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Peter Jackson

Sir Peter Robert Jackson, KNZM (born 31 October 1961) is a New Zealand film director, producer, actor, and screenwriter, who is well known for his The Lord of the Rings film trilogy (2001 to 2003), adapted from the novel by J. R. R.

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*** that Andy Serkis himself is the main person making this argument, & not, like Peter Jackson or Matt Reeves.
In my mind I just *somehow* mixed up Peter Jackson and David Cameron. Made reading that article about British politics way more confusing.
Comedic tu susah since that's the original Spidey punya DNA. But i do want a Cameron or Peter Jackson take on Spidey.
What would really happen if King Kong were captured and brought back to New York. How did Peter Jackson miss this...
"New Zealand is not a small country but a large village" . Peter Jackson
The lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Dir.: Peter Jackson. Act.: Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen, Viggo Mortensen.
Ian McKellen, Christopher Lee and Peter Jackson on the set of The Fellowship Of The Ring (2001).
Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Ian McKellen. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003). Peter Jackson
-The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001, Peter Jackson). -Toy Story 3 (2010, Lee Unkrich)
Current top 3 Directors I'd like to see direct a film. . 1. Dave Filoni . 2. Peter Jackson . 3. Matthew Vaughn
Josh Wheddon was not an action director when hired for Avengers. Peter Jackson was not an action director when hired for LOTR.
Peter Jackson pays a big tribute to Byron Hayward, unsung member of Pro12 champions the Scarlets in Rugby Paper
Btw I think it's adorable that Peter Jackson downloaded the first series or two of Sherlock when he wasn't sure if he would get Martin.
from the vaults: D&D, fish genitals and Peter Jackson's Dune.
Peter Jackson's King Kong could be seen as a big-budget, three-hour remake of Tim Burton's ED WOOD.
Julian Assange looks like he still hasn't forgiven Peter Jackson for not casting him in Lord of the Rings.
Delighted to say alongside Alan we'll have Matt Duke, Gary Jones, James Hanson, Peter Jackson, Ricky Ravenhill, Jamie…
When asked what it was like to work with Steven Spielberg & Peter Jackson, he carefully highlighted the brilliance…
"I ran away from Hollywood, Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson and Kathleen Kennedy to run " Steven Moffat
TRP - out Sunday!. Plus regular columnists Jeff Probyn, Peter Jackson and David Barnes reports from France
There needs to be a MCU Howard the Duck feature with & Peter Jackson, or me directing.
People complain about Peter Jackson's work in Lord of Rings? Are they blind or something?!
Met a producer tonight who's team collectively passed on one of the original Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings scripts.. CAN YOU IMAGINE!
2 min left and nobody found shot yet! Peter Jackson played in this movie...
Didn't Peter Jackson extend his contract after that game?
Peter Jackson definitely played a role in this terrible trend.
CPS confirm deadline for remains as previously advised, end of May early June. But did Theresa May already know this?
But I just noticed Peter Jackson's Bad Taste on Amazon. Might give that a go instead.
If there was a reasoned discussion in the media, fair enough. But it's lies and fake ne…
If corbyn leaves he'll take with him 500,000 labour members too.. I'll not support a bla…
Labour is up against Tory owned Newspapers: If you can help Labour dispel myths & promote policies, pls do:.
Not really a forensic investigation is it. Jury still out for me on this one.
This is a good time to bring up that Michael Jackson was 100% innocent.
Coming to a place near you, very soon. Thatcher II, the sequel. Enjoy the show you folks wanting this. Don't say you weren't warned.
indeed so. I'm totally stunned that so many people don't see it. They're like lemmings.…
You don't even need an imagination .you just have to look back at the '80's and beyond .
A Tory Govt with no EU to watch over it's many misdeeds equals only one thing, carnage…
Audio: TONIGHT!! "The Mix" on with special guest Boz Faramone and Peter Jackson! | "Straight Hip-Hop, No Fluff!!"
.talks with Peter Boyle from Check it out today:
Love the HOBBIT commentaries to head Peter Jackson drag his own hard work
Mike is surprised Peter Jackson's King Kong did not make your Top 5 disappointments...
Peter Jackson with the miniature set from Braindead
Peter Jackson is working on a film that involves magic/wizardry... I have lord of the rings goosebumps right now.
Biggest lie of the fecking night from David Davis. DoH Account show an accumulated £48bn of NHS Cash has been handed to Pro…
The Tory tax bombshell they don't want us normal folk knowing about
.results over Labour re-elected & Don Valley gains 2 Labour seats from UKIP in Hatfield & Ross…
UKIP endorsement of Davis, all you need to know about the Tory/UKIP merger. May's hard line with EU to woo UKIP Voters. Vote Tory, get UKIP
This is Tory candidate for Plymouth. For some reason he doesn't want to take part in an election debate...…
"I think Corbyn is a bit of a wanker, so I voted to kill disabled people, trap children in abusive households and scrap my…
You should always vote for the party, we're not electing a president.
Have you seen Peter Jackson’s BRAINDEAD (a.k.a. DEAD ALIVE)? Michelle should so watch that next. Make it happen, David.
[movies] Christopher Lee corrects Peter Jackson on set of LOTR...
good night, I love richard john grayson, jason peter todd, timothy jackson drake and damian wayne
Peter Jackson on the set of Braindead (1992). / Behind the Scenes, (37 photos)
Dammit Peter Jackson, poop on your fart once in a while!
This one is more Peter Jackson-based than LOTR, but I'd like to know what thinks of Bad Taste.
There is no other conclusion to draw: it is a sequel to the seminal masterpiece, Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie
The 'MSM storm' against him is what the av voter sees. He needs to work with it or fin…
/4 Farron didn't and doesn't strike me as a strong front man so to choose HIM over Lab…
/3 Tories I supported have died, it's some right wing fascist regime now, I've sought…
May be the case... but I for one am not going to spend the…
/2 Lab frontman. At the time I thought, "Yesss, can't win with him there, hehehe", and…
Sorry Peter I'm wading in, but I distinctly remember after last GE being a gleeful Tor…
This conversation sums up Jeremy Corbyn well:. An honourabl…
Because that stops your Blair Rhetoric . It's Blair , it's the press , it's the stupid…
Blair won elections . Had you not Blair bashed you could have Tory bashed by pointing…
How patronising of you to tell a woman with two degrees she can’t make her own mind up.
Yes, he is and he’s an ineffective and terrible leader. Which is why Lab are doing so badly this morning a…
What's honourable about clinging onto power & damning the country to Tory win & Brexit?
What's honourable about rescinding conf vote to hold ref on A50?
What's honourable about withdrawing from NATO ?
We will be speaking to straw victor Lesley Rickerby and opponent Peter Jackson around 4:40 this afternoon.
I liked a video Christopher Lee corrects Peter Jackson on set
Who’d you get to direct the remake. Other than Christopher Nolan. maybe. Wichouski Sisters. Nicolas Winding Refn. or. Peter Jackson
Peter Jackson: Imagine what a man being stabbed in the back sounds like. Christopher Lee: I don't have to imagine
Doctor Who: Steven Moffat reflects on trying to bring back Christopher Eccleston and recruit Peter Jackson.…
Oh god... that is making me think of early Peter Jackson movies. Pints for plastercine and Robert Muldoon
things that remind me of 1. Lovers. 2. Charles Dickens. 3. Frank Columbo. 4. Peter Jackson. 5. Adrian Monk
Learn from the best - Cookery Demo by exec chef Peter Jackson/@ Burren Slow Food Festival Sat 13 May!
How dope would it have been if Peter Jackson had picked up the Star Wars franchise?
Glad I rewatched Peter Jackson version of King Kong. Forgot how awesome it was. Naomi Watts and Kong were AMAZING;…
The Birds, starring Michelle Williams and Ken Watanabe. Directed by Peter Jackson, music by Limozeen. Budget: $300m
Short film Working Day puts a nifty spin on the creation of Aotearoa. Praised by Peter Jackson, it's a great watch:
Peter Jackson's King Kong has so much action in it but they couldn't take 5 minutes to show us how they got Kong from Skull Island to NYC?
but Skull Island is underwhelming. Peter Jackson's King Kong is a class apart. His beast is poetry. The new one's just parody.
Watching King Kong on 112. What a masterpiece by Peter Jackson. Brave of the director who took on the new Kong but am curious to see it.
The new one right? I figured it was gonna suck. Like how could you top Peter Jackson's King Kong w/ Jack Black.
Watching the 200-minute extended version of Peter Jackson's King Kong for the first time. Yes, 200 minutes.
Watched Kong: Skull Island last night, and I have to say I rather enjoyed it. A vast improvement on that Peter Jackson one in my opinion.
Peter Jackson: A Calcutta Cup with everything on the line - RBS 6 Nations
Beauties and the Beast: Kong's Famous Co-Stars: Fresh from the Lord of the Rings cycle, Peter Jackson, realizing a…
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I still wonder if Peter Jackson made a Faustian pact when he made Lord of the Rings. The trilogy is so amazing.
How do you rank Peter Jackson's last (4) films? I go:. 1. King Kong. 2. The Lord of the Rings. 3. The Lovely Bones. 4. The Hobbit
📷 chanw00kpark: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002) dir. Peter Jackson
Peter Jackson's Six Nations stories: Irish eyes not always smiling in Cardiff
I think that's just a remake of the original but with Peter Jackson as director
"I still got it in me. I just know it!" ~Peter Jackson, stepping into the director's chair
The Hobbit edited by Peter Jackson. He stretched butter over too much bread). I’m surprised he limited it to 3 films.
review: "Leagues better than Peter Jackson's bloated, three-hour Kong of 2005”
"But you, my daughter, you will linger on in darkness...". Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Director: Peter Jackson. DP: A…
It was called Braindead in Europe. Peter Jackson is an amazing Director.
Day 10: Your favorite director. I don't think I have a favorite, but here are some I like: . - Peter Jackson. - Joss Whedon. - James Cameron
Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey in Peter Jackson's Heavenly Creatures (1994). Some might know Lynskey as Sheen's s…
Peter Jackson certainly isn't a less is more kind of filmmaker. Except maybe in Heavenly Creatures. Solid drama. Debut of Kate Winslet.
Robert Sheehan and Ronan Raftery are the first recruits for the Peter Jackson-produced Mortal Engines movie:
Give us a Peter Jackson early work collection!!
domain names
📷 Luke Evans & Peter Jackson on the set of The Hobbit
Treatment of Carys Phillips shabby. Peter Jackson tried to put point across but was dismissed. Panel pretty bland.
Here's an oldie. A crate of Red Label in Peter Jackson's "King Kong"
They're such delightful reads, too. He'll adore them. Peter Jackson bought the rights a while back but nothing happened 😞
Especially if Peter Jackson got his pudgy, greasy little paws all over it
There are a couple of locations in 'The Hobbit' that are shared wit...
What's wrong with you? Peter Jackson turned the book into film and you still don't know why he's not wearing his ring?
Still, it's weird. Fans insisted on Peter Jackson because they thought he would be faithful to the books.
Peter Jackson Hello there My partner and i invite you to this adult movie webcam no cost register Click on my profile.
Restarted the spider scene and wondering how much arachnophobia Peter Jackson is personally responsible for.…
I got a translation and it is NOT footballer, it is film-maker Peter Jackson from The Lord Of The Rings, Grr
Braindead by Peter Jackson, it's up there with Evil Dead 2.
2nd night of Kong! Watching the 2005 Peter Jackson version with my best girl! -Tab
... ... ... Director who brought Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit to a mass au…
I was kind of hoping Peter Jackson would have finished his 20,000-hour SUPER Extended Edition of the LOTR film trilogy…
What I think is remarkable about my mum and dad is they had no int...
Ha ha ha! Exactly! Who the *** is that? You dumbasses at CNN should look back @ A Jackson.
pivotal game today.. Get dragged back or move up to 3rd
Peter O'Toole on the set of Lawrence of Arabia, 1962
Holy, Holy, Holy by Anita and Peter Jackson-Holy, Holy, Holy listen live at
I'm watching Barrett-Jackson on Velocity and playing on Play along at the link below!
ISBN 0-8078-1776-7 Dendle, Peter Jackson's music video Thriller (1983), in 1819, in his research, he describes the Slasher
This Trump inauguration is going on longer than an England innings against India or a Peter Jackson adaptation of a short book
I didn't know Peter Jackson directed Braindead!! I also haven't seen that movie in like 10 years
Falcon Supercar with Lingenfelter power crosses the block here at Barrett Jackson tomorrow, will see what it brings! h…
Peter Jackson gave me unrealistic expectations for the size of a pint.
I want Peter Jackson to direct The Flash but we all know it wont happen.
Contact for details of Dinner with a Legend
Gotcha!... I'll never forgive Peter Jackson for cutting out Thorin's Funeral scene in the Hobbit. We all needed closure.
The Hobbit. Wait. Peter Jackson already did that for me
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Or: The Length of a Peter Jackson trilogy (with bonus features)...
Adam Savage and Peter Jackson nerd out over a CIA disguise kit
Peter Jackson made "Bad Taste" & "Braindead" in his early career, would u like 2 C him return to horror-comedy?
won on a raft of lies, promptly reneged on most of his 'pledges'.Ref campaign was corrupt &dishonest
The video game for Peter Jackson's King Kong was way better than you would expect - I hope Skull Island somehow manage…
Peter Jackson has some good ideas for organizing and resisting dangerous policies in the new era via Crosscut
Does your child need ideologies?: Peter Jackson made him famous as Aragorn in The Lord Of The Rings trilogy…
I met Elijah Wood once, I met Peter Jackson, I met Orlando Bloom, and theyre all really cool.
thank you. The only downside is it's another week I don't make the Peter Driver session tonight. One day!
Glad Frum staked this out so I can triangulate to Trump > Jackson and be a wise moderate.
Mom said I am having a Peter Pan cake for my birthday should I tell her I want a Michael Jackson cake YES!
A bit off being 1992, but Peter Jackson's Braindead
Some people said the animated LOTR movie was better than the Peter Jackson triology. Uhm...
Peter Jackson x behind the scenes of the 🌊 video shoot (Dir.
you should check out some of Peter Jackson's early horror offerings. Cheese to the max! lol
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I think we're going to enter a phase where there's less interest i...
Peter Jackson admits he didn't know what he was doing and didn't have enough prep time under the……
When you walk onto a Peter Jackson set, you can see straightaway tha...
Don't miss the Peter Jackson and others at The Regent Theater on Feb 16!
Amores perros, starring Wayne Brady and James Franco. Directed by Peter Jackson, music by Mouserat. Budget: $500
GOOD NEWS: Eight Days a Week and Peter Jackson's Bad Taste are both now streaming on Amazon Prime.
Peter Jackson and Howard Shore changed lives together
This is Saoirse. Saoirse Ronan. And those two guys?. Yepp. Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. . You know now how gre…
TIL Peter Jackson wrote a script for Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare. In his version, Freddy had become so weak in the dream world that …
I was 17 when Peter Jackson asked me to be in 'Heavenly Creatures.'...
I'd love to be in a film made by Christopher Nolan, James Cameron, Wes Anderson, Peter Jackson, JJ Abrams, or Ridley Scott.
You kind of forget he's Peter Jackson in a way because he's so normal; he...
Jonathan Davies should stick to being a cliche machine on the BBC gravy train. Or preferably, make way for Peter Jackson.
Watching The Two Towers. Why did Peter Jackson cast John Rhys Davies to voice Treebeard (already playing Gimli) and not Brian Blessed?
What sums up how poor the media is, is that Peter Jackson who no Norman Mailer pops up on Scrum V & is lauded as a genius.
This week's TRP >> Plus regular columnists Jeff Probyn, Peter Jackson, Colin Boag and David Barnes reveals all the news from the Top 14.
. I thought Peter Jackson was done making hobbit movies there.
Simple fact. If you don't like Peter Jackson's King Kong, I don't like you 😤
I finished King Kong. I can't believe, now just looking it up, how old Naomi Watts was in 2005. I heard Peter Jackson wanted2do it4longtim
Christopher Lee tells Peter Jackson the sound someone makes when stabbed
Oh great another King Kong movie. Didn't we JUST have Peter Jackson do one? Give it a few decades before you gotta rehash, Hollywood.
My favorite directors so far are - Christopher Nolan, Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, Quentin Tarantino
The Coen Brothers, Peter Jackson, and Guillermo del Toro have really mad...
Peter Jackson and jonah lomu. That's all I have
Edmund Hillary, Peter Jackson, Jonah Lomu... your boys took one *** of a beating
Any time I get smug about being a movie buff I remind myself that I briefly thought Peter Jackson's King Kong was cinematically perfect.
left is Peter Jackson who was captain of Bradford and on pitch when the fire happened. Ian Bogie went to Port Vale and a few other places.
I half expected that episode of Ash Vs Evil Dead to have been directed by Stuart Gordon or Peter Jackson.
Peter Jackson to Adapt YA Sci-Fi Fantasy 'Mortal Engines': Universal Pictures is teaming up with MRC for the ...
for scores try Peter Jackson movies, Wes Anderson or Scorsese, soundtracks try Lost Boys or Adventureland as personal faves
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
From a draughty hut to Hollywood: the rise of Peter Jackson's secretive animation giant | World news | The Guardian https…
Rocky, starring Viggo Mortensen and Jennifer Jones. Directed by Peter Jackson, music by The Bangles. Budget: $105m
As a kid, my idols were Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson, and I get into crazy races with myself. Raimi
Christopher Lee told Peter Jackson what a man being stabbed sounded like
peeps behind district 9 wanted the same but were turned down, Peter Jackson and Neil Blomkamp were turned down.
Like fine wine gets better with age! interview: 'I didn't throw Peter Jackson under the bus'
being in the room when Fran Walsh and Peter Jackson decided to cut Tom Bombadil
The real question: Why tf did Peter Jackson leave Tom Bombadil out of the LOTR series?
4 chess pieces were on George Lucas' desk. Peter Jackson had 2. (He bought them at an auction.)
they understand how comedy works and it's so much fun also Peter Jackson has a cameo in hot fuzz
says 2 may be James Cameron and/or early Peter Jackson body horror.
No no Jeff Nichols, no James Gray, no no Spielberg, no Peter Jackson, no The Departed?
Find out what Peter Jackson has to say about the Collector's DVD set
I watched Peter Jackson's The Hobbit and Evangeline Lilly struck out to me as Kate from LOST. Here she portrayed Tauriel.
I used to ask students for Name if misbehaving "Peter Jackson", "John Brown", Marie Anne Toinette" were popular.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I am in love with you. Not only do they have the outrageous Bill and Ted but now Peter Jackson's King Kong
The Kong: Skull Island trailer was pretty good too. I loved Peter Jackson's King Kong and this new movie looks like a good successor
The thing about working with Peter Jackson is that, at the end of the day, he is a passi...
I was going to say return of the king, but I guessed Peter Jackson or JR. Tolkien may sue me
The actors and directors who have extremely disappointed me are Johnny Depp, Will Smith, Tim Burton, Peter Jackson, Zack Snyder & Spielberg
They should get Peter Jackson to do an epic Tarzan film. Sorta like he did with King Kong.
Tintin 2 is still happening...after Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson's secret film
Steven Spielberg says he and Peter Jackson are working on something new:
King Kong and Fellowship of the Ring are two of my favorite Peter Jackson's movies
Peter Jackson is a wonderful man. He's a great director. He's found hi...
Imagine how long and drawn out Peter Jackson's Dragon Ball Z would be.
Okay, new thought: Is anyone else glad that Peter Jackson left out Tom Bombadil from Lord of the Rings? I can't imagine him in there!
True work story - Peter Jackson emailed me asking to add Tina Turner to the list
Peter Jackson talks about when Michael J Fox forgot what movie he was in during The Frighteners
Good news, nerds! Peter Jackson is making a 3 movie prequel to the Virgin Air safety video.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I watched the first Hobbit movie with the boy the other day. Peter Jackson really shouldn't be allowed creative freedom
Ed Sheeran hangs out with Peter Jackson's daughter -
Ed Sheeran hangs out with Peter Jackson's daughter - Ed Sheeran made the most of his fleeting trip to New Zeala...
Peter Jackson was ahead of the curve when he replaced Billy Connolly with all-CG Ironfoot. Check out WARCRAFT
TRUMP movie should be helmed by Oliver Stone, Martin Scorsese, or Peter Jackson (to handle the tiny hands CGI)???
Peter Jackson to direct animated remake of "The Lord of The Rings" scheduled for 2019.
Because, Thanks to Peter Jackson, I never have to read The Lord of The Rings again, and I'm happy about that. Tough stuff 2 read
rachelonroute More hike pics - I can totally see why Peter Jackson picked this area for filming some of the Lord of…
Inside TRP | Regular columnists Peter Jackson, David Barnes and much more...
Everybody knows about Peter Jackson, 'The Hobbit' movies and 'The Lord of t...
You can't create fate, but you can create a lot of elements and give fate a chance. - Peter Jackson
Why director Peter Jackson thinks mixed reality is the future
Y now it's time for the Peter Jackson show starring Brent Spiner. Oh, best.
I have now watched six Peter Jackson films and six Edgar Wright films in the Prince Charles Cinema. Six of those featured Martin Freeman.
A photo of legendary 1880s and 1890s heavyweight Peter Jackson in London
is that Peter Jackson sitting next to Prince Charles?
Peter Jackson's next act is to turn your own house into a virtual hobbit hole. What is this new wizardry?
THE CAT EXORCIST is in the vein of John Waters ,Russ Meyer ,Tim Bourton and Peter Jackson`s early movies .
Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg are men at the top of their game, and Ja...
Aaaand now I have even more reason to like Peter Jackson! 😎
I’ve heard Peter Jackson is working on a three-part prequel series based on ‘Waiting for Superman’.
RIP Eugene Jackson. My best friend. You could have stopped it from happening Eminem. Goodbye Stan. Sincerely/Peter
Always sad to hear Peter Jackson remaking someone else's work instead of coming up with his own like he used to in the 80s...
James Cameron announced there will be four Avatar sequels, then punched Peter Jackson in the *** and said "do better than that!"
Am I the only one who wants Peter Jackson to do a series based on the Silmarillion?. I can't be the only one
Is releasing films to the public the same day they hit theatres "inevitable"? Peter Jackson thinks so: via
Scottsdale, Las Vegas, and Van Nuys here we come! . Tickets on sale now at 📷 Peter Malek
My hangover has been going on for so long that I'm beginning to wonder if Peter Jackson directed it.
I feel like we have Peter Jackson to blame for this
A furry little woodland creature can't direct a movie. What about peter jackson?
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
James Cameron (Avatar) is *** bent on leapfrogging George Lucas (Star Wars) & Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings) for epic movie sagas. Hmmm.
Peter Jackson says the next big revolution in movie viewing 'is going to happen' • Talking about Screening Room •
I want James Cameron and Peter Jackson to collaborate on a movie and spend eternity making (read: NOT making) a ninety part stillborn mess.
Got to love ...what is it tonight ? Tax dodging, NHS, ESA, nope Trade Union financing ? oh deary me...[switching over] ..
start a mini series on 'how the hobbit was made by Peter Jackson'
.Peter Jackson’s subject content overview recognised by Award
The Duchess of Cambridge was filmed by Sir Peter Jackson in Blenheim, New Zealand
Peter Jackson might be able to silence ringing by turning it upside down.
great game Livepool, pity about showing 8 out of last 14 minutes of action replays, crowd scenes, close ups, managers etc
Peter Jackson says controversial home-movie service Screening Room is "inevitable"
though I suppose it's really "Peter Jackson" elves that don't do it for me, than Tolkien.
Sam Raimi, Peter Jackson... both went on to do blockbuster epics, after starting with low-budget splatter-flicks!
I felt the same when anything he did related to Titanic. I don't want him to become another Peter Jackson.
Peter Jackson should release movies in those non-avatar years & give us 6 years of awesomeness
hanging round Peter Jackson has been bad for him.
Peter Jackson, one of first filmmakers to back Sean Parker's Screening Room, shows up to support his Institute gala http…
At this point I'm thinking James Cameron may have had a coffee with Peter Jackson.
everyone takes a bit, but some give a bit back while others don't.. That's the difference
But Peter Jackson basically reverses it. The Teutonic Knights are "saving civilization" from the orcs.
That's kinda racist of Peter Jackson, in this case.
Peter Jackson plagiarized it. But made the Teutonic Knights the good guys. The Russians orcs.
Peter Jackson on offering movies for $50 at home, at the same time they open in theaters: "it's inevitable"
He barely had enough story for one. Somehow I bet Peter Jackson is to blame for this.
elowyn.the.warrior "But what about that shadowy place?". "That's Mt Victoria where Peter Jackson filmed scenes from …
Darren Aronofsky, Peter Jackson (yeah, I know the Hobbit is not great), Ridley Scott, James Gunn and Russo Bros.
2 Pictures Added | Peter Jackson - Sean Parker and the Parker Foundation Celebrate the Launch of The Parker In...
If it's not Snyder, then: George Miller, Alfonso Cuarón, Ron Howard, Mimi Leder, or maybe Peter Jackson.
IIRC when Peter Jackson & Fran Walsh came to Hollywood in the mid 90s, they wrote a draft for Robin Williams
F. Walsh is Fran Walsh, Peter Jackson's writing partner for basically everything.
Why is Peter Jackson unplugging my butt gum? Does Curmet the Frog like different diapers? Legroom?
Peter Jackson would make great directing it, come on :-D
Is it wrong to say that the 76 remake was better than Peter Jackson's?
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Annual 2013 Published in Advance of the Amazing New Movie by Peter Jackson, This
I'd entirely forgotten about Peter Jackson's King Kong, that bugs in the valley scene is so creepy and squicky.
lord of the rings (2001-2003) dir. peter jackson; the most ICONIC and AMAZING movies of all time i wanna cry
But when did we change from using dwarf actors to play dwarves? Is this another thing to hate Peter Jackson for?
Christ I had forgotten how bad this Peter Jackson remake of was
Just rewatched the Lovely Bones with 😭 Peter Jackson is amazing 👌🏼
If I didn't love Peter Jackson's LotR trilogy so much, I wouldn't have disliked the 1978 one by Ralph Bakshi but it was okay.
Directed by Peter Jackson, who went on to direct Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit
Peter Jackson confirms he is developing The Silmarillion. I shrieked
BatmanvSuperman got 29% RT, Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones got 31% RT. Indy's Kingdom of Skull got 77% RT.
seems to me that every multinational law firm in Panama should be raided. They are all doing the same stuff.
HMRC should publish a statement..anyone who comes forward in next 2 weeks, to talk about their taxes, will not be prosecuted...
Wake up to the songs of Michael Jackson.
.EXACTLY!. Cameron has lied so many times he's lost all credability. Not a quality for leadership.
hang on a second, you can't say that about a lifelong Villa fan.or is it the Hammers...??.doh!
I'd be interested to see where George Miller could take a DC movie. Peter Jackson though? Really?
no one but if i had to pick, Darren Aronofsky, Alfonso Cuaron, George Miller, *** even Peter Jackson
Ref tonight seems to come from the Sir Peter Jackson school of length.
Grayling is an obnoxious condescending Tory wally..imo
I'm with you on your Peter Jackson ranked though. I'd switch ROTK and Fellowship anyway.
I just think that we're living in a world where the technology is advancing...
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