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Peter Griffin

Peter Löwenbräu Griffin is a fictional character of the animated comedy series Family Guy.

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Not to sound like Peter Griffin but. you know what really…
You think there's anyone out there who got plastic surgery to look like peter griffin.
dreamed that, to stop from going under, soundcloud assigned mandatory new names to accounts unless they paid. mine was Rave…
Whoever started humming with the song @ 0:11 sounds like Peter Griffin 💀
Lois and Peter Griffin. Ralph and Alice Kramden. George and Louise Jefferson. Han and Leia.
"Patrick Star grew up to be Peter Griffin" -
Nice and you gotta be like peter griffin and put a no girls allowed sign on it lol
There has to be a way to mention Peter Griffin with the GREATS! Lol he a TV LEGEND!!
Lmao the homie really named his dog Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin in my skin everybody breathe him in
CLICK THIS to see my little new logo Peter Griffin x The Simpsons
Roman vs Braun reminds me of Peter Griffin vs The Chicken
Trump is Peter Griffin, Frank Drebbin and Mr. Bean all rolled up into one
And the feud has being going on for a year... it's like Peter Griffin and the chicken
No one knows how to work a crowd like Peter Griffin does. Watch full episodes of now:
A lot of my posts lately are like Peter Griffin's 'You Knows What Really Grinds My Gears?'
Great Balls of Fire brought to you by Rocket League? What do we see next, Peter Griffin's chin?
[Gates of Heaven]. Me: I'm *so* sorry I wasted my life on fart jokes & arcane pop-culture references. St. Peter Griffin(smil…
a Peter Griffin Badger message for Tara..Enjoy! You are a huge influence on my continued effort to get…
OH okay thank you, I was kinda confused, I can do Ted's/Peter Griffin's voice and I'm like wait..I…
Which Griffin is up next for the Knicks, Peter, Stewie or Brian?
Also did you know Seth MacFarlane is the Famil guy creator and voices Peter Griffin, Stewie, Brian Griffin
If the whole country could idolize Randy Marsh or Peter Griffin the way they do the Kardashians, we may make it as a species.
"David Griffin, Robert Griffin, Peter Griffin, gryffindor house, don't matter I'm opting out in 2018"
David Griffin, Peter Griffin, Hippogriffin I don’t give a f*** just get me Jimmy Butler
Charlie Hoffman's new putting stance is Peter Griffin-esque.
Just realized that Shamless is a modern day Family Guy. Frank is obviously Peter Griffin, Carl is Stewie, and we all know that Deb=Meg.
Watch my humiliating clip of me copying Peter Griffin doing My Milkshakes. would like a lot of people t…
I still expect Trump to pull a Peter Griffin in Saudi Arabia.
Eric about to look like Peter Griffin this memorial day
I ain't Peter Griffin iont got beef with you chickens.
I'm like peter griffin I like to act funny.
Like when Peter Griffin thought he was Italian?
Frankie frank sounds like Peter griffin from Family Guy its hilarious
Drinking more beer then peter griffin and his pops this weekend
Peter griffin said something that was funny in the situation on that episode, but relevant to my life. "Hey, I'm still learning.."
Replace "Girls" with "Colin Kaepernick" and replace Peter Griffin with Roger Goodell
I know how you feel - I felt like doing a Peter Griffin 😂
Illegitimate son of peter griffin spotes in antiques road trip
I got my nails done and they are so long that I legit feel like Peter Griffin
my wedding song gonna be Surfin Bird, but the Peter Griffin version.
30 yrs is tough cheese under any circumstances but I suspect resembling Peter Griffin won't make t…
This cartoon character is the perfect representation of .
I want that Lois and Peter Griffin love
Peter Griffin: those...those are balls.
Peter griffin & the chicken did it better idc idc.
you: i just read this really interesting journal article on marxism-leninism. me: I am literally Peter Griffin
I prefer to think that Peter Griffin has taken control of the White House.
The same episode of Family Guy is on but there are no cutaway jokes and the only dialogue is peter griffin laughing
That time did a Peter Griffin impersonation...
I don't trust cats because they can fight like Peter Griffin and the chicken and not die.
I only heard on the radio but Tedesco's game sounded a lot like Peter Griffin playing for the London Sillynannies.
Just realised my dad laughs like Peter Griffin
In the words of the great Peter Griffin: "I'm not sure I understood any of that..."
I'm guessing and Peter Griffin are related then.
Have to wash my beard everytime I have food cos food gets stuck in it, if I'm not careful I'll end up like peter gr…
"This sounds like the kind of problem that will go away by itself if ignored" - Peter Griffin
Alter Ego: . Peter Griffin w/ a smidge of Quagmire. Sprinkle some Rodger from American Dad then boom! 😂
Peter griffin the worst kinda human bro
A *** man never got to marry his loving partner of 50 years - Australia, do better
"I also listen to the teachings of the Peter Griffin Church of The Fonz..."
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Among the many great things he's done in first 100. Wait till you see second 100 MM aka Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin: Any problem caused by a tank can be solved by a tank.
the fact that Peter Griffin and the giant chicken are beefing over who paid for dinner is hilarious
iPromise you the angel and devil on my shoulders fight like Peter Griffin and the chicken.
I added a video to a playlist Family Guy - Peter Griffin Mattress Shopping
Nah this dude was basically doing Peter Griffin cosplay including the worst speaking voice I've ever heard.
I thought it was Peter Griffin's helmet.
BREAKING NEWS: At the age of 61, Peter Griffin woke up peacefully in his home in Quohog this morning.
Who knew Peter Griffin was a Star Wars fan.
Watching the Star Wars live stream and there-s an actual guy on stage who is Peter Griffin dressed as Han Solo. Like for real
I'ma put a dent in her chin like Peter Griffin
First Reported Here: Peter Griffin can't stop dancing to Surfin' Bird at the Nifty Fifty Diner.
This is australia it's life at the speed of peter griffin...
aye cause there's loads of u13 discos in maga? And even if there was you'd be right behind me Peter Griffin
Bro... Let me stop you right there! Be specific, the star should be for Peter Griffin or Stewie Gr…
okay but where's the Moon but with Peter Griffin's face
I've only just got into it. But is just hilarious. Peter griffin 👏👏
I guess we can all thank peter griffin for starting the dad bod trend
(Just for you people to know, I am a faithful fan of Peter Griffin, so that means What Would Peter Do.)
I wish Peter Griffin was real so I could be his friend.
app to you good sir..Peter Griffin Badger voiced by me..enjoy
"Sometimes the things you love can disappoint you" Peter Griffin
I can always count on Peter Griffin for a laugh. Even if seen it 10 times
*OJ Simpson walks up to Peter*. "Hey you Peter Griffin?". "That's my name don't put a knife in it"
Trump out here doin stuff that Peter Griffin would do if he was president.
Then Peter Griffin has now officially begun ruining another state's dignity
Strive to have a friendship group like peter griffin
"I'm not the smartest man in the world but I can always look back on my life and say, 'I went for it,'" -Peter Griffin
"Fresh air is bad for a kid, Lois. Look at Michael J. Fox.". - Peter Griffin
I liked a video Peter Griffin Insults a Pie
|| LOL any time I see the word sideboob I think of Peter Griffin's sideboob hour XD
That's the one I use to access the eshop. It's Peter Griffin mii by the way
Pat Kane's celly broken down by Peter Griffin
My Uber driver this morning looks like both Peter Griffin & Archie Bunker with a sprinkle of Michael Moore . laughing silently
Chris Farley would've played a great Peter Griffin for a live action Family Guy show
*** ? this chicken gotta be lookin for Peter Griffin
Bro *** ? this dude gotta be lookin for Peter Griffin
this the chicken that be fighting Peter Griffin from Family Guy
Bro *** This chicken gotta be looking for Peter Griffin
*** someone get Peter Griffin on the phone immediately to handle this
Peter Griffin's dog before Brian Griffin was named Todd Griffin😂
More importantly why am I paying for Dale Gribble & Peter Griffin to vacation in Florida?
Simon Cowell is looking more and more like Peter Griffin everyday
Blake Griffin has the hops of Peter Griffin now...
Peter Griffin is literally the president now. .
And so begins the presidency of Ralph Kramden, Fred Flintstone, Archie Bunker, Peter Griffin, Homer Simpson, Spongebob and Jabba the Hutt
Peter Griffin to Brian the dog: "That's what stupid people say, 'What? You think you're better than me?'"
Stick Man: Well, I can't do sex, but I can give you a stick job. Peter Griffin: That, uh, sounds... . Stick Man: Yes, it is…
Peter Griffin warns Donald Trump is gonna get us killed in blistering attack on President-elect…
Rihanna wearing a shirt of Peter Griffin dressed as her 😂
What is wrong with the world? I am like Fat Tony trying to unsee the image of Homer and Peter Griffin's car wash.
Rihanna wearing a shirt of Family Guy's Peter Griffin dressed as her 😂
Seth who do u think Peter Griffin would vote for. Please say Adam West, please say Adam West
Greg jst went lit tht infront of the taxi driver ' does he no look like Peter Griffin ' 😂
I feel like Peter Griffin while Toby is Lois, he loves me despite my many, many faults
just had a wee in a pub urinal where a TV game follows your aim and you score points by weeing on a swinging Peter Griffin disturbing indeed
The future is here! Cancelling my search for a stupid gym membership. Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin and Hank Hill were all pioneers!
She would be saying that if it was Peter Griffin let alone Lois griffin and we all know how that turned out.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) HA!
I liked the bird more when she just danced to Peter Griffin.
Cj did not call Ms.Ratliff Peter Griffin on sc omg 😂😂😂
Last time I had it, my facial expression was like Peter griffin when he first tried red bull.
So it was brought to my attention that my little video/gif of peter griffin sniping hillary got yanked! No...
"If you poop in your dreams you poop for real" . - Peter Griffin .
Sweet couple names? Naw...this boy insists on the weirdest names...recently "Buttscratcher"..inspired by Peter Grif…
1. Here’s what is doing with , and why: Please read.
Why Family Guy's Peter Griffin is exposing his man boob in North...
Family Guy Peter Griffin Dressed up as Kiss Christmas Tree Ornament new holiday
This sound like somethin Peter Griffin would do
Awkward moment.? I'll give you an awkward moment .. ''one time during sex I called lois Frank , your move Sherlock '' - Peter Griffin
Peter griffin is real and he drives the 7:50 41x
In the first Mass Effect, whenever Shepard dies he sways around in slow-mo like a pole-dancing version of…
Wait . He hit that window with a Peter griffin road house kick
"And thus began the 1000 year war between the avians & the insects" -Peter Griffin 😂😂
Ok Peter Griffin we all knows the locks are inside the car
Peter Griffin the funniest guy on tv lol
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
When Peter Griffin says he'll do anything for $10
I guess Peter Griffin will keep me company while I cook ☹️️
just don't steal my identity like you did Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin 2016. A chicken in every pot and a cap in every ***
I'm here, I'm *** but don't get used to it cuz I'm leaving you.~Peter Griffin.
Who let Peter Griffin go to the 6ers game?
I have the "ding fries are done" song by Peter griffin stuck in my head.
I added a video to a playlist Peter Griffin on Drugs
We all wouldve known who Peter Griffin was even if you didnt say "from Family Guy"
I just noticed that Peter Griffin wears women's shirts since they button on the left
Didn't know Peter Griffin was a Sixers fan.
Pitching a no hitter robs ur scouts of a valuable opportunty to study ur opponents baserunning tendencys. Arrietas robbin…
I gotta stop saying things like that, there's a reason J has been growing his beard "bushier". It looks like when Peter Griffin has a beard
Anybody else think that lump is the spitting image of Peter Griffin?
That's the equivalent of Homer Simpson fighting Peter Griffin.
I want Schilling to do a Family Guy guest spot just so Peter Griffin goes "remember that time you ripped off RI for millions"
Fun fact of the day: anytime you see Peter Griffin on South Park, his voice is done by Jimmy Kimmel's brother. 👍🏼
Apparently, Peter Griffin was in the same elevator as JAY Z, Beyoncé & Solange:
"Will this Keep us safe?"-Glen Quagmire "Idk, I only recently started believing in ghosts."-Peter Griffin.
For Bill Belichick's next trick, he's going to beat the Buffalo Bills with cartoon character Peter Griffin under center.…
Yasiel Puig and Madison Bumgarner are like Peter Griffin and the chicken. They're gonna fight randomly forever for no r…
There's a guy named Eric in my healthy living class and science class and he looks like Peter Griffin
Khloe Kardashian looks like Peter Griffin when he was trying to fit into Stewie onesie
Tony Romo wants to be Peter Griffin so badly..
where does Peter Griffin's SideBoob show up? Not clicking that link...
you can't say anything with your Mulhouse Van Houten, Hank Hill, and Peter Griffin lookin ***
Ive never related to Peter Griffin so much
Peter Griffin aka as Ross Hussey is a single man. Get over it. We all do things we regret .Moralists should look to their own morals.
Brian Windhorst is a real life Peter Griffin
is Lois and Brian is Peter Griffin. I can't even... 😹😹😹
Trump says "LGBTQ" like Peter Griffin picking letters on Wheel of Fortune. "Z, 4, Q, another Q... a third Q... and the Batman symbol."
check out Peter Griffin on dolphin Pillow Talk edition! You'll laugh your Friggen off, Seth!!
Yvette Cooper. I didn't know you were married to Peter Griffin.
These meetings are getting dumber and dumber. Is Ted gonna be there too? Peter Griffin?
Jim Chanos looks like Peter Griffin had aggressive sex with a tomato. & merger is inevitable.
Some guy started his user review with "Peter Griffin of the Family Guy said it best". My eyes are bleeding after reading these
Might pull a Peter Griffin now and make my own country and be apart of the EU.
See, Meg, things always work out if you just do whatever you want without thinking about the consequences. -Peter Griffin
"Sorry Meg. Daddy loves ya', but Daddy also loves Star Trek, and in all fairness, Star Trek was here first.". ~Peter Griffin
Are we ever going to talk about the fact Peter Griffin isn't Meg's dad ?? Or will that just be a plot hole forever??
Bad Patrick Star, Allen Gregory, Sanjay and Craig, the whole cast of Breadwinners, Peter Griffin, Stan Smith, etc.
*** fatter than Peter Griffin and the head bigger than STEWIE
Just saw an interview with moron at large Michael Moore, got confused I thought I was watching Family Guy, he sure looks like Peter Griffin
Dont know who's more stupid, Peter Griffin or Steve from Brickle Berry
get your news from other then Peter Griffin...Rick perry lol...racist losers
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Protestant Reformation, Boston Tea Party, Black Lives Matter—all human nature at its lowest. Thanks, Peter Griffin.
"Doesn't matter if your black or white, the only color that matters is green." -Peter Griffin
it upsets me that Stan marsh got no votes but I'm happy Kyle Broflovski won. PS Herbert the Pervert is better than Peter Griffin
" that time Peter Griffin was a real person and he turned up in Central Park..."
Meta. Like Liz Lemon saying “WNBC news anchors are so weird” or Ryan Seacrest being grossed out by Peter Griffin
Little do you know, Mr. Galvin is Chris Farley and Mr. magno retired to take over the role of Peter Griffin on FamilyGuy
packs on packs tryna get that missing, got green all over my pants like Peter Griffin, turning O's to P's that's my ambition.
"Busted" leaves too much room for translation errors, and I've already enlisted Peter Griffin's assistance.
somehow Peter Griffin's band name just came to mind. lmao. (Fat, Horny, Black and Joe)
don't ever shoot my body again Peter Griffin
Your dad looks like Peter Griffin in your avi Lmao
"Donald Trump is basically a cross between Peter Griffin from Family Guy and Ronald McDonald" - Marina Diamandis
General Discussion • punishment essay: Peter Griffin from Gilbert was looking for punishment essay ...
thanks Peter Griffin! I'm waiting for my present when I get back if u know what I mean🙂😂🚗
"Time to put the Might Mouse in the White House Meg."-Peter Griffin
"Hey, Lois! Look, the two symbols of the Republican Party: an elephant and a big fat White guy who's threatened by change" - Peter Griffin 😂
"You're a bigger buzzkill than Buzz Killington."- Peter Griffin; Family Guy
thank you, Peter Griffin avatar man
Homer Simpson vs Peter Griffin have a better fight scene than the whole of Iron Man 2.
Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin. . Possibly the best thing I've ever seen. .
I liked a video Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin are a greater team than the Air Force
Homer Simpson is in quite good shape compared to Peter Griffin
Forget about Batman v Superman, the greatest gladiator match in history is about to take place on Peter Griffin vs Homer Simpson!
A Camel That Sounds Like Peter Griffin! I always find stuff like this
I canny scroll past that video of Peter Griffin jumping about on a dolphin, 10/10 A+
I liked better when he was Peter Griffin on
Clippers offered Blake Griffin & Lance Stephenson to the Nuggets for Faried, Gallinari, Will Barton & Nikola Jokic. Den…
Knowledge is the ultimate aphrodisiac - Peter Griffin
The reason you seal a presidents college records is because he was touted as the smartest ever but really on par w/Peter Griffin's intellect
if Peter griffin exist... He must be smarter
Website Builder 728x90
he's really more Peter Griffin than the Hank Hill you've created.
Fell on my *** this morning and sat there like Peter griffin for a good 10 min
I liked a video The Birth of Retep - Peter Griffin's Evil Version
traber looks like Peter griffin on meth
Peter Griffin farts into Cleveland's phone to Shazam it and the result is Lana Del Rey💔😨. why you do this bro 😩😂
So every time Pillowtalk comes on, Peter Griffin and that dolphin will go with it.
Pillow Talk is ten times better now that I've seen the Peter Griffin clip
I seriously can't deal with the Peter Griffin Pillow Talk video 😂😂
I can't listen to Pillowtalk anymore without picturing Peter Griffin 😂😂
I can't listen to pillowtalk without thinking about peter griffin
I cant listen to Pillow Talk without seeing Peter Griffin on the dolphin now.
Every time I hear Pillowtalk by Zayn, the Peter Griffin video pops up in my head😂
this new guy looks like Peter Griffin from Family Guy. He defo plays Warcraft and bashes at home.
Last night I fell asleep to the sweet, soothing voice of Peter Griffin
Seth MacFarlane, creator of "Family Guy," has claimed that the basis for Peter Griffin was a security guard he knew while at…
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
The Simpsons VS. Family Guy: Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin? - I prefer Homer. The original is always the best in my opi…
Chris Martin of Coldplay is on Peter Griffin's list of hated celebrities 4 times, Super Bowl should have went off that and not had them play
. Peter Griffin trumps Buddy Hackett on this one!
They're putting Mike Tyson in the UFC game. They put Arnold Shwarzenegger in WWE2k16. Might as well Peter Griffin in Mortal Kombat
Bruce Lee whoopin Chuck Norris or Peter Griffin vs. the chicken or white people who just said *** in public
I drew Peter Griffin what did you do with your day?
the group chat said I went from baby Peter Griffin to Steve Smith smh . I've never been so accurately disrespected
Peter Griffin for the genius award.
Lois: There is no talking penguin in Peter: There is in "Peter Griffin presents The King And I."
I'm narrowed it down to 3...Marge Simpson, Peter Griffin and the long time constant Mickey Mouse...
Why has Peter Griffin got only got four fingers ?
Johnny can laugh like Peter Griffin from Family Guy and it's so spot on its creepy 😂
"Holy crip, he's a crapple!" -Peter Griffin, referring to Joe Swanson 😂
'I brought these gifts for you, they are up in my bum'.-Peter Griffin
So the Republicans are Peter Griffin and the Democrats are Lois.
Peter Griffin & Glenn Quagmire - Have you ever put butter on a pop tart.
Peter Griffin: "Ok Lois, I dabbed some toothpaste on the inside of my nose, so I'm willing to take the old 'nesty plunge'". Wonderful.
In my best Peter Griffin voice..."OMG Lois if you wear this dress I'm gonna lose it!!
I'd sacrifice myself for Peter Griffin. But never Meg ha ha 😂
did anyone else read the 2nd answer in a Peter Griffin voice? Shut up Meg
"Megan, aka Megatron "Meg" Griffin is the oldest child of Lois and Peter Griffin"
Ted you capture Peter Griffin's looks, is there going to be a Ted 3?!
Not 100% on this but I am p sure I've just seen a guy wearing a Bob Marley shirt but with Peter Griffin's face instead and oh ffs WHY
So glad I just found out Peter Griffin is a Bob Seger fan
They are playing Rock Lobster in this store n Peter Griffin likes this song so my soul is happy 😁
Peter Griffin voicing Chewbacca is a thing of weird beauty:
Anyone else think food critic Charles Campion looks like Peter Griffin?
In fairness, Peter Griffin giggling does sound better!
MUST WATCH! What if Chewie was voiced by Peter Griffin? 😂😂😂 .
My *** like crack so yeah I'm dealing . She gotta love him, Peter Griffin . Nut on the front of her head like i’m Eddie Griffin
Charles Campion off Master Chef the live action Peter Griffin
Charles Campion bears an unfortunate resemblance to Peter Griffin
I see Peter Griffin is a critic on oh no, it's Charles Campion.
Brian Reagan looks like a mix of Jim Carrey and Will Ferrell with the voice of Peter Griffin
If is in Stan Smith group at the , is in Peter Griffin group?
Here's a camel that laughs like Peter Griffin
Mind that episode of Family Guy when Peter Griffin rediscovers "Surfin' Bird"? Yes? That's me with Camera Obscura's "French Navy".
Here's a Camel that laughs like Peter Griffin.
and is Drew Carey the real life Peter Griffin look a like who had a TV show years ago?
No wonder why Peter Griffin hated James Woods. He's not feeling the Bern.
I do it for the family like Peter Griffin but we got no Meg.
Peter Griffin and his dog, from the Family Guy TV Show in vector format.
I can so far do, Peter Griffin, Mr. Burns,Hank Hill, Bill Clinton, Joe Swason, the movie trailer voice etc. etc. etc.
I liked a video from Peter Griffin & Stewie ARGUE on COD GHOSTS! - (Family Guy
Seth MacFarlane sings Cyndi Lauper as Stewie and Peter Griffin via /r/ funny
Order Miche Bag Online!
Whenever I hear Carol of the Bells all I can think of is Peter Griffin working at Burger King
Alex going after the first pitch in that situation = Peter Griffin going for the mystery box over the boat
Has it yet been explained why Steve Smith has the facial features of Lois and Peter Griffin and not Stan and Francine Smith?
Peter Griffin and Joe Swanson are possibly the dumbest people...ever created. Fact AND Fiction
I put pics of Bob Duncan, Kanye, David Beckham, Peter Griffin, Mufasa, & Billy Ray Cyrus on my shirt for the holiday theme bc Father's Day
Joe Swanson and Peter Griffin by Sadielito. I don't know where he got it…
Great show guys. Lots of memories there. 1 question: When did Mike morph into Peter Griffin?
Its like watching Peter Griffin recite Shakespear, only worse.
I read a lot things on here and I'll just do the Peter Griffin laugh
Len Goodman just legitimately read out a request from 'Peter Griffin' from Dartford.
FYI, I can do a pretty *** good Christopher Walken, Peter Griffin, Stewie Griffin, and Joe Swanson impression
Photo: classicmeevs: smelku: "I'm just so sorry.." -Peter Griffin im just so friggin sorry lois
Anyone else as excited about Halloween as I am? Lois and Peter Griffin was a good year. Stayed in…
"Wow! You're like the Arnold Palmer of golf!" ~ Peter Griffin
"Lois, everybody has their sanctuary. Catholics have churches, fat people have Wisconsin...". -Peter Griffin
you look like a combination of Peter Griffin and Susan Boyle
Peter Griffin bangin Lois's box like a champ!
Maybe it's just me but if you're a woman & you look like Peter Griffin maybe at least grow the evil brother Thaddeus's mustache.
You need to add your sketch artist to the losers column. Terrible. Cruz looks like Peter Griffin. Carly isnt even close.
On a "suave scale" whose poles are Peter Griffin and Indiana Jones, I would rate myself as Sassy the cat from Homeward Bo…
I legit needed this in my life right now. . *insert Peter Griffin laugh here*.
I can't believe Kardo is jealous of Peter Griffin
I liked a video from Peter Griffin TROLLING in GTA 5
In the word's of Family Guy's Peter Griffin, time to hit the ole dusty trail...
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