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Peter Kenneth

Peter Kenneth (born 1965) is a Kenyan politician. He hails from the massive Mbari ya Muhuni family of Kirwara Sub-location of Gatanga Contituency in Murang'a County.

Martha Karua Musalia Mudavadi Raila Odinga Uhuru Kenyatta Paul Muite Alfred Mutua Mwai Kibaki Kalonzo Musyoka

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Interview: Peter Kenneth speaks on his agenda for Kenya
Peter Kenneth interviewed on Walter's Break Watch KTN Streaming LIVE from Kenya 24/7 on .
Peter an Kenneth was the same height now peter taller than me
Kenneth Copeland, Joseph prince, Peter popoff, and the rest of them TV schemers using god to get rich. Ya muffo going to *** Blacks too
“The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.” Jack Wilshere Papoose Freddy Adu Peter Kenneth lol
Peter Kenneth delivers his Presidential launch speech part 1.
The MP for Gatanga, Peter Kenneth sits down with the host of Keeping it Real on Karisan Media, Audrey Misoi and Antony Karanja the founder of ...
Thanks. I will appreciate if you acknowledge receipt mheshimiwa.
Render honor to whom honor is due. Honoring Peter Daniels. Kenneth Copeland tribute.
Kenneth Copeland is giving an introduction to Peter Daniels.
Wow!! Yesterday Dan Swift won the Bartali Cup, today Peter Kenneth has won it!! Great cycling by the Team Sky Pro Cycling Team team.
Methinks the incompetence runs across the entire political divide...Peter Kenneth and his entourage seem to be the likable alternative...
Martha Karua, Peter Kenneth, Ole Kiyiapi and a whole lot of others were sold to us as 'issue oriented' leaders...
Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, . Joyce Meyers, Peter Popoff., etc, etc. . Things that make you go hmm. .
Top civil servant behind poaching. the buck stops @ your desk! Pls rt
We're proud to announce our first keynote speaker - Kenneth Reitz!
Hello mheshimiwa I have a document I would wish to send to your.
Never be intimidated by your challeges,no matter how tough they are,they will bow to your destiney
“Peter Kenneth would have made a better president.” Co-sign
But in Kenya it isn't about credility a but a mass following Peter Kenneth would have made a better president.
*tears*"Peter Kenneth would have made a better president."
ata Dida "Peter Kenneth would have made a better president."
===> ''Peter Kenneth would have made a better president.''
Peter Kenneth would have made a better president.
Don't Wait to Be Sleepless: A Review of Black Moon by Kenneth ...: I've seen comparisons of Black Moon to Peter...
Confidence comes naturally with success but,Success comes only to those,who are confidence,So begin your day with confidence.
Well I can't fix it, nor do I have any desire to but a man like Peter Kenneth who does. Might never have chance.
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Train car rests on escalator at O'Hare Airport station after it derailed (Kenneth Webster/AP)
IMO the extreme poverty of lower Gatanga is obvious for anyone to see. Why is it so in your opinion?
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Current Gatanga MP elaborates on some of the PK criticism. Response?
Lower Gatanga lagging behind in development and bursary disbursement mystery were raised before last elections
my record in Gatanga is there for all to scrutinize
. Hallow is it not to early to wish us nice easter
WHAT KENYA NEEDS! UAE support program to educate parents, teachers on dealing with special needs kids:
When did it become the responsibility of KTDA to repair and maintain roads? C.c
Juicy, Lucy, Lulu, him, Hogan, Peter, Kenneth, I forgot the rest, well there's two lulu, but the blue hair one.
Theodore Peter James Kenneth Taptiklis guess who owns that name =)
Peter Kenneth has an article on reducing wage bill. He is a former Assistant Minister for Planning. So you know.
OOOH SHINDWE: Friends, assuming aliens hijack a plane carrying president Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta. A week later, like in this Air Malasyia saga, there is still no info. The president has 'disappeared'. What Law of succession should we rely on? In the plane was First Lady and four other cabinet members.Githu included. Meaning both the country's CEO and the country'S CLO (chief legal ofisa) are missing. While at it, do you think Mt Kenya will kubali ku "hand over"? I can see the worst debate in parliament ever! Anyway, after 90 days, Ruto becomes the Jubilee flag bearer. Lol! And we go to the election which, fortunately, Ruto wins, or he is rigged in! Deputy is Peter Kenneth. Already during the campaigns, two unsuccessful assassination attempts had been tried on Bill. He blamed opposition but he knew. Bill is putting a brave face. Two months later, he is starting to form his own power base. TNA no more. He is ruthless on dark forces. Kimemia gone. Iringo gone. Muhoro going.then as Central Kenya begins to 'acce ...
One year into Uhuru Kenyattas rule and am reminded of Jan, Feb, March 2013 when I was telling people to elect Peter Kenneth as President. I hope you are not complaining of the choices you made and you are very happy indeed.
When an institution does not perform to its reputation, the CEO should leave. That is why in my former glorious high school Starehe Boys Centre, I support sending Mugo home and instead they need to hire Peter Kenneth. Others who should be sent home forthwith include the boss of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta, Arsenal and Man U bosses, AFC Leopards boss, Siaya County boss, Nairobi Senator and his girlfriend the Nairobi Women Rep, International Criminal Court bosses. I am sure you know others who should go home today. Tell me.
Your clean legacy puts u above the rest. Hapo i give you EXCELLENT
still tops my list of Kenya's best leaders.
Doing? Kenneth starrs all can your mom play that roll? . Like never before zombie takeover kenneth
Or a star kenneth on the back of a fire fighter named nancy is it carol? Working off a meal from ihop? Spur on propel on unc prop up yeah?
A quick glance at Peter Kenneth's votes says a big NO.
Peter have a good Sunday, check out Kenneth R Miller, he is a God believing Catholic and real authority on evolution.
OK as i had said earlier,some people have been questioning me asking where i had gone. just to clarify myself,i had decided to stay away from lime light and social media coz i had to focuse on some personal stuff you know. as i logged into my account i found out that four of my gfs really annoyed by my absence,let me read some of the messages i got in my inbox 1 Avril-hey hun,why the silence? av just broke up with my bf coz i wanna be wth u. 2. Ngina Kenyatta-beby,i know your mad at me coz i refused the range rover sport you surprised me i love you. 3. Rihanna-where the heck av u been? i sent my jet to pick u at JKIA as we had arranged. 4. Peter Kenneth's daughter-are you playing me with Rutto's daugter? I luv u ol my sweet hearts. NB: i hate correction...najua iyo ngoso is poor. :-P 8-)
Great job you have john mclean is it? Always giving me your resume?. Special counsel in kenneth starrs green ford explorer internal affairs &
Where did kenneth starr independent counsel get his wife from? The toilet store?
I dnt get high bt sumtyms I wish I did That way when I messed up in lyf I would hv an excuse Bt ryt nw there's no rehab for stupidity
is not and will never be a walk in the park. Those who only eye the privileges it comes with never makes it at all. Instead, we need people who will stand strong and change the bad system or what some MPS usually mention as ‘traditions of the house’. If MMU can have good leaders who dont go for the political view of this, but go to lead, then even our national leadership can change, because we are the leaders of tomorrow. Many times we elect radical persons, not because we want radical leadership, but only because we usually assume in them caries good leadership coupled with the mentioned character. In MMU we need leaders who will stand to defend our rights as students. We always face challenges like: hiked fees, poor learning conditions,lack of classes, security, water, accommodation, food prices in our pavilion, health conditions in hostels eg Block C & E e.t.c. But many at times, individuals who advocate for such never win; Look at our country’s general election 2013 March 4th, if we needed a goo ...
Thank you hope to meet you soon we need to rethink of future politic in this country and i have a vision
Peter Kenneth needs to make headway in a big party. Son is the future of our country
"I love my abba and I love my brother" - Peter Saunders
LOL, but you people shower someone with so much love until the time to pull a Peter Kenneth on them comes.
The truth is Alfred Mutua is a good man, may be he will be president one day but that day is not 2017. Kenyans are know to offer cheap praise before the elections and abandon you during the elections. Let him consult his political brother Peter Kenneth. It would be necessary to first inherit the region power from Kalonzo as that will raise him to negotiating table. without that a move to go for presidency will kill his young political career. Never trust what Kenyans say on social media, watch their actions in real life
7 days to go to Join Together for Better Care
Hi peter hope you are doing well were are you you were our best in general election, you need to talk to your memebers
Hy Mr. Ken Hw's the day over there.
good morning happy to fine yu!! Hw is ua morning
Sometimes I feel like Peter Parker. I always forget some small detail.
Plain girls are getting married,. the pretty ones r buying Brazilian. weaves looking glamorous in wedding pics. waiting 4 Peter Kenneth's son!
I want the world to be better because I was here. Wondering who! yes Me the fighter am doing something
Please help educate an orphan by sending the word Lari to 22231. SUBSCRIPTION IS FREE. Thank you
Peter Rogers & Kenneth Williams on the set of Carry On Abroad, 1972. Peter would've been 100 today.
DealBook: Founder of Citadel Pledges $150 Million to Harvard, Its Largest Gift Ever: The gift from Kenneth C. ...
Yeah bt gavana mtua has no priorities .Truth!
On the other wavelength we shud have had Peter as CIC ...things are really falling apart
If Governor Mutua was my President? Makes me me think about Peter Kenneth.
Me thinks Peter Kenneth must be asking himself, "why didn't I run for governor" after seeing all the attention Alfred Mutua is getting.
Great start for Team Sky Procycling Team in the Race to the Sun (Spanish edition). Edvald Boson Higgs and Peter Kenneth 1st & 2nd so far!!
Watch & I create awareness on on First time in Kenya 2014
Good Sir, im doing an event in Kisumu for building up small businesses and would love for to grace the occasion. Thanks
As always i like to give personal experiences to situations i have an opinion about (this was initially a short status update that turned out very long). At Starehe, we had 1 computer lab with about 20 computers (the first and second generation Apple Computers, BBC computers and the first generation PC - dinosaurs) . Over 1000 of us had access to this resource and there was a timetable that ensured that the computer room was mainly managed by fellow students. This was long before computers were made formal subjects in schools. Though not formal then, this is the ONLY FORMAL computer education i have ever got. This informal lesson has made the difference between who i am now and who i would have been. If you have seen my other updates you would know what that means! What made us most successful is that we pushed each other in learning computing at that lab. We were in competition. We would create software and advertise within the lab by printing posters and flyers. We had students calling themselves Albiso ...
I confess to have been duped by while there was alternatives like Peter kenneth, Martha
Achana na sisi "Good morning Peter Kenneth voters, and the rest."
Good morning Peter Kenneth voters, and the rest. Lqtm.
Here at paseo with my friends Michael Villegas, Peter Kenneth Alcachupas, Mags Centeno, Siller Dizon, Emcee
Votes will b won on ground not forum. Ask Oduol or Peter Kenneth. Somebody tell me what Steve Biko has done as Org Sec to vie for Sec Gen??? I've mental test from Mathari hospital concerning Biko and I will table soon. STEVE BIKO is mad!
Sure, in my honest opinion, all these aspirants who are already in the celebration mood are getting it wrong. Well, not all of them because at the end of this madness we shall have the chaff separated from the grain. Real men from boys- if real men exist that is. But we are Kenyans, right? So we are just right to think wrong and fall in the same pit that has swallowed some preceding politicians. What makes one think that the same fate that befell Peter Kenneth is not what we must be prepared for in the campus politics? Guys, this is social media where threats of insecurity alerts do the rounds and head nowhere. Where elections are won before voting and where Martha Karua thought... 'we are gaining ground'
"In a world where the Big Things have little's the Little Things that make a BIG DIFFERENCE." Peter Tho…
Email sent. My apologies for the delay.
Kenya National Congress presidential aspirant Peter Kenneth speaks on his agenda for Kenya.
Happy birthday to my beautiful darling caring wife and devoted mummy to our two beautiful boys I love you so much baba love from Dave Peter Kenneth and ribby
then, perhaps, I'll stop saying you can't cut the cake. HOW PATHETIC! d/4
Aga Khan Sports, and beat up the driver of their minibus d/3
elderly Asian KENYAN ladies on their way to prayers at 4am in Mtama Road Nr d/2
:Uhuru if you can figure out who sent those three majambazi dressed like cops to rob d/1
Peter Ridsdale, Gerald Krasner, Kenneth Bates and David Haigh are perfect examples why you shouldn't trust blokes, they're all the same
Kyrie Irving Kenneth farried randy foye who's next to make it out of jersey
Don't we just LOVE Peter Capaldi's new look. . How classic is THAT ? . .
Someone is really playing with Kenya as if one tribe will rule forever. So, Peter Kenneth will vie for Nairobi governorship seat come 2017 to prepare for his 2022 presidential bid. Did i hear someone shouting that he will go for 10yrs and his deputy another 10ys? Tribe factor aside: I will vote in Peter Kenneth without blinking as my next Nairobi governor.
with only 30 seconds under his belt, Peter Capaldi is already the best Doctor of the new series and this costume...
Take me rounds like Peter Kenneth and you'll eat grass, chunga Lol
Peter Kenneth,is that you? "I want to be the next president of the Republic of Kenya."
if only Peter Kenneth wasn't over ambitious and vied to be the Nairobi Governor.
and just where is "Cryotherapy in Sports Injury Management" by Kenneth Knight?!
has a look at the growing tension in N. Korea and the efforts to free Kenneth Bae at 4:06
101 Dalmatians, Peter Pan, and The Jungle Book was made in 1961-1967 ***
Catch up with our classic Kenneth Tynan series
"Fruits, Vegetables and Beautiful Women," autobiography by Kenneth Hirsch in collaboration with Peter J. Liebenow.
Oh that critics had 1,000 words today as once did Kenneth Tynan at the Observer:Peter Brook's King Lear via
“There are writers who go to the gym when they finish working, and there are writers who go to lunch.” —Peter Carey http:/…
All purpose parts banner
is it true that wolf of wallstreet was banned in Kenya?
I know its expensive but not a must to do tarmac. Was at Peter Kenneth's place and the roads are way better without tarmac
'Lay him to rest,the royal Lear with whom generations of star actors have made us reverently familiar."Tynan-Brook"62:
gatanga we have to say about you Hon
Just filleted for the first time, some lovely Sea Bass, courtesy of Peter Kenneth Bell. . Thanks mate.
Kenneth Tynan at the Observer: Paul Scofield and Peter Brook's King Lear via The film version was stunning!
was giving Kenyans a wider choice of ideas to elect from
"Peter Kenneth? Over ambitious, killed his political career." LOL what were you saying?
Peter Kenneth? Over ambitious, killed his political career.
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I value your word tunawesmake.If we put tribalism and pride aside I believe Kenyans will go far
I only receive emails from you not even a text or phone call.
what should those who had a vision in you do since you are no longer keeping the fire going? Keep the night oil going
Object of the Day 1 - Book of Quotations signed by Peter O'Toole to his friend, Tenby born filmmaker Kenneth Griffith http…
Mr. Happy New year, we have not heard a moment this year. You doing well?. Stay safe
Morning sir,requesting for a radio interview
as kenyan citizens,we should work hard.If every kenyan can work,we can reduce the dependency ratio.
Thinking of an impromptu trip to Dutch shores with no agenda or targets
My senator Weta is abit arrogant. If he wishes to be respected he should respect others. That is what great leaders are. Raila Odinga, Abduba Dida, Peter Kenneth, Martha Karua, Uhuru Kenyatta and Musalia Mudavadi debated together. Wetangula is yet to learn a lesson in humility. He is still full of primitive energy and village pride. Clearly he has a long way to go.
Peter Kenneth and Marende are two guys I would support despite their political affiliations. They're leaders of reputable character.
Oh, Marende and Peter Kenneth might make it into Cabinet? Interesting!
Kenneth starr scientific david koresh sheldon whitehouse jonjons existential meltdown from france w/ love to robert mcdonnell scary spicy
Former Gatanga Mp Peter kenneth 'With the afo' at Starehe boys centre in the 70's Showing president Moi...
The other ministry is provisionally reserved for either former Speaker Kenneth Marende or former assistant minister Peter Kenneth.
Here’s an old photo of former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth. He was a student at Starehe Boys Centre then, and from the image, he seems to be part of the delegation showing President Moi around. He must have been the school captain or one of the senior prefects. Who knew he kept an afro… but [...]
And Peter Kenneth and Marende probably coming in too
HAIYAA! have a look at this RACHET photo of former Presidential aspirant PETER KENNETH at STAREHE BOYS CENTRE
PHOTO – Young Peter Kenneth at Starehe…OMG – He Had an Afro: Here’s an old photo of former Gatanga... Via Naiwire
That is a really goodo one. . .them afro days reminds me of my dad's Afro.!
Mheshimiwa whats your take on this issue of IEBC n RAO...??
Hello man of God. I love your style of Leadership may God renew your strength day in day out.
“its been a min, remember this though? roflol!! The Afro!
This is why I respect this man Peter Kenneth,Please watch his space this man is an intelligentman.
New appointments..all I hear is Peter Kenneth
Erasmus martin luther thomas more. Archbishop of canterbury. John more . Star chamber kenneth pontifex maximus starr?
>to everyone (as demonstrated by case of Kenneth Noye who killed a surveillance officer & was acquitted)
Not paperwork. "Honestly-held belief" ... as Kenneth Noye found when he killed DC John Fordham.
Pet Peeve "Frankenstein" refers to the creator, not the creature. Kenneth Branagh, not Robert DeNiro. Gene Wilder, not Peter Boyle.
Peter Kenneth is a great man. A true friend. I'm still in shock at what he did for me today. Unbelievable
Kenneth Bae Holds ‘Press Conference’ in North Korea, Appeals to U.S. for Help: Kenneth Bae, an American impris...
The mining industry needed peter kenneth at tht docket.. Pk cn account evry penny he touches and disburses.
"The most fundamental target we can give ourselves is to get the state to function." ~ PETER KENNETH from our book
Hon Kenneth Gerard Peter Carroll, who, in Seamus the dinky car has passed the driving test!😜
Mostly I wish Kenneth Branagh were still making great little movies like Peter's Friends, Dead Again, and Much Ado About Nothing
Also, do you know why Kenneth Branagh gets hired to direct action movies like this? No, really, I'm asking.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Kenneth Tynan at the Observer: his first theatre column
The mattell factory kenneth starr was hiding in the bushes didnt want anyone to notice his cycle cell anemia
Feldman @ the flicks: Peter Feldman: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is an action-driven thriller from Kenneth Branagh
winner take all politics is backward. Good n +ve opposition is vital. Pls set up shadow cabinet muanze kazi. Odm clueless
i felt u were the better candidate. U can still serve Kenyans by positive oppostn. U nd 2 b hrd thru out, not just at polls
don't look at me. I voted for Peter Kenneth
A united Kenya might vote in Martha Karua or Peter Kenneth. Who wants that?
Hey, check our new video Arise and Shine
I will ring in my birthday watching Peter Pan until my very last one ☺️✊💚✨
Typos are God's way of punishing us for not electing Peter Kenneth as our country's president.
JUST IN: Prof Peter Anyang' Nyong'o and Kenneth Marende will NOT be vying for any positions in ODM
Checking on one of the Social Studies primary papers the then GHC, i was taken aback at how setting has been provocatively modified, for whatever the reason it holds, to me it's far-fetched. Well just have a look at this; 1.Who is the fourth president of Kenya? (A) Daniel arap Moi (B) Raila Odinga (C) Mwai Kibaki (D) Uhuru Kenyatta 2.Who is the odd one out? (A) William Ruto (B) Joshua Sang' (C) Uhuru Kenyatta (D) Peter Kenneth 3.How many judges are in the Supreme Court of Kenya? (A) 21 (B) 9 (C) 3 (D) 6 4.Who among the following has lost presidential elections more than twice? (A) Kalonzo Musyoka (B) William Ruto (C) Musalia Mudavadi (D) Raila Odinga 5.Which coalition won 2013 presidential general elections? (A) AMANI (B) JUBILEE (C) CORD (D) POA And the list is long. That's what it takes to be in primary school in Kenya today.
DO NOT PASS THEM BYE, YOUR EXELLENCY. Presidential losers Raila Ondinga,Musalia Mdavadi,Martha Karua,Abdi Dida,Peter Kenneth and Paul Muite are all men and woman with great vision for this country . Their expertise could take this nation to the next level,It is my humble prayer Mr. president as you continue to make public appointments kindly do not pass them bye,they are men and women of zeal and great experience and your worthy competators.
Jubilee make it in power last yr due to tribal pattern,Moi is back in the podium now he has a voice a voice even the deaf can hear,He feel in power again as he see his point Man Uhuru lead,Nine months are over equivalent to 270 days and No laptops in school yet the promise was of 100 day,Contravercy after the other, Mwalimu Dida was dropped last nit yet he say he say he only saw his appointment in the news paper just like any other Kenyan,Buses nit travel ban leaving our people with hunger pangs, Modern railway gauge we heard billions of money are being lost yet doctors en teachers are still striking,Analogue to Digital migration most of people ll be left in the dark,Appointment of Francis Muthaura that's a pure irony..Although I did not expect more things hv not been easy since jubilee get in power,,For sure we were Duped although there is no way He cud be elected ma roling ball tells me Peter Kenneth truly was the right Man..That's is ma opinion and I don't stand to be corrected..
Peter Kenneth meet Kenyans diaspora in Montreal - Canada, sharing his vision about Kenya, courtesy of
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Peter Kenneth should rescue us from the likes of Sonko and Kidero and agree to run as the Governor of Nairobi, we really need him
Where is Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka, Peter Kenneth, Paul Muite, Martha Karua, Francis Atwoli, ole Kiyiapi, the Civil Society, and even the Church, on the Rail tendering controversy? These are individuals and institutions who should protect public interests. Does it mean, it's only honorable Alfred Keter who has seen an impending financial scandal which is likely to be Kenya's worst? Who is telling the truth?
Hon kamai jackson,peter kenneth en other politicians at Bargetuny's home at Nandi.
I think some observations regarding the political war against Governor Kidero's harambees in Nyanza are stereotypal and tribalist. According to some commentators, it is evidence of what is wrong with the Luo people and why Nyanza is underdeveloped. 1. Nyanza is not underdeveloped because of its people. It is underdeveloped because of deliberate government neglect over the years. Other areas in Kenya have suffered even worse neglect than Nyanza and are even more underdeveloped. The people of Nyanza cannot be blamed for this any more than the people of Turkana, Pokot, Isiolo, Northeastern or Coast can be blamed for their underdevelopment. 2. The war against Kidero is a political war and a strictly Nyanza affair. It is no different from the war Kibaki's supporters wagged against Moi and the Central Province Support Group or more recently Uhuru's supporters against Martha Karua, Paul Muite and Peter Kenneth. It's an unapologetic regional supremacy war that politicians from Nyanza have as much right to engage ...
History is going to repeat itself in kenyan politics,this is my predictions 1:Jomo Kenyatta 1963-1978 2:Daniel Moi 1978-2002 3:Mwai Kibaki 2002-2013 4:Uhuru Kenyatta 2013-2022 5:Gideon Moi 2023-2033 6:Kenyatta Junior 2033-2043 Politicians to watch Alfred Mutua,Fidel Odinga,Hassan Joho,Peter Kenneth,Moses Wetangula,Evans Kidero Ruto must be careful and play his politics with an eagle's eye,least he will be used again & dumped come 2019 have always voted for their own since 1963
Oginga Odinga spent most of his useful political life fighting Tom Mboya. When Mboya died in 1969 he remained, but faded off gradually to oblivion. Raila again, instead of strategising on how to beat Uhuru in 2017, is busy fighting Mboya's son in law at every turn; A guy who has no intention of being the president yet, nor of dethroning Raila from Luo leadership. Jelousy in the Odinga family runs in the blood, Raila fought every Luo leader outside his political leadership or who looks like they have their own money and mind; Otieno, Orengo, Tuju, wakiaga, Koyoo etc. Ruth Odinga can't let Ranguma govern Kisumu county, Oburu vowed to finish Oduol for running against him in the Siaya Governors seat, and rewarded Rasanga who stepped down for him. Luos are just a stepping stone to wealth for this family, Raila has no intention of being the President. How do you explain how he easily let Ruto go and yet he fights so heard within Luoland just to consolidate a few votes!! Uhuru ignored Peter Kenneth and Martha Ka ...
Peter Kenneth: Some in the The kitchen cabinet felt threatened by the MOU.
KENNETH now blames KENYATTA/ MOI/ KIBAKI/ UHURU for poverty - nothing to celebrate - did nothing but propagate ethnicity/ inequality As Kenya marks its 50th anniversary as an independent nation, many challenges which existed before and during independence including poverty, diseases and ignorance still exist. However, Eagle Presidential candidate, Peter Kenneth, blames the poor leadership of the previous and current Government for failing to fulfill what the founding fathers envisaged for Kenya. In his statement yesterday, Kenneth noted that both Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel Moi, Mwai Kibaki and Uhuru Kenyatta failed Kenya for the last 50 years. He said despite Kenya’s founding fathers struggling to fight poverty, disease and ignorance, the past Presidents did nothing to continue the fight instead propagated ethnicity and concentrated on acquisition of wealth at the expense of the poor Kenyans thus widening the gap between the poor and the rich. “Our founding fathers wanted to build a nation and to conquer h ...
Nairobi County Women Rep Hon Rachael Shebesh together with Hon Irungu have advised Former Gatanga MP Hon Peter Kenneth to join TNA if he wanys to keep his presindential ambitions alive, Irungu said that Jubilee Coalition will support Peter Kenneth in 2022 Should he support Uhurus gvt,"Hon Kenyatta fought for this country,and we are not ready to go back to those dark days by supporting aweak candidate,Hon Kenneth as President Ruto as deputy Who can bwogo us"
Kenyan's are suffering alot,not because of the violence of bad people.But because of the silence of good people lyke Martha Karua, Peter Kenneth, Paul Mwite, Musalia Mudavadi,Abdi dida and Ole kiapi proveb this.
What legacy will you leave behind? Here is what Margaret Kenyatta, Martha Karua, Evans Kidero, Peter Kenneth and so many others had to say about Madiba
I DIDNT SEE DANIEL TOROITICH Arap Moi's NAME IN THE MARCH 4TH Ballot PAPER. I remember clearly,the ONLY NAMES I saw in the March 4th Ballot Paper were; Martha Karua,Peter Kenneth,Musalia Mudavadi,Uhuru Kenyatta,Raila Odinga,Ole Kiyapi and Paul Muite. And I didnt see the KANU party either. But,day by day,it looks like I am living in 1993. And Mzee Moi is in POWER! I am NOT a media person. Or a journalist. Or a reporter. And I have NO stake in the media industry whatsover. I am just a simple artist. A musician,writer and social evangelist. But today,I will be joining the KENYAN MEDIA in protesting AGAINST My President. And His Government. I was quite young when the Moi Government was ruthlessly clobbering and breaking the skull of a hapless but undaunted Wangari Maathai. Maathai stood for Truth. And Justice. And Freedom. And Democracy. But for her trouble,she was met with the MOST horrendous beatings in the streets. She was clobbered. And pounded. And mauled. And whipped. And battered. For being so audaciou ...
The GEMA tribes are very happy with the good work of UK in taking care of WSR and laying the foundation of a Peter Kenneth presidency.If Ruto will get nothing,who is Musalia Mudavadi to dream that he will be invited and offered the presidency?Ati atawachiwa.
101 Dalmatians and Peter Pan (Wendy) are the only two Disney cartoons with both parents that are present and don't die…
Ooh my challenging a Barrister, an Oxford PG,a *** even angels would fear to tread
guess whose birthday it is.HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOSS.Have a super great day:)
It will certainly be an erudite evening
Would require lifting quality of conversation which is a big ask.
celebrate life, happiness & your Birthday and that God gives all these to you.Happy Birthday !!
next boys night at ours on condition girls come too :) Cc.
Martha Karua alizama wapi?atleast we have heard Dida na Peter Kenneth, abit of Muite but Karua nowhere.
how many of you remember a guy by the name of who we hoped he will change this Kenya?? We forgot tribalism will kill us
Dida Abduba M. talks on behalf of Turkana Mandera Wajir & more marginalized communities.
I still have aposter of besides me,I still think you are agreat leader.
watch the Robin Williams, Mohammad Ali, Peter Cook, Kenneth Williams and Richard Burton ones mate, utter class x
I like your speech during presidential Debate,I touched everybody
"hi,wats up?"Enjoying the fruits of the Kitchen Committee at the Club
I feel as if I have been shot multiple times by bullets made of lies
Lay off im vieing to be a star kenneth whats the frequency?. Exhuming mccarthy only at joseph a banks
Peter Kenneth is running around the garden with a pigs snout. It's grotesque - his joy, the snout.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
to the man who owes his values in life & character mostly to Starehe => was great meeting you. Good day.
We can destroy ourselves by cynicism and disillusion, just as effectively as by bombs. ~Kenneth Clark
Can Strangers See Jesus in You?. by Kenneth Copeland. “Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and...
Alfred Mutua please go slow on Muthama. Peter Kenneth did a lot for Katanga people but he was rejected and...
hi,Asante,though early by some days.
Happy Birthday - hope you live to fulfill your life's ambitions
where is Peter Kenneth ... can I be your sycophant?. in five years ill be a bigwig
Sema PK don't go quiet in the arena
do not think inside the box neither think outside the box you should remove the box and think free PK
yea. Me nd peter gotta go this sunday... so u should def remind me sunday that I have to go.
. Hi Peter, what is your plan regarding your political future? will you be on ballot come 2017?
If you missed the 5th Global Peter Drucker Forum, here is some useful material C/o Kenneth Mikkelsen:.
Martha Karua, Peter Kenneth, Paul Muite, Raila Odinga, Uhuru Kenyatta, Musalia Mudavadi & Mohamed Abduba Dida. Of all this candidates Kenya chose the one who had the biggest of baggage and who least cared about the country. His 'personal' problems are taking this country to the gutter, we are severing relations with those who have stood with us all along. Africa is a better place without leaders who put their personal issues before the good of the nation. We should by now be focusing on implementing the constitution and enhancing the lives of wanainchi but instead we are debating who are Kenyan friends or enemies. Because of our ethnic division & hatred this country will NEVER achieve her potential.
As you plan to bring Dida on the bench, pls try & get Martha Karua, Peter Kenneth & the maasai Prof. *forgot his name wooi*
Remember wat family did to Peter Kenneth and Martha Karua
Some people have always been cheated to believing that President Uhuru, Martha Karua and Peter Kenneth are Kikuyus and Kiraitu-meru, Raila -luo and Kombo-luhya! Those are dreams! Join me on Sunday, after the Sabbath as I show exactly the true origins of these guys!
, Hi .Am the son to Andrew kosilei Ronoh, my father has really tried getting intouch with you as had told him at Anaimoi,
am glad papa ken. A want to go for the county rep in 2017 what should I put in place Sir.
Ah cannot get that one remotely back at 4am tomorrow shall I call you at a more civilized hour than that?
hy Peter long tyme out of air waves miss u ma man we nid u bana stire us up.
and now that is a winning combination. And they may be what Kenya needs.
My first week at north was like. kenny: see peter I'm the coolest guy around so if you wanna be cool stick to me.…
words of wisdom from Andrew Kenneth Peter Darvall
the future president of ths country is on dude panga line line nyuma ya Peter Kenneth..
Nov 15-16 hosted by Harnessing wealth creation
Hallo sir i like the lead title on your website *The Quest for a Better Kenya Continues*
this is the second one. Felt one at 12:45
POLITICS MADE IN KENYA: Never laugh at a politician who runs for a seat and gets only 2 votes.. Playing real politics on the ground is diffrent from the politics of commenting on topical issues of the day on TVs ,Radios and other media platforms.. Peter Kenneth and Martha Karua ruled the online crowd before march 4th. They campaigned all over the country and yet Dida beat them all...
Do watch this hilarious video I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy
I am proud to recognise the women & men who have served this nation with honour, valour, and distinction.
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I met Kenneth A. Polite, Jr, US Attorney in the Eastern District of LA today at St. Peter Claver!
Africa has abt 60% of the worlds uncultivated arable land.Curious abt Kenyas % age
The dark lord - Peter H.P. Lovecraft Kenneth and the trad in magic via
If your wife was poor & kenneth wondered if they could star id use loam neeson & his wife oh. Shes dead fell off a ski lift?. John wilcowski?
yes. I think you may have seen me in my premiere debut in Peter pan.
Danny Alexander, Kenneth Clarke, Peter Mandelson Stooping low as they can get 4fear SPEAKOUT vote
hon. I still believe in your greater abilities for a greater Kenya. Good morning.
Hi. Nakuru flower business. Pls think of having a Flower farm there. I know u like Flowers. I can consult. Ua take ?
He may have ran and lost in the last elections but has certainly not lost touch with the electorate
It is our loss as Kenyans, and we'll continue to pay dearly. Thank you for all you have done to call us towards a better way.
0:01 mark of this video reminds us it's been a year since Too bad Kenyans weren't ready
So is Peter Kenneth “Dr.Alfred Mutua as Machakos governor for 10yrs,then we need him as President of the Republic of Kenya 2022
Imagine a govt led by And ! Guess i should just stop dreaming.
You lied to Martha Karua, then to Peter Kenneth, now u hav started with Alfred Mutua mungu anawaona.
if Dr Alfred runs for presidency - probably he'd fair badly like Peter Kenneth,coz Kenyans vote impunity & corruption..
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You internet people will pull a peter kenneth with Alfred Mutua.
If a visionary leader like Dr Alfred vies for the presidency,he will be distance 4th like Peter Kenneth coz of tyranny of tribalism.
"Ugly men" and how they fare in life.To an average Kenyan women,Kibaki,Ole-kaparo,Jacob zuma are not very handsome men.Ezekiel kemboi is also not so handsome...i guess those people are not doing "so badly"in life...Tuju is so handsome,Peter Kenneth is handsome etc...Who is richer,Peter Kenneth or Kibaki?
a leader never cease to be a leader, it is only one has to lead at the time. You are a great leader. Blessings
I know all of u know what am talking about.
I know we are not in campaign mode but from the foregoing I posit that it is not too early to start laying ground for 2017
Archbishop telling TRUTH to power with love unlike propagandist grandson
In Edition 164, we have an EXCLUSIVE interview with Peter Kenneth, post March 2013. This and much, much more!
No. I have witnessed his leadership.
I will say this again. We had a choice to have as President. We chose them. That is all.
In moments of such madness, I'm very proud of the fact that I 'wasted' my vote on and Esther Passaris
Hope you all well we welcome you for in dec
Please support our Love Art campaign … … … we'll really appreciate. thanks and God bless.
Please support our campaign … … … also share with all we'd really appreciate. thanks
u represent ppl who voted for you so NW represent then whether in or not. Don't wait for others
Westgate ws a national issue all leaders came together... sorry, politicians. Cz the media Ws there?
u cn go deal WTH ur personal matter. Had faith in u. Bt ur choice of words just took it all away and many others.
sometime I thank God for giving us the leaders we have in power and also the ones we hv NT in power. Thank God for you
I was talking about & u told me hw depressing the feature ws. Ok let me ask again do u think the ppl r depressed?
"yes,the feature looked depressing."thts wt ur colleague said bout bout u?Thnk so too?
I only saw it mon.nite,saw your txt last nite and responded,you are going it the wrong way with your choice of words.
so r you gon sit back coz its not a personal matter?Really?U nt even gon speak about it to put some pressure on a few heads?
U r in the opposition,u hv a role to play,u hv ppl to represent. cant prioritize everything we feel is urgent.
even b4 l said anything,you trivialized the does not work that way.National issues are not personal.
No1 hs cme out & addressed the problem residents r dying of frm actions of a few investors looking for oil.
hI WE ARE ONE video by family is here …
QT "When we lose lives in circumstances that are not inevitable, we must require that those responsible be held accountable."
I found it, it was in my spam folder for some reason, I wanted to know if you agree that it will negatively affect ICT
Hi, what's your opinion on this 16% VAT on all items? I recently shipped a computer and I wasn't happy that I had to pay it
: THE ATTACK: KNOWING WHAT WE NOW KNOW is the root cause of our insecurity
..Great insight in your address today..on why we must nt just accept n move on from agree
mheshimiwa the government owes every Kenyan an explanation - the theories they gave us couldn't sell.
Superb. Could you follow me back, even if temporarily? We need to exchange contact info via DM to make those arrangements.
big Q we need answering: what was occupying NIS' time...was their full focus diverted from protecting us to, say,
The Westgate Attack: Knowing what we now know - Hon. Peter Kenneth M.G.H
so if it was your government Westgate couldn't have been attacked?? What a magician you are
"The Westgate Attack: Knowing what we now know -
Positive views on our (in)security situation. Keep them coming!
The Westgate Attack: Knowing what we now know -
Good morning sir. I'd like to buy you a cup of tea and have a chat with you.
Peter Kenneth talks about the State must tell us what happened at
In ur dreams?"He married me Peter Kenneth alienda??"
@ mapinduzinkabue please do follow back. Thanks
ur joint e-mail with Ronnie inspired me and my contacts
march 4th i vote n leadership i trust and believe in i vote Kenya
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There was this guy and the gals forgot. They will forget Haji in no time. Cool your balls guys
You can't trust Kenyan girls.Walisema Andrew Kenneth,Peter Kenneth were hot.Where is PK now?
looking forward to your come back I liked your policies strategy is the name of the game
hi Peter what are the plans in your next political move
Joint Statement on the Westgate Siege by Peter Kenneth and Ronald Osumba
Asante,security must never be negotiable.
Sir should our our security system be re-look into again to avoid what happend last week.
As a patriotic always give ride to our service guys in uniform when i find them stranded. I miss policy on our police
My kik is cutegal89 I want to talk to you and I see that your fine. add me
Islamists capable of forcing civil war in the UK? is my answer to
Ok. It's about how to help with the Westgate issue. has a nice project in mind and we wanted to loop you in
We need to coffee someday because I need to get some advice from you sir. "very much around"
Joint statement by Hon Peter Kenneth, MGH and Mr Ronald Osumba on the Westgate Siege
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