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Peter Capaldi

Peter Dougan Capaldi (born 14 April 1958) is an Academy Award and BAFTA award winning Scottish actor and film director.

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Peter Capaldi plays one of the World Health Organization doctors at the end of World War Z. He is credited as W.H.O. Doctor 😐 brain explode
Photoset: doctornicole12: Peter Capaldi saving the universe, one monster at a time.  😂😂😂😂
I liked a video Doctor Who: 22 of Peter Capaldi's Funniest Scenes
Most of the pictures on my phone consist of Marley, Spiderman, Harry Potter, and Peter Capaldi.
Peter Capaldi as George Harrison the doctor as george Harrison in 1985
Peter Capaldi was on and my world just fell apart...
I'm so in love with Peter Capaldi from when he was a young punk.
Paul used to have a MAJOR obsession with Peter Capaldi.
Peter Capaldi with Danny Hargreave's son (from the sfx team) two cuties tbh
I love and his pictures of Peter Capaldi that I have never seen before
If you could have lunch with 5 people dead or alive w... — Peter Capaldi, Robin Williams, Kat Dennings, Jenna Co...
Check out new work on my portfolio: "Peter Capaldi Caricature"
Peter Capaldi funkos and Arrow funkos? Must have!!!
So apparently my brother casually bumped into Peter Capaldi & the film crew while on a training exercise.
Peter Capaldi got the eyebrows Matt Smith didn't have, he got the chin David Tennant lacked, and the hair...
I'm not in any hurry for Peter Capaldi to leave, but I want David Oyelowo to be the next Doctor.
if you like:. David Tennant. Christopher Eccleston. Peter Capaldi. Matt Smith. Billie Piper. Jenna Coleman. Karen Gillan ht…
I thought Christopher Eccleston was a fabulous Doctor,not to different than Peter Capaldi,why did they remake Chris' episodes?
Posted from "I never realized that Peter Capaldi had been on doctor who before!"
Can anyone spot any differances with Peter Capaldi? I can't
"Yknow who's hot? Peter Capaldi" "I mean, yeah, I guess so. For the blind" Jo Reid, again
Robert Carlyle - Peter Capaldi - John Hannah. My mission is to write a script for them (I'll let them do what they want) Triplets? Hmmm!
Also, am a huge fan of Peter Capaldi. The photo will be exhibited in my comedy exhibition retrospective
With Peter Capaldi on vocals and lead guitar, here is an EP released in 1980 on St. Vitus records, recorded in Glasgow. Tracks: Bela Lugosi's Birthday 0:00 O...
It's all an eyebrows and eye thingy, that's how you can play Peter Capaldi.
But Peter Capaldi is a weird crush. Whatevs.
According to Heat, it's weird to have a crush on Richard Ayoade, Matt Berry, Peter Capaldi, Domhnall Gleeson, or Jon Richardson. WTAF, Heat!
ahh you should Peter Capaldi is great!!
I love chris ecclestone but he is so rude when being asked about doctor who where as peter capaldi is so kind,gracious and understanding
i am having a lot of trouble liking the new doctor peter capaldi . Anyone else ??
|| *is happy because Peter Capaldi on NY TV screen* . *mum switches the channel*
has Peter Capaldi just taken us back in a blue box?
omfg me too!!! im really not loving Peter Capaldi :(
I really love Peter Capaldi. He's a cutie.
The new costume was revealed on 29 January, 2014. Peter Capaldi said of it, ‘No frills, no scarf, no messing... Just 100%…
Peter Capaldi was in an episode of doctor who in 2008... Mind blown!
Remember when I went on that huge rant about how Peter Capaldi couldn't be the doctor bc he was already in an episode ha same
Watching Peter Capaldi on Doctor Who, before he was the Doctor!
Wearing the costume is the only way to stop people asking him about Peter Capaldi
Watching Skins for the nostalgia and Peter Capaldi is becoming my favourite person
Peter Capaldi is doing an awesome job as Doctor Who. Just saying.
Peter Capaldi. Check out his IMDb entry - he's both WHO Doctor and Doctor Who.
My finished drawing of Peter Capaldi as Dr Who.
How'd I miss this kerfuffle? US Doctor Who fans befuddled by Capaldi's accent: 'He should be called Doctor What!?'
Odd how Peter Capaldi became The Doctor just before you regenerate into James Cordon.
Peter Capaldi, portait exhibition, founding memer of a private club to help the homeless.
ikr I already miss Peter Capaldi so *** much...
Is it really too much to post some pictures from filming I want new Peter Capaldi pictures!!
I'm hoping Peter Capaldi is around for a VERY long time as Dr Who but am I being controversial in suggesting Adrian Lester might replace him
Hi no it’s ‘The Doctor’. You know Tardis, Peter Capaldi, ect on tonight!
Now, I wonder, who could Peter Capaldi play in the MCU...? :P
Beautiful portrait of Peter Capaldi. Grace and class all in one photo ❤️
calender for sale. I will post worldwide.
Much of the conversation in the latest The Scifi Diner Podcast revolves around what we thought of Peter Capaldi...
'Doctor Who' at 50: Peter Capaldi and the 12 Men Who've Played the Doctor
Peter Capaldi and Jarvis Cocker are among the members of a private club founded to help the homeless. http:/…
Celebrity members of private club help the homeless – in pictures Network Front | The Guardian. Peter Capaldi an...
On the train with a Peter Capaldi made~~ X3
Peter Capaldi has been nominated for 2015! You can vote for him here > cc
My tomb will say "Dead by Peter Capaldi,Pierce Brosnan and hot daddies"
hello can i pitch an 1800s version of 'The Thick Of It' starring Peter Capaldi as John C Calhoun
Update your maps at Navteq
Peter Capaldi's top ten funniest moments so far (according to
Thought it was funny that Peter Capaldi was working at The World Health Organization, a.k.a the W.H.O
We *ALMOST* got a _BLACK DOCTOR_ this time if Paterson Joseph had not turned down the role. (Yes, Peter Capaldi...
I like Peter Capaldi like but preferred Matt Smith
both Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi are amazing but no one beats out David Tennant
Dreamt that I was Peter Capaldi's Doctor helping Matt Smith's and David Tennant's Doctors to fight Sauron and destroy the One Ring.
Russell T Davies: Why didn't I think of casting "glorious" Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who lead?
My pilot is British. This is awesome! He sounds like a combination of Peter Capaldi and Hugh Bonneville. Can you narrate the whole flight???
it was on this time last yr with Peter Capaldi as Cardinal Richelieu. But he doesn't seem to be in it this yr.
Rochefort is an amazing new villain. Almost as good as Peter Capaldi as Cardinal Richelieu. Almost.
It would have been funny if they'd recast Peter Capaldi with Matt Smith as Cardinal Richelieu.
Jenna Coleman looked a lot happier with Matt Smith. She just looks angry all the time with Peter Capaldi. Time for a change...
The Musketeers season 2: Can new series survive without Peter Capaldi as Cardinal Richelieu?
Worth sharing again: Peter Capaldi in a brief sketch as Sherlock Holmes
Tucked up in bed watching Peter Capaldi perform.
Matt Smith, Christopher Ecleston, Tom Baker, Peter Capaldi, and David Tennant will always, always be The Doctor.
My Dad looks like the lovechild of Peter Capaldi and Robson Green
After watching the Christmas Special, can we get Peter Capaldi to do a Malcolm Tucker/Thick Of It version?
Conclusion: Peter Capaldi makes a brilliantly dark, witty, and remote Doctor whose lack of remorse is intriguing.
"There’s something about Peter Capaldi. When he came to audition for the role of Malcolm Tucker in The..."
I know Peter Capaldi & Karen Gillan are in "fires of Pompeii". But it still gives me a funny turn seeing the Twelfth Doctor & Amy Pond in it
Confession: I stopped watching Doctor Who after the Robin Hood ep. Not cause I didn't like it, Peter Capaldi's brilliant, but just.. Cause.
Peter Capaldi reminds me a LOT of my Uncle Larry. Eye color is identical. And it's kind of bothering me to watch as a result. Miss my uncle
So just watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special.I definitely enjoy Peter Capaldi as the Doctor over Matt Smith but not nearly as much as I enjoyed Davide Tennant.Jenna Coleman will be returning in season 9 and honestly as much as i dislike the character of Clara Oswald I think she is the perfect companion for Capaldi's Doctor
'Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman will both return for series 9' I thought she was leaving???
Doctor Who's Last Christmas was *** good. Maybe my second favorite of the Christmas specials. I liked the story for how well plotted, paced, and executed it was and Peter Capaldi still being so good as The Doctor. Loved Jenna Coleman too but I think Nick Frost is the scene stealer. He was born to play the role of Santa Claus, I mean its just perfect! Overall I think it was a success.
Doctor Who star Jenna Coleman has revealed she will stay with the show for another series - putting an end to rumours she was set to quit. The actress, who made her first appearance in the long-running science-fiction show in 2012, has starred alongside two doctors in Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi. C…
Nick Frost and Peter Capaldi are important. But that's it.
After finally getting to watch this season of Doctor Who, I feel as though I can relate with Peter Capaldi as The Doctor more than any other.
just got sad bc I remembered Doctor- playing-Peter-Capaldi was never on show before it ended. :(
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Peter Capaldi is the best kind of badass
That awkward moment when you love Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who, but yet have grown to not care one whit about The Impossible Girl.
“Aside from his enormous gifts as a writer”. - Peter Capaldi on Steven Moffat. Peter, buddy, we need to talk.
It's almost time for part of Christmas Day I actually been waiting for : Merry Christmas Peter Capaldi
I haven't seen any of latest series of Doctor Who, so I'm about to get my first Peter Capaldi Doctor experience w/ the Christmas special!
Do you know what movie Peter Capaldi played a role in, which was filmed in Scotland.
Peter Capaldi should have been brought in straight after David Tennant!
Okay, I have given Peter Capaldi almost a dozen episodes. And I have to say that as good an actor as he is, his Doctor is a bit of a let down, and I am putting it mildly. Although, it might have to do with Clara Oswald and the Doctor's chemistry, which seems almost uncomfortable and forced, especially compared to the chemistry between Matt Smith's Doctor and Amy, which was spontaneous, complementary and extremely well-balanced (pun intended). The storytelling itself has suffered, in my opinion. The plots seem less tight, half-baked, and not as well thought out as before. But I suppose that's inevitable when you have been on air for seven decades, huh? Either way, the 12th Doctor is not reaching his full potential for a variety of reasons, and none of which may be his own doing. Matt Smith left some pretty big shoes to fill. And Capaldi is not being allowed his best shot at filling them.
Peter Capaldi totally used his wardrobe to audition for
Peter Capaldi, Dan Starkey and Steven Moffat speak on Santa’s little helper in ‘Last Christmas’, in this clip from Doctor Who Extra.
I'm starting into the Spiders Georg tag. I hope it's as amazing as I've been hoping. No one wrote Peter Capaldi's Eyebrows.
Also, Peter Capaldi saved Series 8 from mediocrity so many times!
Or is Peter Capaldi about to give us an unexpected new take on Luther, while Daniel Craig redefines Stringer Bell?
On the 12th day of Christmas, Peter Capaldi gave to me, 12 furrowed eyebrows, 11 bow ties straightened, ... & the 1st episode of Who on TV
I think Peter Capaldi's a really talented actor, not sure about him in this role though
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Don’t forget to join Peter Capaldi and the cast of Last Christmas in on BBC iPlayer, right after the epis…
Peter Capaldi has to be one of the best doctors.
How is "Peter Capaldi deserves better than this" hating? That's very positive about Peter Capaldi!
Seriously, Peter Capaldi is almost as bad at locking the as Peter Davison was!
The was amazing. Peter Capaldi keeps excelling as the Doctor. Cant wait for series 9
Similarly, Peter Capaldi is now 3rd in my "man-crush" list next to Matt Smith and Craig Ferguson.
"I'm an *** with a box and a screwdriver, passing through and helping out" man I love Peter Capaldi as The Doctor
Guys is there an official hashtag for the Peter Capaldi x Elaine Collins ship?? much
Almost time for Doctor Who Christmas special! Can't wait! Really enjoying Peter Capaldi as the Doctor!
Also Peter Capaldi now has a theme song. I love how they did that.
Life is Great. Spent my Christmas sleeping in, reading comics, eating fantastic food and enjoying Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. Like all of my favorite things in one day. Get to top it off with the family watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special.
...and Peter Capaldi now well in his stride with new kind of Doctor & new feel to the show. Roll on Series 9.
I'm delighted that Clara is staying and even more delighted that Peter Capaldi continues to excel as the Doctor
Peter Capaldi, you gorgeous man, please stay as the Doctor forever!
I very much enjoy Peter Capaldi's shock faced when he realizes that Missy is The Master!!!
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Don't worry Whovians. When Peter Capaldi leaves, i'll be ready to be Doctor number 13
It only took me three episodes to decide Peter Capaldi is a superior Doctor to Matt Smith.
Doctor Who: Jenna Coleman to stay on as Peter Capaldi’s assistant Clara Oswald in next series
Prepare for the Doctor Who Christmas special with hairless cats that look like Peter Capaldi. via
Just watched on iPlayer. It was the first Peter Capaldi episode that I genuinely enjoyed. Nobody likes the tangerines :)
Almost time for Peter Capaldi to yell at Santa!
Watch out Peter Capaldi, she might steal your job.
45 days...The Doctor aka Peter Capaldi wins his first BAFTA in 1994!
I forget how much I miss seeing Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman until I see them on my screen again. sniff.
Thought DW episode tonight was brilliant - you can tell Peter Capaldi is loving playing the Doctor :D
This season was so great. Peter Capaldi is fantastic as the Doctor and they brilliantly improved Clara's character.
peter capaldi pointing out how short jenna is im in love GOd
Glaswegian actor insists there will be 'no Papa-Nicole moments' with co-star Jenna Coleman's character •No...
Peter Capaldi is such a good doctor. He's tied with Matt Smith for my favourite doctor and he's only done one season, what an impression
Why can't Peter Capaldi and Elaine Collins be my parents
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Peter Capaldi played The Angel Islington in Neil Gaiman's 'Neverwhere'. It all fits.
All the Peter Capaldi haters are either complete hipsters who think the Doctor has to be young and have never seen John Pertwee or Tom Baker
The Doctor is here: Peter Capaldi on his other mind, Leonardo! INTERVIEW by Bob Andelman
Peter Capaldi, Michelle Gomez (Missy from Dr Who), and the folks from the Bitter Southerner (Top 4.
Peter Capaldi says the Mind of Leonardo da Vinci is bigger on the inside! via ..
ALL NEW!!! The Doctor is in... in today's new Mr. Media Interviews by Bob Andelman! It was so much fun talking to Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi about his new film, the Julian Jones documentary Inside the Mind of Leonardo da Vinci in 3D! Capaldi was so much fun to speak with, I have no doubt you'll enjoy this conversation! And please share it with your friends!
World War Z went through some reshoots. It was originally a quirky Glasgow comedy with John Gordon Sinclair and Peter Capaldi
If Matt Smiths character dies in Terminator Genesis will he regenerate into Peter Capaldi still and continue fighting?
Stagger Lee is hilarious. Peter Capaldi should do a cover version in character as Malcolm Tucker
Peter Capaldi will promote Last Christmas on the Jonathan Ross Show show on December 20.
Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi to be charity patron - Edinburgh Evening News:
Fantastic news. Peter Capaldi confirmed for at least two more series.
Peter Capaldi has signed on for seasons 9 and 10 of
'Doctor Who' Christmas Special Gets Cryptic Title Nick Frost plays Santa Claus in the festive episode Season 8 of BBC sci-fi hit show Doctor Who may have drawn to a close, but Whovians still have one final opportunity for a Tardis adventure this year: the traditional Christmas special. The festive epsiode with Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman is set to star Nick Frost as Santa Claus, although it's unknown whether he’ll be bringing gifts or terror. What we do know is the episode’s name: Last Christmas. Read more Santa Claus Arrives in Creepy 'Doctor Who' Christmas Special Promo The title is likely to add to rumors that the episode will be Coleman’s last, with U.K. newspapers long speculating that the actress will leave the show in the new year, and with showrunner Steven Moffat telling The Hollywood Reporter earlier in the month that while Capaldi had signed on for another season, she was yet to be confirmed. Coleman first joined the show full-time as the Doctor’s companion Clara Oswald in the 2012 ...
Watching Matt Smith,David Tennant,&John Hurt all play the Doctor at the same time is hilarious-even more so when I think about Peter Capaldi
Little Giant Ladders
Who fans treated Steven Moffat like a rock star in Mexico says Peter Capaldi
Richard E Grant should have been Dr Who instead of Peter Capaldi. Don't @ me.
Watching the three dinner Christmas special of the Vicar of Dibley. Peter Capaldi looks so young!
Doctor Who: Steven Moffat Confirms Peter Capaldi to Return for Series 9: Peter Capaldi has just…
Turns out Peter Capaldi turned down the chance to audition for in the 1990s...
"Peter Capaldi purposefully made Twelve’s costume easy for kids to copy" let me kiss you Peter
Peter Capaldi's costume in is awesome, I want to get a coat like that
I know someone who looks like Richard Osman and someone who looks like Peter Capaldi. My life is good, actually
Had some weird dreams involving Paul Dempsey, Peter Capaldi, and Chris Martin.
Is it just me or does Andy Murray look increasingly like Peter Capaldi's unacknowledged love child?
It's always immensely sweet when actors who play iconic characters understand the power those characters have and wield them for good. Peter Capaldi recorded this video as the Twelfth Doctor to help a nine-year-old boy with autism cope with the death of his nanny.
Peter Capaldi sends heartwarming video message to grieving 9-year-old boy
"Never trust a hug. It's just a way to hide your face." - The 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi)
You really, really should try to get Peter Capaldi on the "Late, Late Show" before you leave in Dec. Please!Please! Please!
A lovely message from Peter Capaldi to my 9 year old autistic son. This arrived just before Thomas' nanny's funeral and helped him to deal with his grief in ...
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Nice guy helping an autistic boy grieving his grandma, sends warm message to fan
Peter Capaldi's first season as the Doctor has just wrapped up, but don't worry: there's more Doctor Who where...
Doctor Who's message to grieving boy: Thomas Goodall smiled for the first time since his ...
if you see a British police box and/or Peter Capaldi, run. ;)
Doctor Who actor Peter Capaldi recorded a sweet video for an autistic boy grieving the loss of his nanny.
Peter Capaldi did something wonderful helping young Thomas by sending him a video reply after receiving a letter when Thomas' nanny died.
Dr. Who's Peter Capaldi comforts grieving boy in video - Bayoubuzz
Peter Capaldi is one of my new heroes. Because how wonderful is THIS?.
Peter Capaldi's facial expressions are just pure gold
'Doctor Who' sends warm message to fan.
Been a champion of Peter Capaldi since seeing him in LOCAL HERO ages ago…but after this…he has become MY hero
Doctor Who was absolutely amazing tonight! Thank you Peter Capaldi for an amazing season :)
Jenna Coleman just stole top billing from Peter Capaldi in opening credits...
Also, no face-to-face between Chris Addison and Peter Capaldi? Minus three out of ten.
Peter capaldi in the last ep of season 8 the cyberman come to life wouldn't that mean Amy and Rory pond are alive as cybermen
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if you love any of these:. Doctor Who . Sherlock . Matt Smith . Peter Capaldi. Karen Gillan . Jenna Louise Coleman . Benedict…
Can I just point out what an amazing job Peter Capaldi has done being The Doctor in that series. Congratulations Peter…
Whoa! Jenna Coleman first in the credits! And her eyes replace Peter Capaldi's! What's up w/that?
"We're on your side," Doctor Who actor Peter Capaldi tells 9-year-old fan grieving the loss of his grandmother.
Finally catching up with Doctor Who, since Season 8 just ended. My opinion? This season is great, and Peter Capaldi is a fantastic doctor.
Video message from Peter Capaldi to a 9yo autistic boy who wrote to him after his nanny died (via
Peter Capaldi's message (in character) to autistic boy upon hearing of his granny's death (via
Okay, that Peter Capaldi video going around made me cry. Then when I imagined him doing it as Malcolm Tucker instead of The Doctor I laughed through the tears.
Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi sends heartwarming video message ...:
What a great thing to do. 'Doctor Who' sends warm message to fan.
You could travel through time and space and never find a sweeter story. After receiving a letter from a young, autistic fan, Peter Capaldi, a.k.a. the new "Doctor Who," sent the fan a heartfelt message. From the YouTube description, it a...
Just finished Season 8 of Was good! I think I like Peter Capaldi's version of the Doctor. Definitely looking forward to more
Really great. Haunting and sad. Peter Capaldi is a perfect Doctor.
Dear Doctor Who and BBC America, I have officially given up. You jumped the shark. I have seen all 812 (or 818, if you include Shada) episodes and this is where we must part ways. Luckily, if there has ever been a show that can regenerate into something fresh again it is Doctor Who; however, that appears to be impossible as long as Steven Moffat is at the helm. It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that I will no longer be watching any new episodes (I will make exceptions for Neil Gaiman's episodes) until Moffat leaves. It was already a mess of a series, but literally defiling The Brigadier's grave was the breaking point. With very little exception the writing for Series 8 has been terrible and it is a true testament to Peter Capaldi for doing such a stellar job with such inadequate stories. -Drew
looks like I won't be watching anymore. And it isn't because of Peter Capaldi. Hes a great doctor. Moffat just can't write.
Peter Capaldi sends heartwarming message to grieving fan,this is what being the doctor is about inspiring...
I am sad that Chris Addison and Peter Capaldi weren't in a scene together. "Permission to squeee"
'Doctor Who' message to grieving fan
if I don't like it will you get me Peter Capaldi instead
Just watched Death in Heaven. Let's hear it for Peter Capaldi and Michelle Gomez, everyone.
Nick Frost plays Santa Claus in this year's 'Doctor Who' Christmas special: Peter Capaldi's first sea... |
That does it, in less than a season Peter Capaldi has become my second favorite Doctor.
Still shots of my pumpkin creations I made today. The 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi with the Tardis. Then a morph between The Master played by John Simm on the left and Missy The Mistress played by Michelle Gomez. I hope everyone enjoys!
help me Peter Capaldi is such a good actor I literally want to be him when I grow up please god let it be so
Peter Capaldi is so solid as the Doctor. He's like the grand unified theory of classic and nu-Who. Great season finale and looking forward to Nick Freakin' Frost playing Santa Claus in the Christmas special!
Michelle Gomez: Best Master since Roger Delgado and Anthony Ainley. Really hope she returns to to duel with Peter Capaldi again.
What did you think of Peter Capaldi's first full Doctor Who series? Let us know in our open thread:
Grumpy cat kinda reminds me of Peter Capaldi.
OH WOW! loved this awesome speed painting of "Dr Who - Peter Capaldi" by Daniel Strange. "Little bit of fan art to commemorate Peter Capaldi taking over the reigns of the TARDIS. Art by - me ( Music by - Dr Who Theme - Smerins Anti-Social Club ( Who Do You Love - Bo Diddley" Check out his profile at
I can't watch Dr.Who. Peter Capaldi will always be Malcolm to me.
As the eighth season of Doctor Who prepares to come to an end, Tom Baker and Armando Iannucci praise Peter Capaldi for his portrayal of the Time Lord.
Craig Ferguson, talking about his first encounter with Peter Capaldi (taken from Craig’s book American on Purpose)
When I still see people hating on Peter Capaldi
OMG think about if Peter Capaldi's Malcolm Tucker character as the Doctor - oh it would be brilliant…
I loved Paddington as a little girl I must see the movie when it comes out.
'Doctor Who': Michelle Gomez sheds light on role as mysterious Missy
Peter Capaldi walked past me in Crouch End this morning - I was sat in Greggs eating a sausage roll - even the Time Lor…
I just really love peter capaldi he's so rad
There's this guy at Jet Blue's terminal at MCO who looks exactly like Peter Capaldi, attack eyebrows and everything 😂😂😂
It was an amazing episod ! but it's very crual to stop like that ! Peter Capaldi is incredible ! He's beginning my favorite Dr
I'm not an extravagant man. The fact that I can have a coffee out whenever I want still makes me feel grateful. Peter Capaldi
My 5 happy photos (I restrained myself from putting 5 pics of Peter Capaldi) thanks Boony I have to nominate people to do it but if you don't want to it's ok, no pressure x Jo Douglas Rob Welsh Alison Gonzalez-Clark Louise Mee
Check out Paddington Bears designed by Benedict Cumberbatch, Peter Capaldi, Emma Watson & more. http:…
Disgusted to see Labour and Tories agree that Peter Capaldi is new Dr Who. They will pay dearly for this cosying up.
Peter Capaldi tries to be the Tardis !
From the series’ first episode, there is something different about Doctor Who. Whereas Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor was all smiles and laughter, Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor has been his polar opposite. When the Doctor said he and Clara were headed “into darkness” during “Into the Dalek”, it…
No prizes for guessing who designed these Paddington Bears... via
Posted from "Peter Capaldi designs a Paddington Bear statue. I'll give you one guess what it ...
My cousin came over and mentioned Mark Gatiss & Friends and I almost fell off the chair yelling "IM GOING IM GOING AND SO IS PETER CAPALDI"
Yes, there are Sherlock and Doctor Who-themed Bears heading to London's streets
Paddington Bears designed by Benedict Cumberbatch, Peter Capaldi and Emma Watson hit London streets
Which former Doctor will be hosting a special Doctor Who-themed musical extravaganza next yr? Clue, it's not Capaldi.
From last week, my blog on Carol Ann Ford, Katy Manning and Louise Jameson visiting Peter Capaldi on the TARDIS set
Peter Capaldi is steadily becoming my favourite Doctor.
So where can I watch clips of Peter Capaldi being in those famous desktop themes that he does for the Doctor Who Experience?
.is going to put your questions to Peter Capaldi, Andrew Scott &
Peter Capaldi's Scottish so naturally he's ace but...he's not a natural ...yet...
Peter Capaldi's doctor is literally an old man with a young heart. It's adorable in that non crush way
Don't worry - Peter Capaldi as the W.H.O. Doctor from "World War Z" is on the case.
"I was getting my costume fitted and I heard “Where is he where is he!?” And Peter came bounding in,..." featured in NBC s Science of Love
'as I was getting my costume fitted, Peter came bounding in straight from filming as The Doctor.' - Chris Addison
Watching Peter Capaldi in The Thick of It is absolutely hilarious
5 yr old daughter spies this on my keys and says "That's small! Is Peter Capaldi in there?".
Uuuggghh Peter Capaldi where have you been all my life?
Everything is made better if you always think of Peter Capaldi in his past roles as The Doctor
Peter Capaldi smart in Doctor Who but is ‘always hilarious.
.was on TV the day was born. What was on TV on YOUR birthday?
Peter Capaldi has been filming Doctor Who on his birthday and spending time with fans. The little boy who waited grew up to be…
My neck hurts from whiplash every time I hear or read “doctor who has Ebola…” Cuz I immediately think of Peter Capaldi.
Peter Capaldi aged pretty well, looks better old.
Look, we're in Have you bought your ticket yet for 'Mark Gatiss & Friends'?
Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi is 'exactly how the Doctor should be', says Armando Iannucci via
Dislike Peter Capaldi, already for a new Dr already.
Rik Mayall in The New Statesman, and a young Peter Capaldi sells beer from my V…
Doctor Who: Armando Iannucci and Tom Baker on why Peter Capaldi is a great Time Lord -
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I swear there is a bit of in Peter Capaldi's version of Doctor Who.
[Guardian-UK] Peter Capaldi smart in Doctor Who but run is always hilarious, says Iannucci: The Thick of It cr...
Pretty sure the next Dr. Strange is Peter Capaldi. I mean, he's played one Doctor already and look...
David Tennant will always be my favourite doctor but I do really like Peter Capaldi...people don't give this guy enough credit!
if you love: . Classic/new doctor who . David Tennant . Matt Smith . Peter Capaldi . Karen Gillan . Jenna Coleman . Billie Pi…
Woohoo tickets booked to see Mark Gatiss, Miranda Richardson, Peter Capaldi, Sue Perkins and a few others in a couple weeks *exciting*
Are cats secretly Time Lords? These hairless cats look a lot like the new Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi.
Twelfth Doctor PETER CAPALDI almost leaked his huge DOCTOR WHO casting news while filming The Musketeers in the Czech Republic! Don't miss the all new Season...
Have you ever thought “How can I get my kid, who is a fan of Doctor Who, interested in coding?” First of which, how oddly specific to list your child’s favourite franchise with the want to teach them something, and second, your in luck. A new web-based game aimed at kids age 6-12 years old called Doctor Who and the Dalek will be available for free at, which attempts to teach and inspire to get creative with coding and digital technology. The game will feature a story written by series writer Phil Ford, a friendly Dalek helping The Doctor who will have both the likeness and the voice of current Doctor Peter Capaldi.
Catch up soon Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor rocks!
I have been very disappointed with this season of Doctor Who. Not because of Peter Capaldi, who I believe has tremendous potential, but because of the scripts and general tone of the season. Now that I have said that, the episode Flatline showed just what the Peter Capaldi incarnation should be. It was such a wonderfully done episode. And who didn't love the Dad dance!
Not a fan of Peter Capaldi yet, but it took Matt Smith a while to grow on me too. I just hope these episodes get better sooner rather than later.
Peter Capaldi's face is just so expressive . It's like BOOM I'm here
I plan on acting just like Peter Capaldi's Doctor when I'm old.
I see you're being played by Peter Capaldi these days. Nice one.
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I liked a video PETER CAPALDI Almost Leaked his DOCTOR WHO Casting News - The Graham Norton Show on
Dr Who - Flatline was superb even if the ending fell flat. Peter Capaldi just gets better as the Doctor, even when taking a back seat role.
The would be a better programme if they replaced Lord Sugar with Peter Capaldi in character as Malcolm Tucker.
*** ! Peter Capaldi was in the fires of pompeii, i completely forgot about that 😳
(including Peter Capaldi) (including Derren Brown) (including Sue Perkins) idk who to be most excited for omg
Wow What do you think of peter Capaldi i think he is Amazing
"Malcolm Tucker would not have been treated with this sort of disrespect What on earth?!
Holly Black tells us about her love of Doctor Who and what it was like to write her own Who adventure
Are cats secret time lords? Cats that look like Peter Capaldi? Some very strange looking creatures here!.
Peter Capaldi's fans ask him for abuse / Sunday World
Doctor Who? Cats Who Look Like Peter Capaldi... or is that Peter Catpaldi? via h/t
Peter Capaldi & Paul McGann are.. polar opposites in their portrayals of The Doctor. As much as I love…
Every time I watch Doctor Who Extra I'm left with the feeling that Peter Capaldi bloody loves his job.
ME dressed up as the 12th doctor who - peter capaldi !! :)
Ooh Peter Capaldi and Karen Gillen are both in the 'Coming Soon' trailer.
Peter Capaldi is attractive for an older guy. Or maybe it's because he plays a Doctor.
Just can never see Peter Capaldi as anybody other than Danny Oldsen (I am sorry).
Cats who look like Peter Capaldi from You're welcome >>>
I can only imagine Doctor Who's U.S. popularity, gained via Tennant & Smith, is going to suffer through Peter Capaldi's time…
When I think about "the Doctor" I still picture Matt Smith as Eleven and not Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor although h…
. Maybe Peter Capaldi might be more interesting.
Peter Capaldi-just a placeholder 'til new Doctor starts. He's gotten better, but still *** !! Too bad...he's pretty a…
It's safe to say Peter Capaldi is pretty awesome as the Doctor!
Holly Black: Peter Capaldi is going to bring genuine darkness to the character of The Doctor via…
Photo: sexyolddudes: Peter Capaldi with his Doctor Who garb by Paul Stuart Oh how I love Peter.
Love the Capella University commercial after watch Peter Capaldi!!! Kinda odd!
Mhm.. Peter Capaldi's asking Gerry Lane "Who are you?" In that tone of voice. Easily the most sinister moment of the entire movie.
I want to see Peter Capaldi confront Davros next year... And also meet Ian Chesterton and Ace again.
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