9:00 PM, Peter Kinder is in the lead for Lt. Gov. seat. Chris Koster is in lead for Atty. General seat.
At 8:00, Missourians are choosing Claire McCaskill 53% to 40%, Jay Nixon for governor with 53% to 43%, Peter Kinder as Lt. Governor 49% to 46%, Shane Schoeller as Secretary of State 48% to 47% and Chris Koster as Attorney General 54% to 42%. The night is still very young.
Cynthia Davis may have cost Susan the election against Peter Kinder.
Who and what am I voting for? I'm going through this sample ballot before I vote: time, it's Republican all the way for me. Not that I always agree with every view of every Republican, but I agree with the Republicans on many issues while agreeing with the Democrats on a very, very small number of issues and disagreeing with the Democrats on nearly all issues. The endorsements of Missouri Right to Life weighs heavily in my decision but doesn't make my decision for me -- for example, I prefer Peter Kinder who is recognized as Pro-Life but not specifically endorsed by MRL over the candidate who they endorse. President: Mitt Romney (R) Senator from Missouri: Todd Akin (R) Missouri Governor: David Spence (R) Missouri Lt Governor: Peter Kinder (R) The Constitution party candidate seems nice too but she would split the vote and doesn't seem to care about that, so I'm not voting for her. Missouri Secretary of State: Shane Schoeller (R) Missouri Treasurer: Ed Martin (R) Missouri Attorney General: Cole McNary (R) ...
I went for a drive by West County and saw Gandhi Center or South Asian Community keeping all Republican Candidates Yard Signs, including Mitt Romney, Dave Spence, Ed Martin, Shane Schoeller, Ann Wagner, Peter Kinder, Todd Akin, (McNary did not do yard but sure South Asians very much support Cole McNary for he came to Rekha Sharma for State Rep's India Kitchen fundraiser and South Asians will vote for Cole McNary as well as other Republicans, in fact, South Asians are fascinated that Cole McNary is good friend of Rekha and also is son of former St. Louis County Executive Gene McNary :-))! After all, Looks like South Asians are not afraid of the Republican Party anymore and I am sure Rekha Sharma for State Rep is making South Asians Proud :-)! It is no longer a big deal that I am a South Asian Republican :-). It is so good to see South Asian's Support for Republican Candidates and This is first time in the History of St. Louis that I am seeing Gandhi Center putting Republican Candidates' Signs! That is pre ...
On this election eve, make plans to vote for real change tomorrow. We can't take anything for granted. Even though Missouri is an almost certain lock for Romney, we have several local races and amendments of tremendous local and national significance as well. On Tuesday, vote for Romney-Ryan (Pres./Vice Pres), Dave Spence (Gov.), Todd Akin (Senate), Peter Kinder (Lt. Gov.), Shane Schoeller (Sec. of State), Ed. Martin (A.G.), Cole McNary (State Treasurer), and Billy Long (Rep. for District 7 in Mo). Review a sample ballot for Missouri by visiting the KY3 website below:
Here is how I plan to vote on Tuesday: Gary Johnson and James P Gray for President and Vice President, Jonathan Dine for US Senator, Jeremiah W (Jay) Nixon for Governor, Peter Kinder for Lieutenant Governor, Shane Schoeller for MO Secretary of State, Clinet Zweifel for State Treasurer, Chris Koster for Attorney General, Jack Rushin for US Representative, Keith Frederick for MO Representative, Colin Long for Circuit Judge, Larry Stratman for County Commision, Richard L Lisenbe for Sheriff, Bill Wiggins for Assesor, Kathy Oliver for Public Administrator, Larry Swinfard for Coroner, Lou Gilbert for Surveyor, No to 3, Yes to A, Yes to B, Yes to E, Yes to Supreme Court Judge, Yes to Court of Appeals Judge.
From the KC Star, "The state doesn’t need incumbent Republican Peter Kinder and his time- and money-wasting antics."
What conservatives are saying about Peter Kinder
State Wide Candidates are doing well...we have hope that they will WIN This Election. So Reminder, Vote for Dave Spence for Governor, Peter Kinder for Lt. Governor, Ed Martin for Attorney General, Shane Schoeller for Secretary of State & Cole McNary for State Treasurer! All Jeff City people that is Relevant to My State Rep Position!
got to meet Peter Kinder this evening. I'm looking forward to his re-election.
This just in: Todd Akin deems Peter Kinder "not very ladylike"
So here's my take on the election. This is purely anecdotal, but I've heard similar accounts all over the country. Driving in South St. Louis City, I notice a lot of Peter Kinder for Lt. Governor signs, dozens of Todd Akin signs, and dozens of Romney signs. While I'd have to say that there are more Obama signs than any of the above, that is to be expected in a city where 90% of the votes will be for a Democrat. However, I can say (based on my humble observations, of course) that there are far FEWER Obama signs this year than in 2008. Let me tell you, there is a HUGE enthusiasm gap, and the Republican ticket in all races will likely surprise many in 10 days. Just my two cents.
*facepalm* Obviously he's looking for Peter! If Tink knows where he is...I'll be much kinder about it than my twin. *smiles*
Peter Kinder doesn't like to pay his taxes:
Peter Kinder's idea of traditional marriage, inviting a stripper to come "snuggle" with him. See page 3:
Proven, hands-on leadership: Susan Montee’s years of service as Missouri State auditor serve as a model for how she’ll run the Lieutenant Governor’s office. Susan Montee for Lieutenant Governor of Missouri 2012.
Peter Kinder: You are absolutely the LAST person who should attempt even remotely attacking someone else's character.
never ashamed to stand for equality Go to fight back against bigot Peter Kinder.
Peter Kinder's also been trying to ensure MO isn't bound by O-Care mandates. Good man. I'll def vote 4 him on Nov.6
Video: Peter Kinder: Romney-Ryan will carry Missouri Republican statewide candidates to victory:
"I think the [UN] agenda is to suppress votes in conservative areas," Peter Kinder says.
Always be a little kinder than necessary. ~ James M. Barrie (Author of 'Peter Pan')
It's great to be back home in Cape Girardeau for a few days. On my way to my Friends of Peter Kinder event. Looking forward to it!
"Terrific, fabulous song on GM, lampooning GM. I really enjoyed it. Laughing out loud." -Peter Kinder
Peter Kinder should gather up a posse in tri-cornered hats and defend Mo polling places against the invading UN hordes on Election Day.
Just heard not going over well in Mo says Peter Kinder on the radio.
Peter Kinder's outlook on who will win the presidency and adds the momentum could have a big impact on statewide...
Thanks again to Missouri Eagle Forum for your endorsement of my candidacy!
In May 2011, Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder stood in the hallways of the Missouri Capitol with the president of U.S. Term Limits to encourage the Missouri Legislature to fight back a measure that would have weakened the existing limits imposed on state represen...
347-677-1836 MGC Radio, Reboot Congress breaks news: Claire's finance windfall, Peter Kinder, and more
‘C’ comes before D or R in this category . . .‘C’ for Constitution & ‘C’ for Cynthia . . . Elect Cynthia Davis, Lt. Governor Missouri!
Having a great time on your dime. Wish you were here! ~ Peter Kinder
Thx! Proud to have their A+ rating MT VOTE for PETER KINDER. Hunters & gun owners, is NRA ENDORSED.
High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation. (~Jack and Garry Kinder)
Before you vote for the establishment Peter Kinder, take a look at Cynthia Davis.
Huge thank you to Peter Kinder for attending.
Greatly enjoyed being at the ceremonial opening of the Max and Drew Erlich Center & Harvey Kornblum Jewish Food Pantry on Sunday in St. Louis (Photos courtesy of Gregg Palermo, University City Patch).
Hot Dang ^5sss RTHonored to receive the endorsement of Missouri Eagle Forum
Honored to receive the endorsement of Missouri Eagle Forum
Went to the Pulaski County Republicans Chili supper tonight. Todd Akin, David Spence, Peter Kinder, Ed Martin and others spoke. What a great Freedom Team we have out there! Energized and focused on what is good for Missouri and America. Thanks to the organization that put this together.. And just because I know her best..thanks to Sherry Ernst from Skyline Cycles for all her hard work!
Missouri's Republican Lieutenant Governor -- who had to drop a gubernatorial campaign following a stripper scandal last year -- is down to $18,000 in his campaign account following a GOP primary against an opponent financed by five millionaires. Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder reported to the state Ethics Com...
Missouri Lieutenant Governor, Peter Kinder, one of Missouri's Top Republicans, embroiled in Stripper Scandal. Via...
In a campaign-funded radio ad to Missouri voters, Rush Limbaugh claimed the state’s Lieutenant Governor “banned taxpayer-funded travel for politicians” when he led the state Senate. Not really. Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, who is Limbaugh’s friend, spearheaded a moratorium on paying travel expenses for st...
I forgot to mention someone who is fellow Statewide Republican candidate and that is Peter Kinder who is running for Lt. Governor. Re-ELECT Peter Kinder for Lt. Governor who did great job in the primary & is likely to get re-elected gain. !Let me also let people know about Peter Kinder. Missourians get to know Peter Kinder if you have not already & to his credit, he fought for Obamacare, so do Vote for Peter Kinder for Lt. Governor 2012! (Peter Kinder has maxed out his fb friends limit, so I gotta wait until someone drops out from his friends list or Peter Kinder clears his list :-)). I saw Peter Kinder briefly in John Brunner's Meet and Greet event, but did not get to meet in person but know about his work in Jefferson City! I am in general election mood, thought I would campaign for all my fellow Republican State Wide candidates.
Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder has fended off a robust challenge to win a combative Republican primary.
Congratulations to Todd Akin, Dave Spence, Peter Kinder, and Ed Martin for Missouri for winning in the primary! Now let's go on to the General Election.
Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder fends off challenge by Brad Lager to win Republican primary.
Results thus far: Amendment 2 passes, probably with about 85% to 15% (it's 87-13 so far) Nixon won his primary at 89%ish (no surprise there) Dave Spence will challenge Nixon for his seat, winning a 60% primary victory. Sam Graves will continue past the primary, as will Emanuel Cleaver. Now the stuff still up for grabs: GOP Sec of State, Shane Schoeller is gathering speed, up to 37-32-31% GOP Lt. Governor, Peter Kinder is up 44 to Brad Lager's 42%, really close all night. GOP House primary district five (to challenge Emanuel Cleaver) seems up in the air, Fox four puts Jerry Nolte at 52%, KMBC puts Jacob Turk up at 56%, both showing the losing candidate at 32%. Looks like Akin will take the GOP primary for the senate, putting him in the most contested and important election in the state right now.
In lt. gov. race, Peter Kinder has 51 percent of the St. Louis County GOP vote to Brad Lager's 37 percent with 91 percent counted.
Brad Lager leading incumbent Peter Kinder in race with 47 precincts in. 6,794 votes to 6,287.
Wow! John Brunner in first place. Todd Akin in second place. Those are the best numbers of the election season. As I've said before, either of those gentlemen would make great GOP candidates. Plus Dave Spence and Peter Kinder winning pretty big is great, too.
Steve Stenger discusses the costly St. Louis County 10-year trash hauling contract. Peter Kinder and Brad Lager square off in a debate. Aaron Shock is trying to eliminate the federal tax on the medals won by American Olympic athletes. St. Louisan Ryan Metcalf discusses a law that he is trying to get...
It was lovely debate between Peter Kinder and Brad Lager yesterday. We have some of the high (and low) points coming up at 6:30 on
Hey Missouri: who you voting for in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate. I was leaning Brunner, but Claire seems to be hitting *** Akin making me think they the dems believe Brunner is easier for them to beat. It's making me rethink. What's your take? And, on the Lt. Gov race please tell me that Peter Kinder is going to go away.
Peter Kinder, Brad Lager trade barbs in radio debate
Peter Kinder a no-show at Lincoln Ladies Ice Cream Social. Write your own Horny Toad joke. Video of Brad Lager's speech:
Lt. Gov. Kinder, GOP lawmakers challenge ballot summary for Missouri health ...: Peter Kinder and other top Repu...
Most listen to talkshows in the world Rush Limbaugh says he's for Peter Kinder for Lieutenant Governor of Missouri
(Missouri) State to honor volunteering veterans Posted on June 8, 2012 by VFW MO Kirksville, Mo. — Missouri’s Lieutenant Governor is looking to recognize Missouri veterans who provide volunteer services to their communities. Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder announced his office is accepting...
Peter Kinder, to continue along a theme, set a sort of standard for Republicans hoping to play for an endorsement at The St. Louis American. He came gift-wrapped by committed St. Louis businessmen who said Kinder was in it for St. Louis to thrive and knew that driving development and prosperity in S...
Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder's future may become clear later today; may be reconsidering governor race
former penthouse pet and stripper says of MO Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder: "He was one of my best customers"
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