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Peter Cook

Peter Edward Cook (17 November 1937 – 9 January 1995) was an English satirist, writer and comedian.

Dudley Moore Voodoo Ray Jonathan Miller Jeremy Thorpe Chris Morris Alan Bennett Barry Humphries Rowan Atkinson David Ignatius Spike Milligan Graham Chapman

Pentagon says US airstrikes target al-Qaida in Afghanistan: Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook has issued a ...
Sir Peter Cook's 80th birthday jelly! Created by the original jellymongers of course…
Don't worry. They mistook you for Peter Cook...Come back for one final encore 😂😂😂
Statement by Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook on Strikes against Al-Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan
Statement on precision strikes against Al-Qaeda leaders in
Celebrating Peter Cook at 80 with amazing Jelly cake.
The Foundation in presents a retrospective on Peter Cook’s drawings
Thom Mayne eulogy to birthday boy Peter Cook
Now he's getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Can we say Hugh Laurie is the Dudley Moore to 's Peter Cook?
A country cousin: Alabama's Jeff Cook plays more rock 'n' roll than country, according to Peter Goddard's review of
at Frontiers Health 2016 with Join the interactive... by
at Frontiers Health 2016 with Join the interactive at
ICYMI... column - We should have given knackered Cook time to recover -
hey Rick. Please ask Peter if he has smoked and why 10g is too much Marijuana. How much does he use to cook with?
Today, is 55. In this clip from 1966, Peter Cook talks about fundraising for the magazine
im not a cook..I dont dish nothing out. Besides whatever u claim I do, , I dont do it to y d insults?
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
"I remain absolutely committed to closing the detention facility at Guantanamo"-
"How Christie Brinkley stayed strong for her kids through bitter divorce from Peter Cook
there's a Dudley Moore and Peter Cook film and a Brendan Fraser and Liz Hurley film
in terms of Satire, sure it's the Peter Cook of CFC fan Authored RFC books and not Joe pasquale😁
“Special operations forces blend in to enhance their own protection and security” said Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook https…
Stephen Fry's eulogy for Peter Cook is a beautiful thing: PC wasn't an embittered husk in later years. Far from it.
Sparks Beat The Clock, with Peter Cook on the many coloured pressings of the 12" single!
The greatest bit of radio trolling is still Peter Cook's Sven from Swiss Cottage, comedy genius performed for no $$$
My mate Tony has helped re-release the Bedazzled soundtrack on vinyl (Peter Cook & Dudley Moore).
Princess Bride - Andre the Giant, Mel Smith, Billy Crystal and Peter Cook - Oli mesmerised
OMG, OMG, O.M.G. Voodoo Ray is built using samples from Peter Cook and Dudley Moore.
Just found out that Voodoo Ray by A Guy Called Gerald samples Peter Cook & Dudley Moore, and my head's fallen off.
Derek & Clive (Peter Cook & Dudley Moore) first ever official release for this slice…
Day 99 of an a day. Today Derek & Clive aka Dudley Moore and Peter Cook.
Beyond the Fringe on Oxford Philosophy via Alan Bennet and Jonathan Miller, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Help me raise funds 4 Blood Bikes Scotland,& RT. Thanks! up to £70 still a bit to go:)
Peter Cook: ‘She had the priority of a clear, powerful and ever-poetic architecture’
"If Paul Klee took a line for a walk, then Zaha took the surfaces for a dance" - Peter Cook on Hadid
"but you’re actually inside it, living the dream of the drawing". Peter Cook on Zaha Hadid's Vitra fire station, on
Dhoore was "believed to have been plotting attacks targeting US citizens in per Pentagon spox Peter Coo…
"The most brilliant student" remembered by her teacher Peter Cook. Listen:
Bob Dylan, Peter, Paul and Mary, and Stevie Wonder performing “Blowin’ in the Wind” 1986
You Dont get to hang out with Peter Cook everyday. What an inspiration.
Bedazzled (1967), is on Netflix. If you have not seen it, shame on you. Peter Cook IS the Devil.
NEWS: 'The architecture world now seems lost': Peter Cook remembers
Peter Cook was the funniest man ever to draw breath.
There is a vision of what a progressive Britain could be. It’s called Canada | Gaby Hinsliff | The Guardian
San Francisco Man Pays $400 to Live in Box: Peter Berkowitz is a 25-year-old illustrator and cook, and—most no...
US military launches second strike in a month on terrorist targets in Somalia: Peter Cook, the Pentagon press ...
Sir Peter Cook, founder of on the passing of .
Discover how to cook the perfect Lake District lamb dish with TV Chef
U can run but u can't hide. Statement from Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook on Airstrike in Som
hi there. Would love a copy of the photo of Barry Humphries, Peter Cook & comedic co. Possible?
would love a copy. Is that Peter Cook next to Barry Humphries? DM me X
Peter Cook on Ian Ritchie’s Sainsbury Wellcome Centre is in the March AT, now online
Sadly caught a bit of Mrs Brown's Boys. Lawd help us. Peter Cook et al must be turning in their graves. Dire,
Need cheering up?. Peter Cook's summing up in the Jeremy Thorpe trial. Source of my interest in law.
Yes that's an idea. You and Danny Kelly back on 6-0-6, at a roundtable this time with a bar. I'm sure Peter Cook would approve.
is now comparing John Reed to Peter Cook & Dudley Moore. No, really.
Time for some Peter Cook, from the days of the Jeremy Thorpe trial:
I just saw Peter Cook at the Airport. Was contemplating saying hello, and then remembered that he died in 1995.
Peter Cook providing vocals on Voodoo Ray, in case you didn’t know.
I added a video to a playlist Peter Cook with Rowan Atkinson , John Cleese , Terry Jones , Beryl Reid
. Written over 50 years ago & still pointedly funny. Can't say that about too many. (MIlligan, Python & Peter Cook excepted)
Peter Cook and Dudley Moore Cordially Invite You to Go to *** via
Peter Cook and Dudley Moore were friends and the last people I expected wou...
Anyone who isn't as old as me and doesn't know Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, turn to UK Gold now. You won't regret it
ooh, almost forgot - the Derek & Clive recordings! (Dudley Moore and Peter Cook, also in the 70s)
Is it a good or bad thing that sometimes it seems like Tom Ellis is channeling Peter Cook as
After marriage fits with "Love Thy Neighbour", as Peter Cook once said, "I fancy her too, and rushing round for a quick one"
Jonathan Miller, Alan Bennett, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore in 1961 as photographed by Bill Brandt.
I just heard this week's episode of I get bleeped 6 TIMES. Thank you, Peter Cook & Dudley Moore. (Love Matt Day's Highgate story)
peter pan and stalin . Am I doing this right?
just shared this interesting article. Encryption ***
Thanks to Peter Cook for posting this blast from the past. Scott Blackburn and I cover Bob Dylan's Let Me Die In...
I would not have thought that you were a cook, Peter Pan. [I add jokingly; crossing one leg over the other while slightly ~ {
I'm not sure mastermind is the right word Certainly not a Peter Cook Mindermast!
Rick man this convo ends here we'll cook yous
I love that the Peter Cook ‘Later’ sample was retained in the form of trumpet stabs (
Not a member but I look at it. I used to be quite pally with a postman called Paul, head of the Peter Cook appreciation society.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Harriet Green, who left Thomas Cook in Nov 2014, received £6.3m last year, successor Peter Fankhauser netted £4.3m:
Free Sir Peter Cook lecture from about now online, have a happy weekend!
Hunter heineman shot Colton and Peter Whiteman at the stop sign by cook field at 7 am
"David Bowie - Reflections on a great innovator ..." by on
Thomas Cook boss Peter Fankhauser took home £4.3 million in 2014-15
I did ask for Peter Cook but sadly he was busy...
When Peter Cook died some said he wasted his talent. He didn't. Alan Rickman left so much, the fact he had a lot more to give doesn't matter
Trying to process Bowie & Rickman; then Mr Jolly Lives Next Door comes on & I remember I'm still not really over Rik Mayall. OR Peter Cook…
I only cook male genitalia in my peter pan
Megan on tonight, the amount of time she said the 'C' word reminded me of Dudley Moore and Peter Cook's 'Derek and Clive' act.
Probably my favourite Bowie interview - that long rambling joke was like a Peter Cook routine
My hubby was on CNN this week talking turkey about the Starman
Flood warnings for Norfolk coast. We'll have the latest in the late bulletin at 10.30pm
1965, John Lennon appeared on the UK TV Peter Cook and Dudley Moore show, 'Not Only But Also.'.
I got this original program for £1. Beyond The Fringe: Alan Bennett, Peter Cook, Dudley Moore and Jonathan Miller
New Years Eve celebration on Main Street in Falmouth. . Thank you to Peter Cook for the video.
One of the best movies of all time is on Netflix: Peter Cook and Dudley Moore in the original Bedazzled. Julie Andrews!
Exposed unsuspecting Millennials to vintage Dudley Moore & Peter Cook this afternoon; IIRC that's definition of "Fri. class well spent"
Watching Michael Aspel try to interview Peter Cook has cheered me up no end.
I love this! Peter Cook & Dudley Moore, Nell Gwynn, Amy Johnson, (young) Prince Rupert, Jesus. Who would you choose?
Stuart Maconie, who is some form of entertainer' sounds like a Peter Cook, High Court Judge, Jeremy Thorpe *** take,
charles_lines: Great interview with top consultant Peter Cook about the links between music and business: …
Bizarre discovering there was a brief period when Peter Cook had a perm, and looked like Jeremy Clarkson.
BBC orders 'definitive' Peter Cook documentary: To be made by Victor Lewis-Smith
Read not only a letter to Peter Cook but also Tescoholics Anonymous only in the Hampstead Village Voice OUT NOW £1.
'Bridge on the River Wye', starring Jonathan Miller and Peter Cook, in
The evolving legend of La Llorona via HistoryToday interesting facts from Peter Cook
Lewis Morley's iconic shots of Christine Keeler. In the news every day over Profumo. . Peter Cook's club, Soho, 1963.
15 Classical Music traditions. Maybe not what you expect.
Breaking: 2 Canadians reach the finals of the Fryderyk Piano Competition
Update your maps at Navteq
All the way from Toronto Steve , the wonderful - We are hooking up to jam some HR + stuff
Today I have much more respect for Peter Cook for been able to tolerate the company of the pathetic worm that is Ian Hislop.
Inspirational post>> A Walk on the Wild Side ...w Irene Becker via
where the worst Dad Joke is applauded like something from Peter Cook or Oscar Wilde
"Our thinking & doing habits can b rewritten rather than accepting the idea that they r unchangeable." ~Irene Becker
I remember when I worked for my first greek family. There was one cook named Peter. He called me baby doll, fed me, & taught me poker
I'm not sure sending arms to Who-Knows-Who in not best idea either. But Peter Cook said some was communication equipment.
Peter Cook said Afghan Forces just got Aviation Assets. Poet's conclusion still same as yesterday. Syria is a whole other ballgame.
Peter Cook said "Yes, Afghan Forces have had set-backs & they need more assistance but progress has been made."
David Ignatius mentioned this has been best year for Taliban in in years. Peter Cook pointed out that Afghan forces...
David Ignatius asked Peter Cook, Pentagon Spokesman whether the U.S. would get pulled back into the fight in on
Peter Cook interview demonstrates how over-rated this show is. Obvious question is when will US leave Afghanistan. Never asked
No words adequate to describe how brilliant a cricketer Alistair Cook is - maybe Englands greatest ever by the time he retires
I liked a video At The Races - Derek and Clive Peter Cook Dudley Moore Horse Racing (with
How to cook the perfect Cumbrian Carbonara by
Safari in Yosemite (8.x and 9): command-~ will be fine then suddenly stop working.
Oh God. Peter Jackson's going to make a trilogy of films about Alastair Cook's innings, isn't he?
Alastair Cook has now batted longer than the combined total match time of England at the rugby and football world cups.
Peter Cook summed it up, fifty years ago.
.The Afghan security forces are getting better -- but there's still room for improvement.
Peter Cook, explains the decision to delay Afghanistan troop drawdown:
The lady who cried on last night is obviously too young to remember Peter Cook.
"Take a walk on the wild side ... with - an interview about leadership, IQ, EQ and SQ ...
Peter Cook, another Pentagon shill, STFU, you appear not to be old enough to remember Vietnam catastrophe. You're unqualified.
Peter Cook should be enforcing what military recommends not our feckless president.
money detectives STELLING & PRIEST make in drugs is over not a secret no more your drug dealer CRIS PALMER & your ice cook PETER COWAN named
"A Walk on the Wild Side ... with Irene Becker" by on
Peter Lorimer's YEP column - right on the money about Lewis Cook:.
In case you shrugged it off, anyone with any interest in Comedy should give this a read.
My Mum always said 'watch your p's and q's!' Great to fully understand what q's to take care of. Fantastic article
Happy Friday! Have fun in the network Peter Cook and Dudley Moore
Rod Liddle is like a horrible combo of BoJo & Peter Cook just before he snuffed it.
Peter Cook & Dudley Moore - @ The Pub... via I thought it was funny too.
Alastair Cook has scored 10 Test centuries as captain, level with Peter May - only Graham *** with 11, has more
Rugby League World Cup spot up for grabs as take on
Me: I got bit by a spider . Nick: Am I gonna have to cook a spider? I'm gonna cook all 8 legs. Peter Parker isn't gonna …
Peter Greenaway is rumoured to be working on the next Steve Jobs biopic. Working title: “The Cook, the Jobs, the Mac and Their Lovers.”
We heard that the was yesterday. Graduation is to desirable as the Cook Out tray is to ___:. A. BAE. B. BAE. C. BAE. D. BAE…
Cook Out is the place to go for your late night cravings. It's never too late for a tray! Ready for a
Pentagon offers "condolence" payments to Kunduz hospital victims. No admission of wrongdoing.
spokesman Peter Cook told a news briefing Thursday that Kurdish forces appeared to have recovered some of the weaponry from the air drop.
READ A LETTER TO PETER COOK: only in the Hampstead Village Voice, at newsagents now priced £1 while shops last!
There's something of the Peter Cook about Rod Little. I mean minus all the humanity, joy etc obviously but still
Dudley Moore, Alan Bennett, Peter Cook, and Jonathan Miller - for Beyond the Fringe and everything else.
Peter Cook (57), Eric Morecambe (48) Graham Chapman (58) Tony Hancock (44). I suppose we still have the Pythons tho.
How I got this far in life without out knowing Voodoo Ray samples Peter Cook is beyond me.
"there wasn’t much memory in the sampler... Peter Cook said “voodoo rage” it came out as “Voodoo Ray”.It was serendipity – poetry"
Peter Cook's biased judge sketch (complete) via Actually about Jeremy Thorpe but still relevant and funny
The great Peter Cook and Dudley Moore in their priceless satire based on Jerry Anderson's puppet series. c. 1966...
Must be so hard for people like John White, Peter Cook and Joel Klein to have read your New Orleans piece. Heads exploding!
via this shows why it was Dudley Moore not Peter Cook who got the girls
My thoughts too! . Unless you can find another massive Peter Cook and Dudley Moore fan who looks like me.
In my humble opinion. Same class as Dudley Moore & Peter Cook.
You would be brilliant in a Jack Dee sort of a way. Or, even better, Peter Cook to John's Dudley Moore.
"Always remember, if your life seems dull & dreary, it is." - Peter Cook & Dudley Moore.
article best read in the voices of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. Excellent.
"Can you teach me Beethoven's 5th Symphony by Tuesday week?" Peter Cook to Dudley Moore in the Piano Sketch
John Finnemore takes great pleasure in introducing a clip of two of his comedy heroes: Peter Cook and Chris Morris
Coming up later: Goodbyeee - Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, no. 18 this week in 1965
More tomorrow from 1965. Tracks by Peter Cook & Dudley Moore and Dusty Springfield.
I'll be the Dudley Moore to Craig Steel's Peter Cook at tonight's quiz. Kick off 7.45
Peter Cook sits down to ride hands n heels on Kingston Town to winning the 1982 Cox Plate
I watched Bedazzled (1967) last night starring Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. These two were SO good together. I think it would work on stage.
Not Only But Also - Peter Cook as Greta Garbo and Dudley Moore as John Barrymore.
Chris Morris is a genius. I like to binge-listen Blue Jam once a year or so. Also rec w/ Peter Cook.
all my unfinished biz almost cleared up, e.g. 'Beyond the Fringe' w Peter Cook & Dudley Moore
need to have a proper listen. Was in a beer garden at the time and the other guy didn't sound like Peter Cook.
Joseph Hager, Chairman of the Davenport Board, and Peter Cook planning a major fund drive in 1970:
Fantastic breads as ever from Peter Cook the Ledbury master baker.
Final Review today at Lund School of Architecture, "BEYOND NORTH" guests Peter Cook, Liam Young and John Ross.
Peter Cook and Dudley Moore’s Derek and Clive albums to be reissued
Talking to Boyzone members and Suzi Quatro about Motown classics is a bit like talking to Bobby Davro about Peter Cook or Spike Milligan
[Guardian] Tim Sherwood brings Peter Cook to life and could even revive the FA Cup
but they are all dead Dave. Peter Cook. Dudley Moore. Graham Chapman. Douglas Adams. Rick Mayall. Terry Pratchet. Loved them!
I woke up too early and decided to watch Supergirl. I love how the whole Supergirl angle is secondary to the Peter Cook & Faye Dunaway sass.
Chris Morris - How did opium affect your writing of the Queens speech?. Peter Cook - Improved it enormously.
I knew about Curtis and Weller already, I could have called Peter Cook voting Tory I think
As would Peter Cook! '79 was a weird election. Even Paul Weller and Ian Curtis voted Tory then, apparently.
The Wrong Box has Michael Caine, Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Peter Sellers, John Mills, and Ralph Richardson, so you know.
Proof iBooks with the Web Inspector | TidBITS: Apple News for the Rest of Us
I discussed Shaggs briefly tonight with Bob Ezrin!. Meet the Shaggs - The New Yorker
Wow it's been 20 years since we made Fluke:. Rusty: 20th Anniversary of 'Fluke'! .
Sir Peter Cook lecture tonight at 6:30 pm in Fletcher Jones
Archigram founder, Sir Peter Cook, is here at Lecture tonight at 6:30pm, WILL I SEE YOU THERE?
You should avoid the spoken comedy of late English satirist Peter Cook, then. He used the same pronunciation.
*Peter smiles and stands up* C-cooking sounds like a great idea. D-do you want to cook in your apartment?"
_ Lecture // JOIN US TONIGHT for this rare Sir Peter Cook Lecture - "Nose- to- Nose" at Woodbury...
surprise surprise, another video of MC sitting on his *** while you cook, clean, after working hard all day. dump him!
Don't cook tonight! Join us for Wilson night at Peter Piper Pizza! Proceeds help our children! 5:00-9:00 I'll be there ready for our selfie!
Happy birthday to one of my favorite trackletes!! 🎉🎉🎉 I hope cook takes it easy on you today
Hamilton Collection
It's release day for our Liszt Songs CD A treasure trove of beautiful songs for low voice
Watch the wonderful in her greatest ever role, tonight 11:20pm on Gold (also Peter Cook, & )
Hi everyone, Peter's Drawing Lecture will take place on Tue 10 March, same place, same time!
Hear it from the doyen of drawing himself, Sir Peter Cook. Cook on Drawing 6 March.
The death of a legend seen here in this famous Peter Cook image with Billy Bremner.
Definition of "scene-stealer" - Peter Cook in "Black Cinderella 2 Goes East". He walks off with the entire show from his first line.
Need a conference anchor, keynote or designer?
Peter Cook is chillin' in the audience for tonight's lecture. Casual.
Peter ate until his stomach hurt, and he finally fell back into the chair with a satisfied sigh. "Your cook is the best."
Management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things. ? Peter F. Drucker
Like how she fights an evil witch? And that Peter Cook is in it? And that her love interest is hella creepy?
Will Mullins, Melissa Conroy, Peter Gosnell, Leah Cook, Connor Hann, & Hayley Ingram will serve as our panel experts tonight at 8
Sir Peter Cook joining us at our WUHO Gallery for a private lecture. Photo by stephanne_bouton
The Last Days of Peter Cook by The Wounded Lovers our tribute to the late great Peter.
Girl: I've got a free house, come over and cook for me. Adam: Sorry, not now love. Girl: I'm 15-years-old. Adam:... ht…
I wish Peter Cook was still around, he got how ridiculous things are.
I've learnt from my mistakes and I am sure I can repeat them exactly - Peter Cook
Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook sign divorce settlement after morning of confusion
Is that the one legged man that doesn't know if hes coming or going? Remember the Peter Cook and Dudley Moore sketch!
this is like Peter Cook and Dudley Moore.
He was -an true comic genius as were Spike Milligan and Peter Cook :)
such a great tune. My favourite fact is that the actual "Voodoo Ray" vocal sample is Peter Cook from a Derek and Clive sketch.
Peter just ate a raw chicken nugget and didn't realise you had to cook them
I guess your favorite land is Disneyland. Where Peter Pan & Captain Cook never get old!
Im so amazed by micheal caines watching him cook one handed
A discovery from 2012: amazing lecture by Peter Cook for anybody into drawing,
Looking down onto Mt. Cook Village, from near Mueller Hut by Peter Clyne
Actually he looks a bit like Peter Cook:.
"As usual BNP don't hold back & refuse to tow the political correct line. BNP are the only party we…" — Peter Cook
I've missed Peter listing stuff. It used to be "places you can go whilst wearing shoes." Now it's "things you can cook in a microwave."
Stage show reveals the afterlife of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore -
Chris Morris I approve, for me without any shadow of doubt the late great Peter Cook
Fancy winning one of five copies of the brilliant new 'Life is Sweet' by http:/…
You could win a copy of the upcoming 'Life is Sweet' by Enter here:
Be good if someone brought me a Jaffa cake round ! As peter cook said not take he round a Jaffa cake ! Take her round s…
Are we talking "Peter Cook in 'Bedazzled'" Lucifer, or "Tim Curry in 'Legend'" Lucifer? Because I could go either way on this.
Well done x Let us know what you cook from the book! Laura xx
Husband thinks these knives are great! He is the cook!!! Laura xx
"I will. We can cook dinner together if you like~" Peter suggested.
Going round to cook peter bacon sandwiches cause he's hanging, best gf award pls💁🍳
With its story about getting stoned with Peter Cook and watching the washing machine instead of the television.
Watch Peter Sidwell cook up our salmon bacon with beautifully fresh scallops to make an impressive and subtly...
DeafSpotlight's Patty Liang with Peter Cook! We will interview him tonight! Get your tickets
Brilliant interview for my next book project on with entertaining and intriguing Peter Cook Peter!
From right on the doorstep, Peter Lenz beats Cook and it's a 4-2 Marshall lead.
For those unfamiliar with the Jeremy Thorpe Norman Scott trial, here's a helpful summary from Peter Cook,
Apple Watch will be released in April, according to CEO Tim Cook | The Verge
According to Peter Stringfellow you can be sexy or funny but not both. No joke, I'm neither
Peter Hain has just said that Labour bailed out the banks “due to our own irresponsible policies”. He’ll be doing a Robin Cook…
Click2resume com cook whereby la ebullient peter out of privilege: aLv
When u cook food and water is 2much,. we say its WATERY. When pepper is 2much we say its. PEPPERISH. When salt is...
Just how big is the Apple Pay mobile payment pie?: Apple Pay, as Tim Cook told us during Apple’s earning call ...
Huge loaves by Peter Cook from Ledbury. Granary and wholemeal freshly delivered today.…
dear friends at please give Peter Sunde a big hug ! cook him food & dance with him all night long in berghain!!
Peter Cook is spotted in the crowd of a 1960s game.
swap with you. I'm expecting to cook slowly on the Ebbsfleet to St Pancras Oven Express later today.
justice must not only be done it must be seen to be believed Peter Cook
Whoa! All the up valley cool people are here. Congrats Peter Greerty and Jude! (@ Cook Tavern) on
Who is your favorite Peter Cook is one of ours!
You know when you are starving but just cannot be bothered to cook anything? Today is one of them days...
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Spent the whole of history today creating Peter the Great Cook as Della wrote cavery instead of Calvery
Apple added $50 billion to its market cap overnight after crushing earnings: Tim Cook must be smiling right no...
We're in Chicago tonight! With poets Peter Cook and Parsino Carlos Peynetsa at
To create the perfect dish you need absolute precision! What would you cook in a Hotpoint oven http:…
I cook pancakes in honor of Peter Pan and then when I flip the pancake I sing, 🎶"You can fry, you can fry, you can fry!"🎶
IDS reminds me of Peter Cook's PM in "Whoops, Apocalypse" that believes Unemployment is caused by Pixies!
Raquel Welch, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore on the set of Bedazzled
Yep. Fraid so. Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. 1975. A classic of gentle comedy
Peter Cook & Dudley Moore on football hooliganism. .
VIDEO: Watch Rainbow George talk to Russell Brand about legendary Hampstead comic Peter Cook
More importantly, as is demonstrated here by Peter Cook at Dudley Moore, if someone directs expletives like that at you ...
Peter Cook & Rowan Atkinson face the end of the world via
your sabotages ROCK Heres a idea suspend the chef in the air by wire kinda like peter pan and have them cook
Monty Python - live courtroom sketch with Peter Cook.: . via
20 years since Peter Cook died, way too young. And an (unusually serious) interview from 1967 I've never seen before.
feeling a bit guilty about now though! (Cough) ;)
The satirist’s satirist Peter Cook has been dead 20 yrs. Time to be reminded of his sharp wit: http…
Chris Morris is very possibly the finest satirist since Peter Cook.
Watched running event doing David Coleman/Peter cook (Clive) commentary. Had a good laugh with my pal (derek) Imogen
Queensland's Peter Costello 'audit' trashed by experts Did Costello cook the books?
"For more of Joey Barton's indepth analysis go to the BBC website". No thanks. Think I'd rather rip my balls off & cook the…
My comedy has been compared to Peter Cook's. They say "compared to Peter Cook you're crap"
Peter Reinhart was in seminary in SF. Became the cook and the baker.
It's that Peter Cook. Disappointed there was nothing from Why Bother..? on that list. I think that was some of his best.
Peter Cook: the most inspiring British comic ever | via true headline, tepid delivery of the topic.
Peter Cook fought the Krays, joined Ron Wood on his honeymoon & had rumored affair w/Jackie O http…
Dang! I forgot about the anniversary of Peter Cook's death on Friday: 'You have to be dead before you can model...
20 years after the death of Peter Cook, we look back at his 20 funniest lines:
I'm on a role with Thunderbird parodies. This one from the brilliant Dudley Moore and Peter Cook in the 1960's :D
Peter just woke me from my nap so I could cook him tea! 😳
To paraphrase Peter Cook & Dudley Moore "they are deficient in it to the tune of one"
Thank you PETER LABRADOR for your generous purchase of the painting, CAPTAIN COOK OBSERVING CANOE SURFING FOR THE...
Your conversations put me in mind of peter Cook and Dudley Moore. That's a good thing, btw!
I adore Peter Cook, but not keen on Derek and Clive. Funny how comedic tastes work. And musical ones!
He reminds me of Peter Cook's Football Manager character banging on about the 3 M's: motivation, motivation, motivation..
Here's a lovely TrewsReports by with eccentric Rainbow George on the 20th anniversary of Peter Cook's death. htt…
Boss chick buh na only indomie u sabi cook
100 funny jokes by 100 comedians: 20 years after the death of Peter Cook, Martin Chilton picks 100 great jokes...
Peter Cook died 20 years ago today. Will be raising a glass to his memory. I suspect and will be doing same.
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