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Peter Gunz

Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz were an American rap duo consisting of Sean Lord Tariq Hamilton and Peter Peter Gunz Pankey.

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Getting my car serviced and the dealership has played played both Master P and Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz in the waiting room. NOT COMPLAINING
Throwback Thursday! This is the first major record I ever produced!!!. Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz- Fiesta: via
The Oral History of how Lord Tariq or Peter Gunz ended up on almost every track of Shaq's You Can't Stop the Reign album.
Why can't I find the Lord Tariq/Peter Gunz remix of Daydreamin on iTunes?! Ugh.
Member this man blasting this off for me in my whip before they dropped it .. Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz - Deja Vu:
It is a sin to bash an Atheist pray that he finds his maker before he meets him. Peter Gunz
Ben Wallace is Peter Gunz and Indy is Amina... more or less.
In case you haven’t already heard, Love & Hip Hop Season 4 stars Erica Mena and Peter Gunz have turned the other cheek and made amends. When Wetpaint Entertainment sat in for the taping in December, we saw Peter and Erica exchange an apology or two, which was unfortunately cut from the r...
So we find out Peter Gunz and Amina Butterfly are Atheist's on the Sway in the morning Show. Don't worry I understand the PR is kind of bad already for Atheist's and with that added in I should be seeing the jokes very soon. lol And by all means i dish them so i will be able to take the jokes also. That being said. For those of you that say see that's why they are like this. You would hate for me to look at Eddie Long, or Pedophile Popes all the divorce and Scandalous relationships inside the church, mosques, and synagogues and make a sweeping generalization about all Christians and Catholics, Muslims, Mormons Scientology the people that believe in Thor etc.. That being said. Get your joke on the Atheist's expense. You might as well.
Peter Gunz face when Amina pulled that pregnancy test out.PRICELESS...His future so bright, HE HAD TO WEAR THEM SHADES LMAO !
Niya Lee and Peter Gunz look just alike... They probably have the same barber.
Peter Gunz is Stevie J. Tara is Mimi. And Amina is Joseline. Same shxt different show.
That's the realist thing Peter Gunz ever said
Peter Gunz talking it about it was dark at home..yeah ..y'all lights got cut off LOL
Peter Gunz rapping about himself with his side chick/wife singing...what in the world are we watching.
What did I do in my former life to deserve a performance by Amina and Peter Gunz?
There's no coming back from fighting over Peter Gunz... on television. You've documented the lowest of lows.
Peter Gunz doesn't know how to do anything but lie
Once again... Every bone in Peter Gunz's body. It'd be warranted.
Drunk Mariah, JD, Fat Joe, Big Pun, Redman, Zab Judah, Lord Tariq, Peter Gunz, *** I even saw in the video! Musta been EPIC
Stevie J was entertaining, Peter Gunz is just sad.
Peter Gunz is a scumbag Dear gawwwddd
Amina might as well check Peter Gunz prostate while she up is *** like that...
Peter Gunz is giving guys a bad rep man 😒
Peter Gunz is the ultimate dream seller lol
Yeah Tara walked into the studio while Amina and Peter Gunz on Blast about them still sleeping together #
I liked a video from Peter Gunz Freestyles; Calls Himself a Scumbag
Well I guess Little Peter really does have gunz. LOL!  Word is his wife, Amina Buddafly, Is…
Two fine ladies fighting over this broke *** peter gunz 😪
peter gunz got your borough the Bronx looking soft
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Wonder who think he can pull a Peter Gunz?
Artist interested in a Freestyle verse from Peter Gunz (from Love & Hip Hop) hit us up! SIO!Tom: mtvvideosubmit
This is so staged. Peter gunz is a crap actor
$20 says Peter Gunz is gonna pick up those flowers Amina threw, give them to Tara tommorrow and her legs will fly open…
Ghostface and Peter Gunz et al are exactly how NY men are in my mind. Lmao
A wanna be peter gunz lls. Did u really think he was faithful to you??
She may have a broken heart, but Amina Buddafly is actually thankful to Tara Wallace for revealing her affair with Peter Gunz.
Stream My All (Remix) by Mariah Carey feat. Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz on Butterfly for free on Grooveshark.
Peter Gunz may be a daddy again assuming the child his wife is rumored to be carrying is his. According to reports, “The Breakfast Club” co-host Angela Yee has leaked news about Peter and Amina Bud...
Peter Gunz is another Stevie J and it only gets worst when they get older lml instead of tlking to 2 girls they marry the one they recemtly met nd leave the one they Knew for Years SMH lol
Peter Gunz BM is dumb A.F.! Really? If he really wanted you he would have married YOU after 13 years and 2 kids !!! Women need to quit chasing after these clowns!
Y'all talk about Peter gunz but a lot of y'all *** is just like him
Peter Gunz need to give up on Amina career cause its not going no where ...that song they working on *** ..
Did Peter Gunz tell Amina at least it was with my kids mom and I didn't go and get new p***y?
Ay Peter Gunz. I ain't never seen a *** look so stupid after getting caught up, lmao
Why does everybody hate Peter Gunz and Stevie J, but love Michael Jackson and Barack Obama?
Peter Gunz n Joe be killin me!!! Lmao!!! "My apology is to let u know that I'm ready for us to be in a better place..."-Joe "What I do?"-Gunz
There are some real life Peter Gunz out there lol yall *** keep falling victim.
I don't know which one is worst? Stevie J or Peter Gunz. These women are so dumb for fallen into their traps and these men are nothing but scumbags because women are not to be treated like dogs. Men respect these women. Women find someone who's going to respect you and have some respect for yourself.
Peter Gunz is a clown... that's it. How do you act like everyone in this picture is wrong, except the main fool causing the drama? But these 2 chicks need to act like he ain't the last dude in New York!
Peter gunz my *** he put them hoez in they place lmao. He gotta have his cake and eat it too
Ummm...Peter Gunz, I'm cracking up, he just be dead serious when he be like " I was wrong" his spot stay getting blown up, he so messy. Lol
Love and Hip Hop...Peter Gunz is so much worse then Stevie J...And that is hard to do. .. Straight dog . Smh
PSA: Peter Gunz is a *** also Frankenstein is not a monster! Frankenstein is the name of the creator FYI!
If Peter Gunz don't knock it off with that ugly *** bouquet of freeway flowers he brought Amina to apologize... Star Session lmao
Stream Freestyle Over Next Level (Feat. Lord Tariq) by Peter Gunz on Mix Tape, Vol. 3: 60 Minutes Of Funk, The Final Chapter (Clean) for free on Grooveshark.
Why would Peter Gunz put both of them girls in the same room? Now that's just dumb lol {NEW YEARS EVE DREAM}
I'm sorry not hate dislike Peter gunz
Peter gunz showed us how it is when you lie in a relationship but people still continue to do it
Peter Gunz is funny he playing a role he just don't know how to do it for the proper price. He could learn and manifest at least he has two pretty chicks
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OK Now im not feeling Peter Gunz vibe .he doing to much
This dude Peter Gunz is a grade A piece of work.Messing it up for everybody. Sometimes the truth is actually ladies
Aaron keeps making fun of Peter Gunz only hit song lol
She finally left peter gunz *** on b lmao he jus got dumped in my (chris rick voice)
Stevie J still got Peter Gunz beat though. //From somewhere in Jamaica Plain
Peter Gunz is a delusional fool.. *** he needs lessons on how to play the game...should have hit me up...I would have taught him free
Look like you got a Peter Gunz on ur hands. kmsl...
Dis fool Peter Gunz just told his wife he messed with his baby mama cause she goin thru some things...smh...smdh!!!
Tara and Amina are peter gunz two side chicks,lol.
This Peter Gunz character needs a gun shot to the *** I thought I hated that *** rat face Stevie J but this man is just nasty...aaargh! Why do I watch this garbage?
This dude peter gunz is hilarious. Man oh man this cat is dumb and the women are dumb as well.
Yo that *** peter gunz look like a crackhead... That *** is a clown!!
Neegros think they Peter Gunz in real life... to meet you!!!
Amina & Peter Gunz are a hot mess!! Oh goodness, I am falling into the Love & Hip Hop/Reality Show craziness again!! I can't help it!! lol!
Sittin here SMH at Peter Gunz..Im thinkin *** this dude is 44 caught up in a triangle like he in is 20s lol.But, then im like *** I see Pops in something similar at 54 Smh then im like *** Me, and alot of dudes I know gonna be in that same position if we dont get it right and find 1 beauty queen that's better than a whole beauty team.Much respect too all my guys who settle down now n married wit kids, Ill get there one day...I know theres plenty of good ones out there, Jus cant be diggin for gold in gutters ya feel me?
Amina an Peter these sidelines got balls now a days an these bums be lettin em!
Lmao that's what Peter gunz stupid *** get who saw love & Hip Hop?
Peter Gunz is 51 yrs old and said "for the 1st time in his life he's being honest" that's just sad.
Peter Gunz be saying the same thing to Amina and Tara and they both believe everything he say. He stay trying that dream of me talking to both of y'all is for the best, lol
Peter Gunz got what he deserved. I can't believe he actually thought those women wasn't goin to confront him. He is too old to still be playing games. Really Peter?
If Peter Gunz dont go an sit his CONFUSED *** down in a corner somewhere & jus rock... He jus like most *** jus dont kno wat or who he want to b wit smh
Oh My God peter gunz in 44 and actin like this
Asaad Bodden your boy Peter Gunz bringing all yellow niggaz back to the bottom bit Rich trying to save you'll...,rotmfflmmfao
Peter Gunz look like a gargoyle made of chalk but he must have some god stuff down there or some good mouth skills...cuz Tara aint tryin to get off that ride
Niki looks very similar to Peter Gunz baby momma!
Why are women fighting over Peter Gunz?
Peter Gunz is straight *** poor excuse for a man. And amina dumb too u thought cause he put a ring on it he gonna change ummm No if he cheated on her wit u he gonna cheat on u wit her its what dogs do
This dude peter gunz tripping I wouldn't have said nothing I'm like shaggy it wasn't me lol
Peter Gunz is messy!! Now I've never cheated, but if I did I'm definitely slick enough to not get caught up like him!!!..this is foolishness!..LOL!
Haa peter gunz really be tripping hard, conceited much or think ur not wrong..them two should NOT go back with him!
Peter GUNZ you are one stupid mf going though that young man stuff my *** u like 50 come on Man
Lol gunz that's what ur *** get trying to act like stevie j trying to be a playa thought u could have the best of both worlds lol!!
I'm not a Peter Gunz fan by no means but that Heffer deserves everything she getting! & Hip Hop
Peter Gunz is a stupid *** its not even funny no more, and them 2 females are the dumbest *** I've seen
Peter gunz.. Smh.. Cant judge a women until u walk in those shoes but watching on the outside.. These chicks is bugging
This whole Peter Gunz situation is giving me a headache... Tara you stupid, Amina you stupid, and Peter your a ***
I hope peter gunz get rapped by a big black *** with a big *** 󾌴󾌴󾌴󾌴
Ugh this story line with Peter gunz is BLOWING ME UGH. THAT IS ALL
Peter Gunz and those women need to b shot. Amina is just too naive, y does Tara think that her still sleeping with Peter is something to brag about yeah it hurt Amina but she makes herself look stupid. Peter just ICD !!!
Awww wee peter gunz my husband bet not ever loose his Mind cuz that's his *** !!
Black women hate PETER GUNZ more then they hate STEVIE J...
Peter gunz lol you looked stuuupid and so do both of your women you gotta ask permission to talk to your husband from his gf** gtfo!
Peter Gunz is the only *** in history to make a side chick his wife and still keep her as the side chick
Someone tell Peter gunz tempo owes him a royalty check they played yo song Saturday night.. this show has to be fake
Go head Peter Gunz if u pimpin like that I ain't mad atcha. If they stupid enough to deal with it they get what they deserve.
Vh1 please give Peter Gunz his own show oh yeah don't forget about Stevie J lol
Peter Gunz is the perfect example.. THESE *** FOR EVERYBODY!! It don't matter if you got a ring, a baby, a bank account, a house or car together!! These *** for everybody! Lbs
Peter Gunz is the dumbest ever. This is all for show, it has to be about that Check (in my Yo Gotti voice)
...and we're back to Peter Gunz ain't worth a sack of marbles.
Shout out to Peter Gunz got his self two side chicks Yellabones you got the juice !
Here it is Peter Gunz fukin 2 chics & they know but these *** telling this man explain hisself...FUKIN DUMMIES
Peter Gunz is so wack. I can't believe I'm glued to this mess. It's time to read. Like I used to. This is beneath me. (Still watching though)
I'm so tired of Peter Gunz take his *** off my T.V
But...why does Peter Gunz look like a Sigourney Street crackhead??
Peter gunz is nobody p diddy he needs to stop with that wack *** song !
See that's how Peter Gunz got in trouble.. that freaking in the studio... lol
Bout time Peter Gunz gets the business from these fool azz "women" I use the term loosely because real women know their worth and wouldn't put up with such foolishness!
(If Peter Gunz was my bd, ill be in jail looking at 1st degree murder twice). (im just saying) BOTH OF YALL GOTTA GO.i dnt play
Just found out today Peter Gunz my distant cousin... females watch yaself lmao
Stevie j.Rich Dollar ...Peter Gunz... Who can u relate to ?
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These niggaz saigon and peter gunz are some str8 rodeo clowns!!! Dey making complete cornballs outta themselves on dis show. Smfh
Lmao dis *** peter gunz was wearin a button up thermal wen his clothes got thrown out
"Peter Gunz" "Who's that?" ""Corey Gunz dad". Omg, r u serious?... U had to reference peter Gunz from Corey Gunz and not the other way around?
I'm STILL reeling from when cats didn't clear Steely Dan in "Uptown Baby" when they signed Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz then Tat…
I think it's awesome that you guys use Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz as drop/entrance music all the time. .
Clean now but none of that. Peter Gunz, "I'm from the Bronx wipe your feet we you step in my house". Lord Tariq. Correct.
I know Peter Gunz cuz of Peter Gunz & Lord Tariq. Tryna keep it that way.
again. where is Lord Tariq to save Peter Gunz.
Wait. Are y'all talking abt the Peter Gunz from the group Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz?
Wasnt it just a single I blame everybody who bought a Peter Gunz pause & Lord Tariq album SMFH
*record scratch*. Our apologies to Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz. We've removed the rowdy woman and you may continue enjoying the song unmolested.
got that Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz in the mix right now. on Blazin 1023
...lets not even get on Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz's "Deja Vu" and "We Will Ball." I. Was. In. Love!!
bruh... Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz on this "Daydream" by Tatyana Ali. I was swooning all over the place as a kiddo...
Been a MINUTE since I heard this Steely Dan-sampling beat I just used to tag Deja Vu by Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz
lmao no that's the name of the Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz song
I liked a video from CAUTION: Goin in on: Peter Gunz & Noel Bishop Jones
Adrian Marcel might be the only reason you lite skin cats gon survive this Peter Gunz fiasco and make it to the new year
"I love them both but which one do I love more?which ever I'm with at the time" -Peter Gunz lol
Love & Hip Hop Recap: MasterPiece Of Crap It was another drama fueled evening on last night's Love & Hip Hop. The men showed what true class acts they are with Saigon being physically restrained from going after his child's mother and Peter Gunz vowing to do whatever it takes to make sure he keeps both his wife and his girlfriend in his back pocket. At least Rich Dollaz remains his normal doormat self. Thank goodness for small favors! To get out her aggression, Tara Wallace turns to boxing with Yandy Smith at her cousin's gym. Let's hope he doesn't take any Instagrams of the ladies like last season! Tara shares her own Instagram gold mine where she found Amina Buddafly's videos of Peter. Three glasses of wine later and she's cutting up all of his belongings. Three glasses? I would have only needed three sips to wreak havoc on Peter's gross behind. Tara asks Yandy about the management situation with Amina, and she seems to understand that it's just business. If Yandy wants to sign Amina, Tara knows that i ...
Today's Bochinche 2013 - Last night on Love and Hip Hop they messed up during the fight between Tara and Peter Gunz, you can tell the fight was fake because during the fight she had her hair one way, then the next frame a different way, Charlamagne Tha God asked Kanye West question we all wanted answered, Kim Kardashian had lunch with her new BFF Nicki Minaj , Boxer Adrien Broner makes fun of Derrick Rose recent injury on instagram, poor little tink tink, Rozanda 'Chili' Thomas poses naked for , baby mother for Flo Rida takes him to court for child support, and the baby isn't even born yet.
Do not be a Tara for a Peter Gunz because there are Aminas out there and if you're a good woman, you deserve a Jim Jones
"New York niggaz got crazy game, but outta town niggaz is all the same" Peter Gunz & Lord Tariq were official lol
Call me crazy, but I just don't believe this whole Peter Gunz drama...
she better put some strings on that guitar and sell it on Ebay...somebody still know who Peter Gunz is...
Here come Peter Gunz dressed like a Rikers Island dinner date with this orange *** button-up.
Cory Gunz isn't going to jail...Peter Gunz said Young Money held Cory down and paid a lot of money on his case
Peter Gunz son look like he has down syndrome.
It’s back! Love & Hip Hop New York returns to the small screen with another season of drama. The VH1 reality series returns for its fourth season with catfights, music, and new castmembers. There’s a love triangle brewing, an Atlanta girl who’s got big-city dreams, and a few relationships that are put through the fire. The series, which chronicles relationships within the music industry, returns with new stories from music executive Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris, models Erica Mena, Tahiry Jose, and rapper Joe Budden, along with some new faces: Tara Wallace, Erica Jean, Amina Buddafly, Nya, rapper Peter Gunz, and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta favorite K. Michelle. Here’s five things we learned from the season premiere: 1. It’s a hard-knock, but fabulous, life for Yandy Smith: Yandy is tough. Her fiancé, Mendeecees, is incarcerated, and she’s left with two children to take care of, along with several fledgling businesses. It must have been a tearjerker for Yandy when her stepson asked whether his ...
I know I'm so late but I'm just now watching Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and who does Peter Gunz think he is?!?! Stevie J or something... Not gon get it boo!!!
Yes he gets a pass always. Come on now can't hate on him. UptownBaby. Say it with me one time for OG Peter Gunz.
Love & Hip Hop got me ready to run ya name to make sure you ain't married cause y'all men out here tripping! Thank you mr peter gunz.smh
This heeeaaaux that Peter Gunz had around his girl of 13 years that he creeping with on the low😱😱😱 so disrespectful!!
Ok , just watch lhhny.. And Peter Gunz, your mess is worse than Stevie J.. Like ***
I couldn't even watch all of Love and Hip Hop NY. It's to fake! At least make it half believable. No woman is gonna fall for that stupid mess Peter Gunz (Stevie J wanna be) is doing.
Amina and peter gunz want to be stevie and joseline so bad
A rapper that was a 1 hit wonder. He had a song called "Uptown Baby" back in 98. “Who tf is Peter Gunz?”
Peter gunz is the new Stevie J loll
Peter Gunz just ef the game up with that "I just fell in love with her" line. Stevie don't do it like that. He's whack.
I know its some dudes thats been in a 13 year dating relationship wondering why the stuff is on the curb right now.thank peter gunz and the fine people of VH1
Never heard of Peter gunz that ish wasn't bad tho
Finally watching gunz is a hot mess! Lol
Peter Gunz is way to old to be actin like Bill Bellamy on How to be a player... *** u like 48
Love and Hip Hop NYC is back on and Peter Muskets aka Peter Slingshot aka Peter Gunz is featured. That dude is OLD.
Peter Gunz is a wannabe Stevie J. There's only one Sleezy.
Let me guess, peter gunz is trying to be another Stevie j? Lololololol
I could see Stevie J runnin up on Peter Gunz like "How does it feel to be me?!?" lololol
Plus they only have Peter Gunz on this season is to gt their ratings up..smh..!!
Never heard about this Peter Gunz dude but okay. Just make sure you turn it up!
if you HAD to choose whose bus would you ride..stevie j or peter gunz? lmao
If you a manager of a female artist and you got a chick! Peter gunz just made it hard for y'all
How is Peter Gunz gonna lie to his girl but is on film sucking on another woman's stomach? Why lie??
I was just looking at pics of Peter Gunz baby mother and side chick.. His baby mother look way better 😕
Peter Gunz is wack af trying to be like Stevey J
Who the *** is peter gunz never heard of this rapper sorry
Peter Gunz is a perfect example of why females say all dudes are dogs and feel they can never trust males
Peter Gunz tryna b another Stevie J... There can only b ONE of him!
Peter Gunz is a you gone be all on Rich about Erica and you turn around and do the same thing
Peter Gunz on love and Hip Hop. Where's Lord Tariq?
Y niigs like Peter Gunz put all his business out there like that. He can't love his fam!
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No way this Peter Gunz situation is real life. No *** way.
Wow so peter gunz is worse than rich
“yas right off the top! messy Thats my man Peter Gunz that NY anthem will for ever giv…
Peter Gunz confiding in Rich Dollaz.. This whole season is a lost cause already.
Wait, wasn't Peter Gunz telling Rich Dollaz not to mix business and pleasure last season!?
Have you seen Peter Gunz? Do these women know what he looks like? This must be a joke. It's clearly scripted.
Peter Gunz you sick dog. Why do people cheat on their significant other on TV?
In side news...Peter Gunz ain't no Stevie J I'm watching this right now lol.
A couple things on my mind: 1. I don't know how who worse. Stevie J. or Peter Gunz 2. NBA $ea$on starts 2night! 3. Them LeBron James shoes aight but *** sho aint worth $200 - fukk naw!
Who is this woman Peter Gunz is working with? She sings while playing actual instruments?! I love it! I'm ready to buy her CD!
Can someone explain to me how Amina and Peter Gunz are married??
Peter gunz n rich dollas switched rolls or na
So peter gunz is Love and Hip Hop New York's Stebie J? LOL
peter gunz a fool for doing his wife the way kirk did rasheeda. Smh on national TV lol ladies where do you find thes…
Peter Gunz looks like Kid from Kid n Play NOW
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Did anyone watch Love & Hip Hop NY last night? Peter Gunz, or whatever his name is, is a loser! Ratchetness (yes I said the made-up word) at it's best. 0_0
So I just watched the premier of Love & Hip Hop and Peter Gunz needs his a** married your side chick, but you playin house with the mother of your children? YOU CRAZY YO!! That's gotta be the hardest slap in the face ever!
Y'all know I have to put my 2 cents in, I'm just now watching Love & Hip Hop...first off who is Peter Gunz I never heard if him but he be in the "game" 16 years or whatever and the girl he is managing why she kissing all on his face knowing that he is married...and flirting!!! This is why woman have a bad name, why not just keep it professional..jeez
That boy Peter Gunz something else dame homie you flirting with girl at the show while your main woman is their as we'll. Thats a big Playboy rule no no!!!
So Peter gunz give Rich hypothetical advice the moral of the story is never to take advice from a light skin dude.
Ok so I couldn't watch Love and Hip Hop because I had to go to work the other night so my mom recorded it for me and I watched it today and baybayyy when I tell you I was on the edge of my seat lol that *** Amina butterfly I'd kick her *** I really want Peter's babymomma to find out what he's doing that dirty no good lying dog and theyre married! *** ! Oww don't get my pregnant *** started! Peter Gunz my *** ! Lmao sorry yall..
So Peter Gunz supposed to be the new Stevie J ? BOY BYE ! !
This is all I'm saying, if Peter Gunz is Cory Gunz father and Cory Gunz is 26, then how old is Peter Gunz? And ain't he a little old to be playing these games on LHH:NY?
Love and Hip Hop New York you did not disappoint! Peter Gunz ***
Okay I'm late don't get it or understand but this dude Peter Gunz was secretly married all this time , 2 words (Fu*ked Up) u living home with ya BabyMama of ur 2 kids but married to the next chick Bd she got the nerve to throw her state ID in her face stating she carry his last name ! The crazy iish men do ! My husband would b getting shipped express over night delivery, in that package u will receive him in pieces ! But the funny thing is u carry his last name but u still considered a side chick cause that's how he is doing u and u except it! But now u wanna reveal it smh!
Time out time out time out... I jus watch lnhh from last nite smh... so in episodes to come looks like Peter Gunz marries Amina while havin g a whole fam on the other side of town??? Ill tell u wat ninjas have a lot of testicular fortitude these days hut we females are quite the enablers smh...
Peter Gunz is a dog & I bet ya females still 2step wen his uptown song comes on lol
So i just watched LHHNY, is peter gunz serious he married his artist and hid it from hs kids mother who he living with and got 2 kids with, baffoonery all around
Fukin peter gunz fuked it up 4 yal *** lien nigcas ded *** yu ain't guna hve me in yur life wit full of lies I got beta places 2 b then that
Peter Gunz is just like Stevie ... Just Much more Broker
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Whoa! Peter Gunz airs out all of his dirty laundry in the premiere episode of 'Love & Hip Hop: New York.' Are you surprised? Watch all of the drama here:
Peter Gunz got ever chick going thru their mans phone, email, text msgs, regular mail, and doing lying detector tests on the spot. lmaoo
Yung RAPPERS always askin me to be DEY MANAGER...n my ol *** gon FUK EM n sell em dreams JUS LIKE PETER GUNZ...
So I watched Love and Hip Hop thru DVR yesterday as it recorded so I could fast forward the commercials. Today I watched it on vh1 regularly and caught a part that the DVR cut off. So Peter Gunz really LEGALLY MARRIED Amina after he's been with Tara for 10+ years with 2 kids and didn't put a ring on it??? Seriously?? I thought the girl was just using the term "wife" loosely bc of the tattoo she has and because that's REAL common these days. But he really married her!
Who Is 'Love and Hip Hop: New York's' Peter Gunz? - Who is Peter Gunz? Peter Gunz is a rapper-turned-manager set to appear on “Love & Hip Hop: New York,” season 4 of the popular Vh1
I knw im late but do peter gunz think hes the steve j of lhh New York ? Really
Smh u can't respect a guy like Peter Gunz
So last night I wasn't able to do commentary on my reality shows bcuz a chick was tired. So here goes. Love and Hip Hop...Still ratchet as *** yet funny. I guess Peter Gunz is the new Stevie J of New York :-/ Chrissy and Mr Jones.Now y'all know I love me some them. This season is definitely gonna be a fun season. It's good to see Jimmy and Chrissy taking on these new parental roles. Black ink crew. Well as u also know My sister Sky made her 3rd appearance (1st time for this season) and yes now u see.. I'm not the only one of my biological dad's kids that will pop off with the quickness... She's going to be a regular so look out for her. As far as the show. Duchess and Caesar is getting on my last *** nerves. I'm over them already.. But as for the rest of the crew I'm interested in seeing if O'sh** goes to jail and what puma'a new tattoo shop will be like. IF it's even gonna open...
Either love & Hip Hop is completely scripted or Peter Gunz is the most idiotic *** I've ever seen and that's saying a lot compared to Stevie J...
I can't believe this is the same Peter Gunz character that was giving Dollaz all that advice last year
Ok, I'm jus catching up on Love & Hip Hop.& 1 word, "DRAWING!" Theses bul's are wilding, especially PETER GUNZ! *** where they do dat at! Lmao
Peter Gunz please have not one but several seats wit your old butt! SMH
And while we on things that irritate me Peter Gunz on L&HH if I was his mother of his child I would ring his neck how you marry some random popcorn *** ..he need to be glad anybody want his old ***
I still can't believe Peter Gunz married Amina I'm still on that yal!!
Love & Hip Hop that *** *** *** Peter Gunz how he come on Rich Dolls about Erica then turn around and do the exact thing with Amina hater fake ***
I have figured out the issue with the *** giraffe riddle. You guys are not posting the same thing! Some people are posting one that says "it's 3am and you are out cold" and those people are completely sure the answer is "your eyes" but others are posting that "it's 3am and you wake up." If you are already awake then the obvious answer is "the door." Now, let's talk about something else. Peter Gunz perhaps? Manatee's jail sentence?
Amina is most definitely a home wrecker and she ain't even cute.her and Peter Gunz are the generic Stevie J and Joseline!
Love n Hip Hop NY. smh. Peter Gunz and Amina are a mess!
This Peter Gunz story gotta be fake.. There's no way I'm supposedly your wife and I willingly sit and watch you and your baby momma hugged up in my face..
S/O Peter Gunz he da new Stevie J...sad part that goes unnoticed is love n Hip Hop is showing what n how females get into the industry
JUST Watched Love and Hip Hop NY 4 the 1st "REAL" time. Although I like ATL much better, I was happy 2 see seeing Tahiry & Jo Budden rekindle their love. They have something "unique" & real in terms of their undying, fiery, storm weathering love that I can appreciate. But the Peter Gunz love triangle??? WTH is THAT?!! R they trying to do a Stevie J "thaaang" azz backwards & crazier or something??!! If he is MARRIED to the singer, the other relationship is officially OVER. So that storylne makes NO sense! Maybe I'm out of the loop here but this seems FAR FETCHED. A cheatin' man- we get that. But a marriage while he still lives with his "BabyMama" & calling THAT situation his family with Amina keeping a secret bethrothal situation in the mix is quite insulting to our intelligence. Just like the Kirk thaaang was fake, something is fishy in Denmark here too. 4Real4Real: I'm only "THERE" for Tahiry, Joe & K. Michelle at this point. The other shiggady is already too RI-dic.
Peter Gunz is going to need a few guns to protect him from Tara.
Ok so everybody watched Love and Hip Hop. Everybody talking about Peter Gunz acting like Stevie J... But did y'all see his old *** couch with the hole in it... Smh.. Imao...
I'm confused.did Peter Gunz really marry that *** ??
Stevie J is my dude on Love and Hip Hop ATL, Peter Gunz is my guy on Love and Hip Hop NY. Something about dese characters I can really relate to.
Ok so what did y'all think of premier last night? I think they're reaching too hard with the Peter Gunz love triangle
LHH is going to be drama filled this season... Peter Gunz already starting some ish!
Peter Gunz is the new and upcoming Stevie J
Peter Gunz violated.these men keep putting the mistresses on top.
Sometimes u just gotta be careful and pay attention to what yo homeboys intentions are. Last season peter gunz hated on rich about erica, now this season cuhz is doing the same thang rich was doing last season. nnniga
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So instead of marrying the mother of his child who by the way he still deals with Peter Gunz marries the random pop up chic Smfh I swear some men smh you know what let me shut up this is exactly why I act the way I do no need to get hopes up cause usually the one who put the most effort gets the short end if the stick
So I am finally listening to love and Hip Hop and all I can say is Peter Gunz.smh woweee
Okay I am just watching love and Hip Hop and why is Peter Gunz or whatever feet that *** dirty? UG
Love & Hip Hop ..Peter Gunz is crazzzyyyer than Stevie J!!! Marrying your artist and living with your kids mother.
So I have to say this peter gunz is 5 times worse then stevie j he's not only married but keeping it a secret and he playing house in two places.
So I finally got to watch Love and Hip Hop Ny. And Peter Gunz situation is to familiar. Can you say Stevie J.
i dont kno whos worse.Ted or Peter Gunz... lol
Peter gunz. The personification of the fall of insecure, poor judgment, selfish *** black men. Truly disgusted with this whole lhhny.
How about that Peter gunz he's a mess all dat disloyal ness
PETER GUNZ dun LAWST his mind!!! Airing all ur dirty laundry, BLATANTLY, in tv going agains a beautiful woman who got ur kids. AND thnkn he put in a hard/strong15 years in Hip Hop (silly boy). This won't end well for him.
Ok, I need to see what all the Peter Gunz drama is about! I'm missing out!
Love & Hip Hop New York was crazy, I guess Peter Gunz think's he's the new Stevie J, Wow.
Watching love and hip-hop.Where the *** they find Peter Gunz old *** at? *** had an album out when I was like 10.
Peter Gunz got that pimp hand way strong. Only real niggaz got the gift of Gab
Peter gunz keep it 90's real..i think..
Who saw Love and Hip Hop last night!?!?!? Peter Gunz is messier than Stevie J. smh
Peter Gunz!!! Take heed to your own advice! Rich $$$ couldn't wait to throw that back in his face! Worthington did you watch LAHH?
So Peter gunz is like 50 and he now decides to do the most ignorant show on cable. Somebody Give him a glass of bleach to drink
Peter gunz its trying to be rich and stevie j all in one foh
Watching love n hiphop on the dvr these mfs is crazy Peter Gunz is doin THE MOST
Peter Gunz making us fellas look real bad
I'm watching love & Hip Hop this dude Peter Gunz he makes Stevie J look like a ANGEL!!! What the ***
I know after watching love &Hip Hop chicks were fighting with there dudes all night thanks to Peter Gunz lol
Catching up on love & Hip Hop missed it lastnight i think im starting not to like Peter Gunz.
Amina is something else. Peter Gunz is acting like Kirk Frost!
So one 1/2 of the best two series of ratchet tv ever is back. Mendeecees is still locked up. Him & Yandy think the son's an *** I guess. Talking bout he's in the army. Ain't nan pic of army stuff around & they never talked about him being in it. He asked, "when's my daddy coming home"?...2033 son. Get used to it. And it's just like a woman to nag her man about her needs & wants while he's facing 20yrs. Chick, sthu please. Erica Mena is back & walkin around town in bra's. Her & Karli should start their own reality show together called "Irrelevant". She still wants Rich Dollaz jimmity cricket lookin *** Him & Yandy teamed up. Yandy is gonna end up regretting that move. Peter Gunz has a full time spot now. He's all of at least 57y/o. Fool had one hit 15yrs ago & now he decides to get his grown man on. Please stop it Sir! Then his relationship w/ Amina is crazy and she's getting outta pocket already cuz he's letting her. It's guys like him that make women think they're the best liars and cheaters. Fool sai .. ...
So I was listening to Sway in the Morning on Xm. He had Peter Gunz she knew abt Tara but Tara didnt know abt Amina. And he basically said it was bound to come out...I might as well get paid for it since he has No Royalties whatsoever to his One Hit. Business wise: ok I can understand it But as a Man talking bout you lobe your woman tht much. yu kinda put her on blast. smdh
This dude Peter Gunz is seriously pissn me off fukn around while he has his girl & kids at home! Hate sneaky *** ***
Listening to the west coast version of Deja Vu by Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz
Peter Gunz & Lord Tariq filming the video for "Deja Vu" in Shea Stadium was devastating to the Bronx
how bout bout some Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz
French Montana saved y'all tho .. nobody from there has been relevant since Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz
very true. *flashback to the 'Aja' documentary where he & Becker get snarky on Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz*
Def on that on that tonight. Just played one hit wonders Peter Gunz & Lord Tariq.
Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz... the former is not a lord of any manor, and the latter is not a gun owner.
My late late night starts with a long walk and my arrival to Iggy's in the Lower East Side Prince themed dance party with the "The Most Beautiful Girl In The World" playin' (which you can't watch in America on YouTube Mobile or else I'd post it for you all right now)! Now they are droppin' in some Prince amongst the likes of R. Kelly, Kanye, 2Chains, E-40, Peter Gunz, Janet Jackson, 'Yonce (Beyonce) and it goes on! Before all that: rode 15 miles to Coney Island by bike. Took in some great sites. Got a few dogs. Got a work out. Caught a fake storm that drizzled a bit, kicked up a bit of beach and sent everyone into slight pandemonium. Then we caught the train thinking it would rain heavier. Got off Street. Ride another 5+ miles. Cold shower (1st time on purpose since I lived in Oklahoma in '98). Homemade dinner in Queens (delicious). Back to Williamsburg for Petes Candy Shop music night (good, but sleepy time for the crew). Work tomorrow. Museums, galleries, street art, gardens and live music the rest of t ...
LOOKING FOR NIGHT OUT TONIGHT IN SYDNEY???. Get down to hotel chambers (redroom) . Djing there tonight with Peter Gunz
Peter Gunz and Lord Tariq Uptown Anthem on is bringing back memories as a kid when this song was so major in the mid 1990's.
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Thought Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz was coming on the Pandora but it was DAYDREAMIN' by Tatyana Ali... omfg I LOVED this song!
- Tatyana Ali "Daydreamin" .. This was my jam!! And Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz was on it!! Lol
VIDEO: Surgeon describes Boston blast injuries: Dr Peter Fagenholz tells reporters that some people suffered s...
Friday night I'm gona be on the turntables at Milkshake at One World Sport in Parramatta, with DJ Peter Gunz,...
Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz had some heat for a lil bit.
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Well I never was a big Lord Tariq fan, but I heard Peter Gunz go in on a bunch of records. I hear you tho...
I like that Uptown song but, let's be real. Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz were horrible.
The men on here are weak. Maybe Except Mendecees. Where is Peter Gunz?
RANDOM: I hope they cover why Peter Gunz had a pink cellphone cover.O_o
I wish they brought Peter Gunz on the reunion lmao
R&B.Artist ..Zieme. Peter Gunz..and me.we in the bldg ..
.Christopher Williams shared this picture of himself on his official page with Hip Hop Veteran Peter Gunz and...
Seeing Peter Gunz on makes me miss the joint.
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