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Peter Cetera

Peter Paul Cetera (born September 13, 1944 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American singer, songwriter, bassist and producer best known for being an original member of the rock band Chicago, before launching a successful solo career.

Glory of Love David Foster Amy Grant Steve Perry Richard Marx Don Henley Karate Kid Terry Kath Classical Guitar Robert Lamm Crystal Bernard Robin Thicke New York City Jon Secada Reprise Records Billy Joel Baby Face Phil Collins

*makes Peter Cetera mash-ups while wearing my ugly kitten Christmas sweater*. *patiently awaits the full return of
Two of my favorite guys, Paul Anka & Peter Cetera Hold me till the morning comes.
I'm thinking a whole Peter Cetera Christmas cover album must be done. It's time!
I don't know what y'all did this time but I can't listen to it if a Peter Cetera impression isn't involved.
There's nothing more distracting while driving than a Peter Cetera song.
DJ-BusyElf @ WKDfm is playing Peter Cetera - You're The Inspiration Live, Legal and Loud Internet Radio
I added a video to a playlist Peter Cetera & Cher -After All - Cover by Bryan & Gemma
No one need you more than I .need you - Peter Cetera
Hmm, should I date someone who speaks in Peter Cetera lyrics?
Peter Cetera must do an album of Listening to he & Cher duet 'After All'. Greedy for more!
Trying to remember conversations from last night and all I remember is him shouting PETER CETERA at me
I just uploaded ""Glory of Love", Peter Cetera, for Classical Guitar" to Vimeo:
Renato Bellucci plays,"Glory of Love", Peter Cetera, for Classical Guitar, From his new CD, The Movies,...
My new sounds: "Glory of Love", Peter Cetera, for Classical Guitar on
Do you love me.. do you love me.. do you love me.that much ♫ Do You Love Me That Much by Peter Cetera —
How can you so quickly dismiss the sweet soulful stylings of Peter Cetera?!?
Did Peter Cetera hurt Chicago more than Michael McDonald hurt the Doobie brothers? This is an important 19070's question.
One of the world`s leading experts on Peter Cetera I am lol :)
It's just Peter Cetera playing, followed by a beep.
I always forget how many hits Peter Cetera has-Chicago stuff, Glory of Love, 1 good woman,feels like heaven,next time I fall,forever Tonight
Who would you rather see, The Smashing Pumpkins play 5 songs on Jimmy Kimmel or a full show by David Foster and Friends (Peter Cetera, Baby Face, Kristin Chenoweth) both happening at the same time across the street from each other. If only I could be sure the Pumpkins play something I want to hear.
I wish I had the voice of Steve Perry, Arnel Pineda, and Peter Cetera!!
I never really cared for Amy Grant or Peter Cetera, but I'm not bothered by either one.
( Glory of Love-atrium - Peter Cetera ) Download the free Broseleyfm app or visit
🎶💕...Like a knight in shining armor. From a long time ago. Just in time I... ♫ "Glory of Love" by Peter Cetera [pic]
I usually don't like the old thing , but when i do , i go Vintage 🙌 ♫ Glory of Love by Peter Cetera —
Can't help it... Found The Next Time I Fall by Amy Grant & Peter Cetera with Shazam, have a listen:
Anyone else listening to Peter Cetera, Pat Benetar and Phil Collins today? No? Just me? Ok then...
Peter Cetera as Billy Flynn in the musical "Chicago." Too much?
If anyones looking for Richard Marx.he's with Peter Cetera on MySpace. I hope.
Mi top 10 favorite love songs of all time. (No specific order) 1.When I look into your eyes- Firehouse 2.Love hurts- Nazareth 3.This ain't a love song- Bon Jovi 4.I live my life for you- Firehouse 5.Chains arround my heart- Richard Marks 6.Wild horses- The Sundays 7.All out of love- Air Supply 8.Glory of Love- Peter Cetera 9.Goodbye to you- Michelle Branch 10.I'll be loving you forever- New Kids On The Block ...and there are many more! ;)
Incidents (2) 1966 : When John Entwistle and Keith Moon are late for a Who show at the Rikki Tik club in Newbury, England, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey go on with the opening act as their rhythm section. Entwistle and Moon show up halfway through, and after the show Moon announces that he and John are leaving to form a duo. All is well a week later when they patch things up. 1969 : Chicago singer Peter Cetera is attacked at a Dodgers-Cubs game at Dodger Stadium. Explaining the incident, Cetera said: "Four marines didn't like a long-haired rock 'n' roller in a baseball park, and of course I was a Cub fan, and I was in Dodger Stadium, and that didn't do so well. I got in a fight and got a broken jaw in three places, and I was in intensive care for a couple of days. With my jaw wired together, I actually went on the road, and I was actually singing through my clenched jaw, which, to this day, is still the way I sing."
May 20th Birthdays: Joe Cocker born in 1944 2007: Rush singer & bassist Geddy Lee made an appearance on Bob and Doug McKenzie Two-Four Anniversary special which aired in Canada. A short film of Bob and Doug would be shown as an intro a song on their tour that year. 1998: Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee was sentenced to six months in jail after being found guilty of spousal abuse. 1995: After a four year courtship, Don Henley of The Eagles married model Sharon Summerall in Malibu, CA. Guests included Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen & Sting. 1993: Aerosmith filmed the video for their single “Cryin’” at the Central Congregational Church in Fall River, MA where Lizzie Borden used to worship. 1989: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers were the musical guest on the season finale of Saturday Night Live where they performed “Runnin’ Down a Dream” & “Free Fallin’”. 1971: Chicago bassist Peter Cetera had to undergo five hours of emergency surgery after he lost four teeth in a fight at a Chicago Cubs baseba ...
On This Day in Music. 1941 - Harry James and his orchestra recorded "You Made Me Love You." 1942 - "I've Got A Gal in Kalamazoo" was recorded by Glenn Miller and His Orchestra. 1954 - Bill Haley and the Comets' "Rock Around the Clock" was released. It was not successful until it was released in 1955 on the soundtrack to "Blackboard Jungle." 1960 - Alan Freed, a disc jockey, was indicted for income tax evasion stemming from payola. 1967 - Jimi Hendrix signed his first American record contract with Reprise Records. Jimi Hendrix apparel and gear 1968 - Pete Townshed and Karen Astley were married. 1970 - "Let It Be," the film by The Beatles, premiered worldwide. Today in Beatles History - Beatles apparel and gear 1971 - Peter Cetera (Chicago) was beaten up by four men at a Chicago Cubs-Dodgers baseball game. The men objected to the length of Cetera's hair. Cetera underwent four hours of emergency surgery. 1977 - The stage show "Beatlemania" opened at the Winter Garden Theater, New York. Today in Beatles Histo ...
How am I supposed to go to sleep when my Pandora station is treating me so well? Phil Collins, Peter Cetera & Amy Grant, Van Halen Hagar era, solo Don Henley, Eric Carmen. I am such an easy-listening dork. Justin Reed, I love you for a lot of reasons but partly for putting up with me and listening to this with me. :)
You ain't old skul until: You know who the Fresh Prince of Bel air is Spice girls, All 4 One,The Fugees and The Jackson 5 once rocked your radio Destiny's child was 4 babes Left Eye, Big Pun, Heavy D, SWV , Dabrat, Queen Pen, Salt N Paper aren't research work for you Gerald Levert , Luther Vandross, Lionel Richie and Baby Face were the RnB kings at weddings Peter Cetera, Shaba Ranks, Patra , LL CoolJ were your typical chart show Mackaveli , Tupac , Notorious , Naughty by Nature, Warren G and Nate Dogg were the true definition of hip hop The Good times, Different Strokes and Didi were your TV favourites... You saw sevo with hair, Dr.Kisekka was your V.P and you had buddies in Shimoni... And you saw the construction of Namboole
Chill out with David Foster, Peter Cetera and a cup of hot coffee latte at XXI Lounge Plaza Indonesia…
Things I never thought and never said in the 80's, because I knew better: "Chicago is gonna stink without Peter Cetera" "Zach Galligan was terrific in Gremlins! He'll be a major star, mark my words!" "Richard Marx and Cynthia Rhodes are going to last forever!"
Chicago= great band. Did you know that Peter Cetera had his jaw wired after a bar brawl? That's why he has an unusual vocal delivery & sound
In 4th grade my 1st love was Scott. He lived across the street & Peter Cetera's 'Glory of Love' was our song. He had a race car bed & Atari.
Happy Saturday FB Friends! "Saturday in the Park" is a song written by Robert Lamm and recorded by the group Chicago for their 1972 album Chicago V, with Lamm on piano and lead vocals and Peter Cetera on bass and backing vocals. The single version hit on the Billboard Hot 100. According to fellow Chicago member Walter Parazaider, Lamm was inspired to write the song during the recording of V in New York City on July 4, 1971: "Robert came back to the hotel from Central Park very excited after seeing the steel drum players, singers, dancers, and jugglers. I said, 'Man, it's time to put music to this!
Peter Cetera wrote the best hair metal power ballads.
Been amazed by the sense in the lyrics of a duet by Peter Cetera & Agnetha Faltskog... Plus Sergio Mendes & Lisa Bevill... The message really gets across =)
Sitting here at the nail salon...back, feet, legs, arms and hands massaged listening to "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine and "Glory of Love" by Peter Cetera. Ready to pass out.
I never liked peter cetera. Terrible shirts.
my testimony: since childhood, I heard the music from Chicago, amazing, even not listening whenever I was sad or joyful, especially the song BABY WHAT BIG SURPRISE came in my mind.How in epoch pictures almost did not exist, did not know the band members, until recently, did not know Laudir de Oliveira is Brazilian, was a surprise! recently discovered that other songs that I always liked, is the Peter Cetera singing.This means that Peter Cetera has always been part of my life.Honestly, I always thought this ridiculous story of fan.I dont understand, how someone could love an artist unconditionally.Today, I know how an artist can be important in your life.Would like Peter Cetera know how important it is in my life.I have conscience I am a grain in a crowd, but he is my sunshine.I love you Peter Cetera!
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So the idea that I might have been *** in high school, came up yet again while having dinner last night. All because I didn't date much while in high school. Truthfully, the girls I was interested in, just weren't into me. I was like an 80s romantic/ comedy/ drama character. Only I didn't learn karate to win over the girl, or play a boom box blaring "In your eyes" to win over a love, or write a love letter that was later discovered by my crush that won her over, or even have a theme song sung by Peter Cetera. But I'm patient enough to wait for the "right" one.
Peter Cetera's "Glory of Love" reached in the UK. There is nothing that any of us can do to remove this stain from our national character
I'd like to come off as all hard and thug life and such and pretend I came home and put on Ride the Lightening and the sort. Instead, I had to lower the roof, and put on some Peter Cetera, kung fu love songs.
No explanation... with sweet consideration ♫ No Explanation by Peter Cetera —
I'm gonna give u all the love that I've got ♫ (I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight by Peter Cetera —
Glory of Love by Peter Cetera Now playing on Vibe Audio Station LISTEN NOW!! at
Just one of the nights when this song just feels right to listen to... ♫ Hard To Say I'm Sorry – Az Yet,Peter Cetera
Can I hear Peter Cetera 'Next time I fall' and maybe Crockett's theme? I'm an 80's child and I love your show:)
... I'll be the hero you're dreamin' of we'll live forever, knowin' together… ♫ Glory of Love by Peter Cetera —
"If You Leave Me Now" Chicago's bass player Peter Cetera wrote this and sang lead. After it became a huge hit, the band became known for its ballads that fea...
Pulled a Don Jon and had to turn down the radio as I pulled into parking lot and Peter Cetera "Glory of Love" came on.
Kicked this week in the balls! Loved my car journey home as I found a Spotify list of loads of power ballads I used to LOVE back in the 80s - peter cetera!
If there is a more romantic song than Peter Cetera - Glory of Love then I will eat my hat with no condiments.
1986 wasn't bad either. Power ballads by Berlin and Peter Cetera and Somewhere Out There from An American Tail. Fievel rules.
Found Glory of Love by Peter Cetera with As hear in the Karate Kid II movie. A moving song.
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After all n start 2 stop if u coming back 2 dis 2 heart 2 angel who been rescued from d fall n after all dat we been throuhgt it all comes down 2 me n u 2geder means 2 be 4ever u n me, after all.)song by peter cetera .)) d song who inspired us with my luving husband 2 keep d our sweetnes in our relationship..
Copyrighted content & sound recording administered by: WMG. Video uploaded FOR LISTEN & VIEW ONLY for Mr. Peter Cetera's fans around the world. For the best ...
I hope you got the peter cetera song from karare kid 2 on there!
if I had one wish, how would I choose between barry white's voice or peter cetera's?
Entering our building from the parking ramp the last two days, two notable selections playing overhead included Glenn Medeiros and Peter Cetera/Amy Grant. 80s soft rock at their (ahem) finest...
these lame *** rumors on the mystery 15thHG are hilarious! it wont be peter, gary, elissa, ginamarie, talla et cetera!
... I'm always strong when you're beside me ... ♫ Glory of Love by Peter Cetera —
"Feelin' Stronger Every Day" is written by Peter Cetera and James Pankow. After recording all of Chicago's first five albums in New York City, producer James...
if that is possible, Peter Cetera's "Little Danson Man" full length LP is possible, also
Peter Cetera - One Good Woman,i love you shelley thank you for all you do,it is greatly appreciated
You're the meaning in my life. You're the inspiration. You bring feeling… ♫ You're the Inspiration by Peter Cetera —
What are you doing this Friday? Join us when the brother of the legendary Peter Cetera leads his eight-piece band in the Lounge!
you know, wuss rock like Peter Cetera and Jurassic 5
Peter Cetera, we are missing you.Send photos from anywhere.kisses. love you.
If you like Peter Cetera And Amy Grant - The Next Time I Fall you'll love listening LIVE to Humboldt 101! Go to
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
You bring feeling to my life. You're the inspiration… ♫ You're the Inspiration by Peter Cetera (w/ Afraqolbi) —
Touch my lip, I'm on fire. You're the only one… ♫ I Wanna Take Forever Tonight by Crystal Bernard & Peter Cetera —
Nothing is more brilliant than when a client gives me a note like "Music that sounds like Oingo Boingo meets Peter Cetera." Uh huh.
Listening to Peter Cetera's Glory of Love makes me wanna watch The Karate Kid.
80s singer Peter Cetera looks like Ellen DeGeneres in his music videos
Listening to North's RNB version of the song 'Glory of Love', originally by Peter Cetera.
Listen to After all - Peter Cetera with lyrics on repeat at ListenOnRepeat
Plus, do u mind covering this song? Peter Cetera- Glory of Love Pitera, u would fight for a girls' honor
Listening to Glory of Love by Peter Cetera.
A great song from the album Chicago 17 (1984), composed by the band's trumpeter, James Pankow. This is the last song recorded by Peter Cetera with the group ...
From Cetera's 1992 album "World Falling Down". Words and music by Peter Cetera and Andy Hill. Most recently heard in Heineken's ad: v=M0rWe6HYx18 Cetera is a...
Peter Cetera has the calmest and the coolest voice a guy should ever had haaay
Jason is no Peter cetera but the brass band played excellent tonight. Rock on Chicago!!!
There's so many things I want to say… I will always love you… (Glory of Love-Peter Cetera)
Wanna horrify your spouse? Tell them you ate four donuts and an apple fritter while listening to Peter Cetera
Breast Cancer Awareness
Sitting at McDonald's, the radio keeps cutting out. All I can think is, "Man, Peter Cetera is so explicit!"
Stream Next Time I Fall In Love by Peter Cetera on Peter Cetera for free on Grooveshark.
Singing just like Peter Cetera becomes an effortless endeavor when one has a cold.
"I am a man who will fight for your honour al be the hero you been dreaming of" abit of peter cetera luv it!!
Cher and Peter Cetera... have rescued me from afar.
A ferocious rocking song, and Terry's last, indicating a new direction he seemed to want to take. He even had a note printed on the label of the single (this was a b-side) saying to "keep your eyes open" because the song only "appears courtesy of." Some say he might have played all the instruments on this. It is probable that he was intending to make a solo album. This is a radical break from the Peter Cetera soft rock hit machine Chicago had become. But it never came to be. Terry has been a real guitar influence on me.
In tomorrow's music set we will have music from Deon Estus, Becky G. Peter Cetera and Amy Grant and Carrie Lucas.
So I decided to listen to a little Chicago this am on the way to work (Peter Cetera era).I could barely listen to it. The songs were making me so nauseous! Gag!!
Whats wrong, ? You don't like Bryan Adams? Maybe you're more of a Peter Cetera fella like
Commercial comes on radio this morning...Peter Cetera in concert. Kendall's face lights up! Then utter disappointment when it says he's playing at a casino which she's too young to attend :(. lol
No it's Carly Simon. I think it's from the eighties because I liked when I was little. I used to like Peter Cetera, too.
The next time I fall in love, is still with… ♫ The Next Time I Fall by Peter Cetera (at Komplek Pemda Bekasi) —
Thanks to I've had Peter Cetera stuck in my head since 5 AM.
what I really think the world needs is a song of yours featuring Peter Cetera. Oh yeah. It's gonna be big.
Listening to THE Glory of Love by PETER CETERA...oh Karate Kid 2...
I got a side of Peter Cetera with my shawarma.
Things I'd make if I had time: A Downton video montage with Anna and Bates with Peter Cetera's Glory of Love playing over the top.
"I am the man who will fight for your honor, and dignity, and so on and so on". - Peter Et Cetera
I'm just now getting a chance to watch the Grammys. So far my only thought is that Chicago just isn't the same without Peter Cetera, Robin Thicke is trying to redeem himself by wearing a tux after that disgrace of a performance with Miley Cyrus and I can actually kind of slightly like Blurred Lines when he is backed up by Chicago.
The Grammys in heaven will feature 1986 Peter Cetera and Amy Grant. Every year.
Really enjoyed the performance of Chicago and Robin Thicke on the Grammys tonight. Remember when Peter Cetera performed with the Symphony last year?
Truth: a goal of mine when I was a teen was to sing a duet with Peter Cetera. Move over Amy Grant.
After All by Peter Cetera and Cher. Reminds me of Robert Downey Jr. in Chances Are.
karaoke...Madonna, Amanda Palmer, BeeGees, Peter Cetera or Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five's "White Lines"
Review by Lindsay Planer [-] Although it was their tenth release Chicago X (1976) was actually the band's eighth studio effort -- as Chicago IV (1972) had been a live set from Carnegie Hall and Chicago IX (1975), which precedes this disc, was their first best-of collection. Musically, the combo had effectively abandoned their extended free-form jazz leanings for more succinct pop songs. That is not to say that the band couldn't rock, because they could as evidenced by the Terry Kath (guitar/vocals) full-tilt rave-up "Once or Twice," which commences the album. The hot brass section bows deeply and respectfully to their Muscle Shoals counterparts as Kath does his best funky Otis Redding vocal. Showing his tremendous depth of field, Kath bookends the LP with the empowering and positive "Hope for Love." In between those two extremes are some of Chicago's best-known works -- such as Peter Cetera's (bass/vocals) chart-topping light rock epic "If You Leave Me Now" and Robert Lamm's (keyboards/vocals) "Another R ...
Here we go, Number's 1-5! Remember, this is my FAVORITE, not a "best of", this list is most likely missing your favorite group or artist! :)   5. Chicago- This is mainly beause of their first four albums (all double-albums) that were some of the best examples of unrestrained creativity in rock history. They did hard rock, jazz, classical, funk, country, avant-garde and more. I LOVE the way they challenge me as a listener, you'll find no easily digestable tunes here. They were experimental AND opposed to, say, King Crimson who was wierd for wierdness sake. Robert Lamm was one of the best lyricists of his day ("Poem for the People"), James Pankow was a gifted horn arranger and prolific songwriter (check out the 13 minute "Ballet for a Girl from Buchannon"), Peter Cetera was instantly recognizable as a vocalist ("25 or 6 to 4") and Terry Kath was one of the most influential guitarists of the era ("Sing a Mean Tune Kid"). Sadly, drugs cooled the creativity and forced them to take on soft ...
Hear Chicago with the late, great Terry Kath on guitar and Peter Cetera on vocals in this 1969 Fillmore concert.
Based on Jimmy's entertainment choices, I'd expect Peter Cetera or Telly Savalas's ghost to be up next
Chicago with Terry Kath was an excellent band. When it became a vehicle for Peter Cetera ballads, it became unlistenable.
You could like to read about Amy Grant Amy Lee Grant (born November 25, 1960) is an American singer-songwriter, musician, author, media personality and actress, best known for performing Christian music. She has been referred to as "The Queen of Christian Pop".[1][2] As of 2009, Grant remains the best-selling contemporary Christian music singer ever,[citation needed] having sold over 30 million units worldwide.[3] Grant made her debut as a teenager, and gained fame in Christian music during the 1980s with such hits as "Father's Eyes", "El Shaddai", and "Angels". In 1986, she scored her first Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 song in a duet with Peter Cetera, "The Next Time I Fall". During the 1980s and 1990s, she became one of the first CCM artists to cross over into mainstream pop on the heels of her successful albums Unguarded and Heart in Motion, the latter of which included the No. 1 single "Baby Baby". Grant has won six Grammy Awards, 25 Gospel Music Association Dove Awards, and had the first Christian album e ...
A more magical moment would be Peter Cetera and Steve Perry hanging out!
If he is Bill Champlin's son, why did the producers choose a song sung by Peter Cetera?
Yes, I have been following you, Peter Noone & Peter Cetera! :):)
We'll live forever . Knowing together. That we did it all for the Glory of Love - peter cetera - Glory of Love
Any fans of Peter Cetera out here? We are giving away tickets to catch him live in Singapore... tune in to win...
US singer-songwriter Peter Cetera says fans can expect a fun time at his gig in http:/…
Next time I fall in love, it will be with you ~ Peter Cetera feat.(Lupa)
Trust me, you will love Peter Cetera. Lucky you are going!!
One can never have enough Peter Cetera in their life! :):)
Now listening: Glory of Love by Peter Cetera. May as well stop for another pint
I just used to tag Forever Tonight by Peter Cetera & Crystal Bernard.
This super hot waitress at this sushi buffet makes me want to fight Chozen at the Bone Festival while Peter Cetera wails Glory of Love!
Peter Cetera - Glory of Love . "I will always love U. Sometimes i might forget. I am a man that will fight 4 your honor
There is far too much Peter Cetera in my life lately.
What song by Az Yet featuring Peter Cetera was the no. 19 hit of 1997? See the answer:
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Gonna send away to get a autograph from Peter Cetera ! 😃👍 Glory of Love is a top tune
You keep me standing tall you help me through it all.. Im always… ♫ Glory of Love by Peter Cetera (w/ —
Peter Cetera - The next time I fall on La Nueva Radio!
for my Bday sent me the CADs to his whole collection & a mp3 of him singing peter cetera's "inspiration"
Mom's dragging me along to Peter Cetera's concert on September 14. She's paying, though.
They played Peter Cetera on VH1 and now I urgently have to watch Karate Kid 2, and get one of those drums-on-a-stick things…
In one night I have become a fan of Peter Cetera's voice... :)) such feeling...
This station's '80s throwback weekend is making me realize that Peter Cetera was the most grammatically sound of all the '80s pop stars.
Had a great gig with Peter Cetera last night at the Wyn in Vegas ..little did I know EW&F and David Foster were...
"Voices That Care" is a 1991 song written by David Foster, Linda Thompson and Peter Cetera.
If I was Peter Cetera, I'd name my kid Edward Thomas Cetera. Ed Cetera. ETC. Sure, he'd be bullied until the end of time, but... funny name!
I want to move to Gilligans Island with ALF and Peter Cetera from Chicago. I can take one more person. Who's in?
I'm a man who will fight for your honor... ♫ Glory of Love (Theme from "the Karate Kid, Pt. II") by Peter Cetera —
Very random thought in 3...2...1... Mr. Mister's Richard Page was the 1st to be asked to replace Peter Cetera. Wonder how that wld've gone
Okay loving the old school, chezeako mimi Glory of Love by Peter Cetera or Hard To Say I'm Sorry by him.
Glory of Love by Peter Cetera is the jam lol
Something bizarre but incredible about this driver totally illegally speeding around people while playing "Glory of Love" by Peter Cetera
If the credits don't roll to Peter Cetera's "Glory of Love" I'm rolling gravel donuts all through this parking lot.
No, you won with Peter Cetera's ' The Glory of Love.'
To say that everything David Foster touches turns to gold - and frequently platinum - would be an understatement. The songwriter and producer is a 15-time Grammy Award winner (including three for Producer of the Year) with an unprecedented 44 nominations, a recipient of 7 Canadian Juno Awards, an Emmy Award and a three time Oscar nominee, all over the course of four extraordinarily successful decades. Add to that, a slew of monster hits with some of the world's greatest singers of all time. One of the highest points in a career filled with them is the spectacular one-night only concert "Hit Man: David Foster and Friends" featuring Andrea Bocelli, Michael Buble', Josh Groban, Celine Dion, Katherine McPhee, Blake Shelton, Brian McKnight, Kenny G, Peter Cetera, Charice and many others, which is now available on CD and DVD on 143/Reprise Records. Foster, in his role as the show's host, can now add brilliant master of ceremonies to his list of talents. With his larger-than-life, effervescent, hilarious persona ...
A Peter Cetera and Chaka Khan duet exists. I've never hit BUY on iTunes so fast. I don't care what the song sounds like.
What was the last concert you went to? — AIR SUPPLY,CHRISTOPHER CROSS & PETER CETERA ;$$$
Just got way too excited to hear "After All" by Cher and Peter Cetera on KOST FM.
After All it starts it starts, we keep coming back to these two hearts, two angles who've been rescued from the heart. After All that we may do, it all comes down to me and you. I guess it's meant to be you and me, After All. Peter Cetera, 1989.
Peter Cetera can rip your heart right out of your chest...them there's Lil' Wayne! Lol
Peter Cetera - Have You Ever Been in Love. This is how a love song should be sung, simple and true.
You know you've found your soulmate when she belts out Glory of Love by Peter Cetera with you on your birthday.
In the office pinging and tracerting while the best of Peter Cetera kwa background. the night becomes short...
Dedicate a love song to your lover, mine 'Because You Loved Me' -
We'll live forever, no one together all for the Glory of Love. Peter Cetera, 1986.
totally forgot about this song until i heard it at the grocery store today. lol Peter Cetera - Restless Heart:
Jimmy Buffett was playing over the loudspeaker at the minimart on Little Creek, but for some reason the guy who was standing behind me in line felt the need to sing "Glory of Love" by Peter Cetera. More than once. Out loud.
today's song: Peter Cetera with David Foster - ‎Its hard to say I'm sorry & You're the inspiration
one of my oldie favorites Happy Man / Peter Cetera.
My day was just made. Glory To God 1966 Peter Cetera & the Exceptions via via
Lolololol- name this '80's movie- theme song "I amm a mman who will ffight for your honor... I'll be your hero you can dream of..."
out like ronnie milsap,and eddie rabbit,exile,mike and the mechanics,,peter cetera,,,and karl kinai,,,oh and roo"s! still miss my PF flyers,
Debating with my head...King of the Power Ballad? Peter Cetera, Steve Perry, or other?
Why do I only hear Peter Cetera songs in grocery stores?? I admit to singing along. Don't hate on me. Lol
Also, I think I just hear Peter Cetera sing, "I am always stoned when you're beside me."
Nothing like Peter Cetera on the iPod to get ya pumped to hop on your bike and hit the town. *smashes beer can on forehead, slams door*
Love like a road that never ends. How it leads me back again to heartache, I'll never understand. ~ Peter Cetera &
♦ Chicago - Stay The Night ©1984 Thank you for watching! Visit my channel for more classic videos! ♦ Chicago's officia...
What's the best 80s movie theme song?
Final "Rose Ceremony" has Dwight, teary-eyed, choosing Harden over Kobe and they walk off into the sunset to Peter Cetera…
Bernard I wanna take forever tonight cetera with Crystal :)
I love after all this time.. by peter cetera lol.. grabe ka inlove
Work on 2.5 hours of sleep isn't quite as breezy as it used to be.. *** being old
Dublin fireworks were great last night. Chicago was the live concert beforehand. They started out weak but got better and better through the night! Good times!!!
from the album "Chicago 17" 1984, I do not owned the copyright for this song.
Oh lord,had my headphones on in garden listening to tunes on the I.pad,Glory of Love by peter cetera came on,I'm singing my heart out,squealing may I add and some old folks walking by!!!cringe
Its the old fashion way,when the goin gets tough the though gets goin...auw Billy Ocean
Love it!-Sounds just as good live if not better-was always a Chicago fan-Still listened to Peter when he went solo-awesome singer :)
I would like to publicly apologize to my lovely wife Jennifer for all the grief I gave her one year ago today for dragging me to see Barry Manilow at the Hollywood Bowl on the Fourth (he turned out to be pretty good, btw). Josh Groban is so much, much worse.
When I grow up I wana be a Mexican DJ, "Hey guys check out this old Peter Cetera CD I found! Lets play the whole thing on air RIGHT NOW!"
Just bought two tickets to see Chicago at the Toledo Zoo in August. This will be my... 13th time seeing them I think?? Can't wait! Thanks for the idea Maryellen!!
Mom sang "Glory of Love" -- remember the Karate Kid 2, circa 1986? -- to all of us tonight. Several of the big girls dried up when they heard her...
"Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: And a people who mean to be their own Governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.” — James Madison
You cant remake the Karate Kid without the superb vocal stylings of Peter Cetera. Thats like remaking Top Gun without Kenny Loggins. Might as well tell Meg Ryan that Goose died for nothing. Charlatans.
Trying to decide on a father daughter dance song. Any ideas? And if anyone says butterfly kisses you're dead.
Just got a quote for some vinyl flooring from Peter Cetera. He said he'd do it all for the Glory of Love.
Listening to Van Halen (the REAL Van Halen) and chillin' on Independence Day 2013.
Você sabe dizer as coisas certas, fazer as coisas certas, sentir as coisas certas.
To quote Peter Cetera from Chicago: "I am alive again." Thank you Dr. Brateman.
1. Chicago was playing in the grocery store. 2. I realized I was singing along out loud. 3. I didn't stop. Happy 4th!
***Ezi listening wit Peter Cetera in dis time of da nite alone n am soo in love wit his voice :)***
If you leave me now you take away the biggest part of me...
Your kiss was so brand new, Every memory repeats, Every step I take retreats, Every journey always brings me back to you.
If at any time you happen to have a serious message you would like to pass to special person, then always inbox Bonnie on his fanpage 'Bonnie Musambi aka Bonnie Bonnie', and listen to ZINGA LA ASUBUHI where the message will be relayed on air. Remember to include the following: 1. The receiver's number 2. Your number 3. Special dedication(song)
Which one is your favourite song both local & international?
Saw Chicago in Concert last Night. they were pretty good EXCEPT when they played songs ORIGINALLY sung by Peter Cetera. But other than that, They were Really Good and I am NOW a Fan of Here Come The Mummies. :D
Every time I have it made I let it rain on my parade I need a star that doesn't fade When I open my eyes Everything is clear to see You've given me a destiny I know there's something left for me And I found it this time I don't want it all, I just want a little bit of peace of mind- peace of mind And I'll never stop 'til I get to it- just give me some peace of mind. Love me some Peter Cetera when I am in this kind of mood. I've had this running thru my head all night. Had to share.
Even if they weren't, they were *** sure the best instrumental band: a world-class player on every single instrument. Terry Kath was an absolute wizard and is the most underrated guitarist of all time.
I hardly ever think of Phil Collins.
it's a Peter Cetera morning :-) Can't believe it's been ages since I've been listening to his songs! Love love love it!
Peter Cetera - Foreigner y Heart... sobredosis ochentas jajajajaja sintetizadores right now!
I've got a terrible idea for a new cover band project. I'm calling it "Prom '88." What the Wusses have done for the music of the '70s, I want to do for the music of the '80s. I'm posting here because I have a pretty good idea what my closest bandmates will say. Who wants in?
Tonight it's very clear / As we're both lying here / There's so many things I wanna say / I will always love you / I would never leave you alone/ Sometimes I just forget / Say things I might regret / It breaks my heart to see you crying / I don't wan
I'm listening to one of my favorite songs dedicated to the person that I will fall in love with over and over again. Whoever you are I know you are worth the wait.
Are you running from God? Many people today certainly are trying, but you can't run from an omnipresent God. Why do people run from God anyway? Why attempt the impossible? John 3:20 gives us the answer in simplest of terms... "For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved." Sin is the culprit. The reason why most people run from God is because of their love for sin. Another reason why people run from God is because of bitterness towards God because of a tragic event in their life, such as the death of a loved one, bad experiences, et cetera. Men oftentimes unfairly place God on trial, when it is sin which is to blame for our miseries, and not God. God is Good... "O give thanks unto the LORD, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever. Let the redeemed of the LORD say so, whom he hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy" (Psalm 107:1,2). Every believer should proclaim the goodness of God, for His mercy endureth forever. Oh! How tragic .. ...
Have you ever tasted a wine that was so bad, that you would rather cook with it instead of just imbibing it? It has finally happened to me, so I guess it gives me a reason to make Coq au Vin. Winning!!
Happiness is reminiscing over cheesy 80's love songs... Peter Cetera, REO Speedwagon, Night Ranger.
Yearbook ~ DOWN TO EARTH 1994 Senior Quotes "When a man lies, he murders some part of the world. These are the pale deaths that men miscall their lives." ~ Metallica "An ocean of ink in a single drop, Trembling at the tip of my brush. Poised above stark white paper, A universe waits for existence." ~ Mark Milligan "Only love can break your heart fill you with desires then tear you all apart and only love knows why." ~ Peter Cetera
If I was a concert promoter, I would try like *** to get Peter Cetera, Steve Perry, Lou Gramm and Dennis Deyoung together for a tour recapturing the vocal genius these four individuals offer!
Peter Cetera's "Glory of Love" was the pharmacy hold music today. Immediately taken back to the Karate Kid movie days of my youth. Yes!
Trying to think who my fav male singer is - Don Henley of The Eagles, Peter Cetera of Chicago, Jon Secada, Richard Marx, Brian Hines of The Moddy Blues, Jimi Jamison of Survivor or Julio Iglesias (when I'm abroad) Hmm too many and some that escape my thoughts right now.
Man, I am LOSING IT! I just confused Jon Secada with Peter Cetera. They couldn't be any more unalike!
I'm listening to Glory of Love by Peter Cetera on Pandora. Ralph Macchio dreaming...:-).
If you want to imagine me driving all over Mobile county looking for a job cinematically.think of a montage set to "World Falling Down" by Peter Cetera of me filling out a seemingly endless amount of applications while managers and owners shake their heads no.something though, either in my wherewithal or Cetera's soothing voice, tells you the viewer, "its ok...hes gonna make it and find a great job by the end of this montage!"
I still love you Michaela Strachan off of Springwatch 2013 just as I loved you 25 years ago on Saturday morning's in Wide Awake Club. And if we did karaoke together I would dedicate Peter Cetera's 'Glory of Love' from Karate Kid Part II to you Michaela Strachan!
Order Miche Bag Online!
Yeah I got Peter Cetera's song Glory of Love on my phone, so what about.wax on wax off my friends.
Singers out there who are your favorite male vocalists, mine are Steve Perry, Peter Cetera, Villa Valo, and Christopher Hall.
When the radio station spells it KOOL, and you don't change the channel, that's when you know you're getting old. Billy Joel & Peter Cetera.
You know you miss your husband when you can't stop listening to Peter Cetera :)
Peter Cetera is on the bill 2nyt in the second hour on "Love Classics" live on 97.3 Citi fm/ 10:10pm till midnyt with The Smoothest
Awesome love Duets mix set from one of my favorite DJs...DJ YGO!! Push the play button now and enjoy the romantic night mood!! Cheers!! ^_^ (Junko) Tracklist: Tracklist: 01. Cruisin' - Huey Lewis and Gwyneth Paltrow 02. Sometimes love just ain't enough - Patti Smyth and Don Henley 03. Immortality - Celine Dione and Bee Gees 04. Feels like heaven - Peter Cetera and Chaka Khan 05. Two occasions - The Deele 06. At the beginning - Richard Marx and Donna Lewis 07. First love - Kristy Mc Nichols and Christopher Atkins 08. Forever tonight - Peter Cetera and Crystal Bernard 09. Somethin' Stupid - Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman 10. Taxi Dancing - Rick Springfield and Randy Crawford 11. Best of me - David Foster and Olivia Newton John 12. Written in the stars - Elton John and Leann Rimes 13. Hearts never lie - Tiffany and Chris Farren 14. Rest your love on me - Andy Gibb and Olivia Newton John 15. You are my everything - Calloway 16. Almost paradise - Mike Reno and Ann Wilson 17. Don't know much - Linda Ronsta . ...
Yayy my favorite.. I dont wanna lose you.. I could never make it alone.. The… ♫ Glory of Love by Peter Cetera —
Love 101: We did it all for the Glory of Love ~ Peter Cetera.
I have listened to Peter Cetera's "Glory of Love" an excessive amount of times today.
Riding in the car with my mom and we're having a duet singing "After All" by Peter Cetera and Cher. Classic moment.
I don't think Peter Cetera did it ALL for the Glory of Love. I think he did some of it for Cetera's peter.
- "Forever Tonight",by Peter Cetera..suddenly,i became all romantic!is killing me of love!!! LOL
kid cuz of "Glory of Love" by Peter Cetera/Chicago "i am the man that would fight 4 ur honor"
Back to 90's ♫ You're the Inspiration by Peter Cetera —
Peter Cetera's sister, Ette, is tired of always being last on everybody's list.
Peter cetera is a handsome version of William Dafoe
Revisiting some old mix CDs and, you guys, Peter Cetera totally holds up!
Thoughts from the convenience store: Where is the DJ? I want to request more Peter Cetera.
I don't know if that is Peter Cetera but I just heard it on
If Peter Cetera didn't exist there would be no Glory of Love
guys, to quote Peter Cetera, this is a hard habit to break
Peter Cetera ~ The Glory of Love I won't do anymore now :(
Glory of Love by Peter Cetera, who was big in my house growing up. And Happy Birthday!
Anyone up for getting a Peter Cetera tattoo today? DM me.
Terry Kath was a founding member and lead guitarist of Chicago, and fans the world over have marveled at his playing on the classic '25 or 6 to 4' for
I wish I could have Peter Cetera's "Glory of Love" playing in the background
"In The Stone" from the platinum DVD "Chicago/Earth, Wind & Fire - Live at the Greek Theatre." The DVD features the final show of a 2004 hit tour featuring t...
I am in love with you right now for mentioning Peter Cetera. I had to scroll back to read it again. I love him!
I can make a seamless Pandora transition from Jay-Z to Peter Cetera and back... just another of my talents/neuroses.
Come on in for a tour of the shop and see Peter Cetera's suit from just a short while ago...!!
Wrong video to the song! lol if i remember right it was salt lake city utah Peter Cetera concert lol it amazes me some of these comments
I liked a video from Glory of Love -by PETER CETERA
I Wanna Take Forever Tonight - Peter Cetera and Crystal Bernard: via we beb ?
I've heard Peter Cetera at least 2-3 times a day for the last week. Apparently NYC wants me to stay. "After all that we've been through..."
Hairdressers are playing a cover of Peter Cetera's love theme from the Karate Kid
Thanks for listening/watching! Created by Jp (Johan Paul). Guitar solos and rhythms : Jp (Johan Paul). All pictures and original music copyrights owned by th...
fb:snakej47check my new compilation LOVE SONGS 70 80 90'S PART 2
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Muy bueno el show de peter cetera me gusto
Peter Cetera no tiene fans sino afiliados.
que bueno Peter Cetera, me cago en Arjona
No me gusto el concierto de Arjona, me parecio muy desorganiizado
Peter CETERA en PY yo me quiero ir.
Reitero. concierto de Peter Cetera sin yiyi no pega!
May 18th - Peter Cetera and Air Supply.we dey!
Not sure what channel this hold music is set to...but they just followed Peter Cetera with Swing Out Sister. Pick Up the phone, PICK UP!
Is it me or is the lead singer of Fun, Nate Reuss, the new Peter Cetera?
I've traveled so far down the Yacht Rock rabbit-hole, I just hit Peter Cetera.
My day is complete before really beginning. Cabbie is serenading me with Peter Cetera's "Glory of Love". Think he wants an Easter invite?!
Peter Cetera never sounded so good...
The chorus from "Glory of Love" by Peter Cetera sure gets a lot of airplay on Japanese variety shows.
I just used to tag Glory of Love by Peter Cetera.
Head to to help me vote to get Glory of Love by PETER CETERA played on Rewind 94.9's You Play It!
Being a child of the 80's means I have every right to get ready for dinner listening to huey lewis & peter cetera
Peter Cetera. Cetera sounds like something you should talk to your doctor about to see if you could get a prescription for it.
Peter Cetera **and** Michael Bolton overheard on a single trip to the grocery store and I keep thinking how lucky can I possibly be??
I liked a video Peter Cetera "Glory of Love" from the film The Karate Kid, Part II
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