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Peter Bourjos

Peter Christopher Bourjos (born March 31, 1987 in Park Ridge, Illinois) is a Major League Baseball center fielder for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

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Geovany Soto to be added. Peter Bourjos to be added. Maybe more.
Rick Hahn explaining how he will turn Peter Bourjos into a Hall of Famer.
Austin Jackson and Peter Bourjos sign minor league deals. Meanwhile Anthony Gose cleared waivers, so I guess that's something, right?
2013– Cardinals traded David Freese and Fernando Salas to the LAAngels of Anaheim for Peter Bourjos and Randal Grichuk.
Peter Bourjos homers (5) on a fly ball to left field. 0 outs in the top of the 3. 1-0 PHI
Peter Bourjos just hit a ball that went farther than all of his previous hits combined.
This was only the second time Peter Bourjos has been intentionally walked not to get to the pitcher. The other was Pete Kozma.
Peter Bourjos looks like John Lackey and I somehow never noticed this before.
so Peter Bourjos roster spot is in jeopardy?
I don't even know why the Phillies got Peter Bourjos in the first place.
All the problems Peter Bourjos has at the plate and then he has to get robbed like that
The Phillies may be down 4 but it feels like 40 when Peter Bourjos is your starting right fielder
Peter Bourjos's father Chris played in baseball history's longest game, 33 innings in Pawtucket in 1981…. cc
And Peter Bourjos for that matter too.
With runners on 2nd and 3rd with 2 outs, it's suboptimal that Peter Bourjos is the batter.
Peter Bourjos will start at RF and bat 9th vs Washington Nationals on Saturday.
did Peter Bourjos drop a stink bomb at the national umpires convention or something?
Mickey Moniak would immediately be an upgrade on Peter Bourjos, no?
I would go with Peter Bourjos recently. JD Drew a little further back. Donovan Osborne even further.
.reports the hitting woes of Peter Bourjos outweigh his defensive skills.
Peter Bourjos / Manager Pete Mackanin confirmed Tuesday that Bourjos is now
well the offense could use a spark. Can't be worse then Peter Bourjos and Cody Asche. Gotta give the guy a shot
Can still trade for him or steal him under the cover of darkness and replace him with Peter Bourjos
Peter Bourjos, at least momentarily, keeps in lead by keeping ball from going into gap. Runners on corners, 2 out. Phils lead 3-2
Is it just me or should Peter Bourjos have dove for that ball? I like that he cut the ball off, but still make that effort.
Peter Bourjos must have pictures of someone to still be on this team. Only Ryan Howard is more pathetic a hitter at this point
Peter Bourjos in to play RF. Tyler Goeddel moves from RF to LF.
Weak-hitting Peter Bourjos strictly a bench player for Phillies. has the story:
wannabe Peter Bourjos fan club leader speaks the truth!
What moron would trade Peter Bourjous for David Wright
Bourjos' hitting woes outweighing defense: The biggest reason the Phillies acquired Peter Bourjos in the offs...
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Peter Bourjos' defense no longer outweighs offensive performance. Benched 7 of 8 last games.
Peter Bourjos, the only bat added on big-league deal last winter, is now a bench player:
Peter Bourjos will not be in the starting lineup for Tuesday's game vs Chicago.
Herrera singles and Ryan Howard will pinch-hit for Peter Bourjos.
Addison Russell flies out to Peter Bourjos in center field to end the top half of the 3rd the score remains 1-0
Peter Bourjos bunts for a single. Two on, two out for Jimmy Paredes.
Tonight's lineup: Tyler Goeddel in for Odubel Herrera vs. Cubs' Lester
Tonight's lineup: Bourjos, Goeddel in for Herrera vs. Cubs' Lester
watching Peter bourjos play actually makes my eyes hurt though
Peter Bourjos will start at CF and bat 7th vs Chicago Cubs on Monday.
Same people giving up on Grich wanted Peter Bourjos to be our everyday CF'er. PETER BOURJOS Dude is awful.
DOUBLE SWITCH: Elvis Araujo takes over for Colton Murray and Peter Bourjos replaces Asche in right field
Peter Bourjos / Bourjos went 0-for-1 as a pinch hitter in the Phillies' loss
Peter Bourjos swung at the first god *** pitch against a new pitcher and popped out.
Peter Bourjos, pinch-hitting for Murray, swings at the first pitch and pops up near the dugout, further lowering his .196 average
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When Peter Bourjos is your pinch hitter.
Peter Bourjos would be a perfect designated fielder (if that were to exist). Wouldn't bat, but would play just defense.
Jimmy Pardes already 10 times more productive than Peter Bourjos and Emmanuel Burris combined
now that we no longer have Ryan Theriot and Peter Bourjos to kick around, you are right.
And Kolten Wong gets into the HR as Peter Bourjos runs out of field down the RF line...
Mone Davis could be pitching and Peter Bourjos would be overmatched.
RBI infield single by Peter Bourjos plates Freddy Galvis for the walkoff. 4 5 final. W: Gomez L: Robles
YES! Walk-off infield single for Peter Bourjos! win in 12!
walk it off, win 5-4! Infield hit by Peter Bourjos scores Freddy Galvis from third.
HUGE K for Addison Reed, but he gives up an RBI single to Peter Bourjos (advances to 2nd on throw) and we are tied
Addison Reed allows inherited run to score on Peter Bourjos single. No-decision for Bartolo. 4, 4, bot 7
Cincinnati ties the game at 1-1 in the 3rd. Cedric Hunter, Carlos Ruiz, Peter Bourjos due up for the in the 4th.
The Cardinals longest Home Run in 2015 was hit 450ft by Peter Bourjos.
Odubel Herrera singles home Peter Bourjos in Clearwater. lead 6-2 now in Clearwater.
Peter Bourjos looks like the demon spawn of Jeff Francoeur and Grady Sizemore.
Peguero runs the bases better than Peter Bourjos. Fact.
Our old friend Peter Bourjos is playing LF for the Phillies today. Still looks as quick as ever. Hope he has a good ye…
now I remember. Also remember seeing Dave Cameron saying Mets should trade David Wright for Peter Bourjos in 2011
Jacob Wilson, Lance Lynn, Peter Bourjos & David Freese for Abreu & Sale would work right?
I'm just learning about the Phillies claiming Peter Bourjos, which is fine and probably smart, but one can only take so much small ball
Brayan Pena in for Tony Cruz. Tommy Pham in for Peter Bourjos. Aledmys Diaz in for Pete Kozma. . Keep it going.
to reportedly sign pitcher Felix Doubront. acquire OF Peter Bourjos off waivers.
So odd fact. The two longest homers hit by the this season were by. Peter Bourjos.
However, we will give you Peter Bourjos for Miller
slim pickings for me... Peter Bourjos is the best... (Others are Kozma, Moylan)... Wait maybe I'm the best?
Peter Bourjos does this a lot when he steals and then it always gets overturned.
I vote for "middle aged guy in business casual attire who, after 4 beers, is faster than Peter Bourjos."
if Peter Bourjos caan homer off Kershaw so can you Ruben
I'm so glad that loser Peter Bourjos didn't kill Piscotty...
*Peter Bourjos in his hoodie mumbling to himself* "Big whoop, I could've done that"
Wow! I just won this for free, 2014 TOPPS / PETER BOURJOS / ST.LOUIS CARDINALS
Couldn't be happier that peter bourjos didn't make the postseason roster
but he still doesn't hit for average, his stolen base total is unimpressive. Basically Peter Bourjos, I think
he's not a scrub like Peter Bourjos
Lack of Peter Bourjos in the Cardinals lineup. Instead we get Jon Jay...
Peter Bourjos will be the batboy for the NLDS
Jon Jay is on the playoff roster and Peter Bourjos isn't.
I think it depends. Pitchers may stay around and keep throwing in case they are needed later. Peter Bourjos can go to Hawaii.
Peter Bourjos is 3/4 with a 2.300 OPS against Jake Arrieta this season.
Peter Bourjos has confirmed that he will not be in the postseason roster
knowing their respective clubs' luck, Peter Bourjos will hit a three run homer off him next series
I mean, y'all knew Peter Bourjos wasn't going to make the playoff roster, right? Like, this wasn't possibly going to happen.
Am I mad Peter bourjos is off the playoff roster not even close. Do I feel bad for him kinda.
Have to feel for guys like Peter Bourjos. Never really got a shot in STL, but loyally did all that was asked professionally.
Peter Bourjos said he is NOT on the playoff roster... One step closer to Also, Mark Reynolds IS on the playoff roster
Peter Bourjos. He's the one guy on this roster who should be good but never is.
Peter Bourjos. Blazing speed and can't steal a base
Peter Bourjos has hit as many homeruns as Matt Holliday in 34 less at bats
Got a baseball bat from Peter Bourjos at the vs. the Braves game!
Defensive changes:. Tyler Lyons in to pitch. Jon Jay in RF. Peter Bourjos in CF. Moss stays in at 1B. Kozma stays in at SS. Reynol…
Jon Jay, who entered for Stephen Piscotty, and Mark Reynolds, who replaced Peter Bourjos, have helped build 3-0 lead in 9th.
Stephen Piscotty just collided with Peter Bourjos in center field & isn't getting up, knocked unconscious. Prayers please.
Mark Reynolds draws a walk and Peter Bourjos will pinch-run at first base. Jason Heyward batting against Brewers LHP Will S…
Matt Adams has done more tonight than Peter Bourjos has done the entire month of August and September combined.
Randal Grichuk joined Matt Holliday and Jon Jay on the DL on August 17th. Peter Bourjos has not started a game since August 13th.
he's not trash. As far as CF go the only ones better are Jon Jay, Peter Bourjos, Tommy Pham, and Grichuk
Now that some guy named Dr. Dre has announced his new record Peter Bourjos can update his walk up music!
Peter Bourjos is so far superior to him defensively by such a large margin there isn't enough digits
Peter Bourjos. A lightning fast runner who strikes out a lot and therefore seldom sees first base.
.ctrent wait, check that. i was thinking of Peter Bourjos. nm
BTW I'm no fan of Jon Jay as an everyday player. He is though a better hitter than Peter Bourjos
PREDICTION: Padres hold out all day for Mateo or Baez in a trade, end up trading Upton at 12:59pm for Pete Kozma and Peter Bourjos.
. 1. The Peter Bourjos fan club criticized the *** out of our best centerfielder
is that Greg Garcia at bat the perfect example of "anybody but Peter Bourjos"?
him and Peter Bourjos are a pretty impressively bad 1-2 punch
I'll see your Kolten Wong and raise you a Peter Bourjos.
Brandon Moss arrived at Busch Stadium around 5:30 pm CT and is now in the dugout chatting with Peter Bourjos.
Randal Grichuk and Peter Bourjos for Fernando Salas and David Freese is a trade that actually happened. I'm still not over it.
Instead of gorgeous Bourjos how about pretty peter… don't make it weird.
With Peter Bourjos and Jon Jay (DL) why would we look for an OF bat? Don't forget we have Cruz and Kozma too. Piscotty will feel pressure.
Marco Gonzales and Peter Bourjos for Cespedes sounds like a good trade to me
and Peter Bourjos will not be in St. Louis next season.
Also Stephen Piscotty is going to be our starting LF and Peter Bourjos is going to remain a bench player.
Mike Matheny thinks that Mark Reynolds is a better baseball player than Peter Bourjos.
Nobody makes a 92 mph fastball look 100 like Peter Bourjos does
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Ah yes. That Peter Bourjos power off the bench. Great way to back a stellar performance from Lackey.
Peter Bourjos is better than Mark Reynolds in every conceivable way except for power yet continues to ride the pine.
Peter Bourjos has hit the longest Cardinal HR in 2015.
I barely prefer Mark Reynolds over Peter Bourjos as a first baseman.
Mike Matheny thinks Mark Reynolds is better than Peter Bourjos
I'll trade you Peter Bourjos for your hitting coach
Players who have underperformed in July:. Matt Carpenter. Peter Bourjos. Trevor Rosenthal. Michael Wacha. Our entire bench
What do Matt Carpenter and Peter Bourjos have in common? You know they're out as soon as they're up
She knows Trout, Peter Bourjos, and Cards hitting coach John Mabry. Pretty much it.
Thanks for hanging out with the Basket of Hope kids tonight Peter Bourjos! We're having a great time!
Recommendation by :Randal Peter Bourjos got the start in...
Man, do I love the Cardinals especially Peter Bourjos. 😍
Peter Bourjos makes the 5th batter to be hit by a pitch. Benches have been warned.
Peter Bourjos was hit by the pitch and home plate umpire Marty Foster has warned both benches.
I'd love to see move Wil Myers for Mark Trumbo and acquire Peter Bourjos from to play CF at Petco. Reun…
Peter Bourjos tied for NL Lead in Triples w/ 3.Last Cardinal to do this:Delino DeShields w/14 in '97. Tim McCarver led w/13 in '66.
Peter Bourjos should be starting every night in center field. It is inexcusable that this is not taking place
Peter Bourjos ties it with an infield single scoring Kozma, knocked down by Harrison to save the game. Tied 2-2 and Matt ***
outfielders Jon Jay, Peter Bourjos & Jason Heyward celebrate after the final out 4/17 (via:
Jaime Garcia strikes out seven, Peter Bourjos goes deep in St. Louis Cardinals ...
What would happen if Peter Bourjos and Carlos Villanueva squared off? MIND BLOWN!
Carlos Martinez, Peter Bourjos and either Piscotty/Grichuk for Cole is lunacy
It occurs to me that an outfield with Jason Heyward and Peter Bourjos is probably going to be rather adept at catching deep…
like if you can ship Anthony Swarzak for Peter Bourjos, yep. otherwise.ehhh. Logan Darnell, maybe?
Pass on both and gimme a Peter Bourjos trade.
Friendly reminder that the Cardinals got Randal Grichuk and Peter Bourjos for David Freese and Fernando Salas
Kolten Wong stole second. On the play, Peter Bourjos scored on Martin Maldonado's throwing error with none out. Kolten Wong to third. Runner
Peter Bourjos triple to center scored Yadier Molina and Oscar Taveras with one out. Runner on third and Kolten Wong due up.
Peter Bourjos for President...even of Dan McLaughlin does jinx the Cardinals every single pitch!
Peter Bourjos reminds me of Luis Mendoza from The Mighty Ducks
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Jason Vargas, Peter Bourjos nearing returns for Angels - The Angels' Jason Vargas came out of Saturday’s...
Peter Bourjos. On the giveaway night he actually passed out his bobble head at the main gate because he lost his spot
Before the game today, Mike Matheny says he wants to be more aggressive on the bases. Then he sits Kolten Wong and Peter Bourjos. HUH ?
Lagares is the new, uh, Peter Bourjos?
Charlie Tilson looks like a left handed Peter Bourjos.
Lol we have Oscar, Wong and AJ on our bench and we send Peter Freaking Bourjos to hit. Can't do anything but laugh.
Peter Bourjos will pinch-hit for Wainwright with two outs in the seventh.
But can he keep making contact? If he can, the Cardinal outfield will take a new form -- one that Peter Bourjos may not appreciate.
Bees CF Bo Way just laid out for a catch. The next Peter Bourjos.
Jon Jay replaces Peter Bourjos in CF, batting 2nd.
I also think I'm the only person that wants to see Peter Bourjos play.. I like jay but isn't there someone ...
I batted bourjos 2nd so the opposing picture can walk our lead off hitter every time to get a sure out on peter
So Peter Bourjos playing of Jon Jay hasnt worked out lol
Peter Bourjos is so freaking fast. If he could hit he would be Mike Trout
Hitting Peter Bourjos second in a pennant race should get you fired. Cue a Bourjos homer
Peter Bourjos walked into that Liriano trap pretty easily.
Raise your hand of you enjoy watching Peter Bourjos field. (Part 2)
Small children think Peter's full name is "Bourjos Strikesout"
Raise your hand if you enjoy watching Peter Bourjos bat. (Part 1)
Matt Carpenter takes a walk to set up the slugging Peter Bourjos
Peter Bourjos batting second. For some incredible reason.
So Peter Bourjos's plan tonight is to stand at the plate and watch good pitches go by?
Peter Bourjos hammers a three-run home run to right field! his 4th of the season puts the up 8-3!
Peter Bourjos has scored from second on an infield grounder this season.
I really want to know the logic of Peter Bourjos hitting 2nd when he starts and Jon Jay hitting 8th when he starts. That's incredibly stupid
I like how it takes freaking Peter Bourjos starting to knock Wong out of the 2-hole. And yet somehow Mike finds a worse option...
Angels' Peter Bourjos looks for a speedy recovery - TEMPE,...
piscotty and pham or robinson and Bourjos on the postseason roster? — I could see Peter in there sometimes.
I hope so. I thought the acquisition of Peter Bourjos was a very good one. Should be interesting.
If it was Domonic Brown in LF when Peter Bourjos tagged up from first, the Internet might have collapsed in on itself.
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Peter Bourjos, you glorious, speedy *** I love you.
How about a clutch Peter Bourjos at bat?
Cardinals challenge call that Peter Bourjos was out at 1B in the 10th. Call stands, runner is out:
Peter Bourjos, still in the majors.
Angels' Peter Bourjos has a fracture below right wrist - ...
The hope for a comeback may rest in the hands of Daniel Descalso and Peter Bourjos.
Bourjos vs Taveras. Do you let Oscar develop in a pennant race? Or go with defense/speed/fundamentals in Peter-boy? Coming up Next!
Jhonny Peralta, Kolten Wong, Peter Bourjos, Matt Holliday and Allen Craig have the same number of infield hits this year.
Peter Bourjos into the game in CF (batting 3rd); Jay moves from CF to LF and Robinson from LF to RF. Rosenthal batting (7th), Taveras out.
Shane Robinson, Peter Bourjos, Mark Ellis, Daniel Descalso! There can't be a bench in the bigs with less pop.
New at StanGraphs: Peter Bourjos for David Freese Revisited: Back in November of last year, John Moz...
Peter Bourjos is tied with Matt Adams for most triples on the Cardinals this year. I didn't know Bourjos was that fast.
Some quick hitters on AJP, Matt Adams and positive on Peter Bourjos: click here -> via
Shane Robinson makes a great running catch. Only outfielder in STL that makes that catch is Peter Bourjos
Peter Bourjos hitting a HR off Clayton Kershaw is like Blaine Gabbert throwing a touchdown on the Seahawks.
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Peter Bourjos is coming in to replace Allen Craig. Bourjos to center, Jay to right. Pat Neshek is now on the mound replacing Sam Freeman.
Congratulations to Jon Jay and Peter Bourjos for officially being in moronic Mike Matheny platoon
Bautista sends a long fly to the shadowy warning track in CF, but Peter Bourjos makes the catch at the wall to end 1-2-3 inning for Miller.
Matt Carpenter slams his career-best 5th hit on the night. Peter Bourjos scores and the lead 3-2 in the 11th inni…
Sam Bradford is the Rams' Lance Lynn. Kellon Clemons (sic) was the Peter Bourjos. Johnny Manziel is the Troy Tulowitzki.
I've always liked Jon Jay, but I really dig Peter Bourjos. He is one of those players that you hate to play against but love to have on your team. Pesky. Fast. Trouble. Loves to play.
1 out single to left center for Yadier Molina, as Allen Craig strikes out. 2 outs for Peter Bourjos in the Cardinals' second.
From my last RT."Peter Bourjos is like the Mikhail Baryshnikov of center field -- he turns every catch into high art."
vs - I just noticed that Peter Bourjos is from my hometown - Park Ridge, Illinois!
Peter Bourjos is the worst player in baseball
Gotta give Mozeliak credit here. He dealt David Freese for a pretty good outfielder and Peter Bourjos.
Ron Darling just said that Peter Bourjos is faster than Billy Hamilton. Isn't Keith Hernandez usually the drunk one?
Keith Hernandez just said Peter Bourjos is faster than Billy Hamilton.
You can't keep Peter Bourjos hanging around like he's fighting for a job w/Kole Calhoun or Mark Trumbo. I'm for force-feeding in this case.
Just got back from church, Andrew Haynes. And watched Bryce Harper turn the wrong way on a line drive hit by Shelby Miller, turning an out into a double. This allowed Peter Bourjos, running on the play with two outs, to score easily. Stephen Strasburg, who threw the pitch, stared grimly out into left field for a few seconds before returning to the mound. Cards lead 2-0, despite 9 K's through five for Strasburg. Only you and Jeffrey Moore can appreciate the ironic depths of my frustration here.
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Mike Trout to play left field for Angels when Peter Bourjos...
Are you Peter Bourjos because I'd go a long way to get you — r u Pete Kozma bc u need to go
*shakes hands with Peter Bourjos while making eye contact with David Freese*
bold prediction: Peter Bourjos will be in the top 10 for batting average and steals this year.
Allen Craig singles to left field scoring Peter Bourjos. take a 1-0 lead.
Peter Bourjos and Kolten Wong work back-to-back walks off Stephen Strasburg to lead off the game. Allen Craig up.
Drew Silva dishes on injuries to Peter Bourjos and Yasiel Puig in Thursday's Spring Training D
Peter Bourjos has not appeared in a Grapefruit League game since Sunday due to leg tightness.
Suppose the following: Your team has to use a platoon at a position next year. You have your choice of any 2 platoon partners at a position - but you can't choose someone who was a full-time starter in 2013 (i.e., no Miguel Cabrera against righties and, well, Miguel Cabrera against lefties.) - I kid, I kid. The Kansas City Royals are likely to go with one such platoon at third base this year with Mike Moustakas and Danny Valencia. They could very well go with another one in CF having Lorenzo Cain and Jarrod Dyson. The Cardinals could very well go with one at second base with Kolten Wong and Mark Ellis or in center field with Jon Jay and Peter Bourjos. What would the ideal platoon partners have been at each position in 2013? At Catcher, six names popped out at me. Dioner Navarro, Yan Gomes, Geovany Soto, John Jaso, Wilson Ramos, and Derek Norris all played in less than 100 games last year. They all, also, had a higher than league average batting line overall. While Dioner Navarro may have the best line aga ...
The Cardinals have improved in several areas without sacrificing prospects or draft picks while the rest of the division largely stood pat in terms of acquisitions, says Bernie Miklasz of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, but that does not mean the club has only smooth sailing ahead. While the organization dealt with injuries impressively last year, it is no sure thing to do so again, and players like Peter Bourjos and Allen Craig have some injury baggage. Whether the team can get a repeat performance from Matt Carpenter, and get production from an all-new middle infield (Jhonny Peralta, Kolten Wong, and Mark Ellis) are also all open questions.
Don’t get me wrong, I think having Jon Jay around is what makes relying on Peter Bourjos possible.
Detroit Tigers have avoided arbitration with RHP Max Scherzer. The deal is worth $15.5 million dollars. Scherzer went 21-3 with a 2.90 ERA in 32 starts with the Tigers in 2013 while winning the AL Cy Young Award. Miami Marlins have avoided arbitration with outfielder Giancarlo Stanton. Stanton will make $6.5 million dollars next year. Stanton hit .249 (106-425) with 24 home runs & 62 RBI in 116 games with the Marlins in 2013. Baltimore Orioles & first baseman Chris Davis have avoided arbitration. Davis is set to make $10.35 million dollars next season. Davis hit .286 (167-584) with 53 home runs & 138 RBI in 160 games with the Orioles in 2013. Los Angeles Angels & RHP Fernando Salas have avoided arbitration. Details of the contract have not been released just yet. Salas went 0-3 with a 4.50 ERA in 27 relief appearances with the Cardinals in 2013, Salas was traded to the Angels on November 22 along with David Freese for Peter Bourjos & Randal Grichuk. New York Mets infielder Daniel Murphy has avoided arbitr ...
OF Peter Bourjos will wear number 8. Last worn by Ryan Jackson in 2013. (h/t
Joe Sheehan on CARDS Off Season *St. Louis Cardinals* *Added:* SS Jhonny Peralta, CF Peter Bourjos, 2B Mark Ellis *Lost:* 3B David Freese, RHRP Fernando Salas *Still Need:* A better backup catcher? This is the most complete roster in MLB right now. John Mozeliak took the second-best team in baseball, one already likely to improve just based on strong internal options, and made it better with a couple of surgical strikes. The Cardinals win their trade with the Angels in a landslide, getting the best player in the deal at a low point in his value and using him to patch one of the biggest deficits -- center-field defense -- of the 2013 squad. I've been touting Bourjos for so long that I readily admit you might not take me seriously, but when healthy and allowed to play he will be one of the best defensive outfielders in the game. Bourjos did suffer a hamstring injury in April, but what wrecked his season was a broken right wrist suffered in June when he was hit by a pitch. Surgery to fix the problem was deem ...
Peter Bourjos, Shane Robinson, Kolton Wong for speed. Defense is pretty good considering Bourjos in center/solid infield.
Angels stepped up huge...signed stuff from Mike Trout, Mark Trumbo, and Peter Bourjos for the fundraiser and more coming from them.
O's fans, something to consider. This is a list of players with whom we don't have to deal either at all, or at least less than 18 times next year: Robinson Cano, J.P. Arencibia, Mark Trumbo, Peter Bourjos, Curtis Granderson, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Dan Haren, Josh Johnson, Brett Anderson, Doug Fister, the downside of Scott Feldman, and possibly David Price. Against having to deal with Carlos Beltran, Brian McCann, A.J. Pierzynski and possibly Edward Mujica if he stays healthy.
Goodbye Mark Belated goodbye Peter Bourjos. Hard to watch two of the best homegrown get traded in their primes
First the Angels trade Peter Bourjos to the Cardinals. Now they trade Anaheim's own Mark Trumbo to the D-Backs? Who next, Big Fish 27 to the Phillies?
New outfielder Peter Bourjos calls into Hot Stove on the MLB Network via
FEATURED BLOG POST: Jhonny Peralta, Peter Bourjos, and the St. Louis Cardinals’ new worst-case scenarios
ANAHEIM -- Shortly after news broke that the Angels traded Peter Bourjos to the Cardinals for David Freese, Albert Pujols shot a welcoming text message to the former teammate he would soon reunite with. Freese's response: Remember what we did last time we played with each other? Let's go try to do that again. What Freese and Pujols did was star on the Cardinals team that beat the Rangers -- with Josh Hamilton and C.J. Wilson, no less -- to win it all in 2011. Freese was a World Series hero then, following an epic performance with a 2012 season in which he batted .293, hit 20 homers, drove in 79 runs and established himself as one of the best up-and-coming third basemen in baseball. Then his bat went south, his defense took a hit, and now he'll look to bounce back on an Angels team that needs help at third base and has missed the playoffs four straight years. "It was kind of a frustrating year," Freese said, "but I learned a lot, and to be honest, I have a huge chip on my shoulder." On Friday morning, the ...
In years past, the Red Sox might have felt some urgency to get into the Peter Bourjos talks. This year was different:
Peter Bourjos is a good pick up for the he can patrol that field and won't make a lot of mental errors as well, Allen Craig to LF
Cardinals trade David Freese to Angels for Peter Bourjos: ST. LOUIS — For that one magical October and the six...
"Peter Bourjos has a higher career ISO (.147) than David Freese (.141)."
The Cardinals and Angels have agreed to a trade centered around Peter Bourjos and David Freese. Details:
Cardinals gain defense, flexibility with acquisition of Peter Bourjos
Peter Bourjos on the trade to the "I heard it's the best place to play baseball in the major leagues...the fan ba…
Full story on the Freese-Bourjos trade is up, with input from all parties involved ...
Its raining because all the Gorgeous Bourjos fans are crying. Anaheim will miss you Peter.
trade seems like a win-win for the and Take a look at the numbers:
WTGCTT: Hot Stove Update: Cardinals Trade David Freese to Angels for Peter Bourjos: The Hot Stove kept on cra...
Ummm excuse me Cardinals but you are not allowed to TAKE PETER BOURJOS FROM US
Peter Bourjos IS LoMo just with blue eyes instead of brown
Emergence of Angels OF prompts trade of Peter Bourjos -
Yea we traded him and fernado salas for of. Peter bourjos and someone else
"David Freese is the reason people say 'We'll always have Paris' and mean it." -
Peter Bourjos tells KMOX: First heard the trade rumors yesterday & happy that the trade happened today
New Cardinals CF Peter Bourjos scheduled to call into at 6:30 to join Sports Open Line with &
So happy about the Bourjos and Freese trade. This is gonna be great. Wishing Peter the best.
Kole Calhoun on being named RF by GM: "That's pretty cool, but you still have to go out and earn the job."
Kole Calhoun, Peter Bourjos worked out together as teammates Fri morning. Hours later, they were foes.
Emergence of Angels OF Kole Calhoun prompts trade of Peter Bourjos
acquire OFs Peter Bourjos and Randal Grichuk from the in exchange for 3B David Freese and P Fernando Salas.
trade World Series hero David Freese to for Peter Bourjos.
Oh so THAT's how you say his name! lol RTYour official Peter Bourjos cheat sheet. —
I actually raced to Youtube to check out Peter Bourjos highlight vids..
Trading David Freese for Peter Bourjos makes sense for the Cardinals on several levels, writes
For Freese, the Cardinals acquired Peter Bourjos. He is super fast, an awesome defender, and can hit. Honestly, we won…
Cards get Bourjos from Angels for Freese. Sent with At Bat. Great pickup
“Angels Get Freese In Deal With Cards - ESPN don't remind me
So we landed David Freeze for Peter Bourjos? Not bad.
David Freese traded to Los Angeles Angels for CF Peter Bourjos ...: David Freese is reportedly gone, and the C...
All you need to know about Peter Bourjos’ defense is that he was the starting CF on a team that also had Mike Trout.
The Cardinals and Angels made a four-player trade Friday that sent outfielder Peter Bourjos to St. Louis and...
SAN FRANCISCO - After months Peter Bourjos of misfires, the U.S. Federal
The Freese-Bourjos Trade Reactions are in Try and find someone who likes this deal for the Angels. I dare you.
Getting Peter Bourjos makes Cardinals a better team for 2014 -
After the Cardinals won the World Championship in 1982,Whitey Herzog tried to get George Brett from the Royals,but,was turned down.He then offered Keith Hernandez,George Hendrick,and Bob Forsch to the lowly Texas Rangers for Buddy Bell,but,he was rebuffed again."Very good teams should not stay the same.Changes should be made,while you can get value,and before things get stale." The White Rat.Today,the Cardinals traded David Freese to the Angels for outfielder Peter Bourjos and prospect Randal Grichuk.Freese needed a change of scenery at age 31,and the Cardinals wanted to move Matt Carpenter to 3b,and make way for Kolten Wong.It would be hard to judge Wong,who had few at bats in 2013,and ,the Redbirds are committed to their kids.Bourjos gives a slow lineup speed,good defense in center,and some pop in his bat.It was the right time,but,Freese will always have 2011.
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Angels traded Peter Bourjos today to the St. Louis Cardinals. We got a new 3rd baseman in David Freese & reliever Fernando Salas. That means Trout is back in center field! Excited about our new outfield: Trout, Hamilton & Kole Kalhoun. Kalhoun was on fire towards the end of the season. Yeah, I like it.
David Freese was traded to the Los Angeles Angels along with relief pitcher Fernando Salas. The St. Louis Cardinals in return acquired center fielder Peter Bourjos and outfielder Randal Grichuk.
Peter Bourjos: "I’ve admired the from the time we played against them in the minor leagues, the fan base they have." "The fan base the have was unbelievable. I can’t wait to get to St. Louis." ~via -
Kinda excited about this Peter Bourjos deal!
*** to se Peter Bourjos go. I'm a fan.
6/11/13: Peter Bourjos races to the wall and makes an unbelievable leaping catch, robbing J.J. Hardy of a home run in the first inning
Good by Peter Bourjos. Yet another stupid move by the Angels
uh why would the angels trade Peter Bourjos for David Freese when we need starting pitching? dumb move and dumb idea to trade Bourjos, stupid stupid move by the Angels
Cardinals just killed two birds with one stone. By trading David Freese to the California Angels for Centerfielder Peter Bourjos, they picked up one of the best defensive centerfielders in the game. He was hitting .326 when he got hit by a pitch and broke his wrist last year. He's fast, too. Watchout John Jay. Now they can move Carpenter to third and put Kolten Wong at 2nd every day. Woo hoo! I really liked David Freese, but sometimes it's just time to move on. Good luck in your reunion with Mr. Pujols.
Cecil Whittakers should bring Peter Bourjos on board asap. The marketing possibilities are endless.
So does this mean that, according to the Hot Stove transitive property, Peter Bourjos was traded for Jim Edmonds?
Peter Bourjos traded to Cardinals for David Freese. Basically we just acquired a worse version of Alberto Callaspo who we traded for a worse version of Howie Kendrick. ~via - - Cards deal Freese to Angels for Bourjos - Peter Bourjos, 26, is one of the game's elite defensive center fielders — when he's on the field.
Solve a debate: Peter Bourjos or Ben Revere as your everyday CF.
Breaking: Angels trade OF Peter Bourjos and OF Randal Grichuk to the Cardinals in return for INF David Freese and RHP Fernado Salas
The have traded David Freese to the in exchange for Peter Bourjos.
Sad to see Peter Bourjos go, but stoked to welcome 3rd baseman David Freese to the Angels!!
Well if your a Cardinal Fan. they just traded Freese & Salas to the Angels for CF Peter Bourjos & OF prospect Randal Grichuk. Lets see what will happen
“BREAKING: trade Peter Bourjos to presumably for David Freese!!!” What
*** the Angels jst got David Freese from the Cardinals but we lost Peter Bourjos.
Peter Bourjos welcome to the Cards! Thanks for all the post season miracles Freese, good luck in LA.
David Freese traded to the Angels for Peter Bourjos.
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