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Peter Frampton

Peter Kenneth Frampton (born 22 April 1950) is an English born naturalized American musician, singer, songwriter, producer, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist.

Frampton Comes Alive Cheap Trick Humble Pie David Bowie Ringo Starr Steve Miller Band Steve Marriott Show Me Gregg Allman Joe Walsh Lonely Hearts Club Band George Harrison Keith Urban Fleetwood Mac Vince Gill Alice Cooper Tracy Jordan

Clinton's testimony was plausible. Serial offenders are less likely to remember details of each offense…
LOVE THIS - 30 years ago David Bowie and Peter Frampton go looking for a beer in Madrid.
Listen, I know we all love Peter Frampton and his talking guitar thing. I just wish he would stop using it to const…
PHOTO: Peter Frampton, Alice Cooper, and John Paul Jones at the launch of the Adoration Trilogy photography project…
The great discusses the famous Phenix that rose from the ashes of a South American plane accident. https:/…
Here’s a song for you… Show Me The Way by Peter Frampton.
Road To The Sun by Peter Frampton. on part of the Collective Radio Network.
*Do You Feel Like We Do comes on shuffle*. Me: Lexi, do you like Peter Frampton?. Lexi: No, mummy. She must LOVE Peter Frampton.
I added a video to a playlist David Bowie & Peter Frampton Search for Beer in Madrid | MTV News
Listening to Peter Frampton Comes Alive like I'm one of the cool kids
That’s like saying the Peter Frampton “Comes Alive” will forever be the best selling 8-Track of all time.
"...once upon a time I loved him." Graded on a Curve: Peter Frampton, Frampton Comes Alive!
*** it. I should have said Peter Frampton (but I’m serious about the Quincy Jones record)
I always feel like Peter Frampton when I brush my teeth with an electric toothbrush.
Clapton shreds on while my guitar gently weeps. Besides that, anything by Joe Satriani or Peter Frampton
Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un surpasses Peter Frampton and Igor Stravinsky as leading "teen idol" among celebrity-crazed wester…
Congrats to Eric Bunce! Just picked up 3rd row to Steve Miller Band/Peter Frampton at Red Rocks. 2nd row tickets coming up at 5!. ~Dan
Tickets are slipping away! Get tickets for Steve Miller Band & Peter Frampton concert before they are sold out!
Whether with George Harrison, Peter Frampton, or the original, with Beatles, it's always good to hear and share. -
We saw Peter Frampton, backing up David Bowie in Veterans Stadium in Philly many years ago. We wer…
Going to see Steve Miller Band and Peter Frampton at the Mann Centre tonight. It's a small venue Should be enjoyable 9th row.
[Peter Frampton confronts the spider that scared Little Miss Muffet]. hey buddy you're not going anywhere i want you to Show Me the whey
What drugs was Eddie Money on? Tommy Shaw is a precious bean. Peter Frampton is that frat guy that got a lucky break. I want a mullet.
it's a still from the movie 'Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band', Peter Frampton played Billy Shears, Bee Gees played the Band.
A nice homeless man said i looked like peter frampton, it made my day
Cher, Cameron Crowe, Peter Frampton and others pay tribute to Gregg Allman in the wake of his death
Saw him perform with Peter Frampton last summer. He was not looking well. Grateful to have seen him in concert. RIP…
Peter Frampton "Show Me the Way" on Guitar Center Sessions on DIRECTV vía
I just entered to win tickets to Steve Miller & Peter Frampton at Foxwoods Resort Casino from
He'll be back there on June 24th with Peter Frampton 👍
Peter normally says it as it is. Wouldn't be the first time . Frampton vs quigg was awful biased
Sorry to see the news about Gregg Allman. Got a chance to see him open for Peter Frampton last summer at Riverbend…
Also sad about Gregg's passing,without being glib I would like to say there is a silver lining, I had no idea Peter…
Sad! Legend. Took my Dad to see him last summer along with Peter Frampton for Father's Day.
I was until I saw Steve Miller Band and Peter Frampton were playing at cmac. I think it's the same week or even same day
Join me at 4 on Radio Caroline new music from Picnic Tool,Two Five, & featured artist, Peter Frampton
Lyrics for Dead Can Dance are correct, but wrongly credited to Peter Frampton. It should be Brenda…
I added a video to a playlist Peter Frampton - Lines on My Face
Supertramp, Peter Frampton, and anything featuring the vocals of Phil Collins, Joe Cocker, or Roge…
I really only need friends so I can have someone go with me to see Steve Miller Band and Peter Frampton this summer
Tom Petty, Aesop Rock, Toto, Peter Frampton, and last but not least... P!nk . OH. EM. GE
Rick asks Peter Frampton about the passing of Chuck Berry. As well don't forget Frampton is coming with The Steve...
Joe Walsh and Peter Frampton have also stopped by Ringo's recording sessions recently...
Making Fort Wayne History. Will you sign it when you are here? Peter Frampton, Steve Lukather, Brad Gillis, Keri Ke…
Peter Frampton 1976 Comes Alive I wanna go to the sun via
Listening to Jumping Jack Flash (Live In The United States/1976) by Peter Frampton, on the album: Frampton Comes Alive!
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Photo of Humble Pie ( from left to right it's Steve Marriott , Peter Frampton ,Greg Ridley ,Jerry…
Steve Miller Band with Peter Frampton live at Germain Arena on Saturday, July 15!
Steve Miller Band with Peter Frampton at Germain Arena in Jul 15, 2017 – presale code
I don't what tune this is but I've kinda made Peter Frampton work? Also one of the Muppet Christmas Carol tunes.
Our man . Some Christmas choir that from 1968 ! Andy Fairweather-Low, Peter Frampton, Francis Rossi,…
Peter Frampton - I'm In You - 1977. Recorded at Electric Lady studios in NYC that Jimi Hendrix built in 1970. Nice…
"If you're just joining us, Tracy Jordan is giving guitar icon Peter Frampton enigmatic clues about a secret treasure"
Do you feel like we do. Peter Frampton - Frampton Comes Alive.
Peter Frampton getting good reviews of his current tour.
1995 - Peter Frampton released the follow-up to his record-setting live album released 19 years earlier. Its title: Frampton Comes Alive II.
- I am going to see Peter Frampton do an acoustic set this Wednesday! I cannot wait! So excited. Check out his acoustic stuff!
Amazing- I grew up/still love David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Peter Frampton-Etc.
How to make you're guitar sing. Peter Frampton "Blackhole Sun" - YouTube
"And just for the record, Peter Frampton stole MY look, not visa versa."
They're playing Peter Frampton in the Meier store, day made 😊now it's the Rembrandts --I miss my cds that my ex is holding hostage ☹️
Pete Drake in studio with geroge harrison Ringo Starr and peter frampton... via
Yeah, you can tell I'm a child of the 70's 😎 🎧 I'll Give You Money - Peter Frampton
Another hit from the early 70's Peter Frampton - Lines On My Face on
I just a commercial that had a really horrendous cover of "Show Me The Way" by Peter Frampton.
You can't erase a dream, you can only wake me up. -- Peter Frampton
No clue. Maybe because none of the Gobots sound like a cross between Dr. Claw and Peter Frampton's talking guitar?
Might have to check with Peter Frampton on that.
Sometimes I remember Peter Frampton playing Black Hole Sun and all is right.
The talking guitar was a big success for Peter Frampton and I hope he still uses it everywhere he goes. "I have a prescription to pick up."
Listening to Baby, I Love Your Way by Peter Frampton, on my Echo!
"Hey, Peter Frampton, do you like gumbo, too?"
A capella group that usually sings Motown songs at the Lake red line stop is singing Peter Frampton "Show Me the Way"
when I'm finished listening to Peter Frampton's "Do You Feel Like I do?" :P
Getting Paul McCartney and Peter Frampton as features on your album? That's quite an achievement
Say hi to Peter Frampton and Scott Baio for me.
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Hey Erich, you could get this one from Music Zoo for $5299.
I might go to at The Plaza Live in Orlando, FL - Oct 4
Peter frampton is playing in Cincinnati tomorrow..sigh 😔
Playing : It's a Plain Shame by Peter Frampton @ - Buy it
Please get out of me, Peter Frampton
Just the solo. Bit Charlie Parker. I grew up on Wishbone Ash & Peter Frampton.
Imagine trying to describe Peter Frampton's talk box to your kid's kids
What a great day! We are celebrating 'Allman Brothers' and 'Peter Frampton' at 'Interlochen' tonight, by...
Check out Summer Concert Series Peter Frampton Ticket Giveaway from WANE-TV - I just entered here!
🎤 WIN tickets to see The Legenday Peter Frampton from
You could win 2 tix to the Peter Frampton Raw, Acoustic Tour on October 4th:
We're excited for at Win tickets now!
I'm going to at Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre in Charlotte, NC - Jul 26
June 14th: On this Day. 1975 , Peter Frampton's concert at the Marin Civic Center in San Rafael is recorded. This...
I got to track the Funk Brothers with Peter Frampton!.
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Rock Song of the Day. By George Harrison/Beatles. Awesome version by Peter Frampton. "While My Guitar Gently Weeps".
How cool would it have been to be at NPR that day? Take a listen to Peter Frampton! LIVE!
Peter Frampton welcomes guests to Mayor Barry's address with "Show Me the Way"
Peter Frampton opens Mayor Barry's state of metro
Bizarre: new Uncle Ben's rice ad's backing music is Peter Frampton's 'I want you, to Show Me the way'. Hope he gets a royalty +
Happy Birthday to actors and singers Jack Nicholson, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Glen Campbell, and Peter Frampton.
now playing Show Me The Way of Peter Frampton of 500 + Kiss FM 102,1 ...Rock 1975 -=(kuesty mp3)=-
Peter Frampton. Backed by Keith Urban and Vince Gill. What else do you need?? All For The Hall.…
A tribute to the Hag from Keith Urban, Vince Gill, Luke Bryan, Maren Morris, Peter Frampton,…
Peter Frampton is eight years older than Thurston Moore.
Peter Frampton, ZZ Top, Jason Isbell and Marshall Tucker Band will hit the road this summer for Gregg Allmans Laid Back Festival
Tune in now with The Greek to win Peter Frampton & Gregg Allman tickets before you can even buy em!!!
You can fish off the pier at McNears and Paradise Beaches on San Pablo Bay listen to the Doobie Brothers & Pablo Cruise and Peter Frampton
Hey Q Fans! We've got great tunes coming up by Peter Frampton, the Brothers Johnson, Bruce Springsteen and more!
Peter Frampton pretending to play guitar too.
The flop of the film Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band damaged a lot of careers, especially director Michael Schultz and Peter Frampton.
Sitting in St Louis airport waiting to go home via Atlanta. Last hour has been greatly improved by the Peter Frampton playing next door!
Thanks to Jimmy Zisson for this link of Peter Frampton live on Howard Stern. Interview plus music.
Premier Guitar Rig Rundown with Peter Frampton: . " The Foxx pedal delivers 15 Seconds of Glorious Tone- like that...
Do You feel like we do Peter Frampton! Speelde samen met Steve Marriott in Humble Pie en is een super klassieker! Justdoit!
get for Peter Frampton in on saturday, mar 12
So apparently Peter Frampton, Mark Knopfler, and a slew of other great guitarists have played…
22 short stories or Lollapalooza with Peter Frampton
Peter frampton does black hole sun amazingly
makes me think of Peter Frampton's Pig lol x
.will play All 4 The Hall on 4/12 with Keith Urban, Vince Gill, Emmylou Harris, Peter Frampton & more.
Playing on the Rock Legends Cruise this week with Peter Frampton Greg 20 classic bands stay tuned 4 photos and vids https…
agreed- difficult to stake one over the other, especially with Peter Frampton still on the loose. Just paying my respects yknow
It will be good to see Peter Frampton again... :)
Too much to be honest..I remember when Frampton lost his and had it returned years later -
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tThat time Peter Frampton and had really big hair
I thought eric clampton and peter frampton were the same person
Oh baby I love your way I wanna be with you night an day Peter Frampton - Baby I Love Your Way (Live Acoustic Cover)
"Those lucky enough to catch the show in that pre-VCR era saw and heard a side of Peter Frampton that had been...
CELEBRATE the 40th anniversary of the release of Peter Frampton's double live album, 'Frampton Comes Alive'
Still the best live album ever Peter Frampton “Comes Alive” 40th Anniversary
Peter Frampton profiled from Humble Pie to Frampton Comes Alive!. The album celebrates its 40th anniversary this...
Peter Frampton's 'Frampton Comes Alive' was released 40 years ago today
Tonight is gonna make you feel like Peter Frampton does, with side 4 of “Frampton Comes Alive” on The Sound’s Album Side at 11.
Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr from The Beatles will tour with Peter Frampton and David Bowie..
Now playing: Thank You Mr Churchill by Peter Frampton listen at - Buy it
Woke up this morning with a wine glass in my hand Red wine White wine where the *** did I dine? Peter Frampton
aww there's a song called Mia Rose that a guy called Peter Frampton sung. It was about his daughter. It's beautiful
From now on I will only communicate with one of those guitar talk box things like Peter Frampton or Joe Walsh used to use.
Peter Frampton & Gordon Kennedy last night at Carnegie Library Music Hall of Homestead - Munhall, PA
Meet Black Singles 300x250
At the time, I wasn't very familiar with him. I was more into 3 Dog Night, Boz Skaggs, Peter Frampton (heh), & Cat Stevens.
Tonight, the Hollywood Undead is at the House of Blues, War & the Family Stone is at the Wilbur, & Peter Frampton...
Peter Frampton working with Soundgarden's Matt Cameron and Ben Shepherd on a new album. Article features more of...
Peter Frampton 'Raw', first ever Acoustic Tour at the Scottish Rite Auditorium - Collingswood, New Jersey - Oct 12
Nice duet with Mike Finnigan & Peter Frampton. . (Mahalo Fulton Calvery for pointing out Finns unmistakable,...
This Peter Frampton feller has a future in this rock 'n roll business. @ Wente Winery
Saw Peter Frampton at the cafeteria today. Jerk.
I've been a huge Peter Frampton fan since I was 12 years old !
Loved the Peter Frampton and Cheap Trick concert last night..
"Comb your hair, you look like Peter Frampton" - father
On my way to see Peter Frampton in concert, again:) Talk with you later:)
Oh yeah. We saw Cheap Trick and Peter Frampton back on my birthday. :)!
Baby, I Love Your Way by Peter Frampton, found with Listen now:
Peter Frampton and Cheap Trick in Concert at Oregon Zoo - Aug 27. ► Tickets:
I want you to want me... wait... er... we will let take it from here.
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Peter Frampton: British guitar player and singer has been performing since 1972, and has multiple Grammy awards…
Peter Frampton is preparing a more intimate musical experience for his fans! Greg Brown tells how Peter’s son is involved today at 11:20a
Peter Frampton announces first acoustic tour
Baby, I Love Your Way by Peter Frampton is in Green Bricks, Hull. Download it now at
Peter Frampton performed Saturday at Moondance Jam - he gave a great performance and showed how professionalism...
watching LIVE on Peter Frampton live at Moondance Jam
Yes I did and still get to see them!!! Sir Paul, Cheap Trick, Peter Frampton, Stones just in the past…
Peter Frampton and his legendary 1954 Gibson Les Paul guitar.
Peter Frampton & Cheap Trick Performing Live at CNU Ferguson Center for the Arts - Aug 11. ► Tickets:
Cheap Trick and the six string legend Peter Frampton! (at in Vienna, VA)
optreden Peter Frampton en Cheap Trick (at National Park for the Performing Arts (Filene Center))
When you're the youngest person at a Peter Frampton concert because you appreciate good music 😁
is here! Come say hey and register to win Peter Frampton and Cheap Trick tix!
Peter Frampton and Cheap Trick with Jordan Klaverweiden (at in Vienna, VA)
I'm trying to buy live version of "Do you feel the way we do" by Peter Frampton. Can I get one without buying a whole album?. ALL THE NOPE!!
Coming to tonight’s and show? Check out our weather and traffic tips:
Peter Frampton Reissues Slated for Late Summer -- more on
Are you ready to rock?!? Join us tonight at the Filene Center to welcome Peter Frampton and Cheap Trick. Bring...
Thanks Peter, How are you doing? Frampton Comes Alive is still my favorite of all :)
Conqueroo1: News Story: OmnivoreRecords to reissue three out-of-print PeterFrampton albums on CD: via themusicu…
Rain rain go away! I guess I need to pick up a poncho if I want to see Peter Frampton & Cheap Trick tonight.
Cheap Trick are playing 30 minutes from there tonight with Peter Frampton. 😂
Peter Frampton Three Albums to be released -
Peter Frampton to release Premonition, When All the Pieces Fit and Now in 2015
Peter Frampton in Concert at Orpheum Theatre - Wichita - Aug 19. ► Find Tickets:
~686 words added to THE NOVEL. Really a lot more here about alien vending machines and Peter Frampton than I'd anticipated.
So the boy starts texting me & my brothers. The kid is at Starlight Theater in KC for Cheap Trick & Peter Frampton concert.
"Sounds of the Scene": Peter Frampton reviewed.The Eiffels at Velvet Jones Tues http:/…
So mom just hooked me up with Peter Frampton and Whitesnake Tickets . 😍😭😃
Seymour Duncan hosted the 5th Annual Notes For Notes featuring Peter Frampton and the Notes For Note
Sound check and sweet guitar sound wafting backstage from Peter Frampton before Seymour Duncan's…
I am. I hope they're enjoying listening to Andy Gibb, 10CC, Jim Croce and Peter Frampton, and the DeFranco Family.
MPT, idea of Tracey Nox production of CLAR for Steve Marriott, Faces, Humble Pie, Peter Frampton would be Great Show? Idea?
I just met your uncle and he vaguely resembles Peter Frampton
Like say my name were Grampton, instead of jitka. I'd constantly be saying "Grampton Comes Alive," in reference to the Peter Frampton album
Humble Pie (Steve Marriott, Peter Frampton et al) - In my mind, one of the most underrated bands of all time, who tops your list?
Things you didn't know: Peter Frampton's 1976 US album 'Frampton Comes Alive' was pressed in 'automatic sequenc…
Nice, thanks. I recall Schenker pulling out the old Peter Frampton guitar, mouth/vocal thing and ripping it up.
Today is the birthday of the following rockers: Peter Frampton, Paul Carrack, Kimberley Dahme (Boston), Fletcher Dragge (Penywise)...
Happy b'day to Peter Frampton of The Herd, Humble Pie & school chum of David Bowie, where his dad Owen was a teacher.
1978 - Paul Simon and Peter Frampton, owners of the so... -
Joe Walsh, Peter Frampton, Toro y Moi. dad and I are BUMPIN our way back to Indy.
- 1978 - Paul Simon and Peter Frampton, owners of
Live in Concert: Peter Frampton at Beau Rivage Resort & Casino in Biloxi, MS (8/14)
I heard Boston, "More than a Feeling" then Kansas, "Carry on My Wayward Son". Now waiting for Peter Frampton and it's prom night all over.
Peter Frampton 2005 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty (nola): I'm open to all trades of the same...
Thanks and for filling a long commute with eggshell fairy-boats, Leland Stanford, and Peter Frampton
Peter Frampton is coming to the Orpheum Theatre in August!.
JUST ANNOUNCED: will perform at the on August 19. Tix on sale February 20! Info at
Gotta share this. Mississippi Queen - Leslie West & Peter Frampton. They still rock!.
Now I got baby I love your way stuck in my head *** you Peter Frampton
Neither Peter Frampton nor Fleetwood Mac are girly. Step off.
PETER FRAMPTON with 'Show Me THE WAY (LIVE)' now at
Peter frampton is playing in the cab im talkbox soloing there's spit everywhere
On air now:. Peter Frampton - Show Me The Way. Listen to Concept Radio!
PRESALE starts now for 8/22: Password: HARDROCK. Ends tonight at 10pm ht…
PRESALE starts now for 8/22: . Password: FRAMPTON. Ends tonight at 10pm http:/…
Peter Frampton ~ '(I'll Give You) Money' from the album Classics Volume 12 [1987]
RSD Radio is playing Peter Frampton - Baby I Love your Way
Just slow danced in the kitchen with to Peter Frampton's "baby I love your way". He knows 80's music is the way to my heart💘
You are listening to Show Me the Way - Peter Frampton
"What was so wrong with Peter Frampton that everything had to change?" -
Ringo Starr’s New Album, ‘Postcards from Paradise,’ to Feature Joe Walsh, Steve Lukather and Peter Frampton
Ringo Starr's new studio album will feature guest appearances by Joe Walsh, Todd Rundgren, Peter Frampton and...
Peter Frampton coming to KC June 18th? Might have to check that out.
Sharing our favorite love songs all week. pick: "Baby, I Love Your Way" by Peter Frampton.
Presale for Grammy Winner Peter Frampton at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on August 22 is on now through...
Peter frampton is coming to Coquitlam? FRICK YEAH
“The Fred” has announced its Summer Concert Series and it promises to be one of the best with Peter Frampton and...
The trombone at the 10-minute mark in Mood Indigo sounds like a predecessor to Peter Frampton or a wammy bar
Peter Frampton and Cheap Trick to play together at Sands Bethlehem Event ... - Allentown Morning Call
MORE DETAILS OF ROCK LEGEND Randy Bachman’S NEW ALBUM RELEASED BACHMAN HEAVY BLUES IN STORES & ONLINE APRIL 14, 2015 FIRST US TOUR DATES FOR 2015 ANNOUNCED! Randy Bachman, the man behind rock anthems such as “Takin’ Care of Business”, “Let It Ride” “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet” and “American Woman,” will be releasing a brand new album under the moniker BACHMAN with rhythm section of Anna Ruddick on bass and Dale Anne Brendon on drums. Heavy Blues will be available worldwide on April 14, 2015 and features an enviable list of Randy Bachman’s contemporaries including Neil Young, Peter Frampton, Joe Bonamassa, Robert Randolph and the late Jeff Healey; each musician contributing their signature-style guitar solos. BACHMAN will be touring extensively in 2015, with the first date starting in Milwaukee, WI on April 1. With internationally-acclaimed Kevin Shirley in the producer chair (Iron Maiden, Rush, Led Zeppelin), Heavy Blues marks the rare occasion that Randy Bachman has relinquished ...
12 January 1969 - The Beatles met at Ringo Starr's Brookfiled House after George Harrison had quit The Beatles two days earlier. The differences between John Lennon and George Harrison remained unresolved, and Harrison left without agreeing to rejoin The Beatles. On a side note, this was recorded on 10 January 1969 during the Get Back/Let It Be Sessions - Not during the Get Back/Let It Be sessions but rather while recording All Things Must Pass - George Harrison's demo of Get Back for Doris Troy. Doris Troy's album was released in 1970 on the Beatles' Apple Records label. George Harrison, Stephen Stills, Klaus Voormann, Ringo Starr, Peter Frampton, Eric Clapton, Leon Russell and members of Delaney & Bonnie and Friends also contributed to the All-Star line-up of the release. Enjoy - Nance
Jog a few memories? . Your LIVE concert for Saturday afternoon. Peter Frampton "Comes Alive" (10 weeks at in 1976!)
1976] Released on this date: Frampton Comes Alive LP - Peter Frampton
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The next two are Lp's as I can't find concerts!~Peter Frampton: Frampton Comes Alive (full album)
Will anyone agree that Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band with Peter Frampton & The Bee Gees is the quintessential Xmas film?
I added a video to a playlist Bee Gees & Peter Frampton - Golden Slumbers
same tour line I think though, nobody knew who John Waite was. Pretty much all were to see Peter Frampton lol
'Kin *** Peter Frampton has to be the inspiration for Justin Hawkins.
Peter Frampton sounds the same live as he does on Frampton Comes Alive. It's down right uncanny is what it is.
Holy crap I'm watching Ringo Starr peace and love Joe Walsh Steve Lukather and Peter Frampton
November 13th 1992: Elton John performed his first concert in Mexico at the Estadio Azteca stadium in Mexico City before an audience of 90,000. 1992: Ronnie Bond, original drummer for The Troggs died in Winchester, Hampshire, U.K. He was 49 years old. 1992: Crue Ball a pinball video game based around Motley Crue & featured three songs by Motley Crue (“Dr. Feelgood”, “Live Wire” & “Home Sweet Home”) was released for the Sega Genesis video game system. 1990: Rod Stewart was sued by Patricia Boughton for allegedly kicking a soccer ball into the audience at a concert in Clarkston, MI that ruptured a tendon in her middle finger and as a result, the injury made sex between her and her husband difficult. Boughton would later receive a $17,000 settlement. 1976: Peter Frampton peaked at number ten on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart with “Do You Feel Like We Do” making it Frampton’s second top ten single in the U.S. 1974: An imposter posing as Deep Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore crashed a ...
Is it weird that I can't stop singing 'Show Me The Way' by Peter Frampton?..
1976 - Peter Frampton is given his own personal tour o...
LOL…u have a point there.. hang on - have to go listen to peter frampton.
- 1976 - Peter Frampton is given his own personal
Peter Frampton: Baby I love your ways>>>>>
When I was 13,I went out with a drummer,16-for 7 yrs-I was never into boy bands.My first concert,13,was Humble Pie,Peter Frampton.
My favourite Peter Frampton tune is the one where Charlie Brown's teacher does a rap in the middle.
- 1971 - Peter Frampton quits Humble Pie to start
1971 - Peter Frampton quits Humble Pie to start his so...
From the album that came in the mail with samples of Tide! :P ... "Show Me The Way"~Peter Frampton.
Okay. Im up. I've decided next week im going to change and become a singer. Im going to be a mix of Peter Frampton, Seals and Croft, James Taylor and Bonnie Tyler. Lol. Damm im up to early.
In 1971 Bruce and the Band were support act for 2 of mine greatest guitar heroes, first Duane Allman and on july 11th for Humble Pie with Steve Marriot and Peter Frampton, It was Peter who was my first real rock God icon , i was just 12 years old when i saw him in Brussels in 1976 , and like they say about Clapton , i thought that Peter was God on the guitar , seeing him changed everything. Humble Pie like The Allman Brothers Band would release a grondbreaking live-album both of them were record at the Fillmore East. Only 3 weeks after that concert in Brussels, i went to the local record shop to get that live-record, For you guys i included here there piece de resistance live-piece almost 24 minutes guitar magic from the Fillmore
has anyone ever told you that you look like Peter Frampton?!?!?
Uuuh baby i love your way, everyday ♫ Baby, I Love Your Way by Peter Frampton —
I'm thinking I just saw Peter Frampton at the Chicago airport. Or wait!...maybe it was Ted Nugent. HUGE hair for a seventy year old.
Now playing Peter Frampton - Show Me the Way on Back Street Radio [
Peter Frampton is a strict vegetarian 😍😍😍
[Peter Frampton guitar voice]. Can I help you out to your car with your groceries?
Peter Frampton - Was it difficult to leave Humble Pie?.
Do you remember the music group "Humble Pie"? Peter Frampton was very young than!...
Oh, you know... We're just sitting around the living room, playing that Peter Frampton album.
I can just about see what people saw in Peter Frampton - despite the gurning and the hair.
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Peter Frampton's talk box device, but for church sermons.
Goodness me, how pretty was Peter Frampton? BBC4
The weird Peter Frampton mouth guitar thing. I usually wake up for this bit.
Everything I've ever learned about girls is through marvin Gaye and Peter Frampton
Peter Frampton -"Frampton Comes Alive" Richie Sambora- "living on a prayer " Talk boxes rule, one of the coolest effects ever !
I just like good music. Doors, Peter Frampton, James Taylor, Fleetwood Mac, Bill Withers, O'Jays. Old soul. Maybe.
Today in music oct 10th 1713 - Composer Johann Ludwig Krebs was born. His birtdhay was between October 10 and 12. 1813 - Composer Giuseppee Verdi was born. He composed 26 operas. 1906 - Composer Paul Creston was born. 1935 - The "Porgy and Bess" opera opened on Broadway. 1940 - Lanny Ross recorded "Moonlight and Roses." 1958 - Eddie Cochran recorded "C'mon Everybody." 1962 - The BBC banned the song "Monster Mash" by Bobby "Boris" Pickett. 1966 - The self-titled debut album from The Monkees was released. 1978 - Steve Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith were injured when an M-80 (cherry bomb) was thrown on stage at a show in Philadelphia, PA. 1979 - The city of Los Angeles declared "Fleetwood Mac Day." The group was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 1988 - The U2 album "Rattle and Hum" was released. 1995 - Peter Frampton released "Frampton Comes Alive II."
1st time I saw *** making out was on the grass @ Alpine Valley, Peter Frampton & Stevie Nicks Show. I lost my ID that night with Martha
Time to reflect on all the great bands, guitarists, bassists, drummers, singers, etc. I was so fortunate to see in the "Summer of 2014". Started out with Joe Bonamassa, Count Basie Theatre, thanks John Esposito for that great up. Dave Matthews Band, great time with Timmy, great 2 set (acoustic, regular) show with the Lovely Ladies performing 4 songs. Next NIGHT, Steve Miller Band and Journey. Note to self, never see anyone the day after DMB!. Couple weeks later, The Doobie Brothers and Peter Frampton. Thanks Mike N. for a great night with some great VIP seats. Next up, Cheap Trick and Boston. Only saw the last couple of CT songs and they were great! Dream Police killed it. Boston started and finished strong.lots of dead time in middle. Long pause in July and August to focus on beach time!!.then ended August with Alice Cooper and Motely Motley Crue retirement party!!! Great night with Chrissy, Melissa Donovan, Jeff Spezzano and Terri.Finally last night closed out season with Steve Win ...
Timeless classic! Up there with Erik Estrada & Peter Frampton! Thanks for sharing what we all have in a yearbook somewhere
21 days to Cincy; my 21st show 10/2/04 Toledo- Neal Young showed up during encore with Peter Frampton
Peter Frampton. photograph by Jim Marshall, Aug 3, 1975. Bill Graham Presents Day on the Green at Oakland...
"great stuff, we took our daughter, my ears are still screaming at me, i will stick to Neil Diamond and Peter Frampton. lol"
Keith Moon, Peter Frampton, Leon Russell...the mind reels. And yet I haven't watched it. The tunes are good.
"If you're just joining us comedian Tracy Jordan and guitar legend Peter Frampton are discussing enigmatic clues about a hidden treasure."
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There's a lot of great music Hendrix,Clapton, Janis whats with pop rock ,like Tom Jones Mr bass there's the British invasion Beatles ,Hermits ,list goes on Radar Love Alice Cooper David Howie,Peter Frampton, so LONG LIVE ROCK N ROLL
I have 2 tickets ti Peter Frampton concert tonight, at Sandy Amphitheater. Anybody want them?
LOS ANGELES: At a recent concert in Indiana, veteran rocker Peter Frampton got so fed up with being snapped on a fans iPhone, he snatched it out of his hands and threw it into the audience. Now, in his first
Peter Frampton's statement: Are concert goers really maximizing the experience while recording with smartphones?
USA TODAY's Jefferson Graham talks to Peter Frampton about what made him take a fan's phone at a recent concert.
Watch as an unrepentant finally explains his infamous phone-throwing incident:
One of the most underrated performers from the 70's, Peter Frampton was truly a master at his craft. This song is called "Show Me the Way" by Peter Frampton.
Peter Frampton doesn't like your smartphone via
I just got tickets to see Peter Frampton, Buddy Guy and Randy Bachman at Oval Park in Visalia, CA
Peter Frampton on phone throwing: 'I was making a statement. It's Rock N' Roll, so tough...'
What unusual distinction is shared by these albums? My Life by Mary J. Blige, Frampton Comes Alive by Peter Frampton, The Carnival by Wyclef Jean, Thick as a Brick by Jethro Tull, McCartney by Paul McCartney, Bat Out of *** by Meat Loaf, Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield, Operation: Mindcrime by Queensryche.
Peter Frampton Explains Phone-Throwing Incident: Two weeks after it was widely reported t...
.Glad You Asked: All those years of playing Guitar Hero have led to this Peter Frampton show
Peter Frampton is one of the most celebrated artists and guitarists in rock history. At 18, he co-founded seminal rock act Humble Pie. His session work includes collaborations with such legendary artists as George Harrison, David Bowie, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ringo Starr, John Entwistle and many others.
Peter Frampton did an amazing performance! Best of company! :)
"Oh bacon I love your way, everyday." - Peter Frampton
real good music in movie "That's what I do starring Ed Harris and Peter Frampton's daughter
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