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Peter Capaldi

Peter Dougan Capaldi (born 14 April 1958) is an Academy Award and BAFTA award winning Scottish actor and film director.

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I would go as a single tear running down Peter Capaldi's face.
Have a big crush on Peter Capaldi after watching a helluva lot of episodes of The Thick of It
Peter Capaldi's Doctor has been reminding me of the 10th Doctor's stories.
So much doctor who to catch up on already but such little motivation. Peter Capaldi what are you doing to me.
Finally watching this week's Doctor Who. Excellent. Really enjoying Peter Capaldi
Peter Capaldi is so perfect as the Doctor. The sass is too much.
I finished watching the latest episode of Doctor Who and Peter Capaldi is starting to become my favorite Doctor.
I'm really loving Peter Capaldi's take on the doctor. It's great to see a more serious wiser character. IMO
I wish they would let me write an Episode for Peter Capaldi... It would be a *** reunited with Jamie McCrimmon
Doctor Who 38.3 Robot of Sherwood: Written by Mark Gatiss. This is the episode in which the Doctor and Clara meets Robin Hood. The Doctor eats ice cream in the opening scene. No doubt an homage from Peter Capaldi to his family who had ran an ice cream business. Robin Hood is played by Tom Riley. Notwithstanding whether Robin Hood was ever a real person, Riley has been playing another historical person Leonardo Da Vinci in his lead role in Da Vinci’s Demoms (2013-present). The classic Robin Hood-Little John river fight gets recreated here only with the latter role being filled by the Doctor instead and the Doctor using a spoon against Robin’s sword! It’s so funny that one pushes the other and then the other way around in the river. Nice reference of Errol Flynn, who the Doctor apparently met, and who had played Robin Hood in The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938). Whilst this is the first time that the Doctor has met Robin Hood he did however met two kings who are predominant in the Robin Hood legend .. ...
I'm sorry...after being a huge Dr Who fan, I cannot get into the new Dr Who. What with the last episodes being dire anyway and Peter Capaldi being hard to understand and the terribly-altered theme tune it was just a matter of time. Even the special effects seem to look like the old series of the 80s and 90s (ie shaky and cheap) The only time I was scared tonight was when the next programme came on and I saw Dale Winton (blimey he looks ill)
Peter Capaldi will be one of the first guests on the new series of which returns on Friday 26th September: http:…
The Graham Norton Show is returning to BBC One on September 26, with Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi featuring on the first episode.
"Peter Capaldi to appear on The Graham Norton show" yes
Peter Capaldi, Denzel Washington and Gemma Arterton to appear on The Graham Norton Show
I am still a fan of Matt Smith but I am changing my profile photo to Peter Capaldi. "Times they are a changin" as Bob Dylan sang.
Wow. Peter Capaldi is a bit rude to Robin Hood in the new ep...
.takes on the for and nominates Peter Capaldi
Peter Capaldi is the most "Doctorish" Doctor we've had since Tom Baker and Jenna Coleman is better than ever this series!
Peter Capaldi strangely reminds me of Rowan Atkinson as the Doctor.
Also, Clara was fun with Matt Smith. Doesn't fit Peter Capaldi. You know who would have rocked this season with him? Sarah Jane.
2 for 2 for the new Doctor. Peter Capaldi has drawn me back to the Time Lord... at last! :-))>
Peter Capaldi is growing to be my favourite Doctor, very quickly. He's exactly what I would expect the Doctor to be like.
Have been watching Doctor Who for 7 mins. DEFINITELY fancy Peter Capaldi.
I whole heartedly love Peter Capaldi as The Doctor.
I love Peter Capaldi you can tell he really really loves what he does
I haven't watched doctor who for about six years but peter capaldi's outfits this series are on. point.
I'm already over Matt Smith and all aboard the Peter Capaldi Hype Train.
sorry, however dramatic the situation I will always laugh at Peter Capaldi running. he was even skipping over stuff here! come on!
in case you were wondering I made peter capaldi my lock screen
I think Peter Capaldi is the best ever
Not sure Peter capaldi makes a good Dr
Going to be honest . Peter Capaldi has really grown on me
Didn't think I'd like an older doctor but peter capaldi has changed my mind. Love him
another great episode :D SPOILER ALERT! what we're your opinions Into the Dalek? this episode was totally original! never before have we seen the inside of the Dalek. Rusty was a kind Dalek and i wanted to see him become a companion! i liked the little 2 second scene with Missy! it's clear she is going to be the new story arc! i also liked Danny Pink, his character was interesting and it will be good to see his relationship with Clara develop. Peter Capaldi was excellent again :D he wasn't as crazy as he was in the last episode but that must be because he has settled down after he regenerated. still a great episode :D i thought having a Dalek episode so early on wasn't going to be good but it was fantastic :D what were your thoughts on this episode?
My little guy is confused. He calls the new doctor Peter Cushing Capaldi.
Can we just address the fact that Peter Capaldi wears skinny jeans as the Doctor? He's 56. This makes me happy.
I know its only 2 episodes in but Peter Capaldi's 12th Doctor is up there with Ten as my favourite Doctor
Finally, Peter Capaldi convinced me in his second episode.
Absolutely loving peter capaldi as the new doctor. Darker and much more mysterious
Watching the newest episode of God, I love Peter Capaldi as the Doctor!
Both William Hartnell and Peter Capaldi were 55 when they started portraying The Doctor. Hartnell looked much older. Crazy.
By the way, the boy made me watch the new Peter Capaldi may not be so bad after all. :-)
I don't think I'm going to like Doctor Who this season. Peter Capaldi isn't my favorite. I'm definitely missing Matt Smith and I'm real upset about it. :(
Can someone tell Peter Capaldi to speak up next season? Too much mumbling.
She was nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge? And she liked Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who?
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Peter Capaldi was the best thing about that first episode of Doctor Who.
I love Peter Capaldi, but if I were an 8 year old I'd think that 12 was a real mean old git and might put me off watching.
CANNOT WAIT FOR DOCTOR WHO NEXT WEEK. Peter Capaldi makes me smile so much.
2 episodes in and I'm in love with Peter Capaldi. Like maybe almost more than Tennant
Peter Capaldi getting down with his bad self with MC T-rex in da house!
2 episodes in, I've decided I like the new doctor, peter capaldi is da man
Peter Capaldi comes into work early to watch daleks being blown up. That's the Doctor!
Only two episodes in and I can safely say that I love Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor
Peter Capaldi is such a good Doctor, I really want to meet him and tell him that because I know how much he cares about our op…
I think Peter Capaldi has been a huge mistake
"Stop apologizing for being brilliant." - Peter Capaldi
Watch a stunning time-lapse video of the TARDIS being set up in front of Big Ben to promote the new series of Doctor Who, with cameos from Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman.
So far I think Peter Capaldi is a great Doctor but the stories of the first two episodes are a bit boring. :(
Peter Capaldi makes a great doctor.
In the Loop is hilariously absurd. Love Peter Capaldi.
I've actually been a big fan of Peter Capaldi for a while & I think he's dreamy! (Especially in his 80's punk rock phase)
Seem to have found myself working through Peep Show on Netflix. Peter Capaldi turned up in series 2
"Deep Breath" gets off to a rocky start, but once it settles in it's very entertaining. Peter Capaldi is terrific in his debut.
Peter Capaldi is going to be an AWESOME Doctor!! I'm dying for episode 3!
Have I mentioned that I crush on Peter Capaldi
Can you do a peter capaldi impression
It may be too early to say this, but after only two episodes Peter Capaldi is my favourite Doctor.
Why is Peter Capaldi called the Twelfth Doctor? Surely he is the thirteenth.
Ex-Glasgow School of Art student Peter Capaldi explores Surrealism for the Tate. (Contains adult & graphic images.)
Still not a fan of Peter Capaldi yet
A younger Peter Capaldi with those adorable attach eyebrows
Idk how I feel about Peter Capaldi being the new doctor yet. I guess I was just used to Matt Smith and David Tennant 💁
Fantastic episode! Just ended up falling more in love with Peter Capaldi's Doctor! Can't wait for the…
If you don't love Peter Capaldi, I'm sorry but we can't be friends.
Peter Capaldi reminds me: If any of my American followers are watching that like political satire - watch The Thick of It. It's hilarious.
I don't like peter capaldi as the doctor 😒
Peter Capaldi got tips from previous Doctors
I'm really starting to like Peter Capaldi as the new doctor!
'Doctor Who': Samuel Anderson begins his journey with the Doctor - Peter Capaldi as the Doctor and Jenna Coleman...
Peter Capaldi has definitely locked in his spot as my number favorite Doctor. Amazing so far!
For this season of The Doctor, Ross and Kwame Opam will be sounding off on each episode in a series of emails we'll be publishing on the site. After a season premiere all about Peter Capaldi finding himself as the new Doctor, "Into the Dalek" is his first true post-regeneration adventure. Or...
Just saw the first episode of Doctor Who season 8. Pretty *** good. I'm very excited about this new season.Also, Peter Capaldi is the cutest old man in the world.
What age do you think Peter Capaldi is in this photo?
Right after Into the Dalek we’ll be catching up with Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Samuel Anderson in Extra…
Still David Tennant as top, closely followed by what I've seen of Peter Capaldi. I reckon John Hurt was great too!
Is it just me or does Peter Capaldi make anyone else think of an old, angry David Tennant Doctor?
Peter Capaldi is basically David Tennant just older ...¿
Why is it that David Tenant was made put on an English accent but Peter Capaldi is allowed use his natural Scottish?
Also, young Peter Capaldi looks exactly like you’d think David Tennant & Matt Smith’s successor _should_ look like, which is fascinating.
There's an 89% chance Peter Capaldi isn't as good at accents as David Tennant is.
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Rumours flying that Chris Addison could be a new companion for Peter Capaldi's Doctor. So we'd basically be watching The Thick Of It. Yass!
I have felt that way since Tom Baker became Peter Davison LOL. But I am already in love with Peter Capaldi.
Enjoy while you can, folks. At the end of this tour she regenerates into Peter Capaldi.
Take a look at Peter Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor in the latest Doctor Who Legacy update.
Ummm...the only other one is Peter Davison besides Peter Capaldi.
Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor in his first full episode of Doctor Who [1280x720] via /r/wallpaper ...
No sir, all THIRTEEN! - Peter Capaldi's 1st Scene as Twelfth Doctor - The Day of the Doctor - BBC
If you've seen the new Dr Who and heard Peter Capaldi's accent, that's what guys from Glasgow like me sound like. So now you know.
I quite like Peter Capaldi as The Doctor…though I could’ve done without the “boink” sound effect and the newspaper toss.
Doctor Who fans saw new complex Doctor - darker more prickly timelord - in Peter Capaldi
I can't see Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, only as Mark Jenkins from Skins 😂
My love of Doctor Who (Please read) - Doctor Who was fantastic last night, everyone was on top form, Strax, Vastra, Jenny, Clara and of course The Doctor now played by the awesome actor that is Peter Capaldi. I saw elements of classic Doctors in him, but he still makes The Doctor his own! The reference to The Girl in The Fireplace was a pretty easy guess for me from the beginning, but then again I have been an involved Whovian for 10/11 years. I've watched all the Doctors, William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith and now a new era has begun. Each and every Doctor is wonderful in their own way, with their own little trademarks. After nearly 51 years, Doctor Who is still as incredible as ever, I can't wait to see what they have in store for us! Plus the extended universe of Doctor Who, e.g; spin offs, comics, fanfics, fan film series are awesome. My dream is to star in a fan film ...
Half my TL is gushing over Peter Capaldi as I'm still in the Tom Baker era. I've a LOT of catching up to do... o___o
love Peter Capaldi so far and I just started watching season 8! He's no Tom Baker but he's good.
Peter Capaldi's Doctor is like a mix of Tom Baker and David Tennant. I'm loving it his far!! :)
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Peter Capaldi did a fantastic job. If he continues as he started he should be on par with Tom Baker who is the ultimate Dr Who
Peter Capaldi, after less than half an episode, is now my favorite Doctor. Like a raging 4th Doctor played by Tom Baker. Gah, I love it.
Peter Capaldi reminds me of Tom Baker, lets see how he develops :)
I loved how Peter Capaldi just started out with a funny character like Paul McGann's 8th doctor after regeneration
So my thoughts on our new Doctor. Well I have to say he has definitely become my favorite 21 century Doctor. His attitude to his role is outstanding. When he went to the homeless man telling him to give him his coat. It was like seeing a new side of the Doctor I have not seen in such a very long time. I like the old and gray look too. I really think Peter Capaldi will bring a new age to Doctor Who doctors.
I think I'm going to like Peter Capaldi's Doctor; this first episode seemed a bit of a mash up of John Pertwee,...
Don't forget Peter Capaldi in Bram Stokers, Lair of the White Worm. That's when I fell!
Theory: Peter Capaldi could stand in the box without a bat, wearing that suit, and OBP roughly the same as Jack Hannahan.
I love Christopher Eccleston. I love David Tennant. I love Matt Smith. I love Peter Capaldi. THIS SHOW IS KILLING ME. TH…
Maybe a little controversial but I really really liked the new Doctor Who, really liked Peter Capaldi, really...
Exclusive: Peter Capaldi on the Doctor's new clothes - new season TONIGHT at 8/7c on
Peter Capaldi: Supremely awesome and - because someone's gotta say it - the hottest Doctor since Paul McGann:
Peter Capaldi better freaking slay everyone and steal my heart because I will never be over having to let go of my raggedy man.
Peter Capaldi will be joining Doctor Who: Legacy as the 12TH DOCTOR on Sunday as the drop in our first Season 8 level!…
Peter Capaldi is the Doctor. It's time you knew him. Doctor Who. Saturday, 7.50pm. BBC One.
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Peter Capaldi and children in the Tardis!!!
Peter Capaldi is actually very handsome
Peter Capaldi, the new star of the BBC’s “Doctor Who,” says his version of the Doctor is more sardonic and elusive.
Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi is a huge fan! Here are some other Whovians who've made it onto the show:
Its been a Doctor Who day. Building to tomorrows premiere. Im sure Peter Capaldi will be great but David & Matt are much missed.
Adventure has a new name. Welcome to the Peter Capaldi Fan Page. 'Doctor Who' is the longest running science fiction television drama in the World.
Peter Capaldi, the new star of Doctor Who, talks wedding rings, unemployment and sex appeal via
I am 100% not ready to see Peter Capaldi's face tomorrow.
Peter Capaldi takes new season of Doctor Who to darker places
Photo: fezofrassilon: LEAKED IMAGE OF PETER CAPALDI’S NEW TARDIS INTERIOR Our sources can reveal that the...
Neil Perryman (gives us 6 reasons why he can't wait for Capaldi's
Peter Capaldi has just landed in New York, the fifth stop in a worldwide tour promoting the new season of "Doctor Who" that began in the United Kingdom, continued with visits to South Korea and Australia and now, after a 22-hour flight that crossed the international dateline, has descended on...
In honor of Season. 8 Premiere: Peter Capaldi as the Doctor - Animated
A new season of “Doctor Who” on BBC America introduces the long-running show’s 12th Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi.
And last post in lieu of my video, but DEFINITELY not least...DOCTOR WHO SEASON 8 TOMORROW!!! Honestly, this probably would have been the majority of my video, just me freaking out that it's finally coming back...I'm SO excited to see where Peter Capaldi takes the role...SO EXCITED. Anyone else? ANYONE?!?! K I love you guys...I WILL have a video next week, even if it's just me flailing about Doctor Who (assuming I liked it...fingers crossed)...sorry you only ended up with 2 this week, but they were an AWESOME 2! Hope everyone has an awesome weekend, stay g33ky, and we'll see you next week! ~Nikki
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Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman pose in the middle of Parliament Square.
Peter Capaldi looks so cool and iconic as Doctor Who, though I have not seen his performance yet. Cannot wait...
Peter Capaldi opens up about the challenges he faces being the new Time...
11: Matt Smith, and where I have up watching the new stuff 12: Peter Capaldi
Earth Conquest is starting NOW on Get an exclusive look at the World Tour with Peter Capaldi &…
Jenna Coleman looks sophisticated in flared jumpsuit alongside Peter Capaldi at Doctor Who event in...
I cringe every time somebody calls Peter Capaldi the "13th Doctor".
"As Peter Capaldi steps into the role of "his age does not go unnoticed he's too old..
Get the lowdown on Peter Capaldi, the latest actor to play the Doctor, before the new season of 'Doctor Who' starts on BBC America this weekend.
I really really hope Peter Capaldi lives up to my expectations
So Peter Capaldi first appeared in an ep set on Aug 23. And now he'll get his first full outing as Doctor Who on Aug 23.
Are you ready for Peter Capaldi's turn as Doctor?
omg no he just became the doctor last christmas. I think youre getting 11 (Matt Smith) and 12 (Peter Capaldi) mixed up
This may be weird but peter capaldi on the thick of it Malcolm is kind of a villain
At the end of a world tour Doctor Who and his Tardis landed in the middle of London in Parliament Square. Actors Peter Capaldi, and Jenna Coleman, play the Doctor and his companion Clara were there to meet the press and fans ahead of the new series.
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The Doctor nothing compared to Malcolm MT Peter Capaldi strikes confident note as takes on 'Doctor Who'
Peter Capaldi strikes a confident note as he takes on 'Doctor Who'
Peter Capaldi is going to have to stop calling his character "Dr. Who," said the extreme geek, or so my husband called me when I said that.
Peter Capaldi Goes From Fan to Star For those curious what Malcolm Tucker is really like:
I didn't know Peter Capaldi was a cat.
Doctor Who Number 12, Peter Capaldi - Ready for lift off...Here we go... :)
"Deep Breath" Can't wait to meet the new Dr., Peter Capaldi tomorrow night!!!
Photoset: doctorwho: Peter Capaldi as The Doctor and Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald crash-landed in...
I am hoping Peter Capaldi brings back more of a dark side to the doctor
Looking forward to Peter Capaldi as The Doctor as I was when Tom Baker changed into Peter Davison. Let the fun begin!
He has been on the road for a long time in a prolific career as an actor, director, presenter, writer and also as audio books narrator. Since his professional debut in 1983, in “Local Hero“, Peter Capaldi had never stopped. In the last 31 years he had accounted in his filmography 31 movies, 60 appea…
So there is a Doctor Who marathon on BBC America counting down to the season premier, and the 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi. "Vincent and the Doctor" just played...the ending has the Doctor bringing Vincent Van Gogh to a museum to show him that he should continue to paint, and the museum guide, played by Bill Nighy, speaks about Van Gogh's importance as an artist, as well as his depression and suicide. I have been reluctant to post about Robin Williams, but this passage struck me as particularly moving, and relevant to his life and death. "...he transformed the pain of his tormented life into ecstatic beauty. Pain is easy to portray but to use your passion and pain to portray the ecstasy and joy and magnificence of our world. No one had ever done it before. Perhaps no one ever will again. To my mind, that strange wild man was not only the world's greatest artist but also one of the greatest men who ever lived."
Got a good feeling about Peter Capaldi! Saturday night's gonna be fantastic!
Who's prepared for Deep Breath tomorrow on Space? I'm actually extremely excited for Peter Capaldi!!
Doctor Who's 12th incarnation is playing it straight.
day and we'll miss Peter Capaldi's debut as we're off on Two Doctors trip to Seville. I blame the
So ready for peter capaldi to be the 12th doctor!
Watch Exclusive interviews with DOCTOR WHO's PETER CAPALDI and Jenna Coleman about creating his new Twelfth Doctor and assuming the iconic role of the Time L...
fans shouldn’t fret, the TARDIS is in good hands with Peter Capaldi
NEW VIDEO: Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat discuss the new series… Did we mention it starts tomorrow? http…
Did you know that Peter Capaldi, John Barrowman, & Adrienne Corri of are all Glasgow born?
Dressed aptly in sharp blue suit and star-laden dress shirt, Peter Capaldi looks great, if a little uncomforta...
Dr Who stars Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman attend a photocall at Parliament Square
Peter Capaldi a.k.a an actual 5 year old who is trapped inside a 56 years old body (on Blue Peter)
Peter Capaldi appears on The One Show at 7pm. The programme also includes some great behind the scenes material taken fro…
The day my daughter met Doctor Who. Lovely guy Peter Capaldi
Where can you get Peter Capaldi, Steven Moffat, Tom Baker, Louise Jameson, Philip Hinchcliffe and Terrance *** all in one place…?
Extra retraces Peter Capaldi becoming the Doctor! See clips on tonight’s One Show or watch the full prog on iP…
Doctor Who series 8: Chris Addison to join Thick of It co-star Peter Capaldi in finale
THE MANY VIEWS OF DETECTIVE *** JAPOWSKI. The lair of the white worm (1988). Peter Capaldi and Hugh Grant are...
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Peter Capaldi will always be the 13th not number 12. We have to properly honour the John Hurt his place in the lineage
Peter Davison told Peter Capaldi that Steven Moffat said he couldn't resist the temptation to make Capaldi so happy by casting him.
LOVE this shot of Peter Capaldi, Steven Moffat and Jenna Coleman in Mexico! The fez is back!
Watch highlights from the Q&A session with Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat in Mexico here
Peter Capaldi gives his most intimate interview in Doctor Who Magazine. Find out about the pictures that inspire him: http:/…
NEW VIDEO: Peter Capaldi talks about the power of and playing the Doctor at
That story is from brilliantly insightful interview with Peter Capaldi in the new issue of BTW.
Old foes Chris Addison and Peter Capaldi reunite in the Tardis: The Londoner is delighted to hear that Chris A...
Chris Addison to join Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who finale
The Thick of It star Chris Addison to reunite with Peter Capaldi on Doctor Who -
Peter Capaldi is featured on the Tumblr radar via Vanity Fair. He's made it.
All we should know about Peter Capaldi
I interviewed Peter Capaldi for His most candid (and in-depth) interview. It's out this Thurs. Thank you.
Think I may be a bit too excited about the series of Just had a dream where I was Peter Capaldi tryin to find a source of a virus
It was a case of Invasion Mexico this weekend for the - as over 3000 Whovians welcomed Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat with a deafeningly incredible reception! (Complete with Doctor Who beach balls!)
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Can't wait for Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi will be awesome as the doctor 😍
5 things you need to know about new 'Doctor Who' star Peter Capaldi -
Check out the latest promotional photos
SFX 252 PREVIEW Peter Capaldi on the challenge of Doctor Who -
The FanGirls travel to the future, deep into the Time Vortex, to the Night of The 12th, when Peter Capaldi makes his grand entrance and there is nothing thre...
I don't remember Peter Capaldi in Local Hero, but I just read that was his big break. I should rewatch it, I remember real…
(STRONG LANGUAGE) A tantalising glimpse of the Malcolm Tucker... I mean, the Peter Capaldi Doctor Who's soon to come! Non-profit Fair Use for satirical purpo...
Woop! Peter Capaldi will be a guest on The One Show this Thursday on BBC One!
Moffat starts sweating and buckles under the weight of Capaldi's gaze and his voice cracks as he shouts "LET'S TRY THE SC…
CultBox was lucky enough to pop down to Cardiff earlier this summer for a tour around the Doctor Who set and a brilliant chat with new star Peter Capaldi. Here are 10 things we learned from our chat… He has feels like he has the world’s best job “I can’t really believe that I’m...
Peter Capaldi and costume photographed by Paul Stuart for the Sunday Times
Love Peter Capaldi in The Thick of It... "that dress is so awful I've got tinnitus"
Peter Capaldi has started to count down the days until Doctor Who debut Deep Breath:
In case you missed it (not counting Whovians!), the Tardis landed in NY last week! The met the 12th Doctor:
I bought a copy of Radio Times with Peter Capaldi on the front. New Doctor Who now feels very real. I'm getting really excited now.
Peter Capaldi as the Tragic Frobisher - Torchwood: Children of Earth - BBC: via
New Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi has admitted he is still finding his feet when it comes to playing the Time Lord.
Gonna be inviting some of my whovian and mlp friends over and were are gonna be watching the doctor who premiere this Saturday at eight. So excited than ever the new doctor is Peter capaldi. He's no Matt Smith but he will do. Matt Smith is basically my husband at this husband with his fez and bow ties and his chin oh my god I am just so pumped for Saturday I made everything neat and tidy. I wish Matt Smith would marry me for real. No understands my pain without Matt Smith. There is also David Tennant but Matt is more important. I'm Like the biggest whovian fans so yeah no one can my Matt Smith : )
BBC News - Peter Capaldi: Doctor Who portrayal 'not yet in place'
Well, well, look who is going to appear in the Doctor Who finale
NEW VIDEO: Peter Capaldi was asked what advice he’d give his ‘younger self’. His answer may surprise you: http…
NEW VIDEO At the recent Q&A in Cardiff, Peter Capaldi revealed how he felt on his first day as the Doctor… htt…
We chat with Peter Capaldi about series 8, getting the part, the new Doctor's relationship with Clara, and being a Doctor Who fanboy...
Peter Capaldi on coping with all the running in ‘Doctor Who’ role: "It's great, you don’t have to go to the gym!" -
Stuart Money was a childhood friend of Doctor Who Peter Capaldi after meeting him in a fan club for the sci-fi TV show
Just received a bunch of lovely new photos from Doctor Who: Deep Breath, the first (and feature length) episode of the new series which we'll be screening on Saturday. Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Steven Moffat are all expected to attend the premiere (not here, in London - steady on!) and we'll join them live for a satellite Q&A.
It's weird watching Peter Capaldi play Caecilius on Dr.Who Fires Of Pompeii now knowing he's the Twelfth Doctor.
Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman were treated to a deafening reception by over 3000 Mexican Doctor Who fans, when they stepped out of the TARDIS and onto the ...
Christian Cawley is a writer at Kasterborous Doctor Who News and Reviews - All the latest Doctor Who news and reviews with our weekly podKast, features and interviews, and a long-running forum. In a bumper-sized 100-page issue, DWM catches up on set with the PETER CAPALDI – the new Doctor Who.
So only 4 more days till Doctor Who is back. Not so sure how i feel about Peter Capaldi yet but we shall see
The second interview released by the BBC is with the 12th Doctor himself Peter Capaldi. Here he talks about being the Doctor, fan reaction and what advice a former Doctor gave him.Can you describe your emotions on the first day when you stepped on set as the Doctor?I was frightened and excited.
I seldom upload the magazines pics but , this is Peter Capaldi,and upcoming Doctor Who. Plus just finished rewatching The thick of it 4 seasons (without extras ) now starting In the Loop mode on
At the U.S. premiere screening of the 'Doctor Who' season premiere 'Deep Breath,' Anglophenia's Tom Brook spoke to Peter Capaldi about 'his darker, less user-friendly' Doctor and if 'Doctor Who' has an underlying societal message.
We know it's only Tuesday but we can't wait for Saturday for three reasons: New season Dr Who! Peter Capaldi in Dr Who! AND!!! The lush puppies are playing at The Lord of the Isles hotel, craobh haven!! Yaaay!!
Peter Capaldi says playing the Time Lord is 'very intense' and hopes his portrayal brings back 'mystery and strangeness'
I hope the next Doctor Who companion is played by Matt Smith as the Doctor (if only for the sexual tension between him and Peter Capaldi).
Relive Matt Smith's exit and Peter Capaldi's debut in The Time of the Doctor on the this week:
I know i'll love Peter Capaldi like how i love Matt Smith and David Tennant.
Jenna Coleman: "Peter Capaldi is almost the opposite of Matt Smith".
7 Matt Smith episodes to re-watch before Peter Capaldi takes control of the TARDIS
if you love: . All of Doctor Who . Christopher Eccleston . David Tennant . Matt Smith . Peter Capaldi . Jenna Coleman . Freem…
What did Matt Smith give to Peter Capaldi as he handed over the TARDIS to it's new owner?
If Charles Dance is cast as Peter Capaldi's Master. Let it be known that called it months ago.
I miss the tenth Doctor and I miss Rose x Ten and I don't care about Peter Capaldi
The Doctors I need to meet now are Tom Baker, Peter Davison and Peter Capaldi :) (I won't count Christopher Eccleston as he doesn't do cons)
Peter Capaldi on stage in Sydney yesterday with his very own Tom Baker artwork from the 70s!
Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman kick off the Doctor Who World Tour in Cardiff
Peter Capaldi reflects on role as Twelfth Doctor Who
New Doctor Peter Capaldi & Jenna Coleman meet their Korean fans in their first stop of v…
Peter Capaldi meets fans at the National Museum of Korea
It would appear, according to some newspaper reports, that Peter Capaldi has "signed up for a secind year...". (Phil)
Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and the TARDIS at the historic Bosingak bell at the National Museum of Korea.
Photo: Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi in Sydney for the Doctor Who World Tour, 12.8.14
Had a dream last night that i was at a Doctor Who convention and met Matt Smith, tried to have a photo with him but the camera wouldn't work,.it took so long to take the picture that when i looked up to thank Matt he had turned into Peter Capaldi
Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman arrive in Sydney for Doctor Who tour
Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi receives a standing ovation from Australian fans when he appears on stage at the State Theatre, Sydney - the fourth stop on Doct...
The wait is almost over. Peter Capaldi's incarnation as the 12th Doctor will soon hit TV screens. He and Jenna Coleman, who plays Clara Oswald, spoke to ABC'...
Peter Capaldi gets a standing ovation in Sydney -…: How awesome for Peter! :)
Peter Capaldi makes a very cool entrance into the Sydney leg of the
Peter Capaldi was slightly peeved that no-one considered him competition for the latest Dr Who role.
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More photos from the TARDIS Landing in Sydney Harbour yesterday, with and
The SMH review of last night's Doctor Who
Yup, I'm just going to watch videos of Peter Capaldi.
- Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman attend Doctor Who premiere in Cardiff | Doctor Who | |
Listen to Jenna Coleman & Peter Capaldi talking butter ads and 70s punk!
Can't wait for doctor who to begin! There not giving anything away peter capaldi though! Excited!
I've seen things... Things standing in dark places, and darker frames of mind. I've seen new darker things traipsing around London roof tops in long Victorian night shirts speaking fluently to a giant T-Rex... Before her murder... And speaking of dark matters to things that are trying to be more human than they will ever be... Suspended in the air by a hot air balloon made of human flesh... Peter Capaldi may just be my favorite Doctor... Ever... GERONIMO!
VIDEO: Highlights from Peter Capaldi & Q&A in Seoul SpoilerFree htt…
Photoset: Peter Capaldi waiting to go on stage at the World Tour Event in Sydney [x]
Capaldi is going to be cool. . Seoul Q&A Highlights w/ Peter Capaldi Doctor Who World Tour
Photo: triplej: The 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi, introduces his new time travel companion Jenna Coleman to...
I'm going to be more cheerful today. Here's Peter Capaldi being a Lovely Bloke:
Dr Who: Peter Capaldi takes Tardis to Sydney ahead of new season
Peter Capaldi: "Matt Smith and David Tennant have been incredibly friendly"
why can't live in Sydney where everything happens. Jenna Coleman AND PETER CAPALDI ARE THERE
The Doctors and their companion. Peter Capaldi & Jenna Coleman from in the studio with
Tickets are available for the special Doctor Who screening on 23rd August, w/live Q&A with Peter Capaldi!
The trailer for 'Deep Breath' has been released. Doctor Who returns on BBC One and in Cinemas on 23rd August for a brand new Series starring Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman. ~The Doctor
Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman love their Korean fans! - Doctor Who World Tour -
Great to see Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman in "Time And Relative Dimension in Seoul! htt…
Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and the TARDIS in Seoul, South Korea! More photos at htt…
WAH! Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman are going to be in NY on Thursday and I don't get to go. The tickets went on sale and sold out in seconds.
Going to see Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Steven Moffat, and Chris Hardwick at the Doctor Who World Tour Fan Screening this Thursday! I already packed my sonic screwdriver!
Just walked passed Peter Capaldi on George street.
New footage from Into the Dalek and Peter Capaldi interview in this video.
OK. At long last the secret is out. Peter capaldi is only in the first 7episodes of Dr who, then he morphs into me. I'm the new Dr from episode 8. They wanted someone with international sex appeal and they got me. Its been a hard 6 months working in tesco, going home and feeding my mum, then dashing to Cardiff(in Wales) to save the planet from daleks and Cybermen etc and then cycling home. I'm not getting any younger dear. I'm over 2000 years old but do I get my free bus pass. I kid you not. It not easy being the Dr, but someone has to do it and protect mankind. I'll be making a personal appearance in the kings arms with my sonic screwdriver tonight for photos and autographs.!! Be there or be very square.!! The Doctor.(who)...♥ x
BBC actor Peter Capaldi, next in line for Doctor Who, has described his Doctor as "less user-friendly" as the BBC unveils his first full-length episode of Doctor Who. "I was keen he be
Has anyone seen Peter Capaldi playing Cardinal Richelieu on the show The Musketeers? Can't wait to see him as the new Doctor.
Peter Capaldi's accent is weird. It goes from Scottish to being quite Englishy at times and then back again.
"Don’t listen to what they say about you. Wear your anorak with pride." - Peter Capaldi to his Eight year...
While Doctor Who fans wait to see how Peter Capaldi fills the Doctor's shoes, here's a fun cartoon someone created
Watch new Doctor Peter Capaldi boogie on stage in Seoul
"Peter Capaldi is amazing but does not speak Korean." - Youtube Who account's description of the stream yesterday, apparently. ha.
A great video on how Peter Capaldi was cast as the 12th Doctor! -Jake
Doctor Who gets red carpet premiere - 7 August 2014. Last updated at 07:40 The new series will see Peter Capaldi...
With Peter Capaldi in Seoul, all I could think of was that TWO ALIENS ARE IN KOREA NOW
Details of a new short story featuring Peter Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor from author Holly Black here
I liked a video from Peter Capaldi Extended Series 8 Title Sequence intro -NeonVisual
sure is , see Peter Capaldi has signed for a 2nd series already !. Reviews that good
Is that cnblue with Peter Capaldi and Jenna?!?!!
Doctor Who tour - how you can follow it around the world
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