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Peter Kenneth

Peter Kenneth (born 1965) is a Kenyan politician. He hails from the massive Mbari ya Muhuni family of Kirwara Sub-location of Gatanga Contituency in Murang'a County.

William Ruto Rift Valley Martha Karua Uhuru Kenyatta

Take it from me Grand Mullah, Peter Kenneth will be president come 2022, he'll kick out a non-performing NA…
The only problem is that PK is too mean! Heri Sonko
you should respect as a Nairobian leader. Your bitterness against him is too loud and disgusting.
Tell they that say is a stranger in Nairobi that they know not what they say. He's Nairobian to the core!
For it is all about talking to the people, no time for empty talks - Dagoretti area.
. with ,Muranga county mass voter Registration mobilization
Govnr will bring sanity to Nairobi, jokers never will.
A section of Jubilee leaders from Nairobi County term Peter Kenneth as best candidate for Nairobi governor’s seat.
the latter has a track record in Gatanga. You called him a foreigner. He was born and bred in Nairobi unlike you.
PK has a better Vision than the rest of *** candideurs
Happy Sabbath Nairobians. A time to seek spiritual intervention. at Nairobi East SDA Church.
should forgo the Nairobi gubernatorial seat for
Political brokers only think of themselves.
Why Peter Kenneth gives Nairobi aspirants jitters via CRYSTAL CLEAR! say no more!!!
. Those are propaganda by opponents
He just knows how to do the *** thing. I once visited him in Gatanga. I found a most organized operation there
Ester Passaris and Peter Kenneth should team up and i will vote for far they look sober and can make this city great
We are voting for . Wenye wanataka Development watafute kwa Dictionary
Peter Kenneth is the Jubilee candidate. It's just a matter of time.
I support for gov., his DP, then the same duo can run for statehouse in future. Guaranteed wins.
The introduction of Peter Kenneth into Nairobi politics should worry every Kenyan. This is something which is insulting
I don't believe in going to work while drunk, that's why I'll vote and not
Could this be a case for Governor Peter Kenneth? .
To my brother do not be misled by political brokers. Sit down with us & we'll see how we can make
what's the furore about PK? Why is he causing jitters In the jubilee camp?
You know it's almost elections when KOT are talking about Peter Kenneth's daughter
very true, please unite and form a formidable team to take Nairobi to the next level. That's the way to go
The powerful forces behind the plot to block Peter Kenneth's gubernatorial bid.
if the only manifesto has is to insult Kenneth then is the next GVN 047A
Mike Sonko thinks Peter Kenneth should try magic because he appears before elections and disappears shortly after.
FACT - Uthamaki wld prefer Peter Kenneth bcoz he is real KIKUYU unlike yourself,all of you combine won't still outw…
okay, and how much public resources has he plundered? Where is his vision for Nairob…
and just how 'persuasion free ' are. He recent moves by Martha Karua and Peter Kenneth ? Seems everyone has a price in Kenya
Sasa tuseme Hon Martha Karua and Peter Kenneth have decided to join for Political Godfatherhood! .
Do you think Martha Karua, Peter Kenneth should dissolve their parties and join Jubilee party? w/
VIDEO: Peter Kenneth , Martha Karua asked to join the Jubilee Party
Fomer Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth ditches his KNC party for Jubilee party -…
Peter Kenneth joining Jubilee Party isnt a surprise coz he has never stood for anythng,but supporting Uhuru is a big let down
Martha Karua has learnt from Peter Kenneth and Hillary Clinton! Tweeps don't vote! Online Polls achia OLX Social Media Awa…
Why William Ruto has no reason to be scared of Peter Kenneth via
Hon. Peter Kenneth will definitely make a great deputy president for Hon. William Ruto in 2022. His grooming is timely but long overdue ⏳
Who do you think will be Nairobi Governor 2017? . A. Evans Kidero. B. Miguna Miguna. C. Peter Kenneth. D. Mike Sonko
I have asked for Forgiveness from God because I once believed Peter Kenneth was the change Kenya needed. He is now endorsi…
Why are guys giving so much attention to jokers and socialites like Peter Kenneth. will easily retain his se…
Peter Kenneth for Nairobi County Governor would be the prescription that the doctor ordered!
Peter Kenneth was ranked the best MP when he served people of Gathanga Constituency. He'll uplift Nairobi county's glory
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I definitely believe that. You must be doing right if they keep trotting out the same smears. Twende kazi 2017! Cc
don't defend Prof. Kiyiapi has been vocal on topical issues of governance. You feel connered.
Anyway I think I have said all I want to to I shall leave him to his scepticism. We are a democracy,debate is good.
Peter Kenneth is my next president.
You are probably right but people like influence others who arent accustomed to investigating candidates themselves?
I fibd Blocking people just to avoid being asked hard qurstions is an act of childhood
You sound like you are holding brief for
Kwani the guy is meant to join the empty debe gang? Wasting money & time on OKOA achieved?
Dude at least he block you instead of sending goons to disrupt election of party officials or jailing bloggers. Cc
Please publish your evidence on so we can access your viewpoint. Au ni smears tu? Si you have evidence?
He has spoken on all matters of national importance, whether he was given coverage is issue
a presidential candidate like who will block you for asking hard hitting questions. He wants to lead Kenya.
We shld aim for people who have at least the capacity & track record of leadership look @ Uhuruto mess! Cc Chrenyan
Even if he was guilty of all he's accused of he is still head & shoulders above ALL the current crop of leaders. Cc
Where is this evidence? On these streets we respect our own capacity to judge provenance and veracity publish it Cc
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Na hao wengine who jail bloggers for awkward Q or just dismiss serious issues without response/reply? Cc
Blocking u is NOT evidence your assertions are correct. Have U interrogated what found out on those Q re
remember blocked me after I busted him on KFF and Kenya Reinsurance Corporation scandals.
greetings brother. How are you holding up?
Peter Kenneth still in the political game
Now you are pulling the expected narrative. Our point of reference is today. Each day each person
was chair of KFF Bowen 96-00 he has said he left 11m fund in their coffers and audited acts. Easy to check,have you?
Peter Kenneth still in the political game.
Ask about his role in KFF and Kenya Reinsurance Corporation.
implicated in KFF scandal. Don't be ignorant.
Mheshimiwa I miss to hear u speak of where we r as a nation n where we need to be! U r great leader with great heart!
Well is as corrupt as these politicians. he has been named in numerous scandals.
This is an old article abt why Kenyans should elect in 2017 Analysis not tribe!
I've been seeking the meaning of all those heavy sounding words n trying to relate them to the guy on the street
This guy must be the coolest politician to interview..very humble and jovial
There's no space in our TV stations for gentlemen. Rubble rousers n vagabonds are stars!
He has answered that question google it.I suppose the fact he attracts smears means he scares "debe's"!
Maybe should tell us more about his role in KFF scandal
Remember how vocal and apparently benevolent Sonko was/is? Would you suggest HE vie for president?😳
He has also given interviews and posted press releases.You wanted an endless lame roadshow like "OKOA"?
LO so he has been speaking through his TL TEARS
We must be wiser. The press in Kenya is owned by the elite who manage its focus. Check his timeline!
He has been speaking on these matters all along check his feed. Who gives prime time TV slots in Kenya?
Opportunist politicians who rear their heads when elections are around the corner will be remembered at the BALLOT!
has failed to stand with Kenyans on ethnicity, corruption, impunity and mismanagement in Jubilee. Now he is coming back
Do not write me off just yet, says 2013 Kenyan presidential candidate Peter Kenneth.
Hey can you guys please help he's currently at Peter's, by himself
Peter Kenneth is back talking change but Kenyans aren't ready for anyone who hasn't stolen or isn't scandalous or tribal.…
The closest that Kikuyus voted for a non-Kikuyu was when they elected Peter Kenneth.
.The only thing we need to divorce is empty politics & being used to advance an agenda of greed
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
.Kenya is not a marriage, it's a union of diverse people who simply want to live in peace & prosperity
QUOTE OF THE WEEK . Kenyans speak change but are soo afraid to effect change
still remains one of the few sober leaders we have. Kenyans are too busy playing populist games.
2017 is only months away!! Where are u brainy n integrable leader!? Tired of greedy n needy "leaders"
Kudos Kenneth...the presence is now much visible after the interview with KTN...keep more coming. God bless
unfortunately in KE, Vision does not get u to Statehse. Tribe does. is NOT tribal enough.
No matter which political Party we belong but at the end of the day we give credit to any one who…
Whether you Vote for Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga,Peter Kenneth or Ole kiyapi in 2017. Just remember One thing...
That awkward moment when Peter Kenneth is more popular than William Ruto in Rift Valley
Peter Kenneth is popular than William Ruto the in Rift Valley, this is joke right?
We dont dispute , but How can Peter Kenneth be popular in Rift Valley than William Ruto? Who is the poll sponsor ?
It's the height of hypocrisy to portray Peter Kenneth as more popular than DP RUTO even in the Rift Valley. Kenya has a shortage of fools
William Ruto can never be president of Kenya. Kikuyus using him for now their will dispose of him later 4 Peter Kenneth in 2022.
What if people like Peter Kenneth,Sakaja,Ababu Namwamba & Wesley Korir form another formidable political party,will Kenyan's vote for them?
Between Evans Kidero, Eugene Wamalwa, Peter Kenneth and Jimna Mbaru, your vote for Governor Nairobi 2017
What about Peter Kenneth, Gideon Moi n Alfred Mutua combination in 2022? Private Developer may shed tears again!
Peter Kenneth should aim for the sun but land on the moon as nairobi governor. PK has, i think, 'something' to make nairobi working. Laterz
Happy 50th birthday to a great leader and wonderful mentor. Be blessed with good health to celebrate many more.
“Give all your worries to him, because he cares for you.”. 1 Peter 5:7 ERV
Mhesh if given a chance to serve in the current government as a Cabinet Secretary, will you take any position?
happy birthday. Wishing you God's blessings and favor. Enjoy
join me in wishing 50th happy birthday. He has been a friend and my mentor .God bless
long chose the Country over counties
Maybe Peter Kenneth can be one. I trust the Guy to emulate that.
I really have to know will be running for plot 1 in 2017 or will he go for governor of Nairobi because we need him in Nai..
Nella... At the pub From our latest work in Copenhagen.. What a woman ;)
Yet another great day for us :-) Happy happy birthday and many more to come. God bless you.
Its with great sadness we have been informed of the passing of a valued volunteer & friend, Stuart (Peter) Shinn
Undergraduate Recognized for Research in - Biology student Kenneth Mills awarded Peter Gzowski Scholarship.
Fun Fact: You get an instant A for Nat5 English if you just write out the words of Peter Capaldi's amazing speech from tonig…
Dr Peter Boylan: '100 years on from 1916 and we're still looking to Britain to solve our problems'
4 of 5 stars to Kenneth Grahame by Peter Green
and form the biggest coalition this country has ever seen?? For the people
Are you willing to set aside selfish ambitions?
we had and I voted for him, he appealed to me in the plans he had for Kenya
MM FOR president 2017 i urge support the right candidate Musalia na Mudavadi
Byron & Peter cheated on their wives,Kenneth & Hanna's dad screw their families,Wayne stood up for Emily but yeah let's kill that one smh
Ok. Nairobi worth a consideration... 100% sure u would win with a landslide
If they wont listen to the Pope I don't know who else they will listen to!
"Most welcome Pope Francis to our beautiful Kenya" karibu Papa
Most welcome Pope Francis to our beautiful Kenya
Dont you think that Kenyans are paying dearly for the mistakes they did?
As a nation we need to apologize to Peter Kenneth and abduba dida ~kenyans friendly reminder
Seriously Mr. president. I thought or would have been the best bets in the devolution ministry. Mwangi Kiunjuri
We need a Magufuli type President. Peter Kenneth can do it
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I have a dream that one day u gonna lead this great nation of blessed my
We had Peter Kenneth but chose Uhuru Kenyatta. Stop envying Tanzania for they have Magufuli. Choices have consequences
Warner Here's my LinkedIn profile let's connect. If you know someone who needs help just ask :-)
Hi Warner thanks for following. I hope you find my hint's and tip's intresting... Let me know how i can help you or your friends.
I agree with Peter but my view is that media gives too much attention on all negative things above positives its wrong
Great interview with on his delicious Benjamin-esque tribute to NYC. Bought it last week and deffo recommend https:/…
My copy of Kenneth Goldsmith's Capital on arrived today, it's like a giant golden brick
I Peter Kennethed Peter Kenneth. That was a big mistake.
Sometimes wish Peter Kenneth won, at least when he mess up we'd say he's a rookie. Coz men UK is jus *facepalm* cabinetReshuf
please...if Magufuli was here you'd Peter Kenneth him in a heartbeat... People acting like they didn't have better choices
We should try Paul Muite or Mwalimu Dida or Peter Kenneth or Karua or anybody else possible but not the current one
Ruto will be president.. People afraid he will go there before Raila and Peter Kenneth for Deputy
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