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Peter Cook

Peter Edward Cook (17 November 1937 – 9 January 1995) was an English satirist, writer and comedian.

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80 recipes. Just saw this on Amazon: The Joy of Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Baking: .. by Peter Reinhart for $6.99
The bit at the end is basically Dudley Moore talking to Peter Cook.
Peter, have relative on puree because of mouth cancer, hospital puree is appaling. He enjoys…
army of marching home at the finish line. Thanks to Peter Cook for the f…
"Theresa May has blood on her hands". Former Chief Investigator Peter Kirkham tells it straight - the Tories are destroying our…
Peter Cook is starting 2018 the way he ended 2017 -…
If it were seized Wall Street or Big Pharma money, he'd be ALL OVER keeping it.
Assets we froze after they _raided our embassy, took American diplomatic staff hostage in violation of just about every In…
How elaborate is the shrine to Hillary in your house, exactly?. Are we talking an entire room or one whole floor?
Podcast Peter Cook – What businesses can learn from music -
“The performance I liked “ reminds of the Peter Cook sketch. Your left leg I liked. 😀
# you missed an opportunity to say I won’t warn you again Mr Hastings. You sound like Peter Cook#
RELEASE: Russian mass surveillance system PETER-SERVICE: "the most lucrative business of manipulating minds"
You don’t need to know how to cook! I made Mac and cheese for dinner tonight for peter and I. Just as lo…
I know Dudley Moore was brilliant. But I never tire of Peter Cook.
Oh! How I love Bedazzled ! and actually anything Peter Cook ever di…
2017 is finally drawing to a close, and it's time to finally drop the Golden Turd on Peter courtesy of th…
"HAPPY New Year!. Be safe out there Democrats. If you find yourself trapped at a party with Bernie supporters, just remember…
Top colt Black Ivory for owner Robert Holmes A Court, trainer TJ Smith with champion jockey Peter Cook in the saddl…
If you mix Peter Cook with Dudley Moore you get Keith Moon.
During the Toomes' monologue when confronted by Peter near the end of the film, he talks about the "big people" who…
We made a beef tenderloin for guests for NYE, and my go to is to make the cheesesteaks with the lef…
Witty, charming and full of talent, Peter Cook is excellent. The films take on polling & politics is virtually a bl…
BTW. baby was deposited between Peter Cook and me, so that the father could take a picture with us. We need to star…
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. Don't forget, can cook your oatmeal in the microwave for 2 min. Just make sure your bow…
It sometimes hits me that Victoria Wood and Peter Cook and Sean Hughes and Rik Mayall and Mel Smith are dead and it's n…
Letter to the editor in response to ‘Paving stone not right as memorial’ by Peter Cook, published in the Medway... https:…
Together at last!. Peter Jones, Kenneth Williams, Peter Cook, Paul Merton, Sue Perkins, Linda Smith, Graham Norton and, of co…
, where Peter Cook absolutely nails people who complain about being stereotyped for working…
That was just a brilliant start to my New Year,love Peter Cook.❤. Happy New Year Jacqui,hope your year…
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Here's Peter Cook falling foul of our current anti-discrimination laws.
Peter Cook does Malcolm Turnbull: polls and plebescites: The rise and rise of Michael Rimmer (1970)
If only Peter Cook were alive today. We could do with some insightful wits like him.
This is such *** The logic that the privileged can't be funny wipes out Python, Peter Cook, Chris Morris. If…
Peter Cook and Rob Jones in recording studio 1978
Peter Cook: "the wonderful Berlin cabarets in the 30s which did so much to prevent the rise of Hitler and the start of WW2."
You need to do as Peter Cook did with Harold Macmillan.
Follow your nose! John Lennon with Peter Cook for Peter Cook and Dudley Moore's show, 'Not Only But Also'. This...
54 years ago today.Peter Cook and Carol Haney play daytime 'Password' with Allen Ludden on
Why you should take those cheesy back-to-school pictures of your kids. Good read:
Forget fake reviews: now you can buy fake customers - As detailed by The Washington Post's Peter Holley, Surkus...
In the Era of Groucho Marx,Peter Cook,Bernard Manning & Rodney Dangerfield the comedians of 2017 would hav…
I appreciate the beer choice lol that and BL are the best. Peter you need to tell us wha…
English actor, satirist, writer and comedian, Peter Cook. Considered the father of modern satire (17 November 1937 – 9…
I only got these references after the fact mind. Newm…
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Yeah probably but it does pick up both Python and Pet…
Yorubas sabi cook jollof rice mehn. This is cray
Eclipse hysteria makes this perfect day to listen to Peter Cook & Co.'s 'End of the World' sketch
Cook has been getting some runs. Surely a call up is on the cards
Congratulations to Peter from Thomas Cook, our One Millionth login winner, bagging a 3 night cruise!! He was a man…
Click here to support Rage Against The Brexit Machine organised by Peter Cook
A Duck with to Melbourne cup winning jockey's Wayne Harris Peter Cook
Pseud (noun) is short for pseudo-intellectual. I think it was Willy Rushton or Peter Cook that used it a lot (Private Eye, for instance).
Congratulations to Peter Shaw from Thomas Cook! Peter was the one millionth logon to & won…
A recipe from a man who REALLY nows how to cook! Thanks Peter Gilmore.
That said, anything that wakes from his slumber is worth your time:
Would it sound callous if I said I'm not that surprised this is what he's really like?
Joss Whedon has created and written many things I enjoy, so the post written by his ex-wife makes me kind of sad:
Bill Maher scolds his audience when no one laughs at his jokes, unlike Peter Daou, who blocks anyone who laughs at his. Co…
The Year to Date in Polls, by Peter *** Data is everything. Unless it's sexist.
Nice story. It’s never too late to find true love:
They don't make them in my size. :'(
An OB/GYN buddy of mine wears them to deliver babies.
Yup. I get a new pair every Christmas.
All of my short-sleeve summer shirts are LL Bean. We have an outlet nearby, which makes shopping pretty easy.
Life would be hard without my. LL Bean house shoes.
I love that company. I order a fair amount 'stuff' online each year.
If you like shrimp scampi, this is a good recipe: The baking soda/salt brine really works.
1963 - The Jack Paar Program with guests Peter Cook, Dudley Moore and *** Gregory.
I’m not sure why the ‘duck boots’ are so popular, but LL Bean plans to make more of them:
"You fill me with inertia." Peter Cook as Lucifer in Bedazzled.
Raspberry and chocolate cakes, this is such a good combination! . ht…
This is a lawsuit in the making! Who the F is Apple to decide what SPEECH it will se…
"A whale is not a fish, it's an insect and it…
13. Peter Cook. - the wittiest of the many witty people I adore. - created many wonderful characters. - his comedic wr…
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
The prepackaged frozen lunch is more important than Palladio. - Peter Cook
I liked a video Peter Cook: "Archigram Designs Were Always Meant to Be Built"
World's Easiest Grilled Vegetables (How to Cook Vegetables on the Grill) - blogs de Recipes
Have you seen Peter Greenaway's The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover? Perfect example of this.
Curtis and Atkinson wrote some terrific lines for him. And Peter Cook in the first epis…
Peter Cook realises that Brexit is Pants while running through Fields of Wheat
Satarists are people like Ian Hislop, Peter Cook and Chris Morris. . Sargon is not one.
John Cleese, Rowan Atkinson, Billy Connolly, Peter Cook, Clive Jenkins and Anna Ford at the Secret Policeman's Ball press co…
A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole; I Was An Only Twin by Peter Cook..."Harpo Speaks" by Ha…
It has Peter Cook in, so a big positive
"He seems to me to be a very silly young man who likes the attention" - Peter Cook on Andrew Dice Clay, 1989.
Teams for U13 games next week. Monday 12 June home vs Bourne county cup 1800 start meeting at 1730. Peter Cook...
Two of the silliest two people ever to work together. Peter Cook & Dudley Moore.
📷 the-cosmic-empire: John appearing in the Peter Cook and Dudley Moore satire, ‘Not Only…But Also’...
One-legged Dudley Moore applies for the role of Tarzan. Peter Cook tactfully mentions his deficiency for the role 😊.
Electronic Device Insurance
I'm far too young to remember Dudley Moore and Peter Cook 🤔😉
No, Faust retelling with Peter Cook playing the Devil and Dudley Moore selling his soul.
We have loads in England that probably are not even known in the US, Peter Cook, Dudley M…
Classic GOOD (as opposite to Michael Macintyre et al) British comedy: . Peter Cook - Experiences down the mine:.
I went to Peter Cook's house to find correlations with him, Chris Morris, Bill Murray and golf -
Got to love Peter Cook and Dudley Moore - even advertising sherry!
Always reminded of Peter Cook's line about David Frost when listening to Jeremy Hunt - "he rose without trace"
I saw Dudley Moore on an old epi. of "The *** Cavett Show" early this morning with Peter Cook. Tuesday was married…
Now Playing: Goodbye by Peter Cook & Dudley Moore - Listen at - Buy it
Only bits and pieces. I LOVE Dudley Moore. I read he based Arthur on Peter Cook. Also loved Peter Cook in Yellowbeard.
You ever watched the Dudley Moore and Peter Cook series from the 60s/70s? Hilarious - especially the Derek and Clive sketches.
Yep and Steve Coogan look more and more like Peter Cook and Dudley Moore with every series of
"I don't give a f***k about Peter Cook and especially Spike Milligan" Aye, an neither do I.
Arrested Development, The Armando Iannucci Shows, Veep, Peter Cook, Stewart Lee and this gif in particular htt…
Great. Seeing the name Greta Garbo all I can see is the Peter Cook and Dudley Moore sketch.
The ideal presenters would have been Bernard Manning, Peter Cook and Jethro but with 2 out of 3 dead a definite non-starter.
Peter Sellers - only equalled by Peter Cook and Spike Milligan.
just listened to the Picklive podcast- we were like Dudley Moore and Peter Cook- we should get back on that.
Peter Cook and Dudley Moore as the scheming but bungling nephews. Murderous but hapless John Mills. And then there's the butler.
A complete joy, there won't be anything as funny as this for hundreds of years. Peter Cook
'Edgy' humour has had its day. If only we could go back in time and prevent Peter Cook, Bill Hicks, Chris Morris etc fr…
Peter Cook covered a related topic in depth.
I never knew Peter Cook saw Spurs play at The Dell in 1978 to witness both clubs promoted in a 0-0 draw !😵 Just reading Lawrie Mac's Diary
Peter Cook design for housing on Roosevelt Island, New York, 1975 - Ken Yeang-esque
Peter Cook and Dudley Moore were friends and the last people I e...
Pleasure of 120 on Bournemouth Beach with Peter Cook (Pier Theatre now a cl…
One of my favourite, but least well known comedy duos: Christopher Morris & Peter Cook. Why bother? Treat yourself
Watching the 1984 Supergirl. Can't help think that Peter Cook's character is based on Ramsey Dukes.
Good Christmas telly has consisted of David Brent, Peter Cook & Dudley Moore, Morecambe and Wise and Only Fools. Why is modern TV so crap?
It's sad to think Peter Cook's wife Lin died just four weeks before finding out what Josie Lawrence & Ronnie Wood t…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
To quote the great Peter Cook: "Those wonderful Berlin cabarets did so much to stop the rise of Hitler."…
Peter Cook and Dudley Moore: The Lost Tapes on telly on New Year's Eve. This excites me! ❤️ them. .
Peter Cook & Dudley Moore: Genius. . Some free and curative miracles might save the NHS though.
Today in 1966 John Lennon appeared on Peter Cook and Dudley Moore's TV show Not Only...But Also
Congratulations to the other Mr Benn on his Celebrity Mastermind Winner! BTW, I am a huge Peter Cook fan.
Seriously, spend 4:30 watching this piece of comedy genius. . Peter Cook & Dudley Moore - One Leg Too Few.
Recalled to mind The Critics by Peter Cook & Dudley Moore
[Sunday Recap:] Missing sketches from Peter Cook and Dudley Moore's "Not Only... But Also..." have been found:
I liked a video Episode 05 Peter Cook and Dudley Moore
ENTERTAINMENT | Channel 4 to air lost Peter Cook and Dudley Moore sketches
No contest "My name is . . .", Billy Crystal, "Inconceivable!", THAT swordfight, the battle of witts, Peter Cook & Peter Falk.
"A self-confessed player of the pink oboe" - Peter Cook revisits the Jeremy Thorpe/Norman Scott verdict.
Peter Cook & John Lennon this day 50 years ago 28 Nov 1966
when told by a fellow artiste that they were writing a book Peter Cook is said to have replied 'Neither am I'
Watching Stephen Fry with Hugh Laurie on Hollywood Boulevard reminds me of watching Peter Cook and Dudley Moore...
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
I hate to do it to Peter Cook, but... (Actually he looks better than Weller)
tell me that's a joke? Watch Dudley Moore and Peter Cook and see if you like them?
27 Oct 1962: Alan Bennett, Peter Cook, Jonathan Miller and Dudley Moore open on in the comedic revue they wrote, Beyond the Fringe
Looking forward to Peter Cook Center Distinguished Lecture series by Julio Friedman
I guess Peter Griffin will keep me company while I cook ☹️️
Pentagon says US airstrikes target al-Qaida in Afghanistan: Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook has issued a ...
Sir Peter Cook's 80th birthday jelly! Created by the original jellymongers of course…
Don't worry. They mistook you for Peter Cook...Come back for one final encore 😂😂😂
Statement by Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook on Strikes against Al-Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan
Statement on precision strikes against Al-Qaeda leaders in
Celebrating Peter Cook at 80 with amazing Jelly cake.
The Foundation in presents a retrospective on Peter Cook’s drawings
Thom Mayne eulogy to birthday boy Peter Cook
Now he's getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Can we say Hugh Laurie is the Dudley Moore to 's Peter Cook?
A country cousin: Alabama's Jeff Cook plays more rock 'n' roll than country, according to Peter Goddard's review of
at Frontiers Health 2016 with Join the interactive... by
at Frontiers Health 2016 with Join the interactive at
ICYMI... column - We should have given knackered Cook time to recover -
hey Rick. Please ask Peter if he has smoked and why 10g is too much Marijuana. How much does he use to cook with?
Today, is 55. In this clip from 1966, Peter Cook talks about fundraising for the magazine
im not a cook..I dont dish nothing out. Besides whatever u claim I do, , I dont do it to y d insults?
"I remain absolutely committed to closing the detention facility at Guantanamo"-
"How Christie Brinkley stayed strong for her kids through bitter divorce from Peter Cook
there's a Dudley Moore and Peter Cook film and a Brendan Fraser and Liz Hurley film
in terms of Satire, sure it's the Peter Cook of CFC fan Authored RFC books and not Joe pasquale😁
“Special operations forces blend in to enhance their own protection and security” said Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook https…
Stephen Fry's eulogy for Peter Cook is a beautiful thing: PC wasn't an embittered husk in later years. Far from it.
Sparks Beat The Clock, with Peter Cook on the many coloured pressings of the 12" single!
The greatest bit of radio trolling is still Peter Cook's Sven from Swiss Cottage, comedy genius performed for no $$$
My mate Tony has helped re-release the Bedazzled soundtrack on vinyl (Peter Cook & Dudley Moore).
domain names
Princess Bride - Andre the Giant, Mel Smith, Billy Crystal and Peter Cook - Oli mesmerised
OMG, OMG, O.M.G. Voodoo Ray is built using samples from Peter Cook and Dudley Moore.
Just found out that Voodoo Ray by A Guy Called Gerald samples Peter Cook & Dudley Moore, and my head's fallen off.
Derek & Clive (Peter Cook & Dudley Moore) first ever official release for this slice…
Day 99 of an a day. Today Derek & Clive aka Dudley Moore and Peter Cook.
Beyond the Fringe on Oxford Philosophy via Alan Bennet and Jonathan Miller, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore
Help me raise funds 4 Blood Bikes Scotland,& RT. Thanks! up to £70 still a bit to go:)
Peter Cook: ‘She had the priority of a clear, powerful and ever-poetic architecture’
"If Paul Klee took a line for a walk, then Zaha took the surfaces for a dance" - Peter Cook on Hadid
"but you’re actually inside it, living the dream of the drawing". Peter Cook on Zaha Hadid's Vitra fire station, on
Dhoore was "believed to have been plotting attacks targeting US citizens in per Pentagon spox Peter Coo…
"The most brilliant student" remembered by her teacher Peter Cook. Listen:
Bob Dylan, Peter, Paul and Mary, and Stevie Wonder performing “Blowin’ in the Wind” 1986
You Dont get to hang out with Peter Cook everyday. What an inspiration.
Bedazzled (1967), is on Netflix. If you have not seen it, shame on you. Peter Cook IS the Devil.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
NEWS: 'The architecture world now seems lost': Peter Cook remembers
Peter Cook was the funniest man ever to draw breath.
There is a vision of what a progressive Britain could be. It’s called Canada | Gaby Hinsliff | The Guardian
San Francisco Man Pays $400 to Live in Box: Peter Berkowitz is a 25-year-old illustrator and cook, and—most no...
US military launches second strike in a month on terrorist targets in Somalia: Peter Cook, the Pentagon press ...
Sir Peter Cook, founder of on the passing of .
Discover how to cook the perfect Lake District lamb dish with TV Chef
U can run but u can't hide. Statement from Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook on Airstrike in Som
hi there. Would love a copy of the photo of Barry Humphries, Peter Cook & comedic co. Possible?
would love a copy. Is that Peter Cook next to Barry Humphries? DM me X
Peter Cook on Ian Ritchie’s Sainsbury Wellcome Centre is in the March AT, now online
Sadly caught a bit of Mrs Brown's Boys. Lawd help us. Peter Cook et al must be turning in their graves. Dire,
Need cheering up?. Peter Cook's summing up in the Jeremy Thorpe trial. Source of my interest in law.
Yes that's an idea. You and Danny Kelly back on 6-0-6, at a roundtable this time with a bar. I'm sure Peter Cook would approve.
is now comparing John Reed to Peter Cook & Dudley Moore. No, really.
Time for some Peter Cook, from the days of the Jeremy Thorpe trial:
I just saw Peter Cook at the Airport. Was contemplating saying hello, and then remembered that he died in 1995.
Peter Cook providing vocals on Voodoo Ray, in case you didn’t know.
I added a video to a playlist Peter Cook with Rowan Atkinson , John Cleese , Terry Jones , Beryl Reid
. Written over 50 years ago & still pointedly funny. Can't say that about too many. (MIlligan, Python & Peter Cook excepted)
Peter Cook and Dudley Moore Cordially Invite You to Go to *** via
Anyone who isn't as old as me and doesn't know Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, turn to UK Gold now. You won't regret it
ooh, almost forgot - the Derek & Clive recordings! (Dudley Moore and Peter Cook, also in the 70s)
Is it a good or bad thing that sometimes it seems like Tom Ellis is channeling Peter Cook as
After marriage fits with "Love Thy Neighbour", as Peter Cook once said, "I fancy her too, and rushing round for a quick one"
Jonathan Miller, Alan Bennett, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore in 1961 as photographed by Bill Brandt.
I just heard this week's episode of I get bleeped 6 TIMES. Thank you, Peter Cook & Dudley Moore. (Love Matt Day's Highgate story)
peter pan and stalin . Am I doing this right?
just shared this interesting article. Encryption ***
Thanks to Peter Cook for posting this blast from the past. Scott Blackburn and I cover Bob Dylan's Let Me Die In...
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
I would not have thought that you were a cook, Peter Pan. [I add jokingly; crossing one leg over the other while slightly ~ {
I'm not sure mastermind is the right word Certainly not a Peter Cook Mindermast!
Rick man this convo ends here we'll cook yous
I love that the Peter Cook ‘Later’ sample was retained in the form of trumpet stabs (
Not a member but I look at it. I used to be quite pally with a postman called Paul, head of the Peter Cook appreciation society.
Harriet Green, who left Thomas Cook in Nov 2014, received £6.3m last year, successor Peter Fankhauser netted £4.3m:
Free Sir Peter Cook lecture from about now online, have a happy weekend!
Hunter heineman shot Colton and Peter Whiteman at the stop sign by cook field at 7 am
"David Bowie - Reflections on a great innovator ..." by on
Thomas Cook boss Peter Fankhauser took home £4.3 million in 2014-15
I did ask for Peter Cook but sadly he was busy...
When Peter Cook died some said he wasted his talent. He didn't. Alan Rickman left so much, the fact he had a lot more to give doesn't matter
Trying to process Bowie & Rickman; then Mr Jolly Lives Next Door comes on & I remember I'm still not really over Rik Mayall. OR Peter Cook…
I only cook male genitalia in my peter pan
Megan on tonight, the amount of time she said the 'C' word reminded me of Dudley Moore and Peter Cook's 'Derek and Clive' act.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Probably my favourite Bowie interview - that long rambling joke was like a Peter Cook routine
My hubby was on CNN this week talking turkey about the Starman
Flood warnings for Norfolk coast. We'll have the latest in the late bulletin at 10.30pm
1965, John Lennon appeared on the UK TV Peter Cook and Dudley Moore show, 'Not Only But Also.'.
I got this original program for £1. Beyond The Fringe: Alan Bennett, Peter Cook, Dudley Moore and Jonathan Miller
New Years Eve celebration on Main Street in Falmouth. . Thank you to Peter Cook for the video.
One of the best movies of all time is on Netflix: Peter Cook and Dudley Moore in the original Bedazzled. Julie Andrews!
Exposed unsuspecting Millennials to vintage Dudley Moore & Peter Cook this afternoon; IIRC that's definition of "Fri. class well spent"
Watching Michael Aspel try to interview Peter Cook has cheered me up no end.
I love this! Peter Cook & Dudley Moore, Nell Gwynn, Amy Johnson, (young) Prince Rupert, Jesus. Who would you choose?
Stuart Maconie, who is some form of entertainer' sounds like a Peter Cook, High Court Judge, Jeremy Thorpe *** take,
charles_lines: Great interview with top consultant Peter Cook about the links between music and business: …
Bizarre discovering there was a brief period when Peter Cook had a perm, and looked like Jeremy Clarkson.
BBC orders 'definitive' Peter Cook documentary: To be made by Victor Lewis-Smith
Read not only a letter to Peter Cook but also Tescoholics Anonymous only in the Hampstead Village Voice OUT NOW £1.
'Bridge on the River Wye', starring Jonathan Miller and Peter Cook, in
The evolving legend of La Llorona via HistoryToday interesting facts from Peter Cook
Lewis Morley's iconic shots of Christine Keeler. In the news every day over Profumo. . Peter Cook's club, Soho, 1963.
15 Classical Music traditions. Maybe not what you expect.
Breaking: 2 Canadians reach the finals of the Fryderyk Piano Competition
All the way from Toronto Steve , the wonderful - We are hooking up to jam some HR + stuff
Today I have much more respect for Peter Cook for been able to tolerate the company of the pathetic worm that is Ian Hislop.
Inspirational post>> A Walk on the Wild Side ...w Irene Becker via
where the worst Dad Joke is applauded like something from Peter Cook or Oscar Wilde
"Our thinking & doing habits can b rewritten rather than accepting the idea that they r unchangeable." ~Irene Becker
I remember when I worked for my first greek family. There was one cook named Peter. He called me baby doll, fed me, & taught me poker
I'm not sure sending arms to Who-Knows-Who in not best idea either. But Peter Cook said some was communication equipment.
Peter Cook said Afghan Forces just got Aviation Assets. Poet's conclusion still same as yesterday. Syria is a whole other ballgame.
Peter Cook said "Yes, Afghan Forces have had set-backs & they need more assistance but progress has been made."
David Ignatius mentioned this has been best year for Taliban in in years. Peter Cook pointed out that Afghan forces...
David Ignatius asked Peter Cook, Pentagon Spokesman whether the U.S. would get pulled back into the fight in on
Peter Cook interview demonstrates how over-rated this show is. Obvious question is when will US leave Afghanistan. Never asked
No words adequate to describe how brilliant a cricketer Alistair Cook is - maybe Englands greatest ever by the time he retires
I liked a video At The Races - Derek and Clive Peter Cook Dudley Moore Horse Racing (with
How to cook the perfect Cumbrian Carbonara by
Safari in Yosemite (8.x and 9): command-~ will be fine then suddenly stop working.
Oh God. Peter Jackson's going to make a trilogy of films about Alastair Cook's innings, isn't he?
Alastair Cook has now batted longer than the combined total match time of England at the rugby and football world cups.
Peter Cook summed it up, fifty years ago.
.The Afghan security forces are getting better -- but there's still room for improvement.
Peter Cook, explains the decision to delay Afghanistan troop drawdown:
The lady who cried on last night is obviously too young to remember Peter Cook.
"Take a walk on the wild side ... with - an interview about leadership, IQ, EQ and SQ ...
Peter Cook, another Pentagon shill, STFU, you appear not to be old enough to remember Vietnam catastrophe. You're unqualified.
Peter Cook should be enforcing what military recommends not our feckless president.
money detectives STELLING & PRIEST make in drugs is over not a secret no more your drug dealer CRIS PALMER & your ice cook PETER COWAN named
"A Walk on the Wild Side ... with Irene Becker" by on
Peter Lorimer's YEP column - right on the money about Lewis Cook:.
In case you shrugged it off, anyone with any interest in Comedy should give this a read.
My Mum always said 'watch your p's and q's!' Great to fully understand what q's to take care of. Fantastic article
Happy Friday! Have fun in the network Peter Cook and Dudley Moore
Rod Liddle is like a horrible combo of BoJo & Peter Cook just before he snuffed it.
Peter Cook & Dudley Moore - @ The Pub... via I thought it was funny too.
Alastair Cook has scored 10 Test centuries as captain, level with Peter May - only Graham *** with 11, has more
Rugby League World Cup spot up for grabs as take on
Me: I got bit by a spider . Nick: Am I gonna have to cook a spider? I'm gonna cook all 8 legs. Peter Parker isn't gonna …
Peter Greenaway is rumoured to be working on the next Steve Jobs biopic. Working title: “The Cook, the Jobs, the Mac and Their Lovers.”
We heard that the was yesterday. Graduation is to desirable as the Cook Out tray is to ___:. A. BAE. B. BAE. C. BAE. D. BAE…
Cook Out is the place to go for your late night cravings. It's never too late for a tray! Ready for a
Pentagon offers "condolence" payments to Kunduz hospital victims. No admission of wrongdoing.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
spokesman Peter Cook told a news briefing Thursday that Kurdish forces appeared to have recovered some of the weaponry from the air drop.
READ A LETTER TO PETER COOK: only in the Hampstead Village Voice, at newsagents now priced £1 while shops last!
There's something of the Peter Cook about Rod Little. I mean minus all the humanity, joy etc obviously but still
Dudley Moore, Alan Bennett, Peter Cook, and Jonathan Miller - for Beyond the Fringe and everything else.
Peter Cook (57), Eric Morecambe (48) Graham Chapman (58) Tony Hancock (44). I suppose we still have the Pythons tho.
How I got this far in life without out knowing Voodoo Ray samples Peter Cook is beyond me.
"there wasn’t much memory in the sampler... Peter Cook said “voodoo rage” it came out as “Voodoo Ray”.It was serendipity – poetry"
Peter Cook's biased judge sketch (complete) via Actually about Jeremy Thorpe but still relevant and funny
The great Peter Cook and Dudley Moore in their priceless satire based on Jerry Anderson's puppet series. c. 1966...
Must be so hard for people like John White, Peter Cook and Joel Klein to have read your New Orleans piece. Heads exploding!
via this shows why it was Dudley Moore not Peter Cook who got the girls
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