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Peter Guber

Howard Peter Guber (born March 1, 1942 in Boston, Massachusetts) is an American film producer and executive and Chairman and CEO of Mandalay Entertainment.

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“The great majority of that which gives you angst never happens, so you must evict it. Don’t let it live rent free…
Success is more attitude than aptitude. – Peter Guber
was awarded with the UCLA Anderson Medal! We're so happy his dedication to mentoring the next generatio…
Exciting with on his experience as a film producer & opinion on customers
Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen is boxed out from the front row by Shaq, Doc and Peter Guber. Back…
Dave Roberts and Peter Guber both just left their courtside seats, and both were holding their commemorative Kobe R…
Sometimes a well-crafted story can even transform a seemingly hopeless situation into an unexpected triumph. -- Peter Guber
The ability to articulate your story or that of your company is crucial to almost every phase of enterprise management. -- Peter Guber
We're gonna be on the LAFC network. Peter Guber about to dr…
"Be interested. Don't try to be interesting." - Peter Guber, owner of the Golden State Warriors.
Great feature on Exec. Chair and Owner Peter Guber from
Great read in today’s on the latest venture by our 2015 keynoter
ICYMI...owner succeeds by putting people first
If you’re selling then remember this 1 thing from article on owner Peter Gruber: “In hi…
Peter Guber is taking what he's learned from the Warriors and Dodgers and applying it to the new Los Angeles Footba…
Keynote speakers include Sal Khan of Khan Academy and Peter Guber of the Golden State Warriors BELMONT, Calif. –...
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Why did Prince die 49 days after attending the warriors game? Why does Jack Dorsey hang with Peter Guber seen in b…
The best owners in the NBA Joe Lacob and Peter Guber
The sport of the future is e-sports, according to Dodgers and Warriors co-owner Peter Guber
It's not vanity to feel that I'm most is the continuity of life, and its improvement from one generation to another. -Peter Guber
It was also my idea that it deserves it. -Peter Guber
Mischief springs from, a state of mind, a disposition for benevolence, confidence, justice. -Peter Guber
In 2010, Joe Lacob & Peter Guber spent a record $450M to buy Warriors. Ten years later, they will pay $400M in yearly sal…
If Kevin Durant wants to gift millions to Joe Lacob and Peter Guber, that's his prerogative. But I can't at all relate t…
The money Kevin Durant is sacrificing is going to Joe Lacob and Peter Guber more than to Andre Iguodala and Shaun Living…
Random Game 5 scenes: Draymond Green with a quick pregame handshake/chat with Peter Guber and.Tony Robbins.
can't blame him i guess,HOOK and Peter Guber were turning his hair gray at the time.
Team Liquid, an esports team acquired by Ted Leonsis, Peter Guber, Magic Johnson & other investors, is represented…
If Mike Conley is worth $154mil, Steph better ask for Peter Guber's shares
he's a close friend of Peter Guber. I think if your buddy owned the 'insert any team here', you'd be a fan too.
1975 with Peter Guber on the left and young Brian Medavoy on the right at 10 years old. GO Warriors !
When you want to move somebody, you have to say to yourself: 'I'm in t...
"When you build a team, the fans have to own the team," says about pro ownership:
oh and Peter Guber (LAFC/Warriors) will probably be blasting his face right now
There's a sense of aliveness that comes from connection, shared experi...
When somebody is enthusiastic about a job opportunity - but gives off ...
Every journey that is successful has culs-de-sac and speed bumps. I ca...
Spot on --> says will become as big as reality, by
Here on with my dear friend & Warriors owner Peter Guber - saluting Golden State on winning game...
TonyRobbins. winning with you there tonyrobbins is a double pleasure — Peter Guber (PeterGuber) May 27, 2016
Think about all the great leaders. Think about Obama. Think about Clin...
The minute you start the process of deciding to make a film and you're...
Hit and Run: How Jon Peters and Peter Guber took Sony for a ride in Hollywood
Here's a drawing I did of producer Peter Guber
Most young people haven't used their storytelling skills since they we...
Without social cohesion, the human race wouldn't be here: We're not fo...
So when you tell a joke, you want to make someone laugh, or if you tel...
The reality is that every movie is a new business. Nobody says, 'Hey, ...
In any situation that calls for you to persuade, convince or manage so...
Telling purposeful stories is interactive. It's not a monolog. Ultimat...
In 2007, Peter Thiel told media dead. Now he's trying kill it.
The portal into people's hearts is being interested in them.
The seminal elements of what makes a story great - challenge, struggle...
At Casablanca we did 'Midnight Express,' 'Flashdance,' and 'The Deep.'...
I thought Joseph Lacob and Peter Guber were the owners? Seems like and are the owners to me
The idea is, we're still a society where we recognize and see and even...
Peter Guber invests in NextVR, sees VR opportunities for shopping, education, travel via
We tend to become social core groups, whatever our similar interest an...
Virtual Reality is still on the upswing...
Peter Guber says VR will become as big as reality !
Peter Guber says will become as big as reality
That is exactly why services like NextVR will be talking to eyeora / evivoo / var-port - The first self-managed VRec…
Peter Guber invests in sees opportunities for shopping, travel via
I'm with Peter Guber and Robert Scoble on this one. Virtual reality is here to stay. . Interes…
Where is NANCY GRIFFIN? We found Peter Guber. Peter Yates was a great film maker. JON PETERS was well loved by many :)
JON PETERS, PETER GUBER, PETER YATES? We cannot believe this. Is it the same Peter Guber, of Columbia?
I feel so bad when Mark Jackson gotta do a Golden State game. Bob Myers, Peter Guber & Joseph Lacob did him dirty SMH.
If elections were to be held million times in Rivers state Amechi or Peter cannot win...even with rigging!
You can do great things when your organization has a good culture.
Rivers Guber:Peter side said election held only at Eleme where he won.
Funny or Die CEO *** Glover Exits For Mandalay Sports Media: Glover will become CEO of the Peter Guber and Mi...
Peter Guber & Tony Robbins: Story is a Dialogue --> Great insight into the power of story
Show Peter Guber and family in actiob!
The Secret to turning a poorly performing team around! Great article
Is your team's culture built for success?
This is certainly a formula to ponder. I heard it said recently that Culture trumps Strategy every time and this ar…
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The secret to turning around any team in any business by via
This a MUST read. Now I know why I love basketball.
"Culture that supported risk, embraced uncertainty, and accepted failure as an inevitable part of the process"
Here's how to turn a team around...culture!
Warriors fan praises Joe Lacob, Peter Guber, Rick Welts. "If we want to call ourselves a world-class city, we're going to need a venue."
"You learn more in failure then you do in success." - Peter Guber
From Peter Guber's book: Tell to Win; Failure is an inevitable cul-de-sac on the road to success. We just need to keep driving.
Longtime Hollywood exec says he's betting "millions" on via
Remember when Peter Guber wanted to buy the A's? Twice?.
Once you become risk adverse or complacent an organization loses its dynamic element Peter Guber…
If the dodgers don't "win it all" they will be saddled with three years of disappointment, not only internally...
Chris Broussard / Herd on ESPN Radio: Show in Review: Warriors co-owner Peter Guber comments on the his team's...
Peter Guber is his bio. "if you don't take the risk, you can't cherish and relish the reward"
"If you don't take the risk, you can't relish the reward." --Peter Guber
"Failure is an inevitable part on the road to success." -Peter Guber
Peter Guber is on ESPN Radio with Colin Cowherd, he's great radio.
Peter Guber: If you'd told me in the '80s TV would overtake movies as a creative outlet, I would have laughed at you.
"Never say anything but no or yes in email. 'Keep this confidential' is like saying, 'Tell everybody.'" - Peter Guber
Peter Guber is one of the smartest producers out there. I learned a ton from him at UCLA. Great interview talking biz
Joe Lacob, Peter Guber and the Warriors’ Management: Keep the Golden State Warriors in Oakland! - Sig... via
Congratulations to my dear friend Peter Guber on the NBA championship! What a turnaround of the Warriors in 3 years! http:…
TFT Executive Board Member Peter Guber gets candid about TV, sports and movies in his interview with
they took my iso. tank, now I just come my hair like D. Trump and look at a portrait of Peter Guber pretending it's a mirror
Rocker in owner Peter Guber, and more
Joe Lacob and Peter Guber with Warriors Forward Harrison Barnes prior to Game 4 of the 2015
This is like when Joe Lacob and Peter Guber helped to raise the jersey of Chris Mullin. Made zero sense at the time.
Adam Silver says that he's talk to Warriors co-owner Peter Guber says about doing some sort NBA awards show in Las Vegas.
Golden State Warriors co-owner Peter Guber hosts a private screening of 'When the Game Stands Tall,' the inside story of the history making De La Salle football team.
Our saw "When the Game Stands Tall" at Peter Guber's house w/ Vin Scully and others. His thoughts:
"On April 22, Peter Guber was interviewed on Fox Financial’s After The Bell show. Peter, you know, is the author of Tell To Win, an entertainment industry expert, movie producer and mogul, and a sports entrepreneur – his group owns the L.A. Dodgers (MLB) and the Golden State Warriors (NBA). He is speaking at the GKIC Info-Summit* this year, and I believe he is an Absolute Must-See & Hear Speaker. He knows what he’s doing, by the way. The Dodgers were a mess when he got them, and L.A, has never really been a baseball town in the way New York or Beantown or the Midwest cities are. But this past year, the Dodgers sold out all 81 home games – in a year when most ballparks had as many empty seats as full ones. Of course, I live in Cleveland, where, sadly, we have no professional sports teams. The Indians couldn’t even sell out their home opener this year or the games during their brief flirtation with play-offs last season. Anyway, here, I want to talk about something that Peter Guber is doing, diffe ...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
In January 2012, Magic Johnson joined with Guggenheim Partners and Stan Kasten in a bid for ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team. In March 2012, Johnson's ownership group was announced as the winner of the proceedings to buy the Dodgers. The Johnson-led group, which also includes movie executive Peter Guber, paid $2 billion for the Dodgers, the largest amount paid for a professional sports team. While Magic Johnson is considered the leader of the ownership group, the controlling owner is Mark Walter, chief executive officer for Guggenheim Partners.
If Guggenheim Partners buys the Clippers, wont that create a conflict for Peter Guber?
has Joe Lacob or Peter Guber released any comments on the Sterling incident?
“Elegance is the art of exerting the minimum amount of effort for the maximum effect” - Peter Guber
it's peter Guber and Joe Lacob. Don't try to make any of this about them or me. It's about you since 2002 and your owner.
Peter Guber is not wearing his yellow shirt.
Meanwhile, Joe Lacob and Peter Guber show their support by doing everything in their power to get the *** out of Oakland.
how would you rate the book Tell To Win by Peter Guber?
Obviously a big game: Jimmy Goldstein sitting courtside right next to Joe Lacob and Peter Guber. Well, he's standing right now.
are you sure I'm not listening to the mad dog Chris russo instead of peter guber?
...found out Ekiti, Osun guber polls'll be rig and roast – Tinubu- Vanguard ...
Peter Guber can blow his Beat LA chant out of his ***
Peter Guber will have some explaining to do to the rest of the owners. How could he do that?
Dodgers and Warriors co-owner Peter Guber today on KNBR chanted, "Beat LA! Beat LA! Beat LA!"
"Career success is all about hitting that curveball." ~LinkedIn Influencer Peter Guber, co-owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers...
No question, Peter Guber can entertain on the radio. On leaving Oakland: "We're not going to Des Moines."
[Brian Murphy asks Peter Guber about his part ownership of the Dodgers and any conflict of interest]. Guber: "BEAT LA! BEAT LA! BEAT LA!"
Peter Guber pretty much confirmed that warriors will be the San Francisco Warriors this am on KNBR.
"Beat LA...I'm Warriors all the way." Well said Peter Guber
while listening to Peter Guber I couldn't help but here a little bit of... Pedro Feliz!!??
Warriors Co-Owner Peter Guber talks about the team's new arena plans in San Francisco. Video:
ICYMI: Always entertaining co-owner on The Wheelhouse on his team's new SF arena project:
Hooray!! now listen to Guber's latest interview.
Peter Guber: "I'm extremely pleased with our team and our players...we've seen improvement in every aspect of the organization"
Warriors owner Peter Guber: "We've placed a bet that we believe is going to be effective for the fans and audiences of the greater Bay Area"
Peter Guber on arena project: "We thought we had the right site...but then another opportunity came along that was even better!"
It's getting to be comical how many people spell Peter Guber as "Gruber."
"The Mission Bay Arena site is second to none! . Except for Piers 30-32, which was our first choice." - Peter Guber
Video announcement from Warriors Co-Executive Chairmen Joe Lacob and Peter Guber and Warriors President Rick Welts
Anthony D’Alessandro is an AwardsLine contributor. In the 1970s, Columbia Pictures then-president Peter Guber was given a script for a film starring Woody Allen. “I called my boss David Begelman and said, ‘There has to be a mistake,’ ” Guber recalls. “There’s not a laugh in it!” The film was The Fro...
Peter Guber talks about Failure's Role in Success -
He's just being loyal to owners. Peter Guber is part of Dodger ownership group (real reason proposed arena NOT on SFG land)
peter guber does sign his checks, but, dodgers. Lol
Watching the Tim Burton "Batman". Totally forgot Warriors co-owner Peter Guber was a producer on this movie.
Great book to read Tell To Win by Peter Guber
"The internet is an audience of one, a million times over." Peter Guber
"Heroes don't quit. The only true failure is the failure to get up. Your call to action is to keep getting up." - Peter Guber
YouTube's Success with Stories - Chad Hurley and Peter Guber. Founder and former CEO of YouTube, Chad Hurley,...
Joe Lacob and Peter Guber should get GM of the year for 2013-2014 already
Warriors gave it their all, coming back next year stronger and bigger! Thanks to Joe Lacob and Peter Guber for building such a bomb team and staff for Warriors since they've become the owners of the Warriors! With the sharpshooting of the Splash Brothers, Curry and Thompson, to the endurance of Barnes, the defense of Bogut, and even the resilience of Lee, been a great year for the Bay Area! LETS GO WARRIORS!
Gianluigi Cuccureddu SMP Peter Guber, a thought leader in storytelling wrote the book Tell to ...
Peter Guber & shake hands at DTLA. Live Talks event for book tour
Its a little early but we are excited to be attending Eventbrite's Live Talks event for John Mackey CEO of Whole Foods and Peter Guber CEO of Mandalay Entertainment!
downtown LA to hear Guber interview Mackey about Capitalism.
"Tell to Win" is full of great advice on how to tell a good story for your success. Check it out.
I got tired of seeing a Dodgers fan popping up on my timeline everyday so I finally unfollowed Peter Guber...I feel better now...
The Power to Tell As my good friend Peter Guber says, storytelling or Telling to Win helps people align with your...
Is there one way that an individual or organization can truly score in business?Stan Kasten, president and CEO of the storied Los Angeles Dodgers, a baseball franchise co-owned by the Guggenheim
Peter Guber, owner of the shared a few of his thoughts on LinkedIn Hitting A Home Run For Your Business
It is no surprise to me how well the Golden State Warriors are doing one year after Peter Guber has bought them. He is a winner - success leaves clues.
Peter Guber interviews Whole Foods CEO John Mackey on his new book Conscious Capitalism. This Friday...
"Truth is a point of view, but authenticity can’t be faked."~PETER GUBER
well, Peter Guber and Joe Lacob overpaid by a lot and only two years later... playoff bound?
Caddyshack 2 was produced by none other than Peter Guber, by the way.
this kid I'm on this trip with his dad is Peter guber
Love this! Check out Tell to Win by … nyt best selling business book re. the power of purposeful stories
The Sonics may still be a pipe dream. Regardless of what you may have read, the Maloof's are deep in conversation with the Seattle investment group looking to bring the Sonics back, and are ironing out the finer points as we speak. The sale looks to be for $525mil, but the Maloof family want to remain part owners in some small capacity (under 20%) but still have a say in how the team is run. That's a sticking point - one ultimately that will come down to "you want to still run the team, don't sell it". But before Seattle fans start fishing out their Payton jerseys, Mark Mastrov, the founder of 24-Hour Fitness who finished second to Joe Lacob and Peter Guber in bidding for the Warriors has interest in buying the Kings and keeping the franchise in Sacramento. Mastrov is currently getting ground swell support to buy the Kings and keep them in SAC. All signs still point to a Sonics return to the league, but keep an eye on this.
Legendary Hollywood producer, sports team owner and investor Peter Guber ties together his numerous ventures, explaining it's all about satisfying the needs of the audience.
Sports programming costs: The new Dodger owners -- from left, Peter Guber, Stan Kasten, Mark Walter and Earvin "Magic" Johnson, are e...
I learned I wasn’t in charge of success. I was in charge of the process that hopefully would yield more success than failure. I began to be guided by three navigational stakes: 1. My process and my diligence to execute was the best I could do. 2. My attitude and determination to remain positive and confident was a critical catalyst for my success. 3. My resiliency and ability to see failure as but a speed bump on the road to success allowed me to get back up when I was knocked down. - Excerpt from an article by Peter Guber (American film producer, executive, Chairman and CEO of Mandalay Entertainment)
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
The Golden State owners, Peter Guber and Joe Lacob, are giving away their floor seats for a game
Santa Cruz is a great city for the D-League Terrific new facilities for players. Nice work by owners Joe Lacob, Peter Guber.
This is an awesome take away from Peter Guber a fine mentor to me via UCLA/Sony-Self Interest Has To Be Your Only
maybe the owner blew me off cus i called him peter guber instead of Joe Lacob .. *** .. Lmao
Coz stupid Peter Guber, one of the new owner of the Doyers, is also owner of the Warriors. GSW is Bay Area team before all that tho
Peter Guber - of Bestseller Tell to Win: Connect Persuade & Triumph with the Hidden Power of Story
Peter Guber: Why You Need to Aim for the Red Zone in Business
Quotes of the day: 1 "You must be constantly compelling" Peter Guber 2 "Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances" 1 Thessalonians 5:15-18
Watching this story on Magic Johnson and buying the LA Dodgers. While watching I realized why Magic is so special...out of all the superstars I've grown up watching...he's the only one that seems to care about people...seriously. He convinced company's like (Peter Guber) Sony, and (Howard Schultz) to invest in communities that are never considered. Which made me think...what other athletes currently do you think would take on a responsibility like this. I can only think of ray Lewis so far. I mean I know they're out there...but I'm really amaze by magic.
Fyi fb heres what moving in numbers can do for us even thoe these guys have million it takes a few people to make that billion as a whole please read- A group spear-headed by former basketball great Earvin "Magic" Johnson agreed to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team for a record $2 billion, The acquiring group, called Guggenheim Baseball Management, has several other investors, among them Mandalay Entertainment chief executive Peter Guber, Guggenheim Partners president Todd Boehly and Bobby Patton, who operates oil and gas properties among his investments. Kasten is the former president of the Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals.
Peter Guber stick to Hollywood and Basketball, Magic Johnson stick to Basketball and Starbucks. You cannot buy chemistry, heart or passion! GO GIANTS
Happy Birthday to Jacqueline Bisset, Actress, turns 68 today September 13. She is known for her roles in the films Casino Royale (1967), Bullitt (1968), Airport (1970), The Deep (1977), Class (1983), and the TV series Nip/Tuck (2006) A scene of her swimming underwater wearing only a thin, white T-shirt and bikini bottom helped make "The Deep" (1977) a box office success, leading the producer Peter Guber to say, "That T-shirt made me a rich man".
San Francisco (AP) - The Golden State Warriors on Sunday announced the architecture team chosen to design a new sports and entertainment complex in San Francisco for the team. The team is now in the final stage of negotiating an agreement with the multi-national collaborative Snohetta and the Fortune 500 firm AECOM, officials said. Snohetta has worked on projects including the SFMOMA expansion, the redesign of Times Square in New York City, the new National Opera in Oslo and the new Museum at the World Trade Center site. AECOM has experience designing sports facilities, team officials said. "We want to build a venue that is not only innovative by today or tomorrow's standards, but that will stand the test of time and befits the importance of the location," said Peter Guber, co-executive chairman of the Warriors. "Great cities have great buildings in great locations," Guber added. "San Francisco is a great city." The Warriors, who have a lease at Oracle Arena in Oakland through 2017, announced in May that ...
Dear Los Angeles Dodgers, I know you just got swept and are pushing the panic button. Peter Guber, you sided with the dark side, I hope you build the Warriors a new billion dollar stadium on the pier in SF and it liquefactions into the bay. Oh and BTW Magic and Guber, please pay $270,000,000 for a broken Carl Crawford, a douchey washed up Josh Beckett and a not so hot Adrian Gonzalez. We welcome you to mortgage your future, especially when we have a three game lead! This isn't talking basketball with Micheal Wilbon on ESPN Magic, you have real deal enemies that despise you.
Mandalay Entertainment CEO Peter Guber is known as one of the most successful movie producers currently working, having been an integral part of "Batman," "Batman Returns," "Rain Man" and "The Color Purple." So it would follow that Guber has a finger firmly on the pulse of Hollywood, and he recently...
fans are loving this new era under Mark Walter, Stan Kasten, Peter Guber, Magic & Guggenheim Baseball Management.
Mark Walter, Magic, Peter Guber and Stan Kasten all in the house tonight for Dodgers v giants, so you know this is a big series.
Although the time of this Pic is way before I was aware of the place, nevertheless the location has special significance. It is the location of my first job in the "Biz" working for Neil Bogart & Peter Guber @ Casablanca where I assisted "gophered" during the shooting of "Thank God It's Friday". My first movie set loaded with Debra Winger, Jeff Goldblum, Donna Summer, The Commandors, etc. It was a real good time!
Guest: Michael Mann. I keep expecting Peter Guber to swing in on a vine and ask a question.
Raymond Riddler is a good man. Peter Guber is a great public speaker too. Talked with Joe Lacob, didn't believe that I'm 17.
Using a story is one of the best ways to make your facts and figures memorable, resonant, and actionable-Peter Guber
Peter Guber is coming to see Gorillas in Uganda. He made Gorillas in the mist but we can't interest UWA in this !?!
You can still win a power lunch with co owner thanks to Proceeds will benefit TR
Peter Guber on Kindle Fire kindled my interest.
Yup, this morning. Peter Guber sweeps, too. Really like what you're doing.
Did you know the Redhawks are owned by Mandalay Entertainment group? The company was founded by Peter Guber, a movie producer in Hollywood.
Ever wanted to visit the set of Modern Family or have lunch with Peter Guber? Now you have a chance:
Odds-on favorite, with Peter Guber close behind.
Win a power lunch with co-owner thanks to Enter to win, proceeds benefit TR:
you should read Tell to Win by Peter Guber. It's the best book on story telling I've read
When you decide to tell a story in a speech, you have to look at that audience as one person. — Peter Guber
OMG The Color Purple is one of my fav films!RT how video connects us from Peter Guber, producer.
Great insight about how video connects us and can uniquely capture an experience from Peter Guber, acclaimed producer.
Support a great cause & learn how to build your dream career with Dodgers co-owner and Hollywood mogul Peter Guber.
Peter Guber is among the most successful executives & entrepreneurs in the entertainment and communications industries
They should have Al Davis, Lew Wolff & Peter Guber race at the A's games.
'stay out of the monkey business' Jack Warner's wise words 4 Peter Guber
In Winning Voices, Peter Guber sits down with power players including Mark Victor Hansen, Magic Johnson, Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra to talk about the art...
Luc Robitaille was at the Dodgers game tonight as a guest of Peter Guber. Luc consoling rather than emphathizing.
Matt Kemp is much cooler than Peter Goober..err..Guber
do you have Jonathan Gottschall's The Storytelling Animal and Tell To Win by Peter Guber?
If power lunching w team co-owner Peter Guber isn't on your bucket list, what is? Sign up now, thank us later
As long as Lacob and Son are in the decision process never going to get better, and remember Peter Guber gave us Caddyshack 2
Film producer and owner of an NBA team Peter Guber has no child w/ last name Ranadive nor does Lacob smh lmfaoo
"You are in the 'problem solving' business-always. That's the way it works"...Peter Guber.
Finishing up reading this week: Tell to Win by Peter Guber and Decoding Love by Andre Trees
Co-opting a quote from Master Story Teller Peter Guber: Content Marketers are in the emotional transportation business
i don't care what anybody says. Jon peters & peter guber moved mountains in hollywood. First & foremost, if you can get anyone to sit thru a meeting where the words 'peters,' 'peter,' and 'guber' are used repeatedly and everything doesn't break down because someone can't stop giggling, you're a god among men.
Just picked back up the book Tell to Win by Peter Guber I'm loving how ppl really have success based off of how ...
RE: Good Books to Read. Tell To Win by Peter Guber. Brilliant book about telling stories and buidling business!
May be in borneo w peter guber and other rogues, but there are Banshees in the castle:
of course the stream is of Gary and Larry interviewing Peter Guber on the night of Matt Cain's perfect game.
"Stories, it turns out, are not optional. They are essential. Our need for them reflects the very nature of perceptual experience, and storytelling is embedded in the brain itself." Peter Guber
What a thrill to be back with Wayne Gretsky ,Luc Robitaille-Bruce McNall, & Peter Guber 4 the Kings victory last night!
I am waiting on something to clear, should all work out, and then I will get Peter Guber's "Tell to Win" and "Unlimited Power" and "The Ultimate Edge" package -- -- bet about 10 days if all goes well -- "yes"! "I am am taking massive action!" "I am am achieving extraordinary results!" Come on Dodgers! -- I am still reading "Awake The Giant Winthin" Love it! Love Tony Robbins. Took him to bed with me last night. Be waking up with him and bit a plug in now!
Peter Guber, CEO of Mandalay Entertainment, discusses the how and why of telling purposeful stories with University of Phoenix students. Whether it's for a job interview or to get customers, clients and patrons to agree to your point of view, telling a purposeful story is the secret sauce to your su...
'a mobile Phone is like a Swiss army knife!' ~ peter guber (Mandalay entertainment)
Great job Harvey Weinstein. I see a new career watch out Peter Guber there's a new television host in the making 😃😃😃
Bigger first question filibuster: Peter Guber or Bill Walton?
can't reply via DM, but you're prob thinking of co-owner Peter Guber.
Yes, Warriors fans - Operation Tank was a success! Now if we can just Peter Guber a new stylist.
Golden State Warriors owner is named Peter Guber. Are you kidding me?
Coincidence that owner Peter Guber looks like a goober tonight?
Golden State Warriors owner's name is Peter Guber (yes, it's pronounced "Goober").
PETER GUBER, former host of Sunday Morning Shootout, in the house for the NBA Draft Lottery!
The Warriors owner's name is Peter Guber? Is there any 2 words that fit more perfectly?
The owner of the Golden State Warriors is Peter Guber. Heheh Guber.
Peter Guber? LMAO i know he got dogged when he was in school for that name
Warriors owner name is peter guber (goober) lmao
Peter Guber looks like such a creep. lol
Peter Guber's attending? Ooh, Jazz's chances of getting that pick just went to 50-50.
Warriors GM Bob Meyers and Peter Guber are there at the draft lottery.
Golden State is owned by a guy named "Peter Guber"?
Peter Guber lol come on with that shirt man
So hears "Peter Guber" and starts laughing uncontrollably.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
For the love of God, interview Peter Guber
What is even going on with Peter Guber's shirt?
Just talked baseball with Peter Guber. Nice man with a true passion for the game.
What is happening between Jason Binn and Peter Guber
What is happening between Peter Guber and Deepak Chopra
Peter Guber and Peter Adderton will open the June 1st session at in with a keynote on The Mobile World of Entertainment.
Are u going to Peter Guber and Peter Adderton of Entertainment & Digital will open the June 1 session!
[VIDEO] Telling stories to win with Peter Guber - Tell to win book
What is happening between Peter Guber and *** costolo
Peter and Magic hosted great party to meet Dodger owner & Dodgers at Peter and Tara Guber's beautiful home
Today everyone--whether they know it or not--is in the emotional transportation business.  More and more, success is won by creating compelling stories that have the power to move partners, shareholders, customers, and employees to action.  Simply put, if you can’t tell it, you ca...
half owner of the Warriors, Peter Guber owns a small stake in the Dodgers!
What is happening between Peter Guber and Liz Claman
Dodgers enjoy dinner at co-owner Peter Guber's house. Good to see players and new ownership have a good relationship.
Beachy Cream Girls as "Dodger Girls" at new Dodger owner Peter Guber's home.   10% Off
“Beachy Cream Girls as "Dodger Girls" passing out hats at new Dodger owner Peter Gruber's home. / Guber
Spent the nite at a Dodger team party at part owner Peter Guber's house. Best party, most ridiculously beautiful house ever!
. GM on @ 4:30. He'll respond to Peter Guber's comments on contraction. via
Watch Peter Guber's presentation at the BCA Breakfast May 23, 2012 channel
Peter Guber talks to Tierney & Davis: Warriors co-owner Peter Guber went on The Drive yesterday, and the 20-minu...
I uploaded a video Peter Guber at BCA Breakfast May 2012
are you still friends with Jon Peters and Peter Guber?
Day off for Dodgers. Players and personnel will hang at part-owner Peter Guber's Bel Air pad tonight for team get-together.
Peter Guber says he tried to buy the Oakland A's via
The heart is always the first target in storytelling - Peter Guber "Tell to win"
Peter Guber and Joe Lacob are announcing plans to build an arena on Piers 30-32, near the foot of the Bay Bridge...:
What is happening between Earvin Magic Johnson and Peter Guber
So Peter guber said he was gonna buy the A's from schott and selig told him not to cause the team would contracted wow
GS Warrior's co-owner Peter Guber on right now. Radio gold...
kicks off following A's post game with Peter Guber joins us, plus, why it might be time to trade Brandon Belt.
From left, Golden State Warriors owner and CEO Joe Lacob, NBA Commissioner David Stern, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and Warriors owner Peter Guber hold up 2017 jerseys following an announcement Tuesday, May 22, 2012, in San Francisco, that the NBA basketball team wants to build a new arena on the wat...
Peter Guber (Warriors co-owner) said on local radio today there is no doubt the Warriors will be in SF in 2017: "Mark it down."
Finally got a chance to watch the Warriors SF conference and had to crack up at Peter Guber talking about "sex being fun".
NBA 3: advised me that the Warriors have a guy with the title Co-Executive Chairman & Alternate Governor. Peter Guber. Not good
Bay Area Sports Guy: Gavin Newsom and Peter Guber should hang out: I heard about the Golden State Warriors (hey,...
Owners Joe Lacob & Peter Guber discuss plans for new arena in exclusive interview on Warriors TV. WATCH:
San Francisco (AP) -- Sitting along the shore and staring at one of the world's most majestic metropolitan views, Joe Lacob leaned over to hear fellow Golden State Warriors co-owner Peter Guber whisper in his ear.
NEW BASG: Gavin Newsom and Peter Guber should hang out
Please read the book Tell to Win by Peter Guber
Warriors Commit to San Francisco: Tuesday Joe Lacob and Peter Guber were joined by NBA Commiss... Vía
The Golden State Warriors are the most pathetic sports franchise in the history of sports. After years of fan loyalty, even though the team has produced horrible management and play, the team will announce today they are moving to SF. Here is a big middle finger to Joe Lacob and that lollipop Peter Guber. I prayed for a new owner, but now I understand that saying "be careful what you wish for." The Warriors are the new Clippers. SF you can have this trash.
Peter Guber, Founder and Chairman of Mandalay Entertainment, speaks to The Power Within. If you're interested in booking Peter Guber to speak at your next ev...
Weds. night, "Sportfolio" looks ahead to the biz of the Olympics as I talk to gymnast Shawn Johnson, Citigroup Chief Brand Officer Dermot Boden and VISA CMO Antonio Lucio. Gary Player talks golf, and Peter Guber talks Dodgers ownership. Or maybe it's the other way around. Bloomberg TV 9 pm ET/PT
What is happening between Peter Guber and Jason Binn
Mark Walter lives in Chicago. Stan Kasten spent most of his adult life in Atlanta. Peter Guber is an L.A. guy. So, when Guber pitched a nostalgic idea on behalf of L.A. fans, his partners in the...
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Peter Guber, former CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment, wrote in a recent issue of the Harvard Business Review, "Critical details, data, and analytics are more effectively emotionalized and metabolized by the listener when they're embedded in a story." What is your business' story and are you telling it effectively?
Los Angeles Dodgers getfresh start! A group of investers, called Guggeheim Baseball Management, bought theteam for a record $2 billion. Yes thats right $2,000,000,000 (is that enough zeros or too many) Former owner Frank McCourt filed for bankruptcy in June 2011. A federal judge approved the deal last month, finalized on Tuesday May 2, 2012. The group includes former Los Angeles Laker "Magic" Johnson, Mark Walters chief executive officer of financial services Guggeheim Partners. Also Hollywood producer Peter Guber, Stan Kasten, former president of th Atlanta Braves, energy investor Bobby Patton and Todd Boehly president Guggeheim Partners. They will change the negative aspects that have plagued the team for years. They will return the team to the old days of respect, making the LA Dodgers a great team to watch and making it enjoyable for all involved from the players to the fans. GO DODGERS! FYI those who dont already know i used to work for a printing company that printed tickets for Dodgers GO DODGERS
Golden State Warriors co-owner Peter Guber met with Mayor Ed Lee over lunch in Los Angeles on Thursday to talk about the possibility of the NBA franchise moving back to San Francisco.
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