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Peter Capaldi

Peter Dougan Capaldi (born 14 April 1958) is an Academy Award and BAFTA award winning Scottish actor and film director.

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But before I watched Peter Capaldi as 12th, I was even more annoyed like how can he live up to what Matt Smith did? Boy was I wrong
Did you know Peter Capaldi directed several episodes of the BBC Four sitcom Jo Brand Getting On
Like, were they not concerned about kids typing "Peter Capaldi" into YouTube and getting videos of Malcom Tucker?
Works if it's Peter Capaldi doing his Malcom Tucker. Fits Rick way better!
and remember after Matt Smith we've had Peter Capaldi - I didnt want a 'young' doctor of any gender…
It's a shame has left Veep. Peter Capaldi's now available to take the *** out of The West Wing's UK ambassador played by Rees.
Excited to see the first female doctor next year. I was really pulling for Peter Capaldi to regenerate into Malcom Tucker.
Peter Capaldi on new Jodie Whittaker: "She's going to be a fantastic Doctor".
Not gonna watch it because of David Tennant or Matt Smith or Peter Capaldi? Not even fo…
I wrote an open letter to Peter Capaldi re Doctor who and we are trying to get it to him. https:…
I'm not ready for Peter Capaldi to leave but I am SO EXCITED for a new era 🎉
Jodie Whittaker will replace Peter Capaldi as the 13th Doctor Who, becoming the first female doctor
Definitely. Looking forward to a fresh start. Though, I'll miss Peter Capaldi because he is badass.
After 54 years, Doctor Who has finally cast a woman to play the famous Time Lord
Do you agree with the latest casting? Take part in our poll:
Doctor Who: Jodie Whittaker is to replace Peter Capaldi in the Time Lord regeneration game
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The whole way Peter Capaldi was treated I thought it would be a final indignity
I think so! I haven't watched much of Peter Capaldi recently but I am excited to see this development!…
Remember when the media rushed to find every nude scene Peter Capaldi did?
wait for liberals to complain! lol. Doctor Who: Jodie Whittaker makes TV history as Peter Capaldi's replacement
Doctor Who fans react to Jodie Whittaker being announced as the 13th Doctor
Dr Who was in decline as soon as they chose Peter Capaldi with half baked companions. The latest decision co…
I'm not sure I love it, but I didn't like Peter Capaldi... so happy days!
Dear Peter Capaldi, you are a sunshine and I love you with all my heart. I'm gonna miss you so much. Tks for bringing h…
9. Christopher Eccleston. 10. David Tennant. 11. Matt Smith. 12. Peter Capaldi. 13. ?. Find out tomorrow, watch this spa…
Before the madness, it seems worth saying: Peter Capaldi, you were a joy as Twelve, and I'll always love when the Doctor was yo…
"She's going to be a fantastic Doctor" Peter Capaldi and new DW boss Chris Chibnall praise Jodie Whittaker https…
No man could ever replace Peter Capaldi.
While everyone runs around talking about the new Doctor Who, I'll be sitting here missing Peter Capaldi. I'm not re…
Even Peter capaldi just sitting On a tube train looks like a pose from a radiotimes photoshoot 😂
Jodie Whittaker will take over from Peter Capaldi as the next Doctor Who
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me: after peter capaldi leaves doctor who is dead to me. bbc: Jodie Whittaker. me: I HAVE NEVER DOUBTED THIS SHOW EVER IN MY L…
As if today's news wasn't enough - Peter Capaldi gave me a photo album he created with his photos from his time…
The only person that deserves to replace Peter Capaldi!
Here's what Chris Chibnall, and more had to say about casting
One of Findlay's friends just bumped into Peter Capaldi in town and I am so jealous 😭
Peter Capaldi took a bit to grow on me, and I'm sad to see him go, but I'm excited to see a woman take on the role. It's about time!
Peter Capaldi wasn't a bad Doctor 😞 why is everyone hating on him I hope Jodie is as good as the rest.
Peter Capaldi is officially free to once again take up the role the world needs him in, now more than ever
Just imagine how Peter Capaldi, a proud feminist, would feel passing his sonic screwdriver on to the first female Doctor…
they've run out of boy's names (Peter Davison, Peter Capaldi, so they are starting on girl's names now.
Jodie Whittaker announced as Peter Capaldi's replacement and 13th Doctor by BBC
Peter Capaldi to Jodie Whittaker is such a glo up
Jodie Whittaker will make her debut during Peter Capaldi's last episode, which will be this Christmas
I'm nit sure, I really don't want Peter Capaldi to go, but I wouldn't mind Bertie Carvel.
Who will be the next Doctor Who? Latest odds on Peter Capaldi's replacement. Kris or Olivia for me
Little card I made for Peter Capaldi the other day✍️ He actually quoted Malcolm Tucker when he saw it 😂😂What a boss…
Announcing: is returning to for Final Panel with Peter Capaldi! Details:
📷 doctorwho247: “The original, you might say!” Doctor Who will return with Peter Capaldi and David...
Watching old Tennant and Eccleston clips makes me wish that Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi had a decent show runner.
Peter Capaldi when he played Alan Rusbridger in The 5th Estate
The Xmas special will be a multi-Doctor story featuring the current Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and the First Docto…
What the brain's wiring looks like. It looks beautiful.. but also, looks like Peter Capaldi's hair!
Love this BTS of Peter Capaldi. 😭 The best doctor played by a doctor who fan
Bad timing, Doctor saved Peter Capaldi's best till last  via
Bad timing, saved Peter Capaldi's best till last: CHRISTOPHER STEVENS reviews last we...…
One day I hope to have hair as majestic as Peter Capaldi
First images released from Christmas special starring Peter Capaldi and David Bradley h…
David Bradley is back in Doctor Who. The First Doctor is home alongside Peter Capaldi!. https:/…
SURPRISE! Peter Capaldi will return in 2017's Xmas Special joined by David Bradley as the First Doctor!…
I could swear Peter Capaldi changed into Alexander Vlahos for a split second on that regeneration?
Doctor Who confirms a major character is returning in the Christmas Special for Peter Capaldi's exit storyline:.
David Bradley returns as the First Doctor for Peter Capaldi's final Doctor Who Christmas Special
Just watched and it's made me love Peter Capaldi even more than I already did, such a brilliant performance!
I don't think it hit just how amazing Peter Capaldi is as The Doctor until tonight. I'm going to miss that wonderful man.
Just a reminder that Peter Capaldi is the best doctor, and is the best companion. Hands down 😌
Peter Capaldi is in the Xmas special so I assume he survives. It's Bill I'm worried about.
We are! But bittersweet - no more till Christmas and big fans of Peter Capaldi.
How brilliant has Peter Capaldi been this series? 😎🎭🏆 Finale directed by 🎬 Don't miss it.
I am just so not emotionally ready for tonight!. Peter Capaldi has made it extra special And I'm really heartbroken to see him go!
Peter Capaldi’s five best and five worst Doctor Who episodes
I'm already so sad about Peter Capaldi leaving ugh I can't sleep
Also. The writing this time round has been so much better. Peter Capaldi was given such terrible stuff to work with previously
I'm going to miss Peter Capaldi. He took a bit to find the character, but I loved his version of the Doctor.
Never truly stopped! I shall miss you Peter Capaldi, Michelle Gomez, Matt Lucas, and Pearl Mackie. Thank you for he…
U.K. fans! Before you watch the finale, give my Peter Capaldi lovefest a read
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That is amazing! It just shows how wonderful and appreciative Peter Capaldi is. And quite the Doctor Who fan boy himself.
I'm very very very very very excited to see tonight with Peter Capaldi with John Simm / Michelle Gomez!.
The way some people are talking you'd think Peter Capaldi was leaving tonight.
Oh my just caught up on last weeks Dr Who & OMG tonights episode is gonna be good,I,m going to miss Peter Capaldi he's been great DrWho
LISTEN, I've never watched Doctor Who, but for some reasons I love Peter Capaldi and I never want him to stop playing the Doctor
1974: Peter Capaldi's review of the Planet of the Spiders and thoughts on change in Doctor Who
End of an era in more ways than one ...
I wonder if Peter Capaldi is subscribed to the official Doctor Who YouTube channel?
'I wish I'd burst into tears' – as Steven Moffat writes out Peter Capaldi, what’s next for Doctor Who?
I’m so sad there are only 2 eps with Peter Capaldi remaining because this season both he, Bill & scripts have been bang on. 💔💔💔💔
I am so not ready to say goodbye to Peter Capaldi.
I so wish that glow didn't mean one thing! Peter Capaldi is a superb actor & brilliant Fingers…
Peter Capaldi has been great, consistently better than the material. Is it too late to ask Michelle Gomez to take o…
Peter Capaldi is such an amazing doctor and I just pray for him to have the epic finale he deserves
Peter Capaldi may not be my First Doctor but he is definitely my favorite Doctor so saying goodbye to him saddens m…
We wax poetic about Peter Capaldi's time on as the regeneration nears...
In honor of Peter Capaldi today, MY Doctor. (The very first picture was some fan art I sent to him in 2013, before he'd picked…
Watching S3 - Peter Capaldi, Mark Strong, David Thewlis, Ciaran Hinds all in one episode? Am I in British thespian heaven??
Posted from "Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi's greatest contributions to Doctor Who - as voted …
BREAKING: Bob Katter announced as Peter Capaldi's replacement on Doctor Who
I don't know how I'll live in a world where Peter Capaldi won't be the Doctor anymore.😢…
We can't get Trump or May to leave, and we can't get Peter Capaldi to stay. I feel like we're failing as a species.
Peter Capaldi and Michelle Gomez have a lot of chemistry.
Peter Capaldi you just look wow in firelight
Guys, we've got only 3 episodes left with Peter Capaldi...
I'll also add that Peter Capaldi's hair has been looking exceptionally good this season
You know, Peter Capaldi just gave me a new line to use in live. Thank you, Mr.Capaldi.
Peter Capaldi cast in S4 would make my life complete!❤️
This wasn't the Doctor as much as Peter Capaldi defending the honour of Scotland.
So opens in Scotland without Peter Capaldi or Really?
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Peter Capaldi in that coat on this landscape is majestic art worthy of pages upon pages of celebration.
doctor aka Peter Capaldi is home is Scotland just bittersweet knowing three more episodes left till he is gone
Would be cool if Derek Jacobi was in the middle instead of Peter Capaldi.
Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi for EW. Photo taken at SDCC, July 11, 2015.
The evil duo posed back to back behind Peter Capaldi's Doctor ahead of the dramatic series…
I can honestly imagine Peter Capaldi doing this dialogue.
My heart broke every time I remember that we are so close to The end of :'(. And watching Peter Capaldi leaving won't get easy :'(
Man, I never thought I'd like Peter Capaldi as the Doctor so much, but I am not ready to see him leave now.
The only downside, and this is a huge one, is this is the start of Peter Capaldi's regeneration.
I'm starting to see why Peter Capaldi is leaving Doctor Who. This season has been quite dull for evolving the overa…
Peter Capaldi deserves all the happiness and love
I missed the announcement Peter Capaldi was a secret incarnation of The Master?
1. my favorite doctor is Peter Capaldi
'She would be really good!' Olivia Colman frontrunner to be first female Doctor Who -
peter capaldi is the only actor that could manage to get the mondasian cybermen and TWO masters in a feature length…
side note I walked past peter capaldi on old compton street today and the temptation to mention the thick of it today was real
Even the biggest nerds didn't say "Mondasian Cybermen" til Peter Capaldi did so as a JOKE about being a nerd. Now e…
peter capaldi is So Good™ that the bbc don't even hesitate giving him the stories he wants and presenting him with tough acting
Peter Capaldi, bumped in to this geezer on the way to my lecture (my university > yours)
Remember what happened when Peter Capaldi was last on the radio? Yes, that, and yes.
Now I just want to see Peter Capaldi as watching Frozen.
When you realise we only have 3 episodes left with Peter Capaldi as 12th...
Still can't believe we're getting an episode with Peter Capaldi's Doctor, Michelle Gomez AND John Simm's Masters, and THE…
25) they're an older Scottish gentleman and their name is Peter Dougan Capaldi. 26) I have and it's unpleasant. 27) Nope, not at all
Since Matt Smith's regeneration into Peter Capaldi confirmed that people in a Time Lord's past can i…
☆ Heaven Sent ☆. Peter Capaldi is awesome in this episode. The Doctor's a real warrior
I am in no way ready for Peter Capaldi to leave. Nope. Not. Bloody. Ready. (Nor Pearl or Matt). Only 3 episodes left :( h…
Peter Capaldi has been fantastic, very kind, very patient, apart from blessing us with his amazing talent... He deserves a fantastic way out
i just want it to be the finale Peter Capaldi has deserved for all his devotion to the Doctor and the show and the fans...
The parents in skins are some of the best casting I've ever seen😂 peter capaldi and Harry enfield😂
I know I say this a lot but. I love Peter Capaldi
Peter Capaldi and Nardole kept questioning the words 'Second Class' in tonight's episode?!Is this a confirmation
Right, remind me how many eps of mentioned The Crack before it was explained? 😒.
When the last episode of Dr Who starring Peter Capaldi is aired do you think he'll go the full Malcolm Tucker at regeneration?!. Would be fun
Doctor Who season 10: Fans in MELTDOWN after huge Master twist
The only constant enjoyment is Peter Capaldi. Marvellous in good episodes and bad..
Oh it's no secret. Peter Capaldi was surprised too (1 min 30 in...).
Anyway, I love Peter Capaldi. I don't know him, don't profess too.
The floor is accepting the fact Peter Capaldi is leaving Doctor Who
The Peter Capaldi Doctor Whos are a big improvement over the final Matt Smith season
You should go on YouTube and search for Alexei Sayle and Peter Capaldi Drunk in Time.
Peter Capaldi has three episodes left and we still don’t know who’s playing the next Dr Who.
Our police when Tom Baker was Doctor Who... vs our police under Peter Capaldi. I blame Malcolm Tucker.
I'm going to miss Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who. David Tennant was great, Matt Smith my favourite, but Peter brings a depth and sharpness.
"Take care of Jenna Louise-Coleman" - Matt Smith's advice to Peter Capaldi
Peter Capaldi is the best Doctor since John Pertwee and Tom Baker. Eccleston, Smith and Tennant were dreadful.
I miss the aloof portrayal of that both David Tennant & Matt Smith conveyed so well, no offence to Peter Capaldi obvz
84% of Britons want to see Amanda Abbington as Doctor Who but with the mouth of Peter Capaldi in The Thick Of It.
Photo of the day: Daniel Day-Lewis playing Dracula opposite Peter Capaldi's Jonathan Harker in a 1984 stage production…
You guys it's ok. Even if Prince Philip died he'll just regenerate into Peter Capaldi.
Did you know Craig Ferguson and DOCTOR WHO's Peter Capaldi used to be in a punk band? COOL!.
my one dream is that Peter Capaldi will say "it's a well known fact, Sonny Jim..." once before he's done on
Peter Capaldi has officially surpassed my Tom Baker all time favorite Doctor best ep, lines…
Peter Capaldi: "Science is vital. At a time when ignorance is more fashionable than intelligence it's important."
You can't see it, but that's Peter Capaldi (Dr. Who) being interviewed by Garrett Wang (Star…
At the Peter Capaldi panel! Interviewed by Garrett Wang. So good so far!
Peter Capaldi had at least one dry spell I seem to recall. Time and chance play games with us all.
Karen Gillan reacting to the fact that Peter Capaldi already shot his final scenes for Doctor Who... same
it's a painting currently in Peter Capaldi's TARDIS, I believe. Taken from Matthew Clark (
I was bought up on Tom Baker's era! Peter Capaldi is my favourite, but Matt Smith and Pau…
Casting Kris Marshall after Peter Capaldi is like casting Peter Davidson after Tom Baker & we all know how that went
New Doctor Who ‘revealed as Kris Marshall takes over from Peter Capaldi and has already joined the cast’
This is unexpected, but Peter Capaldi may be my most fav Doctor. And somehow Chris Eccleston is next.
And if not unknown then not instantly recognisable. Chris Eccleston and Peter Capaldi are such great…
"Hey hey we got there" 😂 I never expected Matt Lucas and Peter Capaldi to work so brilliantly
Clara, Clara Oswald, Peter Capaldi, Clara Oswin Oswald an the first companion of the Twelfth Doctor
So, who is Bill Potts?. and Peter Capaldi give us the lowdown on the Doctor's new companion!.
It'd be cool if peter capaldi directed his last episode
🆕 s.10 media pack, inc. interviews with Peter Capaldi, and Steven Moffat:
still so mad that Peter Capaldi is leaving Doctor Who. I'll never stop loving that man.
More about the spoiler origin, but no confirmation yet.
Radio Times​ chats with Steven Moffat​ who drops hints about how Peter Capaldi​ will regenerate.
Doctor Who series 10 finale title revealed... and it doesn't look good for Peter Capaldi's Doctor:…
Peter Capaldi comments on Doctor Who successor but won't give anything away about new Time Lord. https…
In my TV drama about the end days of Wenger at Arsenal, I'd cast Peter Capaldi as AW, Paul Giamatti as Kroenke & David Morr…
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We will see a whole new side to the Doctor in 'Extremis'. significant change which forces him to act very differently. http…
I 110% with all my heart thought you were talking about doctor who , "the doctor"; like why you kicki…
Peter Capaldi tries to avoid using the words he or she about the new Doctor:…
Peter Capaldi is my favourite incarnation of since it started again. I know he's not to ever…
"There’s this notion now that it’s the same process he’s gone through every time, and that’s not true. It’s only...
Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi reveals the REAL reason he is leaving the show
Oddly; Like Clara, I've always liked the Robin Hood story. The sets and wardrobe are great. So is…
Plus needs a Peter Capaldi cache too ^^ as a Who nerd I see so much potential here :D
Capaldi Hints That His Regeneration Won’t Be Straightforward . Peter Capaldi has strongly hinted that we will...
I liked a video Doctor Who Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat own Cyber Bullies in the best possible
Peter Capaldi talking about the return of doctor who with the ninth Doctor and Rose in 2005
Young Peter Capaldi is on another level
Matt Lucas talking about his role and Peter Capaldi
Doctor Who boss Steven Moffat drops hints about how Peter Capaldi will regenerate:…
Can we all just stop what we're doing for a minute to appreciate this new picture of Peter Capaldi? He was BORN to be the D…
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It’s a wrap!. The Series 10 shoot comes to an end, and here’s one of today’s boards, illustrated by Peter Capaldi!.
Doctor Who: Did Peter Capaldi just reveal who the new Time Lord is?
I'm in the same room as Peter Capaldi. Remaining cool.
Season 10 starts THIS SATURDAY on with 'The Pilot'. What can we expect to see? Peter Capaldi &
Here's our Easter issue with Peter Capaldi revealing why he's leaving Chris Chibnall on the final
Peter Capaldi had this to say to the cyberbullies targeting a Doctor Who fan via
Series 10 starts this Sat with The Pilot!. But what can we expect to see?. Peter Capaldi & tell us!.
brb. adding all things Helen Mirren, David Morrissey, Jim Broadbent, Rafe Spall, &Peter Capaldi to my watchlist.
Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi breaks his silence to reveal the real reason why he had to quit the show
Hey, Maril, when you DO start the hunt for S4, might you consider Peter Capaldi for a hot Scot in SC…
Actors I wish they'd be in the DCEU but probably won't happen:. Matt Smith,Peter Capaldi,Tom Riley ,Tom Mison,Lee Pace. https…
Huge Spoiler. In one of the trailers we Saw Peter Capaldi's Doctor regenerate. Could the spoiler be the next Doctor.
Following question comes from conversation about the next Doctor after Peter Capaldi potentially being a woman (I'm enti…
"John Simm will return as the Master to battle the Doctor (Peter Capaldi), new companion Bill Potts (Pearl...
Peter Capaldi & Question Each Other in New Video from https:…
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I predict there'll be a big showdown in the series finale where Peter Capaldi regenerates into John Simm.
I got ailsa Eva because I said I would marry Peter capaldi !!! Ha ha
I liked a video from Doctor Who: 10 Actors Who Should Replace Peter Capaldi
I think it's also because I'm not a big fan of Peter Capaldi, I liked him at first, but soon got bored of him.
Have I mentioned how much I love Peter recently
What can we expect from the 2016 Christmas Special?. Peter Capaldi, tell us!
What song would kickoff a TARDIS road trip? Good (and proper) choice! 😊
would love to see how this works on screen with Peter Capaldi and Matt Lucas
John Simm to return as the Master in Peter Capaldi's final Doctor Who series
Yeah. It's not the big twist is when Peter Capaldi regenerates into me
Me rolling back into the fandom when I heard John Simm's coming back for Peter Capaldi's last episode
If John Simm is retutning, I demand Matt Smith to return to face Master & Missy with Peter Capaldi.
but! I see it have a nice cast: Bill Pullman, Cush Jumbo, Teddy Sears, Indira Varma and, wait, what? Peter Capaldi???
In which episode will Peter Capaldi regenerate?, please let me know so I can jump the series there
Peter Capaldi is leaving Doctor Who, Sherlock is over for the time being, what am I going to watch now!?
always great to hear Alex Macqueen, would have been great to see him and Peter Capaldi working tog…
Imagine the opening credits for the finale. Peter Capaldi. Pearl Mackie. Matt Lucas. with Michelle Gomez. and John Simm.
Casting some hunky white boy to replace Peter Capaldi would be plain insulting to him to be honest.
Is she up for the job? Watch The Doctor quiz his new companion:
Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi says replacement will be 'wonderful choice' - BBC News
Doctor Who season 10: John Simm CONFIRMED to return as The Master - but what about Missy?
Peter Capaldi deserves to have the best era and the best series of the whole show
I know it's because confidence is low (I wrote about it but this just makes Series 10 feel even more last-ditch
Here’s what Peter Capaldi had to say about the next Doctor.
Matt Lucas: "there is a very definite reason why Nardole is there. I’m not going to say anything else." https:…
lmao they gave peter capaldi two masters at the same time because he is the only actor with the Talent™ to handle that kind of phenomenon
New Doctor Who companion Pearl Mackie first auditioned with a computer Peter Capaldi
Thanks! Hope I win so I can wear it when I meet Peter capaldi in may!
John Simm is coming back as the Master at the end of this season of Doctor Who to face Peter Capaldi. I'm... actually excited for Doctor Who
My heart would be so *** full. I'd want Yara Shahidi as Wednesday and Peter Capaldi as lurch.
John Simm 'to return as the Master' in Peter Capaldi's final Doctor Who series:
It's official... John Simm will face-off against Peter Capaldi in the new series of
John Simm to return to battle Peter Capaldi as The Master in
"When I walk around, people don't see Peter, they see Doctor Who. And he gets many more smiles than I do... It's lovely!"…
Working on a new animated short idea which will be about Peter Capaldi and the dialogue almost entirely as an inward breath. I'm not joking.
Lynn Barber's interview with Peter Capaldi in ST Mag is good today
Still loving this video. Peter Capaldi and Billie Piper. 12 and Rose. Yeah, I think I'd like to see that.…
Peter Capaldi will open up about his Doctor Who exit on Graham Norton
I think it’s safe to say you did not get pregnant with a real baby through metaphysical sex with Peter Capaldi.
Red-hot favourite Doctor Who replacement revealed as Peter Capaldi prepares to leave the role…
Peter Capaldi and Keeley Hawes on the Graham Norton show together? Yes
To be fair. Peter Capaldi had to curb quite a lot too given his previous role!
This explains alot. It doesn't bode well, but it explains alot.
Steven Moffat says he wishes he quit 'the awful show' 4 years ago...
.typed '55 year old man' into Google to find a photo for something work related, and it came up wi…
Peter Capaldi and Neil Fingleton, who plays the Fisher King, behind the scenes on Doctor Who "Before the Flood" epi…
Peter Capaldi to appear on the Graham Norton Show to discuss his decision to leave Doctor Who
Peter Capaldi's final season of Doctor Who to bring back the classic three-parter
Getting excited for the new series of Dr Who😀 then realising it's the last series I'll ever watch with Peter Capaldi as Dr Who 😖
Doctor Who: Phoebe Waller-Bridge is now the joint favourite to replace Peter Capaldi.
Who will be the next Doctor? Phoebe Waller-Bridge is the new favourite to succeed Peter Capaldi……
Peter Capaldi is the Doctor and you should focus on that.
It's nice to see how many people have grown fond of Twelve during his brief tenure. Peter Capaldi will obviously be very missed!
you WASTED Peter Capaldi as the doctor and focused too much on companions. Give him more episodes alone.
We speak to Steven Moffat, Peter Capaldi and in the latest issue of SFX, on sale today!…
In fact, I still think the bloke in this image is Peter Capaldi
season 10: Is this who kills Peter Capaldi's Time Lord? MAJOR villain revealed.
Peter Capaldi is the new doctor on the ward! ;)
I agree with Peter Capaldi's suggestion of Frances De La Tour!
Carol Ann Ford, Katy Manning and Louise Jameson visit Peter Capaldi on the TARDIS set:
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"Here are the favourites to replace Peter Capaldi on My choice: Chiwetel Ejifor 16/1
I'm hoping Peter Capaldi is leaving Doctor Who to go back to role of Malcolm Tucker. I'd love to see how he insults Trump.
Mam said she's pleased Peter Capaldi is leaving as the world needs Malcolm Tucker more than ever.
Maybe with Peter Capaldi hanging up his TARDIS keys, Malcolm Tucker will return to the small screen.
My top three picks for the next doctor:. 1. Peter Capaldi (God, i hope my theory becomes reality). 2. David Harewood. 3. Kris Marshall
There's no coincidence between Kris Marshall's and Peter Capaldi's announcements.
50% of Britons want a new Doctor that'll be as different to Peter Capaldi as David Tennant was to Christopher Eccleston.
Peter Capaldi to leave Doctor Who after next season
Ok, How about this: Jeremy Corbyn gets to be Dr Who, Peter Capaldi gets to be US Attorney General and Sally Yates becomes…
Peter Capaldi to leave at the end of season 10 via
Doctor Who: behind the scenes stories of Peter Capaldi's kindness and humanity
Can't confirm or deny rumour Dave Benson Phillips taking over from Peter Capaldi
Peter Capaldi is leaving Doctor Who, but who will be his replacement? Is it time for the first female Doctor?
Peter Capaldi was a CLASSIC Time Lord but the time's right for him to leave…
Peter Capaldi is leaving 'Doctor Who' — and here's who could replace him what about Lesley Sharp or Joanna Scanlan
domain names
Media waiting at cathedral for unveiling of the new Anglican Bishop. As far as I know it isn't Peter Capaldi.
So if Peter Capaldi is leaving, is it possible for to comeback ?
I'm glad Peter Capaldi is leaving Doctor Who. He never really "did it" for me aaand I never got over David Tennant and Mat…
Lol if Peter Capaldi is leaving can he just regenerate back into David Tennant please ;)
Peter Capaldi has said the next series of will be his last. Details here
me: ok, 2016 is over, thank god, I bet 2017 will be much better. Peter Capaldi: so... me: don't do it. Peter Capaldi: bye do…
Ben Affleck not directing, Club Penguin Shutting down, Peter Capaldi leaving Doctor Who, today has been ***
Peter Capaldi himself said he wants the next person to play the Doctor to be a woman, so honestly who do we have to murder…
100% of Britons want Amanda Abbington as Peter Capaldi's 2018 Doctor Who successor.
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