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Peter Capaldi

Peter Dougan Capaldi (born 14 April 1958) is an Academy Award and BAFTA award winning Scottish actor and film director.

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📷 fafana20: Peter Capaldi, Sylvester McCoy, Steven Moffat and Ingrid Oliver at the Australian Doctor Who...
Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi reveals all about Jenna Coleman exit ∞ 30: ...
Peter Capaldi saying he was getting texts from Jenna Coleman while in Sydney for the DWF. Makes me smile how they stay …
Peter Capaldi & Jenna Coleman made videos singing to each other when they filmed separately. Not only made my morning, …
The Xmas Special:. Peter Capaldi & Alex Kingston are joined by Greg Davies as King Hydroflax & Matt Lucas as Nardole! http…
Christopher Eccleston is the doctor. David Tennant is the doctor. Matt Smith is the doctor. . Peter Capaldi is the doctor.
so who's the best: Christopher Ecclestone or David Tennant or Matt Smith or Peter Capaldi?
Why does Peter Capaldi dress like the guy from Saw or Charles Saatchi?
Peter Capaldi: "I don't want to make it easy for fans of Doctor Who" - Belfast Telegraph: Peter Capaldi: "I do...
Love it! And now that My Fair Lady is in my ear, I'm imagining Peter Capaldi as a fantastic Henry Higgins. :)
I think this line debunks it: "The perfect female foil for Peter Capaldi after speaking to his predecessor Russell T Davies."
This was really nice, Peter Capaldi giving a goodbye present at
got annoying real quick. Hated Matt Smith, despise Peter Capaldi in the role now. Like all those actors separate of Dr. Who.
Peter Capaldi has asked Tom Hanks to appear in Doctor Who - and he'd love David Bowie to cameo
"I thought Listen was beautifully done... The creature in that was the stuff of nightmares..." - Peter Capaldi
Peter Capaldi, Ingrid Oliver and Michelle Gomez have arrived at the
I cannot explain how lovely and genuine Peter Capaldi is. He takes time to get to know every single person he meets. LOVE YA PETER
Peter Capaldi might not be everyones cup of tea but I'm loving him as
Whatever you guys, I really like the latest Doctor. I'm really enjoying Peter Capaldi. From someone who saw Tom Baker do his thing
Peter Capaldi has a great North American English accent.
I miss David Tennant as the Doctor. And I miss Donna. Fires of Pompeii. Karen Gillian, Peter Capaldi. All the same episode. Yes.
blue-box: I seriously about stood up and clapped during this episode. Peter Capaldi is positively...
Peter Capaldi once again proving he's a role model for children
That moment when you're looking for pictures of Peter Davison and Google gives you Peter Capaldi...
Steven Moffat discusses future, confirms that Peter Capaldi "is going nowhere": https:…
Peter Capaldi on BBC Radio One breakfast this week. Nice!! 😎
I like Peter Capaldi as The Doctor. I like Clara. I liked Maisie Williams in her episodes. It's just the episodes themselves are... just ok.
Everyone needs Peter Capaldi playing guitar on their tl
Peter Capaldi is staying for Season 10 next year!
Have you ever sneezed so hard that you turned into Peter capaldi
Video: Guitar intro the Dr Who by Peter Capaldi I am guessing. Very cool that he is using his band boy days...
Local Hero - Peter Capaldi checking Jenny Seagrove's toes for webbing on the beach...
Peter Capaldi is deff the coolest doctor so far
Apparently, Zygon Invasion is Peter Capaldi's best performance as the Doctor so far; which is gonna be great, going by this series so far xD
As a fan of The Thick of It, the hype over Saturday's with Peter Capaldi and is in overdrive. Can't wait!
Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi's Doctor meets Gandalf and Batman in amazing new Lego Dimensions trailer
I'm about to buy a shirt with Peter Capaldi's face on it. I can't not.
I have entered to Peter Capaldi live in Auckland
Me: *strangely not excited for lizzington and twelveclara*. Peter Capaldi: *storms through my window* IS A TRULLY ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP
Finally catching up on I love Peter Capaldi so far.
Someone at work said I looked like a young peter capaldi
Peter Capaldi: "with faith, hope, sports and tourism"
"WHO says bacon causes cancer" didn't know Peter Capaldi was a scientist. Amirite?
Peter Capaldi celebrated his birthday while filming Doctor Who
I miss Matt Smith being the doctor but Peter Capaldi tho
Doctor Who: The Zygon Invasion on TV? Rebecca Front and Peter Capaldi back together -
I know that's the actual Peter Capaldi wedding ring but I will just pretend that twelve/Clara got married
I'm starting to get attached to Peter Capaldi
Sublime! And with the stick insect, the great Peter Capaldi himself. Lovely fellow?
What's happened to Dr Who??. The last couple of episodes have been rubbish. Cast, plot, set... all well below what Peter…
It also features an early turn from Peter Capaldi cosplaying as Marwood from Withnail and I.
.Osborne's so evil I'm waiting for him to tear his skin off and Peter Capaldi to arrive
I guess if your criteria for 'resembling Peter Capaldi' is having a head, then yes, they do.
Right, is it just me, or do those two Twelfth Doctor figures look NOTHING like Peter Capaldi?
Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman reveal what’s in store for The Zygon Invasion…. More vids at https…
Peter Capaldi: There will be no flirting or romance on the TARDIS . Peter Capaldi:
Should Peter Capaldi play his guitar at DWF?
I just saw a picture of Peter Capaldi as Cardinal Richelieu. Gosh, he's fancy isn't he.
first you meet Stephen Moffat then then a letter from Peter Capaldi. Next you will end up in the show! 😀
So if you guys are only just seeing Rebecca Front and Peter Capaldi together, they are extremely shippable and it is called Frapaldi
Doctor Who: Rebecca Front in Peter Capaldi reunion - kitt66: Fingers crossed she’ll actually get a scene...
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Can't wait to see Peter Capaldi and Rebecca Front reunited next week
Shag, Marry, Clone? (Doctor Who). Tatiana Maslany: Shag Peter Capaldi, for sure. 'Cause, have you ever seen The Thick of It?…
Peter Capaldi is so boring after watching David Tennant and Matt Smith... I've watched series 8 twice and series...
Peter Capaldi is great but Matt Smith and David Tennant will forever be my favourite doctors
Im not fond over Peter Capaldi, I loved Matt Smith the most
I love Matt Smith & Peter Capaldi, but Ten is always going to be my Doctor. :)
Wow, Steven Moffat just broke the fourth wall, and reference Peter Capaldi's previous Doctor Who appearance... And made it work.
Sorry to disagree. Tom Baker was the best. Peter Capaldi is the best doctor since TB
Good lord, Peter Capaldi is phenomenal. He will destroy us by the finale. *focus on the present*.
Not that there was any doubt, but Peter Capaldi is such a wonderful Doctor I keep forgetting how much I miss David Tenant
Maybe she gives the other one to captain Jack, or time lord. Great! So glad they covered up at Peter Capaldi appearing twice too!
Is it bad that I like Peter Capaldi as the doctor more than Matt Smith? 😕😌🙅
It really upsets me that Peter Capaldi's Doctor doesn't excite me like Matt Smith's and David Tennant's did. Just something missing
If you've seen the new series of Doctor Who on TV, you'll know Peter Capaldi is an axe-wielding Time Lord. Cool dude htt…
Kevin looks a bit like Doctor Who (Matt Smith) with his little bow tie. Obviously he doesn't look like Peter Capaldi!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Peter Capaldi's not the only guitar-Lord. Even the previous Doctor Who, Matt Smith, can play awesome air guitar.
Hair goals: Peter Capaldi in Lair of the White Worm
Matt Smith was a young actors trying to play an older Doctor. Peter Capaldi is an old actor trying to play a young Doctor. . I like this
The "W.H.O. Doctor" in world war Z was played by Peter Capaldi? Like srsly?
Someone needs to make a raunchy comedy about the VW scandal. Starring: Craig Ferguson, Peter Capaldi, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, Leo DiCaprio.
And Maisie Williams took a photo of Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman at their trailers during *** Bent' filming.
Pillkington is on par with when Peter Capaldi was a guest on Sunday Brunch …
Peter Capaldi has managed to surpass Tom Baker and David Tenant as Dr Who ! ...its a Glasgow thing.we're born with it
[Resting my head upon his own before nodding.] Hm, David Tennent was a good doctor, I quite like Peter Capaldi but I love Matt-
It just occurred to me that Peter Capaldi might make an excellent Count Olaf for that Netflix ASOUE series and now I'm sad it won't happen.
Sean Pertwee photobombs Peter Capaldi to pay homage to the Third Doctor via
I think I love Peter Capaldi almost as much as I love Christopher Eccleston.
I liked Matt Smith & I don't mind Peter Capaldi, but I wish he would come back
Just found a video of Peter Capaldi singing Pale Blue Eyes. Now I've seen everything.
Rufus Hound will be on getting Peter Capaldi confused with Paul Darrow.
When your "Queen"is Tara Fitzgerald, Peter Capaldi is Richelieu ,& you get to jump off cantering horses,your jobs made easy : )
VIDEO: Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat introduce Under the Lake at http:…
Behind the scenes footage of Peter Capaldi shooting THAT scene! Full video at
Could the BBC PLEASE put Alex King and Peter Capaldi in an episode? That would be awesome lol
Who's your favorite doctor from Doctor who either Matt Smith David Tennant or Peter Capaldi
Why Jenna Coleman couldn't look at Peter Capaldi when filming her final Doctor Who scenes via
Interviews with Julianna Margulies, Michael Sheen, Peter Capaldi & more in our digital edition
I'm just coming to end of Matt Smiths reign. I don't want him to go but my mom has reassured me Peter Capaldi is awesome x
Do not just google "Dreamboys" when searching for Peter Capaldi and Craig Ferguson punk band. Just don't do it.
oh my the beginning of Peter Capaldi's 2nd series is jaw dropping if you have seen the old ones!
Check out some new images of Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman from Doctor Who Series 9
Peter Capaldi...a *** of a Season opener! 😎💙💙
Peter Capaldi's Scottishness and eyebrows hold sway over all. Including the Red Death if it were to come to that.
Would like to see reaction to Peter Capaldi (a.k.a. his old band mate) shredding on
Anyone else have an even bigger crush on Peter Capaldi now?! Because I sure do!!
So what awful acting job that Peter Capaldi was forced to take up years ago should I watch instead of Dr Who.
apparently Peter Capaldi is an Academy Award winner for directing a short film & its online so, guess ill watch that
Also, Peter Capaldi is brilliant. Awesome. Astounding. Fantastic... someone get me a thesaurus, I need many more words for "amazing".
last one I saw was the Christmas special with Peter Capaldi
Peter Capaldi is in top form in this high-stakes opener to series 9, but new viewers may b...
Peter Capaldi as a badass rock musician on a tank. I like it.
Pretty sure that was just Peter Capaldi being himself, not the Doctor.
The film that won Peter Capaldi an Oscar
Why is season 9 starting with the Doctor saying bye and dying? Like NAH Peter Capaldi you're not going anywhere
So this is referencing that Peter Capaldi was once in a band (with Craig Ferguson), right? How’d he fit a tank into the TARDIS?
Peter Capaldi with sunglasses is my new aesthetic
I want Peter Capaldi as to bust in on a tank shredding on a guitar in Ray Bans and a magician's jacket at my fune…
Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman & Daleks have recreated the iconic Beatles Abbey Road shot
NEW VIDEO Get the inside info on THAT entrance with Peter Capaldi:
So, sometimes I have problems understanding what Peter Capaldi says. What was the line about bow ties and scarfs tonight?
Hamilton Collection
Wed at large: If anyone has a lead on the audio of Peter Capaldi and old band, I’d be obliged.
Next Doctor Who could be Lady Chatterley hunk Richard Madden if Peter Capaldi ... : 33
Peter capaldi is the ultimate babe of a DAD
*nods* Have you gotten to the one with an impossibly young Peter Capaldi as a bohemian artist type?
herowithabox: My new sexual orientation: Peter Capaldi with sunglasses on the top of a tank playing an...
Hulu has both The Thick of It and Prime Suspect 3, so you can see Peter Capaldi at his ugliest then his prettiest
Peter Capaldi and were in a band once. SCOTTISH PUNKS
Posted from "That really was Peter Capaldi playing the guitar in tonight's episode..."
Doctor who: no spoilers, just opinions. It was an AMAZING episode!!! Peter Capaldi is an amazing doctor. I felt...
A VERY interesting easter egg from the producer who worked on 'Deep Breath'! Peter Capaldi as Matt Smith?
There has never been and there never will be an entrance as perfect as Peter Capaldi playing guitar whilst riding a tank.
Was that really Peter Capaldi playing the guitar in Doctor Who? via
Also, Peter Capaldi doing a guitar solo on a tank happened. please put out a poster of this.
We're airing an encore of Peter Capaldi on The Show, right after the season premiere of
Peter Capaldi...I forgot the d.guess I was focusing too much on the one in front of me... ;-)
Expo guest Jenna Coleman tries out her Scottish accent :) -
Yep that was Peter Capaldi playing the guitar - have a listen to the band he used to be in... http:/…
I miss Matt Smith but I do like Peter Capaldi as the doctor
If not for Peter Capaldi I probably would never have entertained watching Dr. Who.
OK, I'm gonna say it: I think Peter Capaldi is becoming my favorite Doctor. Or at least in the top 3.
❤❤"Peter Capaldi, our rock n' roll Doctor 😎 New TONIGHT at 9/8c on
Peter Capaldi is the greatest and coolest Doctor of all time and my entire world view has changed
Maggie enjoyed the first ep of so much she's drawn Peter Capaldi. She's never drawn my portrait.
Nice to see Peter Capaldi reliving his days on 💙💙
Peter Capaldi has amazing hair. . Actually, all the doctors did. it's the one consistent trait
Peter Capaldi is way cooler than me someone stop him
TRUE FACT! Peter Capaldi used to be in a punk band called *** from ***
'Doctor Who' series 9 premiere has a lot of thrills up its sleeve (spoiler-free review)
Overheard: peter capaldi: "it's not romantic." the doctor: *sees clara and starts playing 'pretty woman'*...
Why's peter capaldi playing a roman in this episode
Peter Capaldi feels at home wherever he lands.
Peter Capaldi rocks out in our exclusive photoshoot.
Peter Capaldi feels at home wherever he lands, via
David Tennant has beaten Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi to be named your favourite Doctor ever.
My mum is going to Scotland tomorrow and she asked me if I wanted her to bring me back anything. "Ummm... Peter Capaldi and David Tennant?"
Katy Manning is a Peter Capaldi fangirl, Katy Manning is one of us!! 😍😍😍
Peter Capaldi: I want David Bowie as a Doctor Who guest star
Peter Capaldi: I want David Bowie as a guest star.
Peter Capaldi keen to sign-up David Bowie and Keith Richards as guest stars
Peter Capaldi wants David Bowie and Keith Richards to guest star in 'Doctor Who'
Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat introduce series 9! Full version at
Matt Smith is okayish Peter Capaldi is growing to be my fave! I'd actually love Hayley Attwell to be the next one!
Peter Capaldi talks and mentions he's directing a couple episodes of "Veep": …
Fabulous interview with the glorious Peter Capaldi. Such a fox!
Lol did you guys not figure out that "Jeremy Corbyn" is just a character Peter Capaldi is playing to promote the Doctor Who Christmas ep
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Pre-emptive call for casting in a future film about today's drama. Peter Capaldi as Corbyn and Nick Frost as Tom Watson.
Doctor Who's Peter Capaldi: I'd like David Bowie as a guest star: Actor also says he would also lik...
A Q&A with Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Steven Moffat and Brian Minchin, hosted by Jason Mohammad….
Stick a beard on him and Peter Capaldi is the only actor who can play the lead in the Jeremy Corbyn biopic.
NEW VIDEO Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat talk Series 9 and the Doctor & Clara: htt…
Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat introduce the new series in this video:
Peter Capaldi and former companion Katy Manning recreate Jon Pertwee moment in the Tardis
Doctor Who 'will have an epic start' Peter Capaldi promises that new series of Doctor Who will be a *** as Dal…
I watched that at school and everyone was confused. It's also the one with Peter Capaldi and Karen Gillen.
Peter Capaldi and sixth Doctor Colin Baker are the only actors to have been cast as the Doctor after previously...
I wish Peter Capaldi's Doctor was written by Grant Morrison
'In the Loop' is a great film that's worth it for the one scene between James Gandolfini's General Miller and Peter Capaldi's Malcolm Tucker
New charade for us to guess stars for Comic-Con soon? Peter Capaldi, Peter Dinklage, Maisie Williams, Norman Reedus, Clark Gregg...
Can't help but notice this signed First Annual is "to Peter" - Peter Capaldi?via
So I met Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman today. Can't believe I got pictures with both of them
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And now for some images of Peter Capaldi and
to the last year with Peter Capaldi &
Matt Smith and David Tennant were my favourites.. I dont like Peter Capaldi for some reason e.e
Watching Local Hero is reminding me a) that Scotland is beautiful, and b) Mark Knopfler is great. Also, Peter Capaldi is wonderful.
Peter Capaldi looks like Frollo, Jenna Coleman looks like Belle, Beast Ron Perlman shown in trailer & Maisie Williams looks like Belle too.
can we just talk about this. Georgia Moffett?!?!? and Peter Capaldi?!?!
Watching I just noticed that when Peter Capaldi talks to himself, he sometimes answers as "Tom Baker"
Those people who slate Peter Capaldi *** me off! He is a brilliant doctor and absolutely love this dark side.. 💙
Can't believe Norman Reedus is losing to Peter Capaldi!
Russell T Davies: Why didn't I think of casting "glorious" Peter Capaldi as lead?
Exactly two years on, take a look back at our initial thoughts on Peter Capaldi joining 'Doctor Who' as new Doctor -
Yuck on this day two years ago they announced that Peter Capaldi would be the Twelfth Doctor
Peter Capaldi was announced as Matt Smith's replacement on exactly 2 years ago today!. Take a look back...
2 years ago today Peter Capaldi was announced to be the Twelfth Doctor.
Peter Capaldi was announced as 12th Doctor two years ago today! Here's our original reaction -
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Peter Capaldi was announced to play The Twelfth Doctor two years ago today!
Two years ago today it was announced that Peter Capaldi was to play the Twelfth Doctor!
.is my vote to follow Peter Capaldi as I can't think of anyone better to play 13; can you? htt…
So if you ever wondered what that band Peter Capaldi and Craig Ferguson were in sounded like, it's your lucky day.
did you see that Peter Capaldi and Craig Ferguson were in a punk band together in the 80s?!?
The new DWM features not only a huge interview with Peter Capaldi, but exclusive previews of the first four episodes of the …
What's that you say? You wish you could have heard young Peter Capaldi and Craig Ferguson's post-punk band The Dream Boys?. …
I ran with him, with David Tennant, with Matt Smith and i'm gonna run with Peter Capaldi again very soon 😍
I liked a video Matt Smith - Thoughts on Peter Capaldi, Minneapolis Comic Con 2014
just turned into an episode of Trawlermen. Half expected Ken Stott or Peter Capaldi to talk of the men of Peterhead & Fraserburgh.
Is that a low-res featuring Peter Capaldi in the next series of Doctor Who?
Peter Capaldi hints at return to his ‘Day of the Doctor’ debut scene in Season 9: via
((if Rosamund ever gets married, the FC should be Colin Firth, Peter Capaldi, John Barrowman or Jack Davenport ))
Where can you get Peter Capaldi, Steven Moffat, Tom Baker, Louise Jameson, Philip Hinchcliffe and Terrance *** all in one …
Peter Capaldi on the Doctor Who Panel at Plus super bonus THANK YOU My life is now c…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Peter Capaldi - Conan O'Brien interview I'm so happy to see this!
Peter Capaldi - Conan O'Brien interview: Last night Peter Capaldi was a guest on the US chat…
At the Balboa Theater waiting for the to start with Peter Capaldi, and Sir Ben Kingsley.
Hayley Atwell, John Rhys Davies, Peter Capaldi, Bill Murray all went to comic con & im home :( serious FOMO vibes here, man 😭
Peter Capaldi, Bill Murray among big surprises for fans during first day of .
Tennis would be much better if they mic'd up the players. Murray geein Peter Capaldi a run for his money in the swearing steaks between games
You can't make us choose between David Tennent and Peter Capaldi!!
"Peter Capaldi is currently appearing in 'Whoops My Kilt!' at the Drury Lane Theatre, in London."
Photo: doctorwho: Jenna Coleman, Peter Capaldi, and Michelle Gomez looking on point at this year’s SDCC 👌...
Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Michelle Gomez and EP Steven Moffat are on hand for panel. Capaldi calls "co…
'Doctor Who' actor Peter Capaldi was completely blown away by his ... -
NO!!! "Peter Capaldi wants Jenna Coleman to stay on Doctor Who for series 10".
Peter Capaldi tells us what to expect in series 9 of
star Peter Capaldi teases season 9: Get an exclusive first look - via
Series 9: Peter Capaldi and comedian Ingrid Oliver spotted in Barry. Gallery >
what was it about Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman that stood out straight away when you seen their additions?
Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman will be materialising in Berlin soon… Find out more htt…
With in July, Peter Capaldi later this year and Jenna Coleman last year my life is nearly complete
why are you making me choose between Peter Capaldi and Rupert Graves this is not fair
Is there any chance I could order an 2autographs from Jenna Coleman. And Peter Capaldi? Online
Ingrid Oliver has a lot of nice things to say about Peter Capaldi in the latest Doctor Who Magazine.
Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman are heading to San Diego Comic-Con 2015
My dad thinks he looks like Peter Capaldi but I think he's more John Pertwee. LOL
Joivan Wade, Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman from Series 9 filming at Hill Street, Cardiff.
Photo: doctorfriend79: Peter Capaldi from Series 9 filming at Hill Street, Cardiff today.  
Much as I like Peter Capaldi, the writing on Dr Who was much better in Tom Baker's day.
Peter Capaldi by John Byrne in his art exhibition June 3-25 at the Fine Art Society in London.
People I would faint in front of if I met them:. Mandy. Laverne Cox. Manhatten Meryl Streep. Latrice Royale. Peter Capaldi. Ilana Glazer
With all due respect Pete and Carol. No! Peter Capaldi wants classic ‘Doctor Who’ companion to return: via
Doctor Who will be at Comic Con on July 9. Appearances include Jenna Coleman, Michelle Gomez, Peter Capaldi, Steven Moffat & Brian Minchin!
will be at in Hall H on Thursday, July 9: Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Michelle Gomez, Steven Moffat and Brian Minchin.
Steven Moffat says Peter Capaldi\'s Twelfth Doctor is only pretending he doesn\'t fancy Clara
Duh - as if this is not obvious! Steven Moffat says Peter Capaldi\'s Doctor is only pretending he doesn't fancy Clara ht…
well Peter Capaldi is better than Matt Smith and so is David and Christopher so yeah
A nice photo of Peter Capaldi from Friday.
Marc Warren in is a strange combination of Christopher Walken and Peter Capaldi in a year's time:
Does anyone else see the similarities between Jim Murphy and Peter Capaldi?
In case you missed it, Reality Bomb episode 022 has Hugos, Ood, companions, kids meeting Peter Capaldi and more!
Alexei Sayle helped me through the man-flu day man he was radical for the early 90s A very young Peter Capaldi..9:00
Peter Capaldi @ the Empire Movie Awards: "It's nice to see Karen Gillan again. She used to be my assistant you know. When…
Gordon vs. Duncan confirmed for Season 19, starring Peter Capaldi as Malcolm Duncan
Or Steve Fleming, David Haig and Peter Capaldi both playing off each other like two jazz musicians; amazing to watch.
Doctor Who showrunner talks about Season 9, Peter Capaldi, and Missy
Some interesting thoughts there ..I hope tthat they keep the Dr dark and cranky Peter Capaldi was an instant like..alongside '6
Steven Moffat talks about the return of two-parters for Season 9, Peter Capaldi, and Missy
peter capaldi IS a punk rock hobo he was in a band just like rupert giles
And more fake Peter Capaldi accounts - this time, strangely, on Google Plus. Steer clear of this one:
If the 3rd was Capaldi's favorite Doctor, he should really kick some *** with his Venusian karate. Making him Peter KaPOW-dy!
Lol, and I know exactly who's doing it too. Have I gone back to 2012? Am I going to regenerate into Peter Capaldi?
Peter Capaldi's Doctor turned up in a 1911 painting by Egon Schiele.
Anyone else think it's funny that Peter Capaldi played a WHO doctor in only to turn around and taker over the roll of
"I'm still there, I was in David Tennant, I was in Matt Smith - are we going to edit this? - I was in Peter Capaldi!". -C…
11:11 have an all you can eat dinner by candle light with Peter Capaldi
Strange to see Peter Capaldi as a communist
Happy birthday Michelle (Gomez). Whoufflé shippers go to *** Have a Scot off with Peter Capaldi. And snog him as well!
Steven Moffat: Peter Capaldi doesn't just want to come back being the same Doctor in series nine
People who live near Cardiff and meet Peter Capaldi every other week make me want to pull my eyes out and cry
I forgot Peter Capaldi was Sid's dad in Skins 😹😅 ello doc
Benedict Cumberbatch, Peter Capaldi and Emma Watson get artistic for the …
@ Peter Capaldi cut your hair you look like doc from back to the future
All purpose parts banner
"Putin proposed Steven Seagal as intermediary, How about Peter Capaldi (Malcolm Tucker)?
Just taken us 30 mins to realise Peter Capaldi is in this s3 ep of Poirot (he's v good at acting, that's why!)
Who makes the better puppet, Benedict Cumberbatch or Peter Capaldi?.
Just flick on ITV Encore to see Peter Capaldi looking even more scary than amidst his most vicious Tucker rant:
It is a pity. You & Peter Capaldi togheter would have been a success.
I had always thought the narration was by Peter Capaldi. Sorry!
Omg this is the most perfect thing ever! The Doctor vs Sherlock Holmes -
Completely cool! MT New monster to meet Peter Capaldi & in Series 9…
What’s that in the shadows? New monster about to meet Peter Capaldi and in Series 9…
Its neat hearing kids are accepting Peter Capaldi and Matt Smith as their favorite Doctors. And they say Moffat is ruining the show. 0_0
so Peter Capaldi was in a punk band in the 80s and its really good! and Craig Ferguson played drums!
William Hartnell was 55 when he started Doctor Who... Peter Capaldi was 55 when he became the 12th doctor
I liked a video from Peter Capaldi sings Lou Reed with Richard Strange & Sarah Jane Morris
I just wanna eat ice cream and watch Hotel! bc Peter Capaldi and Keeley Hawes and like young everybody
Doctor Who series 9: Moffat on tone, Maisie Williams on role: Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman are now f...
Samuel Beckett &Peter Capaldi are obv. not the same person. It'd only be possible if one of them had a time machine.
David Tennant was the best, Matt Smith was the funniest, Peter Capaldi is the most badass
Tennant is way better . Matt Smith took some time to like. Peter Capaldi is awesome as well
Peter Capaldi sends best wishes for Easter, but he has a warning…
One for fans in this video — Harry meets Karen Gillan & Peter Capaldi at the Empire Film Awards
In a shock move Peter Capaldi has ditched Doctor Who and is replacing Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear.
Murray Gold: "Peter Capaldi's theme might've been too heroic for him at the start..."
Murray Gold: "Peter Capaldi's like... 'Front Foot Doctor' - everything's on the front foot..."
Peter Capaldi in Paddington complained about time in a phone booth. Is that a doctor who easter egg.
Craig Ferguson was in a band with Peter Capaldi? What
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