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Peter Capaldi

Peter Dougan Capaldi (born 14 April 1958) is an Academy Award and BAFTA award winning Scottish actor and film director.

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old grey whistle test. Quantum Leap. Day of the Triffids. Anything with Peter Capaldi. Animal Magic. Johnny Ball.
Peter Capaldi as Sherlock Holmes in the All New Alexei Sayle show. BBC are sitting on a stone cold winner...
Is that Peter Capaldi in the opening scenes of 'Dangerous Liaisons'? *fires up imdb*
Doctor Who: Jenna Coleman on how Peter Capaldi used to joke and make fun of her
Jenna Coleman reveals how co-star Peter Capaldi makes fun of her.
I'm shocked my recently-purchased cell came with insults aimed at David Tennant, Matt Smith, and Peter Capaldi. Really, new phone Who diss?
Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman in Rio De Janeiro where the 2016 Olympic Games are starting tonight.
Why assume that just because Tennant left with Davies, Peter Capaldi has to leave with Steven Moffat? Let's think outside the box people!
Peter Capaldi and on location TODAY in Valencia, Spain - filming for ep 2 of series 10!
That moment when you're watching Hercule Poirot and you recognize Peter Capaldi!!
his name is Peter Capaldi and her name is Olivia Coleman.
I feel ever since Peter Capaldi joined he has been asked when and how he's leaving I want Peter until 2020 at least. Mat…
great character in West Wing played by Alan Alda, waited for that part like Peter Capaldi was made for Malcolm Tucker
Lead character would be Peter Capaldi playing a mix of his Dr Who and Malcolm Tucker characters.
to that time Graham Norton embarrassed Peter Capaldi by reading one of his old fan letters.
my favorite pop is my signed Twelfth Doctor signed by Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, & Michelle Gomez.
I love the Twelfth Doctor. I love Clara Oswald. I love Missy. I love Peter Capaldi. I love Jenna Coleman. I love Mi…
Jenna Coleman & Peter Capaldi aka Clara Oswald & the Doctor 😍 after a 2hr delay, it finally happened!!
Peter Capaldi, David Tennant, Robbie Coltrane, pack it up boys, there's a NEW voice icon from Scotland in town!
I love Jenna Coleman and David Tennant and Matt Smith and Freema Agyeman and Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvil and Peter Capaldi and Michelle G
finally committing to watching the rest of Doctor Who (being Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi)
The Eleventh Doctor Regenerates - Matt Smith to Peter Capaldi - Doctor W... To this day it still gets me.
- laughed a bit, grinned a lot. 11 year old bit sulky, but told her it's like Matt Smith / Peter Capaldi - you have to give it time
Some of these names are just ridiculous. I mean Chris Eccleston and Peter Capaldi? As if.
So that's Tom Baker, Chris Eccleston, David Tennant, and Matt Smith, but not Peter Capaldi?
Which raises the questions, why can't you talk to Peter Capaldi, and who are the other four?
By December 95, they were still trying to lock in on the new Doctor. Peter Capaldi? What about Adrian Dunbar, fella? https…
Stoked to meet Hayley, Stan, Kevin Smith & Mewes, Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, George Takei, and more!
Carice van Houten is in this?!?!?! So cool. Obviously not to mention Peter Capaldi and David Thewlis. AND BENNY C.
Neither has Jon Pertwee, Matt Smith or Peter Capaldi. Colin Baker features on three covers, though...
What do Quentin Blake, Peter Capaldi, Eric Clapton & Brian Eno have in common? All feature in What Are You Like? show!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
In the 1974 contest, Peter Capaldi's performance of the Blake's 7 theme signalled the beginning of the Time War.
Tank ✔. Guitar ✔. Peter Capaldi ✔. Everything you need for a memorable entrance….
I have a last word on Peter Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor costume
Pearl Mackie has been named as the new Doctor Who companion alongside Peter Capaldi's Time Lord in the Tardis.
I keep thinking it's a representation of Peter Capaldi presenting Beat the Clock on Sunday Night at the London Palladium...
*** is a who's who: Ciaran Hinds, Jonny Lee Miller, David Thewlis, Mark Strong, Peter Capaldi, James Frain...
Smith was a lot more like the Second than Tennant was. There's a lot of Tom Baker in Peter Capaldi.
I'll always love Steven Moffat for choosing Peter Capaldi to play the Doctor. Thank you Steven!
You know when you're having your picture taken with Peter Capaldi & then Steven Moffat photobombs you? That! ;)
I think Joe Walker is more beautiful but I think Peter Capaldi is loads kinder :)
"Who is going to cook porridge the way Peter Capaldi likes it? Who will make Steven [Moffat] his bacon sandwiches?"
5. Pearl also performs as a singer, a passion for music shared with Peter Capaldi. Maybe we’ll see a Doctor and...
Don't think I'll be watching Doctor Who until Peter Capaldi leaves. His companions & stories are awful. Best were Rose, Donna, Rory and Amy.
I think will have what David Tennant and Matt Smith had that Peter Capaldi doesn't. Might start watching again
I so wish Peter Capaldi had played like this.
Comments like these that make me hope Peter Capaldi is the Doctor for 10 more years!
Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi need to play MCU villains and teamup with Malekith and Kilgrave
Oh look it's Peter Capaldi as a WHO Doctor! Wink wink
Respect to Peter Capaldi having pictures with fans even though his Icecream was melting...
Happy birthday to the Doctor himself - Mr Peter Capaldi!
Peter Capaldi [about Jenna]: she was fabulous on all of it. She brings this great emotional truth to what is actually a fan…
Happy birthday to Peter Capaldi! To celebrate,let's relive the very first picture of him as the Doctor. http…
After Peter Capaldi? Could the world handle two consecutive Scottish Doctors?
Peter capaldi is said to be leaving after series ten which is starting August 2017
Peter Capaldi sums up being the Doctor in three words…
Peter capAldi + bennedict cumberbatch.. Just so badass.
9 weeks since Peter Capaldi said that the new companion will be announced shortly! Um okay...
9 weeks since Peter Capaldi said himself that the new companion would be revealed shortly th…
Peter Capaldi in Venice for the next four days.
Peter Capaldi kills every woman, every heterosexual, every homosexual, every pansessual who meet him in Venice!😍
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I added a video to a playlist British Comedy Awards 2010 Live Lock-in Peter Capaldi Clips
Peter Capaldi auditioned for the role. He was picked based on his acting ability! Not his age!!
Happy Birthday to Peter Capaldi! Wishing him more adventures across time & space! .
Let them get on with it, ill stick to Peter, Capaldi sexy 12th doctor, old my ***
I can't watch Peter Capaldi in anything without pining for Malcolm Tucker levels of swearing.
Happy birthday to the one and only, Peter Capaldi!. 🎉✨.
Peter Capaldi in Venice. . Blimey, he's too..🔥 🌟 😍 😎 .well, you know...
It's Peter Capaldi's birthday - woohoo!. What are your favourite Twelfth Doctor moments?.
I was watching Magicians last night. Come on! Robert Webb, David Mitchel, Sarah Hadland, Peter Capaldi, Marek Larwood, England basically!
Series 8 wasn't the best, but series 9 was awesome! I wish more people accepted Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who. He's one of the best!
Brett and Capaldi connection - Tom Burke and Peter Capaldi worked together in The Musketeers.  I keep...
Styx performing on WGN morning news. Dennis DeYoung looks like Peter Capaldi! He still has the pipes, too. Sounds great!
This is who I think/want to see nominated for Best Actor at the Awards. . Mark Rylance. Ben Whishaw. Peter Capaldi. Aidan Turner
I see "Peter Capaldi as Cardinal Richelieu in the first series " on Wikipedia. It is true that you told me 😊
I want him to come back to and work along side Peter Capaldi. Handsome Jack please
People buy prints from me so I can meet Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Michelle Gomez in June.
Alex and Karen would be lonely without Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi, Michelle Gomez, and Arthur Darvill!
Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Michelle Gomez and Arthur Darvill Would be spectacular please!
Please can you bring Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman! It be amazing and would really create an enjoyable experience!
📷 raul-e-esparza: I met Peter Capaldi yesterday! I was so nervous I was shaking so much and I nearly...
Peter Capaldi said of Michelle Gomez, "We come from the same place. Not Gallifrey, but Glasgow, which is very similar."
New Doctor Who companion has been cast - and will be "along any minute" reveals Peter Capaldi via
psa: I love Michelle Gomez, Peter Capaldi, and Jenna Coleman very much. So much. A lot. I love them. Thank you for listening✔️
How to slay a fandom in one day: A novel by Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Michelle Gomez
"Jenna Coleman's replacement could be someone Peter Capaldi has worked with before..."
Peter Capaldi draws brilliant portraits of the Doctors of 'Doctor Who' via
i met Peter Capaldi today. I we star struck .I love Dr who .my whole house watches it
guy with a Blackberry across the aisle on the train looks like a short Peter Capaldi-as-Malcolm Tucker
Doctor Who revelations – Peter Capaldi accuses the BBC of neglecting its hit show
So that's it. Goodbye Matt Smith. Hello Peter Capaldi. The Time of the Doctor.and the is done ! I can hardly believe it.
When will I be able to own Peter Capaldi's new Sonic Screwdriver?
What about in like 7 years time when Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi are doing Big Finish audios and the only Doctor not involved is Chris Ecc
Having caught up with the last it's remarkable how Ed Tudor-Pole is half Matt Smith, half Peter Capaldi.
So, Alex Kingston as River Song has shared tv episodes with David Tennant, Matt Smith, and Peter Capaldi.
Peter Capaldi as Malcolm Tucker is my ultimate sweary hero lol
Check out this really funny & entertaining radio Interview of Peter Capaldi from Steve Wright!:
Steve Wright in the Afternoon, Peter Capaldi, Steve Wright and Peter Capaldi play Guess Who
Steve Wright in the Afternoon, Lukas Graham, Don Warrington and Peter Capaldi, Peter Capaldi: "I will be around...
Peter Capaldi has just be grilled by Steve Wright on about the new companion. "They will be very diff…
Peter Capaldi on on Steve Wright in the Afternoon on BBC Radio 2 today.
Hang on! Peter Capaldi was at HMV Oxford St today signing and NO ONE told me. >:[
after meeting Peter Capaldi still in shock then walks in Nigel Havers.amazing day
Peter Capaldi will sign copies of the Complete Series 9 DVD at hmv Oxford Street,...
Looking forward to seeing tonight, but first, and rather last minute - meeting Peter Capaldi at HMV Oxford St (!!)
what did Peter Capaldi say to you when the cameras stopped rolling? Us Whovians will pay you in rice for any information. 😇
Peter Capaldi as George Harrison Can't stop laughing at the moustaches TBH.
my step dad is watching midsomer murders and Peter Capaldi is a choir leader lmao
Watching midsomer murders and up pops Peter Capaldi
Peter Capaldi is signing copies of Doctor Who series 9 at HMV Oxford Street 7th March :)
Peter Capaldi is a beautiful man and anyone who says otherwise can fight me. - auraticflow: Reblog if you...
Andrew Scott, Ben Daniels & Lara Pulver (+1000) are the co-favorites to replace Peter Capaldi as The Doctor. htt…
About to bite the bullet and buy my Dallas Comic Con ticket. They announced Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, and Michelle Gomez.
I haven't been to a convention in quite a while but for Peter Capaldi ... Dallas Comic Con here I come! . (happy dance) .
Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, and Michelle Gomez will all be at be Dallas Comic Con in June and I can't handle this
I love the fourth doctor Peter Capaldi
Peter Capaldi is my spirit animal. is my lovergirl. Oliver Sykes is my God. Tony Stark is my superhero. 💕
Since the greedy wankers took away Peter Capaldi, I've enlisted Bryan Cranston as my personal trainer on
Steven Moffat thinks Maisie Williams makes an excellent contrast to Peter Capaldi with her "elfin features" and "ancient eyes"
stars Peter Capaldi and John Hurt lend their support to the https:/…
I liked a video from DOCTOR WHO NEWS - Could Emma Watson replace Peter Capaldi?
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Britons most at risk of eyebrow theft at the hands of Matt Smith:. 1 Cara Delevingne. 2 Peter Capaldi. 3 Jenna Coleman. 4 Emi…
Peter Capaldi cropping up on here both as Dr Who and Malcolm Tucker. Seems like a clear enough mandate.
Y'all Peter Capaldi's character Malcolm Tucker has got me so weak. 😂😂😂😂 I can't even right now.
via The greatest description of Star Wars ever, courtesy of Peter Capaldi as Malcolm Tucker...
If you took 40 IQ points off Peter Capaldi and put him in charge of a fitba team you'd genuinely get Lee McCulloch.
Dr Who has improved with Peter Capaldi. Still not up to the days Of Tom Baker, but much better than the last few attempts
Finally watching Peter Capaldi's 1st season of Doctor Who. In 2 episodes they've already made Clara more human than her entire first season.
Please give all the awards to Peter Capaldi. His performance in Heaven Sent alone was breathtaking! ❤️
petition for peter capaldi never leave DW
Peter Capaldi a.k.a. Dr Who meets Syrian refugees in Jordan with UNHCR
Absolutely. Peter is a wise man, he stays away from negativity if he can but its good he gets ❤️
Amen to this. Peter deserves to have lots of love and support thrown at him. ☺️
"BBC says Peter Capaldi can leave Doctor Who after 2017 so Chris Chibnall can have a fresh start" WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE
If Peter Capaldi does leave after series 10 who would you choose as the next Doctor? I'd pick either Robert Carlysle or Hugh Laurie!!!
I'm honestly tired of the "peter capaldi is too old" or "kids don't like him". Peter is an amazing actor and a really goo…
You can't possibly understand how much I love Twelve. He became my fave Doctor. Peter Capaldi gave a breathtakingly masterful performance.
A bit better. I've actually regenerated into Peter Capaldi and tea has been provided. :D
I'm in no hurry to see the end of Peter Capaldi as The Doctor, but it would just be perfect if the next Doctor was
should be like this too: easy, stuff that doesn't cost a lot f money. It's more in line...
Peter Capaldi happy to appear on spin-off 'Class' :
apparently, peter capaldi is Too Old to play a character who is literally Two Thousand Years Old? ok
is he in it enough though 5th Estate was crap and Peter hardly in it.
If the BBC decides to axe Peter Capaldi because they want a "fresh start" then heres what I have to say to them: https…
A man of Extraordinary Talent. Peter Capaldi, I salute you ❤️👏🏻
Peter Capaldi with the new sonic screwdriver is my death 😍
I want a giant poster in 3d of Peter Capaldi on the bed. Is there a 3d printer big enough? u.u
my favourite Drs are Peter Davison and Peter Capaldi. I like a Peter!
Peter Capaldi is an awesome doctor. I think he knows doctor who better than any of the new series' actors.
I haven't seen any of season 9 yet. I love Jenna Coleman, but I'm not a fan of Peter Capaldi's Doctor.
Peter Capaldi placing cue cards on the Tardis console was more obvious than when Jon Pertwee did it. .
Hamilton Collection
"Peter Capaldi is too old for his role" . Seriously?
Peter Capaldi for Radio Times. im done, i can die peacefully goodbye world ✌🏻️
Peter Capaldi aka talks 4 minutes of total sense on Pls watch and share:
Dear you should have let Peter Capaldi keep the minty moustache / goatee combo for
I prefer Tom Baker's Tardis but Peter Capaldi's is a close second.
Don't forget...5 year old Peter Capaldi fell in love with Doctor Who when William Hartnell was The Doctor! ☺
Please sign this petition to keep Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who It may do nothing but we can at least try to keep him
Charlotte Moore at the BBC, Peter Capaldi, Chris Chibnall at the BBC: Keep Peter Capaldi as the Doc... via
Jez, I honestly thought that was William Hartnell, not Peter Capaldi. Should I even admit that in public?
Peter Capaldi on Doctor Who without Jenna Coleman: "I miss her very much"
Peter Capaldi said some very lovely things about Jenna Coleman
Peter Capaldi on the new Doctor Who companion: "We haven’t chosen someone yet... we're looking for som...
Also, Steven Moffat told Phil Ford to think of Billy Connolly when writing 'Into the Dalek' for Peter Capaldi's Doctor.
It's not just Peter Capaldi, there's Jenna Coleman and Nick Briggs's voices in the Doctor Who levels too :)
Worst Doctor Who fan ever. Just watching the series 8 finale. What a great partnership Peter Capaldi and Michelle Gomez are!
I added a video to a playlist aftersun BBC 2006 starring Peter Capaldi and Sarah Parish
I tried to tell her "Siri, Peter Capaldi is pronounced ka-PAHL-dee not ka-PAUL-dee but she didn't really get it 😂😂
Thank you Michael Sheen, Martin Freeman , Robert Lindsay and Peter Capaldi. In support of junior doctors
4 minutes of Peter Capaldi saying thank you. So wonderful
Matt Smith in Pandorica Opens and Peter Capaldi in River Songs husband are the best performances ever. Just pure gold.
Sydney Newman is Peter Capaldi wearing a bad wig living a double life with his personal time machine?
It's funny listening to Dr. Who (Peter Capaldi) narrating on Dave. A pre Whovian regeneration from Ken Stott to Peter Capaldi!
Peter Capaldi, Michelle Gomez and Steven Moffat talk Missy and the Doctor’s friendship at https:/…
I liked a video Peter Capaldi on new Doctor Who companion - Graham Norton Show
I liked a video Peter Capaldi facing with his past on The Graham Norton Show
I added a video to a playlist Doctor Who - Filming on the street in London - Peter Capaldi in new
If Matt Smith's Doctor Who hung out with James Corden, why can't Peter Capaldi's hang out with Craig Ferguson?
"I don't like Peter Capaldi as The Doctor. I miss Matt Smith."
. omg how can people choose Peter Capaldi over David Tennant and Matt Smith. David is definitely my favourite Doctor.
Put this nice canvas of all my DW cast photos up. Arthur Darvill, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi.
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Doctor Who hasn't been the same since Matt Smith left the role, sorry fans of Peter Capaldi.
Like there is a reason why Jenna Coleman is like Im leaving after Matt Smith left, & Peter Capaldi now as well after Jenna.
I did not like Matt Smith as Dr, but like Peter Capaldi as Dr. Did not like the season.
Peter Capaldi described *** Bent as "a sadness, a romance, and a tragedy" -
Or he bumped into a Dalek used for the secret Peter Capaldi photo shoot for the 500th issue of Doctor Who Magazine.
I'd like to see Chris Chibnall write an episode for Peter Capaldi's Doctor first & foremost - assuming bigger plans in store..
Guys, can we just get Alex Kingston and Peter Capaldi in a screwball comedy?
The Husbands of River Song was fun!! It brings her story full circle. Peter Capaldi was brill!!
If this will be Peter Capaldi's last year, I'm thinking Jamie Bamber, Lena Headey, Kate Beckinsale or Jane March.
although I'm not gonna lie second place is a close match between Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi
Did my Xmas food shopping in Muswell Hill. Saw Peter Capaldi (Dr Who) and also John Torode.
NEW VIDEO!. Peter Capaldi and Alex Kingston introduce The Husbands of River Song!. https…
Time for a Jo Grant/Jones return? Peter Capaldi would be like David Tennant with past companions: brilliant.
Peter Capaldi is an adorable little cupcake pls protect him
stick a pop sock on Peter Capaldi and it would turn me on lol xxx
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I can't believe a month ago I met peter capaldi and Jenna Coleman... I miss them and that day so much
So my dad met Peter Capaldi last night, ie. basically himself
Doctor Who: who does the Doctor like more, Clara or River? Peter Capaldi answers
he's great but not my favourite. Peter Capaldi is awesome and is totally my favourite.
Flying saucers, robots & Greg Davies! DW's Peter Capaldi reveals what to expect this Christmas via whatsontvuk
Why the crap are they not in order?!? Peter Capaldi is July?! This really messes with my sense of order..
Guess who, sweeties?! Alex Kingston joins Peter Capaldi and at the premiere of the Xmas Special.
Alex Kingston, Peter Capaldi, and Greg Davies at 'The Husbands of River Song' screening!
Peter Capaldi hints that the new companion prospects have already auditioned.
But I hope Peter Capaldi stays for more than 3 series.
If Peter Capaldi follows the pattern of leaving after 3 series, those writers must write NOW.
David Tennant Matt Smith and now the ultimate Doctor Peter Capaldi what more could you ask for.
Please follow Peter Capaldi in his support for the Za'atari Camp by helping those in need this holiday htt…
Speaking of writers who wouldn't want to miss writing for Peter Capaldi, is one of them.
Peter Capaldi has suggested that he may have already met the brand new companion:
Alex Kingston, Peter Capaldi, Greg Davies & Steven Moffat just finished a Q&A! Here are some of our fave moments... https…
Peter Capaldi on Doctor Who at Christmas, a male companion and why it's OK to be scary via
Here are some other actors I want to see in the MCU: Alan Rickman, Charles Dance, and Peter Capaldi.
Met the legend that is Peter Capaldi. Gave him a copy of mine, and book.
.Peter Capaldi came to to show support for refugees. Learn more https…
Peter Capaldi was amazed by the resiliency he saw in discovering w/ https…
Peter Capaldi is awesome, amazing, inspiring and a *** good Doctor! My Doctor. ❤️✨
I liked a video from Peter Capaldi & Steven Moffat on "WHAT MAKES A GOOD CHRISTMAS
The one in my head starring Peter Capaldi as Scrooge, Mackenzie Crook as Bob Cratchit and me as Christmas Present
Everyone else is so I may as well xD Day One - Paul McGann and Peter Capaldi.
Brian Potter as the next doctor not stupid *** Peter Ca… — Peter Capaldi's not *** and even if he was, why should …
Peter Capaldi at Doctor Who Festival: 'Jenna Coleman made me try harder and do . ...
Imagine a Peter Capaldi episode, written by Neil Gaiman and directed by Peter Jackson!!. A day with the 12th...
Ofc I also agree that Peter Capaldi deserves an academy award or the award for his amazing performance in s9 finale
Opening youtube to play some music while studying ending up watching being out-Oscared by Tom Hanks and Peter Capaldi
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Peter Capaldi is a brilliant Doctor. He might have even surpassed Tennant in my eyes.
Frank Cottrell Boyce on why Peter Capaldi obsession is starting to freek out my Mum.
Last night I dreamt I was doing vimto shots in an elevator with:. Jennifer Lawrence, Peter Capaldi, Liam Hemsworth and Maisie Williams.
Get "Moon", replace Sam Rockwell with Peter Capaldi, allow the crystal room and the skulls to bypass the reset, and you have Heaven Sent.
Martin Freeman, Peter Capaldi, Derren Brown & more support and the (via 🐻
Is it just me who thinks Peter Capaldi is beginning to sound a lot like Tom Baker?
Peter Capaldi is by far my favourite new Doctor. Tom Baker was tied with Jon Pertwee. Here is hoping Capaldi has a long run.
Tom Baker, 1st one I knew. Matt Smith was good too, and Peter Capaldi is nailing it! You?
Tom Baker was my main Dr Who too, but I started with Jon Peewee. The Dr I enjoy watching most is DT :) although Peter Capaldi
Tom Baker walked in eternity. Peter Capaldi punches in eternity.
Is it just me, or has Peter Capaldi been channeling Tom Baker as of late?
Heaven Sent is one of the best episodes of so far. Amazing play from Peter Capaldi and fascinating story from Steven Moffat!
In my opinion, Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman are the Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen of this era.
Peter Capaldi has certainly showed his formidable acting skills absolutely brilliant, stunning performance
wow. Hannah John-Kamen (and Oona Chaplin (both were in ! And obviously I forgot about Peter Capaldi too
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Fun Fact: You get an instant A for Nat5 English if you just write out the words of Peter Capaldi's amazing speech from tonig…
- David Tennant: "Hey, you want to do something for my new show?" / Peter Capaldi: "Sure thing!"
Peter Capaldi 'would consider Doctor Who appearance on Big Bang Theory'
Doctor Who is a good thing in the world so the people who respond to it with passion are generally good smart & clever…
NEW VIDEO. Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat introduce the remarkable Heaven Sent:. https:…
Alex Kingston will reprise the role of River Song alongside Peter Capaldi’s Doctor in the 2015 Chris
Just looked up Peter Capaldi's role name in World War Z on
Peter Capaldi is the man that stops the monsters, and I'm in love with him. He's a *fantastic* Doctor.
Those who hate/criticize Peter Capaldi don't stand up to his awesome acting caliber & experience.
Forget when Hilary met Oprah, this is when José met Peter
Matt Smith was my favorite Doctor, but I can't wait to move on to Peter Capaldi. Love his Scottish accent.
it's weird how somewhere right now peter capaldi is on the other side of the world smiling and laughing and having a good time and BREATHING
Here's how the progress of drawing of the brilliant Scottish actor Peter Capaldi who plays The Time…
I learned it from Peter Capaldi on Graham Norton the other night. Ape is the new sick.
Earlier this week I interviewed Peter Capaldi for This is what happened .
Peter Capaldi and David Walliams watching Tom Hanks do the Dragnet rap.
I really like Peter Capaldi as DR Who so hoping bad viewing numbers in England don't push him out
swearing is hilarious. It reminds me of Peter Capaldi swearing in
Peter Capaldi and Sylvester McCoy being cute at Doctor Who Festival Australia
“Basically we need Malcolm Tucker stat” via
The new red wine coloured velvet jacket w the dark grey waistcoat and trousers on on Peter Capaldi very sexy and dapper.
I feel like Peter Capaldi finally got that perfect, character-defining moment as the Doctor and it is amazing.
Here's a new image of Peter Capaldi and Alex Kingston from the upcoming Christmas special!
Peter Capaldi talks Clara's exit, says it's not "quite what it seems", and teases a "funny" Xmas Special:
give us his spoiler-free preview of Heaven Sent. Excited for 55 mins of just Peter Capaldi? http…
📷 fafana20: Peter Capaldi, Sylvester McCoy, Steven Moffat and Ingrid Oliver at the Australian Doctor Who...
Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi reveals all about Jenna Coleman exit ∞ 30: ...
Peter Capaldi saying he was getting texts from Jenna Coleman while in Sydney for the DWF. Makes me smile how they stay …
Peter Capaldi & Jenna Coleman made videos singing to each other when they filmed separately. Not only made my morning, …
The Xmas Special:. Peter Capaldi & Alex Kingston are joined by Greg Davies as King Hydroflax & Matt Lucas as Nardole! http…
The awkward moment when Peter Capaldi, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss came third in a Doctor Who pub quiz
Christopher Eccleston is the doctor. David Tennant is the doctor. Matt Smith is the doctor. . Peter Capaldi is the doctor.
so who's the best: Christopher Ecclestone or David Tennant or Matt Smith or Peter Capaldi?
Jenna Louise Coleman and Peter Capaldi broke my heart in this week's Sarah Dollard's script was great.
I'm totally numb with shock at Clara's death, Jenna Louise Coleman and Peter Capaldi were awesome tonight well done and good luck Jenna
Why does Peter Capaldi dress like the guy from Saw or Charles Saatchi?
Peter Capaldi: "I don't want to make it easy for fans of Doctor Who" - Belfast Telegraph: Peter Capaldi: "I do...
Love it! And now that My Fair Lady is in my ear, I'm imagining Peter Capaldi as a fantastic Henry Higgins. :)
I think this line debunks it: "The perfect female foil for Peter Capaldi after speaking to his predecessor Russell T Davies."
This was really nice, Peter Capaldi giving a goodbye present at
got annoying real quick. Hated Matt Smith, despise Peter Capaldi in the role now. Like all those actors separate of Dr. Who.
Peter Capaldi has asked Tom Hanks to appear in Doctor Who - and he'd love David Bowie to cameo
"I thought Listen was beautifully done... The creature in that was the stuff of nightmares..." - Peter Capaldi
Peter Capaldi, Ingrid Oliver and Michelle Gomez have arrived at the
I cannot explain how lovely and genuine Peter Capaldi is. He takes time to get to know every single person he meets. LOVE YA PETER
Peter Capaldi might not be everyones cup of tea but I'm loving him as
Whatever you guys, I really like the latest Doctor. I'm really enjoying Peter Capaldi. From someone who saw Tom Baker do his thing
Peter Capaldi has a great North American English accent.
I miss David Tennant as the Doctor. And I miss Donna. Fires of Pompeii. Karen Gillian, Peter Capaldi. All the same episode. Yes.
blue-box: I seriously about stood up and clapped during this episode. Peter Capaldi is positively...
Peter Capaldi once again proving he's a role model for children
That moment when you're looking for pictures of Peter Davison and Google gives you Peter Capaldi...
Steven Moffat discusses future, confirms that Peter Capaldi "is going nowhere": https:…
Peter Capaldi on BBC Radio One breakfast this week. Nice!! 😎
I like Peter Capaldi as The Doctor. I like Clara. I liked Maisie Williams in her episodes. It's just the episodes themselves are... just ok.
Everyone needs Peter Capaldi playing guitar on their tl
Peter Capaldi is staying for Season 10 next year!
Have you ever sneezed so hard that you turned into Peter capaldi
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